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[Fashion] For Comfort on a Budget; GU’s PJs Are Popular Among Japanese Girls | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news


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If you’re currently sleeping in old jogging bottoms and a miss-matching t-shirt, it is a great opportunity to invest in some nice sleepwear when you visit Japan. For comfort on a budget, I highly recommend to check out PJs at Japanese fast-fashion retailer, GU.

I believe most of you already know about UNIQLO which is a global fast fashion retailer but probably, GU is not as well known as UNIQLO yet.
GU is a sister brand of UNIQLO and surprisingly, most of their product are even lower priced than UNIQLO. Despite low prices, their quality is still good as UNIQLO and design are brimming with a playful spirit. There are about 370 stores across the country, also a few stores in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

Recently, among Japanese young women, GU pajamas are gaining popularity.
TinaTamashiro appeared as a model in their last fall and winter collection, 2017.
Japanese teenagers are like to match their PJs with their friends when they have slumber parties or especially when they go on a school trip!
They buy the same kind of PJs in different colors to look like twins.

GU has an excellent selection of nightwear, ranging from satin PJs to pile dresses.
So it is popular not only among teenagers but also women of all ages.

I went to GU Ginza store; which is one of the “large” stores in Japan, in order to check out what’s on their top-shelf right now.

As you can see, all the PJs are neatly displayed, well presented. Here are 3 popular PJs according to the online sales ranking.

This ranking is made around the end of May 2018.

1: Pajama [satin] shorts [¥2,490]
This set is both stylish and cozy. Perfect fit for women of all ages with its simple design. Summer is steaming hot in Japan. Personally, I’m unable to sleep at night without turning on the air conditioner. So this satin material lets you feel as cool as possible.

2: Pile pajama dress [¥1,990]

Keep things cute and comfy with this Pile dress! This shrink-free material is just perfect for traveling. Also might be the most bathroom-friendly sleep outfit.

3: Pajama [satin] [strawberry] shorts  [¥2,490]

I was totally heart-eyes over this sweet pajama set.
This is definitely the sweetest out of all kinds of their satin PJs. But navy one could be both cute and chic.

GU’s pajamas are not only cute and comfy but also affordable. Also, it would be a perfect gift for friends back home.

Let’s hit the snooze in GU’s PJs this summer!

Shop Information
GU Ginza Shop
Address: 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chūō, Ginza, 5 Chome−7−7
Phone: 03-6255-6141
Business Hours: 11: 00-9: 00 pm daily

GU Official Website http://www.gu-japan.com/
GU Official Twitter https://twitter.com/gu_global
GU Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gu_global/

Photos by Rabi Cosuzu

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Rabi Cosuzu

Cosplayer, gamer. An enthusiast for Japanese pop culture.

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27 Best Silk Pajamas For Women That Are Dreamy & Cozy

In 2020, we’ve shifted our wardrobes from the frivolous to the necessary, and those of us who are lucky enough to spend our days (and weeks and months) working from home have been stocking up on stylish, comfort-forward pieces like matching sweatsuits and sneakers.

Now with the weather quickly cooling down post-summer, it’s time to invest in silk pajamas alongside coats and jackets in order to get ready for the cold months ahead. While some of the best pajamas on the market are made from cotton or flannel, it’s luxurious silk pajamas that have the power to help you feel dressed up, even when you’re dressing down (a sentiment that can come in handy after consecutive days wearing sweatpants).

Feel polished and relaxed with 27 of the best silk pajamas for women on the market right now. Wear them to bed or wear them to work (or both). Your colleagues won’t bat an eye with these Zoom-worthy pieces.

Everlane the washable silk pajama set



Shop Now

Everlane the washable silk pajama set



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Asceno London striped sandwashed-silk pyjama shirt



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Asceno London striped sandwashed-silk pyjama trouser



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La Perla silk-satin pajama set



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Skin Tatiana washed silk-blend satin chemise



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Yolke classic orange-print stretch-silk pyjama set



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Sleeper silk loungewear dress



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Lunya contrast-strap silk pyjamas



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More Joy by Christopher Kane more joy print silk-satin pyjamas



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Olivia Von Halle Lilia printed silk-satin pajama set



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Loveshackfancy x Morgan Lane Stella slip dress



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Marine Serre one-of-a-kind mixed-print silk lounge shirt



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Marine Serre one-of-a-kind mixed-print silk wide-leg lounge pants



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Fleur du Mal silk pajama jumpsuit



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The Glad Hours Matisse acid pajamas



Shop Now

Vince Satin Tee



Shop Now

Vince Satin pajama pant



Shop Now

Papinelle x Karen Walker Spliced Ivy pajama set



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Bonsoir of London Sienna silk vintage nightdress



Shop Now

Araks Kate pajama top in phthalo



Shop Now

Araks Ally pajama pants in phthalo



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Lunya washable silk tee set



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Ginia Camille silk-blend color-block slip dress



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Morgan Lane Ruthie silk top



Shop Now

Morgan Lane Chantal silk pants



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Fleur of England piped-edge silk-satin pajamas



Shop Now

Cami NYC two-piece silk-blend pajama set



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Summersalt the cloud nine boyfriend sleep shirt



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La Perla silk pajamas



Shop Now

Agent Provocateur classic silk-satin pajama top



Shop Now

Agent Provocateur classic silk-satin pajama trousers



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Hill House Home the Tati silk teddy



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Hill House Home the Tati silk duster



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Natori lolita lace-trimmed sik romper



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Pajamas & Japanese Fashion | Lionesse

Japanese fashion has always been ahead of its time, on the cutting edge.  Typically when you see Japanese street style it differs quite drastically from street style in other parts of the world, which is likely why we’re all so fascinated by Japanese fashion.  Since we know that the Japanese culture is always on the cutting edge of stepping outside the box with fashion, it’s really no surprise that they’ve even started to bring their pajamas into their street style!  These aren’t your yoga pants you see in the United States, but instead, more formal type of pjs.  Let’s break this down…

Silk Pajamas
Many Japanese fashionistas are incorporating silk pajama elements into their everyday street style.  But honestly, the way they’re combining them you’d never know they’re actually pajamas!  Because of the super shiny silk material many silk pajamas are made out of they give a unique texture element to the outfit.  Additionally, when worn with other clothes suddenly they don’t look like you’re going to be but instead heading out.

FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com

Kimono Inspired
Many of us think of Kimonos when we think of Japanese style.  Although many Japanese women don’t necessarily wear kimonos on a daily basis, doesn’t mean there isn’t a kimono influence in the style.   Many of the pajamas that are being worn in street style have a lot of traditional Japanese designs on them, resembling what you may think of being on a kimono.  It’s a fun and unique way for Japanese fashionistas to dress in a really cutting-edge way, but still embrace and celebrate their culture.

The Japanese street style fashionistas aren’t the only ones adapting the silk pajamas in their daily wardrobe, there have actually been quite a few fashion bloggers that have done outfits in silk pajamas.  Again, wearing silk pajamas in Japanese inspired prints.  There’s something so effortless, timeless and chic about the combination of silk and Japanese design.  The fact that the pajamas that are being brought into street style are silk, really makes it easier to bring them into your daytime looks.  The fun thing about Japanese style, in general, is that it’s constantly pushing the boundaries and stepping out in outfits that ladies in other parts of the world might not.

Wearing pajamas with regular, daytime clothes isn’t necessarily something you’d see walking down the streets in the United States.  But the constant rise in popularity of the trend in Japanese culture is undeniable and it’s bound to catch on in other ways.  Whether you love it or not, you have to admit they must be comfortable!  It’s always interesting to see how other cultures adapt different trends and show their personalities through their street style.  And that’s really what style is all about, embracing your personality, body, and expressing yourself.  Japanese fashionistas are rocking their pajamas out of the house now, it should be interesting to see what comes next!

