Laptop computer riser: The Best 4 Laptop Stands 2021


The Best 4 Laptop Stands 2021

Our pick

Rain Design iLevel 2

The Rain Design iLevel 2 is made of anodized aluminum, so it’s exceptionally sturdy and stylish. It’s also the easiest to adjust of all the laptop stands we’ve tested.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $52.

The exceptional build quality and easy adjustability of the Rain Design iLevel 2 are worth paying for if you need a laptop stand. In our tests, it held 11-inch to 15-inch laptops with a sturdy grip, and it has a simple, straightforward design that looks stylish. It’s easier to adjust than every other adjustable laptop stand we tested, too: Its platform tilts upward when you slide a knob from left to right.

Type: Adjustable Height lift from desk to bottom of laptop screen: 6.5 to 8.5 inches
Weight: 3. 5 pounds Dimensions: 8.8 by 10.1 by 7.9 inches
Also great

The Lifelong Upryze Ergonomic Laptop Stand can raise a laptop as high as 17 inches, so it can accommodate a wider range of people’s heights than the Rain Design iLevel 2 can. It also works well for most people when they’re standing. It’s the sturdiest of the tall laptop stands we tested (models with over 9 inches of vertical adjustment), able to hold a 7-pound laptop steady whereas rivals would sink under the weight. The bluish-gray finish also helps it stand out from typical silver and black laptop stands. Just keep in mind that adjusting the height of the Upryze can be a workout because of its stiff hinges, and at its tallest heights the stand can topple backward if you type on the laptop keyboard or accidentally bump into the stand. As with other laptop stands, we recommend using it only with an external keyboard; you’ll have better ergonomics and avoid a wobbly screen.

Type: Adjustable Height lift from desk to bottom of laptop screen: 2 to 17 inches
Weight: 4.6 pounds Dimensions: 12.7 by 12.1 by 2.8 inches
Budget pick

Rain Design mStand

The sturdy mStand has a handy cable-management hole in the back and costs less than our top pick. But it’s the only stand we recommend that isn’t adjustable.

If you want a more affordable laptop stand that looks nicer than a stack of books and provides heat dissipation, the best option is the Rain Design mStand. Like the company’s iLevel 2, the sturdy, aluminum mStand comfortably held 15-inch laptops weighing up to 7 pounds in our tests, plus it has a hole for cable management and a nook to store your keyboard. Its solid one-piece design makes it less wobbly than cheaper laptop stands, which typically require assembly.

But unlike our other picks, it isn’t adjustable.

Type: Fixed Height lift from desk to bottom of laptop screen: 5.9 inches
Weight: 3 pounds Dimensions: 8.8 by 6.0 by 9.9 inches
Also great

Nexstand Laptop Stand

This model is sturdy enough for laptops up to 15 inches, easy to set up and collapse, and relatively inexpensive.

If you need a laptop stand to take between home and the office or to use when traveling, the Nexstand Laptop Stand is the best sturdy, compact, and portable option. The plastic stand is simple to set up and collapse, yet it doesn’t sacrifice stability (although it’s easier to push over than our other picks, which are made of aluminum). Switching between the Nexstand’s six height settings is a bit tricky—you need to double-check that the stand is fully locked before placing a laptop on it. But what matters most is that you can fold the lightweight stand into a thick stick that fits easily in most backpacks or laptop bags.

Type: Adjustable Height lift from desk to bottom of laptop screen: 5.5 to 12.5 inches
Weight: 0.6 pound Dimensions: 10.6 by 11.4 by 9.8 inches

Adjustable Laptop Stand | Ergonomic Laptop Riser | Monitor & Laptop Stand

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Best Laptop Stand 2021: Ergonomic Laptop Risers for Your Setup

You know the experience: Set your laptop on a tabletop or standing desk, and you’re in for an ergonomic nightmare. The screen is too low, forcing you to angle your neck and slump your shoulders at an uncomfortable angle. If you plan to use a full-sized keyboard, there’s nowhere to place it because the laptop itself is in the way… and forget about trying to use the laptop in bed or on the sofa.

That’s why there’s an entire industry of laptop stands designed to raise, angle, and support your laptop in a variety of situations. If you spend much of your time working from home, some sort of laptop stand is virtually essential. If you use your laptop in a variety of locations, you might even need more than one type of stand, since some work best on the kitchen table, others can help you work in bed, and yet others are designed specifically to turn your desk into a standing desk or help musicians follow music while performing on stage.

Whatever you are looking for, I’ve rounded up the best laptop stands to choose from. Be sure to check out the end of the article, where I’ve put together a buying guide that highlights what you should keep in mind when you shop for your laptop stand.

TL;DR – These are the Best Laptops Stand Trays:

1. Rain Design mStand

Best Minimalist Laptop Stand

Laptop size: Up to 17-inches ● Construction: Aluminum ● Tray dimensions: 10″ x 9.3″ ● Height: 6-inches ● Weight: 3 pounds

For simplicity and elegance, the mStand by Rain Design is a strong pick. And when we say strong, we mean it. This laptop stand is built from a single piece of aluminum that can hold up even weighty laptops. That said, these stands are particularly well suited to Macbook owners, as they come in three different colors that nicely match the stylings of Apple’s notebooks (of course, it works just as well for Windows laptops and Chromebooks).

The mStand will lift your laptop display 5.9 inches up, giving you a better view of the display without having to bend your neck down. But, that’s not all it’s doing. The stand also includes a whole that can help you keep your desk space tidier with better cable management. You can run your power cables up through the hole and route any wired accessories through it as well. If you want to spice up your setup even more, Rain Design also offers a mStand that can swivel around its base as well as smaller mStand models designed for tablets and phones.

IGN Picks: Best Laptop Deals

2. Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

Best Budget Laptop Stand

Laptop size: Up to 17-inches ● Construction: Aluminum and plastic ● Tray dimensions: 7.5″ x 5.5″ ● Height: 5.5-inches ● Weight: 14 ounces

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to dramatically improve the ergonomics of your desk setup. The Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand hoists your laptop up by 5.5 inches so you can stop looking down at your laptop display and straining your neck all day. The raised position won’t be ideal for typing on your laptop’s built-in keyboard, but adding an ergonomic keyboard to your setup is a good idea if you’re typing a lot for work anyway. The elevated position can also benefit your video chats with a more natural camera angle — no more work peers peering up your nose.

Despite appearing rather large, the Griffin Elevator can actually come with you if you need to travel or like to work from different places. It uses two curved aluminum arms that are linked with a plastic bar, but you can disassemble it in order to fit it into a bag, a backpack, or luggage.

3. Roost Laptop Stand

Best Portable Laptop Stand

Laptop size: Up to 17-inches ● Construction: Plastic ● Tray dimensions: 9.4″ x 10.2″ ● Height: 6 – 11 inches ● Weight: 5.8 ounces

Roost got its start as a crowd-funded Kickstarter project, and this newer version of the Roost stand benefits from lessons learned making the original. The key takeaway: Roost is ideal for mobile users who need a small, compact stand that can go on the road and be used in a variety of locations. Opened up, it looks like a simpler version of the Sofia + Sam stand, but without an actual tray for the laptop to sit on, or any articulating legs. When it’s time to pack up, it collapses down to 13 inches long and 1.25 inches square, which effortlessly slips into a backpack or briefcase.

