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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal – Should you do it?

Are you thinking of getting Brazilian laser hair removal? Make sure you read this first! We’ll share some tips and tricks, and make sure you know what to watch out for too.

There is a wide range of options when it comes to removing hair from the sensitive pubic area. When people talk about getting a Brazilian, they’re typically referring to the process of waxing the sensitive genital area. But there are plenty of other options too – Brazilians can be accomplished with a razor, depilatory cream, electrolysis, waxing, epilating, or even the new home laser hair removal.

In fact, laser hair removal is my preferred method for a Brazilian. (And this Braun Silk Expert IPL machine is my personal favorite device!) Laser hair removal is the process of getting rid of hair by direct exposure to waves of laser light that annihilate the hair follicle.

This method of removing hair has been proven effective and efficient since its inception in 1996, and there’s a possibility of permanent hair removal with it if done under appropriate sessions.

Women prefer laser hair removal for a Brazilian because it eliminates worries of bikini bumps and ingrown hairs.

Best Overall Laser for Brazilian: Tria 4X was the first FDA approved device and its powerful laser plus attractive design make it one of the best choices on the market.

Most Popular Laser for Brazilian: Philips Lumea Prestige is still one of the most popular brands out there. It is feature packed, delivers results quickly and is backed with a money back guarantee.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal works by targeting melanin. Melanin is a dark brown or black substance that is naturally found or forms a part of people’s skin, hair, and eyes.

The Laser beams a high-intensity light on the hair follicle that is absorbed by the pigments cell of the follicle (which causes hair to grow), and the heat from the light energy damages the sacs within the skin that produce hair.

The damage done to the sac can either inhibit or delay future hair growth.

Laser hair removal is effective in either preventing or significantly reducing future hair growth. But multiple removal and maintenance treatments are needed to get the optimal results.

The success of the procedure is greatly influenced by a person’s hair color and skin type. The procedure is most effective for those with light skin and dark hair. This is because the light absorbs better on dark hair and light skin.

If you have darker skin, laser hair removal might not be the best choice for you. Read more about options for darker skin here.

Important Things to Consider Before Deciding to Use Laser Hair Removal for a Brazilian

Brazilian refers to the removal of hair in the pubic area. Unlike traditional bikini line hair removal, a Brazilian includes the labia and the peri-anal areas. The following should be considered before deciding to use laser hair removal for a Brazilian.

As previously mentioned, laser hair removal is more effective for those with darker hair and lighter skin tone. This procedure does not work well if a person has white or blonde hair because the laser wouldn’t be able to target the hair.

[Read more: Are you a candidate for laser hair removal?]

All laser devices do not work for every skin type. Before deciding on laser hair removal for a Brazilian – make sure you check out our reviews of the top home laser (IPL) machines.

There are some side effects that have been associated with laser hair removal, although they are generally temporary. That can include things like redness of the skin, itching, swelling of the follicles, or changes in skin pigmentation.

Laser hair removal involves several sessions which are done at intervals over several weeks to attain the best result.

The Pros and Cons of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Pros of Laser Hair Removal Method:

Unlike other hair removal methods, laser hair removal method delays hair growth for two months, on average. And for many people it leads to a permanent reduction in hair growth.

When the hair eventually grows back, it tends to be a lot thinner than it was originally, so it’s easier to manage and less bothersome.

Unlike waxing or shaving, laser hair removal does not carry risks such as allergic reactions or painful ingrown hairs.

With the latest home laser hair removal devices, you can do the treatments yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Cons of Laser Hair Removal Method:

Laser hair removal makes skin more sensitive to the sun following treatment. Sun exposure can cause sunburn in the treatment area. Dermatologists advise not exposing the skin to the sun for about six to seven weeks.

Laser hair removal is more expensive than other methods of hair removal, at least on a short term basis. However, since the results are longer-lasting, it can still be a great value in the long run.

The treatment causes discomfort. In fact, it can be downright painful until you get used to the sensation.

The laser treatment can temporarily cause pain and skin irritation days after treatment, but there are topical creams and anesthetics available to help minimize pain and irritation.

Should you have your Brazilian Laser Hair Removal at home or at the salon?

Whether you choose to have the procedure done at the salon or in the comfort of your own home, there are some important points to consider.

First, let’s talk about the salon treatment. On the plus side, you know the procedure is being done by a trained professional who will be able to advise on the best course of treatment for your particular skin tone and hair color.

The downsides of getting laser treatments at the salon are the time and expense of the treatments. Plus, you’ll be sharing some rather private areas with strangers, which not everyone is comfortable with!

Now with the advances in technology, doing the laser treatments in your own home is a viable option. At home treatments are more budget-friendly and less time consuming. And of course, you have complete privacy as well.

The home laser hair removal devices can be a bit pricey initially, but are ultimately much less expensive than a series of salon treatments.

Tips for Safe Brazilian Hair Removal

A few tips to keep in mind to make the laser hair removal process as safe and painless as possible:

  • Avoid taking in caffeine before laser hair removal treatments. It makes your skin more sensitive!
  • If your pain tolerance is low, take a pain reliever before treatment.
  • Shave before the treatment to ensure a safe, comfortable, and effective result. Only shave the day and night before the appointment. Avoid shaving on the day of treatment.
  • Avoid using scented creams and shaving products in the area.
  • Exfoliate the area before starting the treatment.

Recommendations for Brazilian Hair Removal

The benefits of using laser hair removal for a Brazilian include the limited risk of infection and the reduction in future hair growth. Laser hair removal is efficient and saves time and money over other hair removal methods in the long term. The procedure can also be done at home to save more time and money. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is the most effective at-home laser treatment device option because it’s easy to use, budget-friendly, and requires no prior training before use. The device has been tested and has proven to be the best device for removing unwanted hair.


Philips Lumea Prestige IPL

Luxury features, including special attachments for face, armpits, bikini, and body.

IPL Technology

200,000+ flashes

Corded Operation

2-Year Warranty

Top Pick

Tria Beauty 4X Laser

First FDA-approved home laser hair removal device, and still one of the most popular on the market.

Real Laser Technology

Up to 90,000 flashes

Cordless Operation

1-Year Warranty



Entry-level device with great features and affordable price.

IPL Technology

up to 500,000 Flashes

Corded Operation

Limited 1-Year Warranty


Braun Silk-Expert IPL 5 (5001/5008)

Solid device from a reliable brand in the hair removal industry.

IPL Technology

300,000 flashes

Corded Operation

1-year Warranty


Remington iLight Pro

Easy-to-use device, but requires replacement cartridges for additional flash capacity.

HPL Technology

6,000 flashes

Corded Operation

2-Year Warranty

Nikki founded A Smooth Life in 2015, with the hope of creating a resource for unbiased reviews of health and beauty products. Today she manages a full team of writers and product testers who personally test every single product that makes an appearance on the site. Our product testers range from dermatologists to professional beauticians to ordinary women (and sometimes men!), so you can get an honest review from people like you.

Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal Experience (WITH AFTER PICS) • Sarah Chetrit’s Lust Till Dawn

02/2021 UPDATE I started using the Kenzzi laser hair removal device at home about 9-10 months ago. I gave up on my brazilian; the hair is too thick. My armpits has very slow regrowth but I still shave it ’cause I got lazy with the machine. My upper lip is where it’s at; I am touching it up today but it’s been 9-10 months since I had to wax it. This product works differently for everyone so read my whole post before deciding to buy it!

