Laser hair machine for sale: 2020 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment


2020 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment

2020 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment


Finding the best professional laser hair removal equipment can be a challenge as there are a lot of different devices. Sorting through all the different manufacturers and models adds up to a long list of equipment. This article will sort through all the different types of technology and teach everything you need to know about professional laser hair removal equipment. Lastly you will learn what device is the best professional laser hair removal equipment for your business. You will be a more educated buyer and you will be able to make the best decision for your business.  


There are 3 gold standard laser wavelengths used for hair removal:

  • 755 nm Alexandrite laser
  • 805 nm or 810 nm Diode laser
  • 1064 nm Nd:Yag laser


When sorting through different lasers it’s important to recognize that these 3 laser wavelengths are the only types of lasers that are used for hair removal.

As there are lots of different types of laser available, the specific technology used for professional laser hair removal equipment is a long pulsed laser. This means the time the laser “rests” on the skin is longer, but in relation to 1 second it is still very fast. The laser rests on the skin in a fraction of a second but is still longer than a Q switch laser. A Q switch laser is used for tattoo removal and operates in a shorter resting time than a long pulsed laser used for hair removal. 

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Diode Bar Technology Vs. Fiber Delivery With Interchangeable Spot Size:


All professional laser hair removal equipment uses a hand piece which emits the laser onto the skin. It is important to know the difference between hand piece technology. Diode lasers use hand piece tip to skin contact while using clear ultrasound gel as a medium. Clear ultrasound gel helps the hand piece glide across the skin and keep the skin cool as the cool diode tip emits chilling technology for comfort.

The downside with diode lasers is that many passes are required to achieve a successful treatment. Additionally, some may view working with clear ultrasound gel as messy. Diode lasers are affordable professional laser hair removal equipment that can take non-stop use all day. 


Sometimes professional laser hair removal equipment that uses diode technology will have multiple wavelengths such as 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:Yag in the same device. This is not common but does exist, the downside is the use of laser bar technology which typically equates to a lower beam quality compared to a device designed with fiber delivery. Professional laser hair removal equipment designed with fiber delivery is considered a higher end device because the manufacturing cost is higher and equates to better laser beam delivery. When producing better beam delivery you will receive better results. A fiber is essentially a glass like cord that is connected to optics which produce a laser beam from a laser rod.

Professional laser hair removal equipment that is designed with fiber delivery also will have different spot sizes allowing for a more precise laser hair removal experience. The benefit of a professional laser hair removal device designed with fiber delivery is a 1 pass treatment equating to shorter treatment times and without the need for clear ultrasound gel. 


What Chromophores Do Lasers Absorb and Why Is This Important? 


Lasers absorb 3 main components of skin which are oxyhemoglobin, water, and melanin. Most important to professional laser hair removal equipment is the amount of melanin each laser wavelength absorbs. This is very important when treating dark complected skin because melanin count is much higher in skin types 4, 5, and 6. Hair contains melanin and the process of laser hair removal is the laser is attracted to the melanin in the hair and absorbs that component. When treating darker skin tones, a laser wavelength must absorb enough melanin to be effective but not so much that it will cause burning or loss of pigmentation to the skin, this is because the laser absorbs MELANIN.

When deciding what professional hair removal equipment is best for your business, it’s important to understand these 3 components. 



What Laser Wavelengths Are Best For All Skin Types?


When determining what professional laser hair removal equipment is best for your business it’s important to recognize what skin types you will be seeing in your business. Not all laser wavelengths are good for all skin types. 


755 nm Alexandrite

Has very high absorption of melanin meaning it is not good for skin types 4, 5, and 6. But, it is most appropriate for skin types 1, 2, and 3 and is an extremely effective laser wavelength for hair removal.


805 nm or 810 nm Diode

Has a medium absorption of melanin and a nice safety profile for all skin types. This laser wavelength has a slightly lower absorption of melanin compared to a 755 nm Alexandrite which makes it safer on darker skin tones. Typically, to effectively target hair on darker skin with a diode the operator will need to turn down the energy causing a less effective treatment. When treating individuals with darker skin types will typically see a greater number of treatments due to lower energy treatments to maintain a safe treatment. 


1064 nm Nd:Yag

Compared to the other wavelengths the 1064 nm Nd:Yag laser or also called a Yag is the safest laser wavelength for dark skin and is considered the gold standard wavelength for skin types 4, 5, and 6. The laser is effective on all skin types but not preferable for skin types 1, 2, and 3. 

Repair & Servicing Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment


After purchasing your professional laser hair removal equipment and running treatments, occasionally your laser will need repairs or service. Receiving high quality service and affordable repairs are extremely important. Most laser service companies can charge up to $20,000 per year for a service contract. MedLaser USA offers affordable service and options for warranties on their equipment. Additionally, MedLaser USA offers replacement parts that are a fraction of the cost as competitors.

Some lasers have disposable components and it’s important to ask questions to uncover what devices have disposables. Another important aspect is understanding life expectancy of parts, specifically hand pieces. Diode hand pieces can last from a few million pulses up to 10 million.  


Prices Of Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment


It is a fact that all cosmetic lasers and professional laser hair removal equipment is expensive. Commercial grade lasers that you would find in a medical spa, plastic surgery office, or dermatology clinic are built to perform with high quality parts. Quality professional laser hair removal equipment can range from $30,000 and upward of $200,000. The best type of laser for hair removal is a combination of alexandrite and nd:yag with fiber delivery. This is because of the premium beam technology, premium results, and quality of equipment. Alexandrite & Yag lasers typically cost $85,000-$200,000. Lower end professional laser hair removal equipment would be diode laser technology and prices can range anywhere from $30,000-$75,000.

You get what you pay for in relation to quality, price, warranties, and service. Determining your budget if you’re purchasing with cash or determining a monthly payment budget if you’re financing or leasing is going to help you determine your best options. 

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Financing or Leasing Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment


If you’re planning on financing or leasing your cosmetic laser for hair removal then understanding a little about the process is going to be beneficial. There are 2 types of monthly payment options, financing or leasing. Financing is when you make your last payment you own your device at the end of your term. Leasing is when you return your equipment at the end of your term but you would still have a variable buyout amount at the end of your term. Regardless if you’re leasing or financing, you’re still going to me making a sizable monthly payment and it is always best to own your equipment at the end of your term.

Typically, terms will consist of 36 months, 48 months, or 60 months. Your exact monthly payment will depend on a review of your credit, time in business, and your financial health of your business. New businesses end up with higher interest rates or higher monthly payments because new businesses pose a greater risk. The financing or leasing process is a very simple process and typically requires a 1 page credit application and your last 3 months business bank statements. MedLaser USA specializes in offering affordable leasing and financing options for all new and used professional laser hair removal equipment. 


The Dual Accento Laser Is The Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment


The best professional laser hair removal equipment is the Dual Accento laser. As discussed in this article the best laser wavelengths are 755 nm alexandrite and 1064 Nd:Yag. These laser wavelengths are the best because they provide premium beam technology and laser hair removal treatments for all skin types. The Dual Accento has both 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:Yag in 1 device and also offers a long list of treatments besides just laser hair removal making the Dual Accento a multi-function professional laser hair removal equipment. 

