John frieda review frizz ease: John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum, Anti Frizz Nourishing Hair Treatment for Dry, Damaged, Frizzy Hair, Frizz Control and Heat Protectant with Bamboo Extract, 1.69 Ounce


John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Hair Serum Review

We purchased John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Original Hair Serum so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

If you’re currently seeking smoother hair—or, let’s be honest, even if you’re not—you’ve likely heard of John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Original Hair Serum. The award-winning product is beloved for its ability to do it all, pretty much—its formula uses dimethiconol to smooth hair, repel humidity, prevent heat damage, while ginseng extract provides more long-term healing.

I wanted to see how this fan-favorite serum would work on my own hair, so I tested it to see whether it was worth the hype. Read on for my full review.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum

Best for: Medium to thick hair

Uses: Smooths hair and protects it from heat and humidity

Key Ingredients: Ginseng extract

Byrdie Clean?: No, contains mineral oil

Price: $11. 99

About the Brand: John Frieda has delivered salon-quality products designed to target specific hair concerns, from brassiness to breakage and volume loss.

About My Hair: Normal but could be smoother 

My hair is mostly straight and down to my mid-back, and while I try to keep it healthy by minimizing heat and only coloring grey hairs when I need to, I have some breakage around the crown of my head (I blame it on years of wearing top knots).

Other than that, though, my hair type is pretty normal. It has a medium thickness, and while my roots get greasy after a few days without washing, my ends tend to be dry. I typically use a custom-blended shampoo from Prose, Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Conditioner, and the occasional moisturizing hair mask when I end up with a Sephora sample. I haven’t had much success with smoothing solutions so I rarely apply other products—I rely on the hope that I’ll have a good hair day.

However, because I’d heard so much about Frizz Ease over the years but had never tried it, I decided to test it to see if it would make a difference. It needs to be applied to sopping wet hair, so I used it after showering on days when I knew I’d be heading out of the house and would want extra-smooth hair.

I liked knowing that it was protecting my hair from heat damage, and that ingredients like ginseng extract work to improve hair overtime.

The Feel: Slick and smooth

The John Frieda Frizz Ease serum feels slick, like a mixture between a gel and a silicone, and when I pump it into my hand it seems to melt.

The first time I used the product, I used two pumps (the instructions say to use one pump, but due to the length of my hair I used more) and spread it through my wet hair after showering. I didn’t notice a big difference in smoothness after drying, so the next time I used three pumps and brushed through with a wide-tooth comb to distribute it evenly. I was careful not to over-apply in any spots, and I avoided my roots, as instructed, to make sure they didn’t get too greasy. 

While I could smell the product (it smells good but strong while using!), once the serum was in my hair I couldn’t smell or feel it at all.

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

The Results: Well-behaved hair

While I didn’t notice much of a difference in my hair after the first use (I suspect I didn’t use enough product or distribute it evenly), when I used more product and combed it through, my hair seemed smoother than usual. It didn’t completely eliminate the stray hairs that like to pop up around my part and hairline, but it did make them much easier to control.

I also noticed that whenever I brushed my hair, it laid flat and smooth in places where it would normally continue to puff up. Because it was smoother, my hair seemed shinier, although I didn’t notice a huge boost in shine overall. I also liked knowing that it was protecting my hair from heat damage while I used a blow-dryer and that ingredients like ginseng extract were working to improve my hair over time.

I was initially worried that the Frizz Ease serum would weigh down my hair or cause it to get greasy more quickly, but even after two days, my hair didn’t feel oily or like it had a lot of product in it.

I can see myself working this product into my haircare routine for days I want super smooth, shiny hair. It can take some time to figure out how much product to use and how best to apply it, but I think those who want smoother hair will see a big difference by using this product, too. 

 Byrdie / Joline Buscemi

The Value: The price is right

Part of the charm of John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Original Hair Serum is the low, low price. The almost 2-ounce bottle sells for around $12, and depending on the length of your hair, the bottle should last a couple of months. While there are some options for a little less (and a lot for much more) this price—along with the fact that the product actually works—makes it worth it.

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi 

Similar Products: Something for every budget

Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum: Even more affordable than Frizz Ease is this serum from Tresemmé, which sells for around $6 for 3 ounces. The goal of the Tresemmé serum is also silky hair, but the formula is slightly different. While both contain a few of the same ingredients, Tresemmé has keratin and marula oil instead of hydrolyzed silk and mineral oil.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength: If the original just isn’t enough for your hair, the Extra Strength formula is made with silk extracts and seaweed extract for thick or coarse hair. It’s the same price and the same bottle size, so if you’re dealing with especially unruly hair, it may be a better option for you than the original formula. 

Final Verdict

John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Original Hair Serum is a fan-favorite for a reason: It works and it’s affordable, too. The serum did a surprisingly good job at smoothing my hair (while blocking out humidity and heat styling damage) without weighing it down or feeling greasy.

6 Effects+ Anti-Frizz Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair

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John Frieda Frizz Ease Review: Will It Work On Your Frizzy Hair? | Maple Holistics

Before John Frieda introduced his Frizz Ease line of products – with the serum series being the most widely-known among them – there were no products specifically targeting frizz. Coming out at the tail-end of the 1980’s, this line of products first saw the light of day when Big Hair and ’80’s glam were still around. And with Big Hair comes great responsibility – and frizz. Actually, because with almost any hair comes the possibility of frizzing out, here is our John Frieda Frizz Ease review.

John Frieda’s products are known for their efficacy, but obviously they won’t fit 100% of the people out there. No such product exists, to the best of my knowledge and experience. There are different hair types, conditions, and circumstances having to do with hair. So it’s only natural that not everyone with curls or a tendency to frizz will find John Frieda to be the best solution.

That being said, there is a lot of merit to this line, and we’ll get into it now. But before that, the question  must be asked: is frizz something which requires easing to begin with? Is this a situation which needs maintaining and sorting out? Depends who you ask, really.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Frizz can be caused by many things such as the use of hot appliances.

