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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Nib Size Comparison – Goldspot Pens

Here are some general comments regarding fountain pen nib sizing how Lamy’s sizing corresponds to other well-known brands. Much like clothes and shoes with arbitrary letter sizing (S, M, L, XL), nib sizes have a similar sizing designation (EF, F, M, and B). Since there isn’t any international standard for what each of those sizes represent, we make relative comparisons. For example, pen enthusiasts know that Western (German and Italian) nib sizes are about a size thicker than Eastern (Japanese) nib sizes. Lamy does fall into the category as a Western nib, writing a size thicker than most Pilot, Sailor, or Platinum pens. The line weight of a Lamy nib is also thicker than many European brands. So, a Lamy EF will write more like a Jowo/Bock F nib.

Fun fact: most Europeans will refer to the nib sizes by their letter abbreviation. They would say, “I prefer writing with a B nib” instead of, “I prefer writing with a broad nib.

Extra Fine (EF)
The Lamy extra fine provides the thinnest line that works the best on various types of paper. Prefer writing small, slow, and neat? An extra fine is an ideal nib size for you. Lefties: if dry time is a concern, an extra-fine line will dry quickest, especially if paired with a fast-drying ink.

Fine (F)
The next size up provides a slightly thicker line with an incrementally higher degree of smoothness and flow. Fine is a best seller for its general purpose writing ability.

Medium (M)
At this point size, we begin to see more depth of the ink color and a greater feeling of smoothness. Keep in mind the type of paper you write on when choosing this nib size and up. If you don’t have access to premium, fountain pen-friendly paper, then you either need to select a smaller nib size or upgrade your notebooks and stationery. For this comparison, we selected a Rhodia dot grid pad with 80gsm paper.

Broad (B)
The Lamy broad nib is the smoothest round nib of this set, providing an ample flow and thick line. This nib size is best suited for large and fast handwriting styles.

Calligraphy (1.1mm, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm)
Lamy offers its stub calligraphy nib in a 1.1mm, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm size. Instead of a rounded ball tip, the calligraphy nib has a flat, broad edge for drawing thick downstrokes and thin horizontal strokes. This line variation adds instant flair to everyday handwriting.

What do all the different nib sizes mean?

Most pens bought in non-specialist High Street shops will be fitted with a medium (M) nib. Whilst this will suit a lot of people’s writing, it won’t suit everyone which is why, wherever possible, we offer many choices of nib point size.

Here is a brief description of commonly found nib types (note: most pens have just a few of these options!).

Common nib sizes

  • EF (extra-fine). A nib that will give a line width of around 0.4mm. Suitable for those with very small writing.
  • F (fine). A nib that will give a line width of around 0. 6mm. Suitable for those with small writing.
  • M (medium). A nib that will give a line width of around 0.8mm. Suitable for those with average-size handwriting.
  • B (broad or bold). A nib that will give a line width of around 1.0mm. Suitable for those with large writing or for signatures.
  • A (“Anfänger” = beginner). A rounded point made by Lamy for the abc and nexx fountain pens, although we can fit this nib to any Lamy pen that takes a steel nib. Designed for beginners and young writers. Between fine and medium in line width.