The Dual Accento is also reasonably priced compared to other devices with similar technology providing substantial cost savings. The Dual Accento has lots of features such as spot sizes from 2mm – 20mm, cold cryo spray for comfortable treatments, easy to use touch screen for easy operation, and fast speed to allow for fast treatment times. These details are why the Dual Accento laser is the best professional laser hair removal equipment in the entire laser market. 

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If you’re looking for the best professional laser hair removal device MedLaser USA can help you with your equipment options, leasing or financing, or provide a free consultation with further information. Contact MedLaser USA at 888-284-2486 or email at [email protected] com or visit MedLaser USA website at

High-Quality laser hair removal machine for sale Trending Beauty Items

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Laser Hair Removal Equipment

You have almost definitely heard about the IPL and laser hair removal equipment industry that has been thriving for nearly 20 years. It started out with commercial machines, which were only operated by licensed technicians in spas or medical setting. Then it expanded into laser machines that could be used right in the comfort of one’s own home. But the question is how well does hair removal at home actually work?

Professional Laser Equipment

First, let’s look at how professional laser equipment works. It involves lasers that destroy hair follicles with a very specific amount of heat and energy, but it’s not a one-time process. Most professional laser treatments have to be done multiple times in order to weaken the follicles until the hair stops growing.

Home Laser Hair Removal Equipment

Obviously, you can see the appeal of home laser hair removal equipment. Many people don’t want to drop everything to see a professional technician several times over. That’s especially true of people who are on a tight budget. The quick fix of having a small laser device in your own home can be very appealing, but is it really a quick fix?

The truth is that home IPL equipment for hair removal can work, to a certain degree, but it doesn’t work in the same way as professional equipment, and it doesn’t produce results that are as good or as lasting. In fact, most home equipment ranks right up there with traditional razor blades. They can’t actually prevent the hair follicles from activating like professional treatments can. They just are not strong enough to do the job.

The good news is that there are several U.S. states where, although you need a license to have a professional laser hair removal machine, you do not need to have a medical background or medical degree. So, it might be a good idea to check the laws of your state. If you find that you are allowed to get the license and purchase your own machine, that might be a good alternative for you.

Nothing Beats a Professional’s Touch

Just remember that nothing beats a professional’s touch. You are not likely to get the same aesthetic results in your own home as you would if you had a procedure performed by an expert, even if you have a professional-level machine. Think about it like going to a hairdresser as opposed to cutting your own hair. You can do it yourself, but there’s usually big difference in the results, right?

It’s also worth noting that not all professionals use identical laser hair removal machines. So, while it’s a better idea to have the procedures done by a professional, be sure not to settle for the first professional you come across in an ad somewhere. Instead, do some research until you find the right laser device or clinic for you.

United States of America Laser Hair Removal Machine – United States of America Hair Removal Machine and United States of America Laser Hair Removal Equipment Professional Manufacturer

Functions of Laser Hair Removal Machine

  • 1.It is ideal for hair removal from the arms, armpits, bikini line, legs, back, chest etc.

  • 2.laser hair removal works effectively on a wide variety of hair and skin types.

  • 3.It works on naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair and on skin tones from very white to brown.

  • 4.NOT for use on red, light blonde, white, or gray hair and dark brown or black skin tones or tattoos or dark spots.

  • 5. NOTE: To prevent hurt your skin, don’t hold the laser hair removal’s window still over one spot and flash multiple pulses on the skin.

  • 6.Safe permanent hair removal on all skin types; no pain, very comfortable during the treatment ;

  • 7.Suitable for any unwanted hairs on areas like face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini, legs…

Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Where can I buy Laser Hair Removal Machine in the United States of America?

ADSS is an experienced beauty machine manufacturer with 16 years in the medical and cosmetic field, building relationships with more than 500 in the United States of America both in the hospitals and the clinics.

ADSS is always on the road, meeting customers old and new, to help them really solve the skin problems on their devices and advising how they expand their business offering still further, achieving their success in the future. If you are thinking about opening a individual clinic and investing a Laser Hair Removal Machine and would like to talk to someone or book a consultation, please visit this page to see how to get in touch with us. We look forward to welcoming you.

Where can I buy Laser Hair Removal Equipment in the United States of America?

ADSS has so many vastly experienced engineers in the medical and cosmetic device sector,as well as equipped with mature and perfect after-sales service department. ADSS quality after-sales service is always ensuring customers get the prompt, focused and effective help they need to minimize down-time for their busy clinics.Ensuring all ADSS customers deliveries, installations, training, servicing and consumables are timely. After sales care is what we are renowned for.

Where can I buy Laser Hair Removal Device for Beauty Salon in the United States of America?

ADSS is the most professional manufacturer of Laser Hair Removal Device for beauty salons in the United States of America. Its main strength is not just having the best devices and products but knowing how to use them to suit each individual in the most effective and safest way. ADSS team of medical experts have been hand-picked and are the top specialists in the industry with many years of experience, to give you the best, most natural suggestions and results. ADSS aesthetic engineers not only hold highest level of Aesthetic Qualifications but also have many years of clinical operation experience.

Where can I buy Medical Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment for clinics in the United States of America?

ADSS offers high quality products in competitive price and with best service to our customers in the United States of America. ADSS ensures to only produce latest and well researched products and devices, which have been FDA approved and CE marked. Our highly trained and professional team is dedicated to provide the most advanced aesthetic Laser Hair Removal Equipment available to meet the demand for perfection of our distinguished clients. ADSS presents each client with an individual solution-oriented treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information if you have any need for Medical Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment in your clinic.

What are the manufacturers of Laser Hair Removal Machine in the United States of America?

  • 1.A professional beauty machine supplier called ADSS was founded in 2005.ADSS is an experienced beauty machine manufacturer in the United States of America, is home to an experienced team of world-renowned R&D engineers, designers, trainers, beauticians,etc.ADSS is a medical beauty laser machine producer specializing in meeting the needs of professional hospital and clinic doctor, licensed beauticians, massage therapists, and medical professionals. Start from 2005, ADSS business grows up bigger and bigger, and we have already more than 80 solid cooperation distributors and 160 professional Dermatologist doctors partners in the United States of America. Besides, ADSS also provides direct clinic instruction and technical support for those who needs technical assistance and clinical support for Laser Hair Removal Machine all over the world. ADSS can also make clinic video according to your any clinical requirements.
  • 2. Eastbeauty is an experienced manufacturer of professional Laser Hair Removal Machine.Its staff are professionally trained experts in the latest medical beauty laser techniques and products.

18 Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices of 2021

After experiencing the many pitfalls of shaving (ingrown hairs, redness, irritation, and speedy re-growth), we’re contemplating alternative hair removal methods this season. Since professional laser hair removal isn’t the most budget-friendly option (initial sessions can cost upwards of $600) and many of us can’t head out to an appointment right now, we’re looking at the next best thing: at-home laser hair removal devices.

We need to reassert, before we go any further, that body hair is a completely natural, normal thing, and you should absolutely not feel compelled to remove it if you don’t want to—it’s a personal choice. (If you’re a body hair, don’t care kind of person, more power to you!) But if you’re into the idea of laser hair removal, want to save some money, but are a little freaked about the idea of doing it at home, we’ve got you covered.

How does laser hair removal work?

New York-based dermatologist Josh Zeichner, MD, explains: “Lasers work by emitting a beam of light that is absorbed by a specific target in the skin. “In this case, the light is absorbed by pigment in the hair follicle to heat it up and destroy it, so the hair does not grow back.”

