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10 Best Kiki’s Delivery Service Tattoos

Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of the most notable Studio Ghibli films. Here are 10 of the best tattoos fans of the film have got.

Studio Ghibli films are some of the most beloved anime films of all time. Many people think of them as being a big part of their childhood. One of the most notable Ghibli films is Kiki’s Delivery Service. A lot of fans have memorialized their love for the film by getting tattoos representing Kiki, Jiji, or their friends or the city in which they live.

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While there are many Kiki tattoos out there, some are definitely standouts and have really made a mark on the fans and are super recognizable by anyone who loves the little witch and the film she is in. Here are the 10 best Kiki’s Delivery Service tattoos.

10 Tombo And Kiki

This ultra-cute tattoo of Tombo and Kiki is a great example of a Kiki’s Delivery Service tattoo. The characters have no black linework (outside of Tombo’s glasses) which makes it look sweet and magical, since there is no black ink to detract from their colorful outfits or the green grass they sit on.

The fact that they don’t have faces does not even affect the recognizability of the characters, and their posture is exactly right for both of them.

9 Jiji

Jiji is everyone’s favorite black cat familiar. He is a deadpan little guy who is always mumbling under his breath and getting nervous about people paying attention to him.

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This is a great rendition of him that really captures his big eyes and ears and the little fangs that make him such a cutie. The tattoo even got the Jiji-specific way that his tail curls in a little “n” shape.

8 Kiki On Her Broom

Kiki is not a great flyer when she first takes off to start her training as a witch, which just shows her determination to succeed since she uses her broom to start her delivery service.

On this tattoo, Jiji is barely holding onto the broom as Kiki flies, showing that she probably did some clumsy maneuver that sent him flying from where he was perched on her shoulder or in her bag.

7 Kiki Flying In Black Ink

This is a lovely rendition of Kiki flying. She is, of course, recognizable by her dress and hair, and by Jiji perched on her bag.

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The artist has rendered her in their own style, making her a little more unique to the person who has the tattoo. The posture and facial expressions are also great, showing that she is feeling confident and happy as she flies off on her broom to start her training.

6 Jiji Framed

This tattoo also has another Ghibli character beside it, No Face from Spirited Away. Jiji here has a less cheerful facial expression. He looks more like the slightly grumpy cat who is always just a little apprehensive about the decisions that Kiki is making, like leaving him to pose as a stuffed cat whenever a delivery falls out of the basket on her broom.

This tattoo is also hand-poked, which is a very delicate method of tattooing that can take a long time since it does not use a tattoo machine and is just a person hand drawing the picture.

5 Jiji With Flowers

As evident on this list, Jiji is a very popular character to get as a tattoo. That makes sense because animal tattoos are so cute and cartoon animal tattoos can be especially so.

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Here, Jiji is rendered with his usual big smile and big purple ears. He is surrounded by little red flowers that look very vibrant next to him. It will remind viewers of him sitting in a window box garden with his new lady friend, looking out over the ocean.

4 Kiki And Jiji

This image of Kiki and Jiji is very cute and stylistic. Jiji is positioned on Kiki’s head, behind her iconic red bow. Just her eyes and hair are visible, but it is very clear who the character is.

It is a very simple tattoo, and not very big, but it is clear that this person loves the film. The ultra-vibrant red against the more subtle brown of Kiki’s hair and black of Jiji’s fur really stands out on this tattoo.

3 Kiki On A Ladder

This tattoo design is pretty much the exact opposite of the last one. Here, Kiki sits on a ladder with a big book open in her lap, Jiji perched beside her looking over her shoulder. She is surrounded by flowers and jars and plants.

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This tattoo is ultra-detailed and the colors are lovely and subtle, all working together to frame Kiki, who is at the center of the image.

2 Watercolor Kiki

Watercolor tattoos are pretty popular, and it is easy to see why. The colors are vibrant and blend together to give the tattoo a painterly look. Kiki looks like she’s flying against a sunset backdrop.

She and Jiji, while in sharper relief, also look painted, and the tattoo artist has drawn her face slightly different than in the film, making her look unique and like she belongs in this watercolor rendition.

1 Kiki And Jiji In Black

Kiki and Jiji are also pictured here doing the thing they are best known for doing: flying on a broom. It is clear that here, Kiki feels very confident in her flying abilities. S

he and Jiji look happy and content like they have finally figured out how to make their delivery service work and they are finally settling down to a comfortable life in their seaside town.

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    Jul 14, 2020 · Kiki tattoo. Many of Studio Ghibli’s films feature a female in the lead, which is just another reason to love this particular animation group. A Kiki tattoo captures another young girl who goes through so many changes before our eyes to become even stronger, more resilient, and full of love for her friends and family.

Kiki tattoo ink – Home Facebook
    Kiki tattoo ink, Wittenheim, Alsace, France. 776 likes · 30 talking about this. Salon de tatouage privé sur rdv WITTENHEIM5/5

808 Tattoo Shop Hawaii
    808 Tattoo was founded in Hawaii in 2004 by Billy Whitney. Over the years 808 Tattoo has grown to be one of Hawaii’s most respected custom tattoo parlors. Clients travel from near and far to work with our artists. Each of our talented artists has their own unique style which provides our clients with an array of tattoo …

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    Apr 27, 2020 · The tattoo was made by Paris-based artist, Violette Lovecat. Her tattoos, like this one, features a lot of geometric shapes. 4 Jiji Jiji is Kiki’s cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

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    Kiki Burghhardt is a female tattooer that started tattooing back in 2014 and has lived in the Bay Area her entire life. She is a very creative and talented artist that loves doing anything that is related to the botanical style in either a girlie traditional style with bright colors or the blackwork style.