Specialist nib sizes

  • Italic (eg IF, IM, IB, 1.1mm, 1.5mm etc). A nib ground so that the tip is flat instead of rounded and often an untipped steel nib. Designed to give extreme line variation between wide down-strokes and narrow side-strokes in the manner of a calligraphy pen. Often specified in terms of width (in mm). Most factory-produced italic nibs are actually stub- or cursive-italics meaning the corners of the nib are rounded so allow continuous writing unlike a proper calligraphy nib that requires much greater care. Common designations are: MI or IM (medium italic), 1.1mm, 1.5i etc.
  • Stub or ST. A more rounded, gentle version of an italic nib such that good line variation is produced. Like italic nibs, these are usually specified in terms of width (in mm). Less demanding in terms of angle to the page than an italic or stub-italic nib. Often labelled S or ST.
  • NP (needlepoint). A very small point to give an extremely fine line. Sometimes referred to as XXF or EEF (extra-extra-fine). Usually only available on Japanese pens (see below).
  • BB or 2B or EB (extra-broad). A nib that will give a line width of around 1.2mm. Suitable for those with very large writing or for signatures. Usually gives good line variation. Often called “double-broad” but this can be confusing as the line width is not twice that of a broad nib (from the same manufacturer).
  • BBB or 3B or EEB (extra-extra-broad). A nib that will give a line width of around 1. 4mm. Will give large flowing lines and good variation between down-strokes (wide) and side-strokes (less wide). Now very uncommon.
  • OM, OB etc (oblique medium, oblique broad etc). A nib ground so that the tip slopes to the left, rather like your left foot. Designed for those writers that either rotate the pen anti-clockwise or hold the pen at an unusual angle. Note that oblique nibs do not normally give more line variation than a standard rounded point unless specifically stated otherwise (in other words, they are not italic style nibs). Sometimes incorrectly labelled as “left-handed”.
  • LH (left-hand, eg Pelikano and Lamy). A medium nib but with the point shaped so that it may be more suited to left-handed writers, particularly those who hold their above the line of writing (“over-writers”).
  • MK (rounded medium). A special nib that was made by Lamy (no longer available) with a more rounded point such that the orientation of the pen relative to the paper is less critical than a standard point and therefore easier for beginners. The designation is no longer used but the current Lamy medium nib is made to the same specification as the MK.
  • Music. A type of stub or italic nib to give the wide variation of line widths necessary for writing music scores.
  • Zoom. A special nib made by Sailor that offers many line widths. When used normally it produces a generous broad line. When the pen is raised to increase the angle to the paper, the line becomes narrower. Conversely, when the pen is held at a shallow angle the line is wider. This nib also offers an extra-fine (EF) line when used upside down.
  • ROM (reverse-oblique medium etc). A nib ground so that it slopes to the right, rather like your right foot. Sometimes suitable for left-handed people. Sometimes confusingly called right oblique. Very uncommon.

Finally, there is no standard for nib point sizes. Therefore:

  • It is possible for a pen with a medium nib to be similar to another brand labelled B or F.
  • Many steel nibs have a finer point than the equivalent gold nib. This is certainly true for Pelikan, Lamy (except the Lamy 2000 fountain pen), Edison and Bexley.
  • Generally speaking, Japanese-made pens have finer nibs than American pens which are in turn finer than European pens. However, many nibs are produced in Germany for both European and American pens.

Left handed?

Please see this page for more information.

What if I make the wrong choice?

If your first choice of nib is not quite right we will always change this for you free of charge (subject to availability). There is no need to send the pen off to a distributor or manufacturer you have not dealt with before.

The Ultimate Lamy 2000 Fine Vs Medium Nib Comparison! – Picky Pens

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The Lamy 2000 is one of the most popular intermediate level fountain pens currently available on the market with both its reputation and sales steadily increasing with each passing month since its release. The pen has so many things going for it that it was guaranteed to be a big hit due to its very fair price tag for the level of performance and build quality that Lamy delivers.

Just like the majority of other fountain pens at this price point in the market, the Lamy 2000 is available the four main nib sizes. As the extra fine and broad are the least popular of the available nib points, we have decided to focus on the fine and medium nibs for this article. Due to the popularity of the Lamy 2000 as well as the fine and mediumnibs being the most popular options on the pen by far, we are confident that our article will be able to help people who are considering adding the Lamy 2000 to their collection.

Although the Lamy 2000 fine nib point definitely does have its place in the market and a huge user base, we do feel that the medium nib point will be the better option for the majority of our readers. Although we will go into more detail as to why we feel that this is the case throughout our article below, we also have our comparison table that gets many of the reasons across quickly for any of our readers who are short on time.

Lamy 2000 Fine Vs Medium


Our Pick

Lamy 2000 Medium Point


Our Rating

Our Pick


Our Rating


Our Rating

We will now be going over some of the points covered in our comparison table in more detail as well as a few other points that we feel are relevant when comparing the Lamy 2000 fine and medium nib points to each other. As we touched on above, the fine point nib does have its place in the market and it is hard to get this across in a small comparison table so it could be the better option for your situation. That said though, we do defiantly feel that the Lamy 2000 Medium Nib will be the better option for most of our readers.

