Longchamp jeremy scott 2021: Longchamp unveils new collaboration with Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott x Longchamp ZODIAC Le Pliage Bag

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17″l x 9″d x 13″h

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* Cotton canvas shell
* Unlined
* Labeled on the inside
* No visible signs of wear
* Made in France

Sophie Delafontaine on Jeremy Scott and Growing Up Longchamp

Longchamp’s accessories are a global sensation—who hasn’t owned a durable, leather-trimmed nylon Le Pliage tote at some point? This season, the French company is celebrating its 70th anniversary with its first runway show at NYFW. Artistic director Sophie Delafontaine is leading the charge.

You spent some time this summer in the south of France. What were you up to?
I was taking care of my garden, cooking for the whole family, doing a lot of work, resting, swimming, and enjoying family time.

Do you have any childhood memories of the family business?
When I was a kid, the company was really the center of the family. But as a kid, you don’t really feel that it is a company. You feel that it’s a family, and you all work together. My parents’ apartment, my grandparents’ apartment, and the office were in the same building. Jean [Cassegrain, Sophie’s brother and current Longchamp CEO] and I were totally familiar with
all the people working at the company; we’d walk through the office. My grandmother used to have a store on Champs-Élysées, and as a little girl, I was happy when I could join her in the store on Wednesdays and stay the afternoon with her, seeing the beautiful bags she’d sell.

When did you first realize that the family business was a major fashion brand?
When I was at high school. I’d go to school with all the bags that my dad was doing; he’d bring home prototypes, which I’d take to school, so I had new bags very often. I understood that it was appealing to my friends at school; it looked really cool.

Did your friends pester you for gratis bags?
No! They’re polite. My friends are very cool.

Longchamp Fall 2018
Longchamp Fall 2018

Longchamp Fall 2018
Longchamp Fall 2018

What were you like as a child?
I really wanted to design, and I always saw my parents, my father, and my grandmother working with artistic people. It was interesting for me. I was really a fan of ready-to-wear for kids. I wanted to have eight kids when I was young. Thankfully for me I didn’t get eight kids—only three!

Why did you want to design for kids?
I thought it was really cute. I love the proportions. Everything is so small! It’s very precise work, because when you are working on something for a newborn or a one-month-old, every detail is important.

Did you expect you’d work with your family?
No. As a teenager, I didn’t want to work with my family at all. I wanted to escape. I just wanted to have my own way, my own life. But after working for four years at Bonpoint, I felt more confident of what I could give to Longchamp. I joined the company to introduce my own point of view, to bring a bit more feminine spirit into the collections. Working in a family business, it’s always good to start somewhere else to learn before you join.

Was it easy to sell your father on your design ideas?
Yes. I think the success of Longchamp today is really due to my father. He succeeded by having my brother and me working with him. He understood that if we joined him, it would bring our point of view. He was clever to always listen to us, to try to understand. Of course, he had a lot of advice and comments, but always in a positive, supportive way.

Why did the company decide to start ready-to-wear?
In 2006, we opened a store in Soho in New York and it felt really huge, the biggest one we had [at that time]. We felt it’d be cool to add a few pieces of ready-to-wear to give the store a bit more life, and to break up the long shelves with only bags, bags, bags. The idea was really to introduce the ready-to-wear more like an accessory to our bags. It was a coat, a jacket [to start]. After a time, I had to introduce pants, a dress, knitwear. It was also important to figure out exactly what Longchamp ready-to-wear is. It took a few years to really understand what I wanted with ready-to-wear.

Longchamp’s Fall 2018 campaign, starring Kendall Jenner

How do you honor the brand’s seven-decade legacy—and also evolve its aesthetic?
I try to keep Longchamp’s quality, and also the spirit of the Longchamp woman, who is active and dynamic.

I think you can do quality products for dynamic, active women, but in a cool, fashionable way.

Tell us about the Le Pliage bag. Do you remember your first?
Le Pliage was born in 1993. My first one was definitely for traveling. Before Le Pliage, it was a travel bag…luggage. When we first launched Le Pliage, I think what was very strong was it was not only one bag; at the beginning, it was already a full concept. It’s a way of life. It’s a strong identity with a simple product.

Who do you creatively brainstorm with?
I exchange a lot with my brother, Jean, because we do things together a lot. Otherwise, my daughter—I like to text her sometimes when I have an idea. She’s direct and honest. She won’t tell me it’s beautiful if it’s not. This is important, because it’s nice to have people who are able to tell you, “It’s really awful.” It’s nice to have people who, when they tell you something is amazing, it means it’s really amazing.

What are your passions outside of fashion?
Art has always been important; it’s something I really love.

I love to go to fairs, exhibitions, galleries, museums, whatever. I love to travel, because I think traveling today is so easy and so rich. You don’t need to go 10,000 kilometers from your home. Travel means meeting people, discovering new landscapes, food, music, culture, architecture…all those are inspiring for me.

You’ve previously collaborated with Jeremy Scott and Shayne Oliver. Why did you want work with them?
Jeremy is the coolest man I know in fashion! We’ve been working together for 12 years. I love Jeremy, because he’s creative and sensitive, with a lot of humanity. He always surprises me. I think in fashion to be able to always reinvent, surprise…it’s really what I’m trying to do and Jeremy is the best one for this. He is very, very creative, and unexpected, and it’s always fun and cool, but it’s never vulgar. And Shayne, the idea was as a French brand coming to New York on Fifth Avenue, to mix and match Parisian culture with Shayne’s very New York culture; he mixes a cool aesthetic with streetwear, but in a graphic, simple way.

Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Le Pliage
Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Le Pliage

Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Le Pliage
Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Le Pliage

Why did you want to show this season at NYFW?
This year, we opened our store on Fifth Avenue, which is very important for us. The U.S. is our second-[largest] market, and it’s something we really want to develop; doing the show in New York is also a way to push this American market. And also, because we did ready-to wear for the opening of the Soho store [years ago]. Also, I feel that in New York there’s a strong energy, and I want to bring Parisian style to New York.

What can we expect to see from your Fall collection?
Honestly, expect the unexpected. It’s our 70th anniversary, but I’m not looking at the past. I’m really looking at the future.

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Jeremy Scott and Longchamp Toast 10 Years of Collaboration

5:07 PM PST 11/6/2015 by Sam Reed

Kirsten Dunst, Johnny Wujek and Freida Pinto were just a few of the celeb guests that turned up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the unique partnership.

Jeremy Scott, the over-the-top and colorful designer behind Moschino’s bold, energetic collections, may seem like an odd choice for a collaboration with sophisticated French fashion brand, Longchamp, but it’s actually their opposing aesthetics that make the pair the perfect match. 

For the past decade, Scott has infused Longchamp’s iconic Le Pliage tote with his quirky-cool designs, and on Thursday evening, the 42-year-old designer as well as Longchamp artistic director Sophie Delafontaine and Longchamp CEO Jean Cassegrain celebrated ten years together with a celeb-studded soiree at the Sheats Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills.  

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Guests, including a Rodarte-clad Kirsten Dunst, stylist Johnny Wujek and Freida Pinto, mingled in the modern, concrete-covered space, which was set aglow with red lights and floor-to-ceiling glass windows with sweeping views of the lit Los Angeles skyline. DJ Mazurbate played hip-hop hits to an upbeat crowd while images of some of Scott’s most memorable Longchamp designs — each one more colorful than the one before — flashed across bright screens. 

“Jeremy is part of the family,” Delafontaine divulged to Pret-a-Reporter of the seemingly unlikely collaboration. “We are a French family business, and we were happy to welcome Jeremy into the family ten years ago as like a cousin — cousin Jeremy.”

The designer explained that a chance meeting in New York a little over ten years ago led to the opportunity to collaborate, and Delafontaine asked Scott to design a collection of luggage. “He did something just amazing that I could not expect, and after working together, he discovered our Pliage bag,” she recalled. “He asked me if he could play on it with his own print and I said, ‘Of course! Yes! Great!’ And here we are ten years after and we’re still going.”

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The elegant, simplistic style of the brand’s flagship Le Pliage tote, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, has made it one the company’s most iconic products. Over the years, Lonchamp has collaborated not just with Scott, but also with Mary Katrantzou as well as artist Sarah Morris. But it’s Scott’s out-of-this-world designs that keep the brand coming back for more. 

“I love [Scott’s] very optimistic point of view, his sense of humor and the fact that he makes you laugh and dream but never by being vulgar. He’s always staying very fresh and very cool,” gushed Delafontaine of the designer.

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As for Scott — who was dressed in a squirt-gun print suit, metallic crown, and a sharp tailcoat for the occasion — he expressed that the feeling of admiration is mutual. “They are so generous, letting me be and do the purest essence of myself,” he said of the family brand. “And they’re always flexible about deadlines! That’s the worst part of my job — deadlines.” 

The busy designer, who in the last year alone designed not only Moschino’s seasonal collections but was also responsible for Katy Perry’s Super Bowl costumes and released the documentary film, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, also appeared humbled to have support from some of his biggest fans in Hollywood.

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“I’m always happy when all of my girls carry them!” he said of fans like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, who sport his Le Pliage tote. “I’m always happy when my things are having a life.”

Jeremy Scott | BoF 500

Taking the role of creative director at Moschino in 2013, Scott has brought the Italian fashion house back into the spotlight with his unique blend of satire, humour and pop culture iconography-inspired designs. To dateInspired by American consumer culture, Scott has reinterpreted the logos of brand such as Barbie, McDonalds, Coca Cola and the Loony Tunes in his Moschino collections, largely boosting sales by double digit growth upon his appointment. Moschino, backed by parent company Aeffe, now makes up around 71 percent of the Aeffe group’s sales and sees most of its success in its founding country, Italy. His idiosyncratic approach to designs has struck ongoing collaborations with Longchamp, Swatch, and Adidas dating back to 2002. His 2008 Adidas winged high-top sneaker is a recognised hallmark of his collaborations, inspiring a fragrance modelled after the shoe.seen the Insta-famous designer amass a cult following.

Scott was born in Kansas City and raised on a livestock farm in Missouri. Determined to make it in fashion – and to live in Paris – he took French lessons from 14-years-old. He graduated from the Pratt School of Design in New York in 1996, interning at Moschino in the PR department in his senior year.

He presented his first collection for his eponymous label at Paris Fashion Week in 1997. The show, which was held in a bar near Bastille, was themed around car crashes and saw models wearing shoe heels bandaged to their feet. Scott swiftly became known as one of the ‘enfant terribles’ of the Parisian nightlife scene. Decades later, his label is also backed by Aeffe.

