La beauty pacific fair: Pacific Fair – Pacific Fair is the Gold Coast’s unmissable shopping mecca located right in the heart of Broadbeach.


La Beauty, Shop 2721, Level 1, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Phone +61 7 5538 8366


22 May 2020 13:24

Lovely professional salon. I liked that there was some ladies that were more fluent in speaking English than most nail salons. I paid $60 for deluxe manicure with gel and the girl didn’t ask what length I would like and she didn’t make my nails all the same length. I think I paid a lot for what I got and the hand and arm massage went for only a few seconds on each hand. The French manicure looked a bit rushed and they don’t all look very neat. But I understand it was nearly closing time. I will come back again but this is just some feedback and I also would have loved if they turned the massage chairs on while I received my manicure. Staff were all very friendly:)


04 May 2020 8:39

Very over priced and not experienced. Paid $65 for Brazillien and basically had to finish it off myself as I told the lady she left patches on me, she giggled and just wiped me down with cream. Eye brows where ok.


11 April 2020 20:07

You definitely pay for the service you receive everyone is so extremely lovely and welcoming! Would 100% recommend and will be coming back <3


08 April 2020 0:17

Rip off! $50 for Sns overlay nails without manicure or tips. Then I was stung at the register a further $20 for removal. Sns removal is usually a minimal add on cost or courtesy when getting a service.

They didn’t even have clean paper towel to dry my hands when they washed them. Only one ratchet hand towel to share. That was market and damp. Ewwww.

Not very many Sns colours available and SUPER SLOW! Like snail pace slow!


04 April 2020 16:55

Salon was very dirty. Went for a pedicure and the therapist did not clean the foot basin or instruments from the previous client. Gross! Much more expensive than any other nail salon for a very mediocre pedicure.


23 March 2020 0:48

This is my third visit to this nail shop. Every time I am very happy, the manicurist always gives me professional advice and high level of service. Five star for the staffs also, i am quite picky, thanks very much for your guys patience and great csres. Can’t wait for my next visit️


23 February 2020 9:03

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. Got a pedicure and the massage chairs weren’t working, as well as no foot spa. The tools used were merely wiped down with some spray and wipe and all the tools used were cleaned with the same wipe and not sanitised properly. There were also stains, nail dust and other people’s nails all around. Had to sit uncomfortably for 20 minutes while my toenails dried, despite trying to get up and leave several times. Got an eyebrow wax and the lady completely ignored my request for just a tidy up and now my eyebrows are small and shapeless. Very disappointed and left my appointment in tears. Do NOT recommend. Have complained to center management, judging by the amount of poor reviews, something needs to be done about this place, ESPECIALLY the poor hygeine.


22 February 2020 7:31

I am impressed with La Beauty. I brought my 2 young girls to get a manicure and pedicure twice in a span of 2 weeks (because it is the summer holidays and we had time to pamper) and am impressed both times.

Every other place we have been, would only paint the nails but La Beauty will shape, buff and colour! To top off, the colours would have lasted more than 2 weeks if we hadn’t come back to change colours.

The shop does not have the strong smell of chemicals like some other stores so it was actually pleasant to be in the shop.

Staff at the shop was friendly and professional. My girls and I enjoyed the experience. We will definitely be back!


12 February 2020 16:25

Very disaapointing. The service at La Beauty was terrible and the workers were very rude and aggrestive towards me. She just rushed me into sitting down and so she could quickly getting them done. My clear tips gel nails only lasted 4 days and started to come off. This is extremely bad as i paid $79 for nothing really. The lady was very rude and urge to get my nails but also my payment done so i would leave. Overall, it was a very bad experience and i personally would advise anyone to go to a different nail salon as many others are more affordable and would last a LOT longer then 4 DAYS. Honestly, if i was you i would. Save your time and money and go to a better salon with better quality work and better customer service.


18 January 2020 0:31

I went in an asked for a gel pedicure and the manager said $45, after the pedicure I went up to pay and she said $59, I argued that she said $45 at the beginning and she denied it, I ended up paying the $59 and would definitely not recommend


27 December 2019 20:19

They rushed the pedicure service, as soon as the service was finished we were asked to go with wet nails and the massage chair didn’t work.


23 December 2019 18:10

The manager doesn’t understand customer service, after being rushed out the door after paying a full price pedicure. If you’re too busy then don’t take on more clients and get your chairs and fans fixed


12 December 2019 17:33

I have been coming to Joesel at La Beauty for ages & she is the most professional brilliant therapist I have ever had in my life.

She is a total perfectionist in every treatment she does & she goes above & beyond for all her clients.
I am a hairdresser, so very familiar with the industry & I can not recommend Joesel enough to anybody!
If anybody is wanting a perfectionist in all beauty treatments, I can not recommend Joesel enough!


16 November 2019 3:29

It was OK but customer service could be less more agressive when spoken to when walking in yesterday. I loved the nails and two staff who did my nail where fantastic and wonderful. It just reception that quiet rude. For infills on my hand nailand my pedicure was quoted $128.00 but when come to paying it was $140.00. Which I was told $128.00. Ripped off a little. I always asked for a fixed price. When given a price then should be that not another $12.00 more. Plus the spilt varnish on my dress to a little. I will not going there again.


20 October 2019 1:52

Ai did the most wonderful job of my shallac manicure – so perfect, quick and gentle. All of the ladies were so lovely and nothing was too much trouble. Definitely will be back again:)


11 October 2019 19:17

I only got gel removed from my nails (which I had done elsewhere) but found La Beauty to be very unhygienic. The chair I was sat on had nail dust all over it including in the cracks of the chair. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a long time! Upon inspecting the equipment and the general appearance of the store I noticed a lot of things had marks and stains on them. This made me glad I was only had the gel removed from my nails. The lady who attended to my nails did not greet me or talk to me which didn’t leave a good impression either! Definitely would not recommend.


17 September 2019 17:47

These woman are incredible. I’ve been coming here for 2.5 years and have always loved them for their impeccable service, but today I am compelled to write this as they just went above and beyond. I just went for a pedi for the first time since having my daughter five months ago. With my husband and mother working, I was unable to get a sitter, so took bub along with the expectation she’d be fine as she was fed and rested. Unfortunately, she was unsettled almost straight away (thank you, teething!) and I was stressing as there were two other clients having their nails done and I didn’t I didn’t want to ruin their experience. The staff showed so much kindness and compassion though – reassuring me that it was fine, talking to my bub and just being exemplary human beings. One amazing lady, Joesel, went so far as to take bub for me and entertain her. I can’t thank them enough for today. And I am also grateful to the other lovely customers who were so gracious and understanding. Lots of love for La Beauty! Xxxx


25 March 2019 8:09

I have been to several different nail shops. I dare say this is really the best.
So lovely and professional.

Dancers silently lose themselves on Venice Beach

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Once a week on Southern California’s most famous beach, just before the sun dips into the Pacific Ocean, dozens of people gather and silently dance like no one is watching.

Those swaying on the sand wearing wireless headsets with decorative LED lights streaming music from a nearby DJ are practitioners of ecstatic dance. Moving their bodies and losing themselves in the music, participants describe an almost spiritual experience.

The gatherings held on Venice Beach and organized by Ecstatic Dance LA are normally held indoors and under clear guidelines in part meant to limit participants from becoming self-conscious.

“Be free. Dance how you want. No judgment,” the dance community says in promotional material.

But when the coronavirus shut down indoor gatherings, the community moved their gatherings to the beach. Though they surrendered privacy and amplified live music, community co-founder Robin Parrish says the move has been a success and the sunset has been a fair trade-off.

Like all their events it is drug and alcohol-free. Cameras and phones are not allowed, though pets and kids can accompany you. Talking is discouraged.

According to Parrish, for some participants who are cooped up inside during the pandemic, the silent dance is the only social activity they are doing.

Chase Beckerman, a full-time mother of two children, is among them.

“I wasn’t actually interested in coming when it was indoors. Being here at Venice Beach and being at the sea actually is what brought me out to try ecstatic dance for the first time,” she said.

“It’s my church. It helped me get through this pandemic a huge amount.”

When dusk turns to darkness, the DJ switches from dance tracks to calmer “healing music” and the meditation begins.

Some future events will move back indoors, eventually. As much as the dancers like the ocean view, Parrish said people miss the vibrations of live music and dancing on hardwood floors.

“We will have an option for both because some people might not be ready to go inside,” he said.

Delight Disneyland fans with the best theme-park gifts

This is part of the L.A. Times 2021 gift guide. See the full guide here.

Growing up in Southern California often means growing up with theme parks. Although gift shops at the likes of Disneyland, Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm feature plenty of items designed to catch our attention, for our gift guide we wanted to expand the perimeters a bit and embrace not just the parks but also their art and history.

3D Disneyland

“3D Disneyland: Like You’ve Never Seen It Before” is nostalgia at its finest. Old-school photos of Walt Disney’s original theme park are combined with a passion for traditional 3-D photography. Glasses are included, which help bring to life images of long gone attractions such as the Skyway or Fantasyland’s pirate ship-themed restaurant. You’ll want to linger and pretend you’re walking along the original Main Street or a more woodsy-feeling Frontierland. Expect a little dizziness if you keep the glasses on for long, but don’t expect to time travel with some side-effects.

$65 | 👉 Purchase here

Bear-y Tales frog

This year saw the opening of Knott’s Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair, an adorable video-game like animated romp of a ride with cartoon critters and lots of pies — a respectful and nostalgic 2021 endeavor that livens up the park by celebrating its history. The ride is a nod to the 1970s original Knott’s Bear-y Tales, a wild and wacky attraction overseen by theme park design legend Rolly Crump. Bear-y Tales is full of mischievous frogs, all plump and spindly contradictions that steal the show, and Knott’s is celebrating the attraction with these cute-but-weird plushies, a treat either for those who grew up with the original or just discovered it this year.

$16.99 | 👉 Purchase here

Mary Blair animals

These are not toys. But so much of Mary Blair’s art for Disney possessed a toy-like wonder to it, and these 12- by 12-inch maple cutout blocks capture her understanding of color as well as her whimsical view of living creatures. Blair, the principal designer of Disneyland’s It’s a Small World attraction, also had the ability to capture motion in her work, and these blocks look caught mid-frame in an animated film. They’re hefty enough to stand tall on a shelf but could also be framed. Hang them, and imagine you have your own Blair mural in your home.

$100 | 👉 Purchase here

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‘A Brush With Disney: An Artist’s Journey Told Through the Words and Works of Herbert D. Ryman’

Long regarded as one of Disneyland’s master planners — also a pivotal contributor to the likes of “Fantasia” and “Dumbo” — Herb Ryman was a prolific artist in his life outside Disney. This gorgeous coffee table book hooks you with Ryman’s concepts for Disneyland’s early years and then keeps you engrossed by offering a glimpse into his mind. Told through Ryman’s own words, “A Brush With Disney” captures his restless spirit and ability to translate to paper the fullness of life around him. Whether it’s his fascination with the circus or his elaborate concept art for Disneyland’s “Indiana Jones” attraction, Ryman had an amazing ability to reimagine, reframe and simply document reality.

$59 | 👉 Purchase here

Boysenberry jam

Forget your artisanal jam. Southern California theme park fans know there’s only one jam that matters: the boysenberry preserves from Knott’s Berry Farm, an attraction as important to the local theme park as its Timber Mountain Log Ride.

