L oreal paris foundation review: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation Makeup, 101 Classic Ivory, 1 fl; oz.


L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation Makeup, 101 Classic Ivory, 1 fl; oz.

3.0 out of 5 stars Accentuates every skin imperfection, and the shade selection is crappy
By Replicant on October 7, 2016

I heard the buzz about this foundation, and figured it would be good, since I’m super-oily. Nope. It’s too matte, oxidizes slightly darker, and the shade selection is a big problem. If you try to scope the shades out in a brick-and-mortar store, all the tubes literally look the same. If you try to look online, even on the Loreal website, there are no helpful shade descriptions that tell you the undertone (pink, golden, neutral, etc), or whether the shade is meant for “light,” “light-medium,” “medium” et cetera skin tones.
Why is this information not readily available? And yes, I DID try 2 different online foundation matrix tools—no dice.

So picking my shade was a shot in the dark. For reference, I consider myself light-medium, and neutral-cool—I wear a Medium Beige in Bare Minerals, NC25 in MAC, and 020 Claire in Chanel Lift Lumiere. I picked the Pro-Matte 103 Natural Buff, and it’s too peachy yellow for me. I can get away with it, but I’d feel awkward in broad daylight, because my face and neck would be too peachy compared to my body, and I think it would scream “Look at my foundation!”

But shade aside, there are some issues with this foundation:
1.) It’s too matte to look natural. Matte foundations can be so aging—who needs that? A little bit of dewy luminosity looks more natural and skin-like. Wearing something this matte would make people stare at my foundation, rather than my face.
2.) It dries very quickly, and you don’t have a lot of time to buff things out with a foundation brush. If you take too long, even using a good foundation brush, it starts to lift the color back off your face, unevenly. Nightmare.

3.) It oxidizes slightly as it dries. Admittedly, the 103 shade was already too peachy for me to begin with, but it got even peachier as it dried. In the photo below, it looks like I have a 5 o’clock shadow.
4.) It accentuates every pore, flake of skin, and imperfection. ( I’ve gamely included some closeups below where you can see every bump, scar, and pore I have.)
5.) Despite the fact that it’s too matte, it separates and clumps in the oiliest areas of the face, such as the sides of the nose. (See photos.) I don’t know how anyone could get “24 hr wear” out of this

On the bright side, it’s thin and fairly comfortable—so you don’t FEEL like you have a face full of foundation. But you sure as hell LOOK like it…..This is definitely not the right foundation for me.

I Tried L’Oréal Paris’s New Infallible Powder Foundation That Went Viral on TikTok | Review

Recently, I found two of my now go-to beauty products on TikTok after they went viral for being that good. One is my new favorite mascara, Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara, and the other, Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream. I’m always on the lookout for what’s going to blow up next and — drumroll, please — it’s L’Oréal Paris’s Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation in a Powder

This foundation is all over beauty TikTok and the results are unbelievable. People with acne are out there looking like they never got a pimple in their life. And pores? They apparently cease to exist when you use this stuff. To be honest, I’m not a fan of powder foundations; I love painting my face with a full-coverage liquid foundation and letting it seep into my skin. But I still had to try this powder one out because I’ve been a fan of L’Oréal Paris’s Infallible Liquid Foundation for years.

The brand dropped this foundation in January 2021, and after going viral, it sold out everywhere. It took nearly two months, but I finally got my hands on it. Upon first seeing it in person, I was skeptical about a few things. For starters, as mentioned, I love my foundation to be full-coverage, but not cakey. I want to look like one of those Instagram filters where pores and blemishes are hidden. Next, I was worried about wear time — yes, the packaging says it’s going to last 24 hours, but I find that powders don’t stick to the skin as well as liquids do. However, regardless of all my doubts, I was eager to dive in.

I did what I usually do to prep my skin for any other type of foundation: start with a primer. (I used the E.L.F. Cosmetics Mint Melt Cooling Face Primer because it’s affordable and has a nice, tacky finish once it dries down.) I opened up the L’Oréal compact to find a square sponge and a mirror, which is a great on-the-go touch. I dipped the dry sponge into the pressed formula and just went for it. 

According to makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, if you bounce or buff the product into your face, it’ll give off a natural look but a bit of coverage. So, I followed that advice and it didn’t disappoint. I applied an even layer all over my face and — well, guys, TikTok sold me again. This foundation is really good. 

The L’Oréal Infallible Fresh Wear 24HR Powder Foundation Lives Up To The Hype

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Welcome to Game-Changers, a weekly series in which we reveal the holy grail beauty products we’re loving now—the ones that saved our hair, cleared our skin, and, in some way, changed our lives.

When it comes to foundation, I’m an extremely finicky person. I look for formulas that are medium coverage—not too sheer, not too heavy. They must cover my rosacea without feeling like spackle on my skin, must forgive the highly textured areas of my face and refrain from settling into my fine lines and large pores, and they must feel breathable and lightweight. Finally, they must look natural, offering a my-skin-but-better effect. As I said, I’m extremely finicky.

Despite my strict set of standards, I’m always open to testing new makeup. While it’s true that I’m rarely wowed by the results, I persist in the hope that I’m on my way to finding a new favorite. The most recent formula to pique my interest came courtesy of TikTok. I’m talking about L’Oréal’s Infallible Fresh Wear 24H Powder Foundation. It’s only $15, and users are raving about its smooth coverage and natural matte finish.

The L’Oréal Infallible Fresh Wear 24HR Powder Foundation is packaged in a portable plastic compact that comes complete with a standard makeup sponge. I applied it to my bare skin using the accompanying sponge by swiping on the foundation in long strokes, before lightly patting it out to blend. Immediately after application, my rosacea was instantly disguised. It even covered post-breakout marks I have along my jawline—I was impressed.

The best part is that the texture didn’t feel overwhelmingly heavy or chalky. Even though I applied a generous layer of the powder to my skin, it felt lightweight and breathable. I was able to withstand hours of wear, which may not sound like much, but for someone like me who despises the feel of most makeup, that was big. 

I only had two concerns, but they had quick fixes. The first was that it left an intensely matte finish, and since I’m used to dewy, satin-like finishes, this took some getting used to, but it was nothing some well-placed highlighter couldn’t help. My second concern was that it didn’t cover my dark circles as well as I would have liked. Again, this wasn’t a dealbreaker. All it took was a touch of concealer layered over the top to brighten my under-eye area. 

My bigger concern is that there are only 16 shades in total. Although there are a few options for people with deep skin tones, the majority of the shades seem to be catered toward people with lighter skin tones. Because of this lack of range, I’d like to see a significant shade expansion so more people could enjoy this amazing product.  

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation Review

Worth a try!

I really wanted to love this and for this to my every day foundation however it just missed the mark! I loved the consistency and texture of the product and really enjoyed using it. I found that it was a little less fuller coverage than I wanted however I do use a damp sponge so I do know this shears the foundation out slightly. The down side for me was that the colour choices were slightly off. I have quite light olive skin and found all shades more on the pink side. I could make it work with bronzer and darker powders. The other problem I had with this foundation is that it blocked my pores and got a lot of bumps on my fore head. As soon as I stopped wearing the foundation my congestion disappeared. I think for the right skin tone and texture the foundation would be great, it just was not the one for me! I think the price point it is worth trying to see if it works for you.

Perfect for oily t-zone but needs lighter shades

My absolute favourite foundation that I have been using for the past four years. I have an oily t-zone, and this foundation mattifies the skin on my face and makes it look so smooth, and it’s not cakey (I use this with a damp beauty blender). However, the lightest shade isn’t actually light enough for my skin, as I am very fair, so I use it when I have fake tan on, or with lightening drops (Australis sell one). I recommend this foundation to those who aren’t very fair skinned and who have an oily face that want a perfect matte finish.

This foundation lives up to its name- infallible matte. That’s what it did for my oily t-zone – stayed matte & lasts long. Its nice how the foundation feels light like second skin when it settles & doesn’t cakes at all but I wouldn’t recommend this for dry & combination skin as my dry cheeks felt powdery dry with the pores popping more prominently.

The L’Oreal Pairs Infallible Matte Foundation is my go to foundation! I use it every day but can also make more full coverage if you apply it twice. It stays in place all day and doesn’t split on my nose like most other foundation. Honestly it’s a 10/10 for me!

L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation is super quick and easy to use I really like the finish of this one. However I do like a super full coverage and I would call this Medium although it is buildable and that’s not a bad thing if that is what you are after. I always have one in my makeup kit.

An affordable foundation for my combo oily skin. It is long lasting with a matte finish but you can make it glow with a spray or glow powder. There is no fragrance and applies best with a sponge! I wore this in Bali and my skin didn’t clog up !

The L’Oreal Matte Foundation claims to be a matte foundation that is lightweight, yet lasts all day and can resist sweat, heat and humidity.

This foundation comes in a 35 ml plastic squeeze tube. A screw top lid covers a small hole dispenser. This product is a liquid foundation but is on the thicker side. It has a scent that I can only describe as that typical makeup smell, it’s quite light so I don’t really notice it to be honest. I have applied the foundation with a brush, sponge and my fingers. Each method works equally well. It is smooth and easy to apply and blend. I get a medium coverage that is buildable to full. I only need a small amount, but when I have applied that little too much I haven’t experienced a problem with cakiness. As someone that generally prefers a more dewy finish, I actually like this matte foundation. It has more of a velvety finish rather than being flat. I can go without a finishing powder, but this foundation is light weight and performs quite well with a powder also. L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation is a fabulous drugstore foundation that has great coverage and is matte without being a heavy mask on your face.

