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Le Mâle On Board by Jean Paul Gaultier » Reviews & Perfume Facts

The new limited edition Le Mâle on Board is here. The anticipation and excitement was great, but he could not really convince me. As so often in the house of Jean Paul Gaultier, the limited editions are often a little disappointment. So also with their latest release.

As you could already see from the description, not exactly many fragrance notes are represented. Bergamot, rose geranium and tonka bean and that’s it. So in this regard, you could already guess before what would expect one. Exactly these three notes I also perceive to a great extent. A slight freshness by the bergamot, rosy and slightly sweet. Therefore, neither something new nor extraordinary. The Le Mâle DNA is definitely perceptible, it also goes slightly in their direction. Without lavender and vanilla but more bergamot. Possibly it reminds me also discreetly of Versace Eros, probably owed by the mixture of fresh and sweet.

By the flacon design and advertising dazzled I have already expected something else. Marketing technically, the theme was missed here far. A bright blue bottle resting on an island in the water. Expected here was a fresh summer fragrance with an aquatic note ideal for beach and vacation. But you get here with this fragrance definitely not! Much too rosy and too sweet so that it would fit in the heat and summer. So it would be annoying and penetrating for me. I personally see him rather on slightly cool days such as in the spring.

The durability in this fragrance is moderate and the sillage rather below average. As age I see with this fragrance rather younger people. For me, the masculine note is also definitely missing here. By the yet strong rose note possibly slightly feminine.

As a summary, I would say that the latest release smells good, but still nothing new or even out of the ordinary. And as once before mentioned the topic was missed here far.
For those of you who like the original Le Mâle, it could still be a good alternative. In my fragrance collection creates it “Le Mâle on Board” but not.


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Best Finishing School in Mumbai, India

Reap the benefits of expert knowledge, give your image a much needed boost and watch your confidence soar. Fine tune your lifestyle skills with our holistic program and watch yourself grow in every facet of life. Our comprehensive 24-hour session offers complete value for money while adding value in your life. The session will help you acquire desirable skills such as Grooming, Etiquette, Communication and more. These skills also translate into how you relate to people and improve your inter-personal relationships. Once perfected, the session will have a positive impact in both aspects of life – personal and business. Our 24-hour image consultancy aims for an overall transformation that brings out the best in you- be it in your dressing, your etiquettes or your style. Prepare to meet the most glamorous version of yourself and impress everyday.
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1. Personal Consultancy session of 1.5 Hours covering:

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  • Colour Psychology
  • A tutorial contrasting universal styles with fashion styles
  • Your personal style assessment
  • How to build a style
  • How and where to shop for your best styles in your area
  • Basic Grooming Tips
  • Basic Hair and Make-up Suggestions

2. Personal shopping with a personal Stylist (if the budget allows) or a two hour session of window shopping with the stylist for the better understanding on future shopping spree.

3. A two Hour session of skin consultancy and treatment which will include consultancy and treatment.

4. A two hour session with a professional make-up artist on learning face structure, understanding best suited makeup and its application.

5. A two and a half hour session of Hair consultancy and transformation where the participant will be taken to best chosen hair expert for consultancy and transformation which suits best to their complexion and face structure.

This 24 hour, all-inclusive course is available in two options:
• 8 Hours session for 3 days will be of Rs. 1,70,000 plus taxes @14.5%.
• 6 Hours session for 4 days will be of Rs. 1,85,000 plus taxes @14.5%.

Le Male Le Parfum By Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance Review

One of the most iconic men’s fragrances ever created has to be Le Male from Jean Paul Gaultier. From the bottle to the scent itself, everyone over the age of 30 will know of it, and younger guys too.

There’s been a few additions to the infamous line, and in 2020 a new bottle was released, Le Male Le Parfum from Jean Paul Gaultier.

Here’s everything you need to know, including what it smells like.

Le Male is not just a fragrance which I’ve owned and loved for many years, but virtually every guy too. I first got the original around 2005, with it being released back in the late 90s. It stood the test of time, and is still a scent loved by many.

2020 came a new incarnation of the scent, Le Parfum. As you’d have guessed, this is an Eau De Parfum. (If you’re wondering, this is the difference between eau de toilette and parfum)

Where does it fit in with the line? I got a bottle for Christmas, and this is how it smells and everything you need to know.

The Bottle

JPG Le Parfum Le Male comes in a familiar bottle with a slightly different style. As with all bottles in this line, it comes in the legendary male body form. This one coming in a sleek black glass, with glossy black stripes.

This is set off with gold accents, including the atomiser. There’s no branding to be seen on the bottle, apart from the back at the very top there’s the Gaultier wording.

I have a 75ml bottle, and there’s also a 125ml bottle available. As I got this at Christmas, I got a gift set. That includes the 75ml bottle along with a 10ml small bottle in a really nice presentation tin. A standard bottle comes in tin can packaging which is used in other Le Male fragrances.

The tin is done in the black and gold colours of the scent, and is a really nice piece. I will possible keep this as a small storage box.

What Does Le Male Le Parfum Smell Like

First off I get a strong smell of vanilla and cardamom with Le Male Le Parfum. This lasts throughout the time I wear it. It’s not over the top, and it smells really inviting. Despite the vanilla it’s not overly sweet, there’s more going on.

I can smell some aromatic and warm spicy notes in this. It has a real warm spicy feel to it, and you get a sense of the OG Le Male as soon as you spray it. It smells like a modern masculine scent.

Since it’s a warm style of scent, I would say that it’s best worn in the colder months. But I can see this being worn more universally, mostly on an evening.

When & Where To Wear Le Male Le Parfum

I would say that it’s a more grown up and refined version of the original. Similarly to that, it’s best worn on a night. It will work great on a night out with friends, making it a good clubbing fragrance.

