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7 Korean-Inspired Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Kyeopta

South Korea is known for its very beautiful and handsome actors, actresses, and K-pop idols. No wonder, Korean beauty trends have been widely accepted all over the world, including in the Philippines. From skin regimes to fashion pieces, everyone seems excited to try the new trends popularized by their Korean idols. Of course, hairstyles are no exception. So if you’re among those who want to look cute like their favorite Korean fashion icons, try to copy these 7 haircuts and styles.

Side-swept Curly Lob

Im Yoon-ah, known mononymously as Yoona, is a member of the Korean girl group Girls’ Generation. She also pursued acting and starred in the romantic TV series Love Rain. You may not believe us when we say that she’s almost 30 years old as she looks fresh and young like a teenage girl with her volumized, side-swept curly lob.

Quirky Bangs

When we talk about bangs, Lalisa Manoban’s name always comes up. BLACKPINK’s dance machine Lisa is known for her quirky bangs which seem to never move even while she’s dancing. Also, we can’t deny that she looks very cute on stage with her fancy bangs. Here, she paired her bangs with long layered waves.

High Ponytail

Kim Taeyeon, a member of Girls’ Generation together with Yoona, is known for her creative and bold fashion statement. She isn’t afraid to try new hair colors and styles, and that’s why we love her. She surely looks like a real-life Barbie doll with this platinum blonde high ponytail hairstyle.

High Pigtails

Resembling a Japanese anime character, Momo Hirai, a Japanese performer based in South Korea and a member of the girl group TWICE, looks badass but fashionable with high pigtails matched with thick bangs that extend to the sides.

Half-up Fountain Ponytail

If you want to look younger than your age, wear a half-up fountain ponytail. This hairstyle adds height to your head while the rest of the hair, which is usually placed above each of your shoulders, makes the entire look chic like it did on Kim Jisoo, BLACKPINK’s beautiful visual.

Panda Ears

A lot of South Koreans love anime, which explains why they usually wear hairstyles that are inspired by anime characters. The panda ears is one of those hairstyles. To make panda ears, make two super cute, coiled, button-like buns on each side of the head, resembling a panda.

Tousled Low Ponytail with Ribbon Headband

South Koreans also wear accessories on their head to complement their trendy hairstyles. In this case, STYLENANDA’s ambassador Park Sora donned a messy low pony with trendy curly bangs and finished it off with a patterned hanky.

Because Korean hairstyles are creative and cute, they should really suit any face shape. Prepare to be called kyeopta by your friends when you recreate these hairstyles on yourself.

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Our Top 5 Korean Hairstyles for 2020

How do Korean women transform their silky black hair into such amazing styles? Whether you’re a K-Drama or K-Pop fan, or just getting on the Korean Wave, it’s hard to not be inspired by the gorgeous locks of Korean celebrity beauties. Here are the 5 styles we chose for Korean hair 2020:

1)      Long Waves


As one of the highest-rated K-Dramas of all time, we had to start with a nod to “Crash Landing on You” and Yoon Seri’s hairstyle while trapped in a small North Korean village (played by Son Ye-jin). Just don’t ask how this CEO manages to always look flawless, we have no idea! Featuring long hair with a layered cut and soft waves, this hairstyle is elegant and feminine.

2)      LOB (Long Bob)


As any woman knows, a drastic hairstyle change is a big decision, especially when it means sacrificing length. So, when Ko Mun-Yeoung (played by Seo Ye-Ji)  in “It’s OK to Not be OK” [SPOILERS!] finally made the choice to cut off her long locks for a modern chic LOB, it was a big moment for her character and the series. This look is timeless, classy, and versatile.

3)      Chestnut Hair


While maybe the edgy bowl cut Park Sae-ro-yi (played by Park Seo-Joon) sports in “Itaewon Class” is not for everyone (it required a trim every 4 days!), it seems only fair to include a men’s hairstyle. The chestnut tones certainly made waves in South Korea and help to soften the short modern cut.

4)      Side Swept Bangs

While the see-through bangs trend is still going strong, we have to go with Jeong Tae-eul’s side-swept bangs in “The King: The Eternal Monarch” (played by Kim Go-Eun). The longer fringe adds structure to a layered haircut and are easily manageable. Side part, middle part, or pinned away, this look can be styled with hair up (with that iconic hair tie moment!) or down.


5)      Two-Toned Hair


When BlackPink released their highly-anticipated new single ‘How You Like That’ in June 2020, the focus quickly shifted to Jennie’s new hairstyle of white blond front highlights, or “hairband bangs”, paired with a dark hair color. Inspired by the e-girl look, the style is fun, funky, and definitely grabs attention.


If front highlights aren’t your thing, what about a dip-dyed look? In “Itaewon Class”, Jo Yi Seo’s (played by Kim Da Mi) blunt bangs and short bob with bleach blond ends is an alternative and artsy style that works straight or curly. A precise but fun cut, this look toes the line between classic and modern.

With an endless supply of new K-Dramas and K-Pop, we can’t wait to see what the next hair trend will be! Do you have a K-Drama or celebrity hairstyle icon? What look do you want to try? Share your choice in the comments section below!

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15 Supercool Korean Hairstyles for Men [2021] – HairstyleCamp

Korea has long been known for its emerging trends in fashion and when it comes to hairstyle, it has taken over the industry.

Seoul, in particular, is known for its emerging haircut trends for Korean guys.

And to keep you updated of the latest K-pop trends we bring to you the top Korean haircuts to try this season.


Latest Haircuts for Koren Men

Here’s a list of popular Korean hairstyles that men are swooning over. Have a look:

1. Two-Block Haircut

This top hairstyle on our list is the most popular amongst Korean males. The haircut can be styled in a number of ways and is essentially an upgraded version of an undercut.

In this cut, the sides and the back are cut to short length whereas the length is kept at the crown. For our version, we have few choppy layers and a fringe to finish of the look.


2. Mid-Length Layered Cut

This style is our favorite one on the list. It is adorned by many Korean sensations and is extremely chic and trendy. It’s a layered style with the length falling off equally on all sides and a great volume left in the crown.

The rich layers also cover the temples in a stylish way only Korean boys can pull off! In order to achieve this men’s layered haircut, blow-dry your hair and apply some wax through it to make them set in the place.


3. Tousled Blonde

Another version of the two block cut mentioned earlier is to have the mass on the crown to be tousled. Instead of having the layers and the fringe straight and fall over the temples, the crown hair can be a bit messy, to give a cute yet trendy Korean look.

This look is famous among the K-pop idols. So if you are a fan, it’s worth trying then.

Effortless Short Hairstyles for Asian Men


4. Asian Undercut

Korean people are known for experimenting with a number of ways to style the hair. One perfect example of this is this Asymmetric bangs hairstyle.

It is a sleek look with slightly long side-swept bangs. The look is elegant and charming and a must-try for those looking for deep razor trim lines to create a sharp effect on one side of the head.


5. Soft Layered Mid-length Hair

If you have thick hair adding some soft layers around the ears and through the crown will take out some of the weight, whilst also giving the Korean inspired hairstyle a great shape.


6. Soft Thick Wavy Hair

If you do not want to wear the crown layers straight or have them cut as a fringe on the forehead, then this might interest you.

This hairstyle allows you to have waves in your hair. It features a short back and length towards the crown to allow for the natural messy waves to fall.

This style is recommended to the teen boys looking for some chic Asian boy hairstyles.


7. Jimin Pink Hair

The center-parted style for men from the nineties never gets old. And in the Korean edition, the style comes with some layers and a fluffy pink look to complete it off.

If you like to experiment with different shades of color, then this hairstyle is a must-try for you. You can have some layers showing too and with the center parting you can manage hat cool look through and through.


8. Long Top Short Sides

Yet another improvisation to the two-block cut. You can get the length at the front as well as the back with this unique haircut, however, the sides are to shaved short.

This style is recommended for men with thick hair, to show off the texture and the volume.

Top Fade Haircuts for Robust Asian Guys


9. Platinum Comb Over

People in Korea love to experiment with hair color and this guy’s platinum blonde hairstyle is a perfect example of some successful experimentation.

Plus the combed back style in itself is classy apart from the platinumdye. A cool combed back look can be achieved by applying some hair product to the hair and then combing them back to perfection.


10. Asian Bowl Cut

This is another quite common yet popular haircut amongst Korean men. In this style, the length is kept short overall, but the fringe in the front is kept slightly longer, along with the sideburns.

If you are looking for some sleek neat cut, then this is a perfect option for you. It elegant and classy with the right amount of length to the hair.


11. Shaggy Side Part

Not a fan of the center part? Then try it out with a side part. This twist of shag and sleekness features some length at the crown with chopped offsides and the back. You can play with the haircut depending on your preference and mood.


12. Preppy Hairstyle

Not all Korean hairstyles feature a funk look for guys; you can opt for a classy preppy look by adorning this hairstyle. Somewhat similar to the Ivy League haircut, this style screams class and elegance.

It’s perfect for those who want to spend minimum time on their hair when dressing up.


13. Messy with Tapered Undercut

Another unique look on the list is this short messy hairdo for guys. It features mass on the crown part with shaved offsides.

The hair at the crown has been blow-dried and messed up to give a chic look. You can apply some wax or gel to get a textured look for this hairstyle.


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14. Multi-Colored Hair

A style with a lot of zings to it. If you are looking to make a bold style statement this multi-colored slick back hair is your best option.


15. Long and Straight

A classy long haircut for Asian men, that screams innocence and sophistication. You can enjoy the length of your hair in this style and having them parted at the side gives you a neat preppy look.


These are the modish Korean haircut for men that are so popular among youngsters for their eccentric look.

46+ Top Inspiration Haircut Korean Model

46+ Top Inspiration Haircut Korean Model – Hair trends come and go each season, but there is a set of cuts that have proven to stand the test and thus, will always be in style. Never underestimate the importance of a haircut. Your choice of haircut korean is pivotal in the way the world perceives you. From iconic classics to modern adult, all people use haircut korean that prove the versatility and sensational style.

It is 2019 now and the hair trend universe is already buzzing with brand new trends, so get ready to go crazy with your haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors. Choose a haircut korean that works you and goes flaunt your new hair this new year.This review is related to haircut korean with the article title 46+ Top Inspiration Haircut Korean Model the following.

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30 Best Korean Hairstyles for Men

Heavily influenced by the KPOP (Korean Pop) culture, Korean hairstyles are at the cutting edge of fashion. Stylized waves and boyish, metrosexual haircuts in a range of colors can be altered to suit all face and body types. Let’s see what’s hot right now:

# 1 Perfect Peach Color with Dark Roots


An exciting look has been created by adding a light reddish peach color to a short, bowl cut hairdo, which curls inward and has lots of volume in it.


# 2 Silky Metrosexual Hair with Texture


In this picture, we see a K-Pop inspired hairstyle for men. The chocolate colored hair has been cut into a rounded shape with a fringe that brushes the eyebrows.


# 3 Deep Brown Hair and Mahogany Highlights


This hairstyle is made eye-catching by the texture that has been created by twisting small sections of hair and the addition of reddish-brown streaks of color.


# 4 Loads of Attitude with this Spiky Style


The shiny coal black hair seen here has been softened by the addition of reddish splashes of color and the spiky style is masculine and trendy.


# 5 Raven Black Hair with Undercut Detail


In this style, the hair on top and along the right-hand side of the head has been grown to a medium length while the one side has been razor cut to create distinct “steps” in the hair.


# 6 Dark and Shiny Hair in Professional Style


The short fringe and sides of this hairstyle allow it to frame the face. The hair has been teased in sections and at the back to create volume.


# 7 Dramatic Pale Blonde Hair


In this picture, we can see that the ultra-light blonde hair has been razor cut on one side while the rest of the hair has been styled into bouncy looking curls.


# 8 Rich Brown Hair with Incredible Shine


A laid back, but trendy look has been created here by trimming the medium length hair into different layers and styling to create waves that frame the face.


# 9 Deep Brown Hair in Sleek Bowl Cut


This man has chosen a short undercut along the sides while keeping the smooth hair on top longer, in a mushroom cut style.


# 10 Natural Black Hair with Bold Lift


The smooth dark hair has been clipped short on just one side while all the remaining hair is at a medium-short length and blow waved up at the parting.


# 11 Dark Undercut with Platinum Blonde


In this picture we see a bowl cut with dark brown sides and white-blonde color on top. The lighter hair has been molded into waves to create volume.


# 12 Chocolate Colored Layered Bob


The deep brown hair has been cut into a multi-layered bob and looks soft and natural with flyaway strands.


