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Kathy Patalsky’s Cookbooks – HealthyHappyLife.com

One of the highlights of my career has been being able to write and do the photography for two cookbooks – and with two absolutely amazing publishers (HMH + Avery). 365 Vegan Smoothies and Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen.

  • 365 Vegan Smoothies – Amazon – (2013)
  • Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen – Amazon – – (2015)
  • 365 Frullati Vegano – Amazon – (Italian)

Dreams Come True.

When I was a teenager, one of my favorite book subject: smoothie books! I would ogle the colorful pages of fruity, frosty drinks. And to be able to write one of my own – as my first cookbook – is a dream come true. Furthermore, my second book, HHVK, is a complete collection of all of my blog favorites and new recipes as well. It is loaded with everything you need to explore plant-based cooking.

Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen is one of my favorite cookbooks on my shelves. I dare you to read her recipes and not start pulling out the sticky notes to mark the ones you just have to make! (Hint: Start with the Maple Chili Bean–Stuffed Sweet Potato!) Kathy started out as my go-to resource for all information about veganism. She has turned into one of my all-time favorite recipe sources, vegan or not.

– Melissa d’Arabian

Food Network Host + Author

hhvk book party

Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen

My most recent cookbook.

Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen is my second cookbook. It is filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner, soup, salad, dinner and dessert recipes. These recipes are my most-loved creations. These are recipes that I discovered on my own vegan journey and still use as my go-to meals, snacks, treats and more. Check out these details:

  • 220+ recipes
  • Tips and tools for wellness and cooking
  • 352 pages
  • recipes are brand new, mixed with few fan favorites
  • Recipes + Photography by Kathy Patalsky (me!)
  • release date: April 28th, 2015

healthy happy vegan kitchen – by kathy patalskyat my HHVK book partybook party – hosted by the amazing Heidi N

Reviews from Amazon…

“More than 220 vegan recipes that are fun, creative, simple; and taste delicious; and within reach of all home cooks! Love it!”

More than 220 vegan recipes that are fun, creative, simple; and taste delicious; and within reach of all home cooks! Love it!

“This book is such a great choice for vegans, vegetarians, those thinking about adopting a plant based lifestyle or even those that just want to add the occasional vegan meal into their diet! It’s fun, loaded with over 220 recipes from the very simple to the more time consuming; but more than anything, it’s a good read! Unlike so many other books that advocate a plant based lifestyle, this is not at all preachy; just filled with tips and suggestions, written in such a carefree way, it’s almost like you are having a chat with a friend!”


Amazon review – Healthy Happy vegan Kitchen

“She’s the real deal when it comes to veganism!”

Why this cookbook works!

“. .Why I recommend this book: I find Kathy very inspiring. Her book if full of her creativity and knowledge of vegan cooking. She’s the real deal when it comes to veganism. When I am sick of food altogether I always turn to her ideas for inspiration and it’s the perfect solution every time. I can always find something delicious to cook up when I look at Kathy’s dishes. I own both her cook books and they have been very helpful for me.”


Amazon review – Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen

365 Vegan Smoothies

My first cookbook.

ISBN 9781583335178 | 352 pages | 04 Jun 2013 | Avery Trade Paperback

365 Vegan Smoothies was my very first cookbook, so it holds a special place in my heart. It was such a blast creating a different smoothie recipe for every day of the year. This book is filled with smoothie inspiration. From fun, creative names and an ingredients index with loads of nutrition facts, to plenty of go-to smoothie making tips. If you want to add more smoothies to your life, this book will help.

From green smoothies, dessert smoothies, refreshing smoothies, berry smoothies and a good handful of creative smoothies – your blender is ready for this workout!

“Don’t Hesitate, Just Buy!”

Why this cookbook works!

“I have three letters for you: O.M.G.

I am a long distance runner. I deal with several food issues, such as celiac’s and lactose intolerance. I went vegan 6 years ago, and have been a veggie for 16 years now.

That does not exclude me from being unhealthy!

I am currently training for the Dopey Challenge at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and decided that this training cycle, I was going to focus more on nutrition quality. I love smoothies, but I have one smoothie recipe and that’s it. 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup frozen fruit, 1 banana, and 1/2 tbs flax seed oil, and sometimes some protein powder.

That being said, I knew smoothies hold a lot of nutritional value, when utilized correctly. But I needed help!

On to Amazon I went. This popped right up and I bought it immediately.

Don’t hesitate, just buy.

This is hands down one of the best recipe books I have ever bought.

Every single recipe I’ve made is GOLD. I’m not even 1/4 of the way through either! I can’t eat the ones with nuts due to an allergy, but they sound AMAZING!

Trust me, click the button, buy the book..”


Amazon review – 365 Vegan Smoothies

365 Vegan Smoothies Cookbook Description: “From one of America’s most vocal health-food advocates: a bounty of delicious, healthy vegan smoothies that deliver fun, flavorful wellness every day of the year.

With 100,000 Twitter followers and a blog that receives half a million unique visitors a month, food writer Kathy Patalsky loves sharing her passion for healthy, vegan cuisine. With 365 Vegan Smoothies, she makes it possible for everyone to enjoy this daily diet enhancement that is free of animal products (even honey) and the saturated fats, chemicals, and hormones that often accompany them.

From her frosty sweet “Peach Pick-Me-Up” to green smoothies such as her revitalizing “Green with Energy,” Patalsky’s innovative smoothie recipes are built around themes such as brain boosters, weight loss, healthy digestion, and detoxification. She also includes mood tamers, such as the “Cheerful Chocolate Chia,” with B-complex vitamins and omega fatty acids to boost serotonin levels. Featuring vibrant color photographs and simple steps to stock a healthier pantry, 365 Vegan Smoothies serves up the perfect blend for everyone.”

More Kathy’s Cookbooks Links:

I hope you loved these Cookbooks by Kathy Patalsky!

If you own one or more, I would so appreciate a review on Amazon. Thank you for being a part of this journey and this content.

