Little things to appreciate: 80 Little Things in Life That Make You Happy


80 Little Things in Life That Make You Happy

All too often we take the little things in our life for granted. We are merely aware of these elements in our life but we seldom take the time to appreciate them. Let’s have a look at the little things that make life truly worth living.

In many cases, it can be really difficult to (re-)discover the true beauty of the little things in our lives. We are so heavily occupied with the pursuit of ever more that we are no longer content with what we already have.

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”
Arthur Conan Doyle

We no longer pause the pursuit in order to reflect on the joy and happiness all the wonderful aspects of our lives – no matter how small – bring us.

The more simple pleasures you discover in your life, the happier you’ll get.

Instead of being able to experience happiness in this very moment, we are – more often than not – postponing our happiness. In fact, we often make our happiness dependent on the outcome of certain events. In falsely assuming that the accomplishment of certain goals (wealth, fame, status, power, etc.) will add great amounts of happiness to our lives, we give away our control over our happiness.

The Beauty of the Little Things in Life

The pursuit of happiness makes us strive for more all the time. And once we’ve accomplished a certain goal that promised great happiness, we are already pursuing the next one.

This kind of attitude focuses our attention on the things we do not have and tricks us into believing that by adding these things to our lives, happiness will emerge. It is a way of thinking that makes it quite difficult to be quite happy in the present moment. Similarly, it can result in greater levels of discontent when we are not able to attain what we desire.

It also shifts our attention far away from the present moment and all the beautiful joys that can be found in it.

The ability to draw happiness from the little things in life also has a lot to do with gratitude. If you are able to center your attention on all the beautiful aspects that are already to be found in your life, you will become a much more grateful person.

“The small things of life were often so much bigger than the great things… The trivial pleasure like cooking, one’s home, little poems especially sad ones, solitary walks, funny things seen and overheard.”
Barbara Pym

Being grateful for the little things is a unique skill to not only be content with your life but also to be less dependent on the outcome of external circumstances.

It marks the first step towards discovering the true source of happiness which lies within.

80 Little Things in Life That Make You Happy

If you need a little inspiration for discovering all the magnificently beautiful little things in your life then have a look at the following. Enjoy this collection of the truly beautiful little things in life that make life worth living.

  1. Seeing the sunrise and sundown
  2. Stargazing and philosophizing about life
  3. Laughing until your muscles start aching
  4. Eating breakfast in bed
  5. Tasting something incredibly delicious for the first time
  6. The delicious smell in your kitchen when you bake cake
  7. Making other people happy
  8. Finding money you had forgotten about
  9. Heartfelt laughter
  10. Eating dessert
  11. Running into a friend you haven’t seen for a long time
  12. Taking a nap in your warm bed during a cold winter
  13. Having a movie night with your friends
  14. Being totally exhausted after a workout
  15. Unearthing something you have been missing for years
  16. Making someone laugh
  17. Sleeping while the rain gently beats against your window
  18. Realizing that a certain setback turned out to be incredibly important
  19. Swimming naked
  20. Smelling a perfume that you love
  21. Watching your favorite sitcoms for hours
  22. Hearing your favorite song
  23. Finishing a protracted
  24. Having a pillow fight
  25. Drinking the first sip of your favorite beverage
  26. Finishing your girl-/boyfriends sentences
  27. Claiming into a bed with warm and fresh sheets
  28. An excited child smiling at you in public
  29. Getting the parking spot right beside the entrance
  30. Waking up way too early so you can continue sleeping for hours
  31. Listening for the first time to a song that becomes the song of your life
  32. Wearing warm clothes straight from the dryer
  33. Being in the flow
  34. A stranger smiling at you for no reason
  35. Days in which just about anything works
  36. Seeing children laughing together
  37. Your favorite snack after a period of stress
  38. Meeting someone who really cares about you
  39. Listening to music you haven’t heard in a long time
  40. Drawing something that actually looks fantastic
  41. Having a good hair day
  42. Receiving a sincere compliment
  43. Eating your favorite dish
  44. A kind person helping you when you need it the most
  45. Correctly guessing something when you have no idea
  46. Swimming in the moonlight
  47. Expressing your creativity
  48. Slipping into pants that perfectly fit the first time
  49. Watching your favorite classic TV series
  50. Reading a brilliant book
  51. The moment when you’ve finished all your work
  52. Spending time with your beloved pet
  53. Having ticked off everything from your to-do list
  54. Being the first in line at a rotating sushi bar
  55. Walking barefoot through nature
  56. Finally getting an annoying hair out of your eye
  57. The first warm and sunny day after a cold winter
  58. Something that makes you laugh tears of joy
  59. Seeing a double rainbow
  60. Singing under the shower
  61. Guessing someone else’s password correctly
  62. The smell of fresh cut grass in your room
  63. The first bite of a delicious sandwich
  64. Breaking a perforated seal
  65. Waking seconds before your alarm clock
  66. Having the right timing so that you can hit all the green lights
  67. Dancing like a maniac when no one’s watching
  68. Packaging with bubble wrap that you can pop
  69. Tossing something in the trash from far away
  70. Elevator doors opening as soon as you push the button
  71. The moment you arrive at the beach during your holiday
  72. Finding a hairdresser who perfectly understand how you want to have your hair cut
  73. Smelling the scent of places that you love
  74. Singing in the rain
  75. Accidentally dropping something without leaving a scratch
  76. Seeing a funny license plate
  77. Someone calling who you were just thinking about
  78. Holding something in your hands you wanted for ages
  79. Being able to help someone in need
  80. Seeing clouds that form into a face or object

These ideas are a great place to start with.

All it takes is the awareness to take note of all the beautiful little things in your life. You can always rush through life without looking right or left. But you can also pause for a moment to appreciate the beauty of a simple pleasure you’ve just came across.

If you become more aware of the joyful little things in your life, your life will become much more pleasant. These seemingly little things hold the magnificent power to turn gray and stressful days into days that are a little bit better.

To maximize the power of the little things that give you joy, see if you can bring more of them into your day-to-day life. The more of these joys that you can include in your daily routine, the more pleasant will your days become.

Say, for instance, you are an avid reader of novels who loves nothing more than drinking a good cup of coffee. You could start your day by taking a little bit more time for breakfast so that you can read a little longer in your favorite novel while drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Bake a couple of croissants in your oven and eat them with your favorite jelly.

Right after your breakfast, take a warm shower and enjoy the relaxing feeling of the water on your skin.

When you drive to work, listen to your favorite audiobook or continue reading in your novel if you’re going by train. Once you have arrived at work, be sure to regularly make a pause during which you treat yourself to something nice. After you’ve finished working, watch one of your favorite movies or take a bath.

See what I mean? Simply arrange for all the simple pleasures that you enjoy to become permanent aspects of your regular routine.

It does not even take much time to include these little things in your life. They are more often than not free or cheap, can be enjoyed in many places independent of the time, and can brighten your entire day.

Never underestimate the great power of including many of these joyful little things in your life. Taking the time to enjoy just a couple of them can quickly fill you with feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

You don’t even have to limit yourself to the 80 simple pleasures that I’ve outlined in the above. Instead, create your own list with all the magnificent little things in your life that you enjoy. It doesn’t even matter how many of these simple pleasures you find at the time of writing the list. Simply consider the entire list a work in progress that you can add one simple joy after another once you rediscovered them.

Creating such a list can be quite helpful. Not only will it help you to remind yourself of all the fantastic little things in your life, but it will also assist you in including more of them into your daily routines.

Reflecting on the little things in life when also help you to understand that life provides you with so many little and free ways to create happiness. All that matters is whether or not you allow yourself to enjoy these simple pleasures. Most people let these chances go by unused as their entire focus is directed towards the future. Don’t be such a person. Don’t become someone who postpones happiness for far too long.

Everything in the above has shown you that happiness is a choice. You can create happiness from even the tiniest and smallest things in life. But if you are always seeking for the big things in life, you will never be able to fully appreciate the simple pleasures of your life.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the beauty of the little things in life. We’re excited to hear from you about the little things in your life you are grateful for. Let us know in the comment section below.

Stay victorious!


At the core of hygge lies the sentence ‘enjoy the little things in life’ – and it is something I want to remind you of. Appreciating the little things in life means focusing on what brings us joy and happiness instead of those things that are negative. It means practicing gratitude for those everyday moments that are so easy to take for granted or forget. Because those little things are the things we often end up cherishing the most.

Take the weather for instance – something we all focus a lot on during summer. Waking up in the morning to sunshine and birds singing does something to your mood, it lights your spirit and sets you off to a great start. But for me, even if I wake up to rain or clouds I think it is important to look for the positive things. A grey day makes me appreciate the first cup of coffee even more, or the fact that I have an excuse to make a nice and hearty lunch to warm me up. Because no matter how the weather is, an appreciation of the little things in life is key. Whether that is meeting up with friends for a fika, exploring nature or enjoying some alone time and practicing self-care. So make sure to try and look for those little joys this summer instead of focusing on what can’t be changed.

