Leather spotlight: Faux Suede, Faux Leather & Vinyl Fabric


Faux Suede, Faux Leather & Vinyl Fabric

Can I purchase suede, vinyls and pleather at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! You will find a wide range of vinyl, pleather, polyester, leatherette, butter suede and suede bonded fur fabrics for a huge variety of applications including sewing, craft and interior projects. All fabrics are available by the metre, but widths vary, so be careful to check individual fabric descriptions to find the exact details for each product.

What can I do with vinyl fabrics?

Vinyl fabric is very versatile. It can be wiped clean, so it is ideal for upholstery projects that may get dirty, such as kids furniture, dining room chairs, tablecloths, bar stool seats, and much more. It also makes great shopping bags, and can be fashioned into rainwear, wash bags and other useful items. Vinyl can also be used in interior design projects to cover walls, be stretched over wood like canvas, or made into storage bags.

Why buy pleather or leatherette?

If you want the look and feel of leather, but do not want to spend too much money, these imitation fabrics can often be a great alternative. Use them to make clothes, upholstery items of furniture, or use for many different craft projects including bags, files, cushions and more. Pleather and leatherette are available by the metre in a variety of colours here at Spotlight.

What is suede bonded fur?

This is an ideal material to make jackets, slippers, hats or coats. The fabric has a soft furry feel on one side and a smooth suede-like feel on the other side, and is available in various colours including tan, ivory, grey and chocolate. It is 150cm wide and is available by the metre. You can finish your clothing item with fur trim, also available here at Spotlight.

What else is available in the range?

This range also includes some interesting and unusual metallic fabrics, including an animal pattern, crocodile pattern and mesh pattern, ideal if you are looking for something a little bit different! Use it for costumes, bags, even interior projects.

Does Spotlight sell many different styles of fabrics?

Yes, you can find hundreds of different fabrics here at Spotlight. As well as the normal fabrics, such as cotton, linen, polyester, wool, satin, silk etc., there are also many different specialty fabrics including faux furs, leathers, suedes and animal fabrics, sequinned fabrics, lace, tulle, mesh, stretch fabrics and more. In addition to dressmaking and tailoring fabrics, you will also find heavier fabrics on offer for making curtains and blinds, as well as upholstery and other interior design fabrics. Craft fabrics, general purpose fabrics and towelling fabrics are also included, as are special fabrics including waterproof fabrics, thermal linings, muslin, hessian and others.

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Top Tips For Leather Crafting Beginners

Leather crafting is quite the unique craft indeed, but it is also a valuable skill to have. If you are able to work with leather, you are able to create some valuable projects to boot, which is great if you want to sell some of your crafting pieces.

Which Skills Do I Need For Leather Crafting?

The skills you will use on a regular basis depends on the types of projects you will focus on. Of course, certain skills are more important in leather crafting than others. If you are just starting out with the craft, here are some of the basic skills to look into.

Learn the saddle stitch

One of the first things to learn is the saddle stitch, which is the name for the most commonly used stitch on leather. Fortunately, you do not need an expensive sewing machine, as this particular technique is done by hand.


Another skill you want to look at is burnishing – this is a process where leather fibres are heated by using simple friction. This technique is vital for most leather crafting projects, as it helps you neaten up those raw edges.

What Are The Basic Tools For Leather Crafting?

When you work with leather, you will find that your basic cutting tools just will not provide the desired results. Therefore, you want to look into getting the basic tools for leather crafting, which you can find at Spotlight too. But which are the basic leather crafting tools you need?

The round knife

If you think about leather crafting, one of the first things you will think about is the traditional round knife. Even though traditional, this kind of knife is extremely versatile and should be added to your collection.

When you start working with a round knife, keep in mind that this particular tool needs a bit of skill to operate. The price of this tool can also be quite high, especially for those who have not decided they want to keep doing leather crafting. So, if you are working with leather for a single project, you could consider a more basic rotary cutter instead.

The rotary cutter

Rotary cutters can be your best friend when you just start out with leather crafting. They are affordable and can cut through relatively though materials. And while the round knife will provide much better results for most leather crafters, the rotary cutter is a fine place to start nonetheless.

