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Amazon.com: Kum AS2, Two Hole Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener, Mfg Part Number 1053021 (Extra lids not Included): Home & Kitchen

To keep my colored pencils sharp, I have tried dozens of sharpeners, from the pricey electric and battery powered to the cheapest and simplest handheld ones that range from $7 to 50¢. This one is the best I have found so far. I won’t go into the mechanics of it, as the other reviews do that in detail, except to reiterate that sharpening with the KUM is a two step process that cannot be condensed down to one step. The first step cuts away the wood and the second sharpens the graphite or wax or whatever material the lead is made from.

When I tested the KUM with colored pencils, I used every kind I had except my Derwents as they are larger than the average pencil and would be a bit too big to fit the one-size hole. However, despite a cartoon that seemed to indicate that only hexagonal pencils were appropriate for use in the sharpener, I tried my round Prismacolor Premier, my Prismacolor Verithin, Caran D’ache Pablo, Derwent Studio thin, and my round Faber Castell Polychromos pencils.

What a delight to find that each and every pencil sharpened perfectly in the KUM sharpener, when I followed the 2-step process.

THe points are extremely long and razor sharp, though because of this they are of course delicate and need to be handled with care. You cannot expect to press down hard on them without having them break. I will say, though, that not a single pencil broke inside the sharpener when I did my testing. In addition, when I attempted to mend a pencil with a known broken core, by “nuking” it in the microwave for 20 seconds, then using the KUM sharpener, the process actually worked the first time I did it. It was nice to know I could save a pencil I thought I had lost…

Two important suggestions: 1) I chose not to close the top of the sharpener, but used it over a wastebasket every time. This allowed me to watch the pencil as I sharpened it and to see when to stop step 1. The receptacle for shavings is tiny anyway, and gets in the way of seeing what is happening to your pencil, so I recommend that you do not use it. That way you won’t run the risk of cutting off too much pencil wood at a time. 2) If you are using the KUM to sharpen colored pencils, you must make sure you sharpen a graphite pencil in it at least every 5 or 6 pencils. Otherwise the exquisite sharpness of the blades will get dull too fast. (It was a stroke of either genius or kindness that the KUM people included two extra blades inside the sharpener, to be attached with just a simple screw driver. So when the original blades dull, you won’t be up a creek, having to wait for another KUM to arrive by mail…)

I never thought I would be giving thumbs up to one of the simplest of sharpeners as the best I have found, but there you have it: TWO THUMBS UP! Congratulations to KUM for designing a really decent pencil sharpener, one that works well and with nearly ALL pencils.

Sharpener Showdown: Handheld – The Well-Appointed Desk

Review by Tina Koyama

A few months ago, I conducted a satisfying sharpener showdown between two hand cranks to beat my old Carl Angel-5. It was satisfying because both contenders came out equally good. Since I spend just as much time using pencils on the sidewalk as I do at my desk, it’s crucial to have a good portable handheld sharpener, too. Awhile back I tested four handheld sharpeners that would accommodate thicker-barreled colored pencils. Today’s showdown puts six handheld sharpeners head-to-head using standard graphite pencils.

The contenders are:

To keep the test fair, I used six identical, unsharpened pencils from Notegeist.

First up is the KUM long-point one-hole, which was included in the Taste of Blackwing Sampler that I reviewed recently.

This simple, inexpensive sharpener produced the longest point of the showdown. However, I kept feeling some resistance as I twisted the pencil, and the point looks a little ragged. I think the blade might need adjusting, or maybe it’s a bit dull. It’s a no-nonsense, budget-priced sharpener that takes up little space in a pocket or bag.

The Blackwing two-step is also made by KUM. For years, I’ve used the older model KUM Automatic Brake long-point two-step, which was formerly available with Blackwing’s branding. Recently Blackwing upgraded the body to this slightly more angular shape. I believe the working parts are identical, however. At $9.95, the Blackwing is the most expensive of the bunch (and also more than the standard KUM two-step with the same innards).

The Blackwing two-step is unique in this showdown for requiring two steps: one to sharpen the wood, the second to sharpen the graphite.

Step 1 takes away the wood, and a stopper at the end of the sharpener (the “Automatic Brake”) keeps you from taking too much off.

Step 2 brings the graphite to a long, gleaming point that is almost as long as the KUM one-step, except that it’s smooth and flawless.

The Blackwing’s cover keeps the shavings nicely contained, which is a nice feature when I’m sketching from a street corner and I’ve forgotten a plastic bag or something else to catch the shavings.

The Maped wedge turned out to be a surprising dark horse. With two holes, it accommodates standard pencils as well as jumbos.

First I tried the standard hole, and it produced a lovely shaving blossom, which always brings me joy. The blade must be very sharp, as it felt smooth going around.

I found a jumbo-size General Kimberly 9XXB pencil in my stash that was just the right girth to test the larger hole. The Maped did a fine job on it, too. Like the one-hole KUM, the Maped has no cover, so the lovely blossoms will end up on the ground unless you remember to bring a bag along.

The least expensive in the showdown, the Sun Star Sect Double has a simple design, yet the flip top keeps tiny shaving crumbs from getting out – very tidy. It offers two sharpeners – one for a long point, one for a shallower cone and shorter point.

Unfortunately, the blade on the long point hole must be misaligned, because it would not make contact with my pencil at all. It just kept spinning around – a complete fail. The short side, however, sharpened a decent point.

The Kutsuwa Stad 2 Maiba is my favorite in appearance. What a funky shape, and yet its roundness and contours are ergonomically comfortable to hold.

