Jumbo mouse pad: Amazon.com : AREYTECO Large Gaming Mouse Pad,Upgrade Durable 31.5″x15.7″x0.12″ Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad with Stitched Edges,Waterproof Non-Slip Base Long XXL Desk Mat for Office Gaming, Black : Office Products


Preston’s Stylez – Fire Merch


(Original, hydro dipped, frozen, ice cream, pizza, fire smile, white cactus, glow, vivid, space ship, dude lets go, 3d, dragon, s’mores, PB&J, summer toy, and back to school tees):

  Length Width Sleeve Length
Youth XS 20 in 15.5 in 5 in
Youth Small 21 in 16 in 6 in
Youth Medium 22.5 in 17 in 6.5 in
Youth Large 24 in 18.5 in 7 in
Adult Small 27.5 in 19 in 7.5 in
Adult Medium 29 in 20 in 8 in
Adult Large 29.5 in 21 in 8.5 in
Adult XL 31 in 23.5 in 9 in

(Waffle, donut, color burst tees):

  Length Width Sleeve Length (from center back)
Youth XS 19 in 14 in 12 in
Youth Small 21 in 16 in 14 in
Youth Medium 23 in 17 in 15 in
Youth Large 25 in 18 in 16 in
Adult Small 28 in 18 in 17 in
Adult Medium 29 in 20 in 18 in
Adult Large 31 in 22 in 19 in
Adult XL 32 in 24 in
20 in

(Original Tech Tees):
  Length Width Sleeve Length 
Youth Small 21 in 16 in 7 in
Youth Medium 22. 5 in 17 in 7 in
Youth Large 24 in 18.5 in 8 in
Adult Small 27 in 19.5 in 9 in
Adult Medium 27 in 21 in 10 in
Adult Large 28 in 23 in 10.5 in
Adult XL 30 in 23.5 in 11.5 in
(Electric Tech Tees):
  Length Width

Sleeve Length (From Center Back)

Youth Small 21 in 15.5 in 13 in
Youth Medium 21.5 in 16 in 14.5 in
Youth Large 24 in 18 in 15 in
Adult Small 28 in 20 in 18.5 in
Adult Medium 29 in 21.5 in 19 in
Adult Large 30 in 23 in
20 in
Adult XL 31 in 24. 5 in 20.5 in

(Baseball tees):

  Length Width Sleeve Length (from center back)
Youth XS 19 in 14 in 17 in
Youth Small 21 in 15.5 in 20 in
Youth Medium 23 in 17 in 21 in
Youth Large 25 in 18 in 23 in
Adult Small 28 in 18 in 26 in
Adult Medium 29 in 20 in 27 in
Adult Large 30 in 22 in 28 in
Adult XL 31 in 24 in 29 in


(Splatter Paint Tees):

Length Width Sleeve Length
Youth XS 19 in 15 in 7 in
Youth Small 20. 5 in 17 in 7 in
Youth Medium 22 in 17.5 in 8.5 in
Youth Large 24 in 18.5 in 8.5 in
Adult Small 27 in 18.5 in 9 in
Adult Medium 28 in 20 in 9.5 in
Adult Large 29 in 22 in 10.5 in
Adult XL 29.5 in 23.5 in 11 in


(Vintage Pocket Tee):

Length Width Sleeve Length
Youth Small 22.5 in 17 in 6 in
Youth Medium 23.5 in 18 in 6.5 in
Youth Large 25 in 18 in 6.5 in
Adult Small 29 in 18 in 7 in
Adult Medium 29 in 19 in 7. 5 in
Adult Large 31 in 21.5 in 8.5 in
Adult XL 33 in 23.5 in 8.5 in


(American Flame):

Length Width Sleeve Length
Youth Small 20.5 in 15 in 5.25 in
Youth Medium 21.5 in 16 in 6 in
Youth Large 23.5 in 17 in 7 in
Adult Small 28 in 17.5 in 8.5 in
Adult Medium 28.5 in 19 in 8.5 in
Adult Large 29.5 in 21.5 in 9 in
Adult XL 30 in 23 in 10 in


(Echo Tee):
  Length Width Sleeve Length
Youth Small 20.5 in 15.
5 in
6 in
Youth Medium 22 in 16 in 6.5 in
Youth Large 23 in 17.5 in 7 in
Adult Small 27 in 18 in 7.5 in
Adult Medium 28 in 19 in 7.5 in
Adult Large 28.5 in 21 in 8 in
Adult XL 30.5 in 22.5 in 9 in

Hoodies  (original, frozen flame, fire smile, pizza, dark blue ice cream, donut, glow hoodies etc):
  Length Width Sleeve Length
Youth XS 17 in 15 in 15 in
Youth Small 20 in 16 in 16.5 in
Youth Medium 22 in 17.5 in 18 in
Youth Large 24 in 18.5 in 20 in
Adult Small 26 in 20 in 22 in
Adult Medium 27 in 22. 5 in 22.5 in
Adult Large
28 in
23.5 in 23 in
Adult XL 29.5 in 25 in 23.5 in

 **** Please note youth sizes do not have drawstring****


(Sky Blue, Gray Tie Dye, and Color Burst Hoodies):
  Length Width Sleeve Length
Youth XS 19 in 14 in 11 3/4 in
Youth Small 21 in 16 in 13 3/4 in
Youth Medium 23 in 17 in 20 in
Youth Large 25 in 18 in 21.5 in
Adult Small 27 in 19 in 23 in
Adult Medium 27.5 in 22.5 in 23 in
Adult Large 29 in 24 in 23 in
Adult XL 29.5 in 26 in 24 in

**** Please note youth sizes do not have drawstring****

(Green Reflective):
  Length Width Sleeve Length (from center back)
Youth XS 18 in 14 in 22 in
Youth Small 20. 5 in 16 in 24 in
Youth Medium 23 in 17 in 27 in
Youth Large 25 in 18 in 30 in
Adult Small 28 in 20 in 34 in
Adult Medium 29 in 22 in 35 in
Adult Large 30 in 24 in 36 in
Adult XL 31 in 26 in 37 in

**** Please note youth sizes do not have drawstring****

(3D Hoodies):
  Length Width
Youth Small 21.5 in 16.5 in
Youth Medium 23 in 17.5 in
Youth Large 24 in 18.5 in
Adult Small 26 in 19.5 in
Adult Medium 27.5 in 21.5 in
Adult Large 28 in 23. 5 in
Adult XL 30 in 25.5 in

**** Please note youth sizes do not have drawstring****


(Turquoise Ice Cream Hoodie):

  Length Width

Sleeve Length

(from center back)

Youth Small 19.5 in 25 in
Youth Medium 22.5 in 17 in 28 in
Youth Large 25.5 in 19 in 31 in
Adult Small 20 in 34.5 in
Adult Medium 28 in 22 in 35.5 in
Adult Large 29 in 24 in 36. 5 in
Adult XL 30 in 26 in 37.5 in

**** Please note youth sizes do not have drawstring****


(Quick Flip Hoodie):


Sleeve Length

Youth Small 22.5 in 18 in 18.5 in
Youth Medium 22.5 in 18 in 20 in
Youth Large 19 in 20.5 in
Adult Small 24.5 in 21.5 in 24.5 in
Adult Medium 26 in 25.5 in
Adult Large 28.5 in 22 in 26.5 in
Adult XL 29 in 24 in 27. 5 in