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News and Blog Posts – Richard K. Morgan

On approach, Wells looks like Settlement Era concept art in all its earnest ambition. The millenial Mars-dream made real.

It rises from a dusty undramatic plain, about fifty klicks off the southern lip of the Valles Marineris, all pressure-sealed domes and covered walkways in the classical mode.  The vibe is antique, through and through.  No surprise there, the core build is getting on for three hundred years old – put in to service the space elevator when human footsteps on Mars were still few and far between – and the rest of the place isn’t much younger. Everywhere you look, you’ve got that same utilitarian pioneer architecture, huddled cosily about the majestic rise of the elevator base station at its heart.  Storm shutters and cargo hatches, access ramps and bulkhead seams. Stubby observation towers like space-suited thumbs trying desperately to hitch a ride back home.  At night, the whole town is jewelled with light; lit vision ports scatter across the city’s skin, amber municipal beacons mark out airlock entry points.  And above it all, the endless upward march of cherry-red navigation lights blink in solemn unison along the vast vertical axes of the elevator nanorack itself. 

The hearth fires of space-going humanity, pitched ashore in alien climes.

But proximity and daylight strip away this cheap mystique. In the pallid saffron rinse of the Martian sun, you can see the wear of centuries on the settlement’s bones.  It’s not a pretty sight.  The adapted lichen coating on external surfaces is mottled, blotched and scarred with decades of neglect – original eco-tech functions rendered superfluous; scrub-down and renewal considered too expensive to fund.   In places, a couple of the outlying domes show ragged gashes and crumpled structure where meteorite strike has left them punctured, sealed off and summarily abandoned.  No call any longer for the costly repairs required – when Lamina tech rendered it feasible to roof in the whole Valles Marineris, the population of Wells shrank in on itself like a cold water swimmer’s ballsack. 

Nanorack operations remain, of course: orbital traffic control, cargo handling, immigrant orientation and quarantine management.  These support a population at skeleton crew levels, and the Navy keeps a watch garrison on two year rotation.  The dreadnoughts come and go like brooding sharks.  But beyond these basics, not much of the Mars-dream remains.  Systems are automated wherever possible, secondary tier employment is stripped to the bone – maintenance, policing, a rough-and-ready entertainment sector to keep the hard-bitten first tier inhabitants sane.  

It’s not what you’d call a friendly town.

“Yeah, I know it’s a tin-can shit-hole, Veil.” Nikki Chakana, pouring Mark on Mars Old Nineteen into two shot glasses on her shiny new desk. “Why’d you think I’m sending you up there?”

“Some kind of S&M thing?” I wondered.

“You should be so fucking lucky.”

Left unspoken were a couple of the real reasons – that even with the new desk, Bradbury police commissioner Dominica Chakana had zero jurisdiction up over the Lip in places like Wells; that the Navy garrison at large made it a very bad place for cops anything less than fully hardboiled; and, finally, that nobody among her trusted undercover officers had any training in pressure hull contexts.

That left me.

“Shouldn’t you be handing this off to COLIN?” I tried cautiously, because I really didn’t want to go. “I mean, it’s their remit, right? Safety and stability, peace in the Valley, all that good shit?  If Isaac Kelman really is running around up there like your source says, then he’s the last living remnant of an SOC operation against COLIN Earth’s authority, not yours.

“The Valley’s being run by COLIN Earth now.”  She cut me a bleak little smile.  “In case you hadn’t noticed.”

“Yeah. And if Kelman is still any kind of threat, it’s the caretaker regime he’s threatening.  Any way you look at it, this is a COLIN loose end.”

“It’s a Navy loose end, Veil. And right now, no-one really knows where the garrison stands on this SOC shit. Tirrand is still base commander, and he’s not been the most talkative motherfucker over the last couple of months.  Maybe he had nothing to do with Special Operations Command weighing in against us; maybe he really is loyal to the Colony Initiative and the Accords.”  She gestured with her glass.  “And then again, maybe he’s not.  So we have to handle it. So you’re going.”

I sipped at her new choice of whisky.  Savoured the pricey smoothness.  Meteoric rise.  Six months ago she was a homicide lieutenant and getting by on bottles of JD Red.

 “I take it you want me to uh….slip in quietly round the back.

One cranked eyebrow registered the double entendre, but she left it alone.  “If you mean do you get a police escort, no you do not. We’ll cover your expenses, get it out of one of the undercover slush funds.  But don’t push your luck. Now finish your drink and get out of my office. I’ve got a city to run.”

I knocked back the rest of the Old Nineteen.  Winced at the cavalier disposal.  

I got out.


Soft hiss of pressure doors disengaging, up at the front of the coach.  I blinked unwillingly awake, looked around.   

In keeping with the leash on expenses, I’d kept the whole trip low grade.  I caught the ValleyVac from Bradbury Central, out across the Gash to the South Wall, then rode a grimy elevator bus up the seven kilometre ratcheted climb from Valley floor to lip. There was a thin crop of grunt labour to keep me company, men and women returning from the Martes Challa long weekend they’d spent down in the Gash.  Looked like a good time had been had by all – hungover faces and empty stares were standard, here and there a set of torn up knuckles or a blackened eye.   A soft acid stench stung the air, marking where someone had quietly thrown up near the back of the bus.  

In the pressure facility at the top, I stayed cheap.  Skipped the signs for crawler taxis, joined the loose flow of travellers heading for the coach-drome instead.  It was about what you’d expect – a bunch of superannuated ore haulers parked up in frigid hangar space, converted for pressurised transport and fitted out with hard-class seating in tight rows.  The company had spray-painted its name onto the dull alloy flanks of each vehicle – burnished bronze lettering a metre high that said Lip Service

Everyone’s a fucking comedian.