But that’s not all it is. It’s good for any evening event. Whether it’s more formal and grown up, or something slightly youthful, it will work.

You can pair it with a suit and tie, with a shirt and jeans or anything else which you could consider smart casual.


Le Male Le Parfum is a very nice fragrance which is best worn on a cold evening. It’s warm and inviting, making it a good scent to wear on a night out or just generally on an evening.

When you want to make an impression, this will make a good one.

Longevity – Le Male Le Parfum is an EDP, longevity is pretty good. I get more than 6 hours with this.

Projection – The projection is also good. Those around you should be able to smell it.

Best season to wear – All Rounder

Scent type – Fruity, Sweet, Light Woody

Age Recommendation – 21+

Best Worn – Evening, Casual, Formal

Top Notes: Cardamom,

Middle Notes: Iris, Lavender

Base Notes: Vanilla, Woody Notes

Let me know what you think of Le Male Le Parfum and as always check out more fragrance reviews in the blog.

EAN 3423470477184 – Jean paul GAULTIER Le Male Cologne Spray, 4.2 Ounce

EAN 3423470477184

EAN 3423470477184 is associated with Jean paul GAULTIER Le Male Cologne Spray, 4.2 Ounce

  1. Health & Beauty > Personal Care > Cosmetics > Perfume & Cologne

EAN 3423470477184 has following Product Name Variations:

  1. Le Male Stimulating Summer Fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men EDC Tonique S
  2. Jean paul GAULTIER Le Male Cologne Spray, 4. 2 Ounce
  3. Le Male Summer 2011 Edition Jean Paul Gaultier 125ml/4.2oz-free Shipping
  4. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Cologne Tonique 2011 Stimulating Fragrance 4.2 Oz Men
  5. Le Male COLOGNE TONIQUE stimulating Summer Fragrance By Jean Paul Gaultier…

More Info

EAN-13: 3 423470 477184
Amazon ASIN: B004VRB4TO
Country of Registration: France
Brand: Jean Paul Gaultier
Model #: 11637m
Last Scanned: 2021-09-27 08:22:59
Shopping Info

Products with EAN 3423470477184 were listed on the following websites. Product prices are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.

Stores Product Info Price Last Updated Le Male COLOGNE TONIQUE stimulating Summer Fragrance By Jean Paul Gaultier… $450.00 2021-09-27 08:22:59
Rakuten( Le Male Stimulating Summer Fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men EDC Tonique S $47.19 2014-10-12 15:50:56
eBay UK Used Le Male Summer 2011 Edition Jean Paul Gaultier 125ml/4.2oz-free Shipping ₤80.00 2020-07-06 05:06:20
eBay US Used Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Cologne Tonique 2011 Stimulating Fragrance 4. 2 Oz Men $81.95 2019-03-13 05:04:10
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    L’Eau D’Issey for Women by Miyake 3.3-ounce Eau de Toilette SP (Tester)

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    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male for Men 4.2-ounce Eau de Toilette SP (Tester)

  • 3423470090055

    Jean Paul Gaultier 1996 Valentin’s Day Set 2 Pc. Splash 3.5 Ml Ea Dome Display

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Jean paul GAULTIER Le Male Cologne Spray, 4.2 Ounce

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A Review: Le Male Cologne aka ”Man in a Can Cologne”

Le Male was launched in 1996 and is a study in contrasts. Sophisticated yet playful, sensual but fresh, modern but comfortably familiar. It’s been reformulated over the years so if you still remember it from the 90s, it’s worth taking a second sniff. It’s also well loved for its iconic presentation: a blue bottle of cologne shaped like a man in a can.

This post may have affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission on purchases through the links (at no extra cost to you). This does not change our opinion but does help support the site. Thank you!

About Le Male

The classic Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male fragrance is one of the most masculine and long lasting on the market. The French fashion designer gave his name to this best-selling fragrance at its launch, shortly before embarking on a successful solo career. The  nose behind the scent is Francis Kurkdjian who has since gone on to form his own fragrance house.

[amazon box=”B001BAG38G” template=”vertical”]

What Does It Smell Like?

Le Male is a decidedly male fragrance, with each ingredient chosen with a purpose. The overall impression given off by the fragrance is that of a floral, aromatic odor which lasts for a long period of time and provides an intense feeling of masculinity. As with every aspect of the life and career of Jean Paul Gaultier, the iconic fragrance bearing his name combines the sensuality behind his clothing designs with the classic French masculinity known around the world.

Fragrance Notes

When first sprayed, the top notes of Le Male are dominated by the citrus and lavender notes which add a fresh smell to this cologne. The top layer of the fragrance is dominated by the cardamom and Artemisia, but the strength of the wearer is highlighted by the inclusion of mint on the top layer.

Francis Kurkdjian worked to create a fragrance where every ingredient is included for a specific purpose, including mint which is included for freshness and as a symbol of the strength of the wearer. The lavender extract is used as a sign of the traditional nature of this fragrance which harks back to the classic fragrances which inspired the birth of this fragrance. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male has a classic base layer with a heart that adds a little spice to make it exciting and adventurous. The heart of Le Male is based on the inclusion of cinnamon and cumin which combine with orange blossom and give the wearer a distinctive fragrance to enjoy which adds a layer of sensuality and creativity the French designer is known for.

Just like the timeless fragrances this innovative recipe reflects, the base layer of Le Male is a woody aroma headed by the inclusion of sandalwood and cedar which add to the masculine nature of the fragrance. The classic scent of vanilla is also included along with tonka bean and amber to create a musky fragrance showing the masculinity of the recipe.

Sillage and Longevity

It’s got extremely good longevity and sillage — this isn’t a cologne to use if you want to fly under the radar and have it disappear in an hour or two. Some even reported that they could smell it the next day!