30 of those little things:

  • Sleeping in fresh, clean sheets
  • A kind person helping you when you need it the most
  • Opening the first page of a new book and knowing you will love it
  • Making a (manageable) to-do list in the morning to tick off during the day. Each tick gives joy
  • Receiving mail which is not a bill
  • Listening to your favourite song
  • Waking up after a great night sleep, the kind of deep sleep that makes you feel fully rested and ready
  • The smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns
  • Hearing birds singing outside your window
  • Enjoying a lovely meal that someone prepared for you
  • Finding the perfect spot to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery on a hike
  • Picking wildflowers to bring home and decorate with
  • Coming home from work when it is still light outside
  • When someone makes you the perfect cup of coffee
  • Getting a surprise visit from a friend you haven’t seen in a while
  • A compliment from a stranger
  • Sitting inside listening to the rain outside knowing you don’t have to go anywhere
  • Lighting a candle
  • Cuddles with your pet
  • A hug. (Never has a hug been more needed right?)
  • Turning on the tv and your favourite show is on
  • When you have a great hair day
  • Holding hands with a loved one
  • Finding money in your pocket that you forgot you had
  • When you get an extra hour in bed
  • Eating lunch outside in the sun
  • Trying out a new recipe that ends up being a success
  • Helping someone
  • The achievement of fixing something yourself
  • Jumping into bed and knowing tomorrow is Sunday (yay!)

What little things are you enjoying this summer?

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
– Robert Brault.

How to Appreciate Little Things in Life

 You live in paradise but you just don’t realize it.

– Muktananda, founder of Siddha Yoga.

We all have so many blessings in our lives.

And yet most of the time we fail to notice them. We don’t recognize them properly, forget them, or simply take them for granted.

We lose sight of them, and that’s a critical mistake.

In reality, these little things have a huge impact on our lives. That’s why we should learn to recognize their value.

Here’s a complete guide to learning the art of appreciating the little things in life.

But wait, what does that mean?

Appreciating the little things in life means that you focus your attention on what nurtures and sustains you in life. On everything that brings you even the smallest amount of pleasure.

It also means practicing gratitude by noticing these everyday things that you take for granted so easily.

By appreciating small things in life, you won’t stop bad stuff from happening. But you’ll learn how to stop emphasizing the meaning of bad events to your life.

Consequently, you’ll find a valuable source of mental balance.

Why Develop the Skill of Gratefulness?

Skills in experiencing and expressing gratitude are key for connecting with other people.

Once you take a moment to appreciate an act of kindness coming from someone you love or a person you don’t even know, you’ll become more aware of your belonging to a community of people who care about each other.

Reciprocating these actions only helps to strengthen these social bonds. They create a resource on which you can draw in times of need.

This type of positive emotion has been linked to physical health as well.

A positive mindset helps your immune system and speeds up recovery time.

Positive emotions also help us to be more creative and resourceful.

Resilient people build their strengths on positive emotions. These emotions simply help them to cope with difficult situations. 

By learning how to appreciate the little things in life, you’ll be able to enhance the presence of positive emotions in your life and reap the benefit.

Here’s how to Incorporate Gratitude into Your Routine

a) Keep a gratitude journal

It’s worth keeping a gratitude journal.

Research shows that individuals who have such journals for recording daily blessings have a more optimistic view of their lives, experience more positive mood, and even exercise more.

Spend 10 or 15 minutes each day on writing down things for which you feel grateful. That’s how you can boost your appreciation for the little things that you normally ignore.

b) Create a bulletin board

This is where you can put up small reminders of things that make you feel grateful. It can be anything from a thank-you note from a client to a handwritten letter from a friend.

At the end of the year, take all of these down and file them in a special gratitude folder so you can have a look at your year at any time to see how blessed you are.

c) Celebrate the little things

Give yourself permission to do that. Here’s how you can celebrate your small wins in life:

  • Celebrate good weather by taking out a friend and going for a walk;
  • When someone around you masters a new skill, give them a small present to celebrate their achievement;
  • Celebrate getting through a daunting task with doing something you enjoy.

d) Send one email of gratitude a day

Make it a habit to send out one thank-you email to someone every single day. It doesn’t have to be more than one sentence.

You’ll see the power of his act when your relationships change for the better and your social life becomes more rewarding.

e) Slow down your life

When you’re in the middle of an amazing event, it’s important that you savor it as much as you can.

Here are some smart ways to help you get the most out of these positive emotions:

  • Keep a meaningful souvenir of the experience to help yourself recall the memory later on;
  • Enter into the positive experience with all your senses;
  • Keep an eye on details;
  • Share this experience with others – as it happens, or by reminiscing later on.

f) Be present

Choose to be present in the now. This type of consciousness of the moment – sometimes called mindfulness – is critical to generating positive emotions that come with gratitude.

When you’re living with more awareness, you notice everything – even the little pieces of everyday beauty.

You can appreciate the present moment by using past personal challenges. Instead of dwelling on negative emotions, recall them and you’re bound to see how things are better now.

g) Be aware of your most valued things

Imagine that someone asks you about the most important things in life. You need to have a clear answer to this question. If you don’t, it’s a sign that you’re out of touch with yourself.

Connect to what’s important to you and don’t put it off until life gets less busy. Trust me, it never does.

h) Fall asleep with gratitude

Ideally, you should wake up and go to bed with gratitude at the forefront of your mind.

Starting and finishing your day with positive emotions helps to build a balanced life and gets you plenty of healthy sleep in the process.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, it’s probably because your mind is still mulling over the stressful events of the day.

Instead of thinking about the things you need to do tomorrow, try to enter the gratitude mode at bedtime. Think about the beautiful things that happened to you on that day.

Did you notice how the snow cracked under your feet? Or maybe you’ve spotted a beautiful ray of sun filtered through the leaves of a tree?

Embrace that recollection as you drift off to sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy to tackle the challenges of the day.

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Key Takeaway

It’s worth investing in the skill of being grateful.

Bringing more positivity to your life is a sure-fire method for boosting your mood, and keeping you in touch with everything that’s important to you.

Let me finish with this revealing quote from the classic, Oprah: “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

About the Author

Kate Thora is a Senior Content Specialist for Uphours, an online resource with information about businesses worldwide.

Her artistic soul manifests itself also in her love for singing and dancing, especially to traditional Indian music.

Appreciate the little things in life

Information about:

What does it mean to appreciate the little things in life?

Appreciating the little things in life involves focusing our attention on what is pleasurable, nurturing, and sustaining in our lives and away from those events that are annoying, frustrating, or hurtful. It means practicing gratitude for those everyday things that are easy to take for granted or miss altogether. Adopting this outlook won’t stop negative events from occurring, but it may help prevent us from over-emphasising their importance in our lives.

What do we know about gratitude?

Gratitude research is a relatively new, but fascinating area of study. The practice of keeping a gratitude journal, further explored below, is one area that has been evaluated. Studies have been conducted in which participants who kept gratitude journals were compared to those who did not or those who kept a record of daily hassles. Those recording their daily blessings were found to do better in a range of measures of wellbeing including having a more optimistic view of one’s life, experiencing a generally more positive mood, showing a greater propensity to help others, and even exercising more.

How else will this build my resilience?

Developing skills in experiencing and expressing gratitude can help us connect with others. When we take the time to appreciate an act of kindness from a loved one or even a stranger we become more fully aware of our connectedness within our community, and the positive regard others have for us. Reciprocating these kind actions further cements these social bonds which we then have as a resource to draw on in times of need.

How does positive emotion relate to our mental health?

Positive emotions have been shown to be linked to good physical health. According to some researchers people who experience positive emotions are likely to live longer, enjoy better immune functioning, and recover more effectively from treatment for heart disease. It’s not just our physical resilience that is affected by positive emotions, our psychological wellbeing can be assisted also. Theory has it that when we experience positive emotions we are able to think and behave more creatively and flexibly than when we experience negative emotions. This ‘broadening’ of the way we think and act builds resources for us that we are able to use in more difficult times. Many studies have shown that resilient individuals experience positive emotions and that they use these emotions to help them cope with difficult situations. There are many things we can do to enhance and increase the presence of positive emotions for us. Learning how to appreciate the little things in life is one good way.

What can I do to appreciate the litle things in life?

Here are three ideas you might like to try in order to develop your ability to appreciate the little things in life.

Keep a gratitude journal

Spending ten or 15 minutes each day writing down three to five things you are grateful for is a great way to boost your appreciation for the little things in life, and indeed the big things as well. Think creatively – the little things could be a text message from a friend, hearing a joke that made you laugh out loud, a wonderful meal, or even the experience of spending 15 minutes doing something nurturing just for you.

Perhaps after completing this exercise for a number of weeks you might like to spend some additional time writing in your journal about how this daily discipline has changed your outlook and perspective on your life.

Celebrate the little things

We are generally pretty good at marking the big moments in our own and others’ lives; birthdays, weddings, graduations, once-a-year family gettogethers. What would happen if we gave ourselves permission to celebrate the little things? The how and what of celebration will depend on what’s important to you. Here are some ideas.