$8.99 per jar | 👉 Purchase here

Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer

Animator-turned-Walt Disney Imagineer Claud Coats shaped many of Disneyland’s early attractions, his expertise as a background artist bringing extravagant tableaux to life. David A. Bossert’s book focuses primarily on Coats’ theme park work, and in so doing treats large-scale and expansive environmental storytelling as the works of art they are. Many of Coats’ designs still stand in Disneyland today, and they helped to define what a ride-like environment would look and feel like.

$65 | 👉 Purchase here

Merry Christmas: The Christmas Card Art of Eyvind Earle

High priced, but an absolute treasure. Disneyland fans know Eyvind Earle as the artist who defined the look of “Sleeping Beauty” and as the primary inspiration behind the castle at Disneyland (and Disneyland Paris). But Earle was also a master interpreter of nature, using unexpected color combinations to heighten the majesty, awesome power and magical presence of the world beyond our cities. This book is hefty, possessing the look and feel of the tomes that would open Walt Disney’s early animated films, and it treats one of Earle’s lifelong personal passions — the Christmas card — with reverence.

$300 | 👉 Purchase here

Halloween Horror Nights collectible glass

(Javier Llerenas for Universal Studios Hollywood)

A highlight of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights was a maze themed to “The Bride of Frankenstein,” and among Universal’s relatively recent Monsters-themed merch, what caught our eye was a vintage-style glass. The wraparound art is loaded with monsters and features stylized takes on Dracula, the Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Wolf Man. Good news: Put a soda in there, and they don’t look that ominous.

$12 | 👉 Purchase here

It’s a Small World board game

Funko’s It’s a Small World board game is handy for those family nights when one is missing Disneyland. At its core, the game — for ages 4 and up — is relatively simple, but the real delight is the 3-D board. It pops together to create mini “rooms” for boats to travel through, with the ride’s signature clock tower at its center. In turn, it’s a game that understands the true appeal of the It’s a Small World attraction. No, it’s not its song; the ride is full of colorful scenes that we don’t want to take our eyes off of.

$25 | 👉 Purchase here

A Portrait of Walt Disney World

Southern Californians are spoiled, what with Disneyland, the world’s preeminent theme park, in our backyard. But Disneyland also set a template that led to Walt Disney World, the world’s most visited theme park. Walt Disney’s initial vision for the Florida park centered on the creation of a living, working city known as EPCOT. This book by Kevin M. Kern, Tim O’Day and Steven Vagnini details not just that concept but also what it ultimately led to, which in a way is the themed resort as a living, working community.

$59.99 | 👉 Purchase here

Pacific Ocean Park: The Rise and Fall of Los Angeles’ Space Age Nautical Pleasure Pier

This 2014 book is a must-own for anyone obsessed with Southern California’s multitude of theme parks, as Christopher Merritt and Domenic Priore document a place that was alternately of its time and ahead of it. While Pacific Ocean Park would ultimately fail in its aspirations to compete with Disneyland, this despite its oceanfront location, it advanced our understanding of what works — and what doesn’t — in a theme park-like setting. This is a time before IP (intellectual property) ruled, and theme parks would reflect the art and Space Age visions of its 1950s-1960s prime. But while the optimism it represented is timeless, the park itself proved not to be.

$34.95 | 👉 Purchase here

Tenaya Stone Spa gift card

Theme parks, as regular park-goers know, are also places to relax.

Sometimes we just want to people watch or to explore the large-scale sculptures of the environment. Theme parks don’t always have to be lines and strollers and high-calorie snacks. Disneyland’s Grand Californian hotel has a beautiful new spa, and our only complaint is that in this late-pandemic age, it is open only to guests staying at one of the resort’s hotels. That being said, we know plenty of locals who plan getaways at the resort — or are trying to persuade a partner to plan a getaway at the resort — and may be looking for an attraction that’s more of the self-care variety.

Gift cards available in amounts $25-$500 | 👉 Purchase here

Walt Disney Family Museum jackets

Any Disneyland fan should keep an eye on the store offering of San Francisco’s Walt Disney Family Museum, as it’s a treasure-trove of vintage Disneyland periodicals and paraphernalia. But who knew the museum’s wares were so fashionable? Launching this year with an exhibit on the Walt Disney Studios’ World War II efforts was a track jacket dedicated to Fifinella, a character created by Roald Dahl and the Walt Disney Studios that would eventually become an insignia for the WASPs, the Women Airforce Service Pilots. Fifinella, a tiny gremlin, is a character full of life, and it is especially eye-catching on a black jacket.

Want something a little more well-known? The Donald Duck bomber-style jacket has you covered. Propaganda once, stylish today.

$69.95-$79.95 | 👉 Purchase here

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times)

Locals may overlook a tour of a Hollywood studio for a number of reasons, but theme park fans should give the revamped Warner Bros. Studio Tour a visit.

The tour has been updated with a host of theme park-like trappings, including interactive “Harry Potter” exhibits that wouldn’t be out of place at Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Indeed, the Warner Bros. updates were handled by Thinkwell, a local firm known best for its contributions to theme parks around the world. They’re good for photos, sure, but the new exhibits are heavy on interaction and give guests a chance to play inside some well-known franchises.

$57-$69 | 👉 Purchase here

Wizarding World chocolate frog ornament

(Javier Llerenas for Universal Studios Hollywood)

Those who have been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter either here in Los Angeles or in Florida know that one of its highlights is its candy. So color us overjoyed to discover that the parks are selling one of its most popular items, a chocolate frog, in ornament form. While not edible, it looks, for chocolate lovers, absolutely delectable. This chocolate frog not only is safe for pets but also will last on trees for years to come. Online stock can be hard to come by, but the park’s shops have them aplenty.

$24 | 👉 Purchase here

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Proof of vax required as strict mandate takes effect in LA

Yoga studio owner David Gross felt relieved after Los Angeles passed a vaccine mandate that is among the strictest in the country, a measure taking effect Monday that requires proof of shots for everyone entering a wide variety of businesses from restaurants to shopping malls and theaters to nail and hair salons.

For Gross, the relief came from knowing he and his co-owner don’t have to unilaterally decide whether to verify their customers are vaccinated. In another part of town, the manager of a struggling nail salon feels trepidation and expects to lose customers. “This is going to be hard for us,” Lucila Vazquez said.

Los Angeles is among a growing number of cities across the U.S., including San Francisco and New York City, requiring people show proof of vaccination to enter various types of businesses and venues. But rules in the nation’s second-most-populous city, called SafePassLA, apply to more types of businesses and other indoor locations including museums and convention centers.

They are being implemented as new cases have started inching up following a sharp decline from an August peak driven by the delta variant.

This was the time of year in 2020 when the worst spike of the pandemic was just beginning in California, which by January saw an average of 500 people die every day. Los Angeles became the state’s epicenter and its hospitals were so overloaded with patients that ambulances idled outside with people struggling to breathe, waiting for beds to open.

So many people died that morgues reached capacity and refrigerated trucks were brought in to handle the overflow. That stark scene played out as coronavirus vaccines arrived and California and Los Angeles moved aggressively to inoculate people.

Among LA county’s roughly 10 million people, 80% of eligible residents now have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose and 71% of those eligible are fully vaccinated, according to public health officials.

To guard against anything resembling the January carnage, the LA City Council voted 11-2 last month for the ordinance that requires people 12 and older to be fully vaccinated to enter indoor public spaces including sports arenas, museums, spas, indoor city facilities and other locations.

Negative coronavirus tests within 72 hours of entry to those establishments would be required for people with religious or medical exemptions for vaccinations. Customers without proof can still use outdoor facilities and can briefly enter a business to use a restroom or pick up a food order.

While the order takes effect Monday, city officials say they won’t start enforcing it until Nov. 29 to give businesses time to adjust. A first offense will bring a warning but subsequent ones could produce fines running from $1,000 to $5,000.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who tested positive for the coronavirus last week while attending the United Nations climate change conference in Scotland, said the mandate will encourage more people to get shots and make businesses safer for employees and customers.

“Vaccinating more Angelenos is our only way out of this pandemic, and we must do everything in our power to keep pushing those numbers up,” Garcetti said.

Business trade groups say the mandate will sow confusion because Los Angeles County’s own vaccine rules — which apply to dozens of surrounding communities — are less sweeping. Cities are allowed to pass rules more stringent than the county’s.

“There’s a tremendous lack of clarity,” said Sarah Wiltfong, senior policy manager at the Los Angeles County Business Federation. For example, most retail shops are exempt. “But shopping malls and shopping centers are included, which of course includes retail shops,” she said.

Harassment of workers who are tasked with verifying vaccination is the top concern of the business federation’s members, Wiltfong said.

“This puts employees in a potential position of conflict, when they’re not necessarily trained to handle situations like that,” she said.

Salons were especially hard hit during the pandemic and were among the last businesses to reopen indoors. Before COVID, Lynda Nail Salon in the Los Feliz neighborhood was regularly filled with clients for hair and nail appointments. On Wednesday morning, only one woman waited for her hair to set.

Vazquez, who manages the business, said she will follow the new rules even though many of her hair clients have said they won’t come in if it requires being vaccinated.

Gyms and yoga studio like the one co-owned by Gross also fall under the order. He doesn’t relish having his employees play the role of enforcer, checking every customer’s vaccination status. But now that the rule is on the books, it’s one less decision he and his partner Lydia Stone have to make as they navigate Highland Park Yoga back to in-person classes.

In anticipation of the new rules, the studio last month started encouraging its regular customers to submit their vaccine cards online so they don’t have to show them at the start of every class. Gross and Stone said it would be heartbreaking to turn away anyone.

“You know, the City Council decided, the mayor signed it, and we we have no choice but to comply with the law,” Gross said, adding that the possibility of being punished for violating the law “would be hugely detrimental” to a yoga business that is barely surviving after being shut down for the bulk of the pandemic.

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The Estee Lauder Companies (EL) Q1 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

Image source: The Motley Fool.

The Estee Lauder Companies (NYSE:EL)
Q1 2022 Earnings Call
Nov 02, 2021, 9:30 a.m. ET


  • Prepared Remarks
  • Questions and Answers
  • Call Participants

Prepared Remarks:


Good day, everyone, and welcome to the Estée Lauder Company’s fiscal 2022 first-quarter conference call. Today’s call is being recorded and webcast. For opening remarks and introductions, I would like to turn the call over to senior vice president of Investor Relations, Ms. Rainey Mancini.

Rainey ManciniSenior Vice President of Investor Relations

Hello. On today’s call are Fabrizio Freda, president and chief executive officer; and Tracey Travis, executive vice president, and chief financial officer. Since many of our remarks today contain forward-looking statements, let me refer you to our press release and our reports filed with the SEC, where you’ll find factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from these forward-looking statements. To facilitate the discussion of our underlying business, the commentary on our financial results and expectations is before restructuring and other charges and adjustments disclosed in our press release.

Unless otherwise stated, all net sales growth numbers are in constant currency and all organic results exclude the non-comparable impacts of acquisitions, divestitures, brand closures, and the impact of currency translation. You can find reconciliations between GAAP and non-GAAP measures in our press release and on the investors’ section of our website. As a reminder, references to online sales include sales we make directly to our consumers through our sites and through third-party platforms. It also includes estimated sales of our products through our retailers’ websites.

[Operator instructions] And now I’ll turn the call over to Fabrizio.

