Islands in indonesia to visit: 10 Best Islands in Indonesia (with Map)


10 Best Islands in Indonesia (with Map)

Between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and directly over the Equator, is the nation of Indonesia. The country is home to a staggering 18,000 different islands. The most well known islands like Java, Sumatra and Borneo are among the biggest in the world, but the smaller ones are also well worth a visit. While not all of them are inhabited, more than 6,000 are.

These islands are home to gorgeous beaches, stunning volcanoes, some of the world’s best diving destinations and exotic cultures. If you’re planning a trip to the largest archipelago in the world, these are the best islands in Indonesia you’ll most want to explore.

10. Ternate Island[SEE MAP]

flickr/Aan Kasman

The Maluku Islands, once known simply as the Spice Islands, were the only place on earth where nutmeg, mace, cloves and several other valuable spices were grown. Today, they are largely off the beaten track for visitors. One of the most intriguing of the Maluka Islands is Ternate, a small island that is now the provincial capital.

Since Ternate once had such a lucrative spice trade, the island is home to several fortresses, many of which are now in ruin. History enthusiasts will definitely want to tour Fort Oranje, built by the Dutch, and Fort Tolukko, which was built by the Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish. There are also plenty of beautiful places to swim, including the clear waters of Sulamadaha Beach. Dominating Ternate is the Volcano Gamalama, which erupted as recently as 2011.


Just east of Bali is a lesser known, but no less beautiful, island called Lombok. The island is very popular with travelers, and it is home to several small cities. The largest city, Mataram, is where you can find the stunning 18th century palace of Taman Mayura as well as the Taman Narmada, a Hindu temple turned park where local residents, travelers and even kings all come to unwind and relax.

Lombok is also home to Kuta, a thriving beach destination where surfing is the biggest pastime. Kuta is a backpacker’s paradise, featuring incredible beaches and a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere.


Where to Stay in Lombok

8. Wakatobi Islands[SEE MAP]

flickr/The Travel Manuel

In the far southeast corner of Indonesia is the Sulawesi Tenggara Province, which is home to the Wakatobi Islands. This small archipelago is known for one thing in particular: Diving. The Wakatobi Islands are regarded as one of the top diving spots in all of Indonesia, yet it is far less crowded than some other tourist destinations.

Many of the local resorts and hotels cater directly to divers, offering deals that combine frequent diving trips along with accommodation. Two of the best spots in the Wakatobi archipelago for diving include Pulau Tomia, known for its marine life, and Pulau Hoga, known for its colorful coral reefs.

7. Bangka-Belitung Islands[SEE MAP]

flickr/jeffrey manzini

Just off the coast of the major island of Sumatra are the Bangka-Belitung Islands. These islands are a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for some of the best beaches in the world. Many of the beaches are miles long, largely uncrowded and boasting pristine white sand along with clean, clear water.

You can also explore some of the many Dutch lighthouses, most from the 19th century, that were constructed when the islands were part of a much larger trade route. Dutch colonial buildings throughout the islands also hint at the region’s past.

In South Maluku are the Banda Islands, an archipelago that is best known for its production of spices. Nutmeg, in particular, put the Banda Islands on the map in centuries past. The Banda Islands have been under Portuguese, Dutch and even British control in the past, creating a unique culture.

Don’t expect shopping malls or major attractions on the Banda Islands, but do expect some phenomenal scenery and outdoor recreation. Popular pastimes including hiking Gunung Api, the tallest peak in the archipelago, snorkeling out at sea and dining on Ikan Bakar, or freshly caught and grilled fish.


One of the Lesser Sunda islands in Indonesia is called Flores.

Portuguese for flowers, the island is undeniably one of incredible scenic beauty. While the island offers plenty to do, see and explore in its own right, it is best known for being a gateway to Komodo Island.

Flores’ Labuanbajo is a common spot for ferries to pick up passengers headed to Komodo National Park, where it is possible to see Komodo dragons in their natural habitats. On Flores, the most fascinating attraction is the collection of crater lakes on Mount Kelimutu, which change color frequently thanks to mineral and chemical alterations due to volcanic gas.

flickr/Tom Weilenmann

Off the far northeastern tip of Sulawesi is Bunaken, home base for those who want to explore the Bunaken National Marine Park. When you discover that this marine park is home to a staggering 70 percent of all the fish species in the Indo-Western Pacific Ocean, it is easy to see why Bunaken is such a popular spot for divers and snorkelers.

By and large, the diving spots are geared toward advanced divers with strong swimming skills. However, increasing in popularity is snorkeling in the shallower coral reefs closer to the shoreline. After a day of activity, be sure to try the local liquor, a form of distilled white wine served with lemon and known as Cap Tikus.

One of the most popular tourism destinations in all of Indonesia is the place known as the Gili Islands, which are located just off the coast of Lombok. Once a mecca for backpackers eager to get off the beaten pack, the Gili Islands are no longer a secret travel spot.

The largest of the Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan, is the perfect place to try scuba diving, relax with a week-long yoga retreat or go surfing. The island of Gili Meno is known as the most romantic of the Gilis, and it is popular with couples on their honeymoon. The third island, Gili Air, is wildly popular with serious scuba divers who want unparalleled conditions without big crowds in the water.

2. Raja Ampat Islands[SEE MAP]

In the Papua region of Indonesia are the Raja Ampat Islands. Although there are over 600 individual islands that make up Raja Ampat, the four major isles are Waigeo, Misoo, Bantanta and Salawati. These islands are known for their biological diversity, making it a top spot for scuba divers, snorkelers and bird watchers.

In Raja Ampat, you can spot rare birds like the Cendrawasih and Wilson Birds of Paradise. These islands are also home to spectacular beaches, with shallow blue waters and fine white sand. Lagoons provide protection from the wind and a special place to relax in paradise. Also popular on the islands is living with locals and learning local crafts and skills.

flickr/Riza Nugraha

Bali is by far the most popular and globally known of the Indonesian islands. Although it can get crowded here during the high season it remains one of the best islands in Indonesia to visit. Also known as the Island of the Gods, Bali boasts a varied landscape, incredible beaches and an intriguing Hindu culture.

One of the most interesting spots on the island is the town of Ubud, home to forests filled with monkeys, artists and galleries. While in Bali, you can explore Hindu temples, hike around the foothills of the active volcano called Mount Batur or see the traditional rice terraces still farmed by local residents.

If there is an outdoor sport you can imagine, it is likely available in Bali. Surfing, kayaking, fishing, yoga, and diving are just as few of the countless pastimes you can enjoy on the large, scenic island of Bali.

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Map of the best islands in Indonesia

15 Best Islands to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagos in the world and is made up of at least 17,000 islands, so if you are looking for an island adventure then you have certainly come to the right place.

Some of the islands make up the main provinces of Indonesia such as Sumatra, Java, Lombok, and Bali, and many of the smaller islands are uninhabited, but if you are looking for something in the middle then you will find a huge variety of islands that are perfect for a relaxed beach holiday and are ideal if you want to go diving and explore some of Indonesia’s underwater delights.

Depending on your budget and how far you want to travel, you can still get away from the crowds while staying fairly close to the main hubs, or make the journey to some of Indonesia’s less visited enclaves if you truly want to fall off the grid for a while.

Here are the 15 best islands to visit in Indonesia

1. Gili Trawangan

Source: Shutterstock

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is part of three islands known collectively as the Gili Islands that lie off the coast of Lombok.

Easily reached from neighboring Bali by fast or slow boat, Gili Trawangan is the largest of the Gili Islands and often known as Gili T. Even though this is the largest island you can still rent a bicycle and tour around it in a few hours and some of the sights you will find along the way include a  turtle sanctuary and vast coconut groves.

In the day time you will find the requisite sandy beaches here and crystal clear seas, but at night Gili Trawangan comes alive and you can enjoy the throbbing nightlife that consists of live music, late night bars, and even party nights and themed events.

2. The Wakatobi Islands

Source: Shutterstock


The Wakatobi Islands is the collective name for four islands that form a mini-archipelago in the south of Sulawesi and are made up of Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko.

The Wakatobi Islands are known for being a fantastic dive spot so if you want explore beneath the waves in Indonesia then this is the ideal place to do it.

The islands also sit within the wider Wakatobi National Park which was formed to preserve the diversity of marine life here, and you can also enjoy walking around the islands as well as snorkeling or swimming.

To get to the Wakatobi Islands you will need to go through Bali but the long journey is more than worth it to visit an unspoilt beach paradise that many visitors don’t get to see.

3. The Mentawai Islands

Source: Shutterstock

Mentawai Islands

The Mentawai Islands are a collection of over seventy islands that sit off the west coast of Sumatra Island.

The best way to think of the Mentawais (as they are often known) is like a kind of Sumatran version of Bali, as there is a well developed surf culture here that attracts surf aficionados from all over the world.

There are a range of surf tournaments held here annually and some of the best surf in Southeast Asia is said to be found at the Mentawais.

If you don’t want to take advantage of the waves then you can go on boat tours that will let you island hop around the little coves and inlets or you can trek across the interior of many of the islands and explore lush rain forests.

4. Nusa Lembongan

Source: flickr

Mushroom Beach Nusa Lembongan

The island of Nusa Lembongan makes a great choice if you don’t want to travel too far off the beaten track but still want to stay away from touristy areas.

Located off the coast of Bali, many people wrongly think that Nusa Lembongan is part of the same area although it is actually a different regency in its own right.

Despite being close to Bali and Lombok, Nusa Lembongan is often overlooked by visitors which means that it still retains a serene atmosphere and relaxed pace, and if you like diving then this is a much better choice than most parts of Bali as the visibility is clearer and you have a good chance of seeing sharks, rays, and turtles.

5. Wai Island

Source: flickr

Diving, Wai Island

Wai Island is located in the wider Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua and is one of the most difficult to reach but also one of the most stunning islands in Indonesia.

The islands actually sits atop a coral atoll and is covered in a white sandy beach and encircled by azure seas and blooming coral reefs that teem with colorful fish and other marine life.

The sunsets from the island are known for being spectacular and if you want to spend your days in the ocean and your evenings relaxing by the beach then this is not to be missed.

Due to its small size, there is a single resort located here so it makes an excellent choice for those looking for a secluded location for the beach holiday.

6. Gili Air

Source: Shutterstock

Gili Air

Gili Air is the second largest of the Gili Islands in Lombok and is quieter than Gili Trawangan although busier than the smallest island which is Gili Meno.

Many people choose to come here to get away from the party atmosphere on Gili Trawangan and you will find some great snorkeling and diving here and there is some pretty coral just offshore which attracts turtles and maybe even the odd whale shark if you are lucky.

You can also trek across the island via a series of pretty scenic paths and at night you will find some restaurants along the waterfront serving fresh seafood cooked over hot coals.

7. The Bangka – Belitung Islands

Source: Shutterstock

Belitung Islands

The Bangka – Belitung Islands are located to the east of the main island of Sumatra and many Indonesians will tell you that these are the most beautiful islands in the archipelago which is high praise indeed.

The islands see a lot of domestic tourists although foreigners rarely make the trip here and you will find azure waters and clean sands mixed with scenic rock formations.

There are seven islands here that you can visit as part of a boat tour which allows you to island hop at your leisure, and many of these are covered in tropical flora and fauna.

Just one of these is ‘lengkuas’ island which means galangal in English, a kind of root ginger that you will find growing all over the region.

8. Nusa Penida


Source: Shutterstock

Broken Beach, Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is situated close to Bali and is joined to neighboring Nusa Lembongan via a bridge.

Many people choose to come here instead of Nusa Lembongan if they want to get completely off the grid, and you won’t find much here other than some seaweed farms, long sandy beaches, and beautiful diving and snorkeling opportunities.

The island is so low-key that there is hardly any Wi-Fi reception and no nightlife to speak of, so come here if you are looking for serenity and calm.

Many people also argue that the diving is slightly better around Nusa Penida than Nusa Lembongan and you can dive with rays and turtles which come closer to shore thanks to the relative lack of visitors here.

9. Samosir Island

Source: Shutterstock

Samosir Island

If you are looking for a different kind of island experience then consider heading to Samosir which sits in the middle of Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra.

Lake Toba has the claim to fame of being the largest crater lake in the world and is located in an extinct volcano filled with water via an underground spring.

You can swim in the lake or take a boat tour around the waters and on the island of Samosir itself you can explore traditional Batak villages and learn how these indigenous people would have lived in the days of old.

There is also a cemetery where you can see the ornate tombs of ancient Batak kings and if you hire a motorbike and travel into the hills around Samosir you will find delightful hot springs that are perfect for an afternoon soak.

10. Lembeh Island

Source: Shutterstock

Lembeh Island

Many of the islands in Indonesia offer you the chance to go diving, but Lembeh Island is a little different as it is famous for its muck diving opportunities.

Located in Sulawesi and accessible from the town of Bitung, the waters around Lembeh are full of natural sediment which is home to an amazing array of underwater creatures and if you like macro photography then this is not to be missed.

Just some of the species you are likely to find here include nudibranchs, crabs, and cuttlefish and you may even spot whale sharks or dugong on a dive here.

11. Seram Island

Source: Shutterstock

Seram Island

Seram actually means ‘scary’ in Indonesian but don’t let the name put you off a visit here.