The Maiba also gets extra credit for the sliding door that keeps shavings and graphite particles from escaping. I’m typically not a neat freak, but I do appreciate sharpeners that have been designed with tidiness in mind.


The point that results is short, but smooth and clean.

Finally, I tried the Sonic Ratchetta Capsule, which has an amazing see-through design that surely belongs in an action movie as the remote for an incendiary device. For $5.50, it’s worth it to carry around and set casually on the table as you have coffee with friends just to see who is the first to ask about it. Unfortunately, it loses points for its cover that detaches completely, because you will surely leave it behind at the café table after you’ve shown it off.

The Capsule offers two point options, which are selected with a dial.

You may recall that a different Ratchetta model was a contender in my previous handheld showdown, and it did a decent job once I got the hang of the “ratcheting.” I like the idea of Ratchettas because they may spare my hand and wrist excessive repetitive motions (I’ve had issues in the past), but the ratcheting movement doesn’t seem to come naturally to me. I mangled the point on my first attempt, probably from torqueing the pencil as I ratcheted. Eventually, I got a useable point, but not a very clean one. Also, I thought I had chosen the long-point option, but it was actually the pointy short-point option. The second option is for a blunt tip (for colored and other art pencils).


The showdown results are in: My favorite for a long point is still the Blackwing two-step. Although that extra step is required, the result is consistently smooth and clean. I prefer the old elliptical design to the new angular one, but I’m hoping the lid’s hinge has also been redesigned to be stronger (a vulnerability on the previous model; time will tell how well this one holds up).

I know many graphite fans appreciate a long point, but I don’t mind using a short point if it’s smooth and clean. With that in mind, the Kutsuwa Stad 2 Maiba is a clear winner in the short-point category, and it receives extra credit for a cool design and tidy sliding door. Honorable mention goes to the Maped for handling both standard and jumbo pencils well.

Tina Koyama is an urban sketcher in Seattle. Her blog is Fueled by Clouds & Coffee, and you can follow her on Instagram as Miatagrrl.

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Kum Pencil Sharpeners – Ultimate Guide

Kum Pencil sharpeners are widely regarded as the best pencil sharpeners in the world. They are manufactured in Germany, and we show you why they are so good with their unique curved blade technology and a little bit more about the company’s history.

We also give details about all their current models with the Kum 410 Magnesium Sharpener being their most popular standard pencil sharpener.

Kum is renowned for its long point sharpeners and the Kum Masterpiece long point sharpener is the ultimate long point sharpener to get a long point on your pencil. It achieves this with a two-step sharpening process and we have a great short video showing a pencil sharpened to a long point with a Masterpiece sharpener.

1. Kum Pencil Sharpener History

Kum is a German company that is based in Erlangen and is a short distance from Nuremberg, which is renowned for its long history of manufacturing pencils dating back to the 1600s.

In 1919 Kum was founded by Fritz Mußgueller and Adam Klebes to manufacture pencil sharpers. They chose the name Kum as it is derived from the German names of the two materials that they made their pencil sharpeners from “Kunstoff” which is plastic and Metall which is obviously metal.

By 1928 they had manufactured many different sharpeners and launched their iconic globe sharpener which is still in production today.

In the 1950s Kum brought its manufacturing in-house by designing and building its own tool and injection molding equipment.

In 1956 they started to incorporate drawing instruments into their product range.

Today they are still renowned and best known for their pencil sharpeners but they now manufacture a wide range of products including school and office products as well as a range of art and graphic paintbrushes.

2. What is so Special about Kum Pencil Sharpeners?

Kum Pencil sharpeners are widely regarded as the best pencil sharpeners in the world but what is it that makes these sharpeners stand out from the rest? The simple answer is the hardness and sharpness of their blades, design features, and high-quality materials combined with a precision manufacturing process.

2.1. Extremely Hard Sharpener Blades

Kum Pencil sharpener blades are made from high carbon steel which measures 65hrc on the Rockwell scale. This is a hardness scale based on the indentation hardness of a material. It is the same hardness rating as a top-quality carbide drill bit or a premium kitchen knife.

The reason why the blades need to be so hard is that pencil lead is a mix of graphite and clay and is a very hard material. For more information check out Where Does Pencil Lead Come From?

2.2. Razor Sharp Blades

Kum pencil sharpener blades are not only very hard, but they are also razor-sharp. This is achieved by using a felt wheel as the final stage of the sharpening process to produce the ultimate mirror finish polished edge. Felt is used as although it is soft it is a soft material it is firm enough to produce a razor-sharp edge while adapting to the curved shape of the blade. Blunt sharpener blades are one of the main causes of pencil leads easily breaking. Check out Why do Pencil Leads Break so Easily for more information.

2.3. Curved Blade Design

In a lot of pencil sharpeners, the blades are riveted in place which if it becomes loose this makes the pencil sharpener unusable as the blades need to be held firmly in exactly the right place to sharpen. Like most quality pencil sharpener manufacturers Kum pencil sharpeners hold the blades in place with a screw.

Unlike using a rivet to secure the blades by using a screw the sharpeners blades can be tightened or the blades can be replaced. Kum sharpeners have a special curved blade design that acts in a similar manner to a spring. The curved blade applies constant pressure to the screw which prevents the screw from becoming loose.

The other benefit of Kums’ unique curved blade over traditional flat blades is that it moves slightly up and down as the pencil is rotating adapting to the wood’s surface as opposed to ripping through it. This produces a smoother cut and as the blades are set at a narrower angle than other sharpeners it produces a longer sharper pencil point.

