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Baby & Cute Kids Clothing Store Australia

Love From Iylah is an affordable online baby and kids clothing boutique. We are an Australian based online store and our warehouse is run and based in Melbourne. We have curated the cutest on-trend baby and kids clothing for our boutique at cost effective and affordable prices. We have baby girls clothing, baby boy clothing and a range of toddler and kids clothing also. Items we have personally curated include baby and kids onesies, baby bodysuits, baby and kids clothing sets,baby and kids dresses, baby and kids jumpsuits, nursery decor, baby and kids shoes, baby and kids boots, baby and kids accessories, baby and kids jackets, baby and kids jumpers and list goes on.

We have recently created our own designer label called Love From Iylah The Label with lots of Flutter Sleeves and cuteness. Our range consists of baby and toddler harem pants, baby and toddler flutter bodysuits, baby and toddler flutter dresses, baby and toddler flutter jackets and the cutest baby and toddler shorts.

Our range is for Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring. We really do have the cutest baby & toddler clothing for your little ones.

We will be expanding our range to consist of children sizes very soon.

Our carefully curated range provides you mums and dads with everything you need for your babies & kids wardrobe at an affordable price.

We have Afterpay as a Payment Option so you can Buy Now & Pay Later from our baby and kids clothing boutique and online store all of the baby and toddler clothes, shoes and accessories you want and need.

We take the time to carefully select the baby and kids clothes, baby and kids shoes and baby and kids accessories that are available on our online boutique as we pride ourselves on quality and customer service. We pack each order individually and post it out to you from our warehouse in Melbourne.

We provide amazing sales and discounts and when you sign up to our mailing list you will receive a discount code for your very first online purchase with our baby boutique.

We love our unique selection of baby, toddler and kids clothing and shoes and we believe you will too. At Love From Iylah Boutique, we have your baby and kids covered in our one-stop baby and kids clothing shop.

Organic Baby Clothes Online Australia

We know that raising a little one can come with its own unique set of challenges, but there’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing them smile. Priceless moments of pure joy and happiness are what we live for and it’s these very memories that sparked the idea for Elves in the Wardrobe.

Combining our love of helping little ones feel safe and snug, with the magic of childhood and our immense passion for creating a sustainable world for our mini-mes to grow up in, our elves travel far and wide to bring the best in organic children’s clothing to our home, Australia. Little humans are our future and we truly believe that every one of them has the potential to grow into a superhero, helping to heal the planet.

That’s why every piece of organic baby clothing you’ll find on Elves in the Wardrobe has been specially made using material tough enough to let your little ones explore and unearth the wonders of adventure, standing up to every puddle splash, accident and tumble they might encounter as they journey through life.

From our organic cotton baby clothes to our newest range of big people clothing, our little elves take extra care to follow the journey that each and every one of our products takes before landing on our site. The organic children’s clothing in our shop is made for VILPs (Very Important Little People) with each item offering something a little bit different – with the not-so-secret ingredient being a little sprinkle of elf dust!

We’re committed to supporting happy and healthy farming methods, physically making clothes without any harmful chemicals or dyes, using tried and tested elf enchantment to deliver them to your doorstep without any use of plastic, just 100% recycled materials.

Completely sustainable, universally eco-friendly but above all else, magical. All of our organic children’s clothing, soft toys and accessories are chosen by our most experienced elves who have been with us for years. They know what keeps little ones comfortable and grown ups happy, and our gorgeous garments are sourced from some of the best known, eco-friendly Australian labels, as well as some of the biggest names in Europe. Why? Because we want the best the world can offer for your superstars.

The organic cotton baby clothes we have in our shop are bright, fresh and hand-picked with our deeply rooted principles at heart. At Elves in the Wardrobe we believe in providing more than just ‘clothes’, we have a deep-hearted love for our planet and that’s why we feel it’s so important to deliver sustainable organic baby clothing for little girls and boys that are not just soft to touch, but also leave the world a happier and healthier place.

We know that the hard work we put in day-in-day-out – and the pure joy and pleasure we get out of everything we do for little people, parents and the world – does not go unnoticed. We were recently crowned the Best Organic Children’s Clothing Retailer of 2019 and even recognised with an award for Excellence in our Sustainability Initiatives by APAC Insider. It’s these big moments that put smiles on our faces, but nothing excites and empowers us more than seeing parents and their beloved children explore our online store, discovering organic clothing they can cherish.

So welcome to our world and we hope you share the same beliefs as us, together we can make a difference!

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Child size

The intermediary company helps stylish parents to make their children’s wardrobe even more original, colorful and fashionable. Our help consists not only in high-quality delivery of various children’s products from foreign online stores, but also in providing useful information that allows you to accurately select the required size of children’s clothing, regardless of the country of manufacture or the age of the child.

Thus, you can enlist the support of the zakaztovarov, and shop online in Italy, Poland, Canada, France, China, Australia, England, Japan, Turkey, Korea, Germany and Holland.

