Kitchen fairy lights: 25 Awesome Ways To Use String Lights In Kitchens


25 Awesome Ways To Use String Lights In Kitchens

String lights are an awesome idea to make the space welcoming, inviting, inspiring, to warm it up and add a holiday feel even when the holidays aren’t on. They are very budget-friendly and feature many shapes and looks, so you can easily find an option for every interior. Decorating with string lights not for holidays is popular, and they will create instant coziness, and though the kitchen is usually cozy itself, adding a bit more will never do any harm to the space. Ready to see some ideas? Here they are!


The most popular idea is to frame or hang some string lights in the window – choose the shape and looks of lights that fit your space. you can frame the whole window, or the window and some cabinets next to it, or a shelf on the window if there’s any, or hang string lights vertically right in the window, so they will look cozy both from the outside and inside. You may also incorporate string lights into sheer curtains if there are any, and if you have a breakfast nook by the window, the lights will also highlight it.

highlight the window with string lights to enliven the space

highlighting the window with string lights is a cute and chic idea to add more light inside

string lights to frame the window and along the wainscoting to make the space cuter

the shelf across the window is lit up with string lights to make the space cozier

a window framed with string lights and a large aroma candle make the space inspiring and welcoming

hanging string lights in the window will make the space cozier from inside and outside, too

a little breakfast nook becomes inviting with sheer curtains and string lights inside them

cute star string lights as window decor are great not only for winter holidays but all year round

string lights covering the window and a small cup cabinet next to it add cuteness

string lights hanging in the window make the whole space cozy, inviting and very cute


Highlight the entrance to the kitchen with string lights – this isn’t only a cute and fun touch but also a great idea for open spaces or spaces with no doors, lights will visually separate the spaces.

the kitchen entrance covered with string lights to accent it

colorful vintage stirng lights that frame the kitchen entrance invite to mae in and make a cup of tea


Highlight the cabinets with string lights: attach them upwards, downwards or around. Such an idea will easily turn a usual cabinet into a stylish display, and attaching lights downwards will enlighten the cooking surface under it. String lights along the cabinets will create a mood and ambience in the kitchen, I think, it’s a great idea.

a usual cabinet highlighted with string lights that turn it into a cool display with a bold accent

a vintage kitchen cabinet highlighted with string lights can be a display or some bar

attach some string lights to a usual open cabinet in your kitchen to turn it into a chic display

hang string lights to the cabinets as additional lights – no lamps are needed here

string lights above the cabinets make this traditional kitchen more cheerful and fresh

string lights going up the kitchen cabinets are a cute idea to try

string lights over the cabinet are great for holiday and all-year-round decor

Other Ideas

Cover exposed wooden beams with string lights to make them stand out and make the space cozier; hang the string lights over the breakfast or dining space to highlight it, or hang string lights on a shelf or shelves if you have some.

There are lots of configurations and looks, different shades of light to fit any space, just choose and make your space cuter!

a small shelf with string lights that add interest to the space and make it fresher

accent the exposed wooden beams with string lights to make the decor more vivacious and cute

fun string lights hanging over the dining space in the kitchen to accent it

fun vintage fruity string lights on a shelf add a whimsy touch and a fun feel to this colorful kitchen

hang string lights over the dining space to separate it from the kitchen itself

highlight your exposed beams with string lights to make the space more cheerful

45 Inspiring ways to decorate your home with string lights

Add a magical charm to any space by decorating with luminous string lights, they look fantastic indoors and out and can be used to decorate all year round. String lights create an ambiance that is warm, cozy and even romantic, they help to set a mood and they are so many ways to decorate with them.

We love them for adding a hint of light to a headboard, wall, mantel, firebox, table centerpiece, trees, planters, railing, bookshelves, wrapped around a mirror or wooden ladder, strung from the ceiling, or even decorating an outdoor living space. Fairy lights are also perfect for decorating small apartments and dorm rooms. These fabulous lights can make your home glow long after the holidays are over, setting the mood during the evening and keeping a festive cheer after the snow melts.

The latest LED lights offer great technological features such as timers and remote controls, making setting the mood even easier. They burn more safely and they are looking more aesthetically pleasing than ever, so it would be wise to not store them away after the holidays and instead find some clever ways to brighten your mood all year round.

We have some fantastic DIY ideas for inspiration and with a little creativity, you can transform and ordinary space into one of enchanting one. Be sure to let us know which image you find most inspiring!

Have a look at some more fabulous ideas featured here on One Kindesign to decorate your home with string lights:

66 Inspiring ideas for Christmas lights in the bedroom

52 Spectacular outdoor string lights to illuminate your patio

Decorate a window filled with luminous fairy lights.

Not only does a mirror make your room feel bigger, but adding some twinkle lights to highlight it creates a special effect.

Create an inspiring workspace illuminated with string lights. In the picture above, the lights frame the space, very fun!

Add a ladder with string lights to any wall space. It creates a unique look and can virtually replace a lamp… not to mention it is so much more fun if you are looking for a statement piece!

Hang a string light next to your bed to use in place of a bedside table.

It creates a cool DIY look and is perfect (not to mention budget-friendly) solution if you don’t have an outlet next to your bed.

Add a touch of playfulness to your living room by affixing a light string from the ceiling, traveling down to the floor. Simple, modern and fun! … and sets some awesome ambiance during the nighttime!

