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Durable, Spacious & Custom kids school trolley bag

Gift stylish and attractive kids school trolley bag to your kids from leading suppliers and wholesalers at These kids school trolley bag are unique in design and are extremely spacious for carrying all their school items. There are various trendy designs available, which are of durable quality and can last for a long time. Order these kids school trolley bag now from a wide set of designs and you can even custom print them according to your choice of style and designs.

Custom kids school trolley bag are widely popular among kids as you can achieve your desired look or can even purchase them in different colors as per your preferences. These kids school trolley bag are very spacious and can carry a lot of stuff, and come with wide straps are tender on shoulders and distribute weight evenly. They are waterproof, helping to protect your belongings. You can select from a wide variety of kids school trolley bag that are perfect for both boys and girls. These unisex products are tear-resistant and can cope up with daily harsh usages.

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Trolley bags better than backpacks for school kids

Children should not carry over 20 per cent of their body weight in their backpack trolleys as it hampers their movement.

Indo Asian News Service | By Indo Asian News Service

UPDATED ON JUL 04, 2019 12:05 PM IST

Parents, please take a note. Researchers have found that trolley bags are better than backpacks for schoolkids for their movement and body posture.

They also suggest that children should not carry over 20 per cent of their body weight in their backpack trolleys as it hampers their movement.

For the study published in the journal Applied Ergonomics, researchers from the University of Granada and Liverpool John Moores University assessed 49 primary school pupils from Spain.

In Spain, more than 40 per cent of the children use trolley backpacks, and until now there have been no studies making weight recommendations for this type of backpack, said researchers.

For the study, a kinematic analysis of the children (posture of the trunk and lower limbs) was conducted while they walked freely; carrying no weight; carrying a traditional backpack; and while pulling a backpack trolley with different loads (10 per cent, 15 per cent and 20 per cent of their respective body weights).

It was found that pulling the backpack trolley produces fewer changes in the child’s kinematics and, therefore, resembles more closely their movement when walking free of any load, compared to carrying backpacks, even when it weighs very little.

Findings also indicate that the greatest alterations were produced in the hip and trunk when using trolleys or backpacks while there was little difference in the kinematics of the knee and ankle.

The study also confirmed that schoolchildren who use backpacks should avoid carrying loads greater than 10 per cent of their body weight.

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Backpack or trolley: Which is better for your kids?

New research suggests that carrying a backpack to school has a more detrimental effect on children’s health than pulling a trolley. Image: praetorianphoto/ via AFP Relaxnews

The debate on how much kids should be carrying to school is set to be reignited this week, after a group of European researchers have compared the effect of taking a backpack or a trolley loaded up with books on the daily school run.

Previous research has already looked at the effect of carrying a heavy backpack around school all day on children’s health and comfort, with findings leading many experts to agree that a backpack should not weigh more than 10 to 15 percent of the child’s bodyweight.

The most recent study, carried out by a team from the University of Granada, Spain, has added to the debate by focusing on whether pulling a trolley could be better for kids than carrying schoolwork around in a backpack.

Backtracking to a previous study

A previous attempt has already been made to settle the matter, with a small-scale 2010 study looking at the effect of both on 34 German schoolchildren between 6 and 8 years of age.

That study found that although children adopted asymmetric postures while both toting a backpack and pulling a trolley, a trolley was also associated with a rotation of the spine, which could be an extra source of stress on children’s bodies, leading the team to advise using a backpack, as long as the weight is within recommended limits.

However, the team behind the new study believes that pulling a trolley to school is better for children than carrying around a heavy backpack.

After assessing body weight and posture of 78 schoolchildren aged six to 12, results showed that 47 percent of schoolchildren are carrying a load in their trolley or backpack above what is recommended on a daily basis.

Furthermore, 23 percent of the girls are carrying a load above 20 percent of their body weight, far higher than what is recommended.

When backpacks bring in back pain

In addition, after surveying the children, researchers found that 97 percent of backpackers believe their backpack is almost always heavy, compared with 85 percent of trolley users, despite the results suggesting that the weight of the trolleys is greater than backpacks.

Over 85 percent of those using a backpack also reported often feeling tired when carrying it, compared to 71 percent of trolley users, while back pain was reported by 43 percent of backpackers, compared to only 31 percent of those using trolleys.

Lead author Eva Orantes suggested that a trolley is beneficial where possible, provided its load doesn’t exceed the recommended amount of between 10 and 15 percent of the child’s weight.

The team is continuing with their research, which should shed more light on how children should take their work to school and how much they should take.

Meanwhile, for kids that need to use a backpack, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends that parents ease the load on children by choosing one that is an appropriate size for the child, is lightweight, and comes with two wide, padded shoulder straps and a waist strap for extra comfort and support. JB

The best Trolley School Bag: Which to buy

Comfort travels on wheels: ready to choose among the best trolley school bag?

How many times do children complain about the weight of their school backpacks? The solution to eliminate this problem and to better protect the body of the little ones exists. The trolley school bag, with their comfortable wheels, guarantee maximum practicality and incredible comfort.

Choosing the perfect school backpack is not easy, as there are so many proposals, both for the little ones and for the older ones. Precisely for this reason we decided to dwell on this particular category, which is part of the large group of most requested and sold backpacks.

School backpack or trolley?

The main problem, which concerns a very high number of students of all ages, is the weight of school backpacks. The books, notebooks and all the accessories needed for normal school activities do nothing but increase the weight of their container. The problem is not the backpack, since their weight is less than a pound (at most, it reaches 4 lbs for backpacks with wheels), but it is the quantity of educational material that is put inside.

It is primary school children who are most affected by this problem: their delicate physique cannot bear the weight of backpacks filled in all their space well, and the consequences for the spine can also be disastrous. Experts say that the weight of the backpack should be between 12 and 15% of the body weight of the person concerned, but almost always goes further. Definitely beyond!

What to do? Backpacks with a padded and ergonomic backrest can facilitate the transport of a large number of books and notebooks, distributing the weight evenly over the entire back.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is not enough. Here come to the rescue of the smallest trolley school bags, easily transportable thanks to the solid wheels positioned in the lower part. Yes, they can be considered as real school bags.

