Jo sonja opal dust: Jo Sonja Opal Dust – Chroma’s Jo Sonja

Jo Sonja Opal Dust – Chroma’s Jo Sonja

Shake well before use
Suitable for a variety of surfaces including paper, card, glass, transparency film, plastic, canvas, wood, terracotta, tin, fabric, silk or dried flowers.
Effects will be more dramatic when painted over darker colors.
Mix with paint before application for a more subtle effect.

Apply over Chroma’s Jo Sonja Texture Paste to create the appearance of snow.
Drying time depends upon thickness of application. Brushstrokes are evident when wet but disappear when fully dry.
A coat of Chroma’s Jo Sonja Polyurethane Water Based Varnish is recommended to protect the finish on decorative items.

Chromas Jo Sonjas Opal Dust 250ml – £8.


This clear gel containing tiny light reflecting, holographic particles
creates an interplay of colours reminiscent of rare gems. Use alone or
with Jo Sonja’s acrylic colours to create glitter effects on most
surfaces without yellowing.

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All products in the catalog may
purchased at the studio or ordered by phone,
fax or email (see bottom of this page for details, or click on

Catalog/How to Order)

New Packets

Spring Moon – #710-9017.   $7.00. 
Rusty Moon (#134-0017) is available at $13.50

Summer Moon – #710-9017.  $7.00. 
Rusty Moon (#134-0017) is available at $13.50

Dragonflies – #710-9020.  $7.00.

Autumn Glow Candle Holder – #710-9021
$8.50.  This packet includes four photos – one for each

Nuthatch Wind Chime – #710-9015

Other Recent

From Maxine Thomas, these feature ornaments for Christmas and
other seasonal topics.  Each packet has multiple painting projects.  And
we have the surfaces for most of the projects.  Too many to mention by

From the Creative Touch

Harvest Moon –
A fun scarecrow resting in the pumpkin patch complete with corn
shocks and an easy-to-do dry brush technique on a 16 rusty tin
crescent moon.  $7.00.  The
Rusty Moon (#134-0017) is available at $13.50

Snowy Moon –
Features a snowman standing under a funky evergreen tree with a
curious black cat at his feet. 47.00.  The
Rusty Moon (#134-0017) is available at 




Snow Lovers –
A snow man
and woman cuddling under the evergreens, painted on a lunch
pail, with a stenciled word Believe painted all around the top
of the can.  The packet includes the word stencil. 
$8.00.  Call for a price on the lunch pail.

Finishing Touches of summer and autumn
– Order #710-9007 – $7.00.  A set of 2 Adirondack chairs
painted on a 7X7 gallery wrapped canvas.  The background is painted with soft
hues and crackled as are the chairs.  The summer chair holds a straw hat, the
autumn a pumpkin.  Both are embellished with charms.

Canvas: Order #140-0113 – $8.59.


Touches of winter and spring
– Order #710-9008 – $7.00 
This packet is for a set of Adirondack chairs painted with the
same hues and crackled; the winter chair holds a wreath, the
spring a pot of yellow Tulips.  

Order #140-0113 – $8.59.


Boudoir Set
– Order #910-9005 $7.00
An easy bird design painted on a soft misty green porcelain
bisque tray and trinket box and embellished with J.W.s metallic
finishing waxes. 

tray and box are available – call for prices.

and Surfaces

A full
range of Jo Sonja paints and mediums
, including background
colors and collections, opal dust and gold dust – click on

Jo Sonja to download a color chart for colors to order.

drawing supplies
, including graphite pencils, drawing paper
pads, “how to” books and Prismacolor pencils – click on

Prismacolor for a color chart of their Premier pencils

Pyramids –
a great way to support your
surfaces while working with wet paint.   Background painting is
so much easier when using the pyramids. 

Rusty Moons
#134-0017.  $13.50

Lunch Pail – call for a

Books – we have a variety of books that
feature colored pencil and water color pencil drawing.  Also, new books
on perspective, learning composition, landscape painting and more.


We have a variety of books that
feature colored pencil and water color pencil drawing.  Also, new books
on perspective, learning composition, landscape painting and more.

From Ros Stallcup – “Grans
Summer Place
.  More of her great flowers and fruit plus a
few surprises.  

