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20 Best Kids Watches to Buy in 2021


Kids watches are a great way to start teaching children about time and planning their day. Regardless of how old your children are, there’s the perfect watch available. Some options help teach kids the basics of telling time, while others are about as high-tech as a smartphone. These smartwatches allow for activity tracking and friendly competition among friends, while other choices take it right back to the basics with just an analog face. The watch you choose will depend on the age and tastes of your children, as well as what functionality you’d like them to have, other than telling the time.


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1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX will get your kids into wearable tech early. It’s a multi-function device with a customizable display and advanced features. Not only does this watch tell the time, but it also has three in-built activities, five games, and three action challenges that make use of the motion sensor. Additionally, there’s a camera function that allows budding photographers to start capturing effervescent childhood memories. Finally, you can choose from four colors, including blue, pink, purple, and green. Kids and parents alike will love this device that’s durable, educational, and, most of all, fun.




2. Kids Camouflage LED Sport Watch

This military-inspired LED sport-watch is perfect for active kids. It’s both shockproof and waterproof to 165 feet, so it withstands rough play and accidents. Functions of this watch include telling the time on a digital display, a calendar, a stopwatch, an alarm, and an LED backlight for night use. Plus, the sizeable sporty face and the chunky band look great. If your child isn’t into the whole camouflage look, other color options include a bright rainbow or a metallic chameleon blue and purple.




3. Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch

Your kids will be able to tell the time easily and look stylish wearing this Timex digital watch. The easy to read 35mm digital face shows the time, date, and also has an alarm. Plus, it has the Indiglo light-up dial, making it perfect for use at night. Both small and big kids can wear this watch as the 18mm double-layered nylon is adjustable to fit wrists up to six inches. Finally, enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that it’s water-resistant to 165 feet and covered by the Timex Kids Loss Protection Plan.




4. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

Active kids will love the Fitbit Ace 2 activity tracker. It allows kids to learn healthy habits and develop an active lifestyle by earning virtual badges and challenging their friends to competitions. Pairing the device to the Fitbit app allows both parents and children to monitor their movement, sleep, and achievements. Additional benefits include up to 5 days of battery life, so kids spend less time charging and more time moving. Plus, the watch is also swim, shower, and splash-proof. Finally, the silicone wrist bands come in a variety of colors and patterns. As such, your children can express themselves with different bands and accessories for complete customization.




5. Garmin Vivofit JR

Garmin’s Vivofit JR activity tracker takes your kids’ playtime to the next level. Not only does it tell the time like a regular watch, but it also tracks activity and teaches kids healthy habits. The Vivofit JR app syncs to the device and lets parents and children see steps, sleep, activities, and even chores completed. The app includes incentives such as coins and an adventure trail to encourage participation and fun. The device itself has a 1-year battery life, non-irritating silicone strap, and is waterproof to 165 feet. Plus, you can purchase different straps to customize the look for your children.




6. Casio Water Resistant Digital Kids Watch

Casio has been making watches for over 40 years. Therefore, this square-faced digital Casio watch is an excellent investment for your children. This digital display is easy to read and is accompanied by the date. Other functions of this watch include an LED light so that you can check the time in the dark, a daily alarm, and a 1/100 second stopwatch. Plus, the battery is good for seven years, while the device is waterproof to 165 feet. Finally, the bright blue color is not only attractive; it makes it easy to find even if your child doesn’t have the tidiest room.




7. Jojo Siwa Touchscreen Kids Watch

Jojo Siwa, of Dance Moms fame, is undoubtedly responsible for trendsetting among many young girls. This official Jojo Siwa Touchscreen watch is no exception. The touchscreen digital display has multiple clockface options that can show the time, day, and date. Additional functions include a step counter, an alarm, a stopwatch, a calculator, and games. However, two of the most differentiating features are the selfie-cam and voice recorder. The photos and audio can be downloaded for safe sharing, so your kids can have endless fun at sleepovers and get-togethers.




8. Kids Digital Watch Outdoor Sports Watch

Choose from a variety of colors for this digital watch. This watch is great for active kids who play sports and enjoy the outdoors. The protective case provides shock resistance, while the hard resin face is durable, and the watch is waterproof to 165 feet. As such, it’s perfect for contact sports, swimming, and general childhood activities and mishaps. Next, the Japanese movement ensures accurate timekeeping. Plus, the display shows both the analog and digital time, making this a great learning device. Additional functions include an alarm, date display, dual time zones, and a stopwatch.




10. Casio Men’s Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch

Parents looking for a less tech-intensive device for their kids will love this vintage watch from Casio. The display is simple, with the time and date easily visible. It also has a stopwatch and alarm. However, perhaps the most fun aspect of this watch is the calculator, complete with real buttons. It’s perfect for some quick maths on the go. Finally, the device is water-resistant, and the battery life is exceptional, lasting for up to five years. As such, this watch is perfect for taking your kids’ timekeeping back to the basics.




11. TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker

The TickTalk 3 4G LTE Universal smartwatch is equipped with similar functionality to that of a smartphone. It comes with a 2-way video calling, allowing parents to stay in touch with their kids, face to face. Plus, there’s instant messaging. It means your child can send and receive text, voice, and photo messages, in both individual and group chats. In addition, there’s also 4G tracking, so you know where your child is at all times. It even includes playback, to see where your kid has been. Finally, in terms of regular watch functionality, the display is customizable for telling the time. Plus, the nylon strap is comfortable and durable, and the device is water-resistant, so it’s safe from rain and accidental splashes.




12. DC Comics Touch-Screen Kids Watch

If your child is a Batman fan, then this DC Comics watch is a must-buy for a gift or surprise. The touchscreen is easy for kids to navigate and comes with multiple clock face options, all featuring everyone’s favorite bat-themed hero.  Not only does this watch tell the time, day, and date, it has lots of extra fun functions. These include three games, a selfie-camera, voice recorder, and pedometer. There’s also the less fun, but handy alarm, stopwatch, and calculator features. The battery is long-lasting but is also easily charged with a USB cable. Finally, any images taken can also be transferred via the USB cable to a computer for safe sharing.




13. Disney Kids Minnie Mouse Watch

Who could better for teaching your kids how to tell the time than Minnie Mouse herself? That’s exactly what this Disney Kids’ Minnie Mouse watch is designed to do. The display shows both the hours, as well as minutes, with numbers denoting each five-minute increment. Then, the hands have hours and minutes written on them, to make identifying the time simpler for young learners. The time is kept with a Japanese quartz movement for accuracy, while the face is scratch-resistant crystal. Last but not least, the leather band is adjustable for multiple-sized wrists, and the watch is splash resistant. It is the perfect, non-fussy watch for young children still learning the ins and outs of time.




9. Kids Smartwatch with SIM Card

This kids’ smartwatch is straight out of a Spy Kids movie. This modern device is available in three colors — blue, black, and pink — so any child will love it. The watch tells the time and the date on the digital touch screen. It also comes with a SIM card allowing your child to make and receive phone calls, just like a secret spy. Next, there are seven fun games included, as well as a camera and music player. All images taken are stored on an internal SD card so they can be securely downloaded to a computer. Finally, other spy-worthy additions include an alarm clock, a calculator, and a voice recorder.




14. Lacoste Kids Quartz Watch

Lacoste is known for its preppy style, and that aesthetic works excellently with their kids’ watches. Inspired by authenticity and sportiness, this watch is simple yet fun and practical. The analog time display is kept accurate by the quartz movement, while the large numbers are easy to read. Plus, the watch is water-resistant to 165 feet, and the mineral crystal face is durable and scratch-resistant. Finally, the combination of white and navy is classic and versatile, while the fun rubber strap is comfortable and easy-to-wear.




15. Lego Movie 2 Quartz Kids Watch

Let your kids choose their favorite Lego Movie 2 character to have on their new Lego watch. There’s the option of fierce and sassy Wyldstyle, always friendly Emmet, or sweet but crazy UniKitty. These watches are interactive in a different way to most — like all things Lego, you can build them yourself. The watch comes with a mini-figurine for your child to add to the band. Plus, there are multi-colored links to change up the rest of the strap. The clock face has an easy-to-read analog display, with a Japanese quartz movement keeping the time accurate. Lastly, it’s waterproof to 165 feet and has a mineral acrylic lens for both durability and scratch-resistance.




16. Timex Weekender Peanuts Kids Watch

Peanuts have evolved a long way from the weekend carton it originated from, to television shows in both the 80s and noughties. Now you can keep the Peanuts spirit alive in your kids with an official watch from Timex. Choose characters including Lucy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and of course, Snoopy himself. The analog display features the characters’ arms as the hands, as well as large readable numbers. Plus, the minutes are denoted at 5-minute increments to help younger kids who are still learning. The easy-slip fabric strap is straightforward to put on, and the mineral glass crystal face is scratch proof. While you can’t go swimming in the lake with Snoopy wearing this, the watch is still rain and splash resistant.




17. Marvel Boys Touch-Screen Kids Watch

If your household is more Marvel than DC, then this Spiderman watch is perfect for your kids. The bright color palette makes it incredibly eye-catching, and the Spiderman imagery will please the biggest fan. Regarding functionality, it has everything except web-shooters. There’s a touchscreen face, with multiple display options for the time, day, and date. Then, there’s the selfie-cam and voice recorder, which is excellent for getting up to mischief and making memories. It also comes with three games, a step counter, an alarm, a stopwatch, and a calculator. Finally, the silicone strap is comfortable and durable; however, the watch isn’t waterproof, so the hero wearing it will need to steer clear of swimming.




18. VTech Paw Patrol Chase Learning Kids Watch

Get your young kids into learning about time early in life. This VTech Paw Patrol watch is the perfect place to start. Not only does it tell the time, and have a timer, stopwatch and alarm, it also boasts other great details. It includes four interactive learning games to encourage the recognition of patterns and pick the right tool for the job. Plus, the watch comes in blue, pink, and red, and each features a different Paw Patrol character. Blue has Chase, the German Shepherd police dog, while the pink watch features Skye, the pilot pup. Finally, the red one has Marshall, the adorable Dalmatian fire dog. As such, there’s a watch for your child, no matter who their favorite character is.




19. Ferrari Kids RedRev Silicone Watch

Your kids might be a bit young to get behind the wheel, but any budding rev-head will love this fast red Ferrari watch. The analog time display is kept accurate with the quartz movement, and the mineral crystal face protects the watch from scratches. Ferrari details include the prancing horse logo top and center, and honeycomb texturing on the silicon strap, which speaks to the race car’s structural skin. It is a bold watch that perfectly matches this famous racing brand.





Lego Batman Kids Watch

Take on Gotham as the Joker, with this buildable watch from Lego. Each link in the wristband is a different color, allowing your kids to build their own combination and the perfect length. Additionally, it comes with a mini Joker figurine to add some extra detail. The analog display is easy to read, and the screen is scratch-resistant acrylic. Finally, if Joker happens to be thrown in the water, be confident in the knowledge that this watch is water-resistant to 165ft, so will survive a quick dip or the rain.





What are the best kid watches?

Some of the best kids’ watches are the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX, Kids Camouflage LED Sport Watch, and Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch.

Which watch brand is best for kids?

Some of the best brands for kids’ watches include Vtech, Timex, Fitbit, Garmin, and Casio.

Should I give a smartwatch to a kid?

Whether or not you give your child a smartwatch will depend on them and your parenting style. Smartwatches can be a great way to boost your child’s learning and development and keep track of them. Many designs have education elements as well as fitness tracking that can teach your kids about healthy, active lifestyles. Meanwhile, they can also make contacting your child easier with messaging and phone calls, as well as GPS data. If you have younger kids, make sure to invest in a style with adequate parental controls, so you can keep them safe while connected.


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15 Best Kids Watches (2021 Reviews)

It’s hard for a child to understand time because they cannot see, touch, hear, or feel it. The best way to help them understand time is to show them how we measure it with a watch or a clock.

Once your child can see time recorded and passing, they will be able to learn how to gauge instructions like you telling them they have 10 more minutes before it’s time to get ready for bed.

However, buying your child a watch helps them learn about more than just time. The best kids’ watches are also an important step toward learning responsibility and independence.



Compare the Best


Best for Boys

Cofuo Kids Digital Sport Watch

  • Water-resistant
  • Shockproof
  • Digital and analog display

Best for Girls

Pasnew Easy Reader Girls’ Watch

  • Scratch resistant & durable
  • Analog display
  • Leather band

Best for Tweens

Angels Kids Watch

  • Silicone strap
  • Water-resistant casing
  • Comes with a gift box

Best Smartwatch

Karaforna Kids’ Game Smartwatch

  • GPS feature
  • SOS mode
  • Easy to use

Best for 3-Year-Olds

Venhoo 3D Cartoon Watch

  • Silicone strap
  • Includes protective plastic
  • Splash resistant

Best with GPS

Gizmowatch Disney Smartwatch

  • Works on Verizon 4G LTE
  • GPS feature
  • Integrated fitness tracker

Best Waterproof Watch

YF Wood Waterproof Digital Watch

  • Waterproof until 50 meters
  • Sturdy
  • Shockproof

Best for Learning to Tell Time

EasyRead Time Teacher

  • Easy to tell the time
  • Easy to follow
  • Bright & simple design

Best Fitness Watch

Garmin Vívofit Jr. Activity Tracker

  • Parent-controlled app
  • Has reward system
  • Goal-tracker

Best First Watch

Venhoo Kids Watches

  • Simple design
  • Silicone band
  • Japanese quartz movement

Should Kids Wear Watches?

Most people are visual learners. Wearing a watch helps your child see time (1). Consequently, a watch is a crucial tool to help your little one understand:

  • How much time has passed.
  • What a specific period of time, such as 10 minutes, feels like.
  • Deadlines.
  • How to wind down an activity and prepare to stop doing something you enjoy.

Kids’ watches meet these learning needs. They not only show the time, but they are fun to wear and stand up to a child’s rough and tumble world.

Watches are also a key stepping stone to independence. When your child wears a watch you can tell them to be somewhere by a specific time.

What Age Should A Child Get A Watch?

There are no hard and fast rules about when to get a child a watch. However, a 3-year-old can begin to learn the basics of time. Therefore, anytime from that point on would be an acceptable time for a child to get a watch.

Types Of Watches For Kids

Analog Watches

Analog watches are those which have a traditional clock face with numbers and hands to indicate the hours and the minutes.


  • Good for teaching a child how to tell the time.
  • A child who learns to tell the time with an analog watch will find it simple to learn to read a digital display.
  • Being able to tell the time with an analog watch allows a child to read the time on other clock faces around them, no matter where they are.


  • It can take longer to learn to tell the time on an analog watch.
  • Analog watches have fewer features than their digital counterparts.

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Digital Watches

Digital watches show the time using digits on an LED display rather than on a clock face with numbers and hands.


  • Digital watches usually have more features than analog watches, including timers, lights, and alarms.
  • They tend to be more robust and are less likely to be broken.


  • Can be rather big and bulky.
  • Children who learn to tell the time on a digital watch need to relearn to tell the time on an analog watch or clock.

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Sports Watches

Sports watches are usually more rugged than other models. They have features such as a timer and stopwatch and can be the best watches for kids who love activity.


  • An excellent choice for active children as they are specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of sports and activities.
  • Additional features allow a child to monitor their sports performance.
  • Kids’ sports watches are usually waterproof, which means they can be worn outside in all kinds of weather.


  • Some of the programmable features can be difficult for a child to manage.
  • Younger children may be tempted to play with the buttons and functions. This can result in them breaking the watch.

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With a smartwatch, your child can play games, take photos, and even call home or another designated emergency contact. Many kids’ smartwatches also have a GPS system that will allow you to track your child when they are wearing their watch.


  • Enables your child to call you in an emergency, eliminating the need for an expensive cell phone.
  • Provides entertainment through games and other built-in activities.
  • Allows you to track your child when they are away from home.


  • Can be easily broken by a rambunctious child.
  • Some kids’ smartwatches may have security weaknesses that allow them to be hacked.
  • The battery life isn’t as great as it is with some of the other types of watches.

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How To Choose The Best Kids’ Watch

To choose the best watch for your child you have to consider:

Your Child’s Age

As a general rule, the younger your child is, the more simple the watch should be.

The fewer the features, the better, when it comes to little ones. No distractions, nothing to play with and, hopefully, nothing to break. A straightforward clock face on a strap is absolutely the best way to go when it comes to little ones.

As your child gets older you may want to consider a watch that has GPS, especially when you first allow them to venture out and about without you.

Whether Your Child Can Tell The Time Yet

If your child can already tell the time, choosing which kind of watch you buy comes down to the other three factors for consideration.

However, if your child cannot tell the time yet, an analog kids’ watch is the way to go. Children who learn to tell the time on digital clocks and watches may struggle to learn to tell the time on an analog clock or watch. There are plenty of adults who struggle with analog clock faces because they learned to tell the time on a digital watch.