What do you think of Japanese fashionistas wearing their pjs in their daily life?

Korean War Pajamas – Kansapedia

While serving on the front lines in Korea, a soldier fell ill and was sent to a hospital in Japan. During his recovery, he mailed these pajamas home to his mother in Kansas.

Like many soldiers serving over seas, Master Sergeant Howard Morgan, Jr., kept in touch with his loved ones back home by sending letters, photos, and presents.

A veteran of World War II, Morgan reenlisted in the army during the Korean War (1950-1953) and again found himself on the front lines. At one point Morgan was forced to go without liquid for several days. When he finally did drink water, he became ill and was moved to a hospital in Kyoto, Japan. In a letter from the hospital to his parents in Topeka, Morgan wrote, “Say, Mom, I don’t think the candy & nuts hurt me any. I’ll tell you what done it. I drank water without purifying it. I was so thirsty I just couldn’t wait 30 minutes.”

In the same letter, Morgan described the medical treatment he would soon receive. He also expressed his concerns for his wife, Loretha (whom he calls by her nickname “Fee”), and family at home:

“Kind of dread Tuesday coming up. That is the day they stick me with the knife. You know I’ve always been afraid of doctors and knives. But I can take it. Won’t be near the hell that I have been thru in the past five months. I was very much afraid that Fee & you guys would figure that I had been shot all to pieces when you saw the hospital address.”

Later, while recovering from his illness, Morgan purchased two sets of embroidered pajamas. Each set contained a pajama top, pants, robe, and slippers with floral embroidery and fur trim in a matching box. Morgan sent the set pictured here to his mother, Anna, and the other to his wife. While Morgan’s family doesn’t remember either Anna or Loretha wearing their pajamas much, the two women did pose for a photo in Anna’s front room (pictured at left). They must have taken great joy in a gift from their beloved husband and son serving his country so far from home.

When he first left Kansas for Korea, Morgan had taken along a camera with which to photograph his fellow soldiers and the landscape. He later wrote descriptions of the subjects on the back of each picture. In the photo to the lower right, Morgan relaxes with several of his buddies. He is seated at bottom left with pen and paper in hand. On the back he penciled, “Writing a letter to my loved ones.”

Morgan’s wife and two children eagerly anticipated his letters. In a photo sent to Morgan during the war, Loretha sits on her sofa with son, Mike, and daughter, Patty. Loretha wrote on the back of the photo, “We are reading a letter from you. Every letter we receive from you we sit down on the divan and I read it to the children. We love you so much, honey.” Morgan carried this photo throughout much of his tour of duty.

The pajama set is in the collections of the Kansas Museum of History. Copies of some of Howard Morgan’s photographs and letters are in the collection of the Kansas Historical Society’s State Archives.

Entry: Korean War Pajamas

Author: Kansas Historical Society

Author information: The Kansas Historical Society is a state agency charged with actively safeguarding and sharing the state’s history.

Date Created: April 2005

Date Modified: June 2016

The author of this article is solely responsible for its content.

Cheap Japanese Pajamas, find Japanese Pajamas deals on line at Alibaba.com

Cheap Japanese Pajamas, find Japanese Pajamas deals on line at Alibaba.com Home › (152153 results)

PAUBOLI Newborn Baby Kimono Robe Fruits Romper Infant Cotton Japanese Pajamas


PAUBOLI Newborn Baby Kimono Robe Fruits Romper Infant Cotton Japanese Pajamas


Japanese Animal Kigurumi "Frog" cosplay costume FROG adult animal womens mens costume pajamas anime

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NICK & NORA Koi Fish Asian Japanese Pajamas Ruffle SET SHORTS CAMI Sz XX

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PAUBOLI Baby Japanese Kimono Robe Cotton Infant Comfy Loose Pajamas


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Japanese Weekend Womens’ Wrap Nursing Pajamas


FANCY PUMPKIN Women’s Japanese Style Nightdress Pajamas Kimono Pajamas Robe B


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Retro Thicker Women’s Japanese Style Pajamas Warm Kimono Pajamas Suit-Pink


Japanese-style Pajamas Women’s Autumn&Winter Cotton Kimono Pajamas Bathrobe


Cotton and Linen Japanese-style Pajamas Women’s Autumn&Winter Kimono Pajamas


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FANCY PUMPKIN Women’s Japanese Air Cotton Style Nightdress Pajamas Kimono Pajamas Robe D


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Japanese Spring pajamas pajamas women tracksuit Ms. trumpet sleeves women Pyjamas Set Special Fall


Wholesale New Japanese Kimono Pajamas Men’S Spring Cotton Gauze Loose Pajamas Pijama Hombre Negligees Robe Home Suit

$ 24.46

ALJL bathrobes men and women lovers pajamas silk bathrobes Japanese kimono comfort breathable purple pajamas,purple,M

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GL&G Ladies Pajamas New Nightgown Silk Bathrobes Japanese Kimono pajamas variety of comfortable bathrobe,B,XL


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NEW! Japanese Animal Kigurumi "Frog" cosplay costume FROG adult animal womens mens costume pajamas anime BCozy ONE SIZE

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WOMEN Noblest Chinese Traditional Women Pajamas Robe Sleepwear Japanese Women Yukata & Belt (FREE SIZE) *** BUY THIS ONE GET ONE FREE … THAI SILK CLUTCH WALLET (US $ 8.55) Free Size Armpit to armpit 25 inches Length (Shoulder To Hem) 45 inches


Cotton Yukata Japanese Kimono Traditional Japanese Men’s Clothing Japanese Pajamas Men’s Sleepwear Lounge Home Clothing Suits

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Sexy kimono yukata kimono pajamas Japanese cherry uniform temptation costumes for women romantic suite qingqu

US $8.90 / lot

Japanese new fair maiden temperament Japanese cherry blossom kimono costumes dress fashion pajamas bathrobe nation

$ 34.37

Winter pajamas suit tracksuit large size men’s long sleeve casual cute flannel pajama suit thicker winter


Summer short-sleeved pajamas women short sleeve mother dress elegant summer pajamas suit tracksuit

US $56.00 / piece

Summer cute cartoon short-sleeved summer woman shorts ladies pajamas pajamas home service package

US $53.00 / piece

A wholesale striped short-sleeved cotton pajamas women pajamas Miss Xia card Winnie summer cotton tracksuit

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A lovely summer short-sleeved pajamas summer raccoon lovers pajamas suit

US $50.00 / piece

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Japanese Sleepwear Brand Gelato Pique Collabs with Joël Robuchon for a Chic, Cozy Collection

A good night’s sleep or a recharging lounge day calls for an absorbing book, a cup of hot herbal tea and, most importantly, a fresh set of cozy yet stylish PJs. Arriving just in time for Tokyo’s brisk winter months is Japanese sleepwear brand Gelato Pique’s latest collaboration celebrating the late French chef and restaurateur Joël Robuchon.

If you haven’t yet joined the Gelato Pique PJ cult, you might wonder what sets this ultra-fluffy range apart from other comfy sleepwear. For one, since launching in 2008, the brand has built a reputation for being the go-to choice for those who like to goro goro around their apartments wrapped in luxurious fabrics. Aside from the attention to detail that goes into each design and the soft-as-souffle materials used, the collections follow current streetwear trends, appealing to modern working women and men who not only deserve some indulgent downtime but also want to lounge around in style.

Also, you can’t help but love walking into a store where all the staff are dressed in pajamas.

The latest collaboration with Joël Robuchon brings a slightly more mature twist to the brand’s signature pastel colors. This limited-edition collection presents a new range of T-shirts, sweaters, socks and slippers to keep the winter chill at bay.