(Neon Flame Hoodie and Block Hoodie):

  Length Width Sleeve Length
Youth XS 19 in 15 in 17 in
Youth Small 22 in 16.5 in 21 in
Youth Medium 24 in 19.5 in 22 in
Youth Large 24 in 19.5 in 22 in
Adult Small 26 in 20.5 in 24.5 in
Adult Medium 26 in 22.5 in 25.5 in
Adult Large 28 in 25 in 26 in
Adult XL 28.5 in 27 in 26.5 in





(Fire Shorts):

Waist Inseam
Youth Small 22 in 9 in
Youth Medium 24 in 9. 5 in
Youth Large 26 in 9.5 in
Adult Small 26 in 10 in
Adult Medium 28 in 10 in
Adult Large 31 in 10.5 in
Adult XL 34 in 11 in

 **** Please note youth sizes do not have drawstring****


(Mineral Wash Joggers):

Waist Inseam
Youth Small 22 in 20 in
Youth Medium 24 in 21.5 in
Youth Large 26 in 22 in
Adult Small 30 in 29 in
Adult Medium 32 in 30 in
Adult Large 34 in 30 in
Adult XL 36 in 31 in


(Mineral Wash Shorts):

Waist Inseam
Youth Small 22 in 7. 5 in
Youth Medium 25 in 7.5 in
Youth Large 26 in 8 in
Adult Small 30 in 8.5 in
Adult Medium 32 in 8.5 in
Adult Large 34 in 9 in
Adult XL 37 in 9.5 in


(Board Shorts):

Waist Inseam
Youth Small 22 in 8.5 in
Youth Medium 23 in 9 in
Youth Large 24 in 9 in
Adult Small 30 in 6 in
Adult Medium 30 in 6 in
Adult Large 32 in 6.5 in
Adult XL 34 in 6.5 in


Here is  a link to the International size conversion that may be helpful. https://www.sizeguide.net/childrens-clothing-sizes-international-conversion-chart.html

The 8 Best Extended Mouse Pads of 2021

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Extended mouse pads are helpful for work, graphic design, and especially PC gaming. These mouse pads are large enough to go under both your mouse and your keyboard with room to spare, giving you tons of space to move your wireless mouse without sliding off of the edge. 

While some have extra-thick padding for comfort, others have different surface options that prioritize either speed or control. You can also choose if you want low or moderate friction, which will impact how much you feel the surface under your hand. If you aren’t so serious about these details, you can prioritize aesthetics and go with a pad that matches your setup. Choose from bold graphics, subdued neutrals, and even customizable lighting options that’ll really complete your gaming station.

If you’re looking for more information to complete your setup, make sure to read our guide on what to know before buying a computer mouse before taking a look at our top picks for the best extended mouse pads.

Final Verdict

The Razer Goliathus Extended Gaming Mouse Pad (view at Amazon) offers speed, precision, and irresistibly fun RGB lighting that will take your setup to the next level. If you don’t need something quite so high-tech, we’d recommend the Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray Mouse Pad (view at Amazon) for its excellent quality and value.

About Our Trusted Experts

Erika Rawes has been writing professionally for more than a decade, and she has reviewed roughly 150 gadgets, including computers, peripherals, A/V equipment, mobile devices, and smart home gadgets. Erika currently writes for Digital Trends and Lifewire.


Is it bad to use a mouse without a pad?
Yes, mice are designed to work best with a mouse pad. The pad prevents the mouse from being damaged by rubbing over your desk surface, and also protects your desk from wear and tear from the mouse. Most mice today are either optical or laser mice, and their sensors can read mouse pad material better than other surfaces like wood or glass. 

Are extended mouse pads worth it?
Absolutely. An extended mouse pad will prevent your mouse from running off of the edge of your mouse pad when you’re excitedly playing a match, and it will also hold up to more wear than a normal mouse pad. These mousepads also provide excellent protection for your desk and are a great look for your gaming station.

What mouse pad do pro gamers use?
Many pro gamers are sponsored, so they will use a brand of mouse pad that’s affiliated with their sponsorship. However, pro gamers may prefer extended mouse pads for comfort and performance reasons. If you like a flash appearance, a mouspad with RGB lighting always lends a bit of style.

What to Look For in an Extended Mouse Pad

Dimensions – Before upgrading from a regular mouse pad to one with extended dimensions, you’ll need to measure your desk space and see how big you want to go. It should be able to fit under your keyboard with some room to spare and should provide plenty of space around your mouse to move freely. Most of the mousepads on this list are among the largest offered by these brands—if they seem too big for your setup, check and see if the item is offered in “medium” or “large” dimensions rather than “extra-large.”

Surface friction – The amount of friction you want from your mouse pad will depend largely on your personal preferences and play style. Generally speaking, low-DPI gamers prefer a moderate amount of friction because it improves control and makes it easier to stop the mouse after fast bursts of movement. High-DPI gamers often prefer low friction because it allows for extremely precise movement and speed. But there are no hard and fast rules. If you like to “feel” the gaming surface under your mouse, look for something with a little more texture. If you just want to zip around on a super-smooth surface, check out low-friction mouse pads that prioritize speed.

Durability – If you buy better quality, you’ll buy less often. This is a piece of gear that gets used a lot and can undergo quite a bit of wear. Features such as stitched or bonded edges can help prevent fraying and improve longevity. Water and heat resistance can also prevent fading, staining, and bad smells.

Logitech’s enormous mouse pad is enormously useful

My desktop has been tamed, and all it took was one giant mouse pad.

For as long as PCs and Macs have been around, the question of what surface we put our mouse on has been a small but pervasive one. It mattered more in the past, when mouse movement was detected by a physical ball that would gather dust and all sorts of unpleasantness if not cared for properly — whereas now laser and optical sensors can work on pretty much anything. But a good mouse mat is still a pretty nice thing to have, just for the feel under your hands, if nothing else.

Logitech’s $50 G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad seemed at first to be the absolute overkill of the genre. Who needs a 90cm x 40cm (35 x 16 inches) surface to do their gaming on? It’s practically a table cloth for your entire desk. And that’s the genius of it. Calling it a mouse pad is a misnomer, because really this is a work surface to accommodate your keyboard, headphones, and any other daily desktop items along with your mouse.

Why do I like it?

There’s no overwhelming reason for why I really like this jumbo mouse pad, just a selection of small ones that together build up into a substantial improvement over working on the bare surface of my cheapo IKEA desk.

  • The surface texture. It’s nice. Never underestimate the simple tactile appeal of a well engineered piece of synthetic cloth. The finish here is somewhat similar to what you’d feel under your hand on a pool table: just the right amount of friction to feel nice and to provide a predictable motion and acceleration of the mouse.
  • It doesn’t gather dust. I’ve no idea how, but this mouse pad seems almost immune to the dust accumulation that builds up everywhere else on my desk and in my home. Maybe I’m just not seeing it. But, in any case, keeping the Logitech pad looking clean is a much easier task than having to wipe the desk every few days.
  • The keyboard and mouse are on the same level. Perhaps my biggest annoyance with most mouse mats is that they’re either not big enough or they’re so big that they force my keyboard to an uncomfortable position. With Logitech’s XL alternative, keyboard and mouse sit side by side in harmony, and I’ve got a good mousing surfacing right up to the very edge of my keyboard.
  • It’s not wearing out. I have had this Logitech G840 pad on my regular working desk for a few weeks now, and it’s showing no signs of degradation at all. In less time, I’ve managed to develop a shiny spot on the space bar of the Razer keyboard, but the Logitech mat looks and feels just like it was when brand new.
  • The base stays in place. All of this would be meaningless if the Logitech mat slipped around a bunch, but it doesn’t. The thing stays put exactly where I lay it down, as if it were glued into position. That’s what 3mm of rubber will do for you.