Diamond chisels

When you need to make some holes in the leather for a project, you need the appropriate tool to do so. Getting some diamond chisels is therefore recommended. Like some of the other tools in our overview, they do require a little bit of practice first. So, you may want to try them on a spare bit of leather before you use them on a project.

Stitching horse

This tool is something you might not look at until later on, but you may want to do so in the beginning. As you know, working with leather can take quite some time and the stitching can be a rather arduous task. Getting a stitching horse can make the job a whole lot easier though.

Please note that you do not necessarily need the stitching horse when you want to stitch leather. However, it can make the process a whole lot easier.

Check Out The Leather Crafting Supplies Available At Spotlight

When you need access to an affordable yet quality selection of leather crafting supplies, you will not find better than the options at Spotlight. Our range contains a wide range of leather crafting supplies, all available for the sharpest prices around. So, be sure to grab your leather crafting deal today.

Introducing Waxwing Leather – Miloh Shop

Hey friends, I’d like to welcome you all to the very first edition of Community Spotlight, a series in which I am very excited to get started. Community spotlight will be used as a showcase for small artisanal leather makers whom deserve a much bigger following and appreciation for the incredible work that they do. I couldn’t be happier to get this series started than with the incredibly talented Jiten Amin from @waxwing.leather.

Waxwing Leather is based out of Seattle, Washington where he currently crafts all their leather goods in a small studio apartment. Everything is completed in house from start to finish including the designs, leather sourcing, cutting, stitching, and finishing. It truly is a remarkable one man show. Despite being small, Waxwing Leather manages to source some of the best leathers in the world including the Minerva leather; a leather that is used by some of the best boot-makers in the world. This is very fitting as Jiten was inspired to start his business as a result of his passion for high quality footwear, something we also greatly appreciate here at Miloh Shop.

Waxwing Leather was an easy choice for my first feature as each product is thoughtfully and carefully executed to perfection. His minimalist designs were immediately what caught my attention as the rounded edges are a simple yet unique feature that immediately distinguishes his work from his peers. Their Bifolds are an absolute favourite of mine as the leather, stitching and finish is phenomenal. One has to pick up his wallet to truly appreciate the consistency in his stitching, cutting and matching of panels as it all looks perfectly symmetrical. 

We are lucky enough to have a few Waxwing Leather products up on the site so make sure to check them out. Waxwing Leather also currently offers MTO services through their Instagram page so if there is anything custom you would like to get done please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jiten a few times and he truly is one of the nicest guys in the industry and definitely worth supporting so make sure to give him a follow and some love!

If you know someone or are someone who would be a good fit for the Community Spotlight feature please send an email to [email protected] to coordinate.




3 creative alternatives to leather

A multi-material, multi-process and multi-sector resource center, FCBA’s Innovathèque is Europe’s very first materials library, founded 20 years ago. Among the 2,200 references on offer, 99% are ready to be industrialized. Sourced from the autumn issue of Formes de Luxe, we highlight three novel solutions.

Ictyos – marine leather 

The range’s farmed sturgeon hides (the former Leviso range) are presented as a sustainable alternative to exotic leathers, and are distinguished from Squama (salmon skins sourced from the restaurant sector) by their thickness and unique grain offering random constellations of bumps and cartilage spicules. Made in France, these marine leathers are metal-free—no chrome is used in the vegetal tanning process. Their life span is comparable to that of bovine leathers and tensile strength is superior to conventional leathers—ample reasons to attract sectors including watchmaking, upholstery and leather goods, to name a few.

StoneLeaf – mineral leather

The material is shaped from slate and mica using a process that applies a layer of resin and cotton-like fiber (vinyl acetate and ethylene acetate) on the mineral surface, which is pulled off after drying. This technique results in 100% natural, ultra-thin (0.8mm to 1mm) flexible, resistant and lightweight stone sheets weighing in at less than 300g/m2. Available in around 30 colors, StoneLeaf+ can be sewn like leather, is thermoformable, can be used as a sheath or shaped to chosen patterns and/or reliefs on any type of surface.

Studio Sarmite – wood leather

With PineSkins, designer Sarmite Polakova has created a red herring: to the eye, the material resembles wood, but to the touch is like leather. PineSkins is made of inner bark from pine trees. Inspired by Scandinavia’s Sami craft tradition, this wooden leather gives a second life to the forest industry’s by-products. Taken from freshly felled trees, the bark is treated in an environmentally friendly softening bath, is colored with natural pigments and then waxed. This vegetal leather can be sewn, braided, knit or laser-cut. The material retains its distinctive pine scent over time.

