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9 Best Christmas Artificial Snow 2021/ 2022 UK

Artificial snow for Christmas 2021? Yes, you read it right. I know that it’s already very cold outside and snow everywhere in the city like London on the day of Christmas but still we are sharing this list of fake or “artificial snow for Christmas 2021/ 2022 in London”, UK.

Christmas Artificial Snow Best Seller 2021/ 2022 UK

The fake snow is one of the most demanding decoration items everywhere on Christmas and New Year. People use it for many purposes which include, wrapping gifts, turning a room into snow land and making snowman inside the house as a decoration piece. Some people even love to buy fake snowballs to play snow flight inside the home.

I would be surprised if you never purchased the artificial Christmas snow before. Like other decoration items, they come in different stuff and shape. For example, you can purchase the fake snow powder, a blanket of snow and even snow in the shape of sprinkles.

It totally depends on you that for which purpose you are looking for this unique item of decoration.

To understand your requirements of the Christmas artificial snow, we are sharing different types and sizes of fake snow below. If you never purchase this item of decoration before, then you must this time to take your whole Christmas decoration 2021 to new level.

Buy Best Christmas Artificial Snow 2021/ 2022 UK

1# 100m Metre Roll of Artificial Fake Snow Christmas 2021 UK

This is pure white imitation snow blanket. It can be put around the Christmas tree base. The total weight of this item is 4 ounces (very light in weight) and it is 27 inches wide. It can also be used for the outdoor decoration.

Get it now on Amazon

2# 50m Metre Roll of Fake Snow 2021 UK

This item is same as the above, except its length which is 50m. It is soft, pure white color and very original looking fake snow. This snow is also suitable for both; indoor and outdoor decoration.

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3# Artificial Snow Fake snow for Christmas 2021 UK

This is a multipurpose artificial snow which can be use on multiple occasions including indoor and outdoor decoration item. It can also be use to make model, crafts and arts other than just putting it around the Christmas tree.

Get it now on Amazon

4# Artificial Fake Snow Christmas Nativity Soft White Blanket

This year, do something different other than just decorating your home with colorful items. How about turning the whole room into a snow magic land? You can do this with this fake snow which is pure in white color. Its weight is only 4 ounce.

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5# Decoration Artificial Snow for Christmas 2021 UK

This is very natural looking and high glass artificial snow for Christmas. Like above items, this is snow can be sprinkled over the decoration or turn any area into snow land (especially the indoor). It is best selling imitation snow due to its quality and very cheap price.

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6# Christmas Fake Snowballs Tree Decorations 2021 UK

Do you want to make a snowman inside the house? Take a look at this fake snowballs which is not just a decoration item but also can be used as a toy for kids. It is soft and great fun for snowball fights.

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7# Instant Magic Snow Powder for Christmas 2021 UK

This is very fluffy, soft and light weight artificial snow. Due to its quality, it is not just limited to use as a Christmas decoration but also suitable for stage, video, wedding and shows. This magic snow also can be used as outdoor decoration.

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8# Artificial Magic Rapid Expansion Instant Snow Powder

This fake snow has been used by many professional magician to perform. It is also popular as kids toy. This snow comes in powder shape, which makes it very easy for you to put around for Christmas decoration. It is disposable consumables.

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9# Instant Snow Artificial Magic Artificial Snow Powder

Here we have another instant magic snow powder for you to decorate your Christmas party with it. It is easy to use, non-toxic, kids friendly and life like artificial snow. This is the same snow which has been used by professional musicians to perform.

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Best Christmas Products

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How to make fake snow

Let it snow with this simple Christmas activity that younger children especially will love! With just two storecupboard ingredients and a splash of water, you can create a tactile landscape of fake snow – ready to be moulded into miniature snowmen, decorated with pine cones from a winter walk, or perhaps sprinkled over a nativity scene.

This recipe is safe and easy enough for children to weigh and make themselves – you might just need a steady hand to help them add the water, as you don’t need much!