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    All of the artwork in DAY OF THE DEAD TATTOO ARTWORK COLLECTION – Skulls, Catrinas and Culture of the Dead share a common theme: a lust for life and reverence of death—all explored in engaging paintings, drawings, photography and sculpture. This book represents a veritable compendium of skulls and Catrinas with impressive artistic scope …

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Kiki and Tattoo will have French Bistro and art deco styles

The Charlotte culinary scene has been anxiously awaiting the opening of Kiki, a restaurant with an intimate liquor lounge next door, created by Soul Gastrolounge’s Andy and Lesa Kastanas.

The wait is finally coming to an end.

On Monday, Nov. 25, The Kastanas’ will open the restaurant located in a former gallery space and liquor lounge, aptly named Tattoo, in a former tattoo studio on a popular corner in Plaza Midwood.

Chef Jason Pound of Soul will oversee Kiki’s kitchen as well. He will serve Franco-Greco inspired small plates with a focus on fresh vegetables, changing them throughout the season.

Lesa Kastanas told CharlotteFive that what we typically think of in Charlotte as Greek fare would actually be considered more of a fast food style in Greece.

The experience at Kiki, in contrast, will be akin to an upscale meal in Greece.

Andy Kastanas was raised on Greek cuisine. “I grew up with my mother making certain dishes, and I was trained in the French cuisine as a chef,” he told CharlotteFive. Kiki is named after Andy’s mother, Angeliki.

“I am taking the best of the things that I know and using them as inspiration to create new things. The food is not really French or Greek, it’s just influenced and inspired by those cultures.”

Kiki’s modern American cuisine will pair well with the French and Greek inspiration. “It blends with modern American — because that’s who we are,” Lesa said.

Andy and Lesa Kastanas of Kiki and Tattoo in Plaza Midwood. Alex Cason

The experience is guaranteed to be like no other in Charlotte: Standout menu items like salmon bacon on green beans or beet bourguignon on the extensive plant-based menu will make it so.

What to order

Here is a glimpse at Kiki’s menu:

(1) Radicchio Salad

Grilled Radicchio, endive, arugula, Gorgonzola cream, smoked almonds, mission fig vinaigrette

Radicchio Salad at Kiki in Plaza Midwood. Alex Cason

(2) Beef Medallion (Filet De Beouf)

Pan-seared petite tender, mashed potatoes, fried demi glace chips.

(3) Lamb neck (Collier D’Agneau Provencal)

Braised lamb neck roulade, sautéed beech mushrooms, cordycep cream, cordyceps and sea beans.

Lamb Neck at Kiki in Plaza Midwood. Braised lamb neck roulade, sautéed beech mushrooms, cordycep cream, cordyceps and sea beans. Alex Cason

(4) Beet Bourguignon (v.)

Roasted beets in a vegetable jus with carrot, pearl onions and beech mushrooms on a potato skordalia and EVOO espuma.

(5) Giant beans (Gigantes)

Salmon bacon, black garlic and black pepper crumb.

Giant Beans side dish at Kiki in Plaza Midwood. Alex Cason

Soul’s Beverage Director, Kelly Minton, will run both KiKi and Tattoo’s beverage program. At Kiki, look for seasonal draft cocktails and spirit-free cocktails, as well as French and lesser-known Greek wines.

Tattoo lounge: a custom cocktail experience

Tattoo lounge will seat 16 guests at a time, so expect a very custom experience. Melissa Oyler

At Tattoo, the intimate liquor lounge, you can expect to enjoy finer spirits paired with handmade ingredients — in fact, an alchemist and herbalist are on the team.

You won’t find these high-concept cocktails on a list — there’s no menu. “We try to do things custom to the guest, and we’re also doing studies on classic cocktails to make sure we understand what we’re representing as best as possible,” Minton said. “These are extremely high technique and not meant for volume,” he said. Since the lounge can only seat 16 people at once, you’re guaranteed a personal experience.

The Tattoo side of Kiki and Tattoo in Plaza Midwood is a dark lounge with limited seating for a VIP feel. The bar specializes in liquor only cocktails. Alex Cason

Sustainability is a huge focus. When using hibiscus, for example, every piece of the flower will be used in some way.

Pro tip: Although beer and wine is not offered at the lounge, Minton said you won’t be turned away — if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get. (There’s a benefit to Kiki being right next door.)

A small-bites menu will also be offered at Tattoo.

Dine on the terrace

A pocket rooftop terrace will seat about 30 guests and will offer views of Central Avenue and uptown. Couches overlooking the Midwood streetscape will be first-come, first served and will have cocktail service. Come spring when Mother Nature pitches in, expect a transformation of plants and vines on the patio.

The three spaces — KiKi, Tattoo and the rooftop — are designed by Plaza Midwood interior designer, artist and musician Scott Weaver.

Scott Weaver did the interior design for the new Kiki in Plaza Midwood. Alex Cason

The styles are a merge of French bistro and art deco inspired, Weaver told CharlotteFive. Pay attention to the mirrors: one inside of Tattoo is about 100 years old. Another, between the restrooms, is a piece designed by Plaza Midwood’s Hope Nicholls (you know her from Boris and Natasha).

Most of the colors are off white and black — but with fun gold offering a modern version of a 70s or early 80s art deco revival. “There’s a lot of gold to warm up what was a concrete space,” Weaver said. The contrast is on purpose: the walls of Kiki are off-white, and the walls inside of Tattoo are black.

