Journal to buy: The 12 Best Journals You Can Buy On Amazon (2021)


All the best places to buy the most fabulous and affordable journals

Journaling is amazing. It’s a great tool for planning your day, getting things off your chest or simply writing about how your day went. In order to keep a journal consistently, you’re going to need some supplies. But buying journals can be expensive. As a journaler myself, I know all the best places to purchase journals that are both affordable and cute. Check out the places below to buy the most fabulous and budget-friendly journals and notebooks. 

TJMaxx, Marshalls & Home Goods


I’ve found that TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods are some of the best stores to purchase journals, especially if you’re looking for something cute at a great price. But, you have to be dedicated when you go looking for journals at these stores. Some of the best options are hidden at the back of the shelf. 

World Market


I’m not sure that there are World Markets everywhere, but if you find there’s a location near you, it’s definitely worth checking out. World Market is like a mix between Crate & Barrel and TJMaxx. It has tons of fun stuff including furniture, kitchenware, candles, gourmet international food items, home decor and so much more. One of the things I discovered during my first trip to World Market is that they have super cute journals and notebooks! Check out their selection on their website.   



Target is one of my favorite places to find journals and notebooks. They have a large selection, and if you catch them on the right day, they put their journals on clearance. 



It’s no surprise that Amazon makes the list. With all the affordable items they sell and Prime two-day delivery, you’re sure to find some amazing journal options at an equally amazing price. (Pro tip: Amazon also has a ton of guided journal options for those of you who want to start journaling.)  

Forever 21


You might be surprised during your next trip to Forever 21. Take a look through the area near the checkout line. You’ll find some notebooks and journals that are too cute not to get. And because it’s Forever 21, you know the price is going to be good. 



The number one place to go for journal lovers everywhere. Because there are so many shops custom-making journals, Etsy is the absolute best place to find exactly the shape, color and type of journal or notebook you’re looking for. Check out all their options! 

Are obsessed with journaling? Where do you like to buy your journals? Share your tips with us!  

The 9 Best Bullet Journals of 2021

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Bullet journaling (also known as BuJo) is a creative organizational system that many people use as an alternative to a traditional monthly or weekly planner. The best bullet journals feature a grid dot format that allows you to easily customize your own page layouts. Still, others prefer blank pages or even ruled pages. When you’re choosing the best bullet journal, it’s important to consider the type of cover, binding, and paperweight (because this plays a role in the type of pens/markers you want to use). Read on to find the best bullet journals to buy today.

Final Verdict

The Poluma Dotted Grid Notebook (view at Amazon) is the best bullet journal for its compact size, quality construction, and premium paper. Its reasonable price also makes it ideal for beginners. If you need a bit more hand-holding, the Dot Journaling Set (view at Walmart) will help you get started and comes with a lovely, sturdy journal.


What do you need to start bullet journaling?

At the very minimum, a notebook and something to write with. But if you want to bullet journal the right way, you’ll need, of course, a bullet journal (or any dot grid notebook) and a good set of journaling pens. Pro tip: Choose ones that don’t bleed and splurge on an array of colors. Stickers, washi tape, colored markers, and gel pens are also optional.

Hardcover or softcover, spiral or bound?

The hardcover vs. softcover debate really comes down to personal preference, as well as where and how you journal. If you do all of your bullet journaling at your desk, a softcover will work just fine. But for someone who takes their journal on the go or has it in and out of a backpack, a hardcover will provide more protection.

Spiral or bound is another debate among BuJo enthusiasts. Hardbound journals have a classier look, but you’ll want to choose one that opens flat, or else it may be frustrating to write on. That’s a problem that a spiral journal can help avoid. Plus, with a spiral design, you can focus on a single page instead of two at a time. 

What is GSM?

GSM stands for grams per square meter, and it refers to the weight of the paper. The higher the GSM, the heavier, sturdier, and thicker the paper is. For bullet journaling, you don’t want a flimsy paper weight like you might find in a marble notebook as your pen marks will bleed through. Going with a more durable paper weight will let you jot, draw, and scribble with your favorite pens and markers without any ghosting.

As for what a “good” GSM is, 100 or higher is the sweet spot for journaling. For reference, a 75gsm is what you’d find in a piece of copy machine paper, according to Xerox.

Meet the Expert

This roundup was updated by Dawn Papandrea, a personal finance reporter who covers small business topics. She is a full-time freelancer with two decades of writing experience.

Which is the Best Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are available in a wide range of sizes, types of paper, and brands. How to you choose the right bullet journal for you?

In this guide, I’ll show you all of the best bullet journals, what makes them fabulous, and provide all of the information you need to decide which is the best bullet journal to fit your needs. I’m also providing a list of places you can buy bullet journals both online or in stores.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure for more information.

If you want to learn more about bullet journaling you can check out this beginner’s guide to get started.

Once you choose a bullet journal, come back to here to (bookmark it for later) and check out more than 75 blog posts on bullet journaling!

Questions to think about when choosing a bullet journal:

What size bullet journal should I get?

Bullet journals range in a wide variety of sizes from mini approximately 3 x 4” to large 8 x 10” (nearly the size of a sheet of paper).

However, when choosing the right size for you, it’s important to consider your lifestyle.

Do you like to travel light and keep a bullet journal in your back pocket? Consider a mini or pocket size bujo.

If you like to plan at a desk and your bullet journal won’t be moving very often, you may want a large notebook. This size notebook is also handy if you are going to use it to take notes or you have a lot of information you need to get on a single page.

By far, the most popular size bullet journal is a medium also known as an A5 notebook. It’s a great size for most people because it provides a good amount of space for writing yet it’s sized perfectly for a backpack, computer bag, handbag, or tote.

A5 is my personal favorite because I like to carry my bullet journal EVERYWHERE. I tried one of the pocket sizes and it just wasn’t enough room for me to write in. Now when I shop for handbags, making sure my bujo will fit is a requirement.

Because this size is the most popular, there is a huge variety of notebooks options for you. When you are new to bullet journaling, all of these options can be overwhelming!

So, I’ve rounded up all of the best bullet journals (a bit later in this blog post) for you to choose from. I’ve also added links to each of them on Amazon so you can browse, compare, and check prices.

Hard cover or soft cover bullet journal?

Soft Cover – This is another decision you will have to make when choosing a bullet journal. If you want a flexible notebook that curves to fit your pocket or your backpack, soft cover is your best bet.

Hard Cover – I like to write when I’m out and about and sometimes I don’t have a hard surface to write on; I may end up using my knee as a desk if I’m sitting on a bench. That said, hard cover is my favorite choice.

Consider how you will be using your bullet journal when deciding on hard or soft covers.

Where Can I Buy A Bullet Journal?

Bullet journals are widely available. Not only can you have them delivered directly to your door from Amazon and other online retailers, there are many places you can buy them locally.

Many people ask, “where can I buy a bullet journal in stores” and here’s a list of places for you to check out in your local neighborhood. As you can see, dot grid notebooks are available almost everywhere and at prices to fit every budget.

Leuchtturm Bullet Journals

Buying A Writing Journal: 5 Factors To Consider

Before jumping into the world of journaling and keeping a journal every writer is faced with an important task — choosing the exact right journal/notebook for their needs! This may depend on personal preference or it might depend on what the journal is going to be used for. In either situation, here are 5 factors to consider before making that important purchase:

1. Size of Journal

The size of the journal you choose depends on your needs. You may want a mini or slim journal because it’s more portable (for carrying around in your back-pocket or purse), or you might want larger Ultra- or Grande-size journals for writing large and long pages of text.

Sizes (and their approximate dimensions) include, from smallest to largest:

  • Micro: 70 x 90 mm | 2.75″ x 3.625″
  • Mini: 95 x 140 mm | 4″ x 5.5″
  • Midi: 120 x 170 mm | 5″ x 7″
  • Slim: 90 x 180 mm | 3.75″ x 7″
  • Ultra: 180 x 230 mm | 7″ x 9″
  • Grande: 210 x 300 mm | 8.25″ x 11.75″

Click on the chart on the right for size comparisons.