# 13 Ash Brown Bowl Cut with a Difference


This light colored bowl cut has been given extra body by using scissor cutting along the edges and tousling the hair along the back and sides.


# 14 Jet Black Crew Cut


The hair in this picture has been clipped into a boyish crew cut, with razor cut sides and styled straight up along the top.


# 15 Polished Look with Side-Swept Fringe


In this style, the eyebrow length fringe has been brushed to fall on one side, while the dark hair on the sides has been clipped short with a step detail.


# 16 Short Crew Cut with Spiky Edges


The hair seen here has been cut to a uniform short length, but the fringe and sides have been scissor cut to add texture and spikiness to the style.


# 17 Stylish Ash-Blonde Hair


A trendy look has been created by using an off-center and combing the white-blonde hair straight back, with a wave to add height.


# 18 Dark Wavy Style with Undercut Detail


In this picture we see that the deep brown hair has been razor cut along the sides and the top hair has been styled up and to the side in a wavy fashion.


# 19 Trendy Pompadour Cut


Here the sable colored hair is swept up from the face and worn high over the top and sides of the head. This is a polished style that looks neat and professional.


# 20 Soft and Natural Look With Upswept Fringe


This man’s short black hair has been combed back neatly with the fridge swept up to create height and give the style body.


# 21 Textured Chocolate Brown Waves


The sides have been clipped short and the creamy looking brown hair on the top of the head has been sectioned and ironed into waves, which adds height and drama to the style.


# 22 Dark Messy Look with Center Parting


In this picture the deep brown hair has been layered into different lengths, just touching the bottom of the ears. It has been parted down the middle and curled slightly to create a messy laid back look.


# 23 Side-Swept Pearl Platinum Hair


Here the hair along the sides has been shaved into an undercut. The pale blonde hair on top has been straightened then lifted and swept over to the sides in distinct sections.


# 24 Sleeked Back Russet Colored Style


Here the shiny reddish-brown hair has been separated by a side parting and then smoothed back, with a slight lift above the forehead.


# 25 Sexy Tousled, Golden Brown Hair


The medium length hair has been ironed into sections of soft ringlets with a messy side parting.


# 26 Deep Brown Waves with Side-Swept Fringe


Volume has been added to the dark walnut colored hair by twisting portions of the hair to create a wavy texture and the fringe is styled to fall to the side, just touching the brow.


# 27 Full and Textured Auburn Colored Hair


The richly colored top hair here is thick and given extra volume by the addition of sections of curls. The sides are kept flat and to the side which adds to the height of the hairstyle.


# 28 Textured Deep Brown Hair with Height


In this style, the sides are short while the sorrel colored hair on top has been combed straight up, with some sections curled.


# 29 Messy Bleach Blonde Hair with Blue Wash


A blue dye has been added over the white-blonde color and the medium-short hair has been teased into a tousled “bed-head” style.


# 30 Face Framing Scissor Cut


This dark, sleek hair has been trimmed short and a scissor cut has been used along the edges to create curved face framing lines.


There are so many different Korean hairstyles – from eccentric cuts in bold colors to professional styles in natural colors and everything in between.

The enviable trends that we see right now are the waves (created with a straight iron) and the soft slicked back look. Guys who want look fashionable right now should definitely be looking to these hairstyles for inspiration!


Korean Hairstyle – His Style Diary

What’s your Style Archetype? Knowing yourself is the first step to being stylish!

The fashion world is huge, but it can really be simplified to twelve Style Archetypes. Which one you belong to depends on a few things – the importance of clothing in your life, your preference for different patterns and apparel, as well as the amount of effort you’re willing to put into dressing up.

Once you know your archetype, you’ll find that dressing up and looking good isn’t hard at all. Less trial and error, more hitting the spot. You can even start exploring looks and brands within your archetype that you never thought you’d like. Take this test to find out which Style Archetype works best for you!

You’re a Normcore!

The typical Normcore is someone who is either tired of or cannot be bothered with the needy world of fashion, preferring comfort and conformity to being à la mode. He is however not someone who throws on clothing randomly – he cares about the way he dresses, just not how everyone thinks he should. Amongst Normcores there are those who take it more seriously than others. These folks have picked Normcore as their personal style, and actively seek out designers and outfits that make an ironic “I am anti-style” statement.

Click here to read more about Normcore, find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

You’re an Islander!

The Islander encapsulates a family of styles inspired by year-long sunshine, sand and sea, and a carefree attitude to life. While you find most Islanders actually living in beach towns and rivieras, many people living in cities follow the style too. Particularly in summer, the Islander style becomes popular for its lack of fuss and the feeling it gives of being transported to a sunny resort.

Click here to find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

You’re a Hypebeast!

It’s all about hype. Coined by, well, HYPEBEAST, this archetype belongs to men who dress according to the latest trends. But not every trend – they have particular love for exclusive collaboration sneakers, limited edition skater hats and beanies, and street-ready loungewear. Heavily influenced by urban “hood” culture, the Hypebeast emulates the styles of hip-hop artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West, and look to NBA stars Russell Westbrook and Iman Shumpert more for their off-court outfits than their lay-ups. Anything that’s bling or displays a savviness about the latest hip-hop statement, most commonly an actual marquee on a sweatshirt or cap, is an essential feature in the Hypebeast’s style (think: I woke up like this). Click here to find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

You’re an Eclectic!

Archetypes and their forms and rules – who cares? Such is the attitude of the Eclectics. It may be tempting to call them iconoclasts, but really, you’d have to be against rules to be one. Eclectics aren’t that way, however; they just don’t bother. Instead, Eclectics create their own set of highly personal, haphazard, and often unconventional rules. They freely pick and choose themes, items, and looks from all over the fashion spectrum to construct what others would call a statement ensemble, and what the Eclectics would call simply “what I like and how I like it”.

Click here to find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

You’re a Brandstag!

Brand-stag, Brands-tag: these are guys who love brands and tags. In fact, they almost worship them. Your classic fashion victim, these guys are walking encyclopedias of runway looks and trends, highly educated in the seasonal offerings of fashion houses large and small. They are most obsessed with brands that are going through experimental phases, mainly because they offer the exhilarating drug of “the chase”. Favoring the showy, Brandstags not only have the knowledge but flaunt it too, often regarding as badges of honor conspicuous logos, highly recognizable brand items, and the “it” item of the season – bag, shoes or otherwise. The perfect guy to ask “who are you wearing”, the Brandstag address the items of his outfit by designer names, most often with barely concealable enthusiasm and scholastic panache.

Click here to find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

You’re a BoHipster!

The BoHipster is anti-establishment, not in an aggressive metal rocker kind of way, but in a more self-expressive, arty fashion. He is usually a fan of indie rock and music from the free love eras of the 60s and 70s. He prides himself in knowing live music bars in town, hippie references, the latest activist cause, and the difference between raw and regular denim. He most likely sports some form of facial hair and tattoos, and goes to a hip salon for his hairdo without coming across as a metrosexual.

Click here to find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

You’re a Utilitarian!

The Utilitarian man is most probably a hands-on kind of guy who always thinks about matching style with practicality. Nothing in his wardrobe doesn’t serve more than one purpose, and there’ll always be more reasons than just “it looks good” for his buys. He is most likely someone who enjoys physical activities or the outdoors, and seeks comfort in the way he dresses.

Emerging from a working-class approach to fashion that has a healthy disdain for what was considered showy and impractical, the archetype is more of an approach to menswear than a uniform style. Therefore, visually different looks can fall under this one category, running the gamut from the Western cowboy or safari ranger to foot soldier or factory worker.

Click here to find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

You’re a Traditionalist!

A traditionalist is often easy to spot – he’s always impeccably dressed and there’s a classy throwback feel about him. He may come across overdressed sometimes, seen most often in a tailored jacket or blazer, and sticks to his guns about dressing like a gentleman and how the culture has become too casual. He knows the best tailors in town and bandies the word “bespoke” about quite a lot.

Click here to find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

You’re a Sportif!

Consider the Sportifs as men who are in the sweet spot between luxury fashion and sporty casual. The archetype is a defining one for the new millennium, as designers responded to the rising star power of athletes, who in turn have created a demand for luxury sporting wear that befits their status.  Arguably begun by such stylish sports icons as David Beckham, the trend has married runway designers and traditionally ill-fitting sportswear, and their brainchild is an active masculinity mixed with luxury materials, updated cuts, and stylish detailing.

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You’re a Rebel!

A Rebel usually has a rugged personality and strong views either of governance, religion or other establishments – more often than not he holds the minority stance. To the Rebel, music is incomplete without electric guitars hooked up to a pedal, and black is most certainly his favourite colour. He is either a remnant of the glorious days of punk or grunge music, and while being selective in his outfits tend to have a casual attitude to being “fashionable”. It’s making a (dissenting) statement that counts.

Click here to find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

You’re a Prep!

The preppy guy most likely picked up his sense of style from campus, but with the diversity in colleges nowadays its popularity has waned. Nonetheless, the preppy look still has its charm for guys who like to convey a sophisticated but relaxed sensibility in their dress. Related to the preppy look is the “geek” or “nerd”, popularized in the last decade by such hit American TV series as Big Bang Theory as well as wildly successful college romance dramas from South Korea such as Dream High. Backed by black thick-rimmed glasses and star power from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zachary Quinto, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Soo Hyun, it’s a style that says brainy is sexy.

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You’re a NuDapper!

Much akin to their Traditionalist counterparts, the NuDapper’s style is primarily informed by the classic gentleman’s wardrobe – except that it is far less rigid in its dogma and instead champions experimentation within the general confines of classical menswear. The question the NuDapper asks would therefore be: what would a new-age gentleman wear in this occasion? Not to say that Traditionalists aren’t modern. But the NuDapper is more exploratory in their attitude, willing to break rules and mix them about, but always finishing off looking debonair. The NuDapper doesn’t mind picking up cues from current trends, but they always fit them into the template of what is acceptable to a gentleman.

Click here to find out what designers belong to this archetype, as well as wardrobe essentials for you to create different looks.P.S. This is only your primary archetype. Most of us has at least two Style Archetypes that appeal to them. Visit this page to learn more about the remaining archetypes.

How much time do you devote to picking outfits?

I like to create and experiment with new looks for myself.

I like to plan my outfits everyday, according to my mood, and what I’m doing.

I’m a grab and go kinda guy.

I have a couple of fixed looks that I always wear, and I switch out items here and there.

What do clothes mean to you?

The way I dress reflects my lifestyle.

Clothes are meant to make you look good.

Clothes should be practical, like everything else.

Clothes are a way to express my creativity, and my philosophy in life.

How do you go about shopping for new clothes?

I check out the latest looks from my favourite designers, or if there are any collabs or limited editions.

I follow a certain “look” and buy items that adhere to that style.

I get basics, practical items, stuff that can fit my current wardrobe, or stuff that fits my lifestyle.

I look out for unique stuff like statement pieces, vintage items, unique accessories, etc.

Classic or modern, which one appeals to you more?

I gravitate towards classic styles that have stood the test of time.

I prefer contemporary looks that look current.

Whether modern or classic, I like things simple.

I prefer throwback styles with lots of personality.

Does looking sporty appeal to you?

Activewear, or clothes with sporty details, is a big part of my wardrobe.

I wear it on the weekends because it’s comfortable and unfussy.

Yes, I mix it into my looks sometimes.

I reserve sporty looks for when I’m working out or actually playing sports.

How do you feel about wearing bright colours?

I stick mostly to a handful of muted colours.

I love wearing black on black.

Why not? I love colour!

I like adding a pop of colour to a mostly muted wardrobe.

Are you comfortable with standing out in a crowd?

I’m comfortable with attention, but I certainly don’t seek it.

Oh yes! I like to leave a lasting impression on others.

No, I prefer blending in.

I wear what I want. Couldn’t care about what others think.

What goes with leather?

Definitely denim. And practically anything.

Metallic accents, jackets, and more leather.

I don’t really wear much leather at all. Mostly just shoes.

A good suit. Goes with a good pair of leather shoes and a good leather belt.

Do you believe that there are rules for how a man should dress?

Following menswear traditions, or runway examples, ensures your look is successful.

I enjoy breaking rules, testing the boundaries.

I put a special value on function and practicality.

No, I believe in creating my own rules and wearing what fits my personality.

I’m aware of the rules but I hardly think about them when I dress.

How do you like the fit on your clothing?

I want to be able to move comfortably in what I wear.

I like a slim or even skinny look, so I prefer something close-fitting that elongates my silhouette.

Baggy or roomy. It’s on trend now and it’s cool.

Clothes should always look fitted, or tailored.