For those of you who miss Twenty-Two: Kiki will serve as an art gallery of sorts as well, with featured local artists rotating each month. There will be regular art openings — and all of the art will be for sale. “The art will run the gambit for pricing and style,” Weaver said.

Nathaniel Lancaster’s pieces are currently on display/available for you to take home.

KiKi and Tattoo

1500-A Central Avenue

Instagram: @kikibistro

Editor’s note: The web site is not yet live.

This article was originally published in September 2019 and was updated in November 2019 to reflect the opening date and details about the menu and interior.

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The Top 10 Hottest Ebony / Black Pornstars

This List Was Last Updated on Aug 14, 2021.

We love black pornstars here at IFL Porn, they seem to know how to work a man better than a lot of white girls, as they saying goes ‘once you go black you never go back’. Not sure how true that is but we love them all the same. Check out our favorite ebony pornstars and let us know of any that you think we have missed!

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Sarah Banks

When Sarah first entered the porn scene we thought she was hot, we especially loved the tattoos on her ass the only thing we thought she needed was bigger tits…. Well, since entering porn she’s had a boob job and now they look incredible, she hasn’t gone overly big, they’re just the right size, plus they’re pierced and piercings make everything better.

Cassidy Banks

Cassidy is a newcomer to the porn scene, but her career has started with a bang and you only need to take one look at her to find out why. She’s got a great pair of natural tits, a curvy body and a cute face… She’s destined to become one of porn’s greatest black pornstars if she continues her porn career.

Brittney White

Brittney was the hottest ebony newcomer of 2016 and she’s probably got the best all natural tits of all the current black pornstars. But what’s even more incredible is her figure; it’s very rare to find a girl with massive natural tits and also a teeny tiny waist but Brittney has both. She’s been pretty active this year so there’s plenty of videos of her to watch – Bang Bros has the most.

Anya Ivy

Anya has been getting a lot of attention recently from the big porn studios, especially Brazzers. She’s not new to porn but she is only now getting the recognition she deserves. She has an absolutely amazing figure and a great pair of tits.

Chanell Heart

Chanell is a babe, she might not have a big pair of tits but if you’ve followed this site for any amount of time you’ll know that doesn’t bother us, small tits can be sexy too. To make up for her lack of boob she’s got ass in abundance and best of all is her pretty face. She’s a black pornstar to watch in 2019 as we’re expecting big things.

Jasmine Webb

This beautiful British eBony has been in the porn scene for a while originally shooting for Killergram, however, we were never really a huge fan of hers, something about her scenes just didn’t turn us on. However, that’s now all changed and her latest scenes have been incredible so if you’ve seen her before and didn’t like her, go take another look you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Nicole Bexley

This beautiful teen entered into the porn industry shortly after turning 18, and what a blessing that was. We first saw her on Mofo’s but since then she has been featured by Reality Kings and she’s already proving to be hugely popular with ebony lovers everywhere, quickly rising to the rank or 12 on Freeones so it’s only a matter of time before you can find her elsewhere. She’s got a bright future in porn if she decides to carry on, which of course we are hoping she does.

Ebony Mystique

We’ve only recently discovered Mystique and we’re going to be upfront and say now that she might not be for everyone and the only reason for that is her fake tits, we like them to a degree but we think she’d look much hotter with a smaller set, however, she’s popular online and she is hot and has a great figure so deserves to be here. And her tits aren’t all that bad, we love her big nipples and we would never say no to having a grope of them, we just think she’d look better without them is all.

Victoria Cakes

To like Victoria Cakes you have to like outrageously large asses because she is packing some serious heat at the rear, like for real, she has to have the biggest ass in porn by far right? Other than her ass she’s got a lovely pair of tits and considering the size of her ass a fairly small waist which is surprising and is probably the result of 1000 squats morning and night. In all seriousness, she’s a babe, she might not have the figure of some of the other girls on this list but with the ass, tattoos and boobs she belongs here. She’s also put in a lot of work so you’ll have no problem finding plenty for videos starring her.

Evi Rei

Evi also goes by the name of Lola Chanel and she is absolutely stunning, we’re a big fan of her big all natural tits but what makes them special is the size of here nipples – they’re awesome. We understand that big nipples aren’t for everyone and that’s fair enough, but we love them and it’s our list so she’s here to stay (or at least until she retires and hotter pornstars come along). You won’t find this girl on Brazzers but she has been featured by plenty of other porn studios including Naughty America, Exotic 4K and Family Strokes – he best scene is arguably her scene for Family Strokes so go and check it out.

Notable Mentions

Aaliyah Hadid

She’s been in porn for less than a year and has already made it onto our top pornstars list as well as our porn newcomers list and we’re sure she’ll be appearing in more of our lists in the future. When we watched her first video we fell in love, she’s got everything you would want from a pornstar, the looks, the tits, the ass and the figure – she’s got a very bright future in porn, and hopefully for us a long career ahead of her.

Moriah Mills

If you love your black girls with big asses and tits then Moriah is the perfect companion for you. Moriah started her quest for fame on Instagram where she’s racked up over 1.8 million followers (after entering the porn scene this has risen to over 2.2 million), however, unlike the usual instagram girls who go on to promote beauty products and weight loss programs she’s decided to turn to porn, which in our eyes is the perfect choice.


