Leopard love too faced: Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit

Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit Review

I swear, this is just the coolest thing ever. As people, we get a lot of great makeup released specifically for us, so it’s refreshing to finally see a major cosmetics company like Too Faced release a palette designed specifically for cats! — BIG cats no less.

Okay, not really. To clarify, you do not have to be a leopard or even a cat lady who loves leopards to love the Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Palette ($30). You do, however, probably have to be a girl who likes super sheer color.

Too Faced released it a while back with some other goodies for fall, but I only recently started wearing it out.

It comes with three different powder products — a bronzer, a blush and a brightener — and one of them’s already a star. The brightener, which goes by the name Pink Leopard, happens to be a big bestseller from the brand as a member of the permanent line, but the other two products are new — otherwise known as “previously undiscovered species of cats.

Pink Leopard: a shimmery golden brown with the faintest hint of pink
Candy Leopard: a shimmery pink
Peach Leopard: a semi-matte peachy brown

The palette’s designed to be a one-stop color/contouring/highlighting shop for girl cats of all skin tones.

I gotta commend Too Faced for developing Leopard Love with the full double rainbow of skin tones in mind, but here’s the thing — on anything but the lightest skin, these colors are almost too sheer. On me, we’re talking three or four layers to reach a level of pigment I like.

If you’re lighter than I am, you’re in luck! But if you’re darker, you might have to swap your brush for a shovel to really pack these on.

Candy Leopard (wouldn’t that be a great name for a drag queen?) packs the most pigment of the three, with a color that reminds me of MAC Nymphette Lipglass, and you know how obsessed I am with Nymphette. As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to try the two of them together when I get a chance…

Swatches from left on NC35 skin: Peach Leopard Bronzer, Candy Leopard Blush, Pink Leopard Brightener

Candy Leopard Blush on my cheeks; Pink Leopard Brightener on the bridge of my nose, chin and upper cheekbones; and Peach Leopard Bronzer across my forehead and along the contours beneath the apples of my cheeks

One thing about these textures: they’re harder than I expected them to be, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It makes them less messy than those softer powders that erupt into a puffy cloud — POOF! — at the slightest touch. On the other hand, it also means that brushes take a little more time to load (several strokes across the pans).

Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating:

If you’re cool with sheer color and don’t mind hard packed pans, you might fall in love with this Leopard. The palette’s designed for all skin tones, but lighter lovelies make these shades really POP! Tabs would also like to point out that Too Faced wisely didn’t test these products on cats (they’re cruelty free). That would NOT have been cool. Available at Sephora and online at toofaced.com. Grade: B+

Too Faced Holiday 2010 Starts…NOW!

Thanks, Nina, for the 4-1-1! It looks like some new Too Faced holiday goodies just popped up like fairies and pixies on sephora.com. What do you think of the mythical vibe?

Sephora lists four new kits:

  1. Glamour To Go Fairy Edition ($20):
    A palette with eight shadows, a gloss, a bronzer and a blush in slim packaging
  2. Pixie Perfect ($45): A five-piece kit with an eyeshadow quad, a blush and bronzer duo, a lipgloss, a mascara and an eye primer
  3. Pixie Pin-Ups ($32): A pop-up box with six eyeshadows, an eye primer, a mascara and one liner
  4. Enchanged Glamourland ($49): A MEGA-set with 15 shadows, an eye primer, gloss, blush, bronzer and some much-appreciated instruction cards

What do ya think? I dig the whole fantastical idea, but if you’re going to go that route, why not go all the way? I mean where’s the unicorns? 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfect Kit Review & Swatches

Dude, how long since the Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfect Kit has been released? Its been sitting in my stash for that long waiting for me to pick it up and review.

Awwww poor baby.

I’m surprised this review wasn’t up way before this because it really is a stunning little palette but….

Visually the Too Faced Leopard Love really is a lovely little piece of makeup! Housed in a rectangle flip top box this contains three shades or bronze, blusher, and highlighter. The powders are oh so pretty and have a leopard print in graduating shades of color so each powder is made up of three to four different shades. Truly it’s a little piece of makeup joy looking at it!


Formula stinks.

You get three powders:

  • Peach Leopard (Bronze)
  • Candy Leopard (Blush)
  • Pink Leopard (Brighter/Highlighter)

(Pink Leopard, Candy Leopard, Peach Leopard)

Pink Leopard

Candy Leopard

Peach Leopard

Too Faced gives you a how to guide with face diagram on the back of the palette with techniques and application ideas.

They seem to pick out points and places on your face for you to wear each color and I expect they want you to sport all three shades in a single look but I do think that’s a bit overkill particularly since Pink Leopard and Peach Leopard contain a lot of the same bronze-y shades.

Out of the three shades, Pink Leopard proves the most pigmented, this gives a nice shimmery bronze-y glow on cheeks. The other two shades are majorly disappointing in terms of color pay off. They have a soft, velvet-y feel but the color pay off is really bad here even when using a kabuki brush I had a difficult time building the shades up to the perfect vibrancy.

I think they would have fared better here if they marketed the palette as a highlighter of sorts as the colors simply lack the pigment to act as a blush or bronzer and ironically the brighten shade (highlighter) is the most pigmented of the three and can double up as a bronzing or all over color, go figure.

Very cute and visually pleasing for those of that put importance on packaging details, cuteness, and other makeup pleasantries, but awful in terms of pigmentation and quality.

Not a good one sadly.

Darn, I had high hopes for it.


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Too Faced – Leopard Love – Complexion Perfection Kit | Sophia Meola

Hello My Lovelies,

YAY 🙂 So today is Bank Holiday Monday and i’ve been literally counting down the days so i can have a good ol’ rest and not have to get up early for work! I’ve had a super long sleep and later i’m off for Dinner at my Nonna & Nonnos house (Grandparent) and i can’t wait have have a good hearty meal and  relax the rest of the day 🙂

So, todays post is a review on a ‘Too Faced’ palette i picked up last year. It’s the Leopard Love – Complexion Perfection Palette which comes with 3 different ‘Too Face’ powder products. 

Bronze, Blush and brighten with this all-in-one complezion perfection collection palette which contains 3 purrrrfect shades to complement any pretty kitty’s skin tone. Too Faced best selling Pink Leopard shines bright, while two NEW combinations offer a dangerously sexy glow 😉

Initially when i first discovered ‘Too Faced’ i fell in love with their ‘Pink Leopard’ powder but after seeing this full palette with ‘Peach Leopard’, ‘Candy Leopard’ and ‘Pink Leopard’ i was instantly sold as it seems a much better value for money.

Peach Leopard – Bronzer

Peach Leopard is a beautiful bronze shade with a hint of peach. This powder has a more matte finish compared to the blush and highlighter as they have more shimmer in them. 

Candy Leopard – Blusher

Candy Leopard is a beautiful shimmer combined pink shade which applied looks like the ultimate blush shade. 

Pink Leopard – Highlighter

Pink Leopard is a beautiful bronzed shade with hints of pink for that perfect highlighting glow. 

The Bronzer is not as pigmented as you hope for in a bronzer but all hope is not lost as it can double up as a beautiful blush or highlighter 🙂 Even though they all have their own specific purpose i believe they could be mixed up and used as blushers and highlighters as the formulas are very light and not as pigmented as other brands. Visually this palette is very stunning. The powders are so pretty and the leopard design gives it some character to their names and ‘Too Faced’ brand.

I think this would be the perfect ‘Highlighter’ palette as they are all very shimmery and stunning on the skin. 

I love the fact that on the back of the palette their is a face chart to show you where to apply each shade. This is perfect for those who are just getting into the whole bronze, blush a highlighter combination and are unsure what to put where 🙂

Also, you see that little bunny picture in the bottom left hand side of the packaging? This means that this palette is cruelty free which is absolutely amazing 😀

Hope you enjoyed this little review, if you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below 🙂

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Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection

Bronze, blush and brighten with this all-in-one complexion perfection collection containing three purrrfectshades to complement any pretty kittys skin tone. Our best-selling Pink Leopard Bronzer shines bright, while two NEW combinations offer a dangerously sexy glow. 

Three naturally sexy shades offer a variety of application options: 

  • Peach Leopard: Offers a soft and healthy, naturally apricot glow.
  • Candy Leopard: Pink tones promote a luminous, flush pop of color.
  • Pink Leopard: Golden bronze and gilded pinks brighten any complexion.

I’ve been debating a loooong time wether I should get this set or not because most of the reviews I read about this product agreed on one point: the shades are too sheer. I decided to order it anyway because I couldn’t resist the leopard print design.

The first thing that surprised me was the size of the palette: I thought it would be bigger! It’s a nice size to keep in your handbag though.

L – R: Peach Leopard, Candy Leopard, Pink Leopard

When the kit arrived, I rushed to swatch the shades, and yes, I was disappointed. The leopards are shimmery and very sheer.

L – R: Peach Leopard, Candy Leopard, Pink Leopard

I had to apply multipe layers on my arm for the swatches to properly show. Peach Leopard is not as shimmery as the two others, but it’s a little too pale to properly show up on my skin. Candy Leopard is the least pigmented of the shades, and it’s a very pale pink with subtle gold shimmers. As for Pink leopard, it’s a very pretty peachy/pink highlight color.

L – R: with flash and natural light

Overall, I’m not sure the Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit is worth $30 because of its lack of pigmentation, but I still like it even though I have to really dig in to get the colors to show on my skin, because when I succeed the result is pretty – the leopards give me a glowy complexion.

You can buy Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit from Apothica for $29.70.Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review, I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

Too Faced Bronzers For Every Occassion

Too Faced Ultimate Bronzer Wardrobe Swatches & Review (c/o)

So this is bronzer heaven.

No matter what your bronzer preference is, I think Too Faced has a great selection of bronzers, both shimmery and matte.  The Ultimate Bronzer Wardrobe comes with 8 bronzers: Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil, Dark Chocolate Soleil, Beach Bunny, Endless Summer, Sun Bunny, Snow Bunny and Pink Leopard.

Not only are these bronzers matte, I love that these bronzers aren’t reddy toned, which are great as a contour in addition to a bronzer.

For the fairer toned, you’re gonna love the Milk Chocolate Soleil, which is the lightest of the three.  If you’re around my skin tone, I think you can get away with all three – I’ve used the Milk Chocolate as a bronzer that I apply roughly around my face, Chocolate to bronze up my temples and bronze up my cheeks, and Dark Chocolate for some stronger definition.

Best part is, they smell like yummy yummy chocolate. 😛

For those who love the bronze glow, reach for these bronzers: Sun Bunny, Endless Summer, and Beach Bunny.

I never contour with a shimmery bronzer, so I mainly use these bronzers on the tops of my cheekbones and very lightly around my forehead.With Beach Bunny, you can either mix all shades for a very warm undertone.  Endless Summer is the coolest toned out of these three and claims to be the longest lasting.  Sun Bunny has the pinkest/rose gold undertone that would be pretty to use as a blush if you’re very dramatic on the eyes or lips.The last two bronzers are the most colorful in the entire collection: Pink Leopard and Snow Bunny.

Pink Leopard is a universally flattering shimmery blush for all skin tones that applies mauve/blue-toned pink.  I use this blush during the day when I want to look fresh and dewy while keeping the rest of my makeup super natural.

Snow Bunny swatches really warm on me, almost a copper.  I think it’d be a little too light for me to use as a blush or bronzer, but with a tan, it’d look more like a highlighter on me.  With color strips like this, you can pick and choose which shades to use that day.For someone like me who’s on the medium to medium tan side, you’ll be able to use most of the bronzers.  I also like experimenting with different looks so it’s fun to choose different bronzers, just like how I change my lip color or blush according to the look.

If you’re interested in trying Too Faced Bronzers, The Little Black Book of Bronzers has smaller versions of each of these bronzers in a palette.

Available for $49 at TooFaced.com, Sephora and Ulta.  But hurry, this palette is limited edition.


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Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush & Too Faced Leopard Love Palette

My current favorites! Too Faced Leopard Love complexion perfection kit & Tarte Amazonian clay blush in Blissful

The Too Faced palette consists of a bronzer (peach leopard), blush (candy leopard) and brightener/highlighter (pink leopard).

