Kmix kenwood review: Kenwood KMix KMX754 stand mixer review: An entry-level stand mixer that holds its own


Kenwood KMix KMX754 stand mixer review: An entry-level stand mixer that holds its own

A good stand mixer is a kitchen essential for anyone who regularly makes cakes, batters or breads. Even if you’re a beginner, a well-equipped mixer can do wonders for your baking repertoire. It saves you a lot of time and, in the case of batch baking and bread making, can often do a much better job than your own hands.

The KMix KMX754 is an entry-level mixer that’s far more affordable than others on the market. And while it’s often a false economy to skimp on a stand mixer, because budget models tend to have weak motors and can’t mix much in the way of volume, this Kmix bucks the trend. As far as bang per buck goes, this is among the very best.

Kenwood KMix KMX754 stand mixer review: What you need to know

The Kenwood KMix KMX754 is a classic mixer with a powerful 1,000W motor, six speed settings and it comes with some impressive accessories. As well as a five-litre glass mixing bowl, you also get a branded K-shaped beater in the box, a stainless-steel wire whisk, dough hook and a clip-on splash guard, all of which are dishwasher-safe. There are also a few recipe ideas included for inspiration from the get-go.

This starter attachment set provides you with everything you need for cakes, breads, sauces and icing, so you won’t need to shell out for anything else from day one. If you do want more however, there are a multitude of attachments you can buy for everything from pasta making to mincing and juicing.

These either slot into the standard tool socket or via the attachment outlet at the front of the mixer. The KMix KMX754 can hold up to 2.72kg of cake mix, 1.35kg of dough, 600g of pastry flour or 12 egg whites – more than enough for the keenest of bakers.

Kenwood KMix KMX754 stand mixer review: Price and competition

The classic KMix will set you back £420 at full price, but you can pick one up for well under £300 via most retailers now. Newer versions of the KMix such as the Full Colour KMix KMX750 and the Chrome Edition KMix KMX760 offer identical specifications to the KMX754 but are a little pricer due to the variations in colour and bowl material. The newest Chrome Editions also come with an official Quiet Mark, which means in theory, it should be much quieter.

If the KMix’s boxy style isn’t quite what you’re looking for, Smeg’s retro 50s-style stand mixer has a similarly powerful 800W motor and a more stylish rounded body. Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend in the region of £450 for one, and take a downgrade on bowl size and motor speed. If you’re already an experienced baker, the KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175PS (£499) is another viable, but pricey, alternative. This comes with an additional bowl and flex edge beater, both of which are incredibly handy.

Our favourite alternatives and where to buy them:

Kenwood KMix KMX754 stand mixer review: Design and features

Despite undercutting its rivals by quite some way, the KMix still looks and feels like a premium mixer. Weighing in at 10.9kg, it’s a pretty hefty appliance, so you’ll want to avoid lugging it around the kitchen too much. Size-wise it comes in at 240 x 385 x 355mm (WDH), which is about average for a stand mixer and similar to the KitchenAid Artisan but still requires you to set aside a fair bit of space.

While it isn’t quite as sleek as the Smeg, the KMix is attractive in its own way. It has a glossy finish on the top half, while the bottom is a neutral silver. You can also buy full-colour KMix mixers if silver doesn’t really fit with your kitchen’s aesthetic.

On the mixer’s spine, you’ll find a small switch that allows you to raise and lower the head as necessary; the dial on the side is for adjusting the speed. The lowest setting is ideal for gentle folding and the highest for a vigorous mix. Alongside the standard tool socket on the front, you’ll also find the attachment outlet right at the front of the mixer; you’ll need to remove the KMix branded cap to use this.

The attachments both look and feel well made. The KMix’s splash guard is by far the sturdiest I have seen on any stand mixer and, rather usefully, it attaches to the head of the machine rather than just sitting on top of the bowl. This means it’s impossible to knock off while in use. The beater is designed in Kenwood’s classic K style, which it claims helps to distribute mixture more evenly than a regular beater. There’s also an extra-large balloon whisk and, finally, a pretty standard, albeit hefty, dough hook.

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Kenwood KMix KMX754 stand mixer review: Performance

The KMix performed well across the board in our testing. The splash guard worked exceptionally well, keeping flour inside the bowl, rather than on me and the extra wide chute made it easy to add additional ingredients such as eggs and milk during mixing.

In the dough knead test, the KMix was pushed to its 1.35kg capacity. At points, it did appear to be having a hard time. The machine was shaking and the motor was audibly struggling. In the end though, it powered through and there were no clear signs the motor was getting too hot, nor did the motor’s safety mechanism trigger.

I did have to stop once to remove the dough from the hook, as the force of the kneading had moved the dough up the attachment and it was no longer kneading properly. By the end though, the dough appeared to be evenly mixed and, most importantly, there was no flour left at the bottom of the bowl.

Cake batter posed no issues for the KMix’s mighty motor and the beater made light work of soft butter, flour and eggs, bringing them together in seconds. When tested alongside the KitchenAid Artisan, the finished mixture was about the same, although the Artisan did a slightly better job of pulling the mixture from the bottom of the bowl.

This brings me on to the one gripe I had with the KMix. After using the beater, there was a small amount of mixture at the bottom of the bowl that hadn’t been combined as well as the rest of the ingredients. This really is the smallest of gripes though, as a quick stir through with a spoon did the job of bringing it all together.

Kenwood KMix KMX754 stand mixer review: Verdict

When you consider the price, power and performance of the KMix, it’s hard to understand why you’d choose any other stand mixer, as it really does appear to have it all. This particular model (KMX754) version is now far cheaper than rival machines from Smeg and KitchenAid and yet it performs just as well.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t go for another brand. I personally much prefer the look and feel of the KitchenAid Artisan and it does the job just as well, despite the difference in motor size. If aesthetics is a bigger factor than cost in your buying decision, I’d happily recommend it. For almost half the price though, the KMix KMX754 has a bigger bowl, bigger motor and doesn’t overheat or fall apart when pushed to its limit – and that’s hard to ignore.

Kenwood kMix KMX754 review

Overall Score: 85/100

Tested April 2017

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

We had high expectations for this kMix mixer, especially because Kenwood is a brand so often associated with stand mixers. This new model looks sleek and comes in a choice of four colours, making it easy to match with other appliances in the kMix range. In our performance tests, this mixer did really well. It kneaded bread dough and mixed cake batter and pastry with ease. It also coped really well with whisking the maximum quantity of 12 egg whites. Unfortunately, when we tried to whisk just one egg, the whisk didn’t reach it.

This mixer feels sturdy and the attachments are easy to fit. We like that they all fit in the bowl when not in use. It’s also great that all the attachments, including the bowl, are dishwasher safe – always a thumbs up from us! We did find the glass bowl a bit heavy but we like that it has a large handle and a pouring lip. It’s easy to see anything that’s unmixed at the bottom of the bowl because it’s glass. It’s also great that there are 6 speeds, as well as a folding speed, but the controls are on the right-hand side of the machine which may be annoying for left-handers.


Available from:

Quiet Mark

Quiet – this product has been scientifically assessed and found to be quieter than most in this category.

GHI Expert Verdict

If you’re after a sturdy and well-designed stand mixer that looks good too, look no further. This performed very well in all our tests, but at a cost of almost £300, we would expect it to do well. Our only grumble is that you can’t whisk just one egg white in it.

Key Specifications

  • Bowl capacity: 5 Litres
  • Variable speeds: 6 plus fold
  • Accessories:Whisk, K Beater, Dough Hook, Splashguard, spatula
  • Colours available: Black, white, cream, red


    • Ease of use: 4.5/5
    • Design: 5/5
    • Performance: 4/5
    • Instructions: 4/5

      We Liked

      • Attachments are easy to fit
      • Excellent performance
      • Very sturdy build quality
      • All attachments can be stored in the bowl of the mixer
      • Glass bowl is a jug style with a handle and pouring lip
      • All attachments and bowl are dishwasher safe

        We Didn’t Like

        • Whisk doesn’t reach low enough to whisk a single egg white
        • It’s expensive

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          The 10 best stand mixers for your home

          Stand mixers are covetable pieces of kit for bakers and cooks wanting to up their game in the kitchen. They take the hard work out of beating, whisking, and kneading and will help you produce show-stopping sponges, biscuits, bread and pastry in next to no time. With extra attachments, some can tackle everything from sausage meat to ice cream without so much as an aching wrist.