2.4. Precision Manufacturing

To achieve a longer sharper point the pencil sharpener needs to be manufactured to fine tolerances. Kum metal sharpeners are made from magnesium which can be milled to the very fine tolerances that are required. Whereas other manufacturers’ sharpeners are made from cheaper materials such as aluminum or have a die-cast metal body that cannot achieve the same precision.

Another benefit of using Magnesium to make the body is that it is a long-lasting material and by polishing its surface it not only looks great but resists corrosion.

The same care and quality control have been put into the manufacture of their plastic pencil sharpeners. They use a precision injection molding process that accounts for the slight amount of shrinkage of the plastic as it cools down once it is removed from the mold. link

Kum Pencil Sharpeners – Check Prices and Reviews on on Amazon

3. Kum Standard Pencil Sharpeners

Kum pencil sharpeners are regarded as the best in the world, their standard-sized pencil sharpeners have the exceptional build quality and precision engineering that you would expect from a German manufacturer.

As with all Kum pencil sharpeners, it is the superiority of their sharpening blades that really sets them apart from other manufacturers’ pencil sharpeners. This combined with the high build quality of the rest of the sharpener and the fact that the blades can be replaced means that these sharpeners will provide years of reliable hassle-free and consistent sharpening.

4. Kum Magnesium Pencil Sharpeners

Kum Magnesium sharpeners have a lightweight strong body made of magnesium alloy. They are fitted with high carbon replaceable razor-sharp blades. We will go into more detail later about what makes these blades so special for sharpening pencils.

There are several different types of Kum Magnesium sharpeners which are:

4.1. Kum 400K Magnesium Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 400K Magnesium Sharpener (104.00.01) is the most basic sharpener in their magnesium range. It is a simple single-hole sharpener with a thin wedge profile that can be used to sharpen standard-size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter.

4.2. Kum 400-1K Magnesium Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 400-1K Magnesium Sharpener (104. 01.01) is like the 400K in that it is a single hole sharpener with a thin wedge profile. However, where it differs is that has a vertically ridged grip zone cut out on each side of the sharpener.

This allows you to get a better grip and have more control when sharpening. It can be used to sharpen standard-size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter.

4.3. Kum 400-1 Magnesium Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 400-1 Magnesium Sharpener is a single hole sharpener with a rectangular block profile. It also has a vertically ridged grip zone on each side of the sharpener that allows you to get a better grip and have more control when sharpening.

The Kum 400-1 can be used to sharpen standard-size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter. Kum also makes the 400-1E sharpener and the only difference between this and the 400-1 is that the 1E is supplied with 2 spare blades.

4.4. Kum 410 Magnesium Pencil Sharpener

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The Kum 410 Magnesium sharpener (104. 05.01) is a double hole sharpener with a wedge profile that has the sharpener’s holes adjacent to each other.

The smaller diameter hole can be used to sharpen standard size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter. And the larger diameter hole can be used to sharpen oversized round or hexagonal shaped pencils with a barrel diameter up to 11mm.

The Kum 410 Magnesium Sharpener with its classic double hole wedge profile is one of their most popular sharpeners for everyday office and school use.

4.5. Kum 410-SG Magnesium Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 410-SG Magnesium sharpener (104.42.31) is a double hole sharpener with a wedge profile that has the sharpener’s holes adjacent to each other. It has the same profile as the Kum 420 sharpener and can sharpen pencils up to 8mm or 11mm in diameter. However, there are two main differences, the first is that the sharpener has a special Kuminox coating. This protects the sharpener’s magnesium surface keeping it in pristine condition and gives it a silky matt finish.

The other is that it has a “softie grip zone” which is essentially a grip area made from soft black foam rubber.

4.6. Kum 420 Magnesium Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 420 Magnesium Sharpener (104.07.31) is a single-hole sharpener with a rectangular block profile. Where this differs from the Kum 400-1 is that instead of the grip zone being a cut-out ridged area in the side of the sharpener. The 420 sharpeners grip zone is a series of horizontal ridges that run the full length of the side of the sharpener.

The Kum 420 can be used to sharpen standard-size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter. Kum also makes the 420E sharpener and the only difference between this and the 420 is that the E is supplied with 2 spare blades.

4.7. Kum 420-SG Magnesium Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 420-SG Magnesium Sharpener (104.41.31) is a single hole sharpener with a rectangular block profile. It has the same profile as the Kum 420 sharpener but there are two main differences. The first is that the sharpener has a special Kuminox coating this protects the sharpener’s magnesium surface keeping it in pristine condition and gives it a silky matt finish.

The other is that it has a “softie grip zone” which is essentially a grip area made from soft black foam rubber. The Kum 420-SG can be used to sharpen standard-size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter.

4.8. Kum 425 Magnesium Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 425 Magnesium Sharpener (104.09.31) is a double hole sharpener with a rectangular block profile and the sharpener’s holes are at each end. The smaller diameter hole can be used to sharpen standard size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter. And the larger diameter hole can be used to sharpen oversized round or hexagonal shaped pencils with a barrel diameter up to 11mm.

The Kum 425 sharpener has a grip zone that is a series of horizontal ridges running down the full length of each side of the sharpener. Kum also makes the 425E sharpener and the only difference between this and the 425 is that the E is supplied with 2 spare blades.

5. Kum Plastic Bodied Pencil Sharpeners

Kum makes 3 plastic-bodied sharpeners for those who are on a budget. They may be cheaper to buy but they still use the same excellent sharpening blades that are fitted to their more expensive sharpeners.

