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Just like the parents, the kids also want to get dressed in the most stylish way possible. This can be done by adding a great accessory to their outfit or the perfect shoes to make them uber-cool. But no matter what, a kid’s look cannot be completed without a kid’s wristwatch. These watches not only make your childlook fashionable, but also gives them the opportunity to learn to tell time. At Paytm Mall, there are numerous watches available in different designs to match various outfits and make your kid stand apart from the crowd.

Different Types of Children Watches Available Online at Paytm Mall

There are many different designs and styles of watches available online. Let us have a look at them:

Type Description
Digital Watches These watches are perfect for kids who are not quite acquainted with looking at the time correctly. The digital watches have a number reading on them, and some evenglow in the dark to make it easy for your kid to read the time.
Waterproof Watches A perfect choice for hyperactive kids, these waterproof watches resist any kind of spillage or water splashes over them, which keeps the watch from getting destroyed.
Analog Watches Ananalog watch makes the perfect choice for older kids who want to adorn their style statement with a watch. These come in various sizes, shapes, and styles as well.
Sports Watches Sports watches are essentially waterproof and dust resistant watches that are perfect for your sporty kid. They come in both digital and analog styles with some offering many other exciting features; making it a perfect accessory for your child.

Incredible Watches for Boys at Great Prices on Paytm Mall

Make your child both smart and stylish with different kids watches for boys available online on Paytm Mall. There are many types of watches available for boys; right from glow in the dark to the waterproof and sports watches for boys as well. Paytm Mall has some best watches for boys that you can buy attractive discounts. These boys watches make your kidstand out in the crowd and make him feel confident.

Buy Stylish Watches for a Girl At Prices at Paytm Mall

If you are looking for the best watches for girls online, then Paytm Mall is the right place for you. Here you can find a wide range of cute watches for your little girlin many great designs, colours and styles. Paytm Mall has a huge array of both stylish watches for girls and branded watches for girls. By wearing these watches, your little girl will feel more beautiful than ever and will walk with a truckload of confidence! These beautiful watches for girls at Paytm Mall are the ones that you have been waiting for since long. So go on and browse to get the best one for your kid.

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Apple Watches for Kids – Which are the best in 2021? Superwatches

Apple watch for kids?

Apple Watches are reckoned to be the best smartwatches available. The Apple Watch gives wearers the opportunity to make calls, listen to music, track their workouts, use apps and much more. We’ll discuss if Apple Watches for kids is a good idea.

When it comes to choosing a smartwatch for your children, is the Apple Watch is really the way to go? The Apple Watch comes at a premium price, even for older models. Now, we certainly don’t expect you to rush out and buy your kid the new Apple Watch 7 when it comes out this year. You might consider a few things before choosing one for your son or daughter. You should consider whether it’s age-appropriate and cost-effective. Make sure you research more affordable alternatives.

Apple Watches for Kids Means Families Stay Connected

Apple recently announced a brand new feature that means families can stay connected, even when they don’t all have iPhones or an Apple Watch. 

Family Setup is an evolution of the GPS tracking watch for kids. Families like knowing where the children are and communicating with them through text messages or phone calls are reassuring.  

Family Set Up is available on watchOS 7. It lets a parent pair their iPhone to their kid’s Apple watch so they can receive location notifications, stay in contact and use parental controls and limits. It pays to keep the whole family using Apple devices.

Apple’s new Family Setup service is excellent. Giving power to parents who can easily fit their children with a safey-focussed Apple Watch. 

Guardians can limit which services and apps their little ones can access, as well as who they can contact or text, and use GPS to track their whereabouts. Even if you don’t have kids, this Family Setup service is worth investigating because it demonstrates what a fully autonomous Apple Watch could look like.

Giving your kid an Apple Watch has a lot of benefits, but it’s important to think about what you really want them to actually do with it.

You basically have two choices: give over the Apple Watch to your kid after it’s set up and trust that they’ll use it properly, or utilise Apple’s Family Setup to manage and restrict a few functions on the device.

Should I use Family Set Up?

You are not obligated to. It is entirely up to you, as parents, to decide. Family Setup is especially good for smaller kids since it allows you greater control over what your kid they can or can’t do with the Apple Watch. Family Setup essentially transforms the gadget into a GPS tracker that also enables you to communicate with them through the wristwatch. This is great if you need to contact them if they’re away from home.

For a teenager, though, you may feel better gifting them a standard Apple Watch set up. It all depends on how dependable your teen is.

Is the newest the best when it comes to Apple Watches for kids?

The new Apple Watch SE is great for kids

The Apple Watch SE is a lightweight version of the new Apple Watch 6, but don’t mistakenly think it’s a cheap version.