We live in an age where even our mouse pads have specs. Almost every company that sells a gaming mouse and keyboard now also sells a mat with RGB LED strips integrated into its sides, plus color-syncing software to light up your entire desktop in a harmonious wave of color. That’s the wave of technological change that I recoil from in horror.

What Logitech has achieved with the G840 mouse pad is the thoughtful application of modern technology to an age-old problem. Logitech isn’t alone in thinking of this, of course, and other PC peripherals companies like Razer and Roccat offer their own, cheaper jumbo mouse pad alternatives. This is just the first example of this kind of product I’ve fully tested myself; and I would argue that Logitech’s greater depth than the Razer and Roccat options makes for a more comfortable and spacious working space. In any case, after my time with G840, I’m going to need a lot of convincing to ever go back to mouse pads that aren’t large enough to cover my entire desk.

Best mouse pad for gaming 2021

The best gaming mouse pad might not be a PC gaming essential, but it’s definitely on the ‘nice to have’ list. At any rate, providing you’re already pretty nifty with one of the best gaming mice, the best gaming mouse won’t make you a worse gamer, only a slightly flashier one.

Ditch that frayed mess of a mouse mat and get one of these beauties listed below instead. Any one could really help set off your battle station, give it some style and personality, and above all else, offer a much more comfortable gaming experience. 

And some of today’s mouse pads offer more features worth your while. Some are covered in RGB lighting, while others offer Qi wireless charging that’ll power your phone or wireless mouse for complete cable-free gaming.

Anyway, most of these require some form of proprietary compatibilities, such as Logitech’s Powerplay system, so be sure to check whether your mouse and mouse mat will work together before you go jumping in, hand first. The below list ranges from simple and functional, all the way up to completely bonkers mousepads for gaming, and we’ve tested all of them extensively (played games a lot) to ensure they’re up to the best standard.

Best mouse pad for gaming

(Image credit: Razer)

1. Razer Strider

The best mouse pad for gaming


Surface Type: Soft

Surface material: Cloth

Dimensions: 940 x 410 (XXL) 450 x 400mm (L)

Reasons to buy

+Huge+Sticks to your desk+Lay totally flat+Great gliding surface

Reasons to avoid

-It’s a black rectangle-Coarse material

The Razer Strider claims to be something of a hybrid; the flex and soft finish of a fabric mouse pad with the stick-to-itiveness and glide of a more rigid model. I dare say it actually delivers on both counts, too.

A firm fabric lines the top of the Razer Strider’s surface, and this is able to deliver a swift and effortless glide with any half-decent gaming mouse. It’s not as soft a finish as others on this list, but it’s still comfortable to rest your palms on for the better part of a day.

Beneath that lies anti-slip rubber to effectively stick this mouse pad to your desk with zero chance of lateral movement. This extra layer also firms up the entire mouse pad, and to keep it from fraying there’s some smart black stitching around the mat’s edge. This stitching is really tight to the edge of the mat, so you can actually push your mouse over the edge of the pad without issue.

For a zero fuss and well-made mouse pad, look no further than the Razer Strider.

(Image credit: Corsair)

2. Corsair MM300 Extended

A close second.


Surface Type: Soft

Surface Material: Cloth

Dimensions: 36.61 x 11.8 x 0.12 in

Base: Rubber

Reasons to buy

+It’s huge+Very smooth tracking surface+Stitched edges

Reasons to avoid

-Very large Corsair branding

The MM300 is Corsair’s premium line of cloth mousepads featuring a non-slip rubber base, stitched edges to prevent fraying, and a sturdy thickness of 0. 12 inches (3mm). The extended version is the largest available and designed to fit even the biggest gaming keyboards with plenty of room to spare. When combined with a compact, ten-keyless keyboard, the surface area for the mouse feels almost infinite. 

Like most cloth mousepads, the MM300 Extended features a smooth, textile-weave design that ensures gliding a mouse across its surface feels like cutting through butter. We found it easy to pinpoint attacks in our FPS testing with a hefty amount of overhead for DPI adjustments, thanks to the massive surface area. Whether you like to move your mouse across the desk or just a couple of inches to make a 180 turn, Corsair’s oversized mouse pad has you—and your desk—covered.

(Image credit: Novelkeys)

3. Novelkeys Deskpad

The best looking mouse pad


Surface Type: Soft

Surface Material: Cloth

Dimensions: 54.92 x 24.4 x 0.24 in

Base: Rubber

Reasons to buy

+Gorgeous+Oversized+Great price

Reasons to avoid

-Limited availability-Lengthy delivery

Novelkeys is well-known for its custom group buys, covering everything a PC enthusiast could desire from key switches to mousepads. It specializes in colossal desk-sized pads in a range of limited edition styles. You’ll want to check out its website every so often to see the latest flavor, as it usually only runs each one for a limited time as a group buys.

The Camping mouse pad featuring a sprawling mountain range is currently gracing Jacob’s PC setup and comes with a tiny tent and campfire decal in the bottom left. That exact design is no longer available, but there are always much more accessible for you to pick up throughout the year. Most mousepads come in at an accommodating 900 x 400 x 4mm size with a rubber bottom, cloth top, and outer edge stitching to match.

Just make sure to plan if you’re hoping to pick up a Novelkeys design. You will have to wait until the conclusion of the group buy before the production of your chosen mouse pad begins, after which it can be a few more months before you receive it. Due to the nature of a group buy, there can be delays along the way, too. Still, with mouse pads as well-made and gorgeous to look at as these, you can be sure they’re worth the wait.

(Image credit: Logitech)

4. Logitech G440

The best hard mouse pad


Surface Type: Hard

Surface Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 13.39 x 11.03 x 0.13 inches

Base: Rubber


Reasons to buy

+Low friction surface+Solid rubber base+Minimal branding

Reasons to avoid

-It’s a little pricey

Nothing compares to a solid, hard surface mousepad when it comes to pure speed and low tactile resistance, except maybe Razer’s hybrid. PC gamers requiring subtle but rapid mouse movements prefer these slick, low friction surfaces that allow them to glide their mouse with ease. While it does ultimately come down to personal preference, we prefer using hard mousepads while playing RTS and MOBA type games where swift map navigation and tight mobility are crucial.

Unlike their cloth counterparts that all use very similar textiles, hard mousepads are made from a wide variety of components and blends, including aluminum, plastic, and rubber. They vary dramatically in friction, weight, and design, so there is sure to be a hard mouse pad out there that is perfect for you. For us, the simplicity and ultra-smooth surface of the Logitech G440 make it our top choice when considering speed.   