Over 10 years ago, I got laser done at a salon on my upper lip like a sucker and since I didn’t keep up with it because of the cost, my upper lip hair grew back and like true Sarah Chetrit fashion, I got annoyed! I’m all about good value permanent (or semi-permanent) beauty solutions (i.e. microblading), which led me to consider laser hair removal at home.

I was excited to have discovered this Kenzzi laser hair removal device, which actually works for my upper lip and somewhat for my armpits.

But before you get all excited and buy the IPL device I use at home, you need to read what mistakes I made and what you need to do to make sure you get maximum results!

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How Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal Works

If you’re here, you’re probably already aware that you can do laser hair removal at home. Yup, that’s right. You do not travel into a salon (especially during quarantine times) to get salon-quality hair removal.

The Kenzzi laser hair removal device is a special home IPL device.

After using this at home IPL device once a week for 12 weeks, you should be virtually hair free although results vary depending on the person and level of intensity used. Don’t miss out on my most important tip below for maximum hair-free effect!

The at home laser hair removal device uses IPL technology, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light.

IPL is a form of light therapy that emits light. The pigment aka melanin in the hair roots absorb this, and ultimately, the light energy that converts to heat damages the hair follicles that produce hair. Without the hair follicle, hair growth is either inhibited or delayed.

Professional vs. at Home Hair Removal

When I went in to my laser hair removal done on my upper lips (over 10 years ago so I’m not the best reference for this), the machine used was bigger so it covered a larger surface area, and MAN I remember it hurting really bad.

I don’t know if the salon hair removal device is more powerful than the at home one or maybe I’ve toughened up, but the at home laser hair removal device I use at home doesn’t hurt as much.

Since the Kenzzi laser hair removal device has a smaller surface area, I can imagine that it might take longer to do your legs or arms at home, but since I use it only on my upper lip and armpits, it’s very quick.

Using the at home device on my brazilian is quick too, but it’s taking much longer for the hair to slow down… I’ll fill you in on that in the section about pain below.

So you’re aware, whether you get hair removal done professional at a salon or at home, your hair will grow back and you need to keep up with maintenance. I didn’t know this when I got it done at a salon over a decade ago.

The device I use has 10 years of flashes so I can easily do the maintenance at home, which also makes it great to have even if you’ve gotten it done professionally in a salon. It saves so much money over the years!

Get the same device I have here.

Is at Home Laser Hair Removal Safe?

When posting about journey to becoming hair-free, most of my followers had one main question– is at home laser hair removal safe?

Yes, it is safe and you don’t need to wear special eyewear for protection.

That being said, the particular device I have has a safety sensor. It can’t be pushed on to flash unless the entire window is covered.

I’ve never tried looking at the flash while it’s going off though so I’d advise you to not be curious and don’t look at it while it’s on to be extra cautious.

Best At Home Hair Removal Laser Results + Tips

95% gone after 11 weeks | Only a few hairs are growing back | Results vary per person.

I haven’t tried other ipl home devices so I’m probably biased but I think this Kenzzi one is the best at home hair removal laser device! I really saw a difference only after a few uses and now my armpit and upper lip hair is about 95% gone.

So yes, I do recommend you trying this out at home because it works, but before you do, you need to learn how to use it the right way.

Something you must absolutely know– at first, I did see a difference but I felt like the hair wasn’t going away fast enough! That’s when I decided to read their rave 5-star Kenzzi laser reviews because I felt like I was doing something wrong.

One Kenzzi review said to get the maximum effect, you need to use it at its highest intensity level and go over each area three times.

Once I started doing this, the impact really started ramping up and that convinced me that this was the best at home hair removal device. Yes, 2020 just became the year to a hair-free me LOL.

Another thing you definitely want to know is that this does not work on everyone’s hair.

Since IPL depends on melanin in the hair to absorb the light, it doesn’t work well on light blonde, red or grey hair.

It also may not work if you have super dark skin because it needs some contrast between the skin color and melanin in the hair to target.

02/2021 Update

I started using the Kenzzi laser hair removal device at home about 9-10 months ago. I gave up on my brazilian; the hair is too thick.

My armpits has very slow regrowth (see photo above) but I still shave it ’cause I got lazy with the machine.

My upper lip is where it’s at; I am touching it up today but it’s been 9-10 months since I had to wax it.

I really love not having to wax my upper lip really ever. So I find the Kenzzi worth it for this!

Again though, everyone responds differently to this at home treatment.

Get the same device I have here.

Does It Hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance levels are different so this will impact you differently. Overall it’s not that painful, but it also depends on the body party. Here’s my experience.

At first I didn’t think that doing this at home hurt at all. But after I read someone’s review that I should be using it at the max intensity and going over each area three times, I understood why some people thought it hurt.

On my upper lip and armpits, it feels like someone snapped a rubber band on me or if I touched something hot unknowingly and drew my fingers back in pain. This only happens on the 3rd time I go on an area.

Even though its the tiniest bit painful, I’m fine with it because it’s over in minutes.

However, the max intensity on the Kenzzi laser hair removal device DOES hurt on my brazilian. Thus, I keep doing my brazilian at 2nd lowest intensity and only go over each area twice. Because of this, I am not getting the same results I am for my armpits and upper lip.

My armpits and upper lip were about 95% gone after 12 weeks but my brazilian is only about 50% gone*. It looks weird down there… but I’ll keep going at it gently until it’s all gone.

*As I mentioned at the very top of the post, I gave up on trying to do the brazilian laser hair removal at home. The hair is so thick and seems like it needs way more time than the armpits and upper lip area so I stopped. I’m lazyyy.

If you are sensitive to pain at all, you can always get a numbing cream for laser hair removal!

Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal at Home Steps

Prep Your Skin

  1. Before you even begin to laser, you NEED to shave the area you’re going to laser. You may even want to exfoliate the area.
  2. Then dry the area, and do NOT put any products on. The device needs to be used on clean skin without any products.

Note: If you apply numbing cream, I would rinse it off after it gets settled into the skin before you use the laser device.

Laser Your Hair

This is how I personally use the laser device for maximum effect.

  1. With your skin all prepped, plug in your laser device. It takes just a few seconds to “warm up”.
  2. Choose the intensity by clicking the button in the back. If it’s your first time using this, you may want to do it on level 1 just to get a feel for it. If you’re used to it, for max. effect, use it on level 5.
  3. Press the device over the area that you want to laser.
  4. Click the button when you see the PINK light flashing. It means it’s ready to go off since the window is fully covered.
  5. Leave the device there, give it a couple of seconds and click again and again. Three times total.
  6. Move it to the next area and repeat.

If it feels too hot by the 3rd time, which is when I usually start feeling it, you can take it off your skin and blow on it like an old-school Nintendo game LOL. I also got this advice from a 5-star Kenzzi review!

Well I hope my experience helps you decide whether or not to do a Kenzzi laser hair removal at home.

You can get the same device I have here. There’s a 90-day refund period if you feel like it’s not for you.

Don’t forget to come back and share your results with me, or at the very least, ask me any questions about it below. I’m an open book!

xo, Sarah

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Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal Experience

One Month With Kenzzi’s Hair Removal Device (2021)

Body hair is a fact of life—whether you are TeamHair (love it, leave it) or TeamBare (hate it, remove it). But if you fall into the latter camp of women who want silky smooth, hairless skin, chances are your hair removal routine is a continuous cycle of shaving, waxing, and plucking. And for those of you willing to shell out a little extra for more permanent results: laser hair removal treatments at your local beautician.