          How do stand mixers work?

          These sturdy machines feature at least one mixing bowl and a fixed stand with a lever-operated arm. You simply need to add your ingredients to the bowl, lower the arm, and switch it on to begin mixing your ingredients. Some high-end models feature a planetary mixing action, which means the tools rotate while simultaneously moving around the bowl for more thorough mixing, avoiding any mixture getting stuck around the edge of the bowl while in use. Other affordable mixers that don’t have this feature simply mix without the extra rotation. A stand mixer does all the manual work for you and has a powerful motor for fast, thorough blending. For some, you can also fit various mixing attachments to the lever arm. These attachments can range from pasta makers to grinders and even juicers.

          Features to look out for

          Storage space: Given how practical they are – and how stylish some of the designs can be – a stand mixer is a machine you may want to keep on your worktop. So, measure your space and check machines’ dimensions before you buy. Another reason to keep them on show is they’re pretty hefty to move about, so take a note of the weight too.

          Bowl capacity: Stand mixers typically vary between four-to-five litres, though you will find those as small as 3.3l and as capacious as 6.9l in our line-up. If you often prepare large batches, go for a larger bowl capacity. Some have multiple bowls of different sizes – handy if you have the space for storing them (as well as room for the other accessories).

          Bowl material: Most mixing bowls are made of stainless steel, which tends to be dishwasher-safe for added convenience. Other options on the market include glass and ceramic. You’ll be able to see your mix through the glass but it may show more obvious wear and tear than a steel version.

          Basic stand mixer attachments: Some attachments are supplied as standard. The mixer blade, for instance, is used for everyday tasks, combing mixtures with a normal to heavy consistency. Whereas, dough hooks are ideal for kneading dough and heavy pastry mixes. A balloon whisk will excel at whisking egg whites, cream and light batter mixes.

          Some stand mixers also come with a splash guard. This is a lid that fits over the bowl and around the arm of the mixer to help keep ingredients in the bowl when mixing. Sometimes, a useful flexible beater is also supplied, which is a regular beater with a rubber/silicone edging to help scrape ingredients off the sides of the bowl.

          Other stand mixer attachments: More unique attachments can be bought at an extra cost for some stand mixers. This can include a wide variety of mini-appliances – everything from a jug blender, to a mini-chopper, a grater, citrus press, grinder, mincer or ice-cream maker.

          GHI tip: Look for models with stainless-steel attachments, as these are often dishwasher-safe and more durable.

          How we test stand mixers

          We have tested 38 stand mixers with, several trials that follow the most common recipes that are mixed and whipped by your everyday stand mixer.

          We start by kneading bread dough. We try out the dough hooks and see how they cope with a thick and sticky consistency. To test the whisking ability, we whip up the minimum and maximum amounts of egg whites to see if it can reach the base of the bowl as well as handle large quantities.

          We mix the ingredients of a Christmas pudding (unsurprisingly an office favourite!) to see how well the machines cope with heavy, stodgy mixtures. We also make lighter sponges and pastry to assess if the machine can handle light mixtures. On top of this, we assess its ease of use, such as how easy the controls are to use and the attachments are to fit. We examine the design and instructions too.

          We earn a commission for products purchased through some of the links in this article.


          Best stand mixer

          Artisan 5KSM125BER Stand Mixer


          Score: 94/100

          The KitchenAid Artisan range’s familiar retro design is a crowd-pleaser that is built to last. This stylish machine scored near-perfect marks for performance and ease of use – it was even efficient at mixing small quantities. This is an ideal machine if you’re a keen home baker as it makes short work of batters and produces light, moist sponges and short, crisp pastries. It also coped well with heavier mixes such as Christmas puddings and bread dough.

          We think it’s worth every penny and a solid investment.

          (NB: the 5KSM156, 5KSM175 and 5KSM185 models are the same power and size as this one, just with different colour and bowl-design options and in the case of the KSM175 and 185, come with extra accessories.)

          Key Specifications
          Bowl capacity: 4.8 litres
          Variable speeds: 10
          Accessories: Flat beater, whisk, dough hook

          Colours available: Cream, black, silver, red

          KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM125BER Stand Mixer Review


          Joint runner-up

          Artisan 6.9 L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer 5KSM7580X KitchenAid


          Overall score: 90/100

          This version of the KitchenAid Artisan would suit those who regularly need to mix larger quantities. It is sleek and sturdy, quiet when in use, even on the highest speed settings, and is particularly impressive when it comes to cake-creaming and dough-kneading.

          Key Specifications
          Bowl capacity: 6.9 Litres
          Variable speeds: 10
          Accessories: Wire whisk, dough hook, flat beater, pouring shield
          Colours available: Red, bright red, silver, black

          KitchenAid Artisan 6.9 L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer 5KSM7580X review


          Joint runner-up

          Chef Elite KVC5100S Kenwood


          Score: 90/100

          Kenwood is another go-to brand for mixers and this is its highest-ranked machine in the list. Scoring top marks across the board for its beating, kneading and mixing, this powerful model is a good all-rounder that is easy to use and comes with dishwasher-safe attachments. There is a larger-than-average range of optional accessories available to buy separately. Our only criticism is that it struggled to whisk smaller capacities and is fairly loud on full power.

          Also comes in a larger size with a 6.7l bowl. (For Kenwood mixers in different colours, see the kMix models below.)

          Key Specifications
          Bowl capacity: 4.6 Litres
          Variable speeds: 6

          Accessories: beater, whisk, dough hook, spatula, splashguard, 4.6 litre bowl
          Available colours: Grey

          Kenwood Chef Elite KVC5100S review

          4 OptiMUM Kitchen Machine MUM9GX5S21

          Score: 88/100

          This Bosch model is at the pricier end of our list, but the comprehensive range of attachments means it could potentially replace your blender and food processor too. Admittedly, there’s a lot to store as a consequence, however, this appliance is sturdy, easy to use and offers outstanding results. It can handle both large and small quantities and copes well with heavy mixtures such as bread dough. The automatic programmes work well – we were impressed with the egg white setting.

          It also features handy built-in scales, so you can weigh ingredients directly in the bowl.

          Key Specifications
          Bowl capacity: 5.5 Litres
          Variable speeds: 7
          Accessories: Stirring whisk, beating whisk, kneading hook, continuous shredder with 3 stainless steel disks for slicing, grating and shredding, 2.3 litre glass blender
          Colours available: Grey

          Bosch OptiMUM Kitchen Machine MUM9GX5S21 review

          5 The Bakery Boss BEM825BALUK

          Score: 88/100

          Sage’s Bakery Boss will deliver exceptional results, whatever the mix. It scored top marks for producing light and fluffy cakes as well as for handling and effectively combining the heavier batter. It’s quiet, even when working at maximum speed, and is straightforward to operate. We particularly liked innovative extras, including the built-in timer and the hidden light, which illuminates the mixing bowl. One gripe: the glass bowl is on the heavy side, and you’ll have to wash it by hand.

          Key Specifications

          Bowl capacity: 4.7 Litres
          Variable speeds: 12
          Accessories: Flat beater, scraper beater, spatula, whisk, dough hook, 4.7 litre glass bowl, 3.8 litre stainless steel bowl, sealing lid, splash guard and pouring shield
          Colours available: Black, matt black, grey, blue, champagne, caramel

          Sage The Bakery Boss BEM825BALUK review

          6 KM5540-U Stand Mixer



          Score: 87/100

          The latest model from AEG was a high scorer in all of our performance tests. It produced a perfectly kneaded ball of dough in a matter of minutes, resulting in a well-risen and springy loaf with a thick and crunchy crust. It also impressed us when creating a delicious crisp and flaky pastry and when mixing heavy ingredients. You get two mixing bowls, which are dishwasher safe, as are almost all of the attachments. The LED light feature under the mixer head is a useful addition. It’s heavy, so bear that in mind if you might be moving it around.