Too Faced – Peach Leopard, Candy Leopard, Pink Leopard

Tarte Amazonian clay blush in Blissful – currently my favorite blush. This blush is advertised as a 12-hour blush that is infused with natural clay from the Amazon River and baked by the sun. When I first saw it at Sephora, it sounded really cool and I liked the colors, so I invested in one! I’m definitely glad I did. It’s smooth, pigmented, and definitely long-lasting. Even with my slightly oily skin, I’ve noticed that the blush stays in place and doesn’t disappear. I will definitely be getting this blush in a few other colors.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush – Blissful
Tarte – Blissful is a beautiful light coral color. It’s my first coralish blush and I love it! Too Faced Peach Leopard is a peachy bronzer. Since I’m fair-skinned, I’m pretty pale in the winter so I don’t wear bronzers but this one is an exception. It’s light enough to give me a slight flush of color. Too Faced Candy Lepoard is a shimmery pink blush. Too Faced Pink Leopard is a pinkish/light bronze brightener. Here, it looks slightly darker than Peach Leopard but it’s actually not. It’s just super shimmery and definitely adds a glow to the face.
Tarte – Blissful, Too Faced – Peach Leopard, Too Faced – Candy Leopard, Too Faced – Pink Leopard

Leopard and Brontosaurus – The Art of Cinema

Despite the widespread dissemination of the author’s theory of death and postmodern criticism of the idea of ​​originality, the institution of authorship not only survived, but even strengthened its position. At least this applies to the upper layer of our culture. When faced with a cultural product, we are primarily interested in who its author is. Without finding this out, we are often unable to judge the product. The same work, signed with different names, will be judged in completely different ways.

By debunking the myth of the autonomous work of art, the artistic avant-garde has also greatly contributed to strengthening the myth of the autonomous author.

Cinema in this situation is a rather difficult case – after all, almost any film is a collective work. Nevertheless, we habitually add the name of the director to the title of the film as the most suitable candidate for the role of the author. Of course, this usually does not apply to the production of mass or genre films.We consider such products by analogy with industrial production. Here, of course, there is also an element of individual innovation, but it is too insignificant to give it a fundamental significance.

The current state of cinematography is indeed in many ways conducive to dualism: on the one hand, the author’s art house, on the other, mass culture operating according to its own anonymous laws. But it was not always so. There are a number of traditions that do not fit into this dualistic picture.Classic Hollywood is the most obvious one. It would be a mistake to regard his works as authorship: the film directed by George Cukor, Howard Hawks or Raoul Walsh is not the work of each of these directors in the sense that we mean by “Antonioni’s film” or “Godard’s film.” But an even bigger mistake would be to view them as faceless products of the “cultural industry.” Because, in spite of its, relatively speaking, “non-author’s character,” “Hawkes’s film” or “Cukor’s film” is no less original, peculiar, exciting and poetic work than “Antonioni’s film” and “Godard’s film”.And certainly this film is marked by all of the above qualities to a much greater extent than a significant part of the modern art house.

Strictly speaking, there is nothing extraordinary here. Other forms of art – literature or painting, for example – have acquired an exaggerated authorial character relatively recently, in the era of romanticism and modernism. It makes no sense to rejoice or lament over this. It can only be noted that cinema, due to its inherent technical features, returns us to the “pre-author”, pre-modern era – and for this it does not need theoretical support like the theory of the author’s death.In classic Hollywood, the author is not dead – he is not yet born [1] .

Rather, the author’s function was not concentrated in the hands of one person. It was distributed among different people – of course, in unequal proportions. And of course, the role of the stage director with his own style was also great. But she hardly surpassed the role of the screenwriter, producer and performers of the main roles. And most importantly, things like style or genre were created by joint efforts.Some “authors” contributed to its formation and interpreted the main themes, motives and techniques of this style in their own way. Needless to say, their works also turned out to be of unequal quality. That the number of masterpieces is also relatively small. And that the “authors” of these masterpieces are basically the same people.

One such masterpiece is Raising Baby, directed in 1938 by Howard Hawks (he also co-produced) and scripted by Dudley Nichols and Haygar Wilde (the latter was also the author of the story on which the script is based).Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn starred. The first was a rising Hollywood star, the second was best known for her theatrical roles. The film failed at the box office, despite the fact that its budget at that time was quite large – $ 1.2 million. Hawkes was barred by RKO from working on the next film, and Katharine Hepburn gained a reputation in cinematic slang for the untranslatable idiom box office poison. A remarkable detail when you consider that the film owes its current fame not least to the talent and charm of this actress [2] .

Bringing Up Baby is a representative of the screwball comedy, an eccentric or burlesque comedy that has its origins in such films as Trouble in Paradise (1932) by Ernst Lubitsch, It Happened One Night (1934) by Frank Capra, The Twentieth Century (1934) Howard Hawkes. However, the heyday of the screwball comedy began in 1937-1938, and “Raising a Baby” is one of the main evidence of this. This film can be considered the standard of the genre.

Actually, the screwball comedy is a kind of romantic comedy: its pivotal plot is the story of the relationship between two young people overcoming various obstacles that stand in the way of their love.In it, as in Shakespeare’s comedies, there are also various misunderstandings that postpone a happy outcome. However, the quantity and quality of such misunderstandings exceeds a reasonably permissible level, which gives the plot a shade of surreal comedy of absurdity and at the same time makes us recall the origins of comic cinema – “slapsticks” of the 1910s. The events in the screwball comedy develop at a hurricane pace, and the dialogue of the characters is just as lightning fast.

However, this is not the main eccentric feature.In the classic romantic comedy, the active side of a romantic relationship is a man seeking the hand of his beloved. On the way to this goal, he encounters obstacles that are repaired by some third party – usually the heroine’s father. In the screwball comedy, the balance of power changes. A woman plays an active role here. The man either reacts to her actions, or acts as a manipulator (as in “His girlfriend Friday” by Hawkes). In other words, his actions are more reactive, while actions become the prerogative of the heroine [3] .

I cannot say with certainty in which film or play this type of heroine first appears. Most likely, it was formed gradually. Some of his features are discernible already in the heroine “It Happened One Night”, and Leo McCary’s film “The Awful Truth” (1937) with Irene Dunn and Cary Grant in the lead roles – the immediate predecessor and prototype of “Raising a Baby” – already allows us to talk about him as an established phenomenon. But it is not without reason that modern film historians often use the term Hawksian woman to define it.In Hawkes’ films, and above all in Bringing Up Baby, this type is brought to its logical conclusion. However, with the same success it could be called a Hepburnian woman. Unlike her predecessors, Susan Vance, Katharine Hepburn’s heroine, lacks the traits of traditional femininity. Suffice it to compare her with Ellie, the heroine of Claudette Colbert from It Happened One Night, whose activity is inherently “object” in nature: when you need to catch a car, she bares her legs, pretending to adjust her stocking.Susan would never have thought of that. Her methods of seduction are completely different – for example, pretending to be a hardened criminal in order to confuse the police. For one single time she uses tears as a method of pressure on the man she is in love with, but this is more childish than feminine strategy.

Indeed, if we try to even approximately determine the secret of Susan’s charm, then it lies in a paradoxical combination of maturity and infantilism. Apparently, such a combination is generally very characteristic of that era: remember the voice of Billie Holiday, and you will understand what I mean. The heroine Katharine Hepburn is childishly spontaneous and eccentric and just as childishly irresponsible. She is used to getting what she wants. But her desires are quite adult, as well as the determination necessary to fulfill them. Once confronted with the ridiculous paleontologist David Huxley (Cary Grant), she decides to marry him at all costs. Meanwhile, the circumstances of the acquaintance do not at all dispose to this: each meeting with Susan ends with disastrous consequences for David, all his plans and intentions collapse.It is not surprising that from the first minutes of acquaintance, he develops the strongest idiosyncrasy in relation to a new acquaintance. One of the remarkable features of Raising a Baby is that the development of the plot is not along the path of overcoming this idiosyncrasy, but along the path of strengthening it.

You can understand the viewers who voted with a dollar against the “Education of the baby”. In this story, everything is turned upside down. The heroine plays a traditionally male role, while the hero, on the contrary, is feminized.In one of the scenes, he appears dressed in a women’s peignoir with a frivolous edge and utters an ambiguous phrase: by the 1930s, the word gay that appears in it had already acquired a well-known slang meaning.

At the same time, the initial conflict situation that exists between the main characters – a situation that should have been resolved in the course of subsequent events – is only aggravated. The heroes do not get closer to each other, the distance generated by their dissimilarity does not decrease. If at the beginning of his acquaintance with David Susan spoils his golf game with an important partner and breaks down his car, then closer to the finale he upsets his wedding and deprives the museum where David works of sponsorship.But the main catastrophe occurs at the very end: with an awkward movement, Susan brings down the skeleton of a brontosaurus, which the hero has been collecting bone by bone for several years. After that, the characters embrace for the first time, and this embrace on the wreckage of painstaking work seems to me one of the most exciting endings in the history of cinema.

The story of Susan and David’s relationship is all the more profound as it is clothed in the frivolous form of burlesque. If traditional comedy creates the illusion of overcoming the opposites between a person and society (that is, other people), the screwball comedy insists that they cannot be eliminated.David and Susan are brought together by an insurmountable difference, while the similarity between David and his first fiancée (a research colleague) turns out to be insufficient reason for marriage. It is significant that the subsequent relationships between the characters develop asynchronously: first, Susan falls in love with David, and then David with Susan. At the same time, the initial interest of the heroine Katharine Hepburn in a person to whom she would hardly have paid attention in other circumstances arises as a result of a coincidence of circumstances and even a kind of misunderstanding. Having faced him twice during one day, she begins to mistakenly suspect that he is in love with her. One way or another, love is not the starting point of these relationships, but their end. But even this finale does not at all mean the establishment of a conflict-free identity. The other, in which Susan and David find their happiness, always remains so.

Both main characters are endowed with contrasting attributes: they, like the ancient gods, have their animal companions, relentlessly accompanying them.David has a brontosaurus skeleton (one of the largest land animals that ever lived on Earth) [4] , and Susan has a leopard named Tiny. It is easy to see in the first an allegory of death, in the second – life, and in the union of heroes – the embodiment of the idea of ​​the unity and struggle of opposites in the spirit of the myth of Hades and Persephone. More importantly, both David and Susan are losing their animals almost simultaneously. The fox terrier named George (played by the fox terrier named Asta, who previously starred in “The Terrible Truth”) carries away the bone – more precisely, the intercostal collarbone – of a brontosaurus, the last missing piece of reconstruction that David is working on, and Susan the leopard escapes.The second half of the film is devoted to their search. In other words, the heroes are looking for themselves, a certain key part of their own personality: the Latin word clavicula (collarbone) literally means “key”, and sometimes used synonymously, the term jugulum (collarbone, throat) also means “essence”. When Susan finally finds her animal, it turns out that this is another leopard – a dangerous predator, who not long before torn to pieces the trainer and by mistake she released into the wild. And David, having received his bone, immediately “loses” the rest of the skeleton, which is broken by Susan who found this bone.In other words, the search for oneself leads to unforeseen results: instead of returning to the starting point, gaining temporarily lost self-identity, the heroes find themselves in an unfamiliar situation, fraught with the collapse of their calculations. Both David and Susan, without knowing it, were looking not for themselves, but for another. This other was the key link, the essence, the jugulum of each of them.

However, once I get to this point in my essay, I feel like following Susan’s example and bringing down my own interpretation in one stroke.I didn’t love Raising Baby because I saw the depth of meaning through the surface of this film. The dependence is exactly the opposite: I admire it, its shape, surface, and therefore seek and find deep meaning in it. Until I wrote this essay, I didn’t know it was there. Meaning is something like a modest gift that a critic presents to his object of love in the hope that he will like it, will fit and will not be sent to the trash can. And this is the only way at his disposal to express his feelings.

I began this text with an abstract reasoning about the incredible vitality of a character named Author. A sense of symmetry prompts me to finally return to this topic.

In my opinion, the death of the author can really come. But it will not happen exactly as we expected – like a sob, not like an explosion. The harsh sentence passed by an extraordinary commission of three people (Foucault, Barthes, Althusser) has not been and will not be implemented. Rather, the death of the author will come as a result of devaluation.The same thing will happen that has already happened with the concept of “creativity”, which has made an impressive path from a divine prerogative to an optional pastime – singing karaoke or shooting a home video.

The trend is that soon absolutely everyone will be authors. Not only has mechanical technology greatly simplified the imaging process. The advent of the Internet greatly simplified the publication of products of creative activity, eliminating the figure of the editor – the eternal antipode of the author and the enemy of euphoric creativity.What the generations of avant-garde artists have been talking about for so long has come to pass. From now on, everyone can demonstrate – and demonstrate – their work to an indefinitely wide audience, consisting of the same authors as himself. And at the same time he resorts to the most advanced strategies of avant-garde art, including borrowing other people’s texts and images in the spirit of appropriation aesthetics and continuous video filming of everything that falls into the field of view of the webcam (Dziga Vertov’s dream), not to mention transgressive and auto-destructive gestures in traditions of radical actionism (such as fatal acts of bestiality).One of the side effects of this phenomenon is that avant-garde, subversive, provocative art is becoming commonplace these days.