Strings lights illuminating your dining table not only creates a unique statement (this look is something you would typically see outdoors), it is a perfect solution to not having to install a light fixture above your table is there is not already something there.

A sweet little reading nook lit up by string lights!

Old Christmas ornaments can be given a new life by adding them to a glass vase with fairy lights.

These puffy hanging clouds decorated with fairy lights make the perfect statement light fixture to dress up a dull space. It would look amazing in anything from an apartment to a children’s bedroom. The suspended art pieces are comprised of Polyfibre fill, LED Lights and Lambs Wool.

Make a non-working fireplace look visually intriguing by adding string lights to a stack of firewood. We love this novel idea! It creates a nice ambiance and would look great when the lights are turned off!

Integrate your fairy lights into suspended drapery accenting the end of your bed. You can pull off this look by installing a round towel bar from the ceiling. Fairy lights can be battery operated and you may want to even consider getting the ones on a timer so that they only stay on for a certain period of time so you don’t forget to turn them off!

Another alternative to decorating a non-working fireplace. Try using fairy lights that are not only on a timer but also with remote control and place them into a clear glass container.

Decorate your fireplace mantel with decorative objects and mason jars filled with fairy lights.

Winter Sparkle Mirror Garland and White Lights: Add a little light and sparkle to take some gloom out of cloudy days. This DIY piece uses a strand of white fairy lights and yards upon yards of mirror garland. Check out further instruction on Apartment Therapy to create this interesting wall piece.

Create your own little indoor campfire with some clever DIY skills. This flameless fire pit will sure to be an eye-pleaser and neat little novelty. All you need is some lace ribbon, tree branches, aluminum foil, washable glue, paintbrush, string lights and some rocks (courtesy of nature). To see the full instructions, have a look at the Free People Blog.

Take it outside and make your outdoor space shimmer with fantasy lights dangling from trees. It creates a nice ambiance and a relaxing place to chill with a glass of wine and great conversation.

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10 Best String Lights for Bedrooms

Bedside lamps are always a smart addition to a bedroom, but there’s something so magical about string lights. They can easily add personality because they come in so many shapes and colors, but they also give your room such a beautiful glow that’s hard to achieve otherwise. Whether you like pops of color or nature-inspired shapes (or just want the best standard strands!), these string lights are perfect for brightening up your bedroom.

1 Simple String Lights

These simple frosted globe lights look nice even when they’re not lit, and they have a fun, vintage-inspired flair. You can get them with brass, nickel, or dark bronze accents.

2 Mini String Lights

If you just want good old-fashioned plug-in string lights, these mini lights are definitely the way to go.

3 Mini Fairy Lights

You can’t go wrong with a basic strand of fairy lights. They’re inexpensive and battery-powered, so you can place them wherever you’d like.

4 Star String Lights

Bring the planetarium into your bedroom with these star-shaped string lights.

5 Ivy Vine String Lights

These leafy string lights turn basic fairy lights into a cool botanical accent—what more could you ask for?

6 Paper Lantern String Lights

Mini paper lanterns are perfect if you’re looking for a soft lighting effect that sets a simple and romantic mood.

7 Paper Flower String Lights

If you want something that feels a little less obvious, these string lights disguised as paper flowers add a beautiful graphic element.

8 Waterfall String Lights

These multi-colored string lights mimic an ombre purple waterfall and would add personality to any space.

9 Globe String Lights

These clear globe lights will add a warm glow to any space, and they also come in a green cord color.

10 Multicolored Shade Ball String Lights

Brighten up the room with these fun, colored string lights. They’re especially perfect for a kid’s room.

Brittney Morgan Market Editor, House Beautiful Brittney Morgan is a noted land mermaid and a Virgo with a penchant for crafts, red lipstick, and buying way too many throw pillows.

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Create Magical Atmosphere in Any Room

Fairy lights decorating ideas have become very popular as they create a magical atmosphere in any room at any time of the year. We think of fairy lights when Christmas comes. They make the home festive, bright and beautiful. Many people think that their traditional place is on the Christmas tree or on the window. In fact, their beautiful brilliance can enrich any other room in the home.


String lights are inexpensive, affordable and very effective decoration that instantly creates a feeling of coziness. You can install them at Christmas and leave them for the whole winter, the interior will only benefit from this. You may have noticed that fairy lights are no longer just a Christmas tree decor, but are used everywhere and at any time of the year.

Initially, electric garlands were developed exclusively for decorating Christmas trees. Their predecessors were candles, which often caused fires, darkening the holiday and causing damage. In addition, the candle decor was very cumbersome. The problem of fire safety during Christmas holidays was completely resolved after the appearance and massive distribution of garlands powered by electricity.


At first, the electric bulbs in the garland had one color and burned with an even light, later they acquired different colors and began to blink, which turned this Christmas tree decoration into a real magic. Multi-colored lights have now become an indispensable attribute of the holiday. Sparkling fir trees make you forget about worries and problems. Today they are used not only for decorating fir trees, but also for the interior.

Inspirational and Magical Fairy Lights Decorating Ideas

We see many fairy lights decorating ideas for almost any holiday and special occasion – birthdays and weddings, graduations and anniversaries. They look very beautiful in the twilight, bewitch and create a special atmosphere. But not everyone knows that garlands can be used to decorate the house. Are you interested?

