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Roxy | Surf, Snowboard & Fitness Brand

If you love to embrace the world of possibilities each day has to offer, and seek out adventure and new experiences, then ROXY was made for you. As a brand catering to women all around the world, ROXY has been inspiring women like you since 1991, and facilitating your active lifestyle with products that compliment it. What started as a surf brand, has evolved into a global sport brand that caters to the latest women’s trends and fashion. While surf still lives at the core of our ROXY style, we are well known on the mountains as a reputable snowboard brand, and are making waves in the fitness community as well. Your energy is contagious, and keeps us motivated to innovate new and exciting products and evolve the brand into the future. ROXY is fun, fashionable, functional, and free-spirited, become a part of our community today and enjoy our selection of styles.

ROXY is Always Fashion Forward

Calling all boardriders. Are you ready to seize the day in style? ROXY is here to make sure active women everywhere have the clothes, shoes, and accessories they need to look great while living each day to the fullest.

As a surf, snow, and skateboard brand, we are focused on facilitating riders to do what they love. Not only do we aim to dress and inspire women, but also kids and children. Passion for boardsports starts at a young age and we enjoy seeing girls evolve into young surfers, snowboarders, and skateboarders while wearing ROXY to help them accomplish their goals. We’re constantly ahead of all of the latest trends in fashion and boardsports which helps us to fuse our love for style with our love for an active daily routine. When you wear ROXY, the adventure never ends.

ROXY Fitness Will Elevate Your Workout

Do you love living a healthy lifestyle? At ROXY, we do too. We design fitness clothes to inspire women everywhere to step outside their comfort zones and start embracing an active lifestyle. Whether you enjoy yoga, swimming, running, or another activity of your choice, ROXY has the perfect selection of workout clothes for you to choose from so that you can stay properly outfitted. Our fitness collection includes sport clothes, sport accessories, sport bags and sport shoes that can improve your performance and keep you comfortable during any workout. We think you should spend less time shopping and more time doing the activities you love which is why all of our sport gear is conveniently shoppable through our online store. When you wear ROXY you can stand up to any challenge, and achieve your goals. So, what are you waiting for?

ROXY is the Only Surf Brand For Women

When it comes to women’s surf fashion and performance products, Roxy is the only brand that can give you the style and the quality that you need. Our women’s wetsuits are designed with cutting edge technologies that will enhance your performance in the water, as well as styled with the latest fashion and surf trends in mind. Along with performance surfwear, ROXY has a long history of fusing fashion and function to create seasonal collections of swimwear. Our range of swimsuits includes styles that are complimentary for a variety of styles including bikinis, monokinis, and one piece bathing suits.

Whether you like to catch waves on your surfboard or longboard, or get your exercise by paddle boarding, our collection of women’s swimsuits will keep you looking good and feeling great in the water. For days when you’re looking for more coverage than a bikini, but less coverage than a wetsuit, try on a pair of our women’s boardshorts and experience the comfort that a quality pair of swim trunks can offer. ROXY will always be rooted in surf lifestyle, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and evolve with future surf trends.

ROXY Is A Ski & Snowboard Expert

When the mountains are calling, it’s best to answer with ROXY. For years, we have been leading the way in women’s performance ski clothes and snowboard clothes. As a top ski brand and snowboard brand, each winter season we release a collection of premium apparel and accessories complete with everything you need to perform at your best on the mountain. Choose from jackets, pants, gloves, beanies and scarves to keep you warm and protected each time you strap into your snowboard or click into your skis.

Along with great clothing and accessories, ROXY designs technical ski and snowboard accessories like goggles, helmets, ski and snowboard bags, ski backpacks and more to accommodate all of your needs on the mountain. All of our equipment is trusted by our riders, and Team ROXY is made up of some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world. When it comes to pushing limits and excelling on the mountain, ROXY has you covered in performance gear from head to toe.

Joey Leather Heel Shoes Rose Gold Leather high Heels pointy


Joey are the Heel Shoes that you always want to have in your closet.
Simple and fine pair of rose gold ankle strap heels
This type of heel with the ankle strap provides an extra comfort while walking and the fine design makes the foot look extra narrow and delicate.

100% Leather upper
Lined in soft Leather
Cushioned Insole
3.7 heel height
Strap on ankle
Rubber Sole
Handmade in Colombia

Recommendations for finding your ideal size

Usually there are two types of measurements for your foot, static and moving. Ideally, daily use causes size to widen.

To find your ideal size follow the steps below:
1. Place a blank sheet of paper flat on the floor and against a wall.
2. Place a foot on the sheet with the heel of the foot touching the wall. You may decide whether to take the measurement completely barefoot or with socks, depending on how you usually wear your shoes.
3. Mark where the heel begins as well as where the longest part of your foot ends. The measured distance between the two is the shoe size in centimeters. Look at the chart above and determine your shoe size for local sizing systems.
4. For closed shoes we recommend adding .1 inch for the best fit.
5. If you fall between two sizes, we recommend choosing the largest one. If you buy it and it is not your size, do not worry, you can return your products without a problem and change them for the size that fits you best.

All of our shoes are handcrafted by artisans in Colombia, using only high quality leathers and materials to ensure the best results.

—————–Size Chart—————

35 EU l 5 US – 23.0 cm / 9.05 inch
36 EU | 6 US – 23.97 cm / 9.44 inch
37 EU | 7 US – 24.65 cm / 9.70 inch
38 EU | 8 US – 25.6 cm / 10.0 inch
39 EU | 9 US – 26.0 cm / 10.23 inch
40 EU | 9.5 US – 26.7 cm / 10.5 inch

41 EU | 10.5 US – 27.3 cm / 10.75 inch

To view all our leather collection:

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Shoe business: Tip Toey Joey Founders Ana & Scott McInerney

Life is amazing really, you never know what’s round the corner or where it will take you. For example if I were to go back in time to Australia and ask an 8 year old Scott McInerney what he’d like to be when he’s older, I’m sure the reply would not have been ‘I’m going to design elasticated heeled baby shoes (comfortable and clever) and make lots of them, say 2000 a day in my own factory in Brazil’. It’s fascinating how from a little seed of an idea an international business can grow. We chat with Tip Toey Joey founders Ana & Scott McInerney to find out more about the business, manufacturing in Brazil and of course what makes a good kids shoe.

Ana & Scott McInerney co-founders Tip Toey Joey

For those who don’t know could you tell us how you started Tip Toey Joey and how you created the first shoe?
Scott: It all started back in November 2001, when Sofia, our first child, was born. We had just moved from London to Ana’s home town Franca, in Brazil. Franca had, and still does, a rich history of shoe making. I was inspired by its artisanal beauty and thought I would try and take some existing men’s shoe brands to sell in Australia.

We both wanted to create a form of income between our two countries, where we could essentially see both our families. So when Sofia was 6 months old, I took her and Ana to Australia for 3 months to see my family and try and sell some shoes. The trip was a flop for shoe sales, I didn’t sell a pair, but we did stumble upon some great soft leather slippers for Sofia. They were so much better than the rigid shoes we had bought her, that kept on falling off and made her feet sweat, but these were too simple, lacked design, and the elastic made marks around her soft little puffy ankles.

I remember feeling a strong sensation that maybe I could do better, maybe I could make a better shoe for her that brought together everything good in each shoe that I had seen. From that moment on, I couldn’t get it out of my head! I was thinking about it day and night and completely gave up on selling the men’s shoes. I was solving a problem for my daughter Sofia – the product came first.

After the 3 months, we returned to Brazil and I enrolled in as many courses as I could to learn about shoemaking. I set a goal to create a shoe that was super functional and amazingly comfortable with a beautiful cool timeless design. That was quiet a task looking back on it, as well as that I wanted it to be easy to put on but hard for her to take off, would be non-restrictive, allow her foot to grow naturally, and made from super soft and breathable leather.

I studied sewing, pattern making, leather grading and design during the nights and tested my first designs during the day. I had always loved drawing, but had never been able to bring it into a working environment. Now I was drawing like a mad man, taking my designs to a pattern maker, cutter, skiver, then a sewer who would always look at my designs and say “That’s too hard and will be too expensive to make!”. I didn’t care and just kept ploughing on. I don’t think I had ever given something so much thought and dedication… Ana often found me sleeping with my shoe designs in hand.

 The months passed, Sofia was getting older and getting tired of testing all my creations. But as they passed, I knew that with each design I was getting closer to what I had set out to solve. Finally, in July of 2003, I had perfected 3 different models, a casual, a sandal and a mary jane, each with the now famous elastic stretch heel that I had created. Although a little tired of them, Sofia loved them, we loved them and when, finally showing our friends, they loved them, we thought maybe others might like them.