Comparative Nib Sizes

The first thing that we want to cover with regards to the listed nib points for the Lamy 2000 is that they run wider than listed. If you are new to using Lamy pens then this can take some people by surprise as the majority of western fountain pen brands have standardised their nibs so customers know what to expect with a listed nib size but the Lamy 2000 decided to shake things up a little.

The Lamy 2000 fine point nib is somewhere between a regular fine and medium nib and the Lamy 2000 medium point nib is somewhere between a medium and a broad nib. This is due to the production process that Lamy uses to create their pens to keep quality as high as possible and to only resort to machining where essential.

This means that you can have two Lamy 2000 pens in front of you that are both listed as a medium point nib but one will write like a regular medium but one will write closer to a regular broad nib. Although some people don’t like this feature of the Lamy range, most people don’t mind it as so many competing fountain pens at this price point are now all machined meaning they often all have the same faults if there is a problem during the manufacturing process.

Writing Feel

It is harder than most people think to comment on the writing feel of a pen as each person has their own individual standards and preferences. We are confident in saying that the Lamy 2000 fine nib does offer a smooth writing experience no matter what quality of paper you are writing on.

In our opinion, the Lamy 2000 medium nib offers a super-smooth writing experience that has a clean and glassy feel to it when you write with the pen. That said though, this does definitely taper off with lower quality papers and if your handwriting is smaller than average. If you do have smaller than average handwriting or know you will be writing on cheaper paper the majority of the time then the fine nib will probably be the better option.

Although the Lamy 2000 extra fine can be a little scratch to write with, the fine and medium nibs are not so neither lose points for having a scratch writing experience. Although the smoothness of the medium nib does reduce with cheaper paper, it is still far from being a scratch pen and provided you are using a decent fountain pen ink with your Lamy 2000, you will have no issues.

Ink Performance

Both the fine and medium nibs of the Lamy 2000 write wet and this if even more so when using a wetter ink with your pen. The medium nib does definitely lay down more ink due to its medium size and the ink feed being slightly larger so the wetness of the pen tends to remain consistent throughout, even for any longer writing sessions. The fine nib tends to start out wet but then dry up a little as the ink flow starts to reduce after writing for an extended period of time.

If you know that you will be using your Lamy 2000 for longer writing sessions on a regular basis and you are a perfectionist then the Lamy 2000 Medium Nib definitely wins this section. Its consistency, even when used for an extended period of time keeps your writing looking the same throughout the document or notebook whereas the fine nib does tend to change the way your writing will look after it dries up a little.

In addition to this, we have seen a number of reports that the Lamy 2000 fine nibs can feather with wetter inks on a regular basis. Depending on what you are planning to be doing with your pen, this may not be a major issue but we have not seen any reports of feathering with the medium nib variant of the Lamy 2000 from the community. With wetter inks becoming increasingly popular for fountain pens, we just wanted to make our readers aware of this as this could be a deciding factor in the nib size that you choose for your pen.

Nib Creep

Another issue that can be common with the fine point Lamy 2000 is that it can suffer from nib creep. This can become worse throughout the day as you apply and remove the cap of the pen for use forcing you to have to waste time in a potentially busy day to clean the nib creep to keep the pen in working order. In our opinion, even though the Lamy 2000 is at the lower end of the intermediate fountain pens price range, this is not acceptable and are surprised that Lamy have not managed to work this issue out of the fine and extra fine point sizes.

On the flip side of this though, nib creep is minimal for the medium and broad point sizes of the Lamy 2000 helping to score the medium nibs additional points over the fine nibs. Now, just to confirm, if you will not be using your pen often throughout the day or will be using it for extended periods of time at once then the nib creep on the fine nib may not be an issue but we just wanted to point it out.

Paper Performance

We feel that this is an area where the Lamy 2000 fine nib does push out ahead of the medium nib as the fine nib remains consistent in its writing performance across all paper qualities. Depending on what you will be using your pen for, this can definitely score the fine nib points over the medium nib and make it the better option for you.

As we touched on above, the medium nib variant of the Lamy 2000 does tend to write smoother than the fine nib on better papers such as tomoe river paper but their writing experience is close to neck at neck on regular paper with the medium nib being ever so slightly worse on cheap paper. If you know you will be writing on high quality of regular quality paper the majority of the time, this is not an issue to worry about but again, we just wanted to make our readers aware of it.