Are at-home laser hair removal devices safe?

Dr. Zeicher considers at-home lasers a safe alternative to in-office treatments. “At-home devices work similarly to professional treatments, but use lower energy levels. They are more time-consuming to use, but can help. They are also a great option to maintain improvements between professional treatments.” (As an interesting FYI, Dr. Zeichner adds that, “Each treatment causes some degree of damage to the hair follicle resulting in thinner hair, and it often takes multiple treatments to completely remove hair. For this reason, the term laser hair removal is a bit of misnomer, and it should probably be called laser hair reduction.”)

Along with Dr. Zeichner, we chatted with Howard Sobel, M.D., NYC dermatologist and founder of Sobel Skin; Rosemarie Ingleton, M.D., dermatologist and medical director of Ingleton Dermatology; and Rachel Nazarian, M.D., dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group, to tell us the best devices that really, truly work.

1 Flash&Go Express, IPL Laser Hair Removal System



This FDA-approved device is a compact-sized tool that packs a powerful punch when it comes to removing hair—fast. It glides over your skin accompanied by its 150,000 pulses per minute. Holding it down to target one hairy spot is super-easy. “This new compact version uses light-based technology, which is FDA-cleared for permanent hair reduction for the entire face and body,” Dr. Sobel explains. “I like that it features a new high-tech applicator that allows you to properly target and zone in on smaller area such as the upper lip, arms, or bikini area.” 

To see long-lasting results, employ this device every other week for two months. “This device is ideal if you have dark hair and can be used both on the face and on the body,” Dr. Zeichner adds. 

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The FDA Favorite

Hair Removal Laser 4X Tria Beauty


Just short of $450, the Tria will cost you a pretty penny—but seeing that it’s the first and only FDA-approved laser for at-home use, it’s become a favorite among derms and patients for legit, professional-level results. “I’m a fan of this device because it has high energy levels and it’s super easy-to-use,” says Nazarian.

Dr. Zeichner is a fan of the Tria. “This can be used both on dark and light hair, although it will not work on white hair,” Zeichner explains. “It is a true laser as opposed to other devices that use a broad spectrum of light.”

Dr. Sobel suggests trying the Tria laser as well. “The technology safely delivers over three times more hair-eliminating energy than other at-home hair removal devices, making it the most powerful at-home hair removal device,” Dr. Sobel explains.

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Editor’s Pick

Hair Removal Device MiSMON


Here, loyal readers, is an editor’s pick that wouldn’t be right not to include. Honesty moment: I’m really hairy and I’ve tried a lot of “hair removal” tactics that have failed me tremendously. This shiny rose gold device, on the other hand, did not and is worth giving a glowing review. First off, it’s inexpensive compared to its counterparts. Secondly, thanks to the LCD screen you’re able to monitor the number of flashes on the skin so you’ll never go overboard, which is best for a beginner like me. 

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Most Affordable

Elelsilk Laser Hair Removal Device

For a quarter of the price of other devices, you’ll get the very same IPL technology, just with less bells and whistles. (No countdown clock telling you how many pulses are left, no cordless option.) But if the reviews are any indication, it works just as effectively, especially on small areas like your forearms or upper lip. 

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Editor’s Pick

Silk Expert Pro3 Permanent Hair Removal System Braun walmart. com


As a high school graduation present, my mother gifted me with laser hair removal. It wasn’t exactly your average gift, but my father gave me his Cuban hair genes, and, well—you know where this story is going. So I set off on my hair-free mission, and quickly became addicted. So it’s only fitting that my mother gifted me this tool for my college graduation so I could come full circle in my journey to become stubble-free. The Braun Silk Expert System uses intense pulsed light (IPL) that quickly treats my legs in under 10 minutes. It’s also equipped with over 300,000 flashes, equalling out to around 16 years of treatments. Needless to say, I’m hooked.

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6 Silk’n Infinity


$399. 00

“The Silk’n Infinity also uses IPL light, but unlike the Remington, it’s safe for all skin colors,” says Dr. Ingleton. The petite, circular design allows for easy, all-over treatments, and it’s also equipped with five energy-level settings for a genuinely customizable experience.

If the steep price tag turns you off, Dr. Ingleton adds that the Silk’n Infinity’s lifespan makes it worth the investment to her. “It stores 400,000 pulses before it dies, so it’s going to last significantly longer than most devices,” she explains. 

Zeichner is also a proponent of this device. “This laser emits a broad spectrum of light, rather than a single wavelength. The technology, known as intense pulsed light, can be used across a variety of skin types, even those with an olive complexion.”

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Most Painless

IPL Laser Hair Remover

Because laser hair removal is elective, sometimes brands and derms alike downplay the discomfort associated with zapping your skin with high frequency light. This device comes equipped with an ice compress plate that cools the skin, reducing redness, swelling and inflammation as you go. The light is strong and effective enough for 500,000 flashes, which is said to be enough to remove unwanted hair head-to-toe on nine to eleven individuals. Translations: Your bikini line doesn’t stand a chance. And neither does your BFF’s.

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Most Versatile

Sleek Permanent Hair Reduction Device mē


Not only is this the only device of its caliber that’s FDA approved for every hair color and skin tone, but its mid-range size means it can as readily flash away hairs on your upper lip as on your partner’s back and thighs. Use once a week for seven weeks, and expect smoother skin for way longer than a razor can offer.

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Amazon’s Favorite

Lumea IPL Hair Remover Philips


Abe Ayesh of Eternal Hair & Esthetics is a big fan of the Phillips Lumea: “Philips is high quality, particularly their hair removal and grooming function. They have a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, too.” If you’re worried about your hair growing back in .5 seconds, rest assured that the Salon IPL technology in this device prevents hair regrowth over time. 

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10 Pure IPL Hair Removal Device

If you’re looking for a powerful remover that shows results fast, this laser treatment device is the one to add to your cart. Once a week, add this to your routine, slap on your favorite face mask, and work the laser over freshly shaved skin. You’ll start seeing results in just a few weeks weeks, with more lasting effects after 12 weeks. If your skin is sensitive or you don’t have very thick hair, there are three treatment modes and 10 settings for you to choose from for a custom session.  

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Safest Pick

Home Ice-Sense IPL Laser Hair Removal Green A Lukelady


There are a few handy features in this emerald stunner. First: A cooling plate automatically kicks in when temperatures on the skin’s surface climb uncomfortably high. Also, some find the handle easier to maneuver in hard-to-reach places like the backs of thighs or deep bikini zones. But most impressively, this device won’t kick on unless it’s in contact with your skin, meaning no unseemly (and damaging) flashes to your eyes.  

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For Hard-to-Reach Areas

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Tria Beauty


This handheld device has a pointed applicator to reduce hair in harder-to-get-to areas. “Because of its small size, this device is a good option to treat areas of the skin that have contours, like the upper lip,” Dr. Zeichner confirms.

Dr. Sobel agrees: “This is a great option for smaller areas on the face or neck since it uses diode technology, which is similar to in-office technology for laser hair removal. Most other home devices typically use IPL technology, which does not always target the hair follicle as specifically as the diode wavelength. ” So if there’s one spot bugging you, employ this guy.