To decorate a room with a string lights, first of all, you need your desire, a great idea and the actual decor item itself – an electric garland. Do not forget that today you can find many battery-powered garlands in stores. And since they no longer need sockets, there are many more options for decorating.

Decorating a room with fairy lights can be very diverse. They can become a mysterious addition to thin curtains, they can accent a beautiful mirror, furniture piece and other interior items. You can also decorate the window with colored bulbs. The opening will look completely different. The atmosphere of the room will change immediately and its whole appearance will be transformed. You can use fairy lights even during the day to bring in a sparkle into your home!

Buying Fairy Lights Guide – What is Important to Know?

Buying fairy lights is not just an exciting pastime, but also a big responsibility. A chain of lights is not just a chain of lights. Nowadays the choice is extremely diverse – from small LED lights to light bulbs in different sizes, shapes and colors.

The choice of models in furniture stores and hardware stores is. There are fairy lights with small LED lights or examples with larger. No matter which model you choose as an atmospheric decorative object: Pay attention to the following criteria when buying:

Safety is hugely important! This applies to any electrical products. It is better not to be tempted by very cheap imported models as it is unlikely that they comply with any guidelines and technical tests. A safe string of lights has a special mark (CE for EU) which certifies that the light object complies with the European guidelines for safety.

How do you want to operate the fairy lights? As with lights, there are fairy lights with classic plugs, solar and batteries powered models. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages: LED fairy lights are great for indoors as they are energy-saving and have very low energy consumption. Another advantage of LED lights is that even when they are on for a long time, the lamps do not get hot. While solar fairy lights and models with batteries are very mobile, fairy lights with a power connection are suitable for long-term use.

Also check the documents that confirm the quality of the product, the availability of instructions and the service life of the product. It is best to purchase fairy lights in specialized stores or large retail chains.

In terms of design string lights come in numerous options – classic chain of lights in teardrop shape, glowing flowers, star fairy lights, bulbs with decorative shades, etc. Which fairy lights is the best for you? It is up to you, your idea for decoration and the goal you want to achieve.

How to Use Fairy Lights for Home Decoration?

The location of the electric garland plays, perhaps, the most important role. It is better to use LED lights, since they are lightweight, practically do not heat up, and their price is quite affordable. Warm yellow lights can be placed horizontally or vertically. A single string of lights has a minimalist, yet artsy look and are a great accent in lofts and industrial styled interiors. Fairy lights can be used as a light source as well. Their soft, cozy glow is very appealing and that could be the perfect lighting source in kids’ and teen bedrooms. It sounds like an unusual solution, but fairy lights can be used as room divider as well. It’s unbelievable what cheap fairy lights can do in a room!

Fairy Lights Wall Decorating Ideas

Fairy lights wall decorating ideas are magnificent! You can hang the strings horizontally or vertically down the wall and create a real fairytale backdrop in minutes.

How to hang a garland on the wall? Before proceeding with hanging fairy lights, choose a suitable wall with enough room for your garland. Many people use adhesive tape to attach the string lights, but you can also use small hooks at the ends of the wall. In this way you can arrange festoons, letters, words or abstract shapes.

Fairy lights are also ideal for hanging up photos. You can make a fabulous photo gallery by hanging one or several horizontal rows of lights and then attach as many pictures as you like in any size to the string of lights. In this simple way you will showcase your unforgettable memories and moments in the best possible way.

You can use string lights to create an accent wall in your bedroom. Place them on the wall behind the bed and in addition to a spectacular interior, you will have a practical light source.

Ceiling Fairy Lights Ideas

What could be better than a magical starry sky in your home? Ceiling fairy lights are often used as wedding decoration and if you are fascinated by the idea, nothing stops you to brighten up your space. You can hang the lights on the ceiling of any room – living room, bedroom, hallway, etc.

Fairy Lights Window Decorating Ideas

Nothing makes a window more festive and eye catching than a string of magical lights. You can arrange them around the frames of your windows or decorate the curtains in a 1001 nights fairytale style!

Magical Mirror Lighting

Light chains attached around a mirror, not only provide a beautiful light accent in the room, but also provide perfect lighting when styling and applying make-up.

Lovely Bedroom Decoration

Do you need more romance in the bedroom? Then a string of lights that can be attached to or above the bed is a great idea. Decorate your bed or canopy with fairy lights and the lovely sparkling glow will create a nice and cozy atmosphere

Adorable Nursery Decor

Since the lamps of the fairy lights do not get hot, they can also be used as magical light decorations in a children’s room. Bet the kids will be thrilled?

Decorate the Hallway with String Lights

Decorating a hallway with fairy lights can be an interesting idea. It will be especially relevant for dark corridors. This technique will also allow you to visually combine adjacent rooms. You can decorate the staircase or attach them on the ceiling or the walls. Whichever way you choose, the result will be spectacular!

Highlight Your Furniture with Fairy Lights

A vintage chest of drawers or wardrobe can become the focal point in the room if you decorate it with string lights. Even if you do not have antique furniture pieces but just want to change the atmosphere in the kitchen, fairy lights will help you do that in just minutes without spending a fortune on home decorations.