What did you both do before Tip Toey Joey?
Scott: I studied business accounting at University in Australia, graduating in 1991, I worked for two years in Australia before deciding to explore the world. With London as my base, I worked in the finance and audit departments for Investment Banks and travelled for the next 4 years, before meeting Ana in London in September 1998. After a brief trip to Brazil, we returned to London, where I worked as a business analyst for a telecoms company until leaving for Brazil in 2001.

Ana: On the other hand, I come from a branding background. I grew up in Brazil and graduated from university with a Bachelor in Marketing. Then I moved to São Paulo , the biggest city of  South America, and worked for Advertising & Brand Agencies until heading to London in 1998. Whilst in London, I studied at Central Saint Martins and won a competition to do a work experience at a top agency there.

Do you still have the first wooden form shaped from Sophia’s print? If so, where is it?
Ana: No, unfortunately the original was lost in moving from factory to factory…

Scott: However, the design shape of the last was copied well before the original was lost and serves as the last for all baby shoes we produce. I had several wooden copies made up that sit with me in my office as an inspiration. Whenever I draw up new models, I always have the wooden lasts close by.

Was becoming a global brand part of the plan when you carved out that first wooden form?
Ana: No, not at all. We really wanted to build that bridge between Brazil and Australia, to create something that would allow us to go between for business and pleasure. Although, when we had the first models ready, we knew we had something great and really hoped that others would like it. When they did, we started to dream.

What makes a good baby or child’s shoe?
Scott: I guess that is the same answer for all good products: if you put your heart and soul into making something to solve a problem, then they will be great products. I set out to make what I thought would be a great baby shoe, I studied all that was good and bad in the market, and then put my head together to create something that was super functional, amazingly comfortable, with a great timeless design.

 You have to have a deep understanding of the development stages of the babies’ foot and a respect for natural foot development. It is then a combination of your gained knowledge, materials, design and test, test, test, thinking that you can always make it better.


Is it difficult striking the balance between baby friendly footwear and design aesthetic?
Scott: As a consumer, I detest buying a product that looks great but does not perform to my expectation. There is an ever increasing demand from the market for new designs quickly fitted into current fashion tendencies, but at Tip Toey Joey we are always remembered by our mission: “Always driven by the same care and passion as we did when we made the first pair for our daughter, we will bring to the world the most deliciously comfortable, supportive and lovingly crafted shoes, nurturing the natural foot development of your child from the moment of birth through their important growth years. Growing Together”. By the way, “growing together”, written as one word, is our signature.

Ana: We are firm believers in Kairos, that everything has its right time, so every model we create can never be rushed off the design table on to the production floor, it must go through a healthy process of testing.

Scott: After all we are talking about a consumer that will not tell you what is wrong with the shoe, they will simply not wear it. So to simply look at aesthetic over function and comfort is falling to the demands of the fashion world and forgetting our “baby”.

What was your reasoning behind having your own factory producing your footwear?
Scott: When I returned from Australia with our very first orders in 2004, I outsourced the production to a small children’s footwear factory. Determined to deliver the same quality that I promised in our samples, I involved myself in the review of each of the processes in the making of the shoes. Whilst outsourcing to this factory, they in turn outsourced its sewing process to little home based enterprises, where you would commonly find the mother and father sewing the shoes in the garage. I was shocked by the ones that I visited. While the parents worked endless hours trying to increase production, their babies were being left alone in puddles of water, close to clandestine electrical wiring… It was a terrible health hazard. As well as that I just felt that we never had complete control over the quality process or the delivery time. If we wanted to be a true transparent values orientated brand, then we needed to be serious about our production.

So with the help of Ana we enrolled into an incubator project funded by the local government and state industry authorities, where we started our little Tip Toey Joey factory, all our own adult staff, working in great conditions, all with an eye toward the quality of the final product. It was nerve racking though, I remember the day before we moved the production to our own local, thinking “What have I done… I know nothing about running a factory!” We nervously got through those first months making 30 pairs a day. Now we run a factory making 2000 pairs a day. That moment was a turning point. Delivering a great product with control over the quality gave us the confidence that we could grow up.

Brazil is the biggest footwear producer outside of Asia, did this make it easier finding a skilled workforce for your production?
Ana: Absolutely! We are so proud of the shoe making history of my hometown Franca, there are some 17.000 people employed in the production of footwear in our region, with the first factories dating back to pre-1950. This made our decision to produce here so much easier as we knew we had a wealth of experience on our doorstep.

Scott: However, few of these artisans had been working with baby shoes. Our shoes are 3 times smaller and twice as hard to make, so we had to do a lot of learning and then retraining to get those big hands working on small shoes. Today we have a highly skilled workforce of nearly 400 collaborators in a proportion of 70/30 women to men.

 I met you at Playtime NY earlier this year, is America an important market to you?
Ana: Yes, we really enjoyed our time at Playtime New York! We really believe we have a great product for the American market, as we have been in great boutiques such as YOYA (New York City) and specialized shoe stores Brooks Shoes for Kids (a few cities in California), and online with Friendly Rooster for a few years, but have never set out to really grow the market until now. We want to grow our markets slowly with maximum attention to the brand/store owner relationship. It is not volume that drives us. It is a little cliché, but we would rather be in the best boutiques than have the biggest volume.

Your photograph really stands out as very authentic, you use real families in your campaigns. How do you find and choose the families?
Ana: Upon deciding the collection theme, I set out to locate a family that as well as having the values of the brand, encompasses the feeling of the collection. It is a time consuming process of research and then meeting the families. Upon final selection, we have to make the family feel as comfortable as possible to be as natural as possible in their own environment.

Do you work with the same photographer for your campaigns?
Ana: We have had some great photographers involved with our campaigns over the years, but since we started getting families involved in the campaigns we have selected families with an artistic flair, where sometimes the actual parents are photographers. In the case of the SS17 Sabiá Collection, the parents were musicians so we enrolled the help of a professional photographer, Lucia Braga.

How does a bird inspire a children’s shoe collection?  Birds aren’t renowned for walking! 😉
Scott: We love selecting playful themes as inspiration for our collections that also remind us of our childhood. While I didn’t grow up with the Sabiá bird in New Zealand, it is native to Brazil, it is part of the thrush family, which is common to New Zealand. So when we decided to start our series of collections “The Arts” with our first theme being music, we selected the most joyful music we remembered as children, the sounds of nature in the form of the birdsong. And what better bird to represent that than the national bird of Brazil, the Sabiá?!

Can you hear the Sabiá bird in your own garden in Brazil?
Ana: We have just built our house so our trees are too small for the birds to come… However we do have some trees around the factory, where you can hear the joyful chirping of the sabiá in the morning.

No football boots in your collection, is that allowed as a Brazilian footwear label? 😉
Scott: I am a huge football fan and would love to do some little football booties for babies and kids. Who knows, maybe in time for the next World Cup!

What can we expect from Tip Toey Joey in the future?
Scott: Well, we are so proud of what we have achieved since the first models were approved by Sofia…The brand has allowed us to dream, so we will keep on dreaming up great footwear for babies. We have some really cool projects in the pipeline, we have some great footwear designs coming out in the next year or so and maybe even branching out to some other cool products for babies. We will continue growing internationally and will be launching our commerce site for Australia in the coming months, and US and Europe in 2018.

 Ana: We will be launching a special collection in the USA by early 2018, a collection to mark the future of the brand. I am really excited about this collection as we are putting together all that we have learnt to create a new concept for baby shoes. It will be everything that Tip Toey Joey was, is and wants to be.

Thank you Both !

Sabia SS17 

Tip Toey Joey
http://tiptoeyjoey. com
Founded 2001
Founders Ana & Scott McInerney

Joey Birkenstocks? Joey Bosa, Derwin James making better shoe choices – AFC West

COSTA MESA, Calif. — He sports cleats for his day gig, but at this moment while answering questions, Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa wears his most comfortable pair of shoes.

Bosa says he rarely takes them off, other than to put his Nike Jordan cleats on for practice.

That’s right, Bosa is coming after your Birkenstocks.

“I wear these things everywhere because I’ve never put anything on my foot that forms and fits better to my arch,” Bosa said. “I don’t take them off, they really mold to your foot.”

“I’m trying to convince him to get us all Birkenstocks for Christmas,” fellow defensive end Isaac Rochell said. “He wore them all camp, and has worn them all season in the facility.”