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Thank you, Rainey, and hello, everyone. We are grateful you have joined us today. We delivered excellent performance to begin fiscal year 2022, reinforcing our optimism in the opportunities of tomorrow as we discussed with you in August. Our multiple engines of growth strategy enabled us to excel amid continued volatility and variability from the pandemic.

Organic sales rose 18%, and adjusted diluted earnings per share grew an even stronger 31%. Encouragingly, relative to the pre-pandemic first quarter of fiscal year 2020, our business is 13% larger on a reported basis and more profitable. We achieved these outstanding results with increasingly diverse growth engines as we expected. By virtue of our dynamic strategy, we could act locally amid the complexity of the pandemic to both create and capture demand.

The growth engines of makeup, developed markets in the West, and brick-and-mortar reignited and complemented momentum in skincare, fragrance, Mainland China, Travel Retail in Asia Pacific, and global online. 13 brands contributed double-digit organic sales growth, demonstrating the breadth of strength across our portfolio. Estée Lauder and MAC drove makeup emerging renaissance, while La Mer and Clinique delivered standout results in skincare. Impressively, skincare solidly outpaced its prior-year organic sales growth performance despite having the far toughest comparison among the categories.

Fragrance showed double digits, driven by Tom Ford Beauty and Jo Malone London. Let me share a few highlights by brand. Estée Lauder advanced planning for the makeup renaissance delivered significant sales growth. As social and professional usage occasions resumed in certain markets, the brand was well-positioned with compelling innovation, superb merchandising, and on-point communication.

Its double wear and futurist foundation franchises rose strong double digits, while its new pure color whipped matte lipstick was a hit. MAC strategically engaged consumers to drive performance in makeup. In the Americas and EMEA, excellent results from in-store activations and regional MAC the Moment campaigns combined with desirable innovation like luster glass sheer shine lipstick and magic extension mascara. The brand’s new omnichannel capabilities, which leverage its freestanding stores, also contributed to the strength and demonstrate a new capability for MAC to benefit from going forward.

La Mer performed magnificent and led the company with sales rising strong double digits. Its new hydrating infused emulsion expanded our portfolio of east to west innovation captivating consumers in every region. The product’s successes are many as it welcomed new and younger consumers as well as men into the brand and created a powerful halo benefit for La Mer’s skincare portfolio. It is a striking example of the innovation gains we can achieve when the power of our data analytics combined with our creative talent and R&D.

La Mer’s iconic creme de la Mer prospered as a new global campaign focused on its moisturizing benefit realized terrific initial results. Clinique strived in skincare from the strength of its heroes. Moreover, its new smart clinical repair wrinkle correcting serum with powerful clinically led claims and compelling before-and-after visualizations extended Clinique win streak with innovation and further demonstrated the brand’s ability to be highly relevant for consumers of all ages. In makeup, Clinique Skin Care Authority drove growth in complexion-led subcategories; while in Leap, the brand Brilliant leverage Black Honey viral sensation on TikTok to expand its consumer base, especially among Gen Z.

DECIEM complemented our organic sales growth in skincare with its coveted vegan brand, The Ordinary. DECIEM is known for its transparency, which has enamored it with consumers. And in the first quarter, we launched the insightful Everything is Chemicals campaign. And the new Regimen Builder by The Ordinary on realized spectacular adoption, further enhancing the brand’s powerful online ecosystem.

Fragrance momentum continued with stellar double-digit performance in every region, powered by hero products and innovation from Tom Ford Beauty, Jo Malone London in our artisanal offerings. We are excited for the Estée Lauder brand launch of its luxury collection in the second quarter as it expands our portfolio in the high-growth segment of fragrances. Our fragrance category benefits from diversification among our categories as well as regions with outstanding performance from both historically strong markets for fragrance and emerging fragrance opportunities. The self-care rituals related to scent, which were embraced during the pandemic, continued even as social and professional usage occasions resumed.

Of note, Tom Ford Beauty performed strongly in both fragrance and makeup such that the brand was among our top performers in the quarter. Its new Ombre Leather perfume and hero’s Oud Wood and Lost Cherry fueled the brand’s success. Our growth engines also diversified geographically, led by developed markets in the West. Our business in North America executed with excellence to deliver strong double-digit organic sales growth, powered by readiness for makeup’s emerging renaissance, ongoing strength in skincare and fragrance, and recovery in hair care.

Strategic go-to-market initiatives supported by on-trend innovation increased advertising spending, and expert in-store virtual services delighted consumers. Our expanded consumer reach enhanced these initiatives as Bobbi Brown launched in Ulta Beauty exceeded expectations, and we are encouraged by the early results of the new Ulta Beauty at Target and Sephora at Kohl’s relationships. In Asia Pacific, many markets faced COVID-induced lockdowns and temporary store closures, which pressured performance. Despite this, the region still grew 10% organically driven by strength in Greater China and Korea.

Mainland China achieved double-digit organic sales growth owing to skin care and fragrance, with online and brick-and-mortar both higher. We launched locally relevant innovation which proved highly desirable, while we also increased advertising spending, strategically expanded our consumer reach to match success on JD, and designed successful activation for Chinese Valentine’s Day. We continue to invest in the vibrant and compelling long-term growth opportunity in Mainland China, led by our talented local team. We are enthusiastic for our new innovation center in Shanghai to open in the second half of this fiscal year.

This new world-class innovation center will be the first of its kind for our company. With it, we will have a unique ability to grow and build on our market and consumer insights to develop exceptional products to meet and surpass the needs and desires of Chinese consumers. What is more, we are seeing the benefits of recent investment in online fulfillment, which have led to higher service levels and better inventory manager while setting the stage for expanded omnichannel capabilities in the market. From a channel perspective globally, brick-and-mortar grew strongly in markets which are gradually emerging from the latest wave of COVID-19.

We realized excellent results across the board in brick-and-mortar, most especially in the Americas and EMEA. Our brands created excitement in store with enticing high-touch services and unique activations. We are encouraged by improving trends in the productivity of brick-and-mortar, owing to both increased traffic and our strategic actions, including those under the post-COVID business acceleration program. As brick-and-mortar reignites, our global online business continued to showcase its tremendous promise, with impressive organic results despite significant organic sales growth in the year-ago period.

Online grew to be nearly double the size, on a reported basis, of the pre-pandemic first quarter of fiscal year 2020. Many markets capitalized on the remarkable new consumer acquisition trend of the pandemic to deliver sustained gain in repeat purchases. As we seek to engage with consumers in innovative ways, we advanced our work with Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WeChat, and others to capitalize on exciting trends in social commerce. We also deployed a technology solution, which enables brands to better customize consumer outreach by leveraging data to merchandise and personalized communication.

This is leading to higher conversion rates for new consumers and a deeper level of relationship building after the initial purchase to foster retention. Initiatives such as this position us well to realize even greater success with trial and repeat. We continued to invest in online to strategically expand our consumer reach and realize promising results. For example, in the first quarter, La Mer launched on Lazada in Southeast Asia to tremendous success with differentiated merchandising, unique services, and prestige packaging, making it one of the platform’s biggest brand launches ever.

Our relationship with Lazada expanded in the current quarter with Jo Malone London’s debut. Before I close, I wanted to share that today we will release our fiscal year 2021 social impact and sustainability report. We are incredibly inspired by the achievements of our employees globally. The report highlights initiatives across key areas, including inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Climate, packaging, social investment, responsible sources, and green chemistry. I’m particularly proud of our support to employees globally who faced financial hardships due to COVID-19. The ELC Cares Employee Relief Fund awarded nearly 14,000 grants and distributed nearly $8 million through June 30, 2021. Here, a few among the many other highlights of the report: We are continuing to contribute to a low-carbon future.

For the second year in a row, we sourced 100% renewable electricity globally for our direct operations and achieved net-zero scope one and scope two emissions. The company also made strong progress in its Science-based Targets for scope one and two and made efforts toward meeting its scope three science-based targets. We achieved our existing post-consumer recycled content goal ahead of schedule and announced a more ambitious goal to increase the amount of such material in our packaging to 25% or more by the end of calendar year 2025. We also committed to reduce the amount of virgin petroleum plastic in our packaging to 50% or less by the end of calendar year 2030.

On the last few earnings calls, I discussed actions we are taking to make more progress on our commitments for racial equity as well as women’s advancement and gender equality, which are reflected in the report. We also deepened our work by further aligning the strategy of The Estee Lauder Companies’ charitable foundation to identify and support programs at the intersection of climate, justice, human rights, and well-being with a focus on equity, building upon our legacy of founding girls’ education and leadership programs. In the beginning of fiscal year 2022 and aligned with our social impact commitments, we were pleased to announce a three-year partnership with Amanda Gorman, activist, award-winning writer, and the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history.

The Estée Lauder Companies will contribute $3 million over three years to support Writing Change, a special initiative to advance literacy as a pathway to equality, access, and social change. In addition, Mrs. Gorman will bring her voice of change to the Estée Lauder brand, debuting her first campaign in the second half of this fiscal year. In closing, we delivered outstanding performance to begin the new fiscal year amid the volatility and variability of the pandemic, while continuing to invest in sustainable long-term growth drivers.

We are focusing on fundamental capabilities for product quality and the consumer-centric elements of acquisition, engagement, and high-touch experiences and services. We are doing this while improving our cost structure, diversifying our portfolio and its distribution, investing behind the best growth opportunities, and leading our values. Our confidence in the long-term growth opportunities for global prestige beauty and our company is reflected in the announcement today to raise the quarterly dividend. I’m forever grateful to the grace, wisdom, and ingenuity of our employees globally, who are making us a stronger company each and every day.

I will now turn the call over to Tracey.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Thank you, Fabrizio, and hello, everyone. We are off to an outstanding start with first-quarter net sales growing 18% organically, driven by the nascent recovery in the Americas and EMEA during the quarter compared to a more difficult environment in the prior year. Global logistics constraints caused some retailers, primarily in North America, to order earlier to ensure popular sets and products would be on counter for holiday. We estimate that this contributed approximately 1.5 points to our first-quarter sales growth that otherwise would have occurred in the second quarter.

The inclusion of sales from the May 2021 DECIEM investment added approximately three points to reported net sales growth, and currency added just over two points. From a geographic standpoint, organic net sales in the Americas climbed 27% as COVID restrictions eased throughout the region. Brick-and-mortar retail grew sharply across all formats compared to the prior-year period when many stores were temporarily shut down. Distribution in Kohl’s with Sephora and in Target with Ulta Beauty began its phased rollout to initial stores and online in mid-August, with minimal impact on net sales growth for the quarter.

With the strong resurgence of brick-and-mortar traffic, online organic sales growth in the Americas declined single digits against a sharp increase last year, while organic online penetration remained solid at 31% of sales. The inclusion of sales from DECIEM added about nine points to the overall reported growth in the region. In our Europe, the Middle East, and Africa region, organic net sales rose 19% with virtually every market contributing to growth, led by the emerging markets in the Middle East, Turkey, and Russia as well as the U.K. Most markets throughout the region saw COVID restrictions lifted, and some tourism resumed during the peak summer months.

By channel, the region saw more balance between brick-and-mortar and online growth. All major categories grew this quarter, and the region saw the strongest growth in fragrance and makeup as social occasions increased. Our global Travel Retail business grew double-digit as China and Korea continued to be strong. Internal travel restrictions during the quarter in China slowed Hainan sales temporarily, but restrictions lifted in early September, and traffic rebounded.