Are they better than shoulder-less models? It depends on the use you intend to do and on the subject who will use them. The trolley school bags

have been designed to help the smallest school children in kindergartens and primary schools (and middle schools), while they are more uncomfortable for those who already attend high school second level.

What to choose? Better school trolley bags or a classic model? We have already answered this question, even if in an indirect way, but to have a more complete answer we can analyze the disadvantages and advantages of these particular models:

  • Advantages : reinforced bottom to support a high weight and sturdy wheels that allows you to carry them almost anywhere without straining the back.
    Very useful and recommended for those who usually do long walks from home to school. Another advantage is the protection of the material contained in them from humidity: the lower plastic part protects the fabrics from water. Even on wet surfaces it is possible to make the backpack walk, avoiding getting the lower part soaked.
  • Disadvantages : the greater weight of the structure (compared to the classic ones), and the higher price are the only two limits of these models. The lower part, usually made of solid plastic, the reinforcements on the back and the wheels increase (by just over a kilogram compared to the shoulder models) the weight of the trolley school bags. Weight that should not be considered as a boulder that will arch the back of the little ones, but which must always be taken into consideration, since they can also be carried on the shoulders.

Do we recommend trolleys school bags? Yes, but only for the little ones who will have to face long walks to reach their school, thus avoiding to load the weight on their back. The trolley school bags are considered, in any case, friends for the spine. Even the pediatricians have raised their thumbs, as a sign of approval, for these wheeled backpacks.

Recommended age for trolley use

Researchers at the University of Granada conducted a survey to investigate the issue related to the weight of school backpacks, often real hardly transportable blocks. The survey was carried out on several elementary and middle school children, forced to carry, every day, a weight far greater than 12/15% of their body weight.

Without going into the details of the research carried out, we can safely state, reporting what was said by the researchers of the Spanish University, that trolley school bags represent the least harmful choice for the back of young children.

This does not mean that they can be filled in a reckless way, since the limit, indicated with the percentages described above, should in any case always be respected. The trolley is the ideal solution to improve posture and avoid worsening already compromised physical situations.

What is the recommended age for trolley school bags? These models, more and more beautiful and comfortable, are practically perfect for small children who, wearing beautiful aprons, are ready to face long mornings in kindergartens or elementary schools.

They can also be joined by older middle school students. This specific technology has been specifically designed to protect their most delicate physique.

For about 10 years, school trolley backpacks have literally climbed over, thanks also to the quality of the materials used to create a structure designed down to the smallest detail, those that can be defined as classic backpacks.

In practice, from the backpacks that resumed the shapes of the shoulder bags used by climbers after the Second World War, we moved on to more gentle models in the lines, up to these models even with wheels, fixed or removable. Design and technology have also led to major changes in the world of school accessories.

Differences between the fixed and removable trolley backpack

Nothing to add in terms of practicality and comfort, but we can say something more about the structure of these specific models. Not all trolley school bags are the same, as some may have a fixed, removable, other wheeled structure.

The differences between the fixed and removable trolley backpack mainly concern the back part. Let’s try to make things a bit clearer:

1. Both have a rigid rear and lower structure that ends with plastic wheels. The latter, as far as the best models are concerned, can even be depreciated, guaranteeing even easier transportation.

2. The handle is always (unless you decide to spend very little for a low-quality model) built in resistant materials, to withstand even the strongest tensions. The handle is always removable (telescopic), so as to make the transport of the school backpack even easier.

3. The trolley is the link between the fixed and removable models. It is usually an integral part of the school trolley, but this is not always the case. The first models launched on the market could in no way be modified in their structure, but today there are many trolley backpacks of the best brands that can be disassembled and reassembled with extreme ease.

Just remove the special hooks and the trolley backpack turns into a normal backpack in just a few seconds. And it is precisely in this case that we can speak of differences between the two models: the models with fixed structure usually err on the part of the back, less padded and with not exactly excellent technical characteristics. What has just been said is normal, given that they are backpacks intended only for transport on wheels.

Our advice is to choose school trolley bags with removable cart, more versatile and almost always with padded and ergonomic back, so as to ensure maximum comfort when carried on the shoulder thanks to the padded shoulder straps. The best models are also equipped with abdominal belts to lock the backpack and make it adhere perfectly to the back.

Now let’s take a look at the dimensions of these comfortable backpacks with school wheels:

  • The size of the school trolley bags (for elementary school) is around 11x10x5 inches. In most cases, they have a large internal compartment and two or more external pockets with zip closure.
  • Trolleys for junior high-school students can have a size of 18x14x8 inches, with handles that can even reach 35 inches above the ground. The internal volume, for the larger models, can even reach 40 liters and the pockets, both internal and external, are significantly higher in number.
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Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

Anatomy of a School (Trolley) Bag

Second Friday of the month:  Family Friday – Schooling

No. This is not the girl’s bag.  She can’t possibly have a bag that’s almost as heavy as her! Hers is that little pink backpack on top of big brother’s first ever (large) school trolley bag.  She just likes sitting on this wheeled one.

Every since my boy was in nursery, he have wanted “a big bag with wheels” like the ones he saw being pulled (dragged) by the prep boys and graders every morning when we bring him to school. Maybe it’s the sheer size of it, or simply having wheels on the bag that impressed him.   If he only knew how cumbersome those trolley bags can be!
Which brings me to wonder:
  • Why do school kids need to lug around ALL their textbooks everyday in the first place?
  • Can’t the teachers just ask the youngsters to bring what they will need for the day?
  • Why can’t schools provide at least some shelf space, if not lockers, for the kids to “park” their stuff?
Is this too much to ask? I know many parents who share the same sentiments.
With everything packed in, can you guess how heavy the bag can be?!?  We’re just so lucky to have the maintenance crew carry all the heavy bags up and down the stairs everyday at the my son’s school. I can just imagine how other students manage to carry, pull or maneuver such a pretty heavy load.  Not to mention the daily strain on their bodies.

If you got to read my previous post on Draw Books, I mentioned that my boy is lugging this ginormous trolley bag. Well, this is the bag.

