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WONG Wei Yin, 26, had no choice but to quit school after her UPSR examination.

Due to financial constraints, her parents could not afford secondary education for her, so, at age 14, she applied for work in a hair salon to help support her family.

“When you stop studying at the age of 13, it’s very saddening. It’s wasn’t like I was a bad student. I really wanted to go on studying, but I had no choice,” said Wong, now better known as Kinki Ryusaki, who scored six As and one B in the UPSR exam.

Today, she is a professional tattoo artist who has a waiting list that can last up to a few months, with many foreigners from Europe and countries like Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China coming to Malaysia just to get tattooed by her.

She gets invited to tattoo conventions overseas, and recently she was featured in the German tattoo magazine Tätowier Magazin.

Her interest in tattooing began when a customer, who was a tattoo artist, walked into her salon one day. Curious about the art of tattooing, she decided to leave her hair dressing job to pick up tattooing.

After two years of working as a hairdresser, her journey as an apprentice tattoo artist began when she first walked into Bloody Ink Tattoo Studio in Kuala Lumpur (where she still works as a tattoo artist). There she met the founder Water Chan, 38, who has been a tattoo artist for about 16 years now.


Interested to be an apprentice under Chan, Kinki pursuaded him to train her to become a tattoo artist.

“Kinki is a very good apprentice. She’s not just talented and smart, but she is also very responsible and hardworking. I don’t always need to repeat myself when I teach her; she learns very fast,” Chan revealed.

It is surprising, however, to learn that Kinki had never dabbled in art – drawing, sketching or painting – before her foray into tattooing.

“I believe everyone can draw – but only if they practise. The more you do it, the better you’ll be at it,” said Kinki, who only started drawing when she began her apprenticeship.

It wasn’t easy for Kinki to receive training, however, as Chan wasn’t too keen on taking her as an apprentice initially. He would brush her off whenever she asked for training but Kinki was very persistent.

“Kinki would come to my tattoo parlour about three to four times a week to beg me to accept her as an apprentice, even to the point where she would buy me meals and drinks, just so I would take her in,” said Chan.

Although Kinki proved to be a good apprentice, the journey to get to where she is today wasn’t easy.

When she first started out, she received an allowance of only RM500 a month for two years, which went towards supporting her family.

When her father was admitted to hospital to receive treatment, her mother had doubts whether her career in tattooing could help support her family of six.

“I was earning only so much a month, and my mother often asked me whether I was making the right choice. Even my friends didn’t believe that I could be successful. No one believed in me.

“What made it even harder was that my master was really pushing me to be better. The pressure wasn’t easy (to handle),” said Kinki, who specifically enjoys doing Japanese style, black and grey, and portrait tattoos.

However, giving up was the last thing on her mind. The pressure and negativity around her only motivated her to achieve her goal and prove to people that she could do it.

Chan said that Kinki’s determination and hard work is something that many people can learn from. “Kinki used to work on her sketch from 10am to 10pm everyday without taking a day off. She never wasted time partying and hanging out with friends, but focused on her skills, which is why she’s successful today.”

After two years, she finally “graduated”, and according to her, she is earning about 20 times the amount she used to get as an apprentice.

“Even if I don’t have a good education, I’m a professional today. But my success didn’t come easy,” she expressed.

She added that people may think of her as a popular tattoo artist, but may not know of her struggles and challenges, and how she got to where she is today.

“You have to persevere if you want to achieve something. You have to or you won’t achieve it. You have to go through hardships.”

Weibo users label M’sian tattoo artist minding her own business a bad parent, because tattoos – Mothership.SG

Kinki Ryusaki is one of the more famous tattoo artists around with nearly a million followers on her Facebook page.

She has been in the tattoo industry for a while now, and recently closed her Malaysian tattoo parlour in 2018 to set up a branch in Shanghai.

And things seem to be going real well for her.

Oh also, here’s a photo of her spending time with her daughter.

With some rather questionable comments accompanying it.

Here are some of them.

Screenshot from Wang Luo Zhong Ge.

Screenshot from Wang Luo Zhong Ge.

Screenshot from Weibo.

Screenshot from Weibo.

Not that it matters, but the assertions of her not knowing who the father is and her being a single mother, are also factually wrong.

Here is Kinki’s response to these comments.

“If you have nothing better to do, listen to what other’s say about you, it’s more exciting than watching a horror movie.

You will realise that even if you never did anything, you will also be playing many different roles and become the star of a show. I give you 100 points.”

Which is a popular copypasta type cultural thing in China.

Here is the spoken word version.

Image from Kinki’s Instagram

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Local Tattoo Artist Bashed On China’s Social Media For Being a Mother With Tattoos, But M’sians Fire Back

It’s sad that society still sees tattoos as a reflection of one’s behaviour. Because it’s not. If anything, it showcases one’s willingness to commit to long term decisions and reflects a more creative view on life. Yet, after years of progress and growth beyond traditional mindsets, it seems society still can’t shake their aversion towards tattoos.

Chinese photographer Jingke Street Snap had recently taken and posted a photo of Kinki Ryusaki, a very well-known Malaysian tattoo artist, as she was out and about in China with her 2-year-old daughter on his Weibo page.

Source: Weibo

He captioned the photo with, “Street shot in Chengdu, sexy mom.”

Despite the fact that Kinki is a hardworking and successful tattoo entrepreneur while also being a dedicated and loving mother, netizens were quick to take to the comments section to judge and discredit her for being a bad mother just because she has tattoos.

Source: Weibo

This comment goes, “Her child is an accident.”

Source: Weibo

This comment says, “Dirty feeling.”

Kinki has since released a statement on her Facebook page.

沒事多聽聽別人口中的自己,比看👻鬼片還刺激.呵呵。你會發現你什麼都沒做,莫名其妙,就成為別人嘴裡各種版本的大角色,劇情,編劇,翻譯…我給你們一百分,呵呵… ​​​(被人偷拍然後放上微博)

Posted by Kinki Ryusaki on Saturday, July 6, 2019


She wrote, “If you have nothing better to do, listen to what others say about you because it’s more interesting than watching a horror movie. You will realise that even if you never did anything wrong, you will be played in many different roles and versions and become the star of the show. I give you 100 marks. (Got my picture secretly taken and posted on Weibo).”

Malaysians have since defended her and showed their support for Kinki.

Source: Facebook

People should keep in mind that tattoos do not mean someone is immediately guaranteed to be a bad mother, father, employee or anything else in general.

And if any fingers are pointed, it should be directed at the fact that there are photographers out there taking non-consented images of women, and posting them online. 

Remember, tattoos are only skin deep, if you look at it any deeper than that, that’s your own fault. 


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Kinki Malaysia Tattoo Artist

Interested in Kinki Malaysia Tattoo Artist? On this page, we have collected links for you, where you will receive the most necessary information about Kinki Malaysia Tattoo Artist.

Kinki Ryusaki Studio – Home Facebook
    Kinki Ryusaki Studio, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 68,542 likes · 10 talking about this. Kinki Ryusaki Tattoo Studio We strive to deliver professional tattoo services to our valuable customers.Followers: 69K

Kinki Ryusaki – Home Facebook
    Kinki Ryusakiis at Spazio Hair Studio Sdn Bhd. Yesterday at 1:36 AM· Subang Jaya, Malaysia·. 今天又来做头发Treatment了 ️. 很多人会觉得去理发店花几百块做头发护理还不如花几十块钱去买护理液,自己在家护理,那是因为你还没遇见Tokio Inkarami Malaysia的产品。. 头发是你自己的,头发损伤了,影响你的形象,做了护理头发有所改善,美的还是你自己。. 高品质的产品效果稳定,持久性好,修复 …Followers: 963K

Chinese Netizens Slam Kinki Ryusaki For Being A “Bad …
    Jul 11, 2019 · A China-based Malaysian tattoo artist was recently criticised by Chinese netizens after photos of her went viral online Kinki Ryusaki was spending time with her two-year-old daughter when popular Chinese photographer Jing Ke Jie Pai took her picture and posted it on Chinese …

Kinki Ryusaki(Female Tattoo Artist) – YouTube

    May 23, 2014 · I’m a Professional Female Tattoo Artist from Malaysia!I’ve been tattooing since I’m 16 years old. I take great pride in my work as i believe in the art of ta…Author: Alin Lama

S’pore, Malaysian artists in spat over copycat tattoo …
    Oct 22, 2013 · The photo was credited to Kinki Ryusaki, the pseudonym of Kuala Lumpur-based artist Wong Wei Yin. Ms Ho was flattered at first, but later felt indignant. She told Mr …

On The Beat and Path get INKED (Malaysia) – YouTube
    Jun 19, 2012 · Steve and Gary decided to drop by BLOODY INK Tattoo Studio in Kuala Lumpur to get a small reminder of the project. Tattoo artists Kinki and Hanzki along with apprentice Ling, provide the art and …Author: OnTheBeatAndPath

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Singapore, Malaysian artists in spat over copycat tattoo, Singapore News & Top Stories

Is a tattoo design an original work of art that should not be copied? That has been the subject of an ongoing spat between a tattoo artist here and one in Kuala Lumpur, with lawyers weighing in to say it might well be a question of copyright.

It was in June last year that teacher Shan Ho, 25, got Singapore tattooist Moon Pang to put an original design of a lacy black bow on her back.

All was fine until a few weeks ago when she discovered an exact copy of her tattoo on the photo-sharing app Instagram. The photo was credited to Kinki Ryusaki, the pseudonym of Kuala Lumpur-based artist Wong Wei Yin.

Ms Ho was flattered at first, but later felt indignant. She told Mr Pang about the copy, and he tracked down a photo of his design on Ms Wong’s Facebook page. Entitled “Tattoo by Kinki Ryusaki”, it had garnered over 26,000 “likes”.

Mr Pang, 37, who uploads his work onto Instagram, Facebook and his own website, confronted Ms Wong via Facebook, but his comments were deleted.

Reached for comment, Ms Wong insisted she had done no wrong. She claimed she worked off a picture provided by her client, modifying the design “a little”.

“If you want to talk about copying, then everybody is copying each other,” said the 26-year-old, pointing out that other versions of the lace bow tattoo have been uploaded onto the Internet recently.

“The artist should be proud of it instead of making such a big fuss,” she added.

But intellectual property experts say tattoo art might well be covered by copyright laws.

An original work has copyright protection from the moment it is created in a tangible form, whether it is a sketch or a tattoo, and the original artist has the exclusive right to adapt or reproduce it.

“If you recreate the design, even in another medium, it’s still infringement,” said lawyer Jonathan Kok, a partner at RHTLaw Taylor Wessing.

And because both Singapore and Malaysia are signatories to international copyright agreements such as the Berne Convention, a Malaysian court would recognise the infringement of a Singaporean’s work and allow him to take action there, said Mr Kok.

Tattooists who upload their designs online said that while copying is fairly rampant, they try to dissuade clients who want a design they have seen elsewhere.

“That’s my standard policy and principle: To never ever repeat or copy any single design,” said Mr Elson Yeo, 34, owner of Think Tattoo at Far East Plaza.

Others like Exotic Tattoos’ senior artist Victor Ang, however, shrugged off the copycats, saying: “If you want to post something online, these are the consequences.”

Mr Pang, who runs Moonstruck Tattoo in Jalan Besar, says the spat with Ms Wong could have been avoided if she had only asked for his permission.

“We really just want to protect our rights and our customers’ rights,” he said.

Because Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Tattoos have come a long way in Malaysia and as a tattoo enthusiast; I understand the pain of searching for a place that offers good craftsmanship, hygiene and reasonable rates.

So, who’s ready to get inked up? Here we go.



Cute and dainty are the best words to describe Pink Tattoos. Don’t be intimidated by the feminine name, the artists here all badass in many different ways. There’s something for everyone at Pink, which is why Pink Tattoos is one of the most popular tattoo parlours in the country.