          Key Specifications
          Bowl capacity: 2.9 and 4.8 Litres
          Variable speeds: 10
          Accessories: Flat beater, Soft edge beater, whisk, dough hook, lid, 4.8 litre stainless steel bowl, 2.9 litre stainless steel bowl, splashguard
          Colours available: Grey, cream

          AEG KM5540-U Stand Mixer review

          7 Classic 4.3L Stand Mixer 5K45SS



          Score: 86/100

          KitchenAid calls this its ‘entry-level’ model but in our rigorous evaluation, it scored very well across the majority of tests, mixing all ingredients thoroughly and with ease. Its only area for improvement would be the whisking function, as the attachment struggles to reach the bottom of the bowl on this setting. However, whisking aside, it’s a powerful and simple design that will get the job done and is ideal for anyone baking in smaller batches.

          Key Specifications
          Bowl capacity: 4.3 Litres
          Variable speeds: 10
          Accessories: Beater, 4.3l stainless steel bowl, whisk and dough hook
          Colours available: Black, white

          KitchenAid Classic 4.3L Stand Mixer 5K45SS review

          8 kMix KMX754

          Score: 85/100

          If you’re after a sturdy and well-designed stand mixer that both performs well and looks good, this one is a good bet (it was previously used in the Bake Off tent too so you’d be in good company). It is easy to see anything that’s unmixed at the bottom of the bowl due to being glass and the larger bowl size means it can handle more mix than some competitors. Our only grumble is that it struggles with smaller capacities of ingredients and it’s worth noting that the controls are on the right-hand side of the machine, which could be annoying for left-handers.

          Key Specifications
          Bowl capacity: 5 Litres
          Variable speeds: 6 plus fold function
          Accessories: Whisk, beater, dough hook, splashguard, spatula
          Colours available: Black, white, cream, red

          Kenwood kMix KMX754 review

          9 kMix KMX760GD Kitchen Machine



          Score: 85/100

          This is the latest release from Kenwood and with its sleek design and strong performance across the tests – including full marks on kneading bread dough, produced light, moist cake and flaky and crisp pastry – it is an ideal choice for seasoned bakers and amateur cooks alike. Like the other Kenwood models, you get five accessories as standard, which can be easily stored in the bowl when not in use. The one area where we found this machine disappointing was its ability to whisk egg whites.

          Key Specifications
          Bowl capacity: 5 Litres
          Variable speeds: 6 plus fold function
          Accessories: beater, spatula, whisk, spiral dough hook, splashguard, stainless steel bowl
          Colours available: Bronze

          Kenwood kMix KMX760GD Kitchen Machine review

          10 Mini Stand Mixer



          Score: 84/100

          This small KitchenAid is ideal for those with less space in their kitchen and bakers who only cook up smaller batches. It’s a sturdy machine that is 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the classic KitchenAid mixer. It coped well with a large batch of pastry and with a bulky fruit cake mix. We loved that it made short work of whisking up eight egg whites. Unless you’re baking very large batches, its small size doesn’t impact its ability to do the job, and we like the attractive and traditional appearance.

          Key Specifications
          Bowl capacity: 3.3 Litres
          Variable speeds: 10
          Accessories: whisk, dough hook, beater
          Colours available: Matte black, matte grey

          KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer Review

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          Kenwood kMix Editions stand mixer review

          We’ve picked products we think you’ll love and may earn commission from links on this page. Read about why you can trust BBC Good Food reviews. This page was updated in March 2020.

          Kenwood kMix Editions chrome stand mixer

          Pros: attachment tools available, hardwearing and stylish

          Cons: tricky to remove splash guard, shiny casing can show up finger marks

          Star rating: 4. 5/5

          Available from: 
          Currys (£549)
          Kenwood (£562.99)

          Read our round-up of the best stand mixers

          This piece of kit would look at home in the most stylish kitchens. Its design combines the original Kenwood mixers from the 50s with a luxe, modern, chrome casing.

          The shiny steel attachments are quality, and can go in the dishwasher. The signature K mixer/beater does a fantastic job of scraping every last bit of cake mix from the sides of the bowl. That’s also down to the planetary action of the machine, which turns the socket and beater in different directions to pull ingredients towards the centre of the bowl.

          Although the bowl has a 5-litre capacity, whisking smaller amounts (for example, one egg) shouldn’t be a problem as the attachments can be ‘unwound’ slightly to ensure the very bottom of the bowl can be reached.

          As with the KitchenAid range, there’s an impressive selection of supplementary attachments on offer, the pasta accessories being a particularly good buy. These make different varieties of pasta and stretch dough for perfect lasagne.

          Dials and controls are chunky and built-to-last with an intuitive design (the button to tilt the head is usefully located on the back hinge of the machine – a safety function means everything stops if this is used when the beater is in motion, too).

          The handle on the stainless steel bowl was a bit awkward for dishwasher stacking, but we liked it when twisting the bowl away from the stand to transfer batter to a cake tin.

          The chrome finish might not be for everyone, but there are other colourful versions available. A great all-rounder with impressive build quality.

          Available from: 
          Currys (£549)
          Kenwood (£562.99)

          Kenwood kMix stand mixer specifications
          Serial numberKMX760CH
          Speeds: six plus min, max and fold option
          Watts: 1000W
          Attachments included: dough hook, flat beater, balloon whisk
          Bowl capacity: 5-litre polished stainless steel
          Splash guard: yes

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          This review was last updated in March 2020. If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability please get in touch at [email protected]

          The Kenwood kMix Food Mixer (An In-Depth Review)

          The Kenwood kMix range of stand food mixers has been designed to look modern and cool whilst still maintaining that air of sophisticated tradition that makes up the Kenwood baking range.

          My food mixer review is based on the Kenwood kMix All White Stand Mixer KMX750AW, but it gives a good all round review which can be associated with the entire kMix range. The collection comes in a variety of vibrant and modern colours with an accessible price bracket, especially when compared to other trendier brands.

          The beauty about baking with a stand mixer like this means you can afford to have the patience when it comes to creaming and mixing doughs, creams and cake mixes. Just fill it with ingredients, set the speed and off it goes. No more aching wrists you would normally get from hand held whisks or a beater.

          From a reliable and trustworthy brand comes a complete solution for your home baking.

          The Kenwood kMix Food Mixer Features:

          Smooth Speed Control

          The stand mixer has a 6 speed smooth dial control with fold option. When you start the kMix there is a slight delay before the paddles start turning which is something to be aware of but does not create a problem. It’s purpose is to stop an explosion of ingredients billowing out of the top of the bowl.

          Which, if you’re like me, happens all the time when mixing icing sugar!

          On the very slow speed it is perfect for starting off the mixing of icing sugar or egg whites, without creating a cloud of dust all over the kitchen and the medium to fast speed are for cake mixes and bread doughs.

          kMix Motor Size

          The 1000W motor provides enough power for mixing heavy doughs and cake mixes.

          Kenwood recommend a maximum weight of 1.35kg of dough which is more than enough for most home bakers. If you do go above the recommended amount the machine does struggle slightly but you still end up with a nicely mixed dough, you just have to hold onto the top of the machine to stop it rocking!

          When the mixing head is lifted to remove the bowl or attachments, the machine automatically cuts out stopping the blades from turning thereby preventing cake mix to fly out all over you and the kitchen.

          This is a nice touch as it doesn’t happen with all stand mixers.

          It is a really useful safety feature that saves you time cleaning worktops and your machine!


          To lift the head when replacing attachments or scrapping down, there is a small level at the back of the head which makes lifting effortless as it is nicely counter balanced.

          When using the specially designed kMix paddle to mix ingredients, it can sometimes leave unmixed residue on the sides of the bowl, meaning you would have to stop mixing and scrap down to get everything nicely mixed. That is not a problem and happens with most stand mixers. You can buy an extra attachment called the dough scrapper that has a rubber wing attached to the paddle enabling it to work against the sides of the bowl, scrapping as it turns.

          Included In The kMix Stand Mixer Package

          The following baking tools are included in your kMix box:

          • A non-stick coated aluminium stainless steel mixing bowl
          • The specially designed K-beater
          • The balloon whisk
          • A robust dough hook
          • A handy splash guard
          • Cable storage

          The dishwasher safe 5 litre polished stainless steel bowl – better than glass as it is lighter to handle – comes with a handle which is really helpful when tipping and scrapping out your mixes. With the glass bowl there is plastic attachment to help secure it to the base unit but with the steel bowl it is an all-in-one unit making it a more solid and secure fitting.