Fulfilling our dreams of a comfortable (and affordable) sleepwear option is the oversized tee featuring a print of either “Gelato Pique” in cream or “Joël Robuchon” in jet black. This light piece is made from a silk blend and is perfect for throwing on after a long soak in a yuzu-filled tub.

Silk Long T-Shirt, ¥6,500-¥7,000

If you’re looking for something to pair with sweatpants or your favorite Gelato Pique wide-legged bottoms, go for the standard tee. Alternatively, the new Joël Robuchon collab also includes a simple, casual shirt with one of the chef’s impactful quotes. In cream, you can read “La cuisine nous enseigne d’innombrables choses,” which translates to “Cooking teaches us countless things.” Perfect for staying in or wearing on a do-nothing Sunday, this shirt is our number-one choice for a chic loungewear staple.

T-Shirt, ¥5,000-¥5,500

Prefer a more plush sensation? Stick with Gelato Pique’s ever-so-dreamy classic cashmere. The “Smoothie” line is not only as soft and fluffy as candyfloss but it’ll add that extra level of snugness to your sleepwear for when the temperature dips to zero.

We recommend the maxi nightdress, available in the Robuchon black, for bingeing the latest season of Queer Eye. Or, if you’re looking for something to throw over your pajamas, choose the cardigan with the brand’s beloved oversized pockets.

Cashmere Blend Dress, ¥8,000, Cashmere Blend Knit Cardigan, ¥8,000-¥9,000

They haven’t forgotten about your feet, either. Keep those tootsies warm (and retain body heat while you’re at it) with a matching pair of socks and slippers in cool gray. Naturally a perfect match with any of the Joël Robuchon collection items, but neutral enough to pair with any other PJ pieces you might already have in your closet.

The limited-edition Joël Robuchon collection is available from November 22.

For Gelato Pique’s contact details, check out our Concierge listing.

Cashmere “Smoothie” Socks ¥2,200-¥2,400, Cashmere “Smoothie” Slippers ¥3,400-¥3,600
[Sponsored] 90,000 how to choose the best and which ones are ideal for sleeping

From this article you will learn:

  • What materials to give preference to when buying pajamas
  • Why not buy synthetic pajamas
  • What styles of women’s pajamas exist
  • What color is ideal for women’s pajamas
  • How to choose men’s pajamas
  • What to look for when choosing pajamas for children
  • How to Strengthen Your Family with Family Bow Pajamas
  • What is kigurumi pajamas

The choice of pajamas largely depends on the taste of the person. A wide range of bedding sets are now produced, varying in style, color, model and design. Therefore, you can find a product that meets any, the most sophisticated wishes. An intimate item like pajamas should be comfortable for everyday use and comfortable for sleeping. We will tell you about what types of pajamas are and how to choose the most suitable one in our article.

What to focus on when choosing a particular type of pajamas

There are many factors that can influence your choice of pajamas.One of the main parameters to be guided by is the type of material.

Modern sleepwear can be made from both natural fabrics and artificial materials. In addition, there are mixed types of fabrics, which are the best option for sewing pajamas. They are based on natural thread, to which synthetic fibers are added. Such a composition makes it possible to increase the wear resistance of the product, while providing it with high tactile characteristics.The quality of the material affects not only the appearance of the sleeping set, but also allows you to provide a person with the maximum level of comfort.

The following fabrics are most often used for sewing different types of pajamas:

It is the most practical material, characterized by high breathability, hypoallergenicity, and also pleasant to the touch. Fluffy terry and lightweight, thin jersey for summer are all made from cotton. It is quite durable, and at the same time affordable.

The disadvantage of cotton products is that they require special care. This material does not tolerate high temperatures and synthetic detergents. Under their influence, it can lose its color and deform. To prevent the occurrence of these troubles, manufacturers have learned to add synthetic fibers (lycra, polyester, elastane) to cotton threads. As a result, new types of fabrics appeared: interlock and velor.

Sleepwear, made of mixed fabrics, is highly durable and will last for many years without losing its appearance.

  • Silk, satin, satin.

Compared to natural silk, satin and satin are made from synthetic threads. Outwardly, they look as beautiful as silk, but they are much more economical. The listed materials are used to create the most romantic items. Various types of pajamas for girls are created from these magnificent fabrics.

Natural silk, in comparison with various types of synthetic materials, is more demanding to care for and easily wrinkled.Satin and satin practically do not wrinkle, but they accumulate static energy. To overcome it, you will have to use different types of sprays with an antistatic effect. If you want to buy pajamas made from natural silk, then check that it contains at least 90% of it. Outwardly, the material is easy to confuse with satin models, which have the same magnificent appearance, but are much cheaper than expensive silk, and it will be hot and uncomfortable to sleep in such clothes.

  • Fleece, microfiber.

Synthetic fabrics based on polyamide or polyester. Sleepwear made from these types of material is light and warm, washable and dries quickly. Fleece is resistant to bacteria and fungus penetration, and microfiber is not wrinkled and is very durable. These types of material are most often used for the manufacture of winter pajamas, consisting of trousers and a jacket. Such products can also be worn as home clothes. And if you wear knitted underwear under it, then the contact of synthetics with the skin will be minimal.

  • Viscose modal.

Very often sleepwear is made from viscose or modal. These types of materials are suitable for light summer garments. They are pleasant to the touch, have a beautiful appearance and are quite practical. Viscose is good for air permeability and moisture absorption, while it does not accumulate static electricity and is antiseptic. Modal is also characterized by high hygienic characteristics. In addition, it does not shrink when washing, is resistant to mechanical damage and practically does not wrinkle.

The technology of manufacturing viscose and modal is associated with a special processing of wood fiber, as a result of which artificial threads are obtained. The cost of modal and viscose products is quite economical compared to silk or cotton.

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  • Classic.

Classic pajamas is a set of two items: a loose shirt and wide trousers.This cut is more typical of men’s products, although modern fashion trends have made some changes to the classic cut. Now you can find some types of pajamas for women, in which pants are combined with a loose jacket or the pants themselves are replaced by breeches.

Long pajamas are the epitome of elegance and comfort. They are simply irreplaceable on cold winter evenings, although those who live in hot climates are sometimes pleased to get into such cozy and comfortable clothes.

The long cut of this sleeping suit will allow it to become one of the most fashionable wardrobe items.There is a whole line of designer clothes, where you can find different types of women’s pajamas, which look quite elegant outwardly.

The modern trend of hosting pajama parties allows you to showcase beautiful sleepwear not only to your loved ones, but also to your friends. Products with long sleeves made of natural silk look the most elegant.

Pajamas, consisting of long pants and a comfortable top, will emphasize the dignity of your figure.The most harmonious silhouette is created by sets made of soft flowing material that drapes well.

Short models are gaining more and more popularity among young people and fashion followers. They can be presented in different combinations, combining the bottom with shorts, capri pants or boxers with tops in the form of a top or a long sleeve T-shirt. Which combination to choose depends only on your personal preferences.

Usually, this type of sleepwear is sewn from jersey based on natural threads.The short model will emphasize the slimness of your legs and the advantageous sides of the figure. At the same time, it is very comfortable to sleep in such clothes.

Various types of short pajamas are now produced in a sporty, romantic and naive-childish style, the latter being the most fashionable. You can find the image of cartoon characters, butterflies and flowers not only on some types of children’s pajamas, but also on adult products.

Nevertheless, it is customary to use short models of sleepwear in the summer season, therefore they are usually sewn from light thin fabrics such as viscose, silk or satin.The top of the kit is most often a short-sleeved T-shirt, top or T-shirt. Such clothes do not pull or dangle anywhere, creating a maximum sense of comfort for a person.

  • Pajamas-overalls.