Located in Maluku, this is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the archipelago and is known for its trekking.

Much of the island is made up of lush forests and there are a number of trails you can follow across the island that will let you enjoy the local flora and fauna.

You need to make a little more effort to visit Seram than other places in Indonesia, but it is more than worth it for the relaxed atmosphere and unspoilt vistas over the water.

12. Weh Island

Source: Shutterstock

Weh Island

Weh Island is a small sliver of land off the coast of Aceh Province in the far north of Indonesia and makes a fascinating trip for those who venture up here.

Easily reached from larger cities like Medan in North Sumatra, Weh Island is something of a hidden gem in Indonesia and you will find wide expanses of sandy beach as well as azure waters that are ideal if you want some relaxed snorkeling.

Although it is rarely visited by foreigners, there is a healthy domestic market here so you will find a good range of amenities like guesthouses, restaurants and cafes.

13. Karimunjawa Islands

Source: flickr

Karimunjawa Islands

The Karimunjawa Islands are nestled in the Java Sea and many locals will tell you that they are said to become the new Bali over the next few years.

Locals flock here although the Karimunjawa Islands are rarely visited by foreigners and if you make the trip here you will find tropical beaches as well as a plethora of diving spots which offer excellent visibility.

Snorkeling and swimming are also popular pastimes here or you can go for a jungle trek which will take you up into lush valleys and down past stunning gorges and streams.

14. Gili Meno

Source: Shutterstock

Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the smallest of the Gili Islands and as such is a popular spot with honeymoon couples or those wanting to get away from it all.

As with all the Gili Islands there are no cars here and you can get around by taking a horse and cart or renting a bicycle.

You can also walk around the island in a few hours and enjoy the gentle waters offshore if you want to try some snorkeling.

Due to the lack of pollution the seas are crystal clear and turtles and rays are practically guaranteed.

In the evening you sit at a beachside cafe and enjoy the peace and quiet and this is a good choice if you don’t want to venture too far off the beaten track as you can easily hop across to Gili Meno from Lombok or Bali.


Komodo Island

Source: Shutterstock

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is nestled off the coast of Flores and is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia.

The clue is in the name, as this island is the home of the fearsome Komodo Dragons.

The dragons are not in fact as scary as they sound and are actually a kind of large lizard, although they have toxic saliva so you don’t want to get bitten by one.

Fortunately Komodo Island has a range of guides who will take you to various spots where you can observe the dragons safely and they carry a large forked stick which is said to keep the dragons from coming too close.

12 Best Indonesian Islands That Will Take Your Breath Away In 2021!

The archipelago of Indonesia comprises of a total of 17,504 islands that are officially listed. The moderate climate that is clearly demarcated as wet season and dry season with no extremes of either summer or winter makes it ideal as a travel destination. With just about 6000 islands inhabited, this archipelago is home to three of world’s biggest islands namely Java, Sumatra, and Borneo. The archipelago has some of the most beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, oriental cuisine and exotic volcanoes that make this a very sought after travel destination for people from all over the world. Broadly, there are six major Indonesia islands that are worth mentioning about – namely, Sunda Islands, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Maluku Island, and New Guinea. However, the real treasure trove lies in some of the smaller pockets. Let’s take a dive into the list of Indonesian islands to find out.

Top 12 Indonesian Islands

Wondering which Indonesian islands to visit on your trip? Here is the perfect list of Indonesian islands that you should definitely explore. Take a look!

  • Bali – A Honeymoon Paradise
  • Ubud – Greenery Wherever You Look
  • Mount Batur – Most-Visited Volcanic Site
  • Raja Ampat Islands – Sports Activities Hub
  • Gili Islands – Surf With Your Partner
  • Bunaken – Admire The Marine Life
  • Flores Island – Perfect Adventurous Escape
  • Banda Island – Paradise For Thrill Seekers
  • Bangka-Belitung Islands – Spend Time Beside Blue Ocean
  • Wakatobi Islands – Gape At The Colorful Reefs
  • Yogyakarta – Indulge In The Indonesian Culture
  • Ternate Island – Famous Spot For Rare Spices


Bali – A Honeymoon Paradise

Image Source
Bali is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world for being home to diverse landscapes, forests, gorgeous beaches, and vibrant spiritual culture. Oriental cultures have a beautiful essence that sets it apart from the rest of the world. And that essence can be experienced at its best in Bali. The culture of this soil is the emblem of the tripartite concept called Tri Hita Karana which means a beautiful harmony between man, God, and the environment. This beautiful understanding of life is at the core of the culture that they hold on to even today, Bali has, at equal tandem progressed with time to be at par with the rest of the world in every aspect.

How to reach Bali: Take a flight from your country to Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar Airport in Bali to reach the destination.
Best time to visit Bali: June-August
Places to stay in Bali: Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa, Halaman Depan Hotel, Hotel Restu, and Hanging Gardens Of Bali.
Best restaurants in Bali: Restaurant Locavore, Mamasan Bali, and Spice Mantraa Indian Cuisine

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2. Ubud – Greenery Wherever You Look

Image Source

Looking for the best Indonesian islands to visit- The cultural hub of Bali, Ubud has been home to the royal families of Bali and is one of the best places to explore in Indonesia. The amazing landscapes, lofty mountains and a flourishing art and crafts centre, this place is a must visit for every traveler.

How to reach Ubud: To reach Ubud, take a flight to Denpasar Airport and then take a bus from there.
Best time to visit Ubud: July-September
Places to stay in Ubud: Champlung Sari Hotel, Ngurah Hostel Ubud, and The Junjungan Bungalow
Best restaurants in Ubud: Uma Cucina, Blanco Par Mandif, and Padi Fine Dining

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Mount Batur – Most-Visited Volcanic Site

Image Source

Wondering how many islands in Indonesia are there, is quite obvious for all travelers. There are many but one of the most popular is the Mount Batur. One of the most visited volcanic sites, the trekking trip to the top of Mount Batur is grueling as well as worth it for the sheer view of the still-active volcano. To be able to be on the top during sunrise or sunset will be an incredible experience.

How to reach Mount Batur: Take a flight to Denpasar Airport and then take a bus from Ubud to Kintamani to reach Mount Batur.
Best time to visit Mount Batur: May-July
Places to stay in Mount Batur: Volcano Terrace Bali and Triangle House Mount Batur
Best restaurants in Mount Batur: Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant and The Amore Bali

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4. Raja Ampat Islands – Sports Activities Hub

Image Source

Raja Ampat Islands fall under the Papua region of Indonesia and comprises of more than 600 small, individual islands with four major isles namely Waigeo, Misoo, Bantana and Salawati. Being one of the major sites best known for its biodiversity, this is one of the popular spots for scuba diving, snorkeling and bird watching. So, when are you heading to snorkel around the one of the best islands in Inodnesia?

How to reach Raja Ampat Islands: Take a flight to Sorong and then take a ferry to Waisai in Raja Ampat Islands.
Best time to visit Raja Ampat Islands: October-April
Places to stay in Raja Ampat Islands: Papua Paradise Eco Resort and Kri Eco Resort
Best restaurants in Raja Ampat Islands: Warung Cahaya Bone Waisai Raja Ampat, Warung Prasmanan Raja Ampat, and Rumah Makan Pondok Lesehan.

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5. Gili Islands – Surf With Your Partner

Image Source

Yet another paradise for scuba divers and honeymooners alike, Gili Islands have garnered a lot of name and fame among travelers from all over the world. Gili Trawangan and Gili Air being the largest of all the Gili Islands have evolved to be one of best sites for surfing, scuba diving and relaxing while Gili Meno has been an all time favourite as a romantic destination. Gili Islands is a perfect spot for those who are looking for a destination where they can spend time with their beloved.

How to reach Gili Islands: The best way to reach Gili Islands is to take a flight to Lombok’s airport and then take a taxi to the destination.
Best time to visit Gili Islands: September-November
Places to stay in Gili Islands: Vila Ombak Hotel, Les Villas Ottalia Gili Meno, and Aston Sunset Beach Resort.
Best restaurants in Gili Islands: Kayu Cafe and Karma Kayak

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6. Bunaken – Admire The Marine Life

Image Source

Home to the most exotic Bunaken National Marrine Park with 70 per cent of the entire fish species reserve in the whole of Indo-Western Pacific Ocean, Baunaken Island is invariable the top of the chart for scuba divers and snorkelers. This place is also famous for its local liquor named Cap Tikus. All travelers who love chilling with their friends while enjoying the local delicacies should definitely this island.

How to reach Bunaken: Arrive at Manado and take a 50-minutes boat ride to Bunaken Island.
Best time to visit Bunaken: June-October
Places to stay in Bunaken: Mamaling Resort Bunaken, Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort, and Froggies Divers Bunaken
Best restaurants in Bunaken: Mougie Restaurant and Restoran Nelson Bunaken

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

7. Flores Island – Perfect Adventurous Escape

Image Source

The vivid glories of nature in its full manifestation can be experienced in the Flores Island. Situated in one of the lesser Sunda Islands, Flores provides the best views of the landscape. Also the most popular approach to the Komodo National Park which gives the tourist a sneek peek into the natural abode of the Komodo dragons. The other attraction in Flores Island is the changing colors of the water in the crater lakes on Mount Kelimutu. This is the reason why the Flores Island has been able to bag the title of one of the most beautiful Indonesian islands.

How to reach Flores Island: Reach Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali and from Denpasar you can take a direct flight to Labuan Bajo.
Best time to visit Flores Island: Mid-April – Mid-October
Places to stay in Flores Island: Cinnamon Guesthouse, Bintang Flores Hotel, and Eco Tree O’tel
Best restaurants in Flores Island: La Cucina and Happy Banana Komodo

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8. Banda Island – Paradise For Thrill Seekers

Image Source

Banda Islands in South Maluku is best known for spices particularly nutmeg. Years of foreign dominance by Portuguese, Dutch and British has given its culture a unique signature. It is also the seat for the highest peak in the whole of Indonesia Gunung Api. Much like any other island, it is famous various hiking and other water sports such as surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

How to reach Banda Island: To reach Banda Island, you will first have to reach Ambon from where you can take a fast ferry and reach the destination in 5-6 hours.
Best time to visit Banda Island: November-March
Places to stay in Banda Island: Cilu Bintang Estate, Allan Bungalow, and The Maulana
Best restaurants in Banda Island: Mukusu Restaurant and Green View Restaurant

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9. Bangka-Belitung Islands – Spend Time Beside Blue Ocean

Image Source

The most gorgeous beaches are to be found in the Bangka-Belitung Islands. The virgin beaches are yet to experience the influx of heavy tourism-driven traffic to mar its pristine beauty. Some of the other highlights include the pug marks of the Dutch colonialism in its architecture and lighthouses build in the 19th century.

How to reach Bangka-Belitung Islands: You will first have to reach Jarkarta, Singapore or Malaysia from where you can take a direct flight to Tanjung Pandan in Belitung.
Best time to visit Bangka-Belitung Islands: February-March, October-November
Places to stay in Bangka-Belitung Islands: Menumbing Heritage Hotel, Hotel Santika Premiere Beach Resort, and Novotel Bangka
Best restaurants in Bangka-Belitung Islands: Restaurant Dynasty and Rumah Makan Fega

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10. Wakatobi Islands – Gape At The Colorful Reefs

Image Source

Yet another beach destination that is yet to experience heavy footfall of the tourists is the small archipelago of the Wakatobi Islands. It is one of the best islands in Indonesia that is known to be the most popular diving destinations. The best among the lot is Pulau Tomia which offers a sneak peek into its staggering marine life and Pulau Hoga for its vibrant coral reefs

How to reach Wakatobi Islands: Fly to Jakarta or Bali first and then take a flight to Wangi-Wangi Island. From this island, you can take a ferry ride or a private boat to the destination.
Best time to visit Wakatobi Islands: March-December
Places to stay in Wakatobi Islands: Tomia Villa, Wakatobi Patuna Resort, Labore Stay, and Wakatobi Dive Resort.
Best restaurants in Wakatobi Islands: Wasabinua Hotel & Dive Resort, Ampupu Beach Resort, and Warung Makan D’Bantea

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11. Yogyakarta – Indulge In The Indonesian Culture

Image Source

If you have had enough of the beach activities and want to delve a little into the cultural aspects of Indonesia, you should head towards Yogyakarta. Here, you get to see and experience the vibrant crafts and the awesome oriental cuisine. With Mount Merapi at its back and the vast Indian ocean lying ahead of it, Yogyakarta is undeniably one of the most picturesque sites. However, the main attraction is its vibrant culture, remains of the ancient temples and the myths and legends that come alive through their dance shows and artwork.

How to reach Yogyakarta: You can reach Yogyakarta by taking a flight till Bali and then reach Sumatra Island to get to Yogyakarta.
Best time to visit Yogyakarta: May-October and December
Places to stay in Yogyakarta: Snooze Yogyakarta, Duta Guest House, and Yogyakarta BnB
Best restaurants in Yogyakarta: Mediterranea Restaurant and Milas Vegetarian Resto

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12. Ternate Island – Famous Spot For Rare Spices

Image Source

Ternate is one of the Maluku Islands which had once been the sole supplier for nutmeg, mace, cloves, and many other rare spices. Apart from the breathtaking landscapes of Sulamadaha Beach and the awe-inspiring Volcano Gamalama, it is a spot for great interest for history enthusiasts as they can delve deep into the colonial reminiscences of Portugal, Dutch and Spanish reign on this land. Important landmarks include Fort Ornaje and Fort Tolukko.