These types of bags don’t come cheap. And there are several brands and designs to choose from. Check out the features of my little man’s Justice League trolley bag:
  • Approx.  16 inches x 8 inches x 12 inches  (LxWxH)
  • Zipped front and back pockets – for extra storage like pad papers, pens, extra change of clothes, etc.
  • Side compartments – removable pouch and water jug sling
  • Matching lunch bag
  • Rain gear – it comes with it’s own cover-up, tucked at the back
  • Reinforced rectangular body (though I don’t really know what padding they used, I’m guessing wood, metal sheet or polycarbonate?), sturdy enough for him to sit on
  • Solid, durable base with corner guards
  • Rotating 6 wheels, push-pull in any direction with ease — this one was the deciding factor for us

Maybe by the time this carry-all box of a bag gets worn out (I’m counting at least 3 years given how much we paid for this!), the school would reconsider providing the students some relief from this heavy load.

And by the way, this not-yet-fully-packed trolley weighed in at 12 kilos!
Would you like to try carrying this up three flights of stairs?

Today’s post happens to fit the theme ‘Kids and Bags’ so this is my first participating entry for Mommy Moments. Thanks to mommy Chris for inviting me.

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Backpack Vs Trolley Bag For School ~ Parenting Times

Backpack Vs Trolley Bag? Which will it be? Parents are weighing this decision while kids are getting weighed down by the load or workbooks year after year. This post will talk about the pros and cons of both the backpack and trolley bag and give you some tips to help you decide which type of bag is best for your little one.

When I was young, we didn’t have to worry about such things. I remember having a red and black tartan checked rectangular school bag that looked like a suitcase. The bag weighed quite a bit but our books didn’t. Packing the school bag was easy then since the bag was rectangular. We just sat the bag on the floor, put the stuff neatly in and snapped the suitcase cover shut. All done. We didn’t have trolley bags before. Those were for the airport for long distance travel! However, these days trolley bags are a common scene in schools.

Now, things have changed quite a bit. Bags looked a lot fancier with cartoon characters, glitters and other styles. However more styles also mean more decisions to make. Let us put styles aside and just decide on the make. Backpack Vs Trolley Bag. Which will it be?

“The best tip we can give you when deciding what type of bag to buy is to study the school’s layout.”

Will your child be on the ground floor? Usually the lower primary school students will be placed on the lower floors so you may find that in Std One, your child may be on the ground floor. In that case a trolley back can help to reduce the load for him. However, there are other factors to consider. On days when he has to stay back in school for extra curricular activities. Does he have to carry his bag up and down from one classroom to another.  Does he have to carry his bag up and down buses? Or will the transporter be assisting? Will he have to maneuver through stairways before he reaches his ground floor class.  If on the higher floor, how far does he have to carry his bag from the bottom of the stairs to the area where he waits for his transport. 

Many will tell you that a trolley back adds to the weight when dragged up the stairs. However do consider the overall layout. If your child has to drag the trolley back up just one flight of stairs but has to walk very far from the bottom of that stairway to the area where he waits for his transport, a trolley bag may not be so bad after all. So study the location!

I have seen many kids bump their trolley bags noisily up and down stairways and later glide and roll them happily all over the school. If the flight of stairs is short and the rest of the distance is long, the worse thing is the wear and tear from all that bumping.

Tips for Choosing Trolley Bags

  1. Make sure you check the wheels. Are they strong and sturdy? You child will be dragging the bag along everywhere. From home to school to classroom to rocky road surfaces and up and down buses too. If the wheels go, your trolley bag is useless so check the wheels. 
  2. Check the mechanism for the handle. Is it easy for your child to pull up and down easily. Does it lock firmly in place? Will you be able to get a replacement easily?
  3. Some trolley bags are detachable. Although this may seem like a good idea, you may not really use your trolley bag as a backpack, unless your trolley or handle breaks down. Also, since it is designed to be more of a trolley back, the backpack may not be as sturdy as an actual backpack so think twice before going for detachable ones.  

The advantages and disadvantages of backpacks

Backpacks are portable and does not have added weighed when carrying up and down stairways. Usually kids will move on to backpacks once they reach higher primary for several reasons:

  • They are on the higher floor
  • Trolley bags become too childish for them
  • They are older and stronger

Be mindful of this fact when buying your child’s first bag. If you are using a trolley bag, you will most likely have to change it by the time your child is in Std 3 or 4. Try to factor this in your costing decisions. You should also be mindful of the design. A favorite cartoon design now may not last throughout the years.

Tips for Choosing Backpacks

  1. Make sure the straps are sturdy, broad, padded and firm. Thin straps will cut into your child’s shoulders
  2. Take your child shopping with you so you can test out the fit to get one that is just the right size
  3. If the backpack comes with waist straps, make sure all the straps fit your child snugly and the bag is not hanging down.
  4. Make sure the straps are easy for your kids to tighten to the desired fit
  5. The back of the backpack should be padded well
  6. Check all the zippers to make sure they are working well
  7. Check the compartments and think about how your child will be packing his bags. If you want your child to put his tumbler with his bag, then an external compartment will be good so that you get extra space inside and also to prevent spillage. However do note that water tumblers add to the overall weight. The bag should be big enough to fit bigger books and files but not too large for your child.

Some ergonomic bags are quite expensive but do consider and plan for the fact that you may need to change a cheaper bag every year while you can keep the expensive one for several years. At the end of the day, it may turn out to be not too different cost wise.

Consider a homework bag

Apart from backpacks and trolley bags, you can consider a smaller rectangular size homework bag for storing homework for the day or exercise books to distribute the weight so that not everything is on the back.

“Once You Have Bought Your Bag, The Next Thing You Need To Do Is To Teach your child.”
Teach Your Child

The best tip for you as a parent is to check the layout before deciding on the type of bag. However, once you decide, whatever type of bag you buy, the best thing you can do is to teach your child.