Decorate Glass Vases and Lanterns with Fairy Lights

If you want a quick decoration, fairy lights in glass containers are just the right thing for you. All you need is a beautiful glass vessel, for example a vase, a large lantern or a transparent bottle. You can even add seasonal decorations for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or Halloween.

These are just some of the thousands of ways to use fairy lights as home decoration! Look at the photo gallery for more inspiration!



Decorating with fairy lights: a House & Garden editor’s golden rules

Owen Gale

Fairy lights are the bread and butter of Christmas decorating: the atmosphere-creating, life-giving backdrop. But they can just as easily be tacky and headache-inspiring as they are magical and sophisticated. These are our five simple rules to effective fairy light use for decorating a stylish Christmas tree.

1) Only use warm white lights

Fairy lights are intended to create a warm, twinkling glow, which should make you feel like you are sitting inside a chocolate box – perfect for Christmas. Instead, many fairy light displays are positively chilly and depressing. This often comes from too much use of cold, blue-ish light, which also happens to be deeply unflattering to the persons in the room. If you opt for LEDs, go for the ‘warm white’ option, or if you opt for coloured, only buy the old fashioned ones with pink in the mix a la Amanda Brooks.

MAY WE SUGGEST: How Amanda Brooks is decorating for Christmas this year

2) Use connectible lights and blank cable lengths for a neat job

Lights4Fun do a brilliant line in connectible fairy lights. These are a stylist’s best friend, as they mean you can get a tremendous amount of length from one power source, and can connect each new length of lights to the end of the previous one as you go, preventing tangles and making it much easier to create neat arrangements. You can also buy lengths of blank cable, so if you need to cheat: such doubling back on yourself or running from one arrangement to another, you can use blank lengths of cable to cover your tracks. In this picture, our stylist went the extra mile on neatness and poked the LEDs through pre-drilled holes to hide all the cabling!

Rita Konig

3) Keep the lights on a ‘still’ setting

Flashing fairy lights are distracting and sometimes downright distressing. There will always be a still setting on fairy lights: use it! It is far more understated and pretty that way.

4) Keep the light type consistent

We all have a bag of oddments when it comes to decorations: little runs of battery-pack lights that are a slightly different colour to the others; the odd red-plastic-flower light from the 90s, mixed in with your core fairy lights. I say, invest in a good pack of ten lengths which are simple and consistent, and eliminate all other variations from your scheme. A mish-mash just looks bad!

Amanda’s shop Cutter Brooks is a cornucopia of lovely things inspired by her life in the English countryside.Owen Gale

5) Look to weddings for inspiration

Whether it is from Pinterest, Instagram, or your summer wedding schedule, steal those ideas for Christmas. Wedding decorators tend to use fairy lights just as much and, in fact, use them in a more impactful and un-muddled way than Christmas decorators! Try to channel their eye to detail and simplicity. If you choose to ‘swag’ your lights, keep the swags the same in length and spacing, or if you want to create rows or curtains of lights, use tacks or those little plastic loops-on-nails that telephone installers use: they help keep the lines neat and chic!

MAY WE SUGGEST: 39 charming and joyful Christmas baubles to buy now

fairy lights for the bedroom

Fairy lights are no longer reserved for outside barbecues or the Christmas tree – in fact, the bedroom is the perfect place for some twinkly lights to make you feel cosy.

As winter approaches you’re likely to be spending more time than ever at home, which means there’s no better time than now to get some bedroom fairy lights inspiration. From curtain designs to affordable fairy lights and even quirky styles, these are the very best to buy now.

1.Indoor fairy lights

      10 Translucent String Lights

      Bulb lights look so cool, and offer up slightly more light than your average smaller-bulb styles. String these up over furniture like chairs or headboards.

      2. Affordable fairy lights

      Led String Lights



      You can get a simple set of lights for a very affordable price. This long set will go all around your bedroom, so it’s perfect if you really want to make a statement.

      3. Curtain fairy lights

      Star Window Curtain Light, £26

      Whether you’re covering a door or a plain wall, a curtain light brings all kinds of cosy vibes. This star set is so cute.

      4. Garland fairy lights

      Leaf garland, £9.50


      If you love nothing more than getting cosy in autumn with a big blanket and a Halloween film, these leaf lights will help you channel your inner autumnal goddess.

      5. Colourful fairy lights

      Pom Pom Fairy Light Garland, £29.95

      Bring some colour to a plain room with these fun fairy lights, which will make you feel nostalgic for childhood craft afternoons.

      6. Photo fairy lights

      little home at John Lewis Peg Line Lights

      little home at John Lewis


      Photo fairy lights are great for displaying polaroid pictures, and save you the hassle of having to frame your images.

      7. Vine fairy lights

      Green leaves fairy lights, £14.62


      If you love the indoor plant vibe but haven’t got a hope in hell of keeping them alive, we reckon these vine garland lights will take your fancy. Drape them over your headboard or around your door frame.

      8. Remote fairy lights

      Fairy Lights



      If you want to put lights on the ceiling, or high up on walls, you’d be better investing in a set with a remote to control them from a distance.

      9. Pom pom fairy lights

      White Pom Pom Fairy Lights Garland, £17.50

      These sweet pom pom lights are fairly subtle, but will look great around furniture or even inside a glass jar.

      10. Shape fairy lights

      Hearts are a sweet option if you’re looking for shape fairy lights, and this set comes in a colourful design, or plain white.