For anyone hoping to get rid of unwanted body hair effectively and effortlessly, the picture is too often, well, fuzzy. 

The good news is: we found the device you need for a radically smoother hair removal process. A safe and more permanent hair removal method that you can DIY any time, in the privacy and comfort of your own home: The Kenzzi IPL Handset. 

This at-home IPL machine is a game-changing addition to your skincare armoury, offering effective home hair removal and enduring smoothness. 

If you’re just about done with the hassle (and agony) of at-home waxing kits and the stresses of razor burn and pesky in-grown hairs, the Kenzzi IPL Handset is the handy answer you’ve been looking for. 

If you are new to the world of home laser hair removal, IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is a broad-spectrum visible light. The way it works is like this: The light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair or the pigment that gives hair its colour. This damages the hair follicle. As a result, intense pulsed light machines can, with regular use, stunt hair growth, preventing it from reaching the surface. 

They say it’s cutting edge technology—we call it flashes of genius. 

Say hello to the smoothest skin of your life. 

An important clarification: While IPL has some similarities to laser hair removal, it’s not exactly the same. Both are a type of advanced light technology, and both target hair pigment. However, laser treatment uses a single spectrum of light with a higher energy level for a more powerful approach, and so is both faster and more efficient. However, it can only be done by trained professionals. 

IPL, meanwhile, uses light with a lower energy level. So if this all sounds a little too sci-fi for you, don’t panic. An IPL hair removal device is safe for you to use at home. 

Why we can’t get enough of the Kenzzi IPL Handset

First up, it’s about convenience. You can use the Kenzzi IPL Handset in the privacy of your bathroom without having to tolerate a stranger getting close and personal with your body parts. 

Plus, you don’t have to have a qualification in beauty therapy to use this IPL device—or even be particularly tech-savvy. It’s incredibly intuitive to handle. You’ll quickly wonder why you ever considered shelling out so much money on pricey laser treatment. 

Plus, unlike many other at-home IPL hair removal devices, Kenzzi IPL Handset has virtually unlimited flashes – and should last over 10 years if you use it according to the instructions. So that’s all your hair removal sorted for at least a decade

What’s more, this at-home laser hair removal is very effective. Harnessing the power of intense pulsed light, the Kenzzi IPL eliminates the need for salon appointments yet allows you to achieve professional-level results with minimal effort. Unlike some other IPL devices, you don’t have to wear eye protection when using the Kenzzi handset. Just don’t look directly at the flashing light. 

Use a gliding motion over large areas of the body and a stamping technique on small areas requiring greater precision. It feels tingly and hot but not exactly painful—similar to having a rubber band snapped against your skin. If you can survive epilation and waxing, IPL will feel like nothing in comparison. 

The Kenzzi IPL features five different energy settings so you can adjust the light intensity according to your skin tone or pain tolerance. Those with lighter hair or darker skin will want to use a less intense setting. You’ll also want to reduce the intensity when it comes to particularly sensitive areas. In fact, that’s another bonus feature of this Kenzzi IPL Handset. This capable all-rounder can be used anywhere from your face to your bikini line—to remove upper lip fuzz or give yourself a DIY Brazilian. 

And while most hair removal treatments require you to wait for hair to grow back before you remove it, this hair removal machine actually works better on freshly shaved hairs, allowing the light to reach the follicle more directly. This is excellent news, given that the worst part about waxing is having to wait two weeks between sessions. 

The IPL device is corded, so you’ll never have to worry about it dying mid-session. Not at all bulky, its compact size fits easily into luggage for travelling so you can maintain that bikini-ready smooth skin even away from home

All you have to do is use the device once a week for 12 weeks (but you’ll already notice improvements after just three or four treatments) to experience slower regrowth. And when it does grow back (if at all), the hair will also appear finer. At this point, you just need the occasional top-up home hair removal session to enjoy lasting smoothness.

Simply glide or stamp the Kenzzi IPL Handset over your skin and let it work its magic.

It is important to note that IPL is best for those with all but the darkest skin tones. Hair colour will also impact how effective it is. IPL hair removal doesn’t work well on grey, white, red, or particularly light blonde hair. The greater the difference between the skin colour and the hair colour, the better it is likely to work. Always read the instructions and use the device as directed. 

Kenzzi is a brand that should definitely be on your radar if you care about cost-effective solutions to common body woes. As well as the innovative Kenzzi IPL Handset, the company also makes an At-Home Microdermabrasion Handset, designed to exfoliate and suction away skin impurities for clearer and smoother skin. Like a body scrub on steroids. 

Intensities: 5 power settings
Flashes: 10+ years of flashes
Usage: Once a week for three months, then top-ups every 2-3 months or as needed to maintain results
Modes: Glide and stamp modes
Cordless: No
In the box: IPL handheld device, charging cord and instructions manual

Frequently asked questions about Kenzzi IPL

What is an IPL handset?

An IPL handset uses IPL technology—intense pulsed light—to reduce hair growth by damaging the hair follicle. IPL can be used for hair removal at home, and, with regular use, allow you to enjoy less and finer body hair.

Does Kenzzi remove hair permanently?

Kenzzi won’t remove hair permanently, but it offers long-lasting results. It will reduce the hair by minimising regrowth speed. The hairs that do grow back will also be finer. The more you use the Kenzzi IPL Handset, the more effective the device will be.

Is Kenzzi safe?

Like all IPL devices, Kenzzi is safe to use. Global studies have proven its safety and effectiveness. However, it’s not appropriate for darker skin types or people with a recent tan. Nor should it be used by people with epilepsy.

Does Kenzzi hair removal hurt?

Kenzzi hair removal doesn’t hurt but can feel a bit uncomfortable. It has a tingly or hot sensation that some users compare to an elastic band being pinged against the skin.

17 Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices of 2021

When it comes to at-home hair removal, there are options abound. Whether your goal is smooth legs and pits or a full-on Brazilian, there are trimmers, razors, and waxing kits for the job. Unfortunately, though, these solutions are all temporary, meaning you’ll be back at it as soon as a few days later.

If you’re on the hunt for more permanent results, there are a few options, including at-home laser hair removal machines. Though admittedly a bit intimidating, Dr. Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, says there are pros to this DIY—they are less expensive than in-office treatments and can be done on your own time (especially great for anyone with a busy or unconventional schedule).

“Though you’ll get better results with a professional hair removal laser machine at a physician’s office, at-home devices definitely get the job done, though most folks will need to go over the areas several times,” says Jaliman. They may also require followup maintenance if some stray strands return, she explains.

Not everyone should jump to buy an at-home laser hair removal machine, though. “The device is best suited for patients with dark hair and lighter skin tones,” says Dr. Stacy Chimento, a board-certified dermatologist at Riverchase Dermatology in Miami. “Tanned or dark skin runs the risk of hypo or hyperpigmentation, because the hair laser can mistake the darker skin pigment as the target—the hair follicle.”

It’s always wise to do a spot test before going full steam ahead, particularly if you have darker skin, says Chimento. And never treat freshly tanned (even self tanner!) or sunburned skin, she says. It’s also important to exercise extreme caution with any potential skin irritants, such as retinoids, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid, before and after treatments.