5.1. Kum 100-K Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 100-K Sharpener (101.21.21) is a simple plastic bodied single hole sharpener with a thin wedge profile that can be used to sharpen standard size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter.

5.2. Kum 100-1 Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 100-1 Sharpener (101.02.21) is a single-hole sharpener with a rectangular block profile. It can be used to sharpen standard-size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter.

5.3. Kum 410K Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 410K Sharpener (101. 05.21) is a double hole plastic-bodied sharpener with a wedge profile that has the sharpener’s holes adjacent to each other.

The smaller diameter hole can be used to sharpen standard size pencils with a round or hexagonal-shaped barrel up to 8mm in diameter. And the larger diameter hole can be used to sharpen oversized round or hexagonal shaped pencils with a barrel diameter up to 11mm.

6. Kum Long Point Pencil Sharpeners

Kum Long Point pencil sharpeners are widely regarded as the best long point sharpener in the world. Their main rival the Blackwing One Step long point pencil sharpener may be more aesthetically pleasing and have a big brand name attached to it. However, it is far more expensive and quite frankly nowhere near as good as any of the Kum Long Points.

The Kum long point sharpeners produce a superb long point on a pencil but as it is made from graphite it can be broken if dropped or just rolling about in a pencil case. I highly recommend using a pencil cap to protect the point of your pencil. Check out The 7 Best Pencil Caps to Protect Pencil Points for further information.

6.1. Kum Masterpiece Long Point Pencil Sharpener

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The Kum Masterpiece Long Point Pencil Sharpener (105.72.11) is the ultimate long point pencil sharpener and is favored by professional artists and draughtsmen. The Masterpiece produces the ultimate long point in a two-step process. The sharpener has two holes the first hole removes the wood and the second then sharpens the pencils lead to produce a superb long point lead. You can see the Kum Masterpiece in action in the following video.

As you are maybe able to see from the video the Kum Masterpiece Long Point pencil sharpener is made from magnesium and has a blue plastic end cover. If you want an even longer point, then you can carefully remove the end cover which exposes the sharp blades, and continue sharpening in hole 2 to get an even longer point.

6.2. Kum AS2 Long Point Pencil Sharpener

Perhaps the best known of all the Kum long point sharpeners is the Kum AS2 Long Point Sharpener (105.30.21). It is enclosed in a plastic case with a waste container with 2 sharpening holes and uses a 2-step sharpening procedure.

The pencil is put in hole 1 and turned which removes most of the wood from the core. Then the pencil is put into the second hole and turned to produce a lovely sharp long point. It can sharpen both round and hexagonal pencils and has an automatic brake to prevent oversharpening

6.3. Kum AS2M Long Point Pencil Sharpener

The Kum AS2M Long Point Pencil Sharpener (105.31.21) is enclosed in a plastic case with a waste container and is nearly identical to the Kum AS2 as it uses the same 2-step sharpening process. However, it has a very handy added functionality as it includes a lead pointer that can be used to sharpen 2mm and 3mm leads.

6.4. Kum 202-24 Stenograph Long Point Pencil Sharpener

The Kum Masterpiece may be the ultimate long point pencil sharpener however the Kum Stenograph (303.57.21) is a good quality single hole long point pencil sharpener and can be picked up for less than $5.00.

It is made from magnesium and has a single sharpening hole with a rectangular block profile. It also has a vertically ridged grip zone on each side of the sharpener that allows you to get a better grip and have more control when sharpening.

7. Kum Pencil Sharpeners with Waste Container

Kum makes a wide range of pencil sharpeners that have a waste container. They come in a variety of colors shapes and sizes and can either be single or double holed sharpeners. As for the sharpeners, some are plastic-bodied at the cheaper end and others are made from a magnesium alloy and are slightly more expensive.

7.1. Kum 4 in 1 Pencil Sharpener

Probably the most versatile Kum pencil sharpener (102.83.21) with a waste container is the Kum 4 in 1 pencil sharpener. It can sharpen all pencils from 7mm – 11mm in diameter. It is available in standard, pastel, and metallic colors.

7.2. Kum Cub3 Pencil Sharpener

The Kum Cub3 pencil sharpener (105.76.21) is ideal for desks as it has a handy square waste container and can pretty much sharpen everything you need to. It has a double hole sharpener that will sharpen pencils up to 8mm and 11mm and they have even built in a 3.2mm lead pointer.

7.3. Kum Glass Bottle Pencil Sharpener

The Kum Glass Bottle Pencil Sharpener has stood the test of time with its classic design. It has a single-hole high-quality magnesium sharpener built into its lid. The sharpener can sharpen pencils up to 8mm in diameter and the lid easily unscrews when you want to empty the shavings out of the jar.

7.4. Kum Pencil Pal Sharpener

The Kum Pencil Pal pencil sharpener (102. 47.21) is another very popular sharpener. It has a large waste container to catch all the shavings and its flip hole cover keeps the shavings safely secured when the sharpener is not in use.

It is a double hole sharpener with a smaller hole suitable for standard-sized pencils up to 8 mm in diameter and the larger hole can sharpen pencils and crayons up to 12mm in diameter. It is also available in left-handed, pastel, and metallic versions.

7.5. Kum Softie Pencil Sharpener

The Kum Softie is one of their most popular sharpeners with its super squeezable waste container that has been constantly developed with the changes in technology since it was first launched over 50 years ago.

