Jar of thoughts gift: Personalized and Thoughtful Gift Ideas


365 Days of Happiness in a Jar

A 365 jar is a jar filled with 365 individual notes, one to open on each day of the year. These notes can be quotes, memories, or anything positive or motivational. They can either be given as gifts or made to be self-motivational. They make great anniversary, New Year’s, or holiday gifts for significant others. They also make good gifts for friends or family members who are prone to getting down on themselves. What better way to start the day than by reading notes from a loved one? Personal 365 jars are good tools to make yourself stick to your New Year’s resolution. Putting 365 small personal goals or activities (something as small as “play a game” or “get to know an acquaintance better”) that will improve your life is in and of itself a great New Year’s resolution to stick to. 365 reasons to be happy is another great jar to make either personally or as a gift.

Another benefit of giving a 365 jar as a gift is that it is very inexpensive as do-it-yourself ideas go. While thinking of the material may be a bit time consuming, it’s an introspective process that can help you get to know yourself or the recipient of the jar more thoroughly. The only things you need are a mason jar, pieces paper (craft paper is recommended, but just about any paper will do), and pens. Of course, you can make it a more in-depth process by getting more creative and decorating the jar. There are hundreds of unique and personalized ways to decorate the jar. Tie ribbons or charms to the outside of the jar, or buy some jewelry-making wire to string beads onto and wrap around the lip of the jar. Use paint, markers, fabric, or scrapbooking paper to decorate the jar itself. Use paper that is colorful or decorative to write your items on, or write each one in a different color pen. If you have various types of items going into the jar, try color coding the sayings. For example, put quotes on one type of paper, memories on another, and things you love about the person on a third.

Making a Jar

Before sitting down to make the jar, have a goal in mind. Know what the focus of the jar is (reasons I love you, goals, memories, etc.) and who the jar is for. Decide if you’re splitting up the slips between different types or colors of paper. If so, set yourself up with the number of each slips that you need to get started. Cut out 100 yellow pieces of paper, 100 blue ones, so on and so forth. Once you have decided on the numbers, sit yourself down and start writing. If you get stuck on things to say, use family, friends, and the internet as a resource. It might be a good idea to set your list of things to write up on a computer first. This makes your list searchable. If it takes you weeks to write 365 things, there’s a chance that you won’t remember if you put particular items into the jar. Remember that the jar is going to be opened over the course of an entire year. This means that it isn’t the end of the world if some of the sentiments are similar. If you really get stuck on what to write, there are websites that give ideas. In fact, you can even buy pre-made jars complete with sayings.

What makes a 365 jar such a great item to have around the house? It brings happiness and motivation. Obviously, we can clearly see the benefit of making a jar with 365 healthy things to do this year. However, there are health benefits that come with making a jar of happy memories or giving a loved one a jar of reasons you love them. Countless studies have revealed that happy people are generally healthy than unhappy people. Studies on heart health showed that participants who rated their happiness higher had lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart issues. Furthermore, when patients who were already diagnosed with heart problems were asked to rate their happiness, those who were happier showed decreased symptoms.

Happiness also strengthens the immune system. A study that asked participants to rate their happiness before being exposed to the common cold revealed that people who frequently experienced positive emotions were less likely to develop a cold. Further studies have also shown that a single individual’s immune system strength fluctuated depending on their happiness at the time. For this reason, happiness can greatly help those who are combatting disease or disability. Overall, and most importantly, happy people have been shown to live longer. The most astounding thing about happiness and its impact on health is the fact that happiness is something you can give to other people. So help someone live longer by giving them a jar of happiness for the next big special occasion.

Types Of 365 Jars To Make

Whether you choose to make a jar that gives you designated ways to improve your life throughout the year, or simply make you or its recipient a happier person, there are countless options of what to write on the slips in the jar. Below are jar ideas that were collected to inspire happier and healthier lives.

365 Reasons I Love You

This seems to be where the idea for a 365 jar started—or at least came to be well known across the internet. Near the end of 2014, stories of a young man who gave his girlfriend a jar with 365 reasons why he loved her went viral. This is a great option if you are making a jar for your significant other or for a relative with whom you are close.

365 Date Ideas

Ah, the excitement of a date paired with the dread of what to do! Now you can have an idea on hand for each and every day of the year with the creation of a 365 date jar. Whether you decide to make it for yourself, your significant other, or a friend, this jar is a neat way to take a break from the norm and do something fun and creative. With any jar you please—perhaps a nicely decorated mason jar—write down 365 date ideas and place them inside. Use different colored strips of paper to differentiate between seasons, like blue for winter date ideas, yellow for summer, green for spring, and purple for autumn. From ice skating or taking a cooking class together, to a picnic in the park or going to a concert, the possibilities are endless. This is the perfect solution if you’re tired of the same old “dinner and a movie” date.

365 Dreams

Photo via blogspot user Jamie’s Journey Through Life

Everyone has dreams—from the loftier goal of climbing Mt. Everest to the tamer ambitions like owning a pet. While 365 may initially seem like a lot of dreams to think up, once you start writing them you may find that the number is not nearly enough! Grab a mason jar and decorate it to inspire. Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of becoming an airplane pilot. Paint a plane on the outside of your 365 dreams jar to remind you of your goals. The options are endless. This is an excellent gift idea for a recent high school or college grad. This is also a great gift for an older person; just because you’re of a certain age doesn’t mean that your dreams should come to a halt. If anything, it gives greater incentive to grab a dream each day and make it happen!

365 Things to Do

“I’m bored.” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard or said that phrase… There’s a simple solution to common boredom—write down 365 things to do and put them in a nicely decorated mason jar, or really any keepsake box you have on-hand. This is a great thing to have around if you have children. The possibilities are endless in terms of what to write! You can even color code the paper to differentiate from indoor and outdoor activities, individual or group activities, and so on. From taking a walk and starting a book club, to calling your grandma and baking a cake—folks will be excited to see what their pick from the jar tells them to do!

365 Exercises

Photo via WordPress user Awkward Alpaca Blog

Whether you’re into hot yoga or jumping jacks, an exercise jar is a unique way to spice up your routine. Examples can include anything like, “do ten sit ups” or “take a half-hour walk.” Don’t panic about coming up with 365 exercises; feel free to include repetitions or variations of the same exercise. Perhaps one piece of paper will say “run for 20 minutes,” while another may suggest running for 45 minutes. Decorate the outside of the jar with motivational quotes to keep you going. This can also serve as a great gift for a college student or your favorite exercise buddy. You can even differentiate exercises within the jar by using color-coded pieces of paper—red for cardio, blue for aerobic, etc.

365 Books to Read

If you’re a bookworm, this is the perfect DIY jar for you. Start by taking a mason jar and decorating it to your liking. You can wrap an old book jacket around the jar, or perhaps paper mache the outside with newspaper print or old magazines. Then, fill the jar with pieces of paper—each with the title of a book you’d like to read. You might also like to color-code the strips by genre. This is a wonderful gift idea for a young child, an older professor, and everyone in between. Start curating your book list now to bring this project to life!

365 Memories

Photo via Antiquated Notions

What a wonderful gift idea for a significant other or best friend! Take a jar and decorate it any way you please—paint it, douse it in glitter, or paste photos along the outside. Then, take 365 small strips of paper and write a memory on each one. You can include past memories, of course, but also memories that you hope to create with this person in the future. Start off with lines like, “I remember when…” or “Remember that one time…” You can even write down one or two words to evoke a specific memory. Conversely, you could use this jar for yourself to write a new memory every day of the year. If you don’t keep a journal, this could be a fun way to capture a moment here and there that you may not have remembered by the end of the year.

365 Chores

This is a great DIY jar to keep the kids involved. The word “chore” often conjures up images of sad children, but now the idea of doing a chore can be fun. Grab some glitter, ribbons, stickers, and paint to decorate a jar. Write down various chores on strips of paper to place inside of the jar. Doing a chore a day builds a solid work ethic; the activity of making the jar and designating different jobs will empower your kids. Don’t feel compelled to include 365 different chores—you can write down as few as five and recirculate them throughout the year. You can also create a routine where your child picks a chore at the same time every day. If you believe in paying kids for chores, it might be a fun idea for kids to create an “allowance jar” in conjunction with the 365 chore jar.