Think you’re ready to take on the task? Dermatologists say these machines offer impressive before and afters, effectively leaving your skin silky, smooth, and, of course, hair-free.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Benefits, Side Effects, and Cost

Laser hair removal is a safe, fast and effective medical grade procedure for reducing unwanted hair permanently from almost all part of the body. It has been approved as “permanent hair reduction” in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1997. The efficacy and safety of laser hair removal is now generally accepted in dermatology communities and is widely practiced in clinics all around the world.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a treatment utilising the concept of “photothermolysis” in which a specific wavelength of light is emitted to the skin tissue and after being absorbed by melanin (the pigment that gives colour to our hair and skin) in the hair root, is transformed to heat. The heat then destroys the hair follicle, preventing the follicle from producing further hair growth. Since the laser can only target hair that is in its active growth cycle, a course of 8-10 sessions are required to get the best results. Treatment intervals could vary from 4-8 weeks apart and depends on the area being treated.

Who can get Brazilian laser hair removal?

It’s suitable for almost all skin types and hair colours. Putting it in simple terms, as long as your hair has enough colour to absorb the light, you can get laser hair removal. People who have fair skin and dark hair are the best candidates and will get the best results, since laser doesn’t work on blond, red, grey and white hair. The results on fine hair may also not be as good as those on thick hair. The darker and thicker the hair, the better the result will be.
Brazilian laser hair removal is not just for females – men can also get laser hair removal on any part of their body. Laser hair removal is hygienic, effective and yields permanent results.

Benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has been the most popular hair removal method in last decade due to its speed and efficacy. It gives permanent hair reduction results of up to 70% without causing any damage to your skin and surrounding tissue.
To compare with other permanent hair removal method such as electrolysis, laser hair removal is less painful, much faster and more cost effective and has fewer side effects.
Skin irritation and ingrown hair are common side effects of temporary hair removal such as waxing, plucking, shaving and depilatory creams, on the other hand Brazilian laser hair removal not only is the best solution for ingrown hair but it also does not irritate the skin.
In addition, it’s more time and cost effective due to its efficacy and permanent results.
You can also experience clean and hairless skin during your treatment session intervals as you don’t need to wait for the hair to grow back to get your next appointment and can shave whenever you want.

Brazilian laser hair removal side effects

Laser hair removal is a safe treatment for almost all skin types and no down time is required. It’s a walk-in walk-out treatment and you can resume your everyday activity immediately afterward. Temporary itching, redness, and swelling around the treatment area or swelling of the hair follicles (follicular edema) are all quite normal after Brazilian hair removal. Applying cool compresses and an aloe-vera gel may relieve the side effects.
If you have darker skin, you may experience pigment changes such as hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation on the treated area which may last for a few weeks or so.

Is Brazilian laser hair removal painful?

You may expect to feel minimal pain during your treatment. The degree of discomfort depends on your skin and hair colour and also the treatment area. Laser hair removal might be more painful for people with darker skin because they have darker hair and more pigments in their skin which leads to light absorption at a higher level. For those who have more sensitive skin, we apply an anaesthetic cream to numb the area, especially on the more sensitive areas, to reduce the discomfort.

Thinking about getting Brazilian laser hair removal?

If you are looking for a permanent result with fewer side effects and want to enjoy smooth skin everyday with no ingrown hairs, the laser hair removal treatment is the best option for you, as with only 8 to 10 sessions it will permanently inhibit your hair growth and after a course of treatments, you will only need to get maintenance treatments once or twice a year for those few stubborn hairs that remain.

What is a full Brazilian laser hair removal?

Full Brazilian hair removal, also known as Hollywood, includes removing all hair from the pubic area (front and back). Some women like to leave a triangle or a line in the front which is all possible to do with laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal cost

Laser hair removal prices vary based on the size of the area to be treated, the quality of the machine used and also the location of the clinic you choose to go to. Brazilian laser hair removal cost could be from $100-$250 per session. You can check all the details regarding the cost of your laser hair removal with us at: www.medixskincare.com.au

Brazilian laser hair removal reviews

There is no better proof than our clients’ online testimonies who have shared their experiences with laser hair removal with others. Here are some of those reviews:

Hannah: “I have been going here for a few months and I love it. Very friendly staff and fantastic results with the laser hair removal. They explained everything to me beforehand and are very knowledgeable in what they do. I’m very glad I chose to go here.”

Ramaya: “I have undergone VPL laser treatment for my underarms and legs. I have had no issues with their treatments. Really good customer service and good price for the treatments. Highly recommend it over discount coupons that burn your skin.”

Kim:”Friendly service, great result from IPL. I went only twice so far for hair removal, already started to see the difference! Clinic is in great location, clean and tidy. Best laser treatment i had so far”

Jaden: “I’ve been getting laser hair removal at this clinic and after only 2 sessions have seen good results. The staff are very helpful and provide good guidance.”

Sumira: “I am an Indian lady, go for my laser hair removal. Very happy with results. Girl who does my laser is wonderful! Absolutely recommend everyone in need to go there for wonderful results.”

Parvivash: “I have done VPL hair removal in this clinic and result is amazing. I am very happy with the result and I highly recommend to have treatment there.”

Clinic manager
Contact Us

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth the Cost and Hassle? What to Know

Also, consider the beach off-limits. Two weeks before your appointment, avoid the sun, especially if you’re getting hair lasered on sun-exposed areas like your face, neck, chest, back, arms, and legs. No matter your natural skin tone, it’ll put you at risk for side effects.

When you arrive at the office, expect to do a test spot, especially if your skin is very fair or naturally medium to dark. “Sometimes we’ll do a test spot in a hidden area, like the underarm,” says Marmur. “Then we can see if you’re the kind of person who gets really, really red afterward, for example.” Any reactions will be immediate, so the technician can address it on the spot.

What are laser hair removal side effects?

Let’s start by clarifying: There are expected side effects, and then there are unwanted side effects of laser hair removal. We’ll cover the expected stuff first. A little pinkness and swelling is normal, as are tiny goose-bump-like bumps; those are actually from the swelling of the injured follicles beneath the skin. You also may notice “little black specks that come out of your skin,” says Marmur. “People often misconstrue that as new hair growth, but it’s not—it’s dead hair shedding.” That’s a sign that the laser hair removal worked.

The unwanted side effects include blisters, scabbing, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. Of some comfort: Pigmentation issues aren’t always permanent. “If you get it, let your doctor know right away and use a little cortisone 1% cream on the area,” says Marmur. Keep it out of the sun and heat, and apply a cool compress ASAP.

If you’re predisposed to hyperpigmentation, your dermatologist may even make a preemptive strike. “For patients with darker skin types, we apply over-the-counter hydrocortisone 1% cream in the office to minimize inflammation and the risk of darkening of skin, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation,” says Kim. “We recommend applying the cream twice daily to the affected areas for three to five days.”

Is laser hair removal painful?

It largely varies, since the lasers themselves have gotten better over the years. “I’ve had patients who were able to tolerate the treatment without any numbing, and patients who experienced some pain even with topical anesthesia,” says Kim. (I, a baby, prefer to spend an hour with numbing cream and have never felt a thing.)

Marmur compares the laser beam to a zinging feeling, similar to a needle prick. She’s a fan of contact cooling systems, as they blunt the heat created as the laser beam (which is light energy) converts into heat. Plus, they offer enough cooling to minimize any damage caused to surrounding skin, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation.

Certain pain-reducing methods, like suctions and contact cooling, are often built into the lasers. “There is a new laser by Lumenis called Splendor that is very effective and significantly more comfortable than other existing lasers, and I have had great success with it,” says Kim. “Because this laser is much more comfortable, I have been able to treat almost all patients without any topical numbing cream which significantly reduces the waiting time for the patients as well.”