8. Kum Large Diameter Pencil Sharpeners

Kum makes 3 large diameter pencil sharpeners which will sharpen oversized or thick pencils such as those used by kindergartners. Check out the 10 best pencils for kindergarteners to see our recommendations. Each of the three sharpeners is designed for a different pencil diameter and these are 12mm, 16mm, and 17mm.

8.1. Kum Big 12R Large Diameter Pencil Sharpener

The Kum Big 12R Large Diameter Pencil Sharpener (303.60.21) is probably the most useful of the range it is a plastic-bodied sharpener and as the name suggests is used to sharpen pencils that are 12mm in diameter.

8.2. Kum Big 16R Large Diameter Pencil Sharpener

The Kum Big 12R Large Diameter Pencil Sharpener is a plastic-bodied sharpener and as the name suggests is used to sharpen pencils that are 16mm in diameter.

8.3. Kum 100-70 Large Diameter Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 100-70 Large Diameter Pencil Sharpener (105.01.21) is a plastic-bodied sharpener that is designed to sharpen pencils with a 17mm diameter.

9. Kum Colored Pencil Sharpeners

Kum makes two sharpeners that are suitable for sharpening colored pencils and a sharpener for wax crayons. Each sharpener is designed to sharpen different diameters.

9.1. Kum 208 Colored Pencil Sharpener

The Kum 208 Pencil Sharpener (102.72.21) is a dual-hole sharpener with a built-in waste container. It can sharpen color pencils up to 8mm in diameter and also color pencils with slightly wider barrels between 8 and 10mm in diameter. It can be used to sharpen triangular and hexagonal-shaped colored pencils.

9.2. Kum 218T Colored Pencil Sharpener

Kum 218T Colored Pencil Sharpener (105.04.71) is a dual function 2 holed sharpener. It has two sharpening holes one for regular pencils and the other for color pencils up to 8mm in diameter and has a built-in waste container.

9.3. Kum 226 Wax T Sharpener

The Kum 226 Wax T Sharpener (105.05.71) has been specially designed to sharpen wax crayons with a 12mm diameter. The sharpener has a built-in waste container and produces a nice rounded point.

10. Kum Lead Pointers

For those who are not familiar with what a lead pointer is they are a special type of sharpener that is used to sharpen the lead in clutch pencils which are also known as lead holders. This type of pencil is a mechanical pencil that typically contains either 2mm or 3.15mm lead. Pressing the button at the top of the pencil allows the lead to fall freely out of the end and this is rounded to a point using a lead pointer. Kum is renowned for the quality of its sharpening blades which makes the Kum lead pointers an excellent choice for artists and designers.

10.1. Kum 233 Lead Pointer

The Kum 233 lead pointer (303.58.21) is a simple and straightforward pointer that is used to round the end of a 2mm lead.

10.2. Kum 250 Lead Pointer

The Kum 250 Lead Pointer (105.11.21) can also be found branded as the “Easy Point” (105.71.12) it is the same pointer just sold in different packaging. whatever one you have they are a high-quality lead pointer with a waste container that can be used to round 2mm and 3.2mm leads to a point.

KUM Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener — Sadie Saves the Day!

The KUM Automatic Long Point Sharpener was, until very recently, my favorite pencil sharpener. Even though I have some trouble sharpening with it consistently, is still miles above your standard pencil sharpener.

Facts Where Does it Stand?
Name KUM Automatic Long Point Sharpener (AS2)
Type Handheld with 28 mm holes, it also has two lead pointers at the side
Point Type Long point
Size 6.5 x 2.5 x 3 cm
Body Material plastic with the wedge body made up of light magnesium alloy
Blade Material steel
Made In Germany
Price $4.39- 7.73

The KUM Automatic Long Point Sharpener is marketed under several different names in the United States. There is a Palomino version that is marketed by California Republic Stationers in orange and gold. There is also the Palomino Blackwing version in black and gold. The one I have is blue and is the version that comes with two lead pointers on the side.

The sharpener comes with two extra replacement blades, which are very welcome because it seems that the blades wear out very quickly if you use harder lead pencils. If you’re only using writing pencils within the 2B to HB range, then there is probably no problem. But if you use 10H or 6H pencils, you may find yourself changing the blade very often.

I have also heard about sharpeners coming with dull blades straight from the factory, so if you’re having trouble sharpening with this pencil, consider changing the blade.

The KUM Long Point sharpens in two steps. The first step simply strips away the wood from the graphite core. You end up with a long cylindrical type of graphite which looks a little odd.

The automatic part of the name comes from the auto stop of this first section. There is a big sign that says stop which doesn’t allow you to over sharpen the pencil. don’t be disappointed if he thought there was some kind of electric component. That’s all it is.

The second step actually sharpens the lead. It doesn’t take away any of the wood, but only sharpens the graphite. This is useful, because you can also re-sharpen the pencil without having to strip away any more of the wood.

This is also where you can run into trouble. Depending on the size of the pencil and how well the lead is centered, I often had problems with lead of the pencil breaking before I was finished sharpening. Then I had to start the whole sharpening process all over again.

In order to be successful with the second step, you must be very gentle and very slow.

I also had problems with consistency and sharpening. At its best, the KUM Long Point makes a needlelike point which is so sharp that it can prick you. But this is very inconsistent. Sometimes it cannot get this sharp. Sometimes it is very blunt. Sometimes it basically can’t sharpen the pencil at all.

Despite this, overall it is still an upgrade over most handheld pencil sharpeners. But I’ll be saving it for when I am sketching outside, and use a hand crank sharpener at my desk.

