Jedi pattern simplicity: DIY Jedi Costume – Simplicity 5840 Walk-Through

DIY Jedi Costume – Simplicity 5840 Walk-Through

This week I’m very excited to finally be sharing another step-by-step sewing pattern walk-through!  These videos take soooo long to film and edit (at least double the time my regular tutorials take), but I hope it is helpful to anyone wanting to make a Jedi costume.  Today we’ll be working through Simplicity 5840 for the tunic and dickey and Saturday I’ll be sharing another video for the tabards and obi.

This is actually my third time working through this pattern!  The first time Jeremiah made the pattern (with me walking him through the process) and we came across the misprint on the tunic band piece giving the incorrect number to cut out.  That costume was not perfect, but was great for learning the ins and outs of the pattern.

The second time using the pattern I made my own costume that I LOVE!  I used a homespun fabric that is very lightweight and flowy.  While making that one I figured out exactly how to include snaps to hold the tabards in in place on the tunic and to close up the obi.   The best part is all the snaps are completely hidden from the outside so no one else would even know they are there!

A few months ago Jeremiah asked if I would make him a new Jedi costume. The main reason being he’s lost almost 50 lbs since the first one was made and it no longer fits!  Plus now that we know more about the pattern this version is much nicer.  You can see the new version and original very side by side below. 

So you all get to benefit from our previous experiences and get the best of everything!

If you haven’t been around long you’re probably wondering “why in the world do you need so many Star Wars costumes??”  Well, I’m glad you asked! 😉  We are part of a group called JediOKC  that dresses up in Star Wars costumes for all sorts of events.  We do a lot of work with charities and I’ll be sharing a little more about that on Saturday.

For now let’s get into that step by step sewing tutorial!

I cut another piece of fabric, measured where the waist of the tunic would fall on me, and sewed the skirt on.These videos take soooo long to film and edit at least double the time my regular tutorials takebut I hope it is helpful to anyone wanting to make a Jedi costume.

This is actually my third time working through this pattern! The first time Jeremiah made the pattern with me walking him through the process and we came across the misprint on the tunic band piece giving the incorrect number to cut out.

That costume was not perfect, but was great for learning the ins and outs of the pattern. I used a homespun fabric that is very lightweight and flowy. While making that one I figured out exactly how to include snaps to hold the tabards in in place on the tunic and to close up the obi. The best part is all the snaps are completely hidden from the outside so no one else would even know they are there!

A few months ago Jeremiah asked if I would make him a new Jedi costume. Plus now that we know more about the pattern this version is much nicer. You can see the new version and original very side by side below. I LOVE using snaps on this costume and some of my others! You can find that tutorial HERE!

So you all get to benefit from our previous experiences and get the best of everything! Until Saturday, Happy Sewing!Bluehost – Top rated web hosting provider – Free 1 click installs For blogs, shopping carts, and more. We offer affordable hosting, web hosting provider business web hosting, ecommerce hosting, unix hosting.

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Jedi robe pattern

Pattern includes girls sizes years. Please scroll through the image files for a list of measurements and requirements for each size. Pattern is in pdf format can be downloaded immediately after purchase. This is not…. Check it out — the finished back porch! More on this later but it seemed a shame to start out this post with boring fabric stuff : With that said now we get to the fabric stuff or how to ma…. This project is a great way to girlie up a basic sleep item you may already have around […].

Lace trimming is optional. Brassiere is seamed in front and dart-fitted. Upper and lower edges are finished with bias fold tape. Brassiere closes in back. Condition Envelope poor, pattern unprinted and complete, directions included.

Game Jedi Survival Poster eat chicken game

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PHP dominates passively, JIT – Jedi counterattack after deadlock?

2017 TIOBE Programming Language List Baked The world’s best PHP language has once again missed the programming language of the year.

It has been 13 years since he last received the Programming Language of the Year (2004). And from the TIOBE programming graphs over the years, you can see that PHP has continued to decline since 2014.

Will PHP Dominate the World’s Best Language?

According to, over 80% of websites have chosen PHP for their server-side programming language in recent years. There must be a reason for the popularity of the language. PHP has become popular due to its simplicity, and It has been popular for many years.We believe that this is not only because of its ease of use. As a server side language, if the performance is not good enough, it is difficult to be popular until now.

Let’s take a look at how PHP performance has changed.

PHP Performance history

PHP is the most used language for web development. Since PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP has undergone many radical improvements, of which performance is one of the main criteria that developers consider when evaluating new versions.Each major version update brings many new features and performance improvements.

Major version history to improve PHP performance:

  • 1994 : Rasmus Lerdorf created a simple Perl program to maintain a personal web page called Personal Home Page
  • 1995 Rasmus Lerdorff rewrote “Personal Home Page” in C, including database access, and released the first public version on June 8, 1995.This is PHP 1.0, and this is the first time the name “PHP” is used.
  • 1997 Rasmus Lerdorf, Andy Gutmans and Zeev Sourasky joined the development of the third version of the language and overhauled it to improve performance. Since then, the PHP development team has also been created and developed. At the same time PHP was renamed to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  • 2000 : PHP 4 based on Zend Engine 1.0 is officially released and since then PHP performance has become official
  • 2004 : PHP 5 released, PHP 5 uses the second generation Zend Engine.PHP includes many new features such as advanced object oriented functions, the introduction of PDO (PHP Data Objects, an extended library of database access functions) and many performance improvements.
  • 2015 : PHP 7.0 was officially released on December 3rd. Using Zend Engine 3 brought 100% performance improvement, as well as a unified variable syntax based on the process of compiling an abstract syntax tree.