You may have to try journaling on a few different size books before you figure out exactly which size is the best fit for you!

2. Binding Quality

Your choice in binding depends on how well-built you want or need the book to be. Do you need a finely-constructed book that can weather any storm or is your book generally always going to be in a safe place (like next to your bed)? If you’re carrying your book everywhere or the thought of pages falling out of your notebook horrifies you, you may want to bypass that cheap generic-brand notebook and spend a little extra on a finely-bound one.

Also important: Do you want the book to lay completely flat when open or are you fine with having to hold it open when you write in it? (See the below picture for an example of a book that doesn’t have lay-flat binding.) Finally, think about what kind of spine you would prefer. A hardcover or stitched/sewn style looks nicer (on the go and in a personal library) than, say, a coil-bound book! (Not to mention that a coil-bound book is not always pleasant to write in if you’re a lefty, with the edge of your hand constantly rubbing up against the rings!)

Do you want your journal to lay completely flat when open?


Cover Design

Even the cover design of a book may be important. Some people may want a simple and subtle design (think Paperblanks’ Old Leather or Pocket Companions collections), while others may draw inspiration from something more colorful or lively (ex. Laurel Burch Collections), ornate or elegant (think: Baroque Ventaglio Collection), or personal: We’ve found some people are simply inspired by owning a book from the Embellished Manuscripts Collection because the covers depict the notes and sketches of one of their favourite artists (Think a fan of Edgar Allan Poe drawing inspiration from the famous writer by writing every day in the Poe, Tamerlane journal.)

Which is all to say that – the right cover design can inspire the writer!

4. Paper Quality

You may be fine with any kind of paper or you may specifically like something higher-grade. Higher-grade paper will have a smooth finish, a high opacity (the extent to which printing on one side of the paper will be visible on the reverse side) and minimal to no feathering. Feathering occurs when the ink spreads out on the page (go here for an example.)

Another consideration: your choice of writing instrument should go hand in hand with your choice in paper quality. You don’t, for example, want to use a really nice fountain pen on low-grade paper!

5. Closure

Metal Clasp

The final factor to consider is what kind of closure you like for your writing journal. There are 3 types of closures you can typically find on a journal:

  • Elastic band
  • Metal Clasp
  • Magnetic Clasp/Wrap/Strap

Obviously some clasps look nicer than others (call us crazy, but we think metal clasps – depicted on the right – look elegant and beautiful on a journal!) but generally all closures will serve the same purpose – keeping your book closed and secure and keeping any extras securely locked away inside the book!

Magnetic Clasp

However, if you do typically keep a lot of loose items (photos, loose papers, stickies) in your journal you may want to be careful about your choice of closure. Journals with metal and magnetic clasps and wraps can usually fit some extras, but if too much is added then the magnets may not align as well and the closure will not be as strong. In this case, an elastic band closure may be best. But generally most closures can withstand a book fitting a lot of extras!

Have We Missed Anything?

If we’ve missed anything important feel free to tell us in the comments section below!

About Paperblanks: We have been producing superb writing journals for nearly twenty years. We are book people, and we believe that the written word matters and that our blank books have a critical role to play in the art and continued practice of writing itself. For more about Paperblanks, go to our website at

The 19 Best Notebooks For Journaling in 2021

In my apartment, I keep almost every journal I’ve ever written, from first grade on. I’m not an obsessive journaler; actually, I’m consistently inconsistent about the frequency with which I write. But I’ve always maintained a notebook in some way, especially as I’ve grown older, and in 2019 I finally committed to a serious journaling practice. It is largely this reflective writing that kept me somewhat grounded amid the chaos that was 2020—and will hopefully continue to do so in 2021. I highly encourage you to consider starting a journaling practice this new year too, however big or small, as a reminder that each day was a whole, entire day that you lived, breathed, felt, grew, grieved, laughed, and loved, often in great emotional waves.

Of course, I totally understand that journaling can seem time-consuming, overwhelming, or like one of those things you always mean to do but never get to, like therapy or meditation. I felt that way for a long time too, because I hadn’t figured out the kind of journaler I was. Looking at my notebooks from my teens and 20s, there’s a progression from lined pink diaries that I used sporadically to small black unlined Moleskines, to even tinier, expensive, delicately papered ledgers that I ultimately never wrote in, since everything I wanted to write seemed too mundane (“Went to Trader Joe’s. Bought mochi. Went home”) or childish (“Does everyone hate me?!”) for its fancy pages.

At 28, after a diagnosis of stress-induced epilepsy, I experimented with different types of journals as a way of managing my anxiety and also to help improve my memory, which has grown spotty with the anti-epileptic medications I take (and with age). At 30, I landed on my magic combo: I now keep two journals.

The first is a page-a-day Moleskine planner in which I quickly note everything that transpired on that date, including the “boring” stuff. I also note my mood (on a fluctuating, subjective scale of 1 to 10 for anxiety), things I’m grateful for (a rare night of good sleep, my cat’s purr, a memorable meal, a new dress), and the weather.

My second journal is a larger, 9″ x 12″ Strathmore “visual journal.” It’s unlined, with thick paper that’s substantial enough that my markers and inks don’t bleed. In these pages I let myself really breathe. I doodle, paint, get mad, and write mad things in big, mad letters. I scribble down quotes, story ideas, lists, jokes, complaints, letters to myself, purposefully disregarding formal structure. This is my “feelings” journal. It’s less of a record and more of an imperfect unpacking of the chatter inside my head.

I like looking back at my journals periodically to see how much has changed, what the headlines were, how I was feeling. Certain themes and behaviors pop out over time, certain moments, conversations, exchanges with strangers on the street, that I’d forgotten and am thankful I saved for later reading. Even flipping back to January of last year, so much has changed (clearly), and carving time for reflection feels so important.

New journalers, try not to let a fear of writing or fatigue deter you. Your journal is a safe space, and it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Perhaps you just list bluntly what you did that day or draw an emoji. Perhaps you let yourself lose it over how uncertain the world is. Or maybe you start a novel.

Below, I share notebook options for those who want to begin a practice for 2021 or refresh their old notebook. Consider whether you want lines or no lines, whether you’ll be writing inside or on the go, or whether you prefer something large or portable. It’s up to you, but the important thing is, no matter whether it’s this month or next: Just start.

20 Best Daily Personal Journals and Notebooks for 2021


There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know what the best daily personal journal and notebook is, then we recommend BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal – Daily Planner as the best choice.

Are you looking to make positive changes in 2021? Most of us like to begin each new year with a few goals in mind that can enrich our lives. Unfortunately, for many of us, the motivation we feel in January begins to fizzle as time goes on, and we lose sight of those goals.

You may be surprised to hear it, but journal writing provides a simple way to stay on track and achieve success in different aspects of your life. To get started, all you need is a journal notebook and your favorite pen or pencil.

A good journal will keep you motivated and encourage your personal growth journey. So with that in mind, here are the 20 best daily journals and journaling notebooks on the market.

Our Picks for Best Journal Notebooks

Don’t have time to read the entire journal notebook review? Then check out this table for a quick review…

The Benefits of Journal Writing

At first, jotting down our thoughts, goals, and challenges to overcome may seem like a trivial endeavor. But studies have shown that journal writing is beneficial for our brains and overall well-being. Journal writing is a proven stress reducer, as the simple act of laying out our fears and perceived hurdles can free our minds from negative thoughts.

In that same vein, writing down our successes and achievements encourages positivity and fosters personal development. Many people find that putting their goals and aspirations on paper provides a more tangible, attainable goal when compared to simple thoughts, which are much easier to ignore than permanent ink.

(Side bar: If you’re unsure about “what” to journal about, then here are 33 journaling ideas to get you started.)