The first image we saw of Brandi was her performing reverse cowgirl on a lucky guy, and wow, what a first image to see – her amazingly perfect figure and a perfect set of fake tits make that position a treat to watch. She’s a newcomer to the industry, which means she’s only released a few scenes at the moment but we’re hopeful more are on the way.

Layton Benton

If you’re fans of curvy and slightly chubby girls and also a fan of black / ebony pornstars then you’re in luck, there’s a new pornstar on the scene and she goes by the name of Layton Benton. This 27 year old has a pretty face and more importantly an amazing pair of tits. We say she’s a new pornstar but technically she’s not, she was around back in 2012(ish) but she took a long break, back in 2012 she was also slimmer – we’re undecided as to which version of her we prefer but either way she’s always looked hot.

Ivy Sherwood

She’s got a cute face, a great figure and a lovely set of all natural tits, the thing we like most though are her nipples and more specifically here areola (this is the darker skin around the nipples). She hasn’t released that much content, but hopefully, there’s more on the way!

Jai James

There’s not many new ebony pornstars joining the industry, they seem to come and go after just a couple of scenes, but dear god we hope Jai sticks around because in our eyes she’s what every black pornstar inspires to be, she has an amazing set of tits, a great figure a pretty face and an ass made to be bare – she’s British too so she has one of those sexy ‘come fuck me’ accents.

Osa Lovely

We first spotted Osa over at Reality Kings but she hadn’t released any new content for a while, but now she is back from her break and has recently released a couple of scenes for Brazzers, the break definitely treated her well as she is back hotter than ever, she has a new set of tits, and amazing figure and seems more elegant than before hence her addition to our top pornstars list. She’s definitely one to watch over the new year.

Ana Foxxx

She might have small tits and she hasn’t got a big ass, in fact her ass is pretty small (we imagine black girls would say she has a white girls ass) – but she’s got a beautiful toned body and a pretty face. So although she’s not your typical ebony pornstar, there’s something about her that keeps us wanting more.

Nadia Jay

We’re not quite sure how we overlooked this gorgeous ebony babe, but luckily for us, one of our readers pointed us in the right direction. Nadia has an amazing figure, and an incredible pair of (fake) tits, and what makes her tits even better is her sexy pierced nipples. We first spotted her over at ‘Round and Brown’ by Reality Kings and since then we’ve seen her pop up on several sites with one of her best scenes being on Exotic 4K by Passion HD.

Kiki Minaj

We’ve been fans of Kiki’s for a long time but we were hesitant to add her onto this list as she hasn’t released any videos for a while so we assumed she had retired. However, she has an upcoming video on Brazzers so we’re assuming she has now returned to porn. She’s one of the best black British pornstars we’ve seen and we’re hoping she’s here to stay this time.

Jenna J Foxx

When we first saw Jenna on Brazzers we were blown away by her awesome natural tits and pretty face, and things only got better in her second scene. She’s new to the porn industry, so chances are you haven’t seen her before – we’d highly recommend that you change that asap.

Jezabel Vessir

The first thing you will notice about Jezabel is her tits, they are massive and before you ask yes they are natural. We first spotted this girl on Reality Kings, but since then she has been featured by BangBros and by a few other studios – her best scenes however, can still be found at Reality Kings with her most recent being one of her best yet and one of the reasons she was included here.

Diamond Jackson

Diamond is one of the most popular ‘milf’ ebony pornstars at the age of 48; with massive triple D tits (fake) and an athletic body, diamond is without a doubt one of the hottest ebony pornstars right now.

Mya Mays

Mya has been on our radar for some time and we kept meaning to add her to this list but now she’s becoming more active with more porn studios we’ve finally got around to adding her. She’s a 25-year-old ebony goddess that knows how to fuck and we can’t wait to see more of her soon.

Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond is one of the most followed and in our opinion one of the best black pornstars in the industry. We love her ‘emo’ look with her half shaved head, we love her tattoos and we generally just love her. She has released over 245 videos and has won 4 awards, there’s no doubting that she belongs on the list.

Teanna Trump

Teanna entered into the porn scene in 2013, and to date she hasn’t been hugely active, however we believe that is because of her rather than porn studios not wanting to utilize that beautiful body she has. 2015 was the most active she’s been, and hopefully this continues into 2016 now she has a good online following.

Jade Aspen

Jade only narrowly missed out on being featured on our ‘pornstars with natural tits’ list, but there was no way she was going to be missed off of this one. She’s a beautiful girl, with a cracking body and a great pair of all natural tits. She’s not that well known so if you’ve never heard of her before we suggest you go an check her out.

Harley Dean

The 21 year old Harley Dean is without a doubt one of the hottest ebony pornstars to have ever existed. She has a great set of tits, a perfect ass (not too big) and a lovely figure. If she had been more active she would have easily made it into our ‘top pornstars right now list’. But at present, she hasn’t performed in enough scenes to deserve it.

Mary Jean

We made a decision not to add Mary to the list when we first created it because she was very quiet in the porn scene. However, she’s just been featured by Brazzers so we’re guessing she’s back to her old tricks and shaking her big black booty once more.

Lacey Duvalle

Lacey has been in the porn industry for quite some time, she’s released plenty of material to keep you busy and she has it all – a cute face, nice tits (all be it fake) and a killer ass. If you like your ebony girls, you should definitely check her out!

Bethany Benz

Bethany has appeared in music videos, reality TV and of course in porn. In her own right she could be considered a celebrity. It’s her gorgeous natural tits that seals the deal for us, and of course her awesome body that any woman would love to have – but we’re men so her tits we the deciding factor when we were contemplating placing her on this list.