      11. Quirky fairy lights

      Copper Starburst Light Chain


      This starburst light garland is different than anything else we’ve seen, and will really make a difference to a plain bedroom. Straight to basket.

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          The 11 Best Indoor String Lights In 2021

          Lighting is a key element when it comes to eliciting a certain mood, and string lights are especially great for cozy, whimsical, industrial, or festive spaces. The best indoor string lights (also known as fairy lights) will largely depend on the type of aesthetic you’re going for; bulb size, type, color, and warmth are mostly a matter of preference. Still, there are a few important factors that’ll help you narrow down your options.

          First, the difference between indoor lights and outdoor lights really only matters if you’re planning on using them outdoors. For the yard, you’ll need something waterproof and weatherproof, but for inside, those features are a convenience, not a necessity.

          It’s also extremely important to note the length of the strand and the amount of lights you’re getting for the cost. A $12 price tag might initially seem like a good deal — until you realize the strand is 10 feet long and has barely any bulbs. Measure out your space or potential hanging area before you start shopping. String lights can’t be cut without damaging the wiring, and most can’t be combined end-to-end on the same strand. However, I’ve also included a set of color-changing LED strip lights that lets you do both.

          Finally, consider the power source. Your standard string lights are likely going to have a plug for an AC wall outlet. The more technologically advanced ones may offer a USB plug instead, which allows you to use an AC outlet alongside a charging block, but can also be powered via a laptop or power bank. Last but not least, some options run off batteries so you’re not limited by outlet proximity when decorating. (Since the power source is one of the most important factors for shoppers, the best string lights on this list are largely organized using that criteria.)

          In a hurry? These are the best string lights for your bedroom, reading nook, and more:

          1. Overall Best String Lights For Indoors: LOUIS-CHOICE string lights

          2. Best Budget-Friendly Fairy Lights: Lighting Ever Fairy Lights

          3. Best Globe Lights: LAMPAT globe string lights

          4. Best Curtain Lights: Twinkle Star LED curtain

          5. Best USB-Powered Lights: 12APM starry string lights

          6. Best Color-Changing Lights: Omika color-changing string lights

          7. Best Battery-Operated Lights: WERTIOO battery-operated string lights

          8. Most Popular String Lights In Fun Shapes: Twinkle Star LED fairy lights

          9. Best 100-Foot String Lights: Moobibear LED string lights

          10. Extra-Long Lights In Multicolor & Tones: SANJICHA String Lights Outdoor/Indoor

          11. LED Rope Lights You Can Sync To Music: QZYL LED Lights


          The Overall Best String Lights For Indoors

          There are several reasons why LOUIS CHOICE string lights are the best overall pick, the first being that they’re extendable. This means that you can plug one strand into the next to connect up to 10 strands on a single power source — it’s a feature that very few string lights offer.

          Also unlike other options, this pick comes with a remote control that you can use to set automatic timers, dim or brighten, and choose between eight modes, including waves, twinkle, and flash. It also comes with twist ties, a low-voltage transformer, and a waterproof design that can be used inside or out. Purchase extension strings for less than $15.

          According to one reviewer: “These lights are awesome!! I put them in my bedroom and I love how they aren’t super noticeable during the daytime when they’re turned off. The remote control works great, and overall I am satisfied.”

          Length: 49 feet

          Amount of lights: 100 LEDs

          Power source: AC outlet plug

          Color options: warm white


          The Best Budget-Friendly Fairy Lights

          Even though thousands of reviewers can’t stop raving about the quality, these affordable string lights are one of the most affordable options. At $12 per each 33-foot strand, you can cover a significant amount of square-footage on a budget. These lights also offer a 6-foot adapter cable, a water-resistant design, and a thin, flexible copper wire that easy bends around fixtures and tucks into corners. It’s also available in a 66-foot length for just a few dollars more.

          According to one reviewer: “Nice soft lighting for nighttime. Every tiny bulb lights up. The copper wiring is light and easily attached around the ceiling with just Scotch Tape. I’m so pleased with these lights and would highly recommend them for their value, low price and length. Most sets of fairy lights I looked at came only in 16-foot lengths and I need something longer. Thirty-three feet was perfect for my needs.”

          Length: 33 feet

          Amount of lights: 100 LEDs

          Power source: AC outlet plug

          Color options: warm white


          The Best Globe String Lights

          Globe lights are an alternative to small fairy lights, and they give a retro, industrial feel to your space. With thousands of reviews, LAMPAT globe string lights are the highest-rated option in this category. They offer end-to-end connections so you can attach up to three strands at once, and they’re weather-proof for use in your sunroom, entryway, or patio. (They do get warmer than LEDs, but reviewers say “they are still cool enough to touch” after a few hours of use.)

          According to one reviewer: “I love these! They create just the ambiance I was looking for. […] I also like that there are clips on them so if you hang them inside, you can clip the onto the nail or whatever you’re using to hold them up.”

          Length: 25 feet

          Amount of lights: 25 bulbs

          Power source: AC outlet plug

          Color options: white


          The Best Curtain String Lights

          Rather than a single strand, curtain lights create a waterfall effect. They’re great for windows, pergolas, bed frames, and anywhere you want a so-called “wall” of lights. The Twinkle Star LED curtain is easily the most popular option in this category. It features eight different lighting modes for various effects and can be used inside or out.