Making Time for the Journaling Process

For many of us, having a set schedule is crucial to getting things done. Journal writing is no exception. You’ll find it easier to write—and to remember to do so—if you adhere to a journal writing schedule. For instance, making time in the morning to lay out the day’s agenda can make goals more attainable.

Conversely, you may find it easier to do your journal writing at the end of the day. As you lay out your daily accomplishments, it can give you a sense of pride, seeing tangible evidence of your successes of the day.

Finally, just as the choice of journal notebook is a highly personal one, so is your writing schedule. You can write daily, or less often if you find the idea of daily writing to be daunting.

Once you get into the habit of journal writing, the process will become easier.  You’ll find that the habit becomes ingrained—part of your daily routine.

The right type of journal can help you foster discipline and be a stepping stone to other healthy habits that can improve your life.

What Should I Look for in a Journal?

Any notebook can be used as a journal. Getting specialized journals like the ones on this page are more about having guidance to prompt your daily writing.

Journaling is a personal endeavor. Some people prefer the freedom that comes from a blank journal but others need guidance or writing prompts.

Many people find it difficult to achieve the discipline needed to journal regularly. So those who have trouble focusing or remembering to write may find success with pre-formatted journals, rather than blank notebooks.

Even a simple motivational quote can provide an extra boost of inspiration and help you develop a habit of writing. Some journal notebooks feature quotes followed by a section where you can respond to the daily message, and this is a feature I find immensely beneficial.

Above all, you’ll find the most success with a journal notebook that inspires you and nudges you towards writing down your thoughts every day. As you sort through the plethora of available notebook options in order to find the perfect tool for your needs, you’ll discover that journal notebooks come in every color of the rainbow and every size imaginable.

Types and Features of Journal Notebooks

Journals and notebooks come in myriad sizes to meet a variety of user needs.

Some are small enough to fit in your pocket, while others are the perfect size for a backpack or purse.

If portability isn’t a concern, you can opt for a large, hardcover journal. These can be constructed of letter-size paper, about 8 by 11 inches, and some are even larger.

Journals can be constructed with soft or hard covers, and are available in a variety of page counts, but most journal notebooks average around 200 pages.

Many journals are outfitted with integrated elastic straps or fabric ribbons you can use to mark your page, giving you quick access without rifling through the notebook.

Keep your ideal journal features and goals in mind as you search for the perfect one. The following twenty journals are very different, but each one is designed to improve your life and lead you toward positive life choices and healthy habits.

20 Best Journal Notebooks for Personal Development


Best Overall Choice: BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal – Daily Planner

BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal Daily Planner

This is the best overall journal for men. It offers the perfect balance between allowing users to keep track of goals, time management, and gratitude. This journal offers a 13-week program that is backed by science and developed by entrepreneurs and is ideal for men who aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to journaling or have a hard time sticking with the practice.

The scientific structure of this journal includes space to record your morning and evening gratitude, your goals for the day, a 6am-9pm hourly schedule for each day and lots of clean space for notes.

This journal is a great tool for success because it presents men with an outline to simply fill in the details. It is especially helpful for those who are looking to improve their accountability, track their progress toward both short and long-term goals, and who want to see their results.

This journal offers spreads that are daily, weekly, and monthly to help men organize their lives with as much detail as needed. And, because this journal is not dated, it isn’t necessary to write in it every day. The hard cover is wrapped in canvas and includes thick paper that’s durable enough for fountain pens. It also comes with a durable fabric bookmark.


  • Undated, so can be started at any time
  • The layout is backed by science to be effective in helping people achieve goals
  • Durable


  • Created to be used for 13 weeks, which is the amount of time one typically needs to achieve a goal–but some users may need longer, depending on the goal
  • Some find this journal to be geared toward business goals only
  • The lines in this journal are too light for some to see clearly

2. Runner-Up Option: Moleskine Classic Notebook

If your ideal journal is one that gives you free rein and flexibility, then the classic Moleskine Journal Notebook is a no-brainer. No matter the subject matter or length of your written reflection, this journal notebook can accommodate you. Consisting of 240 blank, lined pages and measuring 8.2 x 5.2 x 1 inches, the large Moleskine Journal Notebook is conveniently portable.

The Moleskine Journal Notebook helps you foster your creativity in a way that many other journal notebooks cannot. The notebook’s blank pages are an open canvas where you can free write, draw, make goal lists, and reflect on disappointments—the choice is yours!

The Moleskine company boasts a rich history, crafting durable and attractive notebooks since 1997. The quintessential “little black book,” today’s Moleskines are designed with a timeless look, harking back centuries, which makes these journal notebooks a staple among writers from all walks of life, from novelists to journal writers.

A top seller, the basic Large Ruled Moleskine Journal Notebook features a cardboard-bound cover with rounded corners, an elastic closure, an attached dark violet ribbon bookmark, and an expandable inner pocket. The notebook’s thick, acid-free pages stand up to most types of ink with no bleeding through.


  • Well-constructed with a classic look
  • Fits easily in your purse, messenger bag, or even large pockets
  • Allows for writing freedom and flexibility
  • Warm page color is relaxing and inviting


  • Cover is cardboard bound and less durable than its hardcover counterparts
  • Not designed for specific goal-setting

3. Best Value for the Money: C.R. Gibson Brown Bonded Leather Journal

This beautiful journal has a cover made from genuine European bonded leather, a matching ribbon marker, and a gusseted storage pocket, giving it the look of a luxury journal that costs twice as much. With a generous number of lined pages, Smyth sewn binding, and an elastic closure, this journal is a great value for the money.

The C.R. Gibson Brown Bonded Leather Journal measures 5 x 8.2 inches, so it’s the perfect size for a purse or laptop bag. It has 240 lined pages, with 32 lines per page. The cover is made of brown bonded leather, with an elastic strap to hold the journal closed.

The journal has Smyth sewn binding, so it lays flat as you write. The ribbon marker helps you stay organized, and it also has a gusseted pocket on the rear cover to hold notes and cards.


  • Bonded leather cover
  • Good size for convenience and portability
  • Matching ribbon marker and elastic band look attractive
  • Rear pocket holds loose items
  • 240 pages lasts for a while
  • Lined pages for organization and lists


  • Pages are thin and some inks may bleed through
  • No pen loop

4. Most Budget-Friendly: AmazonBasics Classic Lined Notebook

AmazonBasics is known for their functional, affordable products, and this notebook is no exception. It’s a simple, useful, compact notebook with a generous 240 pages, gusseted pocket, and convenient elastic band. The cover is a classic black, suitable for any work or school environment, and it’s offered at an extremely reasonable price. What more could you ask for?

The AmazonBasics Classic Lined Notebook measures 5 x 8.25 inches, so it’s compact and portable. It has 240 lined pages, with 30 light grey lines per page. Pages are made from acid-fee, archival quality paper, and resist damage from light and air. The notebook has a rigid, cardboard cover so you can use it as a writing surface, thread-bound binding, and an expandable inner pocket for notes and cards. It has a sewn-in full length ribbon marker, and an elastic band for closure.


  • Classic black cover goes anywhere
  • Compact size perfect for portability and travel
  • 240 acid-free lined pages
  • Ribbon marker and elastic closure for convenience
  • Inner pocket stores loose notes
  • Affordable price


  • Not very durable
  • Cover may rub color onto other items


Best Journal for Women: Erin Condren’s Dot Grid Journal

If you are looking for a good women’s journal, a diary, or something to serve as a day planner, or even as a contact book, the Erin Condren’s Dot Grid Journal is an ideal option to consider. This is a dot grid journal, which comes in handy for making quick bullet points, whether they be daily events or just quick reminders.

That said, if you choose, you can also go with lined pages. You could choose to use the dotted pages as a way to draw some really cool geometric art pieces.

The pages are all 5 x 8 inches, with the cover being just a bit larger, making it an ideal size to fit in a small purse or in a small drawer, but large enough to write down all of your most important thoughts and reminders.  

