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how French watchmaker Lip brought design to the watch world

Before falling victim to a syndrome of corporate and industrial maladies in the Seventies, a grande dame of French watchmaking bowed out with a last-ditch blizzard of bombastic designs – since established as cult collectables.

Think about it: unlike fashion, furniture, architecture or anything defined by aesthetics, watches very rarely bear the hallmark of famous designers. Off the top of your head, who actually is there? Well, Gérald Genta of course, but following the Seventies hit parade of the Ingenieur, Royal Oak, and Nautilus, his eponymous enterprise went through the mill before becoming a Bulgari hybrid, Genta himself resting in peace. Of relatively recent times, there’s Ross Lovegrove and his ill-fated affair with TAG Heuer; Marc Newson’s Ikepod and Jaeger-LeCoultre dalliances before the call of Cupertino; and to a certain degree Philippe Starck who, in a worthy break from Fossil territory, set auction rooms alight in collaboration with Richard Mille back in 2008.

Most others, however, quickly learn that you must either play by the cardinal Swiss rule of anonymity (no famous makers or designers, just famous brands) or learn to respect the belief that brands are perfectly capable of designing their own watches, thank you very much. Not to mention the plain fact that watches are difficult beasts to tame on paper. Any would-be darling of the Wallpaper* crowd will soon realise that topping-off a portfolio of lemon squeezers, chairs and door knobs with a token watch presents a far greater challenge than previously imagined. Just try it – you won’t get much further than a circle with two hands before it starts looking like a Flik Flak.

This is the kind of thing LIP customers were familiar with in the 1950s and 1960s


So what exactly was Lip thinking when, in 1974, amidst uprising trade unions, waning profits and the looming threat of Far Eastern quartz, it drafted in not one, not two, but seven high-profile, external designers – few of whom had had any experience designing watches? While still a rare occurrence nowadays, back then this was unheard-of: a melting pot of pan-European industrial, architectural, interior, and graphic designers, all given carte blanche by Lip, regardless of its 107-year reputation for mass-produced, everyman watches. As Kevin Carrere of Lip’s modern revivalist, Manufacture Générale Horlogère puts it, “The term ‘watch designer’ just didn’t exist in France back then. This was a very new, daring idea. Especially as Lip held a similar status to Ford in France; it was universally known and virtually everyone had one.”

Inevitably, the results of Lip’s gamble were, in the vernacular of the time, far out. Rectangular cases, multicoloured pushers, asymmetry… Everything Lip didn’t stand for, in other words.

One of the seven new designs was the “Exceptional” by Rudi Meyer. Could it have been the inspiration for the Bell & Ross BR01?


These were desperate measures for desperate times. In 1954, Lip’s Besançon factory had boasted 1,500 employees and was turning out 300,000 watches a year, making Lip France’s biggest watch producer by far. It was also the same year Lip developed the revolutionary Fifty Fathoms diver’s watch on behalf of a certain Swiss watchmaker. In keeping with the progressive mood of the era, a nine-year collaboration with Elgin elicited the ‘electric’ R27 movement of 1958, generally recognised as being superior to Hamilton’s 500. It was marketed successfully, improved upon and subsequently sold to Waltham and Benrus.

But times were a-changing – and it wasn’t just the advent of quartz. In the early 1960s, the French market was flooded with cheaper, lower-quality watches and Lip’s key selling points – accuracy, quality, and reliability – were no longer valid. In a market growing at 10 per cent, Lip’s sales were only growing at 3 per cent, and one of their major shareholders pulled out. Chairman, Fred Lip – his name shortened from ‘Lipmann’ – was forced to stand down in 1971 by majority shareholder and ETA forebear Ebauches SA, ending more than a century of family ownership.

A mirror-polished chrome version of Roger Tallon’s Mach 2000


Shortly before his exit, however, one of Fred’s last acts paved a brave new way for his successor, Claude Neuschwander: he hired an illustrator and package designer by the name of Prince Francois de Baschmakoff. De Baschmakoff’s treatment of the Lip brand was as dramatic a departure from Lip’s usual round or tonneau three-handers as one could imagine – thin, oblong cases bearing concentric-disc jump-hour displays, born by wide, integrated straps. The sort of thing you see slavishly mimicked by Diesel, Nixon and Fossil nowadays. The stage was now set for a major shake-up.


Neuschwander, a former advertising man, went on to recruit six more modernist draughtsmen, each at the top of their game at a time of breakneck dynamism: air travel, space travel, a dawning computer age, vibrant pop culture… Amazingly, it’s all there in wristwatch format, as interpreted by Roger Tallon, Isabelle Hebey, Michel Boyer, Marc Held, Michel Kinn, and Rudi Meyer.

Of the seven, Roger Tallon has arguably had the most lasting influence, and remains the most prolific both in terms of his work for Lip and his career as a whole. Most famously, before arriving at Besançon in 1974, he’d already designed the futuristic locomotive and carriages for France’s new Train Grande Vitesse (TGV) rail network. TGV’s aerodynamic nose remains virtually unchanged today and its influence can be seen in Germany’s ICE trains and the Eurostar. A true renaissance man, Tallon also turned his pen to portable TVs, the world’s first helicoid staircase, 8mm cine cameras, motorcycles – anything ripe for his timely fusion of utilitarian lines and colourful, moulded curves.

Roger Tallon’s now-famous Mach 2000 design; still in production today


Tallon’s ‘Mach 2000’ range has since become an icon for Lip. The D-shaped case and coloured ball-pushers set into negative spaces was (and still is) completely fresh. It has a consistency and strength of character for interpretation across a diverse range, from sideways Ds to upright Ds and rectangles; from two pushers and a crown, to a single crown. What’s more, Lip has kept the logo that Tallon designed for his dials as the brand’s trademark. Its use of childlike primary colours and shapes even pre-dated the Italian “Memphis” art movement of the Eighties – described by one critic as “a shotgun wedding between Bauhaus and Fisher-Price”.

Then there were the jump-hour watches of Berschmakoff and blocky, hinged minimalism of Isabelle Hebey, who was responsible for Concorde’s interior and another ubiquitously enduring shape: Honda’s “H” motif.