How to reach Ternate Island: You will first have to take a flight till Jakarta and from there take another flight to Ternate Island.
Best time to visit Ternate Island: October-May
Places to stay in Ternate Island: Grand Dafam Bela Ternate, Aini Homestay, and Villa Ma’Rasai
Best restaurants in Ternate Island: Restoran Floridas and Royal’s Resto

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This list of Indonesian islands can’t be missed and you should definitely put them on your bucket list. Already excited to take a trip to Bali? Don’t wait anymore. Get packed, book your trip to Indonesia with TravelTriangle and leave right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Indonesian Islands

What are the 5 main islands of Indonesia?

The five main islands of Indonesia are Java, Sumatra, New Guinea, Borneo, and Sulawesi. Apart from this, there are several small island groups in Indonesia.

How many islands are there in Indonesia?

There are around 18,307 islands in Indonesia according to the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN).

What is the most beautiful place in Indonesia?

No one can point out one beautiful place in Indonesia as there are many places like Maluk Beach, Mount Rinjani, and Mount Bromo.

What is the best island to visit in Indonesia?

Gili Trawangan and Wang-Wangi are some of the best islands to explore in Indonesia that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime.

Is Indonesia a safe place to visit?

Yes, Indonesia is one of the safest places to visit in the world and there have been rare crimes against tourists.

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9 Breathtaking Islands in Indonesia More Beautiful Than Bali – skyticket Travel Guide

Every year millions of tourists flock to Indonesia, usually homing in on the tourism mecca of Bali, known for its beautiful beaches and natural landscape. However with around 18 thousand islands stretching across the vast archipelago, the country has its fair share of stunning picture-perfect isles of paradise, many of which are arguably much more beautiful than the ever-popular Bali. With the government starting to develop areas for tourism outside of Bali, it’s the perfect opportunity to check out these stunning islands of Indonesia before the crowds get there.

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9 Breathtaking Islands in Indonesia More Beautiful Than Bali

Wayag Island

Photo by Andre Djohan/Shutterstock

In the eastern reaches of Indonesia, lodged between Sulawesi and West Papua are the Raja Ampat Islands. The larger island of Wayag offers exceptionally beautiful views over the miniature islands that look like gems scattered across the ocean. With the perfectly clear waters and colorful coral found in abundance here, it’s also the perfect destination to go diving or snorkeling.

Lombok Island

Photo by rob_travel/Shutterstock

The island directly east of Bali offers a number of similarly beautiful beaches, many of which are devoid of crowds unlike its busy neighbor. While tourism to Lombok has started to increase in recent years, it still pales in comparison to the amount of tourists that flock to Bali and many of its visitors are those trying to escape to a quieter, more relaxing place to soak in the sun. The island is also home to Mount Rinjani, a volcano with a picturesque lake at its crater along with a number of other stunning natural landscapes, arguably more breathtaking than what you’ll find on Bali.

Even better, a few minutes by boat from the coast of Lombok are the beautiful Gili Islands (pictured below), an area that’s perfect for snorkeling and relaxing on some of the best beaches in the country.

Photo by Creativa Images/Shutterstock

Dodola Island

Photo by Pambudi Yoga Perdana/Shutterstock

Off the top of North Sulawesi you’ll find Dodola Island, a stretch of beautiful sand that’s just perfect for relaxing and taking in the comforting rays of the Indonesian sun. It’s not difficult to get to, with boats regular leaving for the Morotai Islands including Dodola from Tobelo. Or you can choose to fly to Leo Wattimena Airport on Morotai, although flights are chartered and can be quite expensive.

Seram Island

Photo by Yati Nurhayati/Shutterstock

Although Seram is much bigger than Bali, it hardly sees many tourists. While much of the island is underdeveloped and not really suited for visitors, there are some amazing resorts dotted around the coast, perfect for escaping to nature and enjoying the crystal clear waters. One of the best is Ora Beach Resort with its picturesque hut villas perched on top of the crystal clear ocean. If you get tired of snorkeling and relaxing on the beaches here, the island is covered in dense tropical rain forest perfect for trekking and exploring.

Kei Kecil

Photo by Stephane Bidouze/Shutterstock

If it’s vast stretches of deserted beaches you’re looking to relax on then you can’t do much better in the world than Kei Kecil Island. Even most native Indonesians have never heard of the Kei Islands making it a perfect getaway to chill out in private, without a soul to bother you. Getting there is not the easiest, requiring a transfer in Ambon, but the very few who do make it are highly rewarded. The beaches here have some of the whitest and finest sand in the world, such as Ohoidertawun Beach, which stretches for over two kilometers across the coast of the island and not a soul in sight.

Padar Island

Photo by Thrithot/Shutterstock

At the heart of the incredible Komodo National Park is Padar Island and its stunning jagged peaks and dramatic coastline. You wont find any of the majestic Komodo dragons here anymore, but the beautiful scenery easily makes up for it. Pair that with the gorgeous golden sand beaches and you have one of the most picturesque islands in Indonesia.

The Thousand Islands

Photo by Arief Akbar/Shutterstock

Jakarta, a mess of polluting cars, traffic jams, towering chrome skyscrapers and a gazillion gigantic shopping malls. The capital is a great place to sample the highly underrated and diverse Indonesian cuisine, but can quickly get quite cloying and tedious. Especially after waiting for three hours in a traffic jam, which the city is notorious for.

What most tourists don’t realize however, is that there is an archipelago of beautiful tropical islands a stone’s throw from the concrete jungle. The Thousand Islands, or Pulau Seribu are dotted around the Jakarta Bay and offer the perfect getaway from the city for those reluctant to travel further afield. Although there isn’t actually quite as many islands as the name suggests, and many are off limits, the ones available to the public are quite picturesque with gorgeously clear waters and golden beaches.

Sumba Island

Photo by Mario Susilo/Shutterstock

Sumba is home to some of the most incredible landscape in Indonesia, if not the world. From its beautiful rolling hills and mountains around Bukit Wairinding to the breathtaking waterfalls and jungle scenery in Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park. Here you’ll find a wide range of dramatic scenery unparalleled anywhere else. Not to be outdone by Bali it’s home to a unique culture in the Marapu people and a number of beautiful beaches. One of which, Walakiri Beach (below), offers a breathtaking sight as the reflection of the alien-like mangrove trees reflect in its shallow waters.

Photo by Krist Setyawan/Shutterstock

Misool Island

Photo by ze_fir/Shutterstock

In the south of the Raja Ampat Islands, Misool is surrounded by minature drops of islands, dramatic karst landscape and waters of seemingly a hundred tones of blue and green. As you might expect from such clear waters, the area is perfect for snorkeling and swimming around and like Wayag you’ll find a wealth of beautiful, vibrant coral around here too.

Conclusion to the Best Islands in Indonesia

These are just a few of the beautiful islands of paradise you’ll find around the vast archipelago of Indonesia, just waiting to be explored. In recent years the government has realized the incredible tourism potential devoting more money to resorts and resources to make these hardly explored areas just that bit easier to take a vacation to.


The 16 Best Most & Beautiful Indonesian Islands to Visit (Besides Bali!)

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I was welcomed to Indonesia as a guest of the Ministry of Tourism as part of their #TripOfWonders campaign. All words, photos and experiences however are my own ☺ 

In some ways, a trip to beautiful Indonesia is like getting cursed.

One visit is all it takes for your mind to spiral into constant thoughts of coming back (the ultimate first world problem).

Bringing together the trifecta of travel perfection – gorgeous scenery, fascinating culture and a food scene to die for, Indonesia is a place that would take dozens of years to cover properly.

So, it makes sense then… Once you come once, you’re doomed to an ever-growing list of where to go in Indonesia for next time.

Save this list of the best Indonesian islands to visit for later!

You’ll be very glad you did.

And while the country’s shining tourism star may be Bali (full of fun Balinese cultural activities and no doubt called the “Island of the Gods” for a reason!), those willing to go a bit more off the beaten path will be treated to a treasure trove of unique cultures, natural beauty and sights that are truly out of this world.

I had the pleasure of visiting Indonesia for the first time last month with the Ministry of Tourism’s #TripOfWonders campaign and almost instantly, I knew I was in trouble.

10 days passed like nothing, and now I’m already plotting my return.

So, if you’re looking for some visual inspo re: where to go in Indonesia, here are just a few of the other best islands in Indonesia to visit, from the large and (deservedly) touristy to the smaller and more remote. Get ready to drool.

Which Indonesian islands am I missing on this list? I know there’s lots. Let me know in the comments!

First: How Many Islands is Indonesia Made up of?

Narrowing down the best islands in Indonesia to visit is no easy task, especially when you consider the extensive pool of competition.

Indonesia is actually the largest archipelago in the world, and according to the Embassy of Indonesia here, there are over 17,000 islands that belong to the country.

The number of islands in Indonesia is so numerous in fact that some reports even say that the government themselves don’t actually know how many islands they have…

So cherry picking the best Indonesia islands to visit? Not exactly the easiest task.

Nonetheless, I’ve tried my best! And rest assured, there are many amazing islands in Indonesia besides the most popular Indonesian island, Bali, where your travel fund and budget will go far.

So, here are some of the best and most beautiful Indonesian islands to visit, perfect for that bucket list of yours.


Sumatra is a diverse and captivating island synonymous with adventure.

With everything from stealthy tigers to bumbling orangutans, this island is home to a diverse wildlife and natural world that has earned Sumatra a (well-deserved) reputation as “Indonesia’s wild west”.

There’s potential for adventure around every corner whether you prefer jungle trekking or volcano scaling, plus those looking for a more relaxing and low-key experience though shouldn’t miss Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake (and a spectacular backdrop for adventurous exploration).

Click here to see the best deals on adventure packages around Sumatra.

View of Lake Toba from Samosir Island


While technically part of Sumatra, Samosir deserves its own special mention. An island the size of Singapore, housed in the middle of the world’s largest volcanic lake?

Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

Combining picturesque scenery with fascinating cultural tradition, Samosir is a well-rounded island in Indonesia well worth a visit, particularly if you’re interested in cultural things to do in Indonesia.

While here, be sure to immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural traditions of the Batak people (one of Indonesia’s largest ethnic groups), through exploring both museums and local villages.


As the most populated island on earth, Java is often considered to be the heart of Indonesia, and no doubt one of the best Indonesian islands to visit.

This massive island is packed with a little something for everyone, from chaotic big cities (like the country’s capital, Jakarta) to top Indonesia attractions like the temple haven of Yogyakarta.

This abundance of cool sights is what makes it one of the best Indonesian islands to visit for a first timer.

Of course, Java is also home to some lesser known Indonesia attractions, which makes it the perfect destination for cultural explorers.

Don’t miss the fascinating city of Semarang, dubbed the “little Netherlands” of Indonesia and of course, be sure to stop in Surakarta (AKA Solo), a bustling city world-renowned as the Spirit of Java.

Here are some of the cool tours and activities you can try in Java.

Lawang Sewu, Semarang


No list of Indonesia’s best islands would be complete without a mention to Sulawesi.

Mountains, jungles and wildlife for days – Sulawesi is not only one of the biggest islands in the world, but one of the most mysterious and intriguing.

Venture into the Southern Highlands to find Tana Toraja, home to some of the most unique funeral traditions in the world (and where venturing into death caves becomes the norm).

There’s an abundance of cool things to do here, from scoping out traditional villages like Kete Kesu to more adventurous activities like diving.

Trust me, this is one of the top Indonesia attractions you don’t want to miss.

The Best Indonesian Islands to Visit (still on my bucket list)

I didn’t want to limit this roundup of what to visit in Indonesia to solely places I’ve been, so let’s also tackle the best Indonesian islands I haven’t been to yet! Did this trip low-key make me regret spending so much time backpacking Europe vs. exploring Asia?

Maybe… but there’s always time, and many Indonesia islands to visit in the future. So here are some of the top picks on my list.


White sand beaches, lush rice paddies, exquisite hiking trails and views for days. It’s little wonder why many visitors consider Lombok among Indonesia’s best islands to visit.

There are many islands near Bali well worth a visit, but its close neighbour Lombok is the adventurer’s paradise I most have my eye on.

Imagine lounging on pristine pink beaches or gawking at the smouldering crater lake atop Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second highest volcano… Can I just book my ticket already?

Here are some packages to Lombok you can book from Bali.

The Gili Islands

Just off of Lombok is where you’ll find the popular island trio of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, all increasingly popular spots on tourist radars, and considered among the prettiest islands in Indonesia.

Boasting some of the best beaches in Indonesia with their turquoise waters and soft white sand, these tiny islands have become synonymous with paradise, each offering something unique to its visitors.

And sure, while some might say the tourism boom on these islands has eroded its previously tranquil appeal, you can’t say no to spectacular views like these:

Belitung Island

East of Sumatra, you’ll find a little paradise haven called Belitung Island, a spot largely left off tourist radars.

Why is it on my list then? Two words: Kaolin Lake.