At a glance, the surface of the G440 might appear to be completely smooth, but it is a polyethylene surface featuring microtextures that offer the perfect amount of resistance. The mouse pad provides just the right amount of feedback without any excess noise generated from our rapid mouse movements. Logitech seems to have found the perfect middle ground between abrasive and smooth as we were able to seamlessly move and stop our mouse with ease during intense battles.  

(Image credit: Corsair)

5. Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB

The best RGB mouse pad


Surface Type: Hard

Surface Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 13.7 x 10.2 x 0.2 inches

Base: Rubber

Reasons to buy

+15 very bright LEDs+USB passthrough port

Reasons to avoid

-Cable adds to desktop clutter-Expensive for a mouse pad

This light-up mouse pad’s functionality is still going to raise some eyebrows, but Corsair’s solution offers a whole lot more than just a flashy light show. It features a high-quality micro-textured finish that allows mice to easily glide across the surface without sacrificing precision during small mouse movements. The MM800 makes no compromises with a surface that rivals our top hard mouse pad’s quality, the Logitech G440.

There are two major differences between Corsair’s MM800 and competing RGB mousepads. First, the MM800 features a USB pass-through port that can be used to plug in your mouse or a flash drive conveniently. The second difference is that the MM800 uses a whopping 15 LEDs, which we found to be much brighter than Razer’s Firefly HyperFlux.

Using Corsair’s revamped iCUE software, you can easily create your advanced lighting profiles for the MM800 or choose from a large sample of preset modes. RGB profiles from other Corsair products will automatically spill over to your mouse pad with ease. You can also download user shared profiles from Corsair’s website.

(Image credit: Razer)

6. Razer Gigantus V2

The best oversized mouse pad.


Surface Type: Soft

Surface Material: Cloth

Dimensions: 47.24 x 21.65 x 0.16 in

Base: Rubber

Reasons to buy

+Absolute unit+Desk-sized pad+Various designs available

Reasons to avoid

-No side stitching

The Gigantus V2 offers several different sizes, from 14 inches to a huge 47 inches. It’s enough to cover most desk surfaces, which are great for gamers who play with big sweeping gestures. You can even customize your mousepad with the logo from your favorite esports team or competitive shooter. 

This soft surface type mouse pad performs pretty well. Though, if you usually use hard surface mats, it may take some getting used to. The lack of any side stitching could affect its durability down the road, but performance-wise, the Gigantus V2 is still an impressive

Another added benefit of Razer’s giant mousepad is that the underside can second as a green screen for pets. Weird how Razer doesn’t mention that in any of their marketing material.

How we test mouse pads

It’s not easy assigning value to a piece of cloth, but someone’s got to do it. When we receive a new mouse pad to test, we do what we do best: Play lots and lots of PC games.

Once we’ve got a feel for how a particular mouse pad feels underhand, we play a couple more games to get a feel for things. After that, if we like how it looks and is built to last rigorous gaming, it gets a thumbs up. If not, it’s a thumbs down, and it’s tossed on the great mouse pad fire raging since ’85.

That being said, it’s nearly impossible to mess up a mouse pad, even an old book makes a solid substitute, so there’s rarely a bad word to be had or a pad to be ritualistically burnt. Massive price tags and needless functionality will see a few occasionally sent to the naughty corner, however.

Round up of today’s best deals

Mouse Pad Gaming 25×21 Cm – Jumbo Albania

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SKU #:JM9393

  • Jumbo size optical mouse with scroll button
  • Plug and Play

Price Includes: 1 Color Imprint, 1 location

$4. 20

Decorating Details

Item Details

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Imprint Methods & Sizes



Max Width

Max Height

Max Colors

Setup Per Color (V)

1st Run Charge(V)

Each Add’l Run(V)

Item PMS Color:

Item Volume In Oz:

Item Packaging: Gift Box

Item Material:  

Item Gusset:

Item Handle Length:

Item Depth:

Item Width: 4

Item Height: 2

Item Bottom Diameter:

Item Length:

Fits Car Cup Holder: No

Microwave Safe: No

Top Rack Dishwasher Safe: No

Handwash Only: No

Carabiner Included: No

Patent Number:


Batteries Included: No

Items Per Carton: 50

Carton Size: 25x17x11

Total Carton Weight Lbs: 20

Additional Shipping Costs:

The best gaming mouse pad in 2021

The best gaming mouse pad can help protect your desk, and your mouse. While most mice will function just fine without a mouse pad, you have to ask yourself whether “just fine” is really enough for your immersive single-player adventures and competitive multiplayer matches. (You also have to ask yourself how many grooves you’re willing to wear into your presumably expensive and pretty computer desk.)

Luckily, finding the best gaming mouse pad for your setup is a pretty simple process. You simply need to ask yourself a few questions: “How big of a mouse pad do I want?” “How much do I want to spend?” “Would I like a hard or soft surface?” “Do I need any extra bells and whistles?” Once you determine those things, picking the best mouse pad just about takes care of itself. Compared to picking the rest of your PC accessories, it’s downright simple.

Tom’s Guide has compiled a list of the best gaming mouse pads based on our own hands-on experience, as well as user reviews on popular sites. Pick up one of these accessories, and you can expect both your mouse and your desk to remain pristine for a long time to come.

What is the best gaming mouse pad?

While the best gaming mouse pad varies depending on your preferences, my personal philosophy has always been to keep things as simple as possible. That’s why the Logitech G240 is my go-to accessory. This soft cloth mouse pad is large enough for most play styles, small enough for most computer desks, and it’s durable enough to last for years. Yes, you could buy a similar mouse pad from a cheaper manufacturer, but don’t be surprised when it starts unraveling after a month or two.

If price is a big issue, however, it’s hard to find a cheaper mouse pad than the Razer Sphex V2. This colorful, ultra-thin mouse pad costs less than $10, and sticks to any surface without leaving residue. It’s small, so it works best with high-DPI mice. But it also won’t wear out quickly, so you can play with as much force as you need.

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad. While I don’t think most folks will want a gaming mouse pad that costs as much as a premium gaming mouse, if you can spare the money, it’s a pretty impressive piece of tech. This mouse pad charges certain Corsair mice as you play, as well as any other Qi-enabled tech you own. Even if you don’t have Qi wireless charging gear, the mouse pad includes charging adapters to let you juice up almost any piece of tech.

The best gaming mouse pad you can buy today

Logitech G240 (Image credit: Logitech)

1. Logitech G240

The best gaming mouse pad overall


Surface Type: Cloth

Size: 11.0 x 13.4 inches

Thickness: 0.04 inches

Extra Features: None


Reasons to buy

+Responsive, durable surface+Rubber grips+Optimized for Logitech mice

Reasons to avoid

-Somewhat expensive

If you’re in the market for a gaming mouse pad, there’s a good chance that you’ve just expended a lot of effort and brainpower selecting the best mouse, keyboard and headset for your setup. Maybe you even chose all of your components and built your PC from scratch. That’s one reason why the Logitech G240 mouse pad is so attractive: It requires very little consideration and almost no setup time.

It’s a cloth mouse pad. You set it down on a surface, and thanks to a rubber base, it won’t move very much. That’s literally all you have to do. If you have a Logitech mouse, you can optimize the surface calibration in the Logitech G Hub software, which is useful, but not strictly necessary. The Logitech G240 is simply a sleek, functional, durable accessory, and that’s probably all that most gamers need.