It is only a habit of thought that allows one to think that communication is the purpose or context of all these quasi-avant-garde experiences. It is nothing more than an excuse. The true goal is to show the world the results of your creativity, to express yourself, to declare yourself as a sovereign author. And for those who were called that in the old days, it is time to think about a new and more modest self-name.And also remember about such aesthetic institutions and traditions that dispensed with the concept of “author” and at the same time achieved good results.

[1] If we take, say, two films directed by Leo McCarey – the “anarchic comedy” “Duck Soup” (1932) with the participation of the Marx brothers and the “eccentric comedy” “Awful Truth” (1937) – then each of them has a lot of common features with other works of these genres and nothing in common with each other.

[2] Only in 1940, after the release of The Philadelphia Story, Katharine Hepburn was able to rehabilitate herself.The actress acquired the rights to film a play written by the famous playwright Philip Barry especially for her, and then ceded them to MGM for a relatively modest amount and a contract to play the leading role.

[3] For eccentric comedy see also: Fomenko Andrey. Comedy of remarriage: from myth to novel. – “The Art of Cinema”, 2011, No. 10.

[4] Trying to hide David’s true name from her aunt, Susan gives him the pseudonym Mr. Bone is Mr. Bone.

90,000 How a cat that met a leopard fought back a wild beast

A leopard and a cat fell into a well in an Indian city and showed a show worthy of the Tom and Jerry animated series.Eyewitnesses filmed a video of how the spotted beast stepped on its little rival, but she was not frightened and fought back, standing on its hind legs and thrashing the enemy in the face. It seems that footage from the video is preparing to become a template for a meme about self-belief.

In the Indian city of Nasik, Maharashtra state, a leopard and a cat staged a show. The animals were so carried away by the chase that they did not even notice how both ended up in a deep well, as told by the forest ranger Pankaj Garg. And while the rescuers were in a hurry to help them, the animals did not waste time in vain and arranged good entertainment for random passers-by who filmed everything on camera.

In a video posted on Twitter by the news agency ANI, a leopard attempts to attack a cat by snarling and jerking in its direction. Only now the beast attacked the wrong one.

The beginning of the confrontation

Although the cat was clearly losing to the enemy in size, she tried to repulse the attacker, literally looking her fears in the face (or rather, in the face). The spotted beast kept advancing, and the cat had to stand on its hind legs, striking its front strikes.

The cat strikes

The leopard, apparently, did not expect such agility from the rival and was dumbfounded for a moment.In addition, the beast, it seems, was distracted by the audience, and he turned his head towards the cameras, leaving the cat unattended for a second. And she took advantage of the enemy’s hesitation in an unequal battle and dived under the massive neck, thus hiding from the eyes and mouth of the leopard.

It is not known whether the duel of the heroes of the video continued and how it ended, because the video, according to the law of meanness, ended at the most interesting moment.

However, those who were worried about the animals that fell into the well should not worry.As ANI later reported, the animals were rescued by forestry workers and are now safe.

Both the leopard and the cat that fell into the well during the chase were safely rescued and freed by the forestry department.

Many readers of the thread were inspired by the story of the cat and the leopard for philosophical reasoning.

The moral of the story is this: no one cares what happened to the cat … So always be a leopard in life, – shared his wisdom IGiveGyaan .

Be that as it may, the bravery of the cat is worthy of respect. And Medialeaks has even inspired her behavior to create memes about believing in oneself, even when it smells like hopelessness.

Meme from Medialeaks

Project deadline. I, who sat down for the project just now.

And sometimes it happens that so many problems accumulate that you no longer want to solve them.

Meme from Medialeaks

Stress, lack of sleep, problems at school, work, in personal life. Funny video about a cat in tiktok.

While some Twitter users watched the unequal duel of a leopard and a cat, others were touched by a Labrador nestling on the leg of a policeman. The good boy quickly got into memes about a hard day.

A video of a blogger who allegedly raised a piglet for 100 days in order to fry it later raised doubts among Russian-speaking viewers. They noticed: the pig from the footage is different from the one that got into the oven.

90,000 Leopard trainer attacking spectators explains why this was possible

“The leopard misses me.I ate only two chicken breasts all day. ”

Viktor Grigorievich kindly invited me to his apartment on Mosfilmovskaya Street. By the time he arrived, he was looking at old photographs. “Look, this is my very first pet – a lion named Ural,” he handed me one. In the black and white photo, the tamer gently pats the pet along the luxurious golden mane.

– Are you worried that the leopard was taken?

– Of course, I am very depressed. My last leopard Caesar is my child.He is a cross with a jaguar and loves me very much. I love him too.

– Who came for him?

– Investigator and veterinarian. At first they deceived me – they said on the phone that the child, whom he scratched, had a fever, and they would come to look at the veterinary documents. All the papers are in order, the leopard, as expected, is vaccinated. The other day I called up with the baby’s mother – they are resting in Spain, the child feels fine. Then the investigator showed the court’s decision to seize the animal.

– Where does the leopard live now?

– On Sunday I took him to a club near Troitsk. He was given a spacious open-air cage, where I put a concert cage. I call every day to inquire about his condition. The leopard misses me. So, on Monday for the whole day, Caesar ate only 2 chicken breasts: no appetite. And on Tuesday I went into the concert cage and lay down there, sad. Until the court ruling, he will live in this club.

“The pain burns at first, then I don’t feel anything”

– Why did you decide to train predators? Are you from a circus family?

– No.The profession, one might say, found me on its own. I come from Novosibirsk. Once I was walking down the street, I was about 18 years old. Suddenly a large man came up and wondered if I was engaged in wrestling. By the way, before that I devoted several years to classical wrestling. An experienced eye immediately determined this. The man invited me to the circus for a show of professional wrestlers. I trained there for a long time, and then went to perform. He learned to be an acrobat in Kiev, at that time a wonderful circus was built there. The best acrobats of the Soviet Union taught the skill.Later he began to lead an artistic and acrobatic group. And then, already at GITIS, he received a diploma as a circus director.

He created his first directorial act based on Khachaturian’s ballet “Spartacus”. It was 1972. I am a director, artist Anna Sudakevich. They performed in the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, it was also the pre-revolutionary circus of Salamonsky. My mind was completely turned upside down by a visit to Peterhof, where I saw the statue “Samson tearing the mouth of a lion.” I wondered how many lion tricks you could think of!

– And where did you start?

– From the attraction “The Athlete and the Lion”.Everything was done on a pedestal. The lion stood with his paws on my chest, I inserted my hands into his mouth and opened it. For performing this trick, he became a laureate of the All-Union competition of circus artists. Another interesting trick is “Living Curbstone”. Lying on his back on his knees, he held a shield, on which the lion entered and sat down. Why didn’t I do it? He lifted the swing on the rocker and rocked the lion, lifted the platform with six large lions. Can you imagine? These were completely new tricks for that time.

With these programs I traveled all over the country – showing them on stages and stadiums.Where I was offered, I performed there.

– What kind of predators did you have then?

– Originally performed with two lions. The first, the Urals, he took in Murmansk, in a traveling circus. For the second, Maxim, I went to the Rostov circus. As a rule, I altered the nicknames – I did not always like them. At one time there was a mixed group – two tigers, lionesses, panthers, leopards. I raised many of them myself. Max from the Rostov zoo was fed with semolina. It happened that all this livestock slept with me: they came to their cages and spent nights there, sometimes they spent the night in my apartment.

I must say, I have always had a lot of animals. He performed abroad with a group of elephants. These were not my animals. He performed such a trick – the elephant lay down on me. There was a small space between him and me. The trick was well received: first silence, then applause.

At one time there were pythons. I wrapped myself in snakes, some, especially after a hearty dinner, were as thick as thighs. Lied with them in a transparent box teeming with snakes. A thick fog was pouring around – we created such an effect.It was beautiful with crocodiles! He thrust his hand into his mouth. Of course, he grabbed me several times. The pain burns at first, then I don’t feel anything. But I don’t like to talk about this topic, and I especially don’t like asking questions before performances. I am always silent, concentrating.

– Yeah, apparently, you have a lot of injuries …

– Well, like any tamer – thousands of scars. And I had to say goodbye to fear long ago. In the Riga circus, at a rehearsal, the Ural gnawed my left thigh twice, when I made a “boa” with it – lifted it onto my shoulders.He grabbed the leg with his claws, pulled him to him and began to chew. Only when I settled down did he let me go. How did I stop him? Yes, just stopped doing this trick with him.

In 1982 he came to the Kharkov circus to rehearse the attraction “Russian Samson with Lions”. Then a partner was introduced – Zoya Chernega. She is an outstanding trainer, elegant, artistic. She performed from early childhood, first with dogs. Then she became my wife. In general, I lay down on the arena, Zoya got four lions that lay across me.Sometimes, before entering, these lions started a fight. It was spectacular! But I was not touched.

– Did you amuse the overseas audience with these attractions?

– Yes. In 1991 I went to Thailand – I was offered to perform with all my livestock in Siam Park. At that time, I had a panther, a leopard and eight male lions. I felt that hard times were coming in Russia, and an adult lion needs at least 7 kg of beef per day. Was forced to go abroad. In Tashkent, they embarked on a military cargo transport plane, it was supposed to take us to Bangkok.During loading, the commander walked around the plane and asked: “How much does this all weigh?” Apparently he was afraid of a crash. In addition to cages with animals, we carried metal props, nets, many pendants, and equipment. We played in Thailand for a month, there was just an incredible excitement – 3-4 performances a day. The audience stood in long lines, and Bangkok was covered with advertisements.

– Where did you go next?

– With Chernega we decided not to return to Russia. After Bangkok, they toured all the countries of the Arab world – the UAE, the Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon.The animals tolerated the hot weather a little – however, as we do. But in Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, we had the highest fees.

– How did the Arabs feel about the Russian circus?

– Great! Although a terrorist attack was committed in Kuwait – they blew up the container in which we lived. It is not known why, we did not receive any threats. After the performance, and we entered a central exhibition, such as ours at VDNKh, where Saddam Hussein’s trophies were displayed, he sat on a chair with his back to the wall, his legs resting on the back of a wooden bed.Suddenly there was a clap, my ears were blocked, the light went out, boiling water was poured over me and began to be shocked. I jumped out into the street intuitively. I landed in the dark and ask: “Zoya, how are you? She: “Okey”. People came running, policemen, Zoya was taken out. The fire started. The container was half-open, and behind it was a huge pit. I escaped with a concussion – my back cramped.

– Did famous people attend the performances?

– In Arab countries, he performed before emirs, and in Saudi Arabia, members of the royal family came.I liked the numbers very much, they said “beautyful”. When we worked in Lebanon, the Hezbollah leadership came to the show. In Palestine, Yasser Arafat honored us with a visit. Many made gifts – here’s a saber hanging on the wall, the general gave it to me in Syria. In Mexico, they showed tricks in front of President Luis Echeverría at his residence. They said – come more often. In Mexico City, in general, we had a tremendous success. And in the Union he spoke to members of the Politburo, they themselves came to the circus. He performed with a leopard at dachas in Barvikha.Both businessmen and politicians called me. He demonstrated skill both in the halls and on the lawn.

Photo: Ekaterina Sveshnikova

“If one lion went, count, in a moment the whole group will attack”

– Share the secrets of raising predators?

– We must start everything with love, understand, make friends, find the keys. All living things must be respected and loved. I love everything living except flies, midges and cockroaches.Of course, not everyone should be involved in training. You need to have the ability and go through a certain school. You have to work with lions on Durov’s principles. Encourage treats, baits while working on new tricks. And of course, you need to set real tasks based on the peculiarities of natural qualities, constitution. And you need to be able to fend off them in the event of an attack. It is especially dangerous to work with a group of lions; with tigers, everything is different. If one tiger rushes at you, others can continue to sit in their places.And the lions – if one went, then, consider, in a moment the whole group will attack. Their blood immediately warms up, they start to go crazy. Lionesses, of course, too, but they are more graceful creatures, inferior to lions. I got into such situations.

– How to be saved?

– Many different ways. So, I prepared two lions who came to protect me. I had two lion brothers from the Yerevan zoo. One of them often went to me, the other always joined. And my protector lions left the place and fenced off the road.Well, a fight broke out between the animals. But sooner or later you have to part with your pets. Parting with everyone is a tragedy. The soul cries and tears flow. It’s like the loss of loved ones. I have a lot of losses. The lions we left behind in Beirut were buried long ago.

– Left?

– Yes. Zoya and I returned from a grand tour in the early 2000s, we were not in Moscow for 10 years. Lvov was left in Beirut, as it was thought, temporarily. They took only the leopard and left.

– Are you well received in Russia?

– Having returned from abroad, I felt, if not an outcast, then a person who must constantly overcome everything. Negative attitude towards everything. You are traveling with animals on transport – they stop you. The whole interrogation begins. Sometimes it happens that I did not completely take the documents. They would have to catch criminals, and they used to give me 5 hours. Abroad – a very welcoming mood of the police, officials, the public. I remember Sultan Qaboos, a man of solid appearance with a gray beard, as a child asked about animals.Nobody else has such an attitude.