This is simply stripped back. It’s a chance to offer people an Apple Watch for less. However, it doesn’t force them to sacrifice having a newer model and opting for a Series 3 because that’s where their budget sits. This also makes it a great choice for kids.

Some are fondly calling it the Series 3 successor. It’s cheaper than a Galaxy Watch 3 and on par with a Fitbit Versa 3. 

The Apple Watch SE has an improved design which was incorporated from the Series 4 onward. It comes in 40mm and 44mm, depending on the age and size of the child you’re considering this for. It also shares the same dimensions as the new Apple Watch 6. 

As it’s a new watch, it comes with the newest software version (7). Combined with this is the fact that there will be an LTE version. These features will be of interest to parents who want to use the new Family Setup feature (mentioned later; keep reading).

Things to remember about buying an Apple Watch for Kids

The first Apple Watch launched back in 2015 and it is now in its fifth incarnation. Available in a range of styles, colours and sizes. All models can track daily activities. Exercises like yoga, swimming and running, along with podcasts, gaming, music and more.

If you’re going to enjoy all the features of an Apple Watch, you need to sync it with your iPhone. This is something to bear in mind when deciding if the Apple Watch is suitable for your child. – Most children under 10 probably shouldn’t have access to a smartphone. An Apple Watch isn’t going to be the right choice for your pre-teen, either.

Some kids are careless and prone to breaking or losing items. Apple watches are pricey, so you don’t want to be paying for repairs or replacements on a regular basis.

Why Should I Buy An Apple Watch For My Child?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider investing in an Apple Watch for your son or daughter. They encourage your child to live in a healthy way. Reminders to stand up and exercise for a minimum of half an hour daily encourage movement.

An Apple Watch can also help kids burn more calories. “Move goals are defined by the parent or the child themselves. Exercise challenges are a lot of fun for kids to take part in, too. Many third-party apps persuade even inactive children to start moving. This is one of the most persuasive reasons to purchase an Apple Watch.

The “Find My Friend” feature allows parents to track their child for safety purposes. You can also stay in constant communication through the walkie-talkie feature. Later versions can enjoy the new Family Setup feature.

Apple Watches for Kids – Are they the best?

If you’re choosing a smartwatch for a teenager, consider an older Apple Watch. It might not be worth buying one of the latest models or a brand-new device for your son or daughter due to the cost. But if you see benefit in the features, it might very well be worth the investment.

Family Setup could swing your choice

Apple announced a new feature on September 15 that revolutionises how families will stay connected. Uncharacteristically for the brand, you don’t even need an iPhone to use the feature. Apple call it Family Setup. This is available on WearOS 7 and lets a parent pair an iPhone to a kid’s Apple Watch so they can remain connected through communication, location notifications and parental controls.

Parents can use Family Setup to set which contacts a child can send messages to. It lets your family members know where the child is through location alerts. You can set boundaries so you know if your child has gone past a geofenced area. This could be their school, for example.

Family Setup is somewhat of a competitive feature to existing apps that offer tracking, like Life360. These tools have shown popularity amongst families who like to keep an eye on each other’s location for safety.

If needed, the watch can be used to contact emergency services using the SOS feature.

Who is the feature aimed at?

Family Setup has been created for families with very young children who aren’t ready for a phone of their own. Grumbles have been heard already from families that although the feature has been designed for them, Apple device price tags have not.  

The new feature is worthwhile for those families who have pre-teen kids with their own an Apple Watch already, who can hand them down to their younger siblings.

Users suggest this feature isn’t just useful for kids. They say it’s got value for those with ageing relatives who perhaps have medical conditions that require closer than average monitoring.

To use the feature, you need a cellular model of at least the Apple Watch 4. It will only be available from select carriers, too: T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. Some International carriers, too. The feature is initially available in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Mainland China, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

Competitive Advantage

Apple offers an advantage over these competitors as it boasts a focus on privacy. Parents are being told they can trust the brand, as they say they won’t share data with third parties.

Additionally to location tracking, Family setup allows a parent to set downtime. This will limit the notifications and interactions of the paired watch so the child can focus solely on their chores, school, homework or family time. In fact, there’s a dedicated “school mode”. Optionally, there’s a workout integration and the trademark activity rings that have been configured specifically for kids.

Memojis have been added so the child can create their own for use on their Apple Watch. It means they can send messages and stickers or the new-to-WearOS 7 watch face. 

Are There Alternatives To Apple Watches for Kids?

Do you feel your child isn’t yet ready for an Apple Watch? Depending on how many kids you’ve got, maybe you can’t afford it? There are suitable kid-friendly smartwatches offering function and style, without the expense.