  1. Teach your child how to wear his bag safely (Backpacks should be carried over two shoulders, not one. Waist and shoulder straps should be tighten to fit but not overly tight. Let them practice with books in them.
  2. Teach your child how to walk up and down the stairs safely by holding on to the handrails. If he is using a trolley bag, teach him how to pull his bag up safely. Teach him not to run on stairs and to look where he is going.
  3. Teach your child how to pack his bag properly from Day One. Don’t let bad habits start. Teach them to bring only the necessary books.
  4. If it is possible to leave books behind in school to reduce the weight, then teach your child to be mindful of his homework and books and to remember to bring those he needs home when necessary

“Remember that buying school bags is an exciting thing for your child, something to help him look forward to school. So enjoy the moment and Happy Shopping!”

Buy Kid’s Rolling School Bag

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Children’s backpacks on wheels: school trolley backpack, backpack on wheels

School backpacks on wheels – a joy for both children and parents!

Are you worried that your child goes to school with a backpack that is too heavy? Are you afraid that such a burden could harm his posture? Or maybe you like to travel with your baby and are tired of carrying heavy bags in your hands?

Our online store offers a great way to solve the problems described above – buy a backpack on wheels , in which your little one can put his books and notebooks or pack things for a trip.

Rolling school backpacks eliminate the need for your child to carry heavy loads in their arms or on their backs.

Nikidom children’s trolley backpacks will turn even the most ordinary school trip into an exciting journey for your child.

Children’s backpack on wheels – an alternative to the classic knapsack

Children’s backpack on wheels is a real salvation in the days when you have to take a lot of heavy textbooks, a laptop, a sports uniform with you to lessons.Rolling the knapsack on wheels is much easier and more comfortable than carrying it. And the absence of back load is of great importance for the health of the child.

Modern backpacks are not the bulky luggage that you probably had time to think about. They come in different sizes, including very compact ones. And yes, the schoolbag on wheels is universal. It can not only be rolled, but also carried over the shoulders. For this, the telescopic handle is completely recessed into the body and does not interfere with walking, and the wheels of many models close and do not stain the child’s things when wearing.Thus, you get versatile luggage that you can roll or carry, take on lessons or travel.

In our online store you can buy a backpack on wheels , choosing the ideal option for your child from a huge number of models. So, we have presented options of various sizes, designs, content, from Russian and foreign brands.

Children’s backpack on wheels – the best choice for traveling with a child

Child’s own luggage – a must on any trip.You need to take almost more children’s things with you than adults, and one suitcase for a family will not be enough. Having received a personal trolley backpack , the baby will undoubtedly be inspired, will be completely delighted and enthusiastic about the idea of ​​rolling it on his own. The convenient wheel system will allow any child to do it with ease, without experiencing difficulties and without applying significant effort. Modern backpacks are equipped with quality wheels, which are designed not only for riding on flat terrain, but also for overcoming obstacles such as high curbs or stairs.

A backpack on wheels is a must have for children who go in for sports, dancing or other activity that entails regular training, trips to competitions in other cities. On such trips, parents usually do not accompany their children and cannot help them with their luggage. And using a bulky “family” suitcase is inconvenient and pointless. Compact luggage is ideal in such cases.

School backpack trolleys – convenient and practical!

Do you think luggage on wheels is a great idea, but you rarely need to use it? Then you should definitely get a cart.Any standard backpack can be installed and securely attached to it. On ordinary days, the child can carry a knapsack over his shoulders, and if necessary, take heavy books to school to school – use the Go Easy trolley, securing his portfolio on it. Great idea!

Knapsack on wheels. Selection features

We already wrote about the volume above – for trips it is worth choosing a more capacious option, when used as a schoolbag – a more compact one.If most of the time the child will carry a briefcase on his back, the back should be orthopedic, pay attention to the presence of a ventilation system. The straps should be wide and soft. In case a backpack is purchased in order to roll it on the ground, the most important thing is the wheels. They must be smooth running and made of rubber or silicone (not plastic). Looking for a versatile model? Make sure that the wheeled backpack of your choice has wheel covers that will keep your back from getting dirty when you carry it. Waterproof material is important in each of the above cases. The same goes for filling – the backpack should have 1 or 2 main compartments, as well as several external pockets where you can put the necessary little things, a container with food, a bottle with a drink, etc. Will your child often walk down the street at night? Then you should choose a model with special reflective elements – they will provide the baby’s visibility on the roadway in the dark, which will increase his safety.
And, of course, the design! On our site you will find a huge selection of models for every taste! We have options for girls and boys, as well as universal versions that different-sex children can take turns in a family or, for example, pass the knapsack from an older sister to a younger brother. Decorated with your favorite cartoon characters and trendy prints, Rolling School Backpacks will delight your kids and become one of their favorite accessories! So, in our assortment there are Spiderman, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty models, drawings with birds, mickey mouse, hearts, puzzles, geometric prints and patterns in the Spanish style for older children, as well as many other colors and designs.

You can buy school children’s backpacks on wheels for boys and girls with courier delivery in St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as to the pickup point (+ courier delivery for a fee) to Izhevsk, Tyumen, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk , Irkutsk, Samara, Tolyatti, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Barnaul, Nizhny Novgorod and many other cities of Russia.

Choose the best satchel and please your baby!

School bags and suitcases on wheels for children

When going to school, walking or traveling, children have to take many things with them.Bags and suitcases for children of the American brand ZUCA help to make carrying heavy loads easy and safe for health. The company produces high-quality, ergonomic products adapted to the characteristics of a growing organism. They prevent deformity of the spine even when carrying heavy loads on a regular basis.

School bag on wheels – a reliable assistant for little students

ZUCA specialists create comfortable and safe models for babies that become worthy replacements for traditional briefcases.The branded children’s suitcase on wheels contains all the accessories necessary for a schoolchild. In its offices and pockets, you can rationally place notebooks, textbooks, albums and pencil cases for pens. Lightweight, compact, designed for the height and physical capabilities of a child, it is ideal for children over 4 years old.

ZUCA children’s suitcases differ:

  • reliability, strength and durability;
  • environmental friendliness, safety, hypoallergenic;
  • aesthetics, original, child-friendly design.

Numerous advantages convince parents to buy a school bag from the ZUCA brand. It provides comfort for children and peace of mind for adults. Caring mothers and fathers are satisfied, because their baby uses the new thing with pleasure and does not risk ruining his posture.