“There was a moment when I wanted to commit suicide”

– After your return, you started a black streak. Several years ago, the media wrote that you had a double tragedy – first your wife threw herself out of the window, then a leopard. What happened then?

– It was a leopard. He left the enclosure and jumped off the 8th floor. In 2005, I temporarily kept him in the apartment. The media heaped up that he jumped after his wife.This is not true. We were tired. All this time there were no vacations, only performances. And Zoe’s psyche began to suffer. After all, she has performed with dogs since childhood, and this is a big load – you need to take care of them and take care of yourself. Nursing assistants are a problem: they quit, they get drunk. And over time, Zoya became vulnerable. Then she suddenly decided to leave the world. I jumped twice – the first time, in 2003, fell on a car and survived, spent 4 days in the hospital. And a year later, she jumped again from a higher floor – from my mother’s apartment.Such a tragic story.

– Then – two accidents in circuses near Moscow. Do you communicate with the family of the boy who was attacked by a leopard in 2010?

– We call, everything is fine with the boy. But I said right away – the wound will heal. I have thousands of wounds. For the attack, I was sentenced to a suspended sentence of six months. It should be over soon.

… There, in the Domodedov circus, a cramped backstage. It was still dark – Ilyich’s lamp was hanging. At the end, everyone walked past a cage with a leopard with luggage, animals, and I retreated behind these curtains.The child – the son of artists, constantly approached, leaned, I drove him away and warned him. I haven’t prepared the cage for loading yet – I usually wrap it with bundles. And at this time, the cage somehow opened, the leopard grabbed the child. The artists began to drag the beast away, took the boy away from him and carried him away, and his father leaned on the beast. I walk in, I look – deathly silence, the light bulb barely illuminates, it took me a while to realize what had happened. In the twilight, I could barely make out a man lying on the floor. Then I saw the tail of a leopard – and understood everything.I took the beast by the collar and I say to the man – go away. He got up and staggered off.

– Well, what happened in Podolsk?

– A ring came off from a branded English collar. In general, I put a curbstone in the center of the arena, a leash with a meter with a small length. I worked half the number, the leopard jumped to the left, I pulled up the leash and I feel that it has become weak. The leopard fell off the curbstone and by inertia flew towards the hall. The arena is not very wide there. The beast was on the barrier, there was no net, and there was a woman with a child sitting close by.The leopard began to wave its paws, the woman dodged. He touched the child – he had a tiny speck of blood on his stocking.

After all this, harassment began in the media. As soon as they don’t call me, it’s a shame! There must be some boundaries. And one journalist even broke into my apartment under the guise of a neighbor, whom I allegedly flood! She had a mini camera in her hand. She provoked me into a scandal. She started running around my apartment until I kicked her out.

– Considering what kind of animals you have worked with, how do you rate the reliability of the collars?

– I always test them – I hang the weight before using it and see if it can withstand it or not.In that ill-fated collar, the leash was steel, the carabiner was massive, the loop was attached to the wrist. And the animal weighed only 30 kg. So I will say – anything happens. As one of the Zapashny brothers says, reliable cables break, and the nets break, and the elephants run away. Life is full of surprises.

– Do you think these troubles are an accident? Still, whatever one may say, you are already 76 years old …

– There was a moment, I wanted to commit suicide – I was very worried. Well, everything comes to an end – whether you want it or not.My Zoya, as I understand it, did not want to grow old, to turn into an old woman. It scares me too.

I want to say that now I am stopping performances. I was affected by the last two accidents, I am very worried. I am strongly scolded, both on the Internet and in the circus community – some rumors reach. But I’m used to it. At one time I was criticized by Irina Bugrimova, she did not like that I was raising lions on the platform.

– Since you will not perform on your own, what are you planning to do?

– I will be a director.I am working closely on a play in two parts called “Mystery from St. Petersburg”. Already created sketches for each trick, wrote scripts. There are horses, a lion. Imagine a picture – a rock, an artist, he symbolizes Peter I, flies up the rock in a fluttering cape, then sways under the dome. Then he grows wings, above he performs acrobatic stunts. After that, the rock opens up and the horses come out from there, which are led by the bridle of the young man. Acrobatic pyramids are performed together with the horses.The chariot appears. Then acrobats fly out of the catapult through the entire arena, and a cascade of acrobatic jumps begins. And the performance ends with Samson tearing the lion’s mouth. Samson will be covered with gold paint, we will attach golden wings to the lion’s back. I will no longer perform anything, we will look for artists and a tamer.

VTsIOM: the majority of Sevastopol residents support Ovsyannikov – Society

SEVASTOPOL, May 16. / Corr. TASS Andrey Medinsky /. About 65% of Sevastopol residents pin their hopes for a better life on the acting governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov, and 57% would vote for him if the governor’s elections were held next Sunday.This is evidenced by the results of a study by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM).

“About 65% of Sevastopol residents pin their hopes for a better life with Dmitry Ovsyannikov. At the same time, 57% are ready to vote for his candidacy if the election of the governor took place next Sunday, and 73% assess his work better than his predecessor. will definitely go to the polls, 67% are ready to vote for the acting governor, while his competitors are gaining from 2% to 4%, “VTsIOM said following a poll conducted in the first quarter of 2017.

According to the study, Sevastopol residents associate the construction and repair of roads in the city with the name of Ovsyannikov, improvement, while 64% of the city’s residents say that they are satisfied with the situation in Sevastopol, and directly associate the changes with a change in the city’s leadership. According to a VTsIOM poll, 65% of Sevastopol residents believe that the acting governor works in the interests of the city and all citizens.

The results of the study showed that the current head of the city retains the status of “governor of hopes”, but at the same time functional assessments are obviously of an advance nature.

“The probable reason for such a high level of trust is an extremely negative attitude towards his predecessor, Sergei Menyailo. Thus, the assessments are motivated, first of all, not by the performance results, but by the contrast in comparison with the previous head of the region – 73% of the respondents believe that Ovsyannikov works better predecessor “, – said in the message of VTsIOM.

At the same time, the results of the study show that now a favorable electoral situation has developed in Sevastopol, a positive image of the acting head of the city has been formed: the population recognizes his lobbying potential and the support of the head of state.However, according to experts, there are components of the image that can become “risk zones” in the upcoming election campaign. As such, the conclusions of VTsIOM indicate Ovsyannikov’s distance from the population, the lack of independence in decision-making, as well as the status of a “Varangian”, that is, a visiting official.

Dmitry Ovsyannikov was appointed Acting Governor of Sevastopol on July 28 last year, replacing Sergey Menyailo in this post. The first direct elections for the head of Sevastopol will be held on September 10 this year.1.6 thousand respondents took part in the survey.

90,000 cruel and mysterious killers from West Africa “BigPicture.ru

From the beginning to the middle of the 20th century, the Leopard Society existed in West Africa – a secret organization of people who practiced ritual murder and cannibalism among their fellow tribesmen.

The authorities of Sierra Leone were the first to face the brutal rituals of local residents. English travelers who visited these parts told about fierce cannibals dressed in leopard skins.Later, in the town of Port Loko, a man was burned alive. Another 40 years later, there was a resonant event known as the “Tongo Scandal”.

Tongo Ritual Play

In 1891, the chief of the tribe summoned all influential people from nearby settlements to Bogo to participate in the Tongo game. At the end of the game, eight people caught specifically for the ritual were burned alive – the men were allegedly suspected of being werewolves.

Everyone present was shocked by what had happened.Tongo and other games were officially banned by the authorities, and those who decide to break the law were promised to be sent to prison. Despite this, over the next few years, news of similar brutal murders appeared regularly. Then the authorities realized that they were not dealing with the antics of local wild natives, but with something more serious.

Secret Society of Leopards

Then in Sierra Leone there was a secret society of people-leopards. Its members were dressed in leopard skins, and on their feet they wore special shoes that left marks, like this animal.The members of the secret society had weapons that imitated the claws and fangs of a leopard – special bracers with spikes and three-pronged daggers.

People-leopards attacked the victim at night, tore the jugular vein, and the body of the killed was slashed with their weapons. This gave the impression that the man was attacked by a real leopard. In 1934-1935, a huge number of victims of these predatory animals were found on the territory of the Belgian Congo, but, as it turned out later, the real killers were not animals, but people.

Werewolf hunt

All police forces were sent to fight the criminals, but the killings did not stop. Then the authorities organized a special operation – they connected the army, introduced a curfew, and promised a large reward for any information about the “leopards”. In 1912, more than 400 murder suspects were arrested. The defendants denied involvement in the secret society, but evidence found in their homes indicated otherwise. Among the finds were “fangs”, and special footwear, and animal skins …

After a successful “hunt for werewolves” the activity of “leopards” within Sierra Leone weakened, but spread to other countries – Congo, Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia, Cameroon, etc.e. From 80 to 200 brutal murders could occur in a year. The worst thing is that there were many children among the victims. Finally, large-scale arrests yielded results, and the police had the first testimonies from witnesses and suspects. And what they learned shocked many.

Cult of “Leopard People”

It turned out that the actions of the “people-leopards” were led by local sorcerers. The cults of numerous werewolf sorcerers have existed in Africa since ancient times – boa people, crocodile people, etc.e. But it was the “leopards” that left the most terrible mark in history.

They themselves called themselves law enforcement officers. Sorcerers considered themselves to be almighty rulers of the law, guarantors of harmony and justice. And they punished, ostensibly, only for misdeeds and crimes, claiming that “murder for the sake of murder” was committed by their imitators. Nevertheless, the very ritual of joining the Leopard society was distinguished by extreme cruelty.

To begin with, anyone who wanted to join the “leopards” had to ask the head of the society for “borfima”.It is a potion made from several ingredients – egg white, cock’s blood, a handful of rice, as well as human blood, skin and fat. The last components were to be obtained as a result of the sacrifice. Members of society believed that this mixture endowed them with incredible strength and power and gave them power over their fellow tribesmen. But getting it was not so easy …

Borfima – “elixir” of omnipotence

To receive the potion, the neophyte (novice) first went to the leader and asked him for approval to join the society.Then he had to walk along a path into the jungle and tell the people who would be waiting for him at the end of the path that he was looking for a borfim to play jagei. It was a kind of secret code.

The beginner took the oath and followed on to the box where the elixir lay. There he also found a leopard’s dagger – he had to knock on the box and say another oath, in which the man promised to always keep the secrets of society a secret. This is one of the reasons why it took so long to get evidence from the suspects.

At this, the ritual was paused for three days. After this period, the neophyte was allowed to taste human meat without his knowledge. The next step in entering society was sacrifice. The newcomer had to kill the young girl.

The victim’s relatives were aware of the upcoming murder, as members of the community asked for their permission. The older children of families were often the victims. Parents could not resist this atrocity, as they understood that if they refused, the “leopards” would cut out the whole family.

The beginner was preliminarily dressed in the skin of an animal and given “claws”. The victim walked alone along a forest path, followed by other “leopards”. When the girl reached the destination, the “werewolves” uttered a heart-rending roar, after which the newcomer pounced on the victim and cut her throat. The body was dragged away and “disassembled into pieces” – the liver, skin from the forehead and fat from the kidneys were left to finish cooking the borfim.

Modern “people-leopards”

After effective action by the authorities, the bloody activities of the “leopards” subsided for a long time, but in 1994 they showed their claws again.A high-profile murder occurred in Liberia. Eight mutilated bodies of women and children were brought to the office of the International Red Cross. The staff was strictly forbidden to touch them, threatening reprisals to anyone who disobeyed.

Most of the doctors and nurses fled in fear, leaving only the Puerto Rican nurse and surgeon. The latter examined the bodies and saw that one of the women and the child were still breathing. True, they were so scared that they could not utter a word.

The boys return from their initiation to Poro.Panguma, Sierra Leone, 1936

The local police were also scared. Only one officer arrived at the hospital and immediately declared that the killings were the work of the “leopard people.” The next day, both the doctor and the nurse were found dead, and the surviving woman mysteriously disappeared. Interpol was involved in the investigation, but the killers were never found. To reassure local residents, the authorities blamed the crime on a gang of criminals.

The “people-leopards” themselves have not gone anywhere. From time to time, they continue to perform bloody rituals, knowing that the police will be afraid to look for them.Moreover, some “leopards” are not particularly hiding. For example, William Wakanarat Tubman was President of Liberia from 1944 to 1971, and before that led the Poro secret society.

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90,000 The leopard that survived: the injured Renosha is back on camera traps

The nine lives of the world’s rarest large cat
The Land of the Leopard staff witnessed the unusual story of the injured Far Eastern leopard, checking the camera traps installed in the northern forests of the national park.A young male Leo 46M named Renosha was caught by the camera after a bloody fight with another beast and alarmed scientists with the resulting injury.