Aftercare for laser hair removal

Since laser hair removal heats up your skin as it blasts your hair follicles, it’s important to cool it back down afterward to avoid side effects like redness. “We often give people cold gauze in Ziploc bags,” says Marmur. “If you’re getting in a car, put on the air conditioning and stay in a cool place for a bit, or take a cool shower afterward.”

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I’m happy that I kept using this device even tho I was quit skeptical with home hair removal laser devices. I have tried different salons with different laser types, IPL, Diode,ALEX and blah blah blah, with those I might have seen immediate results, but my hair grew back stronger.but my Imene device took quit a bit to show results, I’m pleased to say I’m amazed. Simple. I’m olive skin, and hairy . My hair is stubborn and thick and even worse my diode experience made them grow back even thicker. So I’m left with no Choice but to trust and yessss!! Patience! I mean I’m happy that I spent that much for it. I hope it will be long lasting.its good for all the body, if u have those hormonales on your chin, upper lip, arms…, I haven’t done my bikini yet. Coz when I’m doing my legs It’s takes a good 1 hour to finish and I’m so weary , i just don’t have the guts to do bikini. I tried to do every 2days for the first 5sessions. And now doing once a week. I figured out if i pulse 2 or3 times on each spot is more effective as well( although the instructions are advising against it)but I do it coz my skin is tolerant and it works better.the only thing i don’t like is every now and then it stops pulse shooting while the device is still on , i have to only flip the device backwards and reposition it again and it’ll work again. I will suggest it to my friends coz I haven’t been shaving my legs for a long time and that’s all girls want …
*****Update on Feb2020:
I have to confess : even though I still have 300000 more shots, and it’s still working , my hair is not affected anymore. I reckon it might be the cartridge, the glass that shots pulses is weird. As if it has a built up whichIs not cleanable. Hair has grown back and the laser is not removing them any longer.

Brazilian deep bikini area

Brazilian bikini hair removal – total hair removal in the groin area (on the pubis, labia majora, perineum and near the anus).

In our center, this service is performed by several types of hair removal. Price list and description below.

Photos from our collection

Brazilian hair removal: description of methods and prices

The Brazilian style of hair removal involves removing the cover from the entire genital area, while the client decides whether or not to leave a path, a figure or a heart of pubic hair.

Temporary depilation by sugaring method

Brazilian deep sugaring depilation is done in small areas and only in the direction of hair growth. Validity – from 2-4 weeks (ideal for holidays).

It is made using Pandhy’s natural and safe sugar paste, which has been well-proven over many years of cooperation with this manufacturer.

Many women choose this technique, since it is not about permanent removal, but about getting rid of the vegetation cover for some event.It could be a wedding, a getaway, or a long trip that won’t have a shave, such as a hike.

If we talk about pain, then, of course, sugar depilation is much easier to tolerate than waxing. Unlike wax, here hairs are manually removed in small areas.

You can find out all the details about deep bikini shugaring on his page following the link.

Long-term photoepilation method IPL iPluse

IPulse IPL photoepilation for Brazilian bikini is recommended for those who would like to remove hair for a long time, but are not yet ready to agree to electrolysis, if the hair and skin color is ideal for light hair removal and who are ready to repeat courses every few years.

The technique is based on the ability of melanin to absorb light and convert it into heat. The pulsed light emitted by the handpiece of the apparatus penetrates the skin through the hair shaft, the surrounding tissues are heated and injure the growth zone for a long time.

For photoepilation, on average, the result reaches 70-80% of the hair, and in some cases up to 90%.

Unfortunately, the effect is long-term, but not permanent for the entire cover.Once every few years, and sometimes months, the procedure has to be repeated if it comes to the need to have 100% smooth skin.

The first session will require approximately 15 to 30 flashes. In the future, the course will have to be repeated about 6 times. The first sessions are quite frequent, about 1 time per month, then about 1 time per quarter.

Don’t expect your hair to fall out right away. It will take them some time to come out of their skin. Active cleaning of visible cover will begin after only 2-3 weeks.

You can find out all the details of hair removal by photoepilation on her page following the link.

Permanent with electrolysis Depilplus

The deep Brazilian bikini electrolysis is a permanent procedure for those who want to cleanse the groin area once in all.

The hairs are removed one by one, this is a long procedure, but after 1 set, at least 30% disappear forever.

At the same time, in contrast to photoepilation, you do not need to wait 2-3 weeks for the hair to start to “leave”.With electrolysis, the cover is removed immediately, and only because of the cyclical growth of the hairs will re-germination occur.

This is an ordinary process. The main thing is to come to the procedure when the hair has reached a length of 5-10 mm. This will mean that their maximum number is now in the active phase of growth, and, therefore, lends itself to influence.

If you walk regularly within the recommended time frame, then a tangible result will be visible after 3 selections.And after 6 visits, only single hairs remain to be targeted.

Electrolysis is an invasive procedure, so it is important to pay attention to compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards. Sterility of instruments, medical records, cleanliness of the premises and license for medical services are important components of a well-performed procedure.

The master’s technique, skill and experience are no less important. The success of electric hair removal depends very much on the correct position of the hands, on competent mentoring and the personal experience of a specialist.To assess the correctness of the service, look at the result. Remember that after 1 procedure, 30% of the hair should disappear forever.

You can find out all the details of hair removal by electrolysis on her page at the link.

Price List Brazilian Hair Removal

Below are the prices for deep bikini epilation.

Sign up for a free consultation in our center and get a 5% discount on the first procedure.