When And Where Your Child Will Be Wearing The Watch

If your child takes part in sports or other physical activities, you might want to choose a watch that has a more rugged strap and casing.

Sports and digital watches are also an excellent idea for the sporty child because they also have features such as stopwatches, timers, and more.

You should also think about where your child will be wearing their watch when you are deciding how much to spend. Smaller children may lose their watch at school, or take it off and give it to a friend. Older kids can be just as forgetful so if your child has to take their watch off for any reason when they are away from home, consider a more affordable option.

Your Child’s Personality And Preferences

You should also think about your child’s personality and preferences. Are they a fan of a particular cartoon character or superhero? Perhaps they like pretty items with lots of bling?

No matter what your child’s likes, dislikes, or style, you are likely to be able to find a watch to suit them.

The Best Kids Watches of 2021

Here are the top watches for kids:

1. Cofuo Kids Digital Sport Watch

If you are looking for an affordable watch for boys that will also stand up to rugged play, the Cofuo kids watch is an excellent choice.

The rubberized backing straps prevent rubbing or chafing from the watch body. This makes the watch especially comfortable to wear.

The display shows the day, date, and time with either a regular light level or an additional light mode to make the display easier to read in bright daylight or at night.


  • This watch is rated water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters.
  • Shockproof.
  • It has an analog display so your child can see both kinds of time display at once.


  • Takes some time to get used to settings.

2. Pasnew Easy Reader Girls’ Watch

This pretty watch with a leather band is designed to appeal to children as young as 3 years old.

However, the design is sophisticated enough for older kids, tweens, and even some teens.

The watch face is decorated with delicate flowers and the points where the strap attaches to the bezel have a trio of crystals.


  • The design will appeal to a wide age range. Your child may want to wear this watch for many years to come.
  • The analog display is most appropriate for learning to tell the time.


  • Could be more easily damaged than plastic or rubber watches.

3. Angels Kids’ Watch

This fun and funky watch is an excellent choice for tweens.

Cute enough to still be appealing, but adult enough to feel grown-up, this watch is specially constructed to be lightweight and comfortable for little ones.

The silicone strap and water-resistant casing make this a watch that can be worn at playtime while still being stylish with a more dressed-up look.


  • Flexible silicone strap makes the watch lightweight and safe.
  • The water-resistant casing will stand up to splashes of water at school or at play.
  • Watch is supplied with a gift box.


  • May be damaged by extreme heat or cold.

4. Karaforna Kids’ Game Smartwatch

The Karaforna kids’ smartwatch allows your child to play games, take photos, and call home all from one simple device.

A parent remote function lets you monitor your child’s position via GPS and take photos remotely using the watch’s camera.

You can even set the watch to go into Do Not Disturb Mode so your little one cannot play with it during class time.


  • GPS allows you to see your child’s location and track their movements.
  • Fun games and other features.
  • Easy to use.

5. Venhoo 3D Cartoon Watch

Best Watch For 3-Year-Olds

Your child’s first watch is a big step. The Venhoo 3D cartoon watch gives your child that older kid feeling while being safe enough for your tiny loved ones.

The silicone strap is attractively decorated with cute 3D cartoon characters and the theme carries onto the watch face. The hands-on watch face is large, brightly colored, and easy to read, as are the numbers, while the second “hand” is a character from the watch strap.


  • The silicone strap and watch case covering make this comfortable and safe to wear.
  • It comes with a clear, protective plastic covering to prevent scratches.
  • Splash resistant so it can be worn for regular activities.


  • The small strap size means that some children may grow out of this quite quickly.
  • No extra features.

6. Gizmowatch Disney Edition Kids’ Smartwatch

Best Kids’ Watch With GPS

This high-quality smartwatch with GPS works on the fastest Verizon 4G network.

Using the app, you can program up to ten numbers of your choosing, allowing your child a small pool of safe contacts.

There is also an integrated fitness tracker which can be used to count steps and set activity goals.


  • Works on the Verizon 4G LTE networks to allow two-way calling between child and parent.
  • Set boundaries using the GPS and you will receive an alert when your child leaves the approved area.


  • An expensive item to give to a small child who may not be as careful with it as you might hope.

7. YF Wood Kids’ Waterproof Digital Watch

Best Waterproof Kids’ Watch

This pick is a lightweight, shockproof, and waterproof watch designed to appeal to school kids from the age of 5 on up.

Listed as waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, the watch can be worn for swimming and is safe to wear in the shower or during other water-intensive activities.


  • It can be worn while swimming.
  • Sturdy enough to be worn during the active day of young children as well as while playing sports.


  • This watch has few functions so older kids might find it boring.

8. EasyRead Time Teacher

Best Learn-To-Tell-The-Time Watch

The EasyRead Time Teacher has a special time teaching analog watch face.

The dial has the regular 1 to 12 layout with an additional outer ring with the numbers 1 to 59.

Your child can quickly learn to read and tell the time by saying the number at the end of the little hand and then the number at the end of the big hand.


  • The design allows your child to tell the time simply and quickly.
  • The new watch face material is scratch resistant.
  • The bright, simple design is appealing to many children.


  • It’s not shatterproof, so some users have reported a broken watch face when the watch has been dropped onto a hard surface.

9. Garmin Vívofit Jr. Kids’ Fitness/Activity Tracker

Best Kids’ Fitness Watch

The Garmin Vivofit Jr. kids’ fitness activity tracker can be managed by parents via an app that allows you to monitor multiple children.

Compatible with both android and iOS, you can see your child’s sleep, steps, activities, and chores data from your phone, as well as setting goals and giving rewards.


  • Parents can assign chores via the app, and the chore information will be displayed on the watch.
  • Coins can be awarded on the watch and used for rewards of the parents’ choosing.
  • When your child hits their 30-minutes-in-a-day activity goal, a step on the fun electronic adventure trail is unlocked.


  • The band rips fairly easily because it’s so soft.

10. Venhoo Kids’ Watches

The Venhoo silicone strap analog watch is simplicity itself.

An analog watch face with bright primary colored numbers is held on the wrist by a fun silicone band. The band is decorated with simple math, and the watch is delivered in a coordinating gift box.

A Japanese quartz movement is powered by a standard watch battery which lasts about a year and can then be easily replaced at home.


  • The simple design is good for the youngest of watch wearers.
  • The silicone band is comfortable and less likely to cause allergic reactions.


  • The face is shatterproof, but it could still be cracked if there is enough of an impact.

11. Batman Boys’ Black Time Teacher

Your kid who likes Batman will definitely surely appreciate this fancy watch.

The clock is easy enough for your child to follow the instructions and learn how to tell time with its labeled hour and minute hands and markings around the case.


  • Affordable.
  • Having the learning to tell the time gives some structure to teaching your child at home.

12. Bozlun Kids’ Military-Style Sports Watch

Best Kids’ Military Style Watch

Created with the rugged outdoor enthusiast in mind, the Bozlun kids’ military-style watch comes in either a blue or green camo design, as well as four other colors.

The digital display has two modes — regular and EL. The regular display has dark numbers against a light background, and the EL has numbers that light up. This makes it great for those overnight camping trips or night hikes.


  • Appealing camo design with four other options including matt black — a popular military choice.
  • Built to survive the rigors of rough outdoor play.
  • It has options to display either a 12-hour or 24-hour clock, as well as an alarm and stopwatch.


  • The watch is promoted as a kids’ watch but is quite large. It might not be a good fit for smaller kids.

13. Viviken Kids’ Watch

Best Affordable Kids’ Watch

The Viviken kids’ watch has eight cute design options, all of which have 3D cartoon figures on the adjustable strap.

All of the watches have analog faces with fun designs and most have brightly colored numbers and hands.

The battery that comes in the watch is listed as lasting for a year. Replacement batteries are readily available and can easily be replaced at home.


  • Its watch design is appealing to younger children.
  • Affordable price makes this a good option for a child who wants a watch but isn’t yet ready to tell the time independently.


  • Only likely to appeal to a younger child, so it’s not the best affordable option for an older kid or tween.

14. Timex Analog Elastic Watch

This elastic and waterproof watch comes in nine different designs so you can find the perfect one for your little girl. Although it’s an analog clock, it has easy-to-read markings to help them learn how to tell time.

Suitable for kids five years and up, this is a fantastic first watch. It’s stylish, durable and helps with learning. Some of the designs even have labelled minute and hour hands to help them get familiar with these details.


  • Easy to read markings.
  • Helps with learning how to tell time.
  • Waterproof.


  • The floral teaching toolkit design has confusing numbers.
  • The strap loosens easily.

15. Lacoste Kids’ TR90 Quartz Watch

Best High-End Kids’ Watch

If you have a miniature designer label fan, how about the Lacoste watch?

With the signature crocodile at the 3 o’clock point, your child can tell the time in style. As well as being a timepiece, this watch could be considered timeless and your child could wear it for many years to come.

The mineral watch face is scratch resistant and the entire watch is water-resistant.


  • Clean, stylish design will appeal to kids for years to come.
  • The watch comes with a two-year warranty.
  • The rubber strap is comfortable and easy to clean.


  • Not suitable for wear during rough and tumble play.

Kids Watch Comparison Chart

Product Best Weight Strap Material Closure System Functions
Cofuo Kids Digital Sport Watch Boys 1.7 oz Rubber Stainless Steel buckle Stopwatch, alarm, calendar, chrono
Pasnew Easy Reader  Girls 1.27 oz Leather Stainless steel buckle Basic analog watch face only
Angels Kids’ Watch Tweens 1.4 oz Silicone Stainless steel buckle Basic analog watch only
Karaforna Kids’ Game Smartwatch Smartwatch 7 oz Plastic Plastic buckle Timer, GPS, camera, calls
Venhoo 3D Cartoon Watch 3-Year-Olds 1. 6 oz Rubber Stainless steel buckle Analog watch face only
Gizmowatch Disney Edition GPS 7 oz Plastic Stainless steel buckle Digital & analog clock faces, GPS, limited phone
YF Wood Kids’ Digital Watch Waterproof 4 oz Rubber Stainless steel buckle Time, stopwatch, alarm
EasyRead Time Teacher Learning Time 1.41 oz Nylon Tang buckle Analog clock face
Garmin Vívofit Jr. Fitness Watch 0.64 oz Silicone None Step, sleep, & activity time tracker
Venhoo Kids’ Watches First Watch 1.6 oz Leather Stainless steel buckle Analog watch face only
Batman Boys’ Time Teacher Time Teller 3.99 oz Fabric Hook-and-loop Analog watch with labeled minute and hour hand
Bozlun Kids’ Sports Watch Military Style 1.8 oz Plastic Double hole, double prong, stainless steel & plastic Time, date, alarm, stopwatch
Viviken Kids’ Watch Affordable 1.59 oz Silicone Steel buckle Analog watch face only
Timex Analog Elastic Watch Best Watch for Girls 0.6 oz Elastic fabric Buckle Included numbers and labelled hands
Lacoste Kids’ TR90 Quartz Watch High-End 1.4 oz Rubber Stainless steel buckle Alarm, light, 12-hour or 24-hour display

Giving The Gift Of Time

A first watch is an exciting gift for a child. It makes your child feel more like a grown-up and is one of the first steps toward learning responsibility and independence.

When you choose the best watches for kids, you need to consider where and when your child will be wearing their watch, what they will be doing while wearing their watch, and your child’s own personality and style.

Analog or digital, child-like or grown-up, whichever style you choose for your child’s watch, you will be giving them a gift that will stay with them long after they have outgrown the watch itself.

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Best Watches for Kids – 2021’s Top Styles for Boys and Girls

Understanding time is a major concept for kids to learn. The best watches for kids help kids learn to read both a digital and analog clock and make sense of time, which can help with hectic schedules and long days.

To help out, we found all the best watches for boys and girls, including teaching, digital, and even smartwatches. 

Best Watches for Kids

Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch

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For a classic and clean boys watch, try the Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch. It’s simple and comes with an adjustable varied colored nylon band with four color combos. The price is slightly higher but comes with the well-loved Timex name trusted for years for high quality and a ten-year battery 

It utilizes a chronograph, an alarm, and a day-date calendar, and a backlit digital display. Kids can easily read the day of the week, time, and seconds with a clean, beautiful display. The watch can even handle a little bit of water, including swimming, but not diving or snorkeling. 

Finally, the watch even comes with an app to help kids learn to tell time. It uses a velcro strap for easy closure, even for children. All with a classic adult style with a little bit of kid color for fun. 

Timex Girls Time Machines Analog Resin Watch

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The Timex Girls Time Machines Analog Resin Watch offers the brands renowned name and quality to your child. With a classic design and easy to read clock, this unobtrusive watch blends in with girly decor. It’s designed with pale blue, purple, and white to work with girls without all the pink some girls don’t lean towards. 

Next, the 16mm elastic fabric step fits wrists up to 6 inches in circumference. It’s also has a resin case with acrylic lense to provide some water resistance. While it can handle a little splash, this watch should not be worn in a swimming pool. Also, make sure they take the watch off before bathing. 

Finally, the numbers are easy to read – for an analog clock – with clear numbers and lines for the seconds and minutes. It also has a second hand in a different color than the minute and hour hands. Girls will love this adjustable and comfortable watch to keep track and learn time. 

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

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Parents looking for a smartwatch for their child should check out the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2. It comes in blue, pink, or black and offers so many functions it’s not even funny. Children between the ages of four and twelve will love the touch screen and the tons of fun options like a camera and so much more. 

Yes, your child can learn to tell time, not just from the time on the watch, but also from fun games on the app. Although some of the games have nothing to do with time and are just fun to play. It also offers active motion games to get your kiddo moving with dance, jumping, and more with sound effects, step tracking, and a pedometer. 

The fun doesn’t stop there as the watch comes with two cameras and photo effects. Connect to the computer using the micro-USB cable for charging and loading photos to the computer. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery with 256 MB of memory. 

Finally, kids can still splash and get a little water on it but need to avoid taking it into the pool. The band is adjustable and made durable with the ability to do so much, and yet you, the parent, can still control all the settings. This isn’t just a watch for kids, it’s a mini-computer for the wrist!

Marvel Boys’ Touch-Screen Watch

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Kids who prefer Spiderman to Batman need the Marvel Boys’ Touch-Screen Watch. It’s also digital, unlike the Batman watch, and it displays the full date, including the day of the week. That’s not all of the benefits, either, as this watch comes with a few extras. 

For a very reasonable price, this kids digital watch acts like a smartwatch with a selfie cam, voice recorder, games, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and a calculator, all with easy access. Parents can upload any photos or videos kids take and enjoy a long-lasting battery for uninterrupted usage.

However, the boys watch is not water-resistant, so kids with an active lifestyle need to pick a more durable option.

Last of all, the watch can work as both an analog or digital option with multiple backgrounds to choose from, all Spidey related, of course. It’s a little on the flashy side, just like it’s inspiration. Sorry, the watch does not shoot out spiderwebs like some of the best spiderman toys, however, this doesn’t stop boys from pretending!

Garmin VivoFit Jr. 2

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If you want a kids watch that also functions as an activity tracker, you need the Garmin VivoFit Jr. 2. It comes in tons of different patterns and colors, including this one, which features an icy blue with Elsa and snowflakes. The band on this device is silicone and waterproof, and the face can call also go in the water. 

However, what you will love about this smartwatch is the time date, auto daylight savings, alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch functions. It can store history for a full month. Also, it comes with one-year battery life, Bluetooth, and it functions with iOS or Android. 

Furthermore, you can monitor sleep, steps, and movement while also setting goals. The watch wants kids to be active for 60 minutes a day, do chores, and more all with rewards for their work. Get audible alerts and set up the watch from your smart device for a fully-functional watch ready to improve your life. 

Lacoste Kids’ TR90 Quartz Watch

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If you don’t mind the high price, the Lacoste Kids’ TR90 Quartz Watch comes with the iconic crocodile. The numbers are easy to read, and the hour, minute, and seconds hands are all different colors and easy to see. All this with a simple to read design and smooth watch face. 

The silicone strap offers comfort and water resistance up to 50 meters, although kids should avoid swimming with the watch. It’s a gorgeous watch in a navy blue perfect for young and older boys to learn how to read an analog clock. No bells and whistles, just a watch with high-quality material and a strong battery. 

Timex My First Watch

The Timex My First Easy Reader Watch lets little girls learn to tell time in perfect simplicity. The price is nice too considering all the high-quality features like easy-to-see the minute and hour hands, large numerals, and a faux leather strap.

Next, the analog watch is non-toxic and safe for little kids. It is water-resistant for handwashing, but not able to go into the tub. The watch fits up to a 6 inch wrist circumference.

There’s not much to complain about with this beautiful, simple, and reliable girls watch from Timex. 

Batman Kids’ Analog Watch

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The Batman Kids’ Analog Watch by DC Comics is a teaching watch that looks like an adult watch with an epic Batman logo inside. Moreover, as a teaching watch, it has “hour” and “minute” written on the correct arm so kids can learn to read analog time correctly. Although, if the world made sense, the minute hand would be shorter than the hour hand. 