Ever since seeing a photo of this lake’s bright blue waters (framed gorgeously by white limestone), I’ve made it a priority for my next visit.

And I mean, the unspoiled beaches and ridiculously attractive scenery help too. If you’re looking for a more remote Indonesian island to visit, this would be an excellent choice.

New Guinea

New Guinea is the second largest island in the world, with territory split between two countries: Indonesia to the west and Papua New Guinea to the east.

This remote slice of Indonesia (the farthest east in the country you can go) offers up majestic, unspoiled landscapes, mindblowing culture and thriving traditions that will transport you into a completely different world.

Despite being relatively difficult to access, I’d love to come here someday to witness its spectacular tribal traditions for myself. If you’re wondering what to visit in Indonesia for a unique cultural experience, a stop at this island is a must!

Raja Ampat

Just off the Northwest coast of New Guinea is the diving paradise of Raja Ampat, one of the best Indonesia islands to visit for scuba divers.

I mean, let’s be honest: Raja Ampat is living proof that Mother Nature loves to show off from time to time.

This archipelago, made up of over a thousand small islands, offers up spectacular natural wonders that you have to see to believe, from crystal clear turquoise waters to marine life ripped straight from a tropical fish tank.

Jawdropping scenery meets exploration and adventure… I’ll see you there, yeah?


With glorious deserted beaches and epic volcanic lakes, Flores is where you can escape the chaos of other Indonesia attractions and feel a sense of zen and escape.

Found only 90 minutes away from Bali, this Indonesian island is quickly becoming more popular, but for good reason.

Flores is where you can spy on komodo dragons, enjoy a pristine dive and trek through lush jungles all in one day.

My personal dream though is to one day catch sunrise at Mount Kelimutu, with its tri-coloured lakes at the summit, a mysterious and captivating sight that baffles visitors from all around the world.

Komodo National Park

Right by Flores is where you’ll find another top Indonesian destination: the Komodo National Park.

Spread across several islands including Komodo, Rinca and Padar, Komodo National Park is the epitome of a badass adventure destination.

From bright pink beaches to giant deadly lizards – this national park showcases Indonesian nature at its finest, which is why it’s one of the most popular places to visit in Indonesia.

Looking for the easiest way to see Komodo National Park? Here are some organized tours.

Komodo island in indonesia sunset


Borneo is a stunning island politically divided between Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

Wildlife enthusiasts flock here to be dazzled by the island’s lush rainforests, unspoiled beaches and insane abundance of cool creatures.

I mean sure, other Indonesian islands may have surf opportunities and sweet nightlife, but do they have adorably cheeky orangutans? I think not.

Browse awesome tours/activities around Borneo.

The Maluku Islands

This archipelago found east of Sulawesi plays a crucial role in Indonesian history, but today remains an unexplored, tranquil slice of paradise.

Formerly known as the Spice Islands – it was here that nutmeg and cloves were exclusively found once upon a time, which played a massive role in the country’s eventual colonization.

No doubt, these islands are some of the best Indonesian islands to visit if you’re in search of peace, quiet or maybe some bird watching (which Seram Island is famous for).

Wakatobi Islands

This vaguely Japanese-sounding archipelago gets its name from four Indonesian islands – Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko.

You can find it just off of South East Sulawesi, and the incredible biodiversity found here, alongside its magnetic beauty, has made it an increasingly hot destination for divers, photographers and tourists alike.

The upside of this is of course that it’s now more accessible than ever, which means yes, you’ll be catching me here ASAP.


This remote island in Eastern Indonesia offers up the classic Indonesian paradise aesthetic, all pleasantly without the crowds to brawl with.

While not easy to reach, visitors are spoiled rotten with breathaking sights like hidden lagoons, quiet beaches and postcard-perfect views, like the mangroves at Walakiri Beach.

My dream though (and #1 motivator for visiting)? The opportunity to check out and (maybe) sleep in one of these traditional straw houses:

Nusa Penida

Just off the coast of Bali is where you’ll find some of the best beaches in Indonesia, and surprise: they’re still somehow relatively undisturbed by mass tourism.

I’m of course talking about the little island of Nusa Penida, found only 90 minutes away from Bali.

Of all islands near Bali, Nusa Penida is among the most picturesque, and more low-key than the surfer haven Nusa Lembongan right next door.

Of course, it’s important to mention that it’s also home to the Insta-famous ‘T-Rex island’:

Did I miss any of your favourite Indonesian islands?

I’m still planning where to go in beautiful Indonesia next, so tell me: what other incredible gems am I missing? Let me know in the comments where the best Indonesian islands to visit are (if you’re not keeping the secret for yourself)!

Watch my most popular YouTube video this week:

10 Best Islands In Indonesia You Must Visit

1. Raja Ampat Islands

Situated just off the north-west of the world’s second largest Island called Papua, Raja Ampat Islands are home to the most diverse marine life on earth. The multitude of gorgeous coral reefs, the native wobbegong sharks, and the tropical fish are the highlights of the Coral Triangle. Underwater explorers should grab their chance to spot a huge manta swimming over the arrays of coral, the dancing translucent jellyfish, a school of rare fish species, and the endangered hawksbill sea turtles. The cliffs with handprints from ancient time, the caves, the pristine sandy beaches, and the cays with lush vegetation are the reason why Raja Ampat Islands make the top of the list.

Map Location

2. Gili Islands

These three tiny Islands called Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, located off the west coast of Lombok, offer remarkable natural beauty. The white sand beaches along with the crystal clear ocean and the soft breeze are what makes this tropical island a traveler’s dream come true. The coral reefs teeming with tiny marine creatures embellishes this paradise. Gili Trawangan offers a vibrant atmosphere for those who are hungry for partying and nightlife. Meanwhile, Gili Meno and Gili Air invite couples to enjoy romance on special honeymoon.

Map Location

3. Lombok Island

Not far from the Gilis, Lombok Island is another tropical jewellery you need to experience. Just a four-hour ferry ride from Bali, you can directly head to the southern beaches. Kuta beach of south Lombok has long stretches of white sand beaches washed by small waves and an arid hill named Mandalika. The adjacent Tanjung Aan beach is tremendously splendid with its two types of sand. Additionally, your bucket list destinations on Lombok Island should include the Pink beach, which has offers pinkish-red sand, clear green water, and a cliff to jump into the sea. The island has a Muslim majority and a unique Sasak culture with good food. Hiking can also be enjoyed on Mount Rinjani.

Map Location

4. Belitung Island

The tropical paradise of Belitung Island in the middle of Karimata Strait will captivate anybody. The home of Malay and Chinese Hakka inhabitants is really famous for its outstanding landscapes, which are the main setting of the phenomenal Indonesian movie called “Laskar Pelangi.“ The white sand beaches are dotted with oval granite boulders and feature crystal blue water. The Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang beaches are the hub of Belitung’s loveliness. Other must-see attractions are the abandoned tin mining lake, the pretty surrounding islets, and the traditional houses.

Map Location

5. Flores Island

With an arid savannah terrain, undulating hills with waterfalls, outstanding underwater to spot manta rays, and the surrounding islets, which are home to the vicious, prehistoric Komodo dragons, Flores Island is obviously popular for travelers. In addition to the fascinating natural beauty, the island is inhabited by various indigenous tribes with their unique traditions and housing styles. The predominantly Catholic island is truly a piece of heaven you need to explore.

Map Location

6. Derawan Island

If you are lusting after underwater exploration while in Borneo, Derawan Island will satisfy your diving hunger. This tiny island off the shore of East Borneo covers the most complete marine diversity in the world. Divers will be able to observe rare sea turtles, colorful corals, fish, and giant clams. The endemic jellyfish without stingers found in the island’s ponds is another interesting attraction. The white beaches are the best spot to enjoy the day leisurely with fresh coconut water.

Map Location

7. Pulau Weh

Located off the western tip of Sumatra, Weh Island is a volcanic island with unique terrain and lush, green landscapes. It also has amazing white sand beaches and top diving spots. The main aquatic species living in the waters of Weh Island are the mega mouth sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and whale sharks. Those creatures will definitely hypnotize all divers. To enjoy the land, resting on a hammock under palm trees is the perfect choice.

Map Location

8. Wakatobi Islands

Wakatobi encompasses Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko, the four islands that make up the Tukangbesi Islands. These islands are surrounded by a huge number of coral reefs and atolls that are part of the Asia-Pacific Coral Triangle. On land, visitors will find mangrove forests along the shore and other green vegetation inland. The inhabitants the Sama-Bajau who are seafaring people.

Map Location

9. Moyo Island

Moyo Island shot to fame after Princess Diana dove into the island’s waterfall spring. The tropical rainforest of the island is a highlight where you can find some waterfalls that are perfect for swimming and cliff jumping. Snorkeling is the best way to explore the island’s underwater habitats.

Map Location

10. Bali

Who doesn’t know Bali, the last heaven on earth? Bali keeps magnetizing people to visit with its magical attractions ranging from enchanting beaches, rice terrace, Hindu temples, cultural events, and fine dining. Bali provides a complete package for all types of travel junkies and wanderers. The spots for diving, snorkeling, self reflection, cultural exploration, and relaxation are unparalleled. Furthermore, Bali is the mecca of entertainment, partying, and nightlife.

Map Location

Countries within a country: there is no place like Indonesia

Indonesia is an amazingly huge country consisting of thousands of islands, offering stunning natural landscapes and unique cultures. Visiting its different islands provides you with a different perspective and unforgettable experience in each location. Plan your itinerary now and book the trip of a lifetime.

Disclosure: Trip101 selects the listings in our articles independently. Some of the listings in this article contain affiliate links.

32 Best Islands to Visit in Indonesia

Visit the best islands in Indonesia now! Indonesia’s enchanting diversity  – according to the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs – boasts 17,508 islands, divided into 34 provinces.  There are over 300 ethnic groupings in Indonesia, with classification that is not rigid and in some cases fused by migration, cultural and linguistic influences. Have the numbers impressed you yet? Read on.

Elizabeth Pisani’s book

Indonesia, Etc.: Exploring the Improbable Nation, tells of her study exploring a country inhabited by people from different ethnic groups, who between them speak 719 languages!  Bahasa Indonesia is the national language, binding the nation together:  “Unity in Diversity”.

But that’s not all. With this broad population comes a mix of cultures, languages, religions, traditions and histories. And of course, stunning natural beauty.

With so many to choose from, we’ve whittled it down to 30+ of our favourites.

1. Komodo

Komodo Island is part of the Komodo National Park with the surface area covers 390 square kilometers. It is also the home to approximately 2,500 Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard on earth. The island is surrounded by some of the most tempestuous waters in Indonesia, fraught with riptides and whirlpool. Yet, as home to one of the world’s richest marine environments, divers, scientists, and photographers from around the world come to this national park to experience the astonishing biodiversity. The main attraction of this island is spotting the Komodo Dragon. But, you can also do other activities here, such as climbing Mount Ara (538m) to overlooking the expansive and beautiful view from the top. Or, exploring Kampung Komodo, a friendly Muslim Bugis village. 

Read our Guide to A Liveaboard Tour at Komodo National Park

2. Karimunjawa Photo: Guide Planet

Located in the north of the capital city of Semarang, Karimunjawa one of the hidden gems in Indonesia. There are plenty of things offered on this island. Its pristine beach and sea are home to coral reefs that scatter in an 80 km wide area where you can find some protected biota species. The place is also famous for its exquisite panoramic views and preserved. Enjoy the mesmerizing white sand beaches spread over several points and the unique culture of the local community. Karimunjawa boasts of a massive collection of marine flora and fauna, ranging from tropical fish to the birds you can see flying above the archipelago. 

Read our Guide to Semarang: City with Multicultural Harmony

3. Lombok

Located in West Nusa Tenggara province, Lombok is an island with a total area of about 1,743 square miles. It is also surrounded by smaller islands locally called Gili. The provincial capital city is Mataram which also takes the largest area on the island. As a neighbor island with Bali, Lombok also shares similar size and density, as well as some cultural heritage. With divine beaches, the majestic Mt. Rinjani and spectacular marine life to discover, Lombok has no shortage of attractions both in and out of the water. It’s no wonder that Lombok has become one of the most popular destinations in West Nusa Tenggara. 


4. Gili

The Gili Islands are an archipelago of three small islands or Gili island triplets — Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air — just off the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia. Each island has several small resorts, usually consisting of a collection of huts for tourists, a small pool and restaurant. Most local inhabitants live on Trawangan in a township stretching along its east side just inland (which is also where most recent development is taking place). Automobiles and motorized traffic are prohibited on the islands by local ordinance, so the preferred method of transportation is by foot and bicycle or the horse-drawn carriage called a cidomo. Scuba diving and free diving in and around the Gilis is also popular due to the abundance of marine life and attractive coral formations. Most famous diving spots are Shark point, Manta point, and Simon’s reef.


5. Belitung Photo: Come to Belitung

Belitung might look a little slumber compared to its neighbor, Bangka island. But, this tiny island located in the east Sumatra should be on your weekend getaway bucket list. The reason is none other than the natural beauty Belitung has. As well as how the island will bring peace and serenity to your getaway. Its main island’s beaches, including Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang, are known for their rounded granite boulders, fine sand, and calm waters. The island’s largest town, Tanjung Pandan, features Dutch colonial architecture and a colorful harbor. Pulau Lengkuas, one of many small offshore islands, has a 19th-century lighthouse and snorkeling among its coral reefs. 


