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Bulldozer Lights – LED Bulldozer Lights

The bulldozer lays down the groundwork for the rest of your construction – make sure that it meets the rest of your standards. NORDIC LIGHTS® LED bulldozer lights make your daily construction tasks easier, safer, and more efficient. Whether you’re looking for work lights or other special lights, our extensive range of heavy-duty LED lights has you covered in all areas.

Our LED lights suitable for mounting on dozers are all dustproof, waterproof, temperature- and weather-resistant, and have an extraordinarily long lifetime (30,000 to 50,000 hours) to ensure that you can keep your activities up and running for as long as possible. Upgrading to NORDIC LIGHTS® LED lights is one of the smartest and most cost-effective investments you can make.

The Ultimate LED Lights for Your Bulldozer

NORDIC LIGHTS® LED lights are designed to provide you with the best possible vision and clarity from your bulldozer. Years of testing and R&D have led us to the point that we are comfortable in calling our work lights the best on the market.

Durability for Years

While LED work lights are a step up in price compared to halogen and HID (Xenon) lights, the initial investment pays itself over several times due to the long and hassle-free lifetime of the product. NORDIC LIGHTS® LED lights are virtually maintenance-free and have a lifetime of between 30,000 and 50,000 hours compared to 5000 for HID (Xenon), and 500 for Halogen. That means no more waiting for replacement bulbs or maintenance crews.

The individual high-quality LEDs are installed on a circuit board, which is then screwed into place inside an aluminum housing. Our lenses are made of different polymers or tempered glass, which have been hand-picked to suit the recommended applications. We test all of our lights before they are shipped out to the customer.

Our comprehensive warranty provides peace of mind that your LED bulldozer lights will continue working for many years without issues. The full details of our warranty policy can be found here.



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Smart Optics and Light Design

When you operate a bulldozer, the worksite is not only in front of you but all around. The light distribution of our work lights eliminates sharp contrasts between dark and bright, giving you a more comfortable working environment with less eye strain. The lack of sharp contrasts is especially beneficial if you are operating a vehicle that produces a lot of vertical vibrations, such as a bulldozer. Most of our work lights are calibrated to a color temperature of around 5000 Kelvin, which has a proven energizing effect on the vehicle operator. Around 5000 Kelvin is ideal for working outdoors. The light is bright enough to keep you energized, yet yellow enough to avoid eye strain.

While the number of lumens is a good indicator of how much light a LED light emits, more lumens doesn’t automatically make one light superior to another. Some manufacturers like to talk a LOT about theoretical lumens, however, the number of lumens does little to no good if the other parts aren’t optimized for the LED chips. That’s why we always measure and openly disclose the operational lumens value, which more closely resembles the actual amount of illumination you will get.

Prepared for Extreme Conditions

Whether you work in the scorching heat, or in frigid cold temperatures, you can rely on our LED lights. Rigorously tested in our in-house laboratory, all of our LED bulldozer lights are overheat-protected and remain fully functional from -40°C (-40°F) up to +85°C (185 °F). Essentially, even if the rest of your equipment overheats, your lights will stay on.

Furthermore, your new LED lights are easy to connect via the built-in waterproof, high-quality 2-pin Deutsch DT Connector. When used together with the supplied DT-plug, the system is waterproof. No external moisture will creep into the electronics of the light, which over time would cause it to short-circuit.

Walk with Giants

NORDIC LIGHTS® is the preferred LED light manufacturer for many of the world’s largest manufacturers of bulldozers and other heavy-duty vehicles, including industry leaders such as Caterpillar, Liebherr, Sandvik, and Komatsu. Rest assured that you will always get the most up-to-date and cost-optimized LED lights for your vehicle. As a sign of our consistent quality, in 2020 NORDIC LIGHTS® received its third Caterpillar SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Program) gold. This means that Nordic Lights LED lights meet the high standards set by Caterpillar regarding quality, product documentation, and delivery performance. Click the link to find out more about the latest certification regarding NORDIC LIGHTS® LED lights for Caterpillar.