Down Roads Less Traveled, vol. 5“,
by Bill Ridley Bayer; 7 beautiful land and seascapes

Anne’s most recent book – Finishing
Touches III.

Loaded with 12 new home decorating
projects, including 2 new banner designs.  Complete the 4 seasons
with spring crocus and winter jingle bells.  Whether you
enjoy painting on porcelain, wood, canvas or metal, the projects
featured in the book are functional and bring nature’s beauty indoors. 
They can make for the perfect
Finishing Touches in any home for you or for someone you love. 

Below are ordering details for the
book and for painting surfaces
used in the book (click on pictures for a larger view):

 Finishing Touches III
Order #718-0006 – $12.95

American Red Start – Order #131-0530 –
$14. 95

Butterflies & Lace – Order #134-2050 – $7.95

Citrus Medley – available from
Wood Concepts

Spring Welcome Banner
– Order #140-2013 – $29.75

Winter Welcome Banner – Order #140-2014
– $29.75

  Autumn Serenity – Tile – Order
#134-0008 – $7.00

Frame – Order #131-0001 – $14.50


Sepia Still Life – Canvas – Order
#140-0051 – $5. 85

Frame – Order #140-0000 – $15.00


Fruit Filled Lunch Box – available from
Painters Paradise

Purple Finch
available from Viking

Skating on the Lake – Life-size skates –
Order #131-0052 – $18.95

Roses for the Boudoir – Porcelain
Bisque Tray – $22.00

Porcelain Bisque Box – $18.95


Fleurs de Soliel – Order #131-0531
– $14. 95


Our studio hours are
currently Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12noon  to 6:00pm.  At other times, if you need
something urgently to complete a  project, feel free to call.

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The dangers of opal cutting


Justin explains the dangers of opal cutting and his change from sandpaper to the Nova wheel; why change? What difference does it make? And how did it help that annoying cough he used to get?!

In this video, Justin dives in on the strengths and weaknesses of these opal cutting methods and why the Nova wheel is the best way to go.

The Sandpaper Wheel

The sandpaper wheel needs to be changed every two weeks or it cracks and wears thin, this caused Justin to have to painstakingly pick off the flakes with tweezers! Justin would have to wear down the 360 grit sandpaper with a large piece of opal before he could start using it or the surface would be too rough to use on other opal pieces.

The biggest reason Justin changed from sandpaper to the Nova wheel was dust! The sandpaper wheel is dry and has no way of capturing the silica dust; even wearing a mask wouldn’t protect Justin from breathing in the dust that left him with a persistent cough.

Long term, high volume exposure to silica dust is one of the dangers of opal cutting and can lead to silicosis; a lung disease that can be very harmful to human health. The average opal cutter (Justin included!) would not reach this level of exposure but this is one factor Justin considered when he made the change. You can read more about silicosis in this brief review of silicosis in the United States, or in this article on the diseases resurgence.

The Nova Wheel

The Nova wheel is a wet based wheel that captures most of the silica dust making it a much safer option for opal cutting. Justin explains that the Nova wheel is a soft wheel impregnated with diamonds and lasts years before it needs to be replaced, unlike the sandpaper wheel that needs changing every couple of weeks.

We hope that you enjoy Justin’s video on the dangers of opal cutting and hope it can help you in understanding why he does opal cutting the way he does.

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Read 👀 online 📲 Opals for Nefertiti

Chapter XII

Only three survived after the rock split, splashing out the waters of the underground city – Tom Ridger, Johnny Kangaroo and Gurmalulu. Dirty, wounded, they walked one after another, urged on by the black guards who took them prisoner.

In the temple, Ehenufer removed the blindfolds from his eyes and untied their hands. He did not search them, forgetting that whites carry weapons in their pockets that kill from afar.

Tom perked up, feeling the pistol hidden in his pocket with his hip.Gurmalulu looked around fearfully in the twilight of the temple. Where did he go? And what is this, isn’t it churingi? He drew back and croaked:

– Ir-Munen!

Goggling his eyes, he gazed in fear at the statues of the Egyptian gods, with a trembling hand pointing to Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the underworld.