365 Positive Affirmations

Ever feel stressed out and in need of some words of wisdom? Whether you want to create this jar for yourself or as a gift, 365 positive affirmations is a wonderful way to show someone you care. A great way to start the day, grab an affirmation each morning to inspire an attitude of gratitude and keep a great momentum going. You can decorate the jar any way you like – paint on some sunshine, use a stencil to write out a quote, or just simply tie a pretty ribbon around the outside. This is also a wonderful anniversary gift to give the person you love; remind her how beautiful she is or tell him how strong and trustworthy he is. Other examples for positive affirmations for yourself can include, “I surround myself with people who treat me well,” and “I engage in work that impacts this world positively.” As they say, if you believe it, you can achieve it.


From your favorite authors and musicians, to favorite TV personalities and teachers, a 365 quotes jar is an incredible way to inspire and challenge others to think positively. A great gift idea, these jars are a fun way to uplift your friends and family with a personal touch. Include funny quotes and inside jokes or gather a bunch of quotes and/or lyrics from your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favorite band to include in the jar. Grab a stencil and decorate the exterior of the jar with a nice quote or the recipient’s name. With a little imagination, the possibilities of a quote jar are endless. If you’re stumped or tired of researching different quotes, just make some up yourself and include your name as the author of the quote. It’s a sure way to make the recipient smile, knowing that you took the time to put this jar and personalized quotes together.

365 Things to be Grateful For

Even if you are having the worst day possible, even if it seems that everything is going wrong, there is always at least one thing to be grateful for. It can be something as simple as breathing in fresh air, seeing a flower in bloom or watching two cavorting squirrels. There are reasons to be grateful all around us and being able to reach for one every day, helps to “not sweat the small stuff” and appreciate the good wherever we can find it. It is when we are in the darkest corners of our minds, dreading a diagnosis or fearing a life-altering experience; there is always something that has the ability to bring us light and hope. When we see that there is so much to be grateful for, it takes the sting away, even if only slightly. Fill this jar with 365 things that we sometimes take for granted and are sometimes a little silly. A perfectly made ice cream cone, a movie that always makes us laugh-these things don’t all have to be of philosopher-based ingenuity, sometimes the most simple things are the most appreciated.

Thankful Jar (the gift that keeps on giving)

When the holiday season rolls around, I am constantly trying to come up with new and improved gift ideas for those I love. I enjoy buying store bought items that they wouldn’t typically purchase for themselves, but I also REALLY love to give special, sentimental gifts that come directly from the heart. To me, those are the most meaningful and will last much longer than the beautiful sweater or the awesome pocket knife. 

This gift that I want to share with you today is one of those gifts that will truly make any family member or friend smile and feel completely loved and appreciated.  Who doesn’t need to feel that way?? You see, without a doubt, we all go through times in our lives when we feel down. We feel like the world is coming down around us. We feel stressed. We feel unappreciated. We feel like we are not valued. This world can get us down. Sure, we know we are loved, but it is easy to get caught up in our emotions and forget that. 

This gift that I want to share with you today is one that can be made in various ways, but the thought is the same. I have named it a “Thankful Jar”. It is a mason jar is one that has been filled with little notes to your loved one, expressing your love and appreciation for them…the things about them that you are thankful for! I recently did one for my mother in law and my parents. I am sharing the one for my mother in law today. She is a very special lady that means a lot to my family. She is always willing to go out of her way for us, and she has a servants heart. I wanted her to know how much we love and appreciate her by telling her just a few of the many reasons why. I have a husband (her son-duh!) and 2 children (ages 3 and 5)…and we all got together and thought of things we loved and appreciated about “Grammy”. My husband and I wrote several different cards for her, signing our name on the ones from us and my daughter wrote a couple of her own, along with me writing what she told me on others. My son can’t write yet, so I had him tell me things he loved about her, and I wrote them down. The answers of the kids were priceless and SO heartfelt. I got emotional through the whole process (no surprise if you know me at all).

I thought it was very special that we all did this as a family and all told her how we felt from our own perspective. To have us hand write our thankfulness on these cards were something she will cherish the rest of her life. She cried when we gave them to her (no surprise if you know her either! We have that in common!), and she LOVED them. This was not going to be a blog post, originally…but I really felt like it was a great gift and one that could be done for anyone in your life.

Here are some pictures of the jar. I will go through some of the details of how I did it in the end (although I really doubt I need to because you can see by looking!).

Here are 4 of her actual cards in her jar, one from each of us.


After we wrote out all of our cards on those little pre-cut pieces of cardstock, I folded them in half and put them all into the jar, filling it to the top!

I took twine and wrapped it around the top of the jar, just for a little extra touch. I then took a small piece of twine and a hold punch and attached the twine to the wrapped twine for my tag.

I wasn’t sure what to put on the tag at first, but I came up with this little poem. You can write whatever you would like!

That is all, folks. This is a simple little gift idea that would be loved by ANY person on your gift list…and the great thing about this is that it is not just a Christmas gift. This gift can be given for any occasion or not occasion at all. Everyone needs and wants to feel loved and appreciated, and what better way than to have sincere, hand written notes to read anytime you are feeling down?

So, who do you have on your list that you will be making a thankful jar for this year?


Happy News Glass Jar Filled With Happy Thoughts – Prezzybox.com

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What better gift to give than a jar filled with happiness…

This Happy News Jar filled with happy thoughts is the perfect gift for family and friends to keep them motivated. Sprinkle every day with happy thoughts with this Happy Jar, full of colourful little notes of joy, including ‘You’re so much stronger than you think’, ‘Life is tough but so are you’ and ‘Keep doing your best. Your best is always enough’. Talk about motivation!

We all need a pick me up to perk us up every now and then, and this gift will give them a different positive message whenever they need it! Ideal to keep on their desk at work (we all need motivation there!) or at home, give the gift of happy thoughts this birthday or Christmas with this awesome Happy News Jar. Or treat yourself, of course. We all deserve the gift of happiness!

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This product is recommended for ages {{product. Product.RecommendedMinimumAge}}+.

35 DIY Mason Jars Christmas Gifts

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Do you need some quick, easy, inexpensive, trendy and cute Christmas gifts?  We’ve got you covered with these DIY Mason Jar Gifts! Lots of creative choices- both food and non-food jars! Can’t go wrong!

Last Update: August 16, 2020

Mason Jar Gifts – The Really Perfect Gift Idea

So let’s talk about mason jar gifts. There is everything to love about them.  I’ll go first.

Mason jar gifts are versatile. Whatever your gift recipient happens to love, you can probably shove it in a mason jar.

Mason jar gifts are trendy.  You know, the whole Fixer-Upper-Joanna-Gaines-Farmhouse thing.  Now you’ve given your friend a stylish decorative vase to put flowers in as well as a trendy glass to sip lemonade out of – on top of all the goodies inside. Go, you.

Mason jar gifts are inexpensive.  You can buy all your items in bulk and create several gifts for just a few dollars each. Very easy on your budget! And, I often save all kinds of jars – spaghetti sauce, salsa jars, coconut oil jars, pesto jars… really anything, and any size! Keep stocking up those jars and you can save a little money!

Mason jar gifts are easy. You do not have to be a DIY genius to put these together (thank the Good Lord).  You can make them as simple or complex as you like, depending on your crafting acumen.  These are perfect for last-minute gifts as well.

Have I convinced you yet?!?  Take a look at what we’ve got going on here – lots of fun, creative and unique gifts- both food and non-food gift ideas to choose from.  And if you don’t see what you are looking for, I bet you can come up with a pretty crafty and creative idea yourself.

If you really want to take the easy way out (no judgment here!), at the end of the post, I’ve listed some links where you can just buy them.