Razer Sphex V2 (Image credit: Razer)

2. Razer Sphex V2

The best budget gaming mouse pad


Surface Type: Polycarbonate

Size: 14.0 x 10.0 inches

Thickness: 0.02 inches

Extra Features: None

Reasons to buy

+Incredibly cheap+Surface withstands wear and tear+Fits easily on most desks

Reasons to avoid

-Adhesive base makes it hard to move

Gaming accessories are expensive. If you want a top-of-the-line mouse, keyboard and headset, you’re looking at spending at least $350 — and that’s not even taking wireless variants into account. If you want to spend as little as humanly possible on a mouse pad from a major manufacturer, the Razer Sphex V2 is the way to go. This mouse pad retails for $8, and is often on sale for as little as $5. And, especially considering the price, it’s a surprisingly solid accessory.

At 14 x 10 inches, the mouse pad is small enough for most desks, but big enough to facilitate a wide range of motion. Its polycarbonate surface is neither hard nor soft; “smooth” would be a better word, and it holds up well, even after months of use. It has an adhesive back, however, so wherever you plunk it down is where it’s going to stay.

Logitech G440 (Image credit: Corsair)

3. Logitech G440

The best hard gaming mouse pad


Surface Type: Plastic

Size: 11.0 x 13.4 inches

Thickness: 0.04 inches

Extra Features: None


Reasons to buy

+Low-friction surface+Reasonable size+Tuned for Logitech mice

Reasons to avoid

-More costly than regular mouse pads

Most gaming mouse pads are made of soft cloth, but some players (and some mouse sensors) prefer a hard surface. The best gaming mouse pad with a hard surface is the Logitech G440, which provides the same straightforward, no-nonsense experience that you’d get from Logitech’s softer options. There’s no special feature that puts the G440 ahead of the competition; it’s simply well-made and also plays particularly well with Logitech gaming mice.

The asking price is fairly high, but hard mouse pads are almost always more expensive than soft ones, so that’s not terribly surprising. If you have a non-Logitech mouse, the surface tuning also won’t be quite as accurate. However, since surface turning is more of a perk than a necessity, it’s not really a make-or-break feature. If you prefer your mouse pads to have a little more friction than cheaper cloth models, the G440 is a good choice from a trusted manufacturer.

SteelSeries QcK Heavy XXL (Image credit: SteelSeries)

4. SteelSeries QcK Heavy XXL

The best extra-large mouse pad


Surface Type: Cloth

Size: 35. 4 x 15.7 inches

Thickness: 0.16 inches

Extra Features: None

Reasons to buy

+Large enough for a whole desk+Relatively inexpensive+Heavy enough to prevent slipping

Reasons to avoid

-Much wider than most mouse pads

Extra-large mouse pads appeal to a very specific kind of gamer: the one who never wants to worry about his or her mouse leaving the confines of a mouse pad. The SteelSeries QcK Heavy XXL is big enough that you can put your entire keyboard on top of it, and still have more room left over than a traditional gaming mouse pad would give you.

The QcK Heavy XXL is almost three feet long and more than a foot wide, so this is not the best gaming mouse pad if desk space is at a premium. But if you do need something big, the QcK Heavy XXL is an excellent choice, thanks to its sturdy cloth surface, its rubberized grips and its thick, comfortable design. At $30, it’s also not nearly as expensive as some other mouse pads of similar size.

Corsair MM1000 (Image credit: Corsair)


Corsair MM1000

The best Qi charging gaming mouse pad


Surface Type: Plastic

Size: 14.2 x 10.2 inches

Thickness: 0.24 inches

Extra Features: Qi wireless charging

Reasons to buy

+Responsive hard surface+Can charge mice as you play+Compatible with all Qi devices

Reasons to avoid


While a truly wireless desktop is still a few years away (at least), the Corsair MM1000 can help you get as close as humanly possible. That’s because this innovative mouse pad charges anything with Qi functionality — and almost anything without Qi functionality, too, thanks to three handy included adapters. Some Corsair gaming mice, like the Corsair Dark Core SE, work with the MM1000 out of the box, meaning that you can charge your peripheral any time it has to be dormant for a few minutes. You may never need to connect a USB wire to your mouse again.

Of course, you can charge other Qi gadgets, too, like phones and headsets. But the MM1000 isn’t just a good mouse pad because of its ancillary features. The accessory’s hard plastic surface provides just enough friction for a comfortable gaming experience, while a USB passthrough port lets you keep all of your accessories hooked up in the same place.

How to choose the best gaming mouse pad for you

Choosing the best gaming mouse pad is a very straightforward process. Start by choosing between a hard or soft surface, then decide how much desk space you want it to take up. Think about whether you want any extra features, and you’re pretty much done.

Some gamers insist that soft or hard surfaces are better for certain genres, but in my experience, it’s mostly just a matter of preference. I like hard surfaces because they’re a little harder to wear out, but the truth is that both hard and soft mouse pads can last for years, particularly well-designed ones from major manufacturers. (Like everything else in life, you can’t buy a cheap, no-name brand of mouse pad and expect it to stand the test of time.

Two common extra features are wireless charging and RGB lighting. The latter is purely an aesthetic preference. In my experience, RGB adds a lot of cost onto a mouse pad for zero additional functionality, but if you’ve got a very pretty desk setup, it might be worth the premium. Wireless charging, on the other hand, is very cool, but each manufacturer has a slightly different approach to it. The Corsair MM1000, for example, can charge any Qi device; the Logitech PowerPlay can charge a variety of Logitech mice, while the Razer Mamba Hyperflux works only with its included mouse. Do a little research before you commit.

Round up of today’s best deals

Mouse pads – ROZETKA

What is a mouse pad

A product such as a gaming mouse pad is quite popular in the gaming environment. Refers to the necessary components for any advanced user. Its purpose is quite clear. Used for a computer mouse. Its interaction with such a rug provides additional benefits and positive effects.

Speaking about the advantages of this device, it is worth noting its practicality. Many controllers have the ability to collect all the dust and dirt on the desktop.With the purchase of this product – this will not happen. Of the technical advantages, it is possible to note the sharpness and speed of work. It’s no secret that when working without an additional substrate, the mouse functions much slower, slowing down against the rough structure of the table. Also, its controllability is significantly reduced, relying only on the user’s hand. With the purchase of this useful device, an experienced gamer will increase the glide, and at the same time, the ease of control.

In addition, playing surfaces significantly extend the life of the “tailed dweller” of the workplace.After all, each of them has special miniature round legs that tend to wear off over time. Other factors also significantly reduce its shelf life. The well-known company Razer is considered to be the market leader.


There are about a hundred variations of this type of product. One of the main characteristics is the material from which they are made. It is customary to call fabric models traditional. They belong to the low-cost segment of the product line.Practical and easy to use. No additional mounts or sticky clamps. From a technical point of view, they are less advanced than their metal counterparts. Due to the lack of additional coatings, these playing surfaces tend to be covered with grease and dust. Plus, it’s also small in size for easy transportation.

Plastic can also be attributed to inexpensive copies. Before choosing, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the fasteners. They have an easy fastening system.Most models are installed with adhesive tape. Fixation by this method is reliable and strong. The mouse does not slow down or stop even with regular high-speed use. Caring for such a unit is not difficult, you can wipe it with an ordinary damp cloth. The assortment is wide, has various colorful prints and patterns, brightening up the gray everyday life of a lover of arcades and simulators.