– Ir-Munen! The monster is a dog with human legs! Bilau! The man with the paws of a hawk!

He pointed to an image of a human soul standing in a niche, which the ancient Egyptians represented in the form of a bird with a human head.

Bas-reliefs of two-legged lizards protruded from the walls, perhaps spawned by the artist’s imagination, or perhaps seen by him when the Egyptians first descended on Australian soil.

Green eyes shone in the darkness, then disappearing, then flashing again. Gurmalulu was trembling.

– Ir-Munen! They are moving!

Tom cut him off.

– Your brains are moving! Can’t you see that the statues are made of stone. I saw a movie about Cleopatra once. These were the Egyptian gods.And the lights are the eyes of cats.

The black cat rubbed against Gurmalulu’s legs, and he almost fainted from fright.

Black warriors did not allow them to be surprised for long. They pushed them roughly towards the empty throne with their spears.

Kenaton, seated on the head of Osiris, shouted from the darkness:

– Fall on your face before the divine pharaoh! The noblest kiss the dust on which the Pharaoh walked.

Johnny extended his hand forward:

– Look, look! What a beauty!

Tom also saw the statue of Nefertiti, Struck by its beauty and the skill of the ancient sculptor, he froze.An experienced market connoisseur, he immediately figured out how many millions this find would be worth. Millions! But how to take it out unnoticed?

At that moment, Gurmalulu saw an opal snake on the wall.

– Rainbow Snake! – he moaned and threw himself face down. – No one should look at the Rainbow Serpent! Whoever sees her will die!

Here and Tom Ridger noticed a snake. Probably nowhere in the world were there such beautiful opals. They are easy to transport and can be sold with less risk by declaring them mined in the mine.

Gurmalulu groaned on the floor:

– I said that no one comes back from here!

– Well, shut up! Tom cut him off. – If you had not gone with me, you would have died long ago from Jubunjava’s witchcraft.

– I’d rather die than get here!

But then someone’s deep voice interrupted their quarrel:

– Unhappy, what are you looking for in my land?

– And who are you that you consider this land to be yours? – objected Tom.

– I am Pharaoh Akhenaten.The last descendant of Queen Nefertiti, who settled the Red Southern Land three millennia ago.

Tom knew people. And he immediately recognized this. Dangerous maniac! And he noticed a feverish glint in his eyes. Where else has he seen something similar? Was it in Perth when, as a young policeman, he discovered a den of opium smokers? The same intent and at the same time absent eyes …

He made a decision quickly. Okay, let’s play Pharaohs!

– Why did you take us prisoner, Pharaoh? He asked, trying to speak respectfully.

– Fall on your face before the divine pharaoh! The parrot shouted again.

The voice replied:

– Here I alone have the right to ask questions. I repeat, what do you need in my country?

– Opals! – answered Johnny Kangaroo. – For what else are you going to drag yourself into such a damned wilderness?

Hidden in the next hall, the Pharaoh asked again:

– And you, red-haired, came here for opals?

– Of course! – answered Tom. – For what else?

– And not for the sake of white plants?

– Nonsense! Joe grimaced.- Yes, they are lost!

Akhenaten asked the black man who was spreading on the floor:

– And you? Do you want jewelry too?

But, Gurmalulu was silent, frightened to the point of dumbness.

– Nothing! – Akhenaten hissed through clenched teeth. – Birds-huts, pulling off all the trash. Soon you will have to writhe with hunger, you will begin to eat dried grass and earth, like sheep in a drought …

At this ominous prediction of the pharaoh, even Tom and Johnny turned pale.The voice suddenly became meek and even gracious.

– Do you need opals? OK! I’ll give them to you!

The captives involuntarily opened their mouths in surprise, staring at the empty throne, not understanding where they were coming from.

– I will give you riches – everyone will take as much as he can carry. Go to my treasury! Take opals! Ha ha ha! Nothing!

The guards pushed them forward with their spears. Shocked, not believing that he was free, Gurmalulu stood up, staggering. They were taken to the treasury.It was as if a magical heat was revealed in front of them, which flickered with black lights, burned with an icy flame, blinded, drove you crazy.

Tom thought: having such fabulous riches in front of your eyes, you can get under way. He could hardly contain himself not to throw himself into the sparkling mountain of stones.