What exactly causes frizzy hair? Frizz is usually created by hair damage or overall lack of moisture. This can be caused by weather, hair products, hot appliances, pollution, swimming, and more. Frizz is a naturally occurring phenomenon affecting many people. It makes an appearance in hair of all types.

Frizzy hair happens when the outer layer of the hair is raised up. Those hairs sort of detach from the main head of hair and separate from the pack. Frizz makes hair look untamed and unruly, though some are very much interested in that look. Needless to say, the John Frieda Frizz Ease products are probably not for them.

It’s worth noting that there are also different kinds of frizz, and they change in accordance with the conditions or circumstances involved. Sometimes frizz appears as hair which is harsh and dry and usually quite brittle. Frizzy hair could also be weak, over-elastic, and too soft. Or it could be something in between. The bottom line is that frizz often gives the appearance of hair which is lacking in strength and vitality, though it’s never black or white.

Misuse or overuse of hair care products and appliances – this is the number one cause of frizz, particularly irons of all sorts. Humidity is another contributor. There are no quick long-term solutions to this issue. Different products will provide some relief and manageability, but ultimately the real solution is you. You must figure out what is causing your frizz so that it doesn’t come back.

We all want our hair to look good. But frizz will occur eventually, even if you use the finest products. Sometimes it’s totally out of your control. So John Frieda’s Frizz Ease line was created to provide solutions for those who are seeking an end to frizz.

John Frieda Company Explained

John Frieda’s sheer blonde line.

Can you successfully separate the man from the company? Would you want to? John Frieda is probably Britain’s most celebrated living hairdresser and hair-entrepreneur. From the 1970’s until the early 2000’s, Frieda was the man. He had a successful chain of hair salons, a wonderful line of hair care products, and a list of famous A-List clientele. 

In 2002 the John Frieda Company company was sold to the Kao Corporation of Japan, although Frieda himself retained hair salons in New York, London, and Ibiza. Before the company was sold, John Frieda launched the Sheer Blonde line. After the company was sold, the new owners launched Brilliant Brunette and Radiant Red in 2004 and 2005, respectively. 

Their products are niche-oriented. Much like Frizz Ease was the first line to target frizz, Sheer Blonde was the first line of hair care products solely targeting blondes. When Kao bought the company in the early 2000’s, it was worth $160 million.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Ingredients Breakdown

John Frieda’s frizz ease line.

Since there are over 20 products in this series, I won’t be breaking down the ingredients in each and every one of them. Instead, I’ll give a kind of overview. There’s no escaping this basic truth: John Frieda products have a lot of chemicals which are considered potentially harmful in the eyes of many, if not in the eyes of the FDA. They’re also not cruelty-free, which may take them down a notch for some people.

But this is not news, really. Many companies use these very same ingredients. And many of them also test on animals, finance testing on animals, or deal with markets like China which mandate animal testing for cosmetics.

These companies use such ingredients because these chemicals are effective. And let’s not forget: that’s what the market wants, products which work and which do so quickly. The number of people who opt for natural products is rather slim. In that sense, John Frieda’s products are no different than many others which are out there.

Sulfates galore, fragrances, gelatins, detergents, thickeners, ingredients that form film and foam, preservatives and parabens, different conditioners for the skin and hair. Some of the Frizz Ease products also include jojoba, algae, keratin, and other highly beneficial elements. But these healthier and more natural ingredients are often pretty low on the list which appears on the label.

I suppose it comes down to what you consider a priority. If simply having hair which looks awesome is your goal, there is no reason not to try this series. If your goal is to get the hair you want without harming yourself or your fellow Earthlings, perhaps this line of products is not for you.

Is John Frieda Frizz Ease Safe For Hair?

Be aware of what you put on your body.

Is the John Frieda Frizz Ease line safe for hair? This is kind of a complicated question. Different areas of the world have varying definitions of what constitutes “safe”. For instance, the US, Asia, and Europe have vastly different rules and regulations regarding the presence of certain chemicals in hair care, skin care, medication, etc.

Is it safe? The easy answer is yes. It’s safe in the sense that it won’t directly harm you if you use it right. However, using chemicals which are questionable (in the opinion of certain health organizations) can certainly be reason enough for concern, since it involves the concept of indirect harm or accumulated harm.

Some of those ingredients you put on your scalp will invariably end up in your bloodstream. Sulfates, parabens, and various metals are not things which you want hanging out in your body. And the problem is that hair care products are often used continually, as they become part of a hair care routine. Is it safe for hair? Yes, as safe as any other cosmetics product meant for hair. But is it safe for the rest of you? That’s still being debated.

There is no doubt in my mind that certain people are being paid off and that shady deals are being made as we speak. Big Business does not care about the little guy or the little gal. They care first and foremost about making money. And this is certainly true to many of these multinational corporations. Don’t get me wrong, they do a lot of good too. But from my small-time experiences with such companies, their main concerns are the bottom lines and dollar signs.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Review; Before And After Results

You’re likely to have success with some of the frizz ease products, but each person will have a different experience.

Whether you are going for straight and smooth or curly and tight, or maybe you want your waves to be calmer and look more pristine – Frizz Ease will provide a good solution. It obviously depends on the product you use (as mentioned, there are over 20). While these products do all come together under the banner of John Frieda Frizz Ease, they are not all for use by a single individual. Different variants exist for people with various hair types.

I don’t know the precise numbers, but the Frizz Ease serum is probably Frieda’s best-selling product ever. Reports have stated that customers purchase a bottle of Frizz Ease serum every 30 seconds or so. How amazing is that?

The products I wanted to try out are the serum (the ordinary one), the flawless straight shampoo, its accompanying conditioner, and the touch-up creme.

Now, just to be clear, my “before” situation wasn’t exactly a terrible disaster. It’s not that I was in such terrible shape, and honestly I have long ago come to terms with my frizzy days, so I do my best to embrace them. But I tried to approach this as if I needed to look good. And I mean seriously good.