All my friends speak highly of L’Oréal Infallible Matte Foundation so I decided to try it. The foundation gives medium coverage with one layer and is buildable to full coverage if needed but I’m happy with medium coverage. This foundation doesn’t look cakey, is definitely long lasting and holds the makeup in place throughout the day. However, I have dry skin so this foundation does give me creases after few hours every with hydrating primer as base.

I stumbled upon this foundation, and to say I’m blown away would be understatement. I have oily combo skin, and this goes on so smooth and easy, I set with a light pressed powder and it don’t not move all day!  Great colour range selection, always on sale somewhere. Will always have in my beauty pile. 

I absolutely love the finish of this foundation, the shade range leaves a lot to be desired, but the way it sits and stays on the skin is exactly what I want in a foundation.

The only problem is that I can’t tell if it’s breaking me out or not. I will have to continue testing.

The packaging of this product is great, really easy to disperse and control the amount of product. Overall I have mixed feelings about the product. On its own it was very streaky and hard to blend. Using fingers to apply worked well, but after a few hours I looked quite Orange.  I used a hydrating primer which worked better, but best results were with MAC strobe cream and a moist beauty blender.  Coverage was really good. For me it’s more of a ‘going out’ foundation, because I found it too heavy and too much work to apply every day. 

This is my usual go to daily foundation as i do have oily skin and i do like a decent amount of coverage and i think for the price this is a great product! admittedly the colour range is quite limited so i do tend to mix some of my other foundations in depending on what colour i’m at but otherwise a great drug store product.

My first impression of this foundation is that it gives really good coverage, my blemishes have dramatically disappeared or minimised. I tried the colour sand and I am Asian and the colour was a good choice. The foundation lasts well throughout the day and I definitely have less shine on my t-zone.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this tbh because it’s what my mum uses and I wasn’t sure how I felt about using the same foundation as her but I actually really liked it.   I only applied a small amount but I still got even skin tone and good coverage out of it and it’s definitely buildable.  I ran out of primer so I didn’t use any obviously but in saying that I didn’t need to, my skin looked smooth and pores either were “erased” or made to look smaller, also the colour matched me perfectly which was surprising because I usually find brands like this don’t really have the right colours for pale skin.  I also get scared of not using High end brands in case they break me out but that also didn’t happen.   It’s a really good matte foundation that lasts a long time before any oil starts to show.   I’ll definitely be using this on the regular and telling people about it if they need a new foundation. 

The foundation applies nicely and looks good upon first application, however after a couple of hours it looks oily ond starts to break up on my face. I also found that there isn’t a great shade for me with a medium/light skin tone. Overall I think there are better foundations you could get at the drugstore, but if you have dryer skin this might work for you.

Wow . I am impressed with this foundation! My skin can be extremely finicky,  what works one day can be a hot mess the next. However , this foundation I tried every day for over a week and it did not fail me once . It gave me a beautiful matte finish that was not at all flat , it still managed to give off a natural look to my skin which I really enjoyed. At first application I did find that it clung slightly to dry patches which was easily remedied  with applying a good moisturiser as a base first. As the day went on I actually found my foundation looked better , as it warmed into my skin . I’d say it’s a strong medium coverage which is easily built to high coverage without getting overly cakey. Highly recommend to others. Also a little goes a long way,  so price point is very reasonable in my opinion.

This was a great, light-weight fell but good coverage foundation. It didn’t feel heavy or thick on, but I felt it had great coverage throughout the day and lasted a day at work. A great alternative to expensive foundations from department stores. Will b sure to buy in the future.

I adored this product – this was exactly what I wanted from a matte foundation. It wasn’t a heavy or cakey feeling foundation, whilst still being coverage. What made me love this product was it’s skinfeel. Unlike other foundations, this foundation stayed put, and feels like skin – it doesn’t come off on your fingers or feel powder-y when you touch your skin. It stayed matte, even on top of sunscreen.  Packaging was good too – light and transportable for makeup on the go as well. The product is a little bit runny, so I did find I squeezed out too much product at times. 

Unfortunately this was not the foundation for me. I really liked the squeezable tube it comes in and it is quite controlled for the amount of product required. This foundation goes on quite crumbly and requires quite a lot of work to spread it out for an even application. It didn’t keep me matte for very long and was transferable.

Firstly thank you beauty crew for allowing me to trial L’Oreal Pairs Infallible Matte Foundation. The packaging is a great size and style allowing the foundation to be eaaily squeezed out and carried around in a handbag. I found the product offered good coverage, but appeared streaky when applied with brush, using a sponge helped to blend the foundation evenly on my face. I also had to apply a moisturizing primer as the foundation clung to the dry patches of skin on my face caused by the changing weather. The foundation retained its matte finish especially on my oily t zone. This is a good product for people with normal to oily skin, but not recommended for those who have dry areas of skin as it can appear flaky.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum Review

Hiya everyone, coming at you with another base product review today. This time for the L’Oreal Paris True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum. That name might be quite a mouthful, but the product itself is exactly what I’ve found myself looking for recently.

I’m into lightweight, light coverage, barely there skin tints. This is just the ticket and when I saw L’Oreal were releasing this product, I knew I had to try it!

L’Oreal is one o my favourite drugstore brands. However, I have found their base products to be a bit hit or miss. Some of their foundations are amazing, a couple haven’t worn that well for me.

I’ve been busy testing this Tinted Serum for the past few weeks. We’ve also been having a heatwave in the UK, so this base product has really been put through its paces!

Let’s get into the details of the L’Oreal Paris True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum!

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The L’Oreal Paris True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum is £13.99 for 30ml. 30ml is pretty standard for a base product.

It works out to be £0.46 per ml which is quite affordable. I have also found that I don’t need to use much with each application, so it’s going to last a while!

You can currently purchase the Tinted Serum from Look Fantastic, Boots and Superdrug.


This Tinted Serum comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. It isn’t my preferred packaging for a foundation. However, it works with this type of product. This is a very runny product, so if it were to come out of a pump, I imagine it would splatter everywhere and drip all over your hands.

I do find that if you’re not careful placing the dropper back in the hole, product will come off the sides of the dropper and build up around the screw top. Slight negative as you will end up wasting product. I try and put it back in the bottle super carefully, but the hole is quite small as well!

All in all, I like the packaging. It feels weighty and more substantial than some higher end foundations.


The L’Oreal True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum comes in 9 shades. I would say they are quite evenly spread from light to dark. The deepest shade is pretty deep and since this is a tint, the colours end up being more flexible.

There’s one truly pale shade, then 4 light/medium and 4 medium/deep. For once, I find the palest shade is really neutral and a great shade match. The way they’ve numbered them, the palest shade covers 0.5-2 and the deepest is 10-12. The other shades are all just between 2 shades, so 5-6 for example.

I have had issues in the past with drugstore foundations being soooooo warm toned/orange. Their pale shades are way too warm and dark for me. I’m glad that shade ranges are expanding from high end to drugstore at both ends of the spectrum. It shouldn’t be that only light/medium skin tones can get a good colour match.

This is the shade 0.5-2, Very Light.

  • 1% hyaluronic acid to plump skin
  • natural luminous finish with mineral pigments
  • unites skincare and makeup
  • sheer formula dedicates itself to a variety of skin tones
  • flawless nude finish
  • brightens and evens skin out
  • non comedogenic and dermatologically tested
  • suitable for all skin types

Hyaluronic Acid is well known for being hydrating to the skin. It can retain 1000 times its weight in water. I use a Japanese Hyaluronic Acid Essence most nights in my skincare regime. But I put it on damp skin because I have researched and many people say that if you put it on dry skin, it sucks the moisture out of your skin. The idea is to suck more water into your skin, not suck the moisture you do have.

However, with this product, since it’s a skin tint, you need your skin to be dry? So I question how plumping and hydrating the hyaluronic acid would be. I’m no scientist though, so maybe there are other things in the formula that promote this.

I agree that the finish is natural. It’s not matte, but it’s not dewy, so yes natural luminous is a good way to describe it. I will talk a bit more in a minute about how this performs on the skin and a product I think it’s similar to. I will also say now that I do love this product, it’s been performing well for me. The formula is just a bit confusing to me.

Uniting skincare and makeup… yes it has a skincare ingredient, but I’ve already said above how I’m not sure how effective the HA would be in this formulation. I don’t find the formula overly drying, but it’s also not super hydrating either…. It does have a lot of alcohol in it to help it evaporate, so to me that’s a more drying ingredient.

I find this product really quite baffling. Opinion of how I think the product performs aside, it’s touted as being hydrating, yet denatured alcohol is the fifth ingredient. In this case it needs the alcohol. These types of product are usually alcohol and dimethicone heavy. It’s to do with texture, glide and how quickly it sinks in/blends to leave behind the almost powdery finish.

I will say Hyaluronic Acid is high up on the ingredient list too, but below Dimethicone and Alcohol Denat. I could be miles away and L’Oreal’s chemists have found a way for the Hyaluronic Acid to still be hydrating. However, from what I’ve read and heard over the years, that’s not how I have been lead to believe HA works.

I definitely agree that the formula is sheer and flexible between skin tones. It does leave a flawless finish. It’s super lightweight on the skin and you wouldn’t think you were wearing anything.

I don’t find it brightening, but I do think it evens my skin out. It glides over pores and doesn’t settle into lines. It doesn’t look dull on the skin, but I don’t suddenly look in the mirror and think “wow my skin is so bright”.