Retailers also responded to the August dip by driving post-travel consumption online. Summer holiday travel in Europe and the Americas picked up, but international travel still reached only 40% of pre-COVID levels. In our Asia Pacific region, organic net sales rose 10%, driven by Greater China and Korea. The region overall experienced higher levels of COVID lockdowns this quarter compared to last year’s quarter due to the rise of the delta variant, although online remains strong.

Sales growth in Mainland China was somewhat slower due to COVID restrictions during July and August. And the pace of online sales growth slowed following the successful 6.18 programs last quarter and in anticipation of the 11.11 shopping festival. As we’ve mentioned before, these key shopping moments have created some additional seasonality in our business in this region. More than half of our brands in virtually all channels rose double-digit in Mainland China.

Hong Kong and Macau were bright spots this quarter. They benefited from strong new product launches from La Mer and Jo Malone and successful marketing campaigns from several other brands. From a category perspective, net sales growth in fragrance jumped nearly 50%. Virtually every brand that participates in the category contributed to growth, with exceptional double-digit increases from Tom Ford Beauty, Jo Malone London, and Le Labo.

Perfumes and colognes led the category growth; and bath, body, and home fragrances continue to perform well. Net sales in makeup rose 18% as markets in the Americas and Europe began to recover from COVID shutdowns. We are encouraged by the sequential improvement in makeup versus pre-COVID levels. However, makeup sales in the quarter were still 19% below two years ago.

Nonetheless, Estée Lauder foundations continue to resonate strongly with consumers, and MAC leaned into the makeup recovery with a number of fun and compelling campaigns. Skincare sales remained strong during the quarter. Organic net sales grew 12%, and the inclusion of sales from DECIEM added six percentage points to reported growth. Nearly all of our skincare brands contributed to growth, although Estée Lauder had a tough comparison with the prior-year launch of its improved Advanced Night Repair Serum.

Our haircare net sales rose 8% as traffic in salons and stores in the U.S. and Europe began to return. Both Aveda and Bumble and bumble saw growth in-hero products as well as continued strength from innovation. Our gross margin declined 100 basis points compared to the first quarter last year.

The positive impacts from strategic pricing and currency were more than offset by higher obsolescence costs for both basic and holiday product sets and the inclusion of DECIEM. Operating expenses decreased 240 basis points as a percent of sales. Our strong sales growth was partly due to earlier orders from some North America retailers concerned about logistics constraints, and costs related to these sales are expected to be incurred in our second quarter. We do continue to manage costs with agility, realizing savings from our cost initiatives, while also investing to support a continued brick-and-mortar recovery as well as our strategic initiatives.

Our operating income rose 32% to 941 million, and our operating margin rose 140 basis points to 21.4% in the quarter. Diluted EPS of $1.89 increased 31% compared to the prior year. During the quarter, we used 81 million in net cash flows from operating activities, which was below the prior year. This reflects a more normalized first quarter where we typically have seasonally higher working capital needs.

We invested 205 million in capital expenditures as we ramped up our investment to build a new manufacturing facility in Japan. And we returned 749 million in cash to stockholders through both share repurchases and dividends. We also announced this morning an increase in our quarterly dividend. So now let’s turn to our outlook.

We are encouraged by the green shoots we are seeing around the world, even in the context of an environment of increased volatility. Our strong performance reflects our ability to navigate through the volatility while leveraging our multiple engines of growth. At the same time, we are mindful that recovery is tenuous and likely to be uneven. Nevertheless, we are cautiously optimistic, and our assumptions for fiscal 2022 remain consistent.

We continue to expect an emerging renaissance in the makeup category as restrictions are safely lifted and social occasions increase. We welcome the resumption of some travel in the Americas and EMEA in the first quarter. And as intercontinental restrictions are lifted, we expect international passenger traffic to build toward the end of the fiscal year. We began taking strategic pricing actions in July.

And overall, pricing is expected to add at least three points of growth, helping to offset inflationary pressures. On the costs side, we plan to continue to increase advertising to support our brands and drive traffic in all channels. Selling costs are expected to rise to support the reopening of brick-and-mortar retail. We also continue to invest behind key strategic capabilities like data analytics, innovation, technology, and sustainability initiatives.

As you are all aware, global supply chains are being strained by COVID and its related effects in some markets, resulting in port congestion, higher fuel costs, and labor shortages at a time when demand for goods is rising. This is causing us to experience inflation in freight and procurement, which we expect to impact our cost of goods and operating expenses beginning next quarter. Based on what we see through October, the expected benefit of pricing, combined with good cost discipline elsewhere, are enabling us to maintain our expectations for the year. For the full fiscal year, organic net sales are forecasted to grow 9 to 12%.

Based on rates of 1.163 for the euro, 1.351 for the pound, and 6.471 for the Chinese yuan, we expect currency translation to be negligible for the full fiscal year. This range excludes approximately three points from acquisitions, divestitures, and brand closures, primarily the inclusion of DECIEM. Diluted EPS is expected to range between 7.23 and 7.38 before restructuring and other charges. This includes approximately $0.04 of accretion from currency translation and $0.03 accretion from DECIEM.

In constant currency, we expect EPS to rise 11 to 14%. At this time, we expect organic sales for our second quarter to rise eight to 10%. The net incremental sales from acquisitions, divestitures, and brand closures are expected to add about three points to reported growth, and currency is forecasted to be neutral. Operating expenses are expected to rise in the second quarter as we support holiday activations and the continued recovery of brick-and-mortar retail around the world.

Additionally, the prior-year quarter included some benefits of government subsidies, which are not anticipated in the current year quarter. We expect second quarter EPS of $2.51 to $2.61. Both currency and the inclusion of DECIEM are expected to be immaterial to EPS. Notably, our EPS forecast also reflects a 23% tax rate, compared to 15.9% in the prior year when we benefited from certain one-time items.

In closing, we are pleased with the terrific start to the year and are proud of the continued efforts of our global team. We remain confident in our corporate strategy with its multiple growth engines to drive sustainable, profitable growth. That concludes our prepared remarks. We’ll be happy to take your questions at this time.

Questions & Answers:


Thank you. [Operator instructions] And our first question today comes from Erinn Murphy, Piper Sandler.

Erinn MurphyPiper Sandler — Analyst

Great. Thank you. Good morning. I guess my question is around the supply chain, Tracey, for you.

If you could talk a little bit more about your ability to get product to the end markets in a timely manner into holiday? And are you seeing any major shifts in product launches? And then maybe if you can share as you think about the higher opex, how are you balancing air freight versus ocean freight currently? Thank you so much.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Yeah. Hi, Erinn. We are seeing some supply chain impact, as I said in our prepared remarks. We have experienced some air freight, and we have experienced some delays.

But by and large, we’re in very good shape for holiday. Our holiday sets, we had anticipated some of the supply chain challenges earlier in the year when clearly our chain, and more publicly there were discussions about supply chain challenges. And so we did order some products early. We produced some products early, and we landed many of our gift sets early.

And that set us up pretty well for Q2. So we are experiencing some inflation in transport. We’re managing it as best we can. One of the things that certainly we have the benefit of is we are a luxury company, so we do have pricing power.

And we have pricing power not only in our in-line products but also in our innovation as well. So we do have the opportunity and have taken the opportunity to offset some of the cost inflation with some of the pricing that we’ve taken this year.


And our next question is going to come from the line of Lauren Lieberman with Barclays.

Lauren LiebermanBarclays — Analyst

Great. Thanks so much. Good morning. Really curious to hear a little bit more about MAC.

I would certainly have expected it to be key in the beginning of this makeup resurgence. But was curious what you could tell us in terms of progress on brick-and-mortar footprint in North America and EMEA, how that interacts with the online presence, and how you think about the profit model for that brand or maybe from the makeup category going forward. We’re one quarter into the beginning of a recovery, so I don’t — I recognize that looking at operating margins for the division isn’t really a fair game yet. But interested to hear how you think that can evolve over the next whatever the appropriate time frame, 12-plus months or so?

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Hi, Lauren. So you faded out at the very beginning. What — your question is about what specifically?

Lauren LiebermanBarclays — Analyst

About MAC.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Oh, MAC.

Lauren LiebermanBarclays — Analyst

MAC and how the — brick-and-mortar footprint, where you’ve gotten to so far, how that fits with online presence, and how you’re thinking about the business model going forward and what that means for profitability.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Yeah. No, as we announced last year in our post-COVID acceleration program, we did take the opportunity last year to close some stores. And some additional stores will close this year. And not only freestanding stores, but there are some counters as well that MAC has pulled out of.

We were encouraged at the end of last year and encouraged through the first quarter with MAC performance in both the Americas, so both North America as well as Latin America, and also EMEA. So we really, with a return to brick-and-mortar as we had indicated before, we saw higher productivity of the remaining brick-and-mortar doors that we had opened. And we saw a bit of softness more in North America than in EMEA, but a bit of softness in online as traffic returned to brick-and-mortar. We think that will normalize out a bit in Q2, and we’ll see a bit more balance.

But as I think all of us can imagine, I think consumers are very excited about going back to brick-and-mortar stores in markets where restrictions were lifted and people felt more comfortable going out and socializing.

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. And I just — I can add that also MAC has been a good start. And the Ulta Target experience is a great start in the preparation of the holiday season. And the brand is doing very well online and is one of the brands that is benefiting from the service acceleration online, both in U.S.

and in EMEA. So overall, very good progress on MAC, obviously as you would expect in the context of the makeup acceleration for consumers in general.


Our next question comes from the line of Nik Modi with RBC Capital Markets.

Nik ModiRBC Capital Markets — Analyst

Yeah. Good morning, everyone. I had a question on consumer behavior, just on online, what you’re seeing there in terms of stickiness, retention. Obviously, that’s an important channel from a profitability standpoint and consumer engagement.

So I just wanted to understand that. And then also, Fabrizio, if you think about what happened during the pandemic as consumers were migrating to well-known brands, exploration kind of came down a bit. But I suspect that that’s starting to happen now as consumers are getting back out and exploring different brands. I just wanted to get your perspective on that dynamic, if that’s what you’re seeing? And how does Estée better prepare in the future to deal with all of these upstart brands that are starting up on social media? Thank you.

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

So I think there are two questions, first of all, what we see online. Obviously, online is doing pretty well. On a two-year stack, we doubled it. And so is a very strong acceleration versus two years.

And we see the progress to continue and the growth to continue. Obviously, in the moment where there was the opening of brick-and-mortar, the amount of growth online has slowed down, but the continuous growth is what is really encouraging. So the most important part of your question is what happened to the consumers’ behavior. So what we saw during COVID that the consumers that were already online before, like younger consumers, continue to be online even more intensively.

But there were many new consumers that just appeared online during the COVID period. There were more ageless consumers, the more adult consumers. Now, this consumer really enjoyed it, so they are staying online. And so that’s what showed that the online continues to grow even when brick-and-mortar opens up.

But obviously, the two channels’ growth get rebalanced in this situation. So very optimistic for online. The other thing that online continues to grow is that there are very different channels with level — different level of growth. And we are growing in every single channel.

And we are growing in TPP. We are growing in We are growing in We are growing in the pure plays.

