Korean nails design: 13 Korean Nails Trends We Can’t Stop Screenshotting


5 Korean Nail Art Trends That We Are Totally Obssessed With

The Koreans have done it once again! Taking the lead in everything fashion and beauty, nail trends out of Korean never fail to enchant us. This time, their eye-catching nail art designs are blowing up our social media feeds and we can’t seem to look away. We have narrowed down our list and have rounded up five of the biggest Korean nail art trends this season. From sparkly gems to iconic runway prints, these stylish designs will definitely earn you compliments!

Also known as plaid nails, the iconic Scottish pattern returned to the runway this Fall 2018 and it has made its way into the world of manicure. Tartan nails have become the epitome of versatility, giving you a sophisticated yet elegant look.

Opt for the classic colour palette of red and black this Christmas! If loud colours are not your thing, fret not. Muted tones seem to be the popular choice among Koreans. Incorporate pastels and neutrals to tone down the look yet retain its sophistication.

If you find your standard manicure a tad too plain but nail art is not your cup of tea, go for an accent gem. All that bling might seem intimidating but don’t shy away from this big trend – it’s a lot simpler than it looks! Basically, you will need is a base coat, a top coat and an accent stone. And you’ll be good to go!

Leopard print is back! Just when you thought the world has left the famous leopard print behind, the popular print gets thrown into the limelight once again.

If you’re feeling a little daring, paint this design on most of your nails and have a muted colour on your accent nail.

However, leopard prints might not be for everyone. For those curious to experiment with this iconic animal print, opt for this design on your accent nail instead.
Grid Nails

One trend we can’t seem to take out eyes off? Grid nail art. This if for all the minimalistic girls out there who are looking for ways to incorporate design into their manicure.

Sometimes, two colours are better than one. To pull it off with ease, select two hues that would work well together. It is also a perfect excuse to play around with more colours. There are endless colour combinations with this number.

Switch it up by drawing thicker lines for a different look!
Cartoon Nails

Travel back in time and relive your childhood by drawing cartoon characters on your nails. If drawing various characters on five fingertips is too much for for your liking, opt for one as your accent nail and leave the remaining four minimalistic. For nail art beginners, go for nail stickers featuring the cartoon character of your choice. Simply stick them on your fingernails and enjoy a flawless result.

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20 Korean Nail Arts You’ll Love to Try – NailDesignCode

While other neighboring countries of Korea, such as China and Japan focus on their age-old culture and traditions, Korean nail artists are creating a new trend of their own.

Shattered glass nail was a trendy nail design before 2019. Now the trend has changed and here are some futuristic Korean nail arts to rock the party in 2021.


Stunning Korean Nail Arts

Korean nail art is different and distinct from other nail art existing out there. You’ll surely have space to breathe on social media if you have Korean nail art. Let’s see how Korean nail art can make you stand out from the crowd.



korean 3d nail art




korean christmas nail




korean nails stickers




korean acrylic nails




korean gel nails




korean almond nails




korean flag nail art




korean winter nails




korean purple nails




korean glitter nail


#11. The Glaze of Diamonds

If you are more into shiny looks you can absolutely have this type of nails that is available at Korean nail art salon. This was the Korean nail art trend in 2021. Grab this Korean nail art to shine brighter than before in 2021 also.

Cherry Blossom Nail Art to Celebrate The Festival


#12. Better Half

This is another innovative Korean nail art designs from nail artists. This design is very simple yet it looks beautiful. Because simplicity is the ultimate beauty. If you are planning to have something plain and beautiful, this is the perfect one for you.


#13. Flower Accent

Keeping half of the nails different from the other half is a popular trend in Korean nail art designs. You can paint your nails with yellow color, then accentuate one nail with a flowery image like that of the picture.


#14. Reigning Rings

Korean nails are very famous on Instagram. Korean nails on Instagram is a largely searched keyphrase in google. You can have this stunning Korean nail art to hit the floor of Instagram. These different types of rings are complimenting the whole design.


#15. Colorful Bliss

If you like it colorful, this Korean nail art is made for you. You can paint your nails with different colors and combine them in an organized pattern to give them a luxe look.

Nail Polishes That Changes Color With Your Mood!


#16. Futuristic Nails

Korean nail artists are innovative and they have invented a whole brand new nail art design. They are anticipating the future of nail designs. Thus, you can have these removable wires as futuristic nail art. Who knows? This design might blow away everyone’s mind in 2021. Just be careful while attaching the wires.


#17. Shattered Glass Nails

If you are a real fashionista, you already know about this Korean nail art. This shattered glass nail design was groundbreaking in 2021. Since then girls are searching Korean nail art to apply them on their nails. You can have this signature Korean nail art to adorn your nails.


#18. Variety

If you are bored with the conventional nail art of repeating a pattern in each nail, you can try this one. Every single nail is designed with different patterns to add variety to this design. You can have this Korean nail art to make a difference.


#19. Traditional Images

Koreans are not only coming up with modern art and designs, but they are also obsessed with their nationalism and culture. You can depict some of their traditional images like that of wedding ducks in your Korean nail art.