  • Keep some gold stars in your desk at work. Give one to your colleague when he or she masters a new skill or completes a challenging task.
  • When the sun finally appears after a week of grey skies grab a friend or loved one and go for a walk to celebrate the good weather and regenerative effects of rain.
  • Pamper yourself after getting through a daunting or tedious task, such as cleaning your room or writing a report, by doing something you enjoy.

Slow down and savour

This idea falls into the ‘take time to smell the roses’ tradition. Try these tips to get even more out of positive emotions when you are experiencing an uplifting event.

  • Try and keep a souvenir of the experience to prompt your memory later on.
  • Enter as fully as you can into a positive experience. Use all your senses. Notice the details.
  • Share the experience with others either as it happens or by reminiscing later on.

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32 Of Life’s Little Things We Should Appreciate A Little More

1. Warm, sunny days.

2. A hug from someone special after a long day.

3. Petting kitties and puppies.

4. Receiving/giving a gift.

5. An awesome workout where you know you’re improving yourself.

6. The bright colors of spring time.

7. A text or phone call from family and/or friends.

8. Long, hot baths.

9. Walking/hiking.

10. Looking at nature and all of its beauty.

11. Getting a compliment.

12. Giving a compliment.

13. Paying it forward for someone else’s meal.

14. Receiving an awesome grade on something you thought you failed.

15. Reading your favorite book.

16. Dancing around the house to your favorite songs.

17. Riding in the car with the windows down and music cranked.

18. Decluttering your life.

19. Cutting out all toxic people and things.

20. Eating your favorite food.

21. Doing a hobby that you love.

22. Being able to buy something you’ve been saving for.

23. Donating items you don’t need/want anymore instead of selling them.

24. The feeling of freshly shaved legs against clean sheets.

25. Listening to your favorite song(s).

26. Being productive and organized.

27. The feeling you have after a good night’s sleep.

28. Getting your nails done.

29. Spending time in your favorite place and just relaxing.

31. The sound of rain and thunderstorms.

32. The smell of cookies baking.

34 Inspiring Gratitude Quotes To Appreciate The Little Things

A collect of gratitude quotes that will inspire you to appreciate each moment of life and to stop being anxious or depressed.

“They miss the ordinary moments more than anything else.”

This is a quote from Brené Brown in her talk on the Netflix documentary The Call To Courage. She shared her research after interviewing those who had lost someone they loved.

“Now I will kill for a text from my mom,” said one of her interviewees, “I wouldn’t care how many emojis were in it.”

It reminded me of the times I complained about typos in my mom’s messages.I am lucky and blessed to have what I have right now. And I didn’t even notice it.

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What is gratitude, and why is it important?

So what does it really mean when we talk about gratitude? And how does it benefit us in life?

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence defines gratitude as “a state of mind that arises when you affirm a good thing in your life that comes from outside yourself.”

The best thing that comes with gratitude is joy. Once I start to appreciate what I have, I feel more grounded and present. I am no longer anxious about what might happen in the future. And living in the moment feels so damn good.

Professor Robert Emmons research over 1000 people aged from 8 to 80, and found that those who practice gratitude consistently are more present, happier, and more optimistic.

It isn’t just about making a gratitude list on your bullet journal before sleep. Gratitude is an Attitude. And practicing gratitude is a shift in mindset – to stop taking what we have for granted, and to cherish them as a blessing.

If you are practicing gratitude, make one of these gratitude quotes in your mantra. They can the perfect reminder to be thankful for all the blessings in your life.

Gratitude Quotes To Spread Thankfulness

Make each given day a gift.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
– Marcus Aurelius

Life is precious, and when you’ve lost a lot of people, you realize each day is a gift.
– Meryl Streep

That’s the gift of gratitude: to feel it, your ego has to take a backseat.
– Oprah Winfrey

The best way to show my gratitude is to accept everything, even my problems, with joy.
– Mother Teresa

We are all more blind to what we have than to what we have not.
– Audre Lorde

If everything were perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.
– Beyoncé

“Thank you” is the best prayer that anyone could say.
– Alice Walker

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.
– Alphonse Karr

True forgiveness is when you can say, “Thank you for that experience”.
– Oprah Winfrey

Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals.
If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.
– Roy T. Bennett

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.
– Eckhart Tolle

The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.
– Thornton Wilder

Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.
– Epicurus

If we never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely that we will ever cherish the warmth of a bright summer’s day.
– Anthon St. Maarten

Once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.
– Germany Kent

The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have.

Things to be grateful for:
Coffee in the morning
Playlist on my phone
Friends around me
Families that love me
Soothing breeze
Sunshine and moonlight
A healthy body
A good book
A warm bed

Gratitude magnifies the pleasures you get from life.
– Robert Emmons

Life is a series of thousands of tiny little miracles. Notice them.

Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path.

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Life becomes easier and more beautiful when we can see the good in other people.
– Roy T. Bennett

Gratitude paints little smiley faces on everything it touches.
– Richelle E. Goodrich

Before you get mad of someone, find something he/she did for you that deserves gratitude.
– Asmaa Dokmak

Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside.
– Barry Neil Kaufman

You cannot feel envious and grateful at the same time.
– Robert Emmons, Why gratitude is good

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
– Robert Brault

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein

If tragedy never entered our lives, we wouldn’t appreciate the magic.
– Nikki Rowe

Losses are easier to point out and count than blessings. Blessings outnumber your losses for they are truly immeasurable.
– Suzy Kassem

Nothing feels better than the privilege of being alive. Be grateful for life. Not everyone made it this far.
– Gift Gugu Mona

Some people are happy that they have lost one instead of both legs, whereas some are unhappy because they have each lost a toenail.
– Mokokoma Mokhonoana

The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do.

Do you enjoy these quotes on gratitude

If you do, don’t forget to share this post with a friend or family who practice gratitude as well. Or do you have a quote on gratitude that inspires you? Tell me in the comment!

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Why lockdown is leading us to appreciate the little things

Sunshine in the garden becomes a thing of heightened joy

On social media and in conversations with loved ones, people in their millions have been regaling the small joys they’ve found in things like reading a book, taking a long bath, or spending an afternoon baking. We’ve been taking photos of particularly pretty trees on our daily walks, feeling truly thankful when the sun is out, and longing for a hug from a close family member much more than we’re missing holidays, parties and dining out. The coronavirus crisis has brought us firmly back to basics.

So why has it taken a global pandemic to make us really see joy in the little things?

Sign up to our public interest bulletins – get the latest news on the Coronavirus

Sign up to our public interest bulletins – get the latest news on the Coronavirus

One answer is the pace at which many of us ordinarily live, often rushing from place to place, ticking off to-do lists, attaining targets and coping with daily stresses. “It’s sad that an invisible virus has forced humankind to look deeper into themselves and appreciate the small joys in so called ‘simple things’,” says Dr Balu Pitchiah, consultant psychiatrist and scientific advisor to Cannaray. “Perhaps it’s time to define what is ‘simple’ and ‘important’ – we find simple things joyful because they matter.

“We realise that being healthy and alive is more important than being accomplished in the eyes of others around us.”

But the events of the last few months haven’t just forced us to slow down and reframe what’s important, they’ve also brought about a huge amount of uncertainty – about the present and for the future. Psychologist and co-founder of mental wellbeing platform Remente, Niels Eek, actually credits this uncertainty to the discovery of small joys.

“Historically, uncertainty has negatively impacted our survival chances so, consequently, can lead to feelings of being unsettled, fearful and stressed. A study [by University College London published in] Nature Communications actually found that our fear of uncertainty is so great, that we actually prefer pain over uncertainty.”

He says, as a coping mechanism, we’re looking for small escapes, like reading a book or binge-watching a show.

“[People are] looking to do things that they know the outcome of, thus allowing them to feel more in control. We’ve seen a huge surge in people baking or taking this time to deep clean their homes; the repetitive tasks feel familiar to us and therefore can help us feel calmer.”

If you are finding it difficult to find joy in the small things though, that’s also understandable. Plus, some people will be coping with ongoing mental health difficulties, including depression – so no one should beat themselves up for not feeling joyful all of the time.

“It is easy to feel stagnant at the moment and it can be hard to find meaning in the day-to-day,” says Eek. “If you’re struggling to find happiness in the mundane right now, [perhaps] start by working on changing your mindset.”

Reflecting on the things this situation has provided you with – like time with a loved one or the ability to pot a new plant – rather than what it has taken away, is a good place to start, he says. “You can practice daily reflection by journaling – start by listing three things each day has given you.”

Another way to find joy in the small stuff is meditation. “Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. As you breathe in, concentrate on your senses – what you smell, what you feel – and as you breathe out, focus on being – if your mind starts to wander, bring it back and focus on your breath. Concentrating on the present moment, and yourself in that moment, is key,” Eeksays. If you can do it in a park, “notice the birds chirping and the dogs barking, or take in the smell of the grass. These small moments with nature can allow you to feel truly joyful.”

And it’s great for our mental health to think more in this way, he says. “By practising mindfulness, you can start to declutter your brain, making it more creative and alert. This will provide you with the space to focus your attention on what nurtures and sustains you in life, rather than on the factors you can’t control at the moment.”

So will we revert back to old ways of thinking when our lives finally find some sense of normalcy, or can we continue this pattern of finding joy in smaller things?