Despite this typing, there is another one: for additional functionality.Specialists and professionals distinguish several varieties. They are like this:

  • Speed. They are rightfully called the smoothest planes. This property allows the cursor to move at incredible speed. Specially developed texture designed for high loads. Does not erase the bottom of the “mouse” due to its softness.
  • Control. As the name suggests, the carpet is designed to be controlled with greater precision. This subspecies, like the one above, is mostly not suitable for work.Buying such devices for office activities is not the most practical solution. They make it possible to literally move the pointer pixel by pixel, both in games and, for example, in graphics editors such as Photoshop. The surface of such carpets is rougher and more textured.

Unique models are presented on the market for exotic lovers. These include backlit variations. The convenience of their use is manifested mostly at night. The color of the additional lighting can be of any color.The most popular are red and blue.

In theory, the mouse can exist without this add-on, however, the performance will be much lower. It is necessary to figure out for what purposes the product will be needed. The purchase of a gaming surface will be as necessary as possible if the computer and all components are sharpened for video games and the owner of the equipment can call himself a professional player. In this case, the sensitivity of the device will be a very important criterion. Speaking of shooters, this is the most important technical value of all the accompanying ones.In shooting games, it is very important that the mouse is responsible for aiming and aiming, the reaction speed will be worth winning in important competitions.

Huge mouse pad.

Mouse pad.
It’s not like a rug. Not like a flying carpet. This is a B-29 bomber among mouse rugs.
It is huge and that is what prompted me to write a review.

Its size is 44 cm by 35 cm. And while these were just numbers in the description, it did not seem so unusual. When I picked it up, I was amazed …

The rug was ordered on the 20th of November and received at UkrPoshta more than a month after it was sent.
Probably they all left there for the Congress of the Communist Party and did not have time to send the goods.
The rug was not driving to me alone, there was still a lot of different things, so its packaging is not interesting. A banal gray envelope and everything inside is packed in a bubble wrap.

Why did I need it so big.
Often you have to manage two mice at one workstation. While the project is being calculated on a large computer, the next task is collected on a laptop.

One shelf – two mice, and one of them clearly looks deprived because there is no place for it on a standard rug.
So I decided to buy a rug that will cover more space. Now the entire mouse shelf will be “mastered” by the mat.

The mat is almost black with a fine texture and a green pattern.

Probably the proceeds from its sale should have gone to Razer, but I think that it is unlikely …

Soft. Because he is fat. 4 mm is still a lot for a rug. On the other hand, this is not a problem when used for its intended purpose.

I tried to remove the texture … Well, how did it happen …

I’m satisfied.For a month of delivery, I somehow lost / forgot the size of the rug I ordered and was amazed at its enormity. And by the way, the weight is also 370 grams.

He was waiting for him so …

But. Alas, he was not destined to get a job on it. Sent in a link to friends in the village.
P.S. Yes, this is my first review.
Yes, under the Dell monitor are Sony wireless headphones, a Casio wrist watch, a Voodoo Doll toothpick holder and a thermometer with a clock bought in the last century.
And yes, I love the T60 laptop too.
The rug “500 euros” was once purchased at Tinideal.

How to choose a mouse pad

What are the mouse pads (plastic, rubber, fabric, with a pillow for the hand), which mat is better, how to choose the right comfortable and play mat.

Even if you choose the best mouse, but use the “wrong” mat, you may lose the comfort in work or play that this mouse can provide you.In fact, the type and quality of the rug are very important and the difference is felt right away, while the rug does not have to be expensive, the main thing is to be able to choose it correctly.



1. Plastic mat

So what do the sellers offer us. This is usually the cheapest rug, which consists of a thin plastic layer with a bright picture and a low quality rubber backing glued to it. Such rugs do not last long, crack when bending and moving around the table, swell from moisture.The upper plastic layer is cracked, and of course, there can be no question of the accuracy of the mouse cursor positioning due to the poor quality of the reflective surface. Sometimes, even on inexpensive optical mice, the cursor jumps when the sensor moves from one color of the image on the mat to another. Although they look fun and cost only $ 2.

This is how they come unstuck and the top layer of plastic cracks.

2. Thin rug

Not much better will be the juicy Defender Juicy mats, which do not have a rubber base at all and consist only of the thinnest flexible plastic, although they cost about the same $ 2.It’s amazing how they stay on the table for some time …

3. Cork mat

Only cork mats can be even worse.

This is a rug made of wood, very reminiscent of a wine cork (possibly from these corks), the same costing no more than $ 2. I don’t know who came up with such stupidity, but this rug will erase not only the legs of your mouse, but also rub a corn on your wrist.

4. Round rug

A few more examples of mats that are irregular in size and shape, which are not enough for comfortable work.

5. Rug girl

Another example of cool, but uncomfortable rugs with a pillow for the arm.

6. Leather rug

And the latest fashion trend is leather rugs. I used this rug. What can I say, it looks stylish, the mouse works on it, it doesn’t slide on the table, but I wouldn’t buy one for myself, it’s better than the cheapest plastic and cork ones.

7. Mat with a cushion for hands

When my first rug soon fell apart and cracked, I decided that I would no longer buy bad rugs and chose for myself, as it seemed to me, a high-quality and comfortable rug with a pillow for the hand for $ 7.

This is a cloth mat with a nice rubber base that sticks to a clean table surface. But soon I realized that I was mistaken, as it turned out to be inconvenient to use it. Although the pillow was rather soft, the palm was high from the table surface and it was uncomfortable to hold the hand like that. In addition, there was not enough room to move the mouse, and the fabric quickly got dirty.

8. Rubber mat

Due to the fact that it was extremely inconvenient to work, I decided not to suffer and buy another rug.And I wanted it to have the same soft rubber base, but with a smooth (non-fabric) coating and a standard rectangular shape. And I found one, it turned out to be a G-CUBE rug, costing about $ 6, and I was right.

Rugs of this brand have interesting colors and an excellent base made of very soft foam rubber. They do not slip or deteriorate.

Happily and happily, I used this rug until I bought a laptop with a good radio mouse and decided that it would be necessary to put the same rug in the bag with it in the bag so that my mouse was dry and comfortable And that’s not a problem, such rugs are gone from sale (now you can already buy them).

9. Cloth mat

I have been choosing for a long time, but I have not found anything the same. Then I decided to buy the A4Tech X7-200MP gaming mat.

It was a rug with a cloth covering and about the same cost (about $ 5-6).

And, lo and behold, I received my sight, he was so soft and comfortable! In addition, it was a couple of centimeters larger than the previous one, and my mouse felt just divine on it! Firstly, it stopped sliding at the moment when you press fire in the game and the sight did not go astray.Secondly, I even felt an increase in the cursor positioning accuracy, the impression was created that I no longer control every millimeter, but every tenth of it!

The underside of the mat has the same non-slip rubber base.

Rubber is very soft and porous, reminiscent of rubber.

The base is very durable and the mat will not deform over time.

The only drawback that came to light six months later is that it gets dirty and cannot be wiped with a damp cloth or cotton swab with alcohol, like the previous one.But I found a way out of this situation – I washed it in warm water with dish detergent, rinsed it and hung it up to dry overnight. And, lo and behold, in the morning my rug was like brand new! Since then I have repeated this procedure many times and each time it has completely recovered. The only thing is that after a few years the edges start to fray (the fabric peels off the rubber), but I still think this is the best rug for its price.