I got a seat at the back, blanked my lenses down to full dark and dozed until we jerked into motion, then dropped out again for the duration of the ride.  I was nodding out a lot at the moment – early warning signals from Overrider Physiology Central.  Six months and change out of the tank, the downturn of my hibernoid cycle was starting to bite.   I hadn’t yet started to put on the adipose tissue preparatory to my four month coma, but I was finding it increasingly hard to stay awake for longer than four or five hours at a time.  I was eating more, napping more, and the edge on my reflexes had grown noticeably dull.  

All good reasons not to head up to Tin Can Town, chasing down rumours from dubious sources about the loose cannon spec ops ghosts still haunting us all.  

But you try telling Nikki Chakana that.

I stirred and stretched in my seat, waited for the other passengers to file out ahead of me.  Faint whiff of sanitiser macromolecules as the tanked air of Wells came aboard, the odour of another life.  Pressure hull context, overrider edge, waking shipboard and running hot.  Problems to solve, a crisis to manage, a vessel to lock down and save.  Old memories stirred up, like silt with a stick.  A little combat enthusiasm mixed in with the recall, but mostly just nostalgia and grubby old pain.

Put it away.  

My fellow passengers were gone.  I heaved myself to my feet, crabbed my way down the narrow aisle to the hatch.  Stepped down and out, into the cavernous environs of Wells Lock Eight and the biting chill of recently pressurised space.  Deep cold came off the hull of the coach as I walked along its tall alloy flank, you could feel it on your face and hands.  Touch the metal and you’d leave the skin of your fingertips on it.  Receiving chambers like this had been built back in the Mars-dream day, designed to accommodate a construction crawler with piling gun raised fully to vertical; the roof swooped thirty-odd metres above us, dwarfing the coach and the untidy dribble of humanity it disgorged.  The air probably never got fully warm.  Steam of breath, a shiver across my shoulders.  I cupped my hands and blew on them, looked around.  Security drones drifted about in the upper reaches of the chamber, nothing too heavy, looked like surveillance only.  A trio of bored MG4 security guards stood at the inner lock, doing their job about as well as you’d expect.   They waved me through without comment or check.  

I followed the general drift of the other passengers into tubular corridors under ancient overhead lighting with flicker-faults every couple of dozen metres. Ancient ad panels hung on the walls, scratching half-heartedly for my attention; the counter intrusion systems in my lenses were having none of it.  Only thing that got through when I looked at a given panel was a restless brighten/fade cycle in shades of grey.  A certain thin gruel of satisfaction to be had in that.  Fuck you and the shit you want to sell me.

Twenty minutes of this and we spilled out into the broad main thoroughfare the locals call The Doughnut.  There was a moving walkway on the right hand side and I took it.

How far? I subbed.

At this speed, somewhat under an hour.  Osiris, gusting throatily into my head like some succubus familiar.  You could get there sooner, if you added your own forward momentum to the track.

Guess I could.  

But I didn’t. I stood sleepy and vague instead, focused more or less on the slowly passing view-screens to my right.  The ad protocols here were more aggressive, with better hacks, and footage had started getting through. I could have asked ‘Ris to crush it all back out for me, but – like the idea of walking – the impulse never made it beyond vestigial.  Soak up the siren call of Queen Commerce instead, watch the pretty pictures.  Idealised visits to tourist sites and recreational spas down in the Valley, biotech add-ons and code patches, the endless gleaming slurry of brand awareness spots for perfume, wearable fashion, other nebulous tat. Most of what they were selling, you’d fork out three months of an average Wells salary to cover.  Ads for cheap credit popped up in the multicoloured wonder of it all, like shark fins in choppy water.

I can find no trace of Eduardo Sharma in the municipal systems. His citizen’s locational beacon appears to be opted out.

Yeah, or he’s just not fucking here.  Nursing my sour lack of enthusiasm into hopes of Mission Abort. Maybe he sneaked down into the Gash for Martes Challa like everybody else, crashed in some party girl’s rack and he hasn’t woken up yet.

It seems unlikely he would risk angering Commissioner Chakana that way.  

This is a superannuated BPD snitch we’re talking about. They don’t score high on reliability.

I took an indicated exit from the moving walkway, followed spiral stairs down and into another broad corridor. We were well into town now and the thoroughfare was thronged with pedestrian traffic, stirred up every so often by the sprightly AI-voiced alerts from otherwise silent mall buggies and other wheeled transport.  I started to pick up Navy garb in the mix, marine utilities or low ranking deck uniforms.  Once or twice, someone high-end enough to be bare-faced, lack of eyewear telegraphing their internal lenses and all that it implied.  

I tried not to twitch when I spotted them. 

Most likely, they were just pilots or gunnery officers for one of the dreadnoughts in orbital dock at the top of the nanorack, but still – there was always the outside possibility you were looking at some Special Operations Command ninja on secondment.

‘Ris picked up on my nerves, the way she does.

It’s unlikely this individual offers you a threat.  Tracking my gaze, the way it slid queasily over this latest naked-faced addition to the local military fauna.  She flickerlined the marine in pale, analytic blue.  Kinetic signature and body gestalt does not suggest a combat op.

Yeah, well. My growl almost made it up out of the subvocal range. Guys in that line of work, they can disguise that shit.

Yes. And any such disguise would likely include external eyewear.

Not nece- 

I stopped. Bad mood or not, when it comes to combat matters, there really is no point in arguing with your own internal battle AI. Osiris’s whole designed purpose is to prep and support me in situations exactly like this.  Her contextual logic was flawless, and I knew it.  I’d gone up to Wells wearing external lenses myself, for the exact same reasons of camouflage.

Are we nearly there? I subbed irritably.

Take the next right to the bottom of the stairs – it will save time.  Prepare for lower temperatures.

I grimaced and chinned the lapel of the jacket I was wearing.  Felt the soft rising warmth as the heating strands in the weave kicked in.  Sharma, bless his paranoid little heart, had set up the meet in what they used to call Smashtown – the partially reclaimed ruin of an outlying dome shattered more than a century ago by meteor impact and never properly rebuilt.  It was going to be fucking cold.  