By the time he presented his fourth collection, Scott counted Björk as one of his customers; she was rapidly joined by the likes of Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears. Scott can also be credited with dressing other pop culture icons such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj rapper A$AP rocky before they shot to international fame. His creations are hallmarks in pop history, as he notably created Britney spears flight-attendant outfit in the “Toxic” music video, and designed longtime muse Katy Perry’s Super Bowl look in 2019, and Met gala look in 2019. This affiliation with celebrities saw Scott take his eponymous label from Paris to LA in 2001. Since then, Scott has effectively leveraged his these relationships with pop icons and Instagram stars to ensure both Moschino and his eponymous label have high visibility and rising sales.

He has also been featured in film projects such as the 2015 He is also the subject of a 2015 documentary by Vlad Yudin, entitled “Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer,” which features cameos from many of his pop star friends. In the 2016 film Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn donned high-top heels from his 2015 Adidas collaboration. Scott wrote and art directed a TV commercial for the Moschino barbie doll, as well as a  Sims X Moschino capsule collection and fashion film for the 2019 festival season. Scott counts this move towards an upcoming upgrade of Moschino’s digital presence, beginning with a partnership with Sims to create in-game apparel. He also headed Moschino’s cross into makeup, launching two collaborative collections.

In 2012, Moschino received backlash for its JS Roundhouse Mid shoe featuring chain cuffs that were alleged to resemble slave shackles, resulting in the shoe being pulled from the market. In 2018, the brand also sparked outrage on social media for its “Illegal Alien” campaign featuring a blue Gigi Hadid . The brand’s second Sephora makeup collection, based on an office aesthetic, has been compared to a collection by The Crayon Case Cosmetics.

Longchamp looks back on decade-long Jeremy Scott partnership


November 9, 2015

Jeremy Scott for Longchamp


By Staff reports

French apparel and accessories house Longchamp is celebrating its 10-year collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott through a new limited-edition Le Pliage handbag.


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Jeremy scott’o ir longchamp’o 10-mečio jubiliejus – Žinios

Ketvirtadienio vakarą Kalifornijos Beverli Hilse žvaigždžių dizaineris Jeremy Scottas įrodė, kad, kai reikia surengti nepaprastas basutes viršutiniame aukštyje, jis yra didžiausias karalius. „Moschino“ kūrybinis direktorius kartu su „Longchamp“ pasveikino mados mėgėjus ir įžymybes į VIP šventę, skirtą jų 10-ies metų rankinių bendradarbiavimo jubiliejui.

Laikydamasis architektūriškai nuostabios „Sheats Goldstein“ rezidencijos, basas taip pat pamatė, kaip buvo išleista jų naujoji 10-mečio rankinė ( apačioje ), kuri pagerbia Holivudą su grafika, kuri atrodo kaip Holivudo atvirukas – tinkamas, sakė Scott, nes jie surengė vakarėlį. Tinseltauno mieste.


Dėl to, kodėl jis norėjo toliau bendradarbiauti su prabangių rankinių prekės ženklu, Scotas, kuris iš savo paskutinės kolekcijos sudėjo koordinuojantį ansamblį, ant kurio buvo papuošta juoda smokingo striukė ir jo parašu spindinčia Moschino karūna, mums pasakė: „Aš tiesiog myliu„ Le Pliage “. Tai yra toks ikoniškas krepšys ir tai yra tobula drobė, kurią tikrai galiu sukurti … Man labai patinka, kai galiu į tai įklijuoti savo miniatiūrą. “

„Longchamp“ kūrybinė direktorė Sophie Delafontaine ( apačioje, dešinėje ) lygiai taip pat buvo sužavėta , kad Scottas yra jų komandos dalis, sakydama mums, ar ji galėtų apibendrinti jo santykius su prekės ženklu vienu žodžiu, kad tai būtų „pagarba“. Ji pridūrė: „Kai mes susitikome šiek tiek daugiau nei prieš 10 metų, aš įsimylėjau talentą, jo humoro jausmą, šviežumą, labai optimistišką nuotaiką ir dvasią “.

Stefanie Keenan / „Getty Images“

Delafontaine’as nebuvo vienintelis gurkšnodamas Skotą. Jo ilgamečiai draugai Kirsten Dunst ir Freida Pinto ( viršuje, kairėje ) abu buvo pasiruošę švęsti jo kūrybą ir padarė tą patį. Dunstas (su aguonomis dengtoje „Rodarte“ suknelėje) „ InStyle “ pasakojo: „Jis tiesiog buvo toks malonus žmogus ir toks kūrybingai įkvėpė, kad jo menas ir tai, ką jis nuveikė bendradarbiaudami, buvo tokie įdomūs ir linksmi “.

Pinto, apsvaigęs nuo raudonos Amanda Wakeley suknelės ir mėlynos „Longchamp“ sankabos, atkartojo tuos jausmus, sakydamas, kad ji myli kolekciją, nes: „Aš jaučiu, kad tai vis dar labai klasikinis derinys, papildytas šiek tiek Jeremy Scotto prisilietimu. . “

Festoje svečiai maišėsi ir maišėsi kokteilių vakarėlyje, gurkšnodami aštrus margaritas ir šampaną bei mėtydamiesi ant „Manchego“ kepto sūrio kąsnio, nes mėgaudamiesi nuostabiu vaizdu į miestą. Viską susitvarkę, svečiai ir šeimininkai Scottas, Delafontaine’as ir „Longchamp“ generalinis direktorius Jeanas Cassegrainas nuvyko į rezidencijos klubą, kuriame didžėjus sukūrė hiphopo hitus ir Scottui buvo išleistas didelis „Happy 10th Anniversary“ tortas. Miela mados nakties pabaiga.