Keep in mind that the type of paper used in the Erin Condren’s Dot Grid Journal is 80# (120 GSM), which means that it is fairly thick and durable.

The pages feature stitched binding to ensure that they stay in place. They won’t easily tear out of the journal, always a big factor as many notepads and journals often feature weak binding.

What’s also pretty neat about Erin Condren’s Dot Grid Journal is that you can choose to have the cover personalized; you can choose to have your name written in foil on it, thus really making it yours, although this will cost a little extra. The journal itself comes in at around $20.


  • Compact size
  • Good binding
  • Tough pages
  • Choose from lined or dotted pages
  • Optional cover personalization
  • Reasonable price


  • Not ideal for writing large journal entries

6. Best Small-Sized Journal: Passport Travelers Notebook

There’s just something about travel that inspires the writer and diarist in all of us. It’s irresistible to want to record the day’s sights, thoughts, activities, and impressions, so that you can relive them later. But travel requires a journal that is small, light, and rugged, so that it can keep you company on all your adventures, without weighing you down. This traveler’s notebook from Sovereign-Gear is perfect, with a rugged cover made of real leather, a classic design, and a size that is perfectly portable.

The Passport Travelers Notebook measures just 5.4 x 4.3 inches, the size of a passport. The cover is made of real leather, treated to allow scuffs to be rubbed away. This cover will last a lifetime, and, to be honest, a few scuffs might only increase the rugged charm of the notebook.

The notebook stays securely closed with a durable leather tie, and it has a PVC storage pocket for keeping loose items safe and secure. It also has beautiful decorative toggles and a bookmark that shows your love of travel and adventure.

The notebook comes with a handsome pen and has a hidden pen loop to keep your pen safe at hand no matter where you are. This notebook is refillable, so it really will last a lifetime. It comes with three quality paper packs, including cream-colored unlined paper, cream-colored lined paper, and brown plain craft paper. This journal takes Midori-style refills and accessories, so it can be customized and expanded as needed.

Sovereign-Gear makes journals that are ethically sourced and fairly traded. They donate a portion of their profits to Afrinspire, to help support communities in East Africa.


  • Makes an excellent gift for a travel-lover or for yourself
  • Genuine crazy horse leather cover will last a lifetime
  • Cover is treated to reduce scuffs
  • Refillable and reusable
  • Compact size perfect for travel
  • Has a clear PVC pocket for storage of loose items
  • Cover ties closed for secure travel and storage
  • Handsome toggles and bookmark
  • Comes with an attractive pen
  • Comes with three types of page inserts
  • Sustainably sourced and fairly traded
  • Profits benefit families in Africa


  • Pen loop is small if you prefer thicker pens
  • Included pen is not refillable

7. Best Planner to Accomplish Your #1 Goal in 100 Days: The Freedom Journal

If you struggle with productivity and time management, then The Freedom Journal may be the ideal tool for your needs. You can get your life back on track using the simple and clear prompts laid out in The Freedom Journal. Perfect for anyone with a single large goal they would like to accomplish in the immediate future, The Freedom Journal doubles as a self-help book.

Whether you’re working for a promotion, seeking to achieve greater financial stability, or want to improve your social life, The Freedom Journal can help you accomplish your goals. It comes with a money-back guarantee and guides you towards your goal from day one while helping you learn how to avoid distractions and stop procrastinating.

The principles of The Freedom Journal are based on science, and you’ll learn how to set and achieve goals according to the SMART system. Using the prompts laid out in this journal notebook, you’re encouraged to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. The SMART system is designed to put your goals in a simple, digestible format that seems almost easy rather than daunting.

Along with writing prompts, advice, and motivational text designed to lead you to your number one goal, The Freedom Journal also includes 10-day sprints so that you can accomplish micro-goals. You’ll also be able to identify problem areas in your life that may need adjustment thanks to the journal’s quarterly reviews.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but writing down your goals is the first step towards accomplishing them. You can think more deeply and analyze your moves in an objective manner with help from The Freedom Journal. This journal notebook measures 10 x 7 x 1 inches, and you can use the attached elastic straps to mark your place.

In addition, The Freedom Journal is perfect for your modern, mobile lifestyle. Every journal purchased comes with access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with your peers. An audiobook, mobile app, and PDF are also included with The Freedom Journal.


  • Hardcover, and non-dated, so you can begin it at any time
  • Well-constructed and durable
  • Encourages accountability and focus
  • Keeps you motivated and helps you set a realistic time-frame for achievement
  • Simple layout, with separate sections for day and night goal review
  • Smartphone integration with the corresponding app and fillable PDF


  • Contains a large amount of text as opposed to blank writing pages
  • Rigid format
  • Has a $39 price tag, which is on the high end for journal notebooks

8. Most Stylish and Customizable Notebook: Erin Condren’s Coiled Notebook

Erin Condren’s Coiled Notebook

If you can’t rest until you have The Perfect Notebook, and none of them are just right, you can always create your own perfect notebook with Erin Condren’s coiled notebooks. These notebooks allow you to choose your own cover from dozens of existing designs and themes, or make your own. You can choose the layout, choose the coil, even add accessories and make it your own. It’s the perfect choice for your own notebook, or for a thoughtful gift for the hard-to-please diarist in your life.

Erin Condren’s Coiled Notebooks come in two sizes, and allow you to choose from a huge range of beautiful cover designs with different cover options, or upload your own artwork to make your own custom cover. You could also upgrade to a re-usable cover, and even build a cover collection for all your notebook needs.

The notebooks have rich, 80# paper that is beautiful to write on, and you can choose from classic college-ruled lined pages, a productivity layout with college ruled lines and a functional checklist, a blank sketchbook layout, or a dot grid layout.

The pages are micro-perforated, so it’s easy to cleanly remove used pages. You can also choose to customize the color of your coil, making it platinum (included), or gold, rose, or black for an additional charge. Every notebook comes with a free sticker sheet, with fun matching sticky notes and tabs to help you stay organized.

Erin Condren also includes a wide range of notebook accessories, including re-usable and swappable covers, a range of sticker sheets, and even snap-in “dashboards.”

These snap-in dashboards can be added to any Erin Condren coiled notebook, and are designed to add more functionality to your notebook, with to-do list and checkbox list dashboards, planner dashboards, and even dashboards specifically designed to help you track your wellness, plan for travel, or manage busy life as a teacher.

Stickers, dashboards, and other accessories are all coordinated to match your notebook cover or theme, and fit into any Erin Condren notebook or planner.

The coiled notebook from Erin Condren gives you endless options for customization and personalization, so you can finally find the perfect notebook that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


  • Huge range of existing covers or make your own
  • Optional accessory of re-usable covers that can be transferred to new notebooks
  • Choose different page layouts for your needs
  • Comes with an included sticker sheet
  • Can customize your coil color if you choose
  • Add optional accessories like sticker sheets, dashboards, planner bags, reusable covers, and more
  • High-quality paper


  • If you choose a lot of accessories and customization, the costs can add up quickly

9. Best Digital Reusable Notebook: Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Core

Rocketbook is the leading name in digital reusable notebooks, because not only do their notebooks have a smooth, intuitive, paper-like writing experience, but their innovative technologies bring notebooks into a whole new generation.

With the companion Rocketbook app, you can not only scan your pages and store them in a huge range of cloud storage options, but you can also add them to popular apps like Evernote and Trello, or share them as pdfs or jpgs. OCR allows Rocketbook to read your handwriting, so you can search for text within your digitized notes and stay organized.

With Rocketbook Beacon technology, you can even live-stream your pages to share with others, making remote collaboration and brainstorming a snap. Rocketbook is a fantastic digital notebook for students, artists, diarists, or anyone who wants to share their ideas visually without sacrificing the convenience of natural, pen-to-paper writing, sketching, and drawing.

There are several different Rocketbook notebooks to choose from. The core of Rocketbook technology is that these notebooks have a classic pen and paper experience, and when you write on them with a Pilot Frixion pen, your writing adheres just like regular paper.