One-piece sleepwear in the form of a jumpsuit is rare. This option is suitable for those who sleep very restlessly and turn over a lot during sleep. Overalls pajamas are most often sewn from fleece, velor or terry cloth.

There is a type of pajamas that can be distinguished in a separate direction. Their main purpose is to attract attention and arouse admiration. Such products are made from the thinnest, translucent fabrics, using lace inserts and other decorative elements that attract the eye for decoration.

These models are designed to emphasize the wearer’s femininity. They are specially created to draw attention to the female figure. The fitted silhouette emphasizes the beautiful lines of the body, the sophisticated trimming attracts the eye, and the neckline adds sexuality.Of course, you can look seductive in a product with the image of a cartoon character, but it is much easier to do this in clothes specially designed for this.

Here even the texture of the fabric helps in the art of seduction. You can choose for yourself a pleasant to the touch natural silk or a cotton product with a satin finish. For any girl, there is a sexy dress that suits her.

In many ways, the style and color of pajamas will depend on the look you have in mind.Tenderness and softness will give pastel fruit and floral tones, and rich juicy colors with shades of red will bring unbridled and brightness to the image. The black color of the translucent robe is the most intriguing one. In any case, the style of sexy pajamas will be feminine and frank.

A product that includes a top with a strap or short flirty shorts will certainly attract more attention than a closed model with long pants and a simple shirt.And if, in addition, a luxurious lace trim is used, then such a robe will certainly suit your boudoir.

It is worth noting the models with spicy prints or colors. They will add drama to your look, and are ideal for wearing within the bedroom. It is in sleepwear that you can make all your innermost dreams come true. The bedroom is your intimate space where you can dress however you want.

If you are used to classic products, then opt for models in gentle pastel colors: lilac, lavender, pink, mint.These colors will create a unique sophisticated look.

Lovers of bright and intriguing colors and patterns can also find matching pajamas that support a certain image. Clothes in blue, purple and black will look bold and sexy, and shades of bright red will add passion to the image. The color red is now at the peak of its popularity, so if you support fashion trends, then you should opt for it.

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Popular types of men’s pajamas

The choice of pajamas should not be indifferent.On average, a person sleeps 8 hours every day, so the comfort of sleepwear is of great importance. You should be warm and cozy in your favorite pajamas.

There are several types of pajamas for men, which are designed not only for sleeping, but also for wearing at home. It is pleasant to change into such clothes in the evening, forgetting all the problems of the past day. This dressing ritual helps relieve emotional and psychological stress that may have accumulated during work.

Several of the most popular styles of men’s pajamas stand out.

  • Classic two-piece pajamas.

Classic two-piece pajamas is a traditional set that includes an oversized jacket or shirt and long pants. For sewing, cotton, linen or mixed fabrics with the addition of natural threads are usually used.

  • Warm pajamas.

It is most popular in the winter season. The set of this type of pajamas includes a shirt with buttons, zippers or buttons and loose pants.In some models, instead of a shirt, a jacket without fasteners is used, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the dressing process. She may have a couple of pockets and a hood, and then such clothes are used not only for sleeping, but also simply worn at home. Original insulated models are produced, additionally equipped with house slippers to match the main product.

  • Pajamas-overalls.

Pajamas-overalls are considered a novelty among sleepwear.It is a classic pajamas, sewn into a single piece. Of course, this model is not for everyone, because not everyone will be comfortable wearing a one-piece product that looks like a children’s suit. At the same time, if a man highly appreciates comfort and coziness during sleep, then a fitted silhouette and the absence of unnecessary details of pajamas-overalls will be an ideal option for him.

  • Flannel pajamas.

Flannel has traditionally been used for pajamas. Since childhood, caring mothers have to wear something soft and flannel for every child at night. Therefore, as adults, many people happily choose sleepwear made from this warm and cozy fabric. Reliable and of high quality, it is in no way inferior to other latest modern materials, and products made from it do not lose their popularity. A flannel sleeping set usually consists of a traditional shirt and pants. It is convenient not only to sleep in it, but also to sit in front of the TV in the evening, talking with relatives.

During the hot summer, many people give up sleeping clothes. At the same time, there are different types of pajamas for summer, which are very light products that can be used not only for sleeping, but also as home or beach items. They usually consist of a T-shirt and shorts. Thin jersey or viscose is suitable for sewing summer garments.

Men especially appreciate comfort in summer, so they often wear a T-shirt and comfortable shorts.So that such clothes do not cause trouble, you should pay more attention to the quality of the material when buying them. Natural (eg cotton) will be the most pleasant for the skin during the summer season. A loose jersey T-shirt and cotton shorts in hot weather are much preferable to any synthetic tee.

  • Silk pajamas.

Men also tend to sometimes choose beautiful sexy clothes that emphasize their masculinity and attractiveness.Silk or satin pajamas look very impressive on a good male figure, emphasizing its irresistibility. A small drawback of such a product will be that it does not allow air to pass through well and almost does not absorb moisture.

If we talk about the color scheme, then men usually show conservatism and modesty in this matter. Restrained tones of blue, burgundy, gray and brown or noble black are the traditional choice of men.A small variety in the color of the product can add a striped or checkered pattern.

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How to choose children’s pajamas

Most parents take extraordinary care when arranging a place for their child to sleep. The greatest attention is paid to choosing the right bed, mattress, pillows and other accessories. Do not forget at this moment how important is the correct sleeping clothes of the child.

Various types of pajamas for children are now produced, allowing you to choose a product in which the child will be pleased to go to bed. Nightwear should not only provide comfort during sleep, but also meet all hygiene requirements. In addition, properly selected children’s pajamas will greatly simplify the ritual of getting ready for bed.

It is important that sleepwear does not rub the child anywhere, does not squeeze his body, is pleasant to the touch and looks very attractive.

Caring parents will make sure that their baby’s nightwear is perfect for him. To do this, before buying the product, check the compliance with the following parameters:

The material must be natural. Of course, now synthetics are gaining more and more positions, and for some types of clothing it is more preferable than natural fabrics. But if we talk about children’s sleepwear, then the use of artificial fabrics is unacceptable.

Different types of children’s pajamas are made of linen, satin, cotton, chintz, bikes or flannel. Wool must be used with caution, as it can often cause allergies in children. A small addition of synthetic fibers (for example, elastane or acrylic) is allowed, but not more than 30%. This additive will improve the quality of the fabric, giving it strength, elasticity and crease resistance. Exceeding this percentage can cause static electricity to build up in the fabric and impair its breathability.In any case, this will negatively affect the quality of the child’s sleep.

The simplest cut is the best choice for children’s clothing. The conservative cut and minimal decor of the product will provide the child with maximum comfort at night. Excessive ruffles, laces, bows, pockets and ribbons will constantly interfere, press and cling, so you should avoid them.

It is also important to check the quality of the seams of the product. For children’s clothing, it is customary to make them out, while only soft threads should be used.This approach is the safest for the baby’s skin. In addition, it is advisable to purchase several sets of sleepwear at once. In the warm season it can be a T-shirt and shorts, and in winter it is more pleasant to wear a loose blouse and pants. In any case, it is necessary to take into account the preferences of the child himself.

An important parameter in a children’s product is its convenience. Nothing should be pressed or pressed, so it is necessary that the size of the product corresponds to the height of the child. Overgrown pajamas are also uncomfortable for your child, as they can slip or get tangled.A product of the appropriate size with a minimum stock will allow the child to sleep comfortably. At the same time, even a small stock of 1-2 cm will make it possible to use pajamas for a longer period than an end-to-end product.

When choosing children’s sleepwear, evaluate the quality of the fasteners of the product. Be aware that zippers can chill your baby’s skin or snag on a bad zip. Buttons can be difficult for a child to fasten on their own, and buttons can rust during washing. It is also important that the elastic bands on the cuffs or pants are not tight.