Which group of adjectives below most appeals to you?

Classy, sophisticated, smart.

Cool, edgy, bold.

Athletic, youthful, laid-back.

Practical, simple, subtle.

Offbeat, wild, defiant.

Which of these groups has the most number of patterns you like?

Florals, paisley, aztec, stripes, seersucker, house crests, colour-blocking.

Camouflage, madras, ripped fabric, geometric shapes, woven textures.

Printed words, logos, graphic prints, contrast piping.

Plaid, houndstooth, herringbone, tartan, argyle, checks.

I don’t really fancy patterns.

Pick the group of items you have a special love for.

Plain tees, casual shirts, pullover, parka jackets, jeans, chukkas, slip-ons.

Pocket squares, collar pins, oxfords shoes, bowties, suits and sports jackets.

Sneakers, backpacks, bomber jackets, oversized tees, sweats, caps.

Hats, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, statement bags and shoes.

Leather jackets, skinny jeans, boots, vintage shirts.

Which of the following groups has the most brands that appeal to your sense of style?

COS, Gap, Nike, Neil Barrett, Supreme, Bathing Ape, Stussy.

Orlebar Brown, British India, Bottega Veneta, Timberland, COACH, Carhartt.

Etro, Gucci, Missoni, Saint Laurent, John Varvatos, Rick Owens.

Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garçons, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Thom Browne.

Paul Smith, Polo Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry, Dunhill, Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani.

The Most Fantastic Korean Hairstyles 2020 For Girls

“Hallyu movement” is a phrase to imply the quick fame of Korean culture including cuisine, entertainment, etc worldwide. Undoubtedly, this culture has born many trends to the world beauty within last 2 decades. Among them, we cannot forget about Korean hairstyles.

If you are interested in Korean dramas and K-pop, you usually see their actresses and idols with trendy and attractive hairstyles publicly. No matter how they braid, make a simple bun or even put hair down, girls from this country always look amazing.

Therefore, today, Bequeenhair will show you a list of hairdo from Korea which will definitely inspire you!

Korean short hairstyles

If you are looking for a short haircut, these Korean short hairstyles below will be exactly what you are looking for. Asian hairstyles in general and Korean hairstyles in particular have already experienced an enormous change year by year and gradually claimed its position on the top trendiest hairstyle list in the world.

Simple but still attractive, Short bob with side parting is an eye-catching Korean hairstyle. Thanks to the curled hair ends, the haircut embraces your face beautifully. No matter what face frame you own, it cover your weakness such as round face, edgy aspects, and so on. By hiding one hair part behind your ear, you easily get an mild and feminine look. To highlight your short bob, create some layers. The layer haircut is always fashionable and voluminous. Hence, if you have thin hair, it is absolutely your perfect match.

Besides, short wavy haircut is one of the best cute and charming hairstyles Korean short hairstyles for round faces. This haircut goes well with different hair color and outfit style. If you don’t want to use chemical to curl your natural hair, you can completely give your hair a wavy effect using hair curly iron and hairspray to keep those waves in shape. Or else, you can consider heatless method for wavy and curly hair.

Needless to say, bangs brings in a brand new look for sure. However, should you get bangs when you have small forehead? The wispy bangs in the photo are absolutely the best answer. Even though you have an round face or oval face or even heart-shape, this fringe is for you. Don’t hesitate, let’s try it and you will fall for it immediately. This hairstyle is an aging trick to get 3-year-old younger  look!

Creating Your Own Wispy Bangs- Why Not??

Korean medium hairstyles

Medium hairstyles are quite popular in Korean since people always follow trend of K-pop styles and fashion. IU, one of the most famous Korean singer and actress makes a strong impression with the shoulder length hair which is quite simple but still attractive. By coloring her hair with soft brown color, the hairstylist is successful to create a naive and young look for the singer.

Straight side part hair with long side bangs can be seen the most popular one in Korean. This hairstyle is really simple and easy to take care as well. What you need is just cut your hair, leave some bangs and enjoy! If your hair is short, you can try some kind of hair extensions or wigs for an instant length to reach this look without harming your natural tress.

Instead of boring straight hair, loose wavy Korean hairstyles will rock your hair up fantastically. You will get a strong feminine sense with the soft, elegant and graceful waves. This hairstyle can easily goes with different colors which still brings in the best result. Don’t stay in one style, let’s try some highlights or even balayage for a dimensional tress.

Most Stunning Styles with Side Swept Bangs for Women

We all know how bangs affect our appearance. Medium hair with bangs is also one of the most graceful Korean hairstyles that you should try once in life. 2 types of bangs that are most beloved for this hair length are long bangs and fine front bangs.

Long bangs are always loved by Korean girls. In general, to have the best version of this hairstyle, you should make a middle-parted hair to create a balance in your  face. This trend is also popular among Asian women thanks to the charming appearance it brings in. The end of hair is curled a little bit to make hair look natural and fluffy. Also, the curled bangs soften your look and make your face slimmer and prettier.

Korean long hairstyles

In comparison with short hair and medium hair, long hairstyle is less popular in Korean beauty because it is hard to take care and uncomfortable when dancing. However, as other Asia countries, you can see that many Korean women walk down street with long hair. Simply let the hair down, they attract people’s eyes with natural beauty and exude their characteristics along with their out fit.

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Korean idols, who usually transform their hair to fit the concept of their songs or roles, are making long hair become trendier all over the world. Long body wavy combined with brunette color, people couldn’t take their eyes off Yoona even she just worn natural make-up. If you follow her, you can see many versions of Yoona with this hair length, from straight to wavy. To have these Korean hairstyles as your bias celebrities, you don’t need to go to hair salon for curls, just do it by yourself with hot tools because the simplest can be the prettiest.

Provided that you are following a mature and sexy style, long layered hair can help for Korean long hairstyles. Undoubtedly, EXID – Jung Hwa is successful with this image. The long black hair tones her skin  and round face amazingly. She even looks younger with it thanks to natural makeup. Although she gets a middle-parted long bangs, she seems to prefer the free part tress.

Lace Closure 5×5 Loose Wavy hair Blonde color

Never having a fixed image, K-Pop stars need to change their hair color a lot. Hani – an excellent and humorous single from EXID is not out of that circle. This adorable idol always appear to the public with her own impressive style that often make trend among Asian. Let’s take a look to her remarkable ombre with light blue style. It’s not only beautiful but also rebellious somehow.

Through this Korean hairstyles list, Beequeenhair believe that you already got one hairstyle for your own. Let’s ready to change your appearance to see how beautiful you are! If you like medium or long hair or colored-hair but don’t want to apply chemicals or dyes directly on your hair, you can completely try human hair extensions which are safe and various in color, textures and size as well. You can visit our Beequeenhairstore.com to get the best advice.

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90,000 Popular Korean Girls Hairstyles

Complete Content: “Popular Korean Girls Hairstyles” for you and your friends.

Unique Korean hairstyles: what are their features?

Each country has its own ideals and rules of beauty, the so-called canons. Each nation is characterized by its physique and unique facial features. Representatives of North and South Korea also did not do without a unique style. This is especially true of the local haircuts.Recently, Korean hairstyles have gained immense popularity all over the world. In order to try on such an image, you need to know several features of styling techniques and fashion trends.

General Korean Styling Trends

Over the past 10 years, Korean styling has become popular not only in Asia, but also abroad. In these images, there is a clash of originality and femininity, a non-standard approach and modesty.For a more detailed view, you need to understand the trends in the development of Korean fashion. The characteristic facial features of the indigenous local people are distinguished by wide lines. This means that bangs can be seen in many hairstyles. They are a distinctive feature. The bangs can be combed to one side or straightened forward – it all depends on the characteristics of the face and preferences.

There are two main trends in hairstyles:

  1. Hair is long. The bangs are the same as the main hairstyle.As a rule, in accordance with this direction, the bulk of the hair curls into light, airy curls. And the bangs are slightly curled along the oval of the face. Thus, romance and ease are achieved.
  2. The second trend is audacious and in a sharper way. In this case, the hair should not be long – up to the shoulders maximum. In this case, it is not necessary to do bangs. The bulk of the hair is straight, but laid strictly along the oval of the face. This style is mainly adhered to by males.

Korean hairstyles have one feature – it’s simplicity and speed in implementation. Their implementation does not require a lot of additional funds.

Who Can Afford This Hairstyle?

To answer the question posed, it is necessary to clarify that all the indigenous people of this country have thick and dark hair. That is why it will be difficult for girls with a bright Slavic appearance to implement a Korean hairstyle, but it’s worth a try. Owners of blonde hair and blue eyes should take a closer look at the first trend.It is softer and more tender. If a girl of the Slavic type wants to try this type of hairstyle, then it is also recommended to choose appropriate clothes and makeup so that the image looks harmonious.

Representatives of the Asian type of appearance have expressive eyes, pretty facial features. Therefore, Korean hairstyles will suit them and will look spectacular. The only note is that you don’t need to apply aggressive makeup, you just need to emphasize the eyes and lips a little.

Features of creating a Korean hairstyle for a girl

The basis of the hairstyle is originality and creativity.Most often, Korean hairstyles for girls are short and bold. After all, the integral components of the image of women in this country are bright clothes, unusual accessories and challenging styling. The main condition for creating a hairstyle for a girl is openness. The temperament of Korean women is impulsive. They are open to communication, emotional. All this is reflected in the styling and hairstyles – they should be whimsical and a little sloppy.

If a girl with a Slavic appearance decided to try a similar styling, then you must first properly straighten your hair, and also comb it to add volume.As you know, Korean women have dark hair pigment, so not always owners of light hair will be able to get the desired effect.

Korean Style Hairstyle Option

Given the popularity of such styling, it would be useful to talk about their creation. Korean hairstyles are quite simple to perform. They don’t require any special skills. All you need is a little patience and creativity. To do a Korean style hairstyle, you need a comb and 7-10 small hair ties.This will be an analogy of a spikelet, but more original and festive.

Brush your hair back. Take a strand directly in the center of your head above your forehead and tie it. Grab the curls under it on both sides and connect to the first tail. Tie again with an elastic band. So add the rest of the strands until you reach the end of the hair, so that there are no loose ones. Each resulting bunch needs to be slightly relaxed and made fluffy. After all, a distinctive feature of styling in this style is negligence. Typical Korean hairstyles for girls are a braid, as well as a high ponytail and bun. But at the same time, remember about the slight sloppiness – smoothness and academic accuracy are not for the residents of Korea.

Features of haircuts for young men

Many young men follow fashion and style as well as girls. Therefore, Korean men’s hairstyles are very popular in Europe. A feature of this type of haircut is straight hair. If a young man has them curling, then you will have to get acquainted with the mousse and the straightener. Indeed, in this case, the strands must be laid every day in order to achieve the desired effect.An important condition for creating such a hairstyle is volume and density. Therefore, if the hair is thin and does not fit well, it is better to look for another haircut option. Korean hairstyles look very fashionable and stylish. But they are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should be extremely careful and attentive in choosing an image.

Korean hairstyles are a combination of elegance and daring, madness and chic. The clash of opposing characteristics results in a wonderful effect. Styles for boys, Korean hairstyles for girls were presented to your attention.Photos clearly demonstrate their originality. Take your pick and experiment! Be open and sweet like all Korean youth! Don’t be afraid to update your style and be trendy.

Most popular anime hairstyles for girls

Impressed, many want to replicate their favorite anime character. There are a couple of ways you can do such an interesting hairstyle yourself.

Anime hairstyles for girls – how to make?

Despite the fact that anime-style hairstyles very often have an original color and in general, the hairstyle itself is different from the standard one, it will be easy for you to do it by following the instructions.

A couple of tips on how to make anime hairstyles yourself and easily:

  • Before you start creating your hairstyle, use the straightening iron.
  • If you are the owner of oblique or straight bangs, this will be your advantage.
  • These hairstyles are always bright and original. If you are not ready for such experiments with anime hairstyles, just use safe colored varnish and hot styling oil.

Long hair hairstyle is perfect for the image from the popular anime – Sailar Moon.

  1. Part the hair in the center and divide the strands in two. Hair should be straight.
  2. Using hairpins, fix symmetrical ponytails. Then, apply a small amount of styling product to them.
  3. We make “flagella” from the tails with our hands, then fix with hairpins so that they hold.
  4. If you have side bangs, apply a little styling product to it and straighten it perfectly.
Anime Girls Short Hair

Anime hairstyles for short hair are as popular as hairstyles for long hair.The most daring of them is the hedgehog.

  1. Commence the fleece starting at the back of the head. Highlight the strands using a special styling gel, make them stick out.
  2. Straighten the front strands perfectly and sprinkle with varnish.