Carrying out the delivery of goods to the countries of the former CIS and around the world, the official representative of provides its customers with valid product guarantees, which indicates the highest level of intermediary services provided.

If you want to know how to place your order and receive a personal invoice for the purchase, you can do it here

Delivery rates:

In order to determine the size of children’s clothing as accurately as possible, we advise you to rely on the data given in the table below.She will not let you get confused, studying the inscriptions on the labels, even if the clothes are brought from America, England, European countries. By using the size matching table, you can avoid endless fittings that tire the child, thereby saving your personal time.

It’s no secret that a child needs a lot of clothes. At the same time, do not forget that clothes should be of high quality, comfortable and bright. Should emphasize the individuality of a developing personality and not restrain movements, because children are very active.

Often we are delighted with things brought from Thailand or Turkey. Below is a table through which you can determine the size of clothes using the height and weight of the child. It is these data that are indicated on the tag. It is important to remember that when choosing outerwear, it is necessary to compare the height and volume of the chest. For example, if the size table indicates that a child has 54 breast volume and a height of 92 cm, this means that you should purchase clothes with sizes of 93-98 cm.

Russian sizes of children’s clothing

Every parent knows firsthand how difficult it is sometimes to find clothes for their child.In order not to be mistaken in choosing the size, the easiest way is to take the child to the store. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Today, our country pleases small consumers with an abundance of children’s goods of domestic and foreign manufacturers. But admiring the wealth of diversity, do not forget that for different countries and size tables will be different.

The specified size, according to Russian measurements, is determined by the girth of the chest and the height of the child. The choice of a T-shirt, sweater, jeans, trousers and even a jacket will no longer be a problem for you if you pay attention to the table of outerwear sizes below.You can mark important information for yourself that will make the purchase successful for you and pleasant for your child.

The main criterion in choosing clothes for a child is comfort. If your child already knows how to speak, then you can always ask if it is convenient for him, ask about the cause of the discomfort. With the baby in this regard, the situation is much more complicated. In most cases, the child’s height is indicated on the labels and tags of imported and domestic manufacturers. But, choosing clothes only on the basis of height, you can make a mistake, the price of which can be your peace of mind and the peace of mind of your baby.We hope that the chart of children’s sizes below will help you avoid such mistakes, as it shows the approximate breast size according to your baby’s height.

90,000 Interesting facts about life in Australia. Notes of a Russian immigrant – About Australia:
  • Australia is so far from Moscow and St. Petersburg that the flight takes almost a day. For example, it takes 20 hours to fly from Moscow to Sydney, the distance between cities is 14,500 km, and a flight from St. Petersburg to Melbourne will take 23 hours, the distance between cities is 14,930 km.The flight from Kiev to Canberra (the capital of Australia) can take about 20 hours. the distance between these two cities is almost 14,900 km.
  • No one has died here since 1979 from poisonous spiders. Although during the year they found two poisonous spiders in the house and one outside. In general, people are somehow calm about them.

  • Australians for a long time suffer with all sorts of animals brought here , always some problems.Either sheep, now rabbits, now here are huge toads from South America – spread, starting from the Northeast more and more, devouring all the local small living creatures, and none of the predators eats these toads – they are poisonous.
  • There are feral camels in Australia, about 1 million heads. They were once brought here, and they live in the steppe and desert, run wild. There are also horses, for example, wild ones.
  • Australians also suffer with plants. Here the prickly pear cactus was brought in and the prickly pear began to overwhelm the whole of Australia.But then, fortunately, this prickly pear of lime succeeded to a large extent – they brought in some caterpillars that devoured it.

  • Australian cultural icon – this is Steve Irwin, you know him of course, well, who dragged crocodiles by the tails all the time, and then died, stung by a stingray. He is often remembered here. Steve Irwin’s daughter now hosts a children’s show about animals Bindi The Jungle Girl. She is small, about 8-10 years old somewhere, but she is nimble, very confident in front of the camera, speaks loudly, grins like a zebra.And she also has adult men dancing in the show, I don’t like that.

  • Australia’s economy is largely based on the export of gas, ore , etc., but unlike Russia, the government generously shares profits. The social sphere is highly developed.
  • If you have children, let’s say 49,045, or better 5, , then the benefits are given so much that o, probably you can already live without working.
  • Australia grows about 20 million tonnes wheat , about tonnes per inhabitant of the country; a significant part is, of course, exported. A very small percentage of the people are involved in agriculture: 3.6% of the working-age population. Here 90,044 labor productivity in agriculture is incredibly high.
  • Healthcare in Australia is rather strange compared to Russia. For example, doctors do not come on calls, even to a child (although there is an ambulance, of course, for serious cases). You need to take a sick child and go to the doctor. And wait in line. The wife says – in her presence with a sick child, the father came, the child vomited while they were waiting, a nightmare.However, people rarely get sick and live long.
  • In Australia, elections are not a right, but an obligation of a citizen.
    By law, every Australian citizen over the age of 18 is punished with a fine of 20 AUD (Australian dollars) 90,044 for non-attendance at elections for no valid reason. In some cases, the fine reaches 170 AUD or the seizure of property. A fine of 170 AUD is practically not applied, because You can vote in advance by sending a letter by mail. At the polling stations, the presence of a document confirming the identity of the voter is not required.It is enough to verbally state your name, surname, address and confirm that you did not vote anywhere else today. A fine for deliberate voting more than once 10 200 AUD and (or) imprisonment for 12 months.