To understand why, you have to go way back – back to when pressurised living space was at a premium in Wells, just like it was everywhere else on this shit-hole world.   The meteor strike was a major blow to living conditions, with knock-on effects felt across the whole city.  The municipal authorities wasted no time getting to work on repairs.  Unfortunately, less than a year into the reclaim, everything changed.  Snowballing advances in macro-molecular eco-tech finally hit the jackpot and ushered in the Age of the Lamina.  In record time, the whole Valles Marineris became one vast free range home-from-home for humans on Mars – breathable air, survivable temperatures, even a halfway decent moisture count.  Towns sprouted across the Valley floor like patches of sudden mould.  Bradbury went from a dugout trench-and-bunker complex to a brawling open air metropolis almost overnight.  And Martian humanity drained down into the Valley like water out of a bath.  

The mass exodus cut Wells population in half in less than eighteen months, then half again over the following three years.  The Smashtown reconstruction went from vital salvage operation to expensive vanity project overnight.   With no rehousing pay-off in the balance, the consortium charged with the repairs settled for sealing in a limited area, mostly subterranean, under the jagged remnants at the least damaged side of the dome.  They put in minimal insulation, shoddy life support governance throughout, and called it good.  Their investors then quietly pocketed the remaining funds and dissolved the consortium into its separate shareholder entities.  I heard somewhere that Wells Municipal went after them for the money, but hey, guess what?  Limited liability, motherfuckers – didn’t you read the small print?  Your money’s long gone, drained into private pockets and whored out somewhere else for a fatter return.

 As a result of which, I trudged along narrow, poorly-heated tunnels in the sub-level, hands fisted into pockets against the cold, looking for a dive bar called Disaster Cap.  Detritus underfoot and the reek of damp from the constant condensation that dripped off overhead fixtures and trickled on the walls.   Tiny clumps of luminous blue lichen clinging along the seams and rivet points of the build.  You could feel the deep chill of the Martian subsoil on the other side of those walls, radiating through, hungry for the body heat of any living thing.  It made a lot of sense Sharma would choose to meet down here.  He was selling out a spec ops Navy hard man in the heart of a garrison port; he wouldn’t want witnesses to the act.  And in Smashtown, he had the next best thing to a witness-free zone.  No-one hung around here if they could possibly avoid it; even the off-books chemistry crews and low-end hand-job maidens could find warmer corners to work.  I passed maybe a half dozen people on the whole trajectory, all of them hurrying to be elsewhere.

I found Disaster Cap, finally, halfway down a side corridor of shuttered frontages that looked like they hadn’t been open since Luthra landed.  Scrolled antique neon lettering announced the name above an entrance built to look like an industrial access airlock.   You could see how someone back in the day would have thought that was cute; a risque little twitch and shudder as you walked through, unsuited, as if marching briskly out to suicide by Mars surface environment.  

Evidently working on a similar outcome by slower means, a loose knot of ethheads stood out front, where presumably they’d been ejected when their credit ran dry. They swayed on their feet from their residual drunk, heads bowed under their hoods, shivering and hugging themselves against the relentless seeping chill along the alley.  The stained and ragged clothing they wore, the cheap bulky coats and boots, could almost have been a uniform.  As I approached, a couple of them looked up, met my eye; tried half-hearted, mumbling, to hit me up for credit so they’d be able to get back inside.

I looked back at them in silence and they turned hastily away.

The hatch sliced back for me, revealed itself a thin imitation of the real thing.  The inner door beyond was already open, jammed halfway – possibly, it always looked like that.   Some superannuated Mars Metal anthem banged and howled in the space beyond, totally out of sync with the comedown hour – I pegged it as Gash Hell Condemned, and grimaced in sour personal recall.  Never a favourite band of mine, and in the misadventures of the last few months, they’d formed the soundtrack to failures both intimate and mission-based.  

Perhaps I should have read it as an omen.

Door security was a single hard-faced woman seated on a cheap carbon fibre chair between the two hatches, trying semi-successfully to stay awake.  She got up with a heavy lack of enthusiasm as I came in, touched her lenses up by her temple and looked me up and down.  Apparently, I checked out.  There was a twitch baton hung at her waist, looked like it had seen a lot of use.  But she reached past it to another, smaller stick-like device instead.  Held it out to me.

“You sure look like you got the credit,” she said, stifling a yawn, “but you know what they say about looks, darling. Want to prove it for me?”

I slapped my hand obligingly on the paystick, held my palm to the smart carbon patch until it chimed.  I’ve had to work doors on occasion, it’s a shitty deal, and I try to extend professional courtesy to others stuck in the same bad groove.

Seven marins ninety nine deducted, said ‘Ris in my ear.

Eight fucking marins?

Something must have shown on my face.  “Cover charge,” said the woman, almost apologetically.  “For the entertainment.”

“Right. So what do they say about looks?”

Her brow creased; sudden tension in her stance.  Is this big guy going to be trouble after all?  “You what?”

“You said you know what they say about looks.”

She loosened again. “Oh. Yeah.”

“So what do they say?”

“Fuck should I know?  You going in or what?”

I stepped through the half-open hatch, into the pounding Mars Metal surf beyond.  Miasma of stale sweat, spilt drinks and cheaply printed meat.   Six metres of gloomy space overhead, and a long line of vision ports set into the roof, martian morning light falling in like an elongated yellow stain on the air.  Disaster Cap clung onto the last vestiges of night like an ethhead to his bottle.  Soft lighting in shadowed alcoves, follow-spot beams pouring exclusive radiance on the pricey entertainment, which consisted in three well endowed but visibly bored women, naked apart from their lenses, dancing – if you can dance to Mars metal – on a grubby elevated runway down the centre of the room.  Here and there, at seats along the runway, a few diehard patrons skulked at the dancers’ feet, but mostly it looked like the performance was surplus to requirements and the women seemed to know it. All three had blanked their lenses and locked their eyes away.  Their motions on the runway were token and dialled back, a barely sketched gesture at erotic appeal.