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reset our lives and restart, to build a way of life filled with gratitude and happiness,” says Pitchiah.

Instead of going back to exactly how busy, and possibly more stressful, your life was before, perhaps take some of the lessons forward from this enforced change of pace.

“Slowing down can start a virtuous cycle in your mind that influences how you think and see the world,” Pitchiah says. “If you focus on the positives, then you notice there are more positives than you previously realised and you become more grateful for these positives. When you practice gratitude, your brain also releases hormones that encourage this cycle to continue.

“I would encourage all of us to think about this period as a ‘maintenance break’ for our overactive, over-achieving, target driven, tired brains, helping us improve on attention, enthusiasm, energy, and determination.”

And the next time we’re faced with obstacles and adversity, we might be able to use these skills of appreciating the simple things to help us remain resilient.

So what are just some of the little things that have been adding joy to our day to day lives under lockdown?

The list of joyous little things

It might be finally finding a toy that keeps your child entertained for longer than five minutes; Dua Lipa releasing her album a week early; freshly baked bread; having a Harry Potter marathon; hanging out with your family; a hug; noticing the spring flowers blooming in your garden; enjoying not dressing properly and working in your PJs wearing fluffy socks that don’t fit into shoes but you don’t care because you no longer wear shoes.

Or it could be finally getting that particular recipe just right, reading the classics of literature you never had time for before; finally walking or running your way to fitness; Google hangouts, Zoom quizzes, virtual parties, the sunshine when it appears from behind the clouds; finally getting to the bottom of that seemingly bottomless laundry basket.

Walking the dog used to seem like a chore, now, like the weekly trip to the supermarket, you actually look forward to it. Who knew the shopping aisles in Tesco could be so fascinatingly colourful?

Maybe you have discovered a newfound love for quaffing wine in your favourite armchair while watching black-and-white movies or can now have breakfast in bed since it’s only five steps to your working desk from the comfort of your bed.

Colouring in with your child might make for vital and enjoyable bonding time; doing the crossword puzzles to be found in daily papers may give you immense satisfaction; the joy of a funny meme you can share with others online might make you smile in a way you didn’t before; Face Time with your grandparents; catching up on sleep; rewatching 80s movies; suddenly having new respect for the art of conversation; ordering a takeaway from your favourite restaurant; bingeing on Netflix while eating donuts; debating Tiger King theories with your friends; virtual workouts with Joe Wicks; having the time to really brew tea properly. Other simple pleasures might entail making elaborate playlists for those you love; starting to grow vegetables in your backgarden; finishing a 1,000-piece jigsaw that you were absolutely positive you didn’t have the skill to complete; mowing the lawn and enjoying it; taking your laptop outside and working on the patio; online shopping; discovering a newfound genius for Monopoly; and perhaps most importantly, waking up and realising that feeling healthy is the greatest gift.

90,000 Life is made up of little things. You need to learn to appreciate all these little things ▷ Socratify.Net



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Happiness consists of little things available to everyone. You just need to learn to notice them.

Boris Yurievich Krieger (40+)

– How can you love the cold?

– Needed.Cold teaches us to appreciate warmth.

Unknown author (1000+)

All life is spent learning how to live.

Jonathan Safran Foer (20+)

We only live once and that is why you need to enjoy every little thing and not be nervous about every bastard.

Unknown author (1000+)

In order not to lose – you just need to appreciate.

Unknown author (1000+)

Everything global begins with the smallest detail.

Confucius (100+)

Life and Time – Two Teachers. Life teaches us to manage time correctly, time teaches us to value life.

Unknown author (1000+)

You need to appreciate those who really make the effort to be a part of your life.

Unknown author (1000+)

Life is a chain, and little things in it are links. It is impossible not to attach importance to the link.

80 days around the world (5)

All women in the world expect some kind of action from men, and only a few notice and appreciate the pleasant little things. It is these women who are the happiest.

Serge Goodman (50+)

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Making life easier: learning to appreciate the little things

“Life is made up of little things,” someone said.And the most joyful thing is that it consists of nice little things.

In pursuit of global goals or daily activities, we often overlook them. And it so happens that the desired turns into unnecessary fuss and false aspirations.

In such cases, you regret that you did not pay attention to simple pleasures and in vain complicated your life.

However, it is never too late to start being content with small things. As the tortoise Tortilla sings in the fairy tale “The Golden Key” :

“It seemed to me that happiness is near, just stretch out your paw …”

I agree with her: you often understand that it is really near, or rather, in ourselves.And even the seemingly insignificant event or thing can give this feeling.

In my opinion, at the heart of true happiness is a feeling of gratitude – when you appreciate any little thing that gives pleasure.

I’ll tell you how you can make your existence much more pleasant, easier and brighter.

Refresh your perspective on old things

These include various everyday possibilities: the street that you see every day; landscapes outside the windows; people and animals around; household and social affairs.

In this case, everything that seems boring and trivial can become a reason to feel the novelty and beauty of existence in a different way. And what has become familiar only attracts with its simplicity and accessibility.

Why not rejoice with your whole being, for example, when you get from cold to warm, or vice versa? Or not look around through the eyes of an artist or a writer, and not just an inhabitant of the earth? Or not smile at a casual passerby just because you have a good day today?

Sometimes you can hear: “I fall in love with him / her again, even though I have known for so many years.”I know from myself that such an attitude and to the world removes the burden of the past, renewing and improving the attitude towards life.

Sometimes I remember a phrase from the famous monologue by Klara Novikova: “I wear tight shoes on purpose: everything in my life is so bleak that the only pleasure is to come home and take them off!”

But I hope there are many other joys available in your life.

Know how to occupy yourself

It happens that there is not much to do, and it is a pity to waste time.

As the French say, “Appetite comes with eating.”

Therefore, you can not waste yourself on empty studies, but start what you have been putting off all the time. The main thing is to start , and not to think about it.

You could call it this: “Nothing to do? Take care of what the first subconscious suggested! ” The main thing is that it is pleasant and harmless.

First, the job will be done, at least partially. Second, save precious hours for the future.

This principle always helps me. When you find yourself in an emotional “vacuum” in which you don’t want anything, the best thing is to do what you think is the main at the moment.

Quite often, in order to do something, people begin to actively help others. If people around you really need it – why not?

However, it happens that what we strive to give exceeds the real needs of other people. Sometimes this is perceived as intrusiveness or overprotectiveness.

Therefore, it is better when the desire to help coincides with the level of the need to accept help, and not vice versa. Otherwise, most likely, no one will get pleasure.

Wouldn’t you like to be force-fed even delicious food?

Therefore, moderation is needed here too.

Unblock feelings and thoughts

We often have to hide or suppress what we think and feel. How many false and unnecessary steps are involved in the inability to recognize in time what is happening inside!

Even if you are not ready for drastic changes now, you should allow yourself at least to feel ! It doesn’t matter if you like what you find inside yourself.Whatever it is, to whom else do you admit it, if not to yourself?

It so happens that a person falls into a vicious circle: even the healthiest experiences from endless scrolling in the head acquire a painful shade. As a result, the poor man thinks that “something is wrong with him.”

In fact, introspection is just fine. It is important that it does not hinder the natural course of life. And for faster and clearer thinking, you need to get rid of emotional stress.

Choose a secluded place where no one will disturb you. Give the Universe everything that overwhelms you: cry, laugh, shout, swear, admire, complain!

Higher powers never mind being a “vest”: they value trust, and will certainly provide support at the right time!

Gender has nothing to do with it: each of us has equal rights to different emotions and their expression. In addition, at such moments we become children, and children tend to behave freely and directly.

Don’t be shy – better have fun!

If there is a need, you can throw out feelings physically: punch a punching bag or in another safe way.

This method really helps: you become a different person – updated, lighter, able to look at the problem differently.

Or, conversely, you get rid of euphoria, the reason for which may be contrived. And as a result, give up sweet illusions that lead to mistakes or a trap.

In addition, timely cleansing of unnecessary emotions makes the body healthier .

Be your antipode

It is believed that playing different roles is even useful. There is also an opinion that being a harmonious person means not only being able to develop what has already been given by nature, but also not neglecting your weaknesses.

Suppose you are melancholy by nature. Do not be afraid at least sometimes to succumb to opposite feelings and to release energy of fun! The main thing is to do this not pretendingly, but naturally.

If you realize that you are tired even of your own optimism, you should not constantly “keep your brand” – allow yourself to be sad.

Moderately it is even useful and saves energy. And those around you may recognize you from the other side.

This is probably why the heroine of the movie “ Hussar Ballad” asked her interlocutor: “Do you like to cry?”

But tears are optional: slight melancholy is also silence, restriction of communication, if necessary, peace, some detachment, relaxation.

The main thing is not to hold on to the usual “mask”. Often, through a change in behavior, you can look at yourself from the outside.

I was convinced of the benefits of this approach from my own experience. The main thing is that all this helps your quality of life, and, above all, brings pleasure.

You will see how great it is to be your own for a while other self .

Here are the available opportunities that any of us can take advantage of.

It often happens that even the most discreet and ordinary turns out to be real, and the most seemingly beautiful is no more than a phantom, which is hardly worth chasing.