Contact them at: 017-9240507/03-22017465 or e-mail [email protected] or Facebook


Although their launch was only a few months ago, Shipwreck is a cool new place to check out because based on what they’ve already done so far, these guys are definitely talented. As for the artists, you might see some familiar faces from the body art scene so do check them out!


Contact: 03-2011 4999 or e-mail [email protected] or Facebook


Another famous name in the house, Borneo Ink is a place many will usually consider when it comes to tattoos and there’s a reason to that: It is an international award winning tattoo studio with impressive artwork. Can’t go all the way to Borneo for a tattoo? You can never go wrong with Borneo Ink.


Contact: 03-2300 1151 or [email protected] or Facebook


Specialising in modern art, Julian is a name you should remember for his intricate artwork. Currently tattooing at Wayang Kulit Tatu, SS15, this artist is not just someone who paints elegantly on skin but he also takes amazing photos and shares them on his Instagram page. More reasons to have him draw on your skin!


Contact: 017 8811 528 or e-mail [email protected] or Instagram


The equivalent of Malaysia’s Kat Von D, Kinki is not only a star herself but is an amazing tattoo artist who has been making body art since the tender age of 16. Currently running her studio under her own name at Publika, Kinki is continuing her legacy and also juggling motherhood at the same time!


Contact: 03-6211 0329 or [email protected] or Facebook


Described as a home based tattoo studio, Kim started tattooing her twin sister Jazz as guinea pig before she left to Macau for a short course. Now with eight years of experience, Kim has worked with Claudio Comite from Little Star Tattoo and frequents tattoo conventions in Italy, England, and Australia.


Contact: 012-647 3353 or [email protected] or Facebook



A few tips for first timers:


  1. Always communicate clearly with your artist. Make sure you know what you want and make any changes before it’s permanently inked onto you skin.
  2. There’s a price range for everyone! Unless you’re particular about who your artist should be, do your research and find what fits your budget. Home based tattoo artists tend to be more affordable but this also depends on expertise.
  3. Take after care seriously. Whether or not your tattoo artist mentions after care, always bring it up as it is a crucial step. Your tattoo needs to heal properly.

Like this:

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Malaysia’s Top 10 Tattoo Studios

Image Credit: www.

Tattoo is being well recognised as a form of body art. Many stylish celebrities are treating tattoo as an accessory and have started to set the trend around the world. Just like the global trend, we also witnessed a rising trend for body art within the millennials and Gen-Ys in Malaysia.  From dainty stars to written words, many youngsters have taken the tat plunge. If you are looking for a good tattoo studio, check out these 10 homegrown tattoo studios are turning tattoos into funky fashion accessories.

1) Kinki Ryusaki Studio

Kinki Ryusaki, the owner of the Kinki Ryusaki Studio, is a young and beautiful tattoo artist. Beginning her craft at the youthful age of 16, she is definitely experienced in this field. Together with a team of professional tattooists, they strive to deliver the best service and body art to their customers. They view the art of tattooing as the art of life.  Style-wise, it is easily one of the most diverse studios in the city.

FB: kinkiryusakistudio | IG: @kinkiryusakistudio

2) Yang Lee Tattoo

As a tattoo studio established in 2008, Yang Lee Tattoo offers a large variety of tattoo art from influences of time and culture. They strive for total customer satisfaction and are willing to go out of their way to make sure everyone walks away with exactly what they want. Their goal is to give their customers tattoos that they are proud to wear for the rest of their lives. If you’re looking for great services with a friendly environment, this definitely should be on your list. | FB: Yangleetat2 | IG: @yangleetattoo

3) Skin Nation Tattoo

Located in Penang, Skin Nation Tattoo has a team of talented professional tattooists. They offer services ranging from tattoo design to aftercare consultation. The tattooists are able to work on customised designs and freehand the tattoo directly onto the skin to ensure that it fits with the contours of your body. The shop has a friendly atmosphere which makes customers feel at home.
FB: skinnation | IG: @mc_skinnationtattoo

4) Black Cat Tattoo Studio

Black Cat Tattoo Studio prides themselves in offering the highest standards of hygiene and safety in their services. It is a full service studio with a fun and relaxing environment to make sure customers will feel most at ease. Their services range from old to new school designs and from different artistic styles. Their designs will definitely translate your imagination and creativity onto your skin. | FB: blackcatmy | IG: @blackcatmy

5) Tribal Bodyworks Tattoo Studio

Tribal Bodyworks Tattoo Studio has built one of the best reputations in Kuala Lumpur’s tattoo scene. The dedicated team are friendly and talented, and happy to guide you through the vast choices of available tattoo art.  The tattooists have all the tools they need at their disposal to create the best artwork for the most solid and well-crafted designs.

FB: TribalBodyworksTattoo | IG: @tribalbodyworkstattoo

6) Hai Yuan Tattoo Studio

This is a relatively new tattoo studio established in 2013. Some may associate their newness with inexperience, but that is definitely not the case. This tattoo studio led by tattoo master Hai Yuan Sun offers innovative and imaginative tattoo designs for their customers. What’s interesting is that they also provide tattoo learning courses for those who are interested.

FB: HaiYuanTattooStudio | IG: @haiyuantattoo

7) Maotattoo Studio

Setting up shop in 2010, Mao Tattoo Studio is known as an innovator in the Malaysian tattoo scene, being one of the earliest studios to be fully equipped with disposable tubes and needles. Maybe it is their sense of innovation that has won them multiple awards internationally. It is a studio which specialises in different cultures of art, and one of their artists is Kelly V, a talented female tattoo artist who has been in the industry for more than 10 years.

FB: Maotattoo.KellyV | IG: @maotattookellyv

8) Pink Tattoos

Pink Tattoo has an experienced team of three artists including their founder, Lynda Cheah. Its homey studio will make customers feel comfortable when getting some ink done. They have a high standard of hygiene, making sure customers receive quality work in a sanitary environment. | FB: PinkTattoos | IG: @pinktattoos

9) Borneo Ink Tattoo

This well-featured tattoo studio has won numerous awards from across the world. The artists here specialise in doing one-of-a-kind custom tattooing and are proficient in all manners of tattooing styles. They are willing to work within the customer’s budget and offer free aftercare for all their tattoos. | FB: BorneoInkTattoo | IG: @borneo_ink_tat2

10) Inkcraft Tattoo Studio

The team at Inkcraft Tattoo Studio believe that they are a platform for people who are passionate in the art of tattooing. They also strive to provide a fun and relaxing environment for all their clients. Their team of international and local artists specialises in custom designs with a large variety of influences. | FB: inkcrafttattoostudio | IG: @inkcrafttattoostudio

The compilation of this list was made from accumulation of Public Votes at

90,000 meaning, history, facts, photos, sketches, drawings

In the material we will analyze the meaning of the crescent moon tattoo , the history and meaning of this tattoo design, let’s look at the options. For those who have decided on a drawing and create a unique image for subsequent transfer to the body, we suggest viewing additional pages of the site on this topic:

The meaning of a crescent moon tattoo – examples of cool ready-made tattoos

Interesting about the meaning of the crescent moon tattoo

For a long time, people covered their bodies with tattoos. Adherents to decorate their bodies were both women and men. People created tribes and clans, and by tattoos it was possible to determine which people a particular person belongs to: he is a warrior or just a worker. From all this, we can conclude that tattoo in past centuries was more a necessity than just a desire to distinguish oneself.

The crescent image is one of the most popular. It is believed that the moon affects human life cycles and natural processes in general. The moon was feared and worshiped.Different peoples attached their importance to it. The Chinese considered the month and the moon to be feminine. In Gabon, this symbol was associated with the forces of evil and night. In South America, the month was considered a deity controlling the elements. One way or another, the image of the crescent carries something mysterious, mysterious.

When depicting a crescent moon on your body, you should clearly understand what meaning you are putting into this tattoo. Depending on what character a person has, the influence of this sign on him will also change.

It is believed that the crescent moon tattoo is purely female. However, there are also guys with this image, with the only difference that they have it looks more brutal, more courageous.

Examples of photos:

The meaning of the “Crescent” tattoo

The meaning of the “Crescent” tattoo is very diverse:

  • mystery and mystery;
  • fertility and femininity;
  • intuition and latent power;
  • calmness, beauty and tenderness.

This image is suitable for secretive people who do not like noise and crowds. Rather, the owner of this tattoo is a lone person with a calm character. Also, a crescent moon pattern can be found on the body of creative people or adherents of magic.

As mentioned above, women prefer the crescent. So the girl wants to show her mystery, femininity. In some cases, the crescent moon characterizes motherhood, love, tenderness. If you are a romantic person and want to add a bit of mystery to your image, then a crescent moon tattoo is the best fit for you.

A man, applying a crescent moon tattoo to his body, shows his strength of mind, a desire for unity with the world around him. With this pattern, you can express your individuality and originality. Unlike female images, male tattoos look different. Sometimes there are even aggressive, frightening drawings.

Variants of a crescent moon tattoo

There are many variations on this figure. You can get a tattoo either separately for a month or in conjunction with other images.Here are some options that might interest you:

  • smiling month – suits girls, romantic and “unearthly” natures;
  • the moon peeping out from behind the clouds – suitable for mysterious natures, prone to magic;
  • wolf howling at the moon – is suitable for loners in life. It can also mean the inner experiences of a person;
  • moon with stars – is suitable for those for whom happiness lies in the family.It can mean the desire of a person to be needed and in demand;
  • month with a human face – depending on what emotion is depicted on the face of the crescent, its owner conveys his state of mind.

These are just a few variations of the crescent moon. In your imagination, you can come up with your own, individual drawing and embody it on your body.

Best Tattoo Place

Depending on the size of the tattoo, it can be placed anywhere on the body.Small drawings depicting only a month will look beautiful behind the ear, on the wrist, on the back of the head. You can also find such a tattoo on the earlobe and fingers.

For large tattoos and those that include more than a month in their composition, places such as the back, shoulder, thigh and abdomen are suitable. If you are an extreme and want to stand out from the crowd as much as possible, then you can get a tattoo on your head, or rather on the skull. Accordingly, for this you must be clean-shaven.

Watch the video:

Having decided to get a crescent moon tattoo, remember that this is a strong sign that has a huge impact on a person’s destiny.

You can see:


Prepared by: olechka85-2016 (Dorozhko Olga Sergeevna)

90,000 Thank God it’s Fashion Saturday: Esquire Fashion Director’s Weekly Picks Issue 15

Hublot watch Big Bang Sang Bleu II White

Watch companies experienced the pandemic in different ways: someone established distance selling, someone organized presentations of new products for the press and customers online. For Hublot, the past quarantine also cannot be called a period of forced calm – the Swiss manufacture presents one novelty after another. Among my favorites are the updated Big Bang Sang Bleu II models. What is remarkable about them is that they were created in collaboration with Maxim Plescia-Buchi, the famous Swiss tattoo artist. His creative agency Sang Bleu (blue blood – Approx. Esquire ) publishes a magazine dedicated to the visual arts, fashion, sociology, kinki culture and tattoo culture, and also deals with typography.Tattoo studios of the same name are located in Zurich, London and Los Angeles, and Maxim himself put a hand and a needle to the skin of people like Kanye West and FKA Twigs. He first created the design of the Big Bang Sang Bleu four years ago, when the case was engraved in the form of lines, as if pierced with a metal needle, and the dial was adorned with a construction of abstract graphic elements indicating the time instead of hands. The second “edition” was the limited chronograph Big Bang Sang Bleu II: the lines on the case became clearer, the design of the “hands” on the dial was also changed – instead of an abstract polygon, a polyamond appeared, allowing you to see the chronograph counters. Today, the manufactory presents new variations of this chronograph in two materials (titanium and King Gold) and two finishes (with or without diamonds on the bezel). The main difference from previous models is the snow-white strap and details on the dial, emphasizing the brilliance of metals and diamonds (optional) on the 45 mm case. With an automatic movement and a 72-hour power reserve, you can endlessly admire this beauty.

