Liz hurley makeup: Elizabeth Hurley Shares Her Diet Secrets For Looking Good At 53

Elizabeth Hurley Shares Her Diet Secrets For Looking Good At 53

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  • Elizabeth Hurley, 54, has been a fitness and beauty icon for decades.
  • She starts her day two cups of water in the morning, and hydrates regularly throughout the day.
  • She follows a simple, healthy meal plan that prioritizes fresh produce.

    All it takes is one scroll through Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram to see she’s totally fitness goals. The 54-year-old (yes, you read that correctly) actress and Elizabeth Hurley Beach designer has been a beauty and fitness icon for decades, and she’s not relinquishing that status any time soon. Elizabeth is constantly posting photos where she looks incredibly fit, and appears to be absolutely glowing from the inside out. Which begs the question: What exactly is she eating to fuel her life?

    Elizabeth tells Women’s Health that she’s especially conscious of her health because of her family history. In 1992, she lost her grandmother to breast cancer, and in 1995, she became a global ambassador for Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign, a group she continues to work with.

    And although she looks…pretty damn incredible, Elizabeth says her health “secret” is really a combo of three small things: “Making more time for exercise, eating nutritious foods, and taking the time to do relaxing activities.”

    She prioritizes hydration.

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    Elizabeth says she drinks two mugs of warm water first thing in the morning. “‘It tastes fairly disgusting,” she told Daily Mail UK. “But it’s fantastic for your digestive system.”

    That might seem like an odd morning beverage (like, what about coffee…or tea?), but Abby Langer, RD (who has never worked with Elizabeth), tells Women’s Health that “drinking two cups of warm water every day is a good way to get a head-start on hydrating yourself.

    Plus, Elizabeth keeps a water bottle in her bag or on her bedside table at all times, as a remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    Elizabeth steers clear of processed food.

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    “I like simple, natural, easy food. I don’t really like food with a lot of chemicals or additives,” Elizabeth told The Cut. “When I’m at home in the country, I always try and eat food that’s grown locally. That goes for meats and vegetables.”

    She even grows some of her own produce at home. “All through summer we eat fruit and vegetables from my own garden. I used to have a small organic farm, and all the meat my son ate was from the farm. Obviously that’s not possible for most people, but supporting local farmers wherever you live is a good thing.”

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    She eats balanced meals throughout her day.

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    In general, Elizabeth’s meals are pretty straight-forward, and primarily plant-based. Here’s what she eats in a day:

    • Breakfast: After her morning workout, Elizabeth says she typically fuels up with a bowl of Greek yogurt, a banana, and a little bit of honey
    • Lunch: She generally goes for a simple bowl of vegetable soup.
    • Dinner: Elizabeth usually has dinner at her office. Her go-to meal consists of grilled chicken and “lots and lots and lots” of vegetables, she says.

      She’s all about mindful eating, not diets.

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      Her current eating plan is a bit different from previous diets she’s tried. “About 100 years ago,” Elizabeth says she tried the Blood-Type Diet.

      The diet (which Langer says is not supported by credible research) suggests a person follow a diet plan that will react well chemically with their specific blood type. For example, people with Type O are recommended to eat a lot of fish and lean meats, Type A should cut out meats, and so on.

      Elizabeth has long since quit the Blood Type diet. Instead, she approaches her nutrition holistically. She recently spent a few days at the VIVAMAYR health spa in Austria, which teaches clients the importance of slowing down their fast-paced lifestyles.

      “VIVAMAYR taught me to relax,” Elizabeth says. “I learned to sit still, put my phone down, and enjoy my food.” And that directly translated into her nutritional well-being: “My digestion has improved since I followed that advice.

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      If this is what it takes to look so freaking flawless in my fifties, count me in.

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      Elizabeth Hurley’s Skincare Secrets

      While we’re fans of low-maintenance beauty, there’s something cathartic about strategically applying your skincare products, slowly taking the time to move through each step with intention. It’s a sensorial experience we know is contributing to the overall health of our skin, and it feels good to nourish and protect our unique outermost shells.

      If you were to go through each of the editors’ vanities at Byrdie HQ, it wouldn’t be atypical to find a slew of products, each of which we’d vehemently argue serves a purpose. We may use a lot, but it’s those extra steps each night and morning that we solemnly stand by. Plus, twice a day isn’t really that time-consuming. 

      Meet the Expert

      Renée Rouleau is a celebrity esthetician based in Austin, TX. She is also the founder and creator of her eponymous skincare line.

      If you’re Elizabeth Hurley, however, it isn’t so much the number of products you use but the number of times you repeat a single product throughout the day. According to an interview with UK magazine Woman & Home, as reported by Allure, the 54-year-old actress moisturizes her face six times a day and her neck 10 times. This begs a lot of questions: First, what moisturizer(s) is she using? (She’s said she uses Estée Lauder Resilience Crème, $92.) Second, if she’s continuously moisturizing, does this mean she doesn’t wear foundation? Most importantly, though, we were curious if applying that much moisturizer is actually beneficial, so we reached out to celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau for her thoughts.

      In terms of frequent moisturization, Rouleau is in agreement that more than twice daily could prove beneficial. “Depending on how a moisturizer is formulated, some can be short-lasting in their ability to hold moisture into the skin,” she explains. “Combine that with having a damaged moisture barrier (tiny, invisible cracks in the skin often due to retinoids or over-exfoliation) and moisture can easily evaporate out of the skin within hours.” As a result, adding a few more applications into the mix could improve your skin’s natural moisturizing factor.

      The Downside

      Excessive application may only be just that: excessive. “It’s important to understand that the skin can only absorb so much,” Rouleau says. “When Elizabeth keeps reapplying, it may not be offering any more benefit after a few applications even though it may feel like it.” Also, her moisturizer of choice may lack a key protecting ingredient: SPF.

      Rouleau continues, “What concerns me is that more than likely, there isn’t sunscreen involved in all of this. If her main goal is to create healthy-looking skin, there is not a more effective way to do this than by keeping your skin from seeing daylight. Ideally, she would be more focused on reapplying sunscreen throughout the day or by dusting on an SPF-infused mineral powder over makeup to ensure the skin is staying protected from damage.” After all, Rouleau says protecting your skin from the sun is way more important in terms of anti-aging than making your skin feel consistently dewy and plump with moisturizer. 

      Lastly, adding an oil into the mix will greatly help with moisture levels, too. “If [Hurley] put a skin oil on over [her moisturizer], it would retain that feel as well as hold moisture in the skin longer so she wouldn’t have to keep applying as often,” says Rouleau.