          The kMix stand mixer weighs nearly 11kg which makes it a perfectly solid feeling food mixer, stopping it travelling across your worktop when in full motion. The weight makes it a little too heavy to keep moving from cupboard to worktop but I would rather keep it on show anyway!

          Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760 Review


          • Page 1 Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760 Review
          • Page 2 Mixing Review


          The Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760 is sturdy and reliable, but the RRP for the shiny metallic finish is a little steep. Nevertheless, it excels at beating, whipping and kneading, and boasts a soft start and a folding function. All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, too. This is a solid appliance that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.


          • Sturdy build and tools
          • Great performance
          • All parts dishwasher safe

          Key Specifications

          • Review Price: £599. 99
          • 5l bowl with splashguard
          • Beater, whisk, dough hook and spatula
          • Soft start
          • 1000W motor
          • 6 speeds with fold function
          • W24 x D38.5D x h45.5cm, 9.1kg
          • 1.13m cable
          • Hub for extra attachments

          What is the Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760?

          The Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760 is part of the new range of kMix kitchen appliances that all come with shiny metallic finishes. As with the other products, this mixer is available in chrome, black chrome, gold and rose gold.

          While it’s a quality appliance, with a sturdiness not far behind its rival KitchenAid mixers, the price here is hefty.

          Nevertheless, the overall mixing performance, as well as the gentle folding setting and the “soft start” function make the KMX760 a pleasure to use.

          Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760 – What you need to know
          • Beating – All-in-one cake ingredients were mixed in less than a minute with no residue at the bottom. It took just 20 seconds to fold berries into cake batter.
          • Whisking – Fridge-cold egg whites were satiny after 1min 30secs, whipped into firm peaks after about 9 minutes at the “max” setting.
          • Kneading – Starting with butter and flour at minimum speed, then adding other ingredients and finally kneading at speed setting 2, the mixer produced a nicely kneaded dough in only 6 minutes. However, 2 minutes at setting 2 didn’t distribute dried fruit entirely evenly.

          Related: Best stand mixers

          The Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760 – It comes in four luxuriously shiny finishes that are a magnet for fingerprints

          The gold version of the kMix stand mixer I tested isn’t for shrinking violets; it’s a statement. In its shininess, it’s reminiscent of Daft Punk’s famous helmets – only with more gold and with some stainless steel thrown in for good measure, too.

          While the metallic lower half of the machine is matte, the gold top is super-shiny, attracting smudges – which isn’t entirely good form for an appliance that’s likely to encounter greasy hands. The same goes for the 5l stainless steel bowl, but the shininess here is pretty standard among all stand mixers.

          Helpfully, this bowl has a handle, making it easy to pour the contents into a baking tin.

          Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760 – The splashguard confines potential mess to the mixing bowl, but you need to put it in place before attaching any tools

          The transparent plastic splashguard is handy, too, particularly since its pouring chute has a little door that can be closed when mixing lighter and messier ingredients – flour or icing sugar, for example.

          But putting the splashguard in place requires a knack and some commitment. Not only does it need to be pushed onto the mixer head quite forcefully, but you also can’t add or remove it once you’ve placed the whisk or the beater in its socket since they’re both too wide for the opening in the splashguard.

          This may not be a problem if you don’t need to remove the splashguard during mixing. But if you want to have a better look at what’s going on in the bowl – or, in my case, take photos – it may prove annoying to have to remove the tool that may be covered in batter.

          Some mixers, such as KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer, come with a splashguard that can easily be removed during mixing, without even needing to stop the machine and raise the mixer head. However, the Artisan mixer’s splashguard’s pouring chute doesn’t close – and is less splashproof.

          The Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760 – You have a good range of mixing speeds at your disposal

          The lever for lifting the mixer head is located at the rear of the appliance, and the smooth speed control dial can be found on the side. There’s a small indicator above the dial that lights up when the mixer is ready to use (once it’s connected to power and the mixer head is down).

          The dial features nine different speed settings: the fold function for the gentlest of stirrings and settings “min” and “max”, with speeds of 1 to 6 in-between.

          “Min” and “max” are speed settings in their own right, with “max” handy for whipping egg whites and cream, and “min” suitable for starting off floury mixtures.

          There are marks between each of the numbers, but stopping at those made no difference to mixing speed.

          The Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760 – It comes with three sturdy and durable accessories

          All three accessories – the beater (here called K-beater; a clever branded design choice), the whisk and the dough hook – are pleasantly hefty yet machine-washable along with the stainless steel bowl and the splashguard.

          I particularly liked the stainless steel beater and dough hook; the KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer beater and dough hook have a white enamel coating that can chip away over time.

          The beater is ideal for cake batter, as well as anything that requires folding or rubbing fat into flour. The whisk is perfect for egg whites and cream, while the dough hook is for kneading bread.

          The manual recommends speed settings corresponding to particular attachments, along with approximate times and minimum and maximum quantities of ingredients.

          Should I buy the Kenwood kMix Chrome Collection Stand Mixer KMX760?

          Whether you opt for this mixer depends on how much you’re willing to pay for it. Based on the pricing of previous kMix models, such as the KMX75 with its £419.99 RRP, the hefty full price here seems down to the shiny surface rather than anything else.

          If you can find a deal – the KMX760 is available for £399 from some vendors – then this mixer’s performance and sturdy tools make it a great investment for your kitchen.

          Helen writes about home and lifestyle tech for Trusted Reviews, with a focus on helping you get the most out of your domestic appliances. As a freelance journalist, she has put her pen to a wide range…

          Kenwood kMix Review – Colourful Stand Mixer, But Practical?

          Our Kenwood kMix Review © MixerReviews.

          The Kenwood kMix stand mixer is undoubtedly a fantastic looking kitchen machine. The kMix range is Kenwood’s answer to its critics that say all Kenwood mixers look a bit boring. The range is also an attempt to take on KitchenAid, who are arguably their biggest competitor. KitchenAid’s mixers have been long lusted over by home chefs for their traditional shape and solid cast-metal casing.

          This Kenwood kMix review will see whether the baker has to sacrifice too much over the practicality of a Kenwood Chef KM336 and whether the kMix’s closest competitor, the KitchenAid K45SS is the one to go for.

          The Kenwood kMix has an elegant look, with a more traditional, less boxy shape


          • It’s a piece of art
          • Excellent 5-year warranty
          • Die-cast aluminium body screams quality
          • Lower maximum dough weight (1.3kg)
          • No medium or high speed power outlets
          • Creaming beater not included
          Features & Accessories
          Ease Of Cleaning
          Size & Weight

          Features & Accessories

          Bowl attachments are easy to fix and height adjustable

          The bowl attachments lock into place securely through a simple push and twist motion. It is also easy to adjust the height of the attachments, so the ingredients at the bottom of the bowl are always included. The kMix comes with the standard three mixing attachments, a dough hook, balloon whisk and K-beater. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a creaming beater (also know as a flexible beater), however one can be purchased separately from this store, although it’s not cheap.

          Speaking of the dough hook, if this is a feature that you’re planning to use a lot, then watch out for the dough weight limit. The limit is 1.3kg and to put that into perspective, even the low-end Kenwood Chef’s have a dough weight limit of around 2.2kg. So if you’re often making large bread loaves then you may want to consider a machine like the Kenwood KM336 or alternatively do the kneading by hand and leave the kMix to beating, whisking and smaller kneading tasks.

          Interestingly, the maximum weight of cake (2.7kg), pastry (680g) and number of egg whites (12) the machine can handle is exactly the same as the Kenwood Chef range. Presumably the lower torque of the 500W motor vs the larger +800W motors of the Chef range is culprit for the discrepancy on the dough weight. However, clearly this has next to zero impact with ingredient mixtures that are less thick than dough, as otherwise I doubt that Kenwood would be providing a 5-year warranty.

          There’s plenty of room for ingredients with a roomy 5-litre polished stainless steel mixing bowl that comes complete with a useful handle. With very steep sides and a handle it could double as Peter Crouch’s or Wladimir Klitschko’s breakfast mug, but for normal-sized mortals those steep sides have the benefit of stopping mixture from flying too far and therefore reduces both mess and waste.