Along the bar, a sparse assembly of drinkers hunched as if trying to avoid the light at their backs.   It put the entertainment behind them too, but I guess you could always watch in the mirrors over the bar if you so desired.  A couple of the patrons had heads raised enough to do that, but the norm was a more slumped and meditative contemplation of inner concerns, or possibly just the drink held between their palms.  

However –

Halfway down the bar, one tense figure neither slumped nor watching the dance. His lenses were off on the bartop in front of him, and he’d been massaging the bridge of his nose.  But his eyes had darted at me in the mirror the moment I came in.  ‘Ris murmured in my ear.

Eduardo Sharma – positive match.

Positive was overly kind.  

In the mugshot image Chakana had given me, Eddie Sharma was slim and dark and operating on a seedy kind of charm, a sort of grifter elan evidently not much dented by the particulars of his arrest. He grinned crookedly into the lens, wore his long dark hair slicked back, his stubble neat, and the look in the eyes said he knew, just flat-out knew that he was hot shit.   Man on the Make on Mars – a Gash classic.  But those days were dead and gone.  Now, the same long hair hung lank and loose about a faintly bloated face, and the grin was long shot down. Ten years Witness Protection had tamed and tagged Sharma, left him rounded across the shoulders, soft in the waist and twitchy at the edges.

He crammed his headgear hurriedly on as I reached him.  Semi-smoked glass – not rude, just shaded enough to halfway shroud his gaze.  His eyes flinched about behind the lenses, frightened fish in an aquarium that hadn’t been cleaned in a while.   “You’re – uh, you’re from Chakana?”

“Yeah. Hugs and kisses.”

He made a relieved little noise in his throat, midway between a grunt and a laugh.  “Yeah.  Good.  See she made Commissioner, then?”

I waited.

He cleared his throat.  “You – uh – you want a drink or-“

“No.  Where’s Kelman?”

He bristled.  “Listen, soak, I told Nikki-“

I took off my lenses and looked at him.   He shut up.

“You told Nikki you could deliver Isaac Kelman for arrest. Why I’m here. Shall we get on with it?”

“You think it’s going to be that easy?”

“I think Chakana is going to be pretty pissed if I have to go back and tell her you lied.” I put down my lenses on the bartop.  “And if I were living up here under a Witness Protection wrapper, courtesy of the Bradbury Police Department, well, then – I think I’d want to avoid pissing off the Commissioner of Bradbury police. Why are you sticking on this, Eddie?”

“I’m not sticking, soak.” Lowered voice, earnestly intense.  “You think I’m sticking? This shit is complex, alright? You’re not busting heads down in the Gash now, Valley boy.  This is fucking Wells.  Got a pressure hull environment up here, and a big fucking Navy garrison besides.  It’s no place for picking fights.”

Perhaps it was my naked face that pushed him to lie so badly. In standard company, taking off your lenses – and any gestalt interpretative software they might be running – is a pretty solid gesture of trust. To a grifter, though, it’s an open invitation.  A man without lenses is a man without machine help to read you with.  And a man who can’t easily read you makes for good eating.  

I grinned amiably, let ‘Ris rack Sharma up on my internals.

“Kelman isn’t Navy anymore, Eddie.  He’s disavowed. They want him just as bad as Chakana does.”

It caught him out for a beat.  But he recovered fast.  “He’s still a – a fuckin’ Navy-trained op.  I’m not sticking, I just don’t want this to go bad.  For both our sakes.”

He is lying.


“It’s not going to go bad,” I said mildly.  “You tell me where Kelman is, I’ll buy you a Dawn Chorus.  You sit here and drink it, I go and get him.  Simple division of labour.  And if your data’s good, you’ll never have to see me again.”

You could tell from his eyes he was thinking about the offer. But there was something else scurrying about in the small muscles of his face, the nervous set of his mouth.   Something that ran alarm signals up every nerve in my body.  The laugh he barked out was wholly fake.

Never have to see me again,” he mimicked.  “You fuck this up, I never will see you again – coz Kelman’s gonna fucking eat you alive.”

“Yeah, he tried that once before. With a Naval submunition and two guys to help him.”  Reliving the memory with sour satisfaction.  “Those other two guys are vapour now.  And Kelman ended up running from me with my antipersonnel loadout peppering his arse.  I guess he had a lot of fun picking the pellets out in hiding.  You let me worry about Kelman.”

“Yeah, yeah.”  He was trying for a sneer, but it came out all jittery and thin.  What the fuck is wrong with this guy?  “You – you heavy hitter Bradbury cops are all the fuckin’ same, fuckin’ hardman wannabes, think you’re the Red Sands Warrior.”

“Eddie, you need to shut up now.”  He did.  “I don’t know what Chakana told you, but I’m not any kind of cop.

That backed him up.  He looked me over again, more carefully. “You uh, you a marshal, then? Ex-marshal. Right?”


If I’d been hoping for a reaction, I certainly got it.  He gaped at me like I’d just pulled a machete on him. Eyes wide, pinned on my face, then suddenly blanked out as his headgear pulled some kind of panic response, locked the lenses to black.  Beneath the sudden mask, his mouth flapped wetly.

“You….you….oh Christ,” he moaned.  “Oh Pachamama’s wet cunt, he wasn’t – he knew, he wasn’t -“

Heads turned groggily along the bar, vectoring in on the disturbance.  I leaned in close – get a tourniquet on this before it splattered and woke someone fully from their comedown haze.  I plucked Sharma’s lenses off with my left hand, grabbed him by the throat with my right.  Voice down to a vicious hiss.  Sense of things sliding out of control….. 

“You can that shit, Eddie! Right now!”

Gone machine!” he screamed abruptly, blasting sour breath on my face.   “Oh, Christ, he wasn’t bugshitting!  Fucking gone machine! We’re fucked, we’re all-“

I saw his eyes shuttle to stare at something over my shoulder – was already moving to meet the new threat.  Swing him around for a shield, put him between me and the jammed open hatchway entrance, where-

The operational error, the lethal detail overlooked.  Dull, hammer-blow confirmation – my own slack, stupid, stumbling half-assed end-of-cycle failure to……

The barfly derelicts from outside.