And this is very different by region because in every region, one of these channels is stronger than the others. So the combination of the global online growth is continued to be pretty exciting. And we count on this to continue even when brick-and-mortar will be fully recovered. And as a result, we have reached already 28% of our business in online, and this will gradually continue to grow over time.

So very very strong. In terms of — sorry, your second question, because it was a separate question, on consumer behaviors in Asia?

Nik ModiRBC Capital Markets — Analyst

Yeah. No, it was around exploration, kind of died down during the pandemic. Are you seeing consumers explore new brands again? And what is Estée doing to try to make sure that doesn’t become too much of a risk going forward?

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

I think the exploration of newness in the world of beauty will continue, will never stop. And personally, I don’t have any data points that suggest it was dependent on COVID. The exploration is not only about new brands, but the exploration is about the newness of the existing brands. In fact, our percentage of newness continues to be very, very high.

And our innovation program continues to be super exciting. We are we continue to be in the 30% of new products per year, which is extraordinary. And it’s been a huge progress in the last years. So we continue to see consumers to be interested innovation, and we continue to make our innovation program one of the best drivers of growth globally.


Thank you. Our next question is going to come from the line of Dara Mohsenian with Morgan Stanley.

Dara MohsenianMorgan Stanley — Analyst

Hey, guys. Good morning.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Good morning.

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Good morning.

Dara MohsenianMorgan Stanley — Analyst

So just a question on guidance. Clearly, you came in better than expected in terms of fiscal Q1. You mentioned some green shoots. Obviously, a makeup recovery, America’s recovery.

Asia, some softness with some of the government lockdowns in third quarter, but it sounded like that’s getting better. And so I’m just trying to understand unchanged local currency top-line guidance for the year. Is there something specific that’s giving you more caution as you look at the balance of the year? Is it more just some conservatism, given it’s early in the year? How do you sort of think about that relative to the Q1 top-line delivery and some green shoots? And maybe specifically also, you can touch on the 11.11 shopping festival in China and what you’re seeing there in terms of initial signs heading into that festival. Thanks.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Yeah. Yeah. Thanks, Dara. So in terms of — we are encouraged obviously, as we should be, by our Q1 performance.

We’re still only a quarter in, as you mentioned it. We did have some early shipments in the quarter that obviously came out of the second quarter. So some of the growth as we mentioned, about a point and a half was related to that. But as we look at the balance of the year, we are also while we are seeing encouragement, there’s still a lot of volatility in the market.

We did have some markets unexpectedly that were shut down in the first quarter. We are still managing through this pandemic. And so we are — we believe that certainly as you look at Q2 on a two-year stack basis, it is — and really versus pre-pandemic, it’s really quite strong. And again, you’re seeing some of the seasonality related to 11.11 continue to impact Q1.

And that’s reflected in the Q2 and that’s reflected in the guidance that we’ve provided. But we feel that the guidance that we’ve given for the year is incredibly strong. The only difference between the guidance that we gave last time and this time is currency. Our outlook on currency is a bit less.

So that’s the one-point change in the guidance that you see. And then from a reported EPS standpoint, our guidance actually on a constant currency basis has improved quite a bit. So we, I would say, are seeing green shoots. We are expressing confidence in the guidance that we are providing, quite a bit when you actually look at it from a EPS standpoint, even with all of the things that we’re navigating through as it relates to transport, etc.

And that goes to the choices that we’re making as an organization in terms of where to invest and where not to invest, along with the pricing actions that we’re taking as well.


Thank you. Our next question is going to come from the line of Steve Powers with Deutsche Bank.

Steve PowersDeutsche Bank — Analyst

Yes. Hey, thanks. First, just to clean up, I apologize if I missed it. But were the early holiday sales in North America, that you mentioned in the first quarter, skewed at all to any particular brand or product category? That would be helpful.

And what I really wanted to ask about was sort of picking up on something Dara mentioned, but I’m not sure you addressed Tracey. But just the relative softness in China, Hainan, and Asia that you experienced in the quarter against the curtailed mobility backdrop, versus the improvement that you saw in September, and what I hear is enthusiasm entering December at around the 11.11 holiday. So maybe you could just expand on a little bit on how trends evolved through the September quarter, and then what you’re expecting in that Asia Pacific region as we go through fiscal 2Q. Thank you.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Yeah. No, so Steve, in terms of the early shipments, obviously, our larger brands would have comprised most of the larger — most of the sales dollar volume in terms of those shipments, but it was really across the board. And again, both we and our retailers wanted to make sure that we had our holiday programs as well as some of our basic products in-store, recognizing the severe constraint that is being projected as it relates to transport during this holiday season. So we feel very good about that.

In terms of Asia Pacific, inclusive of China but other markets as well, we did see intermittent shutdowns in Asia. And that did include some traffic to Hainan being a bit curtailed in the July and August time frame and a bit into the early part of September. We saw as we mentioned in our prepared remarks, Hainan pick up quite a bit when those travel restrictions were lifted almost immediately. So that is a positive sign.

And we are still quite encouraged with respect to China and the performance that we expect to see certainly for the balance of the year, both in China and Mainland China and with Chinese consumers wherever they shop.


Thank you. Our next question will come from the line of Stephanie Wissink with Jefferies.

Unknown speaker

Hi. Good morning. Thanks for taking my question. This is Grace.

My converse stuff. I’m wondering if you could talk a little bit about the strength that you’re seeing in fragrance and just touch on the sustainability there. Is there anything assumed in your guidance for fragrance? And then also on a similar vein, if there’s anything assumed for the makeup recovery in the second half in guidance. Thank you.

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. No. We see, obviously, a very strong fragrance market, and we see great growth in every single region. So it’s good.

We see particularly strong fragrance traction in the high-end fragrances, in what we call the luxury or seasonal part of our portfolio. This is really outstanding. So brands like Jo Malone, Tom Ford, Le Labo, Kilian, Frédéric Malle. And this is — we believe this will continue.

This is a trend we have identified some years ago. And we have focused the growth of our portfolio and our innovation on this kind of highly sophisticated fragrance experience. And what we have seen that during COVID this trend is accelerated. Consumers are even more interested.

The other interesting thing is during COVID the element of our fragrance brands that were, for example, home-like candles, our personal lines pampering parts of the lineup beyond the fragrance also was accelerating. And this acceleration continues. So the positives that consumers have learned also the possibility of the pampering in-house element of products that these brands provide, they continue to buy them also after the COVID — this COVID thing. So the entire fragrance brands are strong.

The fragrance category is strong, and we expect to have a good holiday season in this area. We expect continuous growth over time.


Thank you. Our next question comes from the line of Andrea Teixeira with J.P. Morgan.

Andrea TeixeiraJPMorgan Chase & Co. — Analyst

Thank you. Good morning and congrats on your results. Can you comment on the cadence of the quarter in Asia Pacific and how you exited? It seems like you had a pickup in China consumption toward the end of the quarter. And Tracey, you mentioned that in your prepared remarks, and I think to Dara’s question.

But is the deceleration in the fiscal second quarter a function of normalizing the pull forward, or more how conservative you’re seeing things happening? And then obviously, you have the seasonality that you have been calling for 11.11. So if you can just kind of elaborate more on that, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. I mean we achieved double-digit growth in China this quarter, and so very strong double digits also in two or three years stacked basis, so despite the restrictions that we saw in July and in August. So the Chinese consumer really is strong, and we are serving them. We also with a variety of locations, meaning in every channel, we see the growth online.

We see the growth in brick-and-mortar. We see the growth in Hainan. And our key idea is to serve the Chinese consumers wherever they are and to serve them in the best possible way. So we manage this with agility, depending on the commercial model that is emerging in China.

We focus more on one China on another, also depending by the season and by the moment. Also, skincare, which I think is a great sign of strength. Skincare grew strong double-digit despite the very tough comparison with previous year, wherein our case we launched the Advanced Navitaire relaunch. So it was a very big innovation in the base period.

So brick-and-mortar in China also saw very strong growth. And our business online grew double digit, despite the fact that in quarter one, online is a bit normally sandwiched between the 6.18 big event and the 11.11 big events. But despite that, we grew double digit. And the long-term fundamentals of the market in closing, namely the large and growing middle class with increasing spending per person, the remaining all these remain intact.

And so the key idea is to be able to focus on the Chinese consumer in whatever channel they choose to shop at depending on the moment of the year. And that’s what we’re doing, and that’s why we remain very confident for the remaining of the fiscal year.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

And Andrea, as it relates to the rest of APAC, we are expecting a pickup in the second quarter. So we are not anticipating as many of the restrictions to be in place in the rest of APAC that we saw in Q1.


Thank you. Our next question is going to come from the line of Olivia Tong with Raymond James.

Olivia TongRaymond James — Analyst

Great. Thank you. I just want to talk a little bit about some of the new brands like The Ordinary. And if you could just give a little bit of commentary around things that you’ve learned since the majority stake that you’ve taken, and how that could potentially be influencing other brands in your portfolio with respect to where you could potentially invest going forward, what retailers might — other brands work in that you may have not have thought about earlier.

Thank you.

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. First of all, DECIEM is an extraordinary company, and The Ordinary is a brand with enormous success and traction. And so first of all, we are collaborating with the management team of DECIEM to continue building both The Ordinary and to continue building the overall DECIEM company with their extraordinary incubation capability they have and new brands that they are creating for the future. So both of these activities.

So the big learning is obviously the ability to create buzz and interest and the relationship between The Ordinary brand and the consumer is really a start. Obviously, we can learn a lot from this. Apart from learning, we can support them in the implementation of the global commercial strategies in increasing the reach of the brand, and obviously in leveraging the powerful connection with the consumer in the best possible way in supply chain, in R&D in many, many areas. So we can learn and we can support, and this exchange is proving to be very successful.

Then on top of The Ordinary, there are other brands. They are building other ideas and creating for the future. So what we are learning is also the power of creative incubation and the creation of new brands. And this will have an influence on our future ability to continue developing brands.

And definitely, we will leverage the strength of DECIEM also in this area.


Thank you. Our next question will come from the line of Mark Astrachan with Stifel.

Mark AstrachanStifel Financial Corp. — Analyst

Thanks and good morning, everyone. I wanted to ask about Hainan growth. And I think you had mentioned this on some previous calls in terms of where the growth is coming from, meaning that you weren’t necessarily sourcing it from sales in the mainland. I guess I’m curious if that’s still the case and kind of how you think about what has driven the growth? Especially as it seems like some of the duty-free operators are paying the duties to deliver product to mainland customers.

So if that’s true, kind of how do you think this all plays out in time in terms of having mainland and Hainan or kind of local duty-free work together?

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. I mean keep in mind that in China, our most distributed brand, which is Estée Lauder, is on 140 cities. Where today with a strong social media and with a strong aspiration of values of our brand, as we speak, we can — we have demand in more than 700 cities. So there are many, many consumers in China that can only buy either online or traveling, and traveling domestically today and historically also traveling internationally.

And so it’s just the market, the — commercially, the market is designed to have a very limited overlap between the Mainland China and the Hainan. Hainan serves an enormous amount of consumer that comes also from tier three, tier four cities, areas where there is not a lot of brick-and-mortar distribution. And so Hainan can attract this consumer in this moment. Also is a place where people go for holidays.

As part of these holidays, there is a lot of the pleasure of shopping, the pleasure of discovery. So the business in Hainan is proving to be a great trial builder more than in a cannibalizing business. And it’s building trial of people that otherwise will not be able to trial our product, then will repurchase them. Will repurchase them maybe again in the future travel, but most of the times in their everyday life in Mainland China.