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Most Inclusive

Permanent Hair Reproduction System ​Illuminage Touch


The Illuminage Touch offers high-power IPL technology, 120,000 pulses, and the ability to target blonde and red hair follicles, making it a force to be reckoned with.

For ultimate results, this gadget should be used only once a week for six to seven weeks. “Consistency is important—you will only see results if you continue to use these products regularly and as directed,” says Dr. Nazarian. “Even though progress is slow, you will see results.”

Zeichner adds that this device uses intense pulse light to treat unwanted hair across a variety of skin types and hair color.

On that note, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly on whichever device you choose. Every device is a little different, but if follow the directions, you’ll quickly get hooked on your smooth-as-hell skin.

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The Ultimate 2-in-1

Venus Pro

A common theme among laser hair removal devotees that the head of the device is so small that it can take extra time for a removal session. Currentbody knows a thing or two about innovative beauty tools—they sell the iconic and game-changing NuFace—and this laser hair removal device reflects that. The big selling point is the 180-degree rotating head: No matter where you’re looking to treat (face, arms, legs, bikini lines, and so on), there’s an attachment that can work specifically for those. Oh, and the LED power helps with skin rejuvenation and wrinkles.  

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Most Adjustable

IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset Kenzzi


This lesser-known device caught our eye thanks to its five power settings, which means you can adjust based on your skin tone, the color of your hair, and let’s be real: your pain tolerance levels. As with all these devices, compliance is key, so do follow the manual instructions and expect results within five weeks of diligent usage. 

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The Quick Fix

Pure IPL Hair Removal System SmoothSkin

$379. 00

While not technically a laser hair removal device (IPL uses a different type of light), this sleek unit makes use of a broader range of light wavelengths to cover larger stretches of skin more quickly. Plus, it has unlimited flashes. The downside? Hair does back grow a bit more quickly, so you’ll have to be more diligent with touch-ups. It’s also, unfortunately, not safe for dark skin tones.

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Most Efficient

Silk-Expert Pro 5 IPL Hair Removal System

The latest edition of Braun’s best-selling and dermatologist-endorsed IPL hair-removal system, this smaller, lighter device is outfitted with a skin sensor that actually recognizes your skin tone and adjusts the flash intensity as you use it. It also promises that both of your legs will be done in under five minutes, so say hello to smooth legs in a pinch.  

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Best Cooling Option

Permanent Hair Removal System

This fast-acting device from DEESS has built-in ice-cool technology, which means that the hair-removal experience just got a little less painful. Since it cools skin as it works, you don’t have to worry about inflammation after you’re done with the process. 

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Maya Allen Fashion and Beauty Assistant I’m Maya,’s fashion and beauty assistant. Bianca Rodriguez Commerce Editor Bianca Rodriguez is the Commerce Editor/Writer at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, where she covers fashion, beauty, home, and more. Julia Marzovilla Julia Marzovilla is a New York City-based writer covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment.

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The Expert’s Guide to Buying Laser Equipment

The Expert’s Guide to Buying Laser Equipment

By Louis Silberman

Vanity and the pursuit of looking younger are ever-present elements in many people’s lives. The practice of esthetics has been present for centuries and can be traced as far back as the days of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Just as a painter creating a portrait, a composer drafting a sonata or a dancer performing fluid movement with the body, the work of an esthetician is an art in its own right. Instead of oil paint and canvas, esthetic professionals let their creativity shine through by providing relaxing and restorative treatments that improve the confidence and self-image of their clients.

Early esthetic professionals only had the limited resources around them with which to work. Today, modern estheticians are able to choose from an overwhelming number of treatment options. New scientific discoveries and advancements in technology are common, with the largest leaps made in the field of medical aesthetics and cosmetic lasers. Although treatments such as laser hair removal and photofacial skin rejuvenation are some of the most popular available, shopping for the equipment necessary to offer these services can be tricky. For the professionals who are in the market to purchase cosmetic laser equipment, this article will help remove the guesswork by answering important questions and providing inside details about the shopping process.


The first step in the shopping process is to look at your specific client demographic to see what types of treatments would be most appealing to it. Younger clients are typically drawn to laser hair removal, and more mature clients may lean toward photofacial skin rejuvenation and fractional laser wrinkle reduction. Client skin type is also important to consider. If the majority of your clients are of darker skin types—Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification 4, 5 or 6—they might be unable to receive certain types of laser treatments successfully. After categorizing your clientele, it is time to select the treatment modality best suited for its needs. See Top Laser Treatment Modalities for a list of today’s most popular laser-based procedures. Once you have made this important decision, it is crucial to take many details into consideration when making this purchase.

Budget. Shopping for a laser can be fun and exciting, but remember not to let the thrill of the moment get in the way of common sense. Determining your budget is critical and should be done immediately. This will help narrow the search and prevent you from wasting effort researching equipment that is too expensive.

New or used. There are pros and cons to both options. Similar to new cars, cosmetic lasers are depreciable assets and begin losing value as soon as they are out of the box. Buying new equipment costs more, but allows for the ability to offer the most effective treatments. It also provides the opportunity to market the latest and greatest services to clients. Used equipment may be more affordable, but will employ older technology, and will have experienced the wear and tear of previous use.

Payment options. The average laser can cost anywhere from $50,000–250,000, which makes it a very significant asset to a business. This is why it is important to know all of the methods available to purchase a cosmetic laser. See Buying Method Equations for real-life payment and profit estimates for the four forms of payment listed below.

  • Cash—Paying cash for a laser is an expensive endeavor. Although it avoids loan fees and provides 100% equity up front, it can soak up a large amount of a company’s capital, which can hinder the liquidity of its assets.
  • Financing—Financing is a loan given by a bank or company to purchase equipment, but involves interest and loan fees. Because the loan is credit-based, this option is not always available to buyers with lower credit scores.
  • Leasing—Leasing equipment lowers the actual monthly cost of having a laser and sometimes allows greater freedom to trade in older technology for newer lasers. Unfortunately, the money spent does not allow a business to gain any equity in the equipment. The typical lease rate for a new $100,000 laser is approximately $2,000 per month during an obligatory three- to five-year contract.
  • Renting—Renting a piece of laser equipment costs approximately $500–700 per day. This method costs more money up front, but there is no financial or contract obligation. It is a great way to test out offering laser procedures in a business before making a full investment.


Warranty. As you can imagine, equipment repairs on cosmetic laser equipment can be costly. Just one breakdown can cost up to $3,000 in parts and labor without a warranty. When considering warranty options, there are two important questions to ask: If my equipment breaks down, is there a local company that can administer the repairs, or do I have to ship it to the factory; and will I receive a loaner machine to use while my equipment is being repaired?

A great way to determine whether a warranty price quote is competitive or not is to estimate the cost of repairing your equipment two times during a year. If the yearly cost of the warranty is less than the estimated non-warranty repair costs, then this is a smart buy.

Demo. No one would ever buy a house without stepping foot in it. Likewise, no one should ever buy a laser without trying it out first. Make it a requirement during the buying process to see a demonstration of the equipment and take advantage of the opportunity to try it out in your own professional environment. Because a cosmetic laser is a large investment, it is critical to make sure the equipment is the right fit for your needs. Following is a list of things to keep in mind when testing out the equipment.