Recommended Ink

One of the best things about the Lamy 2000 is that it performs very well with a huge range of different ink products on the market right now. This is one of the reasons that the pen has been so successful with the community of fountain pen fans as you are not tied down to using a small range of inks when writing.

Due to this, you can often get away with using your favorite ink with your Lamy 2000 and have an excellent experience. That said though, if you don’t have a preferred ink we would highly recommend that you give the Noodlers Ink range a try with a Lamy 2000 as it really is a match made in heaven. Even if you do have a preferred ink type that you have used for years with other fountain pens, we would still recommend that you at least pick up a small bottle of Noodlers ink just to try with your Lamy 2000.

Noodlers Ink performs very well with all four nib point sizes of the pen and offers a glassy, super smooth writing experience without having to break the bank for your ink supply. Many Lamy 2000 owners seem to agree that Noodlers Ink is one of the better options for the pen on the market right now as it seems to be the most popular ink type used with the pen.

Writing Comparison

We know that many of our readers will want to see a writing comparison between the two nib sizes so we wanted to share the video below. It offers plenty of writing comparisons between the Lamy 2000 fine point and medium point nibs so you can clearly see what you are getting. In addition to this, there are also comparisons to some other popular fountain pens at this price point on the market right now too.

Replaceable Nibs

Although this applies to both the fine and medium variant of the Lamy 2000, we do want to quickly mention that it is an absolute nightmare to source replacement nibs for the pen. Although the build quality of the Lamy 2000 is excellent and it can easily last you over a decade if you treat it with care, accidents can happen and getting a replacement nib is extremely hard due to the unique nib design Lamy have chosen to go with.

Although some specialist pen stores do carry replacement nibs for the Lamy 2000, they are almost always salvaged nibs from damaged pens that the store have been able to recover. For whatever reason, Lamy have decided to not make replacement nibs for the 2000 widely available like they have with the rest of their range and the ones that can often be found online cost almost as much as a brand new pen!

We know that this can put some people off the Lamy 2000 range of fountain pens with some people opting to go with the Pilot Custom 92 instead. This is because replacement nibs for the Pilot Custom 74 are easy to source and the Custom 74 and Custom 92 both use the same nib size. If you do choose to go with the Custom 92 over a Lamy 2000 as you feel you may need to replace the nib yourself with a nib from a Custom 74, please don’t swap the feeds on your pen! Just fit the replacement Custom 74 pen to your Custom 92 and be done with it, there is no need to play with the feed during the process.


As we have touched on throughout our article above, the Lamy 2000 fine nib really is an excellent fountain pen that can definitely be the better option for some people for the specific situations highlighted in our article above. That said though, we feel that the Lamy 2000 Medium Nib will be the better option for most people as it offers better performance and a better writing experience in more writing situations.

LAMY Nib Part (Steel) – Z50

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Lamy 2000 Makrolon Fountain Pen Review @Lamy

Thanks to Lamy Canada for sending this Makrolon fountain pen for a review!


Body material: Makrolon (black fibreglass) + brushed stainless steel
Trim: Aluminum
Cap: Snap-on
Posts: Yes, friction
Nib material: 14 kt gold, rhodium-plated
Filling system: Piston-filler
Length (capped): 138. 80 mm/5.46″
Length (uncapped): 124.19 mm/4.88″
Length (posted): 152.96 mm/6.02″
Length (section): 22.93 mm/0.90″
Diameter (barrel):  9.23 – 13.23 mm/0.36″ – 0.52″
Diameter (section): 6.30 – 10.80 mm/0.24″ – 0.42″
Weight (all): 27 g
Weight (cap): 9 g
Weight (body): 18 g
Price: $226.00 CAD
Where to buy: Wonder Pens


The Lamy is presented in a simple grey cardboard box with a brushed metal Lamy plaque on top. The pen was placed in an (unnecessary…) plastic sleeve and it was sitting on a felt bed. Very simple and basic and I like that Lamy does not waste packaging. It’s not excessively large. Most of it is recyclable as well!