      The Main Takeaway

      Moisturizing a few times a day with a noncomedogenic, barrier-repairing moisturizer won’t harm your skin, but make sure you’re also re-applying SPF. As for 10 applications? This isn’t necessary, and moisturizer is usually quite expensive, so you’re better off conserving.

      Elizabeth Hurley Reveals Beauty Secrets That Don’t Include Exercise – Hollywood Life

      Despite looking like she hasn’t aged a day in years, Elizabeth Hurley insists that she does NOT workout — but she does have a few tricks up her sleeve, which she revealed during her Dec. 9 ‘WWHL’ interview.

      At 54 years old, Elizabeth Hurley truly looks better than ever, and Andy Cohen dug deep to find out her beauty secrets when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Dec. 9. Elizabeth has previously revealed that she does not workout to keep her body in shape, and she reiterated this fact during the WWHL appearance. When Andy asked her how many days a week she exercises, Elizabeth replied, “None. Sorry.” Must be nice, right!? The talk show host then asked the actress what she does if she ever gets a zit, and when she struggled to answer, he joked, “You don’t [get zits], do you?” In response, Elizabeth let out a sheepish giggle.

      Next up, Andy asked Elizabeth about her daily skincare routine, and she admitted, “That I do a LOT of.” She explained, “I worked for Estee Lauder for 25 years, so I have an onslaught of products. I have everything.” As for her go-to product that she can’t live without? It’s an Estee Lauder serum called Advanced Night Repair, which she said she’s been using twice a day, every day, for 25 years.

      When it comes to Elizabeth’s diet, she revealed that she doesn’t tend to eat many dairy products, and she finds that vegetables serve her body best. The actress is often sharing photos of herself in bikinis and swimsuits on Instagram, and it’s no secret that her body is on-POINT, so these certainly seem like some good diet trends to follow!

      For her WWHL appearance, Elizabeth looked absolutely stunning in a sequined pink dress, which showed off her toned legs. She paired the look with super high, silver heels, and styled her hair in waves. Check out the interview above!

      The Best-Kept-Secret Behind Those Dramatic Eyes is Finally Out – A Step By Step Makeup Tutorial!

      Wanna be dishy and pretty? This eye-make-up tutorial is for you then. Tuck to!

      No matter, a lady or a tomgirl, every face is pretty and special in its own unique way. While some may be an extra classy and sophisticated like the Royal Majesties, the others might be scorchingly steamy and sexy like JLo, Lady Gaga or Cindy Crawford. And the list is endless.

      After all, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

      If it’s your time to accentuate your prettiest features and live like a glam diva every day, a sensational eye make-up could whip your look, flash your inner aura and vibe your personality like no other!

      And this article will PROVE IT!

      While some are cozy with a long-day make-up, some like to flaunt a nude or almost no-makeup look. No matter which one you are, this tutorial has got you covered.

      Exciting, huh!

      Guess what, here you will learn three concepts that rely on the most talked-about eye makeup staples. And if you are ready-to-go-Pro, just practice a lot and follow the steps neatly. It’s that simple!

      So, here are those all-time eye makeup concerns…

      • Eye makeup tricks
      • Eye makeup guidelines
      • Eye make up tips

      SO! Let’s start with the Eye Makeup Types:

      You probably don’t need me to tell you, eye makeups should be different for every occasion. While a light makeup is great for a natural day look, you need a heavy one for an evening date, pub night or a party.

      Take a look at these 7 types of basic eye makeups:

      • Gradual
      • Flat
      • European
      • Smoky
      • Segmental
      • Vibrant
      • Your local style

      However, each one of the above-mentioned makeups could be further transformed into a wide range of effects.

      For instance, while smoky eye makeup could be categorized into forwarding, backward and spread eye makeup styles, Segmental could be further segmentized into two, three and several stops/phases.

      3 Eye Makeup Elements that Rule:

      • Your overall makeup style should speak of your purpose. Avoid an overdo if you want to go natural and graceful in your eye makeup
      • Know your eye size and face structure well and work on that only
      •  Your eye makeup should compliment yourself traits and nature as a whole.

      No idea how to do it? Freat not. Let’s look inside some eye-catching eye makeups…

      #1 Elizabeth Hurley Eye Makeup:

      If a 3D facial structure with an intense pair of eyes is all you dream, you are just a makeup away. A perfect trick can create the ditto effect with a simple modification of your facial outline… WOW

      SO! Take a look at the steps now…

      i) Finished the foundation part? Apply a dash of golden shadow right through the middle of your upper eyelid and coat the rest with a dark coffee shade.

      ii) Now comes the climax. Pick a brown eyeliner to paint one line across the edge of the eye shadow on the upper eyelid and smudge the shadow with a brush to create a dramatic effect.

      iii) Now apply some powder shadow around your nose area and use lipstick of your choice to complete the whole look.

      iv) You can add more expression to your eyes with a perfect contact lens like TTd eye queen contact lenses, Honey girl or others.

      #2 Expressive Twilight Eye Makeup:

      Want to replicate the mesmerizing look of Naomi Campbell or Bella Hadid? Now you can give your dream a reality with no extra efforts.

      SO! Here is all that you need to do…

      i) Dip your eyeshadow brush in a pastel palette and smear it sleek right from the depression below the eyebrows to the nose bridge root.

      ii) Use the brush through the double folding line on the upper eyelid skipping the end folded area beside eyelid. Make sure, you draw inside the end of the eye to enhance the outline.

      iii) Now take a broader range, from the palpebra inferior to the entire lower eyelid and brush light color shadow here.

      iv) Now take a darker shade, preferably coffee, to move your eye shadow brush in a half-moon style at the end of the small area of the upper eyelid.

      v) keep the dark coffee shade blooming in your eyes overlap, from the first half of palpebra inferior to the eye end, leaving the eye head.

      vi) Now illuminate the eye head with a silver shadow lining.

      vii) Finally, pick a black eye shadow to tightline your eyelash areas. You can use extra lashes also.

      viii) Put a matching eyeliner and draw the line till at about 7mm at the eye end.

      ix) You could also use a purple eyeshadow liner to draw along the palpebra inferior and make the look further appealing.

      x) Don’t forget to finish the whole look with a coat of mascara on your eyelashes. It will give the fan of your lashes an added volume.

      Now that you already know that eye makeup is the pivotal component of a complete face makeover, you need to be careful about each and every step.