Bags, backpacks and suitcases for children on the website

Brand online store presents children’s models of bright colors. Boys will surely like pirate and space motives in the design, girls will love ballet-themed fantasies.Luminous wheels will be a source of pride for any child.

On the site you can buy a bag for school, attending sports training and long trips. While traveling, young tourists will be able to take care of their personal luggage themselves. A maneuverable and easily controlled children’s suitcase on wheels will help to do this. Imitating his parents, the child will proudly roll it along.

In terms of quality and convenience, models for babies are not inferior to products for adults. Children’s suitcases are also functional and designed for high loads.If necessary, they can be used as a mobile seat and taken into the aircraft cabin as carry-on baggage.

ZIRANYU kids school bags, 2/6 detachable trolley backpack for girls, kids trolley bag, travel bag | School bags |

Product Information

Product characteristics

  • Brand name: ZIRANYU
  • Main material: Polyester
  • Clasp type: Lightning
  • A type: Rolling bag
  • Item weight: one.92kg
  • Material composition: SCHOOL
  • Item Height: 48cm
  • Pattern type: Cell
  • Floor: For girls
  • Item Width: 24cm
  • Item Length: 33cm
  • anti theft backpack: mochila feminina
  • backpacks for adolescent girls: mochila masculina
  • backpack for girls: printing backpack
  • mochila unicornio: school bag
  • backpack for children: mochila bts
  • school bags: mochila infantil com rodinha
  • children backpacks: children school bags

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90,000 3 Pcs. children’s school bags on wheels for girls | School bags | |

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Models with extendable handle on large wheels for school. How to choose a small backpack for children?

School bags

There are a large number of all kinds of backpack models on the market. Among them, structures on wheels stand out.Outwardly, they resemble small suitcases equipped with wide shoulder straps. Let’s talk about the models of school backpacks on wheels in more detail.

Pros and Cons

School backpacks on wheels appeared quite recently, but have already become in demand on the market. They are often bought for school to ensure the health of children. Wheeled school backpacks have a number of positive aspects.

  1. A backpack on wheels is called a real salvation for fragile children’s backs by medical workers. It will not be difficult to transport books and notebooks, the weight will not be felt. To move the product, the student only needs to pull the handle. It is especially important to purchase a similar product for those children who wear a knapsack hanging on one shoulder. This contributes to poor posture. The muscles will become asymmetrical.
  2. It is possible to use constructions equipped with wheel attachments in a variety of ways. The product can be carried over the shoulders, like a regular satchel, and can also be transported from place to place by grasping the telescopic handle.
  3. By purchasing a school bag on wheels, you will keep your child’s uniform in order. When using the product, neither the jacket nor the lower part of the suit will get dirty.
  4. There are several sections inside the product, which allows you to put all the items and textbooks necessary for comfortable learning at school.
  5. The model is characterized by practical value and durability. The difference between backpacks with wheels is the presence of a plastic bottom, a solid frame. And also all structures have a good anatomical back, wheels of great strength, so that the product is easy to move on asphalt and on a bad road. Thanks to this, the schoolbag is characterized by a long service life.

Buyers of such a school backpack, equipped with wheels, talk about several disadvantages of such products.

  1. Rolling backpacks have an unusual design that can make children laugh. This minus is more than compensated for by the fact that the design does not harm fragile backs.
  2. The second disadvantage is the difficulty when entering a vehicle or when climbing from floor to floor. In this case, you can carry a product equipped with wheels behind your back.
  3. The buyers also call the high price a negative side. Similar items are more expensive than a number of other models.

Experts say that the design on wheels has no particularly negative sides.

Variety of models

There are a large number of models of backpacks with a retractable handle on the market.They can be simultaneously carried from place to place or transported. Let’s talk about the most popular products in more detail.

  • The best option for school backpacks on wheels is the Belmil Easy Go model. It is characterized by its small size. The product is available on the market in several colors and prints.

  • According to experts, a product from the Wenger brand is an excellent model for schoolchildren. It is presented in several colors, the structure moves on large wheels. The backpack can also be carried if needed thanks to the wide shoulder straps. Inside there are several sections for textbooks and the necessary office supplies.
  • Erich Krause BigFoot school backpack is very small. Differs in attractive appearance. The surface is decorated with beautiful and bright patterns that will certainly appeal to children, regardless of age category. There are several compartments inside, so you can put all the books and stationery you need for school.
  • Bodypack model looks attractive. This French product is equipped with large wheels and a large handle, so you can easily transport the backpack from place to place. There are several versions of the product.During transportation, the wheels light up. If needed, the backpack can be carried over the shoulders thanks to the wide and padded shoulder straps.
  • Boys and girls like Belmil brand models. They are beautiful, original and have different prints. The inner part of the product is quite large, which allows you to put a large number of a wide variety of items needed for schooling.

Advice on selection

When choosing an accessory suitable for carrying textbooks and office supplies, there are a number of factors to consider.

  • The presence of handles, straps and other accessories. They allow, if necessary, to transfer the product from place to place.
  • Attractive appearance. Girls and boys will love products with different prints and bright colors.
  • Country of origin. There are options on the market made in Russia, Great Britain, the USA and other countries. Foreign products may not always be of adequate quality.
  • Cost. Goods at a low price are of low quality.The paint on such knapsacks can remain on the hands and damage clothes.
  • Having a rigid backrest contributes to the health of the student .

Rolling school backpacks are popular. Among the options on the market, everyone will find a suitable backpack, depending on taste preferences and financial capabilities.

90,000 School Shoulder Bags for Teenage Girls Photo. ≡ 14 February 2015 Category: backpacks


Contents of article

School bags for teenagers delight with a variety of styles and colors.Fashion trends 2015 offer a wide selection. Backpacks and bags can hold many useful school supplies. They are conveniently thrown over the back and hung over the shoulder.

Taste features of a teenager

It is very important for a teenage girl to choose a model that will appeal to her classmates and because of which her peers will not laugh at her. Therefore, when choosing, she will be guided not by practicality, but by the beauty and, possibly, the brand of the bag. Here are some tips to help her mom choose school shoulder bags :

1.The bag model must be age-appropriate. Adolescents often worry if they buy a children’s backpack, like the one with which their younger brother goes to school. Therefore, do not take into account children’s primary school backpacks with various Barbies, Mermaids and other cartoon characters, even if they are very roomy and practical.