There are few packaging designs as impressively iconic as that of Jean Paul Gaultier’s fragrance bottles which reflect his trademark sailor shirts. Bringing a stereotypical French design to the bottle of Le Male is combined with a sculpted male design which reflects the dominating nature of the fragrance.

The blue bottle has become a well-known trademark of the Gaultier brand and includes the sculpted male torso wearing a blue and white sailor-style shirt. The silver spray applicator at the top of the bottle adds to the style and finishes the packaging in a timeless way.

Who Should Buy Le Male?

Le Male is designed to be worn by men who are looking to make an impression when they make their way to dinner or drinks with friends during the evening and later at night.

This fragrance has been created for men in their mid-20s to 30 who are looking for a strong fragrance with an added citrus scent which will give them a nighttime edge.

Probably what most people remember about this cologne though is the presentation. It’s not everyday you find a men’s cologne shaped like a body in a tin can. It’s definitely a stylish and sexy look that’s turned into an icon in fragrance circles.

  • Sharp oriental, wood cologne for daytime
  • Top notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Mint, Cardamom
  • Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Caraway
  • Base Notes: Cedar, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Vanilla
  • Packaged in a distinctive spray bottle
  • Comes in 1.35oz and 2.5oz sizes
  • Additional products available for layering


  • A classic fragrance that is both sweet and masculine.
  • Know for both its longevity and sillage
  • Unique packaging — the blue glass torso of a man in a silver can is unmistakable.


  • Has been reformulated, might not be what you remember from high school.
  • You love it or you hate it. It’s not a meek scent.

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A Closer Look At Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal Pour Homme Scent

Catwalk becomes boxing arena as a scandalous story unravels. As the boxer makes his way to the ring, lauded by the eclectic Maison Gaultier clique, his accolades from previous victories fall to the floor. They mean nothing now as he approaches this new matchup like no other. A raucous atmosphere erupts as his feminine counterpart enters the fray – the incomparable Imaan Hammam, representing the pleasurable So Scandal! As the two scandals go head-to-head in an intense ‘battle’ of desire, the Parisian crowd can only watch in awe as the city tries to absorb the heavyweight force of each impassioned body blow. With front row access to this sensual showdown, we witness close-up a story of instinct, passion and excitement. This is Scandal Pour Homme.

Jean Paul Gaultier pulls all the punches with its latest release. The new fragrance is housed in a rich red box that is as clean as a fresh pair of leather boxing gloves, with the bottle channelling the prestige of a championship belt. The nameplate title across the front boldly nods to nostalgic gymwear typography, while the statement gold crown cap covers the fragrance with a sense of winner’s glory.

Like a title fought for by the greatest in-ring talents, Scandal Pour Homme’s design represents victory and speaks volumes about the man who chooses to wear it. It is also a true reflection of everything that Jean Paul Gaultier is: “chic, spectacular and crazy”, as noted by co-creator and perfumer Quentin Bisch, who set out to make this fragrance “contrasted, addictive and sensual, but also fresh and blazing”.

Scandal Pour Homme is contrasted, addictive and sensual, but also fresh and blazing

This powerhouse concoction has been achieved by considering the core foundations required to become an elite fighting champion: head, heart and balance. Scandal Pour Homme comes to life with a refreshing head (top notes) of sage and full-fruit mandarin, a masculine heart (middle notes) of caramel and tonka bean, and a sensual base (base notes) of silky vetiver. The addition of caramel was a particular focus in Scandal Pour Homme’s making. In true Jean Paul Gaultier fashion, and much like a main event boxer at his peak, it carries an air of extravagance. Blending with the clary sage and vetiver, the caramel notes ensure this fragrance is as addictive as it is energising.

Parker Van Noord, one of the world’s most renowned male models, is the decorated champion behind this fragrance. He epitomises Jean Paul Gaultier’s vision of a boxer: a fighter with muscled elegance, but who is so much more than his punches in the ring. A man who never throws in the towel. He is a conqueror and he is adored. He is as scandalous as the fragrance itself, showcasing his virility in all its glory in the supporting film – a hedonistic reimagining of a box-office fight night shot at Jean Paul Gaultier HQ.

The eco-friendly scent will use 59% less glass, 46% less plastic and 64% less packaging

This fragrance has substance to its style, too. Acknowledging the global fight against waste and to help protect the environment, each Scandal bottle has been eco-designed to go round after round. Refilling is the “new chic”, after all, according to Jean Paul Gaultier, so a dedicated 200ml refill bottle has been created to effortlessly top up your 150ml, 100ml or 50ml bottles with ease. It’s an undisputed victory by points compared to purchasing five 50ml Scandal Pour Homme bottles, as this eco-friendly method will use 59% less glass, 46% less plastic, 89% less metal and 64% less packaging by weight. Who knew being so scandalous could also be so sensible?

This new addition to the Jean Paul Gaultier family exudes the confident energy and masculinity of the modern day prize fighter, but also the modern man. The man who believes in what he’s fighting for in daily life and goes out to prove his worth time and time again in flawless victory. Scandal Pour Homme has been created to take the senses by surprise and this modern woody scent throws a knockout punch with every spray.

Become a champion with Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal Pour Homme

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90,000 Interview with Jean-Paul Gaultier and Chitose Abe

Jean-Paul Gaultier personally met Chitose Abe, the founder of the Sacai brand, about three years ago during a trip to Tokyo. The designers recall that they immediately found common ground – they both adore the lychee-flavored cake and rose from the Pierre Hermé coffee shop in Paris. “In cooking, we constantly mix different ingredients to create a new dish,” explains Gaultier. “The same can be said for architecture, when a building needs to be renovated or expanded, and for fashion, when a designer becomes the creative director of the House. “Now it’s time for Gaultier to entrust the kitchen of his brainchild to a new chef – on July 7, Abe presented the couture collection Gaultier Paris by Sacai Fall-Winter 2021.