I wish you to appreciate every moment of our reality and find in everything something that you can enjoy.

If you don’t know where to start yet, I advise you to read the book by Eleanor Porter Pollyanna .

The main character can be called a minimalist: she knows how to find joy in almost everything, to benefit even from an unfavorable situation for herself and easily create an atmosphere of happiness around her.

Even with a momentary discontent, she knows how to cope with dignity.

I think the main reason is her innate gratitude, which is just like that . Perhaps this is a kind of talent, but surely each of us has it.

As Socrates said: “He is the richest who is content with little, for such contentment testifies to the wealth of nature.”

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter .

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90,000 Learn to appreciate little things, do not turn your life into dullness .. | stories from the

Hello. I decided to give you some support. But what about without it. So that’s it. Today I was on the bus and saw a guy. So 20-25 years. He sat with a sad face and flipped through the tape. I don’t know, in VK or where, but you could see him flipping through and flashing pictures.Then he got a message. The guy looked somehow indifferent, but after reading he smiled and sat all the way with a happy face. Everyone looked at him strangely. Like “what can you be happy about? Life is terrible.”
So why am I. We can assume that a girl or someone else wrote to this guy. After all, he answered. It’s not that important. What matters is that this guy still knows how to appreciate life and enjoy the little things. He may well serve as an example for many people. Even though I’m a piece of depressive potato myself, I try not to dwell on it.Learn to appreciate life. Live in the moment and enjoy. And no matter how hard it is, remember that there are people who are ready to support you. From my own experience, I know that when there is depression, everything seems meaningless. It seems that no one needs you, that no one cares. Believe me, this is not the case. It’s just that a gray veil envelops your brain (in a figurative sense, of course) and prevents you from seeing not only the bad, but also the good. Again, learn to see the best. In everything. In people. In an alarm clock that you want to break.In the tea that has cooled down. In the book that ended. In the rain, which I don’t like so much (although to whom as). In everything. When you find the meaning. When you find the good, where it doesn’t seem to exist, then you will be happy. Believe me, there are good moments in life. In the end, all bad things are downloaded. Winter is replaced by spring. The sun comes out after the rain. I think you yourself can give similar examples. I agree that good things also end. It is replaced by the bad. But the bad is worth going through. At least for the sake of re-feeling the good that was once.I want to ask you again. Try to find the good. Everywhere. You can even after reading sit down and think “what is bad in my life?” And then just the same about the good. And then compare. It is possible that something good covers up something bad. If not, don’t despair. This means that you have not looked well. Generally. I want to wish you the best of luck. I believe that you will succeed)

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“I learned to appreciate the little things in life.”Perm sailor on the tragedy in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk | PEOPLE | SOCIETY

The tragedy in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, which happened on the night of April 2, according to the latest data, claimed the lives of 62 sailors.

At the time of the accident there were 132 people on board the “Far East” vessel. Among them was one Perm, or rather – a resident of the city of Gubakha, Perm Territory Yuri Fomin . The 27-year-old minder miraculously managed to survive. He suffered severe hypothermia, but was saved. He spent several days in the Magadan hospital, now he has been transferred to the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk hospital.Soon he is going home.

Yuri Fomin. Photo: From personal archive

In a conversation with the correspondent of the AiF-Prikamye website, Yuri told what happened on the trawler on the day of the tragedy and how he managed to escape.

AiF-Prikamye, Yana Gabdullina: – They say that the cause of the tragedy could be a collision with an ice floe. Do you believe in this version?

Yuri Fomin: – There was no ice floe. The weather was a little stormy.And busting the trawl (heavy weight). Because of this, they lay down on their side.

What do you remember about the rescue work? Do you think they were well organized? Perhaps you want to thank someone in person for saving your life?

– Who to thank? Swam to myself in the sea, and then they lifted me up. Crew if only. There is no one else.

Tell me, how did the tragedy affect your inner world, your worldview? Changed outlook on life, maybe?

– Influenced.Probably, it taught me to appreciate the little things in life, which I simply did not notice before. Appreciate your own and someone else’s life.

Do you plan to continue working at sea?

– Required. Although it may not. Let’s see how my life goes on.

Yuri Fomin and his comrades from Nakhodka, Kaliningrad, Sakhalin and Azerbaijan. “Sasha, Vasilich, Sergei and Murad,” explains the Permian. All, except for Yuri, were killed in the crash of the Far East trawler on April 2.Photo: From personal archive

Yuri, tell us about your work. Why did you choose the profession of a seaman?

– I’ve always liked big ships and everything related to them. So I went to work at sea. Well, the beauty here is indescribable in the calm. You won’t see anything like this anywhere. Yes, and I wanted to see the world.

How many have you already visited?

– Well, yes, where I’ve been. I saw many people of different nationalities and communicated with many people.

Where did you like the most?

– In Busan (South Korea). I liked their culture and the way of life of the people themselves. Their food and hard work.

How are you feeling now? When are you going to go home?

– I feel good. I’ll come home as soon as they are discharged from the hospital. While the department head does not say anything.

How long are you going to stay in Gubakha?

– I will restore the documents for now. And there it will be seen.

According to Yuri Fomin, several sailors remain in the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk hospital today. Most have already gone home.

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90,000 Learning to appreciate the little things in life. Look at your surroundings

Sad Angel

Why do some people always do well (at least that’s what they say and look like), while others are constantly in sadness – despite the fact that both live about the same? It’s all about the ability or inability to enjoy life.Some have it, while others – alas … What does it depend on? Many things. Temperament (a melancholic will always find something to be sad about), physical health (it is difficult to be cheerful when something hurts), traditions (a ban on joy, “so as not to jinx it”), hormonal levels (endorphins, dopamine and serotonin are responsible for happiness) … And even from the family in which you grew up.

More precisely, from the atmosphere in which your childhood years passed. Today it is fashionable to spur the early growing up of a child in all ways.But he definitely needs to play enough and live in the cloudless world of childhood. To maintain confidence in this world, so as not to worry for no reason and not wait for a catch around every corner. To be able to enjoy the moment without calculating what will happen next. Growing up too early (read: responsibility) deprives you of this. Sometimes, for the time being, children are forced to grow up: if they are left without parents too early, if there is a seriously ill person in the family, if one of the adults drinks or has a difficult character. These circumstances are difficult to deal with.But at least something can be done.


Do not dump their problems on the children (they will not be able to help, but they will worry).


not to make them responsible for their failures and misfortunes (“If you had not been born, I would have graduated from the institute and now did not receive three kopecks!”).


If one of the children in the family is problematic (for example, seriously ill), do not focus only on him and his needs.


No matter how difficult your life is, there should be a place for small joys (a balloon or your favorite sweetness costs very little).


A positive outlook on life must be taught. When picking up a child from kindergarten, ask not whether he was offended or not, but what was good today.


Don’t be jealous of other people. Even if it seems to you that they are constantly lucky, and unfairly lucky … You do not know all the circumstances of their life. And most importantly, black thoughts make the mood black.


look for the bright side of any event. (There is no minibus for a long time – but you breathe fresh air.)


Try to live every new day as the only one.

Where does happiness live?

It is not in the distant kingdom, not in the luckier colleagues and neighbors – it is in ourselves. It’s just that sometimes it is too modest or small and needs to be grown and pulled out. Learn to be happy, as you learned to walk or paint in due time. What is needed for this? That’s right, above all fearlessness
. Taking the first step, the child does not think about the fact that he may fall and hurt himself.Taking paints in hand, she does not get hung up on ignorance of the rules and canons. It works! And skills gradually come.

Second prerequisite – persistence
. If the tired baby had not resumed attempts to rise, humanity would still be crawling on all fours. There are a lot of cases and situations when pleasure is not felt immediately, but at the end of the path traveled. If you want to perform on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, please wave your batman at the ballet barre for seven years. If you dream of being praised by your boss, finally make this stupid report without errors.

And third: Learn to match requests to capabilities.
The contradictory saying, “He who wants a lot, will get little” is not so contradictory. The more cloudy our desires, the more difficult it is to fulfill them. A fur coat under the tree is unlikely if your husband gets fifteen thousand. A marriage proposal from a real prince is unrealistic if you are not a blood princess either. Desire what you can really afford.

Joy Pose

Positive emotions are not only a reaction to some external events.They can be called at the physiological level. Yoga has the so-called Pose of Joy
. It’s very simple. Place your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, stretch your arms forward, palms up and bend slightly at the elbows. After 10 minutes, you will feel unreasonable joy. Why suddenly? Because this is how the child is drawn to his mother or what he really likes. Your body remembers this pose and everything associated with it.

Similarly, recommendation to smile,
whatever happens. You use certain muscles in a smile – the body remembers what emotions it is associated with, and releases hormones of joy.You can also feel happier if breathes in a certain way.
Namely: the way you breathed when you felt good. At the same time, scroll through the happy moments in your memory. Trust me, this is useful too. If only in order to understand that you are not so “poor and unhappy”, “butterflies in your stomach” and other amenities also happen in your life.