6. Padar  Photo: Trover

Padar is the third largest island of Komodo National Park and attracts many people because of the colored sand of its bays’ beaches. One is pearly white, another charcoal black, and a third is a very rare baby pink. Padar is also a savannah-covered, mesmerizing landscape fringed by bright green-capped mountains. As well as surrounded by turquoise bays. Padar is home to a remarkable array of wildlife, especially for its size. There are six species of shark, and two of manta rays, and many different reptiles. 

7. Bintan Ria Bintan Golf Club

Situated just a ferry ride away from Singapore or Johor Bahru in Malaysia, as well as its neighboring Batam Island, Bintan is the largest island in the Riau Islands province. This island offers the perfect getaway with its high-end resorts, world-class golf courses, and a refreshing coastal atmosphere. In recent years, Bintan has also become a world-class Sport-Tourism destination attracting thousands around the world to compete in its marathons, triathlons, extreme sports and golf challenges. The Bintan Resorts have been a home for the world-renowned yearly Triathlon in the past years. There are several attractions in Bintan that might capture your interest. Including, Bintan Lagoon Resort, Penyengat Island, Trikora Beach, and Senggarang and Sebung Village. 


8. Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo once was a small fishing village, but now it has become one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. The island is a gateway for trips across the nearby islands, such as Komodo Island dan Rinca Island which part of Komodo National Park. Other than being a stopover, the island has many interesting to discover, include several waterfalls, trekking facilities, and many diverse beaches. Labuan Bajo is also known as the island of sunset where you can find plenty of vantage point to enjoy a spectacular sky every day. 

Meanwhile, you can also explore The Mirror Cave, a site found in 1951 by Dutch which concludes that this island once located under water. There are three majorities of ethnic groups, namely the Manggarai, Bima, and Bugis. You can meet some of the locals in their beautiful village of Labuan Bajo. The Melo village, in West Manggarai, is known as one of the tourism villages that travelers would come by. Welcoming ceremonies and traditional dances will greet you warmly upon your visit.

Read our BEST PHINISI CRUISES to get the most of your trip to Labuan Bajo on one of these phinisi boats!

9. Bali

Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. It is also famous for surfers’ paradise! Bali enchants with its dramatic dances and colorful ceremonies, its arts, and crafts, to its luxurious beach resorts and exciting nightlife. And everywhere, you will find intricately carved temples.

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10. Mentawai Photo: National Geographic

The Mentawai Islands are a chain of about seventy islands and islets approximately 150 kilometers (93 miles) off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Take a trip into the wild with an adventure to the Mentawai islands. Be surrounded by tropical rainforests and immerse yourself in the traditions of the local people. While the physical distance between the mainland and Mentawai is not great, this remains one of the most isolated places in Indonesia and was only subject to outside influences at the start of the 20th century. A long way from the world of shopping malls and theme parks, this is where travelers come to get a truly off the beaten track adventure.

90,000 Where to go in Indonesia other than Bali. Best Indonesian Islands

Even the Indonesians themselves do not know exactly how many islands there are in this amazing country on the equator. At the most conservative estimate, thirteen and a half thousand. From this variety, we have selected the best islands in Indonesia, which are interesting to visit for travelers.

Choose what you want to do: swim, surf, scuba dive, climb volcanoes, explore the customs of local people or get acquainted with wildlife, and decide which island in Indonesia is best suited for your holiday format.

Best Indonesian Islands:

• Sumatra and Landmark
• Java
• Bali (go to our article about Bali)
• Lombok and Gili
• Sumbawa and Moyo
• Flores and Komodo
• Sulawesi
• Moluccas
• Kalimantan

Sumatra in Indonesia is the sixth largest island in the world. In vast expanses the size of Kamchatka, you will feel a bit like a pioneer: far fewer tourists get to Sumatran volcanoes, orangutans and distinctive peoples than to the sights of Java, Bali and Lombok.

You should not expect much comfort from Sumatra: there are fewer cute guesthouses and cozy cafes here than we would like. But nature plays the first violin and deserves to go any way for it.

Delight Orangutans

Where: Bukit Lawang village at the entrance to the Gunung Loser National Park, Sumatra

In the wild, orangutans live only on the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra, where they feel like celebrities and maybe they don’t give autographs.In Sumatra, to meet the orangutans, come to Bukit Lawang, a village at the entrance to the Gunung Loser National Park. Call a guide, choose a trekking route from 3 hours to 5 days and go into the thick of the rainforest. Charming monkeys walk through the jungle without any cages and fences and often go down to tourists to flirt and beg for food – don’t give it: it’s against the rules.

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Visit the Batak village

Where: Lake Toba, Sumatra

Seventy-four thousand years ago, the Toba volcano exploded.One of the largest eruptions in history may have caused a cold snap across the earth. On the site of the former volcano, a caldera was formed, which eventually filled with water – this is how Lake Toba appeared.

A serene life now flows on the shores of Lake Toba. Tourists drop anchors in the village of Tuk-tuk, where the best choice of accommodation in Sumatra and prices attract even winterers. If you can escape the pleasantly lazy contemplation and forget for a while about the delicious papayas and avocados, take a look at the traditional Batak villages and admire the unusual dwellings with saddle roofs.Formally, the Toba Bataks are Protestant Christians, but the buffalo horns hanging everywhere hint that the times of priests and sacrifices are a thing of the past not so long ago.

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Soak up the sun on Veh Island

Where: Veh Island, 45 minutes by ferry from Banda Aceh, Sumatra

Veh Island near Sumatra is a branch of paradise away from the hyped Bali. Rustle of palms, tiny crabs in sandy burrows, gentle lapping of waves – it is worth going to Veh to relax and reboot.It is great here to walk along the turquoise water for a long time, to master snorkeling among flocks of colorful fish, to dine on sweet pineapples, mangosteen and herrings, and watch the sunset swinging in a hammock. It seems like nothing special, but you definitely won’t want to leave!

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When is the best time to go to Indonesia

The best time to travel to Indonesia is the dry season from May to September. At this time it is sunny and almost no rain on most of the islands. The exception is the Moluccas, where the seasons have changed places: from June to September it is rainy there, but from October to May it is time to swim and sunbathe in the bright sun.

The history of Indonesia was made in Java. A hundred years before the Baptism of Rus, Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms had already fought for power on the volcanic island, and by the end of the 13th century, the Majapahit empire had grown up – one of the largest states in all of Southeast Asia.After its fall, Java was first divided into Islamic sultanates, and then for three and a half centuries fell under the rule of the Dutch East India Company. The capital of the colonial possessions was Batavia, present-day Jakarta.

Now Java is the most populated island not only in Indonesia, but also in the world. And one of the most interesting for tourists: in addition to fantastic volcanoes, waterfalls, jungles and rice fields, Java is famous for its ancient temples.

Find a path inside the mandala

Where: Borobudur Buddhist Temple, 45 km from Yogyakarta, Java

Even if you are as far from Buddhism as Jakarta is from Moscow, Borobudur will impress you.One of the largest Buddhist temples in the world soars over tropical greenery and clings to the tops of clouds floating from the Merapi volcano. The impressive structure was erected from blocks of volcanic stone without mortar in the 8th century during the Shailendra dynasty – the very ones that actively spread Mahayana Buddhism on the island of Java. Borobudur is not an ordinary temple, but a voluminous mandala, that is, a model of the Universe as Buddhists see it. Be sure to climb to the top tier if you don’t want to miss the great views.

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Worship Shiva

The Prambanan temple complex was built by the Hindu Sanjaya dynasty in the 9th century – in Europe at that time the waterway “From the Varangians to the Greeks” was opened. Then the king with his retinue moved from Prambanan to another residence, apparently terrified of the Merapi volcano. The temples were abandoned and began to decay. Today they have been reopened and restored. Come to see the main temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, find bas-reliefs with scenes from the Mahabharata and Ramayana and dream about the times when secret rituals were performed in slender buildings.

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Look into the Vent

Where: Bromo volcano, 120 km from Surabaya, Java

In Indonesia, you will go to the left or to the right, in the end you will still appear in front of a volcano. One of the most spectacular and at the same time easily accessible volcanoes is Bromo. A hot handsome man more than two kilometers high stands inside the caldera of the ancient Tenger volcano, surrounded by four other volcanic cones.

Settle in the village of Cemoro Lawang and in the middle of the night on foot or by jeep start to Mount Penanjakan. By dawn, go up to the observation deck, from where you will see the whole company of volcanoes. To continue your acquaintance, descend into the caldera and on a horse or your two climb up to the foot of Bromo. All you have to do is climb a staircase of 250 steps – and you will find yourself right on the edge of the crater, from which you hear hissing and smoke. Walking along the edge of the crater is possible, but be careful with the Selfie “Me and the Mouth of the Volcano”.

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Lombok and Bali are neighbors and are almost equal in size. But their characters are as different as day from night. Bali is vibrant, partying and Hindu (religion is not important in itself, but because it affects the way of life on the island). Lombok is quiet, secluded and Muslim. This does not mean that there are no parties and socializing in Lombok – everything is there, but at times less.

On a part of the ocean, Bali and Lombok will delight surfers, but there are few beaches for swimming on both islands: big waves are raging everywhere.At the same time, the beaches in Lombok are longer and deserted.

The tourist infrastructure in Lombok is much worse developed than in Bali. There is a small selection of hotels and few attractions in the usual sense of the word. But if you rent a car or bike and ride around the island using the map and intuition, you will come across hundreds of amazing places. Get in the mood for adventure, not an all-inclusive hotel, and you’ll love Lombok.

Fly the waves

Where: Sengigi, Kuta and all surf spots of Lombok

The Indian and Pacific Oceans surrounding Lombok never calm down, and this plays into the hands of surfers.Come for a couple of days from Bali or make Lombok your home base: you won’t get bored on the waves here. There are spots for riders of all skill levels, although beginners can find it difficult due to the fact that Lombok has a modest selection of surf schools. Among the popular places for beginners is the fishing village of Gerupuk, from where you can get to the spots by boat. Advanced riders hone their tube riding technique on the Desert Point.

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Dive underwater on Gili

Where: Gili Trawangan, Meno and Eyre islands near Lombok

Gili is usually spoken of in the context of Bali, but three tiny, absolutely heavenly pieces of tropical paradise lurk near Lombok.The largest of the trinity – Gili Trawangan – you can walk around in an hour and a half and you will certainly fall in love with white beaches with blue water and a relaxed atmosphere. Trawangan is considered a hangout, and Meno and Air are calm, but you will not find the crowds and bustle of Gili anywhere. What really awaits you is great snorkeling and diving right from the shore or in secret places to which you will be driven by boat. In addition to coral reefs and colorful fish, you will see sea turtles, to which you can swim at arm’s length.

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Conquer the active volcano

Where: Rinjani Volcano, Lombok Island

Rinjani volcano is a hot-tempered nature. From time to time, it activates, throwing out ash and blowing out puffs of smoke. Despite its threatening appearance, it usually does not pose a danger, and the guides, having checked the forecasts of volcanic activity, with a clear conscience accompany tourists upstairs.The classic climb lasts three days. First, you will climb to the edge of the crater and take a bunch of photos of the blue lake inside it. Then you will rest in the base camp in order to take by storm the Rinjani peak at a height of 3276 meters by dawn and get a cool reason to be proud of yourself.

In July – August 2018, the trekking trails in Rinjani were temporarily closed due to the effects of the earthquake. In 2019, the trails have been restored and are operating as usual since the start of the dry season in April.

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Do Russians need a visa to Indonesia

No visa required for up to 30 days – upon arrival in Indonesia you will be given a free stamp. You can enter without a visa only through airports and seaports from the official list. You cannot extend your visa-free stay in Indonesia.

To spend two months in Indonesia, apply for a visa upon arrival .It costs $ 35 and is issued for 30 days with the option of extending up to 60 days.

A visa issued in advance at the consulate of Indonesia gives the right to stay in the country for 60 days with the possibility of extending up to six months.

The ferry to Sumbawa will take you to another world. If you have been to Bali, you are already used to massages, eco products and hotels with beautiful carved doors. Lombok is wilder, but still you won’t have to look for a tourist infrastructure for a long time.Compared to these two dandies, Sumbawa is a relative from the village: wild and interesting. They go to Sumbawa mainly for the sake of climbing the Tambora volcano, surfing and beaches, where you will be absolutely alone for many kilometers. The best way to travel around the island is to use your own transport: the main roads are quite decent, and on the secondary ones, locals will help you, if anything.

Stay alone with the volcano

Where: Tambora Volcano, Sumbawa Island

Indonesia belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire – a chain of volcanoes that stretches from New Zealand through Kamchatka to the Cordillera.Of the four hundred Indonesian volcanoes, at least one will always be nearby. The easiest way to climb a volcano in Indonesia is Sumatran Bromo. For a more challenging experience, climb Balinese Agung or Lombok Rinjani. One thing: tourists know and love all these volcanoes, and at the top you will find yourself in a big company.

Tambora Volcano on Sumbawa is good because after a relatively simple climb you will find yourself on the edge of a six-kilometer caldera in absolute solitude, and on the way you will surely see deer, civets and monkeys.