I do agree that I haven’t found it to be comedogenic. It hasn’t broken me out or had any negative effect on my skin. I’ve worn this product about 10 times now.

As for it being suitable for all skin types… almost. I think the driest types of skin may find this to be a bit powdery and dry on the skin. I do find it clings to the few dry flakes my combo skin has, so for super dry skin I don’t think it would be flattering. On all other skin types, I think it would look great. My skin hasn’t been overly oily recently, but this still looks great on my skin.


For me, the easiest and least messy way to apply the L’Oreal Paris True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum is to place a few drops directly onto a dense buffing brush. I use the Estée Lauder Futurist Aqua Brilliance Watery Glow Primer and I don’t set my foundation with any powder. I use 4 spritzes of MAC Fix+ at the end of my makeup application.

I’m sure you could drop this onto skin, but I wouldn’t want to contaminate the whole bottle for a start. Also, it’s pretty runny so it would probably run off my face before I’ve finished faffing about trying to get the dropper back into the tiny hole on the bottle and picked up a brush.

I find that a damp sponge just sucks this product right up and you’ll be left with nothing. I use about 2 drops for my chin, 2 for my forehead and 3 each for my cheeks. Because this formula dries so quickly, I find it easier to work in sections on my face. Beware if you are sensitive to scents, this smells quite strongly of alcohol. It dissipates after blending and you can’t smell it on your skin.

This formula glides onto the skin and blends in very quickly and easily. Although you have to work quickly, I like that the formula allows you to blend it quickly. There’s nothing worse than a product that dries quickly, but sticks to one place so you can’t blend it.

This evens out the skin and covers the worst of my redness. I do still need to conceal any acne I may have. I think the coverage is just right. Enough that you notice a difference, but not so heavy it’s like a mask. It dries down to be a natural finish, not flat, but not dewy.

I find the finish a bit powdery actually. It reminds me very much of the Lancome Miracle Air de Teint which has been discontinued. I used to absolutely love that stuff and one year I wore nothing but all Summer. The shades were a bit crap, too warm or too grey. However, since there wasn’t much coverage, I could just about get away with it. Since that product was discontinued, I’ve been on a quest to find something like it. And I finally have! This performs just like it, it smells the same, it feels the same on the brush and with how it applies. It lasts just as long, it’s easy to wear for Summer and I’ve found a shade much better for me! Although I find the whole plumping tinted serum aspect confusing, the actual product is gorgeous!

I have certainly tested this Tinted Serum extensively. I’ve worn masks for hours where I could feel sweat dripping underneath it. Bearing in mind it is not usual for houses in the UK to have air con, I’ve done a workout on the hottest day of the year, gone from muggy rooms to ones with fans. I’ve sat in a hot car with my air con off as I was listening for sounds as I thought something was wrong with my car. It’s been into air conditioned supermarkets and then hot outdoors, humid walks etc. Nothing phases this product. It’s not transfer proof with masks, a little will come off.

However, it never looks like the mask has just taken half your face off. I’ve been amazed at how well it lasts. It doesn’t seem to change throughout the day either. My oils are kept at bay, it doesn’t ever look heavy or cakey. No separation, it just stays looking fabulous until you take it off. Yesterday I had it on for 14 hours and it looked perfect.

Here is it just after application:
And after 12 hours on the hottest day of the year, after a 45 minute workout and evening walk:

Well, this has been a journey haha! I don’t think I’ve ever been confused by a formula before and had so many conflicting comments! But when we got to the application and wear test, I hope it became clear that I actually love this product and think it’s well worth the price! It’s actually a bargain for how it performs. I say that purely because it’s so like the Lancome for me and that was triple the price at least.

I love how I can put this on and forget about it, I know it’s going to look good all day. It’s not one of those base products that’s high maintenance and you have to keep touching it up.

If you’re after a lightweight, easy to use skin tint that will last through hot, humid weather, then the L’Oreal True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum might just be exactly what you’re looking for! I will definitely be wearing it all Summer long, it’s so easy to wear. It looks gorgeous, it wears super well, it never looks heavy on the skin. I just love it!

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L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation 105 Review

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are doing good. Today’s review is all about Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. I already used their original Infallible foundation and I really loved that. My shade is 105 Natural Beige in this Loreal Foundation. This shade matches my skin tone very well. We all know that Loreal is pricier drugstore side, not cheap drugstore makeup brand. That means it high-class drugstore brand. I am using this Loreal liquid foundation for a month. After that, I am reviewing that today. If you searching for a good matte liquid foundation then this post will be helpful for you.

Introducing the International Bestseller Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte liquid foundation. With all-day comfort and none of the shine, this lightweight and creamy, foundation goes on smooth with a demi-matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours, hiding imperfections for a smooth, clear complexion.

From natural to full coverage, L’Oréal Paris face makeup has what you need for a smooth, even finish. Highlight to illuminate, use concealer to hide imperfections or use contouring makeup for enhanced, defined features.

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Price: 1025/- for 30 ml of product (but if you purchase online then you can get a very good discount on this foundation)

How to Use Liquid Foundation:

For a matte finish that won’t fall flat, apply with fingers, makeup sponge, or foundation brush, starting at the centre of the face and blending toward the jaw and hairline.

Shelf Life: 3 years

Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Shades:

In India, this Loreal long-wear liquid formula foundation is available across 10 best suitable shades for Indian skin tones. In this shade range, it has cool tone, warm tone, and neutral tone shades. But outside India, there are 22 shades are available. The shades are:

  1. Classic Ivory 101
  2. Shell Beige 102
  3. Natural Buff 103
  4. Golden Beige 104
  5. Natural Beige 105 (my shade)
  6. Sun Beige 106
  7. Fresh Beige 107
  8. Caramel Beige 108
  9. Classic Tan 109
  10. Creme Cafe 110 

Natural Beige 105 is my shade in this Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. This shade has a slightly yellow undertone. Perfect match for fair to medium skin tone with a peachy warm tone.

Packaging: This particular loreal infallible pro-matte foundation’s packaging was totally different from the original loreal infallible foundation one. It comes with a tube packaging and the tube is black in colour. Half of the front portion of the tube is showing the shade of the foundation and the tube is secured by a black colour cap. Overall very compact packaging. That’s why you can easily carry in your makeup pouch.


What Loreal Paris Claimed About This Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation: 

  • Finish⇒ Demi Matte – I have dry skin that’s why I love this kind of finish of the foundation. It does not dry out my face. The fully matte foundation looks patchy some time on my dry skin in the cold weather.
  • Wear Up To⇒ 24 hrs – I do not think anybody wears foundation for 24 hours. But it has nice staying power.
  • Coverage⇒ Medium – It gives you low to medium coverage. For me it’s ok. This loreal foundation covers up all of my skin problems. Thankfully I do not have huge pigmentation, acne scars, dark circles. But if you have major skin problems then definitely layer of with 2nd coat of this foundation and use concealer.
  •  Texture⇒ Air Light – Really it’s very lightweight on the skin and easily glides on the face. You do not feel heavy on the skin.
  • Oil Control⇒ For me after 3 to 4 hours my t-zone area becomes a bit oily.
  • Never Dull, Never Flat

What Is My Experience With LOreal Paris 24 hrs Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation:

First thing I love about this liquid foundation is it does not dry out fast like other matte foundations. It’s blend very well and looks very natural. But you need to moisturize your skin very well before applying this loreal infallible pro-matte foundation if you do not have super oily skin. Otherwise, your face starts to feel dry after some time and makes your face patchy. That’s why for dry skin, this foundation is a big no from me, especially in cold weather. But for oily skin, this loreal foundation is perfect in every season, mainly in India’s hot and humid weather.

It gives good demi-matte finish foundation look which I looking for. It does what it claims. Lightweight, medium coverage but buildable and also a certain level of water-resistant and water-proof. The texture is creamy but a bit runny. Also, I love its packaging. I am applying this foundation on my bare face and you can see that it does not cover under eye dark circles very well. You can see the demo of this foundation in the picture below. One side I applied concealer along with foundation and another side using the only foundation on my face. I would highly recommend it. Don’t think, just go for it.

Swatches of Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation:


  1. Gives demi-matte finish
  2. Lomg wear foundation
  3. Control oil very well
  4. A certain level of water resistance
  5. best for normal to oily skin. Dry skin can use it also but before using it apply good moisturizer very well
  6. Low to medium coverage but buildable
  7. The texture is very light. Do not feel heavy on the skin
  8. Nice shade range for Indian skin tone
  9. Travel-friendly packaging


  1. This foundation is a little bit pricy
  2. Compact powder or pressed powder should go well with this foundation. Loose powder or translucent powder it looks a bit patchy for dry skin

Prettifyourself Rating: 3.9/5

Thanks for reading…


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We Tried the L’Oreal Powder Foundation on Dry Skin

I am not a powder foundation girl. I love a dewy makeup look, and if I use powder, it’s a light dusting on my T-zone. But when I saw the L’Oreal 24-Hour Fresh Wear Foundation In a Powder in action while scrolling through TikTok, I was intrigued. In the videos, with one swipe of the product, users’ skin looked completely flawless. Scars, acne, hyperpigmentation—all completely covered. Plus, 24-hour wear sounded like a dream. I scoured every CVS and Ulta, finally finding two shades I could mix to match my skin tone. Seriously, this stuff is sold out everywhere! But is it worth the hype? I tested the L’Oreal Powder Foundation to find out!