The Lamy 2000 is Lamy’s flagship model. The Makrolon is probably more recognizable than the stainless steel. The body is round with blunt, flat ends. The cap snaps on with tiny little nubs that stick out of the barrel, which the cap clicks through. The finial is smooth and polished. The clip is attached through a cut out in the cap. It is a sharp, blunt, blocky clip engraved with “Germany” on the bottom and “LAMY” on the side. The clip is brushed metal, which matches the brushed section. There is a silver colored plug at the end of the barrel as well.

The piston-turning knob is well-placed and is flush with the barrel. I can barely even see the seam. The Makrolon has a small ink window. It’s not particularly easy to see – you cannot really tell what the exact color of your ink is but you can see if you have any!

The cap and barrel are a matte, brushed black fiberglass. I think it looks quite cool with the brushed stainless steel trim. I like the look of the pen overall, though I usually favour bright colors. I never used to like this model and I never understood what the appeal was and then suddenly I wanted one! Maybe just curiosity but it has a lot going for it.


The 14kt rhodium-plated gold nib is the hooded type, which was one of the things I did not like about the pen. Although the model appeals to me more now than it used to, I still don’t care for the hooded nib. It has a single slit and most of the nib is concealed so there isn’t much to it. I have the broad nib and it appears to be quite stubby. Lamy tests all their pens before they leave the factory so I flushed the washable blue ink residue out first.

The nib is well-adjusted and well-tuned. Drying times are average – 20 seconds or so – with medium ink flow. The nib is firm, but it does offer a bit of bounce with little pressure. It is definitely not a soft gold nib, though. It did not skip or hard start, nor did it dry out easily. Due to the stubby shape, I found the sweet spot to be where the nib surface aligns parallel with the page – no rotating the pen and a little difficult for fast writing (or maybe inattentive writing).

If you are looking for a nice, round, easy-to-use nib, the Lamy 2000 broad is not a good option. Stick to the fine or medium! If you are looking for a firmer gold nib with a stubby writing experience, the broad is great. The writing experience is interesting and while I’m not crazy about hooded nibs, this one performs well.

The piston-filling mechanism is smooth and operates easily. The pen can be disassembled for maintainance but it’s not very simple to do (like a Pelikan, for example) so do so at your own risk and be careful.


The clip is nice and springy – easy to operate one-handed. It is not particularly snug but the pen is not all that heavy either. It is easy to slide on and off papers, pockets, and pouches without damage.

The seam from the section to the barrel is quite smooth and comfortable to the touch. I do not find the section slippery, despite its tapered shape and metal finish.

Unposted, the pen is not all that heavy and it is weighted towards the front. The cap posts snugly, securely, and deeply by friction. Posting the cap shifts the balance towards the middle, which feels comfortable. I like the feeling and weight more than the stainless steel version of the Lamy 2000.

Makrolon itself feels quite pleasant in hand – slightly textured. I like it.



Oddly enough, I used to prefer the stainless steel version for its weight and appearance. I like how it looks but the Makrolon is now easy for me to use extensively. The stubby broad nib is pleasant and well-tuned but not ideal for (my) fast writing. I know a lot of people love the 2000 and I realize the design is timeless since its launch, but I’m not totally in love with it. It’s interesting and neat but I still prefer my Safari with a gold nib.

I was sent this item for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you’ve read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post.

Lamy Safari & Al-Star Nib Size Comparison

What do you do on a perfectly clear and breezy day? For me, I take backyard glamour shots (of different junks I own). This time, I managed to snap some close-up of some Lamy steel nibs on Safari and Al-Star. I guess now I really need the new special edition shade Safari, just to complete the Primary Colors (of light and pigments) theme.

The extra fine nib was very problematic at first (it was scratchy, laying down lines that are thin, faint and uneven) but after 8 months of breaking-in (didn’t even work despite it gave me another bump on my middle finger), tine flossing (worked a bit but I suspect it’s just because I switched ink), nib-swapping (I yanked it out too hard so the tine misaligned further and turned extra scratchy) and messing around with tweezers, it finally became usable!