Rose Monroe

As strange as it may sound, Rose has a beautiful face… And of course a great body. She’s been in the porn game for about three years and she’s still active so expect more from her yet. The best scenes of her we have found on Reality Kings, so if you’re in the mood to play with Rose head over there.

Leilani Leeane

Leilani hasn’t produced that much content during her porn career but the stuff she has produced has been good, and her tits are real which only adds to her appeal! She’s 23 years old and has a hot tattoo on her back, if you haven’t already you should check this girl out if you’re into your ebony porn.

Nyomi Banxxx

Nyomi has won awards for her performances with the most notable being ‘Best MILF Performer’, personally we prefer Diamond but Nyomi is a very close second. She has been very active in the porn scene so you shouldn’t find a shortage of material to watch.

Lavish Styles

Lavish is a Rhianna look-a-like, so what’s not to love about her? The only reason she didn’t make the cut is that she has ended her porn career early and as a result there are not many videos of her available. Don’t let that put you off though, each and every video she has done has been awesome.

Jada Fire

Jada has unfortunately retired from porn, however she has produced so much material that she still deserves a spot on this list. Jada has everything you would expect to find in an ebony pornstar, she has curves, tits and a big ass so there’s nothing not to like.

Evanni Solei

This 25 year old black beauty has some of the best natural tits found on an ebony pornstar. She hasn’t released too much content but the content she has released has been well received, if you haven’t heard of her before we highly recommend checking her out.

Codi Bryant

Although Codi has now retired there were enough people in the comments section to get her included. We didn’t add her because she wasn’t hot, we just try to avoid adding retired pornstars unless enough people request them (as with the other retired pornstars on this list). Codi’s figure is amazing, slim with a thick ass and fake tits that have been crafted by a master surgeon.

Carmen Hayes

Tits, is the first word that comes to mind when we think of Carmen, she’s got an amazing pair of 38G all natural tits. We were planning on writing a bit more about Carmen here but all you need to know is she’s got great tits, a great figure and is a pornstar – please excuse us while we ‘research’ her.

Vanessa Blue

Vanessa is an old school ebony pornstar with massive tits, unfortunately they are fake but you can’t have it all right? She has starred in over 180 films, and has won around 4 awards. However she is a little past it now, and has retired but there is still plenty of content on her online and on her own site.


I’m alive
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I do not sleep at night skinny

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Yes, I live like a rock and roll player
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Considered problematic

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How scary to admit
Everything goes to hell
Don’t ask me
I don’t give a damn about questions

Yes, I live like a rock and roll player
Bruises under the eyes
I do not sleep at night skinny

I am alive
Yes I live like a rock and roll player
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I’m alive

Do you like the lyrics?
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At the Boston Zoo, the gorilla was delighted to see a human baby.

In the moving video below, a zoo visitor showed her newborn baby to a gorilla mother, who, in turn, was greatly fascinated by human offspring.

A touching encounter comes after Emmily Austin of Jefferson, Maine, USA, sat next to the gorilla enclosure at Franklin Park Zoo in Boston with her 5-week-old son Canyon.

Footage taken by Emmily’s husband, Michael, shows Kiki the gorilla pressing his face against the enclosure window to get a better view of Canyon.

It is worth noting that the 39-year-old western lowland gorilla gave birth to her 5th child, and her first son named Pablo, last October.

In the video, Kiki knocks on the window and points at Kanyon, apparently trying to take his hand, while it is clearly visible that the animal does not take its eyes off the boy, who is sleeping throughout their meeting.

After some time, Kiki picks up Pablo, who was running alongside him, to show him both to Emily and to the visitors gathered nearby.

“She kept peeking around the corner of her cave, and I thought, ‘She’s looking at Kanyon,’” Emily told News Center Maine. “For more than 5 minutes, she just sat and looked at [Kanyon], looking at him with such love.”

“When I entered the zoo that day, I could not even imagine that we would have such an experience. It was so beautiful … ”she added.

The woman’s husband said that his wife constantly told him that Kiki seemed to be very interested in their child, but it seemed to him that she was just making it up for herself.

“The next time she met Kiki’s gaze, she again lifted Kanyon and waved to her, then Kiki grabbed Pablo and set him on her foot to bring him to us,” the man said.

“My wife sat down on the floor, while Kiki came up and immediately began to communicate with us.”

“It was an amazing experience watching her try to take Canyon’s hand, lick him through the glass, while she kept pointing at us and then at him, as if to say, ‘This is your child.’»

“She spoke to us with gestures. At some point, Pablo even pressed his face against the glass, and together they watched him, touching their noses. ”

“My wife and I had tears in our eyes, but several people told us that they had never witnessed something like this in their lives and had never experienced anything so beautiful.”

“These are such incredible memories that we can share with our son someday!”

90,000 Russian language added to Hitman 3

Action Hitman 3 now has official Russian localization.The game has translated the interface and dialogues using subtitles. The language is available on all platforms.

The official localization of the game appeared in Hitman 3 six months after the release. According to the action distributor in Russia, SoftKlab, this decision was made by the game developers. The previous two parts of the series came with the Russian language since the release.

Hitman 3 will remain without Russian localization

Together with patch 1.07, which added the Russian language, the game began the fourth season of the “Seven Deadly Sins” called “Lust”. Action fans can complete a special themed contract in Berlin and take part in a unique event in Dartmoor. Rewards include a Snakeskin Suit, a Snake Crossbow, and an ICA 19 Goldballer Pistol.