      Want to know the steps? Look down…

      • Eye shadow coating
      • Eyeliner drawing
      • Eyelash painting
      • Eyebrow clipping

      A GOOD Eye Makeup comes for no easy deal! However, your best practices will give you a grip over perfection in no time… Fingers Crossed

      WELL! Here are some more tips before you start your eye makeup:

      a) Order of makeup

      Always follow the right sequence when painting your eyes.

      Smear shadow → put eye eyeliner → add mascara

      b) Makeup removal

      • Dab a wet ball of cotton on your face and wipe all the stain of makeup from everywhere, including those two eyes.
      • Make sure to apply the cleanser for a minute and clean your eye makeup in a top to bottom order. This way, you will clean faster.
      • Finally, always remove your mascara softly. Try using cotton dipped in a cleanser and apply it from the root to the top of your eyelashes.


      Elizabeth Hurley Shares Her Hopes For A Breast-Cancer Free World

      An ardent advocate of breast cancer awareness, Elizabeth Hurley has been the Global Ambassador for The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign for over 20 years. Founded in 1992 by the late Evelyn H. Lauder, foundation aims to raise not just awareness of breast cancer, but also funds to support global research, education and medical services. To date, it has raised more than US$89 million worldwide, funded more than 293 medical research grants through its Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and supports over 60 breast cancer organisations around the world. We talk to Hurley about the pink ribbon movement, being on the campaigning trail and just how far breast cancer awareness has come.

      You’ve been advocating for breast cancer awareness for more than two decades. Tell us more about how your journey started—what was your first thought when Evelyn Lauder approached you to join the campaign? Did it take much convincing from her for you to join the cause?
      When Evelyn first asked me to join the Campaign, it was shortly after I had lost my grandmother to breast cancer. She passed away from breast cancer during a time when women did not speak openly about the disease. In fact, we didn’t even know she had it until she was very ill. I immediately said yes and wanted to do whatever I could, knowing that it was an opportunity to affect the lives of so many while honouring my own family’s history with the disease.

      What’s your fondest memory of campaigning with Lauder?
      There are so many—Evelyn was such a wonderful woman and we shared some very special moments together through our work. Seeing her passion as a champion for women’s health to truly make a difference through both the Breast Cancer Campaign and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation was remarkable. Whether it was something she did on a large scale or how she connected one-on-one with those personally touched by breast cancer, she was committed to saving lives and truly made a lasting, positive impact on people everywhere. She gifted me my first mammography on my 40th birthday and I’ve been getting one yearly ever since. She will always be an inspiration to me.

      Related article: John Travolta Pays Tribute to His Late Wife Kelly Preston by Dancing with Their Daughter

      Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

      What’s the most common misconception about breast cancer you’ve come across?
      That it only affects women. In fact, men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer and are more likely to have a fatal diagnosis. We must also not forget the important role that men play as supporters and caretakers to loved ones with the disease. Breast cancer truly touches us all and we must remain united around all of those affected.

      In your opinion, what can the layman do to contribute to breast cancer awareness?
      Knowledge is power and I hope people will educate themselves and those around them about health and wellness. Have open conversations with your doctor and encourage loved ones to do the same. If you know someone going through treatment, reach out and see if they need support. If people want to learn more about our Breast Cancer Campaign’s impact they can do so at

      What is one fact about breast cancer that you feel everyone should know?
      I wish everyone knew about the importance of early detection. People should feel empowered to have discussions with their doctors about their health and screenings like mammograms, while regularly checking one’s own breasts. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and together we can save more lives.

      Photo: Oliver Holms

      What’s the biggest change you’ve seen over the years?
      Breast cancer is no longer a disease only spoken about in whispers. We’ve come a long way and real positive impact has been made. I first started working with Evelyn on the Breast Cancer Campaign at a time when women around the world were dying from breast cancer and no one was talking about it. Today, we’re aware of the disease; it’s more openly discussed both by people and in the media, and early detection is saving lives— early-stage breast cancer has more than a 90 percent (relative five-year) survival rate when diagnosed and treated. The pink ribbon, which Evelyn co-created in 1992, the same year she started the Breast Cancer Campaign, inspired a movement and is now a globally recognised symbol for breast health.

      Why do you feel it’s important to continue your work?
      It remains that every 15 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Our work must continue to inspire action, unite the global community and fund research to bring us closer to our mission of a breast cancer-free world. My grandmother’s story, along with those of so many others I know personally with breast cancer, has made my advocacy for awareness of the disease my most important life’s work.

      Do you feel that breast cancer can be completely eradicated? Why or why not?
      I have spoken to experts in the field and they are hopeful that we can end breast cancer as a life-threatening disease, but the only way to do so is through funding. We must continue to fund more research through organizations like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to support the brightest minds in their work around the world. Until no one loses their life to this disease, the urgency to support research, and all those touched by breast cancer, remains unwavering.

      Elizabeth Hurley shares her secrets to staying in shape at 55

      Elizabeth Hurley is spilling her fitness secrets.

      The 55-year-old actress has become known for her fit figure, regularly showing it off in bikini pictures on social media.

      Now, the star has opened up to Us Weekly about what exactly she does to keep her shape.

      “I think it’s all part and parcel of taking care of oneself and really valuing one’s health and wanting to stay fit and wanting not to age through lack of movement,” said Hurley.


      She said she often sees people moving “stiffly” and wants to offer them some simple advice.

      “… I always want to say, ‘If you just do five minutes stretching every day and a few planks and maybe a few arm exercises whilst you’re waiting for the top to fill or do some squats,'” the former “Royals” star explained.

      Even jumping into everyday activities counts toward that activity, as far as Hurley is concerned.

      “I do the dishes. I just do things like that,” she shared. “I don’t do a lot of exercise per se, but I’m very active.”


      Of course, no fitness routine is complete without a healthy diet, as well.

      “I think working with the wonderful research scientists that I’ve met through [working on Estée Lauder’s] breast cancer campaign, they’ve really always brought it into my head [to] eat well, don’t eat too much, eat vegetables, eat healthily and move, just keep moving,” added Hurley. “So that’s really my philosophy — and not eating between meals.”

      The star often takes to Instagram to strut her stuff in swimwear, taking the opportunity to also promote her own beachwear line.

      Most recently, Hurley stunned in a post featuring her wearing a khaki-green bikini while wearing a bright pink robe.

      During her chat with the outlet, the actress also discussed her work with Estée Lauder to raise awareness of breast cancer.

      “There’s been a 40 percent drop in mortality rates since the late 1980s. Detection is better, treatments are better,” she noted. “Things have improved so much in the breast cancer world, but we still have to say that every 15 seconds in the world, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. And one in eight of us will be diagnosed in our lifetime.”