          According to one reviewer: “I absolutely love these lights! I bought them to use in my bedroom during the holidays. They added a surprising amount of light and covered quite a bit of my wall!”

          Length: 6.6 feet by 9.8 feet

          Amount of lights: 300 LEDs

          Power source: AC outlet plug

          Color options: warm white


          The Best USB String Lights

          If you’re looking for more versatile ways to power your string lights, these 12APM starry string lights utilize a USB plug instead of an AC adapter. As a result, you can plug them into your laptop, phone charger, or power bank. They’re also waterproof and available in various different lengths, designs, and colors (including curtains in both warm white and cold white.)

          According to one reviewer: “After owning these lights for a little while, I can say that I am genuinely shocked by their excellent quality. They look beautiful and are the perfect color to add some warmth to my apartment – I’ve been getting nonstop compliments whenever someone new comes over!”

          Length: 33 feet

          Amount of lights: 200 LEDs

          Power source: USB plug

          Color options: warm white or cold white


          The Best Color-Changing String Lights

          Personalize every aspect of your mood lighting with these Omika color-changing string lights. The included remote control allows you to choose between 16 different shades, as well as the time, speed, and effect pattern (meaning you can pick one color, or cycle through all of them). They’re also flexible, water-resistant, and coated in a soft plastic to prevent tangling.

          According to one reviewer: “Exactly what I was looking for! Up to 16 different colors to choose from. Multiple display options. Comes with 2 remotes controls (one is extra) and plugs into outlet. Highly recommend it if you are looking for LED sting lights to decorate your home.”

          Length: 66 feet

          Amount of lights: 200 LEDs

          Power source: AC outlet plug

          Color options: red, orange, light orange, dark yellow, light yellow, green, light green, light blue, blue, dark blue, indigo, navy, purple, magenta, and pink


          The Best Battery-Operated String Lights

          For spaces or events with minimal access to outlets, WERTIOO battery-operated string lights allow you to decorate without limitation. They run on three AA batteries and come with small, opaque LED globes (or light-up clothespins specifically for hanging pictures). The included remote lets you control the modes, brightness, and time functions.

          According to one reviewer: “This is a really good string of lights. I didn’t know it would be so long. I wanted it just for the counter but we have enough to surround the whole room and give it a festive aura for entertaining so we are really excited about it. It works perfectly for us because it’s battery operated so it doesn’t take any outlet space and it has a remote for convenient control.”

          Length: 33 feet

          Amount of lights: 100 LEDs

          Power source: AA batteries (not included)

          Color options: warm white


          The Most Popular String Lights In Fun Shapes

          For those looking to extend a theme, these Twinkle Star LED fairy lights add a little celestial magic. They’re also weatherproof and feature a remote control so you can choose between eight different modes — that way, you don’t have to worry about moisture or switches.

          According to one reviewer: “I love these lights! I put them in my bedroom, and they add a peaceful dimension to the decor. They go really well with my salt lamp.”

          Length: 49 feet

          Amount of lights: 100 LEDs

          Power source: AC outlet plug

          Color options: white stars


          The Best 100-Foot-Long String Lights

          Finally, if you’re looking to cover an extremely large area, Moobibear’s LED string lights are the most cost-effective way to do so. For just $40, this set comes with two strands, each nearly 100 feet long. They also feature a 14-foot adapter cord (which is much longer than most) and work alongside remote controls, which let you set the brightness, modes, and speed. Each is made from a flexible, easy-to-secure copper wire and can be used outdoors, too.

          According to one reviewer: “I have used red and white string Xmas lights in my house for years – switched recently to all these copper wire types with remote controls and dimmers… so nice! This one is was long enough to wrap around my entire living room, kitchen, and hallway – perfect evening lighting.”

          Length: 99 feet

          Amount of lights: 300 LEDs

          Power source: AC outlet plug

          Color options: warm white


          A Set Of Extra-Long Lights In Multicolor & Multiple White Tones

          Available in warm and cool white, or blue and multicolor, these outdoor-indoor lights are a versatile pick that’s waterproof so they should fit in just about anywhere. The bulb-style lights come with eight functions from a slow glow to festive flashing so you can customize your look. With a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 300 customers have weighed in, they’re a popular pick.

          According to a reviewer: “I like the way the fairy lights light up my front yard.”

          Length: 82 feet

          Amount of lights: 200 LEDs

          Power source: AC outlet plug

          Color options: warm white, blue, cool white, multicolor


          These LED Color-Changing Strip Lights You Can Sync To Music

          These color-changing LED lights aren’t your standard indoor string lights and might just be the perfect option when you’re looking for both gentle ambiance and a dance party. The remote control or coordinating app let you easily control between 28 modes and a mic mode lets you sync the lights to your music. For even more customization, you can cut and link strips to perfectly suit your space

          According to a reviewer: “These lights have different settings and are dimmable, which is amazing for an area where you want to be able to change the brightness or mood of the atmosphere. They also came with tape and replacement parts, which I absolutely love! I definitely recommend these led lights!”