A year ago, in March, immediately after her landmark 50th anniversary show, which took place at the Châtelet Theater, Gaultier announced a new concept for Jean Paul Gaultier Couture. Each season, a visiting designer will create her own collection for the brand, with Chitose being the first in line. Referring to the archives of the House, she interpreted Gaultier’s iconic visual codes in her own way: a kilt-like skirt made of many layers of chiffon, platform shoes created in collaboration with the Pierre Hardy brand, inspired by the iconic Madonna corset, in which she performed during the tour. Blond Ambition from 1990, and silk dresses, painted with tattoo prints, refer to the famous collection of Les Tatouages ​​spring-summer 1994.

Before the show, we phoned Gaultier and Abe on Zoom to talk about the sources of inspiration for the collection and to discuss the role of couture in the modern world.

Jean-Paul Gaultier and Chitose Abe


Remember when you first noticed each other’s work and why?

Chitose Abe : I was very young when I saw what Mr. Gauthier was doing, and then I thought that our notions of “normalcy” were beyond the conventional wisdom.For example, Mr. Gaultier often dressed male models in skirts: in 1985, when he presented his Et Dieu Créa l’Homme (And God Created Man) collection, no one did that.

Jean-Paul Gaultier : I saw a Sacai sailor dress with lace on the back and I thought, “God, who invented it?” It was very different from my experiments with vests. A good designer always offers something new, something that no one else has done. Once in Tokyo, I saw her work on collections, and it sunk into my soul.

Sheer mermaid dresses, pink sailor uniforms and other iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier items in the Les Marins collection

Four young designers and one creative duo have revived the Ready-to-Wear lines of the legendary French fashion designer, reworking the archives of the Jean Paul Gaultier House. We show that they got

Not so long ago, the fashion world was frightened by a laconic publication with the inscription “The End” on Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Instagram , but for the fashion house of a cult designer, this was the beginning of a new era.Seven years after l’enfant terrible announced that he would no longer deal with ready-to-wear collections, and a year after a loud show-farewell to high fashion, the designer decided to revive one of the lines. However, now Gaultier will not be engaged in the development of things himself, but with the help of talented founders of young brands from all over the world. The first example of such a collaboration is the fall-winter 2021/22 season and the Les Marins collection, dedicated, among other things, to the style of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1982 erotic film Kerel.

Six designers from five brands have worked on things with a traditional Gaultier nautical theme: Ottolinger creative directors Cristina Bosch and Cosima Gadiente, Alejandro Gomez Palomo from Palomo Spain, French fashion designer Nicolas Lecourt Mancion, London jewelry brand Alan Crocetti led by Alan Crochetti and the creator of colorful upcycling outfits Martin M’Tumo.

Their main task was to get acquainted with the archives of Jean Paul Gaultier, re-invent the images of the designer’s iconic sailors and introduce the signature techniques characteristic of their own brands into the DNA of the shocking French fashion house formed over decades.Nicolas Lecourt Mancion drew inspiration from Jean-Paul Gaultier’s slinky vintage dresses with quirky prints that echo the shape of the body. This was worn, for example, by Kim Kardashian. The young designer created a black and white model with vertical and horizontal stripes, as well as translucent tops decorated with rhinestones.

Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Fall / Winter 2021/22
Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins, Fall-Winter 2021/22 Marvin M’Tumo admitted to Dazed that while working on the collection for Jean Paul Gaultier he talked a lot with friends, sisters, colleagues in order to understand what women want to wear in at the moment, what requests consumers have. When Marvin designed bodysuits with a fancy nautical print and drew shell-shaped pearl earrings, he kept in mind the images of strong, assertive, seductive heroines whom he saw on the catwalks of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s shows over the years.

Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Fall / Winter 2021/22
Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Fall / Winter 2021/22 Ottolinger’s creative directors Cristina Bosch and Cosima Gadiente experimented with striped prints and explored how they could reinforce body shapes in new ways.This is how fancy elastic suits of translucent fabric appeared, consisting of tops, leggings and dresses with perforations and a pattern that looks more like not the uniform of sailors, but the color of zebras.

Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Fall / Winter 2021/22
Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Fall-Winter 2021/22 Perhaps one of the most obvious references to Jean-Paul Gaultier’s legacy is the pink sailor suit, which almost perfectly repeats the images of the iconic Pin-Up Boys collection of the spring-summer 1996 season, and jewelry that repeats the shape 1950s-style tapered bra. London-based jewelry designer Alan Crochetti created gold and silver rings and pins that can be used as earrings and brooches.

Jean Paul Gaultier Pin-Up Boys Spring / Summer 1996 Look
Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Fall / Winter 2021/22

Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Fall / Winter 2021/22
Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Fall / Winter 2021/22 The most attentive fans will still find pieces created by the founder of the brand in the Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins collection.The Vintage tab contains jewelry, items and hats from the archives of the fashion house, but if you want to get a ring with a mermaid or a dress from the spring-summer 1998 collection, you should hurry up: many rare lots have already been sold.

Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Vintage Ring
Jean Paul Gaultier Les Marins Vintage Top

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90,000 The last show of the legendary couturier: Jean-Paul Gaultier ended his career in the fashion industry with an enchanting and heartbreaking spectacle

Jean-Paul Gaultier stunned his fans and the entire fashion industry by announcing a few days ago that his spring / summer 2020 couture show would be a farewell to a career spanning 50 years of unique apparel. This show turned into a truly inventive, enchanting and heartbreaking spectacle – a celebration of all the values ​​that the unique designer has embodied in his work over five decades of fantasy, humor, humanity and joy.

Gaultier showed about 200 images (10 times more than during his first show in 1976) at the Châtelet Theater in Paris. Old friends came to pay tribute to the designer and his skill: Karla Bruni-Sarkozy, Simon Le Bon, Sonam Kapoor and Mika, former Gaultier trainee Nicolas Ghesquière, Victor Horsting and Rolf Snoren, Isabelle Marant, Christian Louboutin, Julien Dossen, Paco Rabanne, Mary Katranzu, Christian Lacroix, Dries Van Noten and Martin Margiela.