This article was originally published in the Fall issue of our sister publication Formes de Luxe.

Fall Leather Spotlight – Hammitt

Meet our fall leathers. Whether you’re looking for a class-act leather clutch that fits the bill for cocktails or a crossbody bag that packs a colorful punch, our latest lineup has a little bit of everything. As always, Hammitt bags are designed with leathers that pass key quality and durability tests, so you can carry each style with confidence.


Shiny, snake embossed and bright red

Perfect for: New York street style and fashion week photo ops



Buttery leather in a wine hue

Perfect for: Dependable everyday wear


Pebbled black leather

Perfect for: Seasonless staples and LBDs


Shiny metallic leather

Perfect for: Your best cocktail hour ever


Rustic charcoal leather

Perfect for: Shades of grey fantasies

Spotted in: American Way Magazine


Naked pebbled leather

Perfect for: Cream sweaters and Canadian tuxedos 

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A Valentine’s Photo Spotlight – Will Leather Goods

by Shane Adler February 09, 2017


Tyler Dylan is a cherished photographer at Will Leather Goods.
On his own time he cooks, spend time in nature, explores the local breweries and farms with his lovely family. Did I mention he is a husband and father of three? I am continually surprised at how hard he works and manages to be a nurturing father.
His personal work encompasses heart and depth of seeking for the innate truth.

This photo shoot was spur of the moment and an example of Mr. Dylan’s full force and independent creativity. When he shared with me this story, I was filled with
a pinch of love, sass and a feeling that I wanted to know what was next.
We are proud to know Mr. Dylan and look forward to more features of his work on the blog, in galleries and in Will stores…

~ Shane Adler
Will Leather Goods | Brand Director 

“At Will Leather Goods we use extraordinary leather that we then
sculpt into these functional works of art; my modus operandi thenis to always make sure you feel and smell that quality with your eyes. Here I’ve taken the idea of putting the leather in the spotlight quite literally.My experience has been that in order to grow, you have to be willingto experiment and most often fail, and maintain that willingness to doit over and over again. As a photographer, one way that translates is
playing with light in different ways; here I’ve dramatized the lightwith a very pronounced chiaroscuro, in a nod to my love of Caravaggio,the Italian painter.”  

Tyler Dylan @thetylerdylan 


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Our lifetime guarantee is a warranty against defects in materials (leather and hardware such as snaps, zippers, buckles, rivets, etc.) and workmanship. Our leather, as with all natural materials, will occasionally have unique characteristics such as: small scars, creases and variations in the color and are not considered defects. Validated warranty repairs are repaired or replaced at no charge.

Due to the nature of leather and vintage materials our warranty does not cover natural wear and tear from daily love.  Worn edges or corners, natural fading and softening of materials is an expected occurrence.  We guarantee the foundation of our product will hold your belongings safely. We find that patches and natural wear are a part of the story that unfolds as your product grows with you. One of a kind, Vintage and Found product may need to be patched or stitch due to the nature of vintage material. 

Maintain your favorite leather pieces regularly to ensure soft and supple leather. Leather can be cleaned and restored with a regimen of leather care products designed to clean, condition and protect. Leather Care can help maintain your product longer. Please see our Leather Care page for more information. We recommend conditioning your leather at a minimum of every 6 months. Learn more about how to care for your leather.

If you are in a dryer (hot or cold) climate please condition your product as soon as it feels less supple, dull or faded. Vegetable tanned leather when conditioned should feel slightly oiled and look rich. Similar to the nature of skin it needs to be moisturized as soon as it feels dry. We charge $25 + shipping for conditioning or head to a store for onsite conditioning for Free and the full Will Leather Goods experience.


Product Care Information

We highly recommend using leather care treatment to maintain and preserve your leather products: Product Care

Our wax coated canvas is coated with paraffin which makes this water-resistant, but not waterproof. If your canvas product gets wet, we recommend you let it air dry thoroughly in a warm dry place. If at any time your canvas has scratches or marks, these can typically be reduced by using a hair dryer on medium heat to help the wax soften and absorb back into the canvas.