Joey Birkenstocks? When Bosa isn’t crushing QBs, he likes to lounge around in these comfortable shoes that fit his feet like a glove. “I don’t take them off, they really mold to my feet,” Bosa said. H/T master iPhone picture taker @GManzano24

— Eric Williams (@eric_d_williams) December 20, 2019

Footwear is an important topic of conversation in NFL locker rooms in general, and specifically for Bosa after he suffered a bruised left foot last year during training camp that forced him to miss the first nine games of the regular season.

Bosa’s teammate, safety Derwin James, went through a similar ordeal this year. James suffered a Jones stress fracture of the fifth metatarsal of his right foot during a joint practice against the New Orleans Saints on Aug. 15. The injury was a refracture of an initial stress injury he suffered heading into his sophomore season at Florida State.

Foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson performed surgery to repair the issue on Aug. 22 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Anderson also treated Bosa for his foot issue.

The Chargers placed James on the injured reserve to start the season, forcing him to miss the first 11 games.

The two foot injuries are examples of a leaguewide rise of lower-leg injuries over the past 10 years, according to data collected annually by the league’s foot and ankle committee.

Bosa said his injury forced him to rethink what he wore on his feet on game days.

“When the injury happened, you’re obviously going to research and look at everything you can,” Bosa said. “That was one of the first things the doctor said, is start with what shoes you are wearing.

Derwin James loves his stylish yellow cleats but appreciates the structure of his shoes more after missing three months due to a foot injury. Kelvin Kuo/USA TODAY Sports

“So that injury certainly gave me an appreciation for floors and walking around on different surfaces, and the impact that it can have on your body, like walking around on hard concrete. I would be walking on carpet, and then take one step off onto concrete and my foot would kill me. So it just kind of showed me how important footwear is, not just cleats but wearing it every day.

ESPN injury analyst and licensed physical therapist Stephania Bell said the goal of the foot and ankle committee, headed up by Anderson, is to create player awareness about things they can do to mitigate some of the injury risk for foot and ankle issues. That includes properly fitted footwear.

“Look, if that wasn’t a thing, players wouldn’t have all of these shoe deals, right?” Bell said about players wanting good-looking cleats. “It’s about how ‘fresh’ their kicks look, if I can borrow the lingo of the kids. That’s what it’s always been about, and if you think about it, growing up that’s what they saw. So that’s really embedded in the culture of sports.

“Now, that’s not bad. But there has to be some balance because this is a piece of equipment, much like the helmet and shoulder pads are pieces of equipment.”

All 32 teams have 3D scanning systems to accurately measure players’ feet and help determine the best footwear for each player. The league and the NFL Players Association also collaborate on helping players determine what footwear they should use in practice and on game days, including the use of shoe-testing machines to evaluate the best cleats to use on specific surfaces.

“You start adding up the time lost among these players and it’s every position,” Bell said. “It’s guys on the line, as well as defensive backs and wide receivers. It can be anybody, really.

“So it affects everyone, the numbers are up and they are really trying to figure out what’s the best point of attack. It’s going to be multipronged, but this educational piece is one part of it.”

Count James as one of those kids interested in cleats that made him look good.

“I was always the guy growing up who wanted the best-looking cleats, no matter how they felt,” James said. “For me, I like a loud color. So if it’s between yellow and blue, I like the yellow. When I went to the store, I wanted the best-looking one, even if I couldn’t fit in them I was trying to put them on. They had to be fire.

“Now, with the foot injury I have to go more for what’s comfortable and safe for my foot. So I know I have to go with a different style, a different flavor.”

Bosa signed an endorsement deal with Adidas as a rookie. However, during offseason work this year, he tried teammate Melvin Ingram’s Jordan Brand Nike cleats, and after a couple of months of using them, Bosa adopted those shoes as his own.

After his deal was up with Adidas, Bosa signed with Nike.

“I don’t think it’s about one brand or another,” Bosa said. “It’s about having something that can form to your foot with a wide enough base to support it.”

James has stayed with Adidas, finding a sturdier, comfortable shoe that provides him good support.

“I love Adidas,” James said. “I can always call them for anything I feel like. I don’t really have an issue with them.”

Rochell is endorsed by Under Armour, and has worn that brand of cleats since college at Notre Dame. Rochell said he’s spoken to Bosa about his choice of footwear for football.

“I think it’s about wearing what’s comfortable,” Rochell said.

Shoe companies should be carbon neutral ‘from farm to foot’

Allbirds Co-CEO Joey Zwillinger chronicles the footwear and apparel brand’s lead-up to its public trading debut and its efforts to opt towards sustainable products.

Video Transcript


BRIAN SOZZI: Allbirds makes its public markets debut today, testing the waters for a retail brand with a strong sustainability message. The company sold 20 million shares on Tuesday for $15 each. It has been market– it was marketing, I should say, 19 million shares in a range of $12 to $14 a share. Allbirds co-founder and co-CEO Joey Zwillinger is here with us now. Joey, congrats on the debut. I know it’s been a long time coming here. Positive reception– the IPO priced at the top or above the top end of the range. What did you hear from investors on the road show?

JOEY ZWILLINGER: Yeah, I mean, we were blessed with the experience. We got to meet the best investors in the world and, frankly, enjoyed incredible demand. And people just connected on the general mission of the company. They saw the vision for the long-term. We’re only five years old. But we kind of presented investors with the vision for how this grows for a very high compound growth rate for the better part of a decade.

And then kind of connecting back to just the near term opportunity in what we’re doing, it was exciting for everyone. So we got a lot of demand. We were able to upsize the deal and put a price that we thought was great for the company, but really great for the new investors that are coming in and joining our cap table.

BRIAN SOZZI: How will that growth look like, Joey? Are you going to open up a lot more retail stores? Do you have an opportunity to expand into wholesale accounts? Or how do you think about it?

JOEY ZWILLINGER: Yeah, I mean, we’ve spent this five-year period of building the business with the idea that we wanted to create an amazing foundation. So we did some things the hard way. We started with shoes first, instead of apparel. You know, there’s not a lot of history in our industry of people doing apparel and then moving into shoes, effectively. So we went the hard way there. We did 100% of our sales vertically, so all either digital or in our own operated brick and mortar stores. And we virtually never discounted a product in the whole history of the company.

Story continues

So we’ve taken this and built this really pure foundation. And I think that was part of what attracted investors, is we now have this foundation that we can use as a great springboard into the future. So when we talk about growth, we’re talking about brick and mortar. And that’s big growth, but that’s predominantly in the US in the coming years. And we have great opportunities. And we started when COVID hit with 14. Now we have 35 today. So that’s a really important growing fleet and aspect of our growth.

We have international markets that very nascent in. We only did $50 million in revenue in 2020. And that is poised for fantastic growth, particularly in our key markets, both in Asia and Europe. And then, lastly, our existing customers are just responding so well to our expanded product portfolio from what was for a long time, for 60% of the company’s life, we had, like, five products. And we’re only five years old. So we’re just starting to broaden that assortment into performance athletics footwear for that, for running and occasions like that. And then we’ve added apparel. And people are just responding so well. And that’s just a great lever for us to grow.

EMILY MCCORMICK: Joey, this is Emily. I want to ask a little bit about your customer base because I saw that about 53% of your 2020 sales were from repeat customers. So who is your current audience base right now? And how are you hoping to bring in new demographics?

JOEY ZWILLINGER: Yeah, I mean, we haven’t met that many people yet. You know, being only five years old, the way we kind of measure it is we go out and ask, in the case of the US, we ask, how many people have heard of Allbirds? And it turns out that only about 11% of the population has. The people who we reach, they tend to be health and wellness oriented, a little bit more affluent than the average American, but we’re going after a huge segment of the population.

That’s fitness enthusiasts, not fitness buffs running 100-mile ultramarathons. Like, we’re focused on people that are exercising, some weekend warriors. And we’re getting such strong resonance across a very ubiquitous, you know, geographic dispersion. Like, it’s quite broad. We’re a little more slanted towards women than men. And we skew pretty young. And we think we have an amazing amount of growth ahead of us without needing to change too much of the group we’re targeting.

BRIAN SOZZI: Joe, I’m a fitness buff. You know, I’ll rock some Allbirds, just full and fair disclosure there. You know, what is the next big– what’s the next big material for Allbirds?

JOEY ZWILLINGER: We’ve got a bunch more in store. And we have some super exciting things coming in the next couple of years. But one I would highlight is we made an investment in a company called Natural Fiber Welding. And they presented us with an opportunity when we started the relationship to co-develop something that would be the best alternative to leather from cows. We didn’t want to use leather from animals.