VTECH Kidizoom

The VTech brand is synonymous with high-quality kid-friendly tech. This smartwatch is a great choice for younger kids who aren’t ready for an Apple Watch. The VTech Kidizoom has an inbuilt camera for videos and photos. You can customisable faces, too. It has a timer, alarm, games and more. It doesn’t offer fitness tracking, but for any young child who wants to feel more mature, it’s great.

Check out the VTech Kidizoom DX2 Smartwatch here.

Garmin Vivofit Jr.2

If you want fitness tracking functions on your child’s smartwatch, the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is a great choice. It offers a reward system and fitness tracking. This teaches your child about doing chores and living in a healthy way. It can sync with a parent’s smartphone for more control. With a long battery life and a wide range of styles to choose from, it’s great for younger kids. Older ones might find the games dull.


With every year, the Apple Watch moves closer to no longer requiring an iPhone to make it operational. At the moment, you still need a smartphone to set up and maintain this device. It’s a great choice, but remember there are lots of alternatives so your son or daughter can still enjoy smartphone functionality on the budget you have.

Hope you feel this article was useful. Download or share visual the presentation above.

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Raising a Free-Range Child in 2020? Try a Smartwatch

Susan Alfieri sends her 9-year-old daughter outside to play every afternoon with instructions to be back in time for dinner. She’s one of a small but growing number of parents trying to give their kids a taste of the freedom they enjoyed growing up—but with a reassuring digital tether.

She bought her daughter a Verizon smartwatch in January so she could phone home if needed while walking back from school. During the coronavirus lockdowns, the watch became a way for her daughter to get outside. Now, as stay-at-home orders are lifting but many summer camps remain closed, it has become crucial for socializing with other kids on the block. Several children in her close-knit neighborhood in Marin County, Calif., recently got smartwatches, and they all play outside till dusk. It’s like a scene out of “Stranger Things,” minus the Demogorgon.

“I love this 1980s way of life, where everyone is outdoors riding bikes, but I also love my 2020 life where technology lets me know where my children are,” said Ms. Alfieri, an assistant marketing director.

Verizon’s GizmoWatch 2 enables parents to include up to 10 contacts that kids can text or call with the press of a button. There are several prewritten text messages kids can send to them, such as “I’m at school” and “When are you picking me up?” Through the GizmoHub app on their Apple or Android phone, parents can track their kids’ location and set up “geo-fences” to trigger alerts when their kids go out of bounds. Parents of young kids also have been buying Relay cellular walkie-talkies and Gabb Wireless phones, which have no browser, app store or games.

Ms. Alfieri’s neighbor, Rachel Coxon, got her son a GizmoWatch in May, when he turned 10. He has been using it a lot lately as he explores the neighborhood on foot or bike. “I just call him 20 minutes before dinner and say, ‘I need you home at 6,’ ” she said. “This is my way of giving my son some freedom where I’m just a call away.”

Kids’ Smartwatches Are a Security Nightmare Despite Years of Warnings

Connecting every possible device in our lives to the internet has always represented a security risk. But that risk is far more pronounced when it involves a smartwatch strapped to your child’s wrist. Now, even after years of warnings about the security failings of many of those devices, one group of researchers has shown that several remain appallingly easy for hackers to abuse.

In a paper published late last month, researchers at the Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany detailed their testing of the security of six brands of smartwatches marketed for kids. They’re designed to send and receive voice and text messages, and let parents track their child’s location from a smartphone app. The researchers found that hackers could abuse those features to track a target child’s location using the watch’s GPS in five out of the six brands of watch they tested. Several of the watches had even more severe vulnerabilities, allowing hackers to send voice and text messages to children that appear to come from their parents, to intercept communications between parents and children, and even to record audio from a child’s surroundings and eavesdrop on them. The Münster researchers shared their findings with the smartwatch companies in April, but say that several of the bugs they disclosed have yet to be fixed.

The Münster study builds on years of similar findings. Several vulnerabilities in kids’ smartwatches have been found in previous research including a study by the Norwegian consumer protection agency that found similarly alarming problems. The European Commission even issued a recall for one kid-focused smartwatch last year. Given those repeated exposés, the Münster researchers were surprised to find the products they tested still riddled with vulnerabilities.

“It was crazy,” says Sebastian Schinzel, a Münster University computer scientist who worked on the study and presented it at the International Conference on Availability, Reliability, and Security in late August. “Everything was basically broken.”

The Münster researchers focused on six smartwatches sold by JBC, Polywell, Starlian, Pingonaut, ANIO, and Xplora. But as they looked into the watches’ design, they found that JBC, Polywell, ANIO, and Starlian all essentially use variations on a model from the same white label manufacturer, with both the watch hardware and backend server architecture provided by a Shenzhen-based Chinese firm called 3G.