A textured band provides both style and comfort, while the face is metal with seconds on the perimeter and a dial to adjust the time. It’s not non-toxic but not waterproof and doesn’t come with lots of bells and whistles. Sorry, the watch does not display a Batman signal in the sky or act as a walkie talkie to call Batman, but boys can totally pretend it does!

Tonnier Watch Nebula

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Older girls who have a decent history reading analog will fall in love with the gorgeous and modern Tonnier Nebula Watch. It comes with a simple white band and a rainbow galaxy face. You need to make sure your daughter reads time well and knows her numbers, as this watch uses lines like a fancy adult watch instead of digits to display the time. 

The low price makes this watch a great buy for older kids and teenagers. It comes with environmentally friendly rubber material in a beautiful box for easy storage and gifting. Also, it won’t turn yellow, and it’s water-resistant but not submergible. Give the gift of time and elegance. 

Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch

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Boys who want a more grownup style watch need look no further than the Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch is a kids-sized watch for pint-sized fans. The grownup styled watch will have kids trying to act more grown up with four different camouflage options to pick from. Moreover, the nylon bad offers a comfort grip to keep kids from wanting to pull the watch off. 

The adjustable nylon strap comes in black, brown, gray, and green. It’s also a FastWrap using hook and loop for an easy velcro closure. On the face, kids get large clear numbers on a digital screen. 

Furthermore, the screen displays the day of the week and month. Kids even get the seconds displayed too. Boys can set alarms on the watch too. 

All this with water resistance up to 50 meters for short bursts of water use, but not for snorkeling or diving. Let teenagers and younger kids enjoy an analog quartz wristwatch while supporting their favorite team in the process. 

Tonnier Kids Sports Watch

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Some boys love camouflage, and they will love the Tonnier Watch Kids Sports Watch that comes in either army green or blue camo print. Like most kids watches, it uses waterproof material so kids can continue living. They can bath, swim, and sweat without any damage to the sporty watch. 

Moreover, the watch includes the time, date, stopwatch, EL light, alarm, hourly chime, and a second stopwatch. It’s the perfect option for active boys on the go and in sports. Boys can even keep track of the day and operate the watch buttons themselves so they can learn time without trouble. 

Disney Kids Watch Elsa and Anna 

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The Disney Kids Watch Elsa and Anna is very similar to the Tinker Bell watch above, but it features Elsa and Anna from Frozen and comes with a different band and face. What’s the same is that the hour and minute hands are clearly marked and easy to see in contrasting colors. Furthermore, the seconds and minutes are easy to read for an analog clock to help kids learn to tell the time in style. 

What’s truly great about this watch made for children between the ages of 3 and 7 is easy to put on and adjust nylon strap with a hook and loop closure using velcro. It’s water-resistant but not waterproof, so keep it out of tubs and pools, but a little water here and there is okay. Also, this watch includes a punch-out instruction card to help teach your child time, just like the option above. 

Timex Children’s Digital Watch

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Another great unisex watch option for children is the Kids Digital Watch by Timex because it comes in a few colors including our favorite camo which both boys and girls love. The strap is adjustable and high-quality, made to fit a wide variety of wrists sizes. The watch uses a digital LED screen to display time easily, but if you want a watch to teach analog time, then you will need another option.  

Children can learn to use the many other features, including the backlight, stopwatch, calendar, date, alarm clock, water-resistant, shockproof, and anti-drop. It’s perfect for fashion, casual usage, outdoor use, and even sports. Kids ages 3 to 15 can use the watch, although it’s probably a better style for children 13 and under. Easy to use buttons make it a cinch to change any of the settings. 

Also, it’s safe in the water for up to 30 meters so kids can sweat, wash their hands, and even shower with it on. You may not want to take it in the pool, as this is more water-resistant than waterproof. If your kid likes to take items apart, then pick another watch, as this one has four screws noticeable on the front, and curious kids with access to a screwdriver may take it apart. 

Disney Kids’ W001509 Cars Plastic Watch

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The Disney Kids’ W001509 Cars Plastic Watchis a teaching watch ready to teach young boys how to tell time. First, though, the watch sports a fancy image of the car from the movie Cars, which Disney fans will love. Even the band is cars inspired with tons of attention to detail.

Children ages 3 to 7 will love this watch, and the easy-to-read seconds in a red border all around the face of the clock. The minute and hour hands are easy to see in contrasting colors and clearly marked. It even comes with a second hand to further the time-telling teaching. 

Lastly, the watch is water-resistant to 99 feet to withstand rain and splashes but should not be submerged into water. The nylon strap comes an adult style closer that’s very adjustable. It’s time for racing! 

LaeLs Kids Analog Watch

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With the Kids Analog Watch, you get a colorful and comfortable watch ready to teach your child analog time. The watch comes in five colors with options suitable for both boys and girls, including blues, black, pink, and purple. Moreover, the watch has almost an art deco silicone design with decorative edging added around the sides of the face.  

Extra thick silicone over the face keeps it protected from falls, which is a good thing, as the face couldn’t be cuter with bright, easy-to-see numbers. The only problem is the hands are white, making them a little more difficult to see. Also, the seconds form a circle around the hour and minute numbers for easy viewing. 

Lastly, the watch is water-resistant against rain and splashes, making it a perfect option for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old. It comes with an adjustable strap made of environmentally-friendly PU material with an ergonomic design for comfort and flexibility. It’s also durable with quartz movement for precision. It comes in an adorable gift box. 

Kids Watch by Kids Gift

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Little boys who love fire trucks will love the Watches for 3-12 Year Old by Kids Gift because it’s adorable and easy to read. The watch is water-resistant but cannot go in the pool or tub. It also has easy to read numbers with the 3, 6, 9, and 12 in a bright red for easier viewing along with seconds all around the outside. 

The simple design offers 3D firetrucks on the silicone outside for kids with an adult face. It doesn’t have a second hand but does use different colors for the hour and minute hand. Moreover, the watch uses Japanese movement for precision and accuracy and a long life without all of the other possibly confusing features. 

Smart Watch by Lsflair

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For a lot less money you can get your child the Smart Watch by Lsflair. It comes in black, aqua, and pink with and an adjustable and ultra-sturdy band that flexes really well. This kids watch does it all! With a digital display, it can tell the time, the date, and the day of the week. 

What’s super great about the watch is that your kids can make and receive calls, including emergency calls, if necessary. The watch can also play music, take pictures, act as an alarm clock, and play games. It can even record voices, work as a calculator, and it has a do not disturb function too.  

You will need a SIM card to use the phone functions. Also, it doesn’t have a GPS, so if you are looking to track your child, this isn’t the option. Otherwise, children ages 3 to 12 will love this fun little addition to their wardrobe.

Disney Kids’ MK1080 Mickey Mouse Watch

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If your kid likes Disney but not Cars, how about the Mouse? Yes, theDisney Kids’ MK1080 Mickey Mouse Watch is an adorable and classic watch with some modern embellishments ready to help your kid learn time. Even better, the watch uses Mickey’s actual hands as the minute and hour hands. 

The seconds are displayed on the outer silver-tone face while the minutes and hours are on the inside. Mickey himself looks vintage with a couple of vivid splashes of red and yellow to break up the silver and black watch. A simple twist knob adjusts the time too. 

The silicone rubber band with buckle closure will fit comfortable and won’t slip around your child’s watch. All this with quartz movement on the analog display. Do notice though that this watch isn’t water-resistant and shouldn’t be worn in water. 

Marvel The Avengers Kids’ Watch

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The Marvel The Avengers Kids’ AVG3508 Watch is perfect for fans of the Avengers including Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. The watch works for older kids, too, with a non-childish design in black with simple icons on the side and the fun, colorful picture on the watch face.

Little kids will have a harder time reading the analog face with only the 3, 6, 9, and 12 presenting with the other numbers represented by circles. 

As this is a stylish boys watch, with a plastic case, plastic window, and rubber band, it’s not water-resistant, but it is perfect for fans and advanced time readers. It’s the right price, easy to adjust, and perfect for older children who don’t want to appear too childish. It doesn’t utilize extra features or any fun functions, but kids can use it as a pretend walkie-talkie to act like an Avenger, too.  

Olazone Girls Digital Watch

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Girls ages seven to ten might fall in love with this sporty Girls Watch Kids Digital by Olazone. The watch comes in three colors, including pink, purple, and red, with a chunky silicone design and easy-to-read screen with multiple displays to know everything possible about time from a small machine. 

The watch displays the day, the time, the date, and seconds. Not all watches show am or pm, but this watch does on the digital display. You can also pick between 12 hour or 24 hour time, which is great for military families. 

Lastly, the watch can handle a little water, but not submersion. The band is made of plastic, and it uses Japanese Quartz for precision. This is a 2019 model ready to help your child learn to tell time the digital way that is as up-to-date as the watch. 

Casio Classic Quartz Watch

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Maybe your first watch back in the day was a Casio. Now, with the Casio Classic Quartz Watch, Pink, it can be your little girl’s first watch, too!

Many kids prefer to read a quick digital time rather than analog time. Just a quick glance at the screen can let her know what time it is. There is an LED backlight for those times when it’s too dark to see. 

This watch is geared more towards older kids for two reasons. One, it’s a women’s sized watch. So while the pink resin band is adjustable, it’s on the larger side and just won’t work for a preschooler.  The strap is adjustable to a point though, and the movable plastic parts are comfortable on the wrist. 

Second, the watch has some advanced features, like displaying the day of the week and the numerical day of the month (like SAT 10). It also has an alarm, which can come in pretty handy for older kids! 

Finally, the watch has reliable quartz movement, an auto calender set, and a 5 year battery life. It’s a stylish watch for any preteen or teen girl. 

Kids Watch Analog by Pinghe

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Children who want a sophisticated watch will love the Kids Watch Analog by Pinghe. The watch is basic with one color but with several color options. It’s safe and comfortable with a water-resistant strap for durability, elasticity, and flexibility.

The letters come in gold in this version with the full black, simplistic face. You may need to set the time for your child since the small dial on the side may not make sense to children. The glass on the front is made from a highly clear resin material that tolerates a lot of pressure, making it safe for children. 

Furthermore, its the right size for children ages 3 to 15 as you can adjust the band to fit most wrists. Too much contact with water can shorten the life of this watch, so make sure kids take it off for swimming and bathing. It comes with easy to see arms for minutes, hours, and seconds. 

Kids Gift Girls Watch

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Little girls who want a little bling need the Kids Gift Girls Watch. It’s colorful, girly, and has 3D decorations on the band with a cute shape on the band to boot! With mermaids and starfish, it’s cute and trendy!

The silicone band is adjustable, and the face is easy to read. All of the numbers are in pink and black with contrasting colored minute and hour arms to make telling the time easier. The seconds surround the outer edge, but there isn’t a second arm on the watch. 

Lastly, the watch uses an analog quartz movement and doesn’t come with any extra features. It’s also water-resistant but not waterproof, so keep it out of the pool and tub. Girls between the ages of 3 and ten will love this adorable watch and learning to tell time! 

Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids

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If you have a Fitbit and want one for your child, you can get the Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids. Not only does it function as a clock to help your child keep track of time digitally, but it also tracks steps and promote a more active lifestyle. 

The battery lasts for about five days, and it is waterproof so your child can swim as part of their activity. Even better, the wrist device tracks sleep, sends bedtime reminders, and silent alarms. Pick from three band colors of silicone, including red, blue, or purple.

Mind you, this option is for children ages six and up. 

Finally, you can sync the device wirelessly with a parent view. It also has an app dashboard, fun incentives, and so much more, making this an awesome device that’s simple to use and stylish for children. Get your kids moving and tracking time now!

Gizmowatch by Verizon 

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The Gizmowatch by Verizon is another smartwatch that also functions as a clock on your child’s wrist. It’s more expensive by a landslide compared to the other options but comes with a GPS setting to find your child whenever you need them. It also comes with 4G LTE to work as a 2-way voice phone, and you can even message your child. 

Moreover, you can set goals, reminders, track steps, and more with this device. It encourages children in fun ways to make and keep goals. You can literally track your child from your phone, but you will need to pay for the service to do so. 

Lastly, the device can go in the pool or anywhere else and stay strong even when your children play hard. Use with iOS or Android to work with any phone you have. If you want to track your child, this smartwatch can do so and teach them to tell time in the process. 

L.O.L. Surprise! Digital Kids Watch

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Girls who love L.O.L surprise dolls will love the L.O.L. Surprise! Watch with an easy-to-read LCD screen. It simply tells the time, but in style, with two different color options, including purple and pink. Girls will love the shimmer and sparkle of the watch and, of course, the brand. 

The silicone band sparkles as does the watch head with faux diamonds and a doll on the front. Moreover, the watch is easy to operate and read even for the newest time-tellers. The watch is not waterproof, though, but it is pretty!

Minnie Mouse Kids Analog Watch

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The Minnie Mouse Kids Analog Watch was made with quality and teaching time in mind. It’s in bright pink with a durable rubber strap and a special easy-to-read face. Minnie Mouse is standing on the watch face, ready to help little girls understand the hour and the minute hands, which are clearly marked, so kids don’t forget which is which.

Why don’t they have this for adults? Sadly, it’s only recommended for children between the ages of three and seven, but seriously, learning analog isn’t natural for many people, and this watch makes it so much easier. However, the watch sticks with the basics and doesn’t come with the date or day of the week. Nor is this watch waterproof, but it can handle a little water from handwashing and the like, just not showering or submersion. 

USWAT Kid Watch

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Both boys and girls will love the Kid Watch for Boy Girl Child Multi-Function by USWAT. The watch comes in twelve different colors, including options for boys and girls, although there are more neutral colors to suit anyone with several shades of blue. Each one also offers a different backlight so kids can easily see in the dark. 

Furthermore, the sporty watch shows the day the time, the day of the week, and can even serve as an alarm clock. The kids digital watch shows time very easily, and you can even use European time if you prefer a twenty-four-hour clock over a twelve-hour clock. It’s also waterproof up to 50 meters, along with all of the options like an hourly chime. 

Finally, the watch is safe and comfortable, thanks to a silicone strap that’s been thoroughly tested. The watch is adjustable and fits children up to thirteen years old. All these features with shock-resistance and even a stopwatch, although parents will need to set all of the settings, as setting the watch is a little difficult for children. 

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids

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If you are looking for a watch that also functions as a LBS tracker, get the BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids. It’s not only exceedingly affordable but also multi-purpose, so you get more for your money.

First, though, pick from several color choices to suit your child’s color preferences for a smartwatch. It’s compatible with smartphones to help track all of your child information. It’s also perfect for telling time as it’s a watch first!

Not only does the smartwatch function as a fitness tracker, but it also tracks heart rate, sleep, and as an alarm. It’s waterproof too so kids can wear it for swimming along with many other physical activities. All this and it comes. with a long battery life too so you don’t have to send your time charging. 

SOKY LED Waterproof Digital Sport Watch

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The SOKY LED Waterproof Digital Sport Watch offers a bulk watch ready to make your child’s wrist look amazing. It’s a digital sport watch that’s water-resistant up to 50 meters and comes in seven different colors. All the features you want for your child are right there on the watch, all for a low price. 

Although it says water-resistant, it can go in the pool, the shower, and anywhere else your kid goes like puddles. Moreover, it was designed with kids in mind with four easy-to-press buttons directly around the watch face. They can set the time and date all on their own and improve their independence and understanding of time. 

Kids will love the easy-to-read screen. Moreover, the watch can teach good habits with a stopwatch, date, hour, minutes, calendar, alarm clock, and more. It also comes with an LED backlight for easy sight in the dark. 

Eleoption Waterproof Kids Analog Watch

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For younger kids who want a little more fun and style, check out the Eleoption Waterproof Kids Analog Watch. Pick from festive colors and tons of designs like dinosaurs, butterflies, sports themes, hearts, monkeys, and more with this adorable watch. Kids will love the adorable cartoon silicone styles with a cute picture inside the watch as well. 

The watch comes in a gift box with watches for boys and girls. Next, the watch is both durable and shock-resistant, so your kids can live an active life without breaking the affordable watch. It also offers a low profile, so it won’t overwhelm the wrist of your child between the age of 2 to 10. 

Last, the watch does offer some water resistance but should not go in the shower, bath, or in the pool. It can handle a little rain or splash. Parents will need to set the time for their kids, but it’s easy to do as the watch focuses on telling time with large easy to read numbers and different color minutes, hour, and seconds hands.

The watch may not have tons of extras, but it tells time with flare. 

CKE Kids Digital Sports Watch

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Kids love bright lights and neon colors like the Kids Watch Digital Sportsby CKE. This option comes in three bright and transluscent colors, including blue, purple, and a red/yellow combo. It’s an adorable watch children will want to look at over and over again with a few bells and whistles. 

The digital display shows the time, am/pm, the day of the week, and seconds. Next, you can choose from military or standard time and use the watch as a calendar, alarm, and stopwatch. It’s also shock-resistant, waterproof, making it perfect for kids with an active life, but do not press any buttons underwater. 