Korean hairstyles for girls photo

The fashion for Korean hairstyles is gradually growing, like other Asian hairstyles.

It is worth highlighting the main styles of Korean women’s hairstyles:

  • Smooth and shiny hair, long.Perfectly straight. Available in long oblique bangs, sideways or straight.
  • A neat haircut with a rounded shape. Shoulder-length, in the style of a square. Usually also with bangs.

Make Korean hairstyles quickly and easily. It almost does not differ from the standard hairstyle for every day. Pair of options for long hair:

  1. Just let your hair down, straighten it perfectly with a flat iron, part in the side or in the middle. Asian women love to wear bangs, so it is advisable to complement the image with it.
  2. Collect your hair in a so-called “ponytail”, or make a bun of hair from the back and decorate it with a beautiful hairpin or any other accessory of your choice. The hairstyles are simple, it is not difficult to make them, moreover, they are suitable both for an everyday look and for any event.

As for the hairstyles for short hair, styling is not particularly necessary here. You yourself can dream up.

Usually Korean women wear perfectly straight short hair with straight or oblique bangs.Or, they give the hair a more daring look, making it volume, with the help of a hairdryer and styling product.

DIY Korean hairstyles for girls

If your hair is straight and you have slanting bangs, then it will be easy for you to make a Korean hairstyle yourself. This option is suitable for hair of any length, which is practical and very beautiful. Korean hairstyles are trending right now, as are all Asian hairstyles in general.

We do this hairstyle with our own hands.

1. Dry clean hair with a hairdryer.

2. Comb your hair and make a straight part. Using a hair dryer, style your hair so that the strands are facing outward.

3. After finishing work, sprinkle the hairstyle with a small fixing varnish.

Japanese hairstyles for girls

Japanese hairstyles are popular among young people. They are distinguished by their originality and different ideas. There are different looks, from gentle and romantic to rebellious and bold. However, geisha hairstyles will never go out of fashion.

DIY Japanese hairstyles for girls

One of the most popular hairstyles for girls is the traditional Japanese geisha hairstyle. Let’s consider a couple of options for how to do it.

  1. Gather the hair at the crown. You should get a ponytail. After that, drag and fix it with hairpins in several places.
  2. Gather your hair into a neat bun. Make it in the form of a “loop” and secure with special hairpins. For a more lasting result, sprinkle a light hold varnish on your hairstyle.

Chinese hairstyles for girls

Usually, Chinese girls show off thick and long hair, with a healthy shine. They take pride in the beauty of their hair. Like all Asians, they adore bangs and believe that it gives the face something childish and innocent. Traditional Chinese hairstyle is a hairstyle with two crossed sticks. Looks elegant and tasteful. Try to do this with your own hands.

  1. Dry hair with a hair dryer.If your hair is curly, iron for perfect evenness.
  2. Gather a tight ponytail at the back of your head and secure it with a secure elastic band.
  3. Behind the elastic band, carefully thread the sticks so that they lie crosswise. Then, take two strands from the ponytail and divide them into equal parts. We put them on from both sides, behind the sticks.
  4. Weave the strands together so that it looks like a knot at the back.
  5. Pull your hair up and secure with hairpins or special hairpins so that the hair is held securely.

Then you can fix the hairstyle with a varnish with a little fixation.

About Asian hairstyles in general

Asians usually have an even hair structure. Such hair can try many hairstyles. They have different types of hairstyles, both standard and creative, for an amateur. Surely, and you will find something new for yourself and want to try.

Popular Korean hairstyles for girls

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Korean hairstyles for girls

When deciding to get a Korean hairstyle for a young girl, it is important to consider not only the texture of the hair, but also her preferences and activity level.

Girls who are in constant motion, and routine life is not at all for them, most likely want to consider the option of a short haircut. Others prefer beautiful, well-groomed long hair. In any case, there are many ways to style your hair according to the preferences and capabilities of each person.

Hair of Korean women has a number of features that must be taken into account by those who want to make themselves a haircut that is popular for Asian nationalities:

  1. Smooth straight hair.For people prone to curls on their heads, it will be difficult to create a Korean hairstyle. This will take a lot of time, as it will require constant hair straightening using an iron. But hair does not always hold its shape for a long time.

After a while, they can start curling again, thereby ruining the whole picture on the head. Therefore, curly-haired individuals should think 100 times before doing Korean haircuts and hairstyles on their heads.

  • Dark hair color.As a rule, brunettes have thick and thick hair. Therefore, Korean hairstyles will also be problematic for blondes to perform due to their thin and fragile structure.

    The only salvation will be styling products that will firmly hold the shape of the hairstyle. But again, the fixation effect may not last all day. Either re-styling will be required, or the whole look will be ruined.

  • Long hair

    Many Korean girls prefer to wear long hair, from the shoulders to the middle of the spine and below.Their hair is perfectly straight. Since creating curls takes quite a long time and a lot of effort, most of them just go with straight hair.

    Long hair is the main decoration of any girl. They make completely different hairstyles that can be changed every day, while remaining fashionable, graceful, attractive and well-groomed. They can be worn with or without bangs, add all sorts of accessories that will be a great addition to the image for a gala event or an evening walk in the park.

    Important advice from the editors.

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    Options for hairstyles for long hair
    • Absolutely straight hair. Such hairstyles are characterized by straight trimmed thick ends without filing, long straight or sideways bangs, and a straight parting. This haircut looks rich and even luxurious, because all the beauty of the hair is visible to the naked eye.

  • Hair curled into curls. It can be either tight curls or soft waves flowing along the girl’s body. Usually such a hairstyle is done on a haircut with uneven ragged ends, which go in steps along the height of the head.

    Straight bangs or lack thereof are suitable for such a hairstyle. If it is still present, but tired, it is not necessary to cut it off by the stylist, you can simply fix it with a hair clip on the top of the head. Curls will always remain at the peak of popularity.

  • Braids. Previously, braids were made for little girls at school so that their hair would not fly over their faces and would not interfere with the learning process. Now this hairstyle is also relevant among adults.She does not look childish, on the contrary, when choosing an unusual weaving, it gives status, beauty to the hair and unusualness to the whole image.

    There are many ways to braid. You can learn the art of making each of them yourself at home, and then change them if you wish. You can weave ribbons into braids, decorate with hairpins and bows. To remove the bangs, you should use a hoop or invisibility.

  • Tail. This hairstyle is also relevant at all times. It is not only simple to perform, but also quite diverse.There is a variant of weaving one tail at the very top of the head, the so-called “ponytail”.

    You can make 2 ponytails on the sides of the head, curl the ends to look more elegant. Or just use any elastic band to hold the hair in the place where it will be convenient.

    Depending on the version of this hairstyle, it is suitable for almost any occasion: a regular walk or a social event. For the second, it is important that the tail is done neatly, without “cocks”.You can complement it with a small bow on the side of the head.

  • Bundle. The bun is similar to the ponytail – an easy-to-create hairstyle that does not require a lot of time. Suitable for busy people, hurrying somewhere, living an active life. This hairstyle looks great in the gym and doesn’t get in the way of your workout.

  • Accessories. All of the above hairstyles can be complemented with accessories.In Korea, all kinds of hairpins, bows, ribbons that are worn on the head are popular, and sometimes serve not as an addition, but as the main “dish” of the entire image of a girl.

    Medium hair

    Medium hair length is the most versatile. You can do almost anything on them. Among Korean women, bob and bob hairstyles are considered the most popular for this hair length.

    They do not need to be looked after, they do not require special styling.You can simply dry your hair after washing and comb it smoothly, this is all the manipulation is over. The time spent is minimal.

    Bob and square are suitable for people with oval, rectangular or triangular faces. She will make chubby ones even more “round”, so it is better to abandon this idea so as not to create something unimaginable with your appearance, which will then be difficult to correct even for a specialist.

    Short Hair

    Hairstyles on short hair are usually chosen by bold, bright girls who want to live to the fullest.Such hairstyles do not require a lot of time in styling. The haircut for them should be torn, layered. And styling is already a flight of fantasies of the owner herself.

    It is important to lubricate the hands with the fixative and make a few strokes through the hair. You can rub your hair to give it a slightly chaotic volume, or “shake” your fingers, thus laying the ends in the right direction. Here the main thing is creativity and the desire to see yourself different every day.

    Short hair does not have to be styled, you can leave it straight, make it look more classic and austere.Only a hair dryer and a hairbrush will become assistants.

    Advice for girls: when building your own image, it is important to start not only from fashion trends, but also from the type of your appearance, color of eyes, hair, skin. It is better to seek help from professional stylists who will select the shades for the hair, the shape of the haircut and the further type of styling, which will completely harmonize with the appearance of the girl.

    Hair Color

    Koreans have their own hair color preferably black or closer to it.Now in Korea, the most popular shades are natural brown-chocolate. These are red, and chestnut, and lighter shades. But they all tend to be natural.

    At the same time, do not forget about the quality of the hair. If it is dry, unkempt, the hair is brittle and weak, then any hairstyle and image will look ugly and not aesthetically pleasing on such hair. Therefore, before fantasizing about Korean hairstyles and haircuts, it’s important to take care of the quality of your hair.To do this, you can visit a hairdresser or carry out restorative procedures right at home.

    Korean Hair Care Tips

    As mentioned earlier, Korean women have very beautiful hair, well-groomed, with a smooth structure, shimmering in the sun. In order for Korean hairstyles to turn out to be successful, it is important to have good hair that is easy to style and is the standard of a girl’s beauty. Their appearance is influenced by climate, weather, food, etc.d.

    There are many ways to care for your hair, let’s take a look at the ones that are used in Korea to look attractive.

    • Proper nutrition. Food mainly affects the quality of hair and skin, which means it can make a girl’s appearance not entirely aesthetic. In Korea, rice and vegetables are the staple foods that make Asian hair look healthy and well-groomed. Chips and chocolates will lead to hair loss, dryness. The scalp will also suffer, dandruff and itching will appear.
    • Dream. You need to sleep at least 8 hours. It is best to work out a regular routine by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day.
    • Drink water. Water is the main moisturizer for the whole body. And hair without moisture will not be able to exist normally.
    • To consume vitamin complexes. In spring and autumn, the body is especially weakened, it needs additional nutrition in addition to good nutrition. It is better to buy complex preparations that are aimed at different functions of the human body.
    • Dry hair before bed. This advice is very important. Many people get into the habit of going to bed with a wet head, as a result, in the morning a person wakes up with an incomprehensible styling, a la “I fell from the hayloft, braked my head.” This is absolutely impossible to do, the hair deteriorates from such a load, it becomes like tow.
    • Use a natural bristle comb. It should be massage and have natural bristles, which will not damage the hair structure, but, on the contrary, will improve its condition.
    • Use quality proven hair care products. No need to experiment on your hair and choose different shampoos, masks and balms every month. It is better to focus on one series and use it constantly. Before choosing, you should consult with a hairdresser, who will tell you the nuances.

    Being beautiful and well-groomed is actually very simple. All you have to do is turn your gaze to Korean girls who look gorgeous without much effort.They are the founders of fashion trends, and many women want to be like them.

  • Rating 4.3 who voted: 7 90,000 best Korean style haircuts with and without bangs for men with long and short hair

    In search of fresh ideas for a stylish look, modern men are increasingly paying attention to Korean men’s hairstyles.They are distinguished by a creative look, neatness, audacity and originality. The material in this article will tell you about who they are suitable for, what they are, what they are called and what features they have.


    Interest in Korean men’s haircuts is increasing every year.Most Asian haircuts are distinguished by their original styling and torn strands. Korean model haircuts are textured, while they have a lot of varieties and are suitable for men of different ages.

    Initially, there were no more than 10, and the main one was the “horse tail” option. Today, slight negligence is in vogue, and therefore the smooth hairstyles familiar to Korean men have been replaced by non-standard hairstyles.

    A distinctive feature of Korean men’s haircuts is the length.It is much larger than the usual haircuts of Europeans.

    In our country, it is customary to have a short haircut. Most men are not used to daily self-care, and therefore the optimal length is one that does not require styling. Koreans spend a lot of time creating the perfect look. For them, appearance is a calling card.

    It is customary in Korea to look perfect from childhood. Using hair styling products for Korean men is natural.Good appearance helps to become successful, women pay attention to such men. At the same time, representatives of the stronger sex, on the basis of one haircut, can often make a lot of styling, changing their image.

    Their hairstyles are sometimes more varied than women’s. Moreover, they are selected for each specific case. For the office – this is a laconic, sleek version, for students – a casual look. Koreans do not forget about their appearance, even when they are at home.Their hairstyles are as simple as possible, but well-groomed.