    A pencil can be used to mark on the voting form, since pencils keep well between elections, pencils “work” better in the tropics (as written in the law).

  • The British queen is considered the head of state. She is depicted on the coins. It is young on old coins.
  • In the country, the main one is the prime minister. It’s now Malcolm Turnbull
  • There is also a debate in Australia over a new flag – which may no longer have the British Union Jack.
  • Also in Australia there is “Aboriginal Flag”, it recently became the official . Now even at school it hangs next to the usual Australian flag.

  • Aboriginal Australia provided with huge social subsidies and benefits. Therefore, for most Aboriginal people there is no incentive for professional development. The presence of a huge amount of unfilled time and the natural non-perception of alcohol by the body leads to the degradation of a fairly large percentage of the indigenous population of Australia – the aborigines.
  • Australia is located at extremely low latitudes.Melbourne, for example, at 37.5 ° S latitude, is much closer to the equator than the southernmost part of Russia and the Black Sea. And the rest of Australia (except for the island of Tasmania) is even closer to the equator.
  • However, not to say that Melbourne is a very hot city. In summer, it is 20-30 ° C (40 ° is rarely in general), and in winter at night +4, in the daytime + 15 ° C. The weather is very changeable, often windy.
  • The sun is very angry, there is a lot of ultraviolet radiation, it is easy to get burned. I wear long sleeves even in the heat, and I put on sunscreen.Although Australians are often reckless – they can walk in a T-shirt. Or drive a car with an open window, with your elbow in the sun. I saw a hard worker here once, sitting on the roof naked to the waist and in shorts, laying the tiles, and the sun baking with might and main – his color has already become incomprehensible, red-brown. As a northern person, I am certainly more careful.
  • Australian “national” food – Vegemite. Vegemite is a processed yeast, brown mass with a pungent odor and very salty.Spread on bread with a very thin layer. Not everyone loves, but in my family I fell in love. They started eating it even before Australia, bought it on the occasion of when I was in London. At first, the vejimaita left a lot, but now we don’t eat much, we calmed down.

  • Another national Australian food is Meat Pie, meat pies in the form of a dough basket, the top of the basket is also covered with dough. In St. Petersburg, I remember selling “Fruit baskets” with jam, and so Meat Pie is the same, but only with minced meat.Inside is minced meat with all sorts of additives and spices, usually very liquid. Meat Pies are sold in supermarkets as frozen convenience foods. The shops sell kangaroo meat and in the north of the country – crocodile meat. But this meat is more entertainment for tourists than food for Australians.
  • The movement here is left-hand, and the cars, respectively, are right-hand drive, as in Great Britain, Ireland and Japan.
  • The roads are good , and it’s also good that the curbs everywhere have smooth transitions – I often ride a bike and it’s very convenient.
  • Older people often drive such small cars, something between a typewriter and a wheelchair. However, I have seen such everywhere – in the USA, UK, Europe, only in Russia there are no such.
  • In Australia, on the street, you can take household items free of charge : microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, stereo system, computer, printer, chairs and other furniture. There are a lot of TVs, for different tastes and sizes. People put these things near their home – it means they can be taken.Things are often almost new. Sometimes covered with plastic. Sometimes patriots of the scoop run into my magazine and call it “picked up from the trash heap.” In fact, of course, this is not a trash heap, but communism and abundance. Of course, I understand that patriots are offended that they are further from communism than anyone, despite all the sacrifices.
  • It is almost new things. For example, I have a computer desk on wheels with a pull-out panel for the keyboard. When I picked it up, it was covered in dust; after wiping it became completely new, without a single scratch.Why he was exposed – I’m at a loss. Probably, they just bought another, more luxurious one. The bread maker, for example, was also new, but at least there was a defect – the blade sometimes jumped off the pulley, I had to slightly modify it with a file. Australians are too lazy to even lift a finger to fix something, it’s easier to buy a new one.
  • In Australia you can sometimes bargain in a shop. My friend says: they were sold in the MacBooks store, and for students there is a 10% discount.He says: “And sell it to me at the student’s price.” Te: “Are you a student?” He: “No, but I have never worked on a MacBook, I will study all this, so we will assume that I am a student.” Ok, we agreed.
  • It’s perfectly normal to be an immigrant here, since more than half of Australians are immigrants or children of immigrants or grandchildren of immigrants. We feel completely calm, no feeling of a “foreign country”.
  • Of course, there are many different peoples around.In our area most of the people are European, there are also many Indians, Arabs, Turks and a little Chinese. Aboriginal people mainly live in the north of Australia (Darwin) and in the central part of it – in the desert.