Not all of them – they’d been blending into local cover, it seemed.  Now, trap sprung, here they came. Three bulky figures advancing purposefully into the bar.

I saw the lead man lift his hooded head a little, feeble Martian light from the overhead vision ports hitting features I knew….

Isaac Kelman – positive match.

No time to reply – just the cold-sweat recognition of the mistake I’d made, beading on my spine, wrapping the back of my neck in clammy hands.  

And Eddie Sharma, flailing in my grip like a caught fish, trying to break loose, trying to get out of the firing line before this shit kicks off, yelping and yelling for anyone around us in Disaster Cap who’ll stir awake in time.

“Gone machine!”  He shrieks it again.  “Oh fuckin’ Christ – Gone Machine!”    

And Kelman – grins….   

A Straightforward Guide for Business Owners

What is a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan? What do you have to do to offer one? And what do all those acronyms mean?

Don’t worry. We’ve helped many companies set up compliant 401(k) plans, and we can walk you through all the basics. This guide explains everything from the different 401(k) compliance tests to what you’ll need to do to set up a Safe Harbor plan. It’s a little involved, though, so let’s start with some background information.

You probably already know that offering a 401(k) makes it easier for employees at your company to save more for retirement. But the government wants to make sure that everyone — not just highly compensated employees — gets to participate in a meaningful way. The goal of 401(k) plans, after all, is to prepare more people for retirement, not to create a tax break that’s exclusively for business owners and executives.

To make sure everyone has a chance to benefit from the plan their employer offers, the IRS has set up a series of what it calls “nondiscrimination” tests that are designed to measure whether a 401(k) plan unduly favors highly compensated employees. If your plan were to fail one of these tests, it could mean making expensive corrections, a lot of administrative work, and potentially even refunding 401(k) contributions.

So, what’s a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan?

A Safe Harbor plan is a special kind of 401(k) that automatically satisfies most nondiscrimination testing. It has certain built-in elements that are intended to help employees save by requiring companies to contribute to their employees’ 401(k) accounts. When employers take this step to encourage more employees to participate, the IRS offers them “safe harbor” from both the nondiscrimination testing process and the consequences of failure.

If you’re thinking about offering a Safe Harbor 401(k), here’s what you need to know. Feel free to jump ahead if you’re trying to answer a specific question:

Ready? Okay, let’s dive in.

What are nondiscrimination tests, and how do they affect your 401(k) plan?

There are three main types of nondiscrimination tests required by the IRS to help ensure that 401(k) plans benefit both owners and employees. Two of these tests compare how highly compensated employees (HCEs) and all other employees use your company’s 401(k):

The Actual Deferral Percentage (ADP) test measures how much income your HCEs contribute to their 401(k), compared to rank and file employees.
The Actual Contribution Percentage (ACP) test is similar, but it compares employer contributions to HCEs with everyone else.

A third test, the Top-Heavy test, looks at individuals the IRS defines as “key employees” and measures the value of the assets in their 401(k) accounts, compared to all assets held in the 401(k) plan. To get a detailed look at all these definitions, how the tests are applied, and see examples, check out our overview of the three 401(k) nondiscrimination tests.

If your plan fails any of these tests, you’ll have to deal with some administrative hassle, potentially expensive corrections, and the possibility of refunding 401(k) contributions. A Safe Harbor 401(k) can generally help you avoid the uncertainty surrounding annual testing.*

Setting up a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan

Does passing these tests seem like a bit of a pain? If so, then a Safe Harbor 401(k) that’s generally available to all employees might be a better way to go depending on your specific circumstances.

Safe Harbor plans require that you contribute to your employees retirement 401(k) accounts in one of two forms: a match or a nonelective contribution. This requirement is important because it can help increase savings. According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), close to half of all American families don’t have any retirement savings, and among families nearing retirement, the median savings is only $17,000.

In exchange for letting your plan automatically satisfy most nondiscrimination testing, you’ll have to follow some rules to make sure your plan benefits all your company’s employees.

If these requirements are at all confusing, we’d be happy to help. Schedule a quick consult to get hands-on help setting up your 401(k).

Requirements for a Safe Harbor 401(k)

The main requirement for a traditional Safe Harbor 401(k) is that the employer must make contributions, and those contributions must vest immediately. Contributions can take three different forms, the first two of which are matching, which means employees must defer funds to their accounts in order to receive contributions. The third option requires your company to make a contribution, even if employees don’t defer any of their income into their plan.

Here are examples of the different contribution formulas:

1. Basic matching: The company matches 100% of all employee 401(k) contributions, up to 3% of their compensation, plus a 50% match of the next 2% of their compensation

2. Enhanced matching: The company matches at least 100% of all employee 401(k) contributions, up to 4% of their compensation (not to exceed 6% of compensation)

3. Non-elective contribution: The company contributes at least 3% of each employee’s compensation, regardless of whether employees make contributions

This is what the matching and nonelective contributions would look like for an employee under the three different Safe Harbor formulas. The employee in this case earned $150,000 of eligible compensation during the year.

Note that these contributions are only the minimums. For example, a more generous employer can match up to 6% of employees’ pay, and it could still qualify as Safe Harbor.

Safe Harbor contribution limits

In 2021, the basic employee deferral limits for a Safe Harbor plan are the same as any employer-sponsored 401(k): $19,500 per year for participants under age 50, and $26,000 when you include catch-up contributions for employees over age 50 or older.

As an added benefit, with Safe Harbor provisions in place and less to to worry about when it comes to nondiscrimination testing, owners and highly compensated employees can truly max out their deferrals. That means they can take full advantage of their contribution limits.

Additional Safe Harbor requirements

Making contributions to your employees’ 401(k) is the most notable Safe Harbor requirement, but there are additional rules surrounding when and how you offer your plan.