Other Themed DIY Mason Jar Ideas

You really can come up with just about anything to put in a jar for a gift. Basically, if someone has a hobby or has something he or she really loves, you can find some trinkets and mini-sized items to put in a jar.  You can peruse the aisles at Hobby Lobby or Michaels to get ideas. And here’s some more inspiration for other kinds of jars you can create:


New Mom

Little Boys

Little Girls

Tweens and Teens







Make-Up Lover

Movie Lover


Dog Lover

Cat Lover



Other Gift Ideas

If you want other DIY gift ideas, here are 75+ Creative DIY Gifts (To & From Adults), as well as 50 gifts that kids can make!

Maybe you need inspiration for other kinds of gifts, where the mason jars aren’t necessarily a good fit? Well, if you’re looking for a gift that will really ‘wow’ someone – you know, the extra special people in your life – here are 12 one-of-a-kind gifts that will definitely give the ‘wow’ factor.  You can find something for everyone on your list here.

If you’ve got littles in your life, here are gift ideas for mobile, developing babies – from crawlers to toddlers, ages 9-24 months.

And if you’ve got little boys in particular in your life, here’s some gift inspiration for boys ages 2-4 (I have twin 4-year-old boys, and these options have been favorites for going on 2 years now!)

I also love the idea of subscription boxes for kid gifts – here are some of the best I’ve seen.  

And if you have that healthy, crunchy friend or family member and you have no idea what get them, these essential oil gifts will really be appreciated!


OK, that about wraps that up! On to the mason jar gifts! 

35 DIY Mason Jars Christmas Gifts

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Photo Credit:

I love this idea for a mason jar gift! Chili is the perfect meal for a cozy dinner, and it’s super-festive to give it like this!

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Photo Credit:

Along the same lines as Chili in a Jar, this is such a sweet idea for someone who is an especially important person to you. A friendship soup says so much, and it’s a nice change from the traditional dessert mason jars!

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Photo Credit:

This is such a yummy and EASY trail mix idea! The gift tag really adds that extra touch for a festive gift!

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Photo Credit:

There are so many delicious ingredients for these brownies – really puts it over the top compared to your generic box mix!

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Photo Credit:
thehappierhomemaker. com

You can’t go wrong with chocolate chip cookies. They are the perfect comfort food and everyone loves to get these! Free printable recipe included!

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Photo Credit:

Chocolate and peppermint is the best combination for Christmas flavors – it makes an amazingly festive Christmas cookie mason jar gift! In this post is double chocolate and toffee as well as chocolate peppermint cookies.

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This is a great idea if you want your gift to spread a little bit of the true meaning of Christmas. This jar tells the Christmas Nativity story through the ingredients included and comes with a free printable!

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Photo Credit:

All the best ingredients for a Christmas trail mix or snack trays for a party. Lots of nuts and banana chips included for a healthier option!

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Photo Credit:

How adorable is this?!? Super easy but so cute and clever!

Continue Reading

Photo Credit:

This is a fun spin on a food (or drink) type mason jar! If you have a tea lover in your life, this gift will definitely be appreciated! Filled with tea, button buddies, tea infuser, tea bagger squeezer – all in this little jar!

Continue Reading

Photo Credit:
town-n-country-living. com

Not to be outdone by the tea lover’s gift, here’s one for the coffee lover in your life! Some instant coffee packets, creamers, and flavors – this is one to be enjoyed for a few sittings! You can even include a coffee mug, too!

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Photo Credit:

This is perfect for those chilly winter nights! Just mix the ingredients together – 3 Tbs of the mix with 8 oz. of water and it’s a delicious drink! Yum!

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Photo Credit:

And if you have some health-conscious cappuccino drinkers in your life, this is a dairy-free, sugar free version you can give as well!

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Photo Credit:

What a cozy gift for fall or winter! This yummy spiced apple cider will be truly welcomed for those cold days!

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Photo Credit:

A little different than just the cupcake mix – this one has the actual cupcake baked inside with frosting in all. Give with a spoon and you’re all set. Who doesn’t like to eat straight from the jar?

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Photo Credit:

If you know someone who is healthy and always on the go, this is the perfect mason jar gift!  Filled with healthy granola bars, energy mix, and coffee pods, this will be a hit!

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Photo Credit:
cincyshopper. com

That peppermint is the perfect Christmas smell, body scrub is so easy to make. Great way to encourage someone to relax this season!

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To be honest, this is something I personally love and make during Christmas time. I. LOVE. IT.  I’m always looking for clean, non-toxic ways to get my house to smell great. This one is FULL of that cozy Christmas smell. Add water and put right on the stove. Free printable tag with this one!

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Photo Credit:

This is a beautiful idea that can be poured in a pot on the stove for amazing fragrance around the house, or you can place a lit tea light in the middle for a beautiful centerpiece as well. It actually looks amazing sealed in the jar for home decor as well!

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Photo Credit:

This is another great idea for fragrance jars. Especially for those looking for clean alternatives to keep their homes smelling great, this will definitely be appreciated!

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Photo Credit:

While you’re filling your jar with pretty things, why not make it an oil lamp? These are easy to make and there are so many beautiful option for fill!

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Photo Credit:
gardentherapy. ca

Not only is this candle safe, made with beeswax and soy wax, but it looks amazing! Just as pretty to look at as it is to smell! Love this.

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Photo Credit:

This is a great idea for a gardener or a chef! The homegrown herbs will be sure to please either one! This is really adorable!

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Photo Credit:

This is a really fun way to gift some kitchen utensils! Lots of ways you can do this one!

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Photo Credit:

These mason jar hand soap dispensers are big sellers in the store. How much will someone love to get it with homemade handsoap inside, along with the jar? Love it! Especially great for your green friends!

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Photo Credit:

Right along with the soap dispenser, how cute would this tissue holder be! Love this idea, especially for farmhouse lovers!

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Photo Credit:

This is so unique to give as a gift! You create this beautiful jar where someone can write their prayer requests in, and then, at the end of the year, they can see how God has been faithful. Just love this. So much meaning to this one! (This one’s not in a mason jar, but it could be).

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Photo Credit:

This is a beautiful way to give a mason jar! You can use sheet music, book pages, scrapbook paper, old maps, even fabric… a truly nostalgic and beautiful gift! Fill it with flowers or include a votive or tea light to make a luminary!

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Photo Credit:

I love chalk painted mason jars! They are lovely to display flowers in – or you can fill it with goodies. Two gifts in one.

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Photo Credit:

This is a super-cute way to give the gift of self-care! A pedi is always a treat, and this jar includes all the fixins! Free printable included!

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Photo Credit:

Another fun idea for your crunchy | healthy (or stressed-out) friend in your life! They will totally appreciate a detox soak in the tub! We all could probably use this, so keep some for yourself.

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Photo Credit:

You can take the pampering idea up a few notches and give a whole spa day in a jar! Surely will be much appreciated!

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Photo Credit:
www. classyclutter.net

All the moms, raise your hands! Who needs a survival kit?!?  Filled with hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, chapstick, energy drink mix… help them moms get through their days!

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Photo Credit:

Another great option for your crunchy friends. There are so many toxins in regular clothes detergent – this is a great option and will be so appreciated!

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Photo Credit:

This is such a fun way to provide encouragement for someone! Filled with inspirational quotes and verses, all they need to pick one out when they need a pick me up! Free printable for quotes and verses included in this one!

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So many great ideas here!  These mason jar gifts are wonderful, inexpensive creative presents that would be perfect for so many individuals!

If you are short on time or creativity – here are some buyer’s suggestions if you would rather purchase than DIY!


Thoughts? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below.

More Christmas Inspiration!

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How about some Christmas DIY projects? Look at 30 Rustic Farmhouse DIY Christmas Projects

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9 Easy Mason Jar Gifts You Can Make

Wise Bread Picks

A gift in a mason jar is unique, heartfelt, affordable, and easy-to-make. We’ve found some of the best mason jar gift ideas that will meet all your gift-giving needs this season.

1. Food Mixes

This is the easiest way to gift homemade cookies or other sweet treats. Layer all of the dry ingredients for a recipe inside a mason jar, and simply tie the recipe card to the top. The ingredients will look beautiful stacked up, and the person receiving the gift can just add the necessary wet ingredients when they’re ready to enjoy.