      She added: “So even though, you know, great strides have been made, there are still many, many more strides to go. And that’s why we’re still here. That’s why every year we still want to talk to women about their breast health.”

      Elizabeth Hurley: What’s In My Bag?



      Michael Pirrocco

      “Once I had a beautiful leather purse and a pen leaked in it,” laments Elizabeth Hurley, the star of The Royals (Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on E!). “It never came out. So now I only keep pencils in my bag!” The global ambassador for Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and single mom, 50, of 13-year-old son Damian does a clean sweep of her Versace tote.

      Cash Flow

      “Because I travel between the U.S. and Europe a lot, I always have euros and dollars bundled in a mess. I keep an embarrassing small plastic bag with currency.”

      PHOTOS: Celebs Tell Us: What’s In My Bag?

      Cause for Applause

      “I have an Estee Lauder breast cancer pin in my purse. I’ll have an extra because I like to give them to people.”


      John Lamparski/FilmMagic

      It’s Shawl Good

      “I wear an embroidered Indian scarf that I’ve had for years. I normally wind it around my neck — especially when I’m in a car with air-conditioning, where I always get a sore throat.”

      Nut Case

      “I’m trying really hard not to buy candy and unhealthy things. So I keep a small bag of almonds that I’ll have as a snack.”

      PHOTOS: Hot Brits!

      Turn the Page

      “I’m reading Sweet Caress by William Boyd. He’s one of my favorite writers, and this is his brand-new book. I always get his books hot off the press. I also tend to buy books in hardback so I have them in my library shelves.”

      Also in Hurley’s bag? An Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask, La Mer lip balm, a small pencil sharpener, a white eraser, Extra gum, a Smythson day planner, The Week magazine, a New York Times difficult-level sudoku book, two passports, Prada sunglasses, a Grace Belgravia health club membership wristband, Bobbi Brown lipgloss, Marks & Spencer Strawberry and Cream drops, The Royals script, hair extensions, a mini Mason Pearson hairbrush, and an iPhone 6.

      90,000 Elizabeth Hurley without makeup

      For the last ten years, it is virtually impossible to see the actress Elizabeth Hurley without makeup . And it’s not that she doesn’t walk the streets or shop. Just the opposite. Rather, the fact is that without having achieved much success in the profession, Hurley provides himself a luxurious life at the expense of her husbands. And this, you see, is not a small work, which literally obliges you to always look 100%.

      That is why Elizabeth is one of the layer of female society that even prefers to sleep in jewelry and with makeup on her face.

      This is the only picture of Elizabeth Hurley without makeup that we could find. It clearly shows that the hobby for braces and plastic surgery has not yet completely absorbed the mind of the actress. But, without a doubt, she can be given thirty and forty years. But in the photo on the right, Elizabeth is in full dress. She is rarely limited to just eyeliner and lip gloss. The makeup on Hurley’s face is always done professionally, but, as they say, from A to Z.

      They say that nothing can catch an actress by surprise.The first thing she does when she gets out of bed is to wash off her night makeup and put on her morning makeup. Only her cosmetologists and makeup artists can see Elizabeth Hurley without makeup. Even the son, and even more so the husbands, will not remember when they noticed Hurley with a face devoid of a gram of cosmetics. The image of a star and a diva, which Elizabeth chose for herself a long time ago, is so firmly rooted in her head that it ceased to be a game for her.

      If suddenly, Hurley has to leave her bedroom in a hurry and appear in public, she hides her eyes behind the glasses of dark glasses.

      It is a little strange that a confident woman who spends a huge amount of money to maintain her beauty hides the result under a thick layer of makeup.

      They say that in Hollywood she has not been taken seriously for a long time. For many, she is associated with the rich wife of a billionaire. Hurley’s ability to “earn” money for the life she has been striving for all her life is legendary. True, not so long ago there was information that Elizabeth remembered her acting ambitions and decided to take part in one of the film projects.

      Elizabeth Hurley showed her lush breasts to 18-year-old son

      Personal photos of Elizabeth Hurley

      Skatīties vairāk

      The star of the movie “Fraudsters” went for a walk in a spicy way.Elizabeth put on a fur coat and a light-colored bikini. The actress chose to leave the top of her swimsuit at home. Hurley styled her hair in chunky curls and put on makeup, smoky smoky eyes and adding translucent lip gloss.

      Photo: Instagram

      Elizabeth took a model pose and flirtatiously opened her fur coat. The star almost lit up the entire chest.The actress smiled happily, and then made a languid expression on her face. “Well, how could I resist?”

      Actress Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian on Instagram

      Skatīties vairāk

      Hot shots were not to the liking of all fans.American mothers were outraged that Elizabeth did not hesitate to be naked in front of a young man. “What an 18-year-old guy would photograph his mother like this”, “My son is the same age as yours. He would not like it if I did something like that, ”they said.

      Elizabeth Hurley with her son Damian on the red carpet

      Skatīties vairāk

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      What happened to the girl who spent 12 days in the taiga with a faithful puppy

      Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are furious as more and more people side with Elizabeth II

      Elizabeth Hurley’s 90,000 son echoes her hairstyles, outfits and even makeup…

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      Elizabeth Hurley no longer pleases fans with new roles in the cinema, but every now and then she publishes photos in which she poses in seductive outfits or swimsuits. Looking at the unquenchable popularity of the mother, the son followed in her footsteps, turning into a model and growing his hair.But the guy didn’t stop there …

      17-year-old Damian decided to repeat the iconic image of his famous mother and appeared in it at a social event. The actress’s heir attended the Pat McGrath Labs’ beauty products show in London, where he arrived in a suit consisting of black trousers and a double-breasted jacket, which was complemented by large gold pins.

      In the dashing nineties, Elizabeth Hurley amazed fans with her ideal figure, chic images and, to be honest, an affair with Hugh Grant – many considered the union strange, although the actor and model had been together for 13 years and parted calmly and in a civilized manner.

      In 1994, Elizabeth, arm in arm with Hugh, attended the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in a black Versace dress with a slit on the side and huge pins over her naked body. This outfit is still considered one of the most memorable in the history of show business.

      No one could surpass this famous image of Hurley, although 25 years have passed. But it looks like her son succeeded! Not a dress, but it will also do – black trousers and a jacket, which was decorated with those very famous pins.The guy was in full dress: with neat curls and makeup. No wonder – Damian recently became the face of Pat McGrath and is now actively promoting the brand to the masses.

      Makeup on a guy? Yes, he can appear in a dress!