  • Everyone is very friendly, everyone is smiling (even when I am without my daughters-beauties, and if I am walking down the street with them, then I’ll just lisp). There are no interethnic conflicts (and indeed there are no conflicts at all). As Kholmogorov said on a similar occasion, “flocks of 12-15 people do not wander around and do not litter public infrastructure.”To an Arab in a halal butcher shop, I said “assalamaleikum”, he was wildly delighted, since then he greets and waves his hand, even when we pass by along the street. In general, I love multiculturalism and friendly people.

  • Young people are not hooligans. Sitting, for example, in a group on a bench, smoking and boldly looking around people passing by – you will not find such a behavioral pattern here.
  • The vast majority of Australians live in detached houses with a small green area.
  • Cars are generally cheap, insurance is also inexpensive.
  • The Australian car company is called Holden and is a division of General Motors.
  • Gasoline now costs $ 1. 35- $ 1.50 per liter, the price changes frequently, in addition, the price is different on weekends and on weekdays.
  • The Australian dollar has even become a little more expensive at the price of the American one. The word “bucks” is also used.

  • Australian money is made of strong plastic foil, and there is also a small transparent window. Australia was the first to start making that kind of money.
  • There are also coins. The smallest coin is 5 cents.
  • 50 cents coin – large and 12-sided , they are commemorative, with different pictures, often used as a souvenir from Australia (besides, when you buy an Australian souvenir – a kangaroo there, a koala or a flag – it is usually , made in China, alas).
  • There are two types of bulbs in houses: either screwed in, like ours, or with a bayonet base (with two pimples, like in a car). In my house, for example, there are approximately equal parts of those and other bulbs.
  • The voltage in the socket is 240 V. The sockets here are different – not like in Russia / Europe, not like in Great Britain and not like in the USA.
  • Homes often have sinks with two separate taps – hot and cold , without a mixer.This is a British tradition. In Ireland, for example, such shells are also common.

  • Homes in Australia are expensive , according to the Housing Affordability Survey, are the most inaccessible homes in the world. Our housing in Melbourne is estimated to cost something on the order of 300-600 thousand Australian dollars. But if both spouses work, then it is quite possible to take out a mortgage. That is, housing, of course, is much more affordable than in Moscow-St. Petersburg (Moscow and St. Petersburg are not even considered in the Housing Affordability Survey, because it is sheer madness)
  • The salary of an engineer or doctor is roughly something like 70 to 130 thousand AU $ per year.
  • If is to rent a house, then the average price for a house for a family is – about $ 300 per week , this is in a not very distant decent suburb. Of course, it depends on many factors. For example, we pay $ 300 per week ($ 1,300 per month). For this price we have a 3-room house with a total area of ​​81.5 square meters + veranda + space for a car + a plot of about 2 ares. 40 minutes to the city center (12 minutes walk to the station, but better by bike, so faster + 25 minutes to the center by train).

  • The price of housing does not depend much on the proximity to the sea. Although many newcomers, of course, dream of living by the sea, it is colder, windier and wetter to live there. The price depends more on the proximity to the city, and on the prestige and non-prestige of the area. We live about 12 kilometers from the center (and from the sea), in the Glenroy area, but not because this is our conscious choice, but because we were offered the first housing in the area. However, we fell in love with this area, quite good.
  • In Australia, cold, poorly insulated houses, and when it is lower than +15 outside, it is cool in the house. Therefore, many Australians in winter go right at home in clothes and shoes (in ugg boots, for example)
  • All the houses that I see around are covered with ceramic tiles. Other options are rare.
  • Hot water is supplied to the house from a gas boiler. Some have electric boilers, it turns out much more expensive, unprofitable.
  • It’s strict with cats and dogs, there are no stray animals in the city.
  • Shit, however, occasionally comes across on the streets, here dog lovers are probably not as severely fined as in England, for example.
  • In fact, Melbourne is not a city, but a village that has grown for tens of kilometers in diameter. Since everyone lives in separate houses with a small green area. In the center there is a city, there are skyscrapers.

  • Now one of the most harmful invasive plants is Lantana – such bushes with small yellow-red and sometimes blue flowers, pretty, pretty, decorative.
  • About the import of some seeds, insects, etc. Australians are very wary. The customs office strictly controls so that no one brings any insects, seeds, fruits, even just wooden products cannot be imported.
  • Going to Australia for shopping is pointless – everything is quite expensive and there is less choice than in Europe-USA. For example, electronics, all kinds of iPods, laptops, smartphones, branded sneakers – more expensive than in the USA (but cheaper than in Russia).Although ordinary daily consumer goods are inexpensive.
  • Many Australians order all sorts of things through the American Amazon or similar sites – profitable, even taking into account the shipping costs. Australian resellers suffer from this, of course, it is all discussed in the newspapers and on TV.