This is not at all an option for a teenage girl in whom femininity begins to awaken. By the way, have you ever wondered where and how bags appeared? And we were interested, and prepared for you an interesting article “The history of the bag and the female character.”

Roomy and practical bag

So leave the cartoon backpacks for the first-grade little sister. By the way, recent medical studies have revealed that such backpacks are harmful even for first graders, since when worn they put an excessive load on the spine and even when worn in the hand can lead to curvature of the spine.

Therefore, even for a little sister, it is better to choose another model, more beautiful and safer than the common children’s school bags .

Large selection of beautiful handbags

2. It should not be bulky. Even if the girl has to carry a lot of textbooks, it is better to buy small models a little larger than a notebook, and carry the textbooks in a bag. In such a bag, you can not only quickly take notebooks and pencil case, but also get keys near the house and other necessary things. Therefore, for a teenager, it is better to choose a small shoulder bag or a stylish backpack for a girl, depending on her style of clothing.

Ready for school: shopping, putting together a pencil case and a backpack.Watch the video.

Backpacks are a very convenient thing in everyday life. Especially if you are a teenager. or just a person who loves to travel – this is just a necessity, as the backpacks are beautiful and very roomy. And, for your attention, an article on the backpacks of the Spanish brand Mö: winter season 2015.

Backpacks are a convenient thing in everyday life

3. The bag should be stylish and match her wardrobe.

It can be a leather youth model with a bright pattern and beautiful zippers, or it can be a simple denim backpack with stylish leather inserts.

The main thing is that the model is compact and functional, in which everything is at hand and which will be combined with the girl’s style. For example, if she dresses in all black, then she can buy a stylish bag with bright zippers or a fluffy glamorous backpack in a bright color. If she loves everything denim, then the way and the backpack will be denim or faux leather. Well, if she is very feminine and flirtatious, then the bag should be the same.

These are the coquettes

Ladies Fashion School Bags

1.Brightness and contrast. These are rectangular handbags made of leather or its substitute with bright zippers, appliqués or inserts in other colors. They have a long handle and are worn over the shoulder. This model will appeal to bright and daring teens who love T-shirts with bright acid colors and accessories of the same color, or, on the contrary, dress in all black and gray. It is convenient to carry in them not only notebooks, but even small laptops and tablets.

But when choosing it, it is important to pay attention to the drawing.And as for me, this is a very entertaining and interesting article that will be useful to every girl, young or very adult: “How to take care of a bag.”


No smeshariki and other characters of children’s cartoons should not be on them. There should be either a neutral pattern with bright accents or a feminine applique, for example, in the form of lipstick, cherry, pineapple or heels. The image of the girl’s silhouette will also look beautiful. Such school bags are perfect for teenage girls in grades 5-11.They can be found at a small price if you try and search.

Interesting prints – always in fashion

2. Newspaper boom. Bags with newspaper design are in vogue today. They go well with any outfit and style of clothing. Many of them have images of stars, drawings and sketches that can turn such a model into a real work of art.

Therefore, teenage girls can try to choose such a model if she likes it. School bags and backpacks are different.Stylish backpacks are great for girls and boys. There are large, roomy backpacks, but there are also small, light ones.

Newspaper print in trend

3. Glamorous pink backpack or trendy handbag. If a girl is very feminine and loves different ruffles and blouses, but prefers to paint in gentle natural tones, then a glamorous backpack or handbag would be an excellent option for her. It looks very trendy and stylish!

It is important that the backpack is pink with or without a picture of a kitten, made of fur or soft fabric, and also combined with her glamorous wardrobe.

Such a delicate backpack will suit a stylish girl

It can also be a woman’s bag of any model, except for a clutch, peach or pale pink, and it doesn’t matter that it may not be very practical for school. The main thing is that this model is feminine and gentle, and combined with the girl’s style. Good school bags for girls grade 4 over the shoulder in soft pink.

By the way, if she likes a combination of gray and pink or peach tones, then you can buy her a cute backpack with Mickey Mouse.Only it should be well drawn, and not just printed, as on ordinary school backpacks. Such a school bag for 5th grade can be an excellent gift for an older girl.

For Mickey lovers

4. Leather backpack in black or brown color will suit rockers and everyone who loves expensive and high-quality things. It is convenient to take it with you for a walk and put not only textbooks and notebooks, but also any other useful things.

This model can be with or without a picture. By the way, the drawings on these backpacks and appliques are very stylish, high quality and beautiful. These backpacks are available with a leopard print, animal print, or simply with the image of animals. Animal handbags look cute and charming. They can be worn in grade 4 or 5, whichever you prefer. They are suitable for girls and boys.

Rock and Roll

5. Denim shoulder bag or black backpack bag photo. One of the most popular models and not only because many people are very fond of jeans. It’s just that you can not only carry it with anything, but everything will fit in it.

It is also easy to decorate it with various badges or appliqués, and from old jeans you can make a wonderful school bag with your own hands . It is not only convenient to sew, but also can be decorated to your liking. For example, make an imitation of shorts with pink lace or something else. And then it will turn into a stylish accessory.

Beautiful handmade handbag

What’s in the school bag

It often has many different pockets and compartments where you can put all the things you need. One will contain pens, the other will contain pencils and rubber bands, and the third will contain a mirror and powder. There are bags with separate compartments in which you can put separate notebooks by day, as well as a hardcover diary.

But if you have chosen a backpack, it is better to put all small things in a pencil case or a cosmetic bag.You can even put two small cosmetic bags, one can contain pens, rubber bands and other accessories, and the other can contain money, keys or a mirror with powder. Sometimes it’s better to put it in a separate pocket, if you have one.

Plenty of amenities

My School Bag Video

This is a bright rectangular leather bag with a thin handle from a well-known cosmetic company. It is made of black leather-like material that alternates with orange stripes, the borders of which are trimmed with beautiful silver imitation zippers.The bag itself is also zipped with the same zipper and has two inner compartments. It easily fits notebooks and a notebook, as well as a small cosmetic bag for pens.