Al-Star Medium (you can see the pink precipitate and yellow sheen from Diamine cerise)the nib is the same but it’s difficult to hold all three Safari together with this in a straight line. Starting from fine, all the nib have been smooth, consistent and reliable for daily writing. My writing looks the neatest with the EF but I usually go with fine/medium (they don’t look all that different) because ink flow better on the two. The broad is nice and wet and a perfect replacement for marker pen (when I draw/doodle) but it sometime slips on the page.

Writing sample of the different nib sizes: Extra Fine – Diamine Meadow (another killer shader),  Fine – Noodler’s Bulletproof Black, Medium – Diamine Cerise, Broad – Lamy Turquoise.

As you can see, the Lamy EF is the only nib size that’s suitable for daily Chinese writing (on standard notebook ruling). The horizontal strokes start to merge when using the fine nib and I am not even writing traditional characters (which are more complex in form and favored when it comes to calligraphy). The three horizontal strokes becomes a big glob when I use the broad. 

Overall: Lamy Safari and Al-star are pretty good writers even though they are not as good (in terms of performance per unit price) as those more affordable Japanese pens. I bought them for the limited edition factor and design so I guess they are worth it…sort of.

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When ordering: 1-2 days

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Felix Edmundovich, in the circle of revolutionaries and in carcere et catenis

When in 1894, at the first, founding congress of the young Polish socialist party, a program was adopted, largely following, if not based on the concept of Rosa Luxemburg, and prompting many progressive young people to embark on the path of struggle against the tsarist despotism, little Stanislava was only 13 years old. But very little time will pass, and in 1900, on the wave of the rise and unification of the socialists, following the fiery report of F.E. Dzerzhinsky, 19-year-old Stanislava joins the united party SDKPiL (Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania) and does not know that this will lead her into the arms of the leader, the High Eagle. Because when Felix Edmundovich delivered the final report before the fifth congress of the party, the tsarist satraps came to arrest the young growth of democracy, and as many were found, the entire cell of the city of Kielce was tried and, which is typical, was sentenced to hard labor and subsequent exile.In the village of St. Lawrence, in Chukotka.

Hard labor and exile

It was difficult in hard labor and in exile. Both physically and spiritually. After all, the liberation of the working people never came. After the events of 1905, there was a harsh reaction and a group of young Polish revolutionaries found it especially unbearable to feel their Poland as oppressed by the tsarist regime. A group of young Poles, including 25-year-old Stanislava Suplatovich, escapes through the frozen Bering Strait in the winter of 1906.Brave fugitives go through Alaska, cross the great Yukon River, with labor and hardship wander to the Mackenzie River, already in Canada, perishing one by one. No one really knows what the path of the group of fugitives was. What was the exact route that they had to endure before their death. Almost everyone. Almost …

Free route of the fugitives. Impressive.

When the warriors of the Owl clan of the Shevanes tribe, led by a young leader, Leu-Karku-Ono-Ma, Tall Eagle, saw a man lying face down in a swamp, at first everyone thought that another pale-faced (and this was only visible by his clothes ) found its sad end here.But no, the man was alive. This was the only surviving fugitive, Stanislava Suplatovich. The decision to help was pushed through by the leader himself with his commanding voice, in addition, good spirits will reward those who help those in trouble. When the shaman pulled out the subtle substance of a woman from very distant places and the female community of the tribe taught her to speak, all the same, the shocks of the path were so great that the former Stanislav, and now White Cloud, Ta-Wa was able to return to them much, much later. The leader fell in love with the found pale-faced, blond runaway and from their love a boy was born.

Ta-Va and Leu-Karku-Ono-Ma

The boy was simply called “boy”, uta. Like everyone else. They were taken care of by women, they traveled (roamed) with the entire tribe until the age of learning came. The master teacher, an old warrior named Owases, Wild Beast took the boys under his arm. The boy found a teacher, friends and relatives in the tribe, underwent initiation and received a good name, Long Feather, Sat-Ok, having shot an eagle. The Shawnee tribe went through many difficulties, but I do not want to retell the books, although I strongly recommend them for reading to children and teenagers of middle school age.