    The length of the bangs usually covers the eyes. When folded, it completely covers the eyebrows. The length of the temples almost reaches the end of the earlobes. Short whiskey is rare in Korean haircuts. Usually such haircuts are typical for recruits going into the army.

    In general, haircuts for Korean men are distinguished by the model styling of the bangs, asymmetric lines and torn ends.

    Suitable for whom?

    Men’s Korean haircuts are by no means universal.They are not suitable for everyone. These haircuts are relevant for owners of straight and thick and coarse hair of a dark, almost black shade. It will be more difficult for fair-haired men with a Slavic appearance to choose their own hairstyle.

    The effect in such cases will be different from the original. This is especially difficult for those with fine and curly hair. In addition, the shape of the face will be one of the decisive factors. Often, Korean men have a narrow and sometimes even sharp chin.

    Many haircuts copy idols (young celebrities known to every Korean). These youthful hairstyles are characterized by their characteristic casual or creative mess on the head. Strands may be long, slightly tousled. These haircuts are suitable for young guys with a thin physique.

    Korean haircuts are chosen by bright and bold personalities.


    Details are the main strong point of Korean haircuts. With their help, you can emphasize a certain style of clothing, make your image special.

    Ragged Ends

    Korean grunge has a special identity. This is a modern trend that is popular not only among representatives of youth subcultures, but also among men between the ages of 30 and 35. The uniqueness of the haircut lies in the fact that it allows you to add volume even to thin hair.

    The principle of the wizard is to give the strands the effect of a torn edge, cutting them off at an angle. This is done with a special razor, not only along the entire length, but also along the bangs.

    Shaved Whiskey

    Shaved whiskey, coupled with long hair on the top of the head, is one of Koreans’ favorite haircuts. On this basis, you can lay a hedgehog or mohawk, you can lift the bangs up, leaving the base as it is.This is a trendy detail of a bold masculine look that sets a guy out of the crowd.

    Optionally, you can shave either 1 or 2 temples. To give the desired shape, use wax or gel, as well as varnish.

    Koreans rarely dye the strands in bright colors, they like the native color of the strands more. The maximum that they consider appropriate is to lighten the hair a couple of shades.


    These haircuts would not have looked so impressive, if not for the asymmetrically trimmed bangs. It is she who gives them a special chic and uniqueness. The “bob” model with asymmetrical bangs and unevenly cut strands sometimes does not need styling at all. In this case, the bean can be not only single, but also double.

    Sometimes, for a greater effect, the master highlights the hair in a couple of tones, creating the effect of strands burnt out in the sun.


    Perhaps this haircut can be called the standard of style for all Koreans.She is adored by both young children and older men. Among Koreans, there is not a single representative of the stronger sex who would not do it at least once in his life. This haircut is very recognizable, it is an alternative to our “pot” with a difference in hair length. A fluffy cap is created on top, the temporal and occipital zones are cut as short as possible (by Korean standards).

    How to install?

    Styling is performed on medium length hair.If the curls are curly, they must be straightened with an iron before modeling the hairstyle.

    Unlike most European hairstyles, Koreans style their hair forward. They are sprayed with varnish or spray, after which they are laid in different directions, creating a slightly disheveled look.

    Approximately by the same principle, they create a styling with bangs raised up. However, in this case, a more powerful tool is used to fix the shape.

    It should be noted that Koreans are very good at choosing cosmetics for styling. The country is proud of its own developments, offering its fellow citizens high quality products with the most gentle effect on the structure of the strands.

    Korean men attach great importance to styling bangs. It can be located forward, to one side, be flat or asymmetrical, but it will certainly be thick and lush. It is usually asymmetrical with medium hair length and flat when the strands are long.

    How to choose?

    The choice of Korean style men’s haircut depends on various factors. Such hairstyles are not suitable for men with a large physique. For those who are thin or have a standard figure, it is necessary to build on the type of face. For example, for guys with an angular oval face, asymmetry with bangs that open one eyebrow is more suitable. For men with an oval face, it is better to choose haircuts with straight bangs and longer.

    You can highlight individual strands, giving your hairstyle a special charm.However, styling products should not be visible. Hairstyle must look natural, otherwise it is contrary to Korean style.

    It does not matter if you choose an elongated bob, bob-bob or short asymmetry, the image must be flawless.

    You need to choose the haircut that will be comfortable for a particular person. If the facial features are large, you should not cut a voluminous hat – in this case, it is better to choose a relatively short, from the point of view of Koreans, hairstyle option.In addition, when considering a choice, you need to weigh the pros and cons. If there is no time for daily hair styling, it is more advisable to cut asymmetry with torn ends.

    As for hair color, everything is individual here. Of course, model hairstyles for dark hair are closer to the original haircuts. Korean idols dye and lighten the strands, but remember that they also wear makeup for eye-catching, eyebrows, and lips.The light grunge of a European will not exactly copy the image of an Asian.

    When choosing a haircut, you need to take into account the style of clothing. Every detail is thought out in the image of a Korean man. His hairstyle is harmonious, styling is selected for a specific situation. He completes a sports bow with creative chaos on his head, and goes to work with a “hat” or straight bangs. He walks to the club, ruffling his strands. Moreover, even in a suit, he will look stylish and effective.

    90,000 Korean hairstyles: 100 beautiful styling photos


    1. Korean Hairstyles: Key Features
    2. Korean Short Hairstyles
    3. Korean hairstyles for long hair
    4. Korean hairstyles for medium hair
    5. Korean Hairstyles with Bangs
    6. Hot Korean Hairstyles to School
    7. How to do a Korean hairstyle?

    Every year, representatives of Slavic appearance show more and more interest in Korean hairstyles.This is because they look quite unusual for the majority of the population. What should be Korean hairstyles? Who are they best for? You will learn about this and much more right now.

    Korean hairstyles for girls: main features

    Young girls are mainly interested in this type of hairstyle. After all, they look more original and unusual. Nevertheless, they have a number of features that are extremely important to consider before doing such a hairstyle.

    In Korean hairstyles, the emphasis is mainly on smoothness. The fact is that basically all Korean women have perfectly straight hair. Therefore, people who have natural curls will have a difficult time. After all, it will take a very long time to straighten them. And this, as you know, negatively affects the quality and structure of the hair. Therefore, we recommend weighing all the pros and cons before deciding on such a step. Another feature of Korean hairstyles is dark hair color. Basically, all Korean women have quite thick hair.In turn, blondes tend to have thin and brittle hair, which can be a real problem when creating a hairstyle. In some cases, styling products are used that will keep the hairstyles in place. However, they are also inconvenient and rarely last for the rest of the day.

    Trendy Korean hairstyles for short hair

    It’s no secret that Korean women are very fond of non-standard solutions in terms of hair styling. They prefer bright colors in clothes and looks in general.Therefore, it is not surprising that hairstyles can be original and very unusual for Slavic women of fashion. Of course, short hair is a definite limitation in the choice of hairstyles. Therefore, there will be much less experimentation. To create volume at the roots, you can make a light bouffant. Thanks to him, the hairstyle will be more magnificent. In this case, a classic square or bob looks great.

    Korean women’s hairstyles for long hair

    Long hair, in turn, gives much more room for various experiments.Korean girls very often choose this option for themselves. Due to the density of the strands, the hair looks incredibly beautiful even without a hairstyle. But despite this, they prefer to experiment. And often the strands have milled ends, bangs of an unusual shape, or something else. In addition, you can use a variety of accessories in the design of your hair. Thanks to this, the hair takes on a truly luxurious look. Curly hair can always be decorated with bangs of an unusual shape.

    Korean women of fashion also make various weaves quite often.The variety of options allows for endless experimentation. Check out the classic, French braids and fishtail braids. Spikelets, which are based on weaving, look great. And of course, various hairpins with pearls, bows, and ribbons will definitely be a stylish decoration for any hairstyle.

    Women of fashion with long hair often tie them in a ponytail. This hairstyle will be relevant in any case. It is quite simple to perform and can look completely different.At the very least, the tail can be low or high. The famous “ponytail” also looks great on thick hair. Often, girls complement this hairstyle with braiding.

    And, of course, you should pay attention to the beam. Every girl can do it in just a few minutes. It is chosen for everyday life, sports or walking. There is no more comfortable option for each of these activities.

    Korean hairstyles for medium hair

    Average hair length is rightfully considered universal.As it is suitable for a variety of haircuts and hairstyles. We recommend that you pay attention to the square, which is incredibly popular with Korean fashionistas. Bob-bob or torn bob look especially stylish. They practically do not require styling, which is a significant additional advantage. An asymmetrical haircut makes the look more daring and playful. It always gets attention. At the same time, you can always add romance and femininity to the image with ribbons, hairpins, bows or hoops.

    Korean hairstyles with bangs

    In Korea, many girls wear bangs regardless of hair length. Basically, it is straight and classic. But there are also more extraordinary options. It can be oblique or torn bangs. It serves as a real decoration, regardless of the chosen haircut. Bangs with slightly curled ends look very interesting. Such a not too active detail makes the image light, romantic and even more feminine.

    Actual Korean hairstyles to school

    It is always necessary for school to do neat and laconic hairstyles.These are mainly bunches, tails or braids. But sometimes there are other options. In any case, the main thing is that they are comfortable and not inconvenient during the day.

    How to make a Korean hairstyle?

    If you are planning to do a Korean hairstyle for the first time, it may seem too complicated. In fact, this is not at all the case and it will not take too long. To begin with, we note that the hair must be clean and dry. Thanks to this aspect, any hairstyle will look attractive.In case you have curly hair, it is best to straighten it out. After all, this is almost the main feature of the hair of Korean girls. Everything else depends on the chosen hairstyle. For example, for weaving, you can use invisibility and hairpins. They will help make it look smoother and more attractive. In turn, hairpins and combs will act as decorations.

    Korean hairstyles are becoming more and more relevant in our area. They are more romantic and sometimes daring. This is what attracts modern women of fashion.

    90,000 3 fashionable looks with your own hands

    Korean hairstyles are quite popular today, especially if they are made in the anime style. The main condition is the presence of a suitable type of hair. How to choose the right hairstyle, and what points cannot be ignored.

    Features of Asian styling

    The Asian type of appearance is characteristic of every second inhabitant of the planet. Therefore, it is these trends that can be traced in some modern hairstyles, especially if these are youth options.So, Korean men’s haircuts are deliberate asymmetry, layering, side by side with classic straight shapes. As for Asian girls, they prefer long, straight hair, well-cut ends.

    Traditional hairstyles for girls with long hair

    Korean hairstyles for girls have their own zest in the form of unusually cut bangs that give the face a mystery, emphasizing expressive eyes.

    Also, the following Asian hairstyles are in trend:

    1. Braids and high ponytails,
    2. Neatly gathered buns, complemented by strict straight or asymmetrical bangs,
    3. Multi-layered haircuts that give lightness to heavy Asian hair and increase them in volume,
    4. Asymmetric styling.

    Men’s Korean-style haircuts

    Representatives of the stronger half, striving to adhere to the Asian style, can pay attention to haircuts with cut backs, hairstyles with tousled tops, page and bob hairstyles.

    The main trends of Korean hairstyles and haircuts

    There is no definite direction in this type of hairstyles. They can be presented as bold and daring haircuts for short hair, and romantic styling for long curls. At the same time, more and more often Korean women can be found with short hair, since they are naturally thicker and denser. And in this case, leaving is the easiest.

    In most cases, Korean hairstyles combine elongated bangs that are combed both forward to the face and to the side. This is due to the peculiarity of this nationality, namely, a broad face.

    There are two main hairstyle trends among Korean women:

    1. Straight long hair and the same bangs. If necessary, they can be curled, but it is worth remembering that naturally thick curls are difficult to this procedure.
    2. Hair to the shoulders, and the haircut itself has a rounded shape.

    An open haircut is always chosen, which emphasizes the features of the face, and does not hide them. Torn types of haircuts can also be used, but they are much less common. The main requirements for Korean hairstyle are ease of implementation, so you can do any styling yourself.

    Features of women’s Korean hairstyles

    The main feature of Korean hairstyles for girls, as well as for guys, is their non-standard and originality. They are a worthy addition to the general look of Korean youth, which includes bright and catchy clothes, a variety of original accessories and more.

    The hairstyles of Koreans differ from others primarily in that Koreans have naturally black (or very dark) straight hair. In addition, they have a very impressive density.To repeat a Korean hairstyle with your own hands, it is necessary that your hair is also straight, as a last resort, you can use an iron. However, please note that for most curly hair owners, the effect of straightening with an iron does not last long, this can make it problematic to repeat the Korean hairstyle.