  • •Will the seller demonstrate the functionality, and let me try out the equipment in my workplace?
  • •Is the cosmetic laser equipment heavy? How hard will it be to manipulate?
  • •How user-friendly are the laser controls?
  • •What treatments does the equipment perform? Is it a single-modality machine or are there interchangeable hand pieces allowing for the performance of multiple types of treatments?

Leading cosmetic laser manufacturers are known for their customer-friendly demo programs. When shopping for a new laser, always ask about the options that are available for working with the equipment before making a final purchase.

Cosmetic laser training. Contrary to popular belief, esthetic professionals do not need to have a medical background to become a cosmetic laser specialist in most states. In the United States, each state creates its own guidelines to enter the profession. Due to the growth of the industry, many states are now adding legislation requiring that esthetic professionals complete a certain number of hours of cosmetic laser education in the classroom and clinical setting.

Whether you are self-employed or a team member at an esthetic facility, client safety is the most important part of providing laser treatments. Due to the sheer power of a cosmetic laser, a technician can burn or scar someone if they have not received proper training from a state-recognized school. Most laser manufacturers will include a half- to full-day training; however, this is not nearly enough time to master using laser equipment effectively. When considering attending a cosmetic laser school, be sure to ask these important questions before attending.

  • •How long has the school been open?
  • •How many teachers will I have? What type of professional experience do they have?
  • •How large are the classes?
  • •How much time will I get to spend performing hands-on training?
  • •Is there any additional training I will receive to help me after graduation?
  • •Does the school train on a variety of brands and models of laser equipment?

Buyer beware. Laser companies will provide clinical studies and testimonials from current owners of their lasers; be sure to spot check the studies to ensure that no one who is on the payroll of the laser company is involved in the studies. One size does not fit all—no laser on the market can perform every treatment perfectly, but some are better than others at certain procedures. No respected clinical studies have shown that lasers can treat blond hair effectively, so be wary if someone tells you their laser can. Cosmetic lasers are dangerous if not handled properly. If someone tells you that their laser could never hurt anyone, then walk away. Buy logically, not emotionally, and take a step back when confronted with bargains. There will always be deals, so think through your purchase before making any decisions.


The world of laser procedures is a fun and financially rewarding one. By asking the right questions, researching the various types of cosmetic laser equipment and learning how to operate them safely, the transition into providing high-tech laser services will be smooth and easy.

Louis Silberman is president of National Laser Institute, a leading school specializing in advanced cosmetic laser and medical aesthetics training for beauty professionals. As an expert in laser aesthetics education, a medical spa owner and nationally recognized author, marketing speaker and business consultant, Silberman has been a driving force behind the organization of laser safety for consumers.

For more information, call 1-800-982-6817 or simply fill out the form on the right.

#1 Laser Hair Removal Machine

Featuring Nu TriLaze Plus

What’s the difference between the Nu Trilaze Plus & Nu Trilaze?

The general performance of both the Nu Trilaze and Nu TriLaze Plus are the same. However, the Nu Trilaze Plus has the added benefit of being FDA and medical CE certified. The handpiece for Nu TriLaze Plus is also the lightest in the world, making it very comfortable to work with.

In order to market and distribute cosmetic and medical devices throughout the United States, gaining FDA approval is mandatory. Generally, FDA approval indicates that these laser machines are of high standards and have passed strict safety tests.

The FDA recognizes four major hazard classes (I to IV) of lasers, including three subclasses (IIa, IIIa, and IIIb). The higher the class, the more powerful the laser is and the greater the potential to pose serious injury if used improperly. The labelling for Classes II–IV must include a warning symbol that states the class and the output power of the product. Nu TriLaze Plus is a class IV laser product. Thanks to our reputation for safety and effectiveness, British Institute of Lasers have successfully fulfilled the FDA’s requirements for Class IV devices.

In order to sell Class IV medical laser machines in the UK and in the European market, a Medical CE Mark is necessary. This Mark indicates that the criteria of the relevant European product directive have been met. Nu TriLaze Plus have successfully met the requirements for Europe’s harmonized performance and safety standards and thus have been awarded the CE Mark.


What else does the Nu TriLaze Plus offer?

Using the latest technology, the Nu TriLaze Plus is the ideal machine for beauty salons and hair removal clinics who want a reliable, high quality laser hair removal machine. Containing three laser machines on one platform – Alexandrite 755nm, Nd:YAG 1064nm, and Diode 808nm, the Nu TriLaze Plus requires minimal maintenance and offers advanced safety levels.

Cost effective and easy to use, the handpiece of the Nu TriLaze Plus delivers millions of shots, at a rapid rate of at least 10 per second, before a replacement is required. This equates to a cost per shot of less than 0.5 pence, allowing large areas, such as legs, to be completed in minutes and at an impressively reasonable price.

We offer free top quality training from our experts, either face to face at our training centre, or online in an easy-to-follow programme. We also provide free Nu TriLaze Plus life-time support, including literature, clinical feedback, advice, software upgrades and much more.


Free Online Training & Certificate

By choosing a laser machine from British Institute of Lasers, you’ll gain access to either our free online training or a comprehensive half or full day of face-to-face training. The face to face training is offered at our premises, or if you’re based in mainland UK, then the training can be issued at your location.

This covers all the major elements of the Core of Knowledge, the principles of light and laser beams, and the types of laser machines available. We also train you to recognise and deal with different skin types, skin structure and health and safety considerations, alongside everything you need to know about your new laser machine, including operation, cleaning and maintaining.

You can then put your new knowledge into practice with the laser machine, with our experts on hand to help and guide, if necessary. By completing the training, you’ll gain a Certificate of Training, which is necessary to gain insurance cover and to satisfy your local council if you plan to carry out treatments.
If you’re outside the UK, easy access online tutorials and training videos are available.

We provide you with the knowledge and confidence to successfully grow your hair removal business.

Essential Information

Laser hair removal works by focusing the laser light on localised areas, targeting the melanin in the skin which is the key to follicle growth. Using a wavelength of 808nm, the laser prevents the hair developing inside the follicle, without affecting the skin around the follicle.

Unlike electrolysis, in which each individual hair is targetted, laser hair removal can cover larger areas of skin simultaneously, making every treatment cost effective, quick and efficient. However, care must be taken when using the machine to ensure other areas of skin remain undamaged.

Across the body, hair goes through several stages, and only the hairs in the growth phase – Anagen, can be affected by the laser. The other two phases – Catagen and Telogen, remain undamaged by the light as the hairs are unattached to the dermal base cells. An average of seven treatments, approximately three to eight weeks apart are recommended, depending on the area treated.

Laser hair removal is considered semi-permanent. Its effectiveness is dependent on the individual skin character, and number of treatment sessions, and you can enjoy little to no growth for at least six months.

The machine easily pays for itself in less than eight weeks. This is based on a minimum of four treatments a day, each being priced at £60 plus VAT, and a six-day working week.

Relying on commission generated through their recommendations, review sites use tracking links and platforms offering financial incentives for affiliate marketers, such as Amazon or eBay. This means that they may be being selective with their reviews in order to maximise their revenue.
We only distribute and sell our laser machines exclusively through our website, and never offer financial incentives for affiliate marketers to link to our products. Thus ensuring they are omitted from such review sites. However, it does mean that every review on our site is completely genuine, and can be trusted to provide a true picture of our service and products.