And this is a naturally derived alternative that opens up an incredible tool in our arsenal to deploy into products around a couple of different areas, but in particular, on lifestyle sneakers and have just such a cool opportunity to unlock the power of a material that works well, that feels amazing, and is a 98% carbon reduction versus bovine leather. And that is the magic of Allbirds when we take a naturally derived material that does good for the world and also feels different and feels better, and that unlocks product opportunity to connect with consumers. And that’s where we’re going to really win.

BRIAN SOZZI: Joey, we’ve been covering COP26, the climate conference, all week long. And so many companies are saying, yeah, we have carbon neutral commitments by 2050 and 2070. And all these executives well paid are slapping themselves on the back. I mean, are they doing enough? I mean, that is a long time away.

JOEY ZWILLINGER: Yeah, I think the time for action is now. You know, we’re going to be the 29th B Corp to be a publicly listed company out of the many, many thousands of companies out there. And the central focus for Allbirds in terms of our stakeholder orientation, A, we’re always going to be a great business and try to make money for our shareholders.

But we’re also looking at environmental impact. And our focus is on climate change. So we’ve been carbon neutral since 2019. We have a pledge– and that’s with the use of offsets. We have a pledge to go carbon neutral, virtually carbon neutral, and save 95% reduction by 2030. So that’s the kind of action that we would encourage companies to shift to.

And while they’re making their way down to a net neutral future of carbon emissions for their company– and that’s across the whole stack, in our case, from farm to foot, and beyond, into the end of life– they need to act now. And they should be bridging that with carbon offsets as well. So our focus is on measuring it, reducing it, and then offsetting along the way as a bridge. And we would encourage every company to act much, much more quickly than they are.

EMILY MCCORMICK: Joey, with the IPO, Allbirds raised more than $300 million. And you were talking about some of the growth levers and various initiatives with Brian earlier. But I’m wondering, what is the number one priority right now for Allbirds now with that additional capital?

JOEY ZWILLINGER: You know, it turns out we’re actually a really capital efficient business. So part of it is just getting scale and getting some cushion on the balance sheet to weather stormy days. And, you know, if you’ve been an adult living in the last couple of years, you realize that stormy days can come. And so part of it is just regular cushion for the balance sheet.

But the biggest driver that takes the most money for us is store growth. We build beautiful stores. They create amazing customer experiences. Our NPS is the measure we focus on to describe what that customer experience is like. We have a global average of 86 on NPS, which is quite world class. So, deploying money into new store growth on an incremental basis, that’s where most of our Capex is going to go to.

BRIAN SOZZI: Joey, it’s not lost on me what we have seen this year. Now we have the Allbirds IPO. We had on another sneaker maker with a sustainability message. They came public earlier in the year. Is one of the reads here that over the next decade, because consumer tastes are switching, that Nike will not simply dominate like they have in the past?

JOEY ZWILLINGER: Look, we’re at an interesting juncture. We started the business in 2015. And there was an opportunity for the first time, really, ever to reach people directly on a vertical retail model. And that disruption, you know, we’re the only brand within the footwear industry that is a majority direct to consumer. So we’re 100%, but no one’s even– no one else, besides us, is even more than 50%.

So it’s a really differentiated business model. And it allows us to unlock a lot of value for customers. We’re able to give them an extremely good product at a very competitive price. And so things are changing on distribution. And we also started the business. We call it a purpose native brand. We had a blank canvas. We said we’re only going to constrain– we’re going to constrain our R&D process to look only at natural materials that are better for the planet.

So getting the start from scratch and doing it in a way where we can reach consumers effectively, I think there’s an opportunity and a window where the brands that are going to really transcend over the next couple of decades are going to start in the way that we’ve started. And so we’re just capitalizing on a lot of good fortune in our timing and having the focus to be ahead of where consumers are. And consumers are going to connect their purchases to their value set and particularly around the environment. And we are right on track to meet that need. And that’s the foundation we’ve been building.

BRIAN SOZZI: Well, welcome to public markets. Allbirds co-founder and co-CEO Joey Zwillinger, look forward to following your journey. We’ll talk to you soon.

Suing Amazon over shoes is ‘risky’

Allbirds co-CEO Joey Zwillinger said on Wednesday that the sneaker company is “looking” at legal action against Amazon but that it would likely be “risky.”

“We’re a company of about 500 people total. I would suspect Amazon has more than double that in just lawyers,” Zwillinger said on “Squawk Alley.” “So it’s probably a risky territory to wade into, but we’re always looking at it. We look carefully every time this happens.”

Zwillinger’s comments follow revelations that e-commerce giant Amazon is selling a shoe that looks like Allbirds’ popular sneakers called the Wool Runners. Amazon’s shoe, released under the in-house brand 206 Collective, sells for $45. Allbirds’ signature shoe costs $95.

“At a minimum, it’s probably at least inspired by us, I would think,” said Zwillinger, who co-founded the San Francisco-based company with Tim Brown. “But there are some striking resemblances, as we’ve seen.”

Amazon’s shoe is not the only footwear available online that looks like shoes from Allbirds, which recently was valued at $1.4 billion and started selling shoes in March 2016.

When asked if he would consider Amazon’s shoe copyright infringement, Zwillinger said there are “a couple dozen copycats.”

“It’s part of the business of fashion, as I’ve come to learn,” Zwillinger said, calling the speed at which lookalike shoes appear “startling.”

But Zwillinger said this situation — given that it involves Amazon, with its size and omnipresent influence — is different.

“It does matter,” he said.

Zwillinger said there is a similarity between Amazon’s shoe and others that resemble Allbirds: the absence of the environmental standards that Allbirds follows.

“Copying the look and trying to copy the feel of the product we’ve done is one thing, and I wish people didn’t do it,” he said.

“But it’s different when they don’t follow the same practices that we do. We source wool from the most humanely treated sheep in the world. … We’re 100% carbon neutral as a company. … These knockoffs are trying to siphon off demand we’ve created for this category of product, and they’re really not taking the same care for their impact on the environment.”

Zwillinger said Allbirds has actually made some of its technology open source, specifically the process by which Allbirds makes the foam for its shoes. It’s a carbon-negative process, he said.

“We think we’re onto something kind of special, and we’re happy to share a lot of what we do, particularly that foundational R&D when it’s good for the environment,” he said. “We’d love for these copycats to take all that good stuff, and preferably not steal the design and the IP like that.”

Tip Toey Joey Funky Sneaker Review: Courtesy of Friendly Rooster

My kids outgrow or wear out shoes every few months. Now that my son is walking, he is going through shoes quickly. The sandals that I bought him at the beginning of the summer already no longer fit. He also had an adorable pair of leather boots that he wore last winter and spring, but he has outgrown that pair too. Thus, when recently offered the chance to review a pair of funky sneakers from Tip Toey Joey courtesy of Friendly Rooster in exchange for my honest opinion, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to outfit my son in a new pair of shoes.

About Friendly Rooster

Friendly Rooster specializes in name brand, high quality shoes for babies and toddlers that are healthy for foot development during the walking years. The online shoe stores sells brands including Tip Toey Joey, Native, Pedi Ped, Livie & Luca, and many others, all which display responsibility toward environmental and social issues. Friendly Rooster and Tip Toey Joey specifically work together to help infants in need through the Share Your Love of Shoes campaign. As part of an ongoing effort to help communities, Friendly Rooster donates a brand new pair of Tip Toey Joey shoes with the purchase of any size or style of Tip Toey Joey shoes to a beginning walker in need in the United States. Friendly Rooster also takes every measure possible to reduce their footprint on the planet by reusing boxes and packaging materials. In most cases, shoes purchased from the store come in a shipping box but without an additional shoe box. Friendly Rooster also works with their suppliers to receive products with reduced packaging.

Price and Design

A pair of Tip Toey Joey funky sneakers currently costs $52 at Friendly Rooster. Constructed with a 100% leather upper and lining, the baby boy walking shoes feature a padded leather insole to absorb perspiration, leaving little feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Flexible natural rubber soles with non-skid bottoms assist in learning to walk while preventing falls. Elastic laces and elastic details at the heel make the shoe easy to slip on but no so easy for little hands to remove. The cushioned foot bed provides added comfort. Tip Toey Joey funky sneakers are available in sizes 9-12M, 12-15M, 15-18M, 18-21M, and 21-24M.




I received a pair of size 15-18M of Tip Toey Joey funky sneakers from Friendly Rooster in bamboo green for my toddler son. He has been wearing his new green shoes for four weeks now on an almost daily basis. The flexible leather design fits him perfectly! At twenty-two months old, my son has been walking for only the past six months. (He started walking on the later side at sixteen months.) He can walk and run with his big sister but is still learning to navigate the world without wobbling sometimes. The flexible nature rubber sole and non-skid bottoms of his Tip Toey Joey baby boy walking shoes have really helped him practice and improve his walking skills. In fact, as soon as I first put the shoes on his feet, I immediately noticed that he walked and ran more easily, even on uneven ground.