#20. Creativity at It’s Best

A simple idea can change the whole world. If you are creative enough, the world will be at your feet sooner or later. Have a look at this Korean nail art which might come into play in nail art trends 2021. If you are up for taking the risk, you can try this Korean nail out.

Trend Alert! Hottest Nail Art for 2021


Korean nail art is a bit different than other nail art. You can have these nails if you want to outperform other nail design geeks in your surroundings. I have tried to discuss the best ideas here, you can check out our other articles for further reading. Hope you will find the perfect fit for your nails from our designs.

Korean Nails Art – ADDICFASHION

See more ideas about nails fashion nails style. Big for 2017 is minimalism and neon says eun kyung.

44 Eye Catching Minimalist Nail Art Ideas For Summer 2019 In 2020

This year korean style nails have three dimensional designs diamond looking stickers and lots of sparkles.

Korean nails art. Korean nail art is a bit different than other nail art. A great style for inspiration. Here s the step by step process that happens when you get gel nails in korea.

Pure soft and luminous. South korea has been serving up the most mesmerizing manicures we ve ever seen offering up a captivating collection of nail aesthetics from the shattered glass nail phenomenon to stone nails to bracelet nails to aurora nails. In recent years three dimensional textured designs are also effective in clothing trends.

I have tried to discuss the best ideas here you can check out our other articles for further reading. However you can t actually say that this nail design is anything but marvelous. See more ideas about nail art cute nails nail designs.

Mar 20 2017 explore wing c s board korean style nails followed by 169 people on pinterest. Dec 1 2018 explore handmade hats by michelle s board bts nail art on pinterest. Watercolor chunky glitter and smiley faces are some of the most popular nail art.

Our favourite source of inspiration comes from korean nail artist eun kyung park who owns seoul s unistella salon her instagram is full to the brim with super chic ideas and styles right out of south korea. Hope you will find the perfect fit for your nails from our designs. We re big fans of nail art here at glamour.

Korean nail art has been blowing up our instagram and pinterest feeds and it s impossible to look away. In our opinion the nail art these. The combo of nails and piercings is the perfect example of the idea.

You can have these nails if you want to outperform other nail design geeks in your surroundings. The trends don t stop evolving. Jun 21 2020 explore topchittaphon10 s board korean nail art on pinterest.

Korean nail art brings impressive designs. See more ideas about nail art korean nails korean nail art. Three nail artists based in seoul including unistella s park eunkyung share the top nail trends in south korea.

Korean nail art designs can be pretty unpredictable too and when you think that there are things impossible to combine into nail art they just prove you wrong. Popular korean fashion nail art nail piercing.

We went to rachel s favorite nail salon in seoul and filmed the entire experience.

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These Korean Beauty-Inspired Press-On Nails Are Here To Stay

Photo by Dashing Diva

Are you craving cute, intricate summer nail designs that you can’t create by yourself at home? Then look no further – we’ve got you [quite literally] covered. 

Nail salons all over the world might be closed now, but that doesn’t have to stop you from pulling off the perfect nail look. If anything, it can be the perfect excuse for you to get your creative juices flowing. 

In Korea, the ease and convenience of stick-on nails has made false nail brands like Dashing Diva and Gelato Factory all the rage amongst Korean women. And you’re about to find out why.

Easily found in numerous stores such as Olive Young, Etude House, and Chicor, and even Ulta, popular brand Dashing Diva is the latest trend our team at Soak has fallen in love with. At around $9 per pack, it’s totally worth buying a set or two for achieving that salon-perfect nail design.

Photo by Dashing DivaFrom complex, flashy designs to muted nude tones, Dashing Diva’s wide selection consists of both short and long press-on fingernail options. You can find flawless-looking solid color nails or go for something eye-catching and sophisticated. Whatever kind of fingernail you want to rock, Dashing Diva is sure to equip you with exactly that. 
Photo by Dashing Diva

For a quick pedicure, you can confidently apply these Magic Press-On Pedicure stickers to show off your unique design in summer sandals.

Photo by Gelato Factory

Gelato Factory is another brand of press-on nails with a selection of classy and cute nails perfect for any occasion. Like Dashing Diva, they contain both manicure and pedicure sets and can be found in Olive Young. They feature both press-on false nails and stickers that you can apply to coat your natural nails regardless of their state. This is a win-win!

Photo by Gelato Factory

These products are extremely easy to use: all you have to do is file your nails, wipe them off with the provided alcohol cloth, peel off the back of the nail sticker, and press it on. Just minutes later, you’ll be rocking a whole new, salon-fresh look.

Featured image by POPSUGAR

Korean Nails – Nail Art Trends of 2020

As someone who spends hour after hour shamelessly scrolling through my Instagram Discover feed, I’ve come across my fair share of new and innovative nail trends that have got me going, “What!!! How can I get that look?”

After a while, I started noticing this common nail style that looked something like this:


And also like this:

The glass nail trend is just one of many nail trends that have found their way across the globe, originating all the way from the trendsetting, talented, and incredibly artistic country of South Korea.

Korean Nail Art Leads the Industry

South Korea is no stranger to being the leader in everything they do (did someone say KPOP?), and you can add nail designs to the long list of global innovations this country is known for.