          Splash guard with spout and lid

          As you’d expect from a premium mixer, the kMix comes with a splash guard. What is particularly good about Kenwood splash guards is that the spout through which ingredients are poured has a hinged lid. This means that it can be propped open and two hands can be employed for pouring. Then the lid can be closed when it’s not required to stop any risk of ingredients finding their way out of the bowl.

          Slow speed power outlet behind cover

          Like all other Kenwood mixers, the kMix comes with a slow speed power outlet on the ‘nose’ of the machine. Attachments are securely fastened by inserting them into the outlet and rotating 90°. This outlet fits a large range of optional attachments, which are:
          • Spaghetti pasta cutter
          • Tagliolini pasta cutter
          • Trenette pasta cutter
          • Tagliatelle pasta cutter
          • Flat pasta roller
          • Multi-food grinder (e.g. meat mincer)
          • Short pasta maker
          • Roto food cutter
          • Roto food cutter and fruit press

          While these can be useful, they are frightfully expensive, as you can see here, so pick the attachment you want with care!

          Kenwood kMix has 6 speeds to choose from

          The rotary speed dial feels very solid to the touch and a pleasant blue light illuminates when it’s turned on. There are six selectable speeds and thankfully the kMix moves gradually through each speed, so there’s no jolt to kick up ingredients like you’d see on some stand mixers.

          Ease Of Cleaning

          The three bowl attachments are K-lene coated, which is a special non-stick coating to make washing the attachments as easy as possible. Thankfully as well as being non-stick, the attachments are also dishwasher safe. The attachments are as simple as could be to remove, with discs above the attachments that can be grabbed without having to grab the mixing head itself, which would otherwise leave your hands covered in ingredients (not that this is always a bad thing…).

          The splash guard is also as good as they come, so the kMix is well-worthy of top marks in this category.


          The downside to the smaller 500W motor is the lower maximum dough weight. The upside is that it is much quieter than stand mixers with larger motors.

          The solid aluminium casing also does a good job of insulating the noise, so all-in-all, this is a very quiet mixer. To put this into perspective, conversations can easily be had over the noise it produces on all but the fastest one or two speed settings.

          Size & Weight

          The good news is that the Kenwood kMix is lighter than it’s main rival, the KitchenAid K45SS at 8.1kg versus 10.45kg, which is thanks to the lighter aluminium casing of the kMix as opposed to the steel casing of the KitchenAid model. But 8.1kg can hardly be considered light.

          In fact, the kMix is almost the heaviest stand mixer Kenwood produce, which is something to consider if you’re likely to be often lifting it in and out of a cupboard. Thankfully as it looks so good, leaving it out on the counter-top permanently isn’t too much of a chore.


          The Kenwood kMix comes in an enormous variety of colours

          With an elegant shape, an array of colours to choose from and the solid aluminium casing, the kMix is undoubtedly the best-looking stand mixer that Kenwood produce.

          The confusing thing is that each colour comes with it’s own model name:

          • Almond (cream) = KMX52
          • Raspberry red = KMX51
          • Coconut (white) = KMX50
          • Peppercorn (black) = KMX54
          • Aqua (blue) = KMX93
          • Papaya (orange) = KMX97
          • Berry (purple) = KMX99
          • Sherbert = KMX98
          • Barcelona = KMX80
          • Oyster cove = KMX83
          • Fire cracker = KMX84

          Almond (cream) is by far the most popular colour and it is our choice too. We chose this colour because these machines are built to last longer than your kitchen or the latest trendy colour, and cream is always going to look tasteful.


          When it comes to durability the kMix has two great things going for it. The first one is that it’s built by Kenwood, who have built a very strong reputation for quality and whose mixers are well known to last for 25-30 years. The second and most tangible thing is the generous 5-year warranty, which is the best of any stand mixer you’ll find on the market and provided you stick within the weight limits (which really shouldn’t be an issue), it offers fantastic piece of mind.

          Price & Conclusion of the Kenwood kMix Review

          We’re big fans of the Kenwood kMix. When you’re spending large sums of money on a big-ticket item such as a stand mixer, it must tug on the heart-strings and certainly cannot be boring. That can be the thought that puts prospective Kenwood buyers off: is it just a bit dull? That is certainly not an accusation the kMix could be tagged with. That, combined with the typical Kenwood quality make the kMix a great purchase.

          Just be very careful where you purchase it from. This store usually has them at by far the cheapest price, so make sure you check it out before you checkout.

          ᐅ Combine Kenwood KMX 750 reviews – 19 honest customer reviews about Combine Kenwood KMX 750

          The best offers for Combine Kenwood KMX 750

          Ekaterina Pevneva, 07/22/2020

          Pluses: Great car! The test passed! Beats well, kneads tight dough, and the K-shaped nozzle makes very tasty mashed potatoes! An irreplaceable thing for a hostess who loves to cook! The meat grinder works great too! Very high quality made, heavy metal!

          Disadvantages: Not found

          Comment: Buy, you will not regret it! Moreover, with such a wonderful gift as a meat grinder! For a week and a half I was looking for a planetary mixer, watched a lot of videos, compared different devices! Kenwood liked the most at this price point! The price for such a quality car is very pleasant!

          Mikhail Emelyanov, 03.07.2020

          Comment: I am deleting the program, the goods have not arrived completely. The support service is the worst. Don’t order.

          Roman P., 06/29/2020

          Advantages: Speed ​​and convenience

          Disadvantages: Everything is good

          Comment: I overwhelmed us with a meat grinder, mixer, grater and pasta maker, bought immediately with these attachments the device suits everyone, in the future, a nozzle for making cubes and a screw juicer, I liked what this series has and other technique, so you can buy technique in the same style.

          Maria N., 06/23/2020

          Pros: – Build quality
          – all-metal body
          – the attachments are made fundamentally, heavy, brutal, strong. Height adjustable.
          – beats even 1 egg
          – kneads tough dough effortlessly
          – does not jump on the table during kneading dough
          – does not overheat during long-term operation
          – there is overheating protection

          Disadvantages: -noisy if you work at high speeds.

          Commentary: Great, powerful kitchen machine.
          I bought it as a kneader, but you can buy different attachments for it, and then you can use it for any purpose.
          Powerful machine 1000W. It copes well with both light textures and tight dough.
          Volumetric bowl for 5 liters. Very lightweight and durable.
          All removable parts are dishwasher safe.
          Weighs about 11 kg and thanks to this does not fidget on the table and does not jump like crazy.
          There is a hole in the bottom of the case in order to remove the cord.
          I have already tried to cook a lot of things in it, and I am very pleased with the result.
          The device is very beautiful and stylish, pleasing to the eye 🙂
          An excellent helper in the kitchen!

          robotron18 Z., 06/16/2020

          Pluses: Quality of materials, assembly.The attachments are adjustable according to the level of immersion in the bowl. Possibility to purchase additional equipment that significantly expands functionality.

          Disadvantages: Severe, if it can be called a disadvantage. Price.

          Comment: Not cheap, but very decent device. You can beat at least one egg. The power is standard for this kind of devices, but apparently honest, enough for the eyes.

          Anna M., 06/14/2020

          Advantages: Powerful, not particularly noisy, can work for a long time, without overheating.

          Disadvantages: When kneading hard dough, you have to help with a spatula.

          Comment: Bought at a stock price. Dano dreamed of this. We took a dough rolling machine to him. Rolls perfectly, almost to the thickness of a sheet of paper! But I didn’t like how this dough kneads.If I put the necessary ingredients in the bowl, the hook does not roll everything into one lump, the flour remains at the edges, the hook makes a depression in the flour pile, and nothing happens. It is necessary to collect everything from the walls with the help of a scapula, to interfere, but then it is already normal. The K-tip and whisk work well. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase.

          Maria T., 06.06.2020

          Pluses: Powerful, stylish, very heavy – stands firm.

          Disadvantages: For me personally, it’s still a little noisy. But there is nothing to compare with.

          Comment: I am completely satisfied with the mixer, very happy with the purchase. They kneaded both yeast and tough dough, cream and meringue, so far there have been no problems with these actions. The attachments and the socket are completely metal, heavy and solid. The cord is being pulled in. Maybe in the future we will buy a meat grinder (reviews are also contradictory).

          Victoria T., 02.06.2020

          Pluses: Powerful, not noisy.