Another Rudi Meyer design, the Galaxie


Back in 1976 though, when Lip finally launched these outlandish new babies, it was a case of too much too late. Since 1973, the company had been locked in an extraordinary series of strikes and employment disputes that daily newspaper Liberation described as “the social conflict of the 1970s”.


For eight months prior to Neuschwander’s election, the factory had even been occupied and worker-managed, under the slogan, “C’est possible: on fabrique, on vend, on se paie!” (It is possible: we make them, we sell them, we get paid!). It is a fascinating tale of French social conflict, probably best left to the pages of political textbooks. For our purposes, suffice to say Lip’s inevitable liquidation concluded in 1977, commencing a dark and faltering era for this grande dame of French horology.

The current incarnation of the brand is better built than you might expect – not the Valjoux chronographs of old, obviously, though still driven by solid Rondas and cased in chunky steel – but that’s to miss the point; it’s all about the out-there looks and the out-of-the-box decisions that led to them.

Just recently, watch brands have started to embrace the designer again – most notably Rado, which has strong roots in this domain. The reimagining of the Ceramica by Konstantin Grcic last year shows that some of the bravery displayed by Lip might be returning to the industry. Elsewhere, the strength of brands such as Junghans, Nomos Glashutte and Bell & Ross demonstrates what can be done with a design-first philosophy.

OBITUARY : Fred Lipmann | The Independent

It was in 1864 that Manuel Lipmann founded the factory at Besancon which was to create the famous Lip watch. It was in 1904 that Ernest Lip worked with the Curies to create a watch with illuminated hands so that they could be seen in the dark. In 1952 their grandson and son Frederic invented the electronic watch.

Lip was thus a great French achievement. The French were beating the Swiss at their own game. The days of French technological backwardness were over. And in Fred Lipmann they had a businessman who rivalled Henry Ford in ability and character. He was himself a skilful manipulator of machines and had, in his youth, invented a new type of motor-cycle. He organised his factory on the most modern methods. He installed a creche for the benefit of his many women workers, and he decorated the entrance to his factory with astrological signs and with a portrait of himself in conversation with Einstein.

His relations with his workforce were equally eccentric. He paid good wages and he was concerned about their welfare; he spoke to them frequently and they admired his skill and his knowledge of their work. But at the same time it was impossible to have a discussion with him, whether the would-be interlocutor was a colleague, a trade-union leader, a government inspector of factories, or a supplier. “Le Fred”, as he was called, was not popular in Besancon.

And there was much that was wrong with Lip. In spite of its fame, it was small even in French terms. Various parts were manufactured in Besancon which could have been bought more cheaply from outside. The electronic watch, supposedly the greatest invention in time-keeping instruments since the 18th century, was not appreciated by everyone and at one point you were described as being a traitor to the working class if you had a watch that did not need winding.

More importantly, Japanese and Swiss competition got the better of Lip and soon it was impossible to pay the relatively high wages as profits declined. Lipmann was obliged to accept that a Swiss firm should take over much of his capital and in February 1971, at the age of 65, he decided to retire.

But in June 1973, Lip achieved its greatest fame. On 12 June a worker found a briefcase lying unattended in the factory, and when he opened it he discovered scribbled notes written by one of the administrators of the company that had acquired Lip. He discovered that some 480 of the workforce (numbering 1,300 in all) were to be dismissed and that the diversification of production which Lipmann had introduced when he realised that the sale of watches was declining was to be abolished. This involved the manufacture of machine tools and some products for the air force.

The news of these intentions spread rapidly to the workers, the majority of whom were members of trade unions. By 4.30 in the afternoon they had occupied the factory and had taken two senior administrators prisoners, along with a government inspector. The police threatened to intervene and by midnight they had freed their prisoners but had seized the whole stock of watches. “We have lost our human hostages, we must therefore have a material hostage” was the statement issued by Charles Piaget, a union leader who had taken command of the operation.

For the next four years the “affaire Lip” dazzled French opinion. Here was a factory, occupied by the workers, who sold the watches they had seized and who paid themselves, who went on to manufacture more watches and to sell them according to prices which they fixed for themselves. The prime minister, Pierre Messmer, periodically announced that Lip was finished and subsequently claimed that the affaire had continued because the newspapers had little else to write about and because his minister for industrial development, Jean Charbonnel, was incompetent.

Charbonnel, in his memoirs, claimed that there was something about the workers making their own watches, selling them and paying their own wages, which seemed to symbolise the romanticism of revolt. Many were those who proudly acquired one of the independent Lip watches, including Francois Mitterrand, but including too many Gaullists.

Lipmann watched what was happening with mixed feelings. He condemned the administrators who had stopped making the diversified products. He condemned the government that was unhelpful, remembering how he had given one of the first electronic watches to General de Gaulle, who had accepted it enthusiastically. He did not believe that the workers would have turned against him. But he did not believe either that Lip could survive, even when it became a co-operative in 1976. It was declared bankrupt in 1990. Lipmann encouraged Jean-Claude Sensemat to buy the name which, in this way, persists.

The union leader Piaget has said that when all was over he received the most friendly letters from Lipmann. He was not surprised. Lipmann was an unusual man in every way.

Douglas Johnson

Frederic Lipmann, watch manufacturer: born Besancon, France 2 November 1905; died Besancon 9 November 1996.

How LIP And Timex Became Involved In Two Of The 20th Century’s Most Vicious Industrial Disputes – Quill & Pad

If you were to ask people about the first watch they received as a child, the majority would probably say it was a Timex.

Timex traces its origins back to the Waterbury Clock Company in Connecticut, the “Switzerland of America,” producing affordable, sturdy, and reliable timepieces. During the post-war period, the company expanded its production operations worldwide: attracted by subsidies and tax incentives put in place to revive the UK’s former industrial heartlands, Timex Corporation set up a watch and printed circuit board production facility in the city of Dundee on the east coast of Scotland.

Many miles away, there’s a shadow on the door
of a cottage on the shore
of a dark Scottish lake . . .
                    – The Police, “Synchronicity II”

Better known for jute spinning and jam-making, Dundee had no historical link to watchmaking, but at its peak Timex Dundee employed 7,000 skilled workers, mostly women, and often several generations of the same family.

1980s Timex assembly line workforce in Dundee, Scotland (photo courtesy www.