You can also package completed food items (like cookies) in a decorative mason jar. Get really creative with store-bought goodies, like making snowman and Santa-inspired Oreo and Nutter Butter treats.

Some other delicious mason jar treat ideas include:

2. Drink Mixes

Either make the drink and pour it into a decorative mason jar, or include all of the dry ingredients so the recipient can just add water, milk, or liquor. Wrap a “Drink Me” label around the top for added flare. Some of the best drinks to give in a mason jar include:

3. Canned and Jarred Items

Canning and jarring may be easy, but most people don’t want to invest the time or energy. Consider making a big batch of jam, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, mulled cherries, or canned preserves so you can share some with your loved ones.

4. Travel Cups

One of the many uses of a mason jar includes an impromptu travel snack cup or drink mug. You can decorate the jar however you like, and can even personalize it for the person receiving the gift. You can even craft a hole for the straw so that you can sip on the go.

5. Decorative Vases

Paint the jar with glitter and mod podge to create unique designs, which can also double as a luminary or pen holder. Add things like twine, wooden labels, ribbon, and buttons for added personality. You can also mod podge things like sheet music or comic books pages around the outside for a truly unique gift. Cover the jar in chalkboard paint instead for some cute vintage flair!

6. Candles or Luminaries

Did you know can make candles in a mason jar, which you can scent, color, and decorate in any way you like? If you don’t like the idea of pouring hot wax, consider transforming the jar into a glass lantern, decorative luminary, or candle holder instead. Or just fill the jar with a string of small sparkling lights for a unique lighting effect.

7. Terrariums and Snow Globes

Mason jars are spacious enough to fit terrariums and even snow globes. Create a whole scene, a scrapbook jar, or an ode to a family memory. You can even use it to house a gift card, which is cute, affordable, and will show that you took the time to create a unique gift.

8. Soap Dispensers

Turn any mason jar into a soap dispenser or lotion container. Fill it with DIY soap, shampoo, body wash, lotion, or other personal items. You can even make your own laundry detergent to use at home or share with your friends.

9. DIY Air Fresheners

Consider making your own DIY air freshener or simmered potpourri, beautifully housed in a decorated mason jar. You can simmer the potpourri yourself or you can prepare a jar of mulling spices, so the recipient can heat it on their stovetop at home. Some of the best holiday items to simmer include oranges, cranberries, cinnamon, cloves, apples, and vanilla.

What are your favorite ways to use mason jars? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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Back-To-School Mason Jars – Mason Jar Crafts Love

Back-To-School Mason Jars – Teacher Gift Ideas with Mason Jars.  

I know. I know. It’s July. Mid-July. And thoughts of school should be weeks and weeks away ….


and yet …


yet …


here I am with a round-up of some pretty amazing back-to-school mason jars.




In my defense, here in the world of blogging we have to operate weeks — and even months — in advance. Because all those pesky special occasions and events and holidays quickly creep up on you. And us bloggers have a responsibility to remind you of those creeping-up-on-you deadlines. And, of course, provide you with some projects to make sure you’re prepared.


So with that, back-to-school will be here before you know it. And to kick off the new school year on the right foot, here are some fun back-to-school mason jar crafts that you … and the kids … can make together. They make some great desk organizing and teacher’s gift …

Back-to-School Mason Jars

Composition Book Mason Jar from Mason Jar Crafts Love

Chalkboard Painted Mason Jar from day2day SuperMom

No. 2 Glitter Pencil Jar from A Pumpkin and A Princess

Pencil Mason Jar with Eraser Top from Real Housemoms

School Jars with Mini Chalkboards from The 36th Avenue

Pencil, Chalkboard & Rule Mason Jars from Mason Jar Crafts Love

Painted & Distressed Pencil Mason Jar from Lil Luna

Apple Mason Jar from Tilly’s Nest

Flower Topped Pencils from JAMONKEY

You’re A Star Jar & Free Printable from Living Locurto

You Rock Cookie Mix Jar from Marty’s Musings

It’s a Ball Gum Ball Jar from Live Craft Love

#1 Teacher Pencil Jar from Create.Craft.Love.

Dr. Seuss Jar from The Country Chic Cottage

It’s A Ball Jar & Free Printable from The Country Chic Cottage

Pencil Mug Jar from A Night Owl

Apple Mason Jars for Teacher from Mason Jar Crafts Love

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Tasty Homemade Jar Gift Ideas + Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are just creeping along, coming up very quickly. Are you prepared? To me, the holidays are very stressful. I’m a terrible gift giver. I’m extremely good at showing my love through cooking for someone or telling them 46 times a day that I love them, but gifts? No thank you. No wonder most of us gain weight around the holidays. It’s not the desserts we’re eating, it’s the stress hormones that we produce from trying to find the perfect gift. Ok….and the chocolate…and cookies…and cocktails. But I’m sure cortisol is involved as well.

Well, if you have a hard time figuring out the perfect gift, I have a few ideas up my sleeve to help you out. People love homemade gifts. To know that the person put in time and energy to actually make a gift for you is pretty awesome. So the other day, I headed to Hobby Lobby, grabbed all kinds of different jars, a glue gun, ribbon, bells, name tags, and little pieces of fake Christmas decor like pine cones, snow flakes, and whatever else I could find. Then I just got to glueing and decorating. Before I knew it, I felt like a school kid all over again with my crafting.

Below you’ll find all sorts of different ideas for homemade gifts. From different caramel sauces, to chocolate covered nuts, to chocolate bark that will knock your friend’s socks off! A homemade gift will be the perfect gift for any person you care about. But if you’re not into homemade, I found some perfect gifts for her, him, and people who love cooking or love working out! So be sure to check that out at the bottom of the page! Happy Holidays!!

Vanilla Bean Caramel Sauce on page 250 in Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook

Also Try: Raspberry Caramel Sauce or Apple Cider Caramel Sauce

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook

Also Try: Maple Macadamia Nut Butter or Pecan Coconut Butter or Peppermint Patty Chocolate Almond Butter

Cinnamon Candied Pecan Trail Mix

Use the Cinnamon Candied Pecans recipe and add dried cranberries and dark chocolate chips

Also Try: Maple Sugar Chai Macadamia Nuts or Smoky and Spicy Candied Cashews

Salted Chocolate Almond Clusters

(Use this recipe but use almonds instead of pistachios and remove the shredded coconut)

Also try: Raspberry Caramel Chocolate Cups or Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

Deer Poop (Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts)

Place parchment paper on a baking sheet and add macadamia nuts. Pour melted chocolate on top, place in the fridge to cool then break into individual pieces…or poops.

Also Try: Triple Chocolate Truffles (nut free) or Double Chocolate Energy Bites or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

Toast Hazelnut & Coconut Peppermint Bark (see recipe below)

Also Try: Pomegranate Coconut Chocolate Bark or Chocolate Pumpkin Sunbutter Treats


Toasted Hazelnut & Coconut Chocolate Caramel Bark

Scale 1x2x3x


  • Vanilla Bean Caramel Sauce on page 250 in Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook
  • 10 ounces dark chocolate chips
  • 1 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • 1/2 cup roasted hazelnuts, roughly chopped (see recipe here for roasting instructions)
  • 1/2 cup coconut chips (toasted in 350 degree oven for 7–8 minutes, or until golden brown)
  • coarse sea salt, to taste
  1. Make caramel sauce.
  2. Melt chocolate in double boiler or microwave. Add in peppermint extract and mix until combine.
  3. Spread chocolate on a parchment paper lined baking sheet and use a spatula to spread into a thin layer. Then sprinkle hazelnuts, coconut chips, caramel sauce and coarse sea salt across the chocolate until completely covered.
  4. Place in fridge and let cool for 10-20 minutes until hard. Use a knife to break bark into pieces. Serve immediately, store in fridge.


If you’re still looking for the perfect gift but crafting ain’t yo’ thang, that’s ok. I’ve put together some easy gifts that you could buy for any person out there! And if these don’t work, don’t forget that my newest cookbook Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook is the perfect gift for any person! The gift of over 100 never before seen recipes that will help a friend or family member become healthier and happier in the New Year is the greatest gift you can give!