Kirsten-Dunst-Jeremy-Scott-Longchamp-Anniversary-Fashion-Rodarte-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2) | Tom + Lorenzo

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90,000 Personal investment: Longchamp bag – www.be-in.ru

Longchamp makes soft convertible bags and luxurious leather bags that make you want to pack everything you need and go to the ends of the world. You can, of course, stay – the works of the brand are surprisingly good for every day. Sometimes you even wonder how you used to live without them?

Transparent bag Le Pliage


One of the leading French brands, Longchamp, pronounced “Longchamp”, was founded in Paris in 1948 by the owner of a tobacco shop, Jean Cassegrain, and is still run by the family of its founder.The name of the company is given in honor of the Parisian racetrack Longchamp, hence the famous brand logo with the image of a jockey.

Le Pliage bag

In the first decades of its existence, the company produced not bags at all, but smoking accessories. Taking aim at the production of travel bags, suitcases and accessories, Jean Cassegrain opened his first own factory in the French town of Sagre back in 1959.Since then, the company has grown considerably and firmly established its mandate in the field of fashion: to create multifunctional bags that are indispensable for travel, comfortable in everyday life and also inexpensive, it is second to none.

Iconic Item

The famous Le Pliage bag by Longchamp has caught everyone’s eye at least once: a transformable bag made of durable nylon with leather handles when folded fits in the palm of your hand, when unfolded it is ready to hold a lot of necessary things, including several books and even a laptop.The ability to metamorphosis and reasonable cost made Le Pliage so popular that now it seems as if they have always been.

Bag Le Pliage, Longchamp by Jeremy Scott

In fact, the first Le Pliage appeared only in 1993, but since then Longchamp has been using these bags as a platform for fashion experiments. Whoever did not come up with new variations of Le Pliage, playing with sizes and colors – bags were published with images of dirty boot sole prints, they were decorated with kittens, roses and tire tread patterns.The latest limited edition bags are decorated with scattering of multi-colored pills designed by American Jeremy Scott.

Le Pliage bag


Longchamp Messenger bag

Longchamp produces, of course, not only clamshell bags, but also bourgeois leather bags, and backpacks and bags of varying degrees of success. They, I must say, are not in great demand, unlike their nylon counterparts: from the well-known practical models, it is worth noting the Le Pliage Messenger bag, on a comfortable belt and with many compartments.

Longchamp Messenger bag

In addition to Jeremy Scott’s fun limited collections, Longchamp has an interesting line developed in collaboration with Kate Moss: the brand has been collaborating with the British model for many years, but she was entrusted with developing the first collection only last year. The result was decent and not boring at all – Moss diluted the jaded bourgeoisness of leather hulks with the rebellious spirit of rock and roll.

Bag Kate Moss for Longchamp 2011

In addition to bags, Longchamp is also involved in the production of accessories, from scarves to key rings, and even clothing. However, the brand’s attempts to capture the fashionable Olympus even from well-wishers cause a slight grin, and this despite the efforts of the Italian designer Giambattista Valli, who now creates collections of leather clothing for Longchamp.

Kate Moss for Longchamp 2011


Interviewed by Karina Matevosyan

How did Longchamp start working with Jeremy Scott?

Sophie: Jeremy and I first met in New York back in 2005, we were introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance. At that time we were preparing for the opening of the Longchamp flagship store in Soho – an avant-garde and very important project for us, designed by Thomas Heatherwick.Of course, I’ve already heard about Jeremy’s talent. I asked him to design a line of bags to coincide with the opening of a boutique in Soho, and he agreed.

Was it the “This is not your bag” model?

Sophie: Yes! Jeremy showed us a travel bag on wheels that looked like a wooden box with the words “Fragile” and “This is not your bag” written on it. To be honest, it made a huge impression on us, not least because the Longchamp brand had never done anything like it.

How did your collaboration develop after that?

Sophie: We were so pleased with the “This is not your bag” model that we decided to continue our collaboration further. Since then, Jeremy has created the Le Pliage capsule collection every season. For him, Le Pliage has become a canvas for creativity, and we, in turn, are glad that our clients are eagerly awaiting the release of a new model. From the very beginning, we were on the same wavelength, Jeremy brings us his energy, optimism, love of color – exactly those things that have always been important to Longchamp.

Is there a particular type of customer who buys Le Pliage from Jeremy Scott?

Sophie: Obviously collectors and all kinds of people who buy it depending on the design. Each collection conveys a specific emotion: for one season, it conveys the kawaii mood – the word that in Japan is used for everything cute, beautiful and cute. The next collection may turn out to be more masculine and brutal. Thus, each model is unique, but always fully reflects Jeremy’s mood and energy.

What attracted you the most to Jeremy Scott?

Sophie: With his sense of humor, that he manages to be funny without being vulgar, which is actually a rare quality. Plus, I was captivated by his incredible attention to detail! There is always something in each of his designs that you will only notice if you look closely.

How is your collaboration going?

Sophie: Since I’m in Paris and Jeremy is in Los Angeles, we communicate a lot by email, although we use every opportunity to meet in person.Every season he sends me a letter with new prints for the bag design. When I open this message, I feel like a little girl about to unwrap her Christmas presents.

Jeremy is sending you multiple print options or just one?

Sophie: Usually only one, which he designed specifically for Le Pliage. The exception was the fall 2014 collection featuring the creepy Madballs.Then we made two versions of the bag – with the characters Skull Face and Screaming Meemie.