Bulldozer LED Work Lights

Be a Champion

If you’re looking to upgrade from your current lighting, we recommend our heavy-duty PRO Series work lights. The PRO Series lights are a perfect fit for construction tasks and are made in several shapes, the most popular being our square and round alternatives. The light output is up to 4400 lumens, depending on the model. The PRO Series lights are built to last in tough conditions and can handle vibrations of up to 15.3 Grms with ease.

For bulldozers, we especially recommend the Scorpius PRO 445 and our durable best-seller, the Scorpius N4402

Master Your Lighting

For the most intense tasks, we recommend the QUAKE Dampened, fully customizable XTR Series. Seeing as the XTR Series can handle vibrations up to 20 Grms and has a maximum lumen output of 7200, there is no wonder we call it “The Unbreakable Master”. We make XTR versions of the Centaurus and the Scorpius light models.

Easy Installation

Our bulldozer LED work lights are easily mounted with a bracket. We provide you with the bolt, nut, washer, waterproof connector, as well as the bracket itself. Simple as that!

Which Light and Light Pattern for My Bulldozer?

Picking the correct light pattern is important to get the most out of your LED work light. If you wish to illuminate wider distances, choose the tall and wide Wide Flood. If you need a narrower light distribution, choose a Flood light for maximum light intensity. If you need to light up longer distances, choose High Beam or Pencil beam. If you are in need of near-field illumination, we recommend picking a light with a Diffused light pattern, which has the widest available light distribution.

You can view all the available light patterns for each light under their respective product page. We measure the light distribution of each light pattern in lux, lumens per square meter.

Check out an example of the Scorpius PRO 445 Wide Flood light pattern below.

As you can see, the total amount of 4400 operational lumens is divided into an approximate area of 15×25 meters. The area right directly in front of the light is illuminated by 20 lux (20 lumens per square meter) while the area farthest away is illuminated by 1 lux.

Unlike many work light manufacturers, we measure the light distribution with the sensor parallel to the test plane in order to replicate the actual lighting conditions for the operator. Many manufacturers measure their lights directly towards the test sensor, which gives a better but very unrealistic result.

LED Work Lights for Bulldozers

Our Professional setup for bulldozers consists of 8 Scorpius PRO 445 Wide Flood on the vehicle body, 4 Scorpius XTR N4401 QD Wide Flood directly above the blade, and a Canis PRO N2001 illuminating the area behind the bulldozer. We think the pictures speak for themselves.

Simulated comparison of Halogen lights vs. Nordic Lights LED lights. The measurement of 30 meters (98 feet) is an approximated value. Click the image to view the full-sized picture.


Get the complete light optimization guide for bulldozers:



QUAKE Dampening for Extreme Tasks

We want to design and manufacture lights that can be pushed to their very limits and still make it through the workday. That’s why in 2012, the R&D team set out on a mission to create the most durable dampening system on the market. When subjected to shock or vibration, the strategically placed QUAKE dampeners distribute the outside force evenly throughout the dampening system. This enables the work light to withstand even larger shocks and wider ranges of vibrations, resulting in a longer-lasting light and less strain on the vehicle and dampening system itself.

Rendered image of the QUAKE dampening system.

For bulldozers, be sure to check out the QUAKE dampened Scorpius XTR N4401 QD, which is available with a Diffused extra-wide light pattern for maximum horizontal visibility.

Problems with Glare?

Unwanted glare is a real hassle for people working around your vehicle, and even yourself. We listened to our customers and developed the Phenom Optics (PH) optical solution. Our Phenom Optics-equipped work lights efficiently illuminate the area in front of you, and thanks to the carefully designed cut-off line, they do not blind people near the vehicle. We currently offer PH versions of our heavy-duty models Scorpius PRO and Canis PRO.