Nails used to be an overlooked feature where the beauty focus was primarily on hair, makeup, and clothes.


Nails are essential. Kate Middleton does not get married to the future king of England without a perfect set of nude nails at her wedding. Cardi B would not be caught dead without a full-fledged set of blinged-out claws no matter the day of the week. You would not go to a job interview with a half fading manicure with raggedy tips. People now appreciate and understand that nails are an important part of one’s presentation, and an avenue for creative talent to make their visual mark on the world.

But major changes like this don’t come about simply just because. No, it requires someone with a passion and unique talent to get everyone to pay attention. And one artist who has had a pivotal role in this movement would be Park Eun Kyung.

Owner of Nail Studio Unistella – Park Eun Kyung 

We’ve sung our praises to Park before in our roundup post about our favorite BLACKPINK nails – all designed by Park herself. And if doing nail designs for the biggest girl group in the world wasn’t enough to credit her name, Park is a master and leader of her craft. 

We give credit where credit is due. From the hashtags #brokenglassnail to #gemstonenails to #negativespacenails, Park is responsible for many of the nail trends you will see below. If you needed any more reason to understand why she is the leader in nail designs, let’s dive into the following portfolio of the most popular and creative Korean nail trends.

Korean Nail Trend #1: Syrup Nails

These nails are a trend that were extremely popular a while back in Japan and are now a popular trend in Korea.

Syrup nails appear translucent starting from the cuticle then the color gradually melts and subdues into a darker tip. Similar to an ombre gradation, but only with one color rather than two by using successive layers of a single color. This nail design can be done with any color but is often done with pinks, purples, and other lighter colors.



Korean Nail Trend #2: Glass Nails

This nail trend looks exactly as its name sounds. Glass nails, also known as the shattered glass nail trend, are nails covered in holographic or seashell shards. When the pieces are put together, they often look like diamonds or other gemstones with fractures.



Korean Nail Trend #3: Marbled Nails

This nail design was made to replicate the likes of marbled gemstones like Amethysts. Using cloudy white with light colors like purple and pink, this nail art gives the perfect marbled look. 


Korean Nail Trend #4: Lipstick Nails

Forget your traditional almond or stiletto shaped nail, Korean nail art has once again changed the game with the introduction of lipstick nails. 


Korean Nail Trend #5: Pixie Dust Art Accent Nail





Korean Nail Art Trend #6: Tye Dye Nails 


Korean Nail Art Trend #7: Cloud Nails


Top 10 Kawaii Nail Designs From Instagram! | The Best Korean and Japanese Beauty Box Straight from Tokyo to Your Door!

For years, women have decorated their nails with a plethora of colors but in the past decade, Japanese nail art has completely exploded with creativity and infinite artistic options. Nail art has become a new fashion staple among Japanese women and has caught global attention for its intricate and remarkable designs. Glamorous, kawaii, sparkly, or fun, there are endless varieties of what can be done with nail art these days. Here are our top 10 Japanese inspired nail designs that we picked from Japan Nails‘ Instagram page- make sure to check out more of their work by clicking HERE!

1. Bling Bling

Although this design uses neutral colors, there is nothing subtle about these nails! We love the holographic french tip ombre with gaudy assortment of crystal gems. Truly gives the illusion of jewelry on your fingertips! Even if you are supporting a laid back or casual outfit, these nails will give you an automatic boost.

2. She Extraaa

There is no denying that this nail design screams Harajuku girl! From the bubble gum picks, to the 3D teddy bears and heart stickers, these nails are the definition of kawaii. Although there is a lot of volume and textured details, the nail length isn’t too long so they can still be functional! Who said you can’t be practical AND cute?

3. Ocean Glam

This is a luxurious take on an ocean themed nail design! Instead of going for the obvious ocean color palette, we love that this design is made up of gold and glitter! It creates a very high class and expensive feel- and we cannot ignore how stunning the sea charms are.

4. Winnie the Pooh

Here to state the obvious, but these Winnie the Pooh nails are adorable! We are a huge fan of characters on nails so this design really stood out to us! Seeing your favorite childhood cartoons on your nails just sounds so wholesome.

5. Flaming Baddie

We have been loving the flames nail design trend, especially when they are baby pink like this one! It is also such a fun combination to balance it out with these mesmerizing, holographic accent nails. One of the simplest designs out of the bunch, but it surely adds a punch! See how I rhymed there?

6. Sanrio Nails

What more do I really need to say other than SANRIO CHARACTERS ON NAILS! The baby blues from Cinnamoroll paired with the pastel pink of My Melody is such a charming duo. Also, love that the ears and bows are 3D!

7. Galaxy

Now this is how you do galaxy nails! The shimmering hues of lavender and night sky blue create the dreamy base for all of the intricate positioning of the stars. It’s like having the entire solar system right on the tips of your fingers. I think I would space out just from staring at these cosmic nails all day!

8. Sushi Nails?!

I burst out laughing when I first saw these sushi nails but how incredibly creative is this! Repping one of the most popular Japanese cuisines, how much more Japanese can these nails get? There is salmon, tamago (egg), shrimp, uni, octopus, ikura, and more! Which nail would you order?