By purchasing products from Will Leather Goods you agree to the terms in our Lifetime Warranty. Will Leather Goods reserves to right to alter, edit or cancel our Lifetime Warranty without notice.

The monogram has existed since 350 B.C., but came into popularity as steam ships started to cross the Atlantic to help identify the trunks and luggage of the travelers. Today, the monogram remains a functional identifier, while also lending personal style to your leather goods.

Personalize your product or gift with a monogram in either our small 1/4″ font or our large 1/2″ font. We use traditional heat stamping to deboss into our vegetable tanned leather.

How to choose a spotlight to illuminate a country house?

Spotlights remain one of the most popular types of lighting devices for country houses and plots.


Most often, spotlights are used for decorative lighting or as security lighting. They are also irreplaceable during construction work.

In the first case, you should pay attention to RGB spotlights that change the color of the lighting. In the second – on a model with motion sensors.In the third – on devices that give a bright directional light. Also for construction or temporary lighting, mobile floodlights with a handle and mount are suitable.


A round lamp gives a directional light, a square one is more diffused. Pay attention to this based on the function of the device.

Lamp types


They are more often used for technical lighting – construction, sports grounds, parking lots. This is due to their relatively low brightness and color distortion under their lighting.

Another disadvantage is the strong (up to 250 ° C) heating of the lamps, which limits the installation sites for halogen floodlights. For example, it is undesirable to mount them next to plants or near easily deformable materials such as plastic, acrylic.

For lighting a fence, gate or garage, it is a good choice.

Metal halide

Due to the larger lamps, metal halide projectors are slightly larger in size. But they shine brighter, and last much longer than halogen options.A significant plus is the ability to choose a shade of light from a wider range. Therefore, the buyer can independently decide whether to illuminate the territory of his home with a soft warm, harsh cold or neutral light.

Not a bad option for lighting the territory and the facade.


LED floodlights are the optimal solution. They have an unsurpassed level of brightness, and their efficiency and service life exceed their counterparts dozens of times. These models do not heat up and are available with different color temperature lamps.Therefore, if you want not only to illuminate the territory or the facade, but to do it energy efficiently and with high-quality color reproduction, we recommend LED floodlights.


Motion sensor

Some models of floodlights are equipped with motion sensors. This function, although it leads to an increase in the price of the product, is often literally irreplaceable. Spotlights with motion sensors are most often installed near gates and entrance doors, garage and walkways, which hosts and guests occasionally use at night.

Motion sensors, on the one hand, increase the passive safety of the entire territory, and on the other hand, they help to save energy (after all, the light is turned on only when it is really needed).

Protection against adverse factors

The floodlight, which is maximally protected from external influences, will be marked with an IP 68 value. Devices with a value of at least IP 65 are also suitable.

Select power

Finally, we come to the most important parameter – the choice of the power of the floodlight.It is also the most difficult one.

The illumination level is measured in lux, but for LED floodlights, only the “luminous flux” is indicated, measured in lumens. And this is where fundamental differences lie. So, according to the standards for bright uniform illumination of a path or alley, a brightness of 75 lux is required. And this is approximately equal to 75 lumens of luminous flux per 1 sq. And to find out which LED floodlight to choose for lighting an area of ​​10 square meters, you need: 75×10 = 750 lumens. It is this luminous flux that you need for specific conditions.


Such a luminaire must have an aluminum body made from an alloy of this metal. Not plastic in any way.

If you still have questions, our consultants will be happy to help you!

Large screen and leather sofa. Publication in the section “Installations” on the website nota.ru

Magazine: Technomania (N10 (99) 2005 Design: “FM studio”
Designers: Andrey Frangulyan, Maxim Baskov
Installation: Salon “Nota +”
Author of the home theater project: Peter Makalkin

Good company, a magnificent living room with fabric-draped walls, fine leather furniture, a glass of cognac, beautiful music, billiards, preference and cinema on the big screen – the attributes of a traditional English club.This is possible not only on the shores of foggy albion, but also in a city apartment, the owner of which is no stranger to rest in the company of friends

This home theater has a British club vibe. The huge space – about eighty square meters – is divided into zones. To spend your leisure time, there is a huge home theater, billiards, card table, bar and solid leather furniture. There is also an exit to the terrace, from which in fine weather a view of the city opens.