Suits Alexander McQueen

I sincerely consider a men’s wardrobe incomplete without a suit tailored to your figure and height.The stigma of office uniforms has long been removed from this garment by the best fashion houses. And if there are still no options in your closet, I also sincerely sympathize with you. A suit removes the question “what to wear?” In a second, a suit makes you a person with good posture in a minute (slouching in a suit, are you serious?), A suit in an hour will make the right impression at an important meeting. I think it’s understandable. Let’s take a look at specific examples. In the fall collection of Alexander McQueen, special attention is paid to the suit, it is shown in all the beauty of the classic English cut (tight, narrow, elongated silhouette).This one suits tall, and this is perhaps its only drawback. So if nature has not deprived you of height, strict single-breasted or double-breasted twos and coats made of tweed, mohair or gabardine are definitely worthy of your attention.

House designer Sarah Burton has great respect for the legacy of Alexander McQueen, and for Lee (as his close friends called him), men’s clothing was a kind of armor. He himself dressed quite simply, but the models in his shows were both romantic and warlike, which made (and under the direction of Burton continues to do) the man Alexander McQueen, perhaps the last modern knight.Colors (especially bright scarlet) and floral patterns are responsible for romance in this collection, military-style details and panels in contrasting shades, creating a strict silhouette, for belligerence. At first glance, a complex combination, as a result of which a beautiful image is born.

Gastrobar Boulevard 22

May the Ministry of Health forgive me, but I consider a glass of wine one of the obvious ways to relieve stress. In my ideal world, the number of glasses never exceeds a certain norm, in reality, of course, this does not always happen.I cannot call myself a wine snob, wine in a restaurant or a bar (yes, even in bars I drink wine most often, hello, the classic “double shiraz in a glass with me”) I choose according to the principle “I have, please, a red, full-bodied mineral” than I invariably cause a slight grin from the sommelier. That said, the wine I choose almost never goes well with the food I choose. So the new wine restaurant on Novinsky Boulevard (house 22, as you might guess) became a salvation for me. “Far Eastern scallop with Italian orzo and Thai lime zest under bright Moselle Riesling, beef cheeks with pea puree under Parmesan mousse under light but thin Burgundy pinot noir, shrimps in sea buckthorn near Moscow to elegant French Chablis” – not all wine combinations and the dishes that will be offered to you there. If you, like me, relieve stress with a glass, then you are clearly not up to studying a long wine list, in this case the sommelier will become your best guide. With the card itself, if you want, you can have fun as much as you like: it has more than 200 positions and is organized in a very unusual way. The map is designed in the form of a funny textbook, where each page is accompanied by drawings about species, varieties, descriptions, production methods. She can even teach you about wine if you are unable to articulate your sommelier requests after a tough day.The sections of the card are also non-standard: “The first glass” (from light familiar whites to interesting reds), Russian wines are presented in unusual positions and the most interesting chapter of the card “What you didn’t dare, but should try” (petnats, orangi, natural wines) … Basically, now you know where you will spend your next date. Or relieve stress. We will sit at adjacent tables.

Dr. Martens x Basquiat

I already wrote about the collaboration of Dr. Martens and Sex Pistols, so right now I can be accused of bias, but what do I do when people create such cool and beautiful things? Of course, write about them and talk at every corner.So listen. Legendary neo-expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat started out as a graffiti artist in New York in the late 1970s. In June 1980 he took part in The Times Square Show, a collective exhibition of artists in an abandoned massage parlor off Seventh Avenue (among the participants were Keith Haring, Kiki Smith, Jenny Holzer and Kenny Scharf), and in 1982 he met Andy Warhol.

On August 12, 1988, at the age of 27, Basquiat died of an overdose in his studio on Great Jones Street.He left behind a huge visual legacy in which symbols and words are intertwined (skeletons, mask-like faces, cars, buildings, police, children’s play on the sidewalk and graffiti), and this legacy is recognizable at first sight. Schematic (and for some, naive) drawings adorned the classic models 1460 and 1461. The high one got the iconic ornaments, the low one – a fragment of a colorful canvas, on the laces of both models there is a detail depicting a crown, one of the most famous symbols of Basquiat.Thus, Dr. Martens not only pay tribute to the Brooklyn poet, musician, artist and rebel, but they continue to celebrate their anniversary. Let me remind you that the first pair of Dr. Martens 1460 was produced on April 1, 1960. And on December 22 of the same year, Jean-Michel was born. It was a good year.

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– If I said: I am a wanderer from the East and seeks what is lost …
– Then I would answer: I am a wanderer from the West, and I – then , what are you looking for.
(Ancient Greetings of the Medjays)

Servants of the Egyptian Gods
From May 21 to November 21 at the Museum of Natural History will be the Days of Egyptian Culture, in conjunction with the Cairo Museum of Archeology.

“We missed that yet,” Larry muttered and returned the booklet to the information desk.

– Is something wrong, Brooklyn Keeper? – Acmenra came up and stood behind him, looking at the booklets. – Exhibition from Cairo? How interesting.Why did it bother you so much?

Larry calmed down a little under his watchful gaze.

– I have a premonition. And don’t look like that. You know, over the years of work as a watchman, a chuyka is developed. Professional. Especially in a madhouse like ours.

– I understand, – Acmenra put his hand on his shoulder. – I call it “the intuition of the ruler”. When the stars add up favorably, but you are in no hurry, for some reason you are hesitating … And then it turns out that you shouldn’t have rushed.

– Yes, it is.It’s the same with this exhibition. After all, not your parents will come! And some unknown mummies and sculptures. Where is the guarantee that they will behave?

– Larry, I’ll talk to them.

– Are you sure? What if another pharaoh? What if a different dialect? No, Ak, we can’t just count on all the mummies to listen to you. So many horror stories about mummies! Tutankhamun! Ramses! We are taking risks!

– Everything will be fine, Larry! – Acmenra looked into his eyes and smiled broadly.- Because we are with you.

Larry exhaled and smiled back.

How much can you worry.

Preparations for the exhibition were in full swing. Dr. McPhee was going crazy with nerves and regularly pounded on the palm of his hand with a glass jar of pills.

– All these activities will kill me someday! – he broadcasted mournfully.

Larry looked at him sympathetically. Rebecca just chuckled:

– Just think, exhibition. And not so worried.

“It’s only a week after all, Dr. McPhee,” Larry said.- Six nights. We just won’t put on a show for the duration of the exhibition, that’s all.

“As for the rest of the nightlife… It won’t hurt,” Rebecca hastened to add.

– If I was worried about the nightlife! The director rolled his eyes. – I’m worried about mine! And yet … you are young! You can not understand!

And, waving a doomed plump hand, withdrew down the corridor towards his own office.

Larry and Rebecca looked at each other.

“But look at the excitement,” Rebecca said in a cheerful voice.- Previously, we had one pharaoh, and now several.

As soon as she uttered these words, her face changed.

– Oh, Larry …

– Do you understand yourself now? Larry raised his eyebrows. – Well nothing. Ak promises we can handle it.

“Well, if only Ak promises,” Rebecca sighed. – Shouldn’t I take a vacation before it’s too late?

Larry shook his head silently.

It was late.

Two days left before the exhibition.

The exposition, as expected, was exhibited in front of the Egyptian Hall.There was too little space in the hall itself, and it would have been necessary to move Acmenra’s sarcophagus, which Larry categorically opposed. Rebecca supported.

Therefore, the brought sarcophagi were placed right on the way to the Egyptian hall. At the initiative of one of the workers of the Cairo museum, one of those who came with the exhibition, two sarcophagi were put on the priest.

“It’s more effective,” he said with a terrible accent.

His eyes were black-black.

The badge stated that the worker’s name was Yasuf.

– Isn’t it too strange, uh-uh, Yasuf? Larry asked. – People will go and resist …

– It’s better this way! So more immersion!

“True, Larry, the space is small, and the effect is amazing,” Rebecca intervened, to everyone’s surprise.

– I give up. Do whatever you want. I’m just a watchman! Larry made a face and raised both hands.

The workers, being careful, set the sarcophagi on the props.

– Why chains? – suddenly asked Larry.

This is what went wrong in the sarcophagi. Immediately struck, but managed to formulate only now. One sarcophagus was wrapped in a strong chain with a massive lock.

An interesting solution for an exhibition.

“So …” Yasuf shrugged. – They said – it should be so.

“Larry, take another box from the landing stage,” Rebecca asked, referring to the checklist she was holding. “I’ll stay here for a while.”

Larry sighed and retired to the landing stage.

One of the workers thrust a heavy box into his hands.

Larry was struck by the strange tattoos under the eyes of the worker. It is strange to observe this in the twenty-first century: it hurts, in the end, and there is no artistic value. Simple blue markings and dots. More like a ritual tattoo of priests than a way of expressing oneself.

Larry knew everything about self-expression. And two months have not passed since Nicky got his first tattoo, and was already preparing for the second run. Larry categorically did not approve of tattoos, but then Nick insisted on his own: he is already an adult, he himself controls his life and body, and the specifics of his work develops tunnel vision!

Surprisingly, even Acmenra stood up, saying that tattoos in this century have long lost their original meaning and are now only a work of art.

– Like paintings on the skin, – Akmenra smiled dreamily then. – I would like myself, too, but it’s useless, the next night will not. And Pharaoh, of course, was not allowed.

– Because only a priest or a slave can wear a tattoo? – asked Nick knowingly.

“Therefore,” Acmenra replied and patted his healing shoulder. – And your flower is very beautiful. What is it called?

– Chicipatl. It means vitality and protects the one who wears his image.Sakajaweya advised.

Acmenra raised a questioning glance at Larry.

“Dahlia,” Larry said with a sigh. – Chichipatl is a dahlia.

Nick laughed.

– You always strive to simplify everything, dad!

“It’s just that everything in my life is too complicated,” Larry replied, casting a quick glance at Acmenra. – So I want to, you know, simplify where possible.

Nick only threw up his hands.

But since then, Larry has found an annoying habit of being distracted by other people’s tattoos.Dahlia is chichipatl! – Nicky came out wonderfully good, he was lucky with the master, but not all the pictures looked so skillful. What the worker ruined his face with was clearly not included in the top 100 best tattoos on Instagram.

However, he did not linger on his face. He took the box and went inside. Behind my back, I heard a worker in good English continue to hand out instructions, and smiled out of the corner of his lips: twenty-first century, globalization! Egyptians learn English, Englishmen understand Egyptian … And not only that.If you work in a museum, you will get the best education in the world, that’s for sure.

Larry carried the last box to Rebecca and looked around. Yasuf disappeared. Everything was neatly arranged on stands, people hired by McPhee connected alarms to the exhibits.

– Doesn’t she scream at night? Larry asked cautiously, glancing sideways at the bundles of wires.

“We’ll turn everything off at night,” Rebecca reassured him. – Do you think these …

“All the exhibits come to life at night,” said Larry’s terrible eyes.- You should have seen what was happening in the Smithsonian Museum, the pictures come to life! Maybe it’s good that these guys are on clasps.

“There’s one guy here,” Rebecca pointed to the sarcophagus. – It seems like the mummy of a priest, and executed by a terrible execution. The plates will be delivered in the late afternoon, the printing house has failed. But this is not scary, the opening is only tomorrow.

– Who is in the other sarcophagus?

“Kind of like a concubine,” Rebecca said not too confidently. – The waybill says so, and we learn the rest from the plates and accompanying papers.But then. Now, Larry, we still have a lot to do!