About My Skin

I have relatively dry skin. Typically when I apply too much powder I get flaky, white patches. Therefore, I like to opt for light, dewy foundations like Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint or Estee Lauder’s Futurist Hydra Rescue foundation, which has recently become my favorite. I also have a bit of hyperpigmentation and scarring that I like to cover up a bit. While trying out this product, I also had a few active breakouts, so I was really putting the coverage to the test!


About the Foundation

This buildable powder foundation claims to be sweatproof, heatproof, transfer-proof, waterproof, and 24-hour wear. It also notes it is non-comedogenic, perfect for oily or acne-prone skin. The finish is extremely matte, so it is suitable both as an all-over foundation or as a shine control powder. The powder is packaged in a red, plastic case and comes with a sponge applicator.




This honestly did not feel great on my skin. I have normal to dry skin, so normally powder foundations look flakey around my nose or under-eyes. To avoid this, I slathered on Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer and Benefit’s That Gal primer. However, the powder still felt a bit dry and heavy. It caked up around my nose and eye area. Once again, I have never been a huge fan of full coverage powders, so this may be due to personal preference.


Shade Range: 6/10

The powder foundation comes in 16 shades. In comparison to the brand’s other foundations, this one is not the most inclusive. L’Oreal’s True Match foundation comes in 45 shades. Their concealer from this line comes in 25 shades, and the liquid foundation comes in 30 shades. I mixed two shades: Ivory Buff and Pearl, which matched my skin tone nicely. For reference, I typically use Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint in G9.


Coverage: 9/10

I only did about two layers because I didn’t want to look cakey. It did a great job of covering scarring and hyperpigmentation, but failed to cover two recent breakouts. I think a small dab of concealer with the powder layered over it definitely would have done the trick. This also covers freckles pretty significantly so if that’s your thing great! But if not, I recommend applying this with a brush instead of the sponge applicator it comes with.



Longevity: 7/10

The foundation definitely lasted all day, but wasn’t as full coverage and matte by the end. As the day went on and my skin got a bit oilier, the foundation became less full coverage. However, I loved this look! By the end of the day, it looked more natural and a bit dewy! If you do want to maintain full coverage all day, just swipe the product on as needed. It’s super convenient to take on the go so that shouldn’t be a problem!


Price: 8/10

This price is great at just under $15. If you are a fan of products like the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, this is a great, affordable dupe. You can get full coverage with just a few swipes of this product, so it will definitely last a while. I give it an 8/10 because there definitely are cheaper drugstore foundations, including other ones from L’Oreal itself.


The Verdict:

For me, this is not a full face foundation. My skin is too dry to handle all of this powder. However, I love it as an on-the-go powder if I’m experiencing oil during the day or if applied with a brush in my t-zone. My main qualms with this powder are entirely based on my skin type, so if you have oily or combination skin, this would be a great option for you!

I also tried the Infallible Full Wear Waterproof Concealer and recommend it! It has a similar applicator to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer and is only $12.99. Unlike the foundation, it covers blemishes, scarring, and hyperpigmentation without looking cakey.

For a foundation (again for me, a dewy skin fanatic), I’d give this foundation a 6.5/10. It’s affordable, has amazing coverage, comes in convenient packaging, but I think the matte look just isn’t for me. However, I will say as the day wore on, I liked the foundation better. It began to look a little more natural as my skin got a little dewier and my freckles started to peek through. For all-over shine control or an on-the-go touchup, I give this product an 8/10.

For those out there like me with dry skin, here are a few of my foundation recommendations, ranging in coverage!


Perfecting Skin Tint

This is my favorite everyday foundation. I apply about 10 drops to my face using my fingers. It’s very light coverage and gives off a dewy effect without being oily. With a bit of concealer, you can add some extra coverage.

Milk Makeup

Sunshine Skin Tiny

This is similar to the Glossier tint but has slightly more coverage. I like to apply this one with a damp sponge to better cover my hyperpigmentation and scarring. One tube of this also lasted an incredibly long time since you don’t need much product to cover your whole face. It also has SPF 30!

Estée Lauder

Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Makeup

This is for those days when I’m looking to cover it all. This foundation is still super lightweight, but with one layer you can get medium-to-full coverage. It’s also buildable without looking cakey. This one also has SPF 45!

90,000 L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24-x Fund Review

Hello everyone,

Today I am reviewing a foundation from L’Oréal that was released a couple of months ago – L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte before the 24s. Read on to find out how this worked for me.

Price: USD 13 per 1 fl. / 30 ml.

Item Description: Achieve a matte finish that won’t fall off with this lightweight, long-lasting liquid formula.Lightweight and creamy, the foundation is smooth with a semi-matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours while concealing imperfections for smooth, crisp skin.


How to Use: Use your fingers or your favorite makeup brush to apply.

My experience with L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24s:

Packaging: The base is supplied in a flat plastic tube with a screw cap.The handset is really comfortable and travel-friendly. The tube has a transparent section for displaying the base color, but anyway, all the shades looked the same to me in the supermarket indicators. And I really had to win to pick my shade. I love that L’Oréal has laid out clearly what to expect from the product on the packaging: it’s a semi-matte, medium light, air-lit foundation and is expected to last 24 hours.

Performance: I have combination skin – my T-zone tends to be oily and my cheeks are normal to dry.So, I was looking for a matte finish base.

Texture: I would not call it “airy light” as it has a slightly thick consistency, almost like a creamy lotion. It goes well with powder finishes and therefore you will need to work quickly to mix it. It goes well with a brush or fingers.

Finish: The finish is quite matte and those with oily skin will love this finish.

Coverage: Coverage is medium and provides a pleasingly even skin tone in one layer.The cover can certainly be made a little more without looking at the cake. But it doesn’t provide full coverage, and you’ll need a concealer for any severe skin blemishes.

Endurance: L’Oréal claims this fund can hold up to 24 hours. Now I have not tested this. But it easily lasts an entire day – about 10 hours, and my skin doesn’t get oily or shiny at the end of the day. Also, the makeup starts to look uneven. This is an achievement for me, and I am very pleased with it.

Overall, this framework is true to all the statements it makes, and I am very pleased with it. The only downside for me is that the shade I chose is Natural Beige looks slightly dark on me and I would really love if I had the opportunity to test the shades before purchasing.

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24th Stock:

  • A true matte finish that works great for oily beauties.
  • Lightweight feel and medium reach.
  • Easy to mix with brush or fingers.
  • Holds up well during the day.
  • Fragrance free.

Cons of L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Fund:

  • Dries quickly and requires quick mixing.
  • The range of shadows is difficult to move.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase / Recommend L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Fund?

This is a foundation that truly holds true to his claims, and I would definitely recommend it to oily leather beauty. I will repurchase, but possibly a different shade.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lasting Perfecting Foundation L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder L’Oreal Paris Infallible 16H Concealer – 04 Golden Beige L’Oreal Paris Unmistakable Eyeshadow in Eternal Black Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick in Pretty Me Faces Canada Blinded Ultime Pro Velvet Matte Lipstick Maybelline Superstay 24hr Makeup Foundation Deborah Milano 24 Ore Perfect Foundation

  • My experience with L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24s:
  • Pros of L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24th fund:
  • Cons of L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24th fund:
  • 90,000 L’Oreal Paris Perfect Balance, Unifying and Balancing Foundation in Nude Beige Review

    L’Oreal Paris Perfect balance, uniting and balancing fund in naked beige

    Hey girls! How are you?

    I personally don’t like to do heavy makeup.But a good foundation is a beauty product that I just can’t miss. My drafting scheme is incomplete without good quality. Whether it’s a wedding or a small birthday party, I know I can definitely rely on this foundation.

    My Skin Type – I have a combination palate that tends to be slightly oily around the T-zone after a long day. My complexion can be described as one subtle than wheat.

    Relative gifted to me this foundation.Initially, I was a little wary to try, as foundations should always be chosen according to skin type and complexion. But I feel like I’m a little lucky when this foundation is concerned. Read on to find out more !!

    Product Requests – Perfect Balancing Balance Balance is a liquid foundation and can be used on combination skin. The special ingredients present in this L’Oreal foundation absorb excess oils and combat greasy stains.With hints of lotus flower, this L’Oreal makeup soothes dry skin areas. Plus, this L’Oreal foundation keeps dry spots on your skin hydrated. The oil-free formula of this L’Oreal makeup offers a soft matte finish. You can wear the Perfect Balance Balancing Foundation every day because its silky formula is completely comfortable on your skin. With a silky finish and a soft matte finish, this is sure to be your perfect foundation. Available in 8 fantastic shades, L’Oreal’s perfect makeup balance is the way to go!

    Makeup Result: Perfectly even skin tone that looks fresh and matte for 6 hours.

    Available in shades

    • Beige, • Shell Buff, • Cappuccino, • Mocha, • Sand, • Gold, • Tan, • Creamy Natural.

    I own Nude Beige.

    Packing: A light plastic tube with a small nozzle that dispenses exactly the required amount of product.

    Price – Unknown (it was a gift)

    Quantity – 100 ml

    I take L’Oreal Paris Perfect balance unifying and balancing fund in nude beige:

    I like using this product especially before my eyes, if I’m not in the mood to do a lot of makeup.I just apply it around the eye area and it works wonders for me. It doesn’t make my face look dark or shiny. The lightweight texture helps to easily penetrate the skin without feeling too oily. It provides medium to high coverage. Best of all, it stayed on my face for hours. So the endurance is good.

    I’m not too sure about other shades, but this Nude Beige shade really matches Indian skin tones, especially women who are not too light or too dark.