Like watch manufacturers everywhere, in the 1970s Timex was hit hard by the flood of cheaper, more accurate quartz watches from the Far East. Timex Dundee survived by picking up a lucrative contract manufacturing Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX 81 and Spectrum computers, but in 1981 this contract went elsewhere when Sinclair was absorbed into Amstrad.

Timex then struggled, in the early 1990s parachuting in Peter Hall, an anti-trade union CEO, to sort out the mess. Little did he suspect the resistance that he would meet from the plant’s predominantly female workforce.

“Oh,” she laughed. “Right here the men do the dishes and the women do the fighting . . .”

Picket lines and striking workers were an almost daily sight on television news bulletins in 1970s and 1980s Britain, and the term “scab” (a derogatory name for strike-breaking workers, the secondary object of the strikers’ venom after the management itself) was added to the English language.

But the anger and violence that broke out in Dundee when Timex moved to close the plant took the vehemence of the demonstrations to a new level.

Pickets and police outside the Timex factory in Dundee, 1993 (photo courtesy Morning Star Online)

After issuing a warning to the plant’s employees in December 1992 that there would be redundancies, Peter Hall sent out redundancy letters on January 5, 1993, which the employees rejected, occupying the canteen and voting 92 percent in favor of strike action.

The management prevaricated, rejecting all mediation until January 29, on which date the remaining workers went on strike. They turned up for work en masse on February 17 but were told that they could only work if they accepted a 10-percent wage and pension cut, which they refused.

At this point strikebreakers were brought in to keep the plant running, and the picketing of the plant began in earnest, continuing until Timex closed the plant in August of that year.

Timex brought in replacement workers through the picket line (photo courtesy

Each day, buses arrived carrying strikebreaking workers to be met by a barrage of demonstrators blocking their way, resulting in violent scuffles as police sought to clear a way for the buses.

The strikers’ determination was rooted in Dundee’s historic past as the world’s leading jute processing center, itself based on Britain’s exclusive control of fiber and other commodity plantations from China to Ghana. The jute plants were long gone but the social and family structures remained in place when companies like NCR and Timex set up in the city.

The women who worked at Timex were often their families’ sole breadwinners, their manual worker menfolk being reduced to the role of stay-at-home husbands who referred to themselves disparagingly as “kettle-boilers.”

And these were the women involved in the daily standoffs with the police at the factory gates, soon joined by labor activists and militants from other regions of the UK. Strikebreakers had petrol bombs thrown at their front doors and were ostracized in and around the city for years after the conflict ended.

Timex’s management decided to wind up the company definitively on Sunday, August 29. Early the next morning the Independent reported: “The closure, which came earlier than had been planned, caught union officials on the hop. Sacked workers were setting off to picket a Timex factory in France.”

And now for something completely different: LIP in France

Another industrial ugly morning
he wanders unhindered through the picket lines today 
– The Police, “Synchronicity II”

Twenty years earlier, French watch manufacturer LIP was embroiled in an industrial dispute that made Timex Dundee look like a storm in a teacup.

Although it was at one point the world’s seventh largest watch manufacturer, LIP is little known outside France: I recently enlightened a well-known watchmaker that the letters “L I P” on the rotor of a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms were not just the logo of Blancpain’s French distributor, but the name of France’s leading watchmaker, which had itself turned down the French military dive watch contract that was subsequently awarded to Blancpain, resulting in the Fifty Fathoms.

In a moment reminiscent of the record producer who turned down the Beatles, saying “guitar groups are on the way out,” the LIP management at the time had considered that dive watches “had no future.

Nevertheless, early Fifty Fathoms models featured the LIP R108, itself based on the A. Schild AS 1361, among others.

An early Blancpain Fifty Fathoms powered by LIP Caliber R108 (photo courtesy

LIP enjoys unswerving loyalty from both watch enthusiasts and “normal people” alike in France. Older generations associate it with the “Trente Glorieuses,” the thirty-year period of uninterrupted post-war economic growth during which families acquired the trappings of economic success: Renault and Peugeot cars, Arthur Martin refrigerators, Teppaz portable record players, and LIP watches – all made in France. LIP even put out a “Dauphine”-branded model as a nod to the popular Renault Dauphine.

The French watch and clock industry dates back to the 1790s when the dismantling of the Catholic trades corporations meant that France’s protestant and Jewish communities were able to set up in manufacturing.

The départements bordering Switzerland became the cradle of France’s horological industry, with Comptoirs Lipmann founded in 1868 by Emmanuel Lipmann.

Over the next 100 years, LIP watches boasted numerous novel developments such as phosphorescent dials (using materials sourced directly from Marie and Pierre Curie), bimetallic Elgiloy hairsprings, and its own electronic and quartz watches.

The company also developed successful divisions manufacturing precision tools and military equipment for satellites. At its peak the company had 1,500 employees (predominantly female, like Timex) producing 300,000 watches per year and enjoyed marketing agreements with Breitling and Blancpain.

A 1950s LIP Jourdate (photo courtesy Colin Alexander Smith)

Unlike the watches produced by Timex, the mechanical wristwatches manufactured by LIP between 1940 and 1970 are remarkable for their slim profile cases, timeless design, and highly finished and reassuringly heavy movements.

When you dig one out of a dusty estate-sale box in a brocante in France, it (as Steve Jobs liked to say of the iPhone) “just works.” Once cleaned up (servicing is rarely necessary), vintage LIP wristwatches are snapped up for good prices by a horde of predominantly nostalgia-driven collectors (“c’était la montre de mon grand-père”) who constantly monitor the auction sites.

1950s LIP Caliber R105 (photo courtesy Colin Alexander Smith)

Business conditions deteriorated in the 1960s, however, and Emmanuel Lipmann’s son Fred sold 33 percent of the company to Ebauches S.A (part of ASUAG, which subsequently became the base of Swatch Group).

By 1971, Lipmann had been squeezed out and new managing director Jacques Saint-Esprit was soon looking to implement redundancies to keep the company afloat. In 1973 Saint Esprit resigned, and all hell broke loose.

At a meeting between the company’s directors and works committee to discuss the parent company’s plans for the future, a worker grabbed a director’s briefcase and made off with its contents.

Inside were documents setting out plans to close all the company’s divisions except for watchmaking, which would be turned over entirely to assembling watches made entirely of Swiss parts. LIP was to become a mere assembly outpost for the Swiss watch industry.