Gifts For Him:

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Gifts For Her:

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Gifts For The Kitchen Enthusiast:

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Gifts For the Fitness Enthusiast:

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Click Here To Get All My PaleOMG Recipes Into Your Meal Planner With Real Plans!

I may be compensated through my affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running!

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90,000 28 best gifts for an IT specialist for the New Year – Personal experience on vc.ru

For those who have just now understood why there are more and more trees around, and the smell of tangerines is becoming more intrusive and intrusive.Yes, yes, the New Year is in 4 days! And this means not only that the time has come to exhale and shout – “We survived 2020!”, But also to buy gifts. Together with the Evapps team, we have specially compiled a selection of the best gifts for IT specialists for the New Year (to be honest, they will be good for a birthday, a programmer’s day and other holidays). Well, who has friends from the IT world, to whom you have already broken their heads, what to give? Let’s start!

{“id”: 191081, “url”: “https: \ / \ / vc.ru \ / life \ / 191081-28-luchshih-podarkov-aytishniku-na-novyy-god “,” title “:” 28 \ u043b \ u0443 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u0438 \ u0445 \ u043f \ u043e \ u0434 \ u0430 \ u0440 \ u043a \ u043e \ u0432 \ u0430 \ u0439 \ u0442 \ u0438 \ u0448 \ u043d \ u0438 \ u043a \ u0443 \ u043d \ u0430 \ u041d \ u043e \ u0432 “\ u0394” : {“facebook”: {“url”: “https: \ / \ / www.facebook.com \ / sharer \ /sharer.php? u = https: \ / \ / vc.ru \ / life \ / 191081- 28-luchshih-podarkov-aytishniku-na-novyy-god “,” short_name “:” FB “,” title “:” Facebook “,” width “: 600,” height “: 450},” vkontakte “: {” url “:” https: \ / \ / vk. com \ /share.php? url = https: \ / \ / vc.ru \ / life \ / 191081-28-luchshih-podarkov-aytishniku-na-novyy-god & title = 28 \ u043b \ u0443 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u0438 \ u0445 \ u043f \ u043e \ u0434 \ u0430 \ u0440 \ u043a \ u043e \ u0432 \ u0430 \ u0439 \ u0442 \ u0438 \ u0448 \ u043d \ u0438 \ u043a \ u0443 \ u043d \ u443 \ u0433 \ u043e \ u0434 “,” short_name “:” VK “,” title “:” \ u0412 \ u041a \ u043e \ u043d \ u0442 \ u0430 \ u043a \ u0442 \ u0435 “,” width “: 600,” height ” : 450}, “twitter”: {“url”: “https: \ / \ / twitter.com \ / intent \ / tweet? Url = https: \ / \ / vc.ru \ / life \ / 191081-28- luchshih-podarkov-aytishniku-na-novyy-god & text = 28 \ u043b \ u0443 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u0438 \ u0445 \ u043f \ u043e \ u0434 \ u0430 \ u0440 \ u043 u043038 \ u0440 \ u043 u043038 \ u04 u0448 \ u043d \ u0438 \ u043a \ u0443 \ u043d \ u0430 \ u041d \ u043e \ u0432 \ u044b \ u0439 \ u0433 \ u043e \ u0434 “,” short_name “:” TW “,” title “:” Twitter “,” width ” : 600, “height”: 450}, “telegram”: {“url”: “tg: \ / \ / msg_url? Url = https: \ / \ / vc.ru \ / life \ / 191081-28-luchshih-podarkov-aytishniku-na-novyy-god & text = 28 \ u043b \ u0443 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u0438 \ u0445 \ u043f \ u043e \ u0434 \ u0430 \ u43 \ u0440 u0432 \ u0430 \ u0439 \ u0442 \ u0438 \ u0448 \ u043d \ u0438 \ u043a \ u0443 \ u043d \ u0430 \ u041d \ u043e \ u0432 \ u044b \ u0439 \ u0433 \ u043 “” T title “:” Telegram “,” width “: 600,” height “: 450},” odnoklassniki “: {” url “:” http: \ / \ / connect.ok.ru \ / dk? st.cmd = WidgetSharePreview & service = odnoklassniki & st.shareUrl = https: \ / \ / vc.ru \ / life \ / 191081-28-luchshih-podarkov-aytishniku-na-novyy-god “,” short_name “:” OK “,” title “:” \ u041e \ u0434 \ u043d \ u043e \ u043a \ u043b \ u0430 \ u0441 \ u0441 \ u043d \ u0438 \ u043a \ u0438 “,” width “: 600,” height “: 450},” email “: {” url “:” mailto:? subject = 28 \ u043b \ u0443 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u0438 \ u0445 \ u043f \ u043e \ u0434 \ u0430 \ u0440 \ u043a \ u043e \ u0432 \ u0430 \ u0439 \ u0442 \ u048 \ u0439 \ u0442 \ u048 \ u0438 \ u0443 \ u043d \ u0430 \ u041d \ u043e \ u0432 \ u044b \ u0439 \ u0433 \ u043e \ u0434 & body = https: \ / \ / vc. ru \ / life \ / 191081-28-luchshih-podarkov-aytishniku-na-novyy-god “,” short_name “:” Email “,” title “:” \ u041e \ u0442 \ u043f \ u0440 \ u0430 \ u0432 \ u0438 \ u0442 \ u044c \ u043d \ u0430 \ u043f \ u043e \ u0447 \ u0442 \ u0443 “,” width “: 600,” height “: 450}},” isFavorited “: false}



We asked our employees (and we have 90 of them) what they really would like to receive for the New Year.And from the answers, we compiled a selection of gifts that are in a real wishlist from IT specialists.

So, regardless of whether you want to go big and go broke a little or plan to spend no more than 1,500 rubles, our selection will definitely come in handy for you.

Up to 1,500 rubles:

Although it is hard enough to guess with the game, you can put money on any platform and your friend will choose what he wants.You have Steam, EpicGame, PlayStation store and more at your disposal. It remains only to find out before you a fan of PC or Consoles.

The story is the same with books as with games – if you don’t know exactly what you will like, then you can buy a certificate in a bookstore in your city or a subscription for liters. By the way, write in the comments, what book should be in the personal library of each programmer?

Well, no comment, who doesn’t like massage?)

From games in separate universes, to the classic and already beloved Imaginarium, Activity, and Monopoly.

There are two types of programmers: those who turn coffee into code and those who turn tea into code. There is little to do – to determine what type yours belongs to and, voila, an excellent gift is ready. We advise you to pay attention to subscriptions for tea and coffee in local coffee shops.In such places, they often treat the drink with more trepidation than in the network, and you can find interesting options.

Must-have for the winter, and given the pandemic, gloves will often have to be washed, so the gift will always be relevant. Can be presented in a set – for several days at once.

Another winter must have. In our apartments / offices in winter, humidity drops to 20%, although 40-60% is considered the norm. This causes great discomfort – the mucous membranes (eyes, nose, lips), skin dry out, which increases your chances of getting sick. And 2020 taught us to take care of our health.In general, a humidifier is a contribution to the health and comfort of the programmer.

1,500 – 5,000 rubles:

When work is accompanied by maximum concentration, the utmost attention is paid to rest and quick recovery.An armchair – will help to equip a “relaxation zone” where you can read a book, watch YouTube or take a nap. It envelops the entire body and promotes maximum relaxation. And as a bonus, it can be used in “pillow” battles)

Wireless headphones are a very convenient thing, you can isolate yourself from external noise, and create the desired mood for yourself, and not get tangled in the wires.And if suddenly a person already has a headset, then a new one will definitely come in handy – and as soon as a work / home or just a spare one.

A screwdriver is often required for a variety of household jobs. And when using this device, not the slightest effort will be required from the owner.

And again, no comment, who doesn’t like massage?)

Sleep mask with bluetooth headphones will protect you from noise and light at home or on the road, and you can also connect it to your smartphone and doze off to your favorite music or answer a very important call without opening your eyes.