While the Roost is adjustable, it’s not quite as adjustable as some other stands. Your laptop can sit as low as 6-inches off the table or as high as 11-inches. It also has a few preset angles for positioning the keyboard and screen. The Roost is made of lightweight plastic, but is rock-solid in use, and thanks to clever “pivot clips:” when you slide your laptop into place, the stand grips it solidly. There’s no way the computer can slide around. The pivot clip design, though, limits you to laptops that are .75 inches thick or less (not including the lid) – but it’s a rare laptop that’s bigger than that.

4. Avantree Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray

Best Bedstand Laptop Stand

Laptop size: Up to 17-inches ● Construction: Wood tray with aluminum legs ● Tray dimensions: 20. 5″ x 11.8″ ● Height: 9.5 – 12.6 inches ● Weight: 3.4 pounds

This stand looks sort of like a tray you’d use to deliver breakfast in bed, and if you want, you could use it for exactly that purpose. The Avantree Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray is made to support your laptop, but after you’ve finished editing the TPS reports, set your laptop aside and use this stand for a bedtime snack, to read a book, or any other task requiring a tray that can sit comfortably around your torso. You can even set it on the floor and use it as a TV serving tray for your kid.

Calling it a tray is a bit of a misnomer: It’s really more of a miniature table, with legs that hold flat for storage (the same way a folding table closes up). The legs extend vertically, allowing you to adjust the height of the laptop from sitting at a height of 9.5-inches to 12.6-inches. The miniature table also angles to a maximum pitch of 30-degrees. The tray itself is 20.5 x 11. 8 inches – big enough for even large gaming laptops and still give you space for a mouse on the side.

Unlike most stands, which are made from aluminum or plastic, the Avantree Neetto’s tray is oak (and available in several different finishes). And while you can travel with this laptop stand – it packs flat and weighs about 3.4 pounds – it’s probably more convenient to leave at home for all the non-laptop jobs it can do when you’re not working.

5. Ergotron WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter

Best Standing Desk Workstation Laptop Stand

Laptop size: Up to 17-inches ● Construction: Particle board trays ● Tray dimensions: 35″ x 23″ ● Height: 5 – 20 inches ● Weight: 49 pounds

In the last few years, we’ve heard a lot from ergonomic and health experts that sitting at a desk might not be the healthiest way to spend eight hours a day. Some workplaces are happy to provide standing desks for workers who want them, but for everyone else – and for folks who spend a lot of time working from home — there’s the Ergotron WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter. This oversized laptop stand actually supports a laptop and a second monitor, with a two-tier design that lets you place a full-size keyboard and mouse underneath.

Folded flat, the top tier is five inches high and the keyboard sits at desk level. When you are ready to work standing up, it elevates easily – it’s spring-loaded and can be operated by one person. The stand locks in place with a “handbrake,” and can be positioned anywhere up to 20-inches high – more than enough to simulate a standing desk.

6. VIVO Single Laptop Notebook Desk Mount Stand

Best Clamping Laptop Stand

Laptop size: No limit ● Construction: Steel and aluminum ● Tray dimensions: 14″ x 12″ ● Height: 0 – 17 inches ● Weight: 11.6 pounds

Need to keep your desk completely clear? Mount your laptop on a pole-and-clamp that hangs off the corner of your desk. This set-up is a common solution in industrial and lab environments, where you need access to a laptop but can’t keep it on the work surface. VIVO’s desk mount stand is a steel pole with a rigid clamp that attaches to an arm that holds the laptop tray. (The package also includes a monitor bracket, so you can hang a display from it instead.)

The arm can be mounted at whatever height you need, from desk height to about 17 inches high, and once configured, you can swing the arm around the pole and adjust the angle of the laptop. But to adjust the height of the arm, you’ll need to keep an Allen wrench handy, since that gets securely locked down during assembly. And don’t worry – you don’t need to drill holes or otherwise damage the desk. The pole clamps onto the desk, and includes pads to avoid scratching the surface.

The laptop tray is enormous – 14 x 12 inches – and can accommodate any laptop in existence. It’s also “ventilated” with a Swiss cheese arrangement of holes, to keep your laptop cool. It also comes with integrated cable clips to help you manage your wires by securing them to the pole.

7. ElfAnt Laptop Stand

Best Adjustable Laptop Stand

Laptop size: Up to 17-inches ● Weight capacity: 15 pounds ● Construction: Aluminum ● Height: 2. 75″ – 12.6″● Weight: 15.8 ounces

If you’re always working at the same table or desk, you might be able to get away with a laptop stand that’s always at the same height. But, if you move around a bunch for work, you might not have that luxury. In that case, you should consider an adjustable laptop stand like the ElfAnt Laptop Stand. Not only is this laptop stand incredibly portable thanks to its fold-up design and lightweight (just under a pound), but it also can support a wide range of positions.

The ElfAnt Laptop Stand uses a series of aluminum bars with hinges and a scissor mechanism, letting it fold up to just 11 x 4.33 inches and then expand wide enough to hold 17-inch laptops. The aluminum frame can support up to 15 pounds, which should be more than enough for most modern laptops. And, the stand provides a height range from 2.75 inches all the way up to 12.6 inches, letting you really raise your laptop display to a comfortable height. With silicone pads placed along the frame, it can also ensure your laptop doesn’t slip around or get scratched up by the stand.

8. Omoton Vertical Laptop Stand Holder

Best Vertical Laptop Stand

Laptop size: 0.55 – 2.71 inches thick ● Construction: Aluminum alloy ● Product dimensions: 3.7″ x 5.9″ x 1.85 ● Weight: 1.21 pounds

If you’ve got a great hub connecting your laptop to a monitor or two, a keyboard, and a mouse, you might not really need much from your laptop’s own built-in display, keyboard, or trackpad. In that case, you can streamline your desk setup with the Omoton Vertical Laptop Stand Holder. This holder will situate your laptop vertically, almost like a super-thin tower desktop, letting you set it off to the side of your monitor to clear up desk space.

The stand is built out of aluminum alloy for a lightweight yet durable design. The stand is adjustable to fit a broad range of laptops, from thin-and-light models measuring 0.55 inches thick to chunkier gaming laptops up to 2.71 inches thick. The holder uses a silicone surface on the inside to hold your laptop in place and avoid scratching between the aluminum surface and your laptop. Plus, the bottom of the stand has a silicone grip to help hold your whole setup in place.

9. Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2

Best RGB Laptop Stand

Laptop size: Up to 17-inches ● Construction: Aluminum ● Tray dimensions: 8.4″ x 19.5″ inches● Height: 2.9 inches ● Weight: 1.3 pounds

The Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2 isn’t what you want for a simple place to plop your laptop to keep it cool. It costs too much for that alone. But, if you want a laptop stand with flashy RGB lights and the ability to serve as a highly capable hub for your laptop, then the Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2 is the one to grab.