Do you personally carry Jeremy Scott’s Le Pliage bag?

Sophie: Of course. I have all the models! I almost always travel with one of them. It’s amazing how Jeremy’s bag brightens up the waiting at the airport. They are almost like a talisman to me.

Which model is your favorite?

Sophie: Difficult to choose, but I have a special affection for one of the very first pink poodle models.Perhaps most of the time I take on the plane a model with black and pink roses with a light rock and roll mood. And I go on vacation, taking with me “Greetings from Paradise”, it sets a very correct spa mood.

Why did you decide to work with the travel bag format?

Sophie: Simply because it is a universal format for everyone. This bag can be equally worn by both women with a handbag and men with a briefcase.

Are you and Jeremy planning to celebrate 10 years of partnership with some kind of retrospective?

Sophie: No, on the contrary, we are already planning our next project. We don’t want to feel nostalgic for the past, we are both looking forward to the next 10 years!

Supplement – Kommersant Style (90553)

The designer Sophie Delafontaine has been the creative director of the family company Longchamp, founded in 1948 by her grandfather Jean Cassegrain, for 20 years.By the way, the current CEO of the company is his grandson and full namesake. All these years the company has been under the management of one family, and bags, like 50 years ago, are sewn by hand by its craftsmen.

– Sophie, tell us about your childhood. Was it associated with Longchamp?

– When I was little, there was a whole mountain of bags at home! I was interested in fashion, but there was no desire to build a career in the family business. Dad always said that working with leather is the most interesting in the world, but when you are a teenager, you are ready to do anything, just not with your parents at the same time (smiles) .Later, when I graduated from the university and worked, I decided to help my dad with the women’s collection.

– Is there enough room for creative freedom? The brand looks pretty conservative.

– More than (laughs) . Seriously, there is a lot of space – we have bags, clothes, shoes, suitcases, belts, scarves, jewelry … The design of a dress is not at all the same as the design of shoes or a bag. I come up with window dressing, advertising campaigns, and I do communications.I do not work according to the principle “I made a bag, and it doesn’t matter what happens next with it.”

– It often happens that the creative director and the management of the company have different points of view. Do you and your family always agree?

– What you say is true when the creative director comes to the company for three years, and after that there is a flood. We do not have a task to simply release the next collection, it is important for us what will happen to the brand in ten or more years. I don’t think about marketing strategies and will never make high-heeled shoes that are impossible to walk in just because they look good in an ad campaign.I’ll first make sure I’m comfortable with them myself. Of course, sometimes Jean and I (CEO Longchamp.— “Style. Women” ) have a different view of things, but we respect each other’s opinions, we are brother and sister after all.

– Once you came up with a transparent bag, and Jean thought it was a completely crazy idea.

– Yes, in ’98 it was pretty daring to offer to flaunt the insides of your bag. Jean agreed to add the bag to the collection on the condition that I go with it for a week.Of course, I was not taken aback and stuffed it with bright clutches. It looked cool.

– Which bag is ideal for you?

– Small, which can be put in a larger bag. In the morning you go out with a big one, and take only the essentials for lunch. I think that now everyone is looking for things that can adapt – for example, in our new collection there is a bag that turns inside out.

– Do you have a favorite bag in terms of design?

– Le Pliage, which my father invented, is a genius thing.It’s very simple, but everyone knows that Le Pliage is Longchamp, it’s incredibly difficult to achieve.

– Why did you launch the ready-to-wear line?

– The Longchamp woman needs special clothing. She monitors trends, but does not pursue fashion – she will never wear something that is inconvenient to drive, for example. It was only two years after the launch of ready-to-wear, and I realized that my client needed shoes.

– Why are you constantly collaborating with Jeremy Scott? At first glance, it has nothing to do with the brand.

– We do collaborations with those whose world we want to know more about. Jeremy looks shocking, but in fact he is a very sweet, intelligent and sensitive young man. He has a unique sense of humor, he is optimistic and plays with life – in my opinion, it is very much in the spirit of Longchamp. And so with everyone. I was delighted with the perfume bottles on Mary Katranzu’s dresses and offered to cooperate. She has a very special vision, it seems like just a print, but there is so much hiding behind it! So the bag sometimes looks very simple, but in fact, there is a lot of work and careful study of details behind it.

– Creative directors are mostly men, why do you think?

– This trend is changing, now there are more and more women. Men make clothes for ideal women, but in reality there are none.

– Which women inspire you?

– It might be a woman on the street, or it might be my daughter. Alexa Chung or my mom. The women around me are the most inspiring.

Interviewed by Sofia Burnasheva

New Longchamp collections – MODA.RU

New Longchamp collections were presented at a press breakfast at the Vanil restaurant on 24 May.

Brand history

In the 1940s. Jean Cassegrain inherited from his father a small tobacco shop in Paris. He hired talented artisans and began producing smoking accessories with leather trim.

In 1948, Jean Cassegrain officially registered the Jean Cassegrain et Compagnie brand.

In 1955, Jean Cassegrain expanded the brand’s activities – he began to produce men’s leather tobacco bags and wallets.By this time, the brand’s products were in demand among the most discerning customers. Jean Cassegrain opened the first factory in Segre and changed the brand name to Longchamp. An equestrian lover, he named the brand after the French racetrack in the Bois de Boulogne. The Longchamp logo is the image of a jockey galloping on a horse.

In the 1960s. Longchamp began producing travel bags, suitcases and briefcases in leather and nylon. During this period, the company firmly established itself in the global market.