And finally, an old Russian way to make a smile, codenamed “Show your finger”
. Surely you had so much fun in elementary school: with a serious look, you showed your classmate an index finger soiled with paste – and after a few seconds he was torn to pieces with laughter.What is funny here, I still do not know. But it works!


A day off, and you are “bored and sad, and there is no one to give a hand to?” Feel like you’re about to get depressed for no apparent reason? Turn on your favorite music and dance until you drop. Then for 10 minutes under a hot shower – and quickly rinse with cold water. Finish off with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

A trifle, but nice!

Psychologists have calculated that in order to feel happy, a person must be happy at least fourteen times a day.Do you think this is a lot? And even impossible in our harsh life? But no! I walked through the editorial offices, phoned my friends and made a list of simple and very simple things that we encounter every day and that bring us joy. There are really a lot of them.

Wake up sleeping.

See that it is snowing outside the window.

Slide down the hill.

Keep warm by returning from the cold street.

Touching your hair after a successful haircut.

Ride a cart in a supermarket.

Finish the last to-do list.

Take off the shoes that are pressing.

Approach the bus stop at the same time as the bus you need.

Put on a new outfit.

Slip, but do not fall.

While driving, get into the “green corridor”.

Dangle your feet in the water.

Spend an evening watching your favorite movies.

Brew fresh tea and drink it from a beautiful cup.

Pet a kitten or puppy.

It is unexpected to hear kind words addressed to you.

Answer the word in “Field of Miracles” before the players.

Blow bubbles.

Find a long-term loss.

In the perfume department, use perfume that you cannot afford.

Buy something cheaper than you bargained for.

Receive as a gift exactly what you dreamed of.

You can expand this list yourself – personally, I just feel sorry for the newspaper space for its continuation. Moreover, another little joy is already waiting for me – a message from my daughter. Living with her in different cities and seeing her once a year, it is so nice to read the laconic: “Hello, Mom! How are you?”


Free access photos.

Sometimes it happens that we do not notice the simple and pleasant little things in life, and have fun?

A scientific approach can help you learn to enjoy the little things

The human body is a very complex mechanism. If there is a failure somewhere, then the whole system suffers. The work of the thyroid gland greatly affects the health and well-being of a person. This is a kind of indicator of our mood, well-being and sexual desire.We are very dependent on her and if she is not okay, will learn to enjoy the little things.
we will not succeed. But if you look from the other side, then it entirely depends on ourselves, if we do not know how to rejoice in little things, we are mentally depressed, we constantly experience conflict situations and look at things pessimistically, then our hardware is under threat.

Ability to enjoy small things
and to enjoy life largely depends on the presence of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and endorphin.The pattern is that the more the body produces these hormones, the happier the person is. But the level of these beneficial hormones depends on the attitude towards life, on the way of thinking and vision of the world.

The habit of enjoying every little thing
can literally double these hormones. You should definitely develop the habit of finding something good and positive in every situation, even if the situation is very unpleasant. Thinking positively will help you enjoy the little things and keep your body in top shape.

If you manage to develop these traits in yourself, then you will feel one hundred percent, you will be successful, and full of vital energy.

Learn to enjoy the little things

Scientists conducted an experiment on a group of people and derived the appropriate formula that determines how many times a day a person should experience good and positive emotions in order to feel good. This number is not less than fourteen and then we will feel good throughout the working day.But if you plan to exceed this number, then you will not suffer from this, but on the contrary, you will only benefit.

Take a look right now at what you have achieved, what you have. Sometimes we are so absorbed in work and the race for new achievements that we do not notice what we already have. We, like robots, continue to move forward and do not show any emotions. This is a deliberately losing act, you can achieve much more only when you know how to enjoy every little thing
. This will undoubtedly spur us on to new achievements.But you can enjoy not only some material achievements, but also simple ones, for example, the smile of your child, the good mood of your soul mate, the vacation that you will soon get and go to a resort, a trip to a picnic with friends, and so on.

A lot depends on the environment. The kind of people you surround yourself with affects your mental and physical well-being. Imagine that you are going to spend time in the company in the evening and there are solid pessimists with a bad mood who all evening talk about how bad their life is, what they were sick with and that they do not see any good future in this world.A gloomy picture, isn’t it? We are exaggerating, of course, but the essence is clear. You just have to communicate with positive, kind and bright people who will pull you with them to success, and not to the bottom. In such a company the ability to enjoy every little thing
comes naturally.

Humor is the best friend, remember this always. Whatever the situation, you can get out of it with the help of humor. The ability to laugh at yourself will cheer you up and charge you with positive energy.Do not be too self-critical of yourself, sometimes it is better to look at the situation with different eyes and give a seemingly serious situation a little humor. This will help avoid a lot of stress, because the situation has already happened and you won’t change anything, but you can change your mood. Try not to dwell on problems and failures, instead draw useful conclusions for yourself for the future and set a goal for yourself.

All the tips that we have given above will help you understand how to learn to enjoy the little things


Soul Binder


Dear readers, to begin with, I would like to ask you a question: “Do you know how to enjoy life and get pleasure from it”? I invite everyone to honestly answer this question. Very often you can hear in our everyday conversations thoughts about difficulties, problems, but for some reason we often do not notice simple joys, or rather, do not attach much importance to this. You know, we probably take them for granted.

If, after all, someone has little joy and pleasure from life, then I really hope that our article will help you look at them from a slightly different angle, think and, perhaps, rethink some of the simplest things.We continue our conversation in our favorite section. The head of the column, Elena Khutornaya, a blogger, web designer, writer and just a very talented and very sensitive person, will think about this. I give the floor to Lena.

How to learn to enjoy life and enjoy it

Everyone, perhaps, at some point asks the question, what is the meaning of life, but no matter what answer we find for ourselves, in most cases we come to the conclusion that if we are to live this life, then it is better to do it with pleasure.

However, does it always succeed? Why so often it turns out that instead of experiencing the joy of life and using the time allotted to us, for our own good, we slide into one abyss, then into another? Now one obstacle stands in the way of our happiness, then another, and there is no end in sight of it … And how to learn to enjoy life, despite all the circumstances?

Enjoy life here and now

And all there are so many ways to improve your life right here and now, to make it easier and more joyful.And after all, these small moments often have a much greater impact on our state than something global. There is no need to lament over how much needs to be changed in life in order for it to be the way we would like it to be. You can do something right now – for the mood, for joy, for yourself.

Let’s start with the fact that it would be worthwhile to be more aware of oneself in the here and now. We are so often busy with what was, or what will be, that there is often simply not enough time for the present.We worry about what happened, or because of what might happen, and we are so deeply and for a long time stuck in it that we always feel bad in our life. But what’s the point?

Sometimes you just have to pull yourself out of these thoughts and let yourself be in the present moment. Here is the table at which I am sitting, here is delicious tea in my favorite cup, here is my work. It’s not that bad anymore, and even very good, if you think about it. This is my house, my kitchen, hot water, I wash the dishes. Quiet, home evening. How to overestimate the value of this? I walk down the street, I’m cold, I want so much warmth, but my child’s hand is in my hand, and how can you be dissatisfied with something if we are together?

To be able to appreciate what we have

We need to appreciate what we have.We know so well about this, the repetition of these words in places even set the teeth on edge, but in the end, do we appreciate? Someone can only dream about the fact that for us is routine, in the wildest dreams – so that everyone is healthy, well fed, so that you can wake up in a warm house, next to dear people. Someone dreams of a family, someone of freedom, someone of a high-paying job, someone of doing what they love, even to the detriment of income, someone wants to gather a large company around him, and another you only need one thing – to be left alone, some strive to live in warm countries, and someone yearns for winter and snow … And we have it.And it seems to us so common and worthless. But is it? Of course not. If you want to change something in life, you need to change it, but this does not mean that you should not appreciate what is, because this is also our achievement, an expression of ourselves. How can you deny yourself?

One must be able to enjoy the little things. Serious accomplishments are good, but the road from everyday life leads to every great achievement, and it depends only on us whether this everyday life will be colored with small joys.Boredom suddenly begins to roll up, it is worth looking around, looking inside – where will the light start?

If we want someone to save us, we must save ourselves

Do not expect that someone will make us happy, cheer us up, do something to make us better. Yes, maybe this is inhumane, but we all avoid energy holes, we try to stay away from those who have little strength. So when we have few of them, the first task is to raise the tone of ourselves. Only we ourselves can do this – pull ourselves out of the swamp by our hair, and even then those around us will happily join this activity – they will also start dragging us for the company or ourselves, because it is always easier and more fun to do this with someone.

In any case, we must always remember that our joys are always in our hands. Sometimes you really want to shift the responsibility for your condition onto someone or something – on your loved ones, on husbands, wives, mothers, children, on other relatives who interfere with life, on circumstances, problems with work, health and a lot of other things … But all this leads to a dead end, because often this is something that we cannot influence in any way. But we can always influence ourselves. And therefore, when we take responsibility for ourselves, everything changes in our life, it really changes.

So it always depends on us whether we will enjoy life, enjoy it. And ways to learn how to enjoy life, and opportunities for this can always be found – there would be a desire. And if there is no desire, then you can awaken it in yourself – in the same way, without aiming at great things, but step by step, smile after smile, gratitude for gratitude.