Prep 5 minutes

You will need
Tray or bowl
Bicarbonate of soda


1. In a bowl, mix together equal quantities of cornflour and bicarbonate of soda. With this simple 1:1 ratio, you’ll be able to make as much or as little fake snow as you like. We started with 250g cornflour and 250g bicarbonate of soda.

2. Once combined, gradually introduce a very small amount of water into the bowl and mix together with your hands. Add a little more water – just a few drops at a time – until you reach a good consistency.

3. Stop adding water when the mixture starts to hold its own shape, but crumbles when pressed (like snow). We used just 1½ tbsp water in total for the amounts above.

4. Now you’re ready to play! Try squidging together the snow to make a snowman, use biscuit cutters to push the snow into shapes and use the snow to create a wintery landscape.

What should I do if the snow is too dry or runny?

This is a very forgiving recipe, so if your snow is too dry, simply add a few more drops of water.

If it’s too runny, you can add in more cornflour and bicarbonate of soda

(in equal quantities) to balance out the mixture.

Have you tried this easy Christmas craft with your little ones? Let us know in the comments below!

Discover more Christmas kids’ activities:

How to make a snow globe
How to make hot chocolate cones
Salt dough Christmas decorations
How to make potato stamps
How to make a bath bomb
Indoor activities for kids

Fluffy Instant Xmas Magic Snow Powder Artificial Christmas Decoration Fake UK Home & Garden Home, Furniture & DIY

Fluffy Instant Xmas Magic Snow Powder Artificial Christmas Decoration Fake UK Home & Garden Home, Furniture & DIY

fluffy substance that looks like real snow, or may be in the original packaging but not sealed. The item may include original accessories. The item may be a factory second (i.e. it has a small flaw that does not affect the operation of the item such as a scratch or dent). See the seller’s listing for full details and description. See all condition definitions , Seller notes: “✅Same Day Shipping✅5-7 days to arrival✅Fast Royal Mail✅Buy 1 GET 1 FREE✅” , 。, it happens like magic! Just add water and watch the powder erupt into a pile of snow. The best mix to look like snow is 3 water – 1 snow.. Condition: New other (see details) : An item in excellent. new condition with no wear. The item may be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, Fluffy Instant Xmas Magic Snow Powder Artificial Christmas Decoration Fake UK. This instant Snow is an amazing powder that expands into a white.

Fluffy Instant Xmas Magic Snow Powder Artificial Christmas Decoration Fake UK

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8 Step Mudah Untuk Melanjutkan Kuliah Ke Luar Negeri

Pada dasarnya SUN Education menyediakan pelayanan komprehensif, lengkap dan mudah dalam satu atap. Mulai dari konsultasi gratis pilihan studi, proses pendaftaran ke institusi yang dituju, pengurusan visa hingga pelayanan selama siswa studi di luar negeri.

Berikut adalah pelayanan prima SUN Education, yang dirangkum ke dalam 8 Langkah Mudah Pengurusan Studi ke Luar Negeri:


Faktor terpenting sebagai modal utama untuk sukses belajar di luar negeri adalah penguasaan akan bahasa Inggris. Sebagai persyaratan masuk suatu institusi, diperlukan hasil nilai IELTS™, TOEFL®, SAT® atau GMAT®.

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Dapatkan informasi lengkap mengenai bidang studi, prospek karir, pemilihan negara dan universitas berdasarkan minat dan kemampuan.

SUN Education bekerjasama dengan Biro Psikologi terkemuka: Tes Bakat Indonesia, memberikan pelayanan extra bagi siswa yang membutuhkan bimbingan lebih lanjut mengenai penjuruan studi dan eksplorasi minat bakat.


Untuk mendaftar diperlukan dokumen seperti mengisi formulir pendaftaran, nilai akademis (ijasah, rapor, UAN), ujian bahasa Inggris internasional (IELTS™, TOEFL® atau tes lainnya) dan fotokopi paspor.

Tambahan dokumen lainnya bila diperlukan adalah seperti surat akademik dan profesional, personal statement, surat referensi kerja dan proposal riset. Tidak perlu khawatir, semua proses pengurusan dokumen di atas akan dibimbing oleh konselor SUN