There is always a lot of things to do before a major exhibition. Larry escorted the workers, closed the landing stage and returned to the museum. Without opening the folder with the signs and information, he threw it on the table to Rebecca. During the day I had to read so many lists and documents that the letters jumped before my eyes, not folding into words.

– Maybe it would be better if all of humanity began to write in hieroglyphs? He asked plaintively.

“Don’t hope.” Rebecca was tying the belt of her coat.- I need to sleep. And learn all these texts. Couldn’t send it early, not an exhibition, but a cat in a poke. There has never been such an outrage! Can you handle it here?

– I can handle it, – Larry winked. – I’m not alone.

– Dad! – Nick waved his hands happily. – I’ve come! I made it!

– Well done, son, – Larry gave him a kit and a flashlight. – The sun will set soon.

Some time ago, Larry made an agreement with Dr. McPhee about an internship in security for Nicky. So Nick could not only keep his father company during night shifts, but also gain experience that could be useful in the future.

Nick didn’t share his enthusiasm – who needs a “night watchman” line on his resume if you’re not Larry Daly? – but agreed to the form.

– Forward. It’s time to meet Akmenra! – said Larry, and they rushed into the Egyptian hall.

The tablet lit up, flooding everything around with magical golden light. The plates turned. The museum shook, scratched, spoke, breathed in an instant – came to life. Larry listened contentedly to the familiar hum and slid open the lid of the sarcophagus.

“Hi, Ak,” he said.

Acmenra smiled at him sunnyly.

“I’ll see what’s in the new hall,” Nick said quickly and dashed away, giving his father an opportunity to greet his partner properly.

Larry pulled Acmenr to him and kissed him slowly, for a long time. They were in no hurry with the meeting – as they tried not to rush into parting. No, no, it seemed to everyone that the time allotted to them was not enough, and one day it would come to an end, in spite of the magic of the tablet.

– We’re in trouble, – Larry smiled, helping the pharaoh to get out of the sarcophagus.- And it’s time for us to go to them.

– Is it impolite to keep them waiting? – Ak chuckled. – What are our guests?

– I don’t know yet, I’ve been waiting for you. But the sarcophagus of one of them is in chains. Why do you think?

“So that the one inside is not free,” Akmenra muttered as he finished dressing. “Perhaps your gloomy predictions will now come true.

– Let’s go and find out.

Silence reigned in the new Egyptian hall. A large sarcophagus, bound with chains, stood like a stone statue.

– Who put them like that? Acmenra frowned. – It’s inconvenient!

– Organizers, – Larry threw up his hands. – Shhh, maybe our guests are still sleeping. Let’s go around the museum and come back here later.

– In general, it is strange that it did not work right away, – Acmenra gazed at the patterns on the sarcophagus. – Who is lying here?

– I don’t know, I haven’t read it yet. Rebecca’s museum plaques. By the way, we would like to attach them.

– Let’s go get them. My heart is restless …

Larry from Acmenra went down the stairs.

At that moment, they heard a noise.

– Outsiders on the territory! Catch them, Rexie!

A huge tyrannosaurus, incited by Nika’s loud cries, rushed forward, not making out the way. Two men in black robes flew away from him. In one leap, the intruders jumped over Rexie’s pedestal and hid behind him.

Larry sighed, recognizing himself in them on the first night. Whoever the aliens are, the joy of first meeting the inhabitants of the museum is a traumatic event in itself.

– Hey Rexie! – stopped Tyrannosaurus rex Larry, rolling out from under the table a car with a bone.

He always kept the spare close to the plinth. The one that Nick was supposed to launch was forgotten.

– I see you have a lot of energy, friend? – Larry pressed a button on the remote, and the car went forward.

Rexie, as if spellbound, waddling, hurried after her.

– That’s it … – Larry jammed the remote control and left the table. – Nick!

– What, dad?

Larry grabbed his sleeve and shook his finger.

– It is not good to incite T-Rex on people! What are you, Dexter? Great apes must have other amusements.

– But they have dark intentions, dad! I overheard their conversation! They hid in the back room and were about to rob the museum!

Larry turned menacingly towards the plinth.

– Is it true? Please note, I am a watchman. Night watchman. And I own different techniques!

– Larry! Acmenra stopped him with a gesture. – Let our guests say.

Two strangers emerge from their precarious hiding place.One of them, looking at Acmenr, put his fingers to his lips and forehead in a respectful gesture. Another, squinting, awkwardly repeated his movements.

“Greetings, son of the Sun,” said the first, and Larry recognized him.

This was the Arab worker with the strange tattoos on his face. Now that he was not wearing a nondescript cap, one could see the marks on his forehead; resin hair hung in thick rings over his shoulders. He was dressed all in black, and his clothes resembled a warrior from old engravings.

The second person did not resemble an Arab, but an American. Light-eyed and fair-haired, with a haircut, with a clean face – but with the same marks on his arm. The sleeves of his black robe were rolled up and the symbols could be seen.

They suddenly seemed familiar to Larry. Either he saw them somewhere, or read about them …

“I beg your pardon for the intrusion,” said the Arab, bowing his head in apology. – We are not thieves. And not your enemies. We are Medjai.

– Medjai! Larry exclaimed.- Exactly! This is where I saw these tattoos!

– Who are the Medjai, Dad? – put in Nick, who reacted, it seems, to the word “tattoos”, and not at all to everything else.

“I’ll tell you later,” Larry answered quickly.

– No, why not! Children need to be educated, – responded the second in pure English. – I have a son myself. He also likes to go to work with his dad.

“Medjai is something like the police,” Akmenra explained. – Elite squad with the pharaoh. Almost legendary service, as I was able to understand from the Internet.

– And it still exists, – thoughtfully rubbed Larry’s chin. – So, for example, the Egyptian special forces drove in at their leisure to another continent … Why?

“You have something very dangerous here,” said the Arab. “The mummy that was sent to you … It’s not just a mummy. This is the blackest soul that has ever disturbed this world, a vengeful and vicious soul. And if she comes to life …

– Yes, there are no options, – burst out from Larry. – She has already come to life!

From the second floor came a rhythmic beat.As if someone was pounding from the inside against the lid of the sarcophagus. Acmenra winced. Larry could not escape his reaction. A few years ago, Akmenra fought the same way himself – desperately, without any hope of being free again.

“You see, we have a special museum here,” Larry said quietly taking Acmenra by the hand. – Everything comes to life. At night. This is how fun we live. You have already appreciated our dinosaur. We also have Attila, the Romans, the Wild West and the tigers. And here is Akmenra, the pharaoh of the fourth dynasty.And my name is Larry Daley …

– Guardian of Brooklyn. He’s in charge here, ”Akmenra interjected.

The Arab nodded.

– I am Ardeth Bey. I came here from Egypt to stop evil.

“And he dragged me here,” the Englishman rolled his eyes. “I’m Rick O’Connell, historian, explorer, adventurer. It so happened that also a medzhai. Hard to explain.

“Life in general is not the easiest thing,” Larry said philosophically. – You don’t have to explain, we already understand.

– Do you know about these mummies? Tell us, Akmenra asked.“And… we should go upstairs. There is only one sarcophagus in the chains.

Ardeth Bay and Rick O’Connell exchanged glances.

“Forward,” commanded Ardeth.

All five rushed up the wide marble staircase.

Rick spoke as he ran:

– The mummy that was delivered to you is a priest of Pharaoh Seti I, named Imhotep.

“Seti I is the nineteenth dynasty,” Akmenra said. – It will be difficult to come to an agreement with him, we speak different dialects, since I am a pharaoh of the fourth dynasty.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Rick chuckled. – This creature speaks excellent English!

– Imhotep was executed for defiling the beloved concubine of the pharaoh and buried alive. Because of this, his spirit was filled with darkness and vengeance, and he has already risen twice to oppress Egypt, – said Ardet Bey. “We learned that his mummy had been found again, although it seemed impossible to us. Where we … parted with him for the last time, everything went into the sands, but will archaeologists ever calm down?

He cast a grim look at Rick.

He looked in front of him.

“He killed my wife at the last meeting,” Rick said quietly. – It was almost ten years ago. I was hoping that he left with both ends, but no.

– When we found out about it, it was too late. He was sent to an exhibition here in New York. We ran after him to find out that there was no chance to hold him back …

Ardeth Bey glared at the sarcophagus, which shook from the crushing blows from within. The chain, which was powerful at first glance, seemed to be about to fail.

– Who is in the second sarcophagus? Larry asked quickly.

Rick chuckled nervously.

– There should have been Ankh-Su-Namun, his concubine. But her soul is lost forever. Will not rise again. Evie’s last gift … So they brought an empty sarcophagus. For clarity, so to speak.

– Empty? – said Larry in a strange voice.

Rick nodded.

– Then what opens it from the inside now? – Larry howled, jabbing his finger at the lid of the sarcophagus, which slowly rode forward.

Rick drew his pistol, Ardeth drew his saber.

“Don’t move,” they warned.

The cover has moved one more step.

– Nicky, be a friend, run after Attila, – Larry asked quietly. “And call Teddy here, where the hell is he wearing it when you need it?”
Nick nodded and rushed into the twilight of the corridor.

The lid of the sarcophagus jerked a couple of times and pulled back, releasing what was inside.

– ALEX ?! – Rick dropped the gun in surprise.

– Hi Dad! – said a pretty young man, seemingly the same age as Nick, getting out of the sarcophagus. – And how do mummies live in this?

– The secret is simple, young gentleman – because they don’t live! – Rick growled, in two steps being next to his son. – What are you doing here? I told you to stay home! In safety!

“But you’re in danger, Dad,” Alex said reasonably. – Mom always insisted that we should stick together.

– But how did you get here before us? – asked Ardeth.

– I found out about the exhibition when you were in Am Shire and dealt with the excavations. Uncle Jonathan found out that the mummy from Am Shir would be immediately taken to New York, and, since it was such a good coincidence, the new discovery would be immediately presented to the general American public. After all, it was assumed that they never buried in Am Shir! How would they know. The grief-archaeologists were not even embarrassed by the fact that this mummy had already been dug up twice. Uncle Jonathan suggested that I hide in an empty sarcophagus. Which is supposedly for Ank-Su-Namun. Oh, what an adventure!

“Jonathan …” Rick muttered.- Well, he’ll get it from me!

“I was just worried, Dad,” Alex said, and stepping forward, hugged his father tightly.

Rick sighed.

– Well … Since the mystery of one sarcophagus has been solved … We must take care of our old friend.

“A longtime comrade can’t get out,” Akmenra said. “And it won’t if we put the sarcophagus properly. The chains are strong. And you can’t just move the lid – I know what I’m talking about. Moreover, if it is properly wrapped inside.

“I have no idea how he is wrapped up, and I don’t want to know,” Rick said.- Let’s put down the sarcophagus and think about what to do next.

At that moment Nick ran into the hall, followed by a crowd of armed Huns.

– What to do, who to beat? – Nick shouted.

– Atala Bagala is there! – Attila echoed him.

– Calm down guys! – Hastened to calm them down Larry. – So far, no one. But soon it may be necessary. Attila, come here. Need your help. Overturn the sarcophagus.

“Not to overturn, but to put down,” Ardeth intervened. – If he breaks, Imhotep will get free.

– So one … two … they took it! Ak-ku-rat-nen-ko! …

The sarcophagus with Imhotep was lowered to the floor. Measured blows and terrifying groans continued to be heard from within.

– Did I scare people the same way? – Rounding his eyes, asked Akmenra.

Larry put his hand on his shoulder.

“No, you did it much more gracefully,” he answered confidently. – So, friends, I propose to leave the Huns here – they are excellent guards and will easily give battle to anyone. And now we will go down to my security room and you will once again, in detail, tell you everything.