Those four devices turned out to be the most vulnerable among those tested. The researchers found, in fact, that smartwatches using 3G’s system had no encryption or authentication in their communications with the server that relays information to and from the parents’ smartphone app. Just as with smartphones, every smartwatch comes with a unique device identifier known as an IMEI. If the researchers could determine the IMEI for a target child, or simply choose one at random, they could spoof the communications from the smartwatch to the server to tell it a false location for the child, for instance, or send an audio message to the server that appeared to come from the watch. Perhaps most disturbingly, they say they could similarly impersonate the server to send a command to the smartwatch that initiated audio recording of the watch’s surroundings that’s relayed back to the hacker.

Separately, the researchers say they found multiple instances of a common form of security flaw in the 3G’s backend server, known as SQL injection vulnerabilities, in which the inputs to a SQL database can include malicious commands. Abusing those flaws could have given a hacker broad access to users’ data—though for legal and ethical reasons the team didn’t actually attempt that data theft. “We didn’t want to harm people, but we could have gotten all the user data and all the position data, voice messages from the parents to the children, and vice versa,” says Münster University researcher Christoph Saatjohann.

10 of the best child safety wearables

It’s difficult for even the most attentive parent to always know where their children are at any given time. Thankfully, keeping
an eye on your little ones is becoming much easier thanks to GPS tracking devices made especially for kids.

While there are plenty of smartwatches for kids on the market, and even fitness trackers for kids, you need GPS for that all-important location tracking.

With a personal GPS tracker, you can then pinpoint the exact position of the person you’re looking for using a map on your smartphone or tablet.

Some models also offer geo-fencing, an electronic barrier drawn on a digital map which, when breached, immediately alerts the parent or guardian to a potential concern.

There are also devices that include cellular connectivity – like the Verizon GizmoWatch – so kids can make an SOS call to a designated number from their smartwatch, as well as send and receive messages.

As for whether it is legal to track your kids, it is generally considered within your rights as a parent provided the focus of tracking is under the age of 18, but different US states will legislate differently.

Of course, as your child gets older, tracking and privacy is a topic of discussion that will be personal to your child-parent relationship.

To make picking the right GPS tracker for your kids a bit easier, we’ve rounded up the best child-friendly trackers you can buy right now below.

Got any questions about any of the wearables on our list? Let us know in the comments section.

Verizon GizmoWatch 2

Buy now: Verizon | $99.99

Verizon’s GizmoWatch 2 takes the kids’ tracker concept and builds an LTE-connected smartwatch around it. That means you will need to factor in a monthly contract, which starts at $5 a month from Verizon. It’s designed for children aged 3-11.

The smartwatch features are actually aimed at getting kids used to the idea of a smartwatch. Designed for kids aged 3-11, it has two-way calling and messaging so kids can keep in contact with up to 10 contacts approved by the parents.

Naturally, there’s location tracking and GPS boundaries that parents can set up. You’re also getting a 1.3-inch 240 x 240 AMOLED display with four to seven days of battery life.

For the kids, there’s a hopscotch tracker and a voice changing mode to make things a little more fun. And yes, there’s a basic step tracker and inactivity reminders too, so the Verizon GizmoWatch also functions as a fitness tracker.

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

Buy now: Amazon (SE) Amazon (Series 6) | From $279.99

With Apple adding its Family Setup mode to watchOS 7, it’s made smartwatches compatible with the latest update a better fit for children to use.

Among the features added, the Watch now has the ability for location information to be shared with a guardian through the Find People Apple Watch app. Notifications to alert you about your little one’s location can be customized as well, so you can control how regularly those updates are received or base it on a time schedule if you need to keep closer tabs.

Family mode also gives younger users their own number, so they can make calls or communicate, get access to cash if needed and even connect over Apple’s Walkie-Talkie feature.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Buy now: Amazon | $99

Samsung’s tracker is small enough to be carried and can even be clipped to kids backpacks and uses LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity to let you track the location within the range of the connection indoors or outdoors.

Pressing the power button can send real-time location data or be used as an SOS call if they get into any issues. You can also set up geofencing alerts that will buzz you on your phone when they step in and out of predetermined zones.

It’s been slapped with an iP68 water resistant rating and promises a week of battery life off a single charge. Everything is pulled together with Samsung’s SmartThing app to make sure you’re making best use of the tiny little tracker.

Xiaomi Mi Kids Watch 4

Buy now: | From $126

Like Xiaomi’s previous children’s smartwatches, these new Kids Watches are on in sale in China only for now, with no sign of them on the international Mi Store yet. But it’s still worth including here as Xiaomi devices tend to find their way around the globe on account of solid feature sets and super affordable prices.