Behind him the parrot Kenaton suddenly shouted:

– Glory to the merciful Pharaoh, benefactor!

Johnny Kangaroo, letting out a wild cry, began to fill his pockets with jewels. Tom grabbed a handful of opals, like an eagle grabs a hare, never to release it again.

Johnny hesitated, pulled off his shirt with one jerk, tied his sleeves … At that moment, an opal, different from the locals, fell out of his bosom and rolled down.

Tom Ridger spotted the stone.

– Bill’s Opal! He exclaimed. – So it is you …

Without turning around, Johnny Kangaroo croaked:

– So what? All of you want to rob me. If it hadn’t been for Bill the Drifter, who got me drunk in the pub, I’d be rich by now.

Intoxicated with unexpectedly smiling happiness, he filled a shirt fitted under a bag with opals.I selected only the largest and most shiny ones, trying to see if the shirt would break.

Tom Ridger waved his hand. However, what did he care that Johnny had killed the Drifter and that Crum had figured out who the Scorpion killer was. Is it worth breaking a friendship because of some kind of Bill?

Gurmalulu stood idly to the side. Then he turned to Echenufer, who looked like an ebony statue.

– Gurmalulu doesn’t want stones! Gurmalulu wants whiskey!

– Take what they give you! Echenufer replied contemptuously.- And get out!

Hearing their conversation, Tom turned around. Why not turn this savage into a living safe?

– Come on, stuff your pants with opals! Ridger commanded.

How useful the thick cotton trousers he made Gurmalulu wear!

Johnny picked up the idea. Without a moment’s hesitation, he undressed and filled his trousers with jewels.

– Come on! Echenufer growled. – Go away!

Staggering under the weight, they moved in the direction indicated by the guards.

Daylight flashed at the end of the dungeon. Their hearts beat with joy. Coming out, all three drew back. They stood on a small platform overhanging the abyss of a narrow canyon.

Tom felt his hair stand on end. What is it? Output? Or a place of execution?

Three black cats were lying on the landing, basking in the sun.

Hearing their footsteps, they closed their eyes lazily and stretched.

The guards blocked the entrance. Echenufer warned them sternly!

– You are free! If you return, you will be killed!

Tom snapped back:

– Where should we go? To jump into the abyss?

– Over there! The black Egyptian pointed with his hand.

They saw a narrow goat path winding up the side of a sheer cliff that disappeared around a bend in the canyon.

– Go! Ehenufer shouted to them. – If I hear the order of Pharaoh, we will put you on the spears!

At the thought of fabulous wealth, under the weight of which Johnny Kangaroo did not feel danger, a sweet vision again appeared before his eyes. Again the letters glowed over the skyscraper: JOVANNI GATTO.

– I went! He said firmly. – Whoever wants, let him stay.

He stepped confidently onto the path. Tom hesitated, preferring to wait and see where the Kangaroo went. Distrust and suspicion aroused in him the incomprehensible generosity of the crazy pharaoh. He is not used to receiving anything for free.

And Johnny isn’t the only one to skip ahead. Let Gurmalulu lead the way.

– Come on! He said to him. – You will follow the Kangaroo!

The Pathfinder objected.

– This path leads to the mouth of the Rainbow Serpent!

– Do not talk too much, they will kill us …

Gurmalulu took a strange saddle bag off his shoulder and put it on the platform.

– Nobody can go there with a load.

Tom went berserk.

– Well, pick up the bag! Otherwise I’ll push you down myself!

The unfortunate man licked his dry lips.

– If only there was whiskey, so that your legs would not tremble!

– Talk to me again! – the inspector interrupted him. – Where can I find you whiskey here? This is not Melbourne, where they will give you a drink in the church.

Trembling, Gurmalulu stepped forward. But after ten steps he stopped and backed away.

– Snake! He muttered. – There’s another one!

Tom saw them too. The snake crawled out onto the path, while others hung from the cliff right in front of my eyes. Three reptiles with black backs and pink bellies blocked the way, ready to attack. In Australia, you can even find them under your bed.