For understanding and feeling, I will still quote:

What do beavers say to a future warrior

“Once upon a time we were raised by a warrior named Ovasses. He was very old and knew the language of animals. He never killed a beaver in his life and didn’t let us. “These are little people, our brothers,” said Ovases. I myself witnessed his conversation with the little brothers. Then I was still without a name. We lived by a lake where there were many beaver houses. Once I was looking for Ovases for a long time and, not finding him in the village, I went to the lake.The old warrior liked to sit by the water. I walked along a path trampled by moose. The soft earth absorbed the sound of my steps, a light breeze pulled from the side of the lake, the leaves rustled softly. From a distance I heard beavers gnawing tree trunks. “They build their houses,” I thought, and doubled my caution so as not to scare the little brothers and see their work. At that moment I forgot about the old warrior, I thought only about the beavers. I tried to approach the lake shore as carefully as possible. We began to come across tree stumps gnawed by a cone.“So it’s already close. A few more steps and I will see beavers, ”I thought. Then I crawled through the dense bushes, and when I finally stuck my head out of the bushes, I saw a spectacle that stunned me: Ovasses was sitting among the beavers. Some had already climbed onto his knees and held his fingers with their front paws, others were spinning around, the rest were working, dragging branches to the shore, to the water. Some beavers swam on the lake, pushing rafts from small branches with their muzzles. My surprise knew no bounds … Then the beavers began to squeak in thin voices, reminiscent of a crying child, and Ovases, my teacher Ovases, answered them in the same voice.This strange “conversation” between the beavers and the old warrior lasted for a while, but I could not stand it any longer, and a cry of surprise escaped my lips. Beavers, like birds frightened by a predatory hawk, darted away. There was a splash, and only large diverging circles remained on the surface of the lake. Ovasses got up, and I walked out from behind the hiding place, embarrassed. The old warrior came towards me, and I, bowing my head, silently awaited punishment. The teacher’s hand lay on my shoulder, I slowly raised my head and looked into his old wrinkled face, into his kind eyes.There was not even a shadow of anger in them, and a slight smile played on their lips. “Son of the Tall Eagle,” he told me, “you have seen something that no one at your age has seen yet. Promise that from now on you will never kill a beaver in your life. ” “Yes, father,” I whispered, as I couldn’t say anything else. Since then, the beavers have also become my little brothers … “

The Land of Salt Rocks:

Mysterious Footprints: .html

But the position of the Indian tribe in Canada is increasingly tightly regulated and clamped down by the authorities, represented by both renegades in the royal service and soldiers of the Royal Mounted Police. In addition, Sat-Ok meets and brings to his mother, Ta-Wa, a white man, a Pole, who tells an already middle-aged woman about the revolution, independent Poland and events in the world. Ta-Wa and Sat-Ok leave the tribe. The texture is such, and consent to the departure of his beloved wife and son was not easy for the leader, but it was given and implemented.

What it was like for an Indian in Canadian schools and shelters, the reader can imagine. The cruelty of the Anglo-Saxons and the French tricksters. Finally, the mother was able to take her son and go with him to Poland.In Poland, Stanislav Suplatovich, as our hero will be called for some time, is brought up and lives in a boarding school at the Radom Monastery. Upbringing in a boarding school at a Catholic monastery is a challenge in itself. The heavy dogmatism of the Catholic priest teachers is strong, but the warrior spirit and personality is formed there in the forests of North America. Stanislav works at the post office when the Nazis invade Poland. A world war breaks out. The natural course of a warrior’s soul is resistance. Suplatovich joins the resistance movement.In 1940 he was arrested by the Gestapo. He did not give anyone away and there was no particular evidence against him, but, as an alien element, he went to Auschwitz. Sat-Ok runs off the train and finds (it was easy for an Indian warrior-tracker) a partisan detachment of “Captain Lyonka” (SF Lesnikovsky, a retired lieutenant colonel who lived in Zhitomir after the war). In the detachment, Suplatovich fights until 1944. Detachment pseudo “Cossack”. He was awarded several Polish military awards, including the Medal of the Polish Army, the Cross of the Home Army and others.Then he served in the Polish Navy for six years.

Since 1958 he began to write books about his life among the Indians, translated into many languages, including Russian. Participated in television programs, is considered one of the pioneers of the Indianist movement in Poland.

Officially recognized in Canada: “… metis writer Sat-Okh who was identified by Canadian bureau of the native American \ ‘s affairs after the Second World War.”

Died on July 3, 2003 in Gdansk.

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