Many of the topical issues in the fashion world – such as diversity, gender identity, refinement and sustainability – are embedded in Jean Paul Gaultier’s DNA. Since 1976, models of all generations, genders and ethnicities have walked on his shows, because Gauthier’s work reflected real people on the streets, who have always been the main source of inspiration for the designer. He dressed the men in skirts and transformed the corset from a symbol of oppression to a symbol of a powerful and strong woman.He dressed Madonna in a tapered bra for her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour, which eventually became his iconic design. In the farewell collection, the couturier collected everything that he was famous for throughout his career.

Perhaps sadly symbolically, the first to appear on the podium was a coffin with a lid, humorously pierced by two giant metal cones, as if the legendary Gaultier sconce was worn on the corpse. Karlie Kloss came out in a black jacket with a traditional French funeral wreath on the back, on the ribbon which adorned the inscription La Mode Pour La Vie (“Fashion for Life”).She then opened the coffin to reveal a living inhabitant – a model in a dress that literally consisted of dozens of infant dresses in the same style.

This was followed by a Haute Couture refining workshop, including New Look jackets, bustiers with skirts made of old-fashioned black silk stockings, patchwork bodysuits with vintage silk tie bodice; mini skirt made of leather jacket. Subsequent images played with leitmotifs that Gaultier created himself – a corset, the famous vest, camouflage.But whatever the designer demonstrated, each image confirmed and emphasized its originality and genius.

Jean-Paul Gaultier in the final show of Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring-Summer 2020

Source – vogue .

Women’s dress for a man: will it be worn?

  • Lindsey Baker
  • BBC Culture

Photo author, Nicolas Ruel

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Model wears Jean-Paul Gaultier’s fall / winter 1995-96 men’s style.

Men reign on the catwalk, as if they have borrowed clothes from women’s wardrobe, and an exhibition of works by designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has opened in Paris, rethinking the concept of gender identity. Will androgynous cuts fit into the arsenal of mainstream fashion? Investigates the correspondent

BBC Culture .

Italy is famous for its handsome macho men. All the weirder looked the recent Gucci show in Milan: long-haired male models of an odious appearance walked the catwalk in chiffon and lace, in blouses with large bows, high waists and flared floors.The rebel, for the first time in the history of this venerable Italian fashion house, to blur the boundaries of gender identity so much, turned out to be the new creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele.

There were other surprises as well. What did the Gucci girl look like? The models were dressed eccentrically and looked like young men.

Gucci is not alone in its preferences. Mixing gender stereotypes can be seen in outfits from JW Anderson and Meadham Kirchoff, and in recent men’s collections from Saint Laurent, Prada and Givenchy, you will find skirts, high-heeled boots, chiffon blouses and an abundance of pinks.

The wind of change has blown on the catwalk as well: transgender models are becoming more and more popular.

We are familiar with the “boyfriend” style – when a woman wears jeans, sweaters, jackets and coats of a man’s cut, which are too big for her and look as if they were taken from her man’s wardrobe.

Now the time has come for the “girlfriend” style – at least for a select public, revolving in fashion circles. For a fashion-conscious man, being in trend now means being like a woman.

Photo author, Rex Features

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The first collection of menswear for Gucci by Alessandro Michele is replete with feminine looks

Fashionable womenswear today bears the imprint of masculinity.Regular guests of fashion shows are dressed in flat-soled shoes and in modest outfits. Phoebe Philo, Céline’s creative director, has been creating low-key, masculine cuts over the past few years, and now other members of the fashion industry have followed suit.

New trends were reflected in advertising: for the DKNY brand, model Cara Delevingne dressed in the same style as the young men around her, and actress Julia Roberts became the face of Givenchy’s advertising campaign in a strict male silhouette. Another flagship of gender-neutral fashion is the London department store Selfridges, which never lags behind the latest trends. It has opened a whole new department called Agender, featuring unisex clothing from 15 different designers.

Gender Revolution

The ceremonial culmination of the world tour of the exhibition, dedicated to one of the trendsetters of androgynous trends in fashion, happened just in time. The exposition “Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Fashion World: From Sidewalk to Catwalk” has opened at the Grand Palais in Paris, where the famous Frenchman lives.Gaultier has been a huge fashion influencer for nearly 40 years, and recently announced his retirement as a ready-to-wear designer.

The designer’s passion for all sorts of transformations, sometimes violating existing rules, led to the blurring of boundaries in his work between different cultures, subcultures and traditional gender roles. When he created skirts for men in 1985, there was a huge buzz. It was Gauthier, along with Anne Demelmeister, Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang and Comme des Garçons, who made androgyny one of the defining characteristics of 1980s and 1990s fashion.

Photo author, Pierre et Gilles

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Jean Paul Gaultier – as the photographers Pierre and Gilles saw him – became the protagonist of a new exhibition in the Parisian Grand Palace

The early works of Jean-Paul Gaultier were so innovative that many of they were on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the world’s largest museum of arts and crafts and design.

Oriol Cullen, curator of fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum, told the BBC: “Gauthier’s work had a place for a variety of ideas, non-standard models were worn on the catwalk from his collection, and it was all saturated with joy and positiveness.He was inspired by punk and the new romance music ( David Bowie was a role model for the new romantics – Ed. ), he went beyond the accepted gender stereotypes in society. It was all done with great humor. “

It seemed as if the designer wanted not only to entertain the audience, but also to teach them an important lesson regarding gender issues. Gaultier liked to break traditions, for women he sewed unusual clothes with a man’s cut. among his muses was the “queen of Parisian punk” Edwige Belmore, who inspired the designer to create the legendary bra and jacket ensemble as a go-out outfit.