Brazilian bikini area video

Brazilian bikini area video

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Video: laser hair removal for the bikini area. Home Brazilian bikini waxing.Start the procedure by preparing the skin – it is very sensitive in the bikini area. Skin care before the procedure. Hair removal is associated with trauma to the top layer of the skin. In addition to anesthesia, you can apply a cold compress of ice cubes in a plastic bag to your skin. How to remove hair in the bikini area by yourself. Cosmetologists, of course, advise to carry out the first procedure of deep bikini depilation in the salon – to see how it feels, what technique, to consult with the master. But girls on the network share quite convenient and practically applicable methods of hair removal in the intimate area.Deep Brazilian bikini hair removal: video tutorial. The new canons of beauty, which are strenuously imposed by the industry of the same name, provide for the full correspondence of the hair on the girl’s body. This is especially true for the bikini area. As practice shows, getting rid of unwanted hair in this area is the most difficult because of the nature of the skin and its sensitivity. As for the methods used, in addition to shaving, the use of creams and other formulations, deep Brazilian hair removal is gaining particular popularity.Reviews of Brazilian hair removal. Video about Brazilian deep bikini hair removal. Have you noticed with what unique plasticity and feline grace the inhabitants of Brazil are parading along the beach. They are confident in their sex appeal and use it anytime, anywhere. Only girls who decide to undergo the Brazilian hair removal procedure can allow themselves a walk in a microscopic swimsuit and not worry about their possible imperfection. The essence of the procedure. In fact, the history of the Brazilian or deep bikini goes back more than one century and was practiced by the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.News feed Friends Photos Videos Music Groups Gifts Games. Wax depilation of the classic and deep bikini area. Brazilian hair removal. Danai ◬ 9 310 07/30/2014. Theoretically, Brazilian bikini hair removal at home is possible. But in practice, this is quite difficult to do. In fact, Brazilian waxing is a deep embellished bikini. If you do it yourself, then it is unlikely that something worthwhile will come of it. Firstly, you need to be very slim (s), since the fuller the person, the smaller the area in the bikini he can handle on his own.More information on Brazilian hair removal can be found in the videos we have selected. Have you ever made yourself a Brazilian bikini? If you are a client, tell us how you feel in the comments. Brazilian epilation of the bikini area is a complete cleansing of hair from the underbelly and underbelly areas (legs near the perineum, pubis, labia, anus area). When pubic hair is removed in a Brazilian peel, a portion of the hair is left in the form of a strip or pattern. This procedure is performed most often with the help of wax or sugaring – you can come to the salon for this, you can do it yourself.Brazilian bikini waxing naturally has Brazilian roots. Girls have been very fond of tight swimwear in Brazil for a long time, so they especially take care of the bikini area. Video: how to anesthetize the bikini area with Emla cream before depilation. Preparation. The preparatory stage of the Brazilian depilation procedure includes the following steps: The day before the intended session, it is necessary to peel the bikini area to get rid of the stratum corneum and facilitate the hair extraction process. Take a warm shower an hour before your procedure, without the use of gels or other pore-clogging products.Dry the surface thoroughly using a towel. For thousands of years, women have been persistently struggling with unwanted hairs all over their body, except, perhaps, the head. However, evolution stubbornly refuses to listen to our wishes. Along with the newfangled methods of laser hair removal, nanoepilation, women actively use such rather old methods as shugaring, wax hair removal. Many women like them, because they guarantee smooth skin immediately after the first procedure. The main thing is to be patient a little.Detailed overview. Brazilian depilation. Deep bikini area: what is it. Subtleties of procedures. Which epilator is better to buy. Chemical depilation. Shugaring technique. Folk remedies. Dilution solution. Brazilian epilation of the bikini area is a complete cleansing of hair from the underbelly and underbelly areas (legs near the perineum, pubis, labia, anus area). When pubic hair is removed in a Brazilian peel, a portion of the hair is left in the form of a strip or pattern. This procedure is performed most often with the help of wax or sugaring – you can come to the salon for this, you can do it yourself.Brazilian bikini waxing naturally has Brazilian roots. See also: What are lipolytics for weight loss, face, body in mesotherapy. Girls have been very fond of tight swimwear in Brazil for a long time, so they especially take care of the bikini area. Brazilian. Brazilian hair removal is one of the subtypes of deep bikini. The hairs are also removed completely, but a strip of any thickness remains in the pubic area. But she must cover herself completely with her panties. On the video, Brazilian hair removal: The appearance of a small amount of blood at the site of removal is a physiological phenomenon.This is due to the fact that during this process, a blood vessel is damaged, which nourishes the hair. Brazilian hair removal is the removal of unnecessary vegetation in the intimate area, as a result of which hairs on the pubis, labia, perineum, buttocks are removed. Such deep hair removal came to us from sultry Brazil, where for a long time girls prefer to wear open swimsuits, and the presence of vegetation on the skin is considered a bad form. For Brazilian women, epilation is characteristic, when hair is removed from the root in intimate parts of the body.Views. Brazilian hair removal can be done using several types of products. Skins is polymer hair removal. Advantages of this procedure

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A relatively inexpensive epilator designed to eliminate excess hair on the face and other areas.Supplied with additional filters for different types of skin and vegetation, power adjustment is provided in five modes. You can use the epilator at home not only to get rid of unnecessary hair, but also to treat acne. The device has a tonic and rejuvenating effect on the epidermis. What is the photoepilation procedure? Permanent disposal of unnecessary hair on various parts of the body and face using a special device – a photoepilator. The work of modern devices is based on the use of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology: an intense effect of a light pulse on the color pigment in the hair follicle.As a result, the bulb dies or enters a state of “sleep”, and hair growth slows down significantly or stops completely. buy a good epilator

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American laser epilator supports Single and Scan modes, allows you to adjust the power of the radiation flow in accordance with the skin type. Equipped with protective goggles, supplied with a manipulator and a power adapter.

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Hair is the pride of the female half of humanity.But what if they are actively growing in the wrong place? If removing hair from the legs or armpits is not difficult at all, then there may be some problems with the bikini area. The question of how to properly shave a bikini – a zone characterized by special tenderness and sensitivity, worries both very young girls and those women who have something wrong from time to time. In the article, we will consider the question of how to properly shave the bikini area so that there is no irritation. intimate area care and shaving.Correct shave in the intimate area. Shave your bikini area without irritation. Nowadays, it is customary to get rid of unwanted vegetation not only in the armpits and on the legs, but also in the intimate area. Smooth skin looks more aesthetically pleasing than thick hair, which is also often uncomfortable. Many girls, even after trying modern methods of depilation in the form of sugaring and waxing, return to standard shaving. Do I need to shave the bikini area. Which machine is suitable for depilation of intimate areas.Table: women’s razors. Photo gallery: Shavers suitable for depilating the bikini area. How to shave your bikini area without unwanted effects. How to epilate your bikini area yourself? Bikini depilation with a razor is now performed most often, which is associated with the ease and affordability of the method. In addition, many girls tend to perform the procedure at home because of some embarrassment in front of the masters in the salon. In addition, this method of removing unwanted hair from the body is considered to be quite budgetary and fast.It is recommended to raise one leg, the side of which you are going to shave. For this, the side of the bathroom or an ordinary basin, turned upside down, is often used. Shave with a gentle inward motion. So, when processing the left side, the movements should be performed from left to right, and vice versa. Never shave your bikini area without lubrication. If you do not use shaving cream, then do not be surprised by severe irritation, sores and swelling. It is best to use a non-scented shaving cream, especially for the bikini area.If you have sensitive skin, test on a small area before applying. Sometimes people have allergic reactions. But itching can be prevented by using a new razor and shaving the bikini area with gentle, slow strokes. Fortunately, the itching will go away after a few times. Pay attention to red bumps that appear in the next few days after shaving. Shave the bikini area correctly. You can speak out in favor of alternatives to the razor. Sugaring, wax strips, photoepilation But only a few women can endure pain during some procedures.And it really hurts! So the razor remains the most inexpensive and painless way to get rid of unnecessary hair to this day. And in order to shave correctly and not to get irritated, it is necessary to approach this simple procedure with all responsibility and attention. Get good quality shaving products. It can be a foam or gel that moisturizes the skin well, softens the hairs, and makes the razor glide easily. Be sure to scrub your bikini area before shaving to remove dead skin and lift hairs, which in turn will ensure a tighter fit between the razor blades and skin.After the scrub, cleanse the skin again with shower gel or regular soap, and only then proceed to the main stage of depilation. Caution and aids. It is no secret that the skin in the bikini area is very delicate, in addition, sometimes hair can grow very close to the mucous surface of the skin, which significantly increases the risk of injury. Choosing a razor. The better to shave your bikini area. We select a shaving gel. Prepare your skin and razor. Shaving procedure. Skin care after the procedure. Don’t shave every day.The answer to the question of how often you should shave your bikini area is: individually. The hedgehog appears the very next day and many strive to shave it off. If you are practicing daily shaving, it is best not to interrupt. You can shave a girl’s bikini area from any age when puberty occurs. The average safe age is considered to be 18 years old. Expert opinion. It is better to shave the bikini area no more than once every two to three days. It is recommended to shower using antibacterial soap. Pat the skin dry with a soft towel.Aloe vera can help prevent irritation in the bikini area after shaving. Shaving the intimate area for a woman at first may seem like a difficult procedure, but if you adapt yourself and follow general recommendations, in the future everything will pass quickly enough and without negative consequences. Share: Previous postHow to shave your head correctly? The next entryHow to shave your legs at home: tips on how to avoid irritation, itching and ingrown hairs. No comments yet. Should I shave my intimate area?The natural beauty of bikini hair is a thing of the past. In the modern world, getting rid of unwanted vegetation is one of the prerequisites for self-care. In addition, this fact presupposes compliance with the rules of hygiene, which is the basis of a woman’s health. Sometimes circumstances force you to use a razor earlier, for example, when a gymnast girl is going to compete in a swimsuit, and the excess vegetation does not look aesthetically pleasing. In general, there are no hard and fast rules about the right age to shave.