This laptop stand will hold your laptop up at an 18-degree angle, giving you a higher display while delivering more airflow to the bottom of the laptop. It also has a fun RGB strip at the front edge of the stand. With an aluminum frame, you can be sure it’ll hold up even under the weight of a hefty laptop. Best of all, the USB-C between the stand and compatible computers can let it serve as a hub for 80-watt power delivery, USB data connections, as well as video outputs over HDMI and USB-C. You can connect to dual displays up to at up to 1440p60Hz or a single 4K or 5K monitor.

10. MOFT Laptop Stand

Best Portable Laptop Stand

Laptop size: Up to 15.6-inches ● Construction: PU and Fiberglass ● Tray dimensions: 6.7″ x 8.8″ x 0.1″ ● Height: 2-3 inches ● Weight: 0.19 pounds

While many laptop stands can be handy for making your laptop more usable at home, not all of them are as ready to travel as your laptop. That can mean you’re left without a stand when you’re on the go. Luckily, the MOFT laptop stand is made to travel with you.

This ultra-thin, ultra-light laptop stand is essentially a sheet of sturdy material that sticks onto the base of your laptop. From there, it has a series of special folds that let it lift up the rear of your laptop, hoisting it up two or three inches to elevate your display. While the stand weighs less than a fifth of a pound and is only 3mm thick, it can hold 15.6-inch laptops and support up to 18 pounds. You won’t find many laptop stands that add this little bulk to your carry-on.

What to Look for in a Laptop Stand

A laptop stand doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s usually just something designed to raise the laptop screen to a more ergonomic viewing height and clear the path for a full-size keyboard and mouse. Need a stop-gap? A stack of books could do that (albeit poorly) for free.

Perhaps the most important criteria for an effective laptop stand is that it should position the laptop to work best for your sitting or standing height. A common ergonomic recommendation is to put the top of the monitor at eye level. While even a fixed-height laptop stand is an improvement over staring down at a portable PC on the tabletop, it can be well worth investing in one that gives you the flexibility of an adjustable height.

But your eyeline isn’t the only thing a laptop stand can help: laptop angle is also critical to your typing ergonomics (unless you’re using a full-size external keyboard). Again, a stand’s adjustability is a useful feature.

As you can see from the models on this list, there is a lot of variety in laptop stands. Decide whether you need one you can permanently set on your desk at home or in the office, or if your laptop stand needs to be portable. A stand you’ll want to toss in your laptop case should fold up or collapse for convenience when traveling, and be lightweight as well, or it’ll end up getting left behind. At the same time, though, look for a sturdy design that is strong enough to support your laptop – and has some way to keep your expensive computer from accidentally falling, even if that’s just rubberized or silicone pads to grip the bottom of the laptop.

You should take your own laptop into consideration as well. Will it physically fit on the stand you’re eyeing? Most laptop stands can accommodate even the largest laptops, but some have design features limiting the footprint or thickness of laptop it can hold. Another consideration when picking a laptop stand is how your laptop circulates air. If the fans flow down through the bottom of the laptop, your laptop stand should have a way to let that air escape, otherwise you risk overheating and unexpected shut-downs.

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Laptop Stand Round-Up: A laptop stand is a perfect upgrade to organize your work from home set up

CNN —  

If you’ve found yourself spending more time at the computer while working from home, now is a great time to upgrade your home office with a new laptop stand and dock.

If you want to organize further, we suggest a laptop dock, which will provide a designated spot for your device when it comes time to log off for the day.

We break down options for you below (and as a bonus, a few of them are even on sale).

AmazonBasics Laptop Desk Stand for PC and MacBook ($18. 01, originally $19.99;

AmazonBasics Laptop Desk Stand for PC and MacBook

This is simple and sleek, so the silver will blend nicely with your technology and your desk set up. The stand will raise your laptop 6.1 inches, giving you a nice height and there’s even a cable organizer to keep your wires where you want them. As long as your laptop depth is fewer than 9.4 inches, this stand is a great option.

Nulaxy Adjustable Laptop Stand ($33.99;

Nulaxy Adjustable Laptop Stand

Griffin GC16034 Elevator Stand for Laptops ($39.99;

Griffin GC16034 Elevator Stand for Laptops

This lifts your laptop 5. 5 inches off your desk and gives you more surface area for your keyboards and accessories. The stand fits most PC laptops and MacBooks. The bright white design will blend with any office aesthetic and will help keep your laptop cool with 360 degrees of air circulation.

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Computer Holder Desk Stand ($19.99;

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Computer Holder Desk Stand

This is ventilated to keep your laptop cool throughout the day. The max height is 7.2 inches and this option features six slots for cables to keep your desktop as organized as possible. While it doesn’t list which laptops it’s compatible with, the stand measures 13 inches wide and 11 inches deep, so most laptops between 13 and 15 inches should fit.

McFee Adjustable Laptop Stand ($21.88, originally $27.99;

McFee Adjustable Laptop Stand

This is fully portable, so whether you’re using a designated home office or switching rooms between conference calls, this is a great option. Compatible with laptops between 10 and 15.6 inches, this stand will work with a wide array of laptops. The height spans from a minimum of 5. 5 to 7 inches and the stand is fully rotatable. As a bonus, this stand has a mobile phone bracket on the side so you can keep all your devices in view.

Twelve South Curve for Macbooks and Laptops ($59.99;

Twelve South Curve for Macbooks and Laptops

This will raise your laptop 6 inches off your desk. The design is minimalist, and since it’s available in both a sleek black and bright white, will work with your office design. This stand is compatible with laptops ranging from 11 to 17 inches wide and the Curve keeps 70% of the laptop’s base exposed to help with cooling.

Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand with Swivel Base ($49.96, originally $54.90;

Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand with Swivel Base

This features 360-degree rotation. It will elevate your laptop 6 inches off your desk and the stand is made of a single piece of aluminum to give it extra stability. Plus, there’s a designated cut out to run wires through, keeping your desk from becoming overrun with cables. This stand is compatible with laptops with depths fewer than 10.4 inches.

This is one of the simplest stands of the bunch. It’s fully portable and compatible for laptops, especially MacBooks, with screen sizes ranging from 12 to 17 inches. The weight of this collapsible stand is 5.8 ounces, so it’s perfect for carrying when you do go back to commuting, or from room to room. It will only lift your laptop 1.7 inches, which Steklo states is eye level. It’s definitely on the low end for height, but the portability is a huge plus.

Razer Laptop Stand Chroma ($83. 58;

Razer Laptop Stand Chroma

The priciest of the stands we’ve rounded up, this option from Razer is specifically designed for the brand’s laptops. This stand is designed for optimal cooling to keep your laptop from getting too hot while you use it. There are three additional USB ports for the rest of your devices. Similar to the light up keyboard of Razer Blade laptops, the bottom of the stand has a light display you can fully customize through Razer Synapse.