In 1971, Longchamp launched their debut collection of handbags.

Jean Cassegrain passed away in 1972. The management of the company passed to his son Philip.

In 1993, Longchamp introduced the Le Pliage women’s folding bag: the nylon model with leather handles became the brand’s signature item.

Longchamp launched a women’s ready-to-wear line in 2006. Sophie Delafontaine, daughter of Philippe Cassegrain, became the creative director of the brand. In 2006, the company expanded its range of accessories and luggage.

Longchamp celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2008. In honor of this event, a limited edition collection of folding bags Pliage was created, for which the prints were designed by the Belgian artist Jean-Luc Moerman. Longchamp also released a 192-page history album to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand.

In 2012, the brand presented its debut full collection of women’s shoes. It includes a wide variety of models: ballet flats, wedge sandals, pumps and sandals. The company’s profit this year was 454 million euros.

  • Jeremy Scott

In June 2012, the Jeremy Scott for Longchamp capsule bag collection, inspired by a computer keyboard, went on sale.

For the spring-summer 2013 season, Jeremy Scott presented two new models of Longchamp Le Pliage bags: with a print in the form of a parcel, as well as with the image of the sea, sun and beach and the inscription Greetings from Paradise. The land of Sunshine.

  • Mary Katranzu
  • In 2012, Mary Catranzu designed bags for Longchamp with the theme “Meeting East and West”.The first model featured a print of Japanese landscapes, dragons, orchids, corals and Carnegie Hall’s grand staircase. The second featured multi-colored Chinese lanterns, umbrellas and flowers. The third design featured whimsical oriental flower beds, fiery dragons, symmetrical lanterns, and a Carnegie Hall façade.
90,000 Longchamp Fashion Brand Success Story
Longchamp is a French brand founded in 1948 that specializes in the production of accessories and luggage.The brand also produces women’s clothing and footwear. Longchamp was founded by Jean Cassegrain in Paris.

And it all started with the production of smoking accessories in the 1940s. It was at that time that Jean Cassegrain inherited a small tobacco shop from his father. In 1948 Jean Cassegrain registered the Jean Cassegrain et Compagnie brand. Talented artisans hired by him made smoking accessories with leather decor.

Jean Cassegrain creates his own design – a leather-bound smoking pipe.At that time, it was a popular product, the brand’s products were in demand.

In 1955 , the brand began to expand. Now, in addition to leather cases for smoking pipes, the store could buy wonderful suitcases or travel bags for the same purposes. The brand has serious clients, and Jean Cassegrain opens the first factory in Segre.

The founder of the company loved equestrianism, and therefore the horse racing, which took place in the Bois de Boulogne at the Longchamp racecourse.

In the XIX – XX centuries. horse racing attracted the attention of bohemians and aristocrats. Crowds of people have always gathered here, such events did not go unnoticed. Horse racing at the Longchamp racetrack has been described in literary works and in painting, for example, by E. Zola and E. Degas. The first race took place on April 27, 1857, was attended by the Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie. The best horses took part in the races that day.

Today the entire territory of the hippodrome is protected by the state.Something has changed in the buildings, new stands and buildings have appeared, but in general everything is preserved. So, it is to this racetrack that the Longchamp brand owes its name.

Jean Cassegrain, despite the increased popularity of his brand, changed its name to Longchamp. The logo of the brand is the image of a jockey riding a horse.

Five years later, in the 1960s, the brand began producing suitcases and briefcases, travel bags and wallets, the materials of which were leather and nylon. All goods were quickly sold out.The company has firmly established itself in the global market. Women’s handbags and travel bags have won the loudest fame.

For just over 20 years, Jean Cassegrain ran his successful business. In 1972 he was gone. From that moment on, Philip Cassegrain continued his father’s business.

30 years after its founding, the company ceased production of tobacco and smoking accessories. Philippe Cassegrain completely switched to the manufacture of bags and suitcases. In 1988, the Longchamp mono-brand boutique was opened in Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.In this decade, one after another, the company opened boutiques in department stores around the world.

In 1993 Longchamp introduced the Le Pliage women’s foldable bag, which has become an iconic item for the brand.

In 2006 Longchamp launched a women’s ready-to-wear line. From that moment on, Philippe Cassegrain’s daughter, Sophie Delafontaine, became the creative director of the brand.

“I’m sure every bag is created to be an it-bag. At least I put the same amount of energy and pleasure into Longchamp lines, ”says Sophie Delafontaine.

In 2006, opened a flagship boutique in Soho, New York. And in the same year, an online store was launched.

Since 2012 the brand has been producing women’s shoes: sandals, pumps and sandals.

The Longchamp brand has collaborated with many designers. For example, since 2006, American designer Jeremy Scott has been participating in collaborations, developing the design of the Longchamp Le Pliage bags, in 2007 he created two models of the Le Pliage bag – with the image of a poodle and a gold bank card, in 2009 – bags decorated with images of medals.

No matter what ideas Jeremy Scott is inspired by! In 2011, pill-print bags hit the market, and in 2012, the Jeremy Scott for Longchamp, a capsule collection of bags inspired by the computer keyboard, was launched. For spring / summer 2013 Jeremy Scott has again developed two new bag models – Longchamp Le Pliage bags with a parcel print and with the image of the sea, sun, beach and the words “Greetings from Paradise. The land of Sunshine “-” Greetings from paradise – the land of sunshine. “

In 2012 Mary Katranzu, the famous designer and Queen of Print, developed the design of bags on the theme “Meeting of East and West”. The prints on the bags united the West and the East. They consisted of Japanese landscapes with dragons and orchids, lanterns, flowers, Chinese umbrellas, and images of the facade and front staircase of Carnegie Hall.