As you can see, PHP 7, released in 2015, made a big breakthrough in terms of performance.The biggest improvement in this version is an unconscious 100% performance improvement that includes speed and memory consumption. Compared to PHP 5, the overall performance of PHP 7 has more than doubled.

The leap in performance brought by PHP 7 has brought many benefits to developers, many applications, and has made PHP application scripts more extensive.

So what is the next direction for improving PHP performance? The following will present the main measures for the next PHP performance improvement: JIT progress and features that can be implemented in the next large PHP version.(Compiled by: 2017 OSC Source Code Conference, Year-End Ceremony, Bird Brother Speech “PHP Next: JIT”)

Brother Byrd said that from the time PHP 7 was released until now, with some performance work being submitted, the drag will be much less. We can say that PHP 7 is a trend that opened up the direction of PHP performance development.

In fact, optimizing a program with a long history is more difficult than refactoring.PHP 7 makes a leap in performance. If these results can be applied to web systems using PHP, fewer machines may be needed to support higher-demand services.

PHP 7 What’s Next-JIT

We are looking forward to this release and is currently led by Dmitry Stogov from the Zend engine. Although it is based on PHP 7.1, the actual version number has not been determined.

JIT What is it Why JIT?


JIT (Just-In-Time Just In Time Compilation) is not a new technology, many languages ​​such as Java have already been implemented.The idea behind JIT is simple, that is, a program is dynamically compiled while the program is running to generate platform-specific machine-dependent code (such as the native code of the processor it runs on), thereby increasing the speed of the program.

Why JIT?

Let’s first take a look at the process of executing a PHP file. The process of executing a PHP file is roughly such that the engine loads the PHP file first, and the interpreter interprets the execution code one by one.

After the introduction of the JIT, the previous part remains the same. The main point is that the JIT compiler will dynamically compile hot code based on runtime information to generate machine code. After that, this part of the code can be executed directly without the need to be explained and executed by the interpreter one by one, so the efficiency of the work will be updated.

Facebook’s open source PHP virtual machine HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) adopted JIT, which improved the results of their PHP benchmarks by orders of magnitude, and also made developers realize that JIT is a powerful technology that turns to stone.HHVM is also currently the most popular PHP implementation with a JIT compiler.

PHP 7.1 Type inference introduced

For PHP to implement JIT, it must solve the problem of variable type inference. Imagine if a lot of type checking is still required during dynamic compilation, performance will be significantly degraded.

PHP 7.1 introduces a feature called “type inference” that is a precursor to the JIT implemented at this stage, but is not developed separately.PHP 5 implemented a set of inference engines in 2013, and 7.1 is built into that set. System and optimize it.

The type of variables can be controlled in PHP 7, and this mechanism has been improved in 7.1. You could even say that PHP is now a semi-rigid type of the language, but due to the history of the weakly typed language PHP, there is still a lot of code that cannot know the type of a variable before running, so the PHP developers in 7.1 created many variable types. The work on the conclusion lays the foundation for the subsequent JIT implementation.

Currently, one of the simpler methods for defining variables is data flow analysis, which analyzes the context of the code to determine possible variable types, such as:

  function calc ($ a1, $ b2) {// $ a1: [ANY], $ b2: [ANY]
    $ T3 = $ a1 * 2; // $ T3: [LONG, DOUBLE]
    $ a4 = $ T3% 1000; // $ a4: [LONG]
    $ T5 = $ b2 * 3; // $ T5: [LONG, DOUBLE]
    $ b6 = $ T5% 1000; // $ b6: [LONG]
    $ T7 = $ a4 + $ b6; // $ T7: [LONG, DOUBLE]
    return $ T7;

There are still many difficulties for this improvement.Byrd said their solution is to classify JITs and tweak various degrees of dynamic compilation through configuration to reduce the complexity of type prediction. In addition, vertical optimization is performed for specific scenes. In addition to analysis based on data flow, PHP 7.1 also makes branch based judgments.

PHP 7.2 Continue to improve performance and improve type inference

PHP 7.2 was also recently released and its performance has been improved by about 10% over 7.1. 7.2 Three new features have been introduced in data flow analysis.

  • sparse conditional constant propagation
  • Escape Analysis
  • Remove dead code (exclude code without side effects)

PHP 7.2 also includes optimizations based on branch prediction, and a virtual machine engine called “HYBRID VM” was also introduced.

Some performance data JIT

So how does JIT performance improve? It depends on the actual bottleneck of the project.Brother Bird said that improving JIT performance depends on the specific scenario. If a certain part of the logic requires significant computing resources, its improvement is about 1/4, but there are also some scenarios in which the performance improvement is not obvious. If this happens in a heavy I / O scenario, the performance improvement won’t be obvious when testing, so be sure to consider the specific use case.

Additionally, Brother Byrd said that if you want to write friendlier code in the future, you might consider adding additional type hints.


The ranking of the TIOBE programming language community is an indicator of popular trends in a programming language. The downgrade to some extent reflects the current trend of programming languages, but it may not be the only criterion for judging the superiority of a language. Some programming languages ​​have small audiences and find it difficult to achieve a wide range of popularization, but they play a unique advantage in their fields.

PHP continues to dominate server-side programming languages. In the meantime, the PHP community group continues to iteratively update versions to improve performance. The next big version will introduce the JIT function. This technology, which is considered the gold stone, will bring better performance and more PHP development.


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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017): Movie Reviews, Reviews, Critics, Trailer

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Movie Info:

Release date in Russia:


World premiere:


Box office:

$ 1.332 billion

Film actors:


If trailer Star Wars: The Last Jedi isn’t working, please let us know by sending a link to this page to trailer @ Thanks in advance!