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Discover the island

Where: Moyo Island near Sumbawa Island

Photo: Katiebowl, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

If your favorite beaches are deserted, then take a closer look at Moyo Island off the coast of Sumbawa. Blue ocean, bright corals, unafraid fish and lush jungle – the splendor opens up only to those who ventured to rest in an unbroken place. There is nothing to be afraid of on Moyo: in well-kept hotels you will be received at the highest level, and the locals are friendly and will not refuse a joint photo.To finally feel the idyllic island, look for a waterfall with cascading baths – they say that Princess Diana bathed in it.

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The “flower” island of Flores is covered with mountains, the road through which was laid relatively recently. Previously, it was difficult to move through the jungle, so many places on the island have preserved a traditional, unlike anything else. Villages are like open-air museums – except that people really live like that.The second facet of Flores is nature, which is beyond praise. It is one of the best snorkeling and diving areas in all of Indonesia, and the neighboring island of Komodo is home to legendary monitor lizards.

Enter Jurassic Park

Where: Komodo Island, about 2 hours from Labuan Bajo on Flores Island

Komodo monitor lizards live in the national park on the islands of Komodo, Padar and Rincha near Flores. The largest lizards on earth have a frankly prehistoric appearance, because their ancestors found dinosaurs.They are also often called dragons: once you meet the gaze of a two-meter-high carnivorous monster, you will understand why. The bites of the monitor lizards are poisonous, so you will not meet with them alone. All tourists sailing on ships to Komodo explore the island strictly along three routes in the company of a guide – it is safe even for children.

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Swim on the pink beach

Where: Komodo Island, about 2 hours from Labuan Bajo on Flores Island

No colored glasses are needed on this beach – you can walk up to the perfectly transparent water on the sand with a pink tint.Foraminifera shells – unicellular that live among corals give an amazing color. The pink beach is located in the national park on the island of Komodo and you won’t be able to settle there. But in Labuan Bajo on Flores, you can agree with a travel agency so that you are not only taken to the Komodo lizards, but also dropped off on the pink coast for a couple of hours: you will have time to swim and dive.

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Count the lakes in the Kelimutu volcano

Where: Kelimutu volcano, 100 km from Maumere, Flores island

If only one volcano fits in the Indonesian vacation, choose Kelimutu – you will see three crater lakes instead of one.To heighten the effect, they are multi-colored: dark green, light green and brown, and they also change shades when the weather changes. Unlike most volcanoes in Indonesia, there is a road to Kelimutu, along which you can drive directly to the crater. There are few tourists to Flores, and even with such accessibility, there is no flea market at the top.

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Remember the ancestors

Where: Bena Village, near Badjawa City, Flores Island

In the center of Flores live people from the Ngada people, to get to know them – how to attend a history lesson, but not boring.Ngada are considered Protestant Christians, but the customs have been preserved since pagan times, when the spirits of their ancestors were worshiped. In the villages of Ngada there are paired shrines: houses on thin legs are erected in honor of female ancestors and are called bhaga, mushrooms with a straw hat symbolize the spirits of male ancestors. Straw figures of warriors look from the rooftops, skulls of buffalo and pigs hang on poles, stone monuments-megaliths are piled up nearby – all this sounds a little scary, but in the village of Bena they are used to tourists and do not mind attention.

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Terra Incognita, a land that few people get to, is the island of New Guinea. It is divided into two parts: the eastern one belongs to the state of Papua New Guinea, the western one belongs to Indonesia. There you will meet tribes from the Stone Age and a real bird of paradise. Watch our video on Western New Guinea and get inspired to travel.

Everything is tempting in Sulawesi – from exotic nature and unusual culture to the shape of the island itself, which looks like either a blot or a sea turtle.Sulawesi has not yet become the mainstream for tourists, but you will not have to live in a hut either: in popular places you will have a choice of hotels and restaurants of a decent level.

Count the octopuses

Where: Bunaken Island near Sulawesi, an hour by boat from Manado

Bunaken is considered one of the best diving spots in Indonesia. The islet to the north of Sulawesi is part of a marine reserve with a varied and unusually abundant wildlife. Bunaken is especially famous for its reef walls, among which are pygmy seahorses, orangutan crabs, clown fish and a great many other miniature creatures.From prominent people, you can count on meeting with barracudas, reef sharks, rays and turtles, and if you are very lucky, you will see a dugong.

Make friends with a crested baboon

Where: Tangkoko Nature Reserve, two hours from Manado, Sulawesi Island

In the Tangkoko Nature Reserve in Sulawesi, you will see more rare animals in a day than in other places in a week. If you get up before dawn, you will find awake tarsiers: cute round-eyed creatures are nocturnal.In the afternoon, a meeting with crested baboons is guaranteed. These endemics of Sulawesi once got to an unattended camera and took funny selfies. Look out for bear couscous on tree branches: he dines on leaves. Of the birds, you will definitely not miss the Sulawesian kalao – it is noticeable from afar by its unexpected shape and color, like a child’s toy.

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Gasp from surprise at a visit to the Toraja

Where: Tana-Toraja district, south of Sulawesi, nearest airport in Makassar

Photo: anmede, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Toraja people from the island of Sulawesi tremblingly preserve ancient traditions. What are only traditional houses – they look like boats and are decorated with intricate paintings and carvings. But most of all Torajs are famous for their funeral customs. They are buried in caves and on steep rocks and in memory of the deceased they leave a symbol – a wooden tau-tau figurine. You can see symbolic dolls that seem to guard the caves from their stone balconies, for example, in the Lemo burial. Tourists with especially strong nerves come to Tana-Toraja specifically to attend the funeral ceremony, during which sacrificial bulls are slaughtered.

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A quiet whirlpool is about the Moluccas. The scattering of islets lost between Sulawesi and New Guinea is rarely remembered now, but in the 16th century it was they who sparked colonial interest. From antiquity to modern times, nowhere else in the world, except for the Moluccas, did not grow cloves and nutmeg. Spice was a super-profitable business, but first the mysterious islands had to be found, and then to seize control over trade routes – the competition between European powers influenced almost the entire world history.

Now spices grow everywhere, and spice islands have returned to the state of a quiet tropical paradise. The Moluccas have few tourist amenities, but more than enough white beaches and ideal reefs for diving and snorkeling. One of the best local destinations is the Banda Islands, which are part of the Moluccan group: if you want to catch more time, take a snorkeling tour, and you will be taken to all the tasty places.

Settle on the water

Where: Ora Beach, Seram Island in the Moluccas

Steep shores with rainforest walls, a strip of sandy beach and secluded overwater bungalows – the Maluku Islands can be difficult to distinguish from the Maldives.One of the well-hidden treasures on the Spice Islands is the Ora beach resort. Settle in the nautical stilt house to watch the colorful fish from the comfort of your sun lounger. If it’s more comfortable with firm ground under your feet, choose a beach bungalow and speak quietly: what if a Moluccan cockatoo or an Amboin royal parrot will fly to the veranda?

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The third largest island in the world is divided between different countries.Two-thirds of Kalimantan belongs to Indonesia, a small piece belongs to Brunei, the rest is occupied by Malaysia, which calls this island Borneo. Indonesian Kalimantan is a wild and sparsely populated land with endless jungles, where it is easy to see orangutans, gibbons and noses. For beaches, snorkeling and diving, they usually go to the neighboring island of Derawan – it is part of the Coral Triangle with a phenomenally diverse underwater life.

Measure your noses

Where: Protected Mangrove Forests in Balikpapan City, Kalimantan Island

A cucumber nose, small eyes and a gray-brown coat – the charming male nose cannot be confused with other monkeys.These cute monkeys of Kalimantan live in mangrove forests and do not go far from the water. To see the noses in the wild, take a boat trip through the mangrove forests of Balikpapan. During the two hours of sailing, watch the nosy devour the leaves and jump dashingly through the trees.

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Swim Into the Jungle

Where: Tanjungputing National Park, Kalimantan

Photo: Nala Rinaldo, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Walking through the rainforest is a difficult task. In the Tanjungputing National Park, curious travelers are spared and river tours are arranged for them. Imagine: you are sailing through the virgin jungle for three days on a local boat swallows, right on which you are served delicious food and at night they stretch a romantic net over a soft bed. And overboard is the Discovery Channel: now a nosy rustle among the leaves, now orangutans gather, then a wild cat sneaks by, or a gibbon walks unhurriedly.

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90,000 5 interesting places in Indonesia: what to visit besides Bali

For tourists, Indonesia is primarily Bali.But the dignity of this exotic country is not limited to the beauties of the paradise island! Local authorities have promised that ten new resort areas will appear in Indonesia very soon. We are talking about the first portion of their attractions right now.

Bromo-Tenger-Semeru (Java Island)

Bromo-Tenger-Semeru National Park is one of the easiest places to imagine our planet at the dawn of its history. Five more volcanoes rise from the giant ancient Tenger caldera, surrounded by a sea of ​​volcanic sand, among which the highest is Semeru, and the most popular among travelers is Bromo.

These are living volcanoes! Semeru spews steam and ash several times an hour, and smoke always stands over Bromo, which last erupted in 2012. All of this creates alien landscapes that seem even more outlandish when combined with tropical vegetation outside the caldera and vibrant Aboriginal Tenger villages living on the mountain slopes.

Also in the national park there are four lakes, fifty rivers, waterfalls and caves (sacred in the minds of local residents).However, the weather on Bromo-Tenger-Semeru is not particularly friendly to travelers. It is cool here during the day, frosty at night, rain is possible at any moment, which in the midst of the wet season (January-February) flood the park before floods and landslides. But even this does not scare off tourists who are ready to admire the harsh volcanoes at any time of the year.

(Photo source:

Lake Toba (Sumatra Island)

A Russian traveler on this lake will feel at home thanks to the landscape: pine trees, rocks and green hills.You can’t say at all that once there was a raging fire and lava boiling – a formidable supervolcano erupted.

After this event (about 74 thousand years ago), a giant caldera remained – 87 km long and 27 km wide. For fifteen hundred years it was filled with water, and today Lake Toba at an altitude of 900 m above sea level is the largest in Indonesia.

In the middle of the lake there is an island of Samosir the size of a small European state. The reservoir feeds 366 villages and towns that are located in the valleys.People here grow rice, coffee, vegetables and coconuts, raise livestock and fish. These are the Batak people, who for a very long time, until the beginning of the twentieth century, waged a partisan war against the Dutch colonialists. As a result, almost all Bataks are Protestant Christians, but their traditional beliefs are still included in the local flavor: for example, they are reflected in the bright Batak architecture.

The main connoisseurs of Lake Toba are eco- and ethno-tourists, who are most numerous here in January-February, during the Chinese New Year, despite the rains (they stop in May).Most of the guests are accommodated in Samosir, on the Tuk-Tuk peninsula, which does not spoil even the abundance of hotels and restaurants for tourists.

(Photo source:

Borobudur Temple (Java Island)

There are enough temples on the island of Java, but Borobudur differs from all with its cinematic biography. For almost a thousand years, he dozed like a Sleeping Beauty, overgrown with forest and covered with volcanic ash. Even the local tribes did not know about him. Only in the 19th century, Europeans found Borobudur and began to clear it, and then plunder it for souvenirs.There was even an idea to disassemble the entire temple by stones and place it in museums in different countries. It’s good that at that moment it was difficult to get to him.

By 1982, the monument was restored and designated under the protection of UNESCO. What’s so special about him? Borobudur is a grand Buddhist temple complex built around the 9th century. It is not known why its creators left these places – perhaps they were driven away by the eruption of one of the volcanoes. Borobudur is composed of two million gray-black stone blocks (no mortar required!).

The temple has a lotus shape and nine tiers. Decorated with many bas-reliefs and 504 Buddha statues. Moving from the foot of the temple upward along the system of stairs and terraces (almost 5 km of the way!), The pilgrims seem to “read” the story of Buddha and his teachings. The levels of the temple symbolize the “floors” of Buddhist cosmology: the sphere of passions, the sphere of forms, and the sphere without forms. At the same time, all the beauty of Borobudur is outside, but not inside.

(Photo source:

Pulau Seribu or Thousand Islands (Jakarta)

There are actually about 110 of them, and this scattering of islands in the Gulf of Jakarta is half uninhabited.This is a marine reserve with untouched nature, with a fabulous variety of wildlife and silence. Somewhere the legacy of the colonial era has been preserved, and several islands are ready to receive the modern discerning tourist who wants to play golf, water ski or fish.

For example, the island of Kotok was chosen by divers, and here you can rent a tree house, and on the island of Putri there are more than 70 cottages for guests and a lot of entertainment. Less “equipped” islands – Harapan, Kelapa, Pramuka and others, they are simply inhabited by local residents.

Pramuka Island is the most populous, you can go there from Jakarta on your own and even find an overnight stay with some local family. In total, 36 islands have been set aside for the development of tourism, but so far only 11 have resorts. It is noteworthy that 23 islands on Pulau Seribu are the private property of unknown lucky people who bought themselves a piece of a miracle.