How to Buy

Time for an upgrade? The best way to get a hold of our lights is to contact your local NORDIC LIGHTS® distributor. Find a list of our current distributors here.

OEM Capabilities

Interested in our OEM capabilities? NORDIC LIGHTS® offers tailor-made solutions for vehicle manufacturers. Read all about our OEM capabilities here.

Proudly Designed and Made in Finland

NORDIC LIGHTS® headquarters and main assembly plant is located in the close-knit, entrepreneurial region of Jakobstad, Finland. Since 1992, nearly all of our lights have been assembled, tested and shipped from here.

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Get the complete light optimization guide for bulldozers:


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Northern Lights Madam Glam


Surround yourself in a million shades of blue! The 5 D Cat Eye gel is the next generation of gels! Dare to be in style!

NOTE: The magnet stick IS NOT included with this product. Please add it separately to your cart. 

Formula & Curing time:

  • Formula: Shimmer | 5D Cat Eye Effect 
  • Colored base needed: Perfect Black, Perfect White or any color of your choice
  • Magnetic particles embedded in the gel
  • 2 minutes by UV Lamp, 30 seconds by LED

Size of the bottle : 15 ml | 0.5fl oz

1. After base coat applied and cured, apply one layer of Perfect Black gel polish and cure.
2. Shake your Cat Eye bottle.
3.  Apply one layer of your cat eye color. DO NOT CURE!
4. Hold the magnet stick close to the nail in the position where you want the 5D effect.
5. Once you have the effect you want, cure under LED (30 sec.) or UV Lamp (2 min.)
6. Apply top coat and cure. Your Cat Eye Nails are ready with an awesome 5D effect.

TIP: You can create multiple effects by repeating the steps and holding the magnet in different positions over your nails.

Most common mistakes when doing your manicure: 

  • Applying lotion or cuticle oil before doing your manicure.
  • Getting gel polish on your skin or cuticles and cure it.
  • Not wiping off the sticky layer from your regular top coat. 
  • Applying thick layers of soak off gel polish.


DI-HEMA Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, Isobornyl Methacrylate, Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate, Acrylic Acid, Diphenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine Oxide, Feeric Oxide, Silicon Monoxide, Pigments.

Stickers Northwest Northern Lights Cat Large Printed Sticker
– Standard Goods

Stickers Northwest Northern Lights Cat Large Printed Sticker
– Standard Goods

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Why Cats Love Christmas Lights and Tinsel

Anyone who’s ever had a cat in the same house as a Christmas tree knows how irresistible the seasonal foliage can be to a feline. Plants are already exciting enough to kitties without all the blinking lights, flashing ornaments, and twinkly tinsel. One of my treasured childhood Christmas memories is of my Dad’s cat, Dizzy, curled up underneath a huge, sparkling tree in the living room as we serenaded her with “O Christmas Cat” (an original carol to the tune of “O Christmas Tree”).

But we were lucky. Cats don’t always express their holiday enthusiasm so peacefully. They’ve been known to launch themselves on top of trees, dart around the room and ram into things, or even try to eat the shiny decorations. Why are cats prone to this behavior? And, what can we do to make sure our Christmas decorations are safe for cats?

Carnivores eating plants?

Cats are obligate carnivores, so many a cat owner has been perplexed as to why their feline friend can’t keep houseplants out of his mouth. Sometimes it’s a sign of trouble – if a cat is sick, she might eat a plant to induce vomiting. But usually it’s simple curiosity. Cats explore the world around them through their mouths, so chomping on a houseplant is a way to understand what this strange green thing is.

Unfortunately, some plants – including Christmas trees – are harmful for cats to ingest. Fir tree oil, found in typical Christmas trees, causes mouth and stomach irritation. And sharp pine needles can cause problems if swallowed, too. The solution? Try a product like Apple Bitter to make the tree taste bad to your cat. Even a simple citrus spray will dissuade most curious kitties.