Thank life for everything

Yes, of course, do not forget to thank for everything – life, people, the world, yourself, necessarily yourself too.And everything will be fine, there will be joy in life. It already exists – you just need to see it, realize it here and now, feel its presence in life, its value and thank. There is nothing in the world that does not respond to these feelings, so we will not go unheard. And our joy will always be with us.

Helen, thank you very much for such seemingly simple thoughts, but how much wisdom they have. To find such simple moments of joy, to notice them, to thank people, our life, ourselves for everything that is in our life.Comprehend the lessons of life, develop and move on. I believe that many, having read the article, will look a little differently at what is happening in their lives.

And for the soul, we will listen to a song that will give us a mood. Chris Norman. I miss you.

Wonderful video sequence, such positive music. More often, everyone needs to say wonderful words to themselves and accept with gratitude the warmth that we receive from our loved ones. For the simple joys in our life! Let there be more of them!

More often imagine yourself as a queen:

Beautiful, confident, wise and courageous.
On the way to fulfilling your cherished dream

Friends and flowers will be with you !!!

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    Living every day in our modern hectic world, we have completely forgotten how to recognize the value of every day.They stopped looking back at the past day and thought: what good happened in it? What have I learned during this day, who have I helped? How to learn to live now, this day, minute, moment? How to figure out which values ​​are eternal and which ones will be forgotten the next day? And finally, how to understand what makes us happy, cheerful, ready to discover more and more new horizons with the site

    Look at your surroundings

    Try to communicate with people who love you, support your endeavors, rejoice with you.Avoid contact with pessimistic people who transmit negative energy into your world. Such communication takes vitality and changes your angle of view in a negative direction.

    Learn to enjoy the little things, live today, now

    It seems so easy to enjoy the little things, but no, we just don’t notice them. A cup of coffee in the morning, a smile of a child, grateful eyes of a mother for a Skype call, a favorite song in the player, and there are thousands of such examples. All of them, precisely those little moments that make up our life.And we take them for granted, realizing their value only when we lose.

    Leave the past in the past, learn to forgive

    Learn not to regret what has already been done, because it can no longer be corrected. You cannot live in a world that no longer exists. All you can do is come to terms with what has already happened, understand and accept your mistakes; use them as a useful experience for your later life. Learn to forgive others and yourself, do not carry the burden of the past into your new happy life.Forget the phrase “what if …”, because history does not accept the subjunctive mood.

    Don’t worry about the future

    You cannot plan everything in advance and embrace the immensity. We don’t have a magic ball to look into the future, so worrying about it is pointless. Sometimes it is enough to believe that everything will be fine and life has prepared a happy scenario for you. What’s the point in worrying about things that haven’t happened yet?

    Fight your fears and take advantage of the opportunities

    Very often fear prevents us from taking the first step and this applies to all aspects of life: work, study, personal life.We are constantly in doubt: will it work out or not, can we trust this person or not? If you are afraid, you are losing the opportunities that life presents to you. Therefore, act today, create, learn, confess your feelings. Do not put off anything until later, because tomorrow you may not have such an opportunity.

    Stop comparing your life to the lives of other people

    Looking at your circle of friends, acquaintances, relatives and friends, the thought often creeps in that fate is more favorable to them than to ourselves, but this is not so.We, as a rule, do not think about what they had to sacrifice, what to endure in order to achieve this or that result. The only person with whom you can compare yourself is yourself. If you become better, more interesting, more successful in something than your previous “version”, then you are on the right track.

    Try to learn something new for yourself every day

    Living today means discovering the world over and over again, every day. If you were going to start drawing all your life – start, put off learning languages ​​- put a mobile application that will help you for 10-15 minutes every day, etc.Try to say yes to new people and new relationships in your life.

    Thank yourself and other people

    Until a person learns to relate to everything that happens in his life with gratitude, he is unlikely to learn to live today. Get yourself a gratitude diary and write down everything you are willing to say thank you for. This applies to both the good and bad moments in your life. For example: your heel is broken, thank you for that as an excuse to buy new shoes.

    Believe in yourself and your strength

    Often we doubt our strengths and our actions, not listening to our own feelings.Start trusting your intuition. With the help of it, the Universe tells us what will be best for us, you just need to learn to listen and hear its light hints.

    Be self-sufficient and happy, because our happiness depends only on ourselves from the site

    With age, you are less and less happy about little things and pleasant events. Often you catch yourself thinking that life is no longer the same as before, that it has lost its bright colors and found many problems and disappointments. Why is this happening? How to maintain a state of peace and celebration in your soul? Before answering these questions, you should understand yourself and try to create a world full of positive emotions out of everyday gray everyday life.

    Depression can become an extremely serious condition. How to survive it and learn to enjoy life again, the material in this article will help to understand.

    Depression symptoms

    Women are much more emotional than men. There are many symptoms of depression, but if at least a few of them are present throughout the month, you should seriously think about it. This is the condition that interferes with living fully, and work only worsens the general emotional background.

    Depression is usually divided according to the following manifestations:

  • despair;
  • constant feeling of melancholy;
  • depressed and sad mood;
  • aggravation of fears and phobias;
  • mood swings;
  • constant emotional stress and expectation of negative;
  • decreased self-confidence;
  • anxiety and constant fear for the health of relatives and friends;
  • a favorite business or hobby does not bring joy;
  • complete indifference to the outside world;
  • fear of making even a minor mistake while doing work.

Specialists in the field of psychology make the main emphasis when making a diagnosis if at least one symptom is present:

  • it is difficult for a person to make an independent decision;
  • have suicidal thoughts;
  • feeling of worthlessness and uselessness;
  • feeling of helplessness;
  • retarded thinking;
  • the presence of constant thoughts associated with anxiety for your life and the world in general;
  • inability to concentrate on the object of attention.

A psychologist only needs a few signs that appear for more than 3 weeks to diagnose a person with depression. This condition is quite insidious, therefore, timely recognition with subsequent action is necessary when early signs appear.

How to get rid of depression

Unfortunately, most people have a period when they do not want to do anything and give up. This is an unpleasant state, similar to a trap, from which it is rather difficult to get out.It has a detrimental effect on health, current affairs, relationships with family and friends. And you need to get out of it as quickly as possible.

Following the elementary rules, you can understand how to overcome depression and learn to enjoy life:

  1. Understand your feelings and clearly decide what you expect from the future. Initially, it will be difficult to focus on desires, since current problems, troubles at work or in personal life prevent you from creating a positive attitude.Perhaps, in those very everyday life, overflowing with difficulties, it is worth looking for pluses, thanks to which problems are resolved. Life is fleeting and constantly in full swing. And sometimes we have to accept its rules, the main thing is to see only the best sides in everything. Even if it is difficult to recognize them, you have to look. Only a positive attitude in any business and undertaking can bring success.
  2. There is a huge loss of energy in the constant thoughts of unfulfilled plans. To understand how to learn to enjoy the little things of life, such as the care of loved ones, which eventually ceases to be appreciated, you need to notice warmth and tenderness.And do not dwell on problems, sooner or later they will be solved, and you risk remaining in a depressed state.
  3. Learn to give love to loved ones constantly, to please with smiles and pleasant words. Such a regime will fill and act with healing power. And from the people loved and dear to the heart there will always be a return, which is also important.

There are a lot of opportunities related to how to learn to enjoy life, the advice of a psychologist provides, and most of them work great.The main thing is to start acting, and everything will work out!

Initially, in order for the day to work out, you need to learn to smile and enjoy life. Smiling opens up a huge flow of positive energy and should certainly become an obligatory ritual upon awakening. Even if a lot of unresolved problems, financial troubles and family misunderstandings have accumulated, look for the strength in yourself to remain happy, they definitely are.

We woke up, even with a lack of makeup and disheveled hair, which is not particularly conducive to such an action, we still perform and are charged with a positive mood.Gradually, this approach will develop into a habit, and it will become much easier. And the charge of vivacity will have a positive effect on the entire current day.

Going outside in the morning, on the way to work, try to smile at passers-by, especially small children, who will surely respond with a bright emotion and will certainly charge you with tenderness and a feeling of inner warmth.

If your place of work is located near your home, then give up transport or a personal car. Walk, breathe in the fresh air and look around, very often we do not notice the beautiful views around us, which have become commonplace.

Walking and physical activity have a positive effect on the release of the hormone of happiness in the body, and pushing on the bus or spending time in traffic jams, each person deprives himself of this unique opportunity.

Choose one day a week to take walks in the woods, biking, or evening runs around the stadium. Let it become a family tradition, which is not only for you, but also for the most beloved people.

Nothing can get you out of balance like exercising in the gym.If it is not possible to visit the complexes, you should devote time to home workouts, this will not only have a beneficial effect on the state of mind, but also perfectly tighten the figure. Sport has the ability to rid the head of unnecessary information.

And trips to the mountains or excursions will teach you how to enjoy life the way children do.

Only a reflection in a mirror that you like yourself can make a woman happy.

You should start with a change of style, perhaps the wardrobe lacks bright colors, or you have long wanted to update some of the items.