Have you seen the pictures from the TV shows in which the developers eat only soda, coffee and cold pizza? Of course, in life everything is not so (right!), But sometimes there really is no time to eat properly. Therefore, a subscription to a ready-made food delivery service would be an excellent gift.Once every few days, a courier will deliver ready-made meals to the recipient. All that remains is to warm them up. Separately, we note: these are not frozen dumplings or other semi-finished products. Modern ready-to-eat food delivery services bring tasty, healthy food for the right amount of kcal.

A comfortable backpack is a great gift for a person who often travels with a laptop. They are sewn so that all the essentials fit into them. In addition to a compartment for a laptop and chargers, many models are equipped with a USB output, to which you can connect a powerbank and use the backpack as a charger for headphones or a phone. Very comfortably!

5,000 – 50,000 rubles:

Masthev of this year.This is not just a device from which you can find out the weather or find something in a search engine. It is a real helper with a huge number of uses and functions. She will stage the desired film, and tell the latest news, and order a taxi and much more interesting things.

Ergonomic keyboard from Microsoft.An excellent choice for users who spend many hours at a computer (in particular, working with texts). The ergonomics of the keyboard are thought out to the smallest detail. The main key block is divided into two parts. There is a palm rest. Programmers will definitely appreciate it.

Nobody likes to be distracted by cleaning and activities that they are not interested in.So a robot vacuum cleaner is a very useful thing. At the moment, a huge number of devices are sold (even a robotic lawn mower and a snow blower) with different characteristics and prices. It’s up to you to choose.

Cool toy for those who like to collect robots.From the parts included in the kit, five types of trainable robots are assembled. And a special application for smartphone and tablet allows you to program them. The robot can move, speak and learn to think, and this is only part of its capabilities!

Yes, we left 2 keyboards in the list) Because the top one is sharpened for ergonomics, and this one is for relaxation and enjoyment.Tactile and clicky pressure sensations, lighting that reacts to in-game events and easy macro setting. She’s really cult. And if you want to add more comfort, then there is a complete set with a wrist pad.

As iconic as the keyboard above.If you want to donate a mouse, then you will definitely not go wrong with this one.

If a computer takes up most of your life, then the ergonomics of your workplace is just as important as good hardware. If only because with many occupational diseases you simply waste your health.With severe pain and arthrosis, it will become impossible to work and the quality of life in general will deteriorate. Therefore, a good chair is a worthwhile investment and a great gift.

Working in the IT industry means learning and improving all the time. Every year new trends appear that need to be mastered.Therefore, many programmers regularly attend training courses and seminars. If you know that your friend is considering such a purchase, then this can be a great gift. And if in doubt what to choose, then all online universities have gift certificates

You can also walk here, depending on the capacity and manufacturer.It is better to choose from solid-state drives, rather than M.2, since M.2 is connected to a PCI-Express slot, and most motherboards have only one such connector, and usually it is already occupied by a video card.

  • Game console

Have a break after work? Have a good time with your friends? Dive into an exclusive game? The console will help with all this.Your task is to decide which one to give. And if your friend already has a Sony, then this does not mean at all that there is no point in giving an Xbox or Nintendo, because each of the consoles has its own exclusives and a person may not want to buy it on their own for 2-3 games, but get it in a gift is very nice.

  • Favorite Game Collector’s Edition

Continuing the theme of games. For example, a cool edition of WOW Shadowlands came out recently with an insanely beautiful artbook and in-game perks. Or little Aegis, which will delight any doter. And if you have not yet heard from your developer how disappointed he is with Cyberpunk 2077, then here is a great option) In general, find out what your friend loves and look, there is something interesting for almost every game.

Well, as a bonus, there are several interesting options for a larger budget:

Yes, this is not the thing that you will use every day, but if you go on vacation to take it with you, it can become a real underwater adventure.For divers and water lovers – the perfect gift that will definitely be appreciated and remembered

Is there something to be explained here? By the way, such powerful machines are good not only for games, but also for working with photo and video editors. Or would you prefer your own build?

Although the product is quite controversial, but Apple lovers will not pass by and will be delighted with such a gift.And if you decide to give it for the New Year, then you will definitely be one of the first to do it.

What would you like to receive as a gift? What are you dreaming of or planning to buy, but your hands don’t reach? Or is there some little thing that will definitely please you? Write in the comments! And we ran to finish the New Year’s affairs. All with the coming!

90,000 Favorite gifts – original gifts with delivery in Moscow and all over Russia

According to conservative estimates, each person thinks about gifts at least 5 times a year.The days of “X” include the beloved and long-awaited New Year, courageous February 23, lovely March 8, romantic Valentine’s Day. Add to the list the birthdays of loved ones, friends, colleagues. So we got a long list of moments when many of us wander into a dead end with a mute question on our face: “Where can I buy inexpensive gifts, moreover, original, funny, useful and meaningful?”

LovePresent.com – a simple answer in any situation

We have created our online store especially for those who like to do something nice for their relatives and friends.Therefore, we choose only spectacular, extraordinary and practical things for the assortment. But to find the same “diamond” among the many accessories and souvenirs is your task. The only thing you can not be afraid of is a miss. On our pages there are no boring and boring options in the style of “socks, looms, magnets”. The main rule of LovePresent.ru is – if you give, then a cool thing!

Gifts for the New Year – we begin to amaze …

December 31. When this cherished day approaches, everyone, without exception, turns into enthusiastic children.Respectable businessmen, respectable CEOs, strict ladies – everyone on the planet is waiting for a miracle! And sometimes fairy tales really come to life, dreams come true, and desires come true. It’s just that this magical time opens hearts, lets in goodness, warmth and sincerity.

Only one problem still keeps you awake – what to give your loved ones, colleagues, neighbors for the winter holidays? Do wisely – take a look at LovePresent.com. Here, a whole universe of great presents will open before you.And now we will throw a couple of fresh ideas into your piggy bank.

· Sets for wine. When else, if not on New Year’s Eve, present such practical and beautiful souvenirs! Want to impress your spouse with a luxurious decanter and glasses set? We have excellent models – graceful, sophisticated and stylish. The hostess will be delighted, and the festive table setting will cause a wave of white (or even gray) envy among the guests. For gentlemen, the best option is a set of corkscrews in an exquisite leather case. And aesthetically pleasing, and the man is always fully armed: no bottle can resist such a pressure!

Travel pillow.During the Christmas holidays, many take off, go in search of adventure and exciting emotions. And a kaleidoscope of incredible events is sure to whirl a fan of tourism. You just need to calmly, without hassle, get to the desired point on the map. A comfortable inflatable pillow will come in handy on a train, car or plane. And you can also buy an opaque mask, earplugs and soft slippers. Sweet sleep and comfort on the road are guaranteed. Such a gift will certainly be appreciated.

· A mug with an inscription or a picture.Depersonalized souvenirs are the last century. Now it is easy to please loved ones with personal items made especially for them to order. May it be good wishes, funny phrases or cute pictures with funny fairy-tale characters in the New Year. Imagine how many smiles a ceramic cup with the statement “The world’s best dad” or a picture of a cheerful Grandfather named Frost will cause!

A gift for a loved one with a piece of your soul …

It is difficult to choose presents for the dearest people. Indeed, there is so much warmth and tenderness in the heart that need to be expressed in one thing. LovePresent.ru will come to the rescue again. We have prepared for you a huge collection of gifts for every taste. The main thing is to stay calm, order your thoughts, take a deep breath and … start looking.

· Thermo mug. It is worth buying such a useful item for girls and women who want their chosen one to constantly feel care. Does your man often travel by car? This means that a model powered by a cigarette lighter will fit perfectly.At any moment, the beloved will be able to drink hot coffee, cocoa or tea, remembering about you and only about you! For regulars at sports clubs and gyms, a sippy mug with a vacuum lid will come in handy. After intense exercise for impeccable fitness, the gentleman will take a sip of cold juice squeezed out by your caring hands. Isn’t it cute?