The hunter instinct.

It’s not just that the Christmas tree is a plant. It’s also covered in shiny, swaying decorations that give the illusion of movement. Like a laser pointer, blinking Christmas tree lights create the illusion of a living, moving prey animal when they seem to change speed and direction. Shiny ornaments flashing in the light add to the illusion.

Then there’s the tinsel. Animal psychologists think cats get the zooms for string because it resembles a snake. Although cats don’t typically hunt snakes, the slithery animals are a natural competitor to cats for prey in the same area, and can even pose a threat to cats in the wild. And since tinsel reflects light, it seems to move even more than typical string.

So, how to you protect your kitty and your tree? First, forgo the tinsel. Cats can probably swallow and digest it safely, but the risk of harm just isn’t worth the extra twinkle. You can also set up the tree away from chairs and tables that could serve as a feline launching pad. If you use glass ornaments, keep them out of reach, toward the top of the tree. And keep the door to the room with your Christmas tree shut when you’re not home.

Most importantly, tire out your kitty with plenty of playtime. The more enrichment he gets with safe toys, the less likely he is to expend energy trying to take down your holiday decorations.

Wishing your family a safe and happy holiday,

Hannah and Jade

90,000 Gazeta.Ru spoke with eyewitnesses to the shelling of Israeli cities

Residents of Palestine and Israel told how they are fleeing the shelling, what they feel when sirens go out and how the current conflict between the two countries differs from the previous ones.

Instinctively started shooting rockets

Karina lives in Tel Aviv. When sirens sounded, warning of an air threat, she was standing on the roof and talking on the phone.

“Since this is not the first time that I have encountered rocket attacks, I knew that if sirens came from several directions at once, it means that there will be many missiles.I instinctively started taking pictures, because the phone was already in my hands.

I saw one, second, third rocket. I already saw this in 2014. But then I saw the fifth, sixth, seventh, tenth – a whole volley of yellow lights over the horizon. I realized that I had to run to the bomb shelter, ”the girl said.

She, together with her neighbor Veronica, hid in a room that serves as a bomb shelter. As Veronica explained, there are relatively thick walls and special iron shutters on the windows.

“We took the cat, locked ourselves in the bomb shelter and started calling our friends. One of my friends does not have a bomb shelter at home, and she ran into the street, there are public bomb shelters, you can go down in them, it looks like a subway. Not all houses have them. Another friend was driving with dad in the car, and they came under fire on the freeway. They had to run out of the car every three minutes and hide somewhere on the street: under the bridge, behind the car. It seems to me that this is the worst thing. During this attack, a rocket hit a bus in Holon near Tel Aviv, ”said Veronika.

According to her, it is very difficult to perceive that all this is really happening. She called her inability to influence the situation “the most wacky”. “You can go to rallies in support of the government or against it, but I don’t really believe that it works,” she concluded.



Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system intercepts missiles launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, 11 May 2021

Ariel Schalit / AP

I rode a bicycle, rockets flew over my head

Suli’s apartment is located in Jaffa, a region of Tel Aviv where Arabs live compactly.She was cycling home when the siren sounded. According to the girl, she did not know where to hide and continued to move. Explosions began, rockets flew overhead.

“I realized that it was our Iron Dome that was shooting down their missiles. People threw open cars, many lay down or sat on the floor near stone fences, I continued to drive home to the sound of explosions.

At night I woke up again from the explosions, but there was no siren. It sounded ten minutes later, only then we ran out to the entrance again to go down to the shelter, ”she said.

We are afraid to go to the toilet

Ruslana T. lives with her family in Ashkelon, which is practically on the border with the Gaza Strip. She called the last two nights hard and terrible.

“Thank God, my husband and I are in control and do not show our fear and worries to the children. It is very important. Probably every 15 minutes we ran to mamad (this is a bomb shelter), it is in our apartment. We have a nursery there. At night we close a special iron window and doors, the children sleep peacefully, ”she said.