When your page is done, use the Rocketbook app to capture, store, share, or edit your pages. Then use water to erase your notebook, and the writing disappears like magic. Here’s a quick overview of Rocketbook notebook versions:

Rocketbook Core

Comes in letter or executive size, with cover color options. It has 32-36 reusable pages, and you can choose lined pages or dot grid pages. It’s infinitely reusable, and comes with a pen and microfiber cloth for erasing.

Rocketbook Fusion

Comes in letter or executive size with cover color options. It has 42 infinitely reusable pages, with a layout that has task lists, weekly planners, monthly calendars, OKR goal templates, idea lists, lined pages, and dot-grid pages. It comes with a pen.

Rocketbook Mini

Comes in a compact size with cover color options. 48 infinitely reusable pages have a dot grid pattern. It comes with a pen and a microfiber cloth.

Rocketbook Wave

Comes in standard or executive sizes with a wave cover design. Has 80 pages with a dot-grid pattern. The acid-free, fine-grained paper is designed for a real paper feel, perfect for drawing and sketching, and the pages are erasable and reusable up to 5 times. This notebook “erases” when microwaved, so it can be erased and reused all at once, rather than page by page.

Rocketbook One

Comes in  letter and executive sizes with a soft-touch imperial purple cover and stylish pewter binding. It has 140 acid-free, fine-grained dot grid pages. This notebook is not reusable, so it works with any pen. It’s designed to allow you to have a traditional, non-reusable notebook with the convenience of the Rocketbook app storage and sharing features.

Rocketbook Color

Measures 20.3 x 24.1 cm, with a colorful cover. It has 12 pages total: 8 bland pages designed for drawing and coloring, 2 dot-grid pages, and 2 lined pages. This Rocketbook is compatible with Crayola dry-erase products (and some other brands of dry-erase markers).

Rocketbooks are an incredible way to have the convenience and natural writing and drawing experience of a paper notebook, with the advanced ability to store, share, and collaborate offered by digital apps and tools.

The wide range of Rocketbook notebooks allows you to choose the perfect one for you or a friend. Their compatibility with the Pilot Frixion line is incredibly helpful, rather than developing a proprietary pen technology.

Frixion pens have all the versatility of standard pens, with a huge range of colors, inks, and point sizes. You can get Frixion highlighters, Frixion refillable pens, erasable markers, and any other features you expect in a pen.


  • Wide range of reusable notebooks for different purposes
  • Rocketbook app scans, reads, stores, edits, and shares your pages
  • Can be used to live-stream and collaborate remotely
  • Erases cleanly
  • Huge range of compatible pens with different colors and tips
  • Stylish and professional notebooks
  • More affordable than you might expect


  • OCR technology can be a bit unpredictable, and may not be able to “read” your handwriting if you have unusual handwriting or don’t press hard on the page

10. Best Journal for Your Travels: The Wanderings Grande Refillable Travel Notebook

This full grain 100% leather journal is ideal for those who are looking for the best quality journal. It looks and smells beautiful in addition to its authentic and expected leather feel. This notebook can be purchased once and used for a lifetime due to its durability and the available refill paper that can be purchased online.

The blank, unlined paper is 120 gsm, making it thick enough to handle fountain pens or paint without bleeding. It comes with 90 double sided sheets, giving you 180 pages to begin journaling with. However, these journals are very customizable, as there are refills available that are blank, lined, and dotted.

Unlike other notebooks or journals, these won’t fall apart, as they are carefully made to ensure quality. They are available in both small and medium sizes, so users can choose whichever size fits their journaling lifestyle best. These journals are described as being classic, antique vintage, and rustic, making them something that will be in style for years to come.

This is a great high-quality notebook to be used for a variety of reasons, including recording your personal thoughts, writing down ideas, drawing, planning, creating to-do lists, writing poetry, or as a blank slate for anything else you could want.


  • The dark brown genuine full-grain leather ages just like high-quality leather should
  • Comes with an elastic closure that doubles as a pen holder
  • Paper can withhold ink-heavy pens


  • Expensive
  • Some find the leather to be too flimsy
  • Paper is too thick for some users

11. Best for Bullet Journaling: Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook

Bullet journaling is a great way to stay organized, move toward your goals, capture your experiences, and explore your creativity all at once. And dot matrix lined sheets are simply the only way to do it properly. Dot matrix patterns allow you to create lists and checkboxes, write freeform, draw, design, and do it all in a way that looks organized and beautiful.

The Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook is a beautiful hardcover dot matrix journal that is letter-sized, measuring 8.2 x 11.6 inches. The hard cover allows you to use it even when there isn’t a table or desk handy, making it a great choice for students and commuters, and its moisture- and stain-resistant for lasting good looks. It has a generous 192 pages, so it lasts for a long time.

The premium quality paper has a smooth finish that beautifully accepts pens and other media, and its acid-free and archival quality so you can keep your bullet journals for a lifetime. It has a black satin ribbon bookmark, and an elastic band closure. There is also a back cover pocket to store loose notes, cards, and other items.


  • Light dot matrix pattern keeps you tidy without interfering with your designs
  • Durable hard cover has classic style
  • Satin ribbon marker and elastic closure look great and add convenience
  • Back pocket for extra storage
  • Acid free paper is archival quality
  • Generous number of pages


  • Some gel pens may bleed through

12. Best Journal with Refillable Pages: Poromo’s Refillable Leather Journal Notebook

This is the best journal for writing, as it offers the cleanest space for users to write as much as they want. It can also be used for drawing, traveling, and offers extra features to help users stay on top of their busy lives.

This stylish journal is helpful for many writing purposes, whether you want to record your thoughts and goals or you want to keep track of your appointments. It is made with high-quality, distressed cowhide leather, and includes a leather strap so users can keep it tightly closed, ensuring your important information is secure.

This journal is refillable, so you can keep the high-quality cover and add in pages as you need them. It also lays flat, allowing users to have more space on each page to write, draw, or record any type of information. The pages are 6” by 9” and the cover includes an inside pocket and card slot. It initially comes with 100 sheets of plain, white paper, which can be added to at any time.

When ordering this journal, users also receive a pen and a pen holder. Because the securing strap is so long, users are able to keep multiple books of paper in this journal at a time.


  • The journal can be refilled with any type of paper of your choosing
  • The distressed leather improves with age
  • Great notebook for people who are looking for something simple to really personalize themselves


  • The pad of paper that comes with the journal is unlined, which does not suit everybody
  • Some find it cumbersome to have to unwrap the securing strap
  • Until you have used this journal enough to break in the leather, it can be stiff and refuse to stay flat while in use

13. Best Vintage Journal: Handmade Leather Journal with Thick Vintage Lokta Paper

How better to record and capture your own story, than in a notebook that already tells one? This notebook is hand made in Nepal by artisans practicing a 1,000 year old craft of making paper. The journals are individually stitched and bound with genuine buffalo leather and thick, handmade vintage paper. This journal is eco-friendly, supports traditional handcrafts, and each one is unique. What better way to express your own uniqueness?

The Handmade Leather Journal with Thick Vintage is made with lokta paper, which is hand crafted from lokta bushes in the forests of the Himalayas. This paper is sustainably created by harvesting the bark of the bushes, rather than cutting down trees, and is naturally renewable, acid-free, not treated with chemicals, and is one of the world’s best handmade papers.

The papers are then roughly cut for imperfect, natural edges on each page, and hand bound in high quality real leather binding. The covers are hand-stitched, with a loop closure that is both useful and beautiful. This journal measures 8 x 5.5 inches, and has 192 premium-quality blank pages. The real leather cover and acid-free paper ensure that this journal will last a lifetime.