In an interview with Dazed magazine, published in 2014, Jean-Paul Gaultier says: “I grew up surrounded by women, especially often I talked with my grandmother. <...> In France there is an expression – disgusting, in my opinion – that sounds like sois belle et tais-toi (“be beautiful and shut up”). <...> I realized that this is very unfair. You see, a woman can be brains and beautiful at the same time. And boys, with all their attributes of masculinity, are money , power . .. Nonsense is everything. “

History knows many examples of wearing clothes intended for members of the opposite sex. According to curator Oriol Cullen, the most famous French diplomat, military man and transvestite Chevalier d’Eon, who lived in the 18th century. Half of his life was considered a woman, half a man.

And at the beginning of the 20th century, the French surrealist photographer Claude Caon, who was born a woman, called herself “agender” (that is, a man without sex).

But when and why did androgyny become a popular fad?

Photo author, Alamy

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The white “man’s dress” from Mr Fish, which Mick Jagger wore to a concert in Hyde Park in 1969, brought him fame as a romantic hero in the spirit of the poet Percy Shelley or Lord Byron

If we turn to the past, we can see a pattern: often social upheavals were accompanied by a fashion for androgynous styles.Cullen believes that the 1920s were especially indicative in this sense: “The female image was gender neutral: the underwear of that time made the chest flat, as a result, the silhouette turned out to be cylindrical, and the hair was cut short. ” It was no coincidence, she says: “At that time, the formation of the modern world was taking place, many girls began to work and became independent.”

Among the first androgynous movie stars were the greats Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Bacall.And during World War II, functional trousers, rough boots and men’s sweaters fell in love with members of the Women’s Agricultural Army, a British civilian organization created to work in the agricultural industry instead of men drafted into the army.

The 1960s saw another peak in women’s hobby for men’s clothing, and for men for women’s. This was due to the development of the counterculture, the women’s rights movement and the change in social mores.

Photo author, Rex Features

Photo caption,

Meadham Kirchoff’s spring / summer 2015 collection at London Fashion Week turned gender roles, designers are compared to Gauthier

When the Rolling Stones played in London’s Hyde Park, Mick Jagger was dressed in a “man’s dress” by British designer Michael Fish, known as Mr Fish. On the other hand, the women’s tuxedo, invented by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966, has become a symbol of masculine style in women’s clothing. This is how Saint Laurent himself commented for the Women’s Wear Daily: “The women’s tuxedo seemed more modern to me than an evening dress. It looked somewhat ambiguous. <...> I created an outfit that looked equally gorgeous on both men and women. ”

Nevertheless, the image was defiant. There is a story about how the New York party girl Nan Kempner, dressed in the legendary tuxedo from YSL, was not allowed to enter the Le Côte Basque restaurant, which suggests an evening dress.Then she took off her trousers, and she was allowed into the restaurant in one jacket: Kempner pretended to be a mini dress.

In the 1970s, celebrities such as actress Diane Keaton as Annie Hall (from Woody Allen’s film of the same name) and singer Patti Smith helped popularize men’s trends in women’s fashion, while artists Mark Bolan and David Bowie tried on female looks. … Bowie even starred for the cover of The Man Who Sold the World in a Michael Fish dress, following in the footsteps of Mick Jagger.

Where did the current fashion for androgyny come from? “The fact is that a new generation is trying to break the established framework, – believes Oriol Cullen. – In addition, this trend reflects the state of modern culture. An interest in feminism has reappeared, which is also manifested in fashion. We women are lucky – we can easily we try on masculine images. In society now a lot of attention is paid to the subculture of transsexuals. In general, sexuality is not as hot a topic as it used to be. “

Photo author, Thinkstock

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Dressing up like a girlfriend is not an easy task for the average guy. But this is for the ordinary …

Pioneers of the genre of feminine clothing for men, designers Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchoff (brand Meadham Kirchoff) share a similar idealism. “We hope to inspire people to express themselves,” Midham and Kirchoff told the BBC, of ​​whom legendary gay writer Quentin Crisp is one of their idols. their interests, their opinions and grievances. “

Dressing like a girlfriend is probably not an easy task for the average guy. As usual, everything depends on one’s own attitude to such clothes.

According to Nicola Formichetti, creator of the new unisex brand Nicopanda (among the eccentric outfits of this brand – corrugated boxing shorts, sweatshirt with a hood and tulle cape, pastel mesh dresses), “this is for the spiritually free people who want to have fun “.

The most famous fashion designers in the world

Fashion designer is not a profession.This is a real calling. The best world couturiers prove this truth by their own example. Each of them has a fashion house with their fans and critics, more than one line of fashionable and stylish products, their own character and vision of the fashion world in general.

Modern fashion designers

Due to the special cult of fashion, general hysteria around their own bows and fashion presentation, it is modern popular brands and fashion designers who dictate innovative ideas that play a special role in the development of the fashion industry.Masters of their craft work on the creation of real design masterpieces both alone and in a company with equally talented assistants or novice designers. Leading designers have already become legends, and some fashion designers are just beginning to conquer the heights of success.

The most famous designers in Europe

It so happened that the heart of the fashion industry was old Europe, where genius fashion designers who became famous all over the world were born. France turned out to be especially rich in fashionable talents.It is here that world-famous fashion designers were most often born.

The most iconic and internationally recognized designers of menswear and women’s exclusive outfits, born in France:

  1. Pierre Cardin;
  2. Jean Paul Gaultier;
  3. Christian Lacroix;
  4. Paco Rabanne;
  5. Givenchy.

Greetings from romantic France

Cardin is a fashion designer who captivates with his special style. All over the world he was known as an extraordinary inventor and daring experimenter.The master of haute couture began his career in Paris. From the very beginning to the present day, his outfits are the personification of chic and elegance, supported by original presentation and non-standard vision of individual details.