Safe Harbor deadlines
For new plans, October 1 is the final deadline for starting a new Safe Harbor 401(k). But don’t wait until a few days before the deadline to set up your plan, because if you’re making a matching contribution, you’re also required to notify your employees 30 days before the plan starts, and it can take a week or more to set up your plan. So, make sure you talk to your 401(k) plan provider well before September 1. For existing plans, the deadlines depend on the type of Safe Harbor contribution you are adding to the plan and are detailed below.

Important dates for new plans:

  • August 20, 2021: Deadline for setting up your Guideline Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan for the current year.
  • September 1, 2021: 30-day notice must be sent to employees
  • October 1, 2021: Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan is effective and exempt from most nondiscrimination testing for 2021.

It is important to be aware that if a Safe Harbor feature is added to a new plan, it must be in place for the entire plan year. If the plan year is set up retroactive to January 1, contributions will be required based on eligible compensation for the entire year.

Important dates for existing plans-Safe Harbor match

  • November 20, 2021: Deadline for requesting the addition of a Safe Harbor matching provision to your 401(k) plan with Guideline for the following year
  • December 1, 2021: 30 day notice must be sent to employees
  • January 1, 2022: Safe Harbor provision takes effect for 2022

If you want to add a Safe Harbor matching provision to an existing 401(k), your administrator can make a plan amendment that goes into effect January 1 of any future year. Remember, there is an employee 30-day notice requirement, and it may take some time for your administrator to amend the plan, so try to get this taken care of by the end of November to go into effect January 1. (At Guideline, November 21, 2021 is your last day to add Safe Harbor matching provisions to your 401(k) to take effect 2022.)

Important dates for existing plans-Safe Harbor nonelevtive contributions

  • November 30, 2021: Deadline for adopting the addition of a 3% Safe Harbor Nonelective provision to your 401(k) plan with Guideline for the 2021 year (request the amendment by November 5, 2021)
  • December 31, 2021: Deadline for adopting the addition of a 4% Safe Harbor Nonelective provision to your 401(k) plan with Guideline for the 2021 year (request the amendment by December 9, 2022)

If you want to add a Safe Harbor nonelective provision to an existing 401(k) to take advantage of Safe Harbor status for the year, you may do so at any time before December 1st, so long as you are willing to pay the minimum 3% contribution for the entire plan year. After December 1st, you can still add a Safe Harbor nonelective contribution for the year in question, up to the deadline of December 31st of the following year, so long as you increase the contribution to 4%. (Note: The new nonelective rule was passed by Congress in late 2019 under the SECURE Act and gives more flexibility for those plans who didn’t know they were going to fail nondiscrimination testing and would like to rectify.)

Employee notice requirements
Each eligible employee must be notified in writing about their rights and obligations under the plan annually if the plan includes matching or automatic enrollment features. Notice must be given within a reasonable amount of time — at least 30, but not more than 90 days — before the beginning of the plan year.

Making mid-year changes to a Safe Harbor plan
If you already offer a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan but would like to make changes, there are special rules that you need to follow and a few changes that are simply not allowed. The details for mid-year changes are included in IRS Notice 2016-16. ( Note that the notice requirement for nonelective safe harbor plans that do not have a matching provision no longer apply).If the Safe Harbor plan has a match and you want to make changes, you must give employees an updated Safe Harbor notice that describes any changes. Notice should be given 30 to 90 days before the changes go into effect and provide employees at least 30 days to change their cash or deferral election. Safe Harbors plans can’t change the type of Safe Harbor (change from a match to a nonelective, for example) mid-year and generally cannot reduce benefits under the plan.

Once you’ve satisfied the notice rules above, if applicable, you may be able to make changes to certain aspects of the plan including, for example, increasing future Safe Harbor nonelective contributions from 3% to 4%, or changing the plan entry date for eligible employees from quarterly to monthly.

Several types of changes are not permissible during the year, however, so review the rules carefully if you wish to amend your plan.

If you already offer a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan but would like to make changes, there are special rules that you need to follow. All the details for mid-year changes are included in IRS Notice 2016-16, but these are the basic things the IRS requires:

  • Give employees an updated Safe Harbor notice that describes any changes. Notice should be given 30 to 90 days before the changes go into effect.
  • Give each notified employee at least 30 days to change their cash or deferral election.
  • A combined notice may be provided.

Once you’ve satisfied the notice rules above, you may be able to make changes to certain aspects of the plan including, for example, increasing future safe harbor non-elective contributions from 3% to 4%, or changing the plan entry date for eligible employees from quarterly to monthly.

Several types of changes are not permissible during the year, however, so review the rules carefully if you wish to amend your plan.

Is a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan right for my company?

Good question! In general, Safe Harbor plans are a good choice for companies that do any of the following:

  • Plan to match employee contributions anyway
  • Worry about passing nondiscrimination testing
  • Fail the ADP, ACP, or Top-Heavy tests
  • Have low participation among NHCEs and non-key employees
  • Care deeply for the wellbeing of their employees

In terms of pros and cons, the biggest downside to offering a Safe Harbor plan is the cost of the contributions your company will make. It’s possible they could increase your overall payroll by 3% or more if all employees participate.

But many companies think the upside more than outweighs the cost. Offering a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan can result in happier employees, tax savings, and greater certainty that your plan won’t fail nondiscrimination tests.

This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as tax advice. You should consult a tax professional to determine the best tax advantaged retirement plan for you.

*Safe Harbor 401(k) plans generally automatically satisfy Top Heavy requirements, except for plan years in which the employer makes discretionary contributions (such as profit sharing contributions) in addition to Safe Harbor contributions.

How to connect MPG CORELIQUID K

series water cooling cables
MSI recently released the MPG CORELIQUID K series of water cooling systems. The models included in it boast unique features accessed through the MSI Center app.

In this article we will show you how to properly connect all cables coming out of the water block of the MPG CORELIQUID K water cooling system in order to make the most of its functionality.