AmazonBasics Metal Laptop Computer Monitor Riser Stand ($20. 72;

AmazonBasics Metal Laptop Computer Monitor Riser Stand

This simple stand lifts your laptop 4 inches off your desk, providing space for other devices, papers, consoles and a variety of items underneath. The stand can support up to 40 pounds, so your laptop is definitely stable. It measures 11 inches by 14.6 inches, so if you’re working with a 12- or 13-inch screen laptop, you should be good to go.

Twelve South BookArc ($59.99;

Twelve South BookArc

Omoton Double Desktop Stand ($28.99;

Omoton Double Desktop Stand

This works for PC laptops as well as MacBooks and features two slots for multiple devices. It’s adjustable for sizing to fit your laptop perfectly and securely. The bottom of the dock features a non-slip silicone mat to keep the dock from moving around on your desk. The small and minimal design will blend in perfectly in your home office.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.

13 Best Standing Desk Converters & Laptop Stands for Studying From Home

Since most of us will keep working and studying from one, you might foresee yourself entering a slump. If that sounds like you,  it might be worth investing in a standing desk converter. By now, you’ve probably heard about the health concerns associated with sitting all day; extended periods spent seated have been linked by experts to an increased risk of  cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more. Not only that but unless you have stellar posture 100% of the time, you’re likely putting some serious strain on your lower back while hunched over your laptop. It’s difficult to maintain a good mood while you’re in physical pain, and that could make online classes a whole lot more difficult than they should be.

Standing desks can be fairly expensive, but a standing desk converter or laptop stand is the next best, more affordable option for improving your mood and productivity. When placed on top of your existing desk, table, or countertop, they’ll help put the worst of your sitting-related issues at bay by elevating your workstation to standing height, allowing you to feel more energetic as you work and setting you up for a healthier life in the long run. Think of the standing desk converter as one ingredient in a recipe to beat the work-from-home blues; when coupled with other helpful remedies like exercise and comfy clothes, you’ll come one step closer to being your happiest WFH self.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a huge market for standing desk converters, and it’s full of options to suit every lifestyle, height range, and price point. Keep reading for our picks for the top 10 standing desk converters and laptop stands out there right now, from simple $20 laptop risers to splurge-worthy motorized options.

Fitueyes Standing Desk Converter

This standing desk converter features gas springs, non-slip feet, and a two-by-three-foot work surface, which is more than enough space to hold even a dual monitor system. With a height range of 4.3 to 19.8 inches, it should serve its purpose just fine for users of all body types and desks of every design. Its two-shelf layout is ideal for anyone who works with a separate keyboard and monitor, and together, they can hold up to 33 pounds of equipment (or coffee cups, if you’re me). Available in black, white, and a brown wood finish, there’s an option to coordinate with every desk design imaginable.

FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter

Mind Reader Metal Mesh Monitor Stand

This metal laptop stand is less than $20, and honestly, we love to see it. The Mind Reader’s lower layer is perfect for storing your planners, notebooks, or papers when you’re not using them. It’s just over 5 inches tall and 16 inches wide, and though it might not be full of fancy features, it does its one job — raising up your computer or laptop — as well as any other computer stand out there.

Mind Reader Metal Mesh Monitor Stand

EqualPeaks Paramount Laptop Stand

At 7 inches high, this sleek wooden stand is substantially taller than the average laptop riser, and it even includes a handy slot for propping up your phone. It’s made to accommodate laptops from 12 to 17 inches, and its hollow base keeps it from taking up too much valuable desk space. If you need to charge your laptop while using it, slide the cord through the built-in hole on the stand’s left side to keep it in place. It’s also worth noting that the Paramount Laptop Stand is much more portable than most standing desk converters, and it’s also on the less expensive side. Double win!

Equal Peaks Paramount Laptop Stand + Phone holder

TrimmedOutWood Wave Standing Desk

This stunning standing desk converter is handmade from sturdy unfinished plywood, which means no two are exactly alike. At two feet tall and wide, it can hold up to 60 pounds and features two shelves, one of which can be adjusted to six different height levels. It ships unassembled, but the interlocking parts require just 8 screws, which come included in every order. It’s the perfect option to be propped against a wall. Keep the plywood as is for a rustic look, or get your DIY on and paint it to match your existing desk decor.

Trimmed Out Wood Wave Standing Desk

Aluratek Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Desk

Our pals at Best Buy knew exactly what they were doing when they put this Aluratek standing desk converter on sale. Its height can be adjusted to anywhere between three and 15 inches, and its surface is wide enough to hold a laptop of any size while leaving plenty of additional space for an external mouse or other necessities. The desk converter will hold strong under weights of up to 44 pounds, and it looks kind of like a cute little TV table, which is a huge win.

Aluratek – Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Desk

Fellowes Office Suites Laptop Riser Plus

The Office Suites Laptop Riser Plus from Fellowes is tailor-made for perfecting your posture as you work. It supports all laptop models up to 17 inches and weights up to 10 pounds, with built-in cooling vents to prevent your device from overheating. The stand is equipped with 360 swivel feet, too, so you can comfortably shift without having to reposition your laptop on the work surface. It could even function as a standing desk converter on a countertop of the right height, and at $35, you really can’t go wrong.

Fellowes – Office Suites Laptop Riser Plus

Rocelco 19″ Portable Desk Riser

Let the mini TV table vibes continue. At only $93, this portable standing desk converter by Rocelco is a steal for all it has to offer. It easily adjusts to any height up to 15 inches, with a 19-inch work surface that can fit your laptop and other necessities with room to spare. When you’re not using it, the riser can be folded down to less than an inch tall. Weighing in at a measly seven pounds, that means you can truly take it with you anywhere without breaking a sweat.

Rocelco 19″ Portable Desk Riser

Mount-It Electric Standing Desk Converter

This motorized sit-stand desk has a lot going on. Its central selling point is a motor-powered lift mechanism that raises and lowers the 35-inch work surface to any height between 6.25 and 17 inches. However, it also includes a built-in USB port and separate adjustable keyboard stand, and it can hold up to 33 pounds worth of your favorite desk supplies. The Mount-It converter comes pre-assembled and is simple to set up; just plug its cord into the nearest outlet and you’re ready to work from any height of your choosing.

Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter

Varidesk Pro Plus 30

At $295, this 30-inch converter is certainly a splurge, but shoppers say it’s worth it, especially when most of us are stuck working from home until further notice. “Now that I have my VariDesk, I can stand and move and stretch,” one reviewer wrote. “It makes my day a lot easier to navigate physically!” The Varidesk Pro Plus 30 boasts a weighted base for optimal stability, a keyboard tray, 11 height settings, and a spring-assisted lift for easy adjustment. Plus, every VariDesk standing desk converter features a unique curved shape designed to improve users’ posture and alleviate stress on the back. Want to give it a shot, but not sure it’ll be worth it? Vari offers free returns within 30 days, so it’s easy to give it a try without risking a thing.

VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 30

Humanscale Laptop Quickstand Eco Standing Desk Converter

This laptop riser and standing desk converter is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and we mean that in a good way. Designed to ensure you maintain great posture as you work, its 30-inch table surface slides up and down the stand itself and can be locked into place at any height up to 19 inches. The narrow structure of the Humanscale’s stand is a major space-saver, and it features a built-in cable management system for all of your cords, as well. Its price is pretty steep, it’s well worth it.