Select the video service on which you want to watch this movie.

Description of what the film is

Movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Star Wars 8) will be the eighth episode of the famous fantasy cycle and will continue the adventures of the legendary Luke Skyoker, as well as the new heroes of the famous movie saga, like Rey and Kylo Ren. The director of the film, Ryan Johnson, has already been announced as the director of the upcoming new trilogy of films within the framework of this cinematic universe, but the next, ninth episode of the franchise, will have to be directed by the cult director JJ Abrams, who shot the last part.The eighth part of the saga was the last film in the career of Carey Fisher, who played the role of Leia.

In the center of the plot of Episode VIII, as always, a long-standing confrontation between the forces of light and the forces of darkness will unfold. After the death of Han Solo, the fighting spirit of the Resistance, the only group opposing the harsh First Order, is undergoing an ordeal. General Leia prepares for war, Rey awakens the Force and becomes a student of Luke, who lives as a hermit on an unknown planet. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren, who killed his own father, continues to climb the rungs of positions of power, expanding his ambitions and leading the First Order to confident victory.However, former Stormtrooper Finn, Pilot Poe Dameron and his trusty BB-8 robot have a new secret mission from General Leia that could turn the tide of battles in this galactic war.

The filming process of the film took place in the UK from January to July 2016, however, some scenes with the participation of Mark Hamill were filmed earlier, back in September 2015 on an island in Ireland. Hire of the picture was supposed to begin by the summer and the release was scheduled for May, but later the Disney studio pushed the premiere to December.And now the date of the premiere in Russia is set for December 14, 2017.

The cast of the film will return to the screens Cary Fisher and Mark Hamill, whose heroes were central characters in the classic trilogy, and will also show viewers again the leading actors of the previous film: Daisy Ridry, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, as well as representatives of the dark side will return to their roles – Adam Driver and Andy Serkis.

Viewer Reviews

Wondering if you’re going to enjoy Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)? Read the reviews of viewers who have already watched and share their impressions, telling what to expect from watching this movie.Look at the rating on Megacritics, check out the list of painting genres and a description of the plot. The viewer review title shows the percentage of its usefulness based on readers’ votes, the total number of votes, the author’s name and his rating on the film on a scale of ten.

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14-12-2017 / 13:00

% (50) Arkady Petrovich rated (a) at 5 out of 10

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% (83) Gavrik rated (a) at 2 out of 10

14-12-2017 / 21:01

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New collection of VELUX roller shutters for roof windows is inspired by Star Wars

In parallel with the premiere of the last part of the cult Star Wars saga at the end of December 2015, roller shutters for roof windows with images of Star Wars heroes, developed by VELUX Group , appeared on the market. the world’s largest manufacturer of skylights and roofing accessories, in partnership with Disney.The new collection of roller blinds for the attic nursery was named “Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night”. The main advantages of the product are the use of safe and sustainable materials, high print quality, ease of installation, and perfect adjoining to the windows, guarantees 100% darkening, according to the MEDIA WINDOWS portal.

December 2015 kicked off a new chapter in the epic saga with the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film’s release not only added a seventh chapter to the Star Wars chronicle, but also inspired the proven partnership between Disney and the VELUX Group to create the new Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night roller shutters collection.

In 2014, the emphasis on modern glazing in children’s rooms encouraged VELUX to cooperate with Disney – for the first time, some of the most beloved Disney cartoon characters appeared on roller blinds. Now is the time to expand the scope of window shielding in the nursery and cater to the imagination of an increasing circle of children with a themed collection inspired by the sequel to Star Wars. The company offers four dimmable galactic roller shutters designed specifically for children’s rooms to provide complete relaxation and stimulate creativity that are vital for future generations.

As a market leader, VELUX insists that not only innovation and ease of installation, functionality and quality should be on the agenda when new products are developed and launched, but also their relevance. Research has shown sleep as a critical factor in a healthy home and this has led to an increase in demand for blackout roller blinds for all ages. With this in mind, VELUX has developed the Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night collection, which expands the range of accessories for the attic nursery.

Kent Holm, Vice President of Global Product Management VELUX Group, explained that when VELUX participates in joint projects, it strives to push the boundaries in the market and provide consumers with ideal solutions for the whole family. Looking at the immense popularity of Star Wars, the perfect collaboration was found to develop new products aimed at children and adolescents. With the Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night roller blinds, the developers aimed to show the border between light and darkness, what is good and bad during the day and what is at night.

Thanks to the roller shutters with dimming function, every parent will be able to provide their children with a restful and more comfortable sleep at night and during the day. The use of special fabrics, narrow guides, as well as a box that is perfectly matched to the sash, helps to create optimal conditions for rest. When the roller shutter is rolled up, the curtain is almost invisible on the window, which allows the unhindered penetration of sunlight into the room.

The iconic Star Wars saga was released in 1977, and its characters have been canons of pop culture for many years and are still a source of inspiration for creators of games and advertising posters, manufacturers of toys, clothing and textiles, and in present can also be home decoration.Star Wars: Episode VII is the seventh film in the adventure saga. It takes place 30 years after the events of the sixth part of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. New characters have appeared in the film – including the villain Kylo Ren, who is also one of the heroes of the children’s collection of roller blinds. The new Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night collection in each of the four models features different characters and scenes from Star Wars. Two graphics are from previous episodes, and the other two are from the most recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

All roller blinds from the VELUX children’s collection are Oeko-TEX® certified, which guarantees product safety for health. At the same time, high print quality is maintained, the images are realistic and very colorful. The template is scaled to the size of the roller shutter, that is, the larger the window, the more impressive the beloved character will be. The new prints will suit both younger and older fans of the cult movie heroes. The Pick & Click ™ technology developed by VELUX allows you to quickly and easily install the accessory yourself on the roof window.When ordering roller shutters, you do not need to measure the sash, it is enough to indicate the marking of the VELUX window. The Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night roller blinds collection for children is suitable for all types of VELUX roof windows.