At that moment he heard Johnny cursing. The stone cornice was so narrow that the Italian made his way along it, resting his back on the rock. And then there was nowhere to put my foot.The opal sack was pulling back on his left shoulder, and Johnny struggled to keep his balance. He tried to straighten the bag over his shoulder. Unfortunately, the center of gravity has shifted. Trying to hold on, Johnny grabbed hold of the rock ledge. He did not fall, but the bag of opals fell at his feet. For some time he wondered whether to push him into the abyss and save his life, or take the risk and try to lift him. The failed Giovanni Gatto turned, put his back on the rock, bent down and grabbed the bag with both hands. When he tried to throw the weight on his shoulder, Johnny’s leg slipped off the path, he swayed, standing on one leg.

– Throw the sack! Tom shouted at him, pale with fear. But Johnny did not let go of the jewelry. And smoothly, as if in slow motion, his body flew into the abyss.

Tom didn’t look down. He drew back to the exit, where the black warriors stood, still staring blankly in front of him. And then an ominous guess pierced his mind. It was just murder! Only in the sick mind of the pharaoh could the idea of ​​such a cruel reprisal with his captives be born. Isn’t Krum Dimov somewhere at the bottom of the abyss, carried away by his easily obtained wealth?

And Maria? What happened to Maria? Could she, too …

He shuddered.Sparrow-like birds chirped over his head. And suddenly they rushed at the cats basking in the sun. Only in Australia are there birds that attack cats to pluck a patch of fur for a nest. Hearing a menacing chirp, three sleepyheads rushed headlong to the entrance to the dungeon. One of them darted at Tom’s feet, and he, enraged by the hopeless situation, angrily kicked her. The cat, piteously meowing, flew into the abyss.

Echenufer’s voice was immediately heard:

– He killed the sacred animal! Death to the killer!

And immediately a hail of stones fell on them.There was no other way out now. Tom drew his revolver and opened fire on the attackers. He did not hit anyone, but he frightened them, and they retreated.

The decision was made. He will pursue them until he finds someone who calls himself Pharaoh and forces them to show another way out. Bastards, they themselves will carry his treasures. Only insolence can save, give him wealth. Insane audacity! One has only to remember Cortez, who defeated Montezuma in Mexico, Pizarro, who defeated Atahualpa in Peru.And he is a white man.

Tom shouted over his shoulder:

– Gurmalulu, follow me! Don’t lag behind!

And he quickened his pace. Suddenly, a stone slab sank beneath his feet, and he fell into the hole. Gurmalulu followed …

Role Grid Black Order: All Roles

The town of Veslo has always had a reputation as the “end of the world”. People fled here from debt, blood feud, or problems with justice. The unwanted were also exiled to these lands. Veslo has always been proud of its status as a free city.Even during the Dominion era, when other cities, including such large and important ones as Opal and the Lords, bowed to the Sovereign, Paddle remained independent.

Currently, Veslo is still a formally independent city, but the lands of Forsberg are included in the Empire and their residents pay taxes to the treasury. The imperial proconsul and his retinue are located in Vesla to govern the province. However, according to the old tradition, the city itself is ruled by the Tang. Tan Vesla is elected at the ting – a meeting of the heads of the Vesla clans, where various urban problems are also resolved and disputes between clans that they could not resolve on their own are settled.

The current Tang, Tolwood, was chosen with great difficulty, with the clear support of the Imperial garrison. The previous Tan – Skarsson – fled shortly thereafter and is rumored to be hiding in the Great Forest under the name Zagrebest. At the same time, a significant part of the clans refused to consider Tolwood as a real tan and continue to consider Scarsson as such.

Vesla residents can be roughly divided into two main groups: local and newcomers, although many newcomers have lived here for several generations. The locals are northerners, like those that inhabit the entire province of Forsberg, distant relatives of the tribes of the Great Forest.They are used to the harsh northern lifestyle. They live in clans numbering several dozen people, for which they build large long houses, protected from bad weather and other possible misfortunes. Each clan has its own head, a wise healer, a storyteller and other people who are useful for the clan. Each clan manages its own household and protects its property.