According to her, every time the siren began to sound, she and her husband fled to the nursery. After the signal stopped, we had to wait about 10-15 minutes for the explosions to pass and all the fragments to fall.

“We followed the news all the time, wrote and called each other after each“ boom ”, asked if everyone was all right.The city is small, we all know each other and we are worried about everyone and everyone.

On the one hand, we are already used to this happening, and it sounds awful. On the other hand, of course, I want it to end quickly and we return to our everyday life, ”Ruslana admitted.

Tatiana Y. has been living in Ashkelon for four years and works as a trainer. According to her observations, rockets flew every minute last night. The girl also hid in bomb shelters. However, many of her clients do not have a bomb shelter and have spent hours on the landing.

“The bomb was very strong, 30-50 missiles at a time. It was heard how the “dome” could not cope with missiles. And then the worst thing was when it seemed that it did not work, as the ammunition ran out. We heard blow after blow, one fell near us and there was a feeling that the house would crack. We did not sleep almost all night, I lost count of how many times there was a siren already, ”she said.

Anastasia L.also lives in this city in an apartment with a bomb shelter. According to her, only 20% of the population have such apartments. Those who do not have personal bomb shelters run out onto the stairwells one floor below. When the siren goes off, Anastasia’s entire family of seven flees to this shelter.

“Sometimes the siren howls without stopping, and explosions after explosions, walls tremble, children cry, I try to calm everyone down and say that everything will be fine. But this is scary … The soul shrinks with fear, we did not sleep all night, an endless number of sirens and explosions, we are afraid to even go to the toilet, we bring food and water to this room, ”Anastasia said.

Symbol of excessive strength of the Israeli army

According to the Palestinian Umm Hassan, Israeli missile strikes are a manifestation of weakness. “Israel is bombing civilians in their homes because they cannot resist the resistance men. We are easier targets for them, ”the EuroNews edition quotes her as saying.

Save the Children cites Yasmin, an 11-year-old resident of the Gaza Strip, who admits that the moment of the bombing was the worst of her life. “I had a stomach ache with fear and my parents tried to console me by saying the bombing was far away, but I felt it was close,” she told the charity.Her family decided not to celebrate Eid al-Adha.

On Instagram, Palestinians share videos of funeral processions, explosions, shelling, as well as pictures of Palestinian victims of attacks. News posts on some accounts of Palestinians living in Gaza are updated almost every hour. Moreover, these messages speak not only about the victims from the Palestinian side, but also about the missiles launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel.



Aftermath of an Israeli strike on Gaza City, 12 May 2021

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters

Such publications collect numerous commentaries, which mostly contain prayers.

One of the most talked about in the Arab media was the photo of 16-year-old Palestinian boy Fawzi al-Junaidi, blindfolded and surrounded by more than 20 Israeli soldiers. In the photo, al-Junaidi looks disoriented. He is wearing a gray T-shirt and ripped jeans, and around him are soldiers with weapons and protective gear.

This social media photo has been hailed as a symbol of the excessive use of force by the Israeli army.

The young man was accused of throwing stones at a group of armed Israeli soldiers, writes Al Jazeera.However, he himself denies that he did it.

According to the director of the accountability program of the International Organization for the Protection of Children in Palestine (DCIP) Ayed Abu Qtaish, quoted by Al Jazeera, about 320 children are currently being held in Israeli prisons and detention centers. “These children are usually taken away at protests, arrested for throwing stones, allegedly for possessing weapons and the like,” he said.


Israeli Defense Minister Beni Gantz said on May 12 that the strikes would continue until the complete cessation of any aggressive actions by the Palestinians.Hamas is ready to end hostilities if Tel Aviv refuses to use force in the Al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem.