    There is no specific stylistic trend in Korean hairstyles for girls. It can be both bold, daring and bright short haircuts, and classic cute styling on long hair.However, more often you can still see a Korean woman with short hair, because with natural density, it is easier to care for a shorter hairstyle. Most Korean haircuts are designed with long bangs that are swept over the face or to the side. This is due to the wide face shape typical of Koreans. However, you can also see the short bangs that reveal the face.

    The two main directions of women’s haircuts among Korean women are as follows:

    • long straight hair with long bangs that can be curled on occasion (however, natural straight and thick hair does not hold curls well),
    • length is about shoulder-length or slightly shorter (slightly lower chin), rounded haircut.

    In any case, Korean girls have very cute features, so they prefer haircuts that reveal them. You can also find torn hairstyles, but much less often. The main feature of modern hairstyles popular among Korean women is ease of implementation. Any hairstyle or styling can be easily done with your own hands.

    Original hairstyle for every day from Korean masters

    For those of the fair sex who prefer to look original and stylish even in everyday life, Korean hairdressing masters offer various simple and beautiful hairstyles.One of them looks like a spikelet, but without weaving braids. To do this hairstyle with your own hands, you only need 7-10 thin hair bands (elastic bands of contrasting colors will look very interesting) and a simple comb. It will take you only a few minutes to embody this image. It can be used both for everyday life and for parties and discos.

    Separate the strand in the center over the forehead and tie it with an elastic band. Next, separate the strands below and connect them with the first one, also tie the resulting bundle with an elastic band.Continue to attach the following strands to the bun, while each of them needs to be fluffed up a little, this will add volume and a little stylish casualness to the hairstyle. When you get to the bottom of the back of your head and you have a simple ponytail, put on a few more elastic bands (depending on the length of your hair), which will be equally spaced. The hairstyle is ready!

    In addition to this hairstyle, you can perform more classic options: a braid or a bun. Each of these classic hairstyles can be done in an original way.For a braid, toss the hair to one side and divide it into 2 equal sections, each of which must be kept separate. Pass a finger into the middle of one of the strands, divide it in this way into 2 more parts. Do the same with the second strand. Combine the halves of the strands together so that they form a kind of knot. Continue braiding this way. Do not tighten it tightly so that the braid has volume.

    For a bun, make a simple high tail and fluff it up. Wrap loose hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with a hair tie.
    There are a lot of similar simple and at the same time stylish Korean hairstyles.

    Men’s Korean Haircuts

    Among modern guys who follow fashion and want to be stylish, Korean haircuts are also popular. Most often, Korean guys have medium hair length, which looks stylish and at the same time makes it easier to care for thick hair. Most of them wear medium or long bangs. The most popular styles are those that add volume to the hair.It is worth noting that straight hair is a prerequisite for creating an image, both for guys and girls, which is popular among Koreans. If your hair is naturally curly, you will have to constantly straighten it. This can be done with a hair dryer or iron. And for a trendy look, your best bet is to give your hair an artistic mess with a medium to strong hold.

    And remember the basic rule that modern Korean youth is guided by when creating hairstyles: they should be as simple as possible and should not take much time to complete.This modern trend contradicts the tradition of the past, when Korean men wore long hair and tied it in a ponytail at the back of their heads, while women spent several hours a day creating an elaborate hairstyle that must include many details and look like a work of art. Simplicity and slight negligence are in vogue now.

    Korean hairstyles, like Chinese and other Asian hairstyles, are not suitable for everyone. It will be difficult for you to care for such a haircut if you have curly unruly hair.If your hair is light or not thick enough, the result may not be as expected. But if the Korean hairstyle suits you, then you will look very stylish and original.

    Fashionable anime hairstyles

    This option is especially popular today among teenagers and young people. Korean hairstyles for girls, characteristic of the anime style, is the coloring of individual strands or parts of hair in bright saturated colors, including pink, red (for dark curls) and purple, blue, green (for light hair).If you want to change the image more radically, you can take a closer look at the heroines of your favorite cartoons and copy the image from them. It is important to consider the following recommendations:

    • Straight hair becomes the optimal basis for styling anime, so curly curls should be straightened before changing the image.
    • A special place is given to the oblique bangs, which are the central element of the hairstyle.
    • Good effect with hair extensions or tresses for multi-layered styling.

    For whom such styling is suitable

    By nature, the inhabitants of Korea have thick and straight hair in color close to a black shade. For this reason, it is difficult for Slavic girls to fully approach the Asian type. People with blonde hair and blue eyes will have a hard time choosing a Korean hairstyle, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

    Asian girls have doll-like features: big eyes, childish expression, cute features.With this look, a minimum of makeup is required.

    In case of creating a make-up, it can be performed non-standard. This is the approach that Korean women actively use.

    In order for such a hairstyle to look harmonious and most attractive on blond or blond hair, girls need to create a complete image of the inhabitants of Korea. The best option is still the fair sex with naturally dark and thick hair.

    A bit of history

    Until the 19th century, Koreans had only 10 types of men’s hairstyles.Mostly they were bunches or ponytails, which were soon replaced by short haircuts. Here the influence of the West played a significant role, and already in the 30-50s. In the twentieth century, slicked-down hair entered Korean fashion. They were parted or retracted.

    1970-1980 – this is the period when highlighting first appeared, and the length of the Korean hairstyle gradually increased due to the popularity of the Beatles. After another 10 years, new creative men’s hairstyles for luxurious hair appeared, which assumed not just a deliberate mess, but also styling.

    Korean boys were eager to emulate idols from the fashionable pop group of the 2000s. TVXQ and singer Bae Yong Joon and wore curly long hair. Fashion soon gave way to classic and aristocratic haircuts, like those of contemporary artists Park Bo Gum, T.O.P, or Yoo Seung Ho. To this day, short laconic hairstyles, sometimes elongated and with lush bangs, are relevant among guys.

    Experiments with color are welcome: not only black is in fashion, but all shades of brown.Highlighting and coloring of the ends or individual strands is allowed.

    Long hair hairstyles

    Many Korean girls choose long hair. By nature, they have a perfectly even shape, so creating curly strands requires a lot of time and effort. It is for this reason that most Korean hairstyles are designed for straight strands.

    On long hair, you can experiment with absolutely any hairstyle and styling.They allow you to look stylish, well-groomed and attractive all the time. Long strands blend harmoniously with or without bangs.

    • perfectly straight hair. To create such a hairstyle, you will need straight ends without the use of thinning scissors, a straight parting and straight long bangs or laid on one side. This version of the hairstyle looks luxurious, since it fully allows you to see the beauty and health of the hair,

    • braids. In the past, braids were used for schoolgirls to gather hair as much as possible, which would interfere with the learning process. Now it has become fashionable to wear them at an older age. There are many different types of braids that can result in a beautiful hairstyle. You can choose the option you like the most and learn to weave it yourself, or you can learn the technique of several options and always remain stylish and fashionable. In the process of weaving, it is allowed to use ribbons, bows and other decorative accessories.The bangs are removed with the help of a rim or invisibility,
    • curled curls. Both tight curls and smooth waves that gently fall off the shoulders are suitable here. Styling can be done on a haircut with milled ends and curls of different lengths. An even long bang will perfectly harmonize with curly curls, which, if desired, can be stabbed to the side or up to the back of the head,

    • tail. This hairstyle option is created as simply as possible and remains always very relevant.At the same time, it is worth knowing that there are many options for its implementation. For example, a ponytail involves collecting hair from the crown of the head. In Korean hairstyles, two ponytails are often found on the sides. The ends can be slightly curled for a touch of elegance,

    This simple Korean style hairstyle can be used for all occasions: work, walk, party or social event.

    • beam. Laying the bun, like the tail, is extremely easy to create and does not require a lot of time.It is ideal for busy and active people who do not have a lot of time to create their hairstyles. It goes especially well with the gym: gathered hair does not interfere with training. The bundle can also be used for special occasions. To do this, it should be done especially carefully and carefully. Slicked back hair will blend in harmoniously with a dress sewn in a classic style, a pendant and earrings.

    All hairstyles in this style, made for long hair, can be additionally combined with accessories. Korean women actively use a variety of bows, hairpins and ribbons, which can not only complement the image, but also serve as its main highlight.

    Underkat hairstyle for men: stylish and modern haircut

    Read more about the types of wedding hairstyles for long hair with bangs here. European guys – owners of curly, fine and blond hair – will find it extremely difficult to get the desired styling.Of course, you can use a strong hold or iron, but the effect can be very different from the original. When choosing a hairstyle, you should build on the type of face so that the image does not look ridiculous. The main rule of any Korean haircut is simplicity and conciseness. Without spending a lot of time styling, Koreans emphasize carelessness and create a slight creative mess on the head.

    A well-chosen Korean-style haircut will help emphasize masculinity and give any guy a brutal look.It is advisable to consult with a professional stylist before embarking on independent experiments.

    Anime image with short hair for women

    Short haircuts occupy a special place in anime style, since the number of images immediately increases significantly. Such Korean hairstyles are suitable for guys and girls with a difference in the form of styling. The main advantage of a short haircut is the ability to give the bangs a wide variety of shapes, experiment with asymmetry, coloring strands in unusual shades.

    How to make a Korean hairstyle

    Those with medium length and thick hair can try experimenting with their image. A guy of European appearance with blue eyes, who has chosen a Korean-style hairstyle, will look especially interesting. If the haircut is done by a professional in accordance with the rules, then styling will not take much time and will keep its shape all the time. Consider the main hairstyle options.

    • Torn ends
      This is one of the most popular modern trends not only in Korea, but all over the world.She is in unprecedented demand among young people, although in recent years middle-aged men cannot deny themselves the pleasure of at least outwardly resembling a bully. The advantage of a torn haircut is that it adds volume to even soft and fine hair. The essence of the work is to cut off the strands with a razor, giving them an uneven and unfinished effect. Regular scissors will not work here, so hairdressers use a sharp razor. The crisp lines and torn bangs give the guy a creative grunge look.
    • Shaved whiskey
      A guy can create a brutal look with shaved temples and medium length strands on the crown. This funky Korean hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear. When styling, you can use a little wax or gel to give the hair the desired shape. For guys who are fans of the biker style, consider the hawk hairstyle, which suggests the formation of a mohawk. Sticking strands can be fixed with styling products, but should not be longer than a few centimeters.Highlighting the ends will become the highlight of the image of any modern guy.
    • Asymmetry
      Guys with straight hair are advised to focus on the modern asymmetrical hairstyle with extra long strands or bangs. It is suitable for classic and youth style and will remain relevant for a long time. Korean guys are very fond of bangs of any shape, so a bob hairstyle is a versatile option. It is best suited for an oval and skinny face, and for those with square and round faces, it is better to consider other hairstyles.If in the female version the bob haircut is distinguished by a lush crown, then in the male version the hair does not need a pile and is laid in a natural way. Oblique bangs and asymmetrical strands add completeness to the look. It would be appropriate to dye the ends of the hair a couple of tones lighter than the main color. The double bob hairstyle can be tried by guys who prefer a sporty style with thin hair. Fashionable styling, as well as schemes and photos of the correct haircut are widely represented on the Internet.

    Korean hairstyles for men are a versatile option for all ages that reflects individuality and remains relevant at all times.Do not be afraid to experiment, look for your own style – the result will not be long in coming!

    Hair styling for medium length curls

    Medium length hair is the most versatile haircut option. They require less maintenance than long ones, but still allow you to create the same hairstyles. Bob and bob haircuts are especially popular among Korean women.

    Short strands do not need special care. It is enough to wash, dry and comb them thoroughly. This completes the departure.This is especially important for busy women.

    Korean hairstyles for medium length hair are best used by girls with any type of face, except for chubby ones. Round features such haircuts will only emphasize the features of its shape, making it even more rounded.

    Features of hairstyles among Koreans

    Until the 19th century, Korean men had only up to 10 options for haircuts and hairstyles, most often long hair pulled into a ponytail or bun. But under the influence of world fashion, Asians increasingly began to give preference to short haircuts, and closer to the 30s of the 20th century, smoothed hair styling options came into fashion.And only by the end of the 20th century, all Koreans began to give preference to model haircuts, hair highlights and long bangs.

    Due to the specific features of the appearance of Asian men, the options for men’s haircuts have been modified and improved. Today it can be noted that Korean haircuts are radically different from those that Europeans are used to wearing. The main difference is a non-standard solution, the presence of bright accessories and hair shades, complex styling options.