The Kids Watch 4 and 4 Pro both feature 1.78-inch, 368 x 448 pixels AMOLED displays and work with Android and iOS devices. Along with rear and front-facing cameras, there’s GPS and 4G connectivity support to enable location sharing and communication.

Available in pink or baby blue looks, the Watch 4 promises up to eight days’ battery life, which drops to five days for the Pro.


Buy now: Amazon | $129

The Jiobit location tracker offers a rich array of features from a device that can be worn discreetly.

Used alongside a monthly subscription data plan to unlock its key location tracking skills, the Jiobit packs in accelerometer and temperature sensors along with GPS/GLONASS receivers to help share your whereabouts.

The Android and iOS-friendly device offers real-time tracking, a timeline to see where they’ve been, Bluetooth alerts and an Alert Me feature making it easier for kids to raise an alarm with parents.

It’s a COPPA certified device to put you at ease that data is well protected and the water and kid-resistant design means it’s also built to last and can cope with even the most active little ones.


Buy now: Amazon | $99

The AngelSense is one of the more popular and beloved kids GPS trackers out there, and for good reason. This thing is packed with features – packed. You can see your kids’ routes and transit speed; you’ll get notified when they’re coming home late or if they’re in a new place; and you can listen in to their environment.

AngelSense has also added some new features just this year. 2-Way Voice allows you to instantly call and speak to your child if you need to, an ETA feature lets you know when your kid is on the way home and the new Timeline Map promises better visibility of your child’s routes.

On top of all of that, AngelSense is available on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Rogers, making it quite accessible in the US and Canada. One potential caveat, though – all these extra services will cost you. It’s $39.99 to get onto the monthly plan, although the overall pricing varies depending on your commitment to the subscription.

Weenect Kids

Buy now:Amazon | £49.99

The excellent Weenect system is comprised of a 6cm water-resistant tracker, protective pouch and a USB charger.

It also comes with one month of free tracking. Tracking can be performed using a live map, a compass with distance countdown or, get this, augmented reality. Yup, just hold your smartphone up (iOS or Android) and, assuming you’re pointing the phone’s camera in the right direction, a little icon pops up on the screen showing you the child’s whereabouts.

The Weenect Kids tracker also comes with an SOS button and, for older kids, a ‘zone entry/exit’ function that alerts the parent when he or she has returned home. This is primarily one for the European crowd, though it also works in the likes of Korea, Madagascar, Australia, Ghana, India and Malaysia.

Fixitime Smart Watch – children’s spy watch. News, articles and reviews from

Remember when mums used to call us home when we were kids while we were looking for adventures in neighboring yards? Continuous excitement and anxiety. So, at present, in the world of intelligent technologies and GPS-gadgets, the ability to track the location of your child at school, during classes and on walks gives modern parents at the same time the key to control and calmness.

Therefore, the developers of the watch phone with the tracker function “Elari FixiTime” made sure that it was convenient for parents to keep in touch with the child, and for children, in turn, it would be interesting and easy to use the watch phone as a real “spy gadget”, the appearance of which reflects the history of the famous animated series “The Fixies”, where people who live in technology not only repair it, but also help children learn the principles of operation of various devices.

With “Fixitime” children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the country of their favorite heroes, and to be in touch with loved ones, which is important for safety and comfort, and of course for the peace of mind of their parents.

Packaging and contents

This gadget is packed in a cardboard box with a stylized image from a children’s show. Basic instructions are also printed on the box, which duplicate information from the accompanying booklet.

Complete set:

  • FixTime smart watch (available in two colors – black and pink)
  • MicroUSB charger
  • User manual

The watch requires a SIM-card of any operator, which is purchased separately.

The Wherecom app is downloaded separately, the app is free for Apple and Android devices.


Thanks to a fairly simple design, little users will easily and quickly “figure it out” with a new gadget. The small 0.64-inch screen displays the time, battery level and signal.

The necessary 4 buttons are located on the front panel, making it easy to use the watch:

  • Power off / on / hang up
  • Tel 1 – button for dialing a phone number (for example, mom)
  • Tel 2 – a button for dialing a phone number (for example, dad)
  • SOS – in one click of this button, parents will receive a notification with a 15-second record of what is happening around.(This information will help you navigate the environment, perhaps the child accidentally pressed the button).

Also, on the left side of the watch phone, there are 2 slots: for a micro SIM and a USB port for charging the device. The microphone of the device is located directly on the front panel for clearer sound.