          Length: 49.2 feet

          Amount of lights: 5,050 LED beads

          Power source: AC outlet plug

          Color options: multicolor

          Kitchens and household goods in Baucenter

          The kitchen is the center of home comfort and an important element from which to start planning. During renovation, there is always a desire to make it the epitome of quality, style and functionality. It is very important to rationally place kitchen cabinets, have a high-quality work surface, a convenient sink and a reliable mixer.

          Good kitchen for your home!

          Our furniture catalog offers a wide selection of furniture sets for furnishing both small apartments and large premises.A rich offer of style solutions – from solid classics with elegant gilding to laconic Art Nouveau style, will inspire to renew the interior of a house or cottage.

          Universal modules can be easily combined and allow you to organize your free space as efficiently as possible. All furniture is made of modern materials that are resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The frames are made of durable moisture-resistant laminated chipboard.

          For facades, MDF board in PVC film is used, which has good performance characteristics.MDF facades are affordable, differ in many textures and are immune to moisture. Facades covered with eco-veneer reproduce the color and structure of real wood as accurately as possible, are environmentally friendly, do not fade and are resistant to mechanical damage.

          It’s easy to choose and buy a kitchen here

          Corner kitchen sets are the optimal solution for standard small apartments. They use the usable floor space efficiently without compromising on comfort. The variety of the model range in the Baucentre stores will allow you to choose an advantageous set for spacious rooms.

          If you want to pre-plan your headset, you can order a free design project at Baucenter. An experienced specialist will draw up several projects, taking into account individual wishes and peculiarities of the situation. You can immediately see the idea, and, if necessary, change the color, shape, adjust the dimensions. There is no need to wait for production – all kitchens are in stock! It will be enough to arrange delivery and use the installation service.

          Internal filling and accessories

          For storage equipment, our assortment includes functional systems for filling cupboards: bottle holders, baskets, drawers with closers.Such equipment will help to rationally equip the workspace. In the Baucentre you can buy roll-out baskets with a full extension mechanism and a smooth and silent closing function. For the storage of dishes, we recommend installing the dryer in the cupboard above the sink.

          Our online store sells reliable fittings, furniture handles, original accessories, bar counters, kitchen tables and chairs.

          Worktops and wall panels

          In the Baucenter network you can buy an inexpensive countertop for a kitchen, bar or buffet.At the base, a moisture-resistant chipboard is used, which is covered with high-strength plastic. The result is a hygienic and durable material that is not afraid of scratches and hot effects. The variety of textures and decors allows the surface to fit into any design.

          We recommend protective strips and adhesive edges to protect the joints. The skirting board protects the edge between the wall and adds a finishing touch to the entire decor.

          A wall panel made of glass or plastic can be selected to match the countertop, which will protect the work area from contamination.Such a practical and effective kitchen apron can be easily installed with your own hands.

          How to remove old greasy stains from kitchen towels – Gala Center

          There is nothing worse than greasy, stained, smelly tea towels. Ugh! They quickly acquire an unpleasant odor and lose their original beauty. And all because they are actively used for wiping hands, removing spills, dirt and food debris from all kinds of surfaces. In addition, these hard workers are simply not given the opportunity to fully dry out.Not having time to recover from one task, the tea towels rush to the next task. Therefore, most often they still have an unpleasant odor after washing. And surprisingly, even the most expensive powders and conditioners do not help. If you don’t know how to properly wash kitchen towels at home, Gala Center will share working life hacks that will change your life.

          Washing kitchen towels at home super recipes

          Do not rush to purchase a large amount of detergents.Powders – be they liquid or dry, fabric softeners are not your help. Heavy artillery is needed, which removes greasy stains, kills germs, neutralizes unpleasant odors.

          Here are some super recipes for washing kitchen towels at home:

          • Soak dirty textiles in a mixture of warm water, baking soda and vinegar for 15 minutes. Both products are proven odor control products.
          • If your kitchen towels are white, add bleach with every wash.
          • Boil products or wash in hot water. This is a surefire way to kill all bacteria. You can first soak the textiles in warm water and vinegar and then wash at a high temperature.
          • Never leave kitchen accessories in the washing machine overnight or for long periods.

          Hang in the sun immediately after washing to eliminate the risk of bacteria.

          Too often, kitchen towels start to smell bad, not because you rarely wash them, but because you use too much detergent and fabric softener. The bottom line is this: more is not better. Over time, powder residues accumulate in the textile fibers, which decreases their hygroscopicity. The drying time, on the contrary, increases. When your towels get an unpleasant odor immediately after getting wet, it’s usually because they aren’t completely dry.Conditioners and detergents form a film on the fabric that does not allow it to dry quickly.

          How to remove stubborn grease stains from kitchen towels

          Dish towels and stains are two inseparable things. If you want your textiles to always be neat and beautiful, use the following life hacks for washing:

          • Wash off greasy stains from kitchen towels with dishwashing liquid.Apply the product and hydrogen peroxide for 20 minutes. Then, wash in the machine as usual.

          • An even more effective combination is dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. Rub the mixture into the stain and let it sit for an hour. Then wash.

          • Wine stains can be removed from fabrics well with vinegar and baking soda.

          • Soak greasy items in warm water.Apply a drop of hair shampoo directly to the oily stain. Leave it on for a few minutes, then wash off with warm water, squeeze out excess moisture. Send to wash.