So obviously, there is commercial competition. The market is becoming very competitive. There is a lot of players. Commercially, the region will continue to be intense competition.

But there is every channel that serves frankly, a very different role. And so our strategy is to be able to leverage each one of these channels in the best possible way, with the idea of maximizing the coverage and the service to the total consumers in China that are interested in beauty, and overtime to be able to better differentiate the scope of the channels and how the consumer will be served by the different channels. Last thing I want to say, Hainan had, at least the last number I’ve seen, over the 80 million visitors in the last year. So if you think that Hainan serves the entire middle class.

Because it’s domestic travel, you don’t need to have a passport. So today is our knowledge about 12% to Chinese consumers had a passport. Even when international travel will restart, there will be even limited cannibalization versus international travel, because Hainan will serve many consumers that do not plan to travel internationally. So we are very positive on the long term and very positive on the ability to serve the consumers using different channels, which is our strategy.


Thank you. Our next question comes from the line of Wendy Nicholson with Citi.

Wendy NicholsonCiti — Analyst

Hi. Two things, if I can. When you were running through the brands and what’s growing for you and what’s doing especially well, I think you called out La Mer first. And I just wanted to clarify how much of La Mer’s growth is coming from China and travel retail? Or is the brand also growing strongly in the U.S.

and Western Europe non-travel retail? So that’s my first question. And then second thing, I know you said, Tracey, that there was only minimal sales in the first quarter from the pipeline fill into Target and Kohl’s. But now that we’re kind of already into November, can you comment a little bit about what you’re seeing there? And especially I’m curious, what percentage of the sales that you’re getting from Target and Kohl’s are in makeup as opposed to skin? I’m just wondering that if those two channels really take off for you, what kind of mix effect that might have on your North American business. Thanks.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Thanks, Wendy. So in terms of La Mer, La Mer is growing in pretty much every market. It’s incredibly strong. The brand does a fantastic job of innovating.

And so we’re seeing growth from both new innovation as well as a continued expansion of new consumers with some of the strategies that the brand is deploying. And we see very high loyalty and repeat with La Mer. So it is all around even during this pandemic, it has been one of the constants in terms of the performance in our portfolio. And the La Mer team is just an absolute fantastic team.

So the brand is doing incredibly well. As it relates to Kohl’s and Target and also within Target and Sephora within Kohl’s, we have seeded the initial doors. We certainly expect during the upcoming holiday season that we will see increased growth, obviously, in contribution from the distribution that we have. And we’re pleased thus far with the partnership.

We’re seeing more skincare growth than makeup at the moment. But again, I expect that we will certainly, with some of the strong gift programs that our makeup brands have, we expect that we’ll see more makeup growth in the second quarter.

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. I just wanted to add that our North America growth this quarter, which has been extraordinary is the result of many factors. It’s definitely not yet the impact of Ulta Target or Sephora Kohl’s. That was just at the beginning and only in the last month of the quarter.

So is the result of many other very positive signs. Also, we’ve been gaining shares in all categories during the quarter in Clinique, in MAC, La Mer, in Bobbi, in Tom Ford, in Jo Malone. So it’s a very broad growth across. We are really ready with our innovation with the strong marketing programs.

We had anticipated the comeback on makeup. We have strengthened our program in what we call the makeup renaissance in anticipation on the return to back to school or back to work. We had amazing programs so that — we have added obviously The Ordinary, which is the No. 4 brand in skincare in prestige U.S.

to our portfolio. So it’s a combination of factors of improvement of the strategy and improvement of the execution in our North American organization, so a terrific quarter. And we do expect the Ulta Target Kohl’s Sephora to contribute more in the next quarters. That was not the key contributing factor in quarter one.

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Yeah. I think this quarter really represents diversification that we have within the business that we’ve talked about. And certainly, the North America performance, to Fabrizio’s point, represents that as well.


Thank you. And with that, that will conclude today’s question-and-answer session. If you were unable to join for the entire call, a playback will be available at 1 PM Eastern today through November 16th. To hear a recording of the call, please dial (855) 859-2056 and enter passcode 6086324.

Again, passcode 6086324. [Operator signoff]

Duration: 63 minutes

Call participants:

Rainey ManciniSenior Vice President of Investor Relations

Fabrizio FredaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Tracey TravisExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Erinn MurphyPiper Sandler — Analyst

Lauren LiebermanBarclays — Analyst

Nik ModiRBC Capital Markets — Analyst

Dara MohsenianMorgan Stanley — Analyst

Steve PowersDeutsche Bank — Analyst

Unknown speaker

Andrea TeixeiraJPMorgan Chase & Co. — Analyst

Olivia TongRaymond James — Analyst

Mark AstrachanStifel Financial Corp. — Analyst

Wendy NicholsonCiti — Analyst

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90,000 Asia, exhibitions of beauty, health, cosmetics, perfumery, SPA and dietary supplements

International exhibitions in Asia: beauty, health, cosmetics, perfumery, SPA, skin and hair care products, nails, dietary supplements … and the like exhibitions in America and Europe 09/29/2021 – 10/01/2022
Cosme Osaka 2021 (Osaka, Japan)
Osaka International Cosmetics Show, Japan 11/13/2021 – 11/15/2021
Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair 2021 (Yiwu, China)
Yiwu International Imported Goods Show, China 17.11.2021 – 19.11.2021
CosmoProf Asia 2021 Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
International Asia Pacific Health & Beauty Exhibition in Hong Kong, China 08.12.2021 – 10.12.2021
InterPhEx Japan 2021 (Tokyo, Japan)
International Exhibition for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries, Tokyo 12/14/2021 – 12/16/2021
Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN 2021 – dates? (Bangkok, Thailand)
International Exhibition of Cosmetics, Beauty Products and Hair Care in Bangkok, Thailand 29.12.2021 – 31.12.2021
CIBE 2021 Guangzhou – Beauty Expo (Guangzhou, China)
Guangzhou International Beauty & Cosmetics Exhibition, China 11.01.2022 – 12.01.2022
BeautyWorld Japan Fukuoka 2022 (Fukuoka, Japan)
International Beauty & Spa Industry Show, Fukuoka, Japan 12.01.2022 – 14.01.2022
Cosme Tech 2022 (Tokyo, Japan)
International Exhibition and Conference for the Development of the Cosmetic Industry, Tokyo 12.01.2022 – 01.14.2022
Cosme Tech 2022 (Tokyo, Japan)
International Exhibition and Conference for the Development of the Cosmetic Industry, Tokyo 12.01.2022 – 14.01.2022
Cosme Tokyo 2022 (Tokyo, Japan)
Tokyo International Cosmetics Show 12.01.2022 – 14.01.2022
Cosme Tokyo 2022 (Tokyo, Japan)
Tokyo International Cosmetics Show, Japan 12.01.2022 – 14.01.2022
Inner Beauty 2022 (Tokyo, Japan)
Tokyo Japan International Beauty & Healthy Food Exhibition 26.01.2022 – 01.28.2022
Lifestyle Week Tokyo 2022 (Tokyo, Japan)
International Contemporary Lifestyle Week, Japan, Tokyo 02/22/2022 – 02/23/2022
Gym & Pools Israel 2022 (Tel Aviv, Israel)
International Exhibition of Products and Services of Equipment for Gyms, Pools and Spas in Tel Aviv, Israel 03/17/2022 – 03/19/2022
FHT Bali 2022 – Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali (Bali, Indonesia)
International Exhibition of Catering, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Bali 17.03.2022 – 19.03.2022
Retail Indonesia 2022 (Bali, Indonesia)
International Exhibition of Technology and Equipment for Retail, Advertising, Storage, Indonesia 20.04.2022 – 23.04.2022
HKTDC Houseware Fair 2022 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Hong Kong International Household Goods Show 04/25/2022 – 04/28/2022
Gifts & Home China 2022 (Shenzhen, China)
Shenzhen China International Gifts, Promotional Favors, Household & Furnishings Show 27.04.2022 – 30.04.2022
HKTDC Gifts & Premium Fair 2022 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Hong Kong International Gift & Prize Show 11/01/2022 – 11/03/2022
CosmEx 2022 (Bangkok, Thailand)
International Exhibition of Beauty and Health Industry, Cosmetics and Packaging in Bangkok, Thailand 11/01/2022 – 11/03/2022
In-Cosmetics Asia 2022 (Bangkok, Thailand)
Asia International Cosmetics & Personal Care Ingredients Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

Cosmoprof Asia Exhibition 2021 in Hong Kong, China

Cosmoprof Asia 2017 is an international exhibition of perfumery and cosmetics.The exposition, which will take place in Hong Kong, is one of four world exhibitions that are held under the Cosmoprof brand in the world. The most famous companies from Asia, Europe, America demonstrate here the best examples of cosmetics and hair care products; equipment for beauty and hairdressing salons; new technologies for the production of cosmetics, etc. The exhibition was founded in 1996, is held once a year, and is attended by tens of thousands of people. Cosmoprof Asia 2017 is organized by UBM Asia Ltd and BolognaFiere.

This is the most prestigious beauty trade show in Asia, providing unique business opportunities in the region. Here you can find the most complete range of products for the “production” of beauty and health, get acquainted with the latest trends and novelties in this area. The exhibition is intended for manufacturers, distributors and buyers of cosmetics and perfumes, for owners of spas, beauty salons, nail salons, hotels, medical and sports centers, beauty schools, etc.

In 2010, Cosmoprof Asia was attended by companies from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Great Britain, USA, etc. The exhibition attracted the attention of visitors from France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Great Britain, the Middle East, North America and the Asia-Pacific region, which confirmed the international significance of the exhibition. This year, the organizers are also expecting exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.It is especially worth noting that the exhibition will use division not only by thematic sectors, but also by national pavilions. The organizers and participants will be waiting for visitors every day from 9.30 to 18.30.

Thematic sections to be presented at the exhibition:

• Retail. Perfumes and cosmetics distributed through retail outlets: specialty stores, chain stores, department stores, gift shops and pharmacies
• Packaging, equipment and raw materials
• Hairdressing salons.Products for haircuts, styling and hair care, equipment and furnishings for salons
• Beauty salon. Products and equipment for beauty salons, products for wellness, spa and nail salons
• Health and beauty from nature. Natural health food, healthy food and drink, diet food, Asian traditional medicine and therapy

Exhibition Cosmoprof Asia 2017 is not only an exposition of goods and services, but also many interesting events for participants and visitors.The exhibition will include conferences, forums, presentations and seminars.

Statistics of the exhibition for past years:
1780 companies presented their products and services at the exhibition. The exhibitors were located on an area of ​​57,400 square meters. The exhibition was attended by over 48530 people from 111 different countries of the world. The number of visitors thus increased by almost 10%. 217 people covered the exhibition in international and national media.

Asia Pacific International Exhibition

Asia Pacific Rail 2020 – Asia Pacific.

Asia Pacific Rail 2020 – Asia Pacific Railroad International Exhibition and Conference, will be held in Bangkok. On you can see information about the cost of participation and attendance at Asia Pacific Rail 2020, as well.