  • Food is very good . Meat – from $ 8 per kg. Cheese – from $ 7 per kg, very good. Honey is wildly tasty, even the cheapest one, 6-7 dollars per kg.Potatoes from 80 cents per kg. Fruit is cheap. We spend as much on food as in Russia, but the quality of food is much higher.
  • Bananas, however, are expensive. After storms and floods in Queensland, the price of bananas rose to $ 12-14 per kg.
  • Our area is full of shops with different products from different countries. So there are many completely unknown and unusual products. Sometimes I buy something at random if it looks appetizing.Or I write out the names on a piece of paper and then read them on Wikipedia.
  • Buckwheat, for example, is available in Chinese and Polish stores, about $ 3 per kg. An unfamiliar aunt once asked me in a store: “What are you doing with this cereal?” I told her about buckwheat porridge.
  • Public transport is slightly more expensive than in St. Petersburg , for example. Although the payment scheme is somewhat different. Here you buy a ticket not for the “bus” or for the “metro”, but for a time: for 2 hours or for the whole day.If the ticket was activated at the beginning of the hour, then it will be valid for the rest of the hour, plus another 2 hours – that is, almost three hours. During this time, you can make many trips, and by different transport: train, buses, trams. And you also need to take into account the zone where you will drive. The 1st zone is, roughly speaking, within a radius of 10-12 km from the center, everything that is further is the second zone.
  • The bus pulls up to the bus stop, and if there is an old man on a wheelchair, the bus drops, “falls,” so that the floor becomes at the level of the curb.
  • Trains that run in the city and suburbs are called “METRO” as in Russia, but they do not run underground, only on the surface. They rarely travel, about once every 20 minutes, according to a schedule, that is, like electric trains in Russia, for example. But they are free, it does not happen that they are jam-packed like in Moscow.
  • If an old man in a wheelbarrow with wheels wants to get on a train, he drives up to the first door of the first car. Then the driver will get off the train and put a special metal ladder between the platform and the carriage so that the old man can drive directly into the carriage.

  • Australians are very welcoming, both adults and children . I was worried about my girls – how will they adapt in school? They hardly speak English, they are completely new in this environment. But the kids are very friendly. On the very first day, they say, almost everyone came up and asked: “What is your name?” For some reason, another very popular question was: “What is your favorite color?” For 40 years in Russia no one has ever asked me what my favorite color is, and I myself do not know.
  • Generally, the Australian government cares about children immensely. My girls were sent to school to study English (in addition to basic). Everything is free (however, you have to buy a uniform and textbooks). The schools are very good, clean, beautiful, with good playgrounds, computers.
  • Children spend in school 5 days a week, every day the same time, from 9 am to 3.30 pm.
  • Australia has some slightly different customs.For example, children at school are sitting on the floor. At the table on a high chair – only when it is needed in order to do something, glue, for example.
  • In schools, breaks of different durations, there is one big break, about an hour. Children play outside, there are excellent playgrounds with all kinds of climbing frames and swings.
  • Children at school are not allowed out into the street without a hat, for the sun is evil . They say “No hat – no play”. Mine have learned it and hats do not forget.
  • Children in schools are very little stressed, homework is almost not given. Parents are therefore worried that their children have little knowledge. If parents want their child to “come to success”, then they need to look for a school and program more seriously. We still have time, now let them learn English, and when they transfer to high school, they will have to find a good school. They say that the best schools are where there are many Chinese. The Chinese are serious and hardworking in their studies.
  • You don’t have to pay for watching TV (unlike in the UK, for example).There are conventional analog channels, and there are digital – there are more of them. For digital channels, you need a Set Top Box, it costs about 40-50 bucks, it connects between the antenna and the TV.
  • TV programs are not stupid, sometimes even interesting. We didn’t watch TV in Russia, but here we watch it sometimes, just to adapt quickly, to listen to English once again.
  • There are a couple of channels that broadcast news from different countries in different languages.At a certain time, news is broadcast from Russia, the NTV channel (when snow or a blizzard is shown, I already go cold all over).
  • The streets are clean. But clean, because they are cleaning. If something is not cleaned up, then the Australians will shit and throw empty bottles no worse than the Russians.
  • Streams, rivers and water bodies in the city are littered. The trash is lying around. Often in the water you can see ooze-covered carts from supermarkets. However, crayfish are found in the stream, which means that the water is generally clean, there is rubbish, but there is no toxic waste.
  • There are a lot of eucalyptus trees on the streets. Eucalyptus is not one species, but hundreds of species, very different. They, as a rule, have tough leaves of a bluish tint, with a strong ethereal-resinous odor, especially when kneaded. The leaves are usually narrow, but there are also round ones, like that of an aspen. The fruits of eucalyptus are varied, sometimes very interesting bizarre boxes, pipes or jugs.