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An important aspect of a successful result is using the accessory in accordance with the instructions.The more often the procedures are carried out, the less hair will grow. As a result, the stage will come when the growth stage will be completely suppressed and the skin will permanently acquire a smooth structure. epilator laser kenzzi The epilator Kenzzi works on the IPL photon technology. The rays penetrate the epidermis, affecting the melanin contained in the hair follicle. Kenzzi will get rid of unwanted hair without unnecessary waste, no irritation and no consequences.

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The procedure for removing excess hair in the bikini area breaks records in demand in beauty salons at any time.There is no less demand for home methods of hair removal in the intimate zone: from the usual shaving razor to complex hardware techniques. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages. Hair removal in the bikini area is used much more often than in other areas of the body. The success of the intimate hair removal procedure depends both on the chosen method and on physical capabilities: you are lucky if nature has rewarded you with body flexibility and a high pain threshold. Some methods of deep bikini hair removal require acrobatic hair removal. You can get rid of unwanted hair in the bikini area using various methods of hair removal at home.It is difficult to arrange a deep bikini on your own, when it is quite possible to remove vegetation along the linen line at home. To find the right method, you need to correlate the desired result, capabilities and master the technique on less sensitive areas of the body. Stella Shvets. But hair removal in the bikini area, due to the special sensitivity of the skin in this area, requires a special approach. Epilation of the bikini area is classic and deep, with it, intimate places are completely free of hair. A number of hair removal procedures involve the gradual destruction of the follicle, as a result of which hair growth slows down or stops completely.For epilation of the bikini area use: Laser hair removal; Photoepilation. They remove hair well, do not break during use and have an optimal length. Price: it was. We ask a specialist about the correct hair removal in the intimate area. Share. Share. I like 9.1 thousand. Cuts, inflammations, folliculitis – all these are terrible words for any woman. – Nature did not assume that a woman would remove hair in the intimate area. Isn’t it dangerous to deprive yourself of hair in this area? – Of course, even 30 years ago, this topic was completely irrelevant.On a historical scale, intimate hair removal is a real novelty. Hair here is designed for protection, proper heat transfer, they serve as a barrier to the penetration of unwanted microorganisms and bacteria, and so on. However, we do not live in the Stone Age. Contraindications for hair removal. Before you get acquainted with how to remove hair at home, you should find out the main restrictions on getting rid of vegetation in the bikini area. It is better to refuse the procedure in the following cases: varicose veins; neoplasms in the pubic area; furunculosis or large pimples with pus; many moles or age spots in the perineum.How to remove hairs with a razor. Hair removal methods in the bikini area. Today, unwanted vegetation in the bikini area can be removed both at home and at a professional salon. There are many different methods of hair removal, varying in effectiveness, feel and duration. For example: shaving, depilation creams and lotions, sugar and wax hair removal, laser and photo hair removal. Each of these methods has its own advantages, however, according to statistics, Brazilian waxing is the method that men and women resort to most often.There are also methods that are strongly discouraged for bikini hair removal. These methods include ingrown hairs in the bikini area. Sometimes a thin ingrown hair in the groin cannot be seen through the skin. In this situation, we soften the epidermis so that the hair is closer to the surface. As soon as the hair becomes noticeable, we perform mechanical removal of the ingrown hair. All instruments you use must be sterile. Secondly, self-removal of unwanted hair will bring a lot of discomfort.Finally, due to the use of deodorants and increased sweating in the area where such a hair is located, pain is often felt and inflammation appears due to the addition of an infection. Total bikini, bikini hair removal, depilation, sugaring, waxing – we will tell you about what methods of hair removal in the bikini area are and how to use them correctly. To remove vegetation in the intimate area or not, each woman decides on her own. But it cannot be denied that this type of hair removal has important advantages.This is a deep hair removal, which involves the removal of all hair, including the perineum and anal area. Intimate depilation methods. Intimate epilation by types of techniques does not differ from simple. Photoepilation at home is problematic, therefore, depilation in the bikini area must be done in a beauty studio. Tel. 907-10-25. Online registration.

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Device for laser hair removal Kenzzi IPL Laser Device At Home Laser Hair Removal Use On Any Body Part hair removal with an epilator It should also be noted that the disadvantages of this type of technique include the lack of results after the first procedure.In order to notice the first positive result, it is necessary to carry out several procedures. The interval between depilation should be at least 4 weeks.

90,000 Brazilian depilation – how is it done? Reviews

Brazilian women are one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world. Not surprisingly, the most common type of bikini waxing is called Brazilian. The hot climate and frequent spending time on the beach in microscopic bikinis oblige the aesthetic design of this delicate area.

Brazilian hair removal has gained worldwide recognition. Now in any beauty salon you can get this procedure quickly and almost painlessly.

Historical information

One would be surprised if depilation did not appear in Ancient Egypt. The presence of hair on the face and body was considered a disdain for the people around them, therefore the Egyptians and Egyptians carefully monitored their hair, or rather, its absence.

Beauty Cleopatra used a paste prepared on the basis of beeswax to remove body hair.This is the prototype of modern waxing. Inventive Nefertiti preferred to use sugar paste, today it is shugaring. Also for depilation, Egyptians used tree resins and honey.

Modern Brazilian bikini waxing is not much different from what was done in antiquity. The main components remain the same – wax or sugar. There are additional ingredients to soften and moisturize the skin, lotions to prevent ingrown hairs and other skin care products before and after the procedure.

Directly Brazilian depilation appeared in New York. Brazilian women, the Padila sisters, opened a beauty salon in 1987, where they began to carry out a new procedure for American women with an exotic name.

This type of depilation involves the removal of hair in the bikini area, on the pubic part, labia and in the intergluteal fold. A distinctive feature of Brazilian depilation is a thin strip or some kind of pattern left by the master on the pubic part.

What do you need for Brazilian hair removal?

If you have never done Brazilian depilation, then it is better to entrust the first procedure to a professional.When you come to a beauty salon, pay attention to the beautician’s office, it should be light and clean. The master must have a certificate confirming the training, medical education is not required for this procedure, but a medical book is required.

For manipulation you need:

  • Disposable nitrile or vinyl gloves.
  • Wax. It happens in cans and cartridges. It is advisable that the wax is intended for hair removal in the bikini area. It will soften sensitive skin and help avoid irritation.
  • Wax heater. It happens for wax in cans and cartridges.
  • Wooden spatula for waxing.
  • Depilatory strips made of dense non-woven fabric.
  • Pre-depilation product. Usually has a slightly cooling effect.
  • After depilation. Removes wax residues and prevents irritation.
  • Talc. In order to remove moisture from the treated area.
  • Emla. Anesthetic agent. It is used in cases where the client has very sensitive skin.
  • Stencil for design, sequins, rhinestones. If the client wants something more complicated than a strip or rectangle, a stencil is indispensable. Glitter designs require sparkles and special glue.

Types of bikini waxes

Bikini waxes are available in cans, cartridges and granules.