    Pros of L’Oreal Paris Perfect balance Pooling and balancing foundation in nude beige:

    • SPF 10 (Yay) • Smooth texture • Light weight • Works for combination skin • Small product works wonders • Gives a matte finish • Not Strongly Fragrant • Not Dry • Good Coverage

    L’Oreal Paris Cons Perfect Balance Combining and balancing foundation in bare beige:

    • No ingredients listed. • Can’t think of anything else.

    Moreover, I think it might be a little more expensive compared to other funds. I can’t be sure.

    Final Verdict: If you have very dry or oily skin, you can skip it. This gives a matte look to your face. A very small product is needed to touch the entire face and neck. To summarize this, I would say that this is a good product for matching leather dyes. But women with dry skin should be avoided.

    Have a nice day.

    Also Read:

    L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lasting Perfecting Foundation L’oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipstick – Margarita L’oreal Le Rouge flawless lipstick in tender berry (519) L’Oreal The invincible never knocks down the lip Lipstick – Zinfandel 8 L’oreal Infallible Lipstick Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick Raspberry Maybelline Eye Studio Long Lasting Glossy Eye Gel (Black) Chanel Stylo Yeux Long Lasting Ebene Eyeliner # 10 Rimmel London Long Lasting Finish Lipstick 070 Airy Fairy L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Perfecting Foundation Organic Skin for Breast Enhancement Sephora Perfecting Cover in Medium Clarins Smooth Perfecting Touch Bourjois Bio Detox Perfecting Powder Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation Rev lon PhotoReady Makeup SPF 20 Foundation Loreal True Match Foundation Clinique Foundation Review – Superfit Makeup Revlon Custom Creations Foundation with SPF 15 Streetwear Color Rich Foundation: Shade Natural

  • L’Oreal Paris Perfect balance unifying and balancing foundation in nude beige
  • I take L’Oreal Paris Perfect balance unifying and balancing foundation in nude beige:
  • Pros of L’Oreal Paris Perfect balance Combining and balancing foundation in nude beige :
  • Cons of L’Oreal Paris Perfect balance Combining and balancing the foundation in naked beige:
  • LOreal Paris Perfect Match Foundation Make-up, 30 ml

    “Because every skin tone is unique, Loreal Paris Perfect Match has developed a foundation that adapts to your individual skin tone: it fuses perfectly with color and leather texture Light texture calmed.light-blind and subtle pigments give an equally massive coverage – for an absolutely natural looking, flawless complexion, no mask effect “


    find your perfect match foundation L’Oreal Paris

    | | Every woman is unique and therefore their requirements for high quality cosmetics. Match Foundation Perfect by L’Oreal is not guaranteed to meet your every suit, no matter what skin tone or skin type you have. The innovative formula of the product ensures optimal lighting, perfect Hautgefuhl and a natural complexion.Big mischievous makeup perfectly matches the color and texture of their skin, makes for a harmonious complexion and natural complexion – whether in delicate pale brown or summer. Thanks to the innovative micro-match technology, everyone can find the right shade absolutely as the makeup adapts perfectly to the skin and skin tone. also find a suitable match!
    Let’s go for a trip to your place

    The search for the right makeup color has an end. L’Oreal Paris assists women, through a wide range of shades, to find their matching Perfect Foundation match.In addition, L’Oreal differs in color tones between warm, neutral and cool skin types that adapt to different skin tones. So that you have found the right color, we recommend that you try it before you buy the makeup definitely. The top neckline or neckline is hierfur. Avoid checking cosmetics on your arm or arm, as the skin will usually have a different shade there than the face. This way, you can better determine whether the color is a perfect match and visually blends in with their facial skin.
    The Perfect Foundation perfect natural complexion

    you should easily shake the foundation so that the finest Glowpartikel can spread the same massive

    before use. Then place a drop of L’Oreal Paris Perfect Match on her face and carry the foundation from the inside out the same massive on. Using small Schwammchens or ice make-up allows you to distribute them in an optimal way and equally massive. Start over with a small fund of the amount – 1-2 drops should genugen.If the amount is not enough for such a thick layer or the desired opacity is not achieved, apply a little more Perfect Match Foundation. Be sure to include in a composition equal to moderately in the skin of the face, so that a natural royal overall picture.
    Four Easy Steps to Perfect Fit

    A foundation for every make-up, of course the perfect primer. In four easy steps, beautiful makeup and firmness you will also succeed.
    Step 1 :. Prepare your skin for makeup primer

    | to keep your skin optimally suited for make-up and receives sufficient moisture, you should start with a moisturizer such as Hydra Active


    Apply L’Oreal.With this foundation

    Step 2 will appear fresh and natural throughout the day. Applying cosmetics for the perfect foundation

    | | You are now wearing makeup on your face. Match Foundation Perfect Initiated is easy to apply thanks to its lightweight texture and your skin tone adjusts. For applying makeup, for example, the small Schwammchen is excellent. Work your way here always from the inside out from the front. Make sure the neck to the makeup is designed loosely so the edges are difficult to avoid.Match Foundation Perfect behind, to nothing more than beautiful and fine acting skin.

    Step 3: Laminate the dark circles and unevenness with concealer

    in step – The concealer now finds its use. Make sure this shade is lighter than your makeup. Tip: Perfect Match Concealer L’Oreal Paris

    , Apply concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles skillfully. For concealment, concealer is best for the ring finger, because unlike the rest of the fingers, due to its anatomy, only slight pressure can be exerted.Note that it starts on the inner side under the eye, and only a small amount of concealer is used, otherwise thin lines were also highlighted when applied.

    In addition to the cover, the dark circles of the concealer can, due to additional coverage, also specific areas of the face, such as Nasenflugel, be defined, as well as minor irregularities and spots covered.

    Step 4 :. powder the face from

    to their foundation to perfect by the end, at the last stage, the face should be dusted.For this last step, for example Perfect Match powder

    L’Oreal Paris. Using the powder Darfur has taken care that the concealer and makeup itself can be combined perfectly and therefore the skin is simply massive, matte and looks natural. In addition, the powder makes for long lasting results and a pleasant Hautgefuhl. Like a foundation, you must spread over your face, with wiping motions and powder from the inside out. but not too much powder should be used for a natural royal image to achieve.

    only excellent eye makeup can be followed by a perfect primer. Your imagination has no boundaries with L’Oreal Paris

    L’Oreal – .. Because you are worth

    slogan L’Oreal prints the entire corporate philosophy of the fashion brand. Every woman, regardless of their background or age, to show encourages self-esteem and self-confidence. Through innovative and advanced

    cosmetics, L’Oreal supports the application of the beauty dreams of every woman.


    Primer initially inside the face and spreads outwards. Use a smaller amount best, and a little more if necessary, otherwise the skin will quickly look heavy makeup. Although the texture of the makeup is light, you have to be sure to dazzle the transitions to the neck properly, so it does not occur without the Rander makeup. Ingredients

    AQUA / WATER • Dimethicone • Isododecane • Cyclohexasiloxane • GLYCERIN • PEG-10 dimethicone • methyl methacrylate crosspolymer • butylene • pentylene • SYNTHETIC FLUORPHLOGOPITE • Disteardimonium hectorite • hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid • CETYL PEG / PPG-10/1 dimethicone, sodium chloride • • polyglyceryl 4 isostearate • hexyl laurate • caprylyl glycol • phenoxyethanol • DINATRIUM stearoyl glutamate • TOCOFEROL • Panthenol • aluminum hydroxide • hydroxyethyl urea • hydrated silicon dioxide • methicone • +/- CIDAIUMAI 77491 77491 779 oxides CI 15985 • • MICA / YELLOW 6 LAKE • CI 42090 / BLUE 1 LAKE • CI 7 7 5 1 0 / FERRICAMMONIUM ferruginous cyanide • CI 45 410/28 RED LAKE • CI 15850 / RED 7

    00 900 90 300 9000 10% of Russian-made goods “

    Five years after the French L’Oreal localized production in Russia, one of the ten countries in terms of sales, the company decided to double its capacity here.The president and chairman of the board of L’Oreal, JEAN-PAUL AGON, spoke in an interview with Kommersant about how much an eco-friendly enterprise costs, which brands are of interest to the cosmetic company and how its own retail will develop.

    – Several years ago you said that by 2020 you intend to make your production completely environmentally friendly. How close are you to your stated goal?

    – That’s right. We operate as part of our Beauty for All program, which has a completely different commitment.Among other things, we intend to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, which has a greenhouse effect, by 60%, to reduce water consumption by 70%, and to actually get rid of waste. By 2020, all of our products must be improved in terms of their impact on the environment and society. Already almost three quarters, 74%, of our new products have been improved. We have reduced our carbon footprint by 56% and reduced our water consumption by 45%. I think we will achieve our stated goals.

    – What do you mean by influence on society?

    – I am talking about the fact that our product should improve the quality of life for people.For example, we buy more and more raw materials from Africa or Latin America – aloe vera, argan and olive oils, patchouli, murumuru oil, guar, shea butter, etc. We have a growing number of partnerships with different communities, groups that cultivate the ingredients we need, raw materials. Long-term contracts with us provide them with more stable work, and therefore income for a long period.

    – Do you mean third world countries?

    – Including.For example, in Peru, Colombia. But there are communities in difficult economic situations in all countries. For example, in Burkina Faso, 30,000 women collect shea seeds for us, from which we make butter. Last year, we partnered with Olvea to begin installing more technologically advanced seed treatment furnaces that require less wood and therefore less carbon. In Bolivia, we have partnered with farmers who harvest quinoa seed husks for us, which were previously unused and treated as waste.But our research has shown that it has exfoliating particles that can be used in cosmetics. This is how 250 families received a steady income.