WINDOWS MEDIA recommends reading: The collection of roller shutters for roof windows with Disney characters is expanding

Don’t Convert, Create! / Blog them. DarkArchon / Imaginaria


Fuck, guys! Star Wars is back in theaters! And do you know what that means? That means Star Wars games! People are taking out their X-Wing miniatures, or dusting off Dark Forces 2 discs, or looking for their lost Old Republic password, and of course taking Star Wars RPG books off the shelves.And of course, some GURPS fans will inevitably start asking how to convert Star Wars to GURPS, and home conversions will proliferate.

Stop. Stop this madness! Further lies only frustration and controversy. I have a better way. The path of the creator.

I’ve wanted to start writing this blog again for a long time, but I never stop in the middle. Instead of writing articles, I write whole series. This will be the first: an example of building a setting and framework using tools available to all GURPS fans.I will walk with you through each step of this process, and you can learn from this as much as you want. And of course, when I’m done, you can use the finished product – or use technology to create your own.

Before I start, I would like to explain why I am building things this way. Why am I making an obvious Star Wars copy called Psi Wars instead of just converting Star Wars? I often call for creating instead of converting, and I want to explain the reasons in detail because I believe that taking the step from conversion to creating is the first step towards becoming a real RPG author (or, generally speaking, any kind of creator).

First Reason: This setting is not yours to convert.
Recently, Mass Effect RPG for Fate Core was nominated for Annie. This is the practical limit to what you can hope for by making a conversion – critically acclaimed and public acclaimed success, there is general agreement that this is the best possible interpretation of a given concept within the framework of the chosen system. Then, the nomination was withdrawn, and the RPG was crushed. Why? Because this is a fan conversion not approved by the rights and copyright holders.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking now – “Okay, okay, I just want to play with my friends, no one will drag me to court because of this.” (for some reason, the option “I didn’t think of the author’s rights and copyright – comment of the translator) Perhaps, but there is also a moral side in addition to the legal one. Let me say: if the author paused for a second and ripped off the serial numbers from his work, called it “The Principle of Gravity” or something like, would call Biotics psionics, Asari – Kusari or something like that, then he could still put this nomination in your resume.It’s not that hard to move away from converting an existing product to creating your own. But the author gave up on this, not recognizing either cultural or legal principle, and now it will be very difficult for you to even find a conversion, while works like Nova Praxis are sold on DTRPG! What kind of destiny would you like your job to be?

Reason two: You don’t really want to play Star Wars.
If you are a Star Wars fan, then you hate Star Wars. What you really want is not Star Wars, it’s your personal vision of what Star Wars should be.You’ve seen movies, played games. Some of the things you liked, some were not. You have your own vision of Star Wars. You are not alone in this – this is how people are. This is true even within Star Wars itself.

One of the fans’ problems with Force Awakens is that one of the characters in the movie uses a trick without training. The same trick Luke had to learn three films. Does this make this character “over-confident” (too strong)? It depends on your point of view. In Force Unleashed, a Sith with incomplete training is able to destroy a huge machine with telekinesis in the first stage of the game.Which of these is the “standard level”?

In Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker is hit and lands near the AT-AT’s leg. He grabs his grappling hook, lightsaber, and grenades. He then grabs the grate at the bottom of the AT-AT, cuts it open with his lightsaber, and tosses the grenade inside. But why doesn’t he just cut off the AT-AT’s legs with a lightsaber? In Phantom Menace, a lightsaber is able to (slowly) cut through an armored door. In Clone Wars, Yoda cuts tanks in half. But in Force Awakens, characters are regularly struck with lightsabers without losing any life or limbs.How good is a lightsaber?

In A New Hope, Obi-Wan comments “only stormtroopers shoot that accurately,” but we regularly see them miss heroes, to the point where the optional rule in GURPS (Imperial Shooting Academy) has been named similarly … We see that they wear armor, but little bears are able to pierce this armor with sticks and stones. How competent is a stormtrooper? How good is his armor?

You have your opinion on each of these issues.You also have an opinion on what Star Wars should be focused on. Perhaps you are interested in imperial undercover showdowns, or you enjoy the chaos of crime, bounty hunters and smugglers, or you enjoy philosophical arguments about the Force, or you just enjoy blowing things up and using the super powers of the Jedi. The problem is that you will be making the game for someone with a different perspective and opinion. You might want a jedi game, and I might want a mundane smuggler game.In your game, stormtroopers can be a terrifying and lethal threat, a force capable of conquering the galaxy. In my game, they might just be cannon fodder that my space superheroes wipe their feet about as a joke. Movies, books and games support all of these positions, and someone can always quote the canon and disagree with you.

Unless, of course, you create your own setting. Imperial shock troops are a serious threat, and Federation Space Knights can start at 500 points.translator). Psionic powers can be elusive, crime can be unstoppable, and no one can tell you that you are wrong – because this is your game. No more worrying about what Lucas said or didn’t say in his “canon”. This is your job and you were just inspired by Star Wars. This gives you a lot more power than just converting someone else’s work.