9. Mermaid Nails

Isn’t it everyone’s secret fantasy to be a mermaid? I guess the closet we can get to actually becoming a mermaid is through this dreamy nail design! We love the gold sea stars and shells against the pastel mix. It is such a soft, dreamy look but we love the textured accent nails that look like shells!

10. Sailer Moon

This one’s for all the 90s kids out there! This wouldn’t be a top 10 kawaii nails list without including at least one Sailer Moon inspired design. We are blown away by all the detail that has been put into this design- we’ll definitely be bringing this pic into the nail salon for inspiration!

What nail design did you like best? Have you gotten Japanese nails done before? Let us know in the comments!

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8 Korean Nail Art Designs That Are Super Trendy Right Now

Korea has been taking the lead from fashion, skincare, make-up and trendsetting nail art designs. Everything beauty related has never failed to enchant us and Korean nail art is definitely an eye-catcher. Korean celebrities have such flattering hands, and its all thanks to the stylish and creative nail art trends. These  Korean nail trends are blowing up our social media feeds and especially on Instagram, we just can’t seem to turn our eyes away. Here we have rounded up a few of the trendiest Korean nail art designs that will inspire your next trip to the nail salon, why not experiment with these trendy Korean nail designs for a more unique look.

Negative space

This minimalist yet creative design is one of the trendiest nail designs, especially the unpainted strips give off a more fashion-forward vibe. This look will definitely be able to accentuate any outfit you are wearing and playing around with different designs can give you a more personalised look that radiates your style. Sometimes less is more when it comes to nail art and this one just screams elegance!

(Credits: @nail_unistella)

Mix and Match

Mix and match nail art designs are so playful and creative, with each look having its own uniqueness we are definite that no one will be seen rocking the same patterns. If you love a unique and personalised style this nail trend is the one to go for. It really is a piece of art!

(Credits: @nail_unistella)

Accent bling

Accent blings are simple but still draws the attention towards your nails.  For a more effortless look that still accentuates your nails. This accent bling design can be paired with any coloured nail base and will make any design seem well decorated.

(Credits: @nailtam2na)


One of the most versatile nail art design that has been trending for ad long time in Korea. With unlimited combinations of colour and style, this is definitely a great look that will impress everyone.  This is a go-to design for many Korean celebrities and adding some bling as decor will make the look seem more lavish.

(Credits: @mini_nail)


A cute and youthful design for your inner child, from Disney characters to emojis, this cartoon design is a fun and playful way to decorate your nails. Who says that when you grow up you have to give up on having fun? At least our nails don’t have to!

(Credits: @ryu_unni)


For that luxurious and glistening nails that makes you feel like those Korean celebrities. Opt for coloured jewels or pearls can be great alternatives for plain diamonds if you want a more colourful look. This rich and intricate nail design has been trending for years in Korea and are beloved by the K-Pop idols.

(Credits: @nailtam2na)

Shattered glass

This look aims to replicate the stained glass windows and give adds more shine and colour to light coloured nail basis. This looks can be done on any coloured nail base and is a creative way to decorate your nails if you are bored of having plain colours.

(Credits: @nailtam2na)

Mix and match glitter

Who doesn’t love having glittery and shiny nails? We would definitely want to get this nail art design done for a party or an event, but to be honest we would rock this look whenever we can. The colours can be mix and matched or monotoned but it will by jaw-dropping either way.

(Credits: @nail_by_jin)

These 8 trendsetting Korean nail art designs will get you endless compliments where ever you go! Let us know in the comments below which Korean nail designs are your favourite.

Featured image source: http://blog.daum.net/_blog/photoImage.do?blogid=0rYjF&imgurl=http://cfile236.uf.daum.net/original/2772A03F5591F74B32539C
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90,000 Trendy Korean manicure 2021 (+40 photos)

Korea is rapidly gaining popularity by offering unusual beauty solutions. And this applies not only to cosmetics and care products. Today we will show you a Korean manicure, or rather a design that Korean women like. There is an opinion that the Korean manicure is too much, that in the CIS countries it is not relevant to wear it. No matter how it is! We have selected the best trends in the Korean nail industry. They will definitely help you to feel the sweetness and charm that Korean manicure carries.

Korean Nail Art – Real Art

We, accustomed to laconic, minimalistic and moderate beauty, do not immediately understand what a Korean manicure means. At first glance, there are too many designs and accents. But in fact, if you look closely, you can see that Korean craftsmen pay close attention to every detail.

Korean style and their work is inspiring. And despite different tastes and mentality, our masters no longer look at the manicure of Korean women with skepticism.Of course, repeating exactly a Korean manicure is often not the best idea. Nevertheless, some examples can be very successfully adapted to our realities.

Korean women, unlike us, treat manicure as an object of art and a distinctive accessory. For them, it is a blank sheet, a canvas on which you can express your feelings, tastes and style. It is hard to argue with the fact that Korean manicure is a separate art form in the nail world.

For short nails

90% of Korean women prefer a minimum nail length.But even at this length, they manage to place an impressive amount of design and accents.