Experts have been following the fate of this spotted predator since 2013, since the beginning of large-scale photomonitoring of the population. Another series of photographs taken by camera traps in the winter of 2017 showed an unusual change in Renosha’s appearance: a deep wound gaped on the cat’s face. The angle of the obtained images did not allow to objectively assess the nature of the damage and the level of threat to the life of the leopard, but there was an assumption that he could lose his right eye.Heightened the alarm by the fact that the next month the wounded cat was not recorded by any of the cameras of the Land of the Leopard.

It is known that in the wild, animals live in conditions that humans would call extreme. Every day, forest dwellers are faced with life-threatening situations; every day, not only ungulates hunted by big cats have to be on the alert, but also the predators themselves. The Leo 46M could have been injured either while hunting, or by entering into an acute conflict with another leopard over a female or territorial disputes.At the same time, unlike people, Renosha could not seek help from doctors or simply treat the wound with brilliant green, fighting pain and, possibly, infection on his own.

However, the hopes of the Land of the Leopard employees for a successful outcome were justified: the last check of camera traps showed that Renosha was alive and well. Having checked in on cameras in April and May, he dispelled all fears – the leopard looks great, the wound received in winter healed completely, and the eye was not hurt. Outwardly, his physical strength does not raise any doubts, which means that the predator has no problems with hunting.In addition, Renosha reappeared on his own territory, leaving numerous scratches on the ground – marks confirming his rights to these lands.

“Scars adorn a man – the same can be said about predators. Whatever Renosha faced, he successfully resolved the problem and emerged victorious, enduring the life test stoically, as befits such a strong male, – said Tatyana Baranovskaya, director of the Land of the Leopard Federal State Budgetary Institution. – Despite the fact that the population of the Far Eastern leopard is growing and today there are about 80 individuals in the world, the number of these spotted predators is still extremely low.The loss of even one individual is a threat to the population. But Renosha survived, once again proving that the rarest of the big cats on the planet are animals with incredibly plastic behavior, capable of overcoming even the most difficult obstacles. ”

Note that in the national park with the help of 300 camera traps all movements of leopards, any changes in appearance and life cycle are recorded. The employees of the National Park know all their wards “by sight”. Over the years of observations, scientists for the first time determined the approximate number of spotted predators, the boundaries of their habitat, received information about their lifestyle and even about the relationship between individual leopards.The data that specialists have collected thanks to Renosha will help to better understand how leopards live, what situations they face, how to cope with them.

Today Renoshe is about 5 years old – the age of the prime of life for leopards in the wild. As with the male, he clearly has a strong character and is distinguished by decisiveness. So, in winter pictures it is clear that this big cat is not used to looking for easy ways and overcomes deep snowdrifts without problems. In winter, he can boast of fluffy and warm, with a long undercoat, fur coat, and in summer – a light and bright outfit.Researchers at Land of the Leopard are confident that the Leo 46M has a bright future. Renosha received his name in 2015: according to the results of the vote, he was chosen by the employees of the Renova group of companies, which actively supports the work to preserve the population of Far Eastern leopards.
Happy hunting!

For reference:

How do specialists distinguish between spotted cats? From the very birth of a leopard, spots on its skin – the so-called rosettes – form a unique, inimitable pattern, peculiar only to this animal.This pattern does not change throughout life, like a person’s fingerprints. It is by these spots that scientists distinguish one individual from another.

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. Works. Leopard



Evening prayer and acquaintance with the prince. – A garden and a dead soldier. – An audience with the king. – Dinner. – In a wheelchair to Palermo. – Visiting Mariannina. – Return to San Lorenzo.- Conversation with Tancredi. – Business in the office and discussions about politics. – With padre, Pyrrone at the observatory. – Discharge at lunch. – Don Fabrizio and the peasants. – Don Fabrizio and son Paolo. – News of the landing and prayer again.

May 1860

“Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen”.
The last words of the nightly prayer were heard. For half an hour, the prince’s calm voice reminded of mercy and repentance; for half an hour, other voices, merging with each other, weaved a wavy cloth of prayer, on which unusual words were scattered in golden flowers: love, purity, death; until this hum died down, the rococo drawing room seemed to be transformed; even the parrots, spreading their wide wings on the walls covered with silk, seemed to be a little shy, even Magdalene in the pillar between the windows looked like a sinner now, and not like a red-haired beauty who dreamed of something.
Now that the prince’s voice had stopped, everything began to return to its usual order, or rather, to the usual disorder. The dog Bendiko, still offended by his recent exile, wandered through the door through which the servants came out, wagging its tail.
The women rose slowly from their seats; the trains thrown aside only gradually revealed the naked mythological figures on the fine-white marble floor, until finally only Andromeda remained hidden from view: the cassock of Padre Pyrrone, still immersed in prayers, for a long time prevented her from seeing the silvery Perseus, who thirsty for kisses and hurried to her aid, overcoming the stormy streams.
The deities depicted on the ceiling frescoes have awakened. Crowds of newts and dryads, emerging from the depths of water, falling from mountain heights, breaking through crimson-red clouds and thickets of alpine violets, rushed to a kind of Golden Gorge, in order from there to exalt the glory of the house of Salin to heaven; their overwhelming enthusiasm forced the artist to neglect the simplest laws of perspective; the main deities, princes among the gods, Jupiter the Thunderer, frowning Mars, languid Venus, escaping from the crowd of lesser deities, firmly held a blue shield with the image of a dancing Leopard.They knew that now they could again safely own this house for twenty-three and a half hours. The monkeys depicted on the walls began to make faces at the parrots again.
And after this Palermo Olympus, the mortal inhabitants of the house of Salina hastened to descend to earth from mystical heights. The girls straightened the folds in their dresses and, with a laugh in their blue eyes, exchanged words from the vocabulary of the monastery’s nurses with each other – more than a month had passed since April 4th (on April 4, 1860, the first mass demonstrations against the Bourbon government took place in Sicily, preceding the liberation of the island by Garibaldi’s troops ), when, as a precaution, they were ordered to return home from the monastery school; they now yearned for their canopied dorms and close fellowship with the Lord God.The boys have already grappled, snatching the icon of St. Francis from each other; the firstborn, the heir, Duke Paolo, wanted to smoke, but, embarrassed to start this occupation in the presence of his parents, he paced the room, groping for a straw cigarette case lying in his pocket. On the emaciated face of Duke Paolo, an expression of some kind of unearthly melancholy appeared: the day turned out to be unfortunate – the red-haired Irish horse Guiscardo seemed to begin to pass, and Fanny did not find a way (or maybe she did not want to) send him, as usual, her note on colored paper …Why, in fact, did the Savior need to be resurrected?
With an impulsive nervous movement, the princess put the prayer book into a purse embroidered with bugles and looked with beautiful, mad eyes at her slave children, then at her tyrant husband, to whom her fragile body was drawn, in vain thirsting for love intimacy. And the prince, meanwhile, rose from the chair under the weight of his gigantic body, the floorboards were shaking – for a moment pride flashed in the prince’s clear eyes for this, albeit a ghostly confirmation of domination over people and things.Now he was placing an exorbitantly large gospel in red binding on the chair that stood in front of him during prayer and folded the handkerchief that served him during his kneeling, a slight discontent darkened his gaze when he again discovered a speck of coffee, which in the morning dared to disturb the sparkling whiteness of his waistcoat …
It cannot be said that the prince was fat; no, he was only distinguished by enormous growth and extraordinary strength; in houses where mere mortals lived, his head touched the chandelier; the prince’s fingers bent gold ducats like vellum paper, and often from Salin’s house they went to a jewelry store to repair forks and spoons, which the prince bent into an arc at the table, thereby giving vent to his hard-to-restrain anger.However, these same fingers were capable of movements, very delicate, they were capable of affection and control of the finest devices; on her mountain, Maria-Stella, the prince’s wife, did not forget about it; but the screws, rings, buttons and powder-rubbed glasses of telescopes, telescopes, comet-seekers that filled his personal observatory at the very top of the villa were familiar with the light, barely perceptible touch of his hands.
The rays of the sun, already close to sunset, but still standing high in this early May hour, illuminated the prince’s pinkish face – a sign of the German descent of his mother, the very Princess Carolina, whose arrogance thirty years ago froze the neglected courtyard of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies …Attractive pale pink skin and blond hair against a background of olive faces and blue-black hair were complemented by other Germanic enzymes in the prince’s blood, much less convenient for a Sicilian aristocrat in this 1860, a domineering disposition, a certain rigidity of moral principles and a tendency to abstract thinking , who, in the morally unraveled atmosphere of Palermo society, accordingly turned into capricious despotism, eternal moral remorse and contempt for family and friends, who, as it seemed to him, drifted in the bends of the slow river of Sicilian pragmatism.
The first (and last) in the family, whose representatives for centuries were not even capable of adding up their expenses and deducting their own debts; the prince had a great and genuine penchant for mathematics; applying his abilities to astronomy, he thereby achieved considerable public recognition and experienced the subtlest pleasures of reason.
The prince’s pride was so closely intertwined with his penchant for mathematical analysis that he believed that the stars obey his calculations (and in fact it seemed that exactly; this is what they were doing), and the two small planets discovered by him (Salina and Rezvy called he is theirs by the name of the estate and his unforgettable hound), glorify his family in the transparent-clear spaces between Mars and Jupiter, thereby giving the frescoes in the palace a prophetic meaning.
Overwhelmed, on the one hand, by pride and passion for sober thinking inherited from his mother, and on the other – by the sensuality and frivolity of his father, poor Prince Fabrizio, with all his habits of Zeus, languished in eternal longing and indifferently watched the collapse of both his class and his own wealth, not having the slightest desire to prevent both.
These half an hour between prayer and supper seemed to the prince the most pleasant, and he anticipated their deceptive peace in advance.
Preceded by Bendiko, who on this occasion became extremely agitated, the prince went down the low stairs leading to the garden.Situated between the villa and the three walls of the fence, this garden, fenced off from the world, was like a cemetery; parallel rows of mounds, so similar to the graves of skinny giants, emphasized this similarity, although in reality they only delimited the ditches for watering.