Aliens – people who came here from the south, from all over the empire. The paddle is a haven for all kinds of adventurers, escaped convicts, merchants, bandits and other public, typical of the frontier far from the metropolis.“Black markets” and underground hucksters, all kinds of buyers of stolen and unjustly acquired goods, flourish in the city. The situation is greatly aggravated by the Kurganye located to the west of Vesla, where excavations are strictly prohibited by a special imperial decree. The Eternal Guard, which is now called a special regiment of the imperial army, makes sure that hapless would-be archaeologists do not disturb the ancient burials. However, neither the guards themselves, nor the locals forget that the guards around the mounds were once set up by the White Rose herself.

The city of Veslo, although it is a city, outwardly looks more like an overgrown village. Vesla does not have a city wall or any clear-cut border. In the center of the city on a hill stands the Citadel, where Tan lives, the residence of the proconsul and several other city institutions. Under the very walls of the citadel, the houses of the townspeople, built without any order, huddle (mainly those who came from the south and managed to establish some business here). The southern tract leads from the citadel to the south, along which there are taverns, taverns, shops and houses of artisans and merchants.To the east, a little further off, are the fortified Eternal Guard barracks. The long houses of the northerners freely settled among the surrounding hills and groves in all directions, at some distance from the citadel.

The city is also greatly influenced by its location on the very border of the Great Forest. It’s not a secret for anyone that partisan detachments can be hiding in the Great Forest, and not only they … Further from the border with Vesl, in the depths of the Forest, various indigenous tribes live, although their settlements are quite rare and few in number.It is also known that in the Great Forest there are ancient places of power, where shamans of the forest tribes conduct their rituals. From time immemorial, the inhabitants of Vesla have maintained contacts with these tribes. The inhabitants of the Forest regularly come to Paddle to sell hides, wood crafts, game and herbs. In turn, in Vesla, they can buy weapons, various utensils, tools and other products of civilization. The forest and the city have always been connected with each other. The indigenous inhabitants of Vesla consider the people of the forest to be their distant relatives.

Since the rebels settled in the Great Forest, Oars’ trade with the forest has been on the rise.The trade route through the Paddle, while not the only supply channel for the Lair, is quite important for resistance. The Empire has no way of cutting off this connection, although there have been several inconclusive attempts in the past. One way or another, if you rub in the pubs and inns of Vesla, you can always meet someone from the Lair or someone who can lead you there. Many of the Vesla traders are somehow involved in the resistance trade, although they are not ideological rebels.

The attitude towards the rebels in Wesla is twofold.On the one hand, it is convenient and profitable to trade with them, and in general it is always useful to be friends with neighbors. On the other hand, in the past, Paddle has once been the site of a decisive battle between the Lady and the Circle of Eighteen. This battle practically devastated the city and is still remembered in Wesla with a shudder. Therefore, since then, the locals have been very wary of the rebels and hope that with the next appearance of the Comet, some other city will become the stronghold of the struggle for freedom …

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  • 90,255 90,000 Are you ready to start paying “$ 40 or $ 50” for a hamburger?

    Category – International relations

    Inflationary shock: Are you ready to start paying “$ 40 or $ 50” for a hamburger?

    After decades of relatively low inflation, most Americans find it hard to believe that things got bad so quickly.In fact, although I write about it almost every day, I find it hard to believe. We see prices spiral out of control across the country and we know exactly who is to blame. During the pandemic, our politicians in Washington borrowed and spent money at an unprecedented rate, and this led to the fact that our national debt rose to $ 28 trillion. nearly doubled during this pandemic.I have used the term economic negligence to describe what our leaders are doing, but the reality is much worse. They are literally destroying our economy, and even after many experts have pointed out their colossal mistakes, they still will not stop. They just keep making more money, and now we have a terrible inflationary crisis on our hands.

    The Daily Mail spoke to a Manhattan restaurant manager named John Stratidis. Rising costs and rising wages will mean consumers have to pay more for their meals, Stratidis said.In fact, he warns that New Yorkers may end up “paying $ 40 or $ 50 for a hamburger” …

    – Who do you think will pay for this when the minimum wage rises? Customer. Everything will go uphill just to be able to stay in business. When we give more money, prices go up, and when prices go up, who will pay for it?

    – They will cry and say, “It’s too expensive.” This is inflation. You’re going to go out to eat and pay $ 40 or $ 50 for a hamburger.