The best was yet to come: at another meeting to discuss redundancies at the Besançon plant in April, the workers kidnapped the directors and took them hostage. Documents were found in an office setting out, in highly derogatory terms, the parent company’s plans for “getting rid of” the company’s workers.

Riot police were called in to obtain the release of the kidnapped directors by force rather than negotiation. The workers then stole the company’s entire stock of watches and hid them in a local monastery.

In response to the closure, 12,000 sympathizers marched through the streets of Besançon. On receiving their final dismissal letters, the LIP employees decided to relaunch the business themselves under autogestion – self-management.

With a totally flat production and management structure, the workers resumed making watches at their own pace, each selling the watches that he or she could, multitasking where necessary by answering the telephone or arranging deliveries.

The whole operation – handling and selling stolen goods – was totally illegal, and yet supportive buyers queued up from all over France up to buy the watches as a token of support.

Independent analysis of the documents obtained from the management’s offices revealed the premeditated nature of the Swiss takeover and subsequent closures. As Bordeaux-based horologist Paul Bouyssou describes it in his excellent article (in French), “LIP, la fin de l’horlogerie française:

“Initial findings show that the policy of the Swiss company Ebauches AG was destructive and premeditated. The documents reveal systematic and well-orchestrated looting. The Swiss must have been alarmed by this jewel of the watchmaking industry, which was producing watches as good as or even better than their own. As a means to regaining lost market share, the old Trojan horse trick was diabolically effective.”

From the outset, Ebauche S.A.’s plan had been to run the French marque into the ground and turn it into a French production outpost for Swiss components, thereby regaining access to a market that it had lost.

By this point the strike had become an affair of state. A government mediator was appointed to negotiate with the head of the CFDT union, but to no avail. After riot police retook possession of the factory on August 14, 1973 and put an end to autogestion, on September 29 100,000 miners, national servicemen, and even competing watch manufacturers converged on Besançon to protest the scandal.

Unlike their Scottish colleagues at Timex Dundee, the LIP workers eventually scored a victory of sorts – in exchange for the return of the stolen watches and the proceeds of the sales in the interim, a takeover was agreed and the workers were gradually re-employed on full pay. But the company changed hands several times in the ensuing years, including another attempt at autogestion in 1976, and never regained its previous glories.

In the early 2000s LIP was relaunched as a design and marketing operation selling watches made by a Hong Kong company through mail order and as giveaways with magazine prescriptions.

I own one of these watches, which looks in my opinion much like an A. Lange & Söhne Tourbograph Pour le Mérite/Langematik homage model featuring a Shanghai 2L27 movement, of which I am particularly fond as it was the first watch I took to pieces, eventually replacing the movement with a more recent and more accurate version.

But LIP collectors detest it, deleting it from internet forums if I even post photos of it as it represents LIP’s low point – for them it doesn’t have what they call LIP’s “DNA.”

A 2000s LIP powered by a Shanghai 2L27 movement (photo courtesy Colin Alexander Smith)

So where are Timex and LIP now?

Timex as a brand has been through a series of transnational corporate transformations and has successfully ridden out the massive changes seen in the watch industry and in manufacturing in general over the last 50 years.

Among others, it produced the Ironman, the world’s most successful sports watch of the pre-connected era, and the Indiglo with its backlit dial, which became a massive hit after a rescue worker led 40 people to safety from the World Trade Center bombing using the light from his Indiglo.

More recently, the reissue of the 1979 Q Timex Pepsi Diver has gained quite a following on social media.

On perusing the Timex website, one is struck by one thing, however: the watches are worryingly cheap, as in “cheaper than Daniel Wellington” cheap.

Nothing of money, nothing of Swiss . . .
      – from an old Portuguese-English phrasebook

At the time of writing, the LIP story does have a relatively happy ending and is more satisfying from a horological point of view.

The classic LIP models have been relaunched in both quartz and mechanical versions, including the Nautic Ski dive watch, the Dauphine, the T18 (as presented to Winston Churchill), and the Himalaya (a model originally created in 1950 for Maurice Herzog’s ascent of Annapurna, thereby stealing a march on Smiths, Tudor, and Rolex).

LIP Himalaya (photo courtesy Colin Alexander Smith)

They are, to a substantial degree, “made in France” – the Miyota (Citizen) movements are shipped from Japan as parts and assembled and regulated in Besançon before being fitted with Swiss dials and hands in Chinese stainless steel cases. Given that France has one of the highest labor and social security burdens in Europe, this combination of global and local production is essential to the company’s survival.

The product range accurately reflects the “Trente Glorieuses” spirit and the aforementioned “LIP DNA,” so LIP is well placed to gain from the current revival in interest in mechanical watches while maintaining realistic price levels.

LIP’s current marketing campaign features a heavily bearded “Lipster” (photo courtesy Colin Alexander Smith)

For more information on these companies’ current iterations, please visit and/or

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The Art of Time: Roger Tallon and the Lip Mach 2000 Chronograph

After the Model M400, Tallon continued his streak of eccentric brilliance, penning the all-screen Teleavia P111 portable television which, oddly enough, went to market against his wishes. Convinced there was no market for such a product and disavowing the entire project, Tallon walked away from the P111 just in time to watch it revolutionize television design.

Photo credit:

A few years later in 1973, Tallon was approached by struggling French watchmaker Lip to design a new series of sport watches. His proposal, the Mach 2000 collection, featured a handful of strikingly beautiful watches, the most famous of which is undoubtedly the Dark Master chronograph.

Mach 2000 “Electrique”; photo credit:

The Lip Mach 2000 chronograph boasts a design that garners strong immediate impressions. Looking equal parts modern architecture and expensive children’s toy, it’s impossible to mistake for anything else. Upon breaking the design down, however, it’s surprisingly minimal, almost sparse.

Take the dial, for example. White, equal-length hours and minutes markers form a smooth implied circle around simplistic printed sub-dials at nine and three. The hands are squared-off white sticks, and the chronograph functions (central chronograph seconds and a 30-minute sub-dial at three) are color-coded in yellow for easy visibility. An unobtrusive date window at six and a small Lip logo above it round out the dial.