The home theater area can be separated from the main space using automatic curtains that reliably isolate sounds from the outside without interfering with movie viewing. The walls are decorated with fabric drapery and custom-made leather wall panels. All this not only perfectly decorates the space, but also serves as effective sound insulation, which increases the sound quality of the audio system. The screen space, also made up of leather panels, is illuminated along the perimeter, which creates a unique atmosphere of comfort.

The landlord is well aware of the latest trends in home audio and video equipment. Therefore, he took an active part in the selection of home theater components. According to the owner of the apartment, the sound of the home audio system turned out to be as comfortable as possible. As for the appearance, the magnificent Italian ZINGALI speakers with wooden horns fit perfectly into the salon interior of the living room. A huge wall-to-wall projection screen allows you to feel like in a large cinema and easily transfers the viewer to the center of the events.Audio and video equipment installed in different rooms is controlled from the AMX touch-panel located not far from the master’s chair. It can be used to control both a home theater and automatic curtains that divide the living room space and shade the hall during the film screening. Subject to her teams and numerous lamps operating on the principle of scenario lighting. All reproducing equipment and amplifiers are assembled in a single wooden rack, which does not visually stand out against the background of the conservative salon interior and partly veils modern electronics, harmoniously weaving it into the overall style of the living room.The appliances installed in the living room do not in the least disturb the atmosphere of the traditional men’s club. It is equally good to spend time here with a glass of cognac, a leisurely game of cards, listen to music or watch a movie.


Video Projector Yamaha DPX-1100 $ 14200
Screen Stewart SNDQ135HFHwX $ 400
Satellite TV receiver DreamBox 7000S $ 650
DVD-Player Denon DVD A11 $ 2800
Control Panel AMX MVP-8400 Modera + ni2000 $ 8600
AV Processor / Amplifier Denon AVC A1SRA $ 5170
Power amplifier ATI AT-2505 $ 3500
Front Speakers Zingali Home Monitor 112 $ 16300
Zingali Overture Cent $ 2550
Rear Speakers Zingali Overture 3 $ 5550 and Zingali Overture 1 $ 3100
Subwoofer REL Stadium III $ 2630
Interconnect and speaker cables Van den Hull
Digital Cable Ortofon
Video cable Ortofon and Audio Quest

Text: Evgeny Izmalkov Photo: Karen Manko Stylist: Alexey Onishchenko

China (Mainland) Home Theater Projector Leather Strap Brown Dial 3 Seater Chair Sectional Sofa Bed

Source China (Mainland) Home Theater Projector Leather Strap Brown Dial 3 Seater Chair Sectional Sofa Bed on m. alibaba.com

RUB 18,954.50 – RUB 28,052.66 9003

Min. order : 50 sets

Learn more about shipping and other trade services.

Payment terms: T / T
Supply Ability: 500 pcs. for Month
Name: OEM
Appearance: Modern
Design style: Traditional
Usage: Livingroom
Style: Sectional sofa
Postal packing: Y
Size: Standard Sized
Color: Yellow
Models: 8013
Feature: OEM, ODM
Payment terms: T / T
MOQ: 50
Function: Home Furniture Sofa Set
Application: Living room, Other
Type: Living Room Furniture
Item origin: Zhejiang China
General use: Home furniture
Product name: China home theater leather brown 3 seater recliner sectional sofa
Cover Material: Italy Leather
Type: Set
Style: Modern Classic
Inflatable: No
Regional Style: European style
Special Application: Living room sofa
Material: Artificial leather
Packaging Info: Non-woven bags, foam bags, carton box

Haining Frank Furniture Co., Ltd.



Trading company


Response time

100. 0%

Number of orders delivered on time





Department staff

Zhejiang, china





Sofa Sets

Model number



9000 9017 origin 907000


50 Set

Geographical Style

America & European





Home Furniture Sofa Set

Price Term

T / T30% as advanced payment, T / T70% upon receipt of the copy of the copy bill of lading.