(Photo source:

Tanjungputing (Kalimantan Island)

Tanjungputing National Park is one of the few places on the planet where you can see natural flora and fauna.UNESCO took him under its wing back in the 70s, protecting unique and endangered animals – mainly wild orangutans. Tanjungputing is also inhabited by clouded leopards, Malay bears, porcupines, dwarf elephants, wild boars, gibbons, hornbills.

The reserve occupies over 4000 thousand km² of mangroves, ancient thickets, mountains and mighty rivers. This territory is already experiencing the influence of man, but there are also corners where civilization has not yet looked. It is for them that ecotourists come here.

Tanjungputing is quite easy to get to, and traveling along it does not require any special physical preparation. The most favorite format for tourists is a tour in a houseboat: three to four days in an Indonesian boat for several people. In it, travelers move along the river network, sleep and dine, and leave it for short forays into the woods to look at local wonders.

(Photo source:

Yulia Vinogradova

Text source:

Indonesia 🌴 description of the country, photos, what to see

Travelers dreaming of an unusual vacation on exotic islands have become increasingly interested in the islands of Indonesia in recent years. Holidays in Indonesia attracts them not only by the unknown, but also by the exceptional diversity. landscapes, cultural and culinary traditions. It’s so tempting to feel it all for yourself …

The fact is that the Republic of Indonesia – this is the largest island state on the planet – is located on the legendary and famous for their rather dissimilar history islands of Southeast Asia – Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Bali, partly in Borneo and New Guinea, as well as on many of the smaller islands of the Malay Archipelago.

Indonesia is washed by two great oceans at once – the Pacific and the Indian! It is curious that the country ranks fourth in the world in terms of population: the capital Jakarta (Java island) alone is home to about ten million people. Moreover, in Indonesia, representatives of various cultures peacefully coexist.

Too many interesting things converge at one “point” of the world space – here, in Indonesia. Tours to Bali and other islands of Indonesia are “unclouded” joys for all curious tourists who are interested in something more, than an exclusively beach holiday.Although he is good – the comfortable beaches of Bali are in no way inferior to those in the Maldives and Seychelles.


There are many amazing things in Indonesia. In this country, where more than four fifths of the population are Muslims, there is a completely unique province – the island of Bali, whose inhabitants are almost all Hindus. When they build their houses, they take special places for small house churches, and touchingly and faithfully observe their traditions – respect for gods and elders, guests and loved ones.

In the last few years, a vacation in Bali (prices for it are not at all as high as it is commonly thought) has become synonymous with a good rest from the harshness of civilization, in harmony with friendly people and wonderful nature. They like to come here freelance artists, designers, musicians.

Maldiviana, the largest tour operator in exotic destinations, is pleased to invite you on a trip to Bali.

It is convenient to buy tours to Bali, to plan a vacation in Bali at any time of the year: despite the fact that there are dry (April – October) and wet (November – March) seasons, you can rest here all year round, because the rains are short-lived and usually pass at night.The air and water temperature here is always in the region of thirty degrees, the soil and air are favorable for the growth of rare species of trees and a variety of tropical shrubs. Balinese people love to decorate their cities and towns with gardens – and when orchids and lotuses, jasmine or water lilies bloom, the wind carries their delicate fragrance throughout the island …

A special role in the life of the Balinese is played by the mountains stretching across the entire island, as travelers who went to Indonesia will be convinced by making tours to Bali the preferred scenarios for their holidays.The mountains here are considered the home of the gods and ancestors. The Balinese still feel quite in a pagan way that the forces of nature are connected with people and their past, and they bring gifts of fruits and vegetables to the gods personifying nature.

The inhabitants of the island are peaceful and friendly. They will gladly introduce you to their traditions, which they are proud of (if, of course, you treat them with interest and respect).

There are many Hindu temples on the island of Bali, the territories of which are decorated with flowering plants; pink and scarlet petals fall into the ponds, and this is incredibly beautifully combined with the exquisite and majestic architecture of the sacred buildings.This blessed island was created for contemplators who yearn for new images and impressions!

Holidays in Bali

Bali hotels will pleasantly surprise travelers with their impeccable service – regardless of the number of “stars”. All holidaymakers enjoy unlimited use of clean bottled water provided by hotels for free. Choosing a vacation in Indonesia, tours to the island of Bali, you will never find yourself in the position of a bored vacationer – there is something to see! The nature of the island amazes with the exotic nature of the forests, the grandeur of the mountains and still active volcanoes, among which the most picturesque are Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung.It is the combination of unusual nature and ancient Hindu temples that is a beautiful and unique feature of Bali, making it stand out from other islands in Indonesia.

Hinduism finally took root on the island since the 15th century, when many adherents of this doctrine from the island of Java were forced to move here, persecuted by the followers of Islam, which is gaining strength in the region. But tourists will also be able to see temples of earlier times – for example, the 11th century Hindu temple Pura Kehen near the city of Bangli.

In the capital, Denpasar, it is pleasant to walk along the well-groomed streets, admiring the ancient buildings, and to visit the local ethnographic museum. There are many attractions on the island in different areas: the famous Pura-Besakih temple complex and other architectural monuments of Hinduism; and the “forest of monkeys” Alas-Kedaton; and the Puri Lukisan Center for Crafts and Ethnography; and many sacred territories in the rocks – temples, interesting bas-reliefs.

Excursions are available – the prices for visiting all these strikingly bright and unusual places are not at all high.It is worth going to Indonesia, at least in order to get in touch with the incomprehensible wisdom and dignity of the Balinese, allowing tourists to observe their innermost past and the rituals that they perform to this day.

The island takes care of the health of tourists and offers many special health programs, both tonic and soothing. More than twenty types of massage are widespread here and, of course, they practice all the classic forms of spa, herbal medicine, mud therapy.Here, the well-being of men is approached in a special way: especially for them, the Balinese have invented the Black Borneo therapeutic wrap (with chopped cloves and black rice), which is followed by a massage and relaxing rest in the water.

A holiday in Bali is also a great opportunity to try yourself in surfing, even if you have never risked catching a wave on a board before! Here, in the resort of Kuta, there are famous surfing schools for beginners, specially giving those who begin training a bright form so that the instructor can easily come to the rescue.And for experienced surfers, wonderful and stable waves – at the Uluwatu resort.

When planning your vacation, of course, you want to know in advance what you can bring as a gift to your relatives and friends from a trip to such a distant country as Indonesia. What will you keep as a keepsake of wonderful Balinese days? Of course, there is no vacation in exotic places without unusual shopping. Combine thoughtful walks with shopping: the island has a selection of quality, authentic souvenirs everywhere.But don’t forget to bargain! Bali prices depend on your kindness and persistence. On vacation in Indonesia, and especially here, you can buy stunning hand-painted fabrics, figurines of dragons and traditional dolls, emerald and pearl necklaces and bracelets, umbrellas, carved boxes, and of course, sets of famous Indonesian spices.

Balinese-style rest is great, bright, unusual, comfortable, exquisite and wonderful! Make sure of this on your own experience!

90,000 The best resorts in Indonesia – islands, beaches, outdoor activities

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Resorts in Indonesia are known to everyone. For recreation, these are truly heavenly places, which, according to the stories of local residents, were created by the gods. Everything is perfect here – warm transparent turquoise water, mild climate, well-groomed beaches, gentle sun and volcanic sand. The islands of Indonesia attract thousands of tourists every year. Why are they willing to pay a lot of money, and the flight at 11-15 o’clock remains invisible? Let’s figure it out!

Features and benefits of holidays in Indonesia

1.Local residents

No matter where you fly in Indonesia (no matter what resort, etc., the flight is carried out to Den Pasar International Airport) – you will always be greeted with a smile on your face. It seems that on the islands, the locals smile even in their sleep. They are incredibly welcoming. Any of your requests or remarks will be carefully listened to and humbly fulfilled. Friendliness and friendliness are already felt at the airport.

2. Kitchen

Not only national exotic food is cooked deliciously and beautifully served on the islands.The chefs will skillfully cope with any European dish, as well as with Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. All hotels are very strict about the freshness of food. Try the best Indonesian fruits – they are juicier and sweeter than those we buy in supermarkets (mango, avocado, jackfruit, durian, young coconuts and bananas, carambola, pineapple).

3. Vegetation

None of the tropical countries of the Eastern Hemisphere can match the vegetation of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago.From a bird’s eye view, these are beautiful green islands shrouded in turquoise water and soft sand. Most of the islands have dense forests. Tourists should look at different types of bamboo, teak in Java, eucalyptus, palm trees, ficuses, cadaveric lilies, as well as ferns, orchids, araucaria, dense monsoon forests, etc.

4. Pink and white beaches

Small particles of coral reefs and shells have merged with the white local sand. The result is a soft pink shallow and very delicate sandy beach.Tourists can observe this amazing phenomenon on the island of Komodo. In Bali and Nusa Dua, there is a snow-white clean coast. White Sand (Virgin) beach has white-gray sand.

5. Active rest in the resorts of Indonesia

Indonesia is a surfer’s paradise. Even world-famous athletes train here. On the island of Java, Tulamben and Menyanggan, waves can reach 7 m.

Many people associate holidays in Indonesia with diving.These are dizzying underwater beauties that are no longer in the world: unique marine life, exotic fish, coral reefs, bizarre algae. A particularly vibrant ecosystem is observed on the islands of Komodo and Lombok. They are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Do you want to walk along the bottom in special helmets and without scuba gear? Hurry to the underwater attraction Sea Walker!

6. Attractions of the islands of Indonesia

In this corner of the world, everyone will find entertainment to their liking.It is interesting for married couples with children to visit the zoo in Bali, a bird and reptile park, a safari park with several hundred species of animals. There are about one and a half thousand islands in Indonesia, it is simply impossible to bypass everything. In Little Indonesia Park you can see everything in a reduced form. On Kuta, adults and children will love the huge water park and dolphinarium. In Jakarta, there is the Ragunan Zoo, the Oceanarium, the huge Taman Anggrek shopping center.

If you manage to visit Bali, be sure to visit excursions to the plantations of coffee, cocoa and spices, as well as look into the butterfly park.

Special attention should be paid to the multi-colored crater lakes of Kelimutu – a real wonder of the world. They periodically (once every few years) change their color. The water turns turquoise, green, brown, or even black. This is due to the minerals that have settled at the bottom, which constantly undergo a chemical reaction.

It is difficult to list all the attractions of the islands in Indonesia. Wherever tourists are resting, they will not be bored.

7. Fauna of Indonesia

This tropical country is worth visiting for the animals alone.The largest lizard in the world, the Komodo dragon, lives here. On one of the islands there is a Sumatran tiger, a funny pig-deer, a small Eastern Tarsier with cute bulging eyes. It is also interesting to meet a mimicking octopus in the underwater depths.

Extraordinary Distant Islands: What Indonesia Hides


Indonesians call the island “Kalimantan”, Malaysians – Borneo. It simultaneously divides three states – Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.It is the third largest island on earth. It is divided into 4 provinces and belongs to three states at the same time.

Tourists are attracted by its nature – such exotic beauty cannot be found in the whole wide world. If you are interested in wildlife, meet the smallest bears on earth – biruangs and tiny Sumatran rhinos. Also, the largest flowers grow on the island and reach a diameter of 1 m. Some of them emit such a nasty smell that you can hear it several meters away! Although they look beautiful.Perhaps it is you who will be able to see how a predatory flower swallows an insect or small animal.

Don’t go too far outside your area – in the dense thickets you can meet a hungry clouded leopard. It is also home to smoky pythons, orangutans and nosed monkeys (well, very funny if you see them live).

Kalimantan is a humid tropics. It is very hot here – feel yourself in the center of the equator. Therefore, long exposure to the sun without a hat is not recommended.

The main shrine of Borneo is its mosque in the center of the capital. It can accommodate up to 5 thousand people at the same time. An interesting museum and botanical garden are located nearby. In this place, tourists traditionally collect mountains of souvenirs for all their relatives.

The beaches here are very diverse, you can get to the pebble and sandy ones. There are many tourists on the city beaches, but the beach infrastructure is well developed. There are secluded coasts. Also, pay attention to the fact that there is an opportunity to swim on free beaches, not all are paid.Of course, they are different from each other. If you are having a rest with children – welcome to the children’s beach, the child in the company will not be bored. There are also nudist beaches.


Java is the most populated island in the world. It is home to 120 million people. Today there are 6 volcanoes on it. One of them is Bromo. It is an active volcano. The most active of all Indonesian thugs is Merapi. Extreme tourists from all over the world come for him.

The island is also visited for the mountain resorts of Bogor and Bandug.Beautiful waterfalls, well-groomed national parks, lush vegetation and tea plantations will be remembered forever. One of the most expensive and delicious coffee in the world is Kopi Luwak. If you haven’t heard, we’ll tell you. The little musang animal chooses and eats only ripe and delicious coffee fruits. Grains, passing through its digestive system, acquire a specific bitterness. Then the grains are collected, carefully cleaned by hand, and dried in the sun. Come and taste the freshly brewed Kopi Luwak coffee – it’s really delicious.


If you are going on a tour in Bali – expect envious exclamations. This resort is known to many, but not everyone can afford it. Primordial landscapes, tropics, forest thickets, awesome and mighty volcanoes Kintamini, Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung captivate with their beauty.

Already at the airport, Indonesians nicely greet tourists with a smile. Bali is a fairly large island, and the choice of beaches here depends on your idea of ​​a paradise vacation. There are still picturesque rice fields here.They look colorful among paved roads. Having rented a scooter, you can see firsthand the local business card. You can improve your mental and physical abilities at the yoga center. It has a quiet, calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The island is very fond of surfing. But if you have never stepped on a board, you can rent it and try to conquer the waves. Resorts in Indonesia are full of both vacationing couples and single young people. Be sure to stop at the Old Man’s cafe with a noisy company.

The Tanah Lot temple is very popular among locals and tourists. At high tide, the road to the temple is blocked by ocean water. In Bali, you can stay in a chic hotel with a green or oceanic landscape. Plunge into the huge pool overlooking the ocean, enjoy a cup of expensive coffee on the cozy terrace, local spas and massages will bring a lot of pleasure.


Holidays in Sumatra are popular thanks to Lake Maninjau, which was formed on the crater of an extinct volcano.It is full of beach activities, and there are enough thermal springs for everyone. Indulge in the soft golden sands of the Côte d’Azur.

Locals prefer Asian and Chinese cuisine. But cafes and restaurants also professionally cope with Japanese, Indian, Italian and French cuisine. If you refuse to regale national dishes, you will not remain hungry.

The best hotel in Sumatra, according to tourists, is Hotel Aryaduta Medan. He does not have negative reviews and does not leave his visitors dissatisfied.Hotels Hotel Sibayak Internasional, Hotel Medan and others are also in great demand.

90,000 Excursions in Indonesia (Bali) – visit the main attractions of Indonesia (Bali)

Indonesia is a state in Southeast Asia. At the very equator, thousands of its islands are spread, most of them of volcanic origin. Hundreds of places of worship and ancient temples are hidden among tropical greenery. Excursions in Indonesia perfectly combine active beach holidays with historical and ethnological trips to the “ancient world of an exotic state”.

Excursions in Indonesia are a great opportunity to visit the ancient temples of Jakarta, the mysterious Komodo island, the Botanical Garden and the Uluwatu temple in Bali, the mountainous country of Tana Toraji.

Most excursions in Indonesia cannot be imagined without visiting the island of Java, where amazing flora and fauna are presented among the picturesque landscapes and volcanoes, along with a huge number of sanctuaries, temples, palaces and mosques. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is the largest city in Indonesia and is located in the heart of Java.The city attracts tourists with its originality and unique appearance. Jakarta has many buildings, stone-paved plazas, museums and churches. Another city worth visiting in Indonesia is the city of Yogyakarta, or as it is also called, Jogya. The huge palace complex Sultansky Kraton with the Taman-Sari “water castle” attracts the attention of tourists. On a tour of Jogyakarta, you will also visit a unique and inimitable “monastery on the mountain” – the Borobudur Stupa, built in the form of a stone 10-tier stepped pyramid 34 meters high.

Bali is the most developed tourist area in Indonesia. The capital of the island is Denpasar, the quietest and greenest city with unusually fresh air and a pleasant aroma emanating from exotic plants. On a tour of the island of Bali (“Island of the Gods”) you will not be able to pass by pristine landscapes, tropical forests and majestic volcanoes. Gunung Agung is an active volcano and is considered the main attraction of the island. It is located on the slope of the sacred Mount Agung 85 km from Nusa Dua, a tourist area in the south of Bali.The volcanoes Kintamani, Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung amaze with their grandeur, beauty and attract tourists from all over the world.

Lake Danau Bratan is located in the north of Bali. In addition to its amazing beauty, farmers use the lake water as drinking water. On the southern shore of the lake is the small village of Bedugul. The sights of the entire region are concentrated here. One of the main attractions is the Bali Botanical Garden, which covers an area of ​​over 130 hectares. Tourists come here to see the richest collection of orchids and all kinds of trees and even birds.On the south side of the island there is a temple dedicated to the god of the seas – the Uluwatu temple. Uluwatu is one of the most beautiful temples in all of Indonesia. And the center of the island of Bali can be proud of the magnificent tourist complex Ubud. Clean and cool air, jungle hills and mountain rivers are always waiting for you in Ubud.

One of the most important temples in Bali is the Tanah Lot. It was founded by Hindu saints and rises from the water, as it was built on a high rock. Tanakh Lot is especially beautiful at sunset.From the spring you can take a sip of holy water, which beats right from under the rock.

In Indonesia, you will enjoy an interesting excursion to the islands of Komodo and Rinka – famous reserves where the largest reptiles in the world – lizards or “Komodor dragons” live.

Another excursion across Indonesia to the mountainous country of Tana Toraji is also interesting. The island is inhabited by a group of kindred peoples – Toraj, who believe in spirits, ancestor cult and vitality.

During your> excursions in Indonesia, you will visit the Abian Kapas State Gallery, Bali Museum with a huge collection of works of art and Bandung Market.

The pearl of Bali is the island of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, where you can go diving, rafting, ride quad bikes and catamaran. Not far from here begins the small village of Bata Bulan, which is famous for the amazing dance of good and evil – “Barong and Chris”. The national dances here include the Barong and Kesak dance, or the Monkey King dance. By the way, it is interesting to see how the monkeys live here. To do this, you can calmly swing on the back of a giant – an elephant.This good-natured lop-eared animal will help you forget all your problems and take you through the unique and green world of the jungle.

Excursions in Indonesia are a rainbow of emotions and a kaleidoscope of impressions. The grace of landscapes and amazing beauty of Bali will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, you will get a lot of pleasure from excursions to the Temple of Mother Bali, the recreation park – Waterbom, where, moreover, you can ride horses or surfing on Jimbaran Beach. You will find it interesting and exciting to get to know Indian Austenitic Ayurveda and Balli massage or spa.In Indonesia, everyone can find something to their liking, and this trip will become a real exciting journey for you.

Tours to Indonesia from Irkutsk, rest in Indonesia

Tours to Indonesia from Irkutsk.

Indonesia from Irkutsk is a fabulous journey to paradise. “ExoticAsiaTour” offers rest on the island of Bali from Irkutsk, about. Lombok from Irkutsk, Bintan Island from Irkutsk, as well as individual tours providing an excursion program in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or on the island.Java, in transit through Bangkok, Seoul, or through Beijing, Guangzhou. A visa to visit Indonesia for up to 30 days can be obtained upon arrival at Denpasar Airport. Visa fee is not charged now.

The Indonesian islands, and there are more than 13 thousand of them, are located on both sides of the equator between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Therefore, tours to Indonesia are not limited only to the resorts of Bali, Lombok and Bintan. A variety of flora and fauna, beautiful sandy beaches, historical monuments, national culture will expand your horizons and enjoy holidays in Indonesia of any category of tourists.

Exotic Asia Tour offers beach holidays on the islands of Bali, Lombok, Java, Meno, Bintan, Menjangan, which can be combined with eco-tours, trekking, rafting in the national parks and reserves of Indonesia located on the islands of Flores, Komodo, in Papua – New Guinea, the Indonesian part of Borneo (Kalimantan).

Extinct and active volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls, cultural monuments of ancient civilizations, the Prambanan Hindu temple, the Borbodur temple complex, the palace of Sultan Kraton – all this will fill your vacation in Indonesia with unforgettable impressions.

Sightseeing tours in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia, with a mild climate, pristine beauty and purity of nature. Its capital, Jakarta, is located on about. Java, the most densely populated island in the world, home to about 130 million people. Despite this, the island has many parts of virgin untouched nature, there are about a hundred volcanoes, some of which are active.

The most famous and highest volcano, which erupts more often than others, is called Semeru and it is located in the eastern part of Tangkuban Prahu in central Java.

The main island of Indonesia, Java, annually attracts thousands of tourists who stop on the island for 2-3 days to see the sights of the capital of Indonesia – Jakarta, visit unique monuments of medieval architecture: Borobodur Stupa (“Temple of a Thousand Buddhas”) and the ancient Prambanan Temple (St. Yogyakarta) and see the island’s active volcanoes and picturesque surroundings with many hot volcanic springs, waterfalls, tea plantations.

90,000 Winter is close: Bali may open to Russians in December | Articles

Bali will not open to tourists from the Russian Federation until December. This was announced to Izvestia by the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT). According to the vice-president of the PCT Yuri Barzykin, the opening is definitely not worth waiting for until the end of autumn, since it is also necessary to agree on the restoration of air communication – there are no direct flights to Indonesia from Russia yet. The Russian Embassy in Jakarta told Izvestia that if Bali opens, tourists vaccinated with Sputnik V will be able to visit Indonesia without any problems, since the country has registered a Russian vaccine.Now negotiations are underway between the Russian Federation and Indonesia on its supplies to the republic, the diplomatic missions added.

Not earlier than December

The Indonesian authorities planned to open the island of Bali to foreign tourists by the end of summer, said in June in an interview with Izvestia the Minister of Trade of the island republic Muhammad Lutfi. However, due to the situation with the coronavirus, the authorities had to postpone this decision.


On September 9, Indonesia’s Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno said the country’s borders could open to foreign tourists in October if the downward trend in morbidity continues.First of all, Bali will open to countries where the minimum increase in cases of COVID-19 has been recorded: these are Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

For Russians, Indonesia may not open until December, as stated in an interview with Izvestia, RST Vice President Yuri Barzykin.

– Bali is, of course, a popular destination among our tourists. We expect Indonesia to open before the end of the year, but not earlier than December. This is the high season. In the fall we will not have time for anything. You still have to fly there, but there is still no direct flight between our countries, – the expert specified.

Direct flights between the two countries were interrupted in March 2020. In August 2021, Aeroflot received admission to direct flights to Denpasar on the Indonesian island of Bali. Flights, according to the issued permission, are planned to be carried out seven times a week, but while there is no information on the airline’s website about the launch of flights to Denpasar, tickets cannot be purchased – Indonesia is still not on the list of countries with which Russia has resumed air traffic.

The Federal Air Transport Agency told Izvestia that the resumption of international flights, including to Indonesia, is within the competence of the Operational Headquarters.The headquarters told Izvestia that they continue to “monitor the epidemiological situation and work on expanding the list of countries with which air traffic can be resumed.” The resumption of flights will be announced additionally, the department noted. Aeroflot did not respond to Izvestia’s request.

Vice-President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Dmitry Gorin told Izvestia that the Russian tourism industry will not start restoring tours to Indonesia until the Headquarters decides to resume direct flights with this country.At the same time, according to him, among the neighboring countries of Southeast Asia, it is Indonesia that retains the greatest uncertainty regarding the opening for tourists.

– Neighboring Thailand, for example, has already approved the Russian vaccine and offers travel in compliance with certain rules: PCR, insurance, staying for a certain period of time in a certain region, this is now valid for Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and Bangkok, the expert said.

Photo: Izvestia / Andrey Ershtrem

In principle, not the opening of the country itself, but what rules of entry will be established by the local authorities, stressed the vice-president of ATOR.If they are loyal, simple and inexpensive for tourists, a large flow from Russia can be expected, since Indonesia remains one of the favorite destinations of our compatriots.

In case of opening a destination for Russian tourists, our fellow citizens can still get to Bali with transfers in Istanbul, Doha or Dubai. Denpasar airport in Bali does not yet accept foreign flights – all foreigners must arrive at Jakarta airport and get to the island through it.

The Indonesian Embassy in the Russian Federation, as well as the ministries of tourism and health of the island republic were unable to provide a prompt comment on Izvestia’s inquiries.

Vaccinated will be admitted

There is no information about negotiations between the Russian Federation and Indonesia on lifting restrictions for tourists, Izvestia was told at the Russian Embassy in Jakarta. They noted that Indonesia approved the Sputnik V vaccine for emergency use in the country on 25 August.

“Accordingly, there should be no problems for tourists vaccinated with the Russian vaccine,” the diplomatic mission said. – Indonesia has repeatedly expressed interest in supplying domestic vaccines to the archipelago.This issue was also discussed during the talks between the foreign ministers of the Russian Federation and Indonesia in Jakarta on July 6. Currently, such negotiations are underway through RDIF with local partners.

Answering the question whether Indonesia will let Russians vaccinated with other Russian vaccines – Epivak, Kovivak and Sputnik Light – the embassy clarified that currently in Indonesia there are rules according to which a person entering the country must be vaccinated against a new coronavirus infection.

Photo: Izvestia / Dmitry Korotaev

“At the same time, there is no question about what kind of vaccine it should be (registered in the country or not),” the diplomatic mission added.

RDIF did not respond to Izvestia’s request.

Since September 15, Jakarta has allowed holders of business and limited stay visas to visit the republic. Conditions of entry include a full vaccination certificate and eight days of quarantine upon arrival.

In mid-July, Indonesia, home to 270 million people, became the new epicenter of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic – in terms of the daily increase in infected (27 thousand new cases). From 3 to 20 July, a full lockdown was introduced on the islands of Bali and Java. The Japanese and South Korean authorities have begun evacuating their citizens remaining in Indonesia. In total, more than 4.1 million people fell ill in the country during the pandemic and more than 140 thousand people died.

By September, the number of new infections decreased by 98%, the Ministry of Health of Indonesia noted.The prevalence of COVID-19 is now less than one. On September 20, 1932 new cases were recorded in the country – this is the smallest number in the entire year.

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