Another good example of male talent is Jean Paul Gaultier. He always considered Cardin to be an example to follow. Gaultier was the main founder of fashion trends and new directions in the 80s and 90s. Many show business stars considered it an honor to acquire a new outfit from a famous fashion designer.

Traditional ethnic and fashionable avant-garde

Christian Lacroix began his dizzying career with simple sketches of knitted clothes and costumes in ethnic style. The master’s first collection was also the personification of national folklore. Ethnic accents are still considered a “trick” of the fashion designer.

Paco Rabanne became famous for using very unusual materials in the creation of his extravagant garments: from thick sheets of paper to metal elements.Each collection from the French fashionista is another challenge to the conservative world and classic fashion trends.

Famous fashion designers from Italy

Of course, people from Italy are endowed with a special talent for creating luxurious fashion works. The charismatic Valentino Garavani is rightfully considered the king of the fashion industry. His dresses are a temptation for the most luxurious and elegant ladies of all ages.

Jacqueline Kennedy was seen among his fans. Today the master is not so active in creating new lines of clothing.However, he is still considered one of the most influential people in the modern fashion beauty industry.

But in the fashion house Prada a whole dynasty of talented fashion designers was born. Their names will forever remain in the history of world fashion. Today at the head of the fashion house Prada Miuccia. The granddaughter of the legendary Mario was able to accumulate all the ingenious ideas and developments of a whole generation of fashion masters. Her collections consist exclusively of luxurious outfits that exude splendor and chic.

Secular chic and provocative “animal”

Giorgio Armani is a great fashion designer who spends all his energy, time and talents on creating spectacular outfits for a male audience.In addition, the eminent designer was able to catch those subtle metamorphoses taking place in society and implemented the best concepts of our time in the segments of respectable outfits for beautiful ladies.

Roberto Cavalli became the founder of the fashion trend with animal prints. His collections always vividly demonstrate the special style of their author. They are very recognizable.

The Italian fashion designer was the first to use a special technology for working with leather materials. The main features of each collection are animal motif and glitter. Another innovative idea of ​​the master is the patchwork technique.

Real style icons

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the most famous designers in the world who managed to get the status of very scandalous and provocative persons. Despite a rather tainted biography, the great and beautiful house of Dolce and Gabbana will always be the most important brand in Italy and around the world.

The cult Karl Lagerfeld has become a real legend.His biography is as exciting and interesting as his style, manner and concept in fashion. Today, Lagerfeld’s personality influences not only the casual admirers of fashion creations. The most famous designers and equally influential fashion designers are influenced by the master.

The most iconic fashion designers from America

The American continent has also given the world many worthy personalities. The legendary Calvin Klein deserves special attention. It was he who became the founder of fashionable logomania. He made iconic jeans from casual workwear, full of glamor, style, sophistication and fashionable provocation.

Ralph Lauren is today one of the most respectable, wealthy and successful couturiers in the whole world.

The richest designer started his career in the States. Its main features in the products are graceful cut lines, the leitmotif of the “wild west”, the decoration of many ensembles with a silk tie.

Vera Wong is a renowned trendsetter in the world of wedding fashion. Wedding dresses from this beautiful woman are the ultimate dreams of any fashionista and happy bride.

Today she sews dresses for weddings and spectacular dresses for evening events. And it all started with the fact that one day Vera decided to create an outfit for her own wedding ceremony the way she ideally saw it.

Domestic masters of the fashion industry

Russia is full of talented individuals. The most popular fashion designers who have already reached incredible heights:

  1. Valentin Yudashkin;
  2. Vyacheslav Zaitsev;
  3. Tatiana Gordienko;
  4. Alena Akhmadullina.

Famous fashion designers from Ukraine are also replenishing a talented galaxy of masters:

  1. Irina Karavay;
  2. Victoria Gres;
  3. Mikhail Voronin;
  4. André Tan;
  5. Alexander Zalevsky.

Legends of the fashion world

However, in addition to eminent couturiers of our time, the names of incredibly talented, charismatic and extraordinary personalities remain in history. The first to come to mind are such respectable names:

  • Coco Chanel;
  • Christian Dior;
  • Guccio Gucci and his son Aldo Gucci;
  • Gianni Versace;
  • Louis Vuitton;
  • Yves Saint Laurent;
  • Oscar de la Renta.

A bit of history

Charles Frederick Worth is considered the founder of fashion as such. This amazing man is an Englishman by nationality. However, his soul is truly French. Estet, with a particularly sophisticated style, was able to turn the world of beauty in the 19th century.

Previously, all clothes were created only at the request of the client. His desires were fashion. Worth dared to design a range of styles and special details and offer them to his clients. He completely revised the canons of female beauty at that time.

The master gravitated towards refinement and elegance. Ruffles, an abundance of folds and frills, he considered bad form. Exceptionally smooth lines, grace and sophistication in everything give beauty and femininity. This opinion is still relevant today. It is in simplicity that elegance lies, and sophistication and modesty are a sign of sophisticated style.

The most famous clients of the designer were Sarah Bernhardt, Nelly Melba, Jenny Lind. A special person is the Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria. Other monastic representatives also worshiped the designer’s talent.

Each season, Worth tirelessly shocked audiences with exciting new outfits. The first dummies were real women, not wooden dummies. Each release of a new line of outfits was expected, like a magical mystery or a status event of special importance.

However, even now nothing has changed. Each collection of a famous fashion designer is an important event in the fashion world. It attracts everyone’s attention.Fashion has captivated the human mind, and it seems forever.

Jean Paul Gaultier – Perfume Houses – Perfume

Jean-Paul Gaultier, French designer nicknamed “enfant terrible” (tomboy). He has a reputation for being a tomboy in the fashion world with wild fantasies.