Pros Cons
Can produce a very very sharp point Inconsistent sharpening
Small and lightweight Blades dull very quickly
Has a sharpening receptacle Sharpening receptacle is very small
Able to sharpen lead points

The person who would get the most use out of a very long point is probably an artist, but there are also regular pencil users who like the look of a long point. The point can be extremely sharp and give a very fine line.

However, the sharpener is not for someone who is not willing to deal with the inconsistency that can occur depending on the pencil your sharpening.

I would recommend the sharpener for someone who requires a pencil sharpener on the go, or someone who wants a pencil sharpener at their desk but does not want to give up the be necessary for a hand crank pencil sharpener.

  • Price: ★★★★★
  • Quality: ★★★
  • Overall: ★★★★

In the end, despite its problems, it’s still probably the best (or at least one of the best) portable pencil sharpeners available for those who like long points on their pencils.


In Europe

Guide to Small Handheld Pencil Sharpeners – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

There are dozens of different sharpeners, in all shapes, sizes, materials and colours. Here I’m looking at small one-step handheld sharpeners.

One-step just means you can get a finished point in one go. Some sharpeners are two-step: you sharpen the wood first and then the graphite, to give a long point.

Handheld sharpeners are sharpeners you don’t need to attach to a desk to use.

By small, I mean I’m avoiding sharpeners that come with a tub to keep the shavings in. Although a couple of the ones I’ve looking at today do hold the shavings from one or two sharpenings, they’ve all small enough to fit in a pocket.

I bought all these sharpeners myself but some I was able to pick up at a discount thanks to Cult Pens’ support of the site.

In these tests I used a General’s Cedar Pointe pencil, which is a lovely good quality pencil, and a Six Mile pencil, which isn’t.

DUX Adjustable Brass

This pencil sharpens pencils beautifully, giving a crisp cut on even the cheap pencil. There are three steps but not a huge difference between steps 2 and 3.

Price: £13.99

M+R Triangular Magnesium Triple Hole

The three holes in this sharpener each sharpen in a different way. The first sharpens in the normal way and does so crisply, though not with as much authority as the DUX.

The second hole only sharpens the wood, which things a very intimidating but potentially useful point. It would also be useful so when you don’t want an actual point, such as when shading.

The third hole only sharpens the lead. I couldn’t think of when I might want to use this.

Price: £2.50

DUX Single Hole Brass

This sharpener sharpens any pencil crisply and easily. It’s heavy and solidly built. The point is good and long.

Price: £4.10

KUM Magnesium Block

Magnesium makes for a lighter sharpener than brass but with that lightness you lose some of the reassuringly solid feel. However, this is a good reliable sharpener that gives a good though quite short point.

There are two spare blades screwed into one side. This is useful but makes the sharpener a little uncomfortable to grip when in use.

Price: £1.05

KUM Mikro Sharpener K1

The K1 doesn’t give the best point. It doesn’t give a particularly crisp cut and the graphite is prone to breaking whilst being sharpened. It does hold the shavings from one sharpening whilst still being very small. This makes it very convenient for pocket carry. The hinge on the plastic lid isn’t very robust but the lid will still stay in place even if the hinge has broken.

Price: £0.93

KUM WoodCutter Wooden Block

This makes a nice change from the metal and it quickly develops a graphite-ridden patina, which will either delight or disgust you. The point it gives is okay: a reasonable length but not especially crisp.

Price: £0.73

KUM Calypso Sharpener/Eraser

The sharpening part of this combo is quite good, giving a fairly crisp cut and a reasonably long point. It will hold the shavings from one sharpening under a push-on lid. The eraser isn’t outstanding but it’s just about functional.

This isn’t outstanding as either a sharpener or an eraser but it’s good enough at both to be perfectly usable if you have the need to have both in one item. It’s going to get pretty grubby pretty quickly though.

Price: £1.45

KUM Stenographer’s Long Point

This is a magnesium sharpener that produces a particularly long point. It needs some care not to break the point while sharpening and it doesn’t always give the cleanest cut. It’s perfectly usable though and not a bad choice is a long point is important to you.

Price: £1.30

M+R Single Hole Brass Wedge

A small brass sharpener that’s easy to grip thanks to the thumb-sized recesses on each side. It gives a satisfactory point but it’s harder work to turn the pencil in this sharpener than in any of the others.

Price: £2.85

M+R Grenade Single Hole Brass

This is a cylindrical sharpener that feels very solid. Rather than being a gimmick, the shape makes the sharpener very easy to grip and use. The point is a reasonable length and the wood shaves cleanly.

Price: £3.20

Staedtler Single Hole Metal 510 10

A crisp point of a decent length. Large enough to grip firmly.

This is a suburban sharpener. Perfectly pleasant but difficult to say much about.

Price: £0.89


None of these sharpeners were bad. The worst performer of the lot was the KUM Mikro but that’s actually a sharpener I use a lot because it’s so convenient to carry around.

The M+R sharpeners were just a touch harder to use than the others. Now, even though I’m a puny office worker, this extra effort is comparative. You’re not going to build any muscles using an M+R sharpener. It’s perfectly fine.

The DUX sharpeners were by far the best but also the most expensive. The adjustable one is very expensive but the variation in point that you get isn’t that great. The M+R Triangular block is a lot more flexible. I’m going to keep one of these on my desk for when I’m sketching.