Hong Kong Economy – Wikipedia

The economy of Hong Kong owes its current state in many respects to the peculiarities of its historical development – the activities of a large port, which since colonial times has been the “locomotive” of foreign trade, availability.

aimex 2013 (Asia-Pacific International Mining Show), Sydney, Australia UGOL Rossii & Mining 2013

Exhibitions Transport 2020 – schedule, buy tickets.

Asia-Pacific Railway International Exhibition and Conference from 1 to 2 July

Asia Pacific Retailer Conference.

Asia-Pacific Retailer Conference Kicks Off in China — The 19th Asia-Pacific Retailer Conference and Exhibition opened in Chongqing, a city of central jurisdiction in southwest China, on Friday 6.

exhibitions | The magazine “Ukraine Electro” is an informational one.

The 10th Asia-Pacific Energy Products and Technology Exhibition Power China 2020 Apr 14, 2020.Power China 2020 is a unique and great opportunity to get in touch with the power supply market in China!

Used by Beijing Mining Equipment Company

Aimex 2019 Asia-Pacific International Mining Equipment Exhibition in Sydney, Australia Mining Machinery and Equipment in Beijing, China About us. About Us

LLC “Asia-Pacific Company”

International Exhibition of the Fish Industry.LLC “Asia-Pacific Company” The company is a wholesale supplier of seafood in.

International Exhibition of Coal and Mining.

China International Coal and Mining Exhibition 2017-Utec (Suzhou) Sealing.

Exhibitions China, Exhibitions in China in August. Tours to.

Asia Pacific Biomass Energy Show (APBE) Guangzhou, China.mining indonesia 16th International Mining Exhibition and Conference, every 2 years: Indonesia, Jakarta

All exhibitions in China

Description: International Exhibition of Energy Infrastructure and Services, Power Generation and Distribution, Electrical Engineering, New Types of Energy, etc.

A new exhibition season starts in April in Azerbaijan

The exhibition season will be opened by the 16th Azerbaijan International Tourism and Travel Exhibition AITF2017 and the 11th Caucasus International Exhibition “Everything for Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets” HOREX.

Exhibitions of Agriculture, Livestock and Horticulture.

China Asia Pacific Aquaculture & Seafood Show, Zhuhai 05/23/2020 – 05/25/2020 CGC Expo 2020 Weihai (Weihai, China)

Tour description

China Line LLC +7 (495) 626-06-60 +7 (495) 999-46-45.Selection of tours from “China Line” Nights

Exhibitions in Shanghai: other goods and services

International Exhibition of Paper Products V. 14th Asian-Pacific Int’I PIastics & Rubber Industry Exhibition / APPLAS.

Industrial Equipment Exhibitions

Description: International Exhibition of Molds, Molds, Dies, Product Design and Contract Manufacturing Services

Azerbaijan International Exhibition “Tourism and.

On April 4, the 18th Azerbaijan International Tourism and Travel Exhibition (aitf-2019) opened at the Baku Expo Center. According to AZERTAC, this year the aitf exhibition is held with active support and participation.

Train ticket prices 2020

Prices of railway tickets Moscow – Lebedyan The price of a train ticket is on the official website depends on many factors. You can find out the availability and cost of train tickets there and back, buy Railway tickets Moscow.

Space Spider on the third Asia-Pacific.

The 3rd Asia-Pacific International 3D Printing Exhibition is the largest 3D printing trade fair in the region and will be held in St.

China Trade Show Calendar 2019 – ETG | Eurasian Trading.

15.02 / 18.02. Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair 2019. Submit your application . China International Leather & Fur Fair

Asia Pacific Hot Water Technology Show, formerly known as’ Water Heating. 06/05/2019 ARCHIDEX 2019

Exhibitions in China in 2018 | Road to China

Contact us right now: 8 (495) 969-88-30 8 (495) 699-57-07.Visas Michael

Seafood Expo Global. Processing Global

Description of the Event. The largest European exhibition, which annually attracts thousands of fish market professionals from all over the world: more than 36,000 square meters, 140 participating countries, 73 national and regional.

All Exhibitions in Shanghai 2015

5th Asia-Pacific International Pump & Valve Exhibition Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing (CECIS / SHCEC) 2015-10-21 2015-10-23:.

= $ post [“content”]?> 90,000 Panama-Pacific International Exhibition of 1915 in color

1915 Panama-Pacific International Exhibition in color

Howard Clinton Tibbitts (1863-1937), a photographer for the Southern Pacific Railroad, attended the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exhibition in San Francisco.

To quote wiki: Panama-Pacific International Exhibition (eng.Panama – Pacific International Exposition, abbr. PPIE) is an international exhibition held in San Francisco in 1915 in honor of the completion of the construction of the Panama Canal. The 635-acre (2.6 km²) exhibition was housed in the modern urban area of ​​Marina between Presidio and Fort Mason.
On display was the C. P. Huntington steam locomotive, the very first Southern Pacific Railroad locomotive, now housed at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento.The exhibition operated a telephone line to New York so that people across the continent could hear the Pacific Ocean. The Liberty Bell, one of the main symbols of the American struggle for independence, was brought to the exhibition from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, having made its way across the country. The American Grand Prix and the Vanderbilt Cup motoring competitions were held around the fairgrounds. The exhibition included an exposition of the Smithsonian Institution.
The center of the exhibition was the Tower of Jewels (eng.Tower of Jewels) 435 feet high, covered with over 100,000 faceted glass, illuminated by fifty electric floodlights at night. In front of the tower was the Fountain of Energy, surrounded by the South Gardens, the Palace of Horticulture and the Festival Hall. Many other pavilions, designed as palaces, were located on the territory of the exhibition. Among them, the Palace of Fine Arts, created as a temporary museum of fine works, stood out. This palace is one of the few structures that have survived from the time of the exhibition, and the only one located in the original place.Closer to Fort Mason there was an amusement park, where, among other attractions, a large-scale working model of the Panama Canal was presented to the attention of visitors. ” The scope is simply amazing.
And the reason for writing this post was that Mr. Tibbits not only visited the exhibition and took photographs, but the fact that he took color photographs using the method of the Lumiere brothers – autochrome.

Gusev E.B. V.A. Prokudin Salashchenko A.G. Exhibition activities in Russia and abroad. THEME 15



15.1. Cuba

15.2. Canada

15.3. Brazil

15.4. Peru

Control questions to the topic

15.1. CUBA

Havana international diversified exhibition-fair of raw materials, equipment, technical and consumer goods – FIHAV (1998: pl .: 23.352, u .: 1458, p .: 250) was awarded the UFI badge.

Among others major international events: HABANABEL – international beauty salon, FIT – international transport fair, METANICA – international fair industrial products and means of production.

Main organizer of exhibitions – RAWEHRO.


15.2. CANADA

In Canada exhibition events are held in Vancouver, Windsor, Halifax, Calgary, Quebec, London, Moncton, Ottawa, Montreal, Red Deer, Toronto, Edmonte.

Ottawa main focus of exhibitions – financial services, information technology in management systems, vocational training and professional development, for example, Careers Training & Development Show.

Largest number international and national exhibitions are held at Toronto, main way in the industrial field, including an international exhibition Internet Technology, Network Management – Internet World / Ispon Canada, Canadian Industrial Technology Show – Canadian Manufacturing week, Canadian Electronic Technology Show – Canadian High Technology Show (CHTS), Canada woodworking exhibition – Woodworking Machinery & Supply Expo (WMS), etc.

In Montreal, takes place international exhibition of winemaking, international salon for the protection of the environment environment and ecology, the international salon of manufacturers of equipment for agriculture farms. Exhibitions in Montreal are to a certain extent also focused on industry and trade, for example, a national franchise exhibition, assistance in business development – National Franghise & Business Opportunities Show. The exhibitions in Calgary have a similar focus: financial services, franchising, professional training along with specialized exhibitions in the field of geophysics, well drilling, etc.d.


15.3. BRAZIL

Exhibition Center “Rioctntro”, located in the southern suburbs of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Barra da Tijuca, has an exhibition area of ​​60 thousand square meters. m and congress center with a hall for 2500 seats.

Another exhibition center in Brazil – Melia Sao Poulo Hotel & World Trade Convention Center in Sao Paulo.

The Show Trade is part of the most modern World Trade Center complex in the city’s business corridor.

The Center is proud of the most advanced high technologies for providing fairs and exhibitions. Full exhibition area of ​​the center is 9.596 sq. m, distributed over 8 floors (1.172 sq. m each). The full equipment of the center includes a hall for 1200 people, an auditorium (540 seated places) and 12 free rooms.

The Melia Sao Poulo – a new 300-room five-star hotel – also part of the World Trade Center.

90,050 Annually in Sao Paulo, 20-25 exhibitions are held, of which approximately 25% in the region telecommunications, Internet technologies, e-commerce, including EXPO.COMM

Brazil / IPNET – International Exhibition and conference – telecommunication and network technologies and equipment (in 2000 for the 4th time), E-Business Expo South America – South American Exhibition on Internet Technology and Internet Business, Computer Telephony Expo South America – South American Computer Technology Exhibition, Computer Telephony, communication systems and means, InterExpo – Latin American Exhibition for Internet Technology and Electronic commerce (in 20002nd time).


15.4. PERU

Of the five major international exhibitions in Lima, two awarded the UFI label: FIP-Feria International del Pacifico: Pacific International Diversified Fair (1997: pl .: 25.159, u .: 499, p .: 32.3), and the number of participants from abroad is even somewhat exceeded the number of national exhibitors (257 and 242, respectively), and TECNOTRON – the international exhibition and fair of telecommunications and office equipment.

Among other well-known international exhibitions – Technomin – international fair for the mining industry (1998: area: 6.220, u .: 291, p .: 20.3).

These exhibitions are organized by Feria International del Pacifico.



1. The award what symbols (insignia) indicate the recognition of the international the significance of this or that exhibition?