  • Security.

Any children’s product must be accompanied by quality certificates confirming its safety for the child’s health. It indicates the absence of toxic materials and dyes in the composition of the product. Be sure to ask for such a document when purchasing children’s clothing.

In addition, when buying pajamas for a baby, make sure that there are no small parts on it that can come off (beads, beads, sequins, etc. )). If, nevertheless, your choice settled on such a product, check the reliability of fixation of all small parts. This will prevent small elements from entering the child’s body if he begins to taste them.

An important parameter is the ease of putting on the pajamas. The child must cope with it himself, easily distinguishing between the front and the wrong side. Being able to easily distinguish them is especially important in different types of pajamas for girls, as little princesses always strive to look neat.

Of course, the choice of design for children’s clothing largely depends on the taste of the child himself, but at some points, parents should be very careful. Excessively bright colors and patterns can increase the child’s activity in the evening, causing emotional arousal. And the use of too bright, unnatural colors suggests that strong dyes were used in the manufacturing process of the product, which means that the risk of an allergic reaction increases significantly. In addition, unstable dyes can be washed out of the fabric during washing, and such a product will quickly lose its attractive appearance.

It is best to choose pajamas without prints or appliqués, as they often flake or peel off during washing, which is very frustrating for young children. Considering all of the above, the best option would be a preliminary selection by the parents of several of the most suitable and safe kits, among which the child can already choose what he likes. This sense of self-reliance creates a positive attitude towards nightwear in the child.

And again, do not forget about the age of the child! If you are purchasing a product for a baby of an early age, when he still cannot wear it on his own, then it is better to opt for a jumpsuit or a sleeping bag.It is already at the age of two that the baby not only himself can put on his pajamas at night, but also wants to participate in her choice when buying.

There are special types of pajamas for teenagers. If for boys they are performed in a classic style, then for teenage girls it can be a pajamas-sundress or a set of elegant sweaters and trousers.

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Family look pajamas

The origins of the Family Look style are associated with the fashion trends of the 1920s that conquered America.In our country, such family sets have gained popularity thanks to Madonna. This famous singer asked fashion designers to create a wardrobe for her daughter, matching in appearance and style with her wardrobe. Many celebrities were infected with this idea, and then different types of Family Look clothing went to the masses.

At the same time, one can recall the Soviet period, when on the territory of our country all people had the same things, toys, furniture, clothes, etc. Of course, this was not a fashion trend.The Family Look Style direction has conquered our country only recently, when it has become fashionable to go out with children. Now children are taken to any public places, not being limited strictly to the children’s orientation of the institution.

Family Look style clothes for the whole family look very harmonious and stylish. Often this direction is perceived as some kind of amazing game, when an adult can again feel like a child, and your child at the same time rises to the level of an adult.

The family is the most important thing in a person’s life, therefore it is necessary to strengthen it with all possible rituals and traditions. Outwardly similar home clothes symbolize a happy family life. She indicates that people are really close to each other, not only externally, but also in spirit. This is akin to some kind of philosophy.

Family bow is suitable for those who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, do not hesitate to show their feelings in front of other people. Now designers create sets of clothes in this style even for the smallest children – newborns. Different types of family bow pajamas are also produced, which are outwardly similar in only one thing, for example, a T-shirt. Any interpretation of this style in clothing speaks of the sense of style of the whole family.

Kigurumi Pajamas

Kigurumi (kigurimi) is a costume made in the form of an animal or a character from Japanese cartoons. Different types of such pajamas are widespread not only among children, but also among adults. These sets are worn both at home in the evening and for going out.

Kigurumi appeared in the 1990s. in Japan. They were originally created for animators performing at various events. Outwardly, they depicted a cartoon character, animal or mascot of the event. From the Japanese language, the word “kigurumi” is translated as “wearing a stuffed toy.”

The appearance of these animators’ costumes was very much appreciated by both young and adult viewers. This recognition has become an incentive for designers to create a whole line of clothing.Different types of kigurumi pajamas are now worn at home not only by children, but also by adults.

Light flannel or cotton fabric is used for sewing home varieties of these products. If the type of product is intended for the street, then it is created from microfiber, fleece, terry cloth or velsoft.

The free cut of such a suit allows people with any figure to wear it.

There are special types of kigurumi that are created as a New Year’s costume.Such funny and elegant clothes will appeal to your child and create a cheerful atmosphere at any occasion.

Adults usually choose a kigurumi costume that depicts characters from different cartoons. Among them you can find the cheerful Winnie the Pooh, and the good-natured Pororo, and the extravagant Garfield or the perky rabbit Bunny.

You can purchase a kigurumi costume of a more universal type, depicting an ordinary hare, hedgehog, squirrel, zebra, kangaroo, lion, giraffe, crocodile or frog.

Welcome to Happywear! Happywear is the best combination of price, design and quality! Bright, stylish, fashionable and inexpensive clothes for everyone!

Medium and small wholesale – our specialization for over 10 years. We work directly with manufacturers, bypassing intermediaries, which allows us to set favorable prices. In our person, you get a reliable partner for your business. The assortment is updated every season, new models are constantly appearing. We offer you products manufactured by factories in Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Turkey and China.

On our site you will find quality shirts of different models, sizes and colors. We can provide you not only with great products at a low cost, but also good conditions, a permanent warehouse of products, a positive attitude of our staff, work without interruptions and quality certificates.

Every thing on our site is the invaluable work of a huge number of people. We hope that excellent quality, favorable conditions and reasonable prices will serve as the beginning for our long-term cooperation.

90,000 advise the authors of fashionable telegram channels – The City, 04/04/2020

Isolation has made everyone equal: Today, fashion icons and Grammy winners air in the same stretched sweatpants and patches on the face as we do. The problem is that we will have to stay at home for quite some time, so if this fate does not appeal to you, then you can try to start expressing yourself with the help of home clothes. What is it to buy to make it fashionable and convenient – they asked the authors of fashionable telegram channels.

Vintage robe

For those who want to go through all the thorns of self-isolation and not lose face, a black (gray, emerald) velvet robe will be an ideal home option. Leave things like Dita Von Teese – with lace, feathers and rhinestones – for tete-a-tete. For parties at Zoom and meetings, the blank model is quite suitable – a classic fit, a middle belt, a V-neck. If you don’t look closely, such a thing can be confused with evening dresses with a smell.Are you hot in velvet? Then look for a breathable robe: linen and viscose are alternatives.


Short top with aperol sleeves and cycling shorts, tights and a breathable T-shirt, tight-fitting yoga suit – while the halls are closed, your favorite sports items should not gather dust in the closet. If you feel comfortable wearing them, wear them at home. The gear will help you pack and be an added incentive for home workouts and runs from refrigerator to laptop.However, if the mood is not space and you do not have the strength to pretend to be Jillian Michaels, you should not reproach yourself. All of these things are fine for the Game of Thrones marathon too.

Silk Pajamas

Perhaps the most forward-thinking investment in a home wardrobe is the classic silk pajamas. It is better to choose mixed fabrics – they are easier to care for: they do not wrinkle so much. Plus silk is able to adapt to your sensations: it warms up if it’s cold, and refreshes if it’s hot.As for color, almost all pastel shades are relevant here, as well as floral prints, checks and polka dots. On the advice of Zalina Amirova, the author of the Shmot telegram channel, it is better not to skimp on pajamas, “after all, you can not only meet the courier in all its glory, but also walk, for example, a pajama shirt with oversized jeans after quarantine.” And the author of the Shoes and Drinks channel, Elizaveta Buinova, even proposes to combine a silk two with heels: “Being in self-isolation for the 16th day, I went through all the stages of denial: from“ hurray, you can work from home in sweatpants ”to attempts to portray everyday life happening, dressing up for work as usual.By the second week, I got the best out of these two methods – silk pajamas and heels. The first is for convenience, the second is for the illusion of a holiday. Sometimes I change them for silk mules with rhinestones. ” By the way, walking pajamas out into the world is wiser than sleeping in them – according to statistics, naked people get enough sleep much better.