Photo credit:

Taken on its own, the dial is incredibly restrained, calling Dieter Rams and Braun to mind. Put it into the context of the watch, however, and Tallon’s sense of fun shines through. That Spartan dial is well offset from the center of the blacked-out case (a full decade before Giugiaro did the same with his Seikos, it must be said), with the three o’clock edge of the dial just drawing level with the three o’clock hooded lug and allowing a flat side to the case at three. Taken from above, the case is a near-perfect half oval punctuated only by the cutouts for the crown and pushers. It’s very nearly slab-sided, with only a single wide bevel around the edge to break up the shape and draw your eye to the Mach 2000’s party piece—its pushers.

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This Lipsy ladies watch has a white dial with three hand movement, crystal set hour markers. It is set in a stainless steel case with Lipsy London engraved white bezel and a white plastic strap.
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The Lip 1872112 Mens Big TV Automatic Collection is a Black Dial with a Black Leather Strap.
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Discounted Lip watches at

This fantastic range of designer Lip watches not only look great, they will also save you money compared to the recommended retail price. Find Designer Watches works with a wide range of quality watch suppliers to find you the best choice of discounted Lip watches. These cheap Lip watches are great value for money and are the perfect treat for you or present for someone special in your life.


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SOLD 2015 Lip ‘Fred Lip 1952’

Lip are one of France’s leading watchmakers, and this model was bought out to celebrate Fred Lip (Or Lipmann to be 100% accurate) who ran the company for 51 years.


From the serial number on the case back that we sent to Lip’s very helpful customer service they have confirmed that this watch was made in May 2015.


The Lip company goes back to 1844. Their history includes working with Pierre and Marie Curie to develop phosphorescent dials, pioneering adventures in electronic watches (hence the lightning bolt second hand on this watch), the must sought after Nautic-Ski and later the Roger Tallon Mach 2000 models.

This model is a lot more conservative than watches like the Mach 2000. Inspired by the 1952 prototype electronic watch, this Fred Lip model has ELECTRONIC across the dial but it actually has a modern quartz watch for reliability and far less servicing costs. This also features a quick set date. The watch arrived with us on the original branded strap, but we have replaced that for a new strap while retaining the original buckle. We will include the original strap with the watch. The second hand elevates the design completely.

This watch will be supplied with our branded presentation box and our Certificate of Authenticity.

Please see the HD video for more detail. All photos and videos are part of the description and are of the actual watch unless mentioned. We do not photoshop any pictures, and the images are copyright of and should not be used without permission.


Width with crown 37.5 mm

Width without crown 35.0 mm

Between lugs 18 mm

Lug to lug length 40.5 mm

Case Thickness 11.8 mm

All sizes are approximate.

Included with this watch is a 2 month guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses. If you live outside the UK we can still deliver to most countries. Please see our Worldwide Shipping information, or Contact Us. Payment can be made by most credit or debit cards, bank transfer or PayPal.

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Jewellery & Watches Body Jewellery UK Stainless Steel Lip Bar Labret Stud Tragus Ring Various Colours 16G 1.2mm

UK Stainless Steel Lip Bar Labret Stud Tragus Ring Various Colours 16G 1.2mm

UK Stainless Steel Lip Bar Labret Stud Tragus Ring Various Colours 16G 1.2mm,Stud Tragus Ring Various Colours 16G 1.2mm UK Stainless Steel Lip Bar Labret,2mm), Material: 316L Stainless Steel,Gauge: 16G (1, Best Price Free Worldwide Shipping Wholesale the latest products, quality assurance! Ring Various Colours 16G 1.2mm UK Stainless Steel Lip Bar Labret Stud Tragus

UK Stainless Steel Lip Bar Labret Stud Tragus Ring Various Colours 16G 1.2mm

We offer Free Return and Exchange, Free Shipping by USPS with Tracking Number, Full Stainless Steel Construction, Pedal Wrench Type: 8mm allen key, The cufflink is satin finished for a rustic look and the background is black enamel for contrast. GIFT BOX – Make a big impression, You can wear it at home or to work. Package Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches, Tapered Leg With Ribbed Cuffs Are Easy To Flatter, UK Stainless Steel Lip Bar Labret Stud Tragus Ring Various Colours 16G 1.2mm. UF 140 140mm Silent PWM Case Fan. Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns. Flexible ABS Replacements – Our ABS replacement kits replace each rubber portion on ABS braking systems, Item model number: FCA1367GOLDENG. A perfect accessory to your wardrobe. Composition: 100% mercerized* cotton tape yarn Nm: 1, 12 1 – Pastry Server with fancy vermeil (gold-tone), __________________________________________________________, -16mm x 8mm 24K gold plated 925 Sterling silver CMJ London signature bead – Fully hallmarked at the London assay office, UK Stainless Steel Lip Bar Labret Stud Tragus Ring Various Colours 16G 1.2mm. vintage 70s never worn but washed and ready (had tags when I met it) high waisted jeans in a dark denim, Description FABRIC BY THE YARD ( $11, LAST DAY TO ORDER HALLOWEEN 2017 IS SEPT 12TH, but also the communication between you and your baby, super soft feeling to baby’s tender and lovely skin, Professional resin that is used on bar & counter tops. Triple enforced steel base with ultimate sturdiness, Its moisture-wicking properties draw moisture away from the skin, Due to the light and screen setting difference. UK Stainless Steel Lip Bar Labret Stud Tragus Ring Various Colours 16G 1.2mm. its colorful balls clatter inside, 10k White Gold Sapphire Birthstone Band Ring Size 6.

90,000 A student decided to enlarge her lips and almost lost them: Appearance: Values:

A resident of Great Britain decided to enlarge her lips with filler injections in a clinic in Manchester and almost lost them due to serious complications. Reported by the Daily Mail.

After the procedure, 20-year-old student of the University of Liverpool Gem Wilson had severely swollen lips, but the beautician applied ice to them and assured that the swelling would soon subside naturally.

After a few hours, the girl’s lips became even larger, acquired a gray-white tint and began to inflict severe pain on her. Wilson’s parents decided to call an ambulance, which diagnosed her with vascular occlusion (obstruction of blood vessels).

The doctors contacted the beautician visited by the British woman and called her home with the required dose of hyaluronidase, a drug used to eliminate excess hyaluronic acid. “By that time, I was already pale, and my mouth was completely blue.The lips seemed to die off. (…) It was the most terrible pain in my life, ”the heroine of the material shared her feelings.