Generally, laser machines sold on these platforms are either from sellers who are not based in the UK, and are mainly from China, or if they are based here they are not reputable companies and simply resell laser machines imported from abroad, again usually China. In both cases, although the prices can seem very attractive, the sellers actually con people with false exaggerated specifications giving them inferior products.

In the former case the buyer is sold a laser machine with almost no after sale service. This means that when the laser machine fails – which they inevitably do, the seller expects the buyer to diagnose the issue, decide which new parts are required and actually mend the machine. The sellers will only send the necessary parts once the old part has been sent to them, with shipping and import fees paid for by the hapless buyer. This whole process can take many months, and still not result in a working laser machine. Alternatively, the seller doesn’t even respond to the SOS calls from the buyer!

Disadvantages – money down the drain, headache from supplier, long downtime, low specs, not matching British standards, fire hazard, and potentially invalidating your insurance.

More than 70% of the laser machines that we receive enquiries for repair are machines that end users bought on online platforms from Chinese suppliers.

Like above where you are buying from ebay or Amazon, whilst they may appear cheaper, you will end up regretting the decision. The machine you receive frequently doesn’t match the specifications, meaning that it cannot perform the way you need it to.

With no back-up, when the laser machine goes wrong – which they invariably do, you will struggle to get the suppliers to communicate. Either they will ignore your messages completely, or force you to pay the shipping costs to return the machine to the manufacturer in China with no guarantee that you’ll get a working model back (after you’ve again paid to transport the machine back to your premises).

Not only is this a huge waste of money, but a major disruption to your business, and potentially detrimental to its reputation.

We have a written an article about the risks of buying laser machines from China about this should you wish to seek further information.

If the laser machine is manufactured by a reputable company and is well maintained then it is not too bad, as long as the price is much cheaper than the brand new one. Second-hand lasers are not usually covered by standard warranty terms and if they become faulty, the cost of repair may run into thousands of pounds. Another factor to consider is the cost of the consumables, e.g. Diode laser handpiece or flash lamp, which can be quite expensive to replace.

Leading brands in this industry such as Candela offer new laser hair removal machines upwards of $80,000 and refurbished models from $60,000.

Cynosure, another leading brand based in the US, offer laser and tattoo removal machines for similar prices.

Both Candela and Cynosure have outstanding reputations and thus give us an indication of how much a decent laser machine costs.

At British Institute of Lasers, our lasers are significantly less expensive while matching and often surpassing the specifications of leading players in this industry. For example, the Nu Trilaze plus with its 3 in 1 technology offers more than laser hair removal alone, giving it a multi-discpinary advantage.

Moreover, our proprietary Supercool technology ensures a pain-free laser hair removal process – we are the only company who can boast of this amazing technology.

To recap, the Nu TriLaze Plus laser hair removal machine offers you total control over:

  • Fluence – it’s one of the most powerful lasers on the market
  • Frequency – it’s super fast
  • Skin type – it can target all skin types efficiently

Finding a quality laser removal machine is crucial for reliability and safety; we can assist with you in making the perfect decision for you and your business.

Outstanding Laser Hair Removal Results with the Nu Trilaze

Results reflect both the Nu Trilaze Plus, Nu Trilaze & the Nu eRays

Medical Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

  • Zhenya From Russia Sochi
    Dec 24, 2019 with Issue

    Passed a course of hair removal on this device. 10 sessions have passed. The result is excellent, so I advise you to be patient and wait

  • Lisa Khan Reviews from Kazakhstan
    Jul 03, 2020 with Issue

    This laser hair removal equipment is great and at a great price. Comes in a professional box with the whole set! I have been using this for about three months now and am already seeing results. I love this laser machine because it has everything you need and is easy to use. I recommend this 808nm diode laser hair removal device for people looking for an inexpensive way to laser hair their legs.

  • Dmitry from Lithuania
    Aug 10, 2019 with Issue

    After comparing several companies, I finally decided to buy this SHR hair removal machine from ADSS.The seller also thoughtfully presented me with many small gifts. The SHR machine is easy to operate and the whole body can be treated in a short time. There is much less growing hair. In any case, I am very pleased with this purchase.

  • Alina From Russia Moscow
    Feb 03, 2020 with Issue

    Not a bad model, but the operating costs are quite high. I have been using the device for about a year now. The resource of the emitter is enough for only 4 months, and its cost is decent. But the speed of the procedure is colossal, so I am not changing the model yet.

  • Melisa Vegas from Kyrgyzstan
    Apr 17, 2019 with Release

    What a great product! I am very satisfied. It really works. I’ve used it once and can already see the difference. Hair grows much more slowly. This works better than I expected and doesn’t hurt.

  • Ulyana From Russia Irkutsk
    Jul 23, 2019 with Issue

    We have been using this model in our showroom for more than a year, many satisfied customers.The price is relatively good, the procedure is painless, the model is operated simply, so it’s worth it.

  • Matya From Russia St. Petersburg
    May 20, 2019 with Issue

    Passed a course of hair removal with this laser. Copes well with dark, not very coarse hairs. It took me 9 procedures.

  • Danilka from Russia
    Jul 06, 2019 with Release

    The device is cool! It combines very popular functions, you can attract even more clients to the beauty salon. Convenient to use, a minimum of consumables, a huge supply of flashes, this is the same device with which you can give beauty, and therefore happiness, with which the hearts of grateful customers are filled! ADSS is not just a company selling cosmetic equipment – it is a real team of specialists in the selection of the optimal solution just for you! None of your words will be ignored. Will always buy here! Delivered right on time, even earlier, made a discount, trained, issued a certificate.

  • Sara Fetrow Feedback from Turkmenistan
    Nov 19, 2019 with Issue

    Seems to work well and I really like the different power levels.The laser hair removal machine is very easy to use and has a nice handle. I had no problem with it and it counts the number of flashes in reverse order. Overall, I really like the product.

  • Dasha From Russia Vladivostok
    Jul 24, 2019 with Issue

    Good machine. The other day I was already on the fifth procedure. I like everything! I don’t know how much depends on the master, because I have a wonderful master, but there are no painful sensations at all!

  • Anuj trader reviews from Belarus
    Aug 09, 2018 with Issue

    For all women who have problems with unwanted hair, the diode laser is a very good device.I found it easy to use and maintain. Instructions are clear in the package insert. I started with a patch on my legs and then applied it on my face. I am impressed with the results and recommend that you buy this unwanted hair removal device.

  • Olya From Russia Moscow
    Aug 21, 2019 with Issue

    We have been working on this device for 3 months already, while everything suits me. They say that the resource of the emitter does not last long, but we have not changed it yet.The main argument in favor of this device was the cost and speed of performing manipulations. This is a significant plus for us now. If we notice any shortcomings in the future, we will write.

  • Stacy Lake from Uzbekistan
    Sep 14, 2019 with Release

    I received the SHR epilator and was pleasantly surprised to open the package. The appearance is very delicate and beautiful. After three uses, the hairy areas grew more slowly and the hair became thinner and softer.I think the effect is super good and I will continue to use it. Super product!

  • Natalia reviews from Uzbekistan
    Jul 08, 2020 with Issue

    In general, the process is fast and very simple, which works great for me and my salon! If you’re just looking for something to minimize hair growth and roughness, then you should definitely give it a try! Price, quality and results will not disappoint you!