Cotton suits

We do not have such a culture of home clothes in Russia as, for example, in England. Therefore, most people pick it up according to the residual principle: something good, but with a stain, something faded, something old – everything will be retrained into clothes for the house.Moreover, it is not a fact that these things are suitable for their tasks. Therefore, our temporary imprisonment is an excellent reason to revise your home wardrobe as well. “I don’t need six T-shirts with spots, I’d rather buy two comfortable and cool T-shirts that will immediately be homemade,” advises Sofia Yartseva, the author of the Make Your Style telegram channel. Alternatively, you can buy yourself a pair of minimalistic cotton suits (hoodie or sweatshirt plus pants), parentally caring for the body (100% cotton is breathable and soft to the touch) and good mood.Yana Lukina, the author of the Superficial Space Cadet telegram channel, was quarantined right at the airport when she tried to fly away on a business trip in a freshly bought cotton suit: “My flight was canceled, and the suit eventually became part of my home uniform. Sometimes I throw a dressing gown on top – and I immediately remember Goncharov’s novel. ”

Kimonos and caftans

Olga Mikhailovskaya, author of the Front Fashion telegram channel, prefers to dilute home looks with exotic items: “Uzbek robes, Japanese kimonos, Arabic caftans – they look great over sweatshirts and T-shirts.They are comfortable, and at the same time you are not so dreary to look in the mirror. Well, on your feet, the main thing is not these hellish plush slippers. I love ballet flats or Japanese slippers – only not with wooden, but with leather soles. It seems to me that there is no need to try to play home office, it is better to pretend to be a fashionable bohemian, unless, of course, you have an online meeting with top officials of the state. In this case, it is better to do without the Uzbek robe and replace it with a smooth cashmere jumper, especially since winter has come again outside. “

White shirt from a man’s shoulder

Carrie Bradshaw, the famous fashionista and main character of Sex and the City, often wrote her columns while working from home. And she did it in classic loose white shirts. Comfortable, beautiful – and perfect for a home office environment. Wearing something down is optional – no one will guess about it during video calls. But if you want, chinos and black leggings will look great with a white shirt. For more ideas, check out the Working From Home Fits Instagram account.In it you can see the most ordinary people in their honest daily work and home looks – what if they inspire you for something.

The main trend is awareness and attention to oneself. And this applies to everything: both clothes and life. Listening to yourself will be much more fashionable than listening to the advice of any fashion expert. Someone is supported by elegant clothes, someone, on the contrary, is frustrated by the need to correspond to something, someone panic from fear of starting themselves. Here I would recommend asking yourself a question: “Is it personally a pleasure for me to look fashionable, smart and good or not? What will support me in this stressful, oppressive, difficult and unusual situation now? ” And then you can get your bearings.That is, if you like it, then why not put on all the most beautiful things, put on makeup, take a picture and post hundreds of stories on Instagram? And thus, pamper and support yourself. If you are from the second camp, please. Sit to your health in your old favorite cozy pajamas, a T-shirt – if only it was with love for yourself. ”

Sofya Yartseva

the author of the telegram channel Make Your Style

Text: Anna Demyana, Cover photo: Tobewoman.shop/Instagram

Silk production – Silktime

Silk production

Silk is a natural elastic fiber obtained from silkworm threads.Silk is produced by the larvae of most insects, but such silk is not used commercially. True, silk produced by arachnids is used in the manufacture of optics for weapons, telescopes, but this is an exception.

People have long used the ability of silkworm caterpillars to produce silk threads. The industrial production of silk – the cultivation of the silk caterpillar – is called sericultivation (in Latin, sericum means silk cultivation). The silk industry uses silk produced by silkworm caterpillars Bombyx mori and silkworm caterpillars of the same species. Bombyx mori are mostly common in China butterflies, whose caterpillars feed mainly on the leaves of silk (mulberry) trees. [Silkworms are butterflies, but colloquially referred to as silk-threading caterpillars.]

Growing testicles. Mating of silkworms lasts 6-8 hours. A few days later, the female lays 300-400 testicles, and she herself dies. Each testicle is oval, flattened, 1–1.5 mm long. The testicles are carefully sorted, and after 10 days of accelerated incubation, caterpillars about 0.6 cm long hatch from them.

Feeding. Caterpillars are laid on cheesecloth and abundantly fed with mulberry leaves, occasionally adding orange or lettuce leaves. The highest quality silk is produced by caterpillars, which can only be bought by the leaves of mulberry trees. During this time, the silkworm caterpillar molts four times. After 4–6 weeks, it reaches its maximum size – about 7.5 cm, stops feeding, changes color and is ready to weave a cocoon.

Weaving. At this stage, the tracks are separated and placed in separate wooden barriers.In two days, protein filaments that quickly solidify in the air are released from the glands of the silk worm, which are bound by the protein sericin secreted by other glands. For four days, the caterpillar rolls the threads into a cocoon with characteristic movements of the head. The finished cocoon is a thread up to 3000 meters long. The cocoon has the shape of an elongated oval, and depending on the type of caterpillars in each country, the shade of the cocoon is different: in China it is yellow, in Japan it is greenish, in other species it is white. In nature, butterflies would hatch from a cocoon in 12-16 days, but then they would spoil the integrity of the silk thread.Therefore, most silkworms (some of them are left to breed) are destroyed with hot water or hot air.

Thread rewinding. Cocoon is treated with hot air, steam or boiling water. Temperature weakens the binding effect of sericin, and then silk threads are carefully twisted from 4-8 cocoons. There is still quite a lot of sericin in the raw silk; it is also preserved in silk fabric, but after washing in hot water with soap, sericin decomposes and the fabric becomes soft, shiny and 30 percent lighter.It takes about 2,500 cocoons to produce five hundred grams of silk.

Silk grade. Silkworms are grown for silk production in China, Japan, India and Southern Europe. By crossing, yarns of four different colors (gold or other shades) are obtained. From raw silk, threads are twisted, suitable for weaving and knitting. Depending on the method of twisting, silk threads of four main types are obtained, from which various silk fabrics can later be woven or knitted.

Blanket production. Two types of silk fibers are traditionally used for the production of blankets and pillows: Mulberry ( Mulberry ) and Tussah ( Tussah ). The first is obtained from silkworm threads, the second – from wild silkworm threads. Caterpillars of wild silkworms feed on the leaves of various trees, so the threads from their cocoons are heterogeneous, shorter and thicker, they have more impurities than silk spun by caterpillars that feed only on mulberry leaves.
Cocoons with two larvae inside are usually used for the production of filling for pillows and blankets. They simultaneously begin to weave a cocoon, so the latter are larger, and the silk threads in them get entangled. These cocoons are not suitable for curling, but are best suited for making pillow and blanket fillers. Hand-sorted cocoons are soaked in hot water. After they become soft, the larvae are removed from them. The resulting silk raw material is thoroughly rinsed and stretched onto a special frame.Thus, 7-10 cocoons are pulled on the same frame to obtain silk raw materials. Silk blanks are dried and prepared for the second stage of production – stretching and layering.

Quality filling for pillows and blankets is prepared by hand. Usually, four women will remove the dried silk by the corners and stretch it to the desired size of the blanket. So lay layer on layer until they reach the desired thickness.

For example, for a summer blanket weighing about 1 kg, you need about 200 thin layers.Such filler does not fall into lumps, therefore it is sewn to the blanket cover only in a few places. This method also has other advantages: in place of the seams on the product, so-called “thermal holes” are not formed, through which the filler can crawl out.