Buying Guide for Best Watches for Kids

Before deciding which watch to pick for your child, here is a buying guide to help you determine the functions you are looking for in a child’s watch.

If you simply want an analog watch to tell time, then you probably have one in mind and are all set. However, those looking for a watch with a few more functions, read on. 


Kids are messy, and they break things because they are young and still learning how to care properly for their stuff. Make sure to buy a watch that is durable and easy to maintain. Also, even though watches for kids are made to survive life, it’s best to teach your child to care properly for the watch upfront. 


Most watches are water-resistant but not waterproof. However, a few of the watches on this list can survive laps in the pool or playing in the bathtub. If your child plans to wear the watch continuously, then make sure to get a waterproof option. Otherwise, a watch that can handle a little rain or a few splashes should work fine so long as you remind your child to take the watch off before going in the water. 


Every child has a different preference when it comes to style. Some want a watch to serve as a fun fashion statement while others want one to sit quietly on their wrist and disappear until they need to know the time. Make sure to know what colors and styles your child wants before making a purchase. 

If your child doesn’t like the pattern, design, or character on the watch, they probably will not wear it, which makes it a waste of money. When in doubt, pick a neutral color with a simple design based on function instead of choosing the wrong character or pattern.

Also, keep age in mind as younger kids won’t mind as much color while other kids may want an older style. 


Let’s face it, children don’t do things they don’t like. For example, wear something uncomfortable like an itchy wristwatch.

Most watches are made with either nylon or silicone, both of which are very comfortable for most people. Some people have allergies or sensitivities to one or the other, and you may need to consider a leather band. 

The face of the watch can cause discomfort for kids, too, if it slides around a lot. Make sure the watch fits snuggly but not too snug, or it may be tight or uncomfortable. Try to get the band to fit with the ability to move, but only just barely. 


The younger the kid, the more likely they will need a simple watch with fun designs and colors. Older kids will want more sophisticated styles and colors leaning toward neutrals and simple patterns. Preteens will want adult looking watches without velcro because that’s too childish.

Try to find a watch with the most notches for younger kids and avoid watches for children under the age of three.  

Type of Watch

Watches come in five basic styles: analog, digital, sports, multi-functional, and smart.

  • Analog refers to a simple watch with arms.
  • A digital watch tells the time with visible numbers instead of moving hands. 
  • A sports watch usually has a bigger face and band and is waterproof to withstand sweat or swimming.
  • A multi-functional watch tells time, date, and often has an alarm and stopwatch features available too.
  • With a smartwatch, you get extra features with a mini-computer screen. Smartwatches tell time, but it’s the least important features as they can act as cameras, phones, GPS trackers, games, and more.

Which you choose depends on your needs and if you want your child to have other functions better or just keep track of time. Reading analog is a dying art form, and most kids can learn digital much faster. 

Ease of Use

Kids do not like messing around, figuring something out. If it’s too difficult to use, they will leave the watch in some random place and never touch it again. Find a watch that’s easy to use or one that you can set for them to make your life easier and your money better spent!

Questions About Best Watches for Kids

Can silicone irritate my kid’s wrist?

Silicone is a mix of synthetic rubbers and plastic polymers. Anyone who is allergic to either rubber or plastic could react to silicone. The only way to know for sure is to try skin contact with silicone and see if your child has a reaction. 

If your child does have a reaction, it will likely be contact dermatitis, which can cause a red rash, itching, bumps, blisters, swelling, burning, or tenderness. Anyone who has these options should stop wearing silicone immediately and seek medical attention for severe symptoms. 

Is giving a kid one of my old watches an option?

You can give your child one of your old watches, but they may damage it or not like the watch.

Furthermore, the watch may not fit their small wrist and fall off. Kid sizes watches also have safer parts and fun designs you don’t often find on an adult watch. 

If, however, you have a watch from your youth or from an older child, you can pass it down to your younger children. Always keep watches away from children younger than three years old. Always check over any watch for damage, falling of pieces, or anything that could scratch their skin before giving it to a kid. 

Should I get a smartwatch, digital, or analog for my child?

All three are good options and depend on your needs.

A digital watch is the easiest to read, but smartwatches are the most fun and have more functions. For the most part, analog clocks are disappearing, but not analog watches because they are beautiful and make exceptional accessories. 

If your goal is to teach your child to read time, stick with a simple analog watch to ensure they can read the time. After, you can move on to a digital watch or even a smartwatch. Some smartwatches have the option to display time in both digital or analog time, which gives you more options. 

Final Thoughts About Best Watches for Kids

The best watches for kids help them to learn to tell time. You need to decide if you want them to learn digital or analog time.

We strongly suggest the Batman Kids’ Analog Watch or the Disney Kids Watch because they have the words hour or minutes on the arms to make learning analog time easier. 

Although, a smartwatch can teach both and offer a ton of other functions that will appeal to children. If you prefer a smartwatch, we suggest the Garmin VivoFit Jr. 2 because it comes in fun patterns and you can control the settings easily.

Now it’s time for you to make a decision about your child’s timepiece. 

Best Watches for Kids 2021: Time They Got a Watch

Buying your kid a wristwatch is a great way to take a step towards independence and one of the first steps into the world of adults. Not only will they love how it looks, but a first-time wristwatch is an essential tool in your child’s learning process. It will help them learn the basic concepts of telling time, while also helping them begin to think about how to schedule and plan their time.

There are multiple types of kids’ wristwatches available on the market today, with a huge selection of great kid-friendly analog, digital, and smartwatches. While watches make help your kid feel like a grownup, what you pick should still have kid-friendly durability, a smaller strap, and larger numbers.

No matter which type meet you and your little one’s needs, we’ve selected thirty of the best watches for kids in 2021, each of which is equipped with a variety of kid-friendly features.

Top 30 Best Watches 2021

1. Timex Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Watch

Why we like it: This round-faced watch is an excellent gift idea with an analog quartz dial that teaches kids how to read the clock. It comes with a fun glow feature and cool rotating graphics.

Editor’s Rating:

This watch comes with an easy to read analog quartz dial with minute hands that feature large numbers for natural learning. Additionally, fun rotating graphics will ensure your little one loves checking out their watch.

Timex Boys watch features a water-resistance construction of up to 30 meters and scratch-resistance mineral glass for durability. It’s not difficult to open or close in comparison to an adult watch, but it also doesn’t have any design features that make it easier for kids to use. The watch is lightweight and notably features an ‘Indiglo’ backlight display that makes it bright, colorful, and easy to read in the dark.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight
  • The closure system could be improved

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Why we like it: The VTech KidiZoom introduces curious kids into the world of smartwatch wearables. It’s an excellent gift for children aged 4 to 9 years old who are already familiar with analog watches.

Editor’s Rating:

This VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch is feature loaded with eight fun games that your child can play using the touchscreen. This smartwatch features a plastic scratch-proof screen and bright colors with 50 different choices of displays. In addition to these games, included are a timer, calendar, stopwatch, and calculator for working out simple arithmetic.

Additionally, the plastic construction makes this watch scratch- and shatter-resistant to withstand bumps and scratches during everyday play. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a micro USB cable for charging. This smartwatch will connect children with more games that are downloadable with the Learning Lodge app. With an integrated camera, it even takes photos—they’re not on par with what you’d get from a camera or a phone, but it’s still a fun feature for kids to play around with.

  • Excellent for practicing math skills
  • Keeps children engaged
  • Excellent build quality
  • Fun games to play all day long

3. My First Timex Easy Reader

Why we like it: This classic-looking smartwatch is an attractive and professional tool for teaching children about tracking and telling time.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for a watch to help teach your children to tell time, then this kids’ analog watch from Timex is a great choice. The clean dial and classy graphics mean that it’s neither childish-looking or childish-feeling, perfect for a kid who wants something a little more grown-up.

It’s an awesome way to get kids excited about learning time and learning responsibility for the first time. And unlike other watches, with pretty ineffective constructions and flimsy straps, this will last until your child graduates to the real deal, although the wrist straps are a little big for anyone below school age.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction

4. Disney Kids’ Frozen Elsa & Anna Time Watch

Why we like it: This Disney children’s watch will keep your child interested in learning time by displaying their favorite characters from Frozen, Elsa and Anna.

Editor’s Rating:

This Frozen-themed watch is an excellent educational toy for younger children, displaying Elsa and Anna. The pink display features an e-paper screen that gives it visibility during the day and night, and it’s water resistant up to 30 meters.

Lightweight enough for kids, it comes in a plastic body and features a polished matte finish for attractive appeal to a younger user. The design might still appeal to kids as they age, but the small size of the watch will make it unsuitable for older children. It will even help your kid keep track of time with cleverly labeled hour and minute hands.

  • Affordable
  • Quality construction
  • Excellent tool for learning
  • Too small for most children over 7

5. Camouflage LED Digital Sport Watch

Why we like it: This digital smartwatch is an elegant, sporty option for kids aged 3 to 10, perfect for all kinds of sports and everyday wear.

Editor’s Rating:

The Boys Camouflage LED Digital Sport Watch is a multifunctional digital sport watch that features a unique military style look suitable for all types of sports and everyday wear. The layered display is a critical feature in this smartwatch, allowing it to withstand a fair bit of punishment and last the distance. There are two spaced-out buttons on each side of this watch with large display numbers and an Indiglo light that lights the screen brightly in the dark.

It’s also fashionable, with a military-style look, waterproof up to 50 meters, meaning it’s an excellent watch for wet weather and swimming. It also features a plastic, shockproof construction for durability. It’s a bit big for younger kids, though, so it might not fit children under five or so perfectly.

  • Readable at a wide range of angles
  • Shockproof
  • Water and elements resistant
  • Comfortable strap
  • Might be too big for small wrists

6. Paw Patrol Kids’ Digital Watch

Why we like it: This Paw Patrol kid’s watch is an excellent gift with adjustable elastic straps for comfort that are easy to wipe and keep clean.

Editor’s Rating:

The Paw Patrol Kids’ is a regular digital watch features a large 3D paw patrol character on the dial suitable for kids aged three years and up. It comes with a comfortable, adjustable strap that is easy to buckle for small hands, designed to fit most wrist sizes for maximum adventure and fun.

The watch is relatively lightweight and comes with a backlight to give it visibility at night. Unlike analog counterparts, the wearable is easy to read and comes with cute colors and an excellent birthday gift for a little one. It features plastic construction that’s non-toxic and safe for your child, though it does look and feel like a budget watch.

  • Comfortable
  • Cute kids watch
  • Helps kids to learn how to tell time
  • The quality could be improved

7. Timex Expedition Unisex Digital Watch

Why we like it: This rugged outdoor watch is a real watch with a band small enough for younger kids, capable of withstanding weather elements with a scratchproof design for durability.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for a comfortable wristwatch with essential functions for casual outdoor wear for your kid, then Timex Unisex Expedition Classic digital Chrono watch would make an excellent option. This watch features a durable and lightweight resin case that will last the young one a long time to come.

In addition to these features is the quick wrap Velcro strap that provides an easy and comfortable wear all day long. The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters and suitable for swimming, snorkeling activities and can also handle frequent hand washing, water splashes, and accidental drink spills. The backlight allows easy visibility in dark environments, while the chronograph function will allow your kid to track personal bests.

Though great for older kids, it doesn’t have any kid-specific features and it’s not particularly cheap, making it a less than ideal choice for younger children.

  • Simple and easy to read
  • Works well in the dark
  • Comfortable strap
  • Better for older kids
  • Pricey

8. SOKY LED Waterproof Digital Sport Watch

Why we like it: The Soky LED 50m is a cool digital sport watch for kids that makes an excellent gift idea.

Editor’s Rating:

SOKY LED Digital sport is a cool and useful watch and an excellent gift for your kid’s birthday. It comes with a reading and counting function and a unique design for indoor and outdoor wear. The digital sport watch features smart functions like the dual time display and a backlight display for visibility in dark environments.

SOKY also included a shock-resistant and waterproof design, making it excellent for sports and swimming. The dial comes with high-hardness corning glass and a plastic body construction gives the watch durability and scratch resistance. The high build quality also results in a fairly difficult to move bezel, though, especially before you get a chance to work it in.

  • Durable
  • Exquisite packaging
  • Reasonable price
  • Wonderful color
  • The bezel is a little stiff out of the box

9. Lego Batman Kids Minifigure Link Buildable Watch

Why we like it: This wearable is an excellent toy for kids aged six years and up with a cool Batman Lego-minifigure design.

Editor’s Rating:

The Lego Batman Minifigure watch is what your kid has been waiting for if he’s a fan of the Dark Knight. There’s an iconic Lego Batman Minifigure featured in this watch for the little superhero. The watch features a multi-colored interchangeable square link and a Batman Minifigure link.

Your kid can’t swim with this watch, but it features a splash-proof resistant design. It’s also lightweight. It comes with a plastic casing and a bezel included on the left side for easy adjustment. The light yet durable case does look a bit cheap, though.

  • Cool Lego watch for kids
  • Reasonable priced
  • Taking out and adding links is easy

10. Marvel Avengers Digital Watch

Why we like it: Unlike its analog counterparts, the Avengers digital watch is easy to learn. This beautiful, colorful Marvel Avengers digital watch features a lively screen in a plastic construction for durability.

Editor’s Rating:

This beautiful, colorful Marvel Kids’ Avengers digital watch features a lively screen in a plastic construction for durability. It’s resistant to elements in the environment including water but is not suitable for swimming.

This kid’s wearable features a slim design with adorable graphics of the Avengers, America’s superheroes team of Iron man, Captain America, Hulk, and others. It’s sturdy even when dropped making it a durable option for heavy use without worry. Also, the adjustable strap watch is perfect for the growing young one that will allow him to use for a long time to come.

  • Prepares kids to interact with technology
  • Fun, super hero’s graphics
  • Well-constructed
  • A little chunky for little hands
  • Very dim digital lights

11. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids

Why we like it: This smartwatch with a fitness tracker will help instill a lifetime attitude of healthy living by monitoring exercise activities.

Editor’s Rating:

The LETSCOM smartwatch and fitness tracker introduces your child to high-end wearables that are feature-packed. This smartwatch features outstanding battery life and a suitable option for multi-sport tracking and heart rate monitoring, as well as a sleep tracker—though neither of these work as well as they would on an adult smartwatch. It comes with a call and text reminders that can be paired to your kid’s smartphone to minimize the chances of losing or forgetting the phone.

This smartwatch comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to seven days and even a high-res camera for shooting photos. The wearable also features a waterproof design against weather elements and is also suitable for swimming, washing hands and sturdy enough to handle spilling drinks.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent fitness tracker
  • Build quality
  • The sleep tracker is a bit off
  • The heart rate monitors are not too accurate

12. USWAT Digital LED Sport Watch

Why we like it: This USWAT Digital Sport Watch comes with vibrant, vivid colors and good viewing angles, making it easily visible in direct sunlight. It’s easy to operate and is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor activities.

Editor’s Rating:

This multifunction digital watch is a fully-featured watch with large numbers on the dial and a backlight for comfortable and convenient reading in dark environments. The watch features high-quality material construction suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor use. It has waterproof capabilities although the manufacturer does not recommend pressing buttons while underwater.

It has a thin, flexible band that sits comfortably on the wrist. Other notable features include a calendar, stopwatch, an alarm and a scratch-resistance mirror surface making it an excellent gift for both boys and girls, but be aware that it’ll probably be too large to be comfortable for very young kids.

  • Superb construction
  • Excellent visibility with full-color display
  • Numerous versatile functions

13. Minnie Mouse Kids’ Analog Watch

Why we like it: This Minnie Mouse Kids’ watch is an excellent beginner watch with solid construction to withstand the active lifestyle of a young child. It’s easy to use and appealing with favorite Disney characters.

Editor’s Rating:

The Minnie Mouse Kids’ watch is suitable for younger children who are becoming familiar with the concept of time. The watch features an analog face and two different colored hands to help with the process of learning how to tell time, making it perfect for very young kids but potentially too childish looking for older ones.

This kids’ watch that features the Disney character Minnie comes with a plastic, comfortable strap that is easy to adjust and buckle up. The material used to make the watch is non-toxic and safe for your child. It also features a 6mm regular round face display with a toughened sturdy glass that makes the watch durable even with heavy usage.

  • Solid construction
  • Fits well and extremely comfortable
  • Super cute design
  • Labeled hands might be too childish for older kids

14. Themoemoe Kids GPS Watch

Why we like it: This wearable with GPS tracking and SOS emergency SOS calls supports multiple functions and comes in a plastic body for durability. The full-color display with an easy to read dial is a welcome bonus for fun graphics.

Editor’s Rating:

The Themoemoe Kids GPS Tracker Watch for kids is a feature-packed GPS tracker and smartwatch for kids. This watch supports Micro SIM SD card for saving telephone numbers, making calls and sending text messages, also enabling GPS so that you can help locate your child. It also comes with a classroom anti-disturb mode that ensures there’s order in class.