Humanscale ® Black Laptop Quickstand Eco Standing Desk Converter

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior

While this desk converter is on the pricier side, it’s worth every penny according to reviewers. The work surface and monitor adjust separately allowing you dual ergonomics, you can easily mount your monitor and adjust it to your preferred height. Plus, its main surface measures 2ft wide by 2ft deep, so your keyboard and mouse will fit perfectly. 

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior

Cora Standing Desk Converter

With Fully’s Cora Standing Desk Converter any surface can become a standing desk. Perfect for those who don’t want to commit to buying a desk but still care about their posture, this aluminum base converter supports up to 22 lbs and can be easily folded when you’re done using it.  

Cora Standing Desk Converter

Readydesk 2  Adjustable Standing Desk

Don’t judge a standing desk converter by its appearance. While this adjustable standing desk from Readydesk might look flimsy, it’s anything but. One Amazon reviewer raves its “surprisingly solid” while others praise how sturdy it is and easy to assemble.  So, while the adjustable shelves might look flimsy, know for sure that thanks to its sturdy base that supports up to 75lbs of equipment, your monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc are safe and sound.

Readydesk 2 – Adjustable Standing Desk

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Top 10 Laptop Riser For 17 of 2021

1 Ergonomic Laptop Stand for Desk/Table, Adjustable Height Up to 19″,Foldable Laptop Riser Computer Stand,Portable Aluminum Laptop Holder,Laptop Desk Stand Fits MacBook,13 15 17 Inches Laptops
2 Laptop Stand, Boyata Adjustable Laptop Riser Ergonomic Computer Stand for Desk, Aluminum Laptop Holder Compatible for MacBook Pro/Air, Surface Laptop and Other Laptops up to 17 Inches
3 Laptop Stand, Ohuhu Ergonomic Aluminum Notebook Computer Holder, Laptop Riser for Desk, Compatible with MacBook Air Pro, Dell, HP, Lenovo More 10-17″ Laptops
4 TRYAST Laptop Stand, Aluminum Computer Riser, Ergonomic Laptops Elevator for Desk, Metal Holder Compatible with MacBook Air Pro, Dell XPS, More 10-17″ Laptops, Gray
5 Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Height Angle Adjustable Laptop Riser Holder Compatible with MacBook, Air, Pro, Dell XPS, Samsung, Alienware All Laptops 11-17″, Supports Up to 44 Lbs-Silver
6 Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser: Portable with Mouse Pad Fully Ergonomic Mount Ultrabook MacBook Gaming Notebook Light Weight Aluminum Black Bed Tray Desk Book Fans Up to 17 inch
7 Laptop Stand for Desk, Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk, Laptop Riser for MacBook Pro and Air 13 15 17 inch, Laptop Stands Adjustable, Ergonomic Computer Stand, Notebook Stand Patented SecureStop
8 Laptop Stand, Tronsmart D07 Foldable Adjustable Laptop Riser with Phone Holders, Compatible with 10 to 17-in Laptops, Tablets-Black
9 2021 Laptop Stand – Lightweight & Durable Metal Design – Aluminum Foldable Portable Computer Stand – Ergonomic Laptop Holder – Multi-Angle Notebook Riser – For All Laptops 11-17” (Space Grey)
10 Laptop Stand Adjustable Laptop Computer Stand Multi-Angle Stand Phone Stand Portable Foldable Laptop Riser Notebook Holder Stand Compatible for 10 to 17” Laptops

Ergonomic Laptop Stand for Desk/Table, Adjustable Height Up to 19″,Foldable Laptop Riser Computer Stand,Portable Aluminum Laptop Holder,Laptop Desk Stand Fits MacBook,13 15 17 Inches Laptops


  • [Adjustable Height and Angle]-Adjustable Height from 1.2″ to 19″, the angle can be adjusted to be parallel to the line of sight. This helps correct the sitting posture, thereby alleviating neck pain and shoulder pain and wrist pain.
  • [Compatible with all laptops]-Completely suitable for any laptop/tablet between 10-17 inches, such as Apple Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, ThinkPad, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Huawei Laptop and so on
  • [Stable, safe, non-slip] Thae bracket has a relatively large base, which makes the center of gravity of the bracket more stable. A safety lock is added to the adjustable position of the bracket to ensure that the plane supporting the laptop will not loosen (other styles will cause the computer to slip due to looseness). Equipped with non-slip silicone pad to increase friction and prevent the laptop from sliding.
  • [Portable, foldable, and easy to install] This laptop stand weighs only 2.7 pounds. Very lightweight, it can be quickly folded into a small size of 10.7*10.2*1.2 inch, and it can be put into a backpack at any time. It only takes a few seconds to open, close and install. Greatly save your time and space. It is ideal for outdoor and business trips.
  • [Heat Dissipation and Ventilation Design] The open design provides greater ventilation and more airflow as well as better heat dissipation, protecting the laptop from overheating of the hardware and CPU, thereby increasing the speed of the computer.

Laptop Stand, Boyata Adjustable Laptop Riser Ergonomic Computer Stand for Desk, Aluminum Laptop Holder Compatible for MacBook Pro/Air, Surface Laptop and Other Laptops up to 17 Inches


  • ☞ERGONOMICS: The Z-type design is good for adjusting to an ideal height for typing, viewing and sitting. Promoting good posture for supporting your back and neck. This laptop holder will help reduce stiffness in your back and neck.
  • ☞ADJUSTMENT: The laptop stand is made of sturdy aluminum, you can incline at different angles and stand it up higher or lower depending on your needs, It keeps your computer up high so you have more space on the desk for papers and other stuffs.
  • ☞STEADINESS: With large support area and 1.8cm aluminum parallel bars are sturdy enough to support a large-sized laptop, and can withstand up to 20kg. 4 slide-proof silicone pads and the protective hooks prevent your computer from sliding.
  • ☞VENTILATION: The entire stand is made of high-quality aluminum, it can absorb and diffuse heat easily. It also has a cut out in the surface for improved airflow as compared to laying flat on the table.
  • ☞COMPATIBILITY: The stand fits a variety of tablets as claimed, compatible for Macbook/ Surface/ Lenovo/ Dell/ HP laptops up to 17 inches, etc.