Which designs are at their peak in Korea:

  • miniature drawings;
  • stones and rhinestones;
  • 90,027 sequins;
  • dried flowers;
  • gradient;
  • volumetric drops;
  • 90,027 stickers;
  • wire.

Yes, you heard right, wire. It sounds unusual, but it looks just stunning. And Korean women are very fond of everything shiny, and rarely miss the opportunity to add shining accents to a manicure.

Also, Korean masters learned how to make manicure with dried flowers. These are real dried flowers. They help to create a unique and natural manicure.

But Korean fashionistas don’t always design a lot. They do not neglect a monochromatic, cute manicure in feminine tones.

Long nails

Long nails are not common in Korea. But if a Korean woman decides to wear a length, she will choose a maxi. On long nails in Korea, you will not find a monochromatic nude with a modest stretch.There will definitely be a lot of detail and color.

With stones

If we often make this design for a holiday or event, then in Korean manicure it is a classic. Rhinestones and stones can be found on every second manicure in Korea. As we said, Koreans are very fond of glitter on their nails. And this really has its own charm. At the same time, they find beautiful both the moderate placement of stones on the nails and the largest and most voluminous stones.


Korean gradient is special. It is mesmerizing and creates the impression of a light veil. Most often, a Korean woman’s gradient is made with a transition from a shade to a natural nail color. Especially in Korea, gradients in cool shades such as purple, cyan and blue are popular.

Korean idol nails

Korean women are guided in the choice of manicure with an eye to local celebrities, popular bloggers and masters. Below we have collected the pages of Korean idols on Instagram.It is very curious to see how Korean fashionistas live and are inspired.


There are many feminine and gentle author’s photos on the page. The girl talks about her daily life and filming in popular videos. Link to JISOO’s Instagram profile.


Chung is a popular fashion model and singer. A very sophisticated and gentle girl. Her songs are mainly about love and relationships. And in the profile there are photos from filming and fashionable bows in Korea in 2020.In some photos you can see which manicure the popular music diva prefers. Her Instagram page.


Yoona is a very popular blogger from Korea. On her page there are more than ten million subscribers who are obliviously following the girl’s life. There are a lot of photos on the page in real time. They show the real life of Korean women. Link to Yoona Lim’s Instagram profile.


It was thanks to Unistella that the trend for wire in manicure appeared in the nail world.On the page you can find many ideas and examples of Korean manicure. And there you can always be sure that Unistella posts only the most relevant and fresh trends for manicure. Link to UNISTELLA profile.

How to make a Korean manicure

Korean style manicure can be done by yourself at home. All you need is gel polish, a drying lamp, and design details.

Korean manicure with volumetric stones

  1. First, do a manicure and degrease your nails with a special tool.
  2. Then apply a base coat and cure in the lamp for 60 seconds.
  3. Next, apply the color in 1-2 coats. Dry each layer for 45 seconds.
  4. Apply a thick base or a drop of polygel to the place where the stones will be located.
  5. Move the stones to the prepared area and press down lightly with your finger. Dry for 60 seconds.
  6. Apply the top with a tacky layer to the nail and the sides of the stones. It is important that the top does not fall on the stone itself, otherwise the shine may disappear.After applying the top, dry the nail in the lamp for 60 seconds.
  7. Then, with the top without the sticky layer, repeat the action from step 6. Place your hand in the lamp for 60 seconds.

With wire

This design requires 0.3 mm thin decorative wire. You can find such wire in professional craft stores. Any miniatures and images can be created with the wire.

  1. Bend the wire the way you like. For example, in the shape of a heart or a cloud.And put it aside.
  2. Apply base coat to all nails and cure in the lamp for 60 seconds.
  3. Then apply 1-2 coats of color and dry each for 45 seconds.
  4. Apply to nails where the wire will show off, a moderate layer of a thick rubber base.
  5. Place the wire in the desired location. Make sure that the edges of the wire do not go beyond the boundaries of the nail. Otherwise, the wire will cling to clothing and quickly fall off the nail.Dry in the lamp for 60 seconds.
  6. Cover the nail with a thin layer of top with a tacky layer. Dry for 60 seconds.
  7. Apply another, additional thin layer of top without l / s.

Sometimes it is useful to plunge into the fashion of a different mentality. From it you can note a lot of useful things. And in the case of Korea and their tastes for manicure, you can find plenty of useful things. The ProstoNail team was with you, see you soon!

90,000 What an Asian manicure looks like and why you urgently need it


The k-beauty idea captured the world.Nowadays they bring everything from Korea: masks, creams, cleansers and socks for a pedicure. But the Asian manicure never made it to Russian salons. We figure out what good was invented in the region of the rising sun and why the nails of the inhabitants of Korea and Japan need to be shown to their manicurist right now.

Short nails and natural shape

It cannot be said that in Asia they do not build up nails: they do it, and how. At the same time, ordinary human nails are not something abnormal here.On the contrary, neat girlish fingers, dull varnish and a minimum of length are cute and naive (that is, very good). So don’t worry if you can’t grow the length and cut the stylet: short nails are also a style.