· To buy an umbrella is again a sincere display of attention. This seemingly simple object is very helpful when it is rainy, windy and uncomfortable outside.Under a durable and beautiful umbrella from LovePresent.ru, your beloved will not get wet. And every second he will mentally thank you for your prudence and ability to choose gifts well! Our men’s umbrellas are different: black and dark blue, folding and cane-shaped, with wooden and plastic handles. There are even examples that look like samurai swords and automatic rifles. Super choice for real supermen!

These are only 2 options, in fact, there are dozens, even hundreds. Computer accessories, sports kits, original key rings … Each loved one will find a gorgeous present.

Gift for a man for his birthday: say no to socks and ties!

Representatives of the stronger sex are creatures with a fine mental organization. For all the brutality, unrestrained energy and unbending will, they are sensitive, although they successfully rip it off. Therefore, a souvenir for the birthday of a gentleman should be seriously thought about. The main thing is not to make a standard mistake – buying things that set the teeth on edge. Immediately dismiss the thoughts of expensive perfume and everything related to removing stubble from your face from your head! Such gifts should be included in the “strictly prohibited to present” category for a long time.To really inspire and impress a man, find out what he is passionate about. From this and dance.

· Can’t a young man live without training, jogging and strength training? A sports water bottle will cause a powerful adrenaline rush! A sky blue, bright red or light green vessel with a securely locking lid and a carabiner for securing is a wonderful present for active people. Such a thing will come in handy both in the simulator and on the hike. Not a drop of content will be spilled, and the image of an energetic fan of extreme sports will be 100% supported.

· Your task is to please a respectable businessman who knows a lot about high-quality and stylish things? Don’t hesitate to get the Whiskey Set. Let it be spectacular glasses of an unusual shape or special steatite stones that replace ice cubes. A fan of aged drinks will surely appreciate such an exquisite gift. And to decorate the office of a status person, choose an exclusive set with a decanter. It will emphasize the image of a business person and will be useful in negotiations and important meetings.A drop of good whiskey in chic glasses will definitely speed up the signing of the contract.

· Is the birthday boy a cheerful, positive person with a great sense of humor? Present him with a cute blanket with sleeves, a towel with the inscription “The Smartest” or a set of glasses for the company with funny phrases on each “Pour, or I’ll leave!”, “Hold the degree” and so on … Believe me, with such souvenirs you will get to ten “.

A gift from your beloved: maximum imagination and tenderness

It is difficult to convey anxious emotions in a present, but really.It is enough to be yourself and feel the slightest mood of your beloved. You can never go wrong if you try to choose a gift sincerely, with a soul. After all, a woman’s heart is a unique “mechanism”. It knows, understands and feels everything, especially frankness. Forget the existing clichés about super expensive things, diamonds and cars. Of course, presenting a brand new Ferrari is a spectacular gesture. You can – give a lot and with pleasure! But even quite earthly souvenirs can cause a lot of positiveness and gratitude.

· Say, is it too simple and banal to buy a women’s umbrella ? It depends on what! Our site presents amazing models that are remembered at first sight.No true lady will refuse a colorful umbrella that distinguishes its owner from the crowd. How about a juicy orange slice overhead, snow-white clouds, or a blazing fiery red heart? The girl will not want to part with such a unique accessory even on hot sunny days. We have women’s umbrellas of unexpected, original colors and shapes: watermelons, kiwis, spicy corsets with lacing, iridescent tints … For every fashionista, for the most demanding taste!

· A picnic set – a great gift for your beloved.Aesthetic wicker baskets or modern backpacks-cases with everything you need will take their rightful place in the women’s collection of useful things. On a fine weekend, it will be so great to go together for a romantic meal or get-together with friends. And the excellent hostess has glasses, plates and forks with spoons at hand.

Cool souvenirs will also cheer up a loved one. For example, a computer flash drive in the form of a piece of chocolate or a bunch of grapes with sparkling rhinestones; a towel that looks like an adorable puppy; pocket mirror with a smiling emoticon.And if your beloved is a poetic nature, she will like an elegant neckerchief or a scarf of expressive colors. When choosing a gift, let go of your imagination: trust your intuition and hit the target!

Gifts for February 23: taking care of defenders

Useful or Creative? Funny or serious? Expensive or not so expensive? The beautiful half of humanity has a lot of questions before February 23. And the lion’s share concerns gifts for sons, husbands, brothers, fathers and grandfathers. Not everyone is able to quickly navigate the sea of ​​proposals, to come up with a super-presentation right away.And men are so different! Don’t panic. There is a thing for everyone in our catalog. You will pick up a souvenir for a convinced conservative, an active extreme, and an inveterate geek. Here are just a few tips:

Cooler bag. It is imperative to buy such an item if your man loves nature trips, fishing or hunting. The company will appreciate the amazing opportunity to sip ice cold drinks in the 30-degree heat. And the food will stay fresh for a long time.

· A fan of traveling anywhere in the world will need a multifunctional flashlight with an opener, knife, screwdriver and dozens of other tools.It is compact and fits even in a jacket pocket.

· A fan of online games and surfing the Internet will not be left indifferent by the original mouse in the form of a racing car, a flash drive that looks like a grenade, a guitar or an android robot. Those who are especially keen will also love other electronic gadgets: power banks, USB speakers, stylish wireless headphones.

· Motorists will carry everywhere with them a warm blanket, a convenient organizer for small things or a soft headrest pillow.

· Well, a man in years old can be presented with rare chess or handmade backgammon. Solid and tasteful.

LovePresent.com: gifts for any occasion for everyone!

There are many holidays and special dates on the calendar. But in order to give your loved ones joy and pleasant moments, you do not have to wait for an official occasion. Once you wake up one morning, take a look at our catalog. Spend a few minutes looking at wonderful souvenirs and gifts. And a miracle, albeit a very small one, will happen.You will find what you weren’t even looking for. You will see a thing and understand: it will make your loved one, little sister, friend or colleague a little happier.

A online store will provide:

1. High quality of all products.

2. Possibility of exchange and return within up to 3 months.

3. Prompt delivery in the capital region and Russia.

4. Convenient payment options: cash, cards, electronic money.

5. Profitable sales, interesting promotions and significant discounts.

Call 8 (495) 51 705 36. The consultants will tell you everything about souvenirs and gifts, answer questions, help with the purchase.

LovePresent.ru – when you want to give moments of happiness!

90,000 Reviews about Tinkoff Bank: “They take the gift! (gift promotions) “

Good day.

I was interested in advertising for investments from Tinkoff Bank and the fact that, as a first-baked investor-client, I, as if with bread and salt, would be greeted with a gift promotion, which can later be sold by fulfilling certain conditions.

Well, why not try !? – I thought. I was not a client of the bank, so I had to first issue a Tinkoff Black card, because without it, it is impossible to use their investment services.

We make out, register and … voila, here it is, a gift promotion, it’s all true. I fulfill the conditions so that in the future it will be possible to sell this share, I am looking for money, I buy shares, currency for a certain amount, I try to make a couple of transactions and … I leave all investments for a long time, until better times to fix profit.Holly and cherishing the thought that I will also sell the gift promotion at any time, as I please, because the conditions are met.

With a frequency of one or two weeks, I look into the application to see how things are going, we go uphill, or we test the second bottom, as a gift, as they say. And it seems that everything would be fine … but in the first week of August I notice that there is not enough in my portfolio one very interesting action, just the same one, a gift one. Confidently growing and which I was about to sell… It’s strange. I’m starting to find out.

I am communicating in an online chat, and the consultant informs me that: “The action was not real, but virtual and it does not have dividends like the real one, and in order to get real money for the paper, you need to sell it within 90 days after accrual.” Before that, having fulfilled the conditions for the purchase of securities for a certain amount. In any case, after 90 days, the promotion will disappear.

That’s a present, I think. Unpleasant, however. As an inexperienced newbie investor, how would someone like me know about all these nuances and where to look for all these asterisk footnotes… Indeed, in the main promotion, not a word, not a word about the need to sell the share within 90 days. Yes, as the thought did not arise that the gift may be temporary … After all, it’s kind of like a “Gift”.