This applies to the same extent for other popular universes. In Warhammer 40k, the power of the Space Marines or the corruption of the Imperium varies from job to job.The capabilities of the characters in the Matrix have been reinterpreted and changed from work to work. Even RPG settings like Exalted can contradict themselves. Instead of arguing about the “true canon”, you can simply admit that you have your own vision of this setting, and you can use this vision to create something unusual and your own.

Reason Three: It’s not just Star Wars that inspired you.

Star Wars inspires players; so they want to create a conversion.It’s easier to find Star Wars players than Psi Wars players who just feel like a cheap copy of something better. Plus, if you tell the players “the Jedi will activate the lightsaber by coming up to you,” they know exactly what is happening and how dangerous it is. If you say “the space knight activates the power sword when he approaches you,” it doesn’t have the same effect – at least at first.

But Star Wars itself was a cheap copy of something better. This is the creation process: you take what you like, remove the serial numbers and add something else that you like.
Why use lightsabers? Why not use the Master Key and Light Hawk Wings from Tenchi Muyo? (if only because I have not the slightest idea that this is a comment of the translator).
Why use the Empire versus Republic situation when you can use the Great Houses versus All from Dune?
Why use stormtroopers when you can use Space Marines from Warhammer 40k?
Why use the Force when you can use the psionic powers of the Push?
If you are going to remove serial numbers from Star Wars, why not remove them from other things as well, and put them together into a coherent whole.You will end the process with something unusual and your own, consisting of things that you like.

Again – this also applies to other settings. Nobody likes just one setting. You have other favorite settings, and there are settings that inspired those settings, or the settings that followed. Why not take Warhammer 40k, which is Dungeon Fantasy IN SPACE! (dubious statement – translator’s note), and not make him Monster Hunters IN SPACE !? Why not take the lessons you learned from studying The Lord of the Rings and apply this myth-making to Arab myth and culture? Why not host your Game of Thrones-inspired campaign in the Aztec world? By mixing and reworking, you can spice up a new setting and add twists that players will notice and convince them that your creation is not just a copy.

Fourth Reason: Let GURPS be GURPS.

GURPS is a general, universal system. It contains a bunch of weapons, vehicles, forces and templates, from which the serial numbers have already been removed. There are no Tie-fighters and X-wings in GURPS, but there are Typhoon and Starhawk class fighters. There are no Jedi and lightsabers in GURPS, but there are space knights and power swords.

If we are determined to make our conversion “like in Star Wars” (in accordance with our specific, unique vision), then you should definitely recycle all of these materials in GURPS from scratch.On the other hand, if you do not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good, you can simply take what already exists. Setting up existing rules and statistics is much easier than building everything from scratch, and your players will probably prefer to play now rather than later.

This isn’t just about Star Wars. GURPS doesn’t have bolters, but it does have gyrocs. It doesn’t have Space Marines, but it does have the genetic engineering templates “Spartan” or “Hercules”. There are no Tyranids in it, but there are Insectoids.GURPS is filled to the brim with generic versions of your favorite things, because the authors of GURPS understand what I’m talking about in this article, and they have already taken the serial numbers from your favorite franchises and put them in books. They just haven’t put them together into complete settings for you, but it’s pretty easy.

Last Request
So what does the conversion accomplish? You will have to spend extra time to create work that many people will disagree with. That will never be recognized as yours because it is not yours.What is achieved by creation? A quick campaign that generates less controversy, works better with your chosen system, and includes a setting that is unusual and yours.

John Cleese has a great talk on how creativity works that is absolutely worth your time. The crux of the matter is this: your work becomes more creative when you have room to maneuver, and it becomes less creative when you are forced to follow a certain predefined trajectory.Because the conversion process is slavishly subservient to the existing job and surrounded by expectations and controversy, conversion kills the creativity in your job. The moment you free yourself from the need to “follow the canon,” you can do whatever you want to play with the concepts of your particular setting, and this gives the work your mind, the passion, the energy you need to do something amazing. … The results of this release, in my experience, are quite exciting. I never completed any conversions, but I did most of the Psi Wars in one week.

Give this idea a chance. I know that many of you have already taken the idea with hostility, but give it a try. Look at your conversion as a reference and source of inspiration, combine it with existing material in GURPS, give it something new, a new name, and free yourself to create something that you can play with your friends right now. You will love the results.

Ansible / Habr

Ansible is yet another configuration management system. A distinctive feature is simplicity, with great flexibility.And these are not just words – further I will show some of the simplest operations with examples and introduce you to some “best practices”.

So, we have host groups:

WebServersG1 webserver1-g1, webserver2-g1
WebServersG2 webserver1-g2, webserver2-g2
WebServersProxy webserver-proxy1, webserver-proxy2
DataBase db1, db2
DataBaseSlave dbs1, dbs2
SomeServers someserver1, someserver2

We want to prepare all hosts for adequate work – install the necessary set of software (htop, zsh, vim, iftop, sudo, mc, tmux, wget), copy our keys and configs and install and configure software specific to this server.

Ansible implies at least two files to get started –

inventory file

, in which we write a list of hosts and divide them into groups –


and file




They are needed so that when we do everything, everything will start beautifully:

  ansible-playbook -i inventory_file playbook.yml

Let’s create an inventory file named “


” based on our hosts:


Actually, everything is not bad, but our hosts from the groups




differ only in the directory structure, the number of connections and the repository.And


differs from them only in the nginx config and the absence of some software. In addition, you may need to do some task on all three groups at once. So let’s compare these three groups and give them



  [WEB: children]

By the structure of the inventory file: ansible considers as a group everything whose line in the description begins with ‘[’ and ends with ‘]’.Everything under this line and before the start of the next group is hosts. A group can have children – other groups that are listed after

[group name: children]

and exist.