    – How does this affect the structure of raw materials supply?

    – The share of raw materials of natural origin, natural renewable products is constantly increasing with us. Today, more than half of the raw materials we use are renewable – 1,400 ingredients from 300 plant species in 80 countries.

    – How does the purchase price change as you move from a conditionally prosperous supplier to a distressed community?

    – You will be surprised, but the price does not change, the global value remains the same.Yes, we have to spend more effort to find such suppliers. But in general, an environmentally friendly production that complies with all the rules of environmental protection is no more expensive than conventional industrial production under normal conditions. That is why we took the “ecological” path, because we see no reason not to do so. Many people think that it is expensive to produce in a respectful manner. But in our industry, the cosmetics industry, this is not the case. The cost may be slightly higher, but not very significant. Probably, in heavy industry the cost gap will be wider, but not in our country.

    – I heard that you are partially switching to trade equipment made of cardboard instead of plastic. For example, self-stops. How did your partners react to this approach?

    – We primarily sell beauty. For our consumers, the aesthetics of the product is important. Already 90% of self-stops are made of cardboard – we managed to find a compromise with partners. Moreover, we use good quality cardboard, which may well replace the old equipment.

    – What else can you replace with cardboard? Should we expect tetrapak shampoos?

    – Never say never.But that won’t happen tomorrow.

    – But are you mentally ready for such a turn?

    – We are already working on our packages. For example, we have halved the plastic content of Fructis shampoo packaging compared to a decade ago. The walls of the bottle have become thinner, which reduces the impact on the environment. All bottles for products manufactured at the Vorsino plant are produced in Russia by our partners.

    – How much do you have to invest in going green? After all, scientific developments and their subsequent implementation, modernization of production costs money.

    – It is difficult to determine exactly how much we have invested in sustainable production and how much elsewhere. All our transformations and, accordingly, spending in one way or another go in this direction. Reducing environmental impact is one of the goals of our company, along with releasing popular products and making money for shareholders.

    – What about the total investment?

    – For example, L’Oreal invests 3.1% of turnover in research, that is, € 794.1 million annually (in 2015, the group’s sales were € 25.26 billion.- “b” ). In Russia, we decided to double the production capacity of our plant in Vorsino in the Kaluga region and invested € 30 million. This will allow us to improve the quality of products, their volumes and impact on the environment.

    – How long will the planned capacity expansion last for you? You opened your factory about five years ago. Will you double the capacity in five years or sooner?

    – Our business in Russia is developing very well. I expect that the turnover by the end of 2016 will grow by 14-18% in monetary terms.This is a serious result. I think that in three or four years there will be a new stage of investment, since we use the Russian plant not only to serve the domestic market, but also send goods for export to neighboring countries. True, so far we are exporting only 10% of Russian-made goods, but this figure will continue to grow.

    – Do you mean the CIS by neighboring countries?

    – Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan.

    – Do you see the export potential of the Russian plant’s products in European countries?

    – We already have production facilities in Europe.If we talk about bulk products – shampoos, deodorants, hair dyes – we try to produce them as close to the consumer as possible. We do not want these goods to be driven by trucks for miles, so we have enterprises in Germany, France and Italy.

    – The weakening of the ruble has not made production in our country more attractive due to a certain reduction in production costs?

    – We try to manufacture products in a specific region to meet the needs of this particular region.We do not have the practice that we release goods somewhere in order to take them somewhere later, because it is cheaper.

    – Overall, how much do you think price is now the determining factor when a consumer makes a purchase decision? In our country, its importance has been increasing in recent years in connection with the crisis.

    – Price is an important component, but not the only one. What matters is quality, innovation.

    – How do your prices change on average over the year?

    – It all depends on inflation.Our prices go up just to compensate.

    – You have many brands in different price categories: affordable Maybelline, Garnier, NYX, L’Oreal Paris, luxury Lancome, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. What other cosmetic brands are you interested in?

    – Unfortunately, I cannot answer you, because if I tell you today a specific brand that I would like to buy, tomorrow it will cost three times more. Even if he himself does not yet know about our interest in him.

    – But do you see potential for expanding your portfolio?

    – We buy a new brand every year. For example, three months ago we bought the American brand It Cosmetics. Last year, we acquired NYX, also a cosmetics brand. But we are also interested in skin or hair care products.

    – Do you see interesting brands in Russia?

    – Of course, yes. But so far we are making progress with our international brands. It is important for us that our brands are present in all countries, so that we can offer the same assortment to all women in the world.But maybe the day will come when we will be interested in acquiring a Russian brand in order to make it an international, world brand.

    – You mentioned buying the NYX brand. Not so long ago you opened the second mono-brand store of this brand. Besides that, you have Body Shop stores. How important is your own retail to you?

    – This is a new phenomenon for us. NYX fans love mono-brand stores, so we will develop the network. As well as retailing under other brands.

    – What is more effective for you – sales through your own retail or through multi-brand specialized stores?

    – Differently. Each brand has its own model of work. It often depends on its history, the type of consumers. By and large, we do not decide what to sell in multi-brand and what in our own stores. For example, Maybelline products should be available throughout Russia, because it is a mass brand targeted at a wide audience.Any woman should be able to find him close to home. NYX is more of a niche product: for those interested in fashion trends, they consider themselves a makeup expert. Therefore, he works in large cities.

    – For example, premium Lancome or Yves Saint Laurent do not have their own retail, although their customers, it seems to me, would like the special service in special stores.

    – Lancome was sold in large multi-brand stores from the very beginning.And it is a very successful brand. It seems to us that now we should not create separate boutiques for him.

    – Can NYX appear at multi-brand operators?

    – It can use different formats. Let’s see.

    – Working on a franchise?

    – NYX is sold in Russia both in its own boutiques and through franchises and traditional sales channels.

    – What about a global trend?

    – Today, outside of Russia, we use the franchise only when opening a Body Shop (in Russia, the network is managed by Monex Trading, a subsidiary of the Kuwaiti Alshaya Group.- “b” ). But why not push the boundaries? We are very open and very pragmatic.

    – Several years ago you talked about the development of an online store as a separate line of business. How is this process organized?

    – The Internet already brings quite a significant part of our sales in the world. The last figures are 6% of the turnover. This channel is developing very quickly, over the past year it has grown by 30%. In Russia, about 1.5-1.6% of our products are sold via the Internet, but here this direction has increased by 126%.

    – What are your targets for this channel?

    – It’s hard for us to tell how much online sales will take next year or five years from now. The only thing we know at the moment is that online trading in all countries of the world is developing very actively. In China, for example, more than 20% of sales of mass-market products and active cosmetics take place on the Internet. In other states it is still less, but this figure is gradually increasing.

    – I would like to understand how you can support this growth in Russia.You need to organize delivery, and our country is not the most convenient from this point of view.

    – We have our own logistics network, it is quite effective – we deliver from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad without problems. Essentially, growth is driven by the increasing demand for online shopping.

    – Do you deliver to Crimea?

    – We deliver wherever our products are ordered. Our partners work effectively.

    – How did the sanctions affect your work in Russia?

    – Honestly, the last two years we have developed well – invested, recruited employees, etc.e. Russia is a strategic market in which we are ready to continue working.

    – What is the share of our country in the global revenue?

    – About 3%. Russia is in the top 10 countries for the L’Oreal group.

    – How did the leaps affect this indicator?

    – Naturally, the reduction in the turnover in euros led to a decrease in the share. But practically all currencies go up and down. This is irrelevant. The long-term perspective is more important.And Russian women, like no one else, pay attention to beauty, which is very important for the cosmetic industry. I think the weight of Russia in the global trade turnover of L’Oreal will increase.

    Interviewed by Anastasia Dulenkova

    L’Oreal Group

    Founded in 1909 by the chemist Eugene Schueller. It is the world market leader in perfumery and cosmetics.The group includes 32 brands of different categories, including luxury (Lancome, Biotherm), mass-market cosmetics (L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York), professional hair products (L’Oreal Professionnel, Kerastase) and pharmacy brands (Vichy, La Roche-Posay). The L’Oreal Group owns 44 factories in 19 countries. The headquarters is located in the commune of Clichy-la-Garenne in the suburbs of Paris, the company has offices in 130 countries, products are sold in 140 countries. Number of employees – 82.9 thousandhuman. 32.99% of the shares belong to the daughter of the founder of the company Liliane Bettencourt and her family, 30.15% to international institutional investors, 23.07% to Nestlé, 7.46% to French institutional investors, the rest to individual shareholders and employees. Market capitalization – $ 94.6 billion. Sales in 2015 amounted to € 25.26 billion (an increase of 3.9%), 48.7% fell on mass-market cosmetics, net profit – € 3.5 billion (an increase of 11.7%).

    90,000 9 best face creams L’Oreal Updated: 26.02.2021 13:46:44

    * Review of the best according to the editorial board of expertology.ru. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

    The company is a giant of the beauty industry with an impeccable reputation. The brand makes beauty available to everyone, so the mission’s slogan is: “After all, you deserve it!” It provides an opportunity for everyone to emphasize their individuality.

    The company produces a huge number of different products: care and decorative cosmetics, products for dyeing, styling and hair care. The choice is huge, so today we will focus on a specific category – face creams.

    The Expertology editors have prepared a rating review of the 9 best L’Oréal face creams, which received the most accolades and the highest ratings.

    Brand Brief

    According to statistics, about fifty brand funds are sold every second in the world.Products are presented on all continents and there is not a single person who is not familiar with the L’Oreal Paris brand.