Non-woven bags foam bags, carton box

Delivery Time

Shipped in 25-30 days after deposit

1.More than 10 years experience

2.High-end produce with good quality

3.Excellent in workman ship

4.Have our own factory, Best Service

Q: ARE YOU TRADING COMPANY OR FACTORY? A: We are manufacturers.We have our own showroom and factory, covering more than 5000 square meters. You are welcomed to visit us. Q: WHERE IS YOUR FACTORY? A: One in Haining City, one-hours drive to Shanghai, near to our showroom. Another in Jiangxi, the new one. Q: DO YOU HAVE SHOWROOM? A: Yes, we have showroom in factory. We have an extensive range of models on display but due to the size of our range we cannot display all models. If you have specific products that you wish to view please give us a call prior to traveling. Q: CAN YOU ACCEPT OEM OR ODM? A: Yes, customize product is available in our factory. Please send your design pictures to us, then we talk about it with our professional designers and confirm well with you. Q: CAN I ORDER SAMPLES? ARE THEY FREE OF CHARGE? A: Yes, we do sample orders for certain customers. Sample fees are needed and we will deduct the sample fee from your bulk order later. Q: WHAT IS THE LEAD TIME? A: It depends. For the small order with fabric in stock, we can deliver in 7-15 days.For container order, the lead time is usually 30-45 days after the deposit. Q: WHAT’S THE PAYMENT TERM? A: Our payment term is usually 30% deposit before production and 70% balance before shipment. Q: CAN YOU ARRANGE THE SHIPPING TO OUR COUNTRY? A: Yes, CIF is accepted. We always provide this service if customer needed. Q: WHAT IF I CAN’T FIND THE INFO I’M LOOKING FOR, OR WHAT IF I WANT TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE DIRECTLY? A: Start online Trade Manger or inquiry now, associate will be in touch promptly or latest.

Large floor lamp with brass metal finish on a brown wooden tripod Eichholtz Lamp Studio brown brass finish

Tall and beautiful – this is how you define Eichholtz Lamp Studio brown | brass finish. Its appearance resembles one of the wonders of the world – the Pharos lighthouse (to others it will remind of the Eiffel Tower), albeit in a significantly reduced and “lightweight” form. Despite the seeming fragility – visually “heavy” floodlight is installed on relatively thin graceful legs – its construction is solid, solid and unshakable. Rigidity is provided by special struts that turn the tripod into a three-sided pyramid – one of the most “strong figures”. Suffice it to recall the above-mentioned Parisian landmark, delicate, but extremely durable. In addition, the entire appearance of the lamp indicates good quality and durability – natural varnished wood is perfectly combined with a shiny brass coating. They say about such things – “serve them like a copper pot.” Of course, the body of the floodlight and other metal elements are made not of pure copper – it is too soft, but of harder brass; in terms of corrosion resistance and durability, this alloy is not only not inferior, but also superior to red copper.But the same “copper pot”, to which a searchlight resembles in shape, material and durability, according to the norms of the XVII-XIX centuries. had to serve as long as a soldier “shaved” into the army – a quarter of a century! However, this is true for all products manufactured by Eichholtz – high-tech production, combined with strict quality control, guarantees 100% serviceability of the goods on sale and their reliability and durability.

However, due to the specific character of Eichholtz Lamp Studio brown | brass finish the area of ​​use of such a lamp is rather limited – the most logical is the installation of such lamps in studios-workshops of artists, photographers, sculptors, decorators.The name itself hints at this – “Studio”, but such premises are by no means the only “platforms” where such a lamp will fit into the interior. Since it contains elements of the marine, scientific and adventure “spirit”, it is perfect for the interiors of hotels, hotels, restaurants stylized under such themes; it can be used in a museum of local lore, a club of “travelers” and even as a lighting device when organizing outdoor performances for children. In residential buildings, this model can be admitted into the study, the living room (a pair of such lamps will visually highlight the area in which the owner’s natural science collections are located). In a “youth” studio apartment, this lamp will also be quite appropriate – it will emphasize the refined taste of the people living there. In addition to external advantages, this lamp is quite utilitarian – it can almost double its height; the direction of light is adjustable both in the vertical and horizontal planes. The ability to move the light source (and this is a lamp with an E 27 base and a power of no more than 40 W) along the optical axis will allow you to adjust the width of the light beam. Considering these factors, we can safely say that in the hands of a talented designer, such lamps will serve as an excellent tool giving the interior individuality and style.The main thing is that the designer’s ideas are adequate – putting it in a bedroom with baroque furniture will not be an avant-garde solution, but a complete profanation.