I didn’t use the conditioner the entire time, since I am mindful of over-conditioning. I’ve been there, and believe me when I say that over-conditioning is not a good place for me. 

After using those products, I can say that the two I really saw make a tremendous effect are the serum and the creme. The shampoo and conditioner were run-of-the-mill, as far as I am concerned. Your mileage may very well vary. But I really saw a significant difference after using the serum and creme. It’s fun – no other word will suffice – truly fun and enlivening, to walk out of the house feeling so confident and brimming with good energies from the state of my hair.  

There are other sets of shampoos and conditioners in the John Frieda Frizz Ease line, and maybe those will have a better and more noticeable effect. Time will tell. But for those of you who need some help with your frizz, I recommend the serum. Just make sure to choose the right serum for you, since there are four different ones to pick from.

DIY Hair Mask For Frizzy Hair Recipe And Guide

Making your own natural hair mask can be an easy way to treat frizz.

As I said earlier, many times your frizz is the result of lack of moisture, with the other big reason being straight up hair damage. This guide is going to be a quick and easy one, since the basis for all masks and methods is nourishment and moisture. You want to provide your hair with what it needs, and then it won’t frizz up.

You may already know that I am a sucker for DIY hair care, from essential oils and veggie masks to baking soda deep cleanses and apple cider vinegar conditioners (with lavender for good measure!). Since the basis for any useful mask is tailoring it to what works best for you and your hair, this may require some work on your part. But generally, there are some ingredients which are considered to be universally awesome, and these come highly recommended for experimentation.

Treating your frizz naturally can be done with minimal effort, using items like banana and avocado, eggs and oils, yogurt, honey, lemon, and other things you will most likely have in your kitchen drawers, pantry, or fridge.

Here is one easy recipe and guide for a DIY hair mask for frizzy hair – a warm argan oil massage. Since it is dryness and damage which mostly cause frizz, this can be a really beneficial way to get your hair back on track.

What You’ll Need
  • Argan oil
  • Carrier oil of some kind (almond, coconut, olive, etc.)
  • Hot water
  • A large bowl or pot with hot water
  • Smaller bowl for heating up oils
  • Bathing towel


Pour the hot water into the larger bowl.

In the smaller bowl, add a couple of spoonfuls of the oil(s).

Place the smaller bowl in the pot or larger bowl. It should NOT be boiling, but it should be hot enough to affect the oil and warm it up good.

Applying the Mask

Massage the warm oil into your hair and scalp for a good 10 or 15 minutes. Pour some hot water on the towel (or dip the towel in hot water) – again, not boiling – and wrap your head with the towel. This warm and nourishing environment will be able to make a huge difference, and this is a mask you can do once a week with no major problems or expenses.

This is a mask, though I feel it might be more of a long-term mask. It’s not that you won’t be able to see any differences after a single use. You might be able to see differences, depending on your hair, but there is more to it than that. This mask is about taking care of frizz in the long term, by introducing moisture and nourishment on a regular basis.


The products will vary for each person, but everyone can see results with the frizz ease line.

I wouldn’t presume to whittle this product line down to a mere blog post. There is much more to the Frizz Ease line than I have expressed here. Like I said, there will be those who will not find benefit in these products. And even if there is a lot of benefit and good results, the ingredients in some of these products may be a deterring factor.

The shampoos and conditioners, the mousse, elixir, sprays, gel, and more — these can work wonders. Maybe for a day, maybe for a week, maybe for a month. Maybe you’ll find you won’t need to use them as frequently as you thought, or maybe you’re in need of some serious maintenance. Whatever your conditions and circumstances are, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a Frizz Ease product which works for you.

Yes, John Frieda’s prices are a tad higher than your average drugstore or supermarket brands. But more often than not, they are totally worth it. And you may even find a product which you will carry from this day forward and make an inseparable part of your routine. You never know.

Also, one last tidbit of information: John Frieda products are counterfeited, a lot. Kao Corp has issued a press release (or consumer release) addressing these counterfeit products, and in the past they have advertised ways of spotting the fakes. Nevertheless, I have a sneaking suspicion that these inauthentic products are getting wider and better circulation around the world. Educate yourself and buy from reputable sources. In doing do you will hopefully avoid any scams and avoid disappointment.

Take good care of your hair, frizz or no frizz. Do your research, know what works for you, but don’t be afraid to take some risks!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Range Review and First Impressions

After a couple of hours when my hair was totally dry it was so soft and as I gazed at my hair through my cars review mirror I noticed there was no frizz or fly-aways around my centre part. So far so good! I even mentioned to my boyfriend how much better my hair felt compared to what it normally would by now, doing a casual hair flick, clearly impressed by the results. But the day wasn’t over so we continued on.

By the end of a full day outside and being caught in the wind many times, my hair still looked really fresh, clean and there were no signs of oil – winning! The ultimate test would be how it was in the morning. But when I woke up, other than my usual looking disheveled bed hair, the condition of it was still good and oil free! I went to the gym again and usually by now it needs to be washed stat, but I popped on my shower cap to keep it from getting wet, got out, brushed it and apart from a little bit of oil around my hair line (which I suspect was from my workout), the rest of my hair was like it had just been washed!

I am REALLY impressed with this new formulation! Their website states that the Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner:
Repairs the look and feel of dry, damaged hair while restoring natural frizz defences for noticeably silky-smooth results.  With Amino Repair Complex, unmanageably frizzy hair can now be a distant memory and this helps instantly reverse 75% of surface damage for 3x smoother hair. With conditioning agents, this targeted formulation helps to seal split ends, while providing intense nourishment for touchably-smooth hair.

While the Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir:
Nourishes hair for exceptional salon-softness, smoothness & shine. Lightweight formula with argan oil infuses strands and blocks frizz for 50% smoother healthier hair. Fast-drying formula leaves hair feeling soft and more manageable without a greasy residue. Use alone or with your favourite styler to add an instant boost of softness and shine to any style.