  • Nelson Carlson Feedback from Estonia
    Jan 05, 2021 with Issue

    1200W Laser Hair Removal Device has been working well so far! So easy to use and so painless.I use it on my legs, armpits and arms. My hair growth slowed down and I didn’t grow. Some hair just stopped growing in some places. If you have thought about a laser, I highly recommend that you try this.

  • 90,000 Laser Hair Removal & IPL Equipment – Huge Selection at Best Prices

    Hair Removal and Intense Pulsed Light Equipment

    There are many options to choose from for hair removal treatment and Intense Pulsed Light treatment.Each system has unique features. The following simple guidelines can help when it comes to choosing the appropriate equipment.

    What is intense pulsed light treatment?

    Intense pulsed light treatment is a technique that uses a high temperature that is absorbed by the pigment of the skin. The melanin of the skin is destroyed by the laser and then repaired by its own repair mechanisms. As a result, the skin is softer, smoother, and clearer. It works with most skin types.

    Does laser hair removal work on anyone?

    The treatment for removal works on dark hair as the laser is absorbed by the pigment of the hair.The intense heat of the laser kills the hair follicle at the root, preventing regrowth. People with blonde, red, or gray hair are not candidates for the treatment.

    How does IPL work for hair removal?

    IPL treatments use multiple wavelengths to destroy the hair follicle and prevent regrowth of hair. They range between 500 and 1,200 nanometers. The cells that form the hair are destroyed by the intense heat. IPL only works on living hair.

    Can machines perform both laser hair removal and skin treatments?

    There are several at-home devices that can perform both laser hair removal and skin treatments.Some systems perform skin rejuvenation, skin smoothing, skin whitening, and acne repair. Some systems remove skin tags. There are also systems that provide wrinkle reduction.

    Can hair be removed from anywhere on the body?

    It is safe to remove hair from any part of the body except for the genitals. Many people choose to remove hair from the face, arms, legs, back, bikini line, and underarms.

    How many treatments are necessary?

    This varies from person to person.Some people may require five treatments for permanent hair removal while others may need much more. Treatments are done approximately once per week. It is safe to do as many treatments as necessary. Follow the directions that come with the equipment.

    Can you pluck or wax hair between treatments?

    Do not pluck or wax the hair between laser treatments. In order for hair removal equipment to work properly, the root of the hair must be intact so that it can absorb the high heat.Waxing and plucking remove hair at the root, so it will not be able to be destroyed by the laser. If possible, refrain from shaving as well. This leaves plenty of hair growth to be fully destroyed by the laser treatment. The treatment will then be permanent.

    Customized 1200W 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Manufacturers – Wholesale Discount

    1200W 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

    Perfect Effect of 1200 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine W 808 nm

    Machine parts

    901 60 Frequency

    Laser type

    Germany Doide Laser

    Tip 1

    m single 808nm

    Laser power


    Spot size

    12 x 12 mm

    Energy up to

  • 0 HR), up to 15 J / cm2 / 10 ms (SHR)

  • to 5 Hz (HR), up to 10 Hz (SHR)
    Pulse width 10 – 100 ms
    Pulse duration 10 ms – 1400 ms
    Cooling system Sapphire contact cooling system, microchannel cooling
    Screen 15.6 ” LED touchscreen
    Machine cooling system Compressor cooling system 600W
    Cooling temperature 0 to -5 degrees C
    System languages ​​ English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, French
    Power supply 3000W

    or 20 million shots


    We invite you to visit the SEA HEART ® Group Limited website.We are one of the leading beauty equipment manufacturers in China. Our head office is in Beijing, we have a showroom in our office so that customers can test the real machines by themselves.

    We opened three factories, one R&D center.

    We cooperate with many agents from all over the world to sell our machines.

    Sea Heart is getting stronger and more famous.

    We are waiting for your information.

    Due to the good quality, we have been certified by the European standards CE, ISO13485, Medical CE and RoHS.

    We participate in many famous industry exhibitions, for example: Dubai Dermatology, Turkey Beauty Eurasia, Russia InterCHARM and so on.

    Payment, packaging and delivery

    Contact me

    : [email protected]

    : +86 10 87161306

    : +86 185 0023 0981:

    185 0023 0981

    : skincare.seaheart

    Hot Tags: 1200w 808nm diode laser hair removal machine, manufacturers, customized, wholesale, buy, discount, low price

    DepiMED Homes 600W Laser Permanent Hair Removal Machine

    Model number : DepiMED

    Place of origin : China (designed in the UK)

    Minimum order quantity: 1SET

    Payment terms: T / T or Western Union

    Supply Ability: 300 sets per month

    Delivery time : 5 working days

    Packaging Details: Aluminum packing box

    The product’s name : beauty device

    Energy density (Fluence): 0-100J / cm2

    Laser stacks power: 600W

    Pulse repetition rate: 1-10 HZ

    Wavelength (spectrum): 808nm

    Spot size : 13x13mm2

    standard: CE / ROHS / FCC / SGS

    Display: 8.4 “ True Color LCD Touch Screen

    OEM / ODM cooperation: MOQ 2sets


    Power 300W Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine 808nm Free

    Pains Feature

    Factory Direct Sales 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Professional Remove Hair Beauty Equipments

    Professional 808nm Diode Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine for face, body, hand, leg, bikini line, all unwanted hair on your body, etc.

    808nm Diode Laser Unique Handpiece:

    1) Imported sapphire

    2) Lumenis and Elma other foreign advanced equipment also used this device, the integration of laser cooling and cooling heat, high cooling efficiency, greatly extending the life of the laser, which reduces the cost of post-maintenance and number.


    1) 8 inch DVIN touch screen: DGUS military grade HD display, strong anti-interference ability, high definition, fast response.

    2) Unique TECHNICAL high-strength heat dissipation system: 2 fans imported from German, 0.8 cubic meters per minute air suction, and Japanese imported TECHNICAL refrigeration film, extend the xenon lamp life, save cost, and ensure continuous operation of the instrument by 24 hours.

    3) Portable sheet metal structure: Easy to disassemble, good heat dissipation, the service life of the whole machine is greatly extended.

    4) Unique hand piece: The combination of heat dissipation refrigeration and laser cooling, Lumenis, Alma lasers and other foreign advanced equipment all use this method, the cooling efficiency is high, which greatly extends the laser service life, reduce maintenance costs

    Before & Later

    Company view

    KO.Beijing Future Laser Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

    As a professional manufacturer of aesthetics and medical laser devices in China, has its own R&D (Research and Development Center), domestic and international sales team, professional department and after sales service clinic.

    Laser of the Future has an office in Beijing, and the factory locates in an industrial park in Yangjiao near Beijing, covering over 3000m2.With more than 100 employees, the company has exported to more than 70 countries and has a good reputation from all over the world.

    OEM / ODM is welcomed! ! !

    Any questions please contact us freely.

    CO. Beijing Future Laser Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

    90,000 Interview with Kim Dae Hyun, President of Samsung Electronics in Russia and the CIS, on the exchange of ideas and the metaverse :: Heroes :: RBC Style

    Kim Dae Hyun

    © press service

    author Danila Melnikov

    20 October 2021

    This year Samsung Electronics celebrates 30 years of its activity in Russia.In a landmark year for the company, we spoke with Kim Dae Hyun, President of Samsung Electronics in Russia and the CIS.