Hitman 3 was released on January 20 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.The average rating of the game on the Metacritic website from specialized journalists was 87 points out of 100.

New job.:. Watch profession reporter.:. Job search

City cloud

Club Tips & Articles
The most demanded professions in 2010
At critical moments, cadres are valued who can solve everything: develop an anti-crisis strategy and knock out debts.Our team has developed a list of the most in-demand specialists:
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Salary rating TOP 10 – the most paid professions
The question of a salary like “how much do you earn” is considered indecent both in the West and in Russia. It is no coincidence that we are given salaries “in envelopes” and the question is not even whether your salary is gray or white.
Read more »

Construction services market, January 2010
Every day, employers and recruitment agencies from the largest cities in Russia post tens of thousands of new vacancies on our website.
Read more »

Existing professions:


A sitter or model is a person who poses for the author when creating a work of art (sculpture, painting, etc.). In modern language, under the influence of English, the word model is also often used.

Famous Models

* Phryne – getter, model of the sculptor Praxitel

* Simonetta Vespucci – Botticelli model

* Fornarina – Raphael’s model

* Maria-Rosa (Margarita) – daughter and work as chief accountant in Rostov as well as a model for Jose de Ribera

* Saskia van Eulenburg and watch the profession of a reporter as well as Hendrike Stoffels – Rembrandt’s models

* Elena Fourman and a sample resume of a chief accountant and Isabella Brant – Rubens’ models

* Louise O’Murphy – model Francois Boucher

* Duchess of Alba – model Francisco Goya

* Countess Yu.P. Samoilova – Karl Bryullov’s model. His other model, Italian Adelaide, committed suicide.

* Quiz Meuran and Berthe Morisot – models by Edouard Manet

* Camille Claudel – Auguste Rodin’s model

* Kiki from Montparnasse – Man Ray’s model and the basics of working on the Internet, as well as the artists of the Paris School

* Jeanne Hebuterne – model Amedeo Modigliani

* Gala – model of Salvador Dali

Rescue Engineering

Rescue Engineering (or Rescue Engineering)Rescue Engineering; German Rettungsingenieurwesen, or watch profession reporter and Gefahrenabwehr und Sicherheit) is a profession, interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree curriculum. Taught at the Institute of Applied Sciences in Cologne (since 2002) and vacancy ceilings as well as at the Institute for Applied Sciences in Hamburg (since 2006). The first stage of training is the study of the basics of academic engineering and technical sciences. Later, at the second stage of training, skills are acquired and watch the profession of a reporter, as well as the skills of organizational work and external work, as well as management at enterprises and watch the profession of a reporter, as well as organizations related to rescue services, fire protection and endoscopist vacancies in Moscow. also auxiliary rescue organizations (Red Cross and watch the profession of a reporter as well as others like him).


Critic (Greek – the art of disassembling, judging) is a person (specialist) whose field of activity is criticism, that is, analysis, assessment and vacancies of banks in Balashikha, as well as a judgment about the phenomena of any of the work vacancies real estate and areas human activity, usually in the field of culture.

Distinguish between film critics specializing in cinematography, literary critics working with works of fiction, music critics and watching the profession of a reporter, as well as theater critics, as well as work for girls as well as art critics whose subject matter is the visual arts.Critics include experts and watch the profession of a reporter, as well as connoisseurs, usually professionally trained, who regularly evaluate and interpret concerts, performances, works of various arts and, as a chief accountant in Rostov, usually publish their observations and watch the profession of a reporter as well as judgments in periodicals.

Vladimir Vasilyevich Stasov, who graduated from the School of Jurisprudence, is among the most famous Russian art and example resumes of the chief accountant as well as music critics.Music criticism was also carried out by composers Nikolai Andreevich Rimsky-Korsakov, Alexander Nikolaevich Serov and the basics of working on the Internet as well as others, artistic criticism – artists Alexander Nikolaevich Benois, Mstislav Valerianovich Dobuzhinsky and others. A well-known art and literary critic at one time was Dmitry Vladimirovich Filosofov, who, unlike watching the profession of a reporter and Benoit and external work, as well as Dobuzhinsky, was not an artist, unlike watching a profession a reporter and Merezhkovsky or Gippius was not a writer.And also the famous literary critic Belinsky Vissarion Grigorievich.

Tattoo artist

A tattoo artist (tattoo artist, ring worker) is a person who creates images on the human body by injecting special pigments under the skin. This often happens either in a tattoo parlor or at home (burglars), although bank vacancies in Balashikha and other places are not excluded. In ancient times, primitive tools were used for the tattooing process, like sharpened wooden sticks, knitting needles.Currently, professional tattooists work with special tattoo machines that use the principle of electromagnetic induction.

The tattoo artist often uses ready-made drawings, the so-called flash sketches, drawn earlier on paper or copies of originals. Or they draw an original drawing on a person’s skin personally for their client. Less experienced tattoo artists who do not have a good portfolio often use photographs from the profession of a reporter and magazines as an example for clients, and sometimes even use them for repetition and plagiarism.This behavior hides self-affirmation, “I can do the same” or “Can I do that?” Which, in turn, is not welcome among good tattoo artists.

Fashion designer

Fashion designer (in the Russian tradition) – a specialist in the manufacture of clothing models, creator of experimental samples, defining the image and look of the profession of a reporter, as well as style, general design solution, inventing new technological solutions and work as a chief accountant in Rostov, as well as developing decor, choosing a color and watching the profession of a reporter, as well as materials, thinking over accessories and an example of a resume of a chief accountant, as well as additions.