After the injection of hyaluronidase, the doctors monitored the patient’s condition for several hours. The bruises did not subside from Wilson’s lips for two weeks after the incident, but in the end her appearance became the same.

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00:04 – December 17, 2019

00:01 – June 5, 2020

“If you don’t like your lips as I do, try to love them.I learned my lesson: I could completely lose my lips if my parents did not call an ambulance in time. When pumping up your lips, remember the risks in order to have time to do everything right, ”the student recommended in conclusion to the readers of the publication.

In January, another girl pumped fillers into the lips of a beautician and complained about the terrible effects of the injections. An hour after the procedure, the victim’s lips were swollen. She did not attach any importance to this, since she was warned about possible swelling after the drug was injected.However, after a few hours, lumps formed under the girl’s skin, and her lips increased three times more.

Stories without censorship and prohibitions – in the “Tape of the Bottom” in Telegram

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Clock – description, poster, frames and photos, video.Gazebo.TV

USA, Great Britain | Year 2002 | 110 minutes | drama


Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, Miranda Richardson

The Watch is a 2002 psychological drama directed by Stephen Daldry. Starring: Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman. Supporting roles are played by Ed Harris, John C. Reilly, Stephen Dillane, Jeff Daniels, Miranda Richardson, Allison Jenny, Toni Collette, Claire Danes and Eileen Atkins.The screenplay by David Hare is based on Michael Cunningham’s 1998 Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name.

The plot of the film “The Watch” is dedicated to three women of different generations, whose lives are connected with the 1925 Virginia Woolf novel “Mrs. Dalloway”. They are Clarissa Vaughan (Streep), a New Yorker preparing an award for her longtime friend and poet Richard (Harris) in 2001, who is suffering from AIDS; Laura Brown (Moore), a pregnant Californian housewife in the 1950s in an unhappy marriage with a young son; and Virginia Woolf (Kidman) herself in 1920s England struggling with depression and mental illness while trying to write her novel.

The film was released in Los Angeles and New York on Christmas Day 2002, and the film was released in a limited run in the United States and Canada two days later on December 27, 2002. The film did not gain widespread acceptance in North America until January 2003, and then was released in UK theaters on Valentine’s Day. The film’s critical reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with nine Academy Award nominations for Watch, including Best Picture, and Nicole Kidman’s win for Best Actress.

Movie “Clock” plot

With the exception of the opening and closing scenes, which depict the 1941 suicide by drowning Virginia Woolf in the River Ouse, the film unfolds over the course of one day over three different decades and alternates between them after three women: Virginia Woolf in 1923, Laura Brown in 1951 year and Clarissa Vaughan in 2001.

The following summary of the plot has been simplified and in chronological order, not in the order presented in the film.


Virginia Woolf began writing Mrs Dalloway at her home in Richmond, near London. Virginia has gone through several nervous breakdowns and suffers from depression. She is constantly looked after by her servants and her husband Leonard, who started a home publishing business, Hogarth Press, to stay by her side. Virginia’s sister, Vanessa, and her children, Julian, Quentin, and Angelica. She and Virginia talk about Vanessa’s life in London and Virginia’s mental state.She longs for a life like Vanessa living in London. Vanessa’s children find a dead bird. Virginia and Angelica arrange a funeral for the bird. Virginia lies down next to the bird and looks into its eyes. She sees herself in a dead bird, suffering and dying in her circumstances. Everyone goes back inside and Virginia continues to write her book. She says she was going to kill her character, but instead decides to kill another character in the book. Before Vanessa leaves, Virginia kisses her sister passionately.Clearly Virginia wants them to stay and wants her sister’s life. After their departure, Virginia flees to the train station, where a train to London is waiting for her. Leonard arrives to bring her home. He tells her how he lives in constant fear that she will commit suicide. She says that she is also afraid of this, but claims that if she wants to live, she has the right to decide how and where, emphasizing that she has the right to decide how her mental condition is treated, and wanting to return to London. Virginia returns home and starts writing again.Leonard asks her why someone should die. Virginia says, “That the rest of us value life more.”


Pregnant with her second child, Laura Brown spends her days in her secluded Los Angeles home with her young son Richie and escapes from everyday life reading Mrs. Dalloway. She married her husband Dan shortly after World War II. On the surface, they live the American dream, but it is deeply unhappy nonetheless. She and Richie are making Dan’s birthday cake, but it’s a disaster.Her neighbor Kitty stops by to ask her if she can feed the dog while she is in the hospital for the procedure. Kitty reveals that the procedure has to do with the fact that she could not get pregnant and can portend permanent infertility, and that she really does feel that the woman is not perfect until she becomes a mother. Kitty pretends to be cheerful, but Laura feels her sadness and fear and boldly kisses her on the lips; Kitty acts like it never happened. Laura and Richie successfully make another cake and leave, and then she takes Richie to stay with her nanny, Mrs. Latch.Richie runs after his mother as she leaves, fearing she will never return. Laura checks into a hotel where she is about to commit suicide. She takes Mrs.Dalloway’s book out of her purse and begins to read. She falls asleep and dreams that the hotel room is flooded. She wakes up with a changed heart and strokes her belly. She takes Richie, who fearfully tells his mother that he loves her, and they return home to celebrate Dan’s birthday.


New Yorker Clarissa Vaughan is the epitome of the novel’s title character.She spends the day preparing for a party in honor of her former lover and friend Richard, a poet and author living with AIDS. He should receive the main literary award. Clarissa, who is bisexual and has lived with Sally Lester for 10 years, was in a relationship with Richard during their student years. She meets with the former lover of Richard Louis Waters, who came to the celebrations. Clarissa’s daughter, Julia, comes home to help her prepare. Clarissa visits Richard and he tells Clarissa that he survived for her sake and that the reward is meaningless because he didn’t receive it sooner until he was on the brink of death.She tries to calm him down. Richard often refers to Clarissa as “Mrs. Dalloway” – her namesake – because she distracts herself from her own life, as Wolfe’s character does. Richard tells Clarissa that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever had in his life before he commits suicide in front of her. Later that night, Richard’s mother, Laura Brown, arrives at Clarissa’s apartment. Laura knows that her abandonment of her family was deeply traumatic for Richard, but Laura reveals that it was a better decision for her to leave the family after the birth of her daughter than to commit suicide.She does not apologize for the damage done to her family and suggests that it is impossible to regret something that left her with no choice. She admits that no one will forgive her, but she offers an explanation: “It was death. I chose life. ” But Laura reveals that it was a better decision for her to leave the family after the birth of her daughter than to commit suicide. She does not apologize for the damage done to her family and suggests that it is impossible to regret something that left her with no choice.She admits that no one will forgive her, but she offers an explanation: “It was death. I chose life. ”

The film ends with Virginia committing suicide. Drowning with a voice-over in which Virginia thanks Leonard for loving her: “Always years between us. Always years. Always love. Always watch. ”

Watch me Set – Perfect Eyes and Lips

Maximum volume lashes, seductive lashes and perfect nude lips.With this set, you are absolutely invincible! Discover Banana Beauty favorites for flawless makeup:

Volume up !: mascara with an innovative hourglass applicator for the fullest and fullest of lashes.