    Kim Dae-hyun’s office in the main office on Novinsky Boulevard in Moscow is a kind of Samsung in miniature.There is almost all the equipment that the company produces: in one corner there is a refrigerator, in the other there is an AirDresser steam cabinet, next to it is an air purifier, as if folded from 3D tetris cubes. The huge 49-inch Odyssey G9 of the latest model serves as the work monitor, and the latest Galaxy Z Fold3 crowns the whole design in the hands of the president of the headquarters. If you wish, you can live here without any problems as long as you like – at least, as if to sit out some new epidemic without losing the quality of company management.

    Samsung today generates about 12% of South Korea’s GDP. But it was not always so. The company has come a long way: there was a period when South Korean goods were inferior in quality to competitors and in business circles they called “Korean discount” with disdain, and today Samsung is No. 1 in the market of smartphones, TV, as well as semiconductors and memory elements. The company entered the Russian market at a turning point, in 1991. It has changed a lot over three decades and eventually managed to enter the big league of tech brands.

    Samsung is an ever-changing company. What do you leave unchanged?

    There are very few companies in the world that can count their history as long as Samsung. Many started out for their health, but eventually ended their existence or were absorbed. Running a successful business in a highly competitive environment for decades is a daunting task.

    But since we are talking about prosperity, here we must mention our corporate values ​​- there are five of them.First and foremost, people. They are our main value. We believe that the company is, first of all, the people who work for it. We strive to empower them to reach their full potential. And together with them we create innovations for the benefit of other people. The second is excellence in all aspects of our business, and quality is just one of many. Others – excellent – must be both products and business processes. The third is the readiness for timely changes, otherwise there is a risk of being trapped in the successes of the past.The fourth is adherence to principles. This also includes transparency in working methods, ethics, and the ability to find compromises. And fifth, mutual prosperity. Here we strive for this goal together and on a reciprocal basis with our partners, vendors, distributors and, of course, consumers of our products. All this together makes Samsung such a strong company, and I am sure that we have more than one hundred years of successful corporate history ahead of us.

    © press service

    How do you understand that the moment has come for a change?

    Change is happening all the time.It is impossible to determine the “right” moment for any change. Look at the world around – it is changing continuously, and we must feel the changes, understand in which direction further movement should go. Could you predict what our life will be like today, even a year ago? The pandemic has become a “black swan” – on the one hand, unpredictable, on the other, a trigger for change. Almost everything has changed: how we live, walk, buy and even think.

    Those changes in the way of life of people, which we expected only in 2024–2025, due to the pandemic have already occurred – forcedly, accelerated.Gaming, home workouts, video communication, various delivery of everything in the world – all this became extremely popular when COVID deprived people of their usual live communications. Both technologies and products have adapted to this.

    The term “metaverse” is now common and was first used by science fiction writer Neil Stevenson in his 1992 novel Avalanche. Metauniverses are virtual worlds that allow you to construct space, communicate, and take part in managing the economy of this world.The concept is closely related to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. In other words, it is the ability to feel the physical presence of another person through the digital space. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, said that in about five years, Facebook will soon transition from what is considered a social networking company to a metaverse company, running on virtual reality headsets, as well as on mobile devices and game consoles.

    People cannot be people without exchange of ideas, without communication.The metaverse provides tools for this that leave far behind all the methods known today. In the past, a fashion group could gather their fans’ stadium, but there was always a physical limit on capacity. Today, performers such as the popular Korean group BTS can present new items to the whole world at once: the audience can exceed 10 million people at the same time. This is the power of the metaverse.

    Could you predict what our life will be like today, even a year ago?

    © press service

    What role does Samsung have in this transformation?

    The Metaverse requires a high-speed connection between all kinds of devices.The devices themselves, in particular user devices like smartphones, must be powerful enough to process information on their own, without wasting time and resources on sending data for processing to servers and back. In order to give users good emotions from content, the latter must be delivered to them in the best possible way. The same smartphone display should be perfect. Therefore, Samsung promotes the development of its divisions dealing with screens, one of the best in the market, and memory modules, and processors, and many other components.

    The world is changing, the desires of people are changing, and our task is to reveal their hidden desires. Today we hear a lot about people’s care, anxieties and worries about many things – about how we look, how we feel physically and psychologically, how we influence the environment, is everything okay with our loved ones, and so on. In the past decades, society did not attach much importance to these things. But this does not mean that people did not care – all of the above were their hidden desires.And today we were able to identify them, designed and implemented tools for their implementation. And the same smartphones in this coordinate system are only a small part, although one of the most important, since these devices are with us almost around the clock.

    Now we know much more about all sorts of allergens, microorganisms – especially considering the pandemic – and are not ready to put up with their presence in our lives. In practice, this is expressed in the preferences of the corresponding smart models of AirDresser washing machines or steam cabinets, which not only make clothes clean, but also neutralize health risks – in the same AirDresser steam cabinet, you can put, for example, plush toys on which there is always a huge amount of dust. which is difficult to get rid of.

    And there are a lot of such examples. The entire kitchen space can be taken out as a separate household item, it is a separate universe in any home. We decided to look at her in a new way. The kitchen has never been on display before, and it never occurred to anyone to combine it with the living room. Now it is a frequent architectural practice, and it has become possible, among other things, thanks to the transformation of household appliances into practically art objects. Just as we turned the TV into an art gallery – I’m talking about The Frame – and found new meanings in the familiar black rectangle that TV has always been, our flagship line of Bespoke refrigerators is redefining what is beautiful in the kitchen in the same way.By customizing the color panels, you can best fit your refrigerator into your kitchen. See how the number of photos taken by people in their kitchens has grown today!

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    © press service

    We met with you even before this interview – at Cosmoscow, where Samsung supported digital art.What projects do you consider to be the most important outside the company’s core business?

    Samsung is known for its flexible approach and openness to fresh ideas, which meets the key values ​​of the brand and the exhibition – to be innovators in their field and go beyond the ordinary. This year we are paying special attention to projects at the junction of the material world and the above-mentioned metaverse, and crypto art is just among those. After all, it must be shown to the viewer in some way, right? This is where our flagship Samsung Neo QLED TVs come to the fore, allowing viewers to enjoy their work in the highest definition.For example, in the section “Between Two Worlds: Digital Art and NFT”, which is curated by the CADAF (Contemporary And Digital Art Fair, New York) exhibition, we showed works, including on the Premiere 4K laser projector, and on the first TV with swivel screen – The Sero.

    But especially important for us are projects in the field of education, within the framework of which we create new opportunities for unlocking the potential of the younger generation in Russia and around the world. This, in particular, “Samsung IT School”, which provides additional education for high school students in the development of mobile applications; this is our “Samsung IT Academy” based on Russian partner universities, which offers free industry-oriented courses for students in the areas of “Internet of Things”, “Artificial Intelligence” and “Mobile Development”; it is also a project of a free mobile application “Living Pages”, which allows you to study literature in new formats, when traditional reading is complemented by new interactive opportunities.

    And the TeachKnayem project, in turn, is aimed at creating an educational environment in hospitals for children undergoing long-term treatment and, therefore, isolated from education in regular schools and communication with peers. Samsung acts here as a social and technical partner – we are creating a school in which children will not lag behind the curriculum, will be successful and find friends.

    What is important: all of these are already multi-year stories lasting five to seven years.

    Kurskaya Pravda – Business News

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