    Most often, men’s hairstyles for such men will be of a dark shade, which is characteristic of this nation, they will be necessarily voluminous and smooth.Again, this is more of a national feature, since curly hair is rarely found among Koreans. Today, Korean haircuts for men are of two types – with straight bangs and elongated curls of hair, or with oblique asymmetric bangs and medium or short hair.

    Haircuts and hairstyles for short strands

    Young Korean women are increasingly choosing short haircuts. It’s not just that thick hair requires a lot of grooming, which takes time and effort. They also testify to daring, self-confident natures. The haircut itself must be torn and consist of several layers. With regard to styling, there is complete freedom of action.

    In the process of creating a hairstyle, it is recommended to use hair fixing products. It is usually applied to the hands and spreads through the hair with light and chaotic movements. You can gently wrinkle or pluck your hair to create chaos and extra volume.Creativity and the desire to experiment are important in this matter.

    Short hair does not need to be styled regularly. They can be kept straight for a clean and classic look. Particular attention should be paid to styling your bangs.

    For more options for beautiful Korean hairstyles, watch the video

    Who are they suitable for?

    Not all European men will suit Korean-themed haircuts and hairstyles, as this nation is characterized by thick, straight and dark hair.Therefore, first of all, such hairstyle options are more suitable for those men who naturally have a similar hair type. Otherwise, the hair will need to be constantly smoothed and styled using retainers.

    It is also worth paying attention to the shape of the face, Asian men’s hairstyles are characterized by conciseness and simplicity, which will not be a profitable solution for everyone. If there is angularity in the shape of the face, experts advise giving preference to asymmetrical options for Korean haircuts.Otherwise, men’s Asian hairstyles should look perfect on an oval, elongated face.

    Types of haircuts

    If a man has hair of medium or maximum thickness and length, you can experiment with his appearance by trying on a Korean haircut. Since we are talking about complex textured models of haircuts, a man needs to find a qualified and experienced master. In general, several options for Korean haircuts are most often practiced:

    Ragged ends .Such a haircut will give the man the image of a bully, since there is a slight negligence and creative disorder in the haircut. Hair can be of different lengths and levels, which will visually make the hairstyle voluminous. A hairdresser will use a razor to cut the hair in a torn, textured way, and the right styling will create a grunge-style haircut.

    Shaved whiskey . Korean hairstyles for men are also brutal, if medium hair is left on the top of the head, and the temples are shaved short with a typewriter.This funky hairstyle is perfect for a casual look. The hair on the crown can be styled in the shape of a mohawk or hedgehog, but shaved whiskey will be the main accent demonstrating masculinity.

    Asymmetry . If a man has naturally perfectly straight hair, asymmetrical Asian men’s haircuts are perfect for him. In this case, the main emphasis is the oblique bangs, which can be cut in a torn way.You can also do a bob haircut, but it’s interesting to play around with the bangs (male k pop hairstyles). And asymmetrical strands along the entire circumference of the haircut will add completeness to the haircut.

    Long curls and thick bangs . The most common Korean haircut involves long hair that can be slicked back, pulled into a ponytail, or shaped like a man’s bob. Straight and thick bangs can complement the image, which should go into the total length of the hair.

    In general, stylists note that any form of haircut and classic options can be played in the Korean style. Korean style is all about styling bangs, careless hair styling in general, torn and asymmetrical lines. A man of any age and outlook on life can try it on.

    Styling options

    Korean styling is ideal if you are expecting medium length hair. If a man has curly hair, they must be straightened with an iron.The easiest hairstyle for Asians is chaos, when the hair is sprayed with styling spray or gel, after which the hair is styled in different directions with a hairdryer and hands, forming a creative mess.

    Another styling in this style is a hedgehog. Regardless of what type of haircut a man wears, if the hair is short or medium in length, it can be styled in different directions using wax or fondant with strong hold. Imitation of prickly hedgehogs will give the image of a man brutality and youth.If a man has a bang, in the Korean style it must be torn and laid to one side.

    Another fashionable styling among Koreans today is pulling hair into a bun or ponytail. If the length of the hair allows it, Asians prefer to pull the hair in the area of ​​the crown, closer to the back of the head, in a small bun. Low ponytails are also popular, but are only suitable for those with thick, voluminous hair. The first styling option looks perfect with shaved temples, the effect is added by a sharp contrast between the shaved part and long curls in the bun.


    Modern Korean hairstyles are easy to create and maintain. It takes a minimum of time and effort to organize it. But the result is a dramatic look of a stylish Korean girl.

    Fashionable Korean hairstyles for guys: photo

    The most popular Asian hairstyles and Korean hairstyles in the current season can be viewed in the following photos.

    If a man has naturally thick and even hair, the Korean style of haircuts and hairstyles can give his appearance a creative and creative image.And if earlier Korean haircuts were not popular among Europeans, today almost every second young guy wears a similar oblique bangs and style his hair in the grunge style, which is so inherent in Koreans. In addition, stylists appreciate this style for the fact that asymmetry and torn strands make it possible to profitably correct the shape of the face.

    Sailor Moon

    Hairpins, rubber bands, foam or gel are required for styling.

    Sailor Moon Hairstyle

    The process is divided into the following steps:

    • The hair is divided into two parts, creating an absolutely even parting in the center, curly curls are straightened,
    • With the help of elastic bands, symmetrical tails are formed, on which the styling product is then applied,
    • Alternately, the tails are twisted with bundles and fixed with hairpins,
    • The bangs are straightened and sprayed with varnish.

    The hair is preliminarily lubricated with gel and tousled, then styling is done by means of a hairdryer, forming strands sticking out in different directions. At the end, the selected curls are fixed with hairpins and sprayed with varnish.

    Well-thought-out chaos on the head

    Basically, Korean men’s hairstyles are created in this style, but a female version is also possible. First, a fleece is made on the back of the head and protruding strands are formed (this requires a gel), imitating the thorns of a hedgehog. After that, the hair in the front part is straightened with an iron and shifted onto the face, fixing it with varnish.

    As you can see, Korean hairstyles are a variety of styles and possible solutions. The main thing is to comply with the requirements for the hair, and then the result will be stunning.

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    • http://afmen.online/koreyskie-pricheski-dlya-parney.html
    • http://bellehair.info/2622-pricheski-v-korejskom-stile-3-modnih-obraza-svoimi-rukami/

    Watch the video: K-Style – DIY hairstyles

    Korean men’s hairstyles – photos, types of haircuts for Korean guys

    If you decide to change your image, then first of all you need to start with a fashionable haircut. Now at the peak of popularity among young guys are Korean men’s hairstyles.This haircut is branded not only among Koreans themselves, but also in Europe. Will this hairstyle suit you? What Korean men’s hairstyles are there in general? How to style your Korean hair correctly? And what is needed for styling? You will find the answer to these and some other questions in this article.

    Korean hairstyles for guys – the emergence of a trend

    Until the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Asian people had a total of no more than ten options for men’s hairstyles. The main option was the Horse Tails.The Korean hairstyle meant long hair tied in a ponytail at the back of the head, a bun or a bump.

    It wasn’t until the early twentieth century that Koreans began to cut their hair, preferring only trimming the ends. Then the men’s Korean hairstyle with a parted part came into fashion. The innovation meant long hair, which was parted in a parted part or completely combed back. Sometimes they were fixed additionally.

    Towards the end of the twentieth century, a haircut, highlighting and coloring, long oblique bangs, and shaved whiskey burst into fashion among Koreans.

    Especially the popular European group “The Beatles” has influenced the novelty of the hairdressing art. Fans of “Zhukov” polls began to imitate their idols, copying their not only hairstyles, but also completely style.

    Korean style in men’s hairstyles nowadays is a sign of a daring and self-confident man. They are typical for any age. Light careless styling and disheveled head – this is the ability to express, to some extent, freedom for a guy.

    Some modern show business stars keep up with fashion trends and do not neglect Korean trends. Nowadays, you rarely see a person with a classic hairstyle in the Korean people.

    Types of Korean men’s hairstyles

    Fashionable Korean haircuts for guys are of several types.

    Each of them emphasizes and emphasizes a certain style.

    And also for each type of Korean men’s hairstyle, there is a special cutting technique and features.

    Torn hair ends

    This haircut is also called grunge style. The technique is quite simple: the hairdresser cuts the strands at an angle with a sharp razor. The sections of the strands should be clear. The bangs are made torn. Regular scissors will be out of place here.

    A creative, unfinished look suitable even for wearers with fine and soft hair. Automatic volume expansion guaranteed!


    This LooK is also called a bean.

    The essence of the hairstyle: strands asymmetrical to each other or asymmetrical bangs.

    The Koreans themselves prefer bangs of different lengths and thicknesses.

    If you have a square and round face or a slim oval face, then feel free to choose this Korean hairstyle.

    Dyeing the ends of the hair a couple of tones lighter or, as they say now, the effect of burnt hair, will look unusual. This effect will add brightness to the Korean hairstyle.

    A man’s bob does not imply a certain styling and fleece. Korean bob is a versatile hairstyle. Very comfortably!

    Shaved Whiskey

    This look is called Funk style. This type of male hairstyle is suitable mainly for Punks and Bikers.

    But also, it is common among other youth directions. Usually, the strands on the crown are left of medium length. However, many guys make them much longer to make a Mohawk.

    The mohawk look requires a lot of effort for styling. However, if your hair is of medium length, it can be slicked back or sideways.

    Highlighting or dyeing hair in a different color makes a guy’s hairstyle spectacular. There is no limit to experimentation here! Koreans love it.


    This is another hairstyle that is loved by Korean guys.

    The temporal and occipital zones are cut fairly short, and the hair on the upper part of the head is approximately the same length.

    Creative hair coloring allows a guy to brighten his hairstyle.

    Who suits and how to choose a Korean hairstyle

    The most important rule is to make sure the Korean hairstyle suits you. Asian guys have naturally dark, coarse, very thick and straight hair.

    If you have fine, blonde, or curly hair, the chances of a Korean hairstyle will be very small.You should choose another option, but not a Korean haircut.

    However, if you really want just such a style, then you should be patient and have additional attributes in the form of a straightener and a large amount of styling products. But again, this is not an option. Spoiled hair and an awkward look will still make you visit the hairdresser again.

    And also, it is worth paying attention to the structure of the face and choosing the right hairstyle so as not to look stupid.

    Korean hairstyles for men and boys are always fashionable, original and stylish. And also, this type of haircut helps to express yourself at any age.

    If you are a representative of a certain youth subculture, effective and bold, then you should choose only the Funk style. Add a little twist to your hairstyle by changing the color of the strands.

    If you are a daring and creative young man, then choose the Korean grunge hairstyle. Light wildness and hooliganism in style will emphasize the sense of chic and your style madness.

    If you are more a supporter of classic men’s hairstyles and want to add a bit of mystery to the image, then long bangs will help emphasize your taste. Any guy can experiment with styling.

    Longer bangs – more mystery! Choose your image, don’t be afraid to change, experiment!

    How to make men’s Korean hairstyle

    Korean men’s haircut is simplicity and ease of styling.Making a little mess in your styling is self-expression and bully style. Suitable for a young guy in the best way.

    To create a Korean style, you will need the following items:

    – hairspray;
    – hair styling mousse;
    – hair dye (there is a desire to add zest to the image).

    If you have been trained by a professional, then the morning preparation will not take much time. Your hairstyle will last for a very long time exactly the way you create it.There are not very many styling tips here.

    One has only to remember that:

    -hair must always be clean;
    -Do not overdo it with styling products. Your appearance may become unnatural and heavy, which is contrary to Korean style;
    – You can always experiment with styling. Create your own image. There are no restrictions here;
    – if a stupor, and you do not know how best to do the styling, then you can turn to Internet sources for help, spy on interesting options for men’s hairstyles from pop stars.

    90,000 features of hair styling for girls, popular Korean hairstyles for short female hair

    Almost half of the world’s inhabitants are of Asian type. It is no coincidence that interest in Korean haircuts is growing among representatives of Slavic appearance.


    Classic versions of Korean hairstyles perfectly coexist with multi-layered asymmetric models.Men’s Korean haircut attracts the attention of Europeans with torn strands and original styling. Textured models give the head some creative clutter. They contribute to creating a stylish and masculine look.

    Korean haircuts are chosen by free and daring Asians, Europeans and residents of other continents.

    “Bob”, “hedgehog”, “chaos”, “mohawk” – these are not all names that are extremely popular among Koreans. There are many types of hairstyles for guys, but they all belong to two types:

    Asymmetrical options are well suited for Europeans with an angular face.The second type of hairstyle is most in harmony with the oval face shape. Korean guys sometimes use fixatives to highlight some strands.