The remote camera function included in this kids’ smartwatch can record your child’s best moments and share the story with friends and family, but don’t expect smartphone-quality pics. The GPS Tracker features a bright screen technology with a full-color display with a backlight that gives it a vivid image even in bright daylight.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Great smartwatch starter
  • Long battery life
  • The camera could be improved

15. TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker Watch for Kids

Why we like it: TOOBUR Fitness Tracker features an outstanding battery life, a dedicated alarm, fitness tracking, and an optical heart rate monitoring that helps the young one to be more organized and productive.

Editor’s Rating:

This fitness tracker features a slim and adjustable design making it an excellent option for kids aged eight years and up. The smartwatch is designed to look like top-tier wearables for a striking adult look.

The fitness tracker comes with a calorie counter that helps your kid track how many calories they are burning. There’s also a sleep monitor that included in this fitness tracker is available in five different colors. Unfortunately, all these features do come at the cost of battery life, so you’ll need to charge it pretty frequently

The tracker is lightweight and sits comfortably on small wrists, making it a suitable option for active children. It notably features a 2D gorilla glass and a lightweight design to sit comfortably on the young one’s wrist.

  • High-quality dual band
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Excellent tracking device
  • The display quality is good

16. AZLAND 3 Sports Kids Watch

Why we like it: This sturdy sports watch is loaded with fun features.

Editor’s Rating:

AZLAND is simple and easy-to-use rugged kids watch suitable kids aged four and up—unfortunately it’s a bit big for anyone younger, although it would otherwise appeal to even littler little ones. The watch features colorful lights flash and glows for visibility in dark environments. The AZLAND 3 comes with user-friendly analog bezels that located on both sides of the watch. It’s got a sunlight-visible high-resolution display screen that can be viewed from any angle.

The replaceable battery can last up to 36 months, while the three daily alarms offer discrete reminders like school tasks, medical alerts and more. The watch features a sturdy solid plastic construction to resist shock even when dropped from high heights.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Great for multiple reminders
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonably priced

17. VTech PJ Masks Super Catboy Learning Watch

Why we like it: This Vtech digital watch is a fun watch for beginners that offers them the opportunity to learn letters, phonics, vocabulary and rhyming words with fun, adventurous and exciting characters.

Editor’s Rating:

This watch from Vtech is an excellent watch for young learners with an easily readable face. The digital watch features play four games that help your child explore numbers easily like counting, and learning shapes.

The watch notably features Catboy, Gekko, and Awlette cartoon characters of the favorite series PJ Masks. The watch is a suitable gift option for anyone older than three years old, though do note that although the features are aimed at this age group, it’s a bit of a struggle to close the band properly on smaller wrists.

  • Nice looking
  • Fun for younger kids
  • Works as expected
  • The wristband doesn’t close well on small wrists

18. Batman Kids’ Analog Watch

Why we like it: This official Batman branded watch is great to get kids excited about learning how to tell time.

Editor’s Rating:

Every kid knows and loves the Batman superhero character. This watch will is a Time Teacher for learning how to tell time. It features the hour and minute hand that is clearly labeled to help the young one differentiate the hour and minute hands and learn how to tell time.

There’s a sizeable yellow Batman symbol on the dial and black bezel on the side for adjusting time. The watch features a plastic strap with an easy to buckle strap that offers comfort and is easy to change, though it doesn’t exactly look like a premium material.

  • Easy to read face
  • Kids who love batman will find it interesting
  • Simple analog watch

19. Venhoo Kids 3D Waterproof Silicone Watch

Why we like it: This watch from Venhoo is a comfortable timepiece suitable for kids with easy to read numbers and an impressive battery life.

Editor’s Rating:

This Venhoo kids’ watch is the perfect wearable for 3 to 12 years olds. It’s made from safe and comfortable materials that are both environmentally friendly and waterproof, and the watch is sealed with a high-frequency machine for shock-resistance against bumps. Additionally, it’s got a silicone case and construction for drop-resistance.

Your child won’t be able to swim with this watch, although it’s reasonably splash resistant. However, it comes with a scratchproof screen. The watch comes with easy-to-read big clear numbers and an adjustable strap for comfort, and it also features an impressive battery life, but all of these features do unfortunately lead to a watch that’s probably too big for younger kids.

  • Feature-packed
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Very Durable
  • The band is too large for some wrists

20. Timex Girls Time Machines Watch

Why we like it: This is easy to read kids watch that will help your young girl learn how to tell time.

Editor’s Rating:

This beautiful, colorful pink Times Girls’ watch comes with easy to read numbers with a white, playful background dial. The watch features scratch-resistant mineral glass construction for durability. It’s sturdy even when dropped, making it a durable option for active kids.

Timex included its revolutionary Indiglo backlight technology to help your young one check the time in dark environments, although it becomes less bright over time. The watch comes with an impressive battery life that will last a long time to come. It’s also water-resistant, but not fully waterproof.

  • Simple and easy to read
  • Comfortable faux leather strap
  • Elegant analog watch for kids
  • The Indiglo deteriorates over time

21. Binteng Toys Childrens’ Smart Watch

Why we like it: This smartwatch from Bigteng uses a high sensitivity touch screen, making it an excellent option for young children.

Editor’s Rating:

This smartwatch is an excellent way to acquaint your kid into the world of smartwatch wearables. The watch features a high sensitivity touch screen that offers easy navigation, while the user-friendly SOS button will help your kid to call a preselected emergency contact. Unlike analog kids’ wearables, this watch can also make calls and send text messages.

Although the screen resolution isn’t the highest, this watch features a slim design and a plastic strap that is comfortable for your kid to wear all day long. It also features a long battery life and a remote monitoring feature that parents can use to check the whereabouts of their child.

  • Intuitive features
  • Cute smartwatch
  • Easy to use
  • High sensitive screen

22. Azland LED Digital Sport Watch

Why we like it: This digital sports watch features a classic round face with simple to use functions that are useful for sports and in the day-to-day.

Editor’s Rating:

The Azland Digital LED sport watch is an excellent gift for kids between 5 and 15. It comes with multiple functions like the inbuilt alarm clock, also featuring a stopwatch making it a perfect option for use in sports activities. It’s also water resistant, although buttons shouldn’t be pressed underwater.

Additionally, the Azland watch features an adjustable strap with stainless steel buckle for comfort and durability. There’s also an intuitive button that lights up the screen which will help your child read the screen in the dark, but it’s not as good as the lights in a Timex watch.

  • Good starter watch for active sports
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality construction
  • Good value
  • The backlight could be improved

23. MSVEW Kids Sports Digital Watch

Why we like it: This sport digital watch from MSVEW is easy to use and an excellent option for active kids in sports. It’s also very sturdy and can withstand water at a depth of up to 50 meters.

Editor’s Rating:

This MSVEW watch is an excellent outdoor watch for boys with a water-resistant feature suitable for snorkeling, swimming, white-water rafting, and fishing. The watch features high-quality plastic construction and high abrasion rubber that gives it durability and shock resistance against hard use.

Kids Sport Watch also comes with an LED night light for easy visibility in dark areas, but it’s not really bright enough to see some of the smaller details on the face at night. There’s also an anti-magnetic function and a calendar to help your little one keep track of their day.

  • Nice looking watch for kids
  • Excellent stopwatch for sports
  • High-quality build
  • Backlight could be improved

24. Enow Kids SmartWatch

Why we like it: This kids smartwatch is so lightweight it feels like not wearing anything at all. The toughened sturdy glass face with stainless steel accents makes this wearable durable even with heavy usage.

Editor’s Rating:

This Enow wearable device for kids is a full-packaged watch that comes with multiple functions—though like many feature-packed watches, it’s a big big for younger children. The smartwatch comes with simple operations and a call function that your child can use to connect to their parents and peers all day long. The watch doesn’t have to be charged every other day as it can last a few days on a single charge with an extensive series of activities.

It features an OGS captive touch screen with a sunlight-visible high-resolution display. The watches body is silicone in construction with an unbelievably lightweight design.

  • Supports iOS and Android devices
  • Long battery life
  • Responsive functions
  • Too large for small wrists

25. Ovvel Kids Watch

Why we like it: This Ovvel kids watch is excellent beginners watch for little kids that comes with easy to use functions and a stylish design that any young one will love and adore.

Editor’s Rating:

This beautiful and adorable multicolored watch is an excellent watch for little kids. It has a stylish design and helps teach time. It comes with innovative easy to read features like the differently colored hour and minute hands that help with learning how to tell time.

There’s a large bezel on the side of the watch that helps your kid to adjust the time for precise timekeeping. Ovvel included an impressive battery life that is powerful and reliable and will last a long time to come.

It’s not cheap, though, which makes the low quality glass a little bit dissapointing even though this is an otherwise excellent watch that even includes high-quality Japanese quartz movement.

  • Accurate Japanese mechanism
  • Long battery life
  • Stylish design
  • Available in different colors
  • A little overpriced
  • The glass cover could be improved

26. Disney Princess Watch

Why we like it: The lightweight design included in this watch provide comfort to your child for all-day wear at the same time teaching the young one how to tell time.

Editor’s Rating:

This Disney Princess watch features a sleek circular design and attractive pink color suitable for early-elementary school kids. The watch notably features a scratch resistant mineral crystal and loop nylon strap construction for durability and scratch resistance. It’s background is a high-quality picture of three Disney Princesses.

The watch features large round numbers on the plastic casing and a comfortable easy to close nylon strap and safe to wear under any weather. The plastic construction makes the watch lightweight for added comfort. The hour and minute hands are labeled for easy time-telling, but it’s easy to lose the white second hand on the white background

  • Lightweight
  • Large numbers on the face
  • Weather elements resistance
  • High-quality construction
  • Second hand is hard to see

27. Kids Time Teacher Watch

Why we like it: The Kids Time Teacher Watch is a unique, colorful watch with lively 3D cartoon characters suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years old.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a colorful rainbow kids’ watch for boys and girls. It’s an excellent gift for beginners with 3D cute designs with lively and exciting colors. The large colorful numbers on the face of the watch help the little one explore the mystery of time quickly and effortlessly.

The watch comes with a soft silicone strap body that provides comfort on the young one’s delicate skin. There’s also an exquisite watch gift box included in the package for use when gifting your kid. The watch itself doesn’t look quite as premium, though, even though it feels good and works perfectly well

  • Waterproof
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Perfect gift
  • The quality could be improved

28. AZLAND Digital Frozen Sports Watch

Why we like it: The AZLAND kids digital sport watch comes with a waterproof design up to 100 feet and a flexible rubber strap for comfort and use in watersport activities.

Editor’s Rating:

This LED digital AZLAND watch is an excellent wearable for children aged 5 to 12 years—though younger kids will probably need help setting the time in the first place. This digital sports watch features a classic 35mm round design with a bright green display that is easy to see under direct sunlight. It also features a high-quality soft rubber band that is comfortable on the young one’s skin. The night light gives the watch visibility in dark environments.

There’s a water-resistant function up to 30 meters in this watch that makes it suitable for use while swimming or playing at the beach. The digital watch is available in different colors and comes with a gift box package.

  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for watersport activities
  • High-quality construction

29. MICO Kids Waterproof Watch

Why we like it: The MICO kids waterproof watch looks attractive and comes with a comfortable, lightweight design that your kid will enjoy wearing all day long.

Editor’s Rating:

The MICO waterproof watch features high-quality resin glass construction and a cute design, although it’s not suitable for deep submersion in water and it’s not especially durable if dropped or banged against corners. There’s a sturdy silicon strap that provides comfort when your kid wears this watch. The cute cartoon images featured in the watch appeal to kids aged 3 to 10 years.

The Japanese movement included in the watch provides precise and accurate timekeeping. The watch features a long battery life that will last for months. The wearable is lightweight and comes with an impressive battery life making it a good value for the money.

  • 3D cute cartoon watch
  • Withstands rain and water splashes
  • Comfortable
  • Durability could be improved

30. Dreamingbox Digital Watch for Kids

Why we like it: This Dreamingbox digital watch for kids features an excellent battery life and a waterproof function that makes it suitable for use in watersport activities.

Editor’s Rating:

This convenient watch for kids uses a 50-meter waterproof design making it an excellent wearable for watersport activities. The watch features soft PU material construction for durability and comfort. The adjustable strap encircles the wrist, and the stainless steel buckle ensures added comfort and customization for a perfect fit—although kids much less than 5 might find it hard to get a good fit.

The display is sharp enough to read under bright sunlight while the backlight enables it to be read in dark environments. The watch comes in a stylish and exquisite gift box for excellent packaging when gifting the young one on their special day or event. It makes an attractive gift option for kids aged 4-12 years old.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof design
  • Comfortable strap
  • A little large for small wrists

Final Thoughts

Buying your little one their first watch can be a huge deal. The wearables we have discussed in this guide come with different features that can suit both boys and girls of all ages. Some watches are simple, with easy-to-read analog dials with animals and cartoon characters, while others in this list feature more advanced functions and are great for older kids.

These more advanced watches are feature-packed with various applications, including fitness metrics such as heart rate, calorie monitoring and quality of sleep. These smartwatches come with advanced intuitive features and help track a kid’s life, even providing location services in some cases.

At the end of the day, a wristwatch is a great gift to help a child grow up, no matter what stage of life they’re at.

Best Watches for Boys and Girls in 2020

Children live in the moment – something that we adults have forgotten to do as we slowly became more focused on what the future will bring. However, this enviable trait does come with a drawback – losing track of time. Of course, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But if you’re ready to teach your children the value of time as well as enable them to stick to their schedules, then giving them a watch is a great first step. Naturally, there are a lot of options with a variety of features which means finding the right one won’t be an easy task. If you have a deadline to meet and need to get your kid a watch ASAP, no need to waste time looking. We’ve got just the list for you – the 10 watches for kids.

Timex Boys Time Machines

This Timex Time Machines Watch is a great option for boys for many reasons, one of which is the fact that there are several cool designs to choose from – camo, black and blue, flames, and more. The watch features a chronograph, alarm, and timer as well as an easy-to-read display. The nylon strap is adjustable and washable. And there’s even an indigo night-light which any kid would find cool. Plus, the watch comes with a free Timex Time Machine app to help your child learn how to tell time. The watch itself is water resistant up to 100 feet or 30 meters so even if your little one gets it in his head to splash water on it, the watch will be safe. However, it isn’t suitable for bathing or swimming so make sure to remind your kid to remove it for those kinds of activities. Also, some of the features – stopwatch, timer, and alarm – are not intuitive. Plus, the buttons are a little stiff and hard to push for some kids.


  • many designs to choose from
  • Adjustable and washable strap
  • indigo night-light


  • some features are not intuitive
  • buttons are a little stiff
  • not waterproof

Timex Kids My First Outdoors Watch

Timex has another great watch for kids, boys in particular. The My First Outdoors Watch features an adjustable and washable nylon strap, a durable metal case with brushed finish, and a scratch-resistant mineral glass. Like the other Timex watch on our list, this one is also water resistant up to 30 meters. And it also has an easy-to-read display. However, this watch is an analog one which may not be something that your kid will like. Plus, newer versions of this watch no longer have the indiglo night-light. In addition, changing the battery is not easy; you may have to get a professional to do it which will cost more than the watch itself.


  • easy-to-read display
  • scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • adjustable and washable nylon strap


  • analog watch
  • no night-light
  • difficult to replace the battery

Cofuo Kids Sports Digital

If you’re looking for a waterproof watch for your little boy, then the Cofuo Kids Digital Watch is a good choice. It is water resistant up to 50m which means your kid can wear it while showering or swimming. The sports watch’s design is incredibly cool. The strap is made of high quality Germany imported PU resin – soft, comfortable, and eco-friendly. The watch also comes with a calendar, dual time display, alarm, EL backlight display, and a stopwatch. There’s even an analog and digital display that will help your kids learn how to tell time using both kinds. However, the instructions that come with the watch aren’t clear and can be quite hard to follow. And the watch is a bit too big for kids younger than 6 years old.


  • waterproof
  • feature rich
  • analog and digital


  • instructions are hard to understand
  • may be too big for little kids

DC Comics Batman Kids’ Time-Teacher

What boy doesn’t love Batman, right? We love this Time Teacher watch because it’s Batman themed. And because it’s a great tool for teaching your kid how to tell time the analog way. The hour and minute hands are labeled and there are even numbers to help him remember how to count minutes. The strap is comfortable and adjustable. Plus, the watch has been tested and proven non-toxic, non-hazardous, and safe for kids. However, the strap may easily get broken. The watch can also get easily scratched. And it’s not water resistant.