– Will you pour some tea? Rick asked pleadingly. – I’m terribly thirsty. Your back room is very dusty!

“Come to me right away,” Larry shrugged. “But you chose the utility room.

– How did we know that you … wouldn’t consider us crazy?

– Reasonable. By the way, I have both a kettle and a coffee machine. Choose what you want.

Soon everyone settled in the cramped security room. Larry and Akmenra are on the couch, Rick is on a chair, Ardeth is at the wall, and Nick and Alex, without a word, flopped right on the floor.Larry and Rick exchanged knowing looks.

– So. It’s bad. A living mummy is in a museum, where everything is alive, for example … What does he want?

“Revenge,” Rick replied. – Revenge and eternal life. And now, probably, after the betrayal of Ank-Su-Namun, everything has only worsened.

“To put him to rest, we will have to use the ancient weapons of the Medjai,” said Ardeth Bey dully. – It’s with us. If we can strike … This creature will no longer rise.

– Can’t you come to an agreement with him? Larry asked.“We’re here, you know, against murder.

Ardeth gave him a hard look.

– You can’t. Believe me. This creature is not a man for a long time, and not even a man’s afterlife. He was full of anger even when he was first freed from Hamunaptra, and now, when his beloved betrayed him …

– What happened? – in a whisper Nick asked Alex.

– The Scorpion King got out there! Imhotep urged him on to us, – Alex answered just as quietly. – We only saved my mother then with the help of the Book of the Dead! But she gave her life to get Dad out.Ank-Su-Namun asked Imhotep to die among the scorpions, but at the last moment her mother pulled her along. Like this …

“Sorry …” Nick said in frustration. – I did not know.

“It was a long time ago,” Alex said. – I was eight. I already vaguely remember her.

Rick looked at them closely. The boys were quiet.

– We will have to kill him. Here and now. Tonight, ”Ardeth Bey said harshly. – Until the exhibition opened and people came. Hundreds of people he can make his slaves.

“Nicky, you know what … Go home,” Larry said decisively a quarter of an hour later.

– Here’s another! – Nick was indignant. – Are you going to do anything interesting here without us?

– We’re not going anywhere! Alex said firmly. – I have already stopped Imhotep, and without me it will be more difficult for dad to cope.

– I always help my dad too! – confirmed Nick.

Larry and Rick exchanged another knowing look. Ardeth chuckled. Acmenra stepped forward.

“It’s great that the sons of worthy husbands also grow up as worthy husbands,” he said seriously.- In my time your age was already the age of maturity. Therefore, we are grateful for your help. But one thing I ask: stay together and away from the Egyptian Hall. If you can keep the defenses at the door, preventing evil from entering the city, you will do more for us than anyone else.

Under his expressive gaze, Alex and Nick hesitated and agreed to take up a guard post.

– Well, you are a diplomat! – Rick whistled respectfully, looking at the backs of the retreating young men. – What formulations, I would not have entered my head.

“Youth is the same at all times,” chuckled Acmenra. – And at all times young people need to feel their importance. It’s not good to do that, of course, Larry says it’s called manipulation, but I don’t want Nick to get hurt. He is to me too … like a son.

– Alex is like a son to me, – Ardet dropped. “I didn’t want him here at all. Imhotep always knows weak points, he sees people through and through. Now his main enemy is Rick. It’s bad that his weakness is here …

“Don’t push it,” Rick shouted.- And without that sickening.

“Listen… I suggest we go to the Egyptian Hall,” Larry hastened to say, feeling that the situation was heating up. – Check out our dear friend.

“He’s not my friend,” Rick chuckled.

– Can I have a look at the tablet? Ardeth Bey asked. – The one that brings the dead to life? I’ve heard legends about her. But I could not imagine that I could actually see her.

– Yes, of course, – Acmenra gestured to everyone behind him. – No problem.

However, it was not possible to admire the tablet.

– Where is he? – Rick yelled, grabbing Attila by the breasts. – Weren’t you supposed to guard the sarcophagus ?!

– Agula magul ka! – the leader of the Huns defended himself. – Gamba ka!

– Do not offend Attila! – Larry pulled Rick aside by the shoulder. “So, Akmenra, find out what happened and it’s time to sound the alarm.

Akmenra nodded and quickly spoke to Attila in Hunnic. It turned out that, despite all the efforts of the Hunnic soldiers, Imhotep nevertheless broke the lid of the sarcophagus, broke the chains and started to run.During the escape, several Huns were seriously wounded.

“He’s too strong,” Ardeth whispered, clenching his fists.

“Well, I can congratulate you,” Larry said grimly. – The Days of Egyptian Culture have begun.

– Larry, maybe an alarm? .. – asked Acmenra, touching his palm with his.

Larry sighed and squeezed his fingers tightly.

– Whistle everyone up!

– I don’t understand, Gigantor! Jedidiah crossed his arms over his chest.- We have a revived evil mummy running around the museum, and you and the pharaoh are idle?

– We are acting! – Larry raised his hand. – You were collected, for example.

– I’ll take a detachment of fighters, and let’s go on reconnaissance, – Teddy Roosevelt saluted with a sword.

“I’ll look for him,” said Sakajaweya. – The floors were washed in the evening. This means that traces of his steps could remain. Sand, paint … The blood of the wounded. It is clearly visible on marble.

“Jed and I will also send our men into battle,” Octavius ​​announced.

– We ?! Decide for yourself, right? I won’t put my guys under someone else’s mummy!

– You will! Larry said everyone should help!

– Octy, did you see what this mummy did to Attila’s guys? They naturally die there! We need it ?!

– Didn’t mean to remind you, Jedidiah, but we all die, at least in the morning! Octavius ​​frowned. – And we are better than Larry or Nick. Or guests who are also alive.

“Even if I die, I will take the life of this creature with me,” Rick growled.

Ardeth raised his hand in warning.

– Don’t click death. She’s always there, ”he said. – Better to do without casualties.

– We still need to take the children away, – said Larry and rushed down the stairs.

“Here’s what … Nicky, Alex … I appreciate your eagerness to help us,” he said, finding the young men at the counter for Rebecca. “But we are dealing with someone who is very serious. Nick, your mom won’t forgive me. Alex! Your father must focus on his mission … Not to think about whether you are alive and whether you have fallen into the hands of Imhotep.So the two of you now take the money, hail a taxi, and drive to Rebecca’s. Eat pizza with her, watch TV … Anything, okay?

“Understood,” the boys sighed gloomily.

– That’s nice. Go ahead. Take care of yourself. – Larry impulsively hugged his son. – I love you, Nick.

Turning his back, Larry did not see Nick sneak a wink at Alex.

“We shouldn’t split up.” Acmenra grabbed Larry by the elbow, pulling him towards him. – Larry, a maniac is running around the museum! And you leave alone.

– Ak … – Larry took him by the shoulders and looked into his eyes. – I am a night watchman. The fact that you are helping me is great. We are a family. But I am responsible for all of you. Everything will be fine. Believe me.

– Larry, I don’t think you understand … – Acmenra closed his eyes and exhaled slowly. – I did not accidentally call him a maniac. Even rejecting the story of the mummy, which has already risen three times in order to sweep all living things off the face of the earth, he is a priest. And the priests were never normal, not under the fourth dynasty, not under the nineteenth.These are eternal narcotic vapors, toxic colors and an altered state of mind! Not even me can predict his behavior!

– That’s not necessary. We can do it like that. First time, or what? – Larry pulled Acmenr to him and kissed briefly on the lips. – It’s a shame, of course, that there won’t be a good night with cartoons, but we will defeat the mummy and we will catch up.

“You are very frivolous, Guardian of Brooklyn,” Pharaoh laughed, but his eyes remained serious. – Come on.

They still had to split up.The museum is quiet. Each fulfilled its role. The scouts were looking for the lurking fugitive in the darkest corners of the museum, Rexie growled in his belly, waddling along the corridor with a heavy gait, the Medjai mixed with the shadows. Larry didn’t bother them. Over the years of work in the museum, he learned to respect and honor other people’s rituals and traditions. The Medjai are an ancient army, and if its representatives got to New York, it is not his, Larry, that they are doing. If only the mission was crowned with success.

Larry didn’t want to think about how to explain himself to the police in case of failure.

At least the children are safe.

And Acmenra.

Larry persuaded him to return to the Egyptian Hall under the protection of the faithful jackals and from there coordinate the squads together with Roosevelt.

Akmenra Larry was not ready to take risks. Even in spite of the tablet.

Especially despite the tablet.

Larry remembered that it had crashed once before.

Akmenra refused to sit out safely. Briefly giving the order to one of the jackals to guard the hall and seize the criminal if he was near his sarcophagus, he, accompanied by the second jackal, returned to the guard room.The jackal left at the door, and he climbed up on the sofa and pulled the tablet to his knees.

Egyptian news was indeed full of reports of finds in the vicinity of the city of Am Shir. In addition to the mummy of the priest Imhotep – in fact, dug up for the third time, but who was embarrassed – hundreds of dried up beetles and scorpions and a whole underground city were found. True, getting to the ruins themselves did not work out yet. According to scientists, a temple, tall and majestic, towered over the city, and there were too many debris.

Found Am Shir after extensive earthquake. They searched the affected villages from drones and found ruins, previously unseen, in the thicket of the forest.

– To what technology has come, – Akmenra grunted.

Larry told him about the drones. They all wanted to buy one for the museum and thought about how to bring McPhee to a bright idea.
Further Akmenra read that the young archaeologist Yasuf Ahmed Samir led the expedition. Something pricked Acmenr in the back of his head; he had already seen the name. I definitely saw it.

Putting the tablet aside, he reached for the folder with the exhibition documents lying on the table.

“I’ll kill him,” Ardeth said, stopping Rick in the hallway. – Don’t bother.

– You think I haven’t killed before? Rick gritted his teeth. – Ardeth … He took everything from me.

– Think about it. Do you have a son. You have a case. You don’t have to lose everything.

– What do you want?

– I followed you to America – just think, Rick, on a plane! – not so that you stain your hands in the blood of this creature.I will take his life. It’s my duty. The sacred duty of the Medjay.

– Medzhaya, Medzhaya! All you are saying is about it. Has it given me a lot that in a past life I was a medzhay? How much did Evie get from what Nefertiri once was? Why past lives, when you have to do something in the present!

– Here we are. Something. If the Medjai’s debt has managed to get you out of the depths of alcohol, so be it, ”Ardeth frowned. – But I will kill Imhotep.

Rick put his hand on his shoulder.

– Let’s first find this thing, friend.We have until dawn.

– I wish I knew where he might be … I have a bad feeling about it.

Ardeth was not deceived by a premonition. In their search, they wandered into the remote corridors of the museum. It was quiet here, the electricity was muted, the doors were locked. The beasts were locked up here, and Larry closed the premises for the night every day, except for the show.
Ardeth and Rick walked past the tightly closed doors, looking around.

“I shouldn’t have listened to you and called a couple of machines on my contacts,” Rick muttered.

– This is New York. If they catch us here with a weapon … No, it’s better the old fashioned way.

“You’re not romantic,” Rick chuckled.

Ardeth chuckled:

– What can I do.

One of the doors flew open. Rick and Ardeth jumped to the side, grabbed the weapons they had: Rick’s pistol and Ardeth’s dagger. Three bullets pierced through the body of the one who stepped towards them – and did no harm.

– What a meeting! – said Imhotep and smiled.

Raised his hand with the palm clenched into a fist to eye level, unclenched his fingers and blew hard. A cloud of acrid brown powder filled the corridor. Ardet involuntarily inhaled, coughed, clamping his hand over his mouth; Rick doubled over, dropping the pistol.
Imhotep took a few steps forward. His bare feet quietly touched the marble slabs of the museum. He behaved as if he was walking through the palace of the pharaoh – towards his revenge.