    Korean haircut for girls has a number of features. Europeans should consider that hairstyles are applicable to sleek, straight hair.It will be difficult for owners of curly hair to make a Korean styling model. The curls straightened with a special iron do not hold their shape for long. Getting curly again can ruin the look.

    Typically, Korean women have thick, thick hair, so blondes with thin, liquid strands will have to use powerful fixing agents. It will be necessary to return to the procedure during the day, since the peculiarities of the structure of the curls will not allow the hairstyle to last long.

    In Korea, accessories designed to decorate hairstyles are very popular. Hairpins, bows, beautiful elastic bands, ribbons, headbands can be seen on the strands of Korean beauties quite often.

    Korean style attracts the attention of modern European fashionistas. They like bright and catchy designs that are easy to style.The speed of implementation of the image without additional investment is a distinctive feature of Korean hairstyles.

    Styling can be done with a regular hair dryer, curling iron or a suitable hair care product.


    Popular hairstyles of Korean women attract representatives of the whole world with their femininity, modesty and originality.The non-standard approach of Koreans to the mysterious image influenced the development of fashion in other countries.

    Fashionable women’s hairstyles are not complete without dyeing. Korean women most often choose tones that are close to their natural color: brown and chocolate shades. Chestnut and red colors are appreciated.

    Such details give special chic to Korean haircuts.

    • Torn ends. They are most often created with a razor.The effect of unevenness and incompleteness contributes to the formation of the image of a bully. A slightly sloppy haircut is associated with a creative mess on the head. This hairstyle is popular with young people and middle-aged Koreans. With its clear lines and torn bangs, she began to attract men and women all over the world.
    • Shaved whiskey. The whiskey is shaved shortly with a machine, long strands remain on the crown of the head. Usually a mohawk or a hedgehog is formed from them. The bristling scraps on the head imitate the thorns of a hedgehog. These hairstyles are in trend for guys and girls who want to stand out from the crowd. Self-expression is a kind of way to show oneself to the world, it is realized due to the bright coloring of the mohawk, curls of any size sticking out in different directions. Some punks shave both temples. Others boldly experiment by shaving one temple. To give the hair the desired shape, girls and guys use gel or wax.Fixation is done with varnish.

    Highlights on the ends give the look a special charm.

    • Asymmetry. With asymmetric hair trimming, the bangs are cut at an angle to achieve a special chic effect. The hairstyle is completed by unevenly trimmed curls around the entire circumference of the head.Korean guys prefer the “bob” model, which has an oblique forelock and asymmetrically cut strands. “Bob” does not require styling. Lightly coloring some parts of the hairstyle in lighter colors creates a unique look. The model goes well with a slim oval face. Athletic girls and guys prefer a double bob.
    • Long curls and thick bangs. A very common type of Korean hairstyle is elongated strands tied in a ponytail.Curls can fall freely along the spine. The silky black head looks very impressive.

    Smooth thick bangs usually merge with the rest of the mass of the strands.

    How to choose?

    Fashion trends in Korean hairstyles:

    • slightly curly bangs and long, slightly curled hair add spontaneity, relaxedness and romance to the image;
    • Medium to short hair is styled along the face, bangs are optional.
    • For blue-eyed blonde beauties of Slavic appearance, it is best to take a closer look at the first trend. To create a harmonious look, you need to choose the right clothes and make up.
    • Those with an Asian look can safely take advantage of any of the existing Korean trends.Aggressive makeup is inappropriate, you can only slightly focus on the lips and give expressiveness to the eyes.

    Korean womens uncomplicated styling looks great on any hair length.

    Short hair

    Many Korean women love non-standard short hairstyles, complementing them with catchy clothes and beautiful accessories.Korean fashionistas usually have short haircuts that are provocative. A ragged and layered model is often preferred. Impulsive girls are open to the world. This trait is reflected in the haircut.

    European fashionistas who prefer Korean styling will most likely need a light bouffant to give their hairstyle the appropriate splendor.Straighten the strands if necessary. Due to the lack of a specific dark pigment, not all owners of Slavic appearance manage to achieve the desired effect.

    An elongated bob is perfect for short hair. The hairstyle looks magnificent even with the owners of thin and thin hair. The shortcomings of the wide face will be corrected. A good haircut for short strands is a “square”.

    The tousled crown is ideal for young ladies with short hair.It is enough to ruffle your hair with your hands, and the hairstyle is ready.


    Korean women prefer the “bob” and “bob” models for medium strands. Haircuts do not require much maintenance, they do not need styling.Any cascading haircuts are in harmony with any face shape, give the girl expressiveness and style.


    Most Korean women prefer elongated curls that hang below the shoulders. Sometimes the strands reach the lumbar region. Asian women do not put them down, but sometimes they decorate with various accessories.Often, Korean girls do a straight part in long hair, sometimes throwing an elongated bang to the side. The ends are simply trimmed without thinning. Naturally rich hair looks luxurious.

    Smooth straight strands in Korean women are found much more often than large curls. Long curly curls are often decorated with torn or symmetrical bangs. The ends of the strands are cut with an uneven ragged ladder. She gives the hairstyle a special charm. Some girls prefer tight curls, others prefer soft curls.Sometimes curly long hair looks amazing without bangs.

    It has become fashionable to weave long braids for young ladies. There are many ways to weave braids. They are decorated with bows, hairpins, ribbons, beads.

    Thick straight bangs go well with pigtails.The braid adds sophistication and personality to the image.

    A long tail, gathered at the back of the head, always remains in trend. The hairstyle can be diversified: curl the ends, make two tails from different sides, build a light bouffant on the crown, use all kinds of accessories.Some people prefer bangs, others do without them. The neatly styled ponytail is perfect for any event. It is very convenient in everyday life.

    Long strands in a bun do not require a lot of styling time. Busy ladies often brush their hair upstairs, creating a neat bun, which is complemented by earrings, a necklace and a beautiful dress. Some girls prefer two bundles.This styling is indispensable for sports, fitness, dancing.

    Hair does not get into the eyes, does not interfere with training.

    How to care and style?

    Korean girls have smooth, shiny hair.They look well-groomed, shimmer in the sun. They are believed to be influenced by climate, food and lifestyle. The following expert advice can help Europeans achieve a similar effect.

    • Nutrition needs to be taken into account: Korean women eat a lot of rice and vegetables. Chips, sweets cause dry skin, dandruff and itching.
    • You need to drink at least two liters of clean water during the day. It is the main moisturizer for the whole body, including hair.
    • Eight hours of sleep is desirable. You should go to bed before midnight. It is best to go to bed at the same time.
    • Strands should be thoroughly dried before going to bed. A damp head puts additional stress on the hair, which will later look like tow.
    • In spring and autumn, a weakened body needs supplementation with vitamin complexes.
    • Comb and massage brush must have natural bristles, otherwise there is a possibility of damage to the hair structure.
    • It is necessary to seriously approach the choice of shampoo, balm and various hair products. In this case, the advice of a hairdresser will be appropriate.

    No special skills are required to form Korean hairstyles. You can make them yourself. You need to be patient, show diligence and unleash your creativity.

    The owner of thick hair can dry it with a hairdryer.Curly strands must be smoothed out with an iron. Next, make a straight parting and lay the bangs to one side. This styling is performed on hair that does not have torn ends.

    A hairstyle from wavy strands with asymmetrical ragged ends looks elegant.First, make a straight parting. Then each curl with a round comb is twisted inward, poured over with hot air from a hair dryer. The final result is fixed with varnish.

    Another option for light Korean styling:

    • hair is divided into two equal parts, parting is done in the center;
    • , if necessary, straighten wavy curls;
    • elastic bands fasten symmetrical ponytails;
    • apply a styling agent to the strands;
    • tails are twisted in turn into flagella;
    • each harness is fastened with a hair clip;
    • Straight bangs are fixed with varnish.

    Beautiful examples

    Korean women prefer to decorate wedding hairstyles with inlaid pebbles, headbands, tiaras, ribbons, beads, beautiful hairpins and other decorative elements.

    It is very popular among Korean youth to dye all hair or individual strands in bright colors: green, blue, red, pink, purple shades.The girls are trying to copy the images of cartoon characters. For anime styling, straighten wavy curls. Oblique bangs are a necessary element of the model.

    Short haircuts very well recreate the image of anime, using forelocks of a wide variety of shapes to obtain asymmetry.

    Master class from a Korean woman: how to make an anime hairstyle for every day, see the next video.

    90,000 Korean hairstyles for girls and guys: 100 photos of the best examples


    1. Korean hairstyles for men
    2. Features of Korean women’s hairstyles
    3. Korean Short Hairstyles
    4. Presence of bangs in Korean hairstyles
    5. Korean Hairstyles for Long Hair
    6. Korean bob hairstyle
    7. School Korean Hairstyle
    8. How to do a Korean hairstyle?

    Almost 50% of the world’s population is Asian.Representatives of Slavic appearance show quite a lot of interest in Korean hairstyles and haircuts that wear certain features. Classic hairstyles have a multi-layered asymmetry. What are Korean hairstyles in trend today?

    Korean hairstyles for men

    Korean hairstyles for men are especially popular among Europeans. Of interest is the styling technology and torn strands. Before showing on the catwalk, many models try to give their hair a kind of randomness and disorder.Thus, masculine and stylish looks are created.

    Features of Korean hairstyles for modern girls

    Creating hairstyles for girls also have their own characteristics and characteristics. Most Korean hairstyles tend to be straight and perfectly smooth. Therefore, it will be very difficult for girls who have wavy and curly curls to do their Korean-style hairstyle. The fair sex with this nationality are the owners of thick thick hair.Modern blondes with a thin hair structure will have to work hard on themselves and use a lot of tools to achieve results.

    Korean hairstyles for short hair

    Most Korean women like to use non-standard solutions and approaches. They prefer to decorate their looks with bright colors in clothes and accessories. They also often choose slightly defiant and non-standard haircuts. For a more voluminous version, light bouffants are made.Thus, the hairstyles become more magnificent. When creating a hairstyle for short hair, it is worth trying an elongated bob. Well, for a shorter version, of course, a square is suitable.

    Presence of bangs in Korean hairstyles

    It should be noted that most Korean hairstyles, regardless of hair length, have bangs. In some cases, it has a normal straight line appearance. But it’s worth remembering that Korean women are ready for unusual looks. Therefore, most often their haircuts are complemented and at the same time decorated with a torn and oblique bang.Girls of Slavic nationality also began to complement their images with such an amazing zest. Also in fashion are bangs with curly ends, which slightly descend over the eyes. Such a performance in a hairstyle is able to create an uninhibited, romantic and spontaneous look. Hair of short and medium length is simply obliged to fit along the cute face, although the presence of bangs in this version is a must.

    Korean hairstyles for long hair

    Many girls of Korean nationality have long and thick curls.Sometimes their length reaches the loin. Korean women love to complement their hairstyles with a variety of accessories. Often, long strands have milled ends, a straight parting and an elongated bang. Naturally rich hair takes on a chic look. Smooth and even strands are more common than large curls. Curly hair is ideally combined with symmetrical and torn bangs, as well as the ends of the hair in the form of a ladder. Residents of Korea, like Russian girls, adorn their long hair with braids.There are many ways to do them. Hairpins, bows, large beads and ribbons are used to complement them. All these accessories are capable of transforming even the most boring look.

    Korean bob hairstyle

    The bob haircut is especially popular among Korean girls. The most common are bob bob and torn bob. Both options look natural and lively. Most importantly, their implementation process does not take much time.With the help of the milled ends, the hairstyle takes on a special shape. Asymmetry gives the female appearance a certain playfulness and attracts the interest of others. To create a romantic and delicate look, you can use bright ribbons, hoops and bows. The main thing is that their shade can be in harmony with the main color scheme of clothes. For example, using ribbons you can pick up strands of hair that so often fall on your face. This process can also be performed thanks to the hoop.

    School hairstyle for Korean girls

    A neat and well-groomed look plays the main role in the image of schoolgirls.This also applies to hairstyles. Korean girls often use hairstyles such as buns, buns, bumps, high ponytails, and fishnet braids to attend school. The most important thing is that all of the above types of hairstyles will not cause any inconvenience during the educational process. Bun hairstyles may not be done on all hair. For example, most of the strands can be left loose. On the crown of the head, on both sides, two buns are braided, the ends of which remain in a hanging state. As for the openwork braids, their variation is also great.In the image of a schoolgirl, two asymmetric braids are often found, which are decorated with ribbons and bright elastic bands.

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