Here, on the reddish clay soil, everything grew in dense disorder – a hedge of myrtle rather blocked the path than served its purpose; flowers, stretched upward as God puts on the soul. In the depths of the garden, a statue of Flora, covered with yellowish-black lichen spots, resigned itself to flaunt its centuries-old vices; two benches of gray marble with chipped cushions of the same material stood on either side of the statue; only the acacia growing in the corner wedged into this picture with the gold of its inappropriate merriment.Here, every inch of the earth testified to the desire for beauty, quickly mired in laziness.
The garden, crowded by these walls, as if killed by them, exuded sugary, fleshly, slightly putrid smells, reminiscent of the smells of aromatic liquids with which the relics of the saints are impregnated; the spicy, peppery scent of cloves drowned out the ceremonial scent of roses and the strong scent of magnolias that grew in the corners of the garden; and from somewhere below the scent of mint rose, mixed with the childishly naive scent of acacias and the sugary scent of myrtle; the alcove smells of the first orange blossom flowed from behind the fence.
In this garden everything offended the eye: it was positively created for the blind; but the sense of smell could receive a strong, though not subtle, pleasure here. Roses “Paul Neuron”, the cuttings of which the prince himself acquired in Paris, degenerated here; at first they were fed and called to life by the mighty and carefree juices of the Sicilian land, then the merciless sun burned them, and now they turned into a kind of flesh-colored cabbage, seemingly obscene, but emitting a stupefying aroma that none of the French gardeners.
The prince brought such a rose to his very nose, and it seemed to him that he was breathing in the familiar scent of the skin of a ballerina of the Parisian theater “Grand Opera”.
Bendiko, who was also asked to smell the rose, turned away from it in disgust and hurried to seek healthier sensations among the fertilizer scattered on the ground and dead lizards.
However, the prince’s garden full of aromas caused a chain of gloomy thoughts. Now it smells so nice here, but a month ago …
And he remembered with disgust how a sickly sickening smell spread throughout the villa, the cause of which was established only later: it was emitted by the corpse of a young soldier of the fifth battalion of gamekeepers, who, being wounded in a skirmish with a detachment of rioters at San Lorenzo, crawled here to die lonely near the lemon tree.He lay face down among the dense foliage, his face in a pool of blood and vomit, his nails clutching the ground; ants were crawling over the corpse, and purple guts floated under the belt itself in the dirty liquid.
Rousseau, the prince’s steward, finding this decaying corpse in the garden, turned it over on its back, covered the face of the deceased with a large red handkerchief, squeezed the fallen intestines into the open wound with the help of a branch, covered it with the blue folds of his greatcoat, without ceasing to spit with disgust – even though and not directly in the face of the deceased, but still close to the corpse.And all this Rousseau did with fearful knowledge of the matter, saying: “These scoundrels stink even after death.” That was all that marked the lonely death.
When fellow soldiers carried off the body (they dragged it to the cart, grabbing it by the shoulders, so that the stuffing fell out of the doll again), they added “de profundis” to the evening prayer for the peace of the stranger’s soul; the conscience of the women from Salin’s house calmed down, and they never remembered him again.
The prince went up to the statue of Flora, stripped the lichen from its foot and began to walk up and down the garden, the low setting sun cast gloomy shadows on the garden beds, which already looked like graves.
In fact, there was no more talk about the deceased; after all, soldiers are soldiers to die defending their king. And yet the image of this gutted soldier resurfaced in memory, as if crying out for peace, which could only be achieved in the only way acceptable to the prince: only a consciousness of absolute necessity can overcome and justify these terrible torments. And other, much more cruel ghosts crowded around. Perhaps, death for someone or for something is in the order of things; it is necessary, however, to know, or at least to be sure, that the person knew for whom or for what he died; the disfigured corpse of a soldier demanded an answer, but it was then that the fog began.
“But, dear Fabrizio, he died for the king, it’s clear,” Malvik’s brother-in-law would answer him, the one whom the crowd of friends always chose as their mouthpiece. For the king representing order, continuity, decency, right, honor; for a king who only defends the church, for a king who will not allow property to be destroyed — and this is the ultimate goal of the sect ”(the feudal reaction ranked the members of the Aytiburbon movement as a“ sect ”). You will not say anything, beautiful words, meaning everything that is dear to the prince, that sunk deep into his heart.And yet the cutting pain remained. Well, okay, king. He knew the king well, at least the one who had recently passed away; the current one is just a seminarian wearing a general’s uniform, and, to be honest, is worth little. “But that’s not an argument, Fabrizio,” argued Malvika. “A separate sovereign may not be up to the mark, but the monarchist idea remains.” – “This is also true, but the kings who embody the idea still should not, cannot fall below a certain level from generation to generation, otherwise, dear brother-in-law, the idea itself will suffer.”
Sitting on the bench, the prince indifferently watched the destruction that Bendiko was doing on the beds from time to time the dog looked at him with his innocent eyes, as if asking for praise for the work he had done: fourteen broken carnations, a half-destroyed hedge, one clogged groove. Not a dog is a real Christian.
– Well done, Bendiko, come here!
And the dog ran up, touched the prince’s hand with his nostrils stained with earth, trying with all his might to prove that he generously forgives such a frivolous interference in his wonderful work.
Audiences, numerous audiences that King Ferdinand gave to the prince in Caserta, Capodimonte, Portici, Naples and God knows where else.
He walked alongside the chamberlain – a talker with a cocked hat under his arm and the freshest obscenities of Naples on his lips – through endless halls where magnificent architecture combined with furnishings as sickening as the Bourbon dynasty itself; then, along dirty passages and poorly swept staircases, they reached the reception area, where a lot of people were waiting; the impenetrable faces of spies, the greedy faces of recommended petitioners.The chamberlain, every now and then asking for forgiveness, pushed the crowd of people aside and led the prince into another reception room intended for the courtiers – the silver-blue drawing room of the time of Karl III; after a short wait, a footman knocked lightly on the door, and the prince appeared before the highest person.
The private office is small and deliberately simple: on the whitewashed walls there is a portrait of King Francis I and the current queen, who looked sour and angry; over the fireplace, Madonna Andrea del Sarto, who seemed amazed to be placed among the colored lithographs depicting third-rate saints and Neapolitan chapels; on a special stand, the wax baby Christ and a lighted candle in front of him; on a modest writing table, white papers, yellow papers, blue papers: as if the entire administration of the kingdom in its final phase – awaiting the signature of His Majesty.
The king himself is behind the paper fence. He had already stood up to his full height, so as not to show how a wide, faded face, framed by blond sideburns, a military uniform made of rough cloth, from under which purple trousers cascade cascade up. The King steps forward, graciously extending his right hand for a kiss, which will then be rejected by him.
– Salina, blessed are my eyes when they see you.
The king’s Neapolitan accent was much more juicy than that of a chamberlain.
– Please, your majesty, forgive me for the absence of a court uniform; I was just passing through Naples and did not want to miss the opportunity to personally express my respect to your Majesty.
– Salina, are you out of your mind? After all, you know that in Caserta you are like at home. Of course, just like at home, the king repeated, sitting down at his desk and hesitating for a minute before inviting his guest to sit down. – And how are the girls?
The prince realized that the moment had come for piquant and at the same time sanctimonious ambiguity.
– Girls, your majesty? In my years, being bound by the sacred bonds of marriage.
The king’s lips were smiling, but his hands sternly fingered the papers on the table.
– Believe me, I would never allow myself, Salina. I inquired about the princesses, about your daughters; Concetta, our dear little girl, must have grown up, become an adult.
From family to science.
– You, Salina, do honor not only to yourself – to the whole kingdom! Science is a great thing if it doesn’t want to attack the church!
The son-in-law, however, put the friend’s mask aside and put on the mask of a strict monarch.
– Tell me, Salina, what do they say in Sicily about Castelchikala?
Salina heard a lot about him from both monarchists and liberals, but did not want to betray his friend, he hesitated, got off with general phrases.
– Grand Signor, glorified in battle, perhaps a little old for the labors of the governorship.
The king is gloomy: Salina does not want to spy. So Salina is worth absolutely nothing. Leaning his hands on the desk, the king prepared to end the audience.
– So many cases; the whole kingdom rests on these shoulders.- Now it’s time to sweeten a little: – Salina, when you drive through Naples, show Conchetta to the queen. I know, too young to be presented to the court; but who will prevent us from arranging a small, very intimate dinner. You know, as they say here in Naples: since pasta is on the table, children grow well … Hello, Salina, be healthy.
But one day the goodbye came out very bad. The prince, backing away, had already made the second of the bows prescribed by etiquette, when the king called him again.
– Listen, Salina. They say you have suspicious acquaintances in Palermo. That nephew of yours, Falconeri … Why don’t you put his brains on hold?
– But, Your Majesty, Tancredi is busy only with women and cards.
The king has lost patience.
– Salina, Salina, you are getting stupid, you are responsible for everyone, guardian. You tell him to keep his head. Goodbye!
Once again passing through the tastelessly luxuriant suite of rooms to sign the queen’s visitation book, the prince felt despondency overtaking him. The king’s plebeian cordiality was no less oppressive to his police grin.Blessed are those of his friends who see in familiarity a sign of friendship, in a threat – a sign of royal power. He can not. Exchanging gossip with the impeccable chamberlain, he asked himself the question of what will replace this monarchy, on whose forehead the signs of death are already inscribed. The Piedmontese, nicknamed the Noble and making so much noise in the demolition of a small provincial capital? Doesn’t it all stay the same? Turin dialect instead of Neapolitan. That’s all.
We went to the book of records. Signed by: Fabrizio Corbera, Prince of Salina.
Maybe Don Peppino Mazzini’s Republic? “Thank you, then I would just become Signor Corbera.”
The long way back did not calm him down. Even the thought of his already appointed date with Cora Danolo could not console him.
What was there to do if this was the case? To cling to what is without making blind jumps? But then the dry crackle of volleys is needed, which has recently been heard in one of the gloomy squares of Palermo. However, why volleys? One boom! boom!” you won’t get anywhere. Isn’t that right, Bendiko?
“Ding, ding, ding” – the bell sounded in response, announcing supper.Bendiko ran, drooling in anticipation of food. “Just like that Piedmontese!” – thought Salina, going up the stairs.