Usually, blankets are quilted, that is, the filler is stretched by a special machine. The machine tears silk, stretches it unevenly, so the price of such blankets on the market is slightly lower.
Mulberry silk thread is more complete and thinner than tussah thread.Mulberry fillers are more luxurious, lighter and better retain heat than fillers of the same thickness of tussah. Therefore, blankets and pillows with hand-drawn mulberry silk filling are especially appreciated.

How to sleep healthier and more pleasant – Wonderzine

Cotton, silk or bamboo

If you are more comfortable sleeping in clothes, choose loose, not too tight and not squeezing things made from natural fabrics, in which you will not overheat. It is worth paying attention to the composition label: each fabric has advantages and disadvantages (however, like all things in the world).

Perhaps the most popular nightwear fabric is cotton. It is soft and breathable without irritating the skin. True, it does not wick away moisture well, so clothes made from it are not the best option for people who sweat at night. In addition, cotton does not heat well; in a cool climate, cotton pajamas alone cannot do without a warm blanket. But silk is an excellent thermostat that can warm up when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Unfortunately, silk garments are expensive and difficult to maintain – ideally they require dry cleaning.If the weekly fee for dry cleaning your silk clothes isn’t intimidating, then pajamas made from silk can be your best friend in bed.

Experts differ on wool. On the one hand, wool can cause overheating and irritation of the skin. On the other hand, there is evidence that it is easier to fall asleep in woolen clothes if the bedroom is cold. Research results show that at an air temperature of about 17 degrees, wool is better for falling asleep and sound sleep than cotton – the latter should be chosen for those who have 22 degrees in the bedroom.In general, if wintering in one of the European cities where there is no central heating, choose woolen fabrics; there will be no skin irritation if it is high-quality and soft merino wool.

Nowadays, the production of clothes from bamboo cloth is gaining momentum – it is soft, breathable and absorbs moisture, can have antibacterial properties and is 100% biodegradable. True, under the guise of bamboo, in most cases, another fabric is served – rayon; formally, it is made from natural fibers, but in fact they are very heavily processed, seriously changing their properties.Therefore, a thing that has bamboo on the label may not have the expected qualities.

As for whether or not to put on socks in bed: if you have cold feet and trouble falling asleep, put on, it will help you fall asleep faster. Alternatively, you can use a heating pad or wrap your feet with an extra blanket. It is recommended to wash sleepwear once a week, and if you sleep naked, then it is better to change bed linen more often, once or even twice a week.

90,000 How to choose good pajamas?

By choosing the same family pajamas, you can show some originality.On the website of the online store, there is a huge selection of interesting kits.

What to look for when choosing pajamas

The choice of pajamas can be influenced by many factors, one of the main ones will be the quality of the material from which it is made. When sewing, both artificial and natural fabrics can be used. Modern pajamas are often made from mixed types of fabrics, which is considered an ideal solution, since such material has advantages:

  • retains all the qualities of natural fabric;
  • practically does not wrinkle;
  • washes well;
  • dries quickly;
  • irones well.

But it should be borne in mind that these qualities will be if the material contains no more than 30% of synthetic threads and at least 70% of natural raw materials. When choosing pajamas, you should pay attention, of course, first of all to quality. An incredible variety of models will allow you to choose what you really like without any special problems.

The most popular fabrics for sewing pajamas

Cotton fabrics, silk, satin are most often used for sewing pajamas.They all have their own advantages.

  1. Cotton is the most practical material, it has excellent breathability, is pleasant to the touch, does not cause allergies. Terry summer blankets, knitted lightweight products are made of it. It is durable and inexpensive.
  2. Silk – soft, thin natural fabric, has all the advantages of dignity. But silk pajamas are not available to everyone, as they are expensive.
  3. Satin fabrics are made mainly of synthetic raw materials.Outwardly, they look great and are somewhat similar to silk, but they are much cheaper.

Currently, manufacturers produce an incredible number of interesting and original sets of pajamas. Each model includes the convenience and comfort that you will enjoy on a daily basis. The most affordable price also attracts buyers. Taking all this into account, you can go to the online store and order a whole family set for attractive conditions. Delivery works throughout the country.

90,000 How I bought a vintage kimono and haori in Japan and what came of it

A beautiful vintage kimono is one of the items I really wanted in my wardrobe, but the prices in the vintage shops I knew were biting my heel.Once in the community that I created there were messages from Anna, who is well versed in kimonos and collects them, and my desire flared up with renewed vigor. In the end, I put the kimono on the vote for the independent review of the month and it won. And I ran to the Ichiroya website (active at the time of ordering, and now suspended activity – unfortunately, the pandemic had a negative impact on him too).

On Ichiroya, I found the most beautiful kimono options at reasonable prices and with a detailed description of each nano-speck or damage and with dozens of photographs.This is accuracy! And also persuaded them to send my order directly by sea.

Here I went to the dressing room and reported to the order a silk haori for $ 18 and an obi belt for $ 41 ( I was captivated by the print and I did not see that this type of obi is tied very difficult for me and with the use of additional accessories, but more on that later ).

The review was made with the support of the magazine’s subscribers on Patreon. If you want to choose what goes to the Independent Review of the Month and see other additional content, join the club.Subscription from $ 1 per month .

Thank you for informational help with ordering the first kimono and answers to all my questions related to the order, Anna Voronova 🖤

My order and prices:

This is how things looked on the site. I chose 3 photos. There, of course, there were many times more of them with a map of defects and a bunch of detailed photos. Even I don’t do that much in reviews.

My order took about a month and a half. Between ports, it was tracked by a tracking number, so I didn’t really worry that something would be lost.

As a result, a weighty 2.5 kg box arrived, in which all my belongings, a business card and a small piece of material the size of a handkerchief were neatly folded.

What to look for when choosing a kimono and haori size

What is usually important in choosing a kimono or haori:
1. Length so that it is not too long and that the kimono does not drag along the floor;
2. So that the hips or chest fit (whichever is larger) and the kimono is wrapped;
3.Someone else cares about the length of the sleeve.

On Ichiroya, all measurements were shown in a convenient and understandable format. However, even here I managed to read the length of the kimono as the height for which the kimono is designed. As a result, even on my relatively high height of 187 cm, the kimono sits so that it is time to wear it with heels.

As for the haori, my version sits perfectly on the back, but it doesn’t wrap up in front. I calmed down when I read that haori should not be wrapped, usually a decorative cord connects the floors of the haori.If, nevertheless, you plan to wrap haori, then it is better to take a thing several sizes larger.

A picture with an explanation of the sizes for my kimono
A picture with an explanation of the dimensions for my haori

In other stores, measurements are sometimes also found:
– “Post-width” or “ushirohaba” is half the width of the back. Multiply by 2 and get the width of the entire back.
– “Front-width” or “maehaba” – the width of one of the front panels.
– “The skirt under” or “tsumashita” – the height of the floor from the end of the main collar to the bottom of the floor.

An example of determining the size of a kimono from the site net-shinei.co.jp

Care & Washing


The first thing you notice when unpacking is not only the beauty of things, but also a specific smell that appears when things are left in the warehouse for a long time. You are probably familiar with it: to a weaker degree, it is expressed, if things just lie for a long time and do not get out of the chest of drawers.

Ideally, things should be ventilated for several days in a room with good air flow (for example, on a balcony), but at the same time, direct sunlight should be avoided, since silk does not like them.


The second thing a person who buys a vintage kimono for the first time encounters is washing. Previously, they tried not to get dirty as much as possible on the top kimono. Underneath were other layers of clothing that protected the kimono from sweat and skin secretions. And they washed the kimono in parts, pre-embroidering them.