  • Handmade and unique
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Supports native Nepalese crafts
  • Rugged and durable
  • Thick paper can be used for writing, drawing, or even watercolor
  • Convenient strap closure


14. Best Journal for Self-Improvement: The Five Minute Journal

What if you could improve yourself in just five minutes a day? This daily guided journal does just that, with a format designed by psychologists to help boost your happiness and reduces loneliness, anxiety, and isolation. It’s amazing that a simple journal can do that, but over half a million people have benefitted from this daily journal.

The Five Minute Journal is structured with a morning and night-time section, to provide inspiration and motivation throughout the day. Daily prompts include gratitude, prioritizing the day, recording amazing things, sharing inspiring quotes, daily affirmations, and quiet self-reflection.

It may sound like a lot, but it takes just minutes, and is a tested and research-supported way to help experience more positive emotions every day. The journal measures 8.3 x 5.3 inches, and can be used during moments of thoughtfulness in the morning and evening, or throughout the day.

The sturdy hard cover design lets you use it even when there isn’t a desk or table nearby. The neutral color scheme and design creates a calm, restful backdrop for your thoughts and feelings. It has space for 6 months of daily reflections and includes powerful quotes to help motivate and inspire you.


  • Based on proven psychological research to help boost happiness
  • Format makes it easy to use in just minutes a day
  • Sophisticated, neutral design looks attractive and promotes calm thoughtfulness
  • Inspiring quotes and messages to provide motivation
  • Many people find the daily practice life-changing


  • Not designed for free-form journaling, but to support a daily positivity habit

15. Best Journal with Prompts: Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal

This is a small journal, but it is best to use when it comes to engaging users to write every day. The journal actually spans a five year period, so users can watch their progress in a variety of areas in their lives advance with time.

The Q&A journal offers you a specific question about your life to answer each day for a year. Once the year is over, you return to the beginning of the book and start over. After five years, you’re left with a five-year-long study of your life and growth, and a written reminder of how you were able to overcome challenges in the past.

This journal offers a thought-provoking question to answer every day of the year that often leads to greater self-awareness. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to track your self-development through the years and see how far you’ve come.

This journal only requires users to write 2-3 sentences per day, so it isn’t a huge time commitment. Users find it to be a convenient size and unique in the sense that it makes you think about things that you possibly wouldn’t normally consider. Users find these thought-provoking questions to be a great way to engage in some self-reflection every day.


  • Users love having the long-term memento of their lives
  • Small enough to carry around in your bag
  • Asks unique questions that make users think


  • Some find that the binding is a bit tight
  • There is the possibility that this journal can bring back bad memories in the future
  • Not a lot of space to write aside from answering the questions


Best for Creative & Visual Thinkers: Lemome Sketchbook With Premium Thick Paper, Unruled/Blank/Plain/Unlined Notebook, A5

This is the best option for a graphic journal because the pages work well for sketching and drawing, as well as for note-taking. It comes in a timeless, simple, versatile design.

This is a popular choice for everyday use because it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It comes with an elastic pen holder to ensure you always have a pen when you have an idea that you need to record.

The thick, premium paper holds up well, making it perfect to use for writing and drawing, no matter what kind of pen you are using. There are 90 sheets in this notebook, allowing users to have 180 pages to write on.


  • Perfect pages for sketching and drawing.
  • Ink does not bleed.
  • The cover has a nice leather feel.


  • The elastic band used to hold the notebook closed tends to come undone.
  • Paper and cover may separate from the binder.
  • Some people find there is not enough room to write on the pages.

17. Best Genuine Leather Journal: LEATHER JOURNAL Writing Notebook – Antique Handmade Leather-Bound Daily Notepad For Men & Women Unlined Paper 7 x 5 Inches

This rustic leather notebook is the best option for writing and diary keeping. It has an attractive design that makes it ideal for gifting, and a portion of the proceeds is donated to Tehila, an African charity in Zambia that works to prevent cruelty to children. The company behind this product believes in making products that can benefit the world in some way. This notebook, along with all of their other products, is ethically sourced and fairly-trade certified.

This has an antique and vintage feel to it, with its leather-bound cover and creamy, textured, unlined paper. The paper is made from recycled cotton paper, making this a sustainable product. The cover is 100% hand-made from crazy-horse leather, which has a natural tan with oils added to preserve it. However, this means that these notebooks vary in color, making no two journals exactly alike. Further, the leather gives this notebook a rich, earthy scent. The soft leather with a distressed finish will further improve with age, and will last for many years.

Writing in this journal is easy because the paper prevents ink from bleeding. The paper can handle a soft B pencil, a variety of different inks, and even watercolor. It comes with 240 blank pages measuring 7” x 5”, making it the perfect size to take with you on the go. This is the best leather-bound notebook.


  • Attractive and great for gifting.
  • Proceeds donated children in Africa.
  • Each leather notebook is unique.


  • Some users experience bleeding in the paper.
  • Cannot remove pages.
  • It does not lay completely flat, making it difficult to write on one side, depending on your dominant hand.

18. Best for Classroom Note-Taking: Mead Spiral Notebook, 6 Pack of 1-Subject College-Rule

d Spiral-Bound Notebooks, Pastel Color

This is the best option for classroom note-taking. You can use one notebook per subject, and they are inexpensive, so you can easily buy a replacement if you run out of space. The wired spiral locks prevent snags from occurring in your bag.

These notebooks are college-ruled and have a three-hole punch so they can easily be put inside of a binder. You can distinguish which notebook you assign for which subject because of the variety of colored covers that come in this pack. The six colors include light pink, purple, yellow, light blue, green, and orange.

Each notebook contains 70 sheets of paper that can be written both on the front and back. This should be sufficient space for the notebook to last you for the duration of a course.


  • Great for students.
  • Won’t snag in your bag.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.


  • There is a large label on the front of the notebook.
  • The ink may bleed through pages.
  • The pages may tear out too easily.

19. Best Notebook for Laboratory Work: National Laboratory Notebook, 4X4 Quad, 11”X9.25”

This option is the best notebook for laboratory work. It is one of the best paper notebooks for work because it has carbonless pages for convenience and is sold at a reasonable price compared with lab notebooks sold in most school bookstores.

The brown cover is made of sturdy pressboard and has a stitched binding to ensure the pages are secure. Inside, this notebook has 100 4×4 quad carbonless numbered sets of white and yellow paper, so you always have a copy of what you’re writing. The second sheet in each set is perforated for easy removal. This notebook also opens up flat, so writing in it is easy, regardless if you are right- or left-handed.

The fabric on the binding is water-resistant, protecting it from water or spills in the lab. The cardboard cover is also water-resistant. This journal even includes a table of contents and only has grid numbers and page numbers on the carbonless copy pages.


  • Best notebook for lab work.
  • It provides you with a carbonless copy of each page.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • The page divider in the back is difficult to remove.
  • Some find the writing to bleed or leak through pages.
  • Some find the carbon copy pages to be messy.

20. Best for Heavy-Duty, All-Weather Use: Rite in the Rain W

eatherproof Top-Spiral Notebook, 3″ x 5″, Black Cover

These are the best notebooks for heavy-duty, all-weather use. They can withstand tough environmental conditions such as rain, mud, snow, sweat, oil, and grease because they are waterproof and greaseproof. Their compact size and durability make them ideal for field notes. The pages have a unique moisture shield that allows you to write on them, regardless if the paper is wet or dry. You can easily use pencil, pen, or crayon on this paper.

This rugged writing surface was created almost 100 years ago to stand up to rugged weather elements. They come in a pack of three black 3″ x 5″ top-spiral notebooks, which are small enough to easily fit into your pocket and tough enough to survive rough conditions.

These notebooks have a non-glare gray paper that is easily legible, even in bright sunlight. The wire binding is resistant to impact and will not become misshapen. The notebooks have a polydura cover that protects your notes from scratches and smears. These notebooks are recyclable as well, making them environmentally friendly.


  • Waterproof, great for outdoor use.
  • Small and convenient to carry into the field.
  • Heavy-duty.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Some find these notebooks to be flimsy.
  • It cannot be submerged in water.