      It seems that the young man, clearly in love with himself, began to express the influence of his mother, who raised him without a father, as a result of which, his feminine habits are so clearly manifested. After all, an apple falls not far from the apple tree!

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      90,000 Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian repeated the iconic image of mother

      Damian Hurley / Elizabeth Hurley

      Sexy dress from Versace, in which young Elizabeth Hurley appeared at the premiere of the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral” in 1994, became a landmark not only for the model’s career (in the little-known companion of Hugh Grant they saw the potential), but in general for the era of 90 -NS.

      How many red carpets have passed since then, but it is this dress, no matter how hard some Bella Hadid tries to surpass it, still excites the minds and year after year it is included in the lists of cult outfits of all times. And from time to time it undergoes a fashionable reincarnation: so, this time, Elizabeth’s son, 17-year-old Damian, decided to pay tribute to the memory of that spectacular image.

      Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant

      Damian Hurley

      No, the young man did not wear a vintage dress, but his look was clearly inspired by that famous outfit: to go out, Damian chose a set of trousers and a double-breasted jacket, which was decorated with large golden pins.Exactly the same were on Liz’s very dress – in general, they were wearing the outfit in every sense.

      Damian put on a jacket on a naked body, which only emphasized the resemblance to his mother’s dress: in that image, the naked body played a key role. The similarity was further enhanced by the beauty component: a luxurious head of hair, styled with light waves, and the same light makeup.

      Damian Hurley

      Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant

      Elizabeth Hurley

      With cosmetics Damian, who is building a career as a model and actor, in general on you – it is no coincidence that he became the face of the Pat McGrath Labs line and presented a new makeup line Sublime Perfection the System.Actually, at the presentation of the collection yesterday in London, Damian walked the outfit.

      By the way, this is not the first time that a young man is inspired by his mother’s style: for example, he can easily borrow something from the actress’s wardrobe and is not averse to being photographed in a similar position.

      Elizabeth Hurley / Damian Hurley

      Damian’s followers are delighted with this: all as one assure him that he is just a copy of his mother and a real handsome man. Of course, there is talk that every day Damian looks more and more like a pretty girl, not a guy, and there is criticism, but in the age of erasing gender differences, such old-fashioned comments are in the minority.

      Damian Hurley with her mother Elizabeth

      54-year-old Elizabeth Hurley in ultrashort shorts and a yellow top can easily be mistaken for a student

      Recently, a 54-year-old actress and model complained that the coronavirus pandemic prevented her from arranging her personal life. It turns out that Elizabeth Hurley dreams of meeting her love, but because of self-isolation, she lost the opportunity to meet men.But the star despairs in vain, because each of her new frames on Instagram causes a storm of positive emotions among subscribers.

      Elizabeth Hurley (photo: instagram / elizabethhurley1)

      Elizabeth Hurley shows off her perfect figure

      On April 16, the actress published a picture in which she was captured in the courtyard of her house. In sunny weather, Liz went out into the garden in a tight-fitting yellow top and ultrashort blue denim shorts. The star did not waste time on styling and simply let her hair down, and emphasized the natural beauty of her face with light makeup.

      Thanks to a photograph in a summer outfit, it becomes clear that even during self-isolation, Hurley does not allow himself to indulge in food and finds time for training. Tightened legs, a flat stomach, a graceful line of shoulders – it is not surprising that the followers compared the star to the student.

      “Liz, you are amazing!”, “Flawless figure! I admire you! ”,“ Are there textbooks in your bag? Are you in a hurry for a lecture? ” – expressed in the comments of netizens. Alas, not one of them dared to invite a celebrity on a date.

      Difficulties of quarantine life

      Note that earlier Hurley complained that during quarantine she had no time to wash her hair and apply makeup. We’re used to seeing 54-year-old actress and model Elizabeth Hurley in perfect looks. The star complements the outfits that emphasize the slim figure with stylish styling and bright make-up. But, as it turned out, even during quarantine she allows herself to relax. Giving up spicy dresses and makeup.

      However, Liz, unlike many other stars, did not show her fans “honest” selfies and cleaned herself up especially for the post on Instagram.The celebrity is quarantining at his country home in Herefordshire. In addition to her son, seven more people live with her under the same roof. Including her 79-year-old mother and a close friend who is at risk.

      The model said that she cooks for everyone and controls the safety of households. As Hurley noted, this can be compared to a full-time work day. This is probably why she has practically no time for herself. Still, Elizabeth found the opportunity to bring herself into the usual form for fans and even put on a translucent combination.

      “11th day of my family isolation. And I finally washed my hair, put on my makeup and found time to publish, – the star turned to the subscribers. “We all admire our excellent healthcare professionals and do our best not to add to their burden.”

      We will remind, earlier Kim Kardashian boasted a seductive figure in lingerie.

      90,000 Secrets of Slimness from Elizabeth Hurley

      Elizabeth Jane Hurley – famous English actress,
      producer, fashion model and part-time successful designer.Plus supermodel
      has been the “face” of Estée Lauder for over ten years. This summer Hurley
      turns 47 years old, but despite her age, she looks very young and
      a charming woman, graceful and with an ideal figure. How does she do it and
      What is the secret of her attractiveness?



      Photo Gallery: Liz Hurley’s Attractiveness Secrets


      Not so long ago, Elizabeth launched the production of baby food under the brand name “Liz Hurley”, and all baby purees and mixtures are created from organic substances and natural ingredients.According to Liz herself, she was inspired by her son Damian: “At one fine moment I realized that I want to feed my baby only perfect food, which does not contain any additives. It is for this reason that it is necessary at the same time to ensure that the food is tasty and healthy at the same time. ”


      Liz Hurley is the face of Este Lauder’s most luxurious Re-Nutriv skincare line. She admits that she is completely delighted with these products and thanks in large part to them, she keeps her skin flawless.“Este Lauder is an important part of my life. I consider Evelyn and Leonard Lauder to be my American fathers and it is a great pleasure to work with them. ” Like other “faces” of Este Lauder, Herlip is actively involved in the fight against breast cancer and travels with Evelyn Lauder to the annual tournaments, the main task of which is to raise awareness of this problem.

      But in addition to cosmetics, Hurley helps to maintain her beauty, a healthy and active lifestyle, which includes a strict attitude to nutrition.The star buys all food products in ecological supermarkets. As the beauty herself admits: “As a mother, it is not so easy to eat healthy food, because sometimes there is not enough time to prepare it. But despite this, I will never use semi-finished products! “. In addition to semi-finished products, Liz has long since given up all kinds of fast foods and carbonated sugary drinks. As the actress herself admitted, her son has never tasted lemonade in his life. The only weakness that a beauty can never refuse is her love for kzefiru.