Laptop Stand, Ohuhu Ergonomic Aluminum Notebook Computer Holder, Laptop Riser for Desk, Compatible with MacBook Air Pro, Dell, HP, Lenovo More 10-17″ Laptops


  • Compatible with 10-17″ Laptop – This laptop stand fits all laptops 10 to 17 inches, such as 12″ MacBook, 13″ MacBook Air, 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro, 2018 Google Pixelbook, Microsoft Surface, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Chromebook, and many more 10 inches, 11 inches, 12 inches, 13 inches, 13. 3 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches, 15.4 inches, 15.6 inches, 17 inches laptops.
  • Sturdy & Protective – This laptop riser stand is made of premium aluminum alloy with smooth edges to prevent scratching, it is sturdy, support up to 11 lbs(5kg). The rubber on the holder hands sticks tightly and ensure your laptop stable on the stand and prevent any scratches. And the rubber feet also prevent the stand from slipping on your desktop, you do not have to worry about your laptop wobble while using this computer holder.
  • Ergonomic Design – The slim compact stand can elevates your laptop to a perfect eye level, fixes your posture, prevents you from hunching over your screen, which helps to reduce neck and shoulder pain.
  • Foldable and Lightweight: Creative portable foldable design, it weighs only 0.6 lbs and come with a portable storage bag to make it easy to carry and use at the home, office, or other places
  • Ventilation and Cooling: Aluminum material as heat sink. The open design at the bottom of the laptop Stands enhances airflow to prevent your notebook from overheating.

TRYAST Laptop Stand, Aluminum Computer Riser, Ergonomic Laptops Elevator for Desk, Metal Holder Compatible with MacBook Air Pro, Dell XPS, More 10-17″ Laptops, Gray


  • 【 Compatible】 This laptop stand fits all tablets and laptops models and sizes from 10-17 inches. It can be used to hold a variety of items, such as laptop, tablet, projector, menu, book, magazine and more.
  • 【Sturdy and portable 】 Laptop elevated stand With stable triangle support design, Anti-skid silicone can protects your laptop from sliding and scratches. Moreover, smooth edges will never hurt your hands! Moreover, the stand is detachable, so the lightweight laptop stand is really portable.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】The Laptop stand elevates your laptop to a perfect eye level. It let you fix posture and relieves neck, shoulder and spinal pain, shoulder ache and eye strain, it’s very comfortable for working at home, office and outdoor, make typing more easier.
  • 【Heat Dissipation】 This Laptop stand was made of high quality aluminum alloy, and designed for optimal cooling to keep your laptop from overheating while you use it. An automatic increase in your laptop battery life!
  • 【Detachable and simple installation 】This portable laptop riser can be easily disassembled into 3 parts. And you can easily reassemble the laptop. Ideal for people who always travel. A practical gift for your friends and families.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Height Angle Adjustable Laptop Riser Holder Compatible with MacBook, Air, Pro, Dell XPS, Samsung, Alienware All Laptops 11-17″, Supports Up to 44 Lbs-Silver


  • Elegant Design: Nulaxy C1 Stand is designed to be simple and stylish; it fits to your home and office perfectly.
  • Dedicated to Each Detail: the aluminium plate can well ventilate the heat generated by laptop, and the silicone pads are attached to protect laptops from scratches.
  • Ergonomic Design: the C1 stand can elevate notebook or laptop, so you can stand up to work or raise the eye level, getting better posture to release the pain or stress. Dual adjustable shafts provide ideal view while using your laptop.
  • Ultra Stable & Heavy Duty: it is built with high quality aluminium alloy, and can hold laptops up to 44 lbs. it is durable and heavy duty to serve you always.
  • Broad Compatibility: this laptop stand can work with all laptops from 10 to 16 inches; it is stable and will not shake while you are typing.

Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser: Portable with Mouse Pad Fully Ergonomic Mount Ultrabook MacBook Gaming Notebook Light Weight Aluminum Black Bed Tray Desk Book Fans Up to 17 inch


  • LIGHT WEIGHT, HIGH STRENGTH ALUMINUM TRAY, STURDY FULLY ADJUSTABLE LEGS – Makes Carrying Easy and Holds Your Computer Firm and Steady. Rotate 360 Degrees and Lock in Place at Various Angles. Quickly Collapse The Stand to Make it Portable.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED / QUIET USB POWERED CPU COOLING FANS – Connect USB Cord (Included) to Your Computer to Power The Quiet Cooling Fans.
  • USE IT ANY WAY YOU WANT IT – Table Can Also Be Used as a Breakfast Tray, Standing Desk, Book Tray, Writing Desk, Tablet Holder, Stand Up Desk, Gaming Table, Notebook Stand, keyboard Lift, Laptop Tray, Keyboard Riser, Foldable Laptop Desk, Cooling Pad, Computer Stands for Laptop, Adjustable Pedestal Fan, Folding Tray Table, Standing Desk Converter, Laptop Base, Ergonomic Laptop Riser, Desk Raiser, Laptop Cart, Laptop Holder and etc
  • BEST GIFT – Best Friend Gift Men Women Kids Mother Farther Family Holiday Gift Boys Girls Present Christmas Valentine Thanksgiving Birthday Anniversary Gift Idea Mother’s Day New Year Eve Day Halloween Easter Ganesh Independence Veteran’s Prophet’s Birthday Muharram Ramadan Passover Rosh Hashana Yom Kippur Chanukah Hanukkah Best Baby Shower Gift Best Teen Adult Retirement Present
  • WARRANTY – 30 Days Refund – 24 Months Exchange. PWR+ is WA, USA based company. We are friendly Customer Support Experts

Laptop Stand for Desk, Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk, Laptop Riser for MacBook Pro and Air 13 15 17 inch, Laptop Stands Adjustable, Ergonomic Computer Stand, Notebook Stand Patented SecureStop


  • X-tend ERGONOMIC LAPTOP & PHONE STAND ! If You are having issues with your back then you are at the right place, The X-tend ergonomic laptop stand is compatible and will work perfectly for all MacBook and laptops of all sizes from 10 inch tablets to 17 inch laptops including MacBook Air, Pro, 10, 13, 15, 15. 6 and 17 inch laptops. With it’s cool design, it even keeps your laptop cool so that it doesn’t overheat.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE AND ROTATABLE! The X-tend Laptop stand was designed as an amazing rotatable laptop stand so that you can easily turn your laptop to your workmates and is also an adjustable computer stand that can easily be adjusted for any zoom conference meeting, watching videos, gaming or can even be used for cooking as a cookbook stand. it’s just an amazing gifted notebook stand. The X-tend computer stand was specially designed so that you don’t have to suffer from back pains anymore.
  • X-tend LAPTOP STAND MEASUREMENTS! The X-tend Computer stand can be adjusted to many different heights, the width is 11 inches which is wide enough for any laptop, the length is 11 inches and the height can go up to 7.5 inches, with the X-tend portable stand you can just use it when you decide to and easily pack it away when done.
  • GRAB ALONG IN YOUR BACKPACK! The X-tend portable laptop stand can be taken around in your backpack from working at home to working in your office and it will solve all your posture issues. The X-tend laptop stand is a must have home office supplies and office accessories for men and women. It even comes with a nice case to pack it away easily.
  • UNIVERSAL FOR ALL! The X-tend Laptop stand can be used as a vertical laptop stand, laptop and desk riser, computer stand for laptop, adjustable laptop stand, portable desk, Macbook stand, Laptop holder, Macbook pro stand, adjustable standing desk, work from home workplace, laptop desk stand, desktop stand, uplift desk, notebook stand, laptop riser, portable laptop stand, laptop stand for desk, foldable computer desk, ergonomic stand and more…

Laptop Stand, Tronsmart D07 Foldable Adjustable Laptop Riser with Phone Holders, Compatible with 10 to 17-in Laptops, Tablets-Black