In addition to fitting my son, I love the easy-on design of the Tip Toey Joey funky sneakers. Slipping his new baby boy walking shoes from Friendly Rooster is incredibly easy because of the elastic laces and elastic details at the heel. I can put the shoes on my son while he sits and even stands. Unlike conventional shoes, the elastic at the heels of the funky sneakers allows me to slip the shoes on quickly and easily. I simply put my son’s toes inside the shoe, simultaneously pull up on the tongue and pull back on the heel, and slip the rest of his foot inside. I can also slip the shoes off his feet quickly, even one-handed. However, my son cannot easily pull the shoes off. When he wears his funky sneaker baby boy walking shoes, I do not have to worry about my son throwing his footwear around my van.

Because of the soft leather upper and lining, my son can wear his Tip Toey Joey shoes with or without socks. When we plan to do a lot of walking, I will usually put socks on his feet before putting his shoes on. However, during the summer, I often forget to put socks on him. (Plus he dislikes wearing socks most of the time anyway!) With his new baby boy walking shoes from Friendly Rooster, I do not have to worry about him getting blisters on his little feet. The soft leather never rubs his delicate skin. His funky sneakers are almost like a second pair of skin!



Finally, my son has been wearing his Tip Toey Joey baby boy walking shoes for about a month now. With the warm weather, my kids and I have been getting outside as much as possible. We play outside in our backyard, go for walks around town, head to the park, visit the zoo, and more. My son has therefore put his new shoes from Friendly Rooster to heavy use! The leather is holding up extremely well. I love that I can easily wipe off dirt and mud from tops and sides. The only major wear and tear on the shoes that I have noticed is that the bottom of the heels have become a bit worn. However, the pair is still completely function, and, with the heavy use that my son puts his shoes through, I would have been surprised had no wear or tear occurred. Overall, my son and I are extremely pleased with his new pair of Tip Toey Joey funky sneakers from Friendly Rooster!



Final Verdict

If you are shopping for a new pair of baby boy walking shoes (or baby girl walking shoes) for your little one, I highly recommend the Tip Toey Joey funky sneakers from Friendly Rooster. Constructed with a 100% leather upper and lining, the shoes fit my toddler son extremely well, with or without socks. The flexible nature rubber sole and non-skid bottoms have really helped my late-walker practice his walking skills. Even on uneven ground, he can more easily walk, run, and climb after his big sister. After four weeks of heavy use, the leather is holding up well, and the only wear and tear that I have noticed is on the heels. Overall I am extremely pleased with the bamboo green Tip Toey Joey funky sneakers that my son received from Friendly Rooster, and I would definitely buy him another pair in the future.

Purchase a pair of Tip Toey Joey funky sneakers from Friendly Rooster. Use coupon code PARENTINGPATCh25 now through September 5, 2016 to receive 15% off your order at Friendly Rooster. Follow Friendly Rooster on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.


Image Credits

Tip Toey Joey Funky Sneaker Review © 2016 Heather Johnson
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Top of Tip Toey Joey Funky Sneaker © 2016 Heather Johnson
Front of Tip Toey Joey Funky Sneaker © 2016 Heather Johnson
Bottom of Tip Toey Joey Funky Sneaker © 2016 Heather Johnson
Tip Toey Joey Funky Sneakers on Toddler 1 © 2016 Heather Johnson
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Uncle Joe’s boots

If you try to describe the army footwear of the countries participating in the Second World War in one word, then for the German it will be “quality”, for the British – “conservatism”, and for the American – “search”.

Why “search”?

Let’s figure it out together.

American search

Until 1939, an American infantryman walked in field boots similar to British ones. With the same windings in which he was shod during the First World War.This is understandable – the shoes were designed for internal service.

But the fire of a new division of the world broke out in Europe. And for the overseas strategists it became clear that participation in the fight could not be avoided. Feverish development of new types of weapons began. And along with the ammunition.

The windings were discarded. At first, the boots did not differ much from their predecessors. They became a little higher.

They were called “Service Shoes” of the first sample. Made of glossy brown dyed leather.They had leather soles and heels. All this abundantly “showered” with thorns.

Came out expensive. And unreliable.

During military maneuvers in 1940, the leather sole failed after three weeks.

The boots were withdrawn from the security. And they quickly began to develop a new type.

However, there are photographs where, during the landing in Normandy, the Americans attacking the coastal fortifications were shod in such boots. Apparently, the rangers realized that it was more convenient to land on the rocky shore with thorns, and took out supplies from the warehouses.This is how they looked, by the way.

Second model

The result of the modernization was the emergence of a model called Shoes Service Composition Sole in early 1941. That is, its main difference is the sole. Thick, rubber.

The boot itself, as before, was made of glossy leather of the same brown color. But they began to sew an additional piece on the nose. For durability. The number of lace eyelets remains eight on each side.

The sole was sewn with a double stitch to the “body” of the boot. And in some cases the heel was reinforced with nails.

The boots came out great.

But it was not without its drawbacks. High quality patent leather looked good both in parades and in the field. I didn’t get wet for a long time. But, getting wet, it did not dry out just as long. How does wet skin rub your foot? In general, that is still torture. In addition, despite the triple stitching, the joint between the top and bottom of the boot often ripped.

This is what the second sample looked like.

The third model

Taking into account the above factors, in 1943, the developers provided the army with army boots (Service Shoes) of the third type.

This boot was even better suited to combat. The main difference is the material of manufacture. Now they began to sew shoes from inverted leather. This material got wetted faster. But it also dried out almost instantly.

The weak point of the joint of the top and bottom was reinforced with a rivet, like jeans pockets.It has become much stronger. It stopped tearing at the seams. Made the stitching of the boot’s nose and sole more technologically advanced.

Here is a picture of the third model.

The fourth model

But the shoemakers did not sit quietly in place.

In the same year 1943, the fourth model of Service Shoes Reverse Upper appeared. Figuratively speaking, it was a simplified third type, but with the correction of the identified minor flaws.

Material – the same inverted leather, but thinner and therefore more elastic.An additional nose pad and upper eyelets were removed from the design. So the leg did not rest against the skin when bent and did not rub it to bloody wounds.

The outsole has been made thinner and softer.

All this diversity existed until the winter of 1944.

And then everything changed again.

The fifth model

The fact is that back in 1943 the fifth model was developed – “Service Combat Boots”. But due to the workload of the industry, they did not have time to launch this model. And the updated boots began to enter the troops just before the defeat of Germany and Japan.

What were they?

The main difference from the previous model was that they began to sew a leather gaiter with two straps to the bootleg, saving the infantrymen from the difficult and time-consuming process of lacing canvas gaiters. Which at one time replaced inconvenient windings.

The new boots instantly became popular among the troops.

From the inside, the gaiter was hemmed with white or olive cotton fabric.

Yes, there was one more innovation. The rivet previously used to reinforce the fastening of the top and bottom was removed from the boot structure.

In connection with what? It was not possible to find out this.

And finally I want to show all the charm of fastening and lacing of American army gaiters. 90,000 Key Facts from Joe Foster’s Biography

Briton Joseph William Foster and his brother Jeff founded Reebok in 1958. They decided to continue the work of their grandfather, who had been making sports shoes since 1895. By the way, it was Foster Sr. who developed the spiked sneakers.

In addition to footwear, the brothers wanted to produce high quality sportswear and accessories. So the project was planned large-scale, it only remained to implement their plans. Moreover, the competition in the 50-60s of the 20th century was not great: the brands of the Dassler brothers – adidas and Puma – were the most popular.

Reebok founders, the Foster brothers


Joe Foster Sr. supplied his impeccable spiked sneakers to Olympic gold medalists and world champions in the first two decades of the 20th century.He was a successful businessman who loved his job and wanted to pass on his love to his descendants. He died a year before Joe Foster Jr. was born, before his 55th birthday. As you might guess, the grandson got his name in honor of his grandfather.

After graduating from college, Joe joined JW Foster, founded in 1895 by his grandfather. But just a year later, at the age of 18, the young man was drafted into the RAF as a radio operator. At the end of the army stage, Joe returned to the family business.The year was 1955.