    Obviously, we haven’t gotten to this point yet. But if we stay on this path, we will eventually get there.

    In some tourist traps, burger prices are already downright insane. For example, one restaurant in Las Vegas is already selling a $ 100 burger …

    Located on the casino floor and steps from the poker room, Posh Burger offers seven burger options ranging from the traditional $ 12 hamburger to ending with the $ 23 half-pound super deluxe Wagyu steak burger and the $ 16 vegetarian incredible burger.

    For those looking to live out their high roller fantasies, the $ 100 menu’s eye-catching highlight is called the Royale Burger Chic and is made with Wagyu beef, truffles, foie gras, gold dust, salad, tomato, onion, pickles and secret chic sauce.

    It’s crazy, but it’s not even the most expensive burger in the area. In the Netherlands, a luxury chef actually sells a hamburger for $ 6,000.

    I still remember the days when you could buy a nice, fat, trendy burger with all the fillings for less than a dollar.Unfortunately, those days are long gone and food prices are now rising at an alarming rate across the country.

    Billionaire John Katsimatidis made the headlines the other day when he warned that “by October 1, there will be a double-digit percentage jump in food prices.” October. Ashley Webster of FOX Business asked Katsimatidis if he would have to pass the additional costs onto consumers.

    “You have to pass the pay on or you are not doing your duty to protect your country, your people and your company,” he replied.

    But at least housing is still available, isn’t it?

    In fact, CNN reports home prices are 23 percent higher than they were at the same time a year ago …

    The average price of an existing home in June hit an all-time high of $ 363,300, up 23% more than last year. This translates into 112 consecutive months of year-over-year growth.

    23 percent in one year! Has your salary increased by 23% over the past year? If not, then you quickly lose ground from under your feet.

    The tenants are not doing much better. In some of the hottest rental markets across the country, rents are up more than 20 percent. The following example is taken from the New York Times …

    Caitlin Sindrich faces a $ 200 monthly rent increase this August if she and her husband can renew their rent in Provo, Utah.This 25 percent jump was not anticipated, and the 21-year-old fears that she may have to miss an appointment with her autoimmune disease to keep up with payments.

    However, she admits that she has little choice but to pay more. “We hope to stay, because now everything is so expensive that I will pay the same whether I am here or move somewhere else,” said Miss Sindrich.

    Some markets have seen more moderate growth, but overall we are seeing a 9.2 percent rise in rental prices up to this point in 2021…

    Data from the List of Apartments, the listing website, confirms the trend seen in the Zillow numbers: so far in 2021, rental prices in the country have risen by 9.2 percent, compared with the 2-3 percent that is typical from January to June. According to the latest available data, prices were higher than expected by economists on the “List of apartments” if pre-pandemic trends persisted.

    So what will the rest of 2021 look like? Will rental prices increase by a total of 15 or 20 percent by the end of the year?

    The Biden administration continues to insist that inflation is “low”, but hardly anyone believes them.In fact, one recent poll showed that 70 percent of Americans are “extremely or very worried” about inflation …

    A new National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) internal poll reveals growing concern about rising inflation in a number of counties ahead of the 2022 elections …

    Seventy percent of respondents said they were either “extremely or very worried” about rising prices and rising cost of living, according to a survey memo released Thursday.In addition, 60 percent of voters said they disapprove of President Biden’s actions on rising prices and rising costs of living. In addition, the poll found that 42 percent of those polled were more likely to blame Biden and Congressional Democrats for the price hike. 10 percent said they would rather blame Republicans in Congress.

    If you are in the 30 percent that is not very concerned about inflation, you should start worrying because it will absolutely suck the juice out of your standard of living.Meanwhile, new deficits continue to emerge in our economy. I was stunned to learn that there is currently a projected shortage of school supplies …

    Returning to school is always a nightmare. Expect to get worse this year.

    While parents may get used to a shortage of items such as sneakers, backpacks and gadgets, at the end of the summer season, which usually runs from mid-July to late August, goods are expected to be in short supply even earlier.This means shoppers might find themselves choosing from a handful of ugly backpacks and bento lunch boxes with missing pieces left in the store this month.

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