Lim zhi ling: Lin Chi-ling’s fans concerned as she looks thinner in first post in over two months

Lin Chi-ling goes wild at wedding afterparty, tries to strip Akira, Entertainment News

With her elegant and squeaky-clean image, you might be forgiven for thinking that Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling would be a bashful, blushing bride.

But guests were treated to quite the show at Chi-ling and Akira’s wedding afterparty on Sunday (Nov 17) when the bride let her hair down and boldly stripped off her groom’s clothes on the dance floor.

Chi-ling, 44, and Akira, 38, had held their wedding earlier that afternoon at Tainan Art Museum.

Following the wedding festivities which stretched into the night, the couple adjourned to five-star hotel Silks Place Tainan for the afterparty, said media reports.

Footage of the post-wedding bash showed the happy couple tearing it up on the dance floor and humouring party guests who requested for them to kiss.

Akira, a member of popular Japanese boyband Exile, then danced solo, showing off his smooth moves.

Shrugging off his blazer to raucous cheers from the crowd, Akira gamely continued dancing as Chi-ling stepped in to unbutton his vest and shirt.

However, much to the disappointment of the crowd, Akira quickly grew shy and stopped Chi-ling before she could remove his shirt.

Unfortunately for Akira, one guest wasn’t about to take “No” for an answer.


TV host and Chi-ling’s close friend Dee Hsu rushed to Akira’s side and tried to undo the rest of his shirt buttons.

“I’m married!” Dee exclaimed as Akira pulled her into a hug in an attempt to stop her.

“I’m married too!” Akira replied.

But it seems that there were no hard feelings between the trio as Chi-ling, Akira and Dee made peace with each other with a group hug.

Chi-ling and Akira shocked fans when they announced their relationship and marriage on social media in June this year.

The pair had not been reported to be dating before their sudden announcement that they had tied the knot.

Chi-ling had written on Weibo then: “I’m married! I hope that every one of you who believes in love will find a happiness that belongs to you.”

Akira, whose real name is Ryohei Kurosawa, said in an Instagram post that the pair first met while working on the Japanese stage play production of Red Cliff eight years ago and only started dating last year.

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