Neuropathologist (neurologist) – a doctor who has received a higher medical education and is a reporter as well as specialized in neurology. A neuropathologist deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases not associated with changes in the mental field. These are diseases of the central (head and spinal cord) and vacancy ceilings as well as the peripheral nervous system (nerve fibers). For example: tumors of the brain and watching the profession of a reporter as well as the spinal cord, neuritis, neuralgia, strokes and external work, as well as other circulatory disorders of the brain, encephalitis, epileptic seizures.Many of these diseases are accompanied by changes in behavior and mental functioning, then psychiatrists and sometimes psychotherapists are involved in the treatment of such patients.

Neuropathologist – education: In Russia, in order to become a neuropathologist, you must graduate from a medical institute with a degree in general medicine or bank vacancies in Balashikha and pediatrics. In the future, the future neurologist undergoes a one- (internship) or two-year training in neurology (residency), after which he receives a certificate and job vacancies real estate as well as a certificate in neurology and can also take patients as a neuropathologist.

90,000 Berbers. Berber drawings (tattoos) on faces.

Berbers. Berber drawings (tattoos) on faces.

Harquus is a word used to refer to black facial ornamentation in North Africa and the Middle East. It is used to refer to both tattoos and simply drawings on the skin. Harquus patterns are often complementary and are used together to enhance the effect of each element.
Harquus is a resin based body paint (in the original – resin based body paint, the word “resin” is translated as “stone”, “resin”.The base of the black dye is black iron oxide (black iron oxide, some articles talk about wood ash, which provides a black tint. It is waterproof and will remain on the skin without staining clothes, smudging or washing off. You can remove the pattern with alcohol or medical ether
Berber women are often tattooed around the openings of their bodies to prevent jnoun (evil spirit) from entering the body through them.That is why Berber women are so common tattoos on the chin or in the corners of the eyes (almost on the cheekbones.In other cultures, embroidered collars and cuffs of shirts, hemlines of skirts, and aprons are used for the same purpose.
Tribal adopted the tradition of ornaments on faces, and patterns on the chin and around the eyes became quite a common element of the dancer’s stage make-up. To apply patterns in a tribal, they usually use a waterproof eyeliner with a thin brush, antimony, a sharpened regular black pencil (medium fat) or a permanent cosmetic pencil.

Berbers.Mysterious white North of Africa – Berbers

Amasakhi – white north of Africa. Who do you think is the indigenous person of Africa? The answer turned out to be not as obvious as many think.

It turned out that the indigenous population of North Africa is not Negroid Africans or even Arabs, but peoples who are commonly called Berbers. Even more surprising is the fact that these peoples are the peoples of the white race.

Who are the Berbers?

Actually, they call themselves mazigh, amasiyen (may sound like amazig, amazir and even amazai), which means “people” or “free people”.And everyone else called them Berbers because of their incomprehensible language. There are famous people of Amazonian origin. This is Zidane Zinedine, Isabelle Adjani, Edith Piaf … Where did the tribes of white people in North Africa come from?

And they appeared there once upon a time, even before the appearance of the Arabs and Phoenicians there. According to various sources, the history of the Berbers goes back from 3 to 11 thousand years. And nothing is said about the possible origin of this people anywhere. The Berbers lived on the lands of North Africa long before all the conquerors we know – Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and even more so Arabs, who came to their lands in the 7-8 centuries AD.NS. But, despite the almost universal acceptance of Islam, the Berbers managed to preserve it, as well as their mentality, culture and way of life.
Of course, many Amazahs assimilated with the local population of Arab or African appearance, but there were also quite a few “pure” representatives.

Now Berbers are called the totality of many tribes that live throughout northern Africa, from Egypt in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and from Sudan in the south to the Mediterranean Sea in the north, as well as in other countries, including European ones.Most Berbers today live in the mountains. There are many Berber villages. Houses made of piled local red stone or huts of the same clay color sometimes hide in the green of the river valleys, then climb the slopes of the mountains.

But this is not the most interesting thing in the history of the Berbers. Berber traditional clothing, jewelry and archaic ornaments of folk crafts were not influenced by outside influences, they seemed to have frozen in time.

The national costume consists of a long top shirt, embroidered at the bottom and at the neckline, and a wide bright canvas skirt that is wrapped around the waist.The embroidery is dominated by red tones.

The costume is complemented by beautifully executed traditional jewelry. Beautiful, heavy, handmade, made only of silver or alloys based on it, Berbers do not favor gold out of superstition – they believe that it is the metal of the devil and brings misfortune.

Sometimes jewelry has a golden sheen, but this is achieved due to the inclusion of a small amount of copper in the silver. Moreover, the jewelry is made by women, however, as well as they know the ancient script – tifinagh.In their jewelry they use traditional Berber symbols – the universe in the form of a spiral, as a symbol of infinity, the Berber cross teneghelt, it is also the southern cross among Europeans for protection from the “evil eye”, the letter of the Berber alphabet “Yaz” is a symbol of the unity of all peoples.

These jewelry show the social and marital status of women, the wealth of their husbands, and tribal affiliation.

And if you look closely at the harkuz – tattoos of Berber women, you are surprised.In them, each symbol has a certain meaning – from the amulet to the symbolism of fertility and feminine strength, which are also used in traditional Berber jewelry.

But this is not surprising, but the fact that in the symbolism of the Berber female tattoo, and not only in it, symbols are used that are very much reminiscent of the Slavic-Aryan ones. Moreover, both female, protective and attractive love, happiness, good luck and helping to raise healthy and strong children, and male – the ax of Perun and the thunderbolt, who was depicted by the Slavs on weapons.These are the seemingly Slavic-Aryan symbols that can be found in a Berber female tattoo.