By the way, I decided to check how the new laptop mouse would behave on it and it turned out that it was great.But with the old rug she had problems … If my gaming mouse slid too much on it, the laptop’s radio mouse, on the contrary, moves over it with effort, which is not very comfortable. The cloth gaming mat has proven to be ideal for any mouse and now I use these mats on all my computers and laptops.

10. Playing surface

Oversized play mats, the so-called playing surfaces, are of the same high quality and therefore more expensive ($ 15-20).Examples of such gaming surfaces are A4Tech X7-500MP and A4Tech X7-700MP.

11. The best manufacturers

There are oversized quality play mats and play surfaces from other brands (Bloody, HyperX, SteelSeries, Razer), but they cost 2-3 times more.

Of these, Bloody is the most inexpensive, with sheathed edges so that they don’t fray over time. But, compared to A4Tech X7, they have a rougher (rough) surface, so most mice with plastic and Teflon feet slide poorly on them, which leads to excess resistance and reduced comfort.

But these mats work well for Bloody mice with aluminum feet, as they are more slippery and require just such a surface, on smoother mats they slip. Bloody rugs also have harsh upholstery, which many consider uncomfortable. Therefore, for mice of other brands, I would not recommend them.

HyperX and SteelSeries mats cost a little more, but have a generally smoother surface (like the A4Tech X7) and softer padded edges, making them a good value for money.

Very high quality, but also the most expensive, are Razer rugs. They are made on the basis of an excellent rubber base and trimmed with soft silk thread. There is a wide range of Razer rugs available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and finishes.

Razer mats are available in the following sizes:

  • 270 × 215 (regular)
  • 355 × 254 (medium)
  • 444 × 355 (large)
  • 920 × 294 (wide)

It should be noted that even the minimum size rug is larger and more comfortable than a standard rug.Medium and Large are suitable for playing at low sense, here the choice is more dependent on the table space. Well, the wide playing surface will also allow you to put the keyboard on the mat, which will provide additional comfort for your hands.

Regular Razer Fabric Mats are 3mm thick for optimal comfort. But there is a special series Mobile with a thickness of only 1.5 mm, it is focused on carrying the rug with you (for tournaments).

According to the type of covering, Razer fabric mats are divided into the Speed ​​and Control series.Speed ​​mats are smooth and more designed for playing with high sensitivity (1000 dpi and more), but in principle no one bothers to play with them with a lower sensor (600-800 dpi). Control mats are rather rough (with dimples) and are suitable mainly for games with low sensor (400-600 dpi), the mouse glides on them worse and I personally don’t like them very much.

The smoother Razer Goliathus Speed ​​mat in the regular size (270 × 215) that I have been using lately is to my liking.

It has an excellent silky surface with an ideal friction / slide ratio for a mouse with Teflon feet, and the edges are trimmed with soft, fine silk thread and are not felt at all.

The rubber base is quite grippy and does not slip even on a dusty table.

The base has an interesting honeycomb texture.

The size of the rug is enough for me, it looks great, the drawing is not erased and dirt is not visible on it, so it is enough to wash it once a year.

As for the drawing, there are some nuances. On the one hand, on a rug with a pattern it is not so visible when it gets dirty. On the other hand, inexpensive gaming mice with an optical sensor such as Bloody do not always behave adequately on colorful rugs, it is better for them to take more monotonous or black rugs.

Happy choice, comfortable game and computer work!

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Mouse pad A4 Tech X7-200MP
Mouse pad A4 Tech Bloody B-080
Mouse pad A4 Tech X7-200MP

Orico Large Balsa Mouse / Keyboard Pad

Acquired a Large Balsa Mouse Pad from Orico.Previously I used only synthetic and aluminum rugs. In a cork rug, I was bribed by the large size, moisture resistance, natural materials, and of course the brand is well-known. In addition, the cork rug is double-sided, you can change the side depending on the mood and taste preferences of the person sitting in front of him.

  • Brand: Orico
  • Model: CMP48
  • Material: Cork
  • Dimensions: 30 * 20/60 * 30/ 80 * 40 mm
  • Reversible
Packaging & Design

Mat rather big and the box is the same, in the window you can see our purchase rewound for fixing.The packaging indicates the main advantages of the mat, such as moisture resistance and softness of the coating, multifunctional use cases, no harm to the environment, etc. The model is called CMP48, dimensions: 400 * 800mm

The carpet is rewound with a rope from the same material from which it is made. The material is cork, there is a manufacturer’s logo on both sides (because you can put it on the table and use it on either side). The stitching is very neat and even, there are no complaints about the manufacturer in this regard.The material is pleasant to the touch and quite thick. Rug thickness – 2.83cm

One side is darker, the other is light brown and smoother. In size it easily fits on a regular office desk. The second side is not straightened so easily that you have to fold it in the opposite direction to lie on the table.


For operation, I have chosen the dark side for now, more suited to the color of the table and dark devices on it. After the folded state, the rug did not immediately straighten clearly on the flat surface of the table, protruding somewhere in the corners.After a couple of days, he became smoother.

I put a hot cup of tea on it, while there are no marks on the rug and it does not deform in any way. The mouse glides on the surface normally, although the coating resists slightly and slows down the movement. On the lighter side, there are no such sensations. If you spill tea or water on the surface, there are also no problems, the rug does not get wet, and the water can be easily removed from it with an ordinary napkin without leaving any traces on the surface. Even a sweaty / wet palm does not stick to the surface.


Orico cork mat has a pleasant appearance and decent workmanship. It can be used on both sides, depending on the taste and colors of the customer’s interior. I liked the moisture resistance of the coating, because now you can not be afraid to spill any liquid. Of course, you can get it dirty, but it is easy to wash it off. And how much the material is brittle and durable – we will find out in the future with long-term use. I took the largest version of the carpet, there are other dimensions on sale.



Cleaning rugs isn’t just for aesthetics. Dust collects on them, which compresses over time and makes it difficult for the mouse to move. And in some drawing programs, one wrong move takes the job a step back. In games, a similar situation: missed with a shotgun – and the monsters got to you, did not fit into the turn of the race track – crashed.

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How to clean a mat made of plastic, polycarbonate

Plastic surfaces are hard, they do not absorb dirt, everything remains on top. The material is easy to clean. Before you clean the dusty mouse carpet, you need to arm yourself with wet wipes. They are convenient in that they do not leave lint on the surface, they have an impregnation that easily removes dirt. The wipes are sold in sealed tubes that prevent them from drying out.If you forget to close the packaging tightly, they will lose moisture and become useless.

For the care of plastic, wipes are suitable, in the impregnation of which there is alcohol or more gentle components. Some accessories other than the main function:

  1. Kills germs. Like a keyboard, a carpet contains many potentially harmful microorganisms. Alcohol wipes eliminate the threat.
  2. Gives anti-static properties to surfaces.Dust accumulates more slowly on the carpet.

If the playing surface cannot be wiped off with damp wipes, it can be washed in the sink using kitchen detergent and a washcloth. You can only wet ordinary carpets under the tap, which do not have a contactless charging port and other electricity-related gadgets. These are the basic rules for how to clean a plastic mouse pad. Usually, there are no problems with plastic: smooth surfaces are easily brought to their original state.It is a pleasure to look after them.