      Separately, I would like to say about the body of Liz Hurley, which causes envy in the majority. According to the actress herself, she is not at all a fan of gym exercises. It’s just that Elizabeth is a very active person who never sits in one place. And in addition to excellent metabolism, physical activity helps the actress to keep her figure in perfect shape. Every day Liz goes for walks with the dogs (the actress has three Labradors). He does yoga and Pilates several times a week.And every morning he devotes 10 minutes to stretching.

      Another beauty secret of Hurley is a good mood, self-tanning, well-chosen makeup and healthy sleep. By the way, as for the latter, Liz learned the secret of healthy sleep and beauty preservation from her grandmother: a window should always be open in the room where you sleep. Fresh air is not only the best companion of girls, but also a good alarm clock. Every morning, the actress wakes up from freshness and coolness, while it is very easy to get up the bed, there are no headaches, and the skin is always in good shape.Liz awakens and pampers her skin with a moisturizing thermal spray and a low-calorie breakfast of two hard-boiled eggs with a slice of ham and a double espresso. Herlip also takes a bath with moisturizing and nourishing aromatic oils every morning. Elizabeth is a proponent of natural beauty, so her makeup does not take long. Unlike most of her stellar colleagues, Liz does her makeup daily. The star admitted that with a light make-up on her face she feels a hundred times better.It takes only 5 minutes to enjoy this makeup: eyeliner, curling tongs, light foundation for the face, blush, mascara and lip gloss.

      Before going to bed, the star always moisturizes the skin with a cream and drinks a cup of ginger tea. Elizabeth visits spa centers only during rest, and at home she is limited to reflexology (foot massage) ischiatsu massage.

      The star is a fan of hair removal, therefore, literally every centimeter of the body is treated by a beautician at least once a week.

      Due to the constant employment, Hurley has to fly a lot, and in order to always look cheerful and fresh after flights, she came up with her own way of a successful flight. Liz takes socks, pajamas, earplugs and an eye mask with her. She applies three layers of moisturizer and consumes a lot of water.


      Launching a line of swimwear and accessories, Elizabeth decided to present the models herself on the catwalk. Therefore, she had to go on a strict diet with a limit of 900 calories.“Eat a little for breakfast, a little more for lunch, and during the day a banana or 6 raisins. The only complete meal is dinner. To not talk about “eating after six.”

      Wonder Soup by Liz Hurley

      The real star product from Elizabeth Hurley, which is an integral part of her diet, is watercress soup. “This soup is incomparable, it is low in calories, but despite this, it has many useful vitamins and iron. And this dish is very tasty, I often offer it to my guests.As soon as I have the desire to lose a couple of extra pounds, I eat about 6 cups of this wonderful soup every day. I sit on this diet for a week. During all this time, I do not have the feeling of hunger, and you can lose somewhere around 4 kilograms, ”- said Elizabeth herself.

      By the way, the recipe for such a soup is very simple: take one and a half liters of diluted broth (if there is no broth, one and a half liters of ordinary water will do). Then add a medium-sized finely chopped onion, a couple of potatoes and bring it all to a boil.Once the potatoes are cooked, add 3 large bunches of watercress and simmer the soup for three minutes while stirring. Liz Hurley’s Miracle Soup is ready!


      Every woman should have her own secret of relaxation. Hurley also owns this secret. It includes many candles and a relaxing sea salt bath. “Thirty minutes of such a rest,” according to the actress, “is not only superbly relaxing, but also energizing and in a good mood throughout the day.”

      Secret of youth

      A celebrity opposes plastic surgery. According to her words, she helps her to maintain a beautiful appearance and unfading youth, a good mood and a sincere smile. These two factors can do wonders for a face. As Liz herself says: “All problems should be treated with humor. Only in this case, only mimic small wrinkles will be present on the face, which will not spoil the appearance at all, but will even add special piquancy. “

      Elizabeth Hurley’s diet is often referred to as: ”
      Diet of primitive man “or” Paleolithic

      Judging by the name, you can already understand what you can eat and what is strictly prohibited.
      The main rule of the diet and its peculiarity is to eat only those foods that were eaten by our most ancient ancestors.
      Acceptable foods include: seafood, lean meats, fish, fruits, nuts, eggs, and vegetables. It is strictly forbidden to add salt and sugar to food. The emphasis should be placed on root crops that ripen underground.

      Before any big show or filming, Elizabeth uses this five-day diet, which allows her to shed five kilos if she is strictly adhered to the diet.

      A fruit salad and a handful of almonds are ideal for breakfast, and a glass of green tea can be enjoyed with your morning meal. For a second breakfast, a small amount of berries are suitable. For lunch, you can indulge in grilled chicken, vegetable salad and a couple of boiled eggs. For an afternoon snack, you can eat some fruit.For dinner, it is recommended to cook grilled fish, carrot salad, and a couple of quail eggs.

      Nevertheless, in some interviews Elizabeth said that she can do just fine without breakfast, this meal often replaces her coffee or even just a glass of hot water.
      Second breakfast is a small oatmeal cookie.

      Meanwhile, most nutritionists, both Western and domestic, are convinced that breakfast is the most important meal, and a cup of coffee for breakfast almost always means the emergence of cravings for some unhealthy food late in the morning, for example, for buns.”
      If you think that a little hot water and coffee is all it takes to look like Liz Hurley, you are wrong, said renowned nutritionist Karina Norris. “This breakfast is not suitable for people with ordinary lives.”
      In the morning, the body needs energy, and that charge of vivacity that coffee gives is clearly not enough for a long time. A much healthier alternative is a breakfast of slow carbs, like oatmeal, for example.

      Many stars and nutritionists are convinced that a good and sound sleep is the key to youth and beauty.Elizabeth says that she observes this rule, however, thanks to her grandmother, she also sleeps with the windows open.
      In addition, Elizabeth is convinced that food should be eaten unprocessed. She either buys vegetables on the market or grows it herself, and orders dairy products and meat only from farms. The actress believes that constant exercise, as well as a low-calorie diet, the use of many vegetables and fruits, contribute to the preservation of a woman’s health and beauty for many years.

      then it is always difficult for her to force herself to go to training in the gym. However, due to the fact that Elizabeth lives outside the city and has several dogs, she regularly hikes with her beloved pets.

      Celebrities are much more likely to stay young and blooming than ordinary people.