Freehand drawings

While in the USA they are having fun with geometric shapes, stencils and stamping, Korean craftsmen are posting free hand (literally “freehand”) works on professional websites. It is noteworthy that some of the designs were taken up by Moscow salons – obviously, visitors come to them with the appropriate references.The good thing about stains and blots is that you don’t need to be perfect with both hands to paint a more or less symmetrical manicure. And also three or four colors will easily fit into this manicure and you will not have to choose the same one.

Experiments with textures and materials

Wire, holography, LED bulbs – everything is used. A manicure can be voluminous, cling to clothes, live one day – there is no reason not to do it and post a photo on Instagram.Even though it is difficult and seemingly pointless to attach light bulbs to nails, it is a sin not to take note of this courage.

Stickers and flowers

One of the main trends in Korean manicure right now is dried flowers on a pastel substrate. The plants themselves are sold on AliExpress for a few rubles. It’s easy to handle them: take the right amount, use tweezers to distribute over the nail and fix with transparent varnish. It’s even faster to make beauty with stickers – with Gudetama’s lazy yolk, beautiful pattern or vintage tattoos.

Ornaments on the phalanx of the finger

No, not minimalist rings from H&M – although they will do. It is a nail design that extends beyond the nail plate and engages the cuticle and the skin adjacent to the nail. You can glue a piece of wire there, cover everything with glitter or make a transfer tattoo (these are also sold in the stores of the capital). Such a story will live exactly one evening – and no more is needed.

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Account of the main master of manicure in South Korea, Park Ungyeon. Ungyeon’s works are constantly flashing on the pages of glossy magazines, scattered on social networks, and Bella Hadid, during her last visit to Seoul, went to her for a manicure almost the first thing. It is Park who is the author of the craziest ideas that diverge in the media with the headline “crazy new trend from Korea.”

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For rhinestones, glitter and other luxury, come here.No modesty and everyday life, just pure undiluted shine.

90,000 trends, ideas and idols with impeccable style

Recently, Korean fashion and trends are becoming more and more popular with our fashionistas. They try to use Korean cosmetics for the beauty and health of the skin, and images inspired by the Korean street style are increasingly flashing in Instagram feeds.

Photo: Unsplash

We decided to figure out what kind of manicure is in trend in South Korea, according to the main influencers in the field of nail art.In a new article, we will share beautiful manicure ideas straight from Korea. Read, watch and be inspired!

Korean manicure with stones

Korean nail artists are simply delighted with rhinestones and voluminous shiny elements. If you love bright pebbles on your nails, glitter polishes and shine – this trend is for you.

One of the main influencers of manicure in South Korea recommends no, no, yes, to use bright elements on the nails.

For more creative young ladies, these are voluminous rhinestones and stones, shiny elements in all their abundance.They can be glued to a flesh-colored base, or they can be glued to a light varnish with sparkles.

Korean fashionistas really like the manicure made with the help of magnetic gel polish, which creates futuristic play on the nails, like a starry sky or pictures with space.

If you want to add shine to your nails, but you are afraid that it will turn out too clumsy, try just one thing: either a varnish with sparkles, or shiny elements on one of the nails, or a varnish with a space effect.

The trend is shine, and how much of it is a matter of taste.

We have put together a gallery of examples for inspiration for you. Scroll, choose and show your manicure master:

Korean manicure for short nails

Korean women do not have long and extremely sharp nails. They like medium or short oval nails much more. That is why most of the manicures popular in Korea are for short nails.

For such a manicure, Korean women of fashion choose pastel shades, smooth transitions between colors, a small amount of sparkles and shiny elements.

Korean manicure: minerals

Smoky manicure inspired by the texture and color of precious and semi-precious stones, minerals is an undeniable trend that you will definitely appreciate.

This is how one of the most popular nail artists from Seoul does it:

instagram.com / nailalamode

Korean manicure: a drop of water

Stucco molding is not in trend, but you can ask your manicurist to make a decoration in the form of cloudy, translucent droplets on one or two nails. Korean fashionistas really like this manicure, they combine it with pastel and rich shades of varnish. Here’s an example from Instagram:


Korean Manicure: Gradient

Popular Korean manicure inspired by peach and blush is the perfect option that will appeal to most fashionistas as well as any outfit.

A smooth transition from reddish at the tips of nails to flesh is an undeniable trend. Korean women like it no less than traditional nude manicure. It is very easy to perform it even at home, and even when the nails grow back, it will not be so obvious that you need to update your manicure.

Here’s an example:

Korean idol manicure

One of the most popular nail artists, Unistella (Park Yoon Kyung) is the undisputed trendsetter in this field. Other craftswomen are equal to her, her work can often be seen in photographs of fashion magazines, and Korean celebrities often get their nails done in her salon.

It was Park Yoon Kyung who introduced jewelry to complement manicure. Rings that also complement nail art and wire nails are all her ideas.

Idols with a Flawless Manicure

Korean celebrities, or idols as they are called in their homeland, are a source of inspiration for fans and an example of ideal Korean style. They try to imitate them, take an example in the selection of outfits, make-up and, of course, when choosing a manicure.