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How to clean a cloth, gel, microfiber and polyester mat

If the carpet has a fabric covering, it does not mean that it can be machine washed. Such stress to the substrate is contraindicated, since it is fraught with deformations. How, then, to get rid of the stubborn dirt? Can the mouse pad be washed by hand? This method is acceptable if you are careful.

  • Pre-soak the carpet, let the dirt soften.
  • Do not use water hotter than 40 degrees.
  • Get rid of dirt with delicate detergents. Suitable options are shampoo, shower gel or dishes.
  • Do not twist the garment after washing.
  • Tumble dry on a flat surface, on a string or tumble dryer.

A carpet with a gel pad can also be hand washed, following the above guidelines.In this case, you need to be especially careful with the niche filled with gel. It is important that the pillow does not deform.

Microfiber mats require no less care. One of the hand wash options:

  • to wet the bathroom wall;
  • attach a carpet to it;
  • Moisten it with a shower;
  • Carefully clean the contaminated surface with shampoo or gel;
  • wash off the foam with a shower;
  • Send the accessory to dry without twisting it.

Those looking for tips on how to wash a soft mouse pad need to remember the main thing – no machine wash. Even if one or two number passes, it is not a fact that you will be lucky for the third. Taking the time to take care of your computer equipment and accessories always pays off.

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How to clean a peel and rubber mat

Cork and rubber are different materials.In the first case, the linings are made from cork oak bark. Wood materials are not friendly with water, but short-term contact will not damage the accessory. Washing is another matter. Since it is not recommended to wash the cork mouse pad, wet wipes, with a delicate composition, or alcohol are used to combat dirt. If the lining is gray in places, you can pre-spray it with glass cleaner.

The rubber mat is often preferred for its excellent grip on the table.You can move the mouse as actively as possible – the lining will still remain motionless. Porous rubber is durable, manufacturers offer models with interesting patterns. With regard to cleaning, too, complete order: you can use a wide range of detergents. Rubber is not afraid of water, does not absorb it, and therefore dries quickly after washing. You can wash it boldly, the material will not swell after contact with water, will not creep. In this regard, it is more practical than a cork.

After washing rubber carpets, the strong qualities of this type of mushedrome are not lost.The cursor movement speed remains the same, the mouse does not slow down. Rubber mats, with proper care, perform well both in offices and in an amateur gaming environment. Their popularity is based on affordable prices, comfortable use and durability.

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How to wash the play mat

Gamer carpets are classified by online stores in a separate category.They differ from office ones in their emphasis on speed or precision of mouse control. Smooth carpets are fast, their surface type is Speed, rough ones provide more precise positioning, their characteristic is Control. There are also compromise options. Examples of popular rugs in Moyo:

Guides on how to clean a stained play mat typically refer to rag models. They can be washed gently in warm water. Caring for plastic surfaces is usually limited to wiping with a damp cloth.

When choosing an accessory, it is advisable to pay attention to the presence of a waterproof coating. If you spill water on a damp-proof playing surface, the liquid will not be absorbed into the fabric. It is enough to brush it off, and you can continue to enjoy the game. An example of a waterproof carpet is Dream Machines. In the absence of such protection, spilled coffee or juice is likely to be a verdict for tissue muscle tumors. If the liquid is absorbed, it will be difficult to wash it off without ruining the rug. Users do the right thing when they choose simple cheap models that are not a pity to throw away or expensive, but well protected.

In conclusion, we give general recommendations. So, what to do if you want to tidy up your muscle hustle? How do I clean a stained rug? First of all, you need to proceed from what material it is, and then follow the principle “do no harm”. Machine wash, wring-out, radiator dry are good ways to ditch your carpet. If you are thinking of buying an accessory with lighting or other electrics, think about how you will take care of it.

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How do I clean my SteelSeries mouse pad?

This accessory is made from stain-resistant materials, but needs regular maintenance if used intensively.Otherwise, the loss of attractiveness and unkempt appearance are inevitable. Using such a product is unpleasant and not hygienic.

When cleaning it, delicacy is important: sharp abrasive and tearing effects, as well as the use of aggressive detergents, are unacceptable. This can lead to a violation of the integrity of the accessory structure and, accordingly, to the loss of its original qualities and performance.

Cleaning technology may depend on the current condition and degree of contamination of the product.Slight dustiness and small stains can be removed with a soft, damp and always clean cloth.

However, with careless or intensive use, this method is ineffective. More serious measures are required with the use of special cleaning compositions. In fact, it resembles washing, and when taking precautions, there is no need to fear damage to the SteelSeries mouse pad. First of all, because the glue used in the manufacture of this accessory is not water-based, therefore, it is invulnerable to moisture.

Special features for cleaning with heavy dirt

In many cases, the following technique helps. The product is processed with ordinary soap (it can be either liquid or lumpy) or washing powder. A brush can be used to remove stubborn or stubborn dirt, provided it is not overly hard (otherwise damage is likely). However, in most cases, rubbing the problem areas with your hands is enough for high-quality cleaning.

For flushing, it is better to use a gentle stream of warm water directed from the shower. As a last resort, rinse your SteelSeries mouse pad in a basin. You cannot squeeze it out. The best drying option is to lay the product flat on a flat surface. This will ensure even and quick drying.

As for the frequency of cleaning the accessory, much depends on how intensively and in what conditions it is used. In any case, it is not recommended to abuse this procedure, therefore it is advisable to use the product carefully and not to allow it to become dirty quickly.

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The SteelSeries gaming mousepad is available at Clife.ru.

90,000 Huge mouse pad. Mouse pad.
It’s not like a rug. Not like a flying carpet. This is a B-29 bomber among mouse rugs.
It is huge and that is what prompted me to write a review.

Its size is 44 cm by 35 cm. And while these were just numbers in the description, it did not seem so unusual.When I picked it up, I was amazed …

The rug was ordered on the 20th of November and received at UkrPoshta more than a month after it was sent.
Probably they all went there to the Congress of the Communist Party and did not have time to send the goods.
The rug did not go to me alone, there was still a lot of things, so its packaging is not interesting. A banal gray envelope and everything inside is packed in a bubble wrap.

Why did I need it so big.
Often you have to manage two mice for one workplace.While the project is being calculated on a large computer, the next task is collected on a laptop.

One shelf – two mice, and one of them clearly looks deprived because there is no place for it on a standard rug.
So I decided to buy a rug that will cover more space. Now the entire mouse shelf will be “mastered” by the mat.

The rug is almost black with a fine texture and green pattern.

Probably the proceeds from its sale should have gone to Razer, but I think that it is unlikely …

Soft.Because he is fat. 4 mm is still a lot for a rug. On the other hand, this is not a problem when used for its intended purpose.

I tried to remove the texture … Well, how did it happen …

I’m satisfied. For a month of delivery, I somehow lost / forgot the size of the rug I ordered and was amazed at its enormity. And by the way, the weight is also 370 grams.

He was waiting for him so …

But. Alas, he was not destined to get a job on it.Sent in a link to friends in the village.
P.S. Yes, this is my first review.
Yes, under the Dell monitor are Sony wireless headphones, a Casio wrist watch, a Voodoo Doll toothpick holder and a thermometer with a clock bought in the last century.

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