ᐈ How to save a Christmas tree from a cat

New Year’s holidays are approaching and the most important attribute of the festive mood is the Christmas tree – especially for cats.

Despite the New Year’s festive mood and beauty in the house, do not forget about the safety of your pets. Feline curiosity and carelessness of the owners lead to accidents.Happy days are often overshadowed by situations when an animal is in trouble and urgently needs veterinary help.

How to save a Christmas tree from a cat and protect an animal from danger?

Let’s start to figure out what attracts cats to the Christmas tree, but everything is very simple….

Unusual spruce, sparkling with different lights, decorated with toys, tinsel, sparkling rain, serpentine, so entice felines that they not only want to climb the tree, but also taste everything.Often, animals tear off shiny jewelry, roll them on the floor, and break toys. And the tree itself is often completely felled.

The following steps will help to save the tree from the cat:

– Artificial tree. The sharp needles of the tree can injure the skin, and chewing the needles will poison the animal. It is better to purchase a small Christmas tree – there will be few items on it, the damage from broken toys will be small. If you have a small kitten, it is better to buy a small tree.

– Installation. Having decided to put a real spruce, you should install it securely, stably so that the cat cannot loosen and dump it on the floor. If the tree is in a bucket of water, the cat will get poisoned after drinking it. Sand is often used by cats as a litter box, and then the smell of feces will float around the room. It will be good if it will be a separate room that can be closed at night when you cannot follow your pet.

– Citrus. Sprinkling citrus flavors or essential oils on the tree is great.Can be scattered around the peel of oranges, tangerines, lemons. Cats cannot stand the citrus aroma.

– Installation and decoration process. It is better to decorate the Christmas tree outside the presence of pets, which perceive moving toys as a call to play. If the cat is nearby, do not tease, draw her attention to the decorations, encouraging interest.

– Experienced cat lovers advise not to dress up the tree with all the decorations at once, then the animal is gradually taught to it with the help of a spray bottle.As soon as the cat tries to jump, climb the tree, direct a stream of water at him, shouting loudly: “No!” The animal will understand that it is forbidden to play in this way.

What can you do to decorate a Christmas tree if a cat lives in the house

Artificial snow is toxic to children and animals.

Tinsel, serpentine – a common cause of the death of pets. Eaten rain, getting into the stomach, causes its blockage, intestinal obstruction.The animal will be saved only by expensive surgical intervention, the cost of which not everyone can afford.

Candles – hitting a suspicious object with its paw, the cat can knock it over, the fire quickly engulfs easily flammable jewelry, causing damage to housing.

Care should be taken with electric garlands, wires that attract cats. It is better to wrap, fastening them around the trunk, excluding the possibility of gnawing, electric shock.

Despite all the precautions, some stubborn cats find an opportunity to climb the tree.If your forest beauty is decorated with safe toys, all precautions with electrical wiring have been followed, the cat does not show interest in sharp pine needles, relax, the pet is not in danger. You can safely prepare and celebrate New Year’s Eve with your pet.

Cameras will teach you to “see” cars with their headlights off: when fines start coming

Artificial intelligence will guard the light.Moscow complexes of photo and video recording teach to recognize cars with off headlights and send fines to car owners, the Vesti-Moscow program reports. True, experts were skeptical about this innovation.

This is how – point by point – the developers train artificial intelligence. Very soon, the smart system will learn to accurately recognize cars with off headlights and automatically send fines to car owners. It is already working in several regions.So far, however, in test mode.

“We use a neural network to find these headlights or fog lights, running lights. And then – a rather ordinary algorithm that determines whether there is a glow there or not,” says Sergey Laskin, head of the company for the development of video recording systems.

The developers have no doubts that this measure is necessary. Headlights, even in the daytime, significantly increase the chances of seeing an approaching car in time.

“I myself once got into this situation.Leaving the tunnel, I did not see that a car was driving behind in the next row with the headlights off. Headlights off against the background of a dark tunnel, the sun in front, darkness behind, I started to move, and an accident happened, “recalls Sergey Laskin, head of the company for the development of video recording systems.