In total, we see 7 cables (from left to right): 3 fan, 1 for the processor fan, 1 ARGB cable for addressable lighting, 1 JUSB cable and 1 SATA power cable.

Connecting three fan cables

The three cables coming out of the water block need to be connected to the radiator fans. These are designated as Fan 1, Fan 2 and Fan 3. Please note that the fan to which the Fan 1 cable will be connected is recognized by MSI Center as Fan 1, regardless of its position among others. For convenience, we recommend connecting the Fan 1 cable to the fan closest to the water pipes.Connect the Fan 2 cable to the middle fan, and the Fan 3 cable to the remaining fan.

CPU fan cable

Models of the MPG CORELIQUID K series differ from most other CBOs by the presence of a hidden fan in the water block. This is a 60mm TORX FAN 3.0, and it is designed to cool the elements of the motherboard power system. The speed of this fan can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the CPU.To do this, you just need to activate the G.I. mode. in the MSI Center app. For this to work properly, you need to connect the CPU fan cable to the CPU Fan1 connector on the motherboard.
* Please note that MSI Center is used with motherboards based on Intel 500 series chipsets. Other boards require Dragon Center with CORELIQUID App. *

ARGB cable for addressable lighting

The SVO delivery set includes a splitter cable for addressable backlighting.Connect all radiator fan lighting cables to the splitter end, and the opposite, single end of the cable to the ARGB cable coming out of the water block.

JUSB cable

The JUSB cable needs to be connected to the motherboard at the connector labeled “JUSB1”. Through this cable, the water cooling system will be able to exchange service data with the motherboard.

SATA power cable

To power the CBO, you need to connect the SATA power cable.First, insert the cable into the power supply, and then with the other end into the corresponding connector of the CBO.

MPG CORELIQUID K water cooling systems boast excellent performance, beautiful design and wide compatibility. They are easy to manage thanks to integration with the new MSI Center app. At first glance, their construction may seem daunting, especially given the many cables they have, but we hope that after reading this article, you will have no problem installing them into your gaming computer.

Video guide for connecting MPG CORELIQUID K series cables:

Detailed information on the MPG CORELIQUID K series models can be obtained at the following links:
https://ru. msi.com/Liquid-Cooling/MPG-CORELIQUID-K360
https : //ru.msi.com/Liquid-Cooling/MPG-CORELIQUID-K240

Hacked by major IT solution provider SITA leads to massive data breach at Air India

One of the largest providers of telecommunications and IT solutions for the global passenger and cargo aviation, SITA and their SITA Passenger Service System (SITA PSS) were hit by a cyberattack in early 2021.The incident was poorly reported in the media, but the subsequent large-scale leak at Air India heightened its significance.

According to Air India itself, information about passengers has been compromised since August 2011, including personal data and flight information.

Already in mid-February 2021, Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence & Attribution system detected infected devices that were part of Air India’s computer network.Starting at least February 23, 2021, a device on the company’s network has been communicating with a server with an IP address of 185. 118.166.66.

According to Network Graph Group-IB, since December 11, 2020, this server hosts Cobalt Strike, a popular post-exploitation framework. The name of the Patient Zero device is SITASERVER4, which indicates a possible attack on the supply chain, that is, the attack on SITA entailed infecting the servers associated with them on the client side.

After fixing itself in the Air India infrastructure, the malicious agent began its horizontal distribution to at least 20 devices. Sensitive information was extracted from them, including NTLM hashes and plain text passwords from local workstations using hashdump and mimikatz.

The entire attack, from the first infection in the infrastructure and the connection of the malicious agent with the C&C server to the first data exfiltration, took at least 3 days.

In the case of timely detection of this dangerous network activity, and even more so its blocking, the success of such an attack can be reduced to zero. Detection of the connection of malware from an infected PC with a C&C server is possible at several echelons of network protection, including:

  • on means of NGFW / UTM firewalling installed at the perimeter or in the core of the network, if the traffic from the segment of the infected machine is analyzed on it;

  • An IPS network intrusion prevention tool that analyzes the traffic of internal PCs;

  • on a network anomaly analyzer that monitors internal and / or external traffic.In this way, you can also track the horizontal movement of malware in the infrastructure.

Strengthening network security does not always require a linear increase in network protection nodes. Poor routing can lead traffic to bypass secure links. And an ineffective information security policy on existing firewalls leads to the loss of the necessary data for investigating an incident or omission of dangerous traffic from the control of information security experts, explains Anna Mikhailova, business development manager of the Angara group of companies.

With its broad expertise in solutions and experience in combating cyberattacks in companies of different industries, the Angara group of companies provides a service to strengthen the security of network infrastructure (Hardening): based on the results of the audit, experts will propose specific methods to strengthen the level of security of the network infrastructure and ways to reduce the risks from possible cyberattacks.

transmission cycle on amendments to the Constitution

On January 15, 2020, in his Address to the Federal Assembly, the President of the Russian Federation proposed to amend the Constitution of the Russian Federation.The working group on the preparation of proposals for amendments to the Constitution included 75 people.

On March 14, 2020, the President signed the Law
Of the Russian Federation on the amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation “On improving the regulation of certain issues of the organization and functioning of public authorities. ” On March 16, 2020, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation confirmed its constitutionality.

Due to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) pandemic, a popular vote is scheduled for April 22, 2020., postponed indefinitely. A new voting date has not yet been determined.

In a series of programs on Radio Mayak in Kuzbass dedicated to amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the Regionservice Bar Association Andrei Pereladov acts as an expert and presents a detailed analysis of the proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in terms of their value and possible impact on the legal and political systems, state structure, as well as the regulation of social relations.

Links to programs:

Part 1 – March 23, 2020 https://vesti42.ru/kuzbass-mayak/71390-vsio-o-popravkah-v-konstitutsiyu-chasty-1/

Part 2 – March 26, 2020 https://vesti42.ru/kuzbass-mayak/71572-popravki-k-konstitutsii-na-mayake/

Part 3 – April 15, 2020 https://vesti42.

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