But the allotted roles in the family business did not suit the Foster brothers. Joe and Jeff left the factory in 1958 and started their own production of sports shoes. The original name of the company was Mercury Sports Footwear, but already in 1960 the company was renamed Reebok Sports Footwear. The point is that the name Mercury has already been used by another shoe company. And the most amazing thing is that the factory was also located in the UK.The Mercury owners offered the Fosters to buy the rights to the name from them or to choose another name for themselves. Joe and Jeff chose the second option.

Reebok sneaker advertisement, 1980

The choice was not the easiest thing to do, but incredibly interesting. The brothers were very inspired by the example of Rudolf Dassler, who named his company after a powerful and at the same time graceful cougar. Therefore, the Fosters began to select variants of the names of animals. Quite unexpectedly, Joe came across in Webster’s American Dictionary (which, incidentally, he won in athletics competitions in 1948) on the name reebok – that was the name of a small South African gazelle.It was what we needed. And most importantly, of all the names chosen, this was the only unregistered name in the registry. The choice was obvious.

Company Development

Despite little competition in the European market, the brothers initially found it difficult to establish themselves in retail. The post-war period was a time of opportunity, but the serious financial constraints of the population after the devastation of the continental scale made themselves felt.Joe and Jeff had to develop unique sales methods to introduce their products to their target audience. After a failed market launch of football and cycling equipment, the focus was on professional athletes, giving Reebok a reputation in the track and field community.

Gradually, people began to learn about Reebok not only in the UK, but also in Europe. But the brothers’ main goal was to enter a much larger market – they were interested in the United States. Joe even went to various exhibitions, wanting to present new sneakers to the overseas public, but all attempts ended in failure.In 1968, at the National Sporting Goods Show in Chicago, Reebok products aroused genuine interest among the general public, which cannot be said about American retailers who ignored the British manufacturer. But the brothers now knew for sure that their sneakers were liked by ordinary buyers, all that remained was to find an opportunity to appear on the American market. After 10 years of active work in the industry, Joe was fortunate enough to meet Paul Fireman, a businessman and investor from the United States.

Paul Fireman

Paul attended one of the London sporting goods shows and then acquired the rights to manufacture sneakers.Like the Foster brothers, he was interested in the option for the brand to enter the American market. After all, the main focus of Reebok was on athletics, and in the United States there were greenhouse conditions for this. The level of amateur sports there grew by leaps and bounds. It was this alliance that pioneered the creation of a global sports brand.

Paul advised his new partners to pay attention to the Asian manufacturing market. It was based on the example of Phil Knight and his successful Nike brand.Joe Foster consulted with colleagues from the Bata brand, who confirmed to him that making shoes in the UK is extremely expensive, and it was much more profitable to open factories in Japan and South Korea.

This approach instantly reduced production costs, which had an impact on lowering the final price. Now high-quality Reebok sneakers have become cheaper, and the buyer, of course, paid attention to them, and not to expensive adidas.

It was a period that Joe Foster was very proud of, as he believed that it was his contributions that led Reebok to become the # 1 sports brand by the late 1980s.And then Joe left the company, and the firm lost its ideologue. Fireman bought the brothers’ stake and continued to develop the brand based on his ideas. Which ultimately led the company to collapse, bankruptcy and imminent sale. The buyer was adidas. True, already in our time active rumors have spread that the German sneaker brand is going to sell again an unsuccessful asset from a financial point of view.

Paul Fireman

The Shoe Maker Book

Phil Knight has become a source of inspiration not only in the field of transferring production to countries in Asia.Joe Foster definitely read his book The Shoe Seller, as he announced the release of his own literary work, the title of which is The Shoe Maker.

Joe Foster and The Shoe Maker

Joe is now looking at the development of the brand with more pleasure than he was during the period of decline. He loves how adidas is trying to bring Reebok back to fitness brand glory, back in the 80s, the company took over the world of aerobics and the female audience. By the way, there is also cooperation with the UFC, which made it possible to develop the segment of equipment for training in mixed martial arts. Joe looks with equal optimism at the beginning of cooperation with such eminent celebrities as Ariana Grande, Gal Gadto, Gigi Hadid and Victoria Beckham. He did not hesitate to share his thoughts on this on the pages of the Shoe Maker.

Foster wants his book to give young people an insight into the depth of Reebok’s history, an era of innovation. After all, all this is the legacy of the brand, which brought it fame. The “shoe maker” should inspire people to believe in themselves, to awaken persistence and the desire to never give up, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and problems.

New Brand in Miraton Liu Jo ❤ Liu Joe

The history of the Italian brand Liu Jo clearly demonstrates where dreams can lead. After all, its founders – brothers could well follow in the footsteps of their parents in the restaurant business, but they chose a different path, following the call of their hearts. Without connections, impressive capital, they started with a small tailor shop. Since 2008, the company has been successfully producing shoes and accessories under the Liu Jo brand, allowing women to easily create an individual complete look.Calibrated elegant Italian style, consisting of noble natural materials, calm colors – the credo of the company. Today Liu Jo italy celebrates its 25th anniversary, delighting its followers all over the world. Among the fans of the brand are such celebrities as Diane Kruger and Ashlee Simpson, the faces of various collections of Liu Jo were Kate Moss, Dree Hemingway, Kendall Jenner and many other icons of the fashion industry. Products from the Liu Jo collection: the price is at the level of the middle market segment, fully justifying the coveted line on the “made in Italy” label.

Liu Jo – Italia collection in every detail

Liu Jo brand is a clear, easily recognizable corporate identity combined with personality. It’s amazing how designers manage to enclose seduction, romanticism and elegance in an impeccable cut, bypassing vulgarity and vulgarity. The creators of the brand skillfully display the changing femininity in the collections, taking into account the needs of modern girls. This is one of the reasons why millions of women around the world have chosen the Liu Jo brand. So, sandals with weaves on a stable heel give a light gait, allow you to create a high style without compromising comfort.Juicy, expressive colors give the model dynamic notes and make it the most compatible with almost any item in the wardrobe. Complete the look with a matching rigid shoulder bag made of first-class genuine leather.

On-topic: Liu Jo Sports Sandals

Interestingly, the name Liu Jo comes from the affectionate addresses of the co-founder Marco Marka and his companion. Each Liu Jo collection is imbued with romantic feelings and high reverence for women.When it comes to footwear, each pair combines a comfortable last, natural, innovative materials and contemporary design. If you are not yet familiar with this brand, then after reading about Liu Jo shoes, reviews, you will definitely make the right choice!

Liu Jo’s sports sandals will be the perfect match not only this summer. The adjustable buckle allows the shoe to fit perfectly to any foot circumference. Thanks to the design and effective color combination, the sandals will perfectly fit into a sporty look, as well as a light romantic one.The grooved outsole guarantees good traction on all surfaces. A stylish bag on a chain will visually balance the brutal context of the shoe and easily accommodate the necessary little things.

Collection of Liu Jo Shoes in Miraton

The best traditions of Italian production, strict silhouette, restrained sexuality are the main concept of the brand. Designers masterly remain faithful to their predetermined style vector, but at the same time add fashionable accents to each product.Buying Liu Jo shoes, you will not go wrong, because they are not subject to fleeting fashion trends, which means they will become a competent replenishment of your wardrobe for several years to come. Sandals with a contrasting white brand logo will showcase well-groomed feet and a neat pedicure. The stable square heel provides a graceful gait without sacrificing comfort. The model is perfect for daily wear. Choosing Liu Jo shoes and bags, customer reviews confirm the convenience of the pads and the high quality of the components.

Symbiosis of quality and Italian chic

Today Liu Jo boutiques are located in 50 countries – capitals and major cities of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company’s products are aimed at emphasizing the natural feminine beauty and gracefulness. The line also includes shoes with a sporty character. For example, Liu Jo sneakers are in demand among a wide range of buyers. The boring design, neutral colors, excellent cushioning, thickened outsole make the pair desirable and beloved from the first try.Liu Jo shoes – customer reviews indicate that the product matches the description and the declared quality characteristics. It will not be difficult to find a suitable bag – a neat suede baby with a long handle will successfully complement a casual outfit with these sneakers.

Italian brand: liu Jo collection for confident women

A woman who prefers Liu Jo is confident and purposeful, has good taste and prefers noble materials.For an active summer, pay attention to the hit new sports shoes with the effect of a multi-layer sole. In them, you do not care about long walks in the city or rough terrain. Don’t forget to complement such a pair with cool accessories like this stylish roomy backpack.

Liu Jo shoes sizes correspond to domestic standards, however, before buying, make sure that your size is correct or contact the online consultants of our online store for help.The reviews received about Liu Jo shoes have helped shape the opinion of the products to thousands of buyers.