Unfortunately, this approach does not fit in my head, to give something and then take it away. At least, at least, without notifying about it in advance. What prevented the client from sending a notification that the period of ownership of the gift promotion is coming to an end and it must be sold !? After all, surely not everyone sells it the next day after delivery.And for many, as for me, it was assessed as a long-term investment. The question is rhetorical. After all, it is always easier to refer to the inattentiveness of the client, who did not notice, somewhere, in small print, footnotes with the full terms of the action.

Consultant’s answer: “Information on the combustion of gift shares is being developed. I also added your voice to the development.” And that doesn’t make it any easier for me. What a dead poultice.

In general, with a gift “shod on both feet”, and with a hefty gap.On which, on my part, there is still no moral strength to cover it. Moods and desires predominate to abandon all Tinkoff products, so as not to be fooled again.

The Chamber of Notaries explained how to donate an apartment to relatives correctly – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

For example, citizens often think about how best to deal with their apartment: bequeath or donate? Sooner or later, such thoughts come to everyone who has their own home. Now the site “Notary Tips” has put everything on the shelves.

“Donation is one of the most popular ways of transferring property, – explain in the Federal Notary Chamber. – Most often, citizens enter into a donation agreement when they want to donate real estate – a house or apartment, but for some reason they do not want to make a will. For example, in cases where the owner has relatives who have the right to a compulsory share in the inheritance, to whom they do not wish to transfer this share. ”

The will, the notaries emphasize, is an order in case of death.The heir becomes the owner of the property bequeathed to him only after the death of the testator. A gift, as a rule, implies immediate delivery. However, here – as close people agree. The problem is that some relatives, having received an expensive gift, immediately cease to comply with their part of the contract.

The media quite often reports that another poor fellow turned out to be on the street, having lost the right to live in his apartment, since it was presented to them, and the new owner evicted him, although the victim was sure that he still had the right to live in the apartment …

The main reason for this is the lack of awareness of the consequences of concluding a donation agreement.

– If you gave a relative an apartment, and he evicts you, according to the law he has every right to do so, – they explain in the Federal Notary Chamber.

Of course, many of those who rewrite, as a gift, their only apartment to their relatives, are sure of their decency. But a huge number of tragic stories about old people who find themselves on the street prove that trust is often in vain.Often, cloudless relations between relatives deteriorate sharply after the signing of the donation agreement. Especially often, such stories occur when a gift transaction is concluded in a simple written form, as a rule, the old people who are deceived in this way do not understand the essence of the contract at all, do not know about the consequences and do not even realize that they will no longer be able to live in their apartments.

– When planning to conclude a donation agreement, it is better to think a few times, experts say, and also seek advice from a notary.The notary will explain all the details of the transaction, tell you what consequences may occur after its conclusion. If after that the confidence in the need to conclude a donation agreement disappears, he will help you choose other options for transferring real estate. They can be a will, and a sale and purchase transaction, etc.

Now for some practical answers.

What is more convenient and profitable to make – a donation or a will for an apartment in such a way that it belongs only to my granddaughter and in the event of a divorce, the husband does not claim a share in this apartment?

Answer: The property received by the spouse as a gift and by inheritance is the property of this spouse, and the second spouse has no right to it.This is the only similar consequence of these transactions.

The difference is the following: as a gift, the property is transferred to the donee immediately, i.e. during the life of the donor. In this case, the parties conclude a donation agreement, which must be submitted to the body for registration of rights to real estate to register the transfer of rights.

The will is drawn up in case of death, and the property passes to the heir after the death of the testator. The will is drawn up by the testator, for this you need the testator, his passport, the data of the heir.

Documents for the property are not required, but you can take them to the notary as well.

N. Artemyeva, notary. Chita.

I am a pensioner, I want to transfer my share in the apartment to my son. Where should I start? Desirable with a minimum of costs.

Answer: You should start by figuring out how, under what conditions you want to transfer your share in the apartment to your son. This can be a transfer by inheritance (if he is not your only heir, then you need to make an appropriate will on him) or transfer by agreement, if you need to do this during your lifetime.

If you want to give him a share of the apartment free of charge, then this is a donation agreement. Such an agreement carries some risks for you, in particular, you will not be able to secure the right to live in an apartment – this does not mean that you have to move out of there, but if in the future your son wants to, he has the right to evict you from the donated apartment and forced.

If you want more guarantees, then it can be a paid contract, for example, purchase and sale with the additional condition of providing you with the opportunity to live in an apartment free of charge for life; a contract of life annuity or lifelong maintenance with a dependent (it should be borne in mind that formally, rent and maintenance are considered income, and if such income is identified by the tax authority, you may be charged a tax).

Each of these options has certain advantages and disadvantages, and it is better to find out them already in personal consultation with a notary. I would recommend that you draw up an agreement in a notarial form, especially since there are reduced rates of the notary tariff for close relatives.

Most often, a notary will also be able to register ownership in the Unified State Register. An exception is situations when the right was not previously registered or there are errors in the USRR record (outdated passport or other irrelevant data of the owner).

I. Radchenko, notary. Moscow.

Is it possible to donate a room in a communal apartment with utility bills? The donation will be issued to the son.

Answer: The presence of arrears on utility bills cannot be an obstacle to donating a room. It should also be noted that the obligation to pay debts remains with the donor.

T. Archugova, notary. St. Petersburg.

How to give Skype Credit to your family and friends? | Skype support

How to give money to your Skype account to your family and friends? | Skype Support Back to search results

There are two ways to give Skype Credit: buy a Skype voucher online or send money from your Skype account.

You can send a Skype voucher as a gift by email. However, your addressee may not be one of your Skype contacts. Just go to the page where you can give money to your account in Skype, enter the required information, select the gift card you like and click Preview and Pay (View and Pay). Enter your details, select a payment method and click the Payment button to confirm the payment.

You can send money from your personal Skype account to any of your Skype contacts as a gift.The amount will be deducted from the account balance.

  1. Use this Skype Credit link to sign in to your account.
  2. Start typing the contact’s name in the search box, and then select it from the list.
  3. Select the amount you want to send. If you don’t have enough Skype Credit, you will be prompted to top up.
  4. Choose a gift card design. Your contact will receive a card with a gift.
  5. Press button Confirm selection .The money will be sent to your contact. He will receive a notification by e-mail and in Skype, and his account balance will automatically be replenished with the donated amount.

If the currencies of your Skype account and the recipient’s account are different, we will convert the gift amount into the recipient’s currency at the rate of the European Central Bank.

In order to protect our users from fraudsters, we have set a limit on spending money from a Skype account on gifts, learn more.

Ready to find out more?
How do I transfer money in my Skype account from one Skype account to another?

machine translation

ATTENTION! This article was translated using machine (automatic) translation tools, not human. For more information, see the following article. Skype uses machine translation to provide support articles and help in additional languages. At the same time, automatically translated articles may contain errors, as well as syntactic and grammatical inaccuracies, similar to those made by speakers of other languages.Skype is not responsible for inaccuracies, errors and damage caused by poor quality translation or its use by customers.

See English Source: FA12197

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Sweet New Year Gifts | Snezhel

About our company

Dear friends, partners, regular customers and future ones!

My name is Ilya Alexandrovich Petrov. I have been the director of Snezhel for the sixth year, the company itself was founded 8 years ago.With this letter, I would like to get to know you better, share my thoughts and express my gratitude to my team and you, for your support, which we see not only in the fact that you have stayed with us for many years, but also in your word and your recommendation. !

Initially, the company was founded as a subsidiary to provide the existing circle of customers with New Year’s gifts. But successfully worked seasons have shown the demand for gifts from our production for a wider range of customers.Six years ago, we fully formed as an independent company, with a permanent team infected with one common goal. A team whose eyes shine for the fulfillment of complex tasks. We often have to act in time pressure, whether it is preparing for a tender, or fulfilling a contract for a large retailer, but I always have strong confidence in my team and our partners.

I also know that the manager accompanying the client will accurately track and complete the order execution until the client receives his order.

And I, as a man, am pleased to see that our forwarders, when unloading gifts, will always help women, and in 90% of cases, women accept gifts, take them to the office or take them to a class or group.

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