Modern led kitchen chandelier, rectangular crystal lamp, Modern designer creative leather dining room light fixture |

Product Information

Product characteristics

  • Brand name: XICMIJCKAI
  • Are bulbs included: Yes
  • Base type: Wedge-shaped
  • Is it possible to dim: Not
  • Switch type: Is absent
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Voltage: 130 in
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Voltage: 260 in
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Voltage: 90-260V
  • Finishing: iron
  • Model number: 7581
  • Diffuser type: Crystal embellished
  • Source of power: Alternating current
  • Certification: CCC
  • Certification: ce
  • Certification: CQC
  • Certification: ROHS
  • Certification: UL
  • Specifications: LED chandelier
  • Type of instalation: Fixing close to the ceiling
  • Item type: Candelabra
  • Case material: iron
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • View: Modern
  • Light source: LED bulbs
  • Scattering direction: Up and down

Product Description

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Leather in the interior

Designers continue to amaze us with new products and adapt the richest textures and whimsical materials to the design. Today, genuine leather is in vogue. Designers dress everything in it: from a sofa, armchair or bedside table to leather lamps and chandeliers. In this article I will gladly tell you about another novelty in the world of light – leather-trimmed lamps. They are able to create a cozy atmosphere in the room and make your interior truly fashionable, spectacular and original. A chandelier with leather trim looks so interesting and unusual that it will become the main highlight of any interior style.The leather lamp will look especially exquisite in an interior made in the art nouveau or art deco style, it will perfectly suit many ethnic styles, and will also harmoniously fit into the colonial style. Leather lamps are suitable, first of all, for those who prioritize the aesthetic characteristics of materials and their quality in the design of premises. Today there are many new and original lamps that can decorate any interior, make your home individual.Unfortunately, not in all cities new items appear quickly enough, so many simply do not know about them and buy the chandelier that is offered in the nearest store. But, you see, this common principle “like everyone else” is quite boring and gray. Leather furniture in the interior is familiar to us, but leather sconces or leather ceiling lamps are very rare, although, in different eras, leather elements in interior design were not a novelty. We invite you to emphasize your interior using the most modern and stylish wall lamps with leather trim, which are made at the European factory K2LEUCHTEN.Such lamps are environmentally friendly. Each lamp or chandelier from the K2LEUCHTEN company is a real art object, stylish, memorable, decorating the interior. High quality natural materials are used for their production: wood, leather, crystal and metal. The classic way to use leather in the interior is to cover upholstered furniture with leather. Sofas, armchairs, beds, ottomans, chairs and stools are covered with leather. The lamps of the Austrian factory K2LEUCHTEN from the ELISABET series will ideally fit into such furniture. The most popular upholstery color is the classic combination of black and white. Brown in combination with bronze is also quite in demand. To make your home truly unique, order leather chandeliers – this kind of product has not gone out of fashion for at least a thousand years.

Yuryo Kukkapuro | Studio Projector

We were lucky to meet and talk with the master at his house near Helsinki.

What was the first work of yours that was brought into reality – not a prototype, but a serial, put into production object?

– This happened when I was still studying.Our school was owned by the Crafts Society, which had great connections with factories. And all factories – both glass and furniture – constantly arranged contests with us. Once there was a chair competition. I made my chair and won first prize. That was in 1955 – I was a student, I just turned twenty-two. It was great luck! And this pushed me to continue what I started.

Was there a cash prize?

– Yes, first prize only, and one-time prize only.The organizer was very old-fashioned and didn’t want to know anything about any sales deductions. But a few years later, I somehow walked with him. I was already more famous then, and then the conditions changed!

How many of your items live in production today?

– Today? I can not tell. Not so much. Here in Finland, they produce only nine collections. Today I only work with three companies. These are Finnish companies, and they also supply their products to Russia.And from foreign companies, I now work only with China.

For a long time my products were produced in England, in London. And a little in Germany. There were about fifty collections in total – a huge number of items.

You said that you always work alone and have only one assistant?

– Yes, I have an assistant. He’s just graduating from college, doing his diploma.

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