This is actually my first time using the John Frida Frizz Ease range and I can confidently say it is my new go-to for soft, shiny and frizz-free hair!

The John Frieda Frizz Ease range is available from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Big W and all good supermarkets nationwide.

If you are interested in which products are best for your hair type and condition, comment your hair type and condition below (based on options I listed above) and I will consult the amazing John Frieda ‘Frizz Fighting Regime‘ wheel and let you know which products will best suit you!


*These products were sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner review

Score: 85/100

Date tested: May 2020

Shampoo: £5.99
Conditioner: £5.99

Available from:

What is it?

John Frieda’s Dream Curls range is designed to smooth and define wavy-curly hair types. The shampoo in this set claims to hydrate and cleanse. It also contains Abyssinian oil, designed to nourish the hair. The conditioner is then used to soften and moisturise and is suitable for daily use. Both products come in tube packaging.

GHI expert verdict

Our testers loved how quickly this shampoo washed away any previous product build-up and kept greasiness at bay. It lathered well, producing a thick and creamy foam that rinsed out easily. The conditioner left hair feeling smooth and without any crispiness or rigidity. It also detangled the tresses, making it easier to style. Once dry, it left hair softer, lightweight and bouncy with fuller-looking curls. The majority of the panel were satisfied overall with the finishing-look and all liked its fresh, citrus fragrance that lingered.

We liked

  • Testers could feel the oil nourishing their hair
  • It provided a deep clean
  • Worked well with existing styling products

    We disliked

    • A few with drier hair types felt that it could have helped keep more frizz at bay
    • Some would have preferred a different conditioner scent
    • Testers would have liked the conditioner to feel a little more hydrating


      • Ease of use: 4. 5/5
      • Design: 4/5
      • Instructions: 5/5
      • Performance: 4/5

        How we test

        We recruited over 160 curly-haired women of all curl types – from 2A (light waves) to 4C (strong kinks/coils) – to put 12 shampoos and conditioner sets to the test. They trialled them for two weeks and then gave us feedback on curl enhancement, hydration, lather and product texture, where applicable.

        All product information provided by the manufacturer is correct at time of publication.

        This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at

        Best anti-frizz products 2021: for sleek, silky soft and glossy hair

        From high temperatures to heavy downpours, we’ve seen it all this year when it comes to the great British “summer”. With high levels of humidity in the air, chances are, if your hair’s prone to frizz, you’ve been battling poufiness and flyaways and having bad hair days in abundance.

        One of the main reasons we get frizzy hair is because it’s lacking moisture. The more humid the air, the more water vapour is in it. Dry or damaged hair strands absorb this moisture, causing it to pouf, as do curly hair types, as it’s harder for the natural oils from the scalp to reach the tips on spiral shaped strands.

        It’s not just the environment that makes hair rebellious, how you style and treat your hair can promote frizz too. Rough towel-drying, over-brushing, too much heat styling and hot water can also play a role.

        Prevention is better than cure when it comes to frizz, so naturally taking steps such as laying off the irons and turning down the shower temperature will do wonders. But “injecting your hair with moisture is key to keeping frizz at bay,” advises Dominic Roach, Butches Hoxton Creative Director.

        How we tested

        To help you put together a hydrating routine in your haircare arsenal, we put the latest shampoos, styling creams, serums, oils and treatments on the beauty shelves to the test. Our tester has dry, wavy strands that are prone to frizz, so knows how to pick a smoothing superstar from a dud.

        Read more

        To make this winning round-up the product had to not only banish frizz, but promote healthy-looking strands. Here’s your new defence from the elements so you can win your fight with frizz…

        The best anti-frizz hair products for 2021 are:

        • Best Overall – Color Wow dream coat supernatural spray: £26,
        • Best for in-between washes – Living Proof no frizz instant de-frizzer: £25,
        • Best shampoo and conditioner for mild frizz – Monday Haircare smooth shampoo and conditioner: £5.50 each,
        • Best shampoo and conditioner for unruly frizz – John Frieda frizz ease Brazilian sleek frizz immunity shampoo and conditioner: £6. 99 each,
        • Best for curly hair – Kerastase curl manifesto crème de jour fondamentale: £22.60,
        • Best for towel-drying – Aquis copper sure rapid dry hair wrap: £30,
        • Best styling cream for air-drying or blow-drying – Oribe supershine moisturising cream: £54.50,
        • Best for dry and damaged hair types – Redken acidic bonding concentrate leave-in treatment set: £51.60,
        • Best hair mask – Aussie sos save my lengths 3 minute miracle deep treatment: £4.66,
        • Best for unmanageable hair types – Moroccanoil blow-dry concentrate: £17.35,

        Color Wow dream coat supernatural spray

        Best: Overall

        Rating: 10/10

        Think of this as an invisible spray-on rain mac to protect your strands. It’s designed especially for porous hair types that are vulnerable to humidity and, therefore, frizz. But it’s not one for those that like fuss-free styling and would rather wash and go. Activated by heat, this is best suited to those that like to blow-dry or straighten their locks.

        We found that for best results, you have to spray liberally to sections of damp hair before sealing in the product by applying tension to strands with a brush while blow-drying. With so much product we expected a stickiness or even greasiness to the strands, but this wasn’t the case. It made our hair feel silky soft and, best of all, strands stayed smooth with long-lasting results that lasted up to three washes – so you don’t have to use it as often as other frizz-fighting products.

        Buy now £26, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        Living Proof no frizz instant de-frizzer

        Best: For in-between washes

        Rating: 8/10

        Reach for this dry conditioning spray when you need a quick fix on non-wash days. Using a sweeping motion, this lightly mists strands with a blend of 5 oils that work to mimic natural hair oils. After smoothing hair with hands or twisting if you’re blessed with curls, you’ll find frizz and flyaways tamed instantly. It’s literally a frizz eraser in a bottle that promotes a smoother, silky soft and shiny mane.