  • Adjustable 9 Levels of Height: There are 9 levels of height can be freely adjusted from 2.75 inches to 10.63 inches, providing a perfectly comfortable angle for work.
  • Durable & Protective: Made of high-quality & lightweight ABS with four non-slip rubber pads to keep the laptop in place. The front baffle with soft rubber mat for protecting your device without scratching.
  • Lightweight, Foldable and Portable: Foldable and easy to place. The Folded size is 11.0 x 11.0 x 1.0 inches. Convenient to carry and use at home, in office or somewhere else.
  • Ergonomic Design: The hollow design in the middle for enhanced airflow and ventilation; and detachable two cooling knobs for better heat dissipation. Built-in two mobile phone holders on both sides for placing phones conveniently and noticing the received message easily.
  • Sturdy & Compatible: Sturdy enough to withstand the weight of up to 22 lbs (10 kg). Tronsmart D07 laptop stand compatible with all laptops 10-17 inches, such as compatible with MacBook/ Macbook Pro/ HP/ ASUS/ Lenovo laptops sizes between in 10-17 inches, etc.

2021 Laptop Stand – Lightweight & Durable Metal Design – Aluminum Foldable Portable Computer Stand – Ergonomic Laptop Holder – Multi-Angle Notebook Riser – For All Laptops 11-17” (Space Grey)


  • Fully Compatible – This Portable Laptop Stand fits all tablets, notebooks, and laptops from 10–17 inches, such as MacBook, iMac, iPad, Lenovo, Dell, and HP.
  • Ergonomic – The 16-height Laptop Stand can be freely adjusted from 2.95″ to 8.2″ to achieve the perfect eye level, enabling you to correct your posture and reduce neck strain, back pain, and eye fatigue. It makes working from home, the office, or outdoors very comfortable.
  • Cools & Ventilates – The 100% aluminum alloy material effectively absorbs and discharges heat to keep your device running cool and prevent crashes.
  • Collapsible & Portable – Folds down to an ultra-thin profile and includes a custom felt bag. You can easily carry SHELCONE Stand in your backpack, briefcase, or computer bag
  • Durable & Protective – Premium 4-mm-thick aluminum alloy lets the Laptop Riser stably hold up to 25 lbs. Large anti-skid silicone pads secure your laptop in place and protect it from scratches and sliding, and the finished edges will never hurt your hands.

Laptop Stand Adjustable Laptop Computer Stand Multi-Angle Stand Phone Stand Portable Foldable Laptop Riser Notebook Holder Stand Compatible for 10 to 17” Laptops


  • Adjustable – Eight heights can be freely adjusted from 5. 5inch to 7.0inch. You can straighten your waist and relieve cervical and neck fatigue, feel comfortable to work.
  • Durable – Made of lightweight ABS with non-slip rubber surface pads to keep laptop in place, strong and reliable, not easy to fade. Compatible with all laptops 10-15.6”, durable enough to support up to 44 lbs (20kg).
  • Portable – Foldable and easy to place. Convenient to carry and use at home, the office or somewhere else.
  • 360° Rotatable – The bottom design has a turntable, easy to rotate the computer and share with others. The mobile phone bracket is designed on the side, easy for placement and viewing.
  • Hollow design – Reduce the contact area with the desktop, which provides a cavity and is more conducive to heat dissipation.

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Phones, tablets, laptops, photographic goods and portable equipment Laptops and everything for them Accessories and spare parts for laptops Notebook stands

Notebook stands

No .: 865137

For laptops up to 17 “.LED backlighting in red. 6 fans ∅70 * 15mm, 72 CFM airflow, speed controller. 3 tilt levels (0-30 °). Power supply 5 V USB, 50 cm. Perforated metal surface. Size …

No .: 351650

The universal laptop table extends service life, protects against performance degradation due to overheating and provides a comfortable working position for the laptop. Suitable for most models with a screen diagonal of up to 21 “(53.34 cm), has …..

No .: 679453

For laptops up to 21 “(53.34 cm). Telescopic with cooling. Adjustable height up to 55 cm. Adjustable tilt angle. 2 coolers. Diameter 70 mm. Material aluminum, plastic. Weight 1750 g. Size 450 * 285 mm

No .: 772955

Table for a laptop on wheels (locking mechanism). Adjustable height 52-84 cm. Tabletop size 60×40 cm. Material painted steel, MDF. Weight 5.7 kg.

No .: 811854

Desktop holder for laptops up to 17 “, 6 levels of tilt angle adjustment, folding metal structure.

No .: 403436

Active cooling laptop stand. Designed to dissipate additional heat away from your laptop for increased performance and prevent premature failure. Features: Increased air flow …

No .: 403435

Active cooling laptop stand. Designed to dissipate additional heat away from your laptop for increased performance and prevent premature failure.Features: Increased air flow …

No .: 624033

Not a fake or a copy, 100% original! Xiaomi iQunix L-Stand Laptop Stand (laptop stand, angle 16 °, aluminum, 250x185x80mm, 260g). Laptop users often encounter such a problem as laptop overheating, which …

No .: 865138

For laptops up to 17 “. LED backlighting in blue. 6 fans ∅70 * 15 mm, airflow 72 CFM, rotational speed controller …3 tilt levels (0-30 °). Power supply 5 V USB, 50 cm. Perforated metal surface. Size …

No .: 320221

The DeepCool Multi Core X8 laptop stand is a flat surface of metal mesh enclosed in a stable plastic case. The special shape guarantees balance when working in unstable conditions of the main surface …

No .: 624032

Not a fake or a copy, 100% original product! Xiaomi iQunix L-Stand Laptop Stand (laptop stand, angle 16 °, aluminum, 250x185x80mm, 260g).Often laptop users are faced with such a problem as laptop overheating, which …

No .: 320214

Nom. voltage: 5VDC. Slave. voltage: 4.5 ~ 5VDC. Initial voltage: 4VDC. Rated current: 0.19 ± 10% ~ 0.32 ± 10% A. Power Consumption: 0.95 ~ 1.6W. Fan speed: 700 ± 150 ~ 1200 ± 10% RPM. Noise level: 21.5 ~ 26.5 …

No .: 619908

A practical and easy-to-use accessory is the STM Laptop Cooling IP35 laptop stand. Its merit in the ability to provide a laptop with an additional cooling system, which will prevent its transient breakdown as a result of overheating…

No .: 583236

As Seen On TV Table Mate. The main advantage of the Table Mate folding table is its versatility. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, dinner in an armchair in front of the TV, working at the computer or a leisurely conversation over a cup of morning coffee on the veranda …

ID: 808431

Bamboo folding table. Ventilation holes in the countertop. Telescopic legs. Cup holder. Box for small items. Dimensions 55x35x28 cm.

No .: 289426

For laptops up to 18 “.4 fans (two 125 × 125 mm, two 70 × 70 mm), speed up to 1400 rpm (+ -10%). Tilt angle adjustment. Built-in USB hub (2 USB 1.1 ports). Dimensions 33 x 25 x 2.7 cm.