    All products are developed in the company’s research laboratories, where the necessary tests are carried out before the cosmetics go to stores. Excellent quality and relatively low prices are the key to popularity.

    The range of the brand is extensive. Among the face creams, there are several series at once, which are designed to solve specific problems and meet specific needs: cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing, anti-aging and other skin care.They are also divided into ranges: “Hyaluron Expert”, “Age Expert”, “Hydration Expert”, “The Genius of Hydration”, “Luxury of Nutrition”, “The Magic of Clay”, “Absolute Tenderness”, “Endless Freshness”, Pure Zone, Revitalift , Revitalift filler [Ha], Revitalift laser X3, Sublime Sun. Products are suitable for different types of skin: normal, dry and dehydrated, combination, prone to oily, and anti-aging are designed for the following categories: 25+, 35+, 45+, 55+, 65+.

    The company employed such giants as John Nollet and Stéphane Lancien, who were involved in the development of hair care and styling products; Christophe Robin was in the hair coloring products; Tom Bachik – star master of manicure; Joëlle Ciocco helped create skin care products; Orrea Light is a color designer.All of these people shared their experience and knowledge, allowing consumers to ultimately receive high-quality and effective beauty products.

    The company also has its own beauty messengers, there are thirty-five of them in total, including Eva Longoria, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Laurie, Goon Lee, Jane Fonda, Julianne Moore, Liya Kebede, Frida Pinto. Every year, brand ambassadors appear on the world-class red carpet. By the way, the experts of L’Oreal Paris have been the official makeup artists of the Cannes Film Festival for more than sixteen years, which also shows the highest level that the company has reached.

    Rating of the best face creams L’Oreal

    The best moisturizers for the face L’Oreal Paris

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    L’Oreal Paris radiance cream “The luxury of nutrition. Transforming “

    Rating: 4.9

    The product is designed to transform the skin, by activating all processes, due to which a healthy complexion and radiance appear. The product instantly saturates the dermis with nutrients and creates a protective barrier on the surface, which protects it from the harmful effects of external factors.Designed specifically for dry and dull skin. Has an unobtrusive floral scent.

    At the heart of the formula is peony extract and natural pink pigments that improve the complexion, leaving it fresh. Also contains neo-calcium, which enhances natural defenses, prevents dehydration, increases resistance to irritation; soy protein, which is responsible for accelerating collagen synthesis; Royal jelly enriched with lipids, vitamins for nutrition and recovery; squalane to soften and moisturize; mannitol, which relieves puffiness; capryloyl salicylic acid, which accelerates regeneration; glycerin and mineral oil to retain moisture deep inside.

    In addition, it includes essential oils and natural plant extracts: rosemary and lavender oils for antioxidant action and protection against free radicals; peony extract to transform the skin, and white jasmine to stimulate metabolic processes, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, soothe the dermis, relieve irritation and eliminate redness; yeast extract to stimulate collagen production.

    Cost – 650 rubles.

    L’Oreal Paris Face Cream Butter “The luxury of nutrition. Extraordinary transforming “

    Rating: 4.8

    The product is designed to restore skin elasticity, firmness and radiance. The product contains essential oils, which, after application, nourish the dermis, thereby fading signs of fatigue, and the dull complexion is replaced by a fresh and healthy one. It has an antioxidant effect. Suitable for dry and normal skin.Has a delicate scent of flowers.

    The formula is enriched with plant extracts and essential oils: lavender and rosemary protect the skin and fight free radicals, regenerate, have an antibacterial effect, preventing the appearance of breakouts; argan penetrates deeply, nourishing and moisturizing the skin; rose hips have an antiseptic effect; shea keeps moisture inside so that it does not evaporate from the surface; white jasmine soothes, stimulates metabolic processes, enhances the functions of the natural protective barrier; capryloyl salicylic acid accelerates the renewal process at the cellular level, thereby improving the complexion; soy protein increases the rate of collagen production, thereby increasing firmness.

    With constant use, the skin becomes more well-groomed, soft and velvety, the tone is evened out and the surface looks even. The product is absorbed instantly, even despite the content of oil microdroplets in the cream. No oily sheen after use. Serves as an excellent base for tonal foundation.

    Cost – 650 rubles.

    Face cream L’Oreal Paris “Moisturizing expert for dry and sensitive skin”

    Rating: 4.7

    The product is designed to provide intense hydration to dry-type skin with increased sensitivity for twenty-four hours. Copes with the elimination of dryness and tightness, giving comfort. With daily use, the dermis becomes soft, peeling areas disappear, the surface becomes velvety.

    Thanks to the combination of components, it acts in three directions – moisturizing, protecting and soothing.At the heart of the formula, the manufacturer claims, are a million moisturizing molecules that are responsible for eliminating dryness. In addition, the composition contains natural rose and black currant oil, soothing, nourishing, accelerating regeneration, improving complexion, eliminating irritation; Shorea oil for softening, protection and nutrition; UV filters and vitamin E, which protect the dermis from the harmful effects of external factors, and help to retain moisture inside; vitamin B5 nourishes; sunflower oil extract smoothes the skin; glycerin normalizes the hydrobalance, keeping moisture inside the epidermis.

    The product has an airy texture, is easy to apply and absorbs instantly. After itself, it does not leave a sticky film and does not cause the formation of an oily sheen, therefore it serves as an excellent base for foundation. The fragrance is unobtrusive, which means that even those who do not like perfumed cosmetics will not cause rejection.

    Cost – 380 rubles.

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    L’Oreal Paris Night Cream “Moisturizing Expert for All Skin Types”

    Rating: 4.7

    The product is designed to care at night, when the dermis is most prepared for the intake of nutrients. Intensively moisturizes and is suitable for all skin types. Retains moisture inside, giving it comfort for twenty-four hours. In addition, the product enhances the functions of a natural protective barrier that protects against the harmful effects of external factors. The result is noticeable after the first application – already in the morning the skin is smoother, looks rested, radiant and well-groomed.

    The cream is not much different from the previous one, since the heart of the formula also contains a million moisturizing molecules, which immediately start working after application, and vitamin B5. But there are still differences in the composition, for example, this product includes Omega-3 and Omega-6, which contribute to recovery; sesame oil, which has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and healing effect; rice bran oil is responsible for increasing elasticity, and corn oil – softens and nourishes, improves complexion and has an antioxidant effect; wheat germ oil activates the production of its own elastin, thereby reducing the number of wrinkles; mineral oil and glycerin retain moisture inside; panthenol fights redness.

    It has a light texture, so it is instantly absorbed, without forming a sticky film or oily sheen. Has an unobtrusive fragrance.

    Cost – 380 rubles.

    The best anti-aging face creams L’Oreal Paris

    Day Cream L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3

    Rating: 4.9

    The product has a triple lifting effect. Designed to fight the main signs of aging – wrinkles, sagging and dull complexion.The product enriches the skin with nutrients, thereby stimulating collagen protein synthesis. The cream acts like a laser correction, thanks to the content of special active ingredients.

    At the heart of the formula is the fragmented hyaluronic acid molecule, which saturates the dermis with moisture, increases elasticity, as well as plant substances in a high 3% concentration. Pro-xylan is obtained from beech. They will accelerate the synthesis of fibers, which will keep the skin toned.This combination makes the cream most effective in combating fine expression and deep age wrinkles. In addition, the composition contains adenosine, which increases the production of its own collagen, and capryloyl salicylic acid, which accelerates cell regeneration, thereby improving the complexion and evening out the tone; glycerin, which helps to retain moisture in the depths of the epidermis; vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radicals. The product with the synergy of such ingredients actively stimulates the internal recovery processes.

    It has an airy texture, so it is perfectly applied and spreads easily. It is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky film and without forming an oily sheen. It will be an excellent base for foundation, preventing it from rolling and providing the necessary adhesion to the skin.

    Cost – 850 r.

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    Night cream L’Oreal Paris Revitalift filler

    Rating: 4.eight

    The product is designed to provide care at night. Thanks to the unique combination of components, it accelerates renewal at the cellular level, increases the production of collagen, due to which wrinkles are reduced, the skin is smoothed, volume loss is replenished, elasticity and firmness return. In addition, it brightens age spots. Already after the first application, the result is noticeable – the face looks rested, fresher and more well-groomed, and the contours of the face become clearer.

    At the heart of the formula is highly concentrated hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 0.5 percent; Galanga plant extract, which regenerates the skin and removes signs of fatigue; adenosine, which is an amino acid that accelerates collagen synthesis; rye seed extract (fibroxil) to increase elasticity and firmness, as well as prevent the appearance of wrinkles; caffeine, which accelerates cell division, tones up and reduces swelling; synthetic beeswax to soften and protect against the harmful effects of external factors; glycerin, which retains moisture in the depths of the epidermis; extract from coconut fruit, which has an antibacterial effect.

    The product has an airy texture, perfectly spreads and is instantly absorbed without leaving a sticky film and oily sheen. Has an unobtrusive cosmetic fragrance that quickly disappears from the skin.

    Cost – 950 rubles.

    L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Eye Cream Laser x3

    Rating: 4.7

    The product is designed to rejuvenate the area around the eyes, restoring the glow to the look.Accelerates regeneration, reduces the number of expression lines, lightens dark circles, eliminates puffiness, removes bags, restores elasticity to the skin, makes it taut. In addition, it takes care of the delicate area, cooling it down, as the tube is equipped with a special metal applicator. Thanks to him, the product is evenly applied.