        If you’re blonde, like our tester, use sparingly and avoid roots or you can quickly end up looking greasy rather than glossy There’s a travel-sized version to try it out for yourself too.

        Buy now £25, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        Monday Haircare smooth shampoo and conditioner

        Best: Shampoo and conditioner for mild frizz

        Rating: 8/10

        This caused quite the buzz in native New Zealand and Australia on launch last year – selling six months’ worth of stock in its first four weeks. Since then, the Monday Haircare brand has gone on to sell seven bottles every minute in North America, and has finally graced the UK beauty shelves.

        There are four lines of shampoo and conditioners to choose from hoping to disrupt the hair care industry with affordable and effective products. The Instagram-worthy, sleek pink packaging the pump bottles not only look high-end, but the actual products inside feel it too; with a subtle floral, gardenia fragrance and creamy texture that’s SLS free.

        We found the smooth duo left our hair feeling well-hydrated and soft with no frizz in sight, thanks to moisturising ingredients such as vitamin E and shea butter. Huge bonus points for the bottle being 100 per cent recyclable and with refillable options in the pipeline, these are going to fly off the shelves here too.

        Buy now £5.50, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        John Frieda frizz ease Brazilian sleek frizz immunity shampoo and conditioner

        Best: Shampoo and conditioner for unruly frizz

        Rating: 8/10

        The latest cleansing duo from the brand well known for its anti-frizz collection promises not only longer-lasting smoothness – up to 72 hours to be exact – but better results the more you use it. Enriched with keratin drops, the protein is synonymous with the semi-permanent salon smoothing treatments. It is in fact a protein that helps strengthen strands and smoothes down the hair cuticle to create a barrier to block out frizz-inducing humidity.

        We found after just one wash, our mane was much easier to style and manage with ongoing use. Our hair can’t be pushed to three days without washing, but it did stay smooth for two days until the next shampoo.

        Buy now £6.99, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        Kérastase curl manifesto crème de jour fondamentale

        Best: For curly hair

        Rating: 8.5/10

        From Kérastase’s new curl collection, comes this impressive daily moisturising leave-in treatment. It’s enriched with moisture-boosting ingredients like manuka honey and glycerin, as well as hair strengthening ceramides to protect the hair type that is often on the fragile side.

        It’s light without the crispiness you sometimes get with leave-in conditioners, and the beautiful floral fragrance with notes of white musk and honey pleasantly lingered throughout the day. Our natural waves stayed smooth and well-nourished both with and without the use of a diffuser.

        Buy now £22.60, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        Aquis copper sure rapid dry hair wrap

        Best: For towel drying

        Rating: 9/10

        Hair is much more susceptible to damage when it’s wet and in a fragile state, so rough drying with an abrasive towel is a guaranteed way of roughing up the cuticle and producing frizz. Aquis has a range of kinder-to-strands hair wraps that are made with a special Aquitex fabric that wicks away excess moisture without any rubbing: minimising frizz and damage. They work in a similar way to clever workout fabrics that keep your body dry when exercising.

        The latest to the collection is this terracotta shade that’s woven with copper for its natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties proven to repel bacteria, so it stays odourless and you can wash it less. It’s silky soft with a button for easy turban-style wrapping, and when using it just once, expect to notice the difference if you’ve been relying on a towel in the past. We’re hooked.

        Buy now £30, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        Oribe supershine moisturising cream

        Best: Styling cream for air drying or blow-drying

        Rating: 10/10

        While this has an expensive price tag, it’s worth every penny when you weigh up its versatility and performance. And when you consider the size of the tube it’s not any more expensive than some of our other favourites.

        We applied and left our strands to air-dry on one of the hottest days of the year, and where it would normally turn into a fluffy mess, our hair looked nothing but smooth and glossy. With strengthening and moisturising ingredients, such as a vegetable-derived protein that helps strands to retain moisture, our strands did feel and look much healthier after just one use. It’s super lightweight, so brilliant for finer hair types too as it doesn’t weigh strands down. The same excellent results were found when we used it as a blow-dry cream.

        Buy now £54.50, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        Redken acidic bonding concentrate leave-in treatment set

        Best: For dry and damaged hair types

        Rating: 9/10

        Designed to repair damage from colouring, heat styling and other aggressors, this trio uses the help of citric acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, to strengthen and protect weak and broken hair bonds. Olaplex fans will see the line-up is clearly made to give their favourite products a run for their money, and that is exactly what they do.

        Our tester is used to seeing fall out in the shower from regular breakage and noticed much less with results getting better and better with continued use. Its moisture-boosting powers also ward off frizz, leaving strands oozing shine and health. Best results were seen using all three products together, but we found the leave-in treatment works brilliantly on its own too at banishing frizz.

        Buy now £51.60, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        Aussie sos save my lengths 3 minute miracle deep treatment

        Best: Hair mask

        Rating: 9/10

        A moisture-boosting hair mask should be sitting ready in your shower for twice a week use if you’re prone to frizz. This bottle proves a good hair mask doesn’t have to cost the earth or be awkward and time-consuming to use, as we can all find an extra 3 minutes in our morning routines no matter how busy we are. A cocktail of nourishing and moisturising superfood ingredients, including avocado and macadamia nut oil, make up this rich and creamy mask that leaves hair feeling healthy, strong and frizz-free after just one use.

        Buy now £4.66, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        Moroccanoil blow dry concentrate

        Best: For unmanageable hair types

        Rating: 8/10

        Coarse and rebellious hair types that need something packing a little more of an intense punch should try this frizz controller. Blended with the brand’s signature ingredient, argan oil, it’s rich in hair-strengthening and hydrating vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Use it as a companion to your blow-dry for a more manageable mane with a smoother, shinier finish, but it equally makes a brilliant finishing product on strays and flyways.

        Buy now £17. 35, {{#hasItems}}

        Price comparison

          {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
        • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
        • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

        The verdict: Best anti-frizz hair products

        For long-lasting frizz-free results, our best buy goes to the Color Wow dream coat supernatural spray. It’s the perfect blow-dry companion for smooth and glossy strands.