Jean-Paul states that he is very shy. But his creative imagination will never end. For him, fashion is a way of life, producing clothes, women’s perfumes, which men all over the world want to buy – a hobby for life

Man in a vest (Gaultier) was born on April 24, 1952 in the city of Arquel, France. As a child, instead of playing ball with the boys, he preferred to watch the magic of his granny, who knew a lot about cosmetics and hypnosis. She gave injections, read cards and dyed her hair. Thus, Gaultier learned women’s secrets and secrets, dreaming of creating clothes that all Europeans would want. As a result, Gaultier began to tailor outfits and come up with makeup for the teddy bear Nana. And at the age of 13 I sewed a bra for him. Gaultier began to distribute his drawings to fashion houses, after grandmother’s prediction of a great future.At 18, Jean-Paul was offered a job as an assistant at the House of Patou. The famous Pierre Cardin became his mentor. Throughout his time in Patou, Jean-Paul endured a lot of humiliation, but this tempered his willpower, he knew that later many ladies would want to buy perfume.
With his future partner and lover Francis Menouge, Gaultier met through cooperation with various fashion houses. Soon they organized their own company and demonstrated the first collection, which included dresses from napkins and jewelry made from batteries and tea strainers. The collection did not suit the taste of critics and fashion experts. His name rose to fame at the age of 27, it was 1979. Jean-Paul created a collection called James Bond, commissioned by the Japanese firm Kashiyama. The style of his collection is mostly urban. With collections such as Dadaism, Last Five Minutes, Paris, Gaultier brings new elements to shock – sharp-breasted busts and can bracelets. These collections bring him stunning fame this time, now everyone wants to buy clothes and buy perfume in the online store from Gaultier.With each subsequent collection, Jean-Paul Gaultier amazed the audience more and more. His arsenal includes mink vests, musical instrument hats and doodle overalls. Disabled people and dwarfs, giants and fat women participated in the shows, which took place in the boxing ring, then in prison, the spirits smashed the stages on the floor so that the scent would captivate everyone.
Jean-Paul Gaultier designed the costumes specifically for the 1990 Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour. Jean-Paul also created outfits for the heroes of such films as “Kika”, “The Fifth Element”, “Cook, Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.”With the pop diva Madonna, the couturier has developed warm friendly relations. During a charity screening for the AIDS Research Foundation, Madonna paraded bare-chested, showing off clothes and a new women’s perfume Kiev.
Nowadays Gaultier creates fashion collections for his own house and Hermes.
At a ceremony in 2001 in Paris, the popular Pierre Cardin presented his famous student with the Legion of Honor.
Everyone is anxiously waiting for all the designer’s looks to come together on the catwalk.Geisha in tight long skirts, fairy girls, magician boys, Tyroleans with white braids, tattooed Indian women, ladies in leather, gentlemen in muslin and silk: everyone will take part in the fashion show. Jean-Paul himself will be released in an unchanged form – a silver hedgehog, a vest, a Scottish skirt, black knee-highs and Doc Martens shoes.
Jean-Paul Gaultier is a thriving designer and will forever remain an enfant terrible – an unbearable child!

Puig in 2016 joined by Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances.

Couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier came to the Fashion Verdict.And he delivered a disappointing verdict to Russian men

The famous French couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier gave an interview to the host of “Fashionable Sentence” Alexander Vasiliev. It turned out that Gaultier does not know Russian designers very well, but he understands fashion models. And he has good news for female models, but very sad news for men.

On Thursday, February 6, Jean-Paul Gaultier came to the “Fashionable Sentence” program (of course, as a guest, not a participant).On this day, one of the shows of his Fashion Freak Show, which will be held in Russia for the first time, will also take place.

The host of “Fashionable Sentence” and art critic Alexander Vasiliev interviewed the guest, presenting him as a legend of world fashion, the creator of a pointed bra, a skirt for men and perfume from a tin can. Vasiliev translated Jean-Paul’s speech himself.

Gaultier said that his show is a show about fashion, on which he spent 50 years working.Then the conversation touched upon the topic of Russian fashion. Vasiliev asked if Jean-Paul had heard anything about Russian designers. Gaultier answered in the affirmative, but without specifics:

Yes, I know Russian designers. I don’t remember a single name.

And then the famous couturier moved on to those who demonstrate the works of designers – fashion models.

I believe that two countries in the world create beauties. These are Russia and Brazil.

After that Gaultier switched to male models.

I am amazed that there are so many beauties and such beautiful fashion models in Russia, but I do not see a single beautiful fashion model from Russia.

The couturier even has an explanation for the situation:

Because Russian men are “macho”, and women are trying to please. Therefore, they are beautiful.

At the end of the conversation, which got into the issue, Vasiliev asked that Jean-Paul knew Russian. Gaultier shared his small but powerful vocabulary:

Thank you, vodka, Cossack, big and [after the host’s prompt] fashionable sentence.

After a snippet from the interview, the creators of the program returned to routine litigation. On this day, a “case” was heard called “Men are scared by my cats.” True, the plaintiff began by mentioning another animal and said that his mother behaves like a mouse. The main complaint of the young man: a woman does not take care of herself, “hides herself under large sweaters”, dresses tasteless and impersonal, or, conversely, is too colorful. All this, in his opinion, does not contribute to her acquaintance with men, but they “love with their eyes.”Another problem: mom is too fixated on her pets – cats, which also actively reproduce (hence, apparently, the name of the program went).

Men are often fashion experts, especially when it comes to maternity dresses. It was the guy who left the best review for such a piece of clothing – and attached a photo, so it’s impossible not to believe him.

And sometimes celebrities fit so perfectly into the concepts of fashion brands that it leads to funny misunderstandings.So many people were firmly convinced that showman Alexander Gudkov was the perfect Gucci ambassador that no one noticed the catch.


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