Rick leaned against the wall as if trying to cough up his lungs. From the powder, there was nothing to breathe and rippled in his eyes.A brown cloud swirled down the corridor and did not think to settle.

Imhotep grabbed Ardet by the hair and pulled him up.

“You shouldn’t interfere in your own business, medzhai,” he said insinuatingly, and with force threw the medzhai into the wall.

Then he turned to Rick.

– Here’s a new meeting, – Imhotep’s voice oozed with open hatred. – And you can not hope that your stupid friends-medjai will save you this time too. Or …

He wrapped his hand around Rick’s wrist and slowly traced his finger across the darkening tattoo on his skin.At the same time, his gaze followed Rick’s face intently. He turned away, pulling a black handkerchief over his face, carefully hiding from the powder.

– Or do you hope that higher powers will come to your aid again?

– Worse: the night watchman will come and … APSHI! Said Larry’s voice behind him.

– And Theodore Roosevelt!

A shot rang out. The bullet pierced Imhotep’s body again – this time his arm, forcing him to release Rick. Imhotep turned to those who interrupted him, flashed his black eyes – and quickly disappeared into the darkness of the corridor.

– For me, my faithful soldiers, we will find the villain! – Roosevelt shouted and spurred Texas.

Faceless fighters of the North and South followed him in a united formation.

– What is this rubbish? – Larry screamed.

“I don’t know … But obviously something Egyptian,” Rick still cleared his throat. “Poison, perhaps, if not worse. Where did he get all this?

“Imhotep did not direct himself here,” croaked Ardet Bey, rising from the floor.

He was pale, his eyes glittering feverishly.

– He could have colluded with someone from the museum staff or archaeologists. To cloud their brains, to promise a reward … But you never know what? He has done this more than once.

“We’ll figure this out, friend,” Rick promised. – Here we will only understand what we breathed …

“Let’s go to the Egyptian Hall,” Larry commanded resolutely and sneezed again. – There is Akmenra, he is still a pharaoh. Will figure it out.

– What do you mean gone ?! – asked Larry at the jackal, forgetting with fright that the jackal does not understand English.

The jackal understood the sign language better, so he silently pointed his spear in the direction of the guard room.

– Oh, he … Infection, – Larry frowned. – That’s what, friends, go to the hall. The jackal will definitely not let you pass any Imhotep, the guard at Akmenr hoo. And I will go after him and bring our fugitive pharaoh here.

– Uh-huh … – Rick nodded and staggered. – And please, hurry up.

Larry ran to the security room at a run.

Seeing the jackal at the door, he exhaled a little.But only a little.

– Ak! He shouted, bursting into the room. – We were poisoned!

– What? – the pale Akmenra jumped up from the sofa.

– How do I know, we need an expert!

– Larry! Acmenra took him by the shoulders and shook him. – Calm down. Exhale. Tell me what happened.

– Imhotep is spraying somewhere in the museum. Something. Disgusting, acrid, brown, which makes everyone sneeze.

– Maybe some curry sauce? – smiled Acmenra, but Larry did not support the joke.

– He needs Rick. It seems that there are old scores, but the problem is that this priest is cunning and armed. He had some kind of powder. We’ve got enough of them. God knows what he still has in stock!

– Hush, Larry. His sarcophagus was empty. Is he wearing a lot of clothes?

– Not at all. Only a loincloth and some kind of tunic: apparently, what he was wearing under the bandages. He walks barefoot.

“So he just has nowhere to hide a lot of weapons,” Aka’s voice sounded soft and reassuring.- How do you feel? Doesn’t it feel sick? Are you dizzy?

“My throat is ticklish, and my head is spinning … And it leads,” Larry said, listening to himself.

Then he put his arms around Acmenra’s waist.

“I also want you very much,” he said honestly. – Because we had plans, and this Imhotep …

– Larry, stop!

Acmenra’s eyes widened.

He quickly pressed his fingers to Larry’s lips.

“It’s not poison,” he said quickly. – I know the symptoms. And I know the smell – here you have it on your collar.Can’t be confused with anything. It is ho-bun powder and was often used at court during the holidays. My brother Kamunra had a liking for him.
– Why was it used?

– For … amusement. It causes a rush of blood to the places of male power and excites the spirit.

“In short, an aphrodisiac,” Larry sighed. – And why the hell is Imhotep …

Acmenra shrugged.

“You know, when you’re a mummy, it’s very difficult to control what exactly will be put in your sarcophagus,” he said.“I wouldn’t be surprised if Yasuf thought he was putting poison, but he was wrong. Modern Egyptians know little about traditions, but they constantly strive to turn to them.

– Yasuf? Wait, that guy who’s been here all morning? From the Cairo Museum?

– He-he. I made inquiries while you were heroic. I’ll tell you everything. But first …

Acmenra pushed Larry towards the door and raised his eyebrows.

– We’ll solve your little problem first.

Larry was trembling, his head thrown back so that he hit the back of his head painfully.Hands fussy fumbled along the door, grabbing the handle, then the air – Akmenra did not take off the deshret, and it was completely impossible to run his hand through his hair as usual. It got in the way.
Larry bit his lip, suppressing a groan. The jackal outside the door, perhaps, did not care at all, but Larry could not get used to their constant presence. There are things that you can’t get used to, even if you crack.

Ancient Egyptian ho-bun powder fogged the brain. Larry vaguely remembered the importance, the haste and the deeds, but the blood boiled in his veins, making the most important the person who knelt before him, despite the royal clothes.
And did an excellent job with the complex buckle of the uniform belt.

Larry resisted the urge to hit himself in the face. Somehow stupidly he set himself up. It turned out that they could have trawled him there, and done anything, but he habitually thrust himself into the very heat … That would be a joy for Aku, if anything!

At this time, Acmenra took in his mouth, and Larry’s breath caught in his throat, and for a while his thoughts pulsed only around the hot mouth and fast rhythm.

Acmenra always guessed with rhythm.

Larry bit his hand and thought: Whatever it was – the idiotic plan of a mummy smelling of mothballs or the oversight of his servant – an aphrodisiac was a better idea than poison.

No one has ever died of an aphrodisiac, especially with a loved one at hand, always ready to help.
In addition, the powder enhanced the sensation. Larry didn’t remember the last time he was so shaken by the mere touch of someone else’s tongue. I didn’t remember my knees dropping like that from someone else’s breath.

Blood pounded in my temples.

Like a boy, by God!

However, he is with Akmenra and without any powders every night – like a boy.

He put his hand down and Acmenra put his fingers in it.Larry squeezed his hand tightly and closed his eyes.

Even the discharge was stronger than usual, the senses sharpened. He was all – a feeling …

– Feel better? Akmenra asked, rising from his knees.

– Mmm … Probably. A little, – answered Larry, pulling him to him for a kiss. – Thank you dear.

“Don’t even hope that you’ll get off so easy,” Akmenra winked. – But first – the case.

– You know … – Larry said with feeling. – I now have more motivation to get rid of Imhotep as soon as possible.And from our foreign friends at the same time.

They looked at each other in panic.

– Guests! They’re …

– Also! …

Akmenra and Larry shot out of the guard room and rushed into the Egyptian Hall.

“If it’s poison, it’s some kind of wrong,” said Rick, leaning his hands on the sarcophagus.

“Shut up,” Ardeth asked quietly, looking straight ahead.

– Are you okay?

– Yes, – Ardeth answered shortly and fell silent.

But when Rick took a step forward, Ardeth threw up his hand to stop him.

“You’d better stay away from me,” he warned.

– Why is this? – Rick grunted and rested his hand on the wall under which Ardeth was sitting.

Thoth gave him a somber look.

“Because it became clear to me what this powder was, and this knowledge did not bring me joy,” he replied.

– And what is it?

– Ho-bun. A rare aphrodisiac. So expensive that it was used only on big holidays at the court of the pharaohs. Nowadays, only a select few masters know the secret of its manufacture.

Rick choked.

– And why the heck is Imhotep? Decided to ask for a date, but there were no roses at hand?

– I think it’s easier. Imhotep was deceived – or mistakenly mistook the ho-bun for poison. At the time, sprayable powders were very popular, as they are reliable as a weapon and hit several people at once. Unsurprisingly, he chose this method. Or the one who woke him up.

– This tablet woke him up! And I will not be surprised that the whole exhibition was organized for this very purpose!

– Do you think ?….

– Yes! The exposition of this museum came to Cairo a year ago! Someone could find out about the miraculous properties of the tablet and want to use them for Imhotep. But the museum will fall asleep, and this one … Not a fact.

– You still have to live until dawn.

“That’s for sure,” Rick grinned, and there was not an ounce of amusement in his smile. – So, just you, me, and the ancient aphrodisiac?

– Rick! ..

– Worse things have happened …

Ardeth silently rose from the floor and gave Rick a heavy look.

– Get away from me.

– Why?

– Don’t you understand?

– Let’s say I don’t understand. We’ll both go crazy here if we don’t succumb to this rubbish. I, if you want to know, already have difficulty thinking.

“It’s not news to me, my friend, that you’re having difficulty thinking,” gasped Ardet, intending to walk past him.

Rick grabbed his arm, pulling him towards him.

“It’s news to me that you’re so stubborn,” he said. – Are all Medjai like that?

– I have to ask you.

Rick raised his hand and touched Ardeth’s cheekbone with his fingers tentatively. Slowly he traced the wide dark crescent, marked the points with light touches, ran his thumb along the marks on the cheekbones.

He pressed his forehead to his forehead, sighed, looked into his eyes.

Black eyes, usually so distant and unreadable, were like an open book to him now. And the ancient language of what was read in them was now familiar to him.

Too familiar.

– If I tell you, Ardeth Bey: I am a wanderer coming from the East, and looking for what is lost ?…. He asked, barely audible.

– Then I will answer you, Rick O’Connell: I am a wanderer coming from the West, and I am what you are looking for, – just as quietly and somehow completely hopelessly answered Ardeth and put his hand on the back of his head. “But we’ll both regret it.

– You know, in my life there are so many things that I regret … You are unlikely to enter the top ten. Ardeth … Enough already. How can?

And he kissed him – greedily, awkwardly, like a man who has forgotten what kisses are. What is human warmth.

And I received an answer – just as awkward – from a person who did not know human warmth before.

– Are you sure it’s ethical to do this on someone else’s sarcophagus? If, in principle, we have to do this in a public place? – clarified Ardet, feeling the cold rough stone on his bare back.

“I’m an adventurer,” said Rick, looming over him. – And this is still a gamble.

– All I know about the properties of ho-bun powder is that after quenching the first thirst, its effect subsides, and you can think of at least something else.

– By the way, what were you going to think about if you didn’t intend to sleep with me?

– …

– Ardeth?

– You don’t want to know.

Rick smiled.

His hand slid slowly over Ardeth’s chest.

“I didn’t think you had that many tattoos,” he said. – What do they mean?

– Miscellaneous. What are you asking about?

– For example, about this one?

– Title. The fact that I am a commander and the right is mine.

– And this one?

– That Gore himself is watching over me.

– And this one?

– That I gave myself a vow that I will fulfill until the end of my days.

– And what about this vow?

– You.

Rick froze, his fingers touching the threads of the Arabic script on his chest. He looked up at Ardeth.

“That’s it,” he muttered and reached out to kiss him. – Let me just get out of here …

– Let us live until dawn, – answered Ardeth, putting his neck under his lips.

Larry and Acmenra froze at the entrance to the Egyptian Hall, looking at each other awkwardly.The jackal, it seems, was also uncomfortable. The second jackal froze behind them, waiting to return to his seat.

At last silence enveloped the Egyptian hall. After waiting some time for order, Larry coughed loudly into his fist, announcing his presence.