        But, if you’re looking for a versatile product that works just as well when you leave strands to dry naturally, invest in the Oribe supershine moisturising cream.

        Voucher codes

        IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

        The 12 Best Conditioners For Frizzy Hair

        If you’re looking to make your frizzy hair a bit smoother, the best conditioners for frizzy hair are great tools to add to your arsenal. It’s generally recommended that you always use a conditioner if you wash your hair with shampoo, but which conditioner is best will vary depending on your hair type and goals. A conditioner that provides moisture and smoothes strands is an absolute must if you want to tame frizz, which is caused by damage or disruption to the cuticle, or the exterior protective layer of a strand of hair. This includes damage from dryness, heat damage, or shampoos that contain sulfates, which tend to dry out hair, as well as a disruption of the cuticle as a result of humidity.

        There are two main types of conditioners that can help to create a sleeker ’do: conditioners you apply and rinse out, and leave-in conditioners. Traditional conditioners and deep-conditioning hair masks are typically applied to wet hair after shampooing, then rinsed out with water. They contain ingredients like oils, polymers, and proteins that penetrate, moisturize, strengthen, and/or smooth out the cuticle. While leave-in conditioners or nourishing serums are applied to damp hair after shampooing, they don’t need to be rinsed out, allowing the product more time to penetrate the cuticle and protect the hair. They can be combed into or sprayed on your hair, depending on the individual product.

        Frizz-fighting conditioners are formulated for dry, damaged hair, so they can contain more oils and polymers to coat and protect each individual strand and generally feel heavier than other conditioners. This should pose little problem if you have thick or curly hair that might benefit from a conditioner that’s creamier in consistency and loaded with oils. However, if your hair is fine or prone to greasiness, a lightweight conditioning spray might be a better option for adding moisture and shine without weighing it down.

        In a hurry? These are some of the best conditioners for frizzy hair:

        1. The Overall Best Anti-Frizz Conditioner: Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner

        2. The Best Budget Conditioner For Frizzy Hair: John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Conditioner

        3. The Best Lightweight Leave-In Conditioner: Briogeo Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning Spray

        4. The Best Conditioner For Humidity: Biolage Smoothproof Conditioner For Frizzy Hair

        5. The Best Leave-In Cream For Curly Hair: Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

        From lightweight sprays to creamy masks, here are the best conditioners for anyone looking to smooth frizzy hair. (And don’t forget to pair your conditioner with one of the best shampoos for frizzy hair!)


        The Overall Best Anti-Frizz Conditioner

        Kick frizz to the curb and say hello to soft, smooth hair with this Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner, which contains antioxidant-rich argan oil and argan butter to hydrate and nourish your hair. Its special AminoRenew ingredient strengthens the keratin proteins of your hair and contains amino acids to help your hair retain moisture. It also includes silicone polymers to smooth out and protect the cuticle.

        Additionally, it doesn’t have any sulfates, and it’s safe to use on color-treated hair.

        Positive Amazon review: “Absolutely the best! I have frizzy hair. I use this along with M oil and M Intense Curl Cream. They make my hair soft and manageable. Best product line ever. And the scent… die for!”


        The Best Budget Conditioner For Frizzy Hair

        John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Conditioner offers real bang for your buck with a formula that contains nutrients and silk proteins to strengthen hair, plus dimethicone, a silicone polymer that coats the cuticle to lock in moisture and make strands smooth.

        This product is best for medium to thick and wavy to curly hair, so opt for something more lightweight, like Briogeo’s Farewell Frizz leave-in conditioning spray if you have fine, straight, or grease-prone locks.

        Positive Amazon review: “I love this product. I have very thick, naturally curly hair. The summers and the rain make my hair blow up — this product keeps my hair under control in very humid conditions.”


        The Best Lightweight Leave-In Conditioner

        Looking for a lightweight conditioner? Briogeo’s Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk leave-in conditioning spray is the product for you. Unlike the other options on this list, it comes in a spray bottle, so it’s very easy to get lightweight, even coverage. This product is free of harsh sulfates such as SLS and SLES and doesn’t rely on silicones to coat the hair — instead it has rosehip oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E.

        You don’t have to have fine or straight hair to use this one, though — it’s great for any hair types, including color-treated, keratin-treated, chemically-treated, and relaxed hair, in need of lightweight moisture.

        Positive Amazon review: “So I have very fine and frizzy hair. No matter how many times I brush my hair it comes out looking like someone rubbed my head with a balloon. This worked wonders smoothing out my frizz and without making my hair feel super oily. And as a big bonus it smells amazing! Now my hair is frizz-free and smells like coconut.”


        The Best Conditioner For Humidity

        Formulated specifically to tackle frizz caused by humidity, Biolage Smoothproof Conditioner will help your hair stay smooth and under control even on rainy and humid days. It contains oil from the camellia oleifera seed, which seals in your hair’s moisture while repelling the exterior moisture and humidity that can disrupt the texture of the cuticle. It is sulfate-free and safe to use on color-treated hair.

        Positive Amazon review: “I’ve struggled with curly hair since my teens and used Biolage for years. This […] makes my hair shiny and soft and cuts the frizz on high humidity days.”


        The Best Leave-In Cream For Curly Hair

        If you need lots of moisture, look no further than Shea Moisture’s Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner. Its creamy consistency, which might feel heavy on fine hair, makes it a good fit for thick hair and curls. In its formula, you’ll find hydrating organic shea butter and coconut oil, as well as Jamaican black castor oil, which seals in moisture and protects your strands.

        Positive Amazon review: “I have naturally curly hair and have been using this product for a couple of years now. I needed something that would moisturize my hair, make it easy to detangle and help with frizz and this did the trick. I also like that it’s not heavily fragranced. I highly recommend it.”