Liu Jo’s new collection is available to order in the Miraton multibrand online store! Hurry up to please yourself with a new thing at a bargain price during the summer sale.

Sneakers Sandals

Dress like Joe Biden | GQ Russia

It seems that no political process has been monitored in Russia’s recent history as closely as the US elections. The meme “They haven’t counted in Michigan yet” went down in history, and about half of the country’s population over the past week has retrained as sofa political experts.We prefer to leave speculations about the future of America, world trade and nuclear disarmament to real experts, but we are ready to closely study the style of the newly-made president.

Let’s say right away, against the background of Donald Trump (and, of course, one cannot do without comparisons here), it is not so difficult to pass for a style icon. It is enough to choose suits by size, but not to glue the tie with tape – that’s the whole science. But Biden nevertheless went further – he cannot be denied attention to detail, corporate style and the ability to make homages.We analyze the main elements of the politician’s images – from suits to watches.


The key to success: good cut, dark blue

Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that only those who have a lot of free time can afford to sew custom-made jackets and trousers. He himself prefers ready-made solutions from Brioni. Because of this, the costumes of the Republican often look comical: the shoulder line is not in place, the trousers hang in a bag, the outlines of the figure are very difficult to guess. Biden is a completely different matter: for many years he has been faithful to approximately the same verified silhouettes.As a rule, these are jacket pairs in dark blue (sometimes almost black), slightly fitted, with a clear shoulder line.

Joe Biden runs for president, 1987

© Cynthia Johnson

Another significant difference between Biden and Trump is the choice of manufacturer. Donald, as we said, favors the Italian classics, but Joe prefers the Americans. During Barack Obama’s rule, both the president and vice president (i.e. Biden) dressed in Hart Schaffner Marx and Hickey Freeman.The first brand was founded in Chicago in 1887, and the second in New York at the beginning of the 20th century. Both offer tailoring using made-to-measure technology – when the suit is not sewn from scratch, but according to ready-made patterns, which are being changed.

US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, August 2020

© Alex Wong

A dark blue suit is also a convenient thing because it is easy to choose accessories for it: a tie and a shirt of any shade will look good. But here, too, Biden is faithful to a calm scale – for example, blue and purple.

However, in his youth, he often preferred gray suits with disproportionately wide ties.

1974 Yes, we also noticed the incredible similarity with Jack Nicholson

© CBS Photo Archive

Well, this photo has already turned into a meme – “Andrei Gromyko was one of the first to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory in the presidential race.” In fact, the frame captured the visit of Senator Biden to the USSR in 1988 – then it was about the ratification of the INF Treaty.

© Eduard Pesov


The key to success: the time-tested silhouette

Of course, in Joe Biden’s wardrobe you can find both oxfords and derbies, but the politician is most partial to classic penny loafers. In his youth, Biden preferred the Weejuns model to the American brand G.H. Bass & Co. – this silhouette appeared in 1936, and by the middle of the 20th century it had become an integral part of the preppy style.

2020 Joe Biden Loafers

© Ethan Miller

Everyday Looks

Key to Success: American Style

In those rare moments when Joe Biden takes off his suit, he transforms into the ideal American.Here he is, a true hard worker – helping to build a house in support of a humanitarian project in Washington. Biden wears a turtleneck in a saturated shade of electric blue with an inscription on the collar. This is not Balenciaga or Heron Preston (although it looks like), but the merch of the Blue Hens sports team at the University of Delaware – Biden’s alma mater.

By the way, a little embarrassment is associated with the university symbols. In early November, Joe Biden spoke to voters in Philadelphia. It was raining, and the future president put on a waterproof windbreaker with the image of a bird’s head.Biden drew the attention of those present to the emblem, saying that it was the symbol of the Philadelphia Eagles, but upon closer inspection, it still turned out to be not a Pennsylvania eagle, but a Delaware chicken.

November 2020

© Drew Angerer

Once Biden could easily pass for an Ivy League student: penny loafers, knitted cardigans, baseball caps. However, with age, the politician did not say goodbye to the American dream: he still continues to wear jumpers with shirts and ties, loves Ralph Lauren and certainly tucked polo into trousers, belted with a belt with a massive buckle.

Biden took over his love of preppy style from John F. Kennedy, whom he was guided by in his youth. It was thanks to JFK that chinos, light topsides and a whole range of accessories, which will be discussed later, appeared in the wardrobe of the then senator. Despite the fact that Biden became the oldest president at the time of his election, and Kennedy, on the contrary, was one of the youngest leaders in the country, a clear parallel can be drawn between their images.

At the Stephen Colbert Evening Show, 2016

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The key to success: consistency


Every tough guy should have “aviators” – this rule is confirmed by Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger.Joe Biden quickly joined their company. He chooses the classics: Ray · Ban in gold frames with black lenses. Once this model was in service with American pilots, as the glasses perfectly protected from sun glare. Well, now they can be called “Biden aviators” – he is faithful to this accessory almost on any clear day.

Pocket Square

Few men remember that a scarf can be worn in the breast pocket of a jacket – and not at all to wipe away a lady’s tears.No, this is the final touch that completes the chord, a detail that shows that you have thought through the image to the smallest detail. Joe Biden uses this technique as often as street style heroes in Florence.

As a rule, he opts for a simple white cotton shawl, although somehow greenery was brought into the pocket of a politician with Irish roots – in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. In general, this accessory is not particularly popular with American presidents: the last time a pocket square was seen in Ronald Reagan’s pocket in 1980, and before that, in Lyndon Johnson’s in 1964.Here’s another way to stand out from the crowd, even if you’re exclusively wearing blue suits.

St. Patrick’s Day 2014

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Joe Biden was once modest and sported a simple Timex watch. Many years later, this brand became associated with George W. Bush, who also did not recognize the achievements of Swiss manufactures.

Joe Biden at the dawn of his career with Timex

Well, Biden himself most often prefers the Omega – in his collection there are several variants of both the Seamaster and the Speedmaster.But my favorite watch is the Seamaster Diver 300M on a steel bracelet with a black dial and bezel.

As with the glasses, Biden was in the right company. John F. Kennedy was the owner of the Ultra Thin model with an 18-karat gold case. The Seamaster Diver Professional is Prince William’s favorite watch as a gift from his mother, Princess Diana. And of course, we must remember that since 1995 James Bond has only worn Omega.


Main accessory for 2020 (and most likely 2021).The 46th President of the United States has already said that he plans to make personal protective equipment mandatory for all citizens. “This is not a political statement, but a way for all of us to unite. <...> The only and most effective measure we can all take to stop the spread of the coronavirus is to wear a mask, ”Biden said. I must admit, paired with aviator goggles, the mask really looks good.

October 2020

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Joe Biden was accused of indecent behavior.He is considered Trump’s rival in the 2020 elections

Photo author, AFP / Getty

A Connecticut resident accused former US Vice President Joe Biden of indecent behavior. He rubbed against her nose. Earlier, another woman stated that Biden sniffed her hair. At the same time, Biden is considered the most likely presidential candidate from the Democratic Party in the 2020 elections – he did not officially announce his plans to participate in the elections, but until recently he was in the lead in the ratings.

“There was no sexual [subtext] in it, but he grabbed my head. He put his hand on my neck and pulled me to him to rub my noses,” – this is how 43-year-old Amy Lappos from Connecticut described the events a decade ago when she and Biden participated in a fundraising event in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Lappos at that time worked as an assistant to the Democratic Congressman Jim Himes, and Biden served as vice president of the United States. “He was the vice president, and I was nobody,” the woman explained why she did not issue accusations immediately after the incident.

Over the past few days, 76-year-old Biden has been reminded of incidents of inappropriate behavior with women for the second time. The former Delaware senator and vice president in the Obama administration has already tried twice unsuccessfully to run for president – in 1998 and in 2008. In early 2019, he finally became the favorite among the Democrats who announced their participation in the presidential race.

According to a March study by Monmouth University, 28% of registered Democratic voters are willing to vote for him.The closest opponent – Senator Bernie Sanders, according to sociologists, can be supported by 25%. A February poll by CNN TV showed that 62% of Democratic supporters support Biden’s participation in the 2020 elections.

Biden has now faced criticism from both Republicans and party members. However, many deny the accusations against him of incorrect behavior, and the former vice president himself claims that he does not remember the events described by the women.

How did it all start?

On Friday March 29, The Cut published a column by former Nevada Democratic Assemblyman Lucy Flores. She said that when she ran for the post of deputy governor of Nevada in 2014, Biden’s staff offered her support from the vice president at a rally in Las Vegas. In a column, Flores described the candidate’s harsh daily life and the many travels during the campaign.