    At the heart of the formula are three main active ingredients: fragmented hyaluronic acid for intense hydration and smoothing; caffeine to improve microcirculation and tonic effect, accelerate cell division processes and eliminate edema; pro-xylanate in 3% concentration to activate fiber synthesis and strengthen them.The composition also contains fibroxil to increase firmness and elasticity; adenosine to increase collagen production; apricot oil for softening and nourishment; vitamin E to protect the skin from the harmful effects of external factors; glycerin to retain moisture in the deep layers of the epidermis.

    The product has a light and non-greasy texture, therefore it is suitable as a base for foundation. The concealer will fit perfectly on it, will not roll. The manufacturer recommends applying the product using an applicator roller, massaging it over the skin of the eyelids, starting from the inner corner.

    Cost – 1024 rubles.

    L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Intensive Care Day Cream

    Rating: 4.6

    The product is designed to provide intensive care throughout the day, eliminate fine expression and deep age wrinkles. Thanks to its complex effect, it slows down the aging process, reduces the number of wrinkles, lightens age spots, restoring a well-groomed, healthy and radiant look.The result is noticeable after the first application – the skin is firmer, more elastic and smoothed.

    At the heart of the formula are the following active ingredients that have a powerful lifting effect: fibro-elastin – a special complex for strengthening, forming elastin fibers and protecting them from destruction, in addition, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles; pro-ritinol A, which is a derivative of the vitamin of the same name, for targeted action and stimulation of regeneration at the cellular level. The composition also includes yeast extract to stimulate the production of eight natural lifters – collagen, elastin, perlecan, chondroitin, fibrillin, integrin; hyaluronic acid and glycerin to moisturize and retain moisture inside the epidermis; adenosine to increase collagen synthesis; capryloyl salicylic acid to accelerate regeneration, improve complexion and even out skin tone.

    The product has the most delicate and light texture, which makes it easy to spread over the surface. It is instantly absorbed without leaving a sticky film or oily sheen. Has an unobtrusive fragrance that quickly disappears from the skin.

    Cost – 560 rubles.

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    L’Oreal Paris “Expert Age 55+. Complex care-sculptor for face, neck and décolleté area “

    Rating: 4.5

    The product is designed to provide comprehensive care for mature skin with clear signs of aging. In addition to reducing the number of wrinkles and reducing their depth, the product sculpts the face, tightening the oval and making the contour more defined. It also restores elasticity, returns smoothness, and brightens age spots. With regular use, sagging will be almost invisible. Designed specifically for the face, neck and décolleté area, since after fifty it is important to take care of all these areas.

    At the heart of the formula are the following active components that have a remodeling effect: a complex with vitamin B3 for intense hydration and nutrition, which aging skin especially needs. Returns youth, giving elasticity; soy peptides and LHA molecules to reduce the number of both fine expression and deep age wrinkles; a pro-tensil that stimulates collagen production to strengthen structure and restore contours by increasing elasticity and firmness.

    In addition, it contains soy protein to increase collagen production; hyaluronic acid and glycerin to moisturize and retain moisture in the deep layers of the epidermis; retino peptides for recovery; rye seed extract to combat signs of stress; panthenol for softening; vitamin E to fight free radicals; lipo-hydroxy acid to improve complexion and even skin tone. Has SPF 15 protection.

    It has an airy texture despite being quite dense.Easy to apply and instantly absorbed. Does not leave behind an unpleasant sticky film and does not cause the formation of an oily sheen. Serves as an excellent foundation for foundation. Has an unobtrusive cosmetic fragrance that disappears from the skin after a few minutes. Suitable for all skin types.

    Cost – 450 rubles.

    Rate article

    Total votes: 1, rating: 5

    Attention! This rating is subjective, does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide.Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist. 90,000 💄 Product Review: L’Oreal Accord Parfait Foundation (True Match)

    Name: Parfait Accord Foundation (True Match) Brand: L’Oreal Size: 30ml Price: $ 20.96

    On the L’Oreal website: Accord Parfait is a foundation that exactly matches your skin tone and texture.

    What I liked: – available in 10 shades – lightweight, easy to apply to skin – medium coverage, evens out skin tone and covers minor imperfections – light and natural finish – good durability

    What I didn’t like: – no shades for people with very pale or very dark chintons – can make oily skin more shiny – if you need a foundation that lasts more than 8 hours this is not for you

    I like shopping in Limoni.SAs are not always knowledgeable, but especially when you buy a high quality product, they are generous with samples. They just give you a few testers, even if you don’t even ask for them. One such example was the L’Oreal Accord Parfait (True Match) foundation. That’s why I didn’t mind the shade they gave me, Dore Beige was too dark for my skin tone.

    Anyway, L’Oreal doesn’t make shades pale enough for my skin tone, and this sample at least gave me a chance to try a new formula in the privacy of my home that I would never have paid any attention to.However, there are ten shades, so if your skin is not very pale or very dark, you can probably find the right combination for your skin tone.

    L’Oreal Accord Parfait has a light, slightly tough texture that spreads very easily onto the skin. Because of its consistency, it works best with a ground brush than with fingers. It’s just easier.

    The fund has an average coverage. It evens out the skin tone and covers imperfect imperfections such as redness.But if you need to hide very dark circles or blemishes, you will need to create one. Or better yet, use your favorite concealer. Either way, the foundation never looks skinny.

    The finish is very natural and light. The formula is infused with shimmery golden particles that, although invisible to the naked eye, reflect light, giving your skin a subtle glow. While I loved the way it brightened my face, I think that when used on oily skin, it can actually accentuate shiny areas, not in a good way!

    L’Oreal Accord Parfait lasts about 8 hours on my combination skin.After that, it starts to disappear. I think this is not bad for a pharmacy fund. L’Accord Parfait sums it up pretty well too. It might not be as luxurious on leather as most high-end foundations do, but it does what it says and does well. When you shop at the aisle of the fund in pharmacies, you can do much worse.

    Available from: Pharmacy

    Summary L’Oreal Accord Parfait Foundation (True Match) has a light texture that provides medium coverage that evens out skin tone and hides small imperfections for about 8 hours.The glowing finish is very natural, but it can make oily skin look shinier.

    Rating: 3.5 / 5

  • Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • 90,000 II. Purpose and main activities of the Fund / ConsultantPlus

    II. Purpose and main directions of the Fund

    5. The main goal of the Fund is to provide financial support to the Federal Program for State Support of Small Business, participate in financing regional (interregional) programs, as well as projects and activities aimed at supporting and developing small businesses, including activities carried out by the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Support and small business development.

    The Fund carries out its activities in the following main areas:

    assistance in the formation of market relations on the basis of state support for small business and the development of competition by attracting and efficient use of financial resources for the implementation of targeted programs, projects and activities in the field of small business;

    participation in the development, examination, competitive selection and implementation of federal, regional (interregional), sectoral (intersectoral) and municipal programs for the development and support of small business, projects in the field of small business, demonopolization of the economy, development of competition, saturation of the product market and the creation of new work places;

    providing financial support for innovative activities of entrepreneurial structures, stimulating the development and production of fundamentally new types of products, assistance in the development of new technologies and inventions;

    assistance in attracting domestic and foreign investments, loans for the implementation of priority areas for the development of small business and the creation of a competitive environment;

    participation in the formation of the market infrastructure, providing equal conditions and opportunities for the implementation of activities in the field of small business.

    6. To achieve its main goal, the Fund:

    finances the activities of the Federal State Support Program for Small Business, participates in the financing of regional (interregional) programs, projects in the field of support and development of small business;

    interacts with state and municipal funds to support small businesses on the basis of the principles of equality, mutual economic interest and responsibility;

    performs the functions of a pledger, surety, guarantor for the obligations of small businesses;

    participates in the creation and activities of commercial and non-commercial organizations that ensure the development of market infrastructure, specialized consulting organizations, information systems for supporting small businesses and developing competition, systems of consumer expertise and certification of goods and services;

    finances activities for the training, retraining and advanced training of personnel for small businesses, support for new economic structures, protection of consumer rights;

    finances scientific research, scientific and practical conferences, symposia, meetings, including international, related to the activities of the Foundation;

    organizes the collection and processing of legal, patent – licensing and other information of interest to small businesses, studies the situation on the internal market, provides consulting and organizational – methodological assistance in the development of programs and projects in the field of small businesses;

    carries out foreign economic activity in accordance with the established procedure, participates in the financing and implementation of international programs and projects in the field of small business;

    prepares and submits proposals to the State Committee of the Russian Federation for the Support and Development of Small Business on the formation and improvement of the legal framework in the field of state support for small business;

    can act as a guarantor for targeted foreign loans provided to the Russian Federation to support small businesses, as well as investment loans provided by credit institutions of the Russian Federation to small businesses on a commercial basis for the implementation of programs and projects in the field of small businesses;

    exercises control over the targeted use by small businesses of financial resources allocated by the Fund or received by them with the assistance of the Fund, suspends financing in the event of violations by small businesses of the targeted use of these funds;

    carries out activities to attract funds from Russian and foreign investors to implement priority areas of small business development and create a competitive environment, including through competitions, auctions, exhibitions and lotteries;

    carries out, in accordance with the current legislation, the issue and placement of the Fund’s securities;

    carries out advertising and publishing activities in accordance with the established procedure;

    can provide small businesses with soft loans, interest-free loans, short-term loans on a competitive basis, as well as financial assistance on a gratuitous basis;

    creates creative teams, expert councils, commissions, including with the involvement of foreign specialists;

    organizes consultations on taxation and the application of the norms of the current legislation in the field of small business;

    can create branches and representative offices of the Fund in accordance with the current legislation.

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