It also has an inner pocket for a mobile phone, which is very convenient and beautiful. I wore this bag for several years and even now I wear it sometimes when I go to the store or to the market. It is very easy to find any necessary thing in it, even keys and money. Well, she suits any outfit, except for crimson and pink.By the way, it perfectly underlines the beauty of my favorite orange scent, because the style is made up of little things and everything is important in it, from shoes and a handbag to choosing an everyday scent. Therefore, I am proud of my choice and I advise you to strive for the same.

See other articles about fashion handbags:

School bags for girls, design and construction features

11 minutes to read. Views 2.5k. Updated

School rules dictate special requirements for clothing and appearance of students, which is not always to the liking of young women of fashion. The way out is simple – to add lightness and individuality to a strict, restrained image with the help of original accessories, backpacks or briefcases. When choosing a suitable model, it is important to take into account not only the aesthetic side of the issue, school bags for girls should also be practical, provide comfort to wear throughout the school year.But the most important thing is the complete safety of the accessory for the child’s health. Let’s try to figure out what other points are important to consider when choosing.

Requirements for children’s models

Question “What bags do they carry to school?” never loses its relevance. The list of basic models has been unchanged for many years, there are four of them:

  1. Bag – a structured container for carrying items in the hands or on the shoulders.
  2. Satchel – a frame structure with an orthopedic back, belts or straps, worn on the back.
  3. Backpack – a model without frame elements, used to carry accessories over the shoulders.
  4. Briefcase – a thin accessory with a fastener with a handle at the end.

The choice of school bags should not be based on flashy design, comfortable interior, or low cost. First of all, you need to pay attention to the safety and health care of the child. Orthopedic doctors give several recommendations on how to choose a bag for school for a girl:

  1. For elementary grades, the best solution would be a form-resistant satchel, preferably orthopedic.
  2. For older schoolgirls, starting from grade 5, doctors allow the use of more “adult” models that can be worn on the shoulder or in the hands.

The basic requirements for bags for schoolgirls are collected in the table.

Quality index



1-4 class – no more than 0.7 kg;
5-11 class – up to 1 kg.

Overall dimensions of the backs of backpacks and rucksacks

Determined by the parameters of the child’s body, complexion.


60-100 mm – no more than the width of the girl’s shoulders.


300-360 mm – the top is not higher than the shoulder line, and the bottom is not lower than the hips.

Shoulder straps, shoulder straps

  • length – 600-700 mm;
  • width – not less than 40 mm, otherwise the satchel will outweigh backwards, which will have a negative effect on posture;
  • the ability to adjust the length;
  • Covering with soft material to prevent shoulder chafing;
  • should be slightly curved to distribute the weight evenly.


Should be:

90 096
  • front;
  • on the sides;
  • on the straps.
  • General requirements

    • health safety;
    • the ability to move freely;
    • the presence of a rigid back in the satchels to protect the child from injury, to protect school supplies from deformation;
    • hard, dense bottom;
    • durable fittings, locks, clasps;
    • quality materials with a water-repellent coating;
    • the presence of at least two branches.

    Confirmation of quality

    • age marking;
    • quality certificate for the product.

    The main differences between the knapsack and the backpack are the frame and the orthopedic back. In the first option, it should:

    • to be rigid with soft pads for easy wearing;
    • Repeat the bends of the spine to form posture;
    • have a lumbar support – a special roller that takes the main load when worn;
    • be supplemented with a mesh lining or special grooves that allow air to circulate and prevent sweating on the back of the child.

    Prerequisites for the performance of the prosthetic function:

    1. On the back, the satchel is equal to the width of the girl’s shoulders.
    2. The accessory fits well to the child’s back and, when filled, is positioned on it without distortions.
    3. Top hem and shoulders are at the same level, and the bottom is in the lumbar region.

    A school bag for a girl is purchased according to her age, not “for growth.” Backpacks and satchels should be tried on.

    Portfolio Knapsack Backpack A bag

    Backpacks for primary school girls

    The preferred option for girls in primary school is a satchel, in rare cases a backpack. Other types of bags can have a negative impact on the formation of posture due to the uneven distribution of the load.

    When choosing, it should be borne in mind that fashionable school bags for girls should have:

    • orthopedic breathable back, rigid frame, supplemented with soft cushions and anti-slip mesh;
    • dense bottom that does not create pressure on the lower back;
    • Strong carry loop or handle;
    • Wide mesh shoulder straps to reduce strain on the shoulders;
    • Additional chest and waist straps with fasteners that fix the product in a comfortable position, preventing it from moving when walking;
    • Additional pockets, compartments or compartments for bottles with water, telephone, keys, and other little things.

    Some branded models indicate the optimal height and weight of the child.

    Various colors and models. Fashionable school bags can be:

    • pastel shades; 90,098 90,097 bright colors;
    • with prints of cartoon characters, impregnations, sequins;
    • with three-dimensional drawings or inscriptions;
    • complete with organizer, pencil case, other additional elements made in the same style;
    • with zippers, fasteners, clasps or magnets;
    • on casters, with legs.

    In addition, the manufacturers provide mini backpacks for short girls and transformer models with unfastened sidewalls. Prerequisites are the spaciousness and safety of the accessory. All school supplies should be placed in it freely, without the risk of deformation. Other important characteristics are durability, high-quality fittings, and the presence of reflective stickers.

    Horizontal backpacks are not as comfortable as vertical ones because they protrude from the shoulders.But for a short schoolgirl, this is the best option, since pressure on the lower back is excluded.

    If a girl will carry her accessories to school on her own, covering most of the road on foot, and not by transport, the doctors’ recommendations are unambiguous – backpacks with an orthopedic back. Their advantages compared to other bags, including backpacks:

    1. Favorable effect on the formation of posture and protection of the child’s back.
    2. Ability to position items correctly to evenly distribute the load: heavy items closer to the back, lighter items in the front, on both sides.This arrangement is convenient for the student herself – it is easier for her to navigate the contents of the backpack.
    3. Wide straps and shoulder straps that fix the satchel in the anatomically correct position do not chafe the shoulders.
    4. Protection against damage to school supplies thanks to a rigid frame.