So, what functions of the Fixitime children’s watch will make the life of parents more relaxed and the pastime of children safer? By installing the free Wherecom application for Android and IOS on their smartphone and setting up this gadget,

Parents can

  • Follow the exact location on the map using GPS (outside buildings) and LBS (inside buildings).You can also use it for trips to huge shopping centers and not be afraid to lose sight of your child;
  • Receive notification if the child has moved outside the permitted area. Who among the children does not think about skipping lessons. The ability to track movement in a certain time period is provided by the tracking function;
  • keep in sight up to 20 Fixitime devices, which is important for families with more than one child;
  • call the watch from the authorized numbers specified in the application, other numbers
  • set phone numbers for shortcut buttons Tel.1 and Tel. 2
  • view the history of movements of the tracker

Children can

  • call two linked numbers by pressing one of the buttons (Tel. 1, Tel. 2)
  • Notify of an emergency with the SOS button
  • accept calls only from trusted phones added to the “white list”, which can be up to 20

Setup and commissioning

Preparing the watch for work is very simple, just insert a SIM card into the slot, everything else can be configured in the above application.

With the help of the application, telephone numbers for calls are configured, an area, when leaving the territory of which a corresponding notification will be sent to the parents’ mobile phone, and this zone can be configured for a certain time period. For example, in this way you can track whether the child is skipping school, or whether he has gone far from the yard. Also, this application allows you to track the location of the child both on the street, using GPS, and indoors, using LBS, but in the second case, the tracking will be approximate, since the LBS tracking accuracy is up to 50 meters.

It is worth noting that FixTime is also ready for the destructive effects of children of the elements 🙂 – they have protection against direct splashes and moisture level IP55. And it will be quite difficult to break the case – it is rubberized and sturdy. Nice to the touch and without protruding sharp parts.


As a result, we get an inexpensive device that allows you to always be calm for the child, and the child receives a convenient accessory with spy functions, turning simple phone calls into an interesting game.

All products from this material

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The clock is not activated / added to the application, what should I do?

– Make sure the clock is on;
– Make sure that when activating, you correctly enter the phone number of the SIM card installed in the watch;
– Make sure the watch’s SIM card has a positive balance, supports sending SMS messages and accessing the Internet.

If the watch still does not activate:
– To check the watch parameters, you can send an SMS command from your smartphone to the watch’s SIM card number: pw, 123456, ts #

The watch should answer it with an SMS message from which you can understand the possible causes of the malfunction:

– must be written in the ip_url field, if another ip_url is specified, perhaps your clock is still tied to another application and this may be the reason for unsuccessful activation.Please remove the watch from another app before adding it to Wokka Lokka;

– GPRS: NO – there is no Internet on the watch’s SIM card. The presence of the Internet is a prerequisite for the correct operation of the watch. Check the balance on the SIM card of the watch.

– GPS: OK – communication with the satellite to determine the location of the watch. If “NO” is indicated, there is no connection and the location will not be determined correctly.

– The clock does not respond to the pw, 123456, ts # command.Possible reasons: 1) the sending of SMS messages is disabled on the watch, you can enable it by sending the command pw, 123456, smsonoff, 1 # to the watch 2) The clock is off 3) Negative balance on the SIM card of the watch.

– Recently, more and more watches, encrypted for a specific application (more often for a Chinese setracker), appear on sale. This watch will not connect to other apps.
If you did everything according to the instructions, but the watch still does not activate, you may have just such a watch.Unfortunately, in such a situation, we will not be able to help you set up the clock for our application.

However, you can still contact our technical support service by writing to the email address: [email protected] and we will try to help.

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You can return your stone within two years from the date of purchase at a bargain price.The price is determined by agreement of the parties on the basis of the proposal of JSC “MYUZ”.

Free frame

By purchasing certified diamonds, you can make custom-made jewelry.

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Children’s watch with wiretapping: is it legal to use it in school and kindergarten

Very often we are asked how legal it is to use a GPS watch and the “Where are my children” application, because they have a wiretapping function. This is largely due to high-profile criminal cases due to various equipment with the functions of audio and video recording, which the FSB qualifies as “devices for secretly obtaining information.”

Since not everyone is well aware of the laws and does not closely follow their changes, not only questions arise regarding the legality of using children’s GPS watches with wiretapping, but also conflict situations. Educators or parents of other children report a violation of privacy, so the child is prohibited from wearing “bug devices” in school or kindergarten. As a result, child safety suffers from this.

Together with a qualified lawyer Daria Yugova, we analyze the main issues related to the legality of using smartwatches, and give comprehensive answers to them.


Children’s GPS watch and a spy device – what’s the difference?