          • Salt with sunflower oil – fear of stubborn stains. 3 tablespoons of oil and 5 tablespoons of salt are diluted in 5 liters of water. Soak for 12 hours. Then wash as usual. The result is better with salt than with bleach.

          • Vegetable oil baking soda is an effective way to remove stains from towels.For 5 liters of boiling water, take 3 tablespoons of ammonia and oil, 5 tablespoons of baking soda. Soak for 4 hours. It is advisable to use a saucepan with a lid that will allow the water to stay hot longer.

          Also Read: The Dirty Truth About Kitchen Towels: These 3 Products Are Definitely Throwing Out

          How to wash kitchen towels with vegetable oil and powder

          Let’s be honest: only in fairy tales can you remove stains with cold or warm water.For stubborn greasy stains on kitchen towels, you need boiling water. We bring to your attention an effective recipe that has collected thousands of positive reviews.

          Recipe for washing a kitchen towel: Add 150 grams of washing powder to 7 liters of boiling water, as well as 2 tablespoons of bleach and sunflower oil. We put the fabric in a basin and leave for four hours. Then we wash it in any convenient way.

          If you need to wash your kitchen towels without boiling, use a mixture of sunflower oil and vinegar.Prepare:

          • 7 liters of boiling water in a tall saucepan (to keep the water cool longer)
          • 60 grams of washing powder
          • 1.5 tablespoons each of vegetable oil, vinegar and bleaching agent.

          The principle of preparation of the washing liquid is the same. All components are mixed. Sunflower oil is added last. Soak textiles overnight. Do your laundry in the morning.

          By the way, the most practical solution for the kitchen is waffle fabric.Possesses excellent hygroscopicity, durability and practicality. It repels dirt, can be easily cleaned from stains. An excellent choice is the Provance kitchen textile collection.

          How to bleach kitchen towels without boiling at home

          The surest way to kill bacteria and bad odors is by boiling. But if for some reason it is not possible, use simple methods that have been working for decades:

          • Bleach kitchen towels with boric acid.Mix a couple tablespoons of the product with 5 liters of warm water. Leave it on for a few hours. Repeat washing several times to remove old stains.
          • Fill a bowl with boiling water, add washing powder and potassium permanganate. It’s important not to overdo it. The water should take on a light pink hue and nothing more. Leave it on for a couple of hours until the water cools down.
          • In 5 liters of hot water, dilute hydrogen peroxide and ammonia (take a tablespoon of each). Put the towel on for 30-60 minutes.The dullness will go away and the textiles will look like new.
          • If the dirt is not too old, use starch. Mix it with warm water and dip the textiles for 6 hours. Squeeze and hang to dry in the sun. You do not need to rinse.

          Interesting: How often should the kitchen towels be changed?

          How to boil kitchen towels at home

          If drastic measures are needed, boiling is indispensable.You will need shavings of laundry soap and 50 g of baking soda. Add these products to 4 liters of water. Boil kitchen towels for two hours.

          You can also boil products with soda and salt. If using household products, add dry bleach and powder to the water.

          How to remove stubborn grease stains from kitchen towels? Summing up

          Remove stains as soon as they appear.Do not wait for the coloring pigments to penetrate deep into the fibers and take root there securely. Terry and cotton accessories are always more difficult, and therefore choose waffle towels for the kitchen. They can be digested. In addition, the unique structure repels dirt, making it easy to wash. A 10-minute boil is a guarantee of hygiene. You will know for sure that there are no bacteria in kitchen textiles. Never use fabric softener when washing these textiles. It forms a film on the fabric, due to which the fabric does not absorb water well and begins to smell bad.And most importantly, hot water is the best partner in the fight against stains. Vinegar and soda will help you forget about smelly towels forever, and ammonia and dishwashing detergent will help you forget about greasy stains.

          Garlands |

          Garlands on the Internet

          It is customary to celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays in a decorated house. Traditionally, garlands are used for this, which nowadays are of infinite variety. They are equally successful in coloring not only the interior of the house, but also the space outside in a festive way.You can choose Christmas garlands with different lighting methods, in accordance with other decorations and your wishes, in the catalog of our online store.

          • New Year’s electric garlands with LED bulbs will decorate your home without spending too much energy. You can combine several LED chains into one, getting a garland of the desired length, there are options with different lighting functions. They do not heat up and are protected from short circuits, therefore they are safe to use.
          • Street garlands in the form of icicles, lit in the dark and glowing from top to bottom, create a feeling of melting ice or falling snow, perfect for decorating along the walls of the house or cornices.
          • Fashionable garlands of cotton balls of different colors are a unique interior detail to create a cozy effect in a children’s room, living room, bedroom or any other room.
          • Single or multicolor flexible thin chain is perfect for table decoration, gifts, windows.She easily bends, taking the desired shape and getting a variety of shapes.

          Are you looking for where to buy LED garlands for your home or for windows at a good price? Go to the website of the e-shop The assortment is widely represented by white, yellow, blue, as well as multi-colored Christmas lights powered by batteries and mains, with and without a flashing function. In addition, it is very convenient here to immediately purchase other New Year’s decorations for the festive decoration of the house.We also have artificial Christmas trees of different heights and diameters, not only green, but also white, and original Christmas tree decorations. We will quickly deliver the selected product to the specified address, or you can pick it up yourself free of charge in one of our physical stores in Estonia!


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