The best small pencil sharpener: DUX Single Hole Brass
Best really cheap pencil sharpener: Staedtler Single Hole Metal

All the sharpeners plus a few I’ll be looking at in the future…

Kum Pencil Sharpeners – Pencils4Artists

A brass pencil sharpener always feels that bit more luxurious and special.  This one is for standard graphite pencils and thinner colour pencils.  A lovely addition to any pencil case!  Spare blades available.
A brass pencil sharpener always feels that bit more luxurious and special.  This one is a precision milled, 2 hole brass sharpener with high carbon steel blades (spare blades are available).

The perfect sharpener to sharpen your colour and graphite pencils.  With 2 holes – one for putting a sharp point on your standard pencils and the other puts a blunt, rounded end on your colour pencils.

All those frustrating times when your pencil wont quite fit either size of your two hole sharpener are now officially over!

The Kum 4 in 1 sharpener is here and it has, unsurprisingly, 4 different size holes. 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 11mm are all catered for so it will take almost all pencil shapes and sizes. 

A pencil shaped eraser which is really comfortable to hold.  It sits nicely in the hand with the ergonomic grip zone and has a pointed end for fine erasing and a round end for broader erasing.


That’s a mouthful, but this is a tool that, as my brother Tom might say, “gets ‘er done.” This is, in short, a very inexpensive version of The Perfect Pencil. This baby leaves your pencil Perfectly Portable, with an eraser cap, extender and sharpener all in one. Honestly, I use mine as a point protector/sharpener for pocket carrying. But the eraser is pretty good, as we’ll see.

This baby gives you a very short point. To give it a fair shake and a good test, I murdered the point of a Palomino with my trusty mid-90s Leatherman. I considered taking a shot of whiskey or getting my wife to hold my hand while I did this. But I didn’t want to catch my hand in those jaws. I have a chip on one of my front teeth from tightening the screw on this thing in 1999. The things a Pencil Blogger must do!

This item used to show up as the Scribble sharpener (see review here). I like this design better. The colors are a bit…bright. But the blue matches my favorite style of Palomino pretty well. They also come in green, yellow (more like gold) and pink and are available on Amazon, but I got mine at Pencils.com for $2.95. Alberto already reviewed this version, and Comrades should check out his review, which features much better photos than I have here.

The cap houses a pencil sharpener than pulls out of the top end. One could sharpener the pencil with the sharpener in place, in the cap. But I don’t think it would hold more than one sharpening’s worth of shavings. I remove the sharpener to use it, though it is a little difficult to find a place to grip it that way. The blade is screwed in, but I suspect this is a sharpener whose blade will prove difficult to find replacements for. I tell myself that this item will get smashed or lost before I dull the blade, so long as I only use it on the go. Since I usually sharpener my pocket pencil before leaving my house, this might be the case. Anyway, the sharpener fits nicely into the cap, and the plug hits home and stays there.

In use, the cap fits very tightly onto most pencils. I have held the following pencils with success:

All current Blackwings
Palomino Blue
Faber-Castell Castell 9000
Staedtler Mars
Staedtler Wopex

Without success (pencil was too thin):

Dixon Ticonderoga (several versions) Edit: I fitted a Dixon Black by pushing it in pretty fare. There’s a little play, though, and the point hits the sharpener in the cap.
Faber-Castell Grip 2001

That is certainly not an exhaustive list, just the pencils I have tried, i.e., could reach on the table or in the box on the table. I should note that the pencil does not enter into the cap very far. This extends a very short pencil very well, but it does little to make a medium-length pencil fit into a pocket. For making stubs usable and for fitting a pencil into one’s pocket without the fear of a vampire-death by impaling, this cap is the ticket. The included pencil is even a little long.

Speaking of which, the pencil this set comes with is a nice one. It’s matte black, round, uncapped and has a nice lead that feels like a Castell 9000 2B to me. The eraser works better than the ones on the backs of the pencils I’ve tried it with, though it wears away quickly. I wouldn’t buy it for the eraser. To me, the pencil and eraser were free with the interesting cap/sharpener.

As I mentioned above, this sharpener makes one short point. While I’m not generally a fan of such points, I can live with this. For one, a blunt point is the one I want in my shirt pocket or my hip pocket while on my bike. This is certainly just a “mental thing,” but I’m sure I’ve mentioned my abiding fear of Pencil Impalement before. Also, this cap’s utility makes whatever point it wants to give up more than good enough for me. If I will be away from home long enough to dull more than one pencil, I generally carry more than one pencil. But if I need more, forget one, or break that sum-gun, this cap will certainly help. Plus: it just looks way cooler than a small plastic point protector.

This little set is a winner, and at that price, definitely worth a spot in the pockets of Comrades everywhere.

90,000 reviews, photos and characteristics on Aredi.ru

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BIRYUZOVAYA: Review of sharpeners KUM

Still looking for the perfect pencil sharpener that does its job quickly and easily? Then I have something to tell and show you.
I’ll start with two pencil sharpeners and pencil sharpeners. I have both blue, but each with its own peculiarity:
The Bottles sharpener has 2 features that distinguish it from most other sharpeners:

1) The secure screw cap like on standard water / beverage bottles gives you 100% guarantee that the contents of the container will not spill! And here I will add the convenience of a transparent container, there is no need to periodically unwind and check if there is free space.

2) The hole of the sharpener itself also has a cover! Small, made of translucent plastic, additionally holds the contents of the container. The shavings have no chance! In addition, the cap is tied to the sharpener itself, so it won’t get lost.

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail! And in fact, it is even more convenient than I described above. You need to try and you will understand in practice that there is nothing better! An irreplaceable thing for children! I twisted it, threw it into my backpack and no problem. Large container volume, just right for those who like to draw.