We suggest looking at idols with flawless manicure:

  • Chungha (Kim Jong Ha), singer
  • Girls’ Generation’s Im Yuna

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Photo: Pinterest, Unsplash, Instagram

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Korean Manicure Trends

Hello everyone! We tell something about so many Korean secrets of care, makeup or the choice of cosmetics, but we forget about such an important topic as manicure. It’s time to fix it! Manicure in Korea for the last couple of years is something extraordinary. That only Koreans do not come up with! But actually, what is currently in fashion in Korea and what kind of manicure do Seoul women of fashion do? Now we will tell you all this!

About nail length

And here – you can safely rejoice at the question “why can’t you grow your nails in any way?” answer – “it’s fashionable”! Korean designers set a course for maximum naturalness in the length of the nails, so short and ultra-short nails (2-3 mm of the free edge) became the most fashionable form of nails in 2017.Hurrah Hurrah! It should be noted here that this is the most comfortable length for working at a computer and for sticking to a phone. Perhaps, given that Korean women spend the lion’s share of their time on smartphones, this is definitely related. In general, in Korea, excessively long extended nails or their own nails have long been out of fashion, regardless of their shape.

About nail shape

Everything is unchanged here – the soft square is still the most popular nail shape. And in general, even if you like a different shape, it is still recommended in Korea to round it off somehow.Any nail shape in 2017 tends to be gently rounded. Well, it should be noted that this very shape, the so-called “soft square” looks good on short nails. Coincidence? We do not think!

Now let’s move on to the actual trends in manicure:

Manicure with dried flowers

A relatively recent feature, exactly perfect for spring and summer. The author of Eun Kyun Park is a renowned Korean nail art master.In general, if you have the desire and straight hands, such a manicure can be repeated at home on your own: the whole point is that after you apply flowers to your nails, they must be wetted with wet wipes so that they cease to be so fragile. Well, then secure with a top.

Wire use

A very controversial trend, because the wire seems to be a bit of an uncomfortable decoration for a manicure. The wire creates patterns on the nail plate, or it outlines the “shape of the nail”.As for the drawings, most often these are strips of different lengths or chaotically located circles, inside which are placed decorations like stones or “broken glass”. Sometimes drawings, figures or even faces are made from wire. But, given that the wire still “sticks out” a little on the nail plate, this option is not very comfortable to wear – it will cling to everything. Now some girls have gone further, and the “manicure with wire” can be put on and off on nails – it looks like a decoration that repeats the shape of the nail and further, lower to the phalanx, ends with a wire ring.

Use of metal chains and balls

Most often, such a manicure is combined with a “wire” one. A small ball or bead clings to the surface of the nail. Sometimes this is combined with a chain, rhinestones, rings on which balls hang. This also includes the use of gigantic, half-nail figures made of rhinestones or stones. There is no need to talk about convenience here, alas …

“Openwork” nails

Well, everything is clear and quite wearable here.A piece of thin lace fabric is glued to the nail plate. Looks stylish and a la “femme fatale”. An interesting option, especially when combined with other styles.

Imitation of broken glass

Now we have reached this trend, which is now very popular in Russia! Legend has it that Park Yun Kyun also brought this manicure to life. The girl drew attention to the patterned shell of the abalone sea mollusk, and she wanted to transfer it to her nails.By the method of trial and torture! The final option is pieces of transparent polyethylene, which are varnished on top.

Imitation stones, minerals and jewels

It should be noted that this trend is now popular everywhere. In Europe, the most popular design is marbled, in Japan, with precious stones. Imitation of quartz or quartzite is very popular in all Asian countries. Less common are imitations for a moonstone, but the same effect of broken glass was very well adapted for them.The design with amber imitation is also very popular.

Rubbed manicure

A new trend, very specific. Can you imagine what a manicure looks like when you wash it? Remains of varnish remain along the edges of the nail plate and closer to the cuticle. Imagine such a manicure, just made on purpose. Have you presented? Here’s a new trend. Plus, they began to make it with rhinestones.

All together

Now mix everything that we told you above, shake it and scatter it on your nails in random order! You can choose small stones, thin pieces of wire, gold foil, “broken glass” and add colorful “feathers” of polish to your nails – all these small details create an oversaturated design that looks quite extravagant.A sort of “manicure of Zhanna Aguzarova”. Well, why not? 🙂

By the way, if you liked the article and you are actively interested in new trends in manicure, be sure to subscribe to your Instagram profile – nail_unistella. This studio has collected a huge number of fantastic works, at the sight of which one wants to exclaim: HOW !? How can you get such a manicure !? Nails with gummy bears, with incredible diamond coating, with m & ms or even MATRESHKA. In general, if you are interested in novelties in manicure e, then be sure to look at her page!

We hope you enjoyed this article! Write which of the trends seemed the most interesting to you 😉

With love, Lunifera


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Nail Design: Delicate Korean Manicure

The k-beauty idea captured the world. Today, girls do not only natural makeup in the Korean style, but also manicure. Gel coating in a cute design has become popular among the female population. In this article, you will discover some interesting nail ideas.

Koreans prefer different nail shapes. If some masters do manicure on short nails, others, on the contrary, on long ones. Also popular with them is a pale pink color with the use of various rhinestones.