  • great for teaching time
  • safe for kids
  • Batman-themed


  • can get easily scratched
  • strap may break
  • not water resistant

LEGO Quartz Plastic Watch

This LEGO Quartz Plastic Watch is Star Wars themed which is already awesome. But what makes it a cut above the rest is the fact that it is a buildable watch. The watch comes with multi-coloured, interchangeable watch links (plus an extra 12) so your kid can customize it according to his style. The analog display is easy to read. The acrylic lens is scratch resistant. And the watch is water resistant to 5ATM. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty as well as a Darth Vader figurine. However, the watch does tend to come apart easily if your kid is quite active. It’s also not that easy for little kids to put on and off.


  • buildable watch
  • scratch resistant lens
  • Darth Vader figurine


  • easily comes apart
  • not easy to put on or off for little kids

Timex Girls Time Machines

Timex also offers little girls watches in their Time Machines series. This analog watch makes it easy to teach your little princess how to tell time with its labeled hands as well as minute markers. The dial is easy to read with its large display. The elastic fabric strap is quite comfortable on the wrist. It’s also removable and washable. And the watch itself is water resistant to 30m. However, it doesn’t have the Indiglo night-light feature. The lens scratches easily. And the minute markers are 0 to 30 then 30 to 0 (how many minutes left until the next hour. It does not count 0 to 60 which is easier when teaching a beginner.


  • great for teaching time
  • elastic fabric strap
  • water resistant


  • scratches easily
  • no Indiglo feature
  • minute markers are not 0 to 60

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Dx

If your little girl wants something better than your average digital watch, then this smartwatch from VTech will do the trick. The Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is packed with a whole host of features such as a camera, 8 built-in games with the option to download more, digital and analog displays, a calendar, and a calculator. The watch also has a motion sensor and 3 action challenges. However, the games may be too boring for older kids (8 and above). Battery life is a bit short, requiring you to charge it every 2 to 3 days. Also, it doesn’t come with an AC adapter.


  • feature rich
  • digital and analog displays
  • includes a camera


  • no AC adapter included
  • short battery life
  • might not be interesting for older kids

Timex Girls T79081 My First Easy Reader Watch

This Timex Girls watch is the perfect gift for your little lady. The Easy Reader Watch features an easy-to-read analog display (hence the name), an all-metal case, and a scratch resistant mineral glass lens. The watch is also waterproof up to 30m. The strap is pink and made of synthetic leather. However, it no longer comes with an Indiglo backlight like in older versions. The strap is a bit stiff and needs breaking in.


  • classic design
  • easy to read
  • durable


  • strap is a bit stiff
  • no Indiglo feature
  • synthetic leather

Azland Sports Watch

This is an excellent sports watch for active girls (designs are also available for boys). It comes with LED lights, a stopwatch function, a calendar (displays day, week, and month), an alarm, and a chime that goes off every hour. The watch is water resistant up to 100 feet, perfect for swimming or taking a shower. Plus, the rubber strap is extremely flexible and feels comfortable on the wrist. However, setting up the watch and using some of the features isn’t easy. And the instructions were difficult to understand. Also, the lens can get easily scratched.


  • flexible strap
  • backlight
  • water resistant up to 100 ft.


  • instructions are hard to understand
  • tricky to set up
  • easily scratched

Disney Girl’s Quartz Metal and Rubber Watch

This Disney watch is another great tool to teach your princess how to tell time. The hands are labeled and the minute markers range from 0 to 60. The rubber strap is comfortable and easy to adjust. The watch itself has been tested and proven safe for kids. Plus, the box it comes in is pretty cute. However, this is not water resistant at all. And some users have reported that the minute markers faded a bit after several uses. Also, it does not have a backlight.


  • non-toxic
  • great for beginners
  • Disney-themed


  • not water resistant
  • minute markers may fade after a while
  • no backlight

A watch is a great gift for any kid. It’s a way for them to learn how to tell time as well as keep to a schedule. Not only that, a watch can help a kid establish his own style and identity. And then there are all the other features that most watches have these days such as stopwatch, timer, alarm, time/date, night light, compass, and even GPS tracking. With so many features available, it’s safe to say that any kid who gets a watch is going to love it. Of course, not just any ole watch will do. Because all kids are different, you’re going to need to make sure that you get the right one, not just the popular one. If you’re not sure where or how to start looking, our in-depth buying guide below should be able to help.

What type of watch for kids should I get?

There are 4 kinds of watches for kids – analog, digital, sports, and smartwatches. The type of watch your kid will like will depend on several factors including age and lifestyle.

Analog: like the good ole watches of yesteryear, this type of watch has a clock-face design. They typically have large numbers to make them easier to read with a minute hand, an hour hand, and possibly a second hand. This classic design is often a great tool for teaching little kids how to tell time. The Timex Kids My First Outdoors Watch is a good example of an analog watch.

Digital: this type of watch displays time using numerical digits instead of hands moving around the clock. A digital watch often includes features such as an alarm, timer, stopwatch, calendar, and LED backlighting. A few digital watches even include an analog display. A lot of kids nowadays are more comfortable learning to tell time using this type of watch because they are growing up in a digital age. The Timex Boys Time Machines is a good example of a digital watch for kids.

Sports: A sports watch can be an analog, digital, or combination of both. What sets it apart from other types of watches is their ruggedness and durability. This type of watch is specifically designed to withstand the abuse caused by an active lifestyle. Some of the features often seen in a sports watch for kids include waterproof, shock absorption, and stopwatch function. The Azland Sports Watch and the Cofuo Kids Sports Digital are two great options if you’re looking for a sports watch for your kid, whether a boy or a girl.

Smart Watch: this is the type of watch that is ideal for the tech-savvy kid in your family. It’s not just an ordinary watch. It has some of the functions you’d often find in a smartphone such as built-in apps, cameras, a touchscreen, and customizable analog/digital displays. Aside from helping a child learn how to keep time, the watch can be used for entertainment, especially since some of them like the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Dx allow you to even download apps. Some smartwatches also include the ability to make and receive calls as well as GPS tracking, enabling parents to stay in touch with their kids wherever they may be.

What features should I consider?

Marked hour and minute hands: if you want your kid to learn using an analog type of watch, you should consider getting one that has clear labels which will enable him or her to pick up reading time much more easily. The Disney Girl’s Quartz Metal and Rubber Watch, for example, has clear labels on both hands as well as minute markers to help the child count out the minutes.

Dual analog and digital displays: with a dual display, the child is able to easily compare the two and understand their differences. It is also a useful feature especially if the child is having difficulty understanding the concept of analog time but has been exposed to digital time displays. The Cofuo Kids Sports Digital is the only one on our list with a dual display.

Backlight: it’s not really a deal breaker if a watch isn’t able to light up in the dark at the press of a button though it is practical. However, it is a feature that many children (even adults) enjoy. The Azland Sports Watch is a good option if you want a watch that features LED lighting.

Water resistance: kids often forget stuff so it shouldn’t surprise parents if they end up wearing their watch in the bath or shower. Any watch for kids should have at least some level of water resistance because at some point, it will become exposed to moisture, even if it’s just through handwashing. The Timex Kids My First Outdoors Watch, for example, is water resistant up to 30m or 100ft.

How do I choose a watch for my kid?

Age: While a watch with all the bells and whistles may seem like the ideal choice for a little kid (all those buttons to push), it’s best to go with a simple analog watch with a colorful design. The simplicity of the watch will enable them to be less confused with all the other features and help them pick up the basics of telling time much easier. Plus, these basic watches often have colorful themes that appeal to young children.

Older kids, on the other hand, will appreciate having more features on hand such as the ability to set an alarm or timer. A smart watch can be suitable to both older and younger kids. However, you will need to check the features, design, and even the technology used in the smart watch in order to determine if it is a good choice for your kid. For example, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Dx is more suitable to little kids ages 4 to 6 because the built-in games are too easy and boring for older ones (ages 7 and above).

Lifestyle: The day-to-day activity of your kid is another thing you need to consider when choosing a watch. Active children will need something quite durable, able to withstand the rough and tumble of physical activity. This means choosing a sports watch because of its ruggedness, durability, shock absorption, and high level of water resistance.

Durability: We’ve already touched upon this a bit when talking about lifestyle. But you must admit that children are often energetic and enthusiastic which can lead to scratches and scrapes, or worse. What that means is that any watch is bound to get caught on something, banged on something, etc. Naturally, you might feel tempted to just get a cheap watch that can be easily replaced. However, it will still cost you quite a bit in the long run. Make sure to choose a good quality watch that can last your child a year or two, at the very least.

Style/Design Preference: Watches for kids come in all sorts of designs. Just like adults, children use watches to keep time as well as a fashion statement. When choosing a watch for your kid, you’ll need to consider his/her age and interest. Younger children will love the LEGO Quartz Plastic Watch but older kids might find it too childish. They may be more interested in the more “developed” designs offered by the Timex Boys Time Machines. Older children, specifically tweens and teens, may be more open to classic designs such as the Timex Girls T79081 My First Easy Reader Watch. To avoid outright rejection, it would be best to check reviews in order to determine what age group a particular watch belongs to. You might also want to consider including the older children in the selection process to ensure approval.

The best digital, analogue and smart products

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

  • A child receiving their first watch is, in many ways, a milestone event – a step towards independence and the adult world.

    There are three different types to choose from, depending on your child’s needs and age: analogue, digital and smart watches.

    The former helps teach younger children to tell the time, whereas digital and smart options are great for slightly older kids who can engage with their watch more.

    Here are some of the best kids’ watches out there at the moment.

    Best kids’ analogue watches

    1) Marvel Avengers Time Teacher

    Credit: Argos

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    Plastic case
    Black silicone strap
    Buckle clasp
    • Teaches children to tell the time

    Overall verdict: The Marvel Avengers Time Teacher watch, like others on the market, has a brilliant time-teaching function, which makes learning to tell the time easy and enjoyable. It has been designed so the hour and minute hands are clearly labelled and the second hand is bright white, standing out against the coloured dial. Not to mention, the Avengers characters make the piece fun for little ones. The product description says it’s suitable for kids age 6 or over and the glowing customer reviews prove that this product is popular with both children and their parents. One person, who gave the watch five stars, commented on the Argos website, ‘Bought this for my nephew who is learning to tell time. The hours and minutes are clearly marked for him and he loves the design.’

    Cost: £11.99


    2) Princess Time Teacher

    Credit: Argos

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    Stone set base metal case
    Pink rubber strap
    Buckle clasp
    Teaches children to tell the time

    Overall verdict: The Princess Time Teacher is another great option, with an eye-catching Disney Princess design – with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle on the clock face. The hands are labelled with the hour and minute written on them, so children can learn to tell the time faster. As plenty of reviews attest, little ones (and parents) will not be left disappointed. One thrilled customer wrote, ‘It’s clear and simple dials really make it easy to explain to a 5-year-old how to tell the time.

    Cost: £11.99


    3) Zeiger Rainbow Watch

    Credit: Amazon

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Japanese Quartz
    • 34mm plastic case
    • Fits 14.5-20cm wrist
    • Simple, affordable everyday watch
    • Practical design
    • Big Arabia numbers easy for kids to read the time

    Overall verdict: The Zeiger rainbow watch is great for everyday use and is built to withstand rain and splashes of water. However, it’s not suitable for swimming, diving or showering. It’s built with practicality in mind – the white dial makes it easier for kids to see the number clearly and the silicone band is comfortable and adjustable. It also comes with a gift box and a 1-year warranty – so if there are any problems with the quality it can be exchanged. 

    Customers have been quick to comment on the watch’s practical nature, adding that this product is great for a child’s very first timepiece. One said, ‘I bought this for my little girl to gift to her friend on her birthday. It is very lightweight which is perfect for a young child. The straps also felt very soft against the skin, again another plus for delicate ones. The strap was also quite flexible which is great for kids as we all know how “careful” they can be. Another plus is that the numbers are large enough to be easily seen. My daughter’s friend really loves this watch and I think it’s super for a first watch.’

    Cost: £10.99


    4) Spiderman Blue Kids’ Watch

    Credit: H. Samuel

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Velcro strap
    • 33 mm diameter
    • Stainless steel case
    • Velcro strap is comfortable for kids
    • Helps children learn to tell the time

    Overall verdict: What child doesn’t want a superhero splashed across the front of their watch? This Spiderman time-telling watch is great for comic book and movie lovers. Like other products, it has clearly labelled clock arms and has numbers on the outer ridge to help with reading how many minutes have passed.

    The red velcro strap also means that it’s comfortable and adaptable for growth. One reviewer commented on this feature, ‘The strap is velcro which is much better than the traditional hole and hook and has the added advantage of guaranteeing a perfect fit. All in all, I would recommend this item for a child.’

    Cost: £19.99


    Best kids’ digital watches

    5) Disney Frozen Stone Light Up Watch and Jewellery Set

    Credit: Argos

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Case width is 35mm
    • Base metal case
    • Blue plastic strap
    • Buckle clasp
    • Comes with three pieces of jewellery
    • Light-up feature

    Overall verdict: It’s four for the price of one with this Frozen watch and jewllery set, as the product comes with three additional bracelets: a blue and white beaded one, a blue coil design and a blue crystal ball style. Frozen fans will love the adorable crystal stud face with Elsa and Anna on it, as well as a glittery blue strap. Another novelty feature is the case which lights up. The dial has a digital display window and shows the time in a 24-hour style, which can help children learn the military format.

    This watch is best-suited to kids age 6 or over and explains it come with a 1-year manufacturers guarantee. One happy customer said: ‘Bought this cute little watch and bracelet set for my 6-year old daughter. A lovely little way to help her get a sense of time keeping. Would make a nice gift for a little friend’s birthday too.’

    Cost: £14.99


    6) Avengers Children’s Watch

    Credit: Amazon

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Avengers printed dial
    • Projector function of 10 images
    • Digital display
    • 1-year guarantee
    Affordable watch with built in projector

    Overall verdict: This cheap and cheerful Avengers watch is a double whammy, as it comes with its own projection function – which means kids can shine 10 different images from their watch. The chunky, plastic design – which features a durable PU strap – also means it’s likely to survive knocks and drops. But in the event of the watch breaking, it does come with a year-long guarantee.

    Most customers have commented on the high quality of the watch and projections – especially considering the affordable price. One happy customer said, ‘Great for my 4-year old. The projections are better than expected. Definitely worth the money.’

    Cost: £9.99


    7) Lorus Pink Watch

    Credit: Argos

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Case width is 33mm
    • Quartz
    • Backlight
    • Date and day display
    • Water resistant to 100m
    • Great extra features e.g. date display/stopwatch
    •  Comfortable and sturdy timepiece

    Overall verdict: This Lorus Pink watch not only provides the time but offers a whole host of other great functions – so there’s plenty to keep little ones entertained.  It includes a stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, second timezone and backlight – which is ideal for seeing the time in darker conditions.

    The pink resin strap has a buckle clasp so stays in place and the scratch resistant glass means it’s likely to withstand a few knocks. It’s also water resistant of up to 100m, so can survive paddling pools, swims and showers and there is a 2-year guarantee if it fails to deliver.

    Due to the variety of features it seems this watch is better suited to older kids. One grandma left a glowing review saying, ‘The watch was a birthday gift for my 10-year-old granddaughter, I chose a digital watch for ease of her reading the time rather than one with hands. The watch was perfect in fit, easy to use and looks attractive.’

    Cost: £19.99


    Best kids’ smart watches

    8) VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

    Credit: Amazon

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Two cameras
    • Parental controls
    • Touchscreen
    • Games and apps
    • Great extra features e. g. photo filters/clock faces
    • Comes with parental controls

    Overall verdict: There’s plenty to explore with this VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch, from the games to the 55 customisable clock faces. What’s more, there’s a whole host of photo effects, with stamps, frames and filters for children to play with. Users can tap the clock or the owl to hear the time spoken and the cute character does so in both analogue and digital modes. It’s built with a motion sensor for active play challenges, as well as a pedometer to count your steps. The VTech KidiZoom also comes with parental controls, so games can be disabled easily and daily time limits can be set.

    Smart watches tend to cost more than digital or analogue ones but the extra functions justify the price – however, these additions are not so complex that kids will be overwhelmed. One reviewer commented on this factor saying, ‘This watch was a great bit as a present. The ability to take pictures and then edit them with clip art was lots of fun. Quality of camera is good for the product. 7-year-old was able to navigate its use without much assistance.’

    Cost: £48.77


    9) Garmin Vivofit

    Credit: Amazon

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Activity and lifestyle tracker
    • 1+ year battery life
    • Swim-friendly
    • Promotes a more active lifestyle through reward system
    • Parents can tailor to suit family


    Overall verdict: A standout feature from this Garmin Vivofit watch is that it rewards kids with more games and apps the more active they are. It also has the option for reminder alerts and task timer which keeps kids on top of chores, such as homework, practise time and brushing their teeth. But, fear not, adults can access the device and tailor chore management and reward tools on the parent-controlled app.  Kids can also explore the different activities the watch has to offer with some friendly faces, such as Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Mulan and Jasmine.

    The watch comes in a multitude of designs, from Frozen and Captain American to Minnie Mouse and Star Wars – so there’s something for every taste.