      Botox injections, facelift and other rejuvenation procedures are doing their job and once again looking at celebrities it becomes more and more difficult to determine their real age.

      Of course, no one canceled a healthy lifestyle and good genes, and this also has a tremendous effect on a person’s appearance, but still it seems to us that these stars simply revealed the secret of eternal youth.

      Jennifer Aniston – 47 years old

      Friends ended, scary to say, in 2004, and Jennifer Aniston is still as good and young as her character Rachel Green. What’s the secret? Maybe it’s the right haircut and makeup? The actress herself says that she just leads a healthy lifestyle: she eats balanced, does yoga and works out for hours in the gym.

      Kylie Minogue – 48 years old

      Australian Kylie Minogue always looked younger than her years. Maybe it’s the girl’s diminutiveness, it’s not for nothing that they say that a small dog is a puppy before old age. The star herself does not hide the fact that she uses the services of cosmetologists and does not neglect beauty injections.

      Elizabeth Hurley – 51 years old

      But to believe that Elizabeth Hurley turned 51 this year is very difficult. Comparing her recent photos with those of twenty years ago, it seems that Liz’s appearance is simply timeless.

      Julianne Moore – 56 years old

      Julianne Moore is one of those actresses who respectfully accept any age, believing that each of them is beautiful in its own way. However, looking at the photographs of the actress from twenty years ago, it seems that nothing but the hairstyle in Julianne has changed. Secrets of the actress – good genetics and natural cosmetics.

      Emma Bunton – 40 years old

      Emma Bunton was only 18 when she became one of the Spice Girls.The youngest of the “peppercorns”, Emma seemed like a cute “baby” against the background of other members of the girl band. More than 20 years have passed since then, and Emma’s appearance does not seem to change. The girl is still fresh, young and cheerful! Keep it up, Emma!

      Halle Berry – 50

      Actress Halle Berry – the very case when years make a woman more beautiful. She is almost 50, and she is still as good as 20 years ago. The ex-girlfriend of Bond admits that the secret of her youth is constant training in the gym and proper nutrition.

      Eva Longoria – 41 years old

      Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful Latin American women on the planet. Today she is 41 years old, and she still looks the same as back in 2004, when we first saw Eve in Desperate Housewives. Like other ageless beauties, the actress is committed to the principles of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

      Sofia Rotaru – 68 years old

      We simply had no right not to include Sofia Rotaru in the list of “forever young” stars.I can’t believe that the singer is 68 years old! Her skin is still smooth, and her figure can only be envied. According to Rotaru, she has no secret (we don’t believe it!). Everything is trite: proper nutrition, exercise and healthy sleep.

      Laima Vaikule – 62 years old

      Laima Vaikule is one of our favorite stars. Always stylish, light and well-groomed, Laima Vaikule at 62 looks simply luxurious. When asked how she manages to look younger than her age, the singer jokes: “These are genes, I don’t have to try too hard.”

      Ekaterina Andreeva – 55 years old

      Despite the crazy rhythm of work on television, Ekaterina Andreeva looks much younger than her years. Today, the TV presenter looks almost the same as at the beginning of her work as a news announcer. Ekaterina is happy to share her secret of youth and beauty: you need to go to bed no later than 10 pm, because it is from 10 pm to midnight that the hormone responsible for youth and beauty is produced in a dream. Plus, of course, skin care.

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      ”and get the best posts on Facebook!


      11 July 2017, 15:46

      At 52, she can outshine many young girls with how fresh she looks. A toned slender figure, well-groomed appearance …!

      Elizabeth Hurley posts on her Instagram page almost every day, showing off a figure in a bikini. So the other day, the actress posted several pictures again, which caused a flurry of admiring comments. As many fans of the star admit, Hurley’s figure and appearance motivates them to throw flour products aside and play sports.But the celebrity rules she uses to keep her youthful are very simple!

      Start your day with water

      First thing after sleep, Elizabeth drinks a large glass of warm water.

      Warm water tastes rather nasty, but it is very beneficial for the digestive system,

      – the star is recognized.

      The actress always carries water with her, she has a bottle in her bag, car, on the bedside table … Water not only improves skin tone and eliminates toxins, but also saves from hunger.

      Take a sip of water as soon as you start dreaming of toast or bun,

      – says Elizabeth.

      Cold shower

      Elizabeth advises: before you go to the shower, apply a scrub to your body and massage your skin – this will increase blood flow. After that, take a cold shower for one or two minutes.

      French women are famous for taking cold showers every day. Perhaps that is why they are so slender,

      – says the actress.

      Artificial tanning

      Elizabeth spends a lot of time on the beach, but she is not a fan of natural tanning, but artificial tanning.

      This is a relatively new principle of mine, but it has already become one of my favorites,

      – celebrity reported.

      The actress uses self-tanning lotion. The application method is simple: uneven application of self-tanning will lead to streaking, so it should be applied in short and light strokes.It is important to make sure that all the cream is absorbed into the skin.

      Remember that areas of the body such as shins, elbows, knees and heels tend to retain more pigment, resulting in blemishes. To avoid unsightly marks, use less product in these areas.


      Hurley is the owner of a slim and fit body, but at the same time they assure that she is not a fan of sports in the gym.She prefers a 30-minute daily walk to “disgusting” exercises. Elizabeth does some of the exercises, but at home in front of the TV.

      I spend a few minutes a day doing squats and ab exercises.

      Less food

      The envy of the fans of the actress and the pride of Elizabeth herself is her almost perfect relief abs.

      There is no girl in the world who would not dream of a flat stomach,

      – says Hurley.

      The proven route to a flat stomach is a diet that eliminates sweets, bread, pasta, cheese, and chips (provided they are not bacon-flavored).

      It will take a week or two to get the first results, but even if you only have a couple of days, follow the golden rule:

      Avoid fried foods and do not eat a couple of hours before bed.

      According to the Hurley Diet, too much fruit will cause bloating, so it won’t get you in shape quickly.

      Instead of fruits, eat fish, brown rice and lots of vegetables,

      – advises the actress.

      Soup is our everything!

      Many people have bouts of hunger, but Hurley has a trick for this too:

      I swear to you that my most effective way to cope with hunger without eating anything harmful is vegetable soup and a cup of tea. When I want to lose a few pounds, I drink at least six cups a day,

      – confessed by Elizabeth.

      Well, the actress’s advice is really simple. There is still a month and a half of summer in stock, so we adopt the principles of 52-year-old Elizabeth – and into battle!