The cost of implementing the new feature will be minimal. There is no need to buy new equipment. The system will be installed on already working cameras, like an application on a smartphone. Oddly enough, most of the drivers supported the idea and do not see any problems for themselves.

– As you start, they immediately light up. Now such machines have gone.

– It is raining, fog, snow, already dark – people do not turn on the light. No gas mileage and no battery life. I myself once worked as an auto electrician, and I know this system.

– Well, I think the goal is to raise extra money.

– If necessary, probably should be turned on. Although I didn’t include it either …

But analysts are skeptical about the innovation.There are fears that artificial intelligence will not cope with this task and will issue erroneous fines.

“The camera can be wrong in a number of cases. This is both a bright light and LEDs – they flicker. Accordingly, it is not clear how the material will be rejected, how it will be selected. For me personally, this is an extremely dubious story,” explains Anton Shaparin. Vice President of the National Automobile Union.

According to experts, it will be impossible to appeal against such fines.

“This composition is very subjective. The driver cannot retroactively prove whether, for example, daytime running lights were turned on, which may be a thin strip near the bumper, which the camera from above will not notice in any way,” explains Grigory Shukhman, an expert on complexes of photo and video fixation.

However, the developers do not see the problem. The system takes several dozen pictures, which reduces the probability of error to almost zero.

Specialists also want to teach cameras to follow good manners on the road.There are plans to create a system that will track aggressive drivers and, for example, fine those who do not keep the distance and press other road users when driving at high speed.

90,000 Flooding in Germany: how were horses and ponies, cats and dogs rescued? | Culture and Lifestyle in Germany and Europe | DW

Cologne resident Sandra Bischoff has three horses. She keeps them in the Köttershof stables in Leverkusen. She constantly communicates with other horse breeders on social networks.Sandra was about to go to bed when she suddenly found out that in the Erfttal area, streams of water flooded the stables.

The whole family went to rescue horses from the water

Sandra immediately organized a group of volunteer rescuers and three cars with trailers. However, there were only two drivers who have the right to drive them. Then the 70-year-old mother of Sandra volunteered to help her daughter. She has a great experience of driving cars with trailers, and in a couple of minutes the pensioner was ready to get behind the wheel.Sandra, her daughter Margot, her daughter’s friend Lisa, and Sandra’s 70-year-old mother hit the road that night.

Flooded stables in the Erfttal area

“It took us a long time to get to the Erfttal area, it was pouring rain, and the navigation system guided us off-road,” recalls Sandra Bischoff. “When we finally began to drive up to the stables, we found ourselves at a huge lake. The water was above the knees, and the blue lights of rescue services and police cars blinked in the darkness.The horses we saw were very scared, they did not understand what was happening, why there were so many people and water around them, there was fear and confusion in their eyes. We quickly began loading them into special horse carts. It was not so easy to do this, because we are strangers to them, but the experience of working with animals helped us to endear the animals to us. I don’t remember how long it took us to load six horses, but the police and fire services rushed us and asked us to leave the flooded area so as not to put ourselves in even greater danger.They were there rescuing people from the water, “Sandra recalls with excitement.

From left to right: Sandra Bischoff, Lisa Herbst and Sandra’s daughter, Margot Bischoff

Of course, it was scary, but the desire to save the horses turned out to be stronger, said DW 30- summer Lisa Herbst “We only calmed down when we brought the horses to the dry and safe stables in Leverkusen,” Lisa recalls. but Sandra continued to help the injured animals and their owners.In social networks, she organized the delivery of horse feed and necessary medicines to the disaster area. Due to the dampness in this area, many insects have appeared that overwhelm horses, they need special masks, sprays and ointments that scare off annoying insects. Sedatives are also needed. “I was shocked by the willingness of people to help, these days my phone is torn from calls, social networks are overflowing with offers of help. Now the main thing is to skillfully coordinate assistance and organize the delivery of feed and necessary medicines,” says Sandra.