Dined at the Villa Salina with flawed splendor, which at that time became the style of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The very number of companions (there were fourteen of them, counting the owners of the house, children, governesses, mentors) made the table impressive. Covered with a darned cloth of the finest linen, it sparkled in the light of a powerful lamp, not very securely attached to the figure of a nymph, which in turn was suspended from a Venetian glass chandelier.The light was still pouring into the windows in wide streams, but the white figures, which served as a bas-relief against the dark background of the doors, were already dissolving into the shadows. Solid silverware, magnificent glasses with the letters’ F. D. ” (Ferdinand dedit – Ferdinand’s Gift) on Bohemian glass is a memory of the king’s generosity but the plates, each also with the glorious F. D., are just miserable remnants of the extermination carried out by the dishwashers, and they are all from different sets. The larger ones, with a wide, almond-green border and gold anchors, came from the royal palace in Capodimonte and served only the prince, who loved that everyone around him, except his wife, seemed massive.
When the prince entered the dining room, everyone was already assembled, but only the princess was sitting, the rest were standing behind the backs of their chairs. A huge soup bowl spread its silver wings in front of the prince’s apparatus; mountains of plates towered like columns on either side of it, and a dancing leopard flaunted on the lid.
The prince poured the soup himself – an enjoyable enough occupation, a symbol of the high duties of the father of the family. However, that evening, everyone heard the threatening clinking of a spoon against the walls of a soup bowl, which had not been heard for a long time – a sign of great, but still restrained anger (the most terrible of all sounds in the world, said one of the sons who survived by that time): the prince noticed that sixteen-year-old Francesco Paolo was not there.True, the boy immediately entered and with the words “forgive me, dad” sat down at the table. There was no reprimand, and yet Padre Pirrone, who to some extent played the role of a watchdog, entrusted himself to divine mercy. The bomb didn’t explode. But the wind that arose during her flight froze those present, and the dinner was ruined anyway. Everyone ate in silence, the prince’s slightly squinted blue eyes alternately glared at his sons, making them numb with fear.
Meanwhile, the prince thought: a beautiful family. Women are moderately plump, blooming, crafty dimples on their cheeks, a sharp crease between the eyebrows – an atavistic defect of the Salina clan.Men are thin, not strong, with fashionable melancholy on their faces, and they wield knives and forks with restrained strength.
One of the sons, Giovanni, the second in a row, the most beloved, the most rebellious, has been absent for more than two years. One fine day he disappeared from home, and for two months there was no news from him. Finally, a respectful and cold letter came from Don Don, in which he asked to forgive him for the grievances he had brought, not to worry about his health, and in the strangest way he argued that he preferred the modest life of an employee in a coal warehouse to the “too wealthy” (read: “fettered” ) existence under parental shelter.Memories and anxiety for the young man wandering among the smoky mists of the heretical city painfully pinched the heart of the prince who had survived a lot. He darkened even more. He darkened so much that the princess sitting next to him stretched out her childish hand and stroked the mighty paw of a leopard, which was resting on the tablecloth. This careless gesture caused a chain of sensations: irritation that they felt pity for him, sensual attraction, directed, however, not to the one who awakened him. In an instant, Mariannina’s head, drowning in pillows, appeared in front of the prince.Raising his voice, he dryly threw to the servant:
– Domenico, you tell Don Antonio to put the bay ones in the carriage, after supper I will go down to Palermo. Looking into his wife’s eyes, glazed with fright, he repented of his order, but since the cancellation of the once given order is unthinkable, he decided to insist on his own, adding to the cruelty with mockery: – Padre Pirrone, let’s go back to eleven with me; you can spend two hours in the monastery with your friends.
A trip to Palermo in the evening, and even at this time of unrest, unless it was about a love adventure of the lowest kind, seemed completely absurd; but it was already an outrageous tyranny to take as a companion on such a trip his home confessor.Padre Pirrone at least took this decision that way and, of course, was offended, but he gave in.
As soon as the last berry of the medlar had been swallowed, the noise of the carriage rolling up was heard at the entrance. While in the hall a footman handed the prince a top hat and a cocked hat to the Jesuit’s father, the princess, whose tears welled up in her eyes, made a last futile attempt:
– But, Fabrizio, at such times … the roads are full of soldiers, the streets are rabble … Trouble may befall.
He laughed.
– Nonsense, Stella, nonsense.What can happen? Everyone knows me. In Palermo, there were few of them. Goodbye.
And hastily kissed her smooth, wrinkle-free forehead, which barely reached his chin.
Either the smell of the princess’s skin awakened tender memories in him, or the repentant step of Padre Pirrone, who followed him, sounded like a warning, but when he reached the carriage, the prince almost canceled the trip again. However, at the moment when he told the coachman to turn into the stable, a mad cry came from the window:
– Fabrizio, my Fabrizio! – The princess was beginning to have another hysterical fit.
“Let’s go,” he said to the coachman, who was sitting on the box, holding the whip to his stomach. – Come on. We are going to Palermo, we will take his reverend to the monastery. And slammed the door before the footman could close it.
Night has not yet come; the road wound like a white ribbon between the high walls. Next to the Salina estate, on the left, was the dilapidated Villa Falconeri. It belongs to Tancredi, the prince’s nephew and pet. Tancredi’s father, the husband of the prince’s sister, died after squandering his fortune. Ego was a complete ruin, one of those when even the silver that adorned the livery of the servants floated away; after the death of Tancredi’s mother, the king entrusted the custody of the fourteen-year-old nephew to Prince Salina.The boy, whom he almost did not know before, fell in love with the irritable prince, who discovered in him a cheerful enthusiasm, a frivolous disposition, and sometimes sudden bouts of seriousness. Although the prince did not confess to himself, he would prefer his nephew to his first-born, good-natured fool Paolo.
Now Tancredi was in his twenty-first year, and he was amusing himself with the money that the guardian, sparingly, gave him out of his own pocket. “Who knows what this boy is doing now,” thought the prince as the carriage rolled along the Falconeri villa.In the coming darkness, cascades of bougainvillea flowers, tearing behind the fence like silk curtains, gave the house an unnecessarily festive look. “Who knows what he is doing now.”
King Ferdinand, of course, did something wrong by talking to him about the boy’s bad acquaintances, but in essence the king is right. Having got on the net with fellow players and women, about whom in those days it was said that they “did not know how to behave”, Tancredi conquered them with his attractiveness. However, this did not prevent him from openly showing sympathy for the “sect” and maintaining relations with the secret National Committee, perhaps even taking money from there, just as he took it from the royal treasury.
After the events of April 4, the prince, by hook or by crook, had to rescue the boy from the trouble hanging over him; both the skeptic Kastelchikal and the emphatically polite Maniscalco had to pay visits. All this is not good, of course, but my uncle never accused Tancredi of anything: time is to blame for everything, these stupid times when a young man from a good family cannot play a game of “Pharaoh” without bumping into compromising personalities. Bad times!
– Bad times, your excellency.Padre Pirrone’s voice sounded like an echo of his own thoughts. Huddled in the corner of the carriage, pressed by the heavy body of the prince, suppressed by his tyranny, the Jesuit father suffered in body and soul, but, being an outstanding person, he knew how to transfer his own fleeting torment into the everlasting world of history. “Look, your excellency,” he pointed with his finger at the steep hills near the Golden Gorge, which could still be discerned in the dying rays of the sun. On the slopes and on the peaks, dozens of fires were blazing – those were the bonfires that the rebel detachments lit every night, as if as a sign of a silent threat to this city of the king and monks.They were like the flame of a candle lit in the room of a hopelessly ill patient on his last night.
– I see, Padre Pirrone, I see. – And he thought that Tancredi, perhaps, is now busy at one of these evil fires, putting twigs there with his aristocratic hands, which are just – and burn in order to scorch these hands. “I must really be a wonderful guardian, since my pet is ready to do any stupid thing that comes into his head.”
The road sloped slightly, and the outline of a city plunged into darkness could be discerned.The low houses of Palermo, clinging to each other, seemed to be suppressed by the boundless bulk of monasteries, And there are dozens of them, and they are all huge, tightly pressed against each other, monasteries for men and women, monasteries rich and poor, monasteries for the noble and for the common people, monasteries of the Jesuits, Benedictines, Franciscans, Capuchins, Carmelites, Augustinians … The vague outlines of their bare domes, like dried breasts without milk, rose upward; but it was they, these monasteries, that gave the city such a gloomy look, determined its entire appearance, served as an adornment for it, and at the same time carried in themselves that feeling of death, which even the frenzied Sicilian sun could not dispel.
But at this hour, when the night was almost falling, the monasteries dominated everything despotically. In fact, fires are directed against them, lit in the mountains by people very similar to those who lived in monasteries, the same as they are, fanatical, the same as they are, closed and just like them, greedy for power, which , according to custom, meant idleness.
The prince was thinking about this, while the bay trots fled from the mountain; these thoughts contradicted his true nature; they were generated by anxiety for the fate of Tancredi and sensuality, forcing him to rebel against the restrictions that the monasteries embodied.
The road now passed by blooming orange groves, and the wedding scent of their flowers dissolved everything around, as a full moon night dissolves any landscape; the smell of horse sweat, the smell of leather carriage seats, the smell of a prince and the smell of a Jesuit – everything was absorbed by this aroma of the paradise promised by Islam, the aroma of houris and carnal pleasures.
Padre Pirrone was also moved.
– How beautiful this country would be, Your Excellency, if …
“If there weren’t so many Jesuits in it,” thought the prince, whose anticipations of the sweetest pleasures were interrupted by the priest’s voice.But he immediately repented of his unspoken rudeness and slapped his old friend’s cocked hat with a huge hand.
At the entrance to the suburb, near the Ayroldi villa, a patrol stopped a wheelchair. Someone’s voices with an Apulian, with a Neapolitan accent shouted: “Stop!” Huge bayonets flashed in the wavering light of the lantern; but the non-commissioned officer immediately recognized the prince, who was calmly sitting with a top hat on his knees.
– Excuse me, your excellency, drive through.
And even put a soldier on the box so that they would not disturb him at other outposts.
The heavy carriage moved slowly, it rounded Villa Rankibile, drove past Torrerose and Villafrayac’s gardens, entered the city through the gate of Macueda.
At Romeres Cafes and Four Corners of Campagna, the officers of the Guards squadrons laughed and sipped cold coffee and ice cream in huge glasses. But this was the only sign of life in the city: the streets are deserted, only the measured steps of the patrols that go around the city are audible. On the chest, the soldiers have white criss-cross belts. On both sides there are continuous low bulk of monasteries – Badia del Moyte, Stimmate, Crochiferi, Teatini; like thick-skinned monsters, black as pitch, they are immersed in a dream reminiscent of nothingness.
– I’ll pick you up in two hours, Padre Pirrone. I wish you a glorious prayer.
And poor Pyrrone knocked in embarrassment at the gate of the monastery, while the carriage went deeper into the alleys.
Leaving the carriage near his city castle, the prince went on on foot. The journey was short, but the quarter was notorious. Soldiers came out of the low houses with merry eyes; they were in full shape, everything clearly indicated that they had lagged behind their units in the square; the flowers of the basilica on the wobbly balconies of the houses explained the ease with which the soldiers got there.Gloomy-looking guys in wide trousers quarreled with each other, like angry Sicilians. From afar came the echo of the occasional shot of the nervous sentries. Further the road went past Kala; in the old fishing port, half-rotten boats swayed on the water, their melancholy appearance reminiscent of mangy dogs.
– I am a sinner, I know, I sin twice – before the divine law and before Stella’s human affection. There is no doubt about that, tomorrow I will confess to Padre Pirrone.- The prince smiled, thinking that this might be unnecessary: ​​the Jesuit is already very well aware of his today’s antics. But the spirit of contrivance overcame him again. – I sin, I truly sin, but I sin so as not to commit a greater sin, in order to finally calm down, in order to pull this splinter out of my body and not allow myself to be drawn into an even worse trouble. The Lord God knows this. – A wave of tenderness for himself washed over him. “I’m a poor, weak man,” he thought, while his mighty feet trampled mercilessly on the cobblestone pavement.- I am weak, and no one supports me. Stella! Easy to say! God knows if I loved her: I was twenty when we got married. She has now taken too much will, and besides, she has grown old. The feeling of my own weakness is gone. I am still full of strength; How can I be content with a woman who crosses herself in bed before every embrace, and then, in moments of the highest excitement, only knows what to repeat “Jesus Mary”! When we got married, when she was sixteen, it all touched me; but now … seven children I lived with her, seven, and I have never seen her charms.Well, is it fair? – He was about to scream, excited by extraordinary self-pity: – Is that fair? I ask everyone? – And, turning to the portico of Catena, he exclaimed: – She is a sinner!
This discovery consoled him, and he knocked confidently on the door of Mariannina.
Two hours later, he was on his way back in his carriage with Padre Pirrone. The priest was agitated: the confreres introduced him to the political situation, which was much more tense than it seemed in the quiet of Salina’s secluded villa.They feared the landing of the Piedmontese in the southern part of the island, from the side of Shiacca, the authorities found a dull fermentation among the people; the urban rabble is waiting for the first sign of weakness at the top to engage in robbery and violence. The Jesuit fathers are alarmed, the oldest of them on the evening packet boat departed for Naples along with the documents of the monastery. “May the Lord protect us, and may he spare this most Christian kingdom.”
The prince, immersed in a well-fed, but overshadowed by something, calm, barely listened to the priest. Mariannina looked at him with her big, dull eyes of a peasant woman, she did not refuse him anything, she was modest and obliging.Neither give nor take Bendiko in a silk skirt. In a moment of special closeness, she even exclaimed:
– What a prince!
He still chuckled, pleased. This, of course, is better than any “cats” and “blond monkeys” that Sarah, a Parisian fashionista, resorted to in similar cases; he met her three years ago when he was awarded the gold medal at the Sorbonne on the occasion of the Astronomers’ Congress. Of course, the ego is much better than “my cat”, and certainly better than “Jesus Mary” – at least no sacrilege.Good girl Mariannina. He will bring her three cannes (Measure of length) silk when he comes next time.
And yet, what a longing: too many hands touched her young body, she is too submissive in her shamelessness. Well, and he himself? Who is he? A pig, and nothing else. A poem came to my mind, accidentally read in one of the bookstores in Paris, where he leafed through a volume of someone’s poems, probably one of those poets who are baked in France every week and who are immediately forgotten.Again he saw in front of him a lemon-yellow stack of unsold copies and that page, a page with an odd number, and again he heard the lines that ended these strange verses.
… Where to take strength, where to gain courage,
To look into your own soul without disgust,
Without disgust to see your own body.
While Padre Pirrone continued to ponder over a certain La Farina and a certain Cripsi, “Well, Prince” fell asleep, immersed in a bliss similar to despair and lulled by a trot of bay bay, whose fat groats glittered in the light of the stroller’s lanterns.He woke up only at the turn, in front of Villa Falconeri. “This one is also good, fanning the flame, which will devour him.”
At home in the bedroom, the sight of poor Stella, in a bonnet, with neatly combed hair, sighing in a dream on a huge and high copper bed, moved and made the prince feel tenderness. “She bore seven children to me and only belonged to me.”
The room smelled of valerian, the last reminder of a hysterical fit. “My poor Stelluccia!” He lamented, climbing onto the bed.Hours passed, but he could not sleep. With his mighty hand, the Lord united three flames in his thoughts: the fire of Mariannina’s embrace, the heat of French poetry, the angry flame of the rebel bonfires on the mountain.