Get Started with Journaling Today!

There you have it — twenty journals that are perfect for building a powerful habit. We did our best to provide you with specific “categories” you can use to purchase the journal that’s right for you.

So, if you’re stuck with “what” to get, then think about how you’d use the journal. If you’re someone who needs specific prompts, then I’d recommend checking out Q&A a Day Journal. But if you like the freedom and flexibility to write about whatever is on your mind, then you should consider the BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal – Daily Planner or the Moleskin Journal.

BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal Daily Planner

Whatever you pick, I strongly urge to do some type of journaling every day — you won’t regret building this powerful habit!


Notebook & Journal Specs

Before we jump in I want to tell you what the criteria were as I was searching for a notebook as I was on my initial quest to find the perfect notebook for myself.

This all started when I started carrying a notebook with me everywhere about seven months ago. I’ve always carried notebooks but suddenly it had become an everyday necessity. I had developed my own task management and life organizing system over the years, but one day a friend point out that what I was doing was called “bullet journaling,” which sent me down a rabbit hole of discovery. So I started calling my journal a bullet journal (even though I didn’t play by all the rules – see my Hybrid Bullet Journal System here) and continued to use my journal to keep track of my daily tasks, thoughts, interesting tidbits or quotes, and even for taking notes when I listened to a podcast (another obsession of mine) or read a book. The journal I was carrying was just one I already had in my stash and just pulled off the shelf and started using it (the Green Inspired Journal in the photo below also has a full review on the list). Then at the end of May, I made a purchase of a Galen Leather handcrafted notebook cover. By the first of June, the first notebook has been purchased and the pen testing began!

We’re NOT going to discuss my obsession with leather in this post. But let’s just say that it’s real. Just look at this notebook cover. I’m sure you can understand the obsession.

I knew my next journal needed to meet a specific set of requirements to even make it to my shopping cart. Since I was spending my own money on these, I needed to be highly selective in the notebooks I purchased to test. The list of requirements for my perfect notebook are:

  • SIZE – It needed to be an A5 size to fit the new leather notebook cover.
  • LINES OR DOTS – I prefer a lined notebook as opposed to a blank sketchbook or dot grid. Although I do love dots in certain circumstances, so dots weren’t completely out of the running if something caught my eye. It’s interesting that I started this search looking exclusively for lines but ended up choosing a dotted notebook as the winner for my own use.
  • COVER – A beautiful cover is a bonus. If it’s something that I enjoy holding in my hand for the next several months, it’d have a better chance of being chosen. We’re not talking color here, this is about how it FEELS in my hand, the material from which it’s made and how sturdy the notebook construction might be over the time I use it.
  • PAPER – The biggest and most important factor is the paper. High quality, smooth paper that doesn’t show any ghosting or bleeding is essential. I don’t want to be restricted by which pen I use, so the paper needed to deal with any of my most trusted pens (we’ll talk about those in a minute).

So now that the requirements were settled I started searching. I watched review videos on YouTube, I read reviews on individual notebook listings on Amazon, and I even scoured all of the bullet journal guru websites to find out which journal they were using.

What I found was that almost universally everyone was using the Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook and they loved it beyond measure. In fact, the creator of the Bullet Journal system, Ryder Carroll, even had a special edition version of the Leuchtturm1917 with the Bullet Journal branding on the cover. So I took a closer look at the brand and specs of that notebook. I was skeptical because the paperweight didn’t seem to be good quality at 80 gsm. And seeing pen test results online concerned me because of the ghosting and bleeding. But I decided to give it a try anyway. My full review is below.

That’s where things started going downhill. I trusted the Bullet Journal gurus to tell me the truth. But when I saw the results of my own initial pen tests, I realized that those gurus were probably being paid to say nice things about a notebook that had really bad paper and was overpriced for such poor paper quality.

Then I fell victim to the same notebook “experts” who were raving about UberWorks notebooks. YouTubers and bloggers were so excited about how great these notebooks were, so I jumped on that bandwagon too. My full review of Uber Works is also below.

I kept being disappointed whenever I listened to someone else’s review of a notebook. I was tired of being duped. So I dug in and did what I did best. I researched, tested, evaluated, compared, and bought more notebooks than any one girl could use in a lifetime …. and here we are now.

After a couple unhappy starts to my notebook hunt I decided to get serious about specs. From here on out I was not going to try any notebook that had less than 100 GSM paper. I found several that meet the requirements and started placing orders. What I have for you below is a comprehensive review of all of the notebooks that I have collected, where they came from, how to find them yourself and what details you need to know about their quality and usefulness as a  bullet journal, art journal, or writing journal.

90,000 ՙ Non nocere ‘. New therapeutic journal

Rules for the publication of copyrighted materials in the “New Therapeutic Journal Nonnocere”

Non nocere is a scientific and practical journal for therapists, endocrinologists, cardiologists and doctors of other therapeutic specialties. The main focus of the publication is professional activity and everything that worries a doctor, as a specialist, and as a person. Lectures and literature reviews, articles on new diagnostic methods and other important information for practitioners are published.

The New Journal of Therapy Non nocere accepts the following manuscripts:

  • Lectures – clinically directed reviews by a generalist, including sections on epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic methods, treatment and prevention. The volume of the text is up to 12000 printing characters. (including literature sources, figure captions and tables), up to 80 literature sources.
  • Literature reviews – have a narrower specialized focus than lectures.The volume of the text is up to 12000 print names (including literature sources, captions to figures and tables), up to 50 literature sources.
  • A clinical case is a short, informative message that presents a complex diagnostic problem and an explanation of how to solve it, or a rare clinical case. Text volume up to 3600 printing characters. (including literature sources, figure captions and tables), up to 5 literature sources, no resume.
  • Editorial – text volume up to 7200 prints.zn. (including literature sources, figure captions and tables), up to 15 literature sources.
  • Opinion on the issue, commentary – provides the reader with information on the thematic issues raised in the published (or intended for publication) article and related disciplines. The volume of the text does not exceed 3600 printing characters.

Information about authors

Provided on a separate sheet, which indicates: full name, place of work of all authors, their positions and photographs with a minimum resolution of 300×300 pixels; full contact information must be indicated for one (or more) author and includes e-mail, available phone number.

Conflict of interest / funding information

The document contains a disclosure by the authors of possible relationships with industrial and financial organizations that could lead to a conflict of interest in connection with the material presented in the manuscript. It is advisable to list the sources of funding for the work. If there is no conflict of interest, then it is written: “No conflict of interest is declared.”

A conflict of interest arises when an author (or the entity represented by that author), reviewer, or editor has a financial or personal relationship that adversely affects actions and decisions.Not all such relationships involve conflicts of interest.

The potential for a conflict of interest may exist regardless of whether a person believes that this relationship affects his scientific judgment or not. Financial relationships (such as employment, consulting, shareholdings, royalties, paid peer reviews) are the most easily identifiable examples of conflicts of interest that can undermine the credibility of the journal, specific authors, and science in general. However, conflicts can occur for other reasons, such as personal relationships, academic competition, and intellectual enthusiasm.

The author (s) should indicate the role of the sponsor of the work, if any, in study design, collection, analysis and interpretation of data, in writing the report, and in deciding whether to submit the report for publication. If the above aspects of the work were carried out without the participation of sponsors, the authors should also indicate this.

Information is provided on a separate sheet.

Overlapping publications

The author (s) must inform the Editorial Board of all previous publications of the work in a cover letter, namely:

  • Submission of the manuscript in two editions. Sending to the Editors of works that have already been sent to other publications or printed in them is not allowed. If such an article is found in another publication, the Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse further cooperation to all co-authors.
  • Duplicate publication and acceptable republishing.Duplicate (double) publication is a duplicate publication of an article that is largely the same as another one already published in print or electronic publications.

Such publication is possible in case: the article is of interest to public health and is published with the obligatory reference to the original publication; rejected by another publication, it is a complete job description following the publication of the original report.


Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s published or unpublished ideas or words (or other intellectual property) without attribution or permission, and presenting them as new and original and not derived from existing sources.

The meaning and purpose of plagiarism is to mislead readers about the plagiarist’s contribution. This term applies regardless of whether these ideas or words are taken from abstracts, research grant applications, applications to an ethics review committee, materials published in any form (print or electronic) or unpublished.

Plagiarism is an unfair practice in scientific publishing.

Self-plagiarism – occurs when an author uses a fragment from a previous article on the same topic in another publication without marking this fragment as a quote.Is not regarded in the same way as plagiarism of ideas and words of other subjects and does not apply to unfair practice of scientific publications.

Abbreviations and List of Abbreviations

Abbreviations should be generally accepted and understandable to the reader. Abbreviations that coincide in spelling with others that have a different meaning are undesirable.

The list of abbreviations and their decoding is drawn up in accordance with the norms generally accepted in scientific literature. The terms frequently used in the manuscript are abbreviated (for example, AH, CHF, FC) and the names of clinical trials (SOLVD, TIMI, HOPE).

Registration of graphs, diagrams and figures

Graphs, diagrams and figures are accepted in electronic form in MS Excel formats,

“Adobe Illustrator”, “Corel Draw”, “MS PowerPoint”, photographs with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The name of the figure files should consist of the surname of the first author, indicated in Latin letters, and a serial number according to the text of the article.

Figures and captions are given on a separate sheet. Figures should not repeat the materials of the tables.

Tables should contain compressed, required data. Each table is printed on a separate sheet with a number, its title and explanation. The tables should clearly indicate the dimension of the indicators and the form of data presentation (M ± m; M ± SD; Me; Mo; percentiles, etc.). All numbers, totals and percentages in the tables must be carefully verified, and also correspond to their mention in the text. If necessary, explanatory notes are provided below the table. Abbreviations should be listed in a footnote below the table in

alphabetical order.Footnote symbols must be listed in the following order: *, †, §, ||, ¶, #,

**, ††, etc.

The place where the figure or table should be placed in the text is separated by blank lines, between which the figure or table number is indicated. A link to a particular figure (table) should be in the text before the place of the figure.


Cited literature should be printed on a separate sheet in a column with 1.5 spacing.References to works that are not in the bibliography are not allowed, and vice versa; references to unpublished works, as well as to works of many years ago (> 10 years). The only exceptions are rare highly informative works.

In the bibliographic description, the names of the authors are given up to three, after which, for domestic publications, “et al.” Should be indicated, for foreign – “et al.”. When describing articles from journals, the output data is indicated in the following order: the surname and initials of the authors, the name of the source, year, volume, number, pages (from and to).When describing articles from collections, the output data is indicated: surname, initials, title of the article, title of the collection, place of publication, year of publication, pages (from and to).

Literature references are cited in the order of citation in the manuscript. The text provides a reference to the serial number of the cited work in square brackets [1]. Each link in the list starts on a new line. All documents referred to in the text should be included in the bibliography.

In order to increase the citation of authors in the journal, transliteration of Russian-language sources is carried out using official encodings in the following order: the authors and the title of the journal are transliterated using encodings, and the title of the article is semantic transliteration (translation).For the convenience of transliteration, it is possible to use online services: and others.

All Russian-language sources of literature must be presented in a transliterated version.

The author (s) are responsible for the correctness of the data cited in the bibliography. The bibliography must follow the format recommended by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), adopted by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) for databases (Library’s MEDLINE / PubMeddatabase) NLM: http: // Periodical titles may be abbreviated. Usually this form of writing is independently adopted by the publication; it can be found on the publisher’s website or in

Index Medicus abbreviation list.

Examples of reference design:

Article citation:

  • 1. Smith A., Jones B., Clements S. Clinical transplantation of tissue-engineered airway. Lancet 2008; 372: 1201-09.

Russian-language sources with transliteration:

  • 2.Bart B.Ya., Larina V.N., Brodskyi M.S. Cardiac remodeling and clinical prognosis in patient with chronicheartfailureandcompleteleftbundlebranchblock.RussJCard2011; 6: 4-8. Russian (Bart B.Ya., Larina V.N., Brodsky M.S. Cardiac remodeling and prognosis of patients with chronic heart failure in the presence of complete left bundle branch block. RKZH 2011, 6: 4-8).

Book citation:

  • 3. Shlyakhto E.V., Konradi A.O., Tsyrlin V.A. The autonomic nervous system

and hypertension.SPb .: Meditsinskoe izdatel’stvo; 2008. Russian (Shlyakhto E.V., Konradi A.O., Tsyrlin V.A. Autonomic nervous system and arterial hypertension. St. Petersburg: Medical publishing house; 2008).

Citing a chapter in the book:

  • 4. Nichols WW, O’Rourke MF. Aging, high blood pressure and disease in humans. In: Arnold E, ed. McDonald’s Blood Flow in Arteries: Theoretical, Experimental and Clinical Principles. 3rd ed. London / Melbourne / Auckland: Lea and Febiger; 1990. p.398-420).

Citing a chapter of a Russian-language book:

  • 5. Diagnostics and treatment of chronic heart failure. In. National clinical guidelines 4 th ed. Moscow: Silicea-Polygraf; 2011. pp. 203-293. Russian (Diagnostics and treatment of chronic heart failure. In the book: National clinical guidelines. 4th edition. M .: Silicea-Polygraph; 2011. p.203-296).

Citing Web Link:

Copyright and Publishing Policy

This section regulates the relationship between the Editorial Board of the “New therapeutic journal Non nocere” (hereinafter referred to as the “Editorial Board”), the publishing house Mixtum LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Publishing House”) and the author or the group of authors who submitted their manuscript for publication in the “New therapeutic journal Non nocere” (hereinafter – “Author).

The author, sending an article to the Editorial Board, agrees that the Editorial Office and the Publishing House of the journal transfer exclusive property rights to use the manuscript (material transferred to the Editorial Office of the journal, including such protected objects of copyright as the author’s photographs, drawings, diagrams, tables, etc.), including reproduction in print and on the Internet; for distribution; for translation into any languages ​​of the peoples of the world; export and import of copies of the journal with the author’s article for distribution purposes, for making available to the general public.

The editors reserve the right to shorten and edit manuscript materials, carry out scientific editing, shorten and correct articles, change the design of graphs,

figures and tables for alignment with the design of the magazine, without changing the meaning of the information presented.

The editorial office and the Publishing House, when using the article, have the right to supply it with any illustrated material, advertising and allow third parties to do so.

The Editorial Board and the Publishing House have the right to assign the rights received from the Author to third parties and have the right to prohibit third parties from any use of materials published in the journal for commercial purposes.

The author guarantees that he has exclusive rights to use the material transferred to the Edition. In the event of a violation of this guarantee and in connection with this claims to the Editorial Office or the Publisher, the Author, independently and at his own expense, undertakes to settle all claims. The editorial office and the Publisher are not liable to third parties for violation of the guarantees given by the Author.

The Author retains the right to use the published material, its fragments and parts for personal, including scientific and teaching purposes.

The above rights are transferred by the Author to the Editorial Board and the Publishing House without limitation of their validity period, on the territory of all countries of the world without limitation, incl. on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The rights to the manuscript are considered transferred by the Author to the Editorial Board and the Publishing House from the moment of acceptance for printing.

Reprinting of materials published in the journal by other individuals and legal entities is possible only with the written permission of the Editorial Board and Publishing House, with the obligatory indication of the name of the journal, number and year of publication.

The editors are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the Author. Publication of articles for the Author – free . In case of publication of an article in a journal,

The publishing house sends the author the magazine layout in PDF format by e-mail.

Contact information

The manuscript should be sent electronically to the Editorial Board at [email protected]

to the executive secretary of Mukharyamova Roksana Rustamovna.

Advertising Department – [email protected]

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