The faces of advertising campaigns for accessories were models Kate Moss, Emily DiDonato, Coco Rocha and many others.

Since 2006 the brand has started a partnership with Kate Moss.The supermodel began to take part in the creation of collections of accessories, and she did it well.

Brand fans include Brad Pitt, Carla Bruni, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Diana Kruger, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Claudia Schiffer and many other celebrities.

Today, the Longchamp brand is known not only for its leather goods, but also for the great women’s clothing that women of all ages can wear. It all started with a tobacco shop and smoking pipes.The brand remains a family business.

The president of the company is Philippe Cassegrain, and the creative director is his daughter Sophie Delafontaine.

In 2018, Longchamp celebrated their 70th anniversary.

90,000 10 expensive but elegant luxury cases for iphone 5, 5s – Reviews The

IPhone 5s is the first iPhone officially offered in a gold hue. But iPhone gilding has always been an option, thanks to companies that will transform sleek minimalism into a flashy display of gold or diamonds for just a few thousand (or millions) of dollars.

But if you want to cover your iPhone 5 or 5 in luxury for less, a case is probably the more affordable option. Many of the same designers who make handbags or suitcases for a few hundred or thousands of dollars make stylish iPhone cases at a reasonable price.

Sure, a case can cost as much or more than a subsidized phone, but you get smartphone protection and a display of your identity (and possibly social status).After all, if you use your iPhone to talk a lot about yourself via Twitter, Facebook, text messages, Instagram, Foursquare, and all other forms of social media, then it should show something about you from the outside as well.

The cases we’ve chosen do just that – whether it’s the whimsy of a Moschino case that looks like it came from McDonald’s, or the subtle image of the Louis Vuitton logo. Whether you’re here to stare, shop, or voice your outrage in the comments, the iPhone 5 and 5s cases in the gallery won’t disappoint.

    1 Moschino French Fries Case

    $ 57
    Designer Jeremy Scott is known for making corporate looks and blowing them up. Are you drooling over this affair he did in his first collection for Moschino? We love this.

    2 Louis Vuitton Softcase

    $ 465
    The Louis Vuitton soft case is made of calfskin and is custom made.

    3 Salvatore Ferragamo iPhone Case

    $ 316
    A charming elephant applique adds extra color to this Salvatore Ferragamo Cobalt iPhone Case.

    Cute Watercolor Print iPhone 5 Case

    $ 40
    The abstract watercolor on this Milly case has the cheerful look of designer Michelle Smith’s silk dresses.

    5 Zac Posen Basic Milla Phone Bracelet

    $ 195
    Zac Posen’s Milla bracelet is very easy to use.

    6 Diane von Furstenberg Metallic Snakeskin iPhone Case

    $ 75
    Inside this case, Diane von Furstenberg says “Words are powerful, use them carefully” and on the outside they are made of polycarbonate and snake for durability and beauty.

    7 Canali Leather Phone Case

    $ 145
    The subtle pattern of this Canali sleeve complements the sleek elegance of an iPhone.

    8 Burberry Prorsum sleeves for iPhone 5

    $ 365
    Spring has already risen on this Burberry Prorsum sleeve.

    9 Smythson Panama iPhone 5 Collection Sleeve

    $ 160
    The combination of colors and smooth and grainy leather gives the Smythson Panama sleeve some contrast and interest.

    10 Longchamp Veau Foulonné case for iPhone 5

    $ 125
    iPhone case from Longchamp Veau Foulonné covered with iPhone 5.
90,000 Longchamp brand accessories – yesterday, today, tomorrow


Paris in 1948 was immersed in the atmosphere of the celebration of the end of the Second World War. City cafes were filled with soldiers who smoked pipes in the fashion of that time, and one day, along with the fragrant smoke of tobacco that filled the streets, an unremarkable shopkeeper named Jean Cassegrain had a brilliant insight – the world after the war lacks exclusive smoking accessories, elements of style and image, therefore how soon luxury will become a commodity in high demand.

This is how the Longchamp brand was born, founded by the Cassegrain family and named after the Parisian hippodrome, where the famous equestrian competition Gran Prix de Paris is still held today. The name of the brand was chosen correctly, and the success of the new venture was rapid – in a matter of months, a pipe in a leather case made by Longchamp managed to become an object of desire for smokers of liberated Paris.

The incredible popularity led to the rapid development of the company, and after a couple of years Longchamp expanded their product line, in addition to pipes and covers, offering a number of related products, such as special lighters, knives for cleaning pipes from carbon deposits, brushes for cleaning the shank and mouthpiece, and to 1955 firmly established in the minds as a supplier of high-end smokers’ amenities.But the history of the Longchamp house as a manufacturer of elegant travel bags began at the moment when the head of the then firmly standing company came up with the idea that a special tobacco bag for storing and carrying all of the above smoking accessories – of course, leather – would also be useful.

Over the next decades, Longchamp’s scope of attention stretched like pebbled leather: in the sixties, with the opening of the company’s first factory, wallets and purses appeared, bags of all kinds, suitcases, classic men’s briefcases entered production in the early seventies, and at the end of the decade Longchamp pays attention to the holy of holies of fashion – the handbags industry, which currently generates up to 50% of the company’s annual profits.