What is happening today. If you wear a kimono as a robe, skin contact is inevitable. So sooner or later the question will arise, how to clean the kimono. In Japan, there are special services for bringing the kimono to a clean look. We have dry cleaners about which there are small, most likely unfounded fears. I’m definitely not going to embroider and sew a kimono for hand washing at home – I just don’t have the time and skills for this kind of experiments.

So now that filming is over and I can get back to the day-to-day use of my purchases, I plan to try washing the haori by hand.Also, the haori is made of thick tsumugi silk and is short, so I hope there will be no deformation after washing. I plan to wash it by hand in cold water with a special silk detergent and dry it by wrapping it in a towel to remove excess moisture, and then on a flat surface.

Important: when pulling a kimono or haori out of a basin of water, it is best to hold the thing by the collar closer to the central seam.

And about the kimono, I’ll think a little more about dry cleaning (there is embroidery from shiny threads on the kimono, I’m just afraid to damage it).


Correctly folded kimono practically does not wrinkle. The traditional kimono folding technique looks like this:

How to fold a kimono for storage. Figure Yoshi Jones

I don’t have a special envelope for storing a kimono, so I’ll just allocate space in my drawer to new friends.

Detailed photos of my order

Already for history, since the Ichiroya store closed.


Best of all, of course, the pattern is revealed on a person.


Haori was sewn with large stitches with white thread. I removed them. As I was told, these stitches are made to keep things better.

White lining takes up slightly more than half the length of the backrest.

Silk marble patterns and orange clouds

These are the buttonholes on each side of the front floor for attaching a chain.


As for the obi belt, I chose it solely on the basis of the pattern. This is an experiment in which I wanted to see the belt live and see if I could apply it in real life. Nagoya in the traditional way is tied in a very difficult way with many accessories. And the cut at the waist is unusual. Therefore, I am thinking about giving the belt a second life by giving it to alter or recycling, for example, as underwear.

Favorite part – kimono photo session and clothes styling

Haori look that has become the perfect jacket for a casual look with pants you’ve already seen.

And here I show all the photos with the kimono for the first time.

Now favorite combination: red and black kimono and gold set Graphique Couture La Perla

How do you like the vintage reviews? Are you in love with these photos as much as I am?

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Women’s silk pajamas: how to choose, materials, styles

Reading time: 9 minutes

Sleepwear today is not just a kind of homewear that provides comfort and warmth, but also a stylish wardrobe item that allows you to stay spectacular and feel confident even at night.That is why fashion designers pay so much attention to the design of nightgowns and pajamas. So how do you choose women’s silk pajamas?

One of the most exquisite materials that makes a woman look luxurious is silk. Silk pajamas are very soft and pleasant to the body, non-irritating, lightweight and incredibly seductive.

Silk pajamas on the photo: trouser version

Pajamas fabric – which one is better

In the modern textile industry, the concept of “silk” includes not only natural linen made from silkworm cocoons, but also chemical materials.The most common are artificial viscose and various types of synthetics. In appearance, they may practically not differ from natural ones, it all depends on the processing of the fiber at the production stage and the type of weaving.

  • Viscose is made from natural cellulose, therefore it has good hygienic properties, but it is not so practical – during operation, products from it deform, pellets may appear on them, they also wrinkle a lot.In a wet state, such things lose their strength, they cannot be squeezed and twisted. Viscose has various names: rayon, acetate silk, rayon (not to be confused with synthetic).
  • Synthetic materials (polyester) are quite inexpensive, strong enough, but have significant drawbacks and in many ways lose to natural ones: they electrify, do not allow the skin to breathe, do not warm in cold weather, and in the heat they are very uncomfortable, since they are practically do not absorb moisture.

Natural silk has many advantages:

  • is very soft. It flows over the figure, forms beautiful folds with a satin sheen. Does not rub or irritate the skin;
  • does not accumulate static electricity. Unlike synthetics, silk things do not “crackle” and do not sparkle in the dark, and they also do not contribute to electrifying the hair;
  • hygroscopic. The pajamas will absorb all the moisture that is released through the skin during the night’s rest, and will dry just as quickly without leaving the feeling of wet clothes;
  • has a low thermal conductivity.In winter and during cold periods, when the heating devices are not turned on, silk warms perfectly, and in summer it gives a feeling of coolness;
  • wear-resistant and durable. Does not get thinner in places of greatest friction;
  • will give even the simplest style an elegant and attractive look.

If you are looking for an elegant suit that is comfortable to wear and easy to clean, take a look at the tiara fabric. The successful combination of fine wool, viscose and polyester in its composition provides the products with an ideal combination of properties.

Is it possible to control the noise level in the room with curtains? You can find the answer to this question here.

Natural materials for pajamas are more hygienic and comfortable, but not always practical – they are less durable and wrinkle a lot. Also, a significant disadvantage of a set made of natural silk will be its high cost. Therefore, more and more often you can find products from blended fabrics, where about 20% of the fibers are synthetic.

If the proportion of synthetics in the set exceeds 30%, it is better to choose something else.


Silk pajamas may consist of a long-sleeved shirt and ankle-length or mid-calf trousers. It is preferable to choose such a model for the cool season. If it is made of 100% natural silk, then in summer it can provide a feeling of coolness.

Especially for hot weather sets are designed, consisting of short shorts and a top with straps.

A set with shorts is more suitable for slender girls with straight legs and can emphasize figure flaws.Ladies with appetizing shapes should choose models with long and wide trousers, and the neckline may be more open.

If you prefer short or long pajamas, it is important to remember that it should be loose and not restrict movement. Comfort in this wardrobe item is as important as beauty. Moreover, when the pajamas are made of silk, which does not stretch. Fitting is contraindicated in this case, it is better to choose a model one or two larger than you usually wear. When buying, pay attention to the elastic in your trousers – it should not be too tight.

We recommend

If you have the opportunity, purchase several (two or three) sets at once, different in length, but harmonious in color. So you can combine them and wear long trousers with a top with thin straps or a shirt, and shorts with a short lace top or T-shirt.

How to choose a style and color

Even the simplest silk model will look attractive. It is better to choose sets with a shirt and long trousers in calm colors and without additional decoration elements.For adult women and just for everyday life, it is better if it is a plain fabric of pastel shades or with a restrained striped pattern.

For a slimmer look, choose vertical striped pajamas.

Young girls can easily afford sets with an abundance of baby-dol ruffles.

Lace inserts or mesh in combination with satin look very seductive. If you have just such a goal – to make your look seductive – feel free to choose black or red silk pajamas with lace.

Color and pattern can be selected depending on individual preferences, taking into account the color of hair and skin, the color scheme of bed linen and the interior of the bedroom. You can also choose kits of neutral shades that suit everyone – pearl, nude, gray.


It is better to refuse pajamas with decorative buttons with rhinestones or brooches. Such models belong to the category of pre-bed linen, it will be uncomfortable to sleep in them, moreover, you can scratch your skin.

Effects on emotional wellbeing

Comfortable bedding and nightwear has a direct impact on sleep efficiency and how a person will feel throughout the next day. Therefore, you should choose pajamas especially carefully, taking into account not only the external beauty, but also the quality of the fabric and the convenience of the style.

  • The contact of natural silk with the skin of the body contributes to the best relaxation and immersion in deep healthy sleep.
  • The natural composition of the fibers will provide good heat regulation.
  • Pajamas of the correct cut and size will not hinder movements, press or squeeze.

These factors contribute to quality restful sleep.


  • Always try to have several pajamas for each season. Pay the same attention to the choice of this wardrobe detail as when choosing clothes.
  • “Fix” items on time, pajamas should look as tidy as everyday clothes.One small hole or clues can ruin the whole experience.
  • Avoid wearing silk satin pajamas when laying bedding of the same material, otherwise the fabric will slip and cause discomfort.

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