          Commentary: I really liked this mixer. Beats well, quickly. The dough is excellent. I am very pleased with the purchase.

          Elena E., 05/29/2020

          Commentary: I have been choosing the planetary mixer for a very long time.I wanted it to be durable, reliable, to be cheaper than Boeing, but it worked efficiently.
          Beautiful, stylish. The body and parts are made of stainless steel. A bowl with a handle, fixed. The mixer does not bounce on the table. Does not yell, although many complained about the noise. Mine is quiet.
          There was a meat grinder as a gift.
          Very satisfied.

          Oleg U., 05/22/2020

          Advantages: Excellent kneader

          Disadvantages: No high-speed jack.Stopped turning on after 3 weeks of use on weekends.

          Comment: Bought as a stock kneader, additionally we took nozzles for rolling and cutting noodles. More than a kilogram of flour did not fall asleep, but copes with a kilo perfectly. For the normal price, I would take a machine with a high-speed jack.
          After 3 weeks of use on weekends, it stopped turning on, now under repair

          Alexandra K., 05/18/2020

          Pluses: Heavy, all metal, nice design, moderately noisy.

          Disadvantages: Until they revealed

          Comment: We chose the planetary mixer for a long time, settled on this model. There was a meat grinder attachment as a gift. They unpacked it with delight. It looks just super! Tested. Performs all functions. Perfectly whipped one protein!

          Maria M., 05/14/2020

          Pluses: I have wanted it for a long time, and now

          O. Fedorova, 04/30/2020

          Advantages: Looks stylish, all made of metal, the details are all solid

          Comment: I have already whipped and kneaded the dough.It works quietly, copes with the task very well. As a gift there was a meat grinder, which turns the minced meat very well.

          Alexey V, 04/22/2020

          Advantages: Works

          Disadvantages: Very bad kneading dough.

          Commentary: The declared capabilities of the kitchen machine do not coincide with reality.Kneads the dough only in the middle of the bowl, without involving the periphery. Before buying, I specifically checked with the official manufacturer whether the device was suitable for these purposes, to which an affirmative answer was received. When the device was tested and a satisfactory result was not obtained, I called the KENWOOD hotline, where they told me that despite the presence of a special nozzle and, in principle, the dough kneading function described in the instructions, the purchased device does not do the job well. Thus, the manufacturer is misleading consumers – a function that is – but does not work as it should.Buying goods for 18t.r. do not expect such pitfalls.

          Julia, 03/12/2020

          Advantages: Power, bowl volume, quality, appearance.

          Commentary: I am very pleased with the purchase. ONE protein whips easily in 2 minutes.

          Madina K., 17.02.2020

          Pluses: Handsome Kenwood. Powerful, stylish, heavy. I managed to knead the dough for bread and bake a cotton sponge cake. Delivery did not disappoint, it was delivered on the same day, we waited until I check the package contents and the presence of defects.

          Disadvantages: It was a shame that the meat grinder came as a gift only with a black and white mixer. I have a red mixer (I wanted only this color).

          Svetlana G., 12/29/2019

          Advantages: It is simply cool, pleases everyone, both in appearance and in its functionality. Cooking with her is just a pleasure.

          Disadvantages: No

          Comment: Thanks to the manufacturer.I bought it with a gift, a meat grinder will always come in handy.

          Anya Simon, 11/14/2019

          Advantages: Stable on the table. Beautiful

          Disadvantages: Came with a defective kneading nozzle. I don’t know what to do with it now

          Comment: Nozzle for kneading dough, defective.The pin that is inserted into the connector Turns out to be nervous and starts crunching strongly when the machine is running

          Dmitry Kravtsov, 01/04/2019

          Advantages: Fast and homogeneous grinding

          Disadvantages: I would like the price a little cheaper

          Commentary: This mixer was presented to my wife for her birthday.She figured it out pretty quickly, all the components are made of high-quality materials, and the controls are intuitively simple and straightforward. Now she not only whips, but also kneads the dough, and even prepares minced meat. Just awesome and professional car

          90,000 7 Best Kenwood Food Processors

          Since the beginning of the 2000s, Kenwood has become part of the De’Longhi group of companies, which has significantly expanded the range of products and consolidated its position in the global market.But to this day, the face of the company remains food processors of unsurpassed quality, making life easier for housewives. At the same time, a wide range of models includes a variety of price categories, so everyone can choose a product for their wallet. Our selection presents the novelties of Kenwood kitchen machines with different functionality and design.

          Kenwood KM336 – energy saving

          The model has a classic design.The body is made of metal and the bowl is made of polished stainless steel. The material allows the device to keep its presentation for a long time, preventing the appearance of various mechanical damages.

          The volume of the bowl is four and a half liters, which is enough for cooking for a family. The contagion can hold up to twelve egg whites for beating. Such a harvester is suitable for those who cook even for large companies.

          Device power – 800 W. Unlike more powerful counterparts, Kenwood KM336 consumes less electricity than saves the family budget, but it also works quickly and stably.The control is carried out by a rotary regulator. There is an automatic speed control, which, even with heavy loads, maintains the desired level.


          • energy saving;
          • motor overload protection;
          • blender for 1.5 liters;
          • 6 speeds;
          • has a pulse mode;
          • provides a compartment for the power cord.


          • poor equipment;
          • expensive nozzles;
          • relatively high cost – 30 thous.R.


          Kenwood Prospero KM288 – Wide Bundle

          The food processor has a lot of functionality, which includes: a blender for one and a half liters, a juicer, an emulsion and a press attachment, as well as a whisk. The model is quite heavy, equipped with rubberized legs, so it stands steadily on the table surface. The power is 900 watts.

          The body is made of durable plastic, and the bowl, with a volume of just over four liters, is made of metal.The device has five speeds that can be adjusted in any order. There is an option for electrical control. Impulsive model.


          • overload protection;
          • speed regulation;
          • splash protection;
          • rich set of nozzles;
          • acceptable price – 17 thousand rubles


          Kenwood Prospero KM242 – optimal price-performance ratio

          The model can act as any kitchen appliance with the exception of a meat grinder and a juicer.

          The rich set includes: K-mixer, hook for thick dough, whisk for whisking, food processor (impeller knife, three shredding discs / slices), plastic blender for 1, 6 liters and silicone ergonomic spatula.

          There is an electronic controller, thanks to which you can smoothly switch between five speed modes. The power of the device is 900 watts. This is the optimal indicator in order to complete all the necessary tasks. The bowl is made of steel.


          • steel bowl volume – 4.3 liters;
          • impulse mode;
          • splash protection;
          • power cord stows away in a special compartment;
          • low cost – 16500 p.


          Kenwood Chef Sense KVC5000T Intuitive Easy Control

          This combine, like the previous one, is also rich in equipment. There is a hook for kneading thick dough, a ball-shaped whisk for whipping various products, a K-shaped mixing attachment capable of collecting all residues from the walls of the container.

          Additionally, there is a special metal adapter, which is useful for purchased attachments.The body is one-piece, made of aluminum. The bowl is made of stainless steel, its volume is 4.6 liters.


          • control by means of a rotary knob;
          • has rubberized feet;
          • speeds are adjustable;
          • electronic control;
          • device power – 1100 W;


          • the price is above average – 34 thousand rubles.

          Kenwood Premier Chef KMC57008 – 30+ attachments

          The model has a high power of 1000 W. This allows the device to work stably, coping with even complex tasks. The body is made of metal, and the bowl is made of brushed stainless steel.

          The volume of the bowl is 4, 6 liters, which is quite enough for a large number of products. There is a socket for nozzles with planetary motion. The kit includes: a mixing attachment, a dough hook, a round whisk for whisking, an adapter for commercial attachments and a silicone spatula.


          • adjustable speeds;
          • full mixing function;
          • the ability to wash accessories in the dishwasher;
          • splash protection.


          • makes noise when operating at high speeds;
          • high cost – 37400 p.

          Kenwood kMix KMX80 – meat grinder attachment set

          The model has a meat grinder attachment, which is not found in other food processors.You don’t have to spend extra money to purchase.

          In addition, there is a press for berries, a grater-slicer and a standard set of attachments (whisk, hook for thick dough, mixing attachment). This will make it possible to do with the use of just one of this machine, without cluttering the kitchen with many other appliances. The bowl is made of metal, its volume is 5 liters.