    Many customers have commented on how the watch has helped their child develop time management skills and has made them generally more active. One reviewer said, ‘We bought this for out 6-year-old as reward tool and to encourage activity. It does both very well. He loves getting his 60 mins of activity to play the next step of the adventure and does his chores or behaves well to get the virtual coins that we turn into small prizes. Very clever.’

    Cost: £39.99


    10) FitBit Ace 2


    Credit: Argos

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • 5 days of battery life
    • Multi-platform operating system
    • Reward system for activity


    Overall verdict: This FitBit Ace 2 watch is designed to get children moving by tracking steps and active minutes to promote a more healthy lifestyle. Children earn virtual badges and on-screen celebrations when they reach their goals. The Fitbit Ace 2 improves on the previous model with a more eye-catching design, better screen and improved water resistance – it’s also slightly cheaper.

    One happy customer commented on how certain functions helped with day-to-day routines, saying, ‘Our kids have loved having a Fitbit. Before bedtime they check their stats for the day and have a fun completion going on between themselves. The animations are cute and I like the sleep tracking function as a reminder to try and win the constant battle at bedtime.’

    Cost: £69.99


    Kids Watches – Buy Watches for Girls & Boys Online at Paytm Mall

    Get Your Hands on the Totally-Awesome Kids Watches Online

    Just like the parents, the kids also want to get dressed in the most stylish way possible. This can be done by adding a great accessory to their outfit or the perfect shoes to make them uber-cool. But no matter what, a kid’s look cannot be completed without a kid’s wristwatch. These watches not only make your childlook fashionable, but also gives them the opportunity to learn to tell time. At Paytm Mall, there are numerous watches available in different designs to match various outfits and make your kid stand apart from the crowd.

    Different Types of Children Watches Available Online at Paytm Mall

    There are many different designs and styles of watches available online. Let us have a look at them:

    Type Description
    Digital Watches These watches are perfect for kids who are not quite acquainted with looking at the time correctly. The digital watches have a number reading on them, and some evenglow in the dark to make it easy for your kid to read the time.
    Waterproof Watches A perfect choice for hyperactive kids, these waterproof watches resist any kind of spillage or water splashes over them, which keeps the watch from getting destroyed.
    Analog Watches Ananalog watch makes the perfect choice for older kids who want to adorn their style statement with a watch. These come in various sizes, shapes, and styles as well.
    Sports Watches Sports watches are essentially waterproof and dust resistant watches that are perfect for your sporty kid. They come in both digital and analog styles with some offering many other exciting features; making it a perfect accessory for your child.

    Incredible Watches for Boys at Great Prices on Paytm Mall

    Make your child both smart and stylish with different kids watches for boys available online on Paytm Mall. There are many types of watches available for boys; right from glow in the dark to the waterproof and sports watches for boys as well. Paytm Mall has some best watches for boys that you can buy attractive discounts. These boys watches make your kidstand out in the crowd and make him feel confident.

    Buy Stylish Watches for a Girl At Prices at Paytm Mall

    If you are looking for the best watches for girls online, then Paytm Mall is the right place for you. Here you can find a wide range of cute watches for your little girlin many great designs, colours and styles. Paytm Mall has a huge array of both stylish watches for girls and branded watches for girls. By wearing these watches, your little girl will feel more beautiful than ever and will walk with a truckload of confidence! These beautiful watches for girls at Paytm Mall are the ones that you have been waiting for since long. So go on and browse to get the best one for your kid.

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    90,000 in Russia is the Day of the missing children

    International Day of Missing Children is celebrated on 25 May in Russia and around the world: annually on this date, people who could not be found are remembered.

    In Russia, the International Day of Missing Children has been celebrated at the initiative of the Search for Missing Children Association since 2012. On this day, the Association reminds: the health and safety of children is in the hands of parents, guardians, teachers and other adults.

    “We want to warn parents and remind them how important it is to take care of the safety of their children in advance.When a child disappears, services and volunteers do their best to find him, but the cases do not always end well. Several hundred children in the country disappear every year without a trace – these are those whom they cannot find for many years. And we really want such sad stories to be as few as possible, ”says the head of the Association of Volunteer Organizations“ Search for Missing Children ” Dmitry Vtorov .

    So, according to the Association, since the beginning of 2020, the Moscow police stations have been reported missing children more than 2,700 times.All in all, about 45 thousand children disappear in Russia every year. And the self-isolation regime has almost no effect on this situation.

    “We have not seen a decrease in the number of missing children due to the coronavirus epidemic both in Moscow and in other regions where our units work,” Vtorov notes. “Every day we continue to receive a large number of requests for help from the relatives of the disappeared and from law enforcement agencies.”

    According to the search engines, the problem is especially acute in the Primorsky Territory and the Udmurt Republic: now there, with the onset of warm weather, children began to disappear in the forest more and more often.

    The Association “Search for Missing Children” published a video in which it emphasized that everyone can help find a missing child.

    The Way Home

    On this day, several social events are held to remind of the problem of the missing, to honor the memory of those who have not been found and to prevent future tragedies.

    Search and Rescue Team “Lisa Alert” will stick up walls in several regions of the country with reference points to missing and found children.The detachment calls it an “art object” designed to visually show the scale of the problem of missing children. There will also be a QR code on the Wall leading to a video of all the children who have not yet been found. “Lisa Alert” hopes that on this day as many people as possible will support them: in parallel with the art object, the squad is launching a flash mob on the network. It is called “There are no other children” and is aimed at spreading information about the missing. To become a member of the flash mob, you need to publish an orientation under the hashtag # there are no foreign children.“Lisa Alert” publishes all orientations on unidentified children on the website and social networks.

    Photo courtesy of “Lisa Alert”

    “This object is our wall. This is our pride and our pain, our fear and our response. We gave time, forces, emotions a physical form. Millions of hours of maximum effort a person is capable of are hidden in this wall. We ourselves got the opportunity to look at what we are doing. You can touch, remember, just walk by, more and more filled with horror at the size of this problem.But we only know 10 percent of the real numbers. Children disappear, and we are looking for them. We are the Lisa Alert squad. Not everything is on this wall. They didn’t fit. But what is in front of you is enough to get an answer to the most exciting question – why … ”, – comments Grigory Sergeev , chairman of the search and rescue team“ Liza Alert ”.

    An annual flash mob is also held by the Association “Search for Missing Children”: it is called #Light the RoadHome. At 22:00, anyone can put a candle in front of the window, which will symbolically illuminate the way home for those who are lost.You can remind of the problem by posting a photo of this candle on the network.

    The symbol of the International Day of Missing Children is forget-me-not. And on this day, florists from all over the world decided to collect bouquets of these flowers and share them on social networks. This flash mob takes place under the hashtags #poiskdetei #Day of the Lost Children.

    Also, the Association “Search for Missing Children” has prepared two more videos: an appeal from parents who have lost their children, but not hope, and an appeal from children reminding that children should not disappear.

    Subscribe to ASI telegram channel .

    Ryazan State Circus – official site

    Dear viewers!

    The Ryazan circus takes care of the health of each of you! Our employees comply with all sanitary protection requirements. And we, in turn, ask you to take care of your health and the health of other viewers!

    Please, when entering the circus, put on a protective mask on yourself and the child, treat your hands with special means, and also undergo non-contact thermometry.

    During the performance, do not take off your mask, because it is the main means of protecting your health and the health of your family members, keep your distance and take seats, according to the tickets purchased.

    We have made every effort to make your stay in the circus as safe as possible, and have developed several new rules for attending performances:

    1. As part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we recommend paying for tickets purchased directly at the circus box office using a contactless payment method.You can also purchase tickets on the Ryazan circus website using a remote payment method.

    2. When visiting the performances, you must have a mask, gloves and wear them during the entire period of your stay in the circus building.

    3. Citizens aged 65 years and older, as well as citizens with signs of SARS and / or having chronic diseases, please refrain from attending performances for your health and safety.

    4. All spectators attending the performances must take a body temperature measurement before passing the ticket control. If an elevated temperature (over 37.2 °) is detected, the viewer will be directed to the staff nurse of the Ryazan State Circus, who, after examination, will decide on the possibility of attending the performance.

    5. For your safety, hand sanitizers will be located in the control area and at the entrances to the hall.

    6. Please keep a social distance of 1.5 meters and do not join groups.

    7. Please do not change seats in the auditorium without the administrator’s permission.

    Ticket control starts 45 minutes before the start of the show. Entrance to the auditorium 30 minutes before the start. ATTENTION!

    Tickets are available on the Ryazan Circus website, as well as at the circus box office.

    Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

    We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that according to clause 7.6 of the “Regulations on the procedure for selling tickets for entertainment events and visiting branches of FKP“ Rosgoscirk ”, children under the age of 3 without a separate seat have the right of free admission to performances accompanied by an adult.

    90,000 How the new therapy will change communication with children with autism

    • James Gallagher
    • BBC Science and Health Commentator

    Photo caption,

    Louise and her son Frank, who has autism

    According to the latest study by a group of British scientists, increased attention and involvement of parents can significantly reduce the main symptoms of children with autism and improve their lives.

    As part of the study, the games and interactions between parents and children were first recorded on camera.

    The therapist then commented on what was happening on the video, accompanied by tips on how to improve the quality of interaction with children.

    “The result exceeded all my expectations,” says one of the mothers in the study, Louise Harrison, who was amazed at how much her son Frank had improved.

    The main goal of the specialists was to work with children with severe cases of autism, who most often do not even talk to their parents.

    For Frank, son of Louise, lamp posts have become a symbol of perfect progress.

    “The thing is, he really loves to watch the street lamps light up, so autumn is always a special time for us,” explains Louise. “A few years ago it was mostly a silent interaction, but now he’s become incredibly talkative: “Mommy, look, they lit up in a different order!”

    If someone told me four years ago that he could talk to me with such sentences, I would just cry back. “

    Photo by Thinkstock

    More than just good

    The scientists’ idea was simple: to improve the parenting qualities of fathers and mothers to improve the social skills of their children.

    Catherine Aldred, a speech therapist for the British National Health Service (NHS) in Stockport, emphasizes that this does not mean that the parents are doing something wrong.

    “Our goal is to take the communication of parents and children to a new, even higher level. These children need something not just good, but exceptional,” she explains.

    But perfection is hard work.

    In the videos made by scientists, the parents were next to the children, who seemed to be playing by themselves. But then experts pointed to subtle moments when a child with autism tried to communicate with mom or dad.

    After that, therapy began, during which parents were taught how to maximize the potential of such moments.

    Gradually, this method led to the fact that children began to talk to their mums and dads.

    “You start to notice things that you would never have noticed otherwise. I learned to wait, give Frank more time for a response, comment on what is happening, and not ask him questions, waiting for answers and thus putting pressure on him,” she said BBC Louise.

    “I feel like I learned a lot from professionals who trusted my understanding of what was best for my child,” she adds.

    In the “British Blog” section on, journalist Anna Cook talks about the life of her family, where one of the children was diagnosed with autism:

    More articles from the series “Living with Autism” can be read here .

    Noticeable improvements

    The study involved 152 families whose children were diagnosed with autism at about 3 years of age.

    Usually the condition of these children only gets worse with age.

    Thus, half of the families in the study were engaged in a standard therapy program. In these families, 50% of children had severe autism from the very beginning, and after six years of observation, this number has grown to 63%.

    The opposite situation occurred in the other half of the families who were undergoing intensive care.In them, initially severe autism was observed in 55% of children – and only in 46% after six years.

    Professor Jonathan Green of the University of Manchester thinks these are “outstanding” results.

    “This is not a ‘cure’ in the sense that children who have improved will still have autistic symptoms,” he added.

    But, according to the professor, research data indicate that working with parents can lead to long-term improvement in the condition of their children.

    “The most important thing is that the parents were able to maintain these changes in the family after the end of therapy,” – said the professor in an interview with the BBC.

    Adumeya and her 12-year-old son Kofi also took part in the study.

    “The most amazing thing about this process is that it is not limited to the time spent with the therapist. We continue to study at home, and, as Professor Green rightly said, it becomes a part of our family’s life. We build communication with children differently and share our experiences with schools because we know it works, “she says.

    According to the latest data, 1 in 100 children is born with an autism spectrum disorder (autism). But there is no cure for this condition, so desperate families often turn to charlatans.

    “Parents often tell us that they want to know the diagnosis. Most often, when they receive it, it is not clear what to do next, because there is not a lot of information and support is not always available.

    And such families often become victims of charlatans who cash in on despair.This is why this research is so important for thousands of parents looking for a proven scientific way to deal with autism, “explains James Kusak of Autistica.

    90,000 Museum of Fun Science for Children LabyrinthUm

    The LabyrinthUm Museum of Entertaining Sciences is a unique interactive museum for children in St. Petersburg, which successfully uses a new approach – interactive technologies in the exposition and programs.

    Positioning itself as an educational and entertainment center, LabyrinthUm presents a unique exposition – an interactive space filled with amazing mechanisms and technical devices that demonstrate the laws of physics, chemistry and biology.

    Interactive Science Museums – What Are They?

    “LabyrinthUm” is a worthy presentation of new interactive museums: it is the only children’s science museum in St. Petersburg, in which exhibits can be activated independently, following the detailed instructions.

    In total, our interactive children’s center includes more than 170 exhibits. Become part of the electricity chain? Light a fire in the palm of your hand? Touch the lightning? For the guests of the children’s museum of entertaining science “LabyrinthUm” nothing is impossible!

    Our Science and Entertainment Center offers:

    • unusual interactive excursions;
    • unique sites for experiments and experiments;
    • stunning educational and entertainment interactive programs for children and guests of all ages.

    Science has never been so exciting!

    Museum of Interactive Sciences, or entertaining science for children

    Interactive museums for children in St. Petersburg are no longer news, but scientific interactive entertainment for children is of particular interest today.

    How to explain to the kid the action of the law of universal gravitation and the force of Archimedes? How to instill in a student a love of natural sciences? “LabyrinthUm” is a real science center for children, all educational activities in the children’s science museum are carried out in a playful way by professional guides, making the process of acquiring new knowledge an interesting and exciting experience even for the smallest.

    In addition, the children’s science museum “LabyrinthUm” holds outdoor events – birthdays, theme parties, graduations, etc., offering original scenarios and unusual entertainment.

    Scientific entertainment center for children implements new opportunities for learning!

    90,000 Finnish Christmas by the clock – This is Finland

    In Finland, the main holiday of the year is woven from a garland of traditions, customs and beliefs that have come from centuries. They fill every home with magic and give people a holiday atmosphere.

    Many residents of the homeland of Santa Claus (aka Joulupukki in Finnish) celebrate this holiday at home with friends, others go on holidays abroad. However, most families, especially with children, follow ancient traditions and customs – which, however, can vary and serve as a reason for discussions about how, what and when to do it.

    December 24 – Christmas Eve


    I am sure, and many will agree with me, that the morning before Christmas is the most wonderful time.The holiday has not yet arrived, but its anticipation paints everything around with bright colors and gives an upbeat mood. Therefore, this holiday cannot be started with a regular breakfast.

    This morning, instead of a simple herculean porridge cooked in water, the people of Finland are preparing a fragrant milk rice porridge. Moreover, she is not simple, but “with a secret”, and she is entrusted with predicting the future. Anyone who pulls almonds out of their plate will certainly be happy in the new year, be it marriage, replenishment of the family, or the fulfillment of a cherished desire.True, in some families it is customary to eat rice porridge for dessert, while in others it is eaten on the 25th in the morning. But everyone has an almond hidden away.


    At noon, on the main square of Turku, the capital of Finland until 1812, a representative of the city administration proclaims the “Christmas rest” (in Finnish joulurauha ), from which the countdown of the holiday begins. This ancient ceremony is watched on television throughout the country. The tradition itself goes back to the 13th century.In those days, villains who committed crimes on Christmas days were especially severely judged.

    Popular beliefs are also connected with the visit to the Christmas sauna. For a gnome living in a sauna, a plate of water, a broom and a glass of beer should be left in the steam room so that next year there will be plenty in the house.Photo: Kimmo Syuväri / Visit Finland


    Despite the proclamation of “Christmas peace”, preparations for the holiday are still in progress: the saunas are flooded, and in the kitchens they are busy with culinary masterpieces.This is done according to tradition on Christmas Eve in order to end everyday chores, relieve fatigue and cleanse themselves before the holiday. Popular beliefs are also connected with the visit to the sauna. For a gnome living in a sauna, you need to leave a plate of water, a broom and a glass of beer in the steam room, so that next year there will be enough in the house.


    Before the festive feast and in the late afternoon, the Finns go to the cemetery, where funeral candles are lit on the graves of relatives in their memory.


    The family finally sits down at the table, which, according to tradition, is bursting with an abundance of delicious dishes.Here you can find baked ham, freshly salted salmon, rutabaga and carrot casseroles, Rosolli salad, gingerbread cookies, Christmas pies with butter jam, Christmas bread, sweets, and, of course, Finnish glögi mulled wine.