I will also briefly touch on the variables that can also be described immediately in this list.

  webserver1-g1 ansible_ssh_port = 5555 ansible_ssh_host =

Here we have assigned

ssh port


ssh host

.In practice, I will say that other variables in the


file litter it and make it unreadable. And it is better to list non-standard ports as follows:

  webserver1-g1: 5555

And since we are talking about ports – the default port for all hosts (like many other things) can be assigned in


but not the point.

So, we have just created a list of hosts. Let’s now create a to-do list, and I’ll dive into memories.

In ancient times (approximately May-July of this year), before the release of version 1.2, there were no roles in principle, we were content with ordinary tasks and the playbook looked like a Christmas tree full of inclusions. Then roles appeared, and more recently, a week or two ago, in version 1.3 – role inheritance. And we, as true Jedi, will use what we have now. And let’s figure out, finally, what these playbooks and roles are, otherwise it’s not clear.

Playbooks are an executable set of anything.They, unlike chef, are run once and only on your command. Although there is nothing that would prevent you from setting the task in crowns. Previously, the playbook meant the main list of tasks, but now they have turned into a set of pointers to the roles we need.
Roles , in turn, is a set of tasks, templates, handler triggers, variables, files and links to other roles crammed into directories in a standard ansible structure. Roles are best grouped into logical groups.For example, within the framework of the above task, I will single out the following roles:
1) training – installing various admin software, creating users with keys, generating locales, copying configs, etc.
2) installing software for the service you need in the end and copying its configs
3) creating the necessary directory structure, copying the git, etc.

So, let’s start creating the playbook main.yml with the only role for now preconf

  - hosts: all
    - preconf
  tags: preconf

Here we have assigned the ‘all’ role to the preconf role for all hosts and added the preconf tag.


are needed in order to then be able to execute only some part of the playbook.

Further, when ansible sees the role assignment, it starts frantically looking for the directory of the same name in ./roles. In our case, it will be ./roles/preconf

The role structure should already be there, namely: tasks / main.yml

This is the main file that lists tasks.

There may also be a ‘templates’ directory in which we add templates


-files, ‘files’, which will contain the various files we need

, ‘handlers’ are the very famous triggers-handlers, as well as meta / main.yml in which we describe references to the role and variables – role variables.

I propose to sort it out in order, but if you want, you can read the text downwards by sharply jerking your head from right to left.

So the tasks.

For our preconf role, create a file


Typically tasks look like this:

  - name: Task name
  module: module parameters.

There are a lot of modules

, they are for every

taste and color

.With the help of modules, we can deploy a machine in the cloud, execute a shell command, manage databases, create files and folders, copy templates, send messages to queues, manage network infrastructure, write messages to chats, install programs, manage the system, and much more. Dwelling on each of them is a topic for a separate article, just like writing your own is not too difficult.

In the meantime, let’s try to install something.

  - name: installing zsh
  apt: pkg = zsh

In this case, we used module


to install the zsh program on our Debian servers.

Of course, you can spam the task list with a separate task for the installation of each program, but such files are very hard to read. Therefore, we will use a queue that can be called via ‘



  - name: installing zsh
  apt: pkg = $ item
    - zsh
    - htop
    - sudo
    - iftop
    - tcpdump
    - mc
    - wget
    - vim
    - tmux
    - facter

In YAML syntax, if I’m not confusing anything, such a notation denotes an array.And the elements of this array, as if passing through xargs, are assigned in turn to the variable


, which we called above and are already executed with a new value in the task. Over and over, until the list ends.

Now we will create all the users of the maintenance department and use variables for the occasion.

Adding users looks something like this:

  - name: Add User Pupkin
  user: name = ’pupkin’

So our user will be added with a bang.But do we want user pupkin to use zsh and be a member of the sudo group? Let’s do it, because the ‘user’ module supports a lot of things.

  - name: Add User Pupkin
  user: name = ’pupkin’ shell = ’/ bin / zsh’ groups = ’sudo’

We have already learned with_items, so we will use it to add several users … But … you need to pass two variables in the stream …

Nothing complicated. Ansible supports hashes – arrays in the ‘key: value’ form.It is most convenient to write hashes in jinja2 format.

  - name: Add BestAdminsTeam
  user: name = {{item.user}} shell = {{}} groups = ’sudo’
    - {user: ‘pupkin’, shell: ‘/ bin / zsh’}
    - {user: ‘oldfag’, shell: ‘/ bin / sh’}

Actually, what did we just do? We have created an array like this:

{{user: 'pupkin', shell: '/ bin / zsh'}, {user: 'oldfag', shell: '/ bin / sh'}}

from which we will take items one at a time and assign them to the $ item variable (or, in jinja2 language – {{item}}).After that, we will open the hash items – {{item.user}} and {{}}, respectively. That is, we will get a consistent list of variables for each user.

Now let’s add keys to our users. There is a great module for this ‘


  - name: Add BestAdminsKey
  authorized_key: user = {{item.user}} key = "{{item.key}}"
    - {user: ‘pupkin’, key: ‘ssh-rsa pupkin_pub_key’}
    - {user: ‘oldfag’, key: ‘ssh-rsa oldfag_pub_key’}

In principle, it will work anyway, but it is a little inconvenient to list users every time: it is very easy to forget to add a new team member somewhere and I need to somehow tell you about variables, but here is such a case.

Let’s create a variable in which we will store all our users with their keys, shells, possibly paths to configs and everything else. It is easy to put users into a variable, but where to put the variable itself?

For this, ansible has several solutions.