        An Editor-Approved Conditioning Mask For Frizzy Hair

        Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask comes with two thumbs up from Ileana Morales Valentine, Associate Commerce Editor at Bustle. Valentine writes, “This was the rare product that made a noticeable difference after one use. My hair was immediately softer and the frizz was tamer — that’s notable considering I live in humid Florida.” She also recommends the shampoo and everyday conditioner in the same line. The mask is jam-packed with nourishing ingredients, including algae extract, biotin, and a blend of frizz-fighting oils, like rosehip and sweet almond oil.

        Positive Amazon review: “I loooooove this product. It’s been really good for my hair. My hair was very damaged, dried. I’ve been using this every time I shower and it’s making a HUGE difference in my hair!! I will buy it again and again. I’m gonna get one for my mom too..”


        A Conditioning Hair Serum For Frizzy Hair

        If you experience frizzy strands even with deep conditioners, you might also add a leave-in conditioning serum to your regimen. Boasting more than 15,000 ratings on Amazon, Herstyler’s Hair Repair Serum smooths and hydrates dry hair with argan oil and aloe vera. It’s also formulated with vitamin E, which can help protect the hair cuticle and prevent strands from frizzing up from the get-go. You can apply it to damp hair after washing and conditioning or apply it to dry hair to help contain flyaways. Reviewers have noted that it works wonderfully for both thin and thick hair alike.

        Positive Amazon review: “Love this oil! I use it when my hair is dry to reduce frizziness. It works very well, and you only need a little. The scent is mild and lovely. Great product for the price!”


        A Conditioner Formulated For Color-Treated Hair

        While there are a number of color-safe conditioners on the market, Olapex’s No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner is a real standout. With more than 36,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, it’s beloved for its replenishing formula. It adds moisture to hair that has been damaged by in-salon treatments and heat styling. The result, according to reviewers? Softer, smoother, and frizz-free hair. While it’s popular among shoppers with color-treated hair, anyone who wants to strengthen their strands can give it a try, too.

        Positive Amazon review: “Great product. Does not strip color and does assist in fixing damaged hair. A small amount of this product goes a long way.”


        A Leave-In Conditioner With UV Protection For Frizzy Hair

        Did you know that too much sun exposure can damage strands? Stream2Sea’s Leave-In Hair Conditioner protects hair from UV rays, which can be particularly beneficial for color-treated hair. It incorporates antioxidant-rich green tea and wakame, plus olive oil and keratin proteins to help protect and moisturize strands. Just slather it on your hair as you would an SPF on your face — and, as a bonus, the formula is ocean-friendly, too.

        Positive Amazon review: “Love this product! Saved my hair last beach trip with all the diving and snorkeling! Made my hair much more manageable to go from beach to beach bar!”


        A Conditioning Heat-Protectant Spray For Frizzy Hair

        While heat styling can instantly give you a fun new look, in the long run it can hurt your strands and lead to frizz. A heat protectant like Redken’s One United All-In-One conditioner spray can help mitigate damage caused by heat tools. Like the name implies, it’s an all-in-one conditioner that primes and protects all hair types. You can leave it on, or rinse it off — either way, you’re promised softer, smoother strands that are better equipped to handle the heat.

        If anything, this conditioning spray is on the pricey side, but it also comes in 1-ounce and 5-ounce options if you want to take a smaller size for a spin before committing to a big bottle.

        Positive Amazon review: “A lil’ mist for a lot of soft ringlets! Wish I’d splurged for the big bottle. Always been an avid Redken user, but this product hits it out of the park! For days I don’t want to style my hair, just spray this in and let it naturally dry. Keeps frizz down and gives me soft curls. For days I want to blow-dry, it creates a smooth healthy-feeling texture. Not sure what it smells like, but I like it. Very pleased overall. Will be buying more. Great everyday/after shower product!”


        A Wildly Popular Argan Oil For Frizzy Hair

        Applying a bit of product with nourishing argan oil can help cut down on hair’s frizz, and Moroccanoil’s Treatment Oil is a wildly popular choice with more than 35,000 positive Amazon reviews thus far. One reviewer attested, “I have dry, curly hair. This oil conditions it and requires only a small amount for good results.” While it can smooth flyaways and leave your hair with a nice sheen, reviewers have reported that it doesn’t leave it looking super greasy. Apply it to your strands straight after a shower, or onto dry hair when you need to tame flyaways in between washes.

        Positive Amazon review: “My hair loves oil and this is one I put in all the time. Conditions and adds so much moisture while controlling frizz. Have been using this for years and it smells so good.”


        A Detangling Conditioner Spray For Kids

        If your kid’s hair often ends up tangled, the task of removing them can be a pain for the both of you — plus, forcing a brush through knots can lead to frizzy breakage. Sun Bum Baby’s Conditioning Detangler Spray can help simplify the process. The gentle formula doubles as a leave-in conditioner, and it incorporates coconut oil to coax out the most stubborn snarls and leave strands feeling more moisturized. No tugging a brush through your kid’s strands needed.

        Positive Amazon review: “My two-year-old son has the curliest hair. Being a toddler he hates to get his hair brushed […] This makes his hair easy to brush and frizz-free.”

        John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner Review

        John Frieda

        Rating: 85/100

        Tested on: May 2020

        Shampoo: £ 5.99
        Conditioner: £ 5.99

        Available from:

        What it is?

        John Frieda’s Dream Curls line is designed to smooth and define curly hair. The shampoo in this set claims to moisturize and cleanse.It also contains Abyssinian oil, which is formulated to nourish hair. The conditioner is then used to soften and moisturize and is suitable for daily use. Both products are supplied in tube packaging.

        Related Story

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        Our testers loved how quickly this shampoo washes away all previous build-ups and prevents greasiness. It foams well, forming a thick, creamy foam that is easy to wash off. Conditioner leaves hair smooth without harshness or stiffness.He also detangled the curls, making styling easier. After drying, the hair becomes soft, light and bouncy, and the curls look more voluminous. Most of the participants were generally happy with the look and everyone loved the fresh citrus scent that remained.