  • Parrots fly right on the street, they are beautiful, but they yell very loudly and disgustingly. They eat eucalyptus fruits. Here in Melbourne I have seen 5 species of parrots. Moreover, pet stores sometimes sell the same parrots – quite absurd, in my opinion.
  • Opossums live in Melbourne – marsupial animals the size of a cat. I held one in my hands, when I pulled it out from under the car, it did not bite or scratch. They eat fruits. Active at night, mostly. They carry their cubs first in a bag, and then on their backs, very cute.
  • There are many parks around the city with braziers, frying sausages.Braziers free , put sausages in, press a button, the gas turns on inside, then it will automatically turn off after a while.
  • A subscription to an outdoor pool for 5 months (November-March) for the whole family cost $ 258 – at any time, no time limit. Sometimes we went to swim in the sea, but more often we went to the pool. There are three swimming pools – for toddlers (knee-deep), for kids (1 m deep) and for adults. All our fellow Australians rarely went to the pool and did not buy a subscription.But our subscription paid off in full, we are very satisfied.
  • A lot of private and small businesses. Almost all of our neighbors and acquaintances are involved in small and private business or individual entrepreneurs (here it is called sole trader). I don’t know the exact statistics, but in my opinion this is quite typical.
  • Because business is strongly encouraged here. Australia is one of the most convenient countries to do your business.

  • In the evenings at dusk I see huge bats – these are fruit bats, large, their wingspan is 70 centimeters, or even a meter.
  • Local producers are strongly encouraged in Australia. Many products with the special “Made in Australia” label. Really a lot, I didn’t expect. There is still more Chinese, of course, but there is also a lot of Australian.
  • Internet is expensive here. ADSL unlimited will cost about 60 bucks a month, like that . It is more profitable to buy the entire “package” from the provider at once, that is, Internet + phone + cellular + TV + VoIP, like that, it will be about $ 100 a month.
  • Australia is currently building an Australia-wide NBN fiber network, so hopefully the internet gets cheaper and better.

  • Australians tend to have a very relaxed lifestyle. It is not accepted to kill for money here. Although in different ways, of course. My neighbor over there is already middle-aged, and at the bobcat at construction sites he works from 7 in the morning, sometimes on weekends. His house, however, is luxurious, the plot is huge, there are a lot of goodies, the boat is big, the cars are good, he leases a second house smaller to us.But he works hard and still complains that everyone sat down on him and he alone brings money to the family. However, he is an Australian for only 15 years, and before that he was a Bosnian, as a refugee arrived. His children, of course, will already live more relaxedly.
  • Australians are walking around in anything. Shabby pants, slippers. I like it because I like walking so much too. Well, in general, since there are a lot of different people, then everyone’s clothes are very diverse. I am not at all worried about “maybe I dress somehow strangely from the point of view of an Australian.”
  • However, it is customary to come to an interview with an employer in a suit and tie.
  • Show off in front of each other and potlatch here is much less than in Russia and. There is a neighbor opposite – he has a lot of money, he rents out 3 houses and also has his own business, and his cell phone is the cheapest, 29 bucks. I have the same kind of Nokia.
  • Cellular communication is expensive in comparison with Russia . Especially if you make a call from a cell phone to a landline, money will fly out very quickly.But if from cellular to cellular of the same provider, then it’s cheap.
  • Cellulars are usually sold “locked”, attached to a specific operator, as in the United States, for example, and in other countries. In general, disgusting is, I think, some kind of disgusting “business model”. However, you can unlock them, this is not a very difficult task.
  • Nature and animals in Australia amaze with beauty and unpredictability
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Australia Exclusive Bicycle Transition Test

One day we received an email containing photographs and a short description of the new Transition line of bicycles.”What the hell, they don’t look like Transition at all!” – this phrase roughly describes our reaction to what we saw. It turns out that the guys at Transition weren’t just trying to improve on the old suspension design, they were building new bikes from scratch. The engineers weren’t limited to the old suspension scheme and any particular frame design, so they managed to approach the new line of bikes with a completely fresh look.

About a year ago we wrote that Transition Bikes are developing a completely new platform for their trail bike line.We were in awe of the previous Covert trail and TR500 downhill bikes, and the guys at Transition promised even better handling and pedaling efficiency on trail bikes with the new suspension. We were eagerly awaiting the release of the new line of bikes.

Transition has never been shy about punning bikes or suspension types, for example last year’s Carbon Covert featured a technology called C.O.C.K. & B.A.L.L.S. The new line of bikes is built around the new GiddyUp suspension, and instead of assigning each new bike model the traditional XC, Enduro or Freeride category, Transition decided to create its own category named “Up and down the mountains” (‘UP & DOWN MOUNTAINS’).

The new Transition range of bicycles consists of four models:


With 27.5-inch wheels, 155mm travel at the rear and 160mm at the front, obscenely short 430mm stays, and an ultra-sharp 65-degree head angle, the Patrol is great for Enduro racing and also fully meets the definition of “a bike for everything.”