    There are few disadvantages of this type of school bag:

    1. Weight – due to the orthopedic backrest, backpacks weigh more than backpacks.
    2. Breakdowns – in inexpensive models, fasteners, zippers, backrest can fail.They can be unstable.

    In addition, they have “age restrictions” – usually after 4-5 grades, the schoolgirl herself completely refuses to wear this version of the bag, preferring more stylish, “adult” models.

    School bags for high school girls

    Criteria for choosing a school bag for high school:

    1. Safety – models made with the use of toxic materials, with a pungent unpleasant odor, with traumatic elements are unacceptable.
    2. Functionality – the bag must contain all the necessary school attributes, withstand their weight (on average, about 5 kg) throughout the entire period of operation.
    3. Practicality – the accessory should be comfortable to carry in the hands and over the shoulder, care should be elementary.
    4. Presentation, modern design – it is better to entrust the choice of design to the child, as tastes of adults and children often do not coincide. At the same time, the decor should be in harmony with the school uniform and be appropriate.

    Among high school girls, the models “over the shoulder”, which have a comfortable rectangular shape, are popular. It is advisable to choose options with a size corresponding to the A4 sheet format (210 × 297 mm). A wide variety of colors and textures allows you to choose an accessory for every taste. Unlike a backpack, the bag is easier to remove, you can remove the necessary item from it “on the go”. Her back does not sweat.

    The main disadvantage is the uneven distribution of the load.It is worth paying the girl’s attention to the fact that the bag cannot be constantly worn on one shoulder, this is fraught with a violation of posture.

    Print trends are set by the heroes of your favorite TV shows or popular blogs. Usually bags are considered fashionable:

    • in street or hipster style;
    • with abstract print or plaid;
    • with an abundance of metal fittings, in the “biker” style;
    • from natural, skillfully made “natural” materials in the style of “urban glamor” or “chic”.

    Variants with an abundance of flirty elements (butterflies, bows, ruffles, flowers) at this age already become irrelevant. The most popular bags for high school girls are discussed in the table.



    Japanese bag

    Oxford fabric, rectangular shape (26 x 40 cm), in calm monochromatic colors, mostly dark, with contrasting textile handles sewn on the front and back.


    Reminiscent of a postman’s bag: rectangular or square, closes with a flap, has an adjustable shoulder strap, several compartments of different sizes.


    Soft, frameless, simple shape, to be carried over the shoulder, usually without handles.


    Thin, rigid envelope shape, the size corresponding to an A4 sheet, does not provide for short handles, it can be with an element that allows you to carry it on a belt.


    Frame, large, with two handles and a clasp, one compartment, no pockets. To be used as a school, it should be supplemented with an organizer.


    A dynamic option that can be expanded or turned into an elegant backpack by simple movement of elements.

    Fashion trends for bags, including school bags, change very quickly.Therefore, it is better to opt for inexpensive models so that you can change the accessory without regret.

    Transformer Tote The envelope Torba Postman Japanese bag


    Any school bag for girls should be made of durable, lightweight, wear-resistant, water and dirt-repellent materials that retain colors when washed and exposed to sunlight, and should be easy to care for. Some common fabrics that meet these specifications are shown in the table.




    Artificial nylon and polyester fabric, made in a special weaving in the form of a “mat”, covered with colorless polyurethane.


    Two-layer fabric (polyester or nylon top layer, polyester or cotton bottom layer) with a canvas look.


    Fibrous polymer material.

    Eco leather

    Synthetic substitute for genuine leather, consisting of two layers (upper – polymer, lower – woven textile fabric).


    Artificial material imitating leather with a shiny “lacquered” surface.

    Artificial suede

    A substitute for genuine leather with a soft short nap on the front and back.

    Satchels and rucksacks are usually made without lining. School bags for girls are always lined. It can be from:

    • viscose;
    • polyester;
    • satin;
    • mesh;
    • taffeta.

    High-quality lining materials are durable, hygroscopic, do not creep, but help to keep the bag neat inside.

    Additional elements

    A backpack for a young girl and a bag for a high school student must be equipped with sufficient compartments and pockets.They will ensure the convenience of the location of all school supplies and the ability to quickly remove the required item, and avoid clutter. Optimal student bag design assumes:

    • a large compartment for basic school supplies and a middle one, convenient for placing small items and lunch boxes;
    • One or two special compartments for water bottles, toys or cosmetics;
    • internal pocket for money, keys, smartphone and other gadgets.

    School accessories may be equipped with casters to facilitate movement, but this is impractical and vulnerable to breakage. It is convenient when the selected model has legs: placing the product on asphalt, steps, or a wet surface, there will be no risk of staining the bottom.

    A beautiful school bag will turn out to be impractical and short-lived if it does not have a tight bottom. This element ensures the stability of the entire structure, protects the contents from moisture penetration and deformation.It is convenient to place and look for school supplies in such a bag. The bottom can be plastic or rubberized, in any case it should be easy to clean from dirt. Legs are an additional protective element.

    Design features

    A backpack or knapsack for a girl of primary school age and a bag to school for a girl in high school should be chosen taking into account the taste preferences of the schoolgirl herself and the mandatory preliminary fitting of the product.There are some general age-independent design guidelines:

    • It is preferable to use accessories of discreet, pastel shades;
    • black school bag – a universal solution, in most cases it does not contrast with the color of the uniform and outerwear;
    • flat patterns, applications, spraying, sequins, lacing, buckles, rivets, thorns can be used as decoration;
    • catchy details, an abundance of rhinestones and sequins are more appropriate for walking or festive models.

    Acceptable decorative elements for school bags:

    • key fobs, for example, a functional version – in the form of a flashlight;
    • embroidery with threads, ribbons, beads;
    • discreet appliqués, sequin ornaments;
    • prints (floral, urban, sports clubs, favorite characters).

    The choice of school bags is huge. Small and adult women of fashion will be able to easily pick up a school accessory that will distinguish them among their peers.The task of parents is to help to purchase not only a stylish, but also a safe and functional option.