When they reached the sarcophagus, Rick and Ardeth Bey met them already dressed – only the glint in their eyes betrayed them. Acmenra smiled.

– I hope nothing distracts us now? Then listen to what I have learned.

– That’s how … So, Yasuf Ahmed Samir was part of the group that conducted excavations in Am Shir, and was present at the lifting of Imhotep’s mummy? Rick rubbed his chin with his palm.- Knowing him, I will say that Imhotep could have captured his mind even then.

“He could have found out about the tablet, in fact, when he was on a business trip,” Akmenra said apologetically. – The tablet works regardless of the place where it is transferred. I was in Cairo, so the Cairo Museum came to life with me. I had a good time then, but who would have known …

“I don’t understand what goals he is achieving now,” Larry sighed. – He runs around the museum, throws powder, he has no weapons, the whole museum is up in arms against him.What might he want?

Acmenra nodded at the wall.

– Tablet, Larry. If Mr. O’Connell hadn’t been here, he would have tried to steal her and leave the museum. And then she would have allowed him, if not everything, then a lot … With the support of Yasuf.

– But now he can’t get to her.

“He will try,” Ardeth said. “Before her and before Rick.

– I have a plan! Larry exclaimed.

Three pairs of eyes looked at him closely.

– He needs a tablet and Rick – he will get them!

Half an hour later, Larry left the Egyptian Hall, accompanied by Akmenr and Ardeth Bey, and went to inspect the museum. In the middle of the journey, they split up with Akmenra and Ardeth. Ardeth was sent to find Roosevelt, Akmenra went to talk to Attila, and Larry dropped by to see the dioramas. And Dexter. Because you can never exclude situations in which the help of one small and extremely arrogant monkey may be needed.

Soon, all three met at the door of the security room and slipped inside, taking up a convenient post near the surveillance cameras.

And they waited.

Larry’s plan was simple: if Imhotep is really such an ancient mummy and thinks by the criteria of his time, and (unlike the same Akmenra) not like a modern man, he will buy into a simple deception. Thinks the powder has worked. That the path to the tablet is clear.
All this time Imhotep was sitting out somewhere in the depths of the museum. There were plenty of secluded places, and even Roosevelt could not find him. When Sakajaweya decided to follow the trail, Teddy resolutely resisted – who knew what an insane mummy could do to her?

Now Imhotep could get out of his hideout, making sure that the search had stopped and the pursuit had lagged behind.The museum seemed to fall asleep, resigned to defeat.

Rick, clad in black Medjai robes, stood in front of the tablet, looking at the tattoo on his forearm, and thought that this was a very bad plan. Especially the part of him where he comes unarmed. On the other hand, when did they have good plans?

He heard Imhotep’s soft steps from afar. Only the priest walked barefoot, only he sneaked like a cat.

At the entrance, the jackals bowed to him as a sovereign, and Imhotep did not find it strange.He is used to the fact that sooner or later everyone bows down to him.

His vanity knew no bounds – and was the weak point that could be hit.

He believed.

That was enough.

– So we met again, Rick O’Connell, – Imhotep smiled sweetly, coming closer.

His shaved head glittered in the dim light. The lighting in the Egyptian Hall was stylized like torchlight, so Riku thought he was standing on the steps of an ancient temple or palace.

Perhaps he was already standing on the steps of a temple or a palace, but then Ardet stood nearby, and also Evie, and the air smelled of hot oil and salt water.

– Our meetings have become more frequent, don’t you think? – answered Rick, calmly looking at him. – What do you want from me?

– You, – Imhotep answered with a smile. – Do you know about the magical properties of this tablet that hangs on the wall? Did your friend Medjay manage to enlighten you?

– I did it, – Rick frowned. “She will give you eternal life and everything like that.And then you will conquer the world. I understand correctly?

– Oh, with one exception – Imhotep came very close. – It’s lucky, Rick, that you and your brave and stupid friends decided to give you to me as bait. Actually, the tablet is not that important. You are important. If I remain in this body, the tablet will revive me only after sunset, and in the morning I will again become a helpless mummy. There is a lack of it, right? I can’t trust my immortality to human servants, can I? They are unreliable.

– Right, you got the powders mixed up, – Rick could not resist.

– Oh no, – Imhotep smiled. – Not confused.

Rick’s eyes filled with bewilderment.

– I need your life, Rick. You owe me … enough. And you are still young, healthy and full of energy. What could be better than combining revenge and immortality. In one? I will consume you, Rick, and with your life force and tablet I will become truly invincible.

While Rick was frantically wondering what to do, Imhotep put his hands around his head and penetrated his mouth with his tongue.

It wasn’t a kiss.

This was a takeover.

The tattoo on the forearm flared up and was reflected in pain throughout the body, preventing him from fainting at the first moment.
Rick’s entire being opposed Imhotep, who with superhuman strength held him in place, pulling out, sucking out what is called – not otherwise – life force.

A black blade with silver embossing entered exactly between Imhotep’s shoulder blades.

The priest howled in pain, and there was nothing human in his cry.He was distracted by this pain; and Rick got the opportunity to break out of his clutch, tenacious as pincers, and jumped to the side. The lips were bleeding. Rick wiped himself with the edge of his handkerchief and glanced at the unfolding battle.

Ardet Bey literally hung on Imhotep, holding the blade in his back, preventing it from breaking free and freeing itself. He had no doubt that Imhotep, being so close to the tablet, would find a way to get rid of the knife, even if he would even have to twist his hands out of his joints for this.

Akmenra also rushed at Imhotep, with all his rather strong force trying to put him on the sarcophagus, similar to how the police fill up the robbers on the hood.Roosevelt, throwing up his gun, waited for the moment to drop the clip into Imhotep’s head.

A mixed army of Romans and cowboys stormed Imhotep’s legs, according to a well-established scheme, preventing him from taking a stable position.

But Imhotep’s forces were too great. Too much – even for him. As if the gods themselves were on his side.

Suddenly there was a stomp: Nick and Alex rushed into the hall.

– Dad, Dad! – they vied with each other.

– Alex ?! Rick’s eyes widened.

– Nicky ?! – Larry looked no better.

– Then you will have a fight, – Nick stepped around Teddy and put the tablet under Larry’s nose. “Look, a hematite medallion was brought to the exhibition from the Cairo Museum. Medallion Serapis!

– Hematite is a stone of strength and passion, the Egyptians believed that it gives strength. Imhotep’s medallion!

Rick glanced at the priest’s bare neck. It did, in fact, shine dimly as a scarab whose back was made of blood-red stone.

– Ardet! He cried desperately.

Ardet, exchanging glances with Akmenr, pushed Imhotep at him, pulled the knife from the priest’s back and cut the lace. The hematite scarab rolled across the floor at Rick’s feet with a loud clang. Appearing out of nowhere, Dexter grabbed the medallion and dashed back, taking refuge on Roosevelt’s shoulder, as far from the priest as possible. Rick raised his head and met Imhotep’s gaze. He was seared with hatred swirling in his eyes.

Something Arabic flew from Ardeth’s lips. And it was not a spell.

The knife, gaining strength only in the hand of the Medjai, pierced the heart of the priest.

“He won’t be resurrected now,” Larry said with satisfaction.

Half an hour later, the mummy winners sat in the security room and ate hot pizza.

– So Nick, Alex … And what is this trick? Larry asked sternly.

“Indeed,” Rick assented. “We told you to go to safety.
Alex and Nick exchanged glances.

“You see …” Nick began. – We know our dads. Mine always climbs to save everyone. And Alex’s dad is generally an adventurer and a hero.Well, where are they unattended?

– So we pretended to go to Rebecca’s. They even called her and asked to cover us.

– That’s great! – burst out from Larry. – All agreed, or what?

– She also thinks that you should be looked after, – Nick chuckled. “So Alex and I hid near the landing stage in the back room.

– We were very bored at first. Nothing happened. Sometimes we heard some noise, but …

– It was all far from us.We got to talking.

– Nick showed me his tattoo! I complained that my dad would not allow me in any way, and Nick showed his.

– And I was still surprised – in the sense, will not allow? Moreover, Mr. Rick at the very …

“I have mistakes of the past,” Rick chuckled. – Just very ancient. I didn’t beat her myself.

“The gods knocked it out on you,” Ardeth answered edifyingly.

– So, – continued Nick. – I talked about my tattoo, how they chose the theme, pattern and meaning, talked about Sakadzhavei, what she advised me.And then it somehow occurred to Alex that not only Imhotep had been brought to the exhibition, but something else dangerous.

– Well, we got into the catalogs. I went to the catalog of the Cairo Museum, Nick – to the museum’s database, googled more …

– As I saw that it was Serapis medallion! ..

– Yes, I also grabbed my head.

– In general, we ran to save you! – Nick and Alex finished in unison.

“And you can’t be scolded,” Rick sighed. – How do you do it?

Ardeth covered his hand with his.

– Stop it. Your son is worthy of you. And you, like Larry, can be proud of him.

– Carried away by the desire to catch Imhotep, we rested on the idea of ​​a sacred knife; it never occurred to us that he might have an amulet. It was so easy, ”Akmenra said apologetically. “I should have thought better.

“It seems that of all of us, only boys had time to really think,” Larry sighed. – Well, a lesson for the future.

– What are we going to do with Yasuf? Rick asked.

– Now that Imhotep is gone, his power should dissipate. In any case, there is no one else to resurrect, Imhotep crumbled to dust. Let’s look after him, that’s all. Anyway … It’s over.

“All’s well that ends well,” smiled Acmenra.

– Well, Lawrence, – Teddy Roosevelt got up from the table. – Business time, fun hour. We’ve celebrated our victory to our heart’s content, and now … it’s time to clean up!

– Exactly! – grabbed Larry’s head.- Two hours left before dawn! The museum will open soon! People will come to see the mummy!

– Agalaba taba la! – sincere consolation sounded in Attila’s voice.

“If only someone,” Larry said dreamily, “took the keys to the locks of the chains that are wrapped around the sarcophagus, took these keys somewhere and completely lost them. That would be such a failure! No keys – no display of the mummy. Only beautiful sarcophagi are, and all kinds of trinkets under glass. And Rebecca tells old legends …

The room fell into silence.

– Yes, it would be nice, – Akmenra broke the silence.

Under the gaze of everyone present, Dexter, until that time pretending to be a stuffed monkey, squeaked something displeased, stuffing the remains of pizza into his mouth, and went away to save the museum.

Stealing keys when Larry asks was not nearly as much fun as usual.

At dawn, the museum fell asleep. Larry accompanied Akmenr and as usual closed the lid of the sarcophagus.

I counted the exhibits and put them on the empty slot of the hematite scarab.

I walked through the halls, checking if everything was in place.

I went out into the street, to the medzhay who were waiting on the stairs.

– Where are you now? Back to Egypt? – he asked.

Ardeth nodded.

“My home is where the desert is,” he said. – Medjai is always in business.

“I think I’ll look for more adventures in your company,” said Rick.

The look they exchanged made Larry look away for a moment.

– Well … I’m glad for you, take care of yourself.And try to make the mummies rise up less often, okay?

– It goes without saying, – Ardet covered the bag with his hand, in which the ashes of Imhotep were carefully kept. – Let’s scatter over the Nile. Anubis yearned for him.

The door slammed. Alex and Nick came up.

– So what? Going back to Egypt? Rick asked. – Or London?

“You know, Dad, I’m probably going to Ibiza,” Alex replied.

Larry and Rick exchanged puzzled looks.

– Nick, is this your idea?

– Dad, well, you won’t let me go to Ibiza alone? And I won’t be lost with Alex.

– And it is useful for me to see how they live … well, normal people, – Alex threw up his hands. – Dad, I have a friend for once, can I try a little … how normal?