No .: 718394

For laptops up to 15. 6 “, 2 x 140 mm LED fans, 1400 rpm ± 10%, noise level 21 dB, 2 USB 2.0 type A ports , dimensions 355x255x30 mm, metal mesh, tilt angle adjustment (5 positions), built-in supports for a laptop …

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Simple stand for laptop with active cooling from scrap materials.

Hello friends. Summer is coming and it’s time to think again about cooling our everyday gadgets – this article will focus on a laptop. If in a stationary computer the issue of cooling can be solved with 10 kV options, then in a laptop there is no need to choose. In stores for additional cooling of laptops, cooling pads of various shapes and sizes are offered, as well as in active and passive versions.

Let’s figure out what an active and passive laptop stand means.A passive laptop stand is usually an aluminum or, less commonly, a plastic plate with legs with many holes or with a mesh in the middle, which raises the laptop above the table surface, which allows the laptop to freely suck cool air from under it. Let me remind you that the air intake holes in laptops are located at the bottom, while hot air comes out from the side. The size of the holes and their position on the side surfaces vary in different laptop models. But what remains unchanged is that the air intake is from the bottom, the air outlet is from the side.Now what is an active stand. The active stand is essentially the same plate made of aluminum or plastic with holes as in the passive version, but one large or several small fans are attached to it from below, which forcibly blow cool air around the bottom of the laptop.

IMPORTANT! For best cooling, the fan should be positioned directly under the intake vents of your laptop.

Active stands for a laptop can have several power options – from the mains (via a 12V adapter) and from the USB connector.In my homemade product, I tried both options, but faced with certain difficulties, I settled on powering the stand from the mains through the adapter.

So, where did I start my homemade product. First, I walked around the house in search of materials and spare parts. They found: a 120×120 cooler (in an old dusty case), trimming a 5mm thick foam PVC sheet (used to make advertising signs), a USB extension cable (which have accumulated about a dozen at home). Why did I stop at foamed PVC, and did not take, say, a steel sheet (the wall of the system unit).Because this material is lightweight and strong enough to support the weight of the laptop, it is also easy to handle and can be easily stitched together with a glue gun.

First, I took a sheet of PVC and put my laptop on it and marked a rectangle of the required size. With an ordinary metal jigsaw, I saw off the excess. By a lucky coincidence, the remaining piece was enough for two legs and two triangles (stiffeners).

Before cutting out the legs, I marked out a fan hole, which I placed right below the laptop air inlet.Why is it done. And so that the stand does not lean on the table with a fan, but stands on its legs. Having drilled four holes with a 4mm drill for the fasteners, I attached the fan, and then marked the legs so that the fan did not touch the table. Then I cut out the remaining parts and holes, after removing the fan.

How to correctly position the legs on the stand. The laptop itself has 4 rubber feet. The legs of the stand should be right below them. This will increase the strength of the structure.And so, the meta glues are marked, the thermal gun is ready for work, and while it is warming up, we go through the places where the hot glue is applied with a fine sandpaper! This will improve the adhesion of the parts. Next, we glue all the parts and screw the fan into place.

The stand is ready in a minute! And all that remains is to connect the fan. Initially, I wanted to connect the fan to the USB port of the laptop. I cut off the connector on the fan and stripped two wires:

Black (-) and Red (+).

Next, I cut off part of the USB extension cable and also stripped only 2 wires (black and red). Then he soldered red with red and black with black and insulated them with electrical tape. This could have ended, but I was in for a slight disappointment.

And so what’s the point. And the fact that the fan is 12V, but as it turned out in the USB port only 5V. Therefore, the fan could not start spinning on its own and in order for it to work, it had to be pushed with a finger! This was not part of my plans, since for this it is necessary to constantly raise the laptop.After sitting over this problem on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that it would be best to be powered from an external 12V power supply, this would also allow me to connect the backlight in parallel. It was decided, and I began to rummage around the house in search of a compact adapter or 12 volt power supply. All chargers for phones, alas, at 5V, it did not fit. The power supply from the old 9V modem also did not fit, because it could not start the fan by itself. The only 12V adapter at hand in the house turned out to be a power adapter from an electric shaver.But I considered it impossible to cut it, since I use a razor. Therefore, in the nearest store of radio components, a “mother” connector was purchased for connecting a power supply from a shaver. The wires from the fan were soldered to the contacts of this connector, and also wires were soldered in parallel to the LED strip. I left pieces of LED strip from a previous hand-made project to finalize the illumination of the dashboard of my car. I had pieces of RGB tape, which means I could choose any backlight color.soldering wires to specific pins on the tape. I wanted a blue backlight, so I soldered the wires with (-) to pin “B” (Blue). The LED strip is self-adhesive, so I easily glued it to the bottom of the stand. The dangling wires were glued to the stand with a heat gun. Ready!

Now it’s time to try out how the stand assembly works -)))

But for completeness, I decided to glue the upper part of the stand with a long time ago. In my opinion, it turned out well.

And lastly, a few words about performance. I checked the cooling efficiency using the OCCT program. It put a load on the processor for 10 minutes. First, test without a stand.

Then I let the processor cool down to the temperatures of the start of the test and started the test with a stand.

The temperature difference on the processor cores was 6-7 degrees, which is quite comparable with expensive counterparts sold in the store. Therefore, the homemade product was a success.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope someone will find my experience useful!

Fans, cooling systems for computers

Many of us now would find it difficult to imagine our life without a laptop – these devices have long been integrated into our everyday life and have become an important part of it. Convenience, compactness, mobility and other similar properties have predetermined that these devices have replaced stationary computers – with their help we can use all the necessary programs. Several browser windows, video editing programs, document files, calculators … Such an abundance of various programs ultimately overloads the computer’s processor, so if you want to use this device productively, it is important to pay attention to how the laptop cooler works.Fans are already installed inside the device, but an external cooling device is also useful in order to get the best results. Quiet operation, lightweight construction and modern design will create a comfortable feeling while using it, while protecting your computer from overheating. A laptop is a long-term investment, so I want this device to last as long as possible – high-quality cooling and other accessories for computers will increase its lifespan and help avoid unnecessary worries.In all life situations, we strive to create a comfort zone for ourselves – this can be done even when additional external computer equipment is used. A computer cooler table will allow you to conveniently use the device where it is convenient for you, and at the same time will help to avoid overheating. It is convenient to carry, easy to install and use, so if you are looking for a stylish yet functional option, a computer table with a cooler is one of the best options. Prices for this and other coolers for computers provide an opportunity to purchase this product for everyone who cares about the safety of their computer, and those who are in a hurry and plan their time will also like the fact that these products can be purchased on the Internet – just a few clicks and the necessary goods will soon be at your home, so you just have to choose which laptop processor cooler best suits your expectations.The price of a laptop cooler in the online store always corresponds to the quality, and a wide range of products provides an opportunity to choose not only a reliable, but also an attractive-looking product. Such products will add extra comfort to the house, and colored laptop coolers decorated with various patterns will provide an opportunity to revive the interior of the room.

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