        We liked

        • Testers could feel the oil nourish their hair
        • This provided a deep clean
        • Works well with existing styling products.

        We didn’t like

        • Some people with drier hair types thought it might help keep frizzy hair back.
        • Some would prefer a different scent of the air conditioner
        • Testers would like the air conditioner to be more moisturizing.


        • Ease of Use: 4.5 / 5
        • Design: 4/5
        • Instructions: 5/5
        • Performance: 4/5

        How We Test

        We recruited over 160 curly women of all types of curls – from 2A (light waves) to 4C (strong curls / curls) – to test 12 shampoos and conditioner kits.They tested them for two weeks and then gave us feedback on improving curls, hydration, foam and product texture where possible.

        All product information provided by the manufacturer is correct at the time of publication.

        This content is created and maintained by a third party and imported into this page to help users enter their email addresses. You can find more information about this and similar content at Advertising – Continue Reading Below

        description of the Full Repair and Frizz Ease line for brunettes, reviews

        We all constantly use shampoos to cleanse our hair, because hair absorbs not only all the most useful from the environment, but also harmful, which must be washed out.Next, you will learn about a variety of professional shampoos from the famous British brand John Frieda.

        Then and Now

        More than thirty years ago, the first John Fried salon was opened, where hair care products were presented. Already in 1989, the brand developed a unique hair serum of its kind, which made curls shine with vitality, be smooth and even.After this product went on sale, it won not only women’s hair and hearts, but also a variety of awards in the beauty industry. Many experts and gurus of the hairdressing art claimed that this serum completely turned the whole previous idea of ​​hair care.

        Currently, John Frieda is actively studying and improving its products, realizing that all hair types are different and the requirements of girls are also different.From year to year, the brand’s specialists improve the line of products, using the latest achievements of science, medicine and cosmetology.

        All John Frieda products are not only laboratory tested to be safe to use, but also tested by famous stylists who always express an extremely positive opinion on various brand products.

        Fund lines

        Realizing that there is no specific product that works equally well, for example, for oily and dry hair, the brand produces a variety of lines of products that suit a specific type, color and individual characteristics of hair.

        The Freeze – Ease line offers a wide range of products for unruly and curly curls. If you are tired of enduring your naughty curls, then be sure to take a closer look at these shampoos. According to many stylists and specialists in this field, this line occupies a leading position in the care of problematic and curly curls that are very difficult to style. The following shampoos can be found in a series of products:

        • Long-lasting smoothness
        • For wavy, curly and unmanageable hair
        • For strengthening
        • Smoothing shampoo for wavy hair

        These funds penetrate deep into the hairs and help fight the porous structure, which is exactly what creates a lot of problems.Contains healthy coconut oil. With regular use, your hair will acquire a special immunity to the disobedience of your curls.

        The Sheer Blonde line is specially designed for various shades of blond, natural or colored. Light curls, whether they are “artificial” or natural colors, most often give their owners a lot of trouble, then they fade, then turn yellow, then the ends split.John Frieda products from this line will help to restore their former brightness, saturation, softness and beauty. All shampoos of this line contain a special exclusive complex that will make your hair shine as quickly as possible and activate its rich shade, in Sheer Blonde you will find the following shampoos:

        • For blond tones
        • Brightening
        • For restoring the shade
        • For very damaged hair

        You can learn more about the shampoo from the video.

        The Brilliant Brunette line is suitable for natural, colored, highlighted and colored hair of a wide variety of dark shades. The products contain a special complex that repairs damaged hair at any stage. With improper care, dark curls of brunettes always suffer from a lack of light and oxygen, John Frieda products easily compensate for these unwanted moments and return the curls to their former beauty, brightness and saturation. In the line of products you will find the following shampoos for dark curls:

        • For creating a rich shade
        • For color protection
        • Crystal Radiance

        Also, do not forget that after using the shampoo, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing balm, which you will also find in any line of products of this brand.

        The Luxurious Volume line was created to add luxurious volume to the hair. The line includes not only care products, but also styling products. The brand’s experts have proven that the combined use of shampoo and conditioner from this line will increase the volume of your curls by more than 40 percent. In the line you will find the following shampoos:

        • For long-acting volume
        • Protein shampoo
        • Dry volumizing shampoo

        The Full Repair line is designed for damaged, brittle and dry curls.In the composition of the funds there is a rare plant from the Amazon, which instantly revives your tired hair and fills it with energy. The formula of this line is rich in vitamins, acids and non-fatty oils, thanks to which there is an accelerated regeneration of hair, as a result of which you will regain healthy curls. In the line of products you will find a revitalizing shampoo and conditioner, a mask and oil to strengthen the hair.

        The Color WOW line offers products for the care of colored, curly and problem hair.All products in this series not only protect and restore hair, but also control its brightness, since colored hair very often dims due to improper care. This line of products is very much appreciated among famous stylists, even celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria choose it, and it is also available for purchase by ordinary girls. In this series of products you can find shampoo and conditioner for color protection, which is suitable for all hair types.


        A variety of women of all ages have different opinions on the use of John Frieda products.

        Many blondes note only the positive effect of shampoos and conditioners on their hair, in addition, the products not only return the former shine to the curls, but also have a pleasant aroma, making it a pleasure to apply the product to the curls. In addition, as follows from the description of the girls, the prices for shampoos are often affordable, and the quality is high.

        Also, women are sure that after using the products of this brand, the hair becomes more voluminous and manageable, it becomes easier to style it.

        As for the negative aspects, some noted that with daily use, the hair gets used to the product and very quickly becomes oily. It is also noted that not all products have a pleasant smell, sometimes it is chemical.

        But how many women, so many opinions. The John Frieda brand occupies a leading position in its field of activity and this has remained a fact for many years, but hair, like our face and any part of the body, requires experience, trial, and sometimes mistakes.That is why this or that remedy does not always suit us the first time.

        90,000 shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays, styling products, serum.


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