– You have strange ideas about the norm, son, – Rick hugged him and kissed the top of his head. – But, if you want so, then, of course, you can.

He leaned closer and whispered in his ear:

– Mom would be proud of you.

Alex hugged him tightly and whispered back:

– You too.And I would be very happy for you.

– Wait, what are you talking about? ..

– About nothing, dad! – Alex winked and returned to Nick. – Ibiza!

Larry just waved his hand.

An hour later, a taxi took Rick and Ardeth to the airport and Nick and Alex home. It was decided that Alex would stay with Nick in the apartment for some time while the issue of documents would be resolved.

Silently, Rebecca walked over and thrust a plastic cup of hot coffee into her hand.

– It was a stormy night, right? She asked sympathetically.

“Wrong word,” Larry chuckled.

– You should go to sleep. Call a taxi for you?

– It would be nice. You know … I became old for battles with mummies and all that.

– You’re just a novelty that you have to fight with the mummy, and not engage in dialogues about high things!

Larry looked at her dumbfounded for a couple of minutes, then burst out laughing:

– Yes, you’re right!

There were only a few minutes left before the opening of the museum.

“What terrible things have you done in The Sims?” – Yandex.Kew

Actually, I’m a big fan of this game since I was 12: I still remember the first two parts, I don’t respect the third, and I love Sims 4. I blamed myself for this guilty pleasure for a long time – let’s be honest, the game is pretty useless. But over time I accepted: everything that brings me pleasure and does not harm others = cool pastime.

To begin with, I like to act out practically serial dramas inside the game. And to make everything look grown-up, I play with a bunch of 18+ mods. And now about the hellish thing I did in Sims 4, with these mods:

Disclaimer: I am against any kind of violence in real life – psychological, physical, sexual.Films with elements of violence are recognized as masterpieces of cinematography (Tarantino, Fincher, Richie generally distinguished themselves by this): I see nothing wrong with realizing stories from my imagination inside a computer game without harming anyone offline.

1) I have a very vigorous mod for violent actions: there is a huge selection for killing any characters, methods [Roskomnadzor], and you can also join a criminal gang, chase and rob Sims. She somehow created a thug, canonically named Jason Voorhees, gave the most repulsed character traits.In addition to making his woman triplets and killing her (and the children were taken to the orphanage), he staged a terrorist attack in the gym. He was eventually shot by the arriving policeman. I shouldn’t have done this, because the character was interesting, but he killed a bunch of the same interesting characters I created with a firearm: a good honest military man, a bisexual mermaid and some teenager.

2) I have an absolutely battered family inside my Sims universe: from the outside they look like a large happy family from a mayonnaise ad.Such a patriarchal model: the mother is a super-hostess with the dream of a big family, the father is the head of the family, a military man, builds everyone. But the skeletons in their family closet were creepy: while the mother was constantly giving birth to children, the father of the family, a decent-looking person, raped their daughters, they also gave birth to children. And in the end, one of the sons just got tired of seeing this (well, because he actually met one of the sisters), and he killed his father. True, there was a bug in the game, and for some reason Dad did not die: he constantly called family members who mourned his death, invited him to all kinds of romance festivals and karaoke.

Disclaimer-2 : I do not approve of drug use and do not promote it. Drug use is dangerous to your health, never try.

3) And my favorite family: a married couple – a porn actress (yes, there is such a mod) and a drug dealer, as well as their son, a tattoo artist and sister of an astronaut dealer. Everything is “fine” there: his wife acts in porn and works as webcams (by the way, she has an excellent reputation and awesome fame), my husband has a farm right next to his house, next to this farm is his sister’s rocket, on which she constantly flies into space …Actually, the actress sticks out on cocaine (another 18+ mod), her husband is on marijuana, her son is on marijuana, her husband’s sister is on a career. And also the husband and wife are polyamorous, and since one of the 18+ mods implies a LOT of opportunities related to sex – I have a real break, and in general their house is a hangout, but with a rich environment (the astronaut tried).

These are the things, as you know, my real life is rather boring.

Skinned (2020) watch movie online for free in good quality hd 720

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Lewis Kirk, Noeline Comiski, Joel Rothwell, Haley-Marie Ax, Claudia Grace Mckell, Sharon Lawrence, Jamie Spencer, Mollie Duggins, Richard Duggins, Samantha Ulysses


98 minutes/ 01:38

Voice acting:

Rus. Any. polyphonic

The talented tattoo artist Nathan is known in amateur circles as an eccentric but talented tattoo and scarification master. People come to him for the most complex patterns, but gullible clients do not know that he likes to keep pieces of leather for himself as a souvenir.Over time, this hobby becomes an obsession and pushes him to reckless and criminal acts.

Skinned (2020) in good quality HD 720

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Skinned (2020) Movie Free

On this page you can watch completely Skinned (2020) online in good quality 720 HD for free .The player at is also available for phones, smartphones on Android and Iphone IOS, tablets and iPads. We publish new films most quickly of all, after watching you can leave your review (comment) below.

90,000 Sex in Sims 3 KinkyWorld – Mod Discussion – Page 76 – The Sims 3



Sexrim – Demoniac Textures (SOS-Schlongs of Skyrim) _Parallax Project

Hidden content

Give a reaction or a response to this topic to see the hidden content.

About Assembly:

The name of the assembly, as you all already understood, with a reference to the replayers of the bodies of male and female NPCs that underlie it. The assembly was made for the passage by a female character, but you can also act out as a male character (just do not apply female modifications to your character). The assembly does not contain the game itself or its repack. To avoid conflicts with scripts, bet on a clean game The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim (Legendary Edition v + 3 DLC) or its repack.At the heart of the assembly is the UNPB-Replayer of Demoniac-High Quality Female Body Texture 4K_FSC (Graviczapa UNP HDT body animation meshes) with open vaginas and SOS-Schlongs Of Skyrim for male bodies. I chose the replayers for a reason. So, for example, all other replayers of male bodies do not contain the master file Schlongs of Skyrim – Core.esm, based on the textures of this replayer, which is required for a number of modifications of the Sex Lab and, despite all the assurances of their authors to the contrary, reduce the number of modifications available to their users.Replayer of female bodies from Demoniac – gives high-quality HD-textures of bodies, worthy of the textures of Larka, The Witcher, Batman, Hitman and other gaming cotent of our time, with a relatively small resource intensity. Unlike assemblies built on SVE-replesers, the Demoniac replayer is based on an A-shaped (typical for most young girls) type of female bodies, and not O-shaped forms (more typical for women of Balzac age who gave birth several times). Unlike DEM, for the Demoniac replayer, wearing both vanilla clothing and armor, as well as additional clothing and armor models for UNP-replayers of female bodies is available.For more aesthetics, increased the number of animations, including third-person combat animations. A beautiful samurai style of wielding a two-handed sword from the third person is available for the player’s player, jumping in the form of a somersault (jump from a place – somersault back; jump after moving forward – somersault forward), dodges with a weapon in hand in the form of somersaults (the perk a quiet somersault is unnecessary for this ), also from a third person. A number of textures for traditional gameplay are rendered in HD resolution. A number of modifications, both gameplay and Sex Lab, have been added to the additional section.Since Skyrim SexLab-Sex Animation Framework v1.62 supports a number of old modifications, even such traditional things for Sex Lab assemblies as Submit, Solutions, Defeat, WorkingGirl, Puppet master got into the additional section. The logic is simple – not all adherents of Sex Lab assemblies may like the versions of these modifications in this assembly (someone might have old versions of these modifications, with a little more cool voice acting or text messages, albeit with fewer options for settings; or modification options integrated with Devious Devices) and they can easily replace them with their own, familiar to them, without painfully removing conflicting modification scripts from this assembly.A number of cheating gadgets that significantly facilitate the passage of the game, as well, may not please everyone. And to additionally increase the gameplay, everyone will be able to do it for themselves, based on the real capabilities of their equipment. Additional modifications can be found in the mods folder of the ModOrganizer folder. Description of additional modifications – in each folder with them. The main assembly includes only the textures of the replayers, a number of modifications that make the game more enjoyable and modifications, whose animation sheets require processing by the Fores New Idles in Skrim (FNIS) program.In general, if all of the “installation order” listed in the text document from the archive with the assembly is done correctly, then you will not have to “dance with a tambourine” over the launch of the assembly.

Minimum system requirements:

– OS: Windows 7,8,10 x64 (incompatible with 32-bit systems, there won’t be enough RAM).
– Video card: any built-in or “PCI Express plug” with support for 4K textures, OpenGL 4.5 and DirectX 12 is enough (DirectX 10 may be enough). I tried it with a friend on a GeForce GT 710 from the PALIT company – it was running at maximum graphics settings with minimal fps losses; and then – screaming and cheating to the fullest.Owners of assemblies made on Xeon processors from Intel and Razer from AMD can safely use the built-in video cards (it will go without loss of fps on ultra settings, although, perhaps, the manifestation of a number of cutters when using additional gameplay, screaming and cheating modifications).
– Free space on the computer: for the assembly archive and its contents (from 40 GB; depending on the number of additional modifications you have chosen).
– CPU: Intel Core i5-4430S / AMD FX6300.
– RAM: 8 Gb (6 Gb if your system is optimized, cleaned of garbage, and all unnecessary antiviruses, torrents, etc. are disabled for the duration of the game). However, for comfortable use of all assembly possibilities – 16 Gb (it is better to use two 8 Gb strips). Since, as we all know, the toy itself cannot evenly “eat” the resources of the system + SexLab itself, which, as the game progresses, does not lightly load the system + HD-resolution textures + resource-intensive special effects of good quality + updated gameplay + screaming and cheating.And, as they say, it’s done – you can observe a drop in fps, freezes and crashes to the desktop in the middle of the game, if you overestimate the capabilities of your hardware and inflate the additional gameplay disproportionately to it.

What if your system does not meet any of the above minimum requirements?

The first three points are obligatory, you shouldn’t even try without them (just waste your time and nerves). The minimum requirements for the latter two (when using the minimum gameplay) may be slightly less than those indicated earlier (depending on the speed of the hard / hard drives controllers, system optimization and the built-in memory volume of the video cards you are using) – you can try.There are ways (resetting the textures from Demoniac to lower ones and compressing the textures of the gameplay of the assembly – the latter takes several hours) to make the assembly less resource-intensive. But they are quite time consuming + it will be necessary to redo some replayers, modifications of additional gameplay, as well as mods of all companions (as an option, refuse to use them altogether or search the internet for originals). As a result, at the output you will get an assembly with textures of much worse quality and there are no guarantees that, in this case, the assembly will still work for you.Therefore, I do not give these techniques (they are not for beginners and intermediate users). Those who have ever done something like this will figure it out for themselves. So, the best solution is to think about improving your hardware, but for now look for assemblies that are less resource-intensive, respectively, with less quality textures, replayers and graphics.

The structure of the assembly archive includes:

5 folders with notes:

– Additional materials: The folder contains programs for editing, processing master files and additional modifications with a description of the work of programs.Plus a number of additional materials that were not included in either the main part of the assembly or in additions to it.
– Download Sheets: Folder contains download sheets for automatic placement of main master files and assembly modifications; as well as instructions for installing them.
– Software: Software for the correct operation of programs, starting the assembly and displaying master files and modifications in their windows.
– Build: The folder contains the assembly itself with the main master files and modifications, Wrye Bash in the Mopy folder (the ModOrganizer folder now needs to be installed separately from the ModOrganizer additional archive after installing the main assembly part from this folder), SKSE – to run SKSE plugins, ENB Customizer – for adjusting the ENB, stabilizers for stable start-up and build performance.
– Screenshots: A folder with screenshots taken during your own gameplay, adaptation and editing of some modifications for this assembly.

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