You can specify variables specifically for each host in the folder ./host_vars/ hostname – this will not work for our purpose

You can make variables for a group of hosts (groups, remember, we did in the inventory file) and put them in./ group_vars / group_name – you can, of course, create a variable here for the all group. But this is not a “clean job”.

You can assign variables directly to playbooks. But it looks untidy.

Each role also has “defaults” in the defaults directory, but that’s not really what we want

And finally, variable roles – this seems to be the very thing.

Create a file ./roles/main/variables/main.yml in which we write:

    - {user: ‘pupkin’, key: ‘ssh-rsa pupkin_pub_key’, shell: ‘/ bin / zsh’}
    - {user: ‘oldfag’, key: ‘ssh-rsa oldfag_pub_key’, shell: ‘/ bin / sh’}

Now in the task we can use the $ ssh_super_team variable like this:

  - name: Add BestAdminsTeam
  user: name = {{item.user}} shell = {{}} groups = 'sudo'
    - $ ssh_super_team

- name: Add BestAdminsKey
  authorized_key: user = {{item.user}} key = "{{item.key}}"
    - $ ssh_super_team

Well, to make it convenient for everyone – we will copy the .vimrc file for our users – the same for both users. In the directory ./roles/main/files/, put a file called ‘vimrc’ and make the following task:

  - name: copy vimrc file
  copy: src = ”vimrc” dest = ”/ home / {{item.user}} /. vimrc ”
    - $ ssh_super_team


By the way, I sometimes re-read what I write – it turned out to be voluminous. It’s time to round off everything that is not round yet, so I will immediately jump to the nginx configuration:
Using the tracing paper, create the nginx role and write to the file ./roles/nginx/tasks/main.yml:

  - name: install nginx
  apt: pkg = 'nginx'

Hmm, but it can’t be on all nginx servers with the same config? Maybe, of course, but it’s inconvenient.Let’s come up with a template – in ansible, for this you need to use the syntax familiar to many jinja2.

Create a file at ./roles/nginx/templates/ and name it nginx_site_conf.j2

And let’s make the content like this:

  server {
  listen 80;
  server_name {{item.sitename}};
  root "/ var / www"

Next, we need to expand the variables that are unique for each host: put the files in ./host_vars/host_name

  - {sitename: “ ”}

And define the default variable for this role: in the file ./roles/nginx/defaults/main.yml

  - {sitename: “default”}

Now let’s create a task:

  - name: nginx config for sites
  template: src = ”nginx_site_conf.j2” dest = ”/ etc / nginx / sites-enabled / {{item.sitename}}
    - $ nginx
    - restart nginx

And ansible, when passing this task, will try to copy the template ”nginx_site_conf.j2 ”with the $ nginx variable, which will be read from either the host variables or the default role variables. And if the copied template differs from the config on the machine, a handler will be executed, which looks like this: ./roles/nginx/handlers/main.yml

  - name: restart nginx
  action: service name = nginx state = reloaded

Now let’s put together from these two intentionally simplified roles one only for the host group


. Now we will not complicate anything, but simply make a link in it to two ready-made roles.Let’s write the following lines to the file roles / myapp / meta / main.yml:

  - {role: preconf}
  - {role: nginx}

And finally, playbook


  - hosts: WebServersG1
    - WebServersG1

By the way, while building dependencies, you can also use variables to clarify some information specifically for this role. But we will talk about this, as well as about dependencies, complex templates, task completion checks, parallelization of execution and much, much more the next time.

In the meantime, you can read excellent, not like others, documentation:

P.S. My internal editor is on vacation. I apologize for mistakes and uneven handwriting. I always read PM and always say thank you for the corrections.

What separates City of Bones and Divergent from Twilight and The Hunger Games? Simplicity

“This is about a boy who went to a boarding school for wizards.” “It’s about a high school girl who fell in love with a vampire.” “It’s about poor kids who are forced to kill each other in a game to entertain the rich.”I just gave you one-sentence descriptions of the storylines of three of the biggest science fiction film franchises of the past 12 years. And here’s another one: “The action takes place in the world of the future, where people are divided into factions depending on their personal qualities.” Need more? “Tris Pryor has been warned, she is a Divergent, and will never fit into any of the existing groups. When she learns of the conspiracy to destroy all Divergers, she is forced to understand why being a Divergent is so dangerous before it’s too late.From a marketing perspective, what separates the Hunger Games from the Divergent? I don’t need a whole paragraph to explain The Hunger Games. The same goes for next week’s premiere of City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments. I’ll have to use a whole paragraph to explain this movie. When it comes to marketing new teen / teen fantasy, simplicity is key.

I hope Lionsgate’s Divergent is a hit when it hits screens on March 21, 2014 in beautiful 2D IMAX.I have long argued that teenage-to-youth film adaptations can also become blockbusters with a female starring instead of the alternative, guy-centered superhero films that dominate the multiplexes. Plus, Shailene Woodley deserves karmic extra points for this whole Amazing Spider-Man situation. But what we will see is not necessarily “the next Hunger Games” or “the next” Twilight “, it is a series of fantastic pictures that can not always be submitted with a short resume.While I never ask for simplicity or uncomplicated stories from fantasy franchises, you definitely want either a simple explanation of what’s going on or a reason why you should be hooked on the story. A great trailer can also set the tone, get people interested without a word, and you don’t have to pay $ 10 to see it on screen. When you decide whether to play a game or not, are you more focused on the rules of the game or whether it will be fun to play?