Sharpener all round:

As you can see, the sharpener blade does its job perfectly! The tip of the pencil is as sharp as possible! The sharpener works smoothly, does not break the pencil lead. The second is the POD K2 Pop Sharpener. And this sharpener can already sharpen pencils of different sizes. It also has a large reservoir for the chips.

The design is different. On one side there are 2 holes, on the back there is a lid that must be removed to clean the container.

In my opinion, this model is ideal for the desktop. It is convenient to put it closer, so that it is always at hand. Made of glossy, impact-resistant plastic that does not get dirty at all. I have a bad experience with rubberized sharpeners, completely impractical! Glossy plastic – I don’t need anything else.

More details:

Sharpens pencils perfectly!

TM KUM offers not only pencil sharpeners, but also for cosmetic ones!

This sharpener handles easily sharpening pencils of all diameters.Suitable for all types of cosmetic pencils.

Has a transparent hinged lid, so it is very easy to clean the container! What’s more, there is a plastic cleaning stick hidden between the blades! Most cosmetic pencils have a soft texture and stain the blades noticeably; the stick easily removes residues of funds. Imagine that you have just sharpened a black eyeliner and in a couple of minutes you need a soft pink lip liner. And it is possible! A few strokes with a stick and the sharpener is ready to go.

This sharpener has 2 sharpening features:
1) I immediately noticed that the tip is not sharp, but slightly rounded. And rightly so, such a tip does not damage the thin skin of the lips and eyelids.
2) The blade shortens the point of the lead. Thus, it protects it from breaking off and it is simply more convenient for making makeup.

Remember this trick? To easily sharpen a soft pencil, put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Everything! This advice is no longer relevant)) The KUM sharpener copes even with the softest pencils.

What was my surprise when I read that the blades of the KUM cosmetic sharpeners have 2 patented blade systems, which exactly provide the sharpening that I wrote about! This is a rare case when the result is ahead of the promise!

Interesting fact! KUM produces cosmetic sharpeners for Giogrio Armani, Chanel, YSL, Elizabeth Arden, Oriflame and Loreal. Do you represent this responsibility and requirements ?!

Hapstone V6 knife sharpener


The Hapstone V6 Knife Sharpener offers a fast and efficient way to sharpen knives.Thanks to the design with adjustable sharpening angle, the knife blade sharpens better and remains sharp for a very long time.

  • The main parts of the Hapstone sharpener are made of metal, making it durable.
  • The sharpener can be used with both standard Edge Pro dovetail bars (on 45 ° beveled blanks) and regular rectangular sharpening stones up to 20 cm in length.
  • The set includes a bar thickness compensator for using bars of different thicknesses.
  • A powerful neodymium magnet is hidden in the bed, which will securely hold your knife. (It can be removed if necessary.)
  • The knife seat is rubberized, so the risk of scratching the knife is minimal even without the use of a protective tape.
  • The hinge assembly is made of metal, which eliminates backlash and guarantees a constant sharpening angle.
  • Long rod length ensures that the sharpening angle remains constant within the contact area.
  • The relatively heavy weight of the sharpener and the rubber feet allow it to stand firmly on any surface without the use of suction cups.

The sixth generation of the Hapstone sharpener boasts a large number of improvements:

  • A three-point stop for precise blade positioning and an electronic protractor stand are standard parts of the sharpener. Now you don’t need to buy them separately.
  • The sharpener can be assembled without keys.
  • The sharpening angle can be set in the range from 11 ° to 44 °, and by removing the stop – from 5 °.
  • Lightweight horizontal guide allows better control of pressure on the cutting edge.
  • Narrow clamping frame for the use of narrow 12 mm strips with good lateral visibility.
  • Parking rack.
  • Modified leg design for maximum sharpener stability.
  • The hinge unit with a pressed-in fluoroplastic bushing ensures a smooth movement of the guide, does not require lubrication and cleaning.
  • New type of coating of parts for additional protection during operation.

Complete with a sharpener – instruction manual in Russian.

Comparison with other sharpeners

  • Edge Pro Bars
  • Plain bars without blanks
  • Thickness compensator
  • Stroke stops
  • Holding the knife with a magnet
  • Parking rack
  • Quick bar change
  • Swivel joint
  • Surface requirement
  • Sharpening angles
  • Metal
  • Any
  • 11 ° – 44 ° (0 ° – 44 ° without stop)
  • ²
  • ¹
  • ¹
  • Plastic
  • Glossy
  • 6 ° – 40 °
  • ²
  • ²
  • Plastic
  • Glossy
  • 6 ° – 33 °

¹ Only in our store (revision by RuChef).

² Can be purchased separately.

Available configurations

  • Mastering the craft of a sharpener and sharpening your first knives. The package includes 3 silicon carbide bars without blanks.
  • High-quality sharpening of knives made of soft kitchen steels. The package includes 5 grinderman bars made of aluminum oxide: F 120, 220, 400, 600 and 1000 grit.
  • High-quality sharpening of knives made of hard and medium-hard steels.The package includes 5 Grinderman silicon carbide bars: F 120, 220, 400, 600 and 1000 grit.
  • Fast sharpening of knives from any steel. The package includes three double-sided Venev diamond stones: 160/125 + 50/40, 20/14 + 7/5, 3/2 + 1/0 microns. The bars are installed in the sharpener without blanks.
  • Maximum efficiency and high quality for sharpening knives made of mild and medium-hard steels. The package includes 5 Boride bars on aluminum blanks: Ruby 150, AM-K 220, T2 400, Golden Star 800, PC 1200.

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