Again 27.5 ”wheels, but shorter suspension travel, just 125mm at the rear and 140mm at the front, 425mm stays and 67 degree head angle – the geometry of the bike hints at the playful slopestyle nature of the Scout, while allowing it to roll up and down mountain trails. down all day long.


Large 29 ”wheels in a friendly family of new bikes, sporty 115 mm suspension travel and 130 mm fork, 435 mm compact stays for 29er suspension and 67 head angle.5 degrees – There is definitely something of the Covert 29’er in the DNA of the new Smuggler, this bike was born to ride in tough conditions, not just screw on smooth trails.


26-inch wheels, 155 mm of rear travel and 160 mm fork, combined with 430 mm stays and 65-degree head angle – a sixter for all adherents of the “classic” wheel diameter, the specification of which is exactly the same as the 27.5-inch fellow Patrol.

Being very greedy, we decided not to waste time on trifles, and instead of one bike, we asked the entire line for a test! Our insolence and courage were rewarded, and soon three boxes with the inscription “Transition” appeared in our office (Suppressor was only available in the form of a frame at that time).The presence of three shiny new bicycles at once pushed us to the idea of ​​doing a group test. Three riders of different ages and different riding skills will travel many, many miles on the trails on three bikes, constantly changing from one to another to get a better feel for the character of each model, their advantages and disadvantages.

Rider Test Team:

Blake Nielsen – MTB, BMX, highway … it doesn’t matter to him what to screw on, the main thing is that there are two wheels, pedals and a steering wheel.Blake has represented Australia in international 4X competitions for several years. He can definitely push the bike to its limits.

Mike Daly is a former professional BMX rider who has ridden MTB bikes a lot over the past few years. Loves fast, smooth trails with lots of counter slopes and jumps.

JT – The mountain bike has been flowing in his veins for 17 years in a row. Previously immersed in DH racing, now spends most of his time exploring trails on an endro bike, still being a pretty fast rider.


RRTs frame: $ 2599

RRTs complet: $ 6499

Specification: Patrol Build kit 2 – Rock Shox Pike RCT3 Fork, Rock Shox Monarch + Debonair Shock, SRAM X1 Drivetrain, Shimano SLX Brakes, Race Face Turbine Cranks.

Frame weight with shock absorber: 3.4 kg

Bike weight: 13.9 kg

In keeping with current trends, the Patrol has a long spacious cockpit and a relatively short rear triangle.The 1181mm base feels incredibly stable – not long enough to make the bike feel like a clumsy boat, but not too short to feel jittery and unstable at high speeds. – JT

The famous FSR suspension design patent is now available to everyone. The Transition have used this suspension scheme in a new line of bikes, although I feel they haven’t really been able to really use all the features of this suspension scheme on the Patrol. I usually tune the suspension pretty hard, but even with this setup, the Patrol, which claims to be an “enduro bike”, did not take off up the climbs as I expected from him compared to other bikes in this category.It’s definitely made for situations where the trail gets steep and rough, and the Patrol feels extremely stable and confident on these descents. – BN

The arrangement of the joints in the new GiddyUp suspension from Transition is slightly different from other implementations of the Horst link circuit. Most notably, the Patrol has the bottom bracket, the stalk pivot and the rear wheel axle virtually in line. So don’t think that this next FSR-like implementation rides like other Horst link frames – nothing like that! – JT


Patrol is probably my favorite bike out of the trio tested.The taxiing felt a little slow at first due to the sharper steering angle, but I quickly got used to it. I think this bike suits my riding style perfectly, it flies superbly on high speed downhill trails, although after a while I felt pretty good on narrow singletracks too. The advantage is a large move, allowing you to shoot large enough topics, among the shortcomings I note a feeling of some slowness and inertia in the corners. – MD

The new Rock Shox Monach + Debonair shock on the Patrol responds very well to anything that hits the rear wheel of the bike.It eats up all the bumps on the trail with incredible smoothness. – JT


Patrol is perfect for those who like big and very fast descents. While it handles pretty well on twisty trails, the long travel and sharp head angle are more suited to fast downhill trails. The stock steering wheel turned out to be a bit wide for me, so I had to cut it off a bit. Apart from that, I just adjusted the suspension, which turned out to be quite a simple matter. – MD


RRTs frame: $ 2399

RRTs complet: $ 6399

Specification: SMUGGLER Build kit 1 – Rock Shox Pike RCT3 Fork, Rock Shox Monarch RT3 Debonair Shock, SRAM X1 / X01 Drivetrain, Shimano XT Brakes, Race Face Turbine Cinch Cranks.