Today, the outlines of Longchamp bags are recognizable down to the smallest detail, they can only be found in certain places – where similar ones are gathered. In addition to a set of little things that can be found in a bag of any woman, these bags carry something more – information, the memory of the women whose names they were named, or the people by whom they were created.

Legend Longchamp is a line of Le Pliage beach bags made of special waterproof nylon with reinforced leather handles in variable lengths, available in four different sizes and even as a cosmetic bag.Le Pliage’s shape has remained unchanged for decades, but its design changes from season to season, and that’s another story. The first edition of this model, which to this day continues to enjoy popularity not only in Europe, was released in 1993. Now this bag, costing about 100 euros without delivery, can be ordered through a special section of the company’s website, as an option, a designer is offered, where you can choose your new bag in the color of the stripes, if this is its classic version, the size and even the color of the accessories – an elegant metal disc with the company’s brand name – a jockey, bent over the back of a racing horse, can be in the color of gold, silver or old bronze.


The eighties marked a new milestone in the history of the House: the son of the founder Phillipe Cassegrain came to manage the family business, who came up with the idea of ​​collaborating with young and talented designers, and his business instinct did not disappoint Longchamp this time. Perhaps it’s all about energy – we tend to cult everything that the hand of an obviously talented person touches, and from year to year the company pleases its fans with unusual design innovations in limited editions, whose value only grows over time and with the growing popularity of the authors of these mini masterpieces.

To celebrate Le Pliage’s 10th anniversary in 2004, the company invited the controversial British artist and renowned feminist Tracey Emin to collaborate on a special edition limited edition handbag. Tracy decorated her travel bags with declarations of love in different languages, including her native Turkish. In the same 2004, conceptual British architect Thomas Heatherwick, the author of the Rolling Bridge in London, proposed an idea for another bag called the “Zipper bag”.Once the designer was impressed by the fact that zippers are produced in rolls of at least 200 meters and prompted an interesting experiment – is it possible to create something miniature and interesting using a zipper of non-standard length? This experiment culminated in a collaboration with Longchamp on the Zipper bag series – double-layer bags with magnetic closure. This bag has multiple rows of zipper right around the perimeter. The bag is not only stylish, but also functional – when unbuttoned, it increases in size in a spiral three times, revealing a bright inner surface previously hidden behind a zipper.Such a design find could not but become one of the bestsellers, and the employees of Heatherwick studios received another lucrative contract – for the development of the architectural concept and design for the hundredth anniversary boutique La Maison Unique store, in New York, 132 Spring Street, SoHo. The zippers, functional and sexy at the same time, keep things shut, hinting at something hidden behind their sharp teeth. It was this principle of lightning that the architect applied during the creation of the interior space of the store.Inside the ordinary three-story building-box from 1936, there is really something to see, and even something to be surprised at. The interior of the boutique is a single conceptual world: a maze of staircases leads to a spacious showroom, where shelves for placing models are made in the form of narrow sections, as if peeled off from the ceiling, creating a kind of angular landscape. Every detail of the boutique’s interior is designed to amaze, invite you to go inside, explore this mysterious world and remain among the fans of the Longchamp brand for a long time, if not forever.

2006. The choice of British Vogue as a must-have for the summer is the Longchamp handbag series by influential British designer Jeremy Scott. A catchy travel collection from small bags to roomy suitcases on wheels, stylized as light wood boxes for cargo transportation with the characteristic and provocative Fragile, Not your bag, Paris inscriptions made a splash. Yes, they are “not yours” (the series is called This is not your Bag), but the beauty is that they are noticeable, and at the airport you will hardly be able to confuse your luggage with someone else’s – this is a limited edition, one of those that good for collections and only gets better over the years.Although no one is immune from incidents, and perhaps a wonderful case with the inscription Fragile on the leather side that you just received in the arrival hall of an airport in one of the European capitals is not really yours, but belongs to that stylish guy with exactly the same case in his hand … By the way, In the Le Pliage ‘collection for the summer 2009, a limited edition is released of the delicate milk bag The Stomp bag by Jeremy Scott, embellished with a print in the form of deep imprints of the grooved sole of men’s boots, in which such stars as Kylie Minogue and Cameron Diaz have already signed up.The bag will be incredibly good when paired with silk shirt dresses, again by Jeremy Scott, “trampled” in the same manner. You can order such a bag only in a London boutique.

Today, the brand is no longer associated with specialty products for smokers, but is known as a manufacturer of fashionable travel accessories, classic men’s briefcases and handbags, which are partly handcrafted – a mandatory requirement of the Colbert committee, which unites all French luxury manufacturers such as Hermes , Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Chanel.British top model Kate Moss has been the advertising face of the House for the last four years, able to turn any item she wears into a trend. It was she who inspired the designers of the company to create a new series of Legende ‘handbags for women. When Kate was asked what she was, the bag of her dreams, Kate replied that the limit of her desires was a roomy doctor-style bag, stylized as 70s, made of black patent leather on the outside, lined with bright scarlet color. Her desires became a call to action for the Longchamp design team, and thus a new legend was born, with which this and many other famous girls prefer not to part in everyday life.Bags of this line are also available in 4 sizes and several different combinations of color and texture of leather. The Legend in the same version, created for Kate Moss, costs about 1000 euros, the cost of the Legende summer bag in 2009 from a combined combination of beige plus cherry or beige plus black is about 600 euros.


The search for new names that are on the cusp of world fame and the embodiment of their unlimited self-expression is now an important part of Longchamp’s corporate policy.

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