“I was exhausted, there was not enough time, and I decided not to wash my hair in the morning before the rally. I sprayed dry shampoo on my hair and flew to Las Vegas,” she said in the column. Flores described how the preparations for the joint speech went – in the room where the speakers gathered, everyone “talked, took pictures and prepared to speak in front of hundreds of voters.”

“Shortly before the performances, we were taken to the side of the stage, where we were lined up in the order of entry. As I took deep breaths and prepared to step out into the crowd, I felt two hands on my shoulders. me? “I could feel him approaching me from behind. He bent down more and breathed in my hair,” – this is how Flores described the “long kiss” on the back of the head from Biden before the rally.

According to her, the vice president’s behavior shocked and embarrassed her.”I thought to myself that the vice president was sniffing a head that I hadn’t washed,” said Flores.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

Lucy Flores and Joe Biden at a Las Vegas rally

She added that as a young Latina in politics, she used to feel like an outsider in a “white male dominated” field … And Biden, according to her, did something unacceptable for the “second man in the country.”

“He touched me in an intimate way that close friends, family or romantic partners are allowed to do — and I felt powerless to do anything about it,” Flores admitted.She also noted that she does not consider Biden’s behavior as violence and does not see a sexual connotation in it, but nevertheless finds it humiliating and disrespectful.

Flores explained that she decided to talk about what happened, since the problem of Biden’s strange behavior with women is not discussed in the context of his possible nomination for the US presidency. “I do not assume that Biden violated any laws, but offenses that society considers insignificant (or does not even consider as offenses) often feel significant for the injured party,” concluded Flores.

Who else has accused Trump’s main rival of indecent behavior?

Following her, a woman from Connecticut under the pseudonym Alice Paul complained about Biden’s unacceptable behavior – that was the name of an American suffragette who fought for women’s suffrage.

Alice Paul made her statement in a comment under the Connecticut Woman in Politics Facebook post. This post provided a link to the text of Flores, which was suggested to be discussed in the comments.

According to the woman, “Biden did something similar to her” when she was working as a congressman’s assistant. “I am very disappointed that the post offers to share thoughts, as if a man’s gross violation of a woman’s personal boundaries is being discussed,” she said.

On Monday, a publication in the Hartford Courant newspaper revealed that Connecticut resident Amy Lappos, who says that the vice president pulled her to him in 2009 and rubbed her nose, could also have suffered from Biden’s misconduct.Lappos invited Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, although he has not yet officially announced his participation in it.

“If Biden truly supports women and gender equality, let him step aside and support one of the many talented and qualified female candidates,” Lappos said. “Women make up 52 percent of the population. We are not a minority, we are the majority. After 45 presidents “It’s time for men to choose a woman.”

How did Biden react? And the Democrats?

In both cases, neither the participants in the Las Vegas rally, where Biden allegedly sniffed the hair of the female candidate, nor the people attending the dinner in Greenwich, where the vice president could hug the congressman’s assistant, or could recall any strange behavior of the politician. or refrained from commenting in the media.

Thus, Congressman Himes, for whom Lappos worked, said that he first learned about her accusations from a newspaper publication and was not ready to comment on them.

It is not the first time that Biden has been caught on strange behavior with women. In the American media, there have been collections of photographs in which Biden presses too tightly against various women – as if whispering something in their ears. However, no one has ever brought any charges of indecent behavior to the politician.

The former vice president himself has so far only had time to comment on the statement of Lucy Flores – through the press service, he said that “over the many years of participation in election campaigns and in public life” he shook hands many times, hugged, expressed love and support.

“And never – never – did I think I was behaving inappropriately,” Biden said. “If there are suggestions that I was, I will respectfully listen to them.

He also added that the same moments can be remembered differently, but stressed that now is a “special time” when “women feel that they can and should tell about their experience, and men should pay attention to it.”

Biden’s press secretary Bill Russo reacted much more aggressively. He accused the “right-wing trolls” in the “dark corners of the Internet” of presenting harmless images of Biden’s communication with women as evidence of inappropriate touching.

Several other Democratic presidential nominees have supported Lucy Flores. “I think this speaks to the need for a fundamental cultural change in this country,” Senator Bernie Sanders told Face the Nation on CBS, adding that he had no reason not to believe Flores. She campaigned for the senator when he last ran for president in 2016.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who also announced her running for the presidency, said Biden “must answer.”Another Democratic presidential nominee, Senator Amy Klobuchar, noted that in politics, “people raise problems and they have to solve them.

Does Biden have defenders?

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi said she does not consider the accusations against the former vice president as a reason for his withdrawal from the presidential race.

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, in turn, noted that Biden is “a warm, tactile person.”She admitted that the former vice president touches people, but this “hardly has a sexual connotation.” “Something new, that people are offended by this. In 25 years, I have never seen this before,” – added the senator.

Former assistant vice president Cynthia Hogan told the New York Times that Biden “treated [employees] with respect and insisted that others do the same.”

Photo author, Alex Wong / Getty Images

Caption to the photo,

Stephanie Carter, (center) wife of the ex-head of the Pentagon, did not notice anything unpleasant in Biden’s arms

And Stephanie Carter, wife of former US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, defended her “close friend” on her blog. The photo of Biden holding her by the shoulders during her husband’s oath of office as head of the Pentagon also looked controversial. Carter, however, noted that the vice president could sense that she was nervous at the event and quickly hugged her.

The current US President Donald Trump got into an even louder scandal even before the elections. In 2005, while filming Access Hollywood, he bragged about “grabbing women by the crotch” – a phrase that made it onto audio recordings.

“I immediately kiss the beauties.On the move, I don’t even wait. When you’re a star, they let you do it, whatever they let you do. I grab them by the crotch. They allow you everything, “Trump said on the tape.

A month before the 2016 elections, the Washington Post published the record. After that, Trump apologized for his words, but nevertheless lost some of his supporters even in the Republican Party from which he was nominated.

In his book “Fear”, journalist Bob Woodward said that after the publication of the record, Trump’s headquarters considered the option of his withdrawal from the election race. Nevertheless, he was able to win the election.

Where to find snake print shoes like Amal Clooney

October 29, 2019 | Yana Polyaninova

The most fashionable footwear of the season.

Amal Clooney is a real trendsetter. The perfect business image of the most famous lawyer inspires girls around the world. Amal successfully assembles strict sets, but at the same time follows the latest trends. And one of the last appearances of a celebrity to photographers is another proof of her impeccable style.

Clooney was spotted on the streets of New York in a monochrome terracotta outfit: a midi-length a-line skirt and a top with short sleeves emphasized the ideal figure of the star.To make the already fashionable fall bow even more stylish and relevant, the snake-print shoes with beveled heels from Jimmy Choo helped. This pattern is very relevant this season. Shoes with an animal print have not gone out of fashion for several years, but in 2019, for example, the leopard was replaced by a python.

Shoes with this print will be the perfect complement to any everyday look, as well as decorate your outfit on the way out. It is worth combining it with monochromatic things or sticking to calm shades so that the whole emphasis is on the shoes.

Photo source: Instagram

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90,000 Elvis Presley blue suede shoes will go under the hammer in Los Angeles – RT in Russian

A pair of Elvis Presley’s blue suede shoes, which he wore on the hit “Blue Suede Shoes” of the same name, will be sold in December at Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles.The preliminary cost of the legendary copy is estimated at £ 80 thousand.

According to The Daily Mail, the musician purchased the shoes in 1956 after a cover version of the song by Karl Perkins appeared on the American charts. Later, he more than once went on stage in them. Four years later, Presley presented the shoes to his driver and manager Joe Esposito. And in 1994, they joined the collection of the Singer Museum in Las Vegas.

This pair was the only blue suede shoes owned by a star.For four years, their soles have worn away from those famous dance moves that delighted the audience.

As stated in an interview with the publication of the representative of the auction house Darren Julien, these shoes are “a kind of material embodiment of one of the most famous songs” Elvis Presley. They became what a Thriller jacket was for Michael Jackson or a white dress for Marilyn Monroe.

A 1956 letter from Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors, Presley’s costume supplier, will be auctioned along with the shoes.Managers ask the king of rock ‘n’ roll for the size of his clothes and shoes. The letter is accompanied by a note in pencil, in which the legendary musician indicates the corresponding numbers.

Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors have sewn Presley’s famous $ 10,000 golden suit, in which the singer is featured on the cover of Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong, which has sold 50 million copies.

Other celebrity memorabilia, including Lady Gaga’s jacket-dress, and the guitars of Jerry Garcia and Paul McCartney, are expected to be on display at the auction on December 6 and 7.

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