Frame weight with shock absorber: 3.3 kg

Bike weight: 12.9 kg

The big wheels roll great and I noticed that the Smuggler was surprisingly fast on almost any surface. Mostly I ride 26 “bikes and Niners have always seemed a bit cumbersome to me, I felt a lack of speed and maneuverability in corners, but on bumpy straights the Smuggler was unstoppable. – MD

Before testing the Smuggler, I spoke on the phone with Rodney of Supersports (Transition distributor in Australia) and he told me: “The feel of the new GiddyUp suspension will be familiar to anyone who has ridden Transition bikes before, with the difference that suspension work has become more efficient.The new suspension scheme is designed so that it remains active on climbs, and you don’t need a platform or an increase in the NSC rear shock absorber – you can always ride on the open NSC settings. The GiddyUp suspension stays active at all times to handle bumps, provide traction and control without compromising pedaling performance. ” An hour later, when I returned home from riding the Smuggler, I sent Rodney a CMC: “Giddy UP = Hurry up!” – JT

Although all three bikes in the range differ not only in the amount of travel, but also in the nature of the fit, they are all very aggressive and require you to go faster and faster.Especially the Niner Smuggler, I have never had this much fun with a big wheel suspension. – BN


29-inch wheels definitely give this bike a smooth ride on bumps and rocks, but I found it a little unwieldy and awkward in corners. In fact, the Smuggler is very similar to the Scout in feel, but the larger 29 ”wheels are more suitable for those who like softer riding and also do not ride a lot on narrow and winding trails with slow switchbacks.- MD


Transition has moved from a single-link suspension with additional links to a four-link suspension with a rocker link. The guys at Transition state that “the suspension is tuned so that chain elongation is maximized in the area of ​​the suspension sag and decreases with increasing travel.” – JT

If you are an aggressive rider like me, you will not be disappointed with any of these freshly baked predators. They are built to go hard and fast, day after day.The trend for carbon frames has been gaining momentum over the past few years, but during my testing of these American beauties, I never wished they weren’t made of aluminum. – BN

I have never ridden a niner in my life with the feeling that you are not riding a niner at all. Like the younger brother of the Scout, the Smuggler is an extremely playful and fun bike. On any trail, he looks for fun sections and lines, begs to go into corners on the verge of grip. Its short 435mm chainstays allow the front of the bike to be pulled out with minimal effort.And, of course, you get all the roll-off and softness of 29-inch wheels on trail bumps. I would venture to say that Smuggler opens a new era of niners! – JT


RRTs frame: $ 2399

RRTs complet: $ 6399

Specification: SCOUT Build kit 1 – Rock Shox Pike RCT3 Fork, Rock Shox Monarch RT3 Debonair Shock, SRAM X1 / X01 Drivetrain, Shimano XT Brakes, Race Face Turbine Cinch Cranks.

Frame weight with shock absorber: 3.2 kg

Bike weight: 13.1 kg

“The Scout has a slopestyle character mixed with the ability to comfortably twist many miles over any terrain,” says Transition Bikes. “Now you can ride the mid-travel bike to completely new places, the Scout feels right at home, taking turns deep in the wilderness, or taking circles on smooth local trails.”


GiddyUp Link is a brand new suspension from Transition Bikes.Each of the three bikes we tested had its own distinctive performance characteristics, any rider will be able to choose a bike that suits his riding style and have incredible freedom to ride up and down the mountains. To be honest, GiddyUp suspension tuning is a breeze, you don’t have to constantly fool your head around adjusting the NSK or platform on the shock, you just focus on the trail and enjoy the ride. – JT

It took a while to get used to the Scout after the longer stroke Patrol.The first couple of descents he seemed just nuts, but then I felt him. It may not be as good on fast descents as the Patrol, but it is quick and agile on narrow singletracks, the difference being felt most clearly in the corners. – MD

The first thing I noticed on both the Scout and Smuggler was the saddle height. Both bikes have a Reverb telescopic seat with 150mm travel, and in the top position I wanted the saddle to be about 15mm lower. In general, this is easy to fix by replacing the seatpost with a 125mm or 100mm version.- BN

All three frames have nice and comfortable features. Internal wiring is done correctly, nothing extra hangs outside. During our tests, we tore a few of the thin ties holding the wiring, but replacing them with slightly thicker plastic ties easily solved the problem. The stealth wiring for the telescopic seat also adds a plus to the engineers’ karma.

If I were asked to choose only one of the three tested bikes and keep it for myself, I would definitely choose the Scout.The 27.5-inch wheels and the right base length are good for long mountain rides, but as soon as you get out of the saddle and start attacking the trail, the Scout immediately shows off its slopestyle pedigree. Before, I never imagined that 125 mm at the rear and 140 mm at the front could work so harmoniously and balanced. But that’s how Scout really works. The bike feels extremely balanced, and I never felt like I was missing a stroke. – JT The

Scout, almost like me, is a little odd and doesn’t fit into any particular bike category, different front and rear suspension travel, head angle, cockpit length and tail stays … everything about it is odd.In my opinion this is the most versatile bike I’ve ridden. If I had to pick one single bike and ride around the world with it, it would definitely look like a Scout. The only drawback for me is that it is a bit heavy to travel. But that’s the price to pay to get your bike off the beaten track and a bit off the beaten track. – BN

If you like to skate a little of everything, then the Scout is definitely for you.

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