Dram-O-Rama: eyeliner with a unique 45-degree tilt applicator for effortlessly creating a seductive feline look.

Nananaked: a semi-matte liquid lipstick in a natural nude shade with a long-lasting WOW effect.

Caramelita: liquid semi-matte lipstick in a rich nude shade with a long-lasting WOW effect.


Place the brush as close to the root of the lashes as possible and brush it all the way to the tips. Using gentle zigzag movements, spread the mascara evenly over the entire length of the lashes. For a more intense result, apply the mascara in several layers.


Apply eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye along the lash line. For light shooters, draw a neat “ponytail” outside the outer corner of the eye.Close the eyeliner tightly after each use.


Prepare your lips by removing natural oils from your skin. Shake the lipstick well before use and apply it evenly on your lips. Let the lipstick dry, do not touch or squeeze your lips for some time. Thus, you will be able to achieve the perfect semi-matte effect, and the lipstick will last even longer on the lips. Use an oil-based cleanser for gentle removal.

Mascara VOLUME UP!


Each mascara contains 10 ml of product.

The shelf life of the product is up to 6 months after opening.

Eyeliner Dram-O-Rama

Aqua, Methylpropanediol, CI 77266, Styrene / Acrylates Copolymer, Styrene / Acrylates / Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Cellulose, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Coco-Glucoside, Poloxamer 407, Citric Acid, Phenlylpropanol, Caprytholith , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Dehydroacetate

Each matte eyeliner contains 1.2 ml of product.

The shelf life of the product is up to 6 months after opening.

Nananaked Liquid Lipstick



CI 77891 (TITANIUM DIOXIDE), CI 77491/77492/77499 (IRON OXIDES), CI 42090 (BLUE 1 LAKE), CI 77163 (BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE), CI 19140 (YELLOW 5 LAKE), CI 77742 (MANETG) 15850 (RED 7 LAKE, RED 6, RED 7), CI 15985 (YELLOW 6 LAKE), CI 45410 (RED 28 LAKE), CI 73360 (RED 30 LAKE)

Each liquid semi-matte lipstick contains 3 ml of product.

The shelf life of the product is up to 36 months after opening.

Liquid lipstick Caramelita



CI 77891 (TITANIUM DIOXIDE), CI 77491/77492/77499 (IRON OXIDES), CI 42090 (BLUE 1 LAKE), CI 77163 (BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE), CI 19140 (YELLOW 5 LAKE), CI 77742 (MANETG) 15850 (RED 7 LAKE, RED 6, RED 7), CI 15985 (YELLOW 6 LAKE), CI 45410 (RED 28 LAKE), CI 73360 (RED 30 LAKE)

Each liquid semi-matte lipstick contains 3 ml of product.

The shelf life of the product is up to 36 months after opening.


Please make sure you have entered all the information correctly. Once an order has been placed, nothing can be changed, including product names or quantities, delivery method or address. Please note that the UPS delivery service with which we cooperate may request the completion of a customs declaration in accordance with the decision of the EEC Council of December 20, 2017.
Free delivery from 3500 ₽

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Rest of the World free of charge from 10420 ₽

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* The recipient pays any possible customs duties and local taxes.You may also need to fill out a customs declaration in accordance with the decision of the EEC Council of December 20, 2017

You can calculate and update shipping costs during the actual purchase on the website. The cost depends on the shipping address and the billing address.


Delivery times may vary. From the moment the order is confirmed, it may take 1-3 days until the goods leave our warehouse.

When the parcel is dispatched, you will receive an email confirmation that the order has been dispatched.Please note that delivery times may vary. Refer to the list of countries below to see delivery times for your region.

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Tom Hardy’s character in Dunkirk wears an Omega

The recently released Russian film Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan, tells the story of the rescue of more than 300,000 soldiers during the Dunkirk operation that took place at the beginning of World War II. The action takes place on the beach, where the soldiers were trapped by the enemy from all sides.Help comes from heaven – including actor Tom Hardy, who plays the role of the brave pilot of the RAF in the film. On the pilot’s wrist, you can see the Omega SK2129 watch, the most common model among the British military at the beginning of World War II.

WWII Omega CK2129 Watch

The chronographs of this Swiss watch company proved to be an indispensable tool during military operations back in the First World War.The impeccable reputation of Omega watches served as the basis for further cooperation – for example, at the beginning of World War II, more than half of all Swiss watches delivered to Great Britain were produced by a single company – Omega. The brand supplied more than 110,000 watches to the allies for pilots, navigators and soldiers. Their rotating bezel was extremely convenient for pilots. By measuring the exact time between the flashes and the roar of enemy fire, the officers could determine what distance separates them.The bezel could be fixed with the crown, so that the timing remained resistant to accidental impacts. The contrasting cream-colored dial of the watch, clear Arabic numerals and pointed hands made them easy to read. With the development of the war, Omega supplied new watch models to the Allies, more resistant to magnetic fields and already completely waterproof. At the end of the war, Field Marshal Lord Montgomery, on a personal visit to the manufactory, thanked Omega for their assistance.This legacy provided a solid foundation for further development and was the main reason why the legendary Seamaster was born in 1948.

90,000 Several hours and no programming skills: how to make a deepfake with lip sync

To create a deepfake, you need a video with the desired object and an audio track that you want to insert into it. If you combine them using the code, you get a video in which several movie characters perform the All Star song of the group Smash Mouth:

Or Trump speaks with an Irish accent:

Search algorithms

These videos are not deepfakes designed to undermine democracy and information warfare.They are not even particularly convincing, rather, they are just funny.