Using the application “Where are my children”, a parent can activate a microphone in the child’s phone or in his GPS-watch and listen to everything that is happening around. This helps to control the behavior of children and identify conflicts with teachers or peers, but many parents have a question: is the wiretapping function generally legal? In short, yes. Let’s take a closer look at the main issues together with a lawyer.

A wiretap watch for children – is it legal to buy and use it?

The watch connected to the GPS location application “Where are my children” can be used in kindergarten, at school, in any public place, since they are not spyware or prohibited, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates and notification of the FSB.

However, there are many fakes on the Internet that are not protected by certificates, and you can be held liable for the purchase of such devices.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a smart watch on the Internet, relying not only on their functionality and favorable price, but also taking into account the availability of documentation on the legality of use in our country.

In accordance with the recent amendments to Art. 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, spyware does NOT include devices on free sale with the functions of audio recording, photo-video fixation and (or) geolocation with controls for such functionality openly located on them. In general, if a gadget has the characteristics of a spyware, it is better that it has certification documents.

At the same time, it is important to understand that the GPS-watch is used only to determine the location of the child and ensure his safety, and not as a means of secretly obtaining information about a third party or, for example, commercial activities.

Only with deliberate use for other purposes, with the intent to violate the secrets of private life, with infringement on state secrets or personal data, the device can be recognized by law enforcement agencies as spyware, and the owner will be held accountable, including criminal,

– Daria Yugova,

practicing lawyer.

What information is private and protected by law?

The concept of “private life” includes information relating to an individual that concerns only him and is not subject to the control of society and the state, if they are not illegal.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation also guarantees the right of everyone to the inviolability of personal and family secrets (part 1 of article 23), privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations (part 2 of article 23).Again, if we are not talking about some kind of crime.

Everything else is not protected by law.

– Daria Yugova,

practicing lawyer.

Is listening outside educational institutions and public places a violation of the law?

According to paragraph 3 of the Resolution of the Plenum of the Armed Forces No. 46 of December 25, 2018, wiretapping is a separate way of collecting information about a person’s private life, regardless of whether the recording was made or not. When using the recording or listening function, it is the goal that is important – personal safety, the safety of a child or family member, the safety of property, spying on animals and nothing more.It will not be a violation and wiretapping of a conversation, the topic of which concerns business relations, but does not carry a commercial secret.

While recording, copyright and / or related rights may be violated. For example, a concert was accidentally recorded without the permission of the recording company or the artist. If it was conducted for the purpose of locating and ensuring the safety of a child or family member, then this is permissible.

But when a gadget is used to secretly record a conversation between people nearby and the owner of the device cannot prove that it was necessary for legitimate purposes, then law enforcement agencies will consider the situation as a violation of the law.Here, for the qualification of the crime, it will not matter whether the gadgets allowed by the FSB or the so-called “spyware” were used.

Do I need any special permissions to wear smart watches and use the wiretap function?

No, they are not needed, especially if they do not have a recording function, like the SmartBaby Watch Q50 model for children from 4 years old. In fact, eavesdropping in this situation is a telephone conversation in which a person acts as an interlocutor, therefore, even if there was a call, he would also hear the same sounds surrounding the child.

If a gadget has all the documents necessary for Russia, is worn or clearly visible, then it can be used, but, as already mentioned, only for certain purposes.

Here the line is drawn in the presence of personal, family secrets on the record and the intent of the person recording the receipt of this information. If a personal or family secret is recorded on the record, there is a violation of Art. 23 of the Constitution, but if this information was brought to the general knowledge of an unlimited number of persons, it cannot be considered personal or family,

– Daria Yugova,

practicing lawyer.

While listening to the sound background around the child, I accidentally heard his secret conversation with those who are nearby at that moment. It concerned personal information about other persons. What to do?

If this happens, then any information received may not be recorded and disseminated without the consent of the person whose constitutional rights may be violated, or his legal representatives, if the person is a minor. Also, this information cannot be used as evidence.Just delete the audio file if you were recording, and keep the received data secret.

Children’s GPS-watch in school or kindergarten

So, we found out that watches with a GPS tracker are not spyware and prohibited devices. Nevertheless, educational institutions often have their own vision of what can and cannot be within their walls. Let’s consider whether educational institutions or any other authority have the right to prohibit children from wearing smart gadgets or somehow restrict their use, and what to do if you unwittingly witness a conflict situation or unprofessional behavior of a teacher.

Can a GPS watch be used at school or kindergarten?

Yes. These are public places and the purpose of using a watch with a listening function is for the safety of the child. During the educational process, family or commercial secrets, other information protected by law are not disclosed, therefore it is allowed not only to listen, but also to record.