      Look better at 40 than at 20? Easily! You can be convinced of this by looking at many movie and stage stars who are really age-friendly. Do you want it too? We have collected for you five inspiring examples of “eternal youth” – stellar life hacks on how to work on yourself.

      Gwen Stefani

      Can you believe that the famous singer, actress and mother of three sons is 47 years old today? Yes, Gwen looks much younger than her age! In this, she is helped, first of all, by playing sports. Gwen Stefani loves to combine strength training for all muscle groups with cardio, which helps the singer stay slim and fit. She also closely monitors nutrition – she adheres to a healthy organic diet, eats a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts, and chooses soy milk instead of regular milk.

      Julianne Moore

      Julianne Moore is 56 years old, but you must agree – she remains a model of femininity, talent and self-confidence. It’s hard to imagine that the actress was worried about her age or extra centimeters at the waist. The secret is simple: Julianne Moore is a big fan of an active lifestyle, she goes all out in the gym 100%. She regularly works on the figure, pays special attention to the press, adding loads with fitballs. The actress enjoys yoga and does not forget about cardio workouts.

      Elizabeth Hurley

      At 51, the British actress will give odds to many young colleagues in the shop. Surprisingly, Elizabeth does not follow any particular diet or strict exercise plan. One golden rule helps her to keep in shape: drink plenty of fluids. The actress always starts her day with a glass of water, and during the day she always carries a bottle of drink with her in order to replenish the water balance in the body. Elizabeth Hurley is convinced that water is one of the most important sources of beauty and youth, it helps the skin to look hydrated and soft.

      Nicole Kidman

      It seems that over the years Nicole Kidman has not changed at all – at 49 she looks just as beautiful as she did at the beginning of her acting career. Healthy eating and sports habits help her in this. The actress eats only healthy organic food – vegetables, fruits, fish. Nicole eats often and in small portions, but the actress refused fatty foods once and for all. Kidman is a big fan of swimming, she spends at least 30 minutes every day in the pool.The actress is convinced that such physical activity is the best way to keep fit.

      Penelope Cruz

      The actress is 42 years old, sports, proper nutrition and … good mood help the actress to be in great shape! Penelope opts for a combination of strength training and cardio training. Sometimes he adds dancing to this. The actress carefully studies the literature on proper nutrition, regularly undergoes medical examinations and adjusts her diet in accordance with the recommendations of experts.

      Of course, Penelope does not forget to enrich her body with vitamins and beneficial microelements by taking the right nutritional supplements.

      With age, there are more and more opportunities to discover something new and interesting. The main thing is to love yourself and do what will really be beneficial for you. You yourself will notice how your well-being improves, and those around you will notice your amazing appearance!

      90,000 Elizabeth Hurley in her youth, before and after photos

      Experts in the field of aesthetic medicine, after a thorough study of Elizabeth Hurley’s photos, now make an unambiguous conclusion that she uses modern cosmetic techniques to maintain elasticity and fresh appearance of the skin and correct certain areas of the face with hyaluronic fillers.

      How Elizabeth Hurley’s Face Has Changed with Age

      It seems that the actress is telling the truth, and she really did not undergo plastic surgery, in any case, she did not change the shape and volume of her nose and lips. Let’s exclude rhinoplasty and cheiloplasty, but let’s assume lifting of the lower third of the face. Our heroine has this problematic area for most women in excellent condition – no wings and double chin. And the condition of the neck and décolleté is beyond praise: in modern photos, Elizabeth Hurley has neither Venus rings (horizontal folds on the neck) nor age spots.The skin looks fresh and smooth, as it can be after a contour correction or a biorevitalization session, given Liz’s age.

      The upper third of the face is also perfectly “preserved” – in the photo, Elizabeth Hurley has no horizontal wrinkles on her forehead and vertical wrinkles between her eyebrows. There are only two options: either she taught herself from childhood not to wrinkle her forehead (this is unlikely, since Liz’s on-screen heroines have expressive facial expressions), or she regularly injects the relaxing frontal muscles with Botox. However, there is one “but”: the actress for some reason does not use beauty injections to combat “crow’s feet” – the skin in the corners of the eyes is covered with a net of small wrinkles, which are clearly visible in the photo of Elizabeth Hurley without Photoshop.

      But the middle zone (nasolabial triangle) of the actress does not look the best. There are also deep nasolabial folds, and if you look closely, you can find surfs, i.e. zygomatic hernia. This area has clearly not undergone any surgical or contour correction.

      How Elizabeth Hurley’s figure has changed with age

      Fans do not need to speculate, because photos of Elizabeth Hurley in swimsuits, which she herself produces, regularly appear on the Internet.What is there in the swimsuits! The actress is not averse to sunbathing topless and thereby support rumors of a possible mammoplasty or mastopexy (breast lift) with the installation of implants. After all, the fact that with age her bust becomes more magnificent and fit is at least contrary to the laws of physics.

      Elizabeth Hurley: age, height, weight, alleged plastic surgery

      Date of birth / Place of birth June 10, 1965/ England, Hampshire, Basingstoke.
      Occupation Actress, producer.
      Height, weight, body measurements 173 cm / 60 – 53 kg / 96.5 – 66 – 86 cm
      Confirmed plastic surgery No.
      Intended plastic

      Botox, contour plastic, mammoplasty, mastopexy.

      Interesting Facts About Elizabeth Hurley

      How Liz Hurley Didn’t Become a Ballerina. Noticing that her daughter is poorly gaining weight and does not catch up with her peers in height, the mother of the future star decided to use the “developmental lag” as a competitive advantage and sent the little slender girl to the ballet studio. Elizabeth Hurley immediately hated the lesson at the machine and did everything to end the torment: she secretly took hormones that stimulated growth and ate a lot to gain weight. After Liz grew 20 cm in a short time and gained 20 kg, she was considered not promising for ballet and was kicked out of the studio.

      Attempts to assert itself through experiments on the appearance of . Elizabeth Hurley grew up as a rebel: as a teenager, she made 12 piercings in her ear and built a pink mohawk on her head. Her passion for punk culture passed when she decided to become an actress and entered the prestigious London Studio Center for acting and dancing.

      Film career. Despite her specialized education, Liz Hurley has long been an extra in extras or got roles in episodes.The actress was offered her first big role at the age of 22: she played in one of the short stories of the film musical “Aria” by Don Boyd. In Hollywood, Elizabeth made her debut in the film “Passenger 57”, but despite the success of the tape, American directors were in no hurry to offer her roles. Then Liz Hurley organized a film studio in England (her business partner was the artist Hugh Grant, whose romantic relationship lasted 13 years).

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