However, closer to dawn, the princess had the opportunity to sign herself with the banner of the cross.
The next morning, the rays of the sun awakened the full of strength of the prince. After drinking coffee and wearing a red robe with black flowers, he shaved in front of the mirror. Bendiko put his heavy muzzle on his shoe. Shaving his right cheek, the prince in the mirror saw the face of a young man standing behind him, a thin face with a frozen expression of respectful mockery.He continued to shave without turning his head.
– Tancredi, what did you do last night?
– Hello, uncle. What have I done? Absolutely nothing: I was with friends, I swear. Holy night. Not like some of my acquaintances – they were having fun in Palermo …
The prince began to carefully scrape the difficult place between his lip and chin.
The nephew spoke slightly in the nose and there was so much youthful enthusiasm in his voice that it was impossible to get angry, the prince only had to express his surprise. He turned his head and looked at his nephew, without removing the towel from his chin.
Tancredi was in a hunting suit – a smart jacket, high leggings.
– Can you find out who this acquaintance is?
– You, uncle, you. I saw you with my own eyes at the outpost near Ayroldi’s villa, when you were talking to the sergeant. Gee. In your years! Moreover, in the company of the Monk Pyrrone. Remnants of former debauchery!
The nephew is really too insolent. He believes that everything is permissible for him. Through the narrow slits of the eyelids, laughing dull blue eyes, the eyes of Tancredi’s mother, his own eyes gazed at the prince.The prince felt offended: Tancredi and really does not know the restraint; but there was not enough spirit for reproaches; besides, the nephew is right.
– Why are you so dressed? What happened? A masquerade ball in the morning?
The boy became serious, a manly expression suddenly appeared on his triangular face.
– I’m leaving, uncle, I’m leaving in an hour, I came to say goodbye to you.
Poor Salin’s heart sank painfully.
– Duel?
– Yes, uncle, the duel is serious. Duel with King Francisco.
– Fear God!
– I am going to the mountains near Fikuzza; don’t tell anyone about this, especially Paolo. Big things are being prepared, uncle. I don’t want to stay at home. However, if I stay at home, they will immediately grab me.
Suddenly, one of the usual visions arose before the prince: a brutal picture of a partisan war, a firefight in the forest – and his Tancredi lay on the ground with his stomach ripped open, like that unfortunate soldier.
– You’re out of your mind, dear! Be at one with these people. They are all bandits and crooks.Falconeri should be with us, for the king.
The boy’s eyes began to laugh again.
– For the king, of course, but for which one? The nephew has one of those fits of seriousness that makes him so incomprehensible, so sweet.
– If we are not there, they will present you with a republic. Since we want everything to remain as it is, it is necessary for everything to change. You understand?
And he hugged a slightly agitated uncle.
– See you soon. I’ll be back with a tricolor flag.
Did your friends’ rhetoric have a slight effect on your nephew? But no, there were notes in his voice that refuted all this ardor.What a boy! And nonsense and at the same time the denial of these nonsense. And my Paolo must be busy digesting his stallion Guiscardo right now. No, that’s who my real son is.
The prince got up hastily, tore off the towel from his neck, and rummaged in the box.
– Tancredi, Tancredi, wait!
He ran after his nephew, put a bag of gold ounces in his pocket, pressed against his shoulder. And he laughs.
– You finance the revolution! Well, uncle, thanks, see you soon! Kiss your aunt for me.
And running down the stairs.
Bendiko was summoned again, who rushed off after his friend, filling the villa with joyful barks. The face was shaved, washed. A footman appeared to put shoes and clothe the prince. “Tricolor flag. Long live the tricolor flag! Fraudsters and rogues are just shouting about this. And what does this geometric pattern mean? They just poked fun at the French … How much uglier it is than our white banner with a golden lily on the coat of arms! And what can all this nonsense of flashy colors promise them? ”
It’s time to tie a huge black satin tie around your neck.This is not an easy task, and it is better to put off thinking about politics for a while. One turn, second, third. Huge delicate fingers made folds, smoothed out the wrinkled fabric, pinned the head of a jellyfish with ruby ​​eyes to the satin.
– Give me a clean vest! Can’t you see this one is stained!
A footman rose on tiptoe to help him pull on a brown cloth coat; then he handed him a handkerchief with three drops of bergamot perfume. He put the keys, watch with chain, money in his pocket. I looked at myself in the mirror: you won’t say anything – he’s still good.”Remnants of the former debauchery!” Heavy jokes from this Tancredi! I would like to look at him in my age, what will become by that time with this skinny figure.
Glasses in the drawing rooms, through which the prince passed, rang from the powerful steps. The house was calm, bright, all decorated, most importantly, it was his own house. Going down the stairs, I realized: “Since we want everything to remain as it is …” Tancredi – he had known this for a long time – will go far.
The office rooms, which were silently filled with the sun shining through the drawn curtains, were still empty.Although it was in this part of the villa that the most frivolous acts were committed, its appearance was distinguished by its calm severity. The waxed floor reflected the huge paintings hanging on the whitewashed walls depicting the estates of the Salina family: behind black and gold frames, canvases sparkled with their catchy colors, here is the island of Salina with two twin mountains, surrounded by lace of sea foam, and sailboats painted with flags scurry about on the water; then Querceta with his low houses around the squat church of Our Lady, towards which the pilgrims painted in bluish paint were reaching out in groups; and also Ragattizi, sandwiched between mountain gorges; and Arjivokale, which seemed tiny in the endless expanse of wheat fields dotted with hardworking peasants; and Donnafugata, with its baroque castle and turrets, crimson, green, gold, which seemed to be decorated with female figurines, bottles and violins; and many other estates, and above all, there is reliable protection – a calm, transparent sky and a dancing Leopard, hiding a grin behind a long mustache.
The canvases are festively solemn, and each of them seeks to affirm the brilliance of the Salina empire, its right to judge and punish. Naive masterpieces of rural art of the last century – their purpose, however, is only to determine the boundaries of estates, to facilitate the calculation of areas and incomes, which have not been established precisely. Over its centuries-old life, wealth has become a decoration, an object of luxury and pleasure; the abolition of feudal rights led to the abolition of duties along with privileges; wealth, like old wine, left somewhere at the bottom of the sediment in the form of greed, worries, and at the same time caution, retaining only strength and color.Thus, wealth has outlived its usefulness; now it consisted only of essences, which, like all essences, quickly evaporated. Some of these estates, which looked so festively from the canvases, have long since disappeared; the memory of them was kept only by colorful pictures and the names themselves. Others still survived, but, like the September swallows, noisily gathering in flocks on the tree branches, were about to fly away. However, there were many estates; they never seemed to end.
And yet the sensations experienced by the prince upon entering his office were, as always, unpleasant.In the middle of the room, like a tower, towered a huge writing table with dozens of drawers, niches, recesses, hiding places, folding shelves; This mass of yellow wood, with dark inlays, ingenious traps, rotating parts and secret devices, the secret of which had been lost by all but thieves, was somewhat reminiscent of a theatrical stage. The table was littered with papers; although the prince very prudently took care that most of them belonged to distant regions under the jurisdiction of astronomy, the number of papers related to earthly affairs was still sufficient to fill his heart with discontent.Suddenly he remembered the writing desk of King Ferdinand in Caserta, also littered with papers awaiting their decision – their purpose was to create the illusion of influencing the course of human destinies, in fact, the stream rushed by itself and in a completely different direction.
Salina thought about a drug recently discovered in the United States of America; it made it possible to endure the most difficult operations without suffering and stay calm in the midst of all troubles. Morphine was the name given to this crude chemical replacement for the stoicism of the ancients and the humility of Christians.For the poor king, morphine was substituted for the phantom government of the state; for him, Salina, for the same purposes something higher, intended only for the elite, served: astronomy. Driving away the thoughts of the lost Ragattizi and of Arjivokal hanging by a thread, the prince plunged into reading the most recent issue of Scientific Notes. “The latest observations of the Greenwich Observatory are of exceptional interest …”
However, he soon had to part with the cold expanses of the stellar realms. Don Ciccio Ferrara, the accountant, entered.It was a wimpy little man who hid his illusionary, predatory liberal soul behind trustworthy glasses and impeccable ties. This morning he looked more cheerful than usual. It was clear that the same news, which yesterday had such a depressing effect on Padre Pyrrone, was a refreshing balm for him.
“Sad things, your excellency,” he said after the usual greetings. – Soon a thunderstorm will break out, riots will begin, they will shoot a little, but then everything will go for the better, and new glorious times will come for our Sicily; we would only rejoice if many mothers did not have to mourn their sons.
The prince chuckled without expressing his opinion.
“Don Ciccio,” he said a little later, “we need to put things in order in the collection of taxes in Querchet; for two years now, not a penny has come from there.
– All records are in order, Your Excellency. – It was a magic phrase. – You just need to write to Don Angelo Mazza so that he takes all the necessary measures; today I will submit a letter for your Excellency to sign. – And he went to rummage through the huge register books. With a two-year delay, all the accounts of Salin’s house, except for the really important ones, were strictly recorded in calligraphic handwriting.
Left alone, the prince hesitated to plunge into the contemplation of the nebulae. It was not the events in themselves that angered him, but the stupid thoughts of Don Ciccio, with whom he immediately identified the class preparing for domination. “Everything that this kind person says is the exact opposite of the truth. To mourn the sons who are destined to die; but there will be just a very small number of them, as far as I know the nature of the warring parties – not a single one killed more than it takes to compile a victory report in Naples or Turin, which is the same thing.Well, as for the belief in “glorious times for our Sicily,” as he puts it, they were promised to us on the occasion of each of the thousands of landings, starting from Nikia, but those times never came. However, why did they have to come? Well, what happens now? Negotiations, postponed by a harmless firefight, then everything will be the same again, while everything will change. ” Tancredi’s ambiguous words came back to his mind, which he now, however, fully understood. The prince calmed down and stopped flipping through the magazine.He gazed out at the thirsty, dug slopes of Mount Pellegrino, ageless as poverty itself.
Rousseau soon arrived, a man whom the prince considered the most important of his subordinates. Agile, not without grace, wearing his jacket of striped velvet, this man, with eyes that spoke of greed and a forehead without a trace of remorse, was for the prince the perfect expression of the new class, going uphill. However, Rousseau was always respectful and almost sincerely attached to the prince, for, robbing him, he was convinced that he was acting by right.
– I can imagine how upset your Excellency is by the departure of Signorina Tancredi; but his absence will not last long, I am sure of that; everything will end well.
The prince again faced one of the mysteries of Sicily; on this island of secrets, where houses are always locked tightly, and the peasants claim that they do not know the way to their own village, which can be seen on a hill, five minutes away, – here, on this island, despite such a persistent desire, to show that the secrets more than enough, it is impossible to keep anything secret.
He signaled Rousseau to sit down and stared into his eyes:
– Pietro, let’s talk like a man to a man. Are you involved in these matters too?
– No, – he answered, – not involved. – (After all, he is the father of a family, and only such young people as Signorino Tancredi can take risks.) Think for yourself, do I dare to hide something from your Excellency, you are like a father to me. (Meanwhile, three months ago, he hid three hundred baskets of lemons from the prince in his warehouse and knew that the prince knew about this) But I must say that my heart is with them, with our brave guys.
He got up to let Bendiko in; the door cracked under the stormy onslaught of the dog’s friendly expressions. Then he sat down again.
– Your Excellency knows: it cannot go on like this – searches, interrogations, paperwork over every trifle, a spy in every corner of the house; a decent person is not free to do his own thing. And in the future, freedom, peace, tax cuts, and commerce await us. All of us will be better: only the priests will lose. The Lord is not for them, but for such poor people like me.
The prince smiled: he knew that it was Russo, through a figurehead, who wanted to buy Arjivokale.
– Days of gunfire and riots are coming, but Villa Salina is stronger than a rock, Your Excellency, I have so many friends here! The Piedmontese will enter here only with a hat in their hands to pay their respects to your excellencies. I do not even mention that you are Don Tancredi’s uncle and guardian.
The prince felt humiliated: now he realized that he had sunk to the level of a man who was favored by Rousseau’s friends; apparently, his only merit is that he is the uncle of the sucker Tancredi.“In a week my life will be safe only because I keep Bendiko in the house. It will come to this too. ” He stroked the dog’s ear with such force that the poor man howled in pain, although, no doubt, he was flattered by the honor bestowed on him.
But soon some words of Rousseau brought some relief to the prince.
– Things will get better, trust me, your excellency. Skillful and honest people will be able to advance. Everything else will remain the same.
These people, rural liberals, sought only easy money.Basta, let’s put an end to it. The swallows will fly away faster – that’s all. However, there are still a lot of them in the nest.
– Maybe you’re right, who knows?
Now the innermost meaning of everything has become clear: the mysterious words of Tancredi, the rhetorical speeches of Ferrara, the deceitful but so significant statements of Rousseau have revealed a reassuring secret to him. A lot of things will happen, but everything will turn out to be just a comedy, noisy and romantic, and only a few drops of blood will remain on the buffoon’s attire. This is the country in which everything is settled; there is no French frenzy here; but, by the way, in France, if we exclude June 1948, nothing serious happened either? The prince was about to answer Rousseau, but his innate politeness restrained him.“I understood everything perfectly. You do not want to destroy us, your “fathers”. You just want to take our place. You want to do it gently, in accordance with all the rules of good taste, perhaps even putting several thousand ducats into our pockets. Is not it? Your grandson, dear Rousseau, will sincerely consider himself a baron, and perhaps, using your name, you will proclaim yourself the Grand Duke of Muscovy, although in reality your name only means that you are the son of a fair-haired peasant from the south. But even before your daughter will marry one of ours, even the same blue-eyed Tancredi with pampered hands.However, she is not bad, and if she gets used to washing … “
Let everything remain as before … as now; only an imperceptible change of estates, no more. My golden courtier keys, along with St. Gennaro will have to rest at the bottom of the box – Paolo’s son will then put them under the glass; but Salina will forever remain Salina; and maybe even get something in return: a seat in the Senate of Sardinia, the pistachio ribbon of St. Mauritius. Nonsense, all nonsense.
He got up.
– Pietro, talk to your friends.There are so many girls here. They cannot be allowed to be frightened.
– I know, your excellency. I have already spoken: it will be calm at the Salina villa, as in a monastery cloister. And a good-natured grin appeared on Rousseau’s face.
Don Fabrizio left. Bendiko followed. The prince wanted to go up to Padra Pirrone, but the dog’s pleading gaze made him go down into the garden: the exciting memories of the excellent works of yesterday evening still disturbed Bendiko, and the dog, following the good precepts of art, strove for their completion.The garden smelled even stronger than yesterday’s, and in the morning sun the gold of the acacias did not blind the eyes so much.
“Well, what about monarchs, our monarchs? What will become of continuity, legality? ” This thought excited him for a moment, it was impossible to evade it. For a moment he became like Malvik. Ferdinands and Francisks, so despised by him, suddenly seemed like elder brothers, full of trust, love, justice, and became real kings.

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