It is necessary to explain to educators that a GPS watch is needed for child safety. This is especially true for older children who already go to school and return from school alone.In general, now almost everyone knows about such devices and is calm about them, even if they do not use them themselves.
If the teacher is against the fact that at some point the parent can listen to what is happening in the classroom or in the group, questions arise about his methods of work,

– Daria Yugova,

practicing lawyer.

Educators and parents of other children say that the wiretap and recording functions of smartwatches violate their privacy rights. This is true?

We have already found out that it is not.Preschool and other educational institutions are a workplace for educators, teachers and all other employees. Listening or recording is carried out in a public place, at the workplace, during working hours. The information provided there is not protected by law, and the casual conversation of other children near your child is not an end in itself of wiretapping.

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The child was required to remove the watch at school or kindergarten.Do educational institutions or any other institutions have the right to prohibit children from wearing such gadgets, to restrict their use?

Theoretically, the rules of residence, internal regulations or other local document of a school or kindergarten may contain a ban on the use of technical equipment in lessons and an indication that other devices should be turned off and removed from the table. There may also be a prohibition on the use of hidden audio and video recordings without the knowledge of the administration and parents (legal representatives) of students.In this case, the teacher and the parent are obliged to comply with the local acts of the school, but not everything is so simple.

Ideally, the internal rules of the educational institution should not contradict the country’s constitution and federal and regional laws, but this sometimes happens. An example of such violations: children are obliged to look a certain way, regulate hair color, etc., and in case of violation, they are suspended from school.

The internal ban on children wearing a GPS watch in educational institutions also cannot, under any reservations, be legal, so if you are ready for a bureaucratic struggle, you can appeal it by contacting the prosecutor’s office or the court.

The child’s smart watch was taken away because the wiretapping function is “spy” and can record conversations. It is legal?

No, such actions are illegal. At least, because the watch is the property of a child, and no one has the right to take someone else’s property without court decisions. A gadget purchased on the territory of Russia, having a notification from the FSB, which fully confirms the legality of its use, is not a “spyware”. This status can only be given to a device by law enforcement agencies, competent experts, and not by teachers who do not have the necessary skills.In addition, the purpose of using the watch is child safety.

Thanks to the device, you know exactly where your child is, so taking the watch away from him means putting him in danger. If this happens, first of all, you need to complain to the administration of the educational institution, if there is no effect – to the education department of the district or city. In parallel, you can contact the prosecutor’s office,

– Daria Yugova,

practicing lawyer.

During the wiretapping, violations were recorded on the part of the teacher (rudeness, shouting, insults) against my or another child.What to do?

First, talk directly to the teacher who committed the violation, find out what happened, sort out the situation, clearly state your position on the incident. Then you can contact the administration of the educational institution. If, however, not only your child is subject to humiliation or other illegal actions, but the entire children’s team or part of it, you should think about a collective complaint from parents to the prosecutor’s office.

While listening to the sound, the fact of bullying was revealed.What to do?

Again, talk to the homeroom teacher, headmaster, school psychologist. Usually they see all these processes and are interested in solving them on their own, without attracting the attention of the prosecutor’s office and the public. If it turns out that the victim of bullying is someone else’s child, you need to correctly notify his parents or legal representatives about what is happening, because they are primarily empowered to represent the interests of the child.

Mobile application for controlling smart watches with wiretapping function

The Where Are My Children application can activate a microphone in your child’s phone or GPS watch so you can listen to everything that happens around him.This function does not violate the law, the purpose of its use is as in the case of a GPS watch, the safety of the child. In addition, when a microphone is normally installed by the manufacturer, a telephone conversation actually takes place on the child’s phone. There is no fact of eavesdropping using a mobile application, and not a phone call, as well as grounds for bringing you to justice. You are just a responsible parent.

Smartphone itself is not something illegal, it can be considered a “spy gadget” only if it has been deliberately modified or reprogrammed so that it acquired new qualities and properties for not obvious use.Dangerous software in such cases, as a rule, collects data about the owner, and not about unauthorized persons, and is hidden in the phone’s firmware, it just won’t work to install or remove it.

Legislation and jurisprudence on the topic for self-study

For those who want to immerse themselves as much as possible into the legality of children wearing GPS watches with the ability to wiretap and record before choosing and buying, as well as installing and using the Where Are My Children application on a smartphone, we have prepared an overview of regulatory legal acts.It also contains links to recent bills related to changes in some interpretations and wording.

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Despite the fact that the GPS watches of the company “Where are my children” have a certificate of conformity in the territory of the Russian Federation and are included in the Unified Register of notifications about the characteristics of encryption (cryptographic) means and goods, parents and teachers often have questions about the legality of their use. This is due to the presence of the function of listening and recording sound.

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