Visit a beauty salon. Change your hair color dramatically, and if you are afraid of such changes, you can give preference to a haircut, botox or lamination.

Spa treatments cannot leave anyone indifferent. Having plunged into the atmosphere of relaxation and having gone through several procedures of body wraps or massage, you feel like a completely different person. A woman who understands that you must always love yourself, and knows how to learn how to enjoy life.

Try to fill the interior of the house with exquisite decor items.Arrange candles in the bathroom that have a seductive and enticing scent. In the kitchen, it is advisable to use vanilla or cinnamon sticks, which create a feeling of comfort and warmth. All this has a positive effect on the state of peace.

Create and record your dreams. They are able to take out of the daily routine.

Only when there are goals and plans, life gives chances for their implementation, and sometimes we simply do not notice them.

You can dream about what seems unattainable.About buying a luxury country house, a long vacation in the Maldives, buying an amazing foreign car, and more.

It is important to focus on real goals: to lose weight by 4-9 kg or to do an expensive procedure in a beauty salon. All these achievements fill the everyday with little joys.

Compose dreams, they make life interesting and fulfilling.

How can we learn to be positive and enjoy life when negative thoughts and emotions deprive us of mental balance, we lose strength and are physically exhausted? Sometimes only a positive attitude can help you cope with all the problems in complete peace of mind.No one gets better from the fact that a person is nervous, troubles are not resolved faster and health is not added, rather, on the contrary.

Therefore, you need to solve problems in a positive mood and with a smile on your face. Life is one, and it must be appreciated.

Constant presence on two tracks “home – work” and spending time at the TV only drive you into the frame of indignation.

Even trips over short distances can envelop you in an atmosphere of happiness, joy and help you learn to enjoy life again.How it works? Learning new places and enjoying the beauties of nature, people are able to be filled with emotions that make them love life and enjoy every day.

If it is possible to go abroad, then this is amazing. New culture, acquaintance with other people and beauty will charge you with favorable energy for a long time, and memories of the trip will only warm up positive emotions associated with rest.

What could be better than going shopping with friends.Buying a stunning new set of lingerie, a delicious perfume, an exquisite pair of shoes or clothes can make everyone feel like a happy person.

So that shopping is not ultimately accompanied by negative emotions, it is necessary to avoid too high costs. For such cases, try to create a list of desirable things in advance so that you do not make thoughtless and unnecessary purchases while shopping.

Well, after a tiring shopping, you can sit in a cafe with friends over a cup of aromatic coffee and sincere conversations.

Try to look for happiness in small things, enjoy the good weather, the sun outside the window and beautiful landscapes.

Surround your space with cute things. A beautiful set will make the daily process of tea extraordinary. A picture drawn by a child, which can be hung in a prominent place, will warm the soul.

A funny trinket in the form of a keychain for keys to an apartment or a car can also contribute to a wonderful perception.

Many people are very demanding of themselves and have long been looking for a way to learn how to enjoy a simple life.It is quite difficult for them to work on themselves. First of all, in such a situation, you should pay attention to other people and conduct a comparison analysis. Most often, others are much worse off, there are those whose problems and life situations can make you cry, but they love to live and continue to do it, despite the difficulties and troubles.

Not everyone will like the empathy method, but in some cases it works quite well.

Only a hobby, passion or favorite work can inspire us to an undertaking that can fill our life with joy and teaches us to surrender with all our soul, as if a whole mission is being carried out.If your current place of work brings only worries and frustrations, it may be time to think about changing it. Doing a useful and favorite thing ennobles, fills a person with energy and strength to move forward.

By following most of the recommendations, you can easily overcome depression and learn to enjoy life every day. And this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Of course, working on yourself is a rather laborious task, but it’s worth it.And it should be remembered that each person creates his own happiness with his own hands.

90,000 Psychologist: After the coronavirus pandemic, people will appreciate their relatives more and enjoy little things – Moscow City News Agency

After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, people will be more attentive to friends and family, as well as enjoy the little things. Yulia Chelysheva, a member of the Federation of Educational Psychologists of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor of the Moscow City Pedagogical University, informed the Moscow City News Agency about this.

“It is quite obvious that after the pandemic the world will change, people will look differently at many aspects of their lives. Naturally, there will be a reassessment of values. We already understand how much we lack elementary walks, communication with friends, meetings in a cafe, and we are trying to restore this with online chats or conferences. We got away with the little joys that, in fact, made our day. Therefore, when the pandemic is over, I think many will have an increased sense of the taste of life, the enjoyment of life. We will appreciate our friends and relatives more, rejoice in little things, ”said Yulia Chelysheva.

In her opinion, many people will become more attentive to their own health – both physical and mental.

“Finally, there will be a realization that mental health is just as important as physical health. Nervous breakdowns and negative emotional states come precisely due to the fact that a person did not pay enough attention to mental health, was not ready for new living conditions. That is why hard work on oneself, constant self-regulation is necessary – these are important characteristics that help to overcome crisis times, ”the psychologist emphasized.

Yulia Chelysheva added that the coronavirus will help to understand which friends and relatives are truly dear.

“Everything will fall into place. Couples who live for a long time by inertia are now realizing their importance or insignificance for each other. It is possible that relations between relatives will be strengthened. When the pandemic is over, calling parents, communicating with children will become not just a habit or a duty, but a need, an integral part of your life. Moreover, the story of the coronavirus is perhaps a significant element of the common family background.Someone had tests in the nineties, someone – during the financial and economic crisis, now – in the era of the coronavirus. The history of the unity of the people, uniting everyone, young and old, will be discussed in the family and passed on from generation to generation, as a reminder of the common misfortune that we managed to endure together, ”the agency’s interlocutor added.

90,000 great gift worthy of only a select few

The ability to surround oneself with worthy things is a real art, which only a few who know how to see and appreciate every little thing in their environment are capable of mastering.If you are used to pampering yourself with expensive gifts, pay special attention to exclusive handmade jewelry boxes made of precious metals and unique ornamental materials. Made according to the author’s design sketches, these products delight with thoughtfulness and sophistication, and their appearance is able to attract attention even against the background of a luxurious interior. Purchasing such a box is perhaps the best way to demonstrate to those around you your exceptional status and impeccable taste.

Making exclusive boxes: things made with love

Making an exclusive item against the backdrop of modern abundance is a difficult but doable task.Especially if professionals take on the job, having thoroughly studied the preferences of successful and wealthy people with good taste and particular exactingness in matters of expensive purchases. In the skillful hands of craftsmen, precious natural materials take on an amazing shape and volume, turning into an original product that has no worthy analogues.

  • – Use of exclusive materials. From lapis lazuli and opal to dinobon, which is organic crystals – the mineral-rich bone fossils of a real dinosaur.Substances of natural origin have an original texture and high strength, which guarantees aesthetics and a long service life of a new product.
  • – The use of natural stones with a rich “deep” texture turns the box into a work of art, where you can endlessly admire the transitions of shades and the whimsical play of light in the labyrinths of the stone structure.
  • – Exterior finishes with gold-plated silver, gold, bronze and precious stones are tailored to the theme of the product and emphasize its exclusivity.Corners, a lock, a surface finish and a reinforced lower part – for each element, a unique decor design is developed, transforming the finish into a logically complete composition. Each part of the decoration is drawn and made with increased precision, which softens the massiveness of the structure and gives it lightness and grace.
  • – Reliable fixation of the lid and pleasant massiveness of the product give it additional charm and respectability. It is pleasant to pick up such a thing in order to enjoy the inaudible pulsation of the stone and feel the spirit of the times, which has presented to mankind an exclusive material with unique external advantages.

To the listed advantages, it is worth adding the manufacture of elements with jewelry precision, their careful adjustment and the use of branded fittings that fit into the overall context of the product.

Why You Should Give Yourself This Luxurious Gift

Things that surround a person in everyday life can tell a lot of interesting things about their owner. And an exclusive handmade box decorating a massive table in a solid office or a mantel in the living room will unmistakably point to its owner as a successful and respectable person who knows the value of himself and the objects around him.Moreover:

  • • this model will be an excellent gift for an important business partner, successful leader, father or other person who plays a special role in your life;
  • • exclusive products are constantly growing in value, and over time this acquisition will become a real family treasure that can be inherited;
  • • with the help of the box, you can add a special charm to the atmosphere of the room and make its atmosphere a little softer and more comfortable;
  • • Possession of a premium product will give you additional confidence in your abilities and will become a support in difficult times that require making difficult and responsible decisions.

Please note: the box can be used without restrictions for storing jewelry, precious little things or good branded cigars. The inner and outer surface of the models does not absorb odors and does not need complex maintenance to maintain a flawless appearance. It is enough just to periodically remove dust from it, so that the box will delight you for many years, and its exquisite design will not lose its charm.

How to order

To clarify the characteristics of the model you like and discuss the terms of its purchase, contact the employees of the Jewelery Collection company in any convenient way.Qualified specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose a worthy gift that will become a tangible symbol of your high standard of life. In addition, they will tell you about current promotional offers that allow you to make your favorite valuable purchase at a bargain price.

Exclusive boxes from the Yuvelirnaya Collection company: give the best that money can buy!


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