2. Renders whether exhibition activities in Central America and South America to the economies of these countries?


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90,000 Hong Kong International Exhibitions 2014

Hong Kong

October 2014

1) 04.10.2014-07.10.2014 Fine Art Asia 2014 Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Exhibition of Fine Arts and Antiques

2) 07.10.2014 – 08.10.201 4 Exchange Technology World Asia 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Asia International Technology Exchange Conference

3) 07.10.2014- 08.10.2014 High Frequency Trading World Asia 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International High Frequency Trading Conference

4) 08.10.2014-07.10.2014 Quant Invest Asia 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

International Conference for Investors and Fund Managers in Asia

5) 11.10.2014-14.10.2014 China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Exhibition of Chinese Electronics and Electronic Components

6) 11.10.2014-14.10.2014 China Sourcing Fair: Security Products 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International China Security Equipment and Systems Exhibition

7) 11.10.2014-14.10.2014 Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Korean Electronics and Electronic Components Exhibition

8) 13.10.2014-16.10.2014 ElectronicAsia 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Exhibition of Electronic Products, Components, Components, Equipment

9) 13.10.2014-16.10.2014 Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Electronics Show

10) 18.10.2014-21.10.2014 China Sourcing Fair: Mobile & Wireless 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Exhibition of Chinese Mobile and Wireless Devices

11) 18.10.2014-21.10.2014 Korea Sourcing Fair: Mobile & Wireless 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Korean Mobile and Wireless International Exhibition

12) 19.10.2014-22.10.2014 China Sourcing Fair: Home Products 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Chinese Household Products Exhibition

13) 19.10.2014-22.10.2014 Korea Sourcing Fair: Gifts & Premiums 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Korean Souvenir and Gift Manufacturers Exhibition, China

14) 20.10.2014-23.10.2014 Mega Show Part 1 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Exhibition of Gifts, Souvenirs, Stationery, Household Goods

15) 27.10.2014-30.10.2014 China Sourcing Fair: Fashion Accessories 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International China Fashion Accessories Exhibition

16) 27.10.2014-30.10.2014 China Sourcing Fair: Garments & Textiles 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Exhibition of Chinese Textile and Apparel Manufacturers

17) 27.10.2014-30.10.2014 China Sourcing Fair: Underwear & Swimwear 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Chinese Lingerie & Swimwear Exhibition

18) 27.10.2014-30.10.2014 Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Lighting Technology Show

19) 27.10.2014-30.10.2014 India Sourcing Fair: Garments & Accessories 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Exhibition of Indian Textile & Accessories Manufacturers

20) 27.10.2014-29.10.2014 Mega Show Part 2 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Exhibition of Gifts, Souvenirs, Stationery, Household Goods

21) 29.10.2014-01.11.2014 Eco Expo Asia 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Environmental Protection Exhibition

22) 29.10.2014-01.11.201 4 Hong Kong Building and Hardware Fair 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Building Materials & Tools Show

November 2014

1) 05.11.2014-07.11.2014 Hong Kong Optical Fair 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Optics Show

2) 06.11.2014-08.11.2014 Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Fair 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Show

3) 12.11.2014-14.11.2014 CosmoProf Asia 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Asia Pacific Health & Beauty Show

4) 17.11.2014-19.11.2014 Mongolia Projects & Investment Summit 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Mongolia International Economic Investment Summit, Hong Kong

5) 11/18/2014 – 11/19/2014 ALMC 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

International Maritime Logistics Development Conference and Exhibition, Hong Kong

6) 20.11.2014-21.11.2014 Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Asia Pacific Cruise Industry Show

7) 22.11.2014-23.11.2014 SMART Investment & International Property Expo 2014 Hong Kong >> (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Real Estate and Investment Show

8) 27.11.2014-30.11.2014 Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturing Show

9) 28.11.2014-30.11.2014 Hong Kong Auto Salon 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Auto Show

December 2014

1) 02.12.2014-03.12.2014 MIPIM Asia 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Asia Pacific World Real Estate Show

2) 04.12.2014 – 06.12.2014 APA 2014 – AgriPro Asia (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

International Asian Agroindustrial Exhibition and Conference, Hong Kong

3) 04.12.2014 – 06.12.2014 Hong Kong Bakery Expo 2014 (HKIBE) (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Bread Baking Show

4) 04.12.2014-06.12.2014 Inno Design Tech (IDT) Expo 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Exhibition for Innovative, Technological and Design Solutions

5) 05.12.2014-07.12.2014 Hong Kong World SME Expo 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Small and Medium Business Support Exhibition and Conference

6) 09.12.2014-11.12.2014 CineAsia 2014 Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Asian Exhibition for Cinema Products, Technologies and Services

7) 12.12.2014-14.12.2014 Christmas Wedding Service & Banquet Expo 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Christmas and Wedding Fair

8) 12.12.2014-14.12.2014 DRT Show Hong Kong 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Resort & Tourism Diving Show, China

9) 25.12.2014-28.12.2014 e-Expo 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Consumer Electronics Show, China

10) 25.12.2014-28.12.2014 Hong Kong Car Show 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Auto Show

11) 25.12.2014-29.12.2014 Hong Kong Food Festival 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Food and Dessert Festival, China

12) 25.12.2014-28.12.2014 Mega Showcase 2014 Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Christmas Gift & Consumer Fair

13) 29.12.2014-31.12.2014 EECS 2014 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong International Electrical and Information Technology Conference

90,000 The week of fashion, beauty and style of the Asia-Pacific countries will end on April 25 with the Pygmalion competition for young designers. Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service VSUES

This was announced by the event organizer, Head of the Department of Service Technologies of VSUES, Candidate of Technical Sciences Inna Klochko.

Within two days – April 24-25 – the traditional XXII international competition of young designers “Pygmalion” will be held in the student theater and concert complex of VSUES “Underground”. It will be attended by both students and novice designers – the authors of more than 100 collections from Russia, Kazakhstan and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

“Pygmalion”, born in the depths of our university, at first as a competition of student works, very quickly grew into an international one, with the participation of experts – legislators of Russian and foreign fashion.And this year “Pygmalion” will become the apotheosis of the events of the Pacific Style Week, preceding it.

As of April 20, Contest of hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists “Master-Style” and Seminar of the headliner of the competition Eduard Trishkin (top-stylist of international class, master of the French High Hairdressing Fashion Association HCF, ex-president of the Russian section of the NSF) ). In parallel, an exhibition of the beauty industry will work.

In addition to the traditional ones, the “fashionable” week will delight guests with new unique events.On April 20, in the Winter Garden for schoolchildren and with their participation, the competition Teenagers Fashion Loo k will be held for the first time. A for students of creative directions “Job fair for the fashion industry.”

On April 21, for fashionistas and fashionistas, for beginners in the “fashionable” business and for owners of showrooms, the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art will host a round table “Is there fashion in Vladivostok?”

On April 24-25, in parallel with the “Pygmalion” competition, a art bazaar of hand-made masters of the Primorsky Territory will operate in the hall of the Winter Garden of VSUES.

This was announced by the organizer of events, head of the department of service technologies of VSUES, candidate of technical sciences Inna Klochko, who also answered questions about the upcoming main event of the Fashion Week – the competition “Pygmalion XXII”.

– Inna Leonidovna, will there be something new, unusual in the current shows of Pygmalion as the final event of the Fashion Week in Vladivostok?

– Of course, we are working on various features of the current competition.Although Pygmalion will retain its traditional nominations, there will be a new one as well. Last year we had the “Profi” nomination, where professional designers presented their collections.

This year, focusing on the needs of the external environment, we singled out the Business Idea nomination. Those. these are turnkey solutions offered by our costume design students for implementation, for launching products in small batches – as the manufacturer sees it. For this, we plan to invite representatives of industrial structures to the public jury.

A lot of children’s clothing collections will be presented. We saw a need for this, including within the framework of economic contractual topics. For “Pygmalion” this time there are enough collections of children’s assortment.

– Will we see these collections on sale?

I hope that in the near future – our students have already completed two orders for the development of design documentation for manufacturers.

– What else awaits us at Pygmalion?

– On April 23, the most stylish and fashionable event of the season, FASHION VIEW, awaits spectators at the VSUES Museum and Exhibition Complex. For the first time at an event of this scale, not models will walk on the red carpet, but famous people of Vladivostok, demonstrating the collections they have created together with design students. Quite unexpected solutions will also be presented here.

Today, fashion trends are such that the status of the owner is indicated not by the brand of his clothes, but by the quality of the fabric and the skill of its fitting to the figure. Accepting yourself for who you are, the concept of your own style – clothes named after yourself, in which you feel comfortable, helps to feel happy.Our non-professional models were helped to create their own style by non-professional designers from the FASHION VIEW project. The event will also feature a show of hairstyles and accessories from the project partners.

– Participation of students, and not only designers, in holding “fashionable” events at VSUES has already become traditional. How will it be this time?

– I can say for sure: all Pygmalion managers are students of the Service at Fashion and Beauty Enterprises and Social and Cultural Service areas.Students have already worked out all the positions so much that they will also be responsible for all escort functions: from meeting guests to ensuring order behind the scenes. The teams of make-up artists, hairdressers are also all student, from and to consisting of students from the Department of Service Technologies and the College of Art and Technology.

– Are these the ones who worked in the last fashion weeks?

– Yes, they lead teams with a lot of newcomers, but what kind! A good example: Aleksandra Rupenko, a second-year student of the profile “Service at Fashion and Beauty Enterprises”, took on a huge amount of work this year – the children’s competition “Fashion without Borders” – and coped with it very well.Our other students of service areas are also a match for her.

Now, within the framework of the discipline “Service activities”, a team of students of the BSS-13 group (“Sociocultural Service”) is developing advertising campaigns for social networks, for the media, and next Monday, at 13.30, it will present its finished projects. We work mainly on social media. All operational information and news will be reflected on the website of the Department of Service Technologies, where you can go from the Pacific Style Week banner posted on the main page of the VSUES website.

– Who passed the qualifying round for participation in Pygmalion this year?

– Unlike the usual one, more than 50 percent of the designers participating in the competition are from other cities: from Krasnodar to Vladivostok. Contestants go to the Pacific Style Week brand – it has become recognizable. Because we tend to recommend the top ten designers for haute couture shows.

Despite the fact that this year the events of the Week are held in an abridged version, the winners of the Pygmalion XXII Grand Prix will represent Vladivostok and our brand on September 27 in Moscow, at the Russian Silhouette.We are a qualifying stage, and if the collections are strong, we will try to get the Moscow organizing committee to take not one, but two collections.

Applicants – winners of the “Pygmalion XXII” competition in the “Debut” nomination will be eligible for crediting points on the creative exam “Composition” for admission to the bachelor’s degree “Costume Design”. This time, guys from Vladivostok, Ussuriisk, Khabarovsk and Chelyabinsk will debut.

– Who are the foreign participants who have entered the Pygmalion?

– Two collections each will be provided by the Institute of General Fashion (Niigata, Japan) and Sangshin Women’s University in Seoul (South Korea).Two to four collections – Dezhou University (China). And Astana (Kazakhstan) will take part in absentia.

– Who will represent the professional jury of Pygmalion XXII?

– The jury is also quite representative. It will include experts from our foreign partners: Ichiro Tsuchida – Vice-Rector of the Institute of High Fashion (Niigata, Japan). She is also a participant of Pacific Style Week 2014 Misun Yum designer, assistant professor at the Department of Fashion Design and Modeling at Sangshin Women’s University in Seoul (South Korea).In addition to her collection, she will bring two students. Now we are talking about exchange programs between Sangshin Women’s University in Seoul and VSUES, which would be very cool.

Our long-term partner – Viktor Evgenievich Kuzmichev agreed to come – this is our colleague, professor, doctor of technical sciences, head of the department of designing garments of the Textile Institute of the Ivanovo State Polytechnic University. He will also lecture on design in modern clothing design.

Confirmed participation in the jury Alexandra Kaloshin , owner of the Salt fabric studio, general director of Solstudio textile design, fabric design bureau, co-owner of Open fabrics company (Moscow).

And, finally, VSUES graduate – Katerina Evmeneva , designer, creative director of the SUCCUB fashion house, (Vladivostok).

Representatives of the creative elite of Vladivostoks were also invited to the jury.

– Some events, as we can see, will take place outside the walls of the university.Is the Pygmalion show location traditional for both days?

Yes, the defile of the semifinals and the final will be held, as usual, at the Underground site, with access to the center of the auditorium along a white sparkling podium.

– Who is responsible for sound design, lighting, life video?

– Our students will do everything.

– How many models are you planning to use in the shows and who are they?

– It will be from 40 to 60 fashion models – students of our and other universities – models who have passed the school of the Fashion Theater of VSUES “Pygmalion”.

Inna Leonidovna, we wish you and your team good luck in holding all the events of the Fashion Week at the university and beyond!

Thank you and invite everyone to take part in the Fashion Week events! We will try to tell you more about each of them separately in the remaining three weeks before the start of the events.

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