    The Christmas table is bursting with traditional food and the dinner goes on for a long time. There are carrot and rutabaga casseroles, potatoes, fish, baked ham and, of course, various sweets.Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Visit Helsinki

    18: 00–20: 00

    At this time, there is usually a knock on the door, and the long-awaited guest, Yolupukki, appears on the doorstep.When a bearded old man appears, some children groan enthusiastically, while others, realizing that they are far from good, hide behind their parents’ backs. And all because of the eternal question of the Christmas grandfather: “Are there obedient children in the house?” Of course, on holiday everything is forgiven everyone, all children are obedient, and gifts are generously poured from Yolupukka’s bag.

    After 21:00

    The feast continues with family conversations, jokes, alternating with games and watching Christmas TV programs. Some houses sing Christmas carols, or at least play in the background.

    December 25, Christmas

    Christmas Day is the sleepiest, quietest and laziest day of the year. The family spends it at home – this is rest and relaxation, fascinating films and cartoons, reading books that were just presented the day before, and eating goodies from yesterday’s festive table. True, believers in Finland go to church to listen to the festive sermon.

    December 26, St. Stephen’s Day

    On St. Stephen’s Day, December 26, people go to visit relatives and friends, go skiing, ice skating and sledging.In the evening in many places it is customary to arrange “Stefan’s Dances”. Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Visit Finland

    On this day, the Finns finally leave their homes. According to legend, Saint Stephen was the groom of King Herod, and is considered the patron saint of horses and riders. In the past, on this day, the horses were harnessed to the sleigh and rode around the guests.

    Nowadays, horses have been replaced by cars, in which some Finns go to visit friends and relatives. True, many city squares still organize fun horseback riding for children.Also these days people enjoy sledding and ice sledding from slides, skiing and ice skating.

    Well, as a rule, residents of large cities devote evenings and nights to dancing. This tradition is becoming popular again these days. Restaurants, nightclubs and even karaoke bars lure the audience to Stephen’s Dances (in Finnish Tapsan tanssit ) . Some people like the music of the 90s, others spin in a waltz, others dance to karaoke. In any case, this is a great opportunity to have a great time and at the same time lose those extra pounds after the holiday.

    Text: Anna Liucco, December 2019

    90,000 List of the best electric vehicles that any child will be happy with

    Before clicking the “Place an order” button, you need to be sure that you make the best choice and buy an electric car that is most suitable for your child in all respects. Of course, you can trust the experienced manager of the online store, but who knows better than parents and loved ones about the wishes of the child, the peculiarities of his character, and can also measure his financial capabilities.At first glance, all children’s electric cars are similar to each other, and the differences are so insignificant that you can only navigate based on the price. In practice, even two, outwardly similar electric vehicles, for example, styled as BMW, can have completely different technical stuffing, and be designed for different age categories. Therefore, there are a number of technical nuances that the service center specialists recommend to pay attention to: the number and power of engines, weight and dimensions, battery capacity, the presence of a remote control.Given these parameters, you can find an option that will satisfy not only the parent in terms of price, ease of transportation and storage, but also the little driver who will enjoy riding his favorite toy for several seasons.

    Engine and dimensions

    There is one characteristic dependence in the category of “electric cars for children”: the more powerful the car, the greater its weight. This is due to the fact that two or even four electric motors are required to ensure high cross-country ability and a dynamic set of maximum speed, which accordingly consume more energy.The reserve of such energy can only be provided by storage batteries with a voltage of 12 V or 24 V, which can weigh more than a kilogram. More powerful cars are suitable for driving in forest and rough terrain, and are relevant for families living in country houses, in the private sector, or with frequent family trips to summer cottages, where the child needs to be occupied with something for a long time.

    If the family lives in an apartment, the weight of 20+ kilograms can become a significant problem, especially if the house does not have an elevator.It is better for such customers to buy a children’s electric car with a 6 V battery, equipped with one electric motor. It is better to give such a car to children from two years old.

    Do I need a remote control

    Some parents perceive a children’s electric car with a remote control as their own toy. And if, they are not interested in driving such a car on their own, they believe that such an option is not needed, especially since they will have to pay extra for it at the time of purchase. The remote control is not only an entertainment function, but also a protective one.Adults can always control the route and speed of the trip within a radius of 10 to 25 meters (depending on the model chosen), which will avoid getting into a mini-accident. The remote control is especially relevant for children under the age of 3 years. At this age, the child is just beginning to get acquainted with the basics of driving and the rules of the road and does not always know how to manage and adequately respond to the prevailing environment. In this case, the remote control will help to adjust the trajectory of the trip to a minimum, ensuring safe riding and giving the child the confidence that he is a good driver.

    But in cars for children of category 8+, the presence of a remote control may seem like a desire for parents to control them everywhere and in everything. Therefore, if you have an independent and independent child who has already learned to drive and not reckless, you can refuse to buy a children’s electric car with a controller in favor of the standard version.

    Battery capacity

    Battery capacity, measured in mAh – the indicator on which the battery life depends on a full battery charge.Most manufacturers equip their models with one power source, which is enough for 60-90 minutes of continuous riding. According to the developers, this is enough time for a fairly long walk on the street. There are versions with both a built-in and a removable battery. Choosing the second option, you can buy a spare battery for an electric vehicle, thereby significantly increasing the time of continuous driving. Another parameter is the charging speed. On average, it takes 8 to 12 hours to replenish energy.Owners of children’s cars should remember that it is not recommended to recharge the battery, which can lead to a drop in power and even breakdown. The battery of an electric vehicle is designed for 200-300 cycles, subject to correct operation, after which it is necessary to contact the service center and replace it.

    Wheel type

    The choice of the type of rubber directly depends on the surface on which it is planned to operate the children’s electric car. There are two types of tires: one-piece plastic and rubber.The former are quickly killed and require replacement, especially if they are used not only on asphalt and concrete for which they are intended. Rubber tires are capable of absorbing a car, and can also be used without the need for replacement for 2-3 seasons. On such rubber, you can safely ride on gravel, stones, abrasive surfaces, as well as rough terrain. Another important factor worth paying attention to is the tread thickness and pattern, which affects not only the durability of the rubber, but also the handling and cross-country ability of the vehicle.

    Which brand makes the best children’s electric cars

    There are quite a lot of manufacturers offering children’s electric cars. Most often, in the catalog of domestic online stores, you can find products from Italy, China, Taiwan. When choosing a manufacturer, you should focus on the lineup, build quality and reviews from real owners. Children’s electric cars from Peg-Perego, Toys Toys, Akai Toys, ChienTi, Rastar, Toyland, Rivertoys, TCV, Autokinder have proven themselves best.

    Choosing the best electric car is quite difficult, each has its own advantages. Among the best-selling, with an optimal set of functions, a real price tag, the rating includes:

    Twin-motor models

    The presence of two electric motors allows you to achieve a balance between energy consumption and power, such models have good acceleration dynamics and a long battery life.

    CT 885R Off-Roader


    CT 885R Off-Roader is an electric off-road vehicle, perfect for off-road driving and forcing small inclines.It is designed for the age category from 3 to 7 years old, as evidenced by two 60 W engines, which allows it to accelerate to a maximum speed of 7.2 km / h. There are two seats in the cockpit of the electric car, so the child can play both alone and with friends. Among the advantages of CT 885R Off-Roader: low cost, high build quality, excellent protection, body made of impact-resistant plastic in bright colors. Carrying capacity of the model is up to 55 kg.

    Peg-Perego John Deere Gator HPX

    Peg-Perego John Deere Gator HPX is an Italian-made children’s electric car, stylized as a truck for two seats, with a capacitive trunk with an automatic unloading system.The model is designed for children from 3 to 8 years old. The electric car, thanks to two 175 W motors, is capable of speeds up to 6.8 km / h and climbs slopes up to 17%. The cab contains: an ignition key, a horn, LED lighting and a spacious glove compartment, stands for water bottles for the driver and passenger, a speed lock, and seats adjustable at a distance from the steering wheel. The driver and his passenger are protected from dust and dirt by a reliable windshield. The autonomous drive time from a 12-volt battery is 37 minutes.It is not for nothing that Peg-Perego cars can be found in children’s rentals. These are some of the highest quality and most reliable electric vehicles.

    TCV 355 Shark

    TCV 355 Shark is a powerful off-road vehicle capable of not only rolling a child on asphalt and dirt, but also driving off-road, grass, soil and forcing inclines. The model is equipped with an electric power steering, which makes the control simple and comfortable, even the smallest drivers can handle it. The engine is started from the ignition key, during the start, a characteristic roar is heard, reproduced by the sound effects system.The machine is supplied with two 12 V batteries and can work up to 4 hours. At the same time, the electric car is designed for two children, for each of them there are five-point seat belts. TCV 355 Shark is designed for children from 3 years old and develops a speed of up to 8 km / h.

    Radio-controlled cars

    There are models on the market that are equipped with both a radio remote control and that work with Bluetooth.

    Peg-Perego Polaris Slingshot RC

    Peg-Perego Polaris Slingshot RC – made of durable composite plastic resistant to impact, scratches and other mechanical damage.The model of the Peg-Perego brand is produced under license and copies the real vehicle as closely as possible, with the exception of the rear axle, which received a double chassis to increase the stability of the children’s electric car. The model has a 12-volt battery that helps the engines accelerate to a top speed of 6.7 km / h. The car has a gear limiter, so the model is suitable for riding the smallest children. The car can be controlled not only from the supplied remote control, but also by means of a smartphone, where a special mobile application is installed.There is a charge indicator on the dashboard, which informs about the current state of the battery. The Peg-Perego Polaris Slingshot RC gets a full power package, including LED headlights, rear brake lights and headlights, so you can ride not only during the day, but also in the evening. The car has a system for imitating the sounds of engine operation.

    Rastar Ferrari F12


    Rastar Ferrari F12 is a scale-back replica of the popular supercar.A sports steering wheel is installed in the cabin, under which the remote control included in the delivery set is also stylized. The body is made of high quality impact resistant plastic, painted with premium materials. The sports car engine is started using the ignition key. The model has excellent acceleration dynamics that will please any kid. During start-up, the instrument panel is characteristically illuminated, including the logo of the Italian company. The car is offered with full power accessories, including LED low beam headlights and brake lights, working direction indicators, a media system, a horn that emits a sound that resembles a real one.

    Best ATVs

    Electric vehicles made in the style of four-wheeled ATVs are in great demand. The best in the category are:

    Peg-Perego Corral T-Rex

    Peg-Perego Corral T-Rex is the most passable ATV from the Italian company Peg-Perego. The power of this model is enough not only for driving on asphalt, but also for driving on a dirt road and grass. Thanks to two powerful engines of 140 watts each, the Peg-Perego Corral T-Rex can accelerate to 6.3 km / h and climb hills with a slope of up to 10%.

    The model is distinguished by high quality materials, good controllability, striking design and protection of the electrical part. The compact size allows people living in a regular apartment to buy a Peg-Perego Corral T-Rex ATV.

    Peg-Perego Polaris Sportsman 850 Lime


    Peg-Perego Polaris Sportsman 850 Lime is ideal for off-road riding. It is equipped with wear-resistant tires with deep tread, a durable shockproof plastic housing and a multi-speed gearbox.Two powerful 340 W motors allow you to quickly pick up speed up to 10 km / h and easily force fords and inclines. The model provides the ability to install parental controls and a speed limiter. The electric ATV is designed for children from 4 to 8 years old. The backrest on the ATV is foldable, which allows you to roll the second passenger. All electrical parts are protected against moisture ingress.

    TCV Tornado II

    TCV Tornado II has been in the top sales of the domestic market for children’s electric vehicles for many years.Chosen for its combination of high off-road capability with a range of additional features that little riders love so much, the ATV has a two-speed gearbox, accelerates to 8 km / h and is capable of climbing 17-degree inclines.

    Two removable 6-watt batteries installed under the hood of the ATV allow you to ride off-road for 1.5 hours. Maximum load 55 kg. The car is equipped with an option to start the electric motor from the ignition key.

    Motorcycles with electric motor

    Two-wheeled electric vehicles – specific category.Electric motorcycles are suitable for children who know how to keep balance.

    Peg-Perego Vespa

    Peg-Perego Vespa is an exact copy of the legendary Italian motor scooter. If the child has not learned how to maintain balance, the kit includes additional stabilizing wheels. This scooter is suitable for both girls and boys. The scooter is capable of accelerating to 4.9 km / h, you can learn how to operate it in just 5 minutes. The Peg-Perego Vespa is capable of supporting a child weighing up to 30 kg.A spacious trunk is provided in the front panel, where the baby’s personal belongings will fit. The braking system is synchronized with the gas pedal, which eliminates the possibility of getting into an accident at high speed.

    CT 950 Patrol Police

    CT 950 Patrol Police is an exact replica of a police motorcycle. It is he who is filmed in American action films. Reflectors, a characteristic police coloring, a flasher with sound special effects – in such an electric motorcycle the kid will take part in himself as a real policeman.The design of the tricycle is quite stable. Built-in rechargeable batteries last for 90 minutes of continuous riding. The power of the engines is sufficient for a quick acceleration of 7 km / h.

    Peg-Perego Ducati GP


    Peg-Perego Ducati GP is an electric car styled as a racing car that competes in the royal GP class. The model is suitable for drivers from 3 years old and is capable of quickly gaining speed of 7.6 km / h. The motorcycle can emit the roar of a real engine, which is especially popular with young riders.The Peg-Perego Ducati GP is equipped with rubber tires for excellent grip on asphalt or concrete pavement. The bike is capable of supporting a child weighing up to 30 kilograms.


    • Suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old;
    • excellent speed and dynamic characteristics;
    • sporty design;
    • high security;
    • Italian quality.

    Children’s electric car is a large purchase, so it is worth approaching the choice with all responsibility.

    6 common mistakes when using candles that can lead to p

    1. Burning candles left unattended

    Do not leave burning candles indoors if there are no adults there. Children or pets could accidentally knock over a candle or a nearby flammable object. The flame can come into contact with clothing, hair or animal fur. Extinguish candles if you are not in a specific room or are going to sleep. We recommend that you do not light candles indoors if there is a high risk that people will fall asleep before the candles are extinguished.After extinguishing the candle, make sure that the wick of the candle is really extinguished, and does not continue to smolder.

    2. Place the candles on stands that can ignite

    It is important to place the candles on stands made of non-flammable material, which do not deform under the influence of heat. It is best to extinguish the candle before it burns out completely. “A candle was placed on the coffee table in the living room, the table itself and the objects on it lit up from the candle. The process of burning and smoldering lasted three hours.As a result, ash and soot spread throughout the building, causing damage to both housing and household items ”, Iveta Briede, the regulator of indemnities of the If Insurance Group, mentions a specific case.

    3. Candles are used as lighting if electricity is lost

    When electricity goes out in a house, people often look for candles first. For such cases, you should keep a flashlight or pocket torches at home with batteries. If you still need to use candles, do not move around the house with a burning candle in your hands.If you need to rearrange the candle, place it in the lantern first. Also, use stable candles that are not easily knocked over.

    4. The safe distance between candles and other objects is not observed

    Do not place candles near flammable objects such as curtains, tablecloths, decor, or near open windows, as a small gust of wind can raise the curtains, which will immediately light up from the candle. The recommended distance between the candle and objects is at least 30 cm.In addition, it is also recommended to maintain a distance of at least 7-10 cm between the candles.

    5. Candles are inadvertently left burning in bathrooms

    Many people think that lit candles in the bathroom do not pose a risk, since the floors and walls in bathrooms are usually tiled. However, there are flammable items here. “In the evening, a candle was left on the edge of the bathroom, from which the acrylic bathtub lit up at night. Fortunately, the flame did not travel further.As a result, the bathtub burned down, and the entire bathroom was covered with soot. The damage amounted to 2,300 euros. Another case – a scented candle was left in the bathroom, from which a sponge lit up, and from it an acrylic bathtub. It all happened while the owner of the apartment was talking on the phone in the next room, ”- I. Briede, the regulator of If Insurance, shares examples from life.

    6. Advent wreath: non-compliance with precautions

    “Some time ago it was because of a candle that an apartment in the attic caught fire and burned to the ground.The damage amounted to about 100 thousand euros. The reason for this misfortune was the candle on the Advent wreath. Speaking of candles, it should be noted that it is the candles placed on the Advent wreaths that most often cause fires, ”says Endijs Melecis, If Insurance’s product manager. If candles are installed on the wreath, they must be placed in stable and non-flammable holders. You also need to check that the candles do not interfere with the decor. In addition, the candle wick should be trimmed every 2-3 hours.If you use a wreath made of natural materials, remember that the longer the wreath is in the room, the more the needles dry out, which in this case can easily catch fire.

    For your own safety and the safety of others – smoke detectors and home insurance

    If smoke detectors are not yet installed in your home, be sure to do so. From January 2020, the installation of smoke detectors in the home will be mandatory. The detectors need to be checked several times a year: more often than not, you need to press the test button, after which a sharp beep should sound.

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