          • The unique gentle mixing function allows you to work slowly, with pauses, to saturate the products with oxygen;
          • electronic speed control;
          • splash protection;
          • cord storage compartment.


          • low power – 500 W.

          Kenwood Major Premier KMM770 –

          Multifunctional Harvester

          The model is capable of making mashed potatoes, whipping, mixing, stirring, shaping, breaking ice, coarse crushing and much more. It will replace many other household kitchen appliances for you.

          The combine has a metal bowl with a volume of 6, 7 liters, which will make it possible to add a large amount of ingredients.

          The power of the device is 1200 W, so it copes well even with very thick dough. Three speeds are infinitely variable, in any sequence. There is an electronic speed control.


          • planetary mixer;
          • hinged motor cover;
          • switching to low speed;
          • reasonable price – 26200 rubles.


          If you notice an error in the text, please select it and press Ctrl + Enter

          Kenwood kMix KMX750WH reviews of buyers and specialists on otzovik

          Mixer Kenwood kMix KMX750WH

          Brief characteristics:

            Type: stationary mixer

            Power consumption, in W: 1000

            Bowl volume, in liters: 5

            Planetary movement of nozzles: Yes

            Operating modes: impulse

            Number of nozzles: 6

            Nozzles: hook for mixing test; whisk

            Number of speeds: 6

          90,002 Users Likes: 89,005

          Overall rating:

          Mixer Kenwood kMix KMX750WH reviews

          Can you please tell me how he copes with a cool test? Does it stir or smear it on the walls? Mixes dough very well on dumplings, for example.It depends on how much thick dough you need ?! I have not tried khinkali. I did it by hand.

          Mixes dough very well on dumplings, for example. It depends on how much thick dough you need ?! I have not tried khinkali. I did it by hand.

          Powerful food processor.It copes well with tight dough. Quality inspires confidence.

          all-metal body, does not dance on the table, impressive stability due to its own weight, beats even one egg, adjustable attachment height, hardy



          Leave your review for Kenwood kMix KMX750WH

          Leave a review

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          It will be published after checking by the moderator!

          Features Kenwood kMix KMX750WH





          9047 Yes Yes Yes3
          Manufacturer’s part number


          stationary mixer

          Power consumption, in W


          Bowl volume, in liters


          Operating modes


          Quantity nozzles



          hook for kneading dough; whisk for whisking


          switching on

          Control type


          Number of speeds
        1. 4 6 9473 Yes

        2. Body color


          Body material


          Bowl material

          metal 947 or left by site visitors.The administration of the site otzovik-top is not responsible for reviews.

          Review of the Kenwood coffee maker model ES024 kMix

          The espresso espresso ES024 kMix from Kenwood is on a par with professional coffee machines that are used in a wide variety of bars, cafes and coffee houses. High-tech and attractive, it has a high working pressure (15 bar), which is considered optimal for the correct preparation of coffee, which has the best aroma and taste qualities of this drink.In addition, the coffee maker is equipped with the unique OptiTemp system, which is Kenwood’s patented technology. This system automatically controls the cooking process, monitoring the temperature, not allowing its value to go beyond the limits necessary for proper cooking. Thus, the Kenwood ES024 kMix coffee maker is a fully automatic device that is able to provide the highest quality result in the shortest possible time. Equipped with the latest technologies, such as a special cappuccinator – a device for producing natural milk foam – the coffee maker is able to prepare not only espresso coffee, as evidenced by its name and classification, but also allows you to receive exclusive, special drinks made from coffee: cappuccino, coffee latte, mochacino, mocha, and other varieties of this amazing drink.


          Compact and versatile, this coffee maker has a unique, stylish and modern design that makes it special and attractive. The design of this model is distinguished by simplicity, freedom and ease of expression of design ideas. Kenwood ES024 coffee makers are the embodiment of the best modern traditions of minimalism, which are embodied in the form of highly artistic ideas of talented designers who know their business well. The gorgeous metal case, which has an impeccable design concept, externally intersects with the direction of the Cubist style in art.If it were not for the large cutout, where the area for preparing coffee is located, the coffee maker would resemble a small stylish cube with an exquisite attractive inscription “kMix” in the very center of the body.

          In addition, the appearance of the ES024 kMix coffee maker did not deprive it of the opportunity to have high ergonomics, which is one of the main quality criteria for almost any modern product. This model is equipped with special feet with a special “The SureGrip” coating, which prevents slipping on any surface due to the rubberized elements at the base of the device.Also, the surface using this technology has found a place in the filter holder, which also simplifies and facilitates the work with the coffee maker.

          Professional skills

          It is no secret that all professional baristas and bartenders always serve coffee drinks in dishes that have been preheated using special devices. This is not done in order to sterilize the dishes or give the coffee any special taste – the whole point is that coffee drinks tend to lose their taste and aroma when they lose their original temperature.Therefore, it is very important that properly prepared coffee is served correctly, precisely in a pre-warmed container, for which a special element is provided that is responsible for this function. Thanks to the unique heated stand, which is conveniently placed in the upper part of the coffee maker, the device provides a complete set of all procedures for making real high-quality coffee. In addition to its direct heating duties, the stand also serves as a convenient place for storing cups: special sides provided in its design contribute to the convenient and, most importantly, reliable storage of any dishes on it.

          Stylish, compact and functional, the coffee maker has high technical characteristics that allow it to quickly cope with large volumes of work. This model is equipped with a high power of 1100 W, and a special design that allows the coffee maker to prepare a drink for two cups of coffee at the same time. Also ES024 kMix has a special removable water tank with a capacity of 1 liter. The use of such a structure for storing water contributes to the convenient filling of the device, and also guarantees easy and comfortable maintenance of the device.Also, the coffee maker is equipped with a special drip tray, which also has a removable design. By collecting the drops that inevitably form with each preparation, the drip tray greatly simplifies the maintenance of the coffee maker. Thanks to its removable design, it is enough to remove the pallet and clean it without the need for any additional steps and procedures.

          rating 2021 TOP-10 models with a meat grinder and blender, how to choose a multifunctional device, characteristics and reviews

          Kenwood food processors are quality appliances from an English company that has been producing products for over 70 years.

          They combine the capabilities of several kitchen appliances, thus making the cooking process much easier.

          When choosing a suitable combine, it is worth considering the most important characteristics of the equipment and comparing the features of several models.

          How to choose and what to look for when buying?

          When choosing a combine, it is worth considering the basic parameters and functionality :

          1. Power . The speed and quality of product processing depends on it.The power range of the brand models is from 250 to 1500 watts.
          2. Weight . The weight of the devices ranges from 4 to 8 kg.
          3. Size . Depends on the number of components. Multifunctional combines require more space in the kitchen.
          4. Bowl. Capacities range from 0.5 to 7 liters. When choosing, it is important to consider the number of residents and the amount of food that needs to be prepared at one time.
          5. Control type . Kenwood devices are controlled by mechanical switches or an electronic display.
          6. Complete set . Combines replace several devices, and their number depends on the model. The main elements are cutting with knives and shredders. The kit may include a blender, juice press, whisk, meat grinder and other devices.

          Rating TOP-10 best models

          Seat Item Price
          TOP-10 best food processor Kenwood
          1 Kenwood KVC3100 18 000 ₽
          2 Kenwood KVC5100T 26 000 ₽
          3 Kenwood KMX 750 25 000 ₽
          4 Kenwood KVL4100 21 000 ₽
          5 Kenwood KVL8300S 55 000 ₽
          6 Kenwood KVC5100Y 30 000 ₽
          7 Kenwood KM 242 Prospero 14 000 ₽
          8 Kenwood KHH 326WH 25 000 ₽
          9 Kenwood Chef Titanium KVC7300S 45 000 ₽
          10 Kenwood FDM 100 BA 12 000 ₽

          Best Kenwood Food Processors

          The company presented a large number of equipment, including food processors.They differ in functionality, power and bowl size. They are united by high quality, reliability and ease of use. Below is a ranking of the 10 best food processors of the English brand according to the owners.

          Kenwood KVC3100

          Silver model that combines versatility and functionality . The

          case is made of metal, which guarantees its durability. Large quantities of dough can be kneaded in the bowl.