The masters do a layer of gel coating more than the traditional method, to be more precise, 4-5 times more.

Korean manicure is not always gentle. Just like everywhere else, it all depends on the client’s requirements.However, it should be noted that Koreans prefer the presence of rhinestones in any design.

Read also

Volumetric inlay with rhinestones on nails

Trends in manicure are changing and now the volumetric inlay with rhinestones on the nails is incredibly relevant.This design came to us from Korea, it looks catchy and bold. For stylish and daring fashionistas, such a manicure will help to attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

How to fix correctly

Korean nail designs are quite heavy, so it is important to firmly attach them to the nail plate. On an ordinary top, 3D rhinestones and large stones will not last long, because it is in them that all the peculiarity of fashionable manicure is. This requires a thick and plastic material with excellent adhesive properties.

First of all, it is recommended to try Bluesky glue-gel for rhinestones, Dotting gel, 8 ml, which is specially designed for such inlays. This glue-gel is conveniently applied pointwise using a dots or a brush. It is able to quickly fix textured decors with rhinestones of various sizes, while providing beauty and durability to the manicure. The gel is easy to use due to its density and plasticity:

  • has the ability to confidently hold a drop and not spread;
  • gives good adhesion to any surface from acrylic to gel;
  • well holds a variety of stones from small to large and weighty;
  • dries in a lamp, may thicken under sunlight;
  • does not change the color of the decorative coating;
  • is economical to use;
  • is suitable for home and salon applications.

Application technology

To make a fashionable manicure with rhinestones, Bluesky glue gel for rhinestones, Dotting gel is used according to the following technology:

  1. Brush on the glue-gel on the topcoat where the rhinestones will be located.
  2. Using a wax pencil, place the rhinestones on the nail plate, while pressing them a little into the glue.
  3. After the volumetric inlay is ready to dry the nail in a UV / LED lamp.
  4. Remove the sticky layer with an alcohol solution.

Also, for creating a Korean manicure, an inlay fixing gel is well suited, which can be chosen from among construction gels for building. Such a gel is well suited because it is viscous, does not float, after polymerization it firmly holds rhinestones and is absolutely transparent. It is important to consider that it is more suitable not for small crystals, but for “heavy” decors.

An epoxy glue gel is also suitable for fixing.He has strength, reliability and obedience. You can try using superglue, but they need to work quickly and very carefully, otherwise it will turn out sloppy. It dries instantly, it will be impossible to correct the mistakes later.

Another option is self-mixing from biogel and powder, which can be done if there is no special glue. For this you need:

  1. Take biogel, rubber base or topcoat and mix with acrylic powder until the desired viscous consistency is obtained.For attaching large rhinestones and stones, we make the mixture thicker, for small ones – thinner. Apply pointwise and attach the decor.
  2. Drying in a UV / LED lamp.
  3. Using a thin brush, seal all decorative elements along the ends and between them using a top without a sticky layer.
  4. Dry again in the lamp

How to make 3D inlay – step by step instructions

A manicure with rhinestones must be performed observing the following technology:

  • Prepare nails for design – shape, remove cuticles, degrease, buff, apply base, color and top coat.

  • On the nail plate with ideal highlights, apply a point-like fastening material, the drop size should be approximately the same as the size of the decorative stone or rhinestones. After embedding the materials, bumpers should form.
  • After fixing one rhinestone, immediately proceed to the next. When the largest elements have been distributed, it is necessary to dry the nail well in a lamp, 1.5-2 times longer than usual.

  • Now we fix smaller elements – broths, beads, rivets.We also dry in a lamp.
  • After good drying, we seal all decorative elements with a transparent top without a sticky layer. We frame the outline and fill in all the voids between the pebbles. Dry well in a lamp.

Subject to technology and proper manicure, such a design will not interfere in everyday life, cling to things, fly off, tear hair and tights. It is quite comfortable to wear and looks incredibly impressive, shimmering in the sunlight.

You can remove the 3D inlay using nippers or sawing. Other methods are ineffective here. Try rhinestone manicure 2018 for a trendy and stylish look.

Photos with volumetric inlaid rhinestones:

Korean manicure 2017

Korean manicure is an original nail design that combines a wide variety of options.in our article we will tell you about this in detail with photos and videos. Korean manicure 2018 photo ideas. 90,020 6 Korean manicure trends of 2017.
Korean manicure 2017 . A relatively recent feature is exactly perfect for spring and summer. Korean manicure, what are its features and why is it so popular lately. korean manicure 2018 photo ideas korean manicure is a futuristic nail design piercing broken. by eun kyun park famous korean nail art master.

Fabulous Korean manicure is gaining popularity on instagram. 2019 browse chiktano’s make board on pinterest. Check out more ideas on nail ideas, makeup and manicure. design of nails curly rhinestones.

korean manicure photo nail design. 3d inlay with conical rhinestones on gel polish. main beauty manicure and pedicure trendy Korean manicure new ideas photo 2017 10 20 Korea has always been a trendsetter of everything unusual and tempting. eye makeup beauty korean makeup beauty tips asian makeup art of makeup types of makeup.

manicure in korea for the last couple of years is something extraordinary.

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