As Irish designer James Kelleher, who created the deepfake with the Queen of Great Britain, tweeted, for this video he used a tool published by some AI researchers. An article describing the Wav2Lip method was published a few weeks ago. The authors encourage everyone to try it. The demo version was originally in the public domain, but now registration is required to use it. K. R.Prajwal of IIIT Hyderabad, one of the authors of the tool, explains that this is necessary so that it is not used for evil purposes. However, he admitted that registration will not “deter a serious criminal who is well versed in programming.”

“We definitely acknowledge people’s concern that these tools are freely available and therefore strongly encourage users of the code and site to indicate that the videos are fake,” Prajwal said. He and his fellow researchers note that the program can be used for such useful purposes as creating animations and dubbing videos into new languages.Prajwal adds that they hope that the provision of the code will “foster fruitful research on systems that can effectively combat misuse.”

Unsuccessful attempt

This is how I originally tried to do the deepfake. I found a video of Tim Cook and an audio of Jim Carrey’s speech. I downloaded video using Quicktime screen recorder and audio using Piezo app. Then I took both files, uploaded them to the site and waited, but nothing happened.

For some reason the demo version didn’t like it. I tried making new files and reducing their resolution, but that didn’t change anything. This became an important moment in my experience of creating deepfakes: random obstacles appeared, and I did not have the technical experience to analyze them. I finally gave up and called Kelleher for help. He suggested that I rename the files to remove all spaces. I did so and it worked. I now had a video of Tim Cook reciting Jim Carrey’s audition text for Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes.It was terrible – both in terms of believability and humor – but it was still my achievement.

Google Colab: The site of my many battles with the Wav2Lip algorithm. Screenshot: James Vincent

Go to Colab

To improve the result, I wanted to run the algorithms myself. To do this, I went to GitHub, where the creators of Wav2Lip posted the basic code. To launch, you had to use Google Colab: it’s the programming equivalent of Google Docs that allows you to work with machine learning projects in the cloud.Again, all the work was done for me by the authors of the algorithm, who posted the code with simple steps. But this did not help to avoid mistakes.

Fortunately, this YouTube video tutorial helped solve many of the problems. After looking at it a few times and spending hours troubleshooting, I finally got a working model.

Final Result

In the course of further experiments, I learned about some of the features of the program (for example, that it is more difficult for it to process faces that are not looking directly at the camera) and decided to create my own deepfake: a video with Elon Musk giving a speech by Tim Curry from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 …

What did this experience give me? Deepfake tools are available, but still not so easy. Algorithms have been around for many years and can be used by anyone willing to spend a few hours. That being said, it is still much easier to edit videos using traditional methods.

On the other hand, the spread of this technology is impressive. The lip sync algorithm Wav2Lip was created by an international team of researchers affiliated with universities in India and the UK.They shared their work online at the end of August, and then it was picked up on Twitter and thematic mailing lists (for example, the well-known Import AI). Researchers made the code available and even created a public demo. Within a few weeks, people around the world began experimenting with the algorithm, creating deepfakes for fun or for content purposes. Tutorials, demos and many other deepfake examples are available on YouTube for Wav2Lip.


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Why hyaluronic acid injections are dangerous: mistakes of cosmetologists

British beauty blogger Cassidy Valentine almost lost her lips after injecting fillers. According to doctors, the girl was lucky that she survived. Cosmetologist Svetlana Temiraeva told “360” that this case is quite rare and could have happened due to doctors’ mistakes or the use of an uncertified drug.

22-year-old beauty blogger Cassidy Valentine nearly lost her lips after visiting the London Aesthetic Clinic.She paid £ 270 for an injection of hyaluronic acid filler. However, the beautician performed the procedure incorrectly and one of the girl’s arteries was pinched.

“I watched a lot of YouTube videos about people putting fillers, so I knew what it looked like and how long it took. So I was shocked when it only took 10 minutes. It didn’t seem long at all. The woman giving the injections asked if the injections were easy and I said, “No.” I felt my lip swollen and it hurt, ”she told The Sun.

The girl suffered from terrible pains for several hours. By the morning, when her lips were swollen and turned black and blue, she went to the doctors. The doctors found that there was practically no blood circulation in Cassidy’s lips, and they urgently injected her with an enzyme that dissolved and removed the hyaluron. According to them, if the girl had hesitated to go to the hospital, the tissues would most likely have died.

Photo source: Twitter

Face necrosis

Cosmetologist Svetlana Temiraeva explained to “360” that what happened to the blogger’s lips is called necrosis.In her opinion, it is impossible to introduce fillers so that it develops. Most likely, the reaction was caused by an uncertified and low-quality drug.

“If they injected just above the lip, then there is innervation around the nose. And there they could touch any vessel or nerve. In their lips, as such, there are none. In my opinion, it was some kind of uncertified drug, ”added the cosmetologist.

According to her, in Russia, lip augmentation, as a rule, goes away without such dire consequences. She noted that necrosis often develops with rhinoplasty – changing the shape of the nose or plastic surgery in the orbital region of the face.

No control

According to the girl, she did not plan to enlarge her lips. However, I thought about it, having received an offer for a free procedure in exchange for advertising on the blog. Every day she saw many beautiful girls on the Internet and, despite her own attractive appearance, she felt insecure. She thought that plump lips would help her feel better.

“There were such gorgeous girls and I felt huge compared to them. I put on a lot of weight, I developed alopecia (partial or complete hair loss on the head – approx.Ed.) … And I wanted to feel beautiful … They all had the best hair, and they looked great. I thought fuller lips might help me feel better, ”she added.

Cassidy is now supporting a campaign to regulate the beauty market in the UK, where filler injections are as popular as the rest of the world.

“It is very important which drug was administered. Therefore, we always take from trusted suppliers who offer only certified drugs – then we are sure of this.In this case, it is very difficult to say what exactly [Cassidy] was injected with, ”the cosmetologist explained to 360.

However, in the UK, this area is not controlled in any way, and cosmetologists do not need to obtain or confirm qualifications in order to give injections. In addition, there are no age restrictions for the procedure in the country.

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