          The harvester is equipped with a 1000 W motor, which ensures fast work progress.

          The motor can run continuously for a long time, and in case of overheating, it will automatically shut down .

          Controlled by means of a rotary switch. Whipping and dicing are provided.

          Due to the planetary rotation of the nozzles, the ingredients are mixed until smooth.

          It should be noted that this is one of the best models of 2021.

          Specifications :

          • power – 1000 W;
          • bowl volume – 4.6 l;
          • nozzles – 3;
          • size – 28x38x30 cm;
          • weight – 7.3 kg.


          • low price;
          • reliable material;
          • easy cleaning;
          • homogeneous mixing;
          • simple search for accessories.


          • few attachments included;
          • is a large and heavy instrument.

          Kenwood KVC5100T

          Combine with powerful electric motor providing up to 5000 rpm .

          The bowl is made of impact-resistant glass and is designed for loading up to 4 liters of ingredients.

          Complete set includes stirring and whipping attachment.

          There are indicators on the casing that notify about the unit turning on and the selected mode .

          The model is equipped with 6 modes of operation, as well as an impulse mode for mixing without lumps.

          The device operates continuously for 20 minutes, after which it switches off automatically.

          Specifications :

          • power – 1200 W;
          • bowl volume – 4.6 l;
          • speeds – 8;
          • nozzles – 3;
          • cord – 1.20 m.


          • quality tips;
          • stepless speed control;
          • kneading dough without lumps;
          • Lack of unpleasant sounds.


          • massive nozzles;
          • inconvenient attachment of the bowl to the mixer.

          Kenwood KMX 750

          Ergonomically designed kitchen machine with spacious stainless steel bowl and powerful motor, planetary mixing technology and nozzle set.

          The device handles the processing of large quantities of food and hard dough.

          There is a gentle mixing at slow speed, eliminating the loss of air structure, which is very important for baking .

          For safety of use, an automatic stop is provided when lifting and opening the lid. The model has 6 modes.

          The bowl holds up to 2.7 kg of dough and up to 5 liters of liquid.

          Specifications :

          • power – 1000 W;
          • bowl volume – 5 l;
          • speeds – 6;
          • nozzles – 3;
          • cord – 1.20 m;
          • size – 24 × 38.5 × 35.5 cm;
          • weight – 10.9 kg.


          • all-metal body;
          • quality build;
          • functional attachments;
          • stability;
          • does not overheat.


          • noisy operation at high speeds;
          • high price.

          Kenwood KVL4100

          An elegant harvester that combines functionality and usability .

          The housing is equipped with a lever for locking the open cover in the desired position. There is a security system that blocks the engine when it overheats.

          Power is 1200 W, due to which the unit quickly and efficiently copes with culinary tasks .

          Thanks to the large bowl, you can process a large amount of food at the same time.

          Includes K-shaped attachment for mixing ingredients, whisk and dough hook.

          Specifications :

          • power – 1200 W;
          • bowl volume – 6.7 l;
          • speeds – 6;
          • nozzles – 3;
          • cord – 1.20 m;
          • size – 28 × 38.5 × 34.5 cm;
          • weight – 7.7 kg.


          • quality materials and assembly;
          • well thought-out design;
          • large bowl;
          • power.


          • high price;
          • few attachments.

          Kenwood KVL8300S

          The harvester is equipped with a 1700 W engine producing up to 14000 rpm .

          The device operates in 8 modes, due to which it is suitable for solving a large number of tasks: from beating eggs to rolling minced meat.

          Due to the planetary system, the beaters effectively mix the ingredients without leaving lumps.

          If the engine overheats, the device automatically switches off .

          The bowl is made of stainless steel and is designed for loading up to 4.5 liters of ingredients.

          Specifications :

          • power – 1700 W;
          • bowl volume – 6.7 l;
          • speeds – 7;
          • nozzles – 5;
          • cord – 1.20 m;
          • weight – 11.2 kg.


          • power;
          • usability;
          • many attachments;
          • large bowl;
          • quality parts.


          • high price;
          • awkward backlight button.

          Kenwood KVC5100Y

          The harvester is equipped with a powerful electric motor providing speeds up to 5000 rpm .

          The device is equipped with a glass bowl with a volume of 4 liters. The set includes three attachments for mixing and whipping, and on request, you can buy additional ones.

          On the case there are indicators that notify about the switching on of the device and indicate the selected mode .

          The combine operates in 6 modes and works continuously for 20 minutes, after which it automatically shuts down. The case has a compartment for storing the wire.

          Specifications :

          • power – 1200 W;
          • bowl volume – 4.6 l;
          • speeds – 8;
          • nozzles – 3;
          • cord – 1.20 m;
          • size – 30x43x30 cm;
          • weight – 8.14 kg.


          • well thought-out design;
          • high power;
          • many attachments;
          • is an excellent choice of speeds.


          • high price;
          • no blender.

          Kenwood KM 242 Prospero

          Elegantly designed model with plastic body and robust metal bowl .

          Equipped with a 900 W motor and 6 operating modes.

          The bowl holds 4.3 liters, the blender holds 1.5 liters.

          In addition to the standard ones, there is an impulse mode for the final kneading of tests without lumps .

          Speeds are regulated by rotary switches.

          Includes dough attachment, whisk and citrus press . The device is splash-proof and equipped with stable rubberized feet.

          The model does not lose its relevance in 2021.

          Specifications :

          • power – 900 W;
          • bowl volume – 4.3 l;
          • speeds – 6;
          • nozzles – 5;
          • cord – 1.20 m;
          • size – 31.3 × 24.3 × 29.2 cm;
          • weight – 4.5 kg.


          • quality materials;
          • processing a large volume of products;
          • many attachments;
          • quick kneading;
          • compactness.


          • no handles on the bowl;
          • after washing the bowl, water does not leave from under the plastic support.

          Kenwood KHH 326WH

          Multifunctional combine for grinding, whipping and mixing ingredients .

          Equipped with 5 speeds and a reliable 1000 W electric motor. The speeds are controlled by a mechanical switch located on the side of the case.

          The set includes 9 attachments, a meat grinder with two discs and a citrus press .

          There is a pusher that excludes contact with the blades.

          Includes 1.5 liter blender . The bowl holds 4.3 liters of food.

          Specifications :

          • power – 1000 W;
          • bowl volume – 4.3 l;
          • blender – 1 l;
          • speeds – 4;
          • nozzles – 7;
          • size – 40 × 24.7 × 29 cm;
          • weight – 5.28 kg.


          • low price;
          • quality build;
          • glass bowl;
          • power.


          • no grinder head;
          • complex instruction.

          Kenwood Chef Titanium KVC7300S

          Kitchen helper with five mixing and whipping attachments .

          Additionally, you can buy a meat grinder, blender, citrus press.

          One of eight modes is selected by means of the knob on the body.

          The ingredients are mixed to a homogeneous consistency due to planetary technology, which consists in rotating the attachments around their axis and around the perimeter of the bowl .

          You can knead up to 2.2 kg of dough and up to 3.1 liquids at a time.

          The set includes a paddle for mixing products. The device turns off when the engine overheats, excluding its breakdown.

          This model has proven itself in 2021.

          Specifications :

          • power – 1500 W;
          • bowl volume – 4.6 l;
          • speeds – 7;
          • nozzles – 5;
          • cord – 1.20 m;
          • size – 28.5x38x30.5 cm;
          • weight – 9.2 kg.


          • functionality;
          • kneads even tough dough;
          • many attachments;
          • metal case.


          • expensive nozzles;
          • is difficult to assemble.

          Kenwood FDM 100 BA

          The combine is designed for automatic shredding and grating of products. The

          kit includes a utility knife, shredding discs and a paddle for mixing ingredients.

          The body is made of durable metal combined with plastic, and the bowl is made of transparent plastic.

          The device is compact, therefore it does not take up much space during storage .

          The bowl has a capacity of 500 ml. The bowl and attachments are dishwasher safe.

          Specifications :

          • power – 500 W;
          • bowl volume – 0.5 l;
          • speeds – 1;
          • nozzles – 2;
          • size – 30.5 × 22.5 × 21 cm;
          • weight – 2.1 kg.


          • compact size;
          • fast grinding;
          • takes up little space;
          • sharp knives.

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