In the next week’s premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (also coming out in stunning 2D IMAX), she portrays Lily Collins as a young woman who discovers she is a Shadowhunter.Now what is Shadowhunter? Well, they are “a secret caste of young half-angels fighting an ancient battle to protect our world from demons.” But that’s not all, because there is also “a dangerous alternative New York called the Downworld, inhabited by demons, sorcerers, vampires, werewolves and other deadly creatures.” Again, I love everything this painting involves and I want it to be successful, but the marketer has had to spend most of their time explaining the basics (via Jared Harris, whom we’re always happy to see, as Exposition Senior “), And not on teasing the audience with real adventures or introducing us to the heroes so that I want to spend time with these people.The skins look good, but they are trying to sell us the first chapter rather than the illustrious prologue to the franchise, which should never be done in that order.

At the same time, the lousy film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief tells a similar story and was able to gross $ 40 million for its four-day debut on President’s Day in 2010. Fox used its marketing department to showcase as many different stars as possible. the first magnitude that was stocked up for this illustrious film adaptation, and the “City of Bones” does not have such an advantage.The teaser for this movie ran alongside Avatar almost two months before the release, and we saw Lionsgate do the same with Divergent, delaying the first trailer until The Hunger Games Catching Fire came out. Percy Jackson had first-rate stars such as Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean and Uma Thurman, which allowed them to omit the main plot a bit (a boy discovering that he is the son of a Greek god and must go on an adventure) and use fleeting footage with them to sell everything else.Even with adolescent fantasy, star power can help, something that seems to have been forgotten in the fantasy story of “the boy who found out he was special” in Rise of Darkness. They also spent most of the marketing efforts to spell out the rules of the game.

It turned out that I just fell in love with this year’s spring premiere, Beautiful Creatures, and found this film smart, charming and funny moments with a light southern gothic romance. But besides, in order to be able to say that this is a gender-flipped version of “Twilight”, I can hardly summarize this film, so as not to detail the plot itself, which, of course, should be done in the trailer.The film, where the biggest stars were Jeremy Irons and Viola Davis, came out of what it explained – the magical southern beauty is not a witch, presenting the film as a story about “a young man living in a Bible belt and falling in love with a witch” instead of spending most of the marketing department’s time was spent on explaining the nature of the heroine’s curse, the arbitrary nature of her powers, and the underlying conflict that was playing out here. The film was sold with an emphasis on the rules of the game rather than the bizarre characters that were played here.The film was much better than the trailers presented it, which is a problem, since the trailers are the very basis on which people decide whether to buy tickets for this film on the first weekend of distribution.

This is not only a problem with films like Beautiful Creatures or The Guest (another science fiction film whose marketing service has also focused on explaining the basics), but also all those comic-based films like Green Lantern. … If you remember Warner Bros.»Felt it necessary to spend most of the campaign explaining the rules of the Green Lantern universe, and took little time to show viewers why they should want to see Hal Jordan’s journey or the fantastic footage they might have witnessed. If you remember, the first teaser for “Harry Potter” was generally an almost wordless video that briefly described Harry’s journey to Hogwarts for us, and then spent the rest of the previews to show us wonderful views and introduce minor characters.The Hunger Games simply had to show poor children being taken out of their homes to kill each other in battle, so simply that the campaign could focus on that image without having to look further.

Now, to be honest, perhaps this is also related to the fact that many future films like Twilight and Harry Potter, where the whole plot revolves around what the hero / heroine will recognize, literally or figuratively that they are “the chosen one,” the marketing department has to jump over the rings explaining why they are special.Now Harry Potter may have been elected, and Bella Swan was destined to be with Edward Cullen, but those revelations stuck to the very last chapters, which meant that the initial films (and with them the initial advertising campaigns) could focus on who these characters are and what kind of world they live in. Remember, at the very beginning of the series “Lost” was a story about a group of people who survived an airplane crash and were stuck on a mysterious island, and “The X-Files” is just a story about two FBI agents chasing ghosts and UFOs.

In today’s fantasy marketplace, Star Wars would not be marketed as a story about a farm boy who went into space to rescue a princess, it would be a story about a young man named Luke who discovers that he is in fact a Jedi. one of the nearly extinct intergalactic warriors who once flew across the galaxy, fighting for peace and justice. Only once will he meet his destiny and will learn from the master of “Strength” (insert a verbose explanation of what kind of “Strength” is), which will prepare him for the flight to the mysterious planet Alderaan and the rescue of Princess Lea.Oh, and his long-dead father is actually the Chosen One, a Jedi believed to bring balance to the Force before power corrupted him and he died at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“Nobody can explain what the Matrix is. You must see it yourself. ” The Matrix marketing campaign had the right idea. They used the built complex world as their advantage, teasing its discovery and the “chosen one” as what to see when buying a ticket, while the screen was filled with simply amazing views.I believe there must be a template for science fiction movie marketing campaigns. If you can use a simple sentence, then you have wonderful, powerful power in your hands. But if not, if your fantasy story requires a copious explanation, try to let the movie explain everything for you. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has successfully sold itself by presenting the masses with only a central conflict (the ring of evil must be delivered to the mountains), and then focusing on travel and large-scale fantasy with many thrills.You are selling a film, not a book with the rules by which this fantasy world lives.

In the coming months, we’ll see if any of the teenage-to-youth film adaptations made it into a hit, breaking the barriers Beautiful Creatures and The Guest (or other Twilight-like or Harry Potter-like films like Rise of Darkness “) could not. I root for all these films in principle, and I will be happy to eat a crow if they debunk my theory outlined above, since their success will bring a certain gender parity to the blockbuster sandbox, and at the same time they are quite cheap (“Guest”, “Beautiful Creatures” and City of Bones is worth somewhere around $ 60 million, Divergent is $ 80 million), and they don’t need to beat any record sums to make their creators profitable.

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