Sandra Bischoff with her two pets

She would never want journalists to make her and her family members heroes. “I love animals very much and am always ready to help them. I am sure that my colleagues would have done the same if I were in trouble with my animals. The affected areas will need our help for a long time. And we are ready to help everyone with what we can, “says Sandra.

Animal rescuers in Essen work around the clock

Animal rescue service in Essen (Tierrettung Essen e.V.) can be called at any time of the day. Local rescuers actively helped in areas affected by floods in Saxony-Anhalt in 2013. Rescuing animals quickly and efficiently requires professionals who have special equipment and experience. To date, Essen rescuers have rescued a total of 1,600 animals.

Stefan Witte, Head of the Animal Rescue Service in Essen, with a dog rescued from the water

“We have new equipment for animal rescue.There are inflatable boats, wetsuits, pet carriers and other gadgets. In addition, we have special off-road vehicles that allow you to get to hard-to-reach places, “says one of the leaders of the Animal Rescue Service in Essen, Stephan Witte, in an interview with DW. The rescuers were able to show their professionalism in the days of the current disaster. Pony rescue operation

At night, the Essen rescuers received a call from the worried owner of nine ponies and said that he and his animals were at the epicenter of the flood.The rescue service immediately dispatched three rescue teams to the address. At half past one in the night, having overcome 115 kilometers, they arrived at the scene of the tragedy. Rescuers, having assessed the situation, changed into special waterproof overalls and in the dark went in search of animals.

Rescuers from Essen take ponies out of the water

“At about three o’clock in the morning we noticed two ponies and brought them safely out of the water to the shore. Due to the strong current, we were not able to survey the area of ​​the flooded enclosure.The rescue operation had to be interrupted because the water level reached two or more meters, and this posed a serious danger to the life of the rescuers themselves. The rest of the ponies were later discovered on the hill, “Stefan Witte said.

Medicines and food for a sick cat

A few days ago, an elderly couple from the city of Ahrweiler received a call to the control center of the Animal Rescue Service in Essen. the entire first floor of their house was flooded in. The pensioners managed to save a sick 14-year-old cat from the water, but they could not save all the medicines and special food needed for it.The cat needed urgent inhalation, and the veterinary clinic, which used to provide all the necessary medicines and special food, was also badly hit by the flood.

Lifeguards from Essen brought medicine and food for her sick cat to the pensioner

“We immediately delivered the necessary medicines and special food for the cat to Ahrweiler. Free of charge. at home.We, to admit, were shocked to tears: people, having lost almost all their property, finding themselves in a dilapidated house, continue to take care of a sick cat. This cannot fail to inspire respect, “Stefan Witte is convinced.

Portable batteries for mobile phones

Many victims of the disaster still do not have electricity. If necessary, they cannot call the rescue service or other authorities. the other day I bought more than fifty portable batteries for charging mobile phones, as well as lanterns and other electrical appliances in the amount of 1,400 euros.Rescuers distributed equipment to those in need.

“Disaster victims should be able to call emergency services. We have charged 50 batteries, each of which can fully charge mobile phones three times. We are grateful to our sponsors in Germany and abroad: all their donations are directly used to help disaster victims and for the salvation of animals, “Stefan Witte assures.

Owners and their pets continue to search for each other

According to rescuers, many pets, fleeing the flood, have lost their owners.Many were carried away from home by the water. Animals that have survived cannot find their way home on their own. Many owners are now looking for their pets.

In turn, people find lost animals, and then look for their owners. The shelters are overcrowded; now you can find stray birds, turtles, rabbits, cats, dogs in them. The search for the owners can last weeks, or even months, according to animal rights activists and rescuers. They still have a lot of work, and the phones of the rescue services work around the clock …

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