In addition to these signs, Berber women draw on themselves other signs similar to Slavic symbols. These are various swastikas and symbols of fertility – rhombuses with dots inside – symbols of a sown field.

And the traditional Berber costume itself is very similar to the South Russian and Little Russian ponyovy complex, which also consists of an embroidered long shirt, on which a three-piece skirt is worn – poneva.Moreover, the traditional embroidery of a long Berber women’s shirt involves the embroidery of a swastika ornament. And the headdresses of the Berber women also resemble the headdresses of the Slavs.

Among the Berbers, you can find kokoshniks, magpies of the Kursk and Tula provinces, and horned kiks, and maiden headbands, and even their manner of tying scarves is the same as in southern and central Russian villages.
Looking at the photographs of Berber women in these headdresses, it is hard to believe that we are not talking about the Slavs, but about the tribes in North Africa.And the photo below shows not the performance of the Kuban Cossack choir, but the Berber choir at the festival in Kabylie – an area in North Africa at the junction of Libya, Algeria and Tunisia.

Southern and Central Russian ornaments are adorned with woven Berber carpets, where archaic symbols are used. The appearance of these carpets is attributed to the Paleolithic, that is, to the Stone Age.

To find out for certain where the Amazahs came to Africa, and what kind of connection we have with them is not possible.Despite the fact that there are a large number of sources on the Web that mention the Berbers and their history, there is no consensus on when it began.
We can only guess and put forward our versions of history …

Berber culture. Berber

The Berber language is mainly spread in countries such as the United Arab Republic and Libya, Tunisia and Algeria, Morocco and Western Sahara, Mauritania and Mali, Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) and Niger, as well as in the countries of Nigeria and the Republic Chad.The Berber language is related to the Semitic-Hamitic language family and divides into a very large number of dialects, about 300 types, which in turn are combined into 5 main dialectical groups.

5 main dialectical groups of the Berber language:

  • Tuareg group spreads in Libya and Algeria, Mali and Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta), Niger and Nigeria and Chad
  • Zenet group in Algeria, Algerian Sahara, Northern
  • Tamazigt group in Morocco
  • Tashelheit group in Morocco
  • Zenagha group in Mauritania

The Berber language has three phonemic groups: consonants and vowels, as well as sonants.The stress is weak enough; the root can consist of one, two, three or even four consonants. The lexical, syntactic, morphological and phonetic unity of the dialects of the Berber language makes it possible to assert with sufficient confidence about the existence of a single language. In Berber culture, oral folk art takes place mainly. Even in antiquity, attempts were made to record the Berber language and its dialects using some writing systems, these are the Berber Tifinagh, Arabic and Latin alphabets.

Berber women. Berbers and Arabs

Today the Berbers preach Islam; but they are rather humble followers of the prophet. Before the arrival of the Arabs, they worshiped the gods of Carthage: Gurzila, Mastiman and other barbarian deities.

According to Tertulien, they sacrificed children to Saturn. They also practiced the cult of fire. During the Christian domination, several tribes in the vicinity of the Greek settlements were converted to Christianity.

Berbers are a monogamous people.Their women, although to a lesser extent are cared for than women of Christian nations, do not have special rights.

Berber woman cooking couscous

Berber women

Berber women have an enviable energy. Sometimes you can see them fighting alongside their husbands. History immortalized the memory of their courage and fortitude in the saga of the Amazons, in which Homer glorified the queen of the Amazons who conquered Libya and parts of Asia Minor.


Some Berber women held supreme power among the Berbers; this fact alone, completely uncharacteristic for the Arabs, quite clearly indicates that regarding certain issues, the way of thinking of these peoples was completely different. During the conquest, the Arabs met with rather stiff resistance from Queen Kahina, who commanded several tribes and formed a league against the Arabs. In the first battle, she managed to put them to flight and occupy all of northern Africa.

Since the Arabs returned in a much larger number than before, she decided to ravage the country in order to prevent them from occupying it, and ordered the destruction of all villages and settlements from Tripoli to Tangier. This amazing woman brought equal terror to the Greeks and the Arabs, and perhaps she would have changed the fate of her country if she had not found her death in one of the battles.

The nature of the Berbers

Authors who talked about the Berbers often held very conflicting opinions about the nature of the latter.These contradictions are easy to explain, taking into account all that we have said about the character of the Arabs, so different, depending on the conditions of their residence. The descriptions we use are accurate only for the portion of the Berber population to which these descriptions apply; however, since this population was very different, what is true for some is not true for others. For example, what characterizes the Tuareg, who are a dangerous nomadic tribe of robbers and robbers, has nothing to do with the Berbers living in the mountains.

The psychology of the Berber can be regarded as very similar to the psychology of the Arab, provided, of course, that the sedentary tribes will be compared with the sedentary ones, and the nomadic ones with the nomadic ones. For all peoples, living conditions are one of the most important factors that, in turn, affect the formation of character. Considering similar conditions of existence, we can expect that we will find the same way of thinking and demeanor. Sedentary Berbers, like sedentary Arabs, are diligent, patient, energetic and hardworking.Berber nomadic tribes, like nomadic Arabs, are independent, warlike, restrained and hardy. The first, like the second, have a lively mind, they are also incredibly insidious and dangerous in relation to their enemies. They differ from the Arabs only in that they are more vindictive, cruel and less intelligent.

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