Most common wax brands:

  • Depilflax. Used in beauty salons, also suitable for independent use.
  • White Line.
  • Gigi. Products for professional use.
  • Depileve.
  • Allegra.
  • Dolce Vita.
  • Floresan. Brazilian depilatory wax.
  • Veet. Suitable for home use, comes in jars and wax strips.

How does bikini waxing begin?

Brazilian depilation begins with skin preparation. A few hours before the procedure, you need to do a light scrub, take a shower, and do not apply moisturizer or oil to your skin.

Hair length should be at least 0.5 cm, in this case the wax will catch the hairs well and remove them the first time. If the length is about a centimeter or more, then the master will pre-cut the hair.

It is important that the skin is free of inflammation, irritation and wounds. Otherwise, the procedure should be rescheduled for another day until the skin is restored.

Further, it is necessary to negotiate the desired result with the master. Which part of the hair and in what form to leave on the pubic area: it can be a strip, a narrow rectangle, a triangle, or you need to remove all the hair.Whether the design will be a glitter tattoo or rhinestones.

How is bikini depilation done?

Brazilian depilation is carried out on a cosmetology couch. Please note that the master puts a disposable sheet on the couch and puts on disposable gloves. In some cases, when a large area of ​​pubic hair is left sufficient, for example, a triangle, the master offers disposable panties.

First, a cooling agent is applied to the skin before depilation, when the agent is absorbed, sprinkle with talcum powder.Heated wax, using a cosmetic spatula, is applied in a thin layer to the hair zone in the direction of hair growth. Next, a non-woven strip is applied, lightly pressed, the skin is pulled with the hand in the direction opposite to the jerk and the strip is torn off with one sharp movement against the growth of the hair. They start from the pubic area and gradually move on to the labia and intergluteal fold. While depilation of the intergluteal fold, the client is asked to lie on his side.

At the end of the procedure, the wax is removed with an oil-based cosmetic and treated with a soothing agent after depilation.

Do not go to the sauna, swim in the pool, take a hot bath or wear tight synthetic underwear for two days after epilation.

Brazilian depilation reviews are mostly positive. A correctly performed procedure does not cause discomfort and is performed quickly enough. No irritation or inflammation remains on the skin. Within three to four weeks, the skin remains smooth and well-groomed.


Contraindications for depilation:

  • Inflammatory processes accompanied by increased body temperature.
  • Cancer diseases.
  • Damage to the skin in the depilation area.
  • Genital herpes.
  • Diabetes.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Menstruation.

Prevention of ingrown hair

After depilation, hair can grow in for two reasons. The first is the thinning of the hair, in which it either bends and grows into the skin with its end, or cannot “pierce” the epidermis layer. The second reason is that during the procedure, the direction of the hair follicle may change, and the hair begins to grow slightly sideways, growing into the skin.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to completely prevent ingrown hairs, but you can reduce their number to a minimum.

  • After depilation, use an anti-ingrown hair lotion.
  • Scrub more often. By gently exfoliating the top layer of your skin, you will prevent ingrowths. After scrubbing, apply a moisturizer or lotion to your skin.
  • If the hairs grow in constantly and there are a lot of them, switch to another type of depilation, for example, sugaring or photo epilation.

Bikini depilation at home (which waxes to buy)

Can I make my own Brazilian bikini? Depilation at home is possible; non-professional waxes such as Veet and Floresan are suitable for this. The firm offers canned wax and wax strips.

If you choose the first option, then watch the temperature of the wax, it should not be too hot, as you can get burned. Before the procedure, cleanse the skin well and treat the bikini area with the product before depilation.If your hair is longer than 0.5 cm, trim it with scissors or a trimmer.

If your choice fell on wax strips, then they must first be cut into short sections. Warm them well in your hands and apply to the skin, pull off against hair growth. After the procedure, treat the skin with a napkin to remove residual wax (it is included in the set).

Many girls themselves use Brazilian wax for depilation. Product reviews are generally positive. The wax does not irritate and removes hairs well.The downside is that it is not very convenient to epilate a bikini on your own.

Bikini design

Many women do not stop at Brazilian hair removal, and complement it with a bikini design. Most often, a glitter tattoo is done. These are drawings made from a dense layer of sequins. Craftsmen have many different stencils with different images.

The most spectacular type of bikini design is a pattern made of rhinestones, plus Brazilian depilation (photo below). This is painstaking work, but, unfortunately, such a design does not last very long.

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An important aspect of a successful result is using the accessory in accordance with the instructions. The more often the procedures are carried out, the less hair will grow. As a result, the stage will come when the growth stage will be completely suppressed and the skin will permanently acquire a smooth structure.

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Brazilian hair removal for the bikini area, prices for the procedure, reviews

Brazilian Hair Removal is a method of epilation in the deep bikini area, including all intimate parts of the body.

The main condition for Brazilian hair removal is the complete absence of all hair.

A bit of history

Why is it called “Brazilian”? It is in Brazil that tight swimwear is popular, and therefore this type of hair removal is a must. For the first time this method of hair removal appeared in 1987 in New York in the salon “J Sisters International”. The founders of the salon were seven sisters who came from Brazil. Brazilian hair removal is very popular today. It allows you to wear open swimsuits, choose beautiful underwear. In addition, this is a great way to attract the attention of your chosen one and arouse sexual desire and fantasies in him.

Brazilian hair removal is especially in demand in the summer. In addition, it is indispensable if you are going to rest in a warm region.

Before after

How is the procedure for Brazilian hair removal performed

Initially, the procedure was performed using hot wax or special wax napkins. Nowadays Brazilian hair removal is performed by all different modern methods. The most popular of them are salon hair removal with wax or sugar and removal of unwanted hair in the intimate area using hardware techniques.

Hair removal with wax or sugar is literally hair pulling. Not everyone is able to withstand the procedure. It is very painful, and the result is only enough for a couple of weeks.

Brazilian hair removal using hardware techniques is the most radical way to solve the problem of unwanted hair (laser, photo, elos-hair removal). But not all of these methods are equally effective, safe and painless. Hair is removed from the most delicate parts of the body, so you must be completely confident in the chosen method.Not all technologies are capable of selectively affecting the hair, which in many cases leads to burns, scars and hyperpigmentation, not to mention the lack of effect after hair removal.

For more information about this technique for removing unwanted hair, you can get in the section “Brazilian hair removal: questions and answers”.

Delicate removal of unwanted hair in the bikini area

What kind of hair removal to choose so as not to harm the delicate skin in the most intimate area? Is there a technique that allows you to get rid of unwanted hair effectively, but at the same time safely and painlessly?

For the “Brazilian” version of hair removal, Qool epilation is ideal.This is the most gentle laser hair removal method. The laser does not heat or damage the skin. At gunpoint – only hair. The QOOL hair removal procedure is absolutely painless. Only a sense of comfort.

Qool-epilation has no restrictions and is suitable for all skin types, even for tanned and very dark skin. In addition, immediately after the session, you can go to sunbathe, in the pool or in the solarium. There are no restrictions! Numerous positive reviews about QOOL hair removal confirm the effectiveness of this procedure.

The result is absolutely smooth, undamaged skin in the most delicate areas.

Prices for QOOL-epilation depend on the number of sessions and the area of ​​influence. The cost of the procedure will be calculated for you individually.

Reviews I used to do shugaring, but I got tired of constant peeling and it still hurts. Laser hair removal certainly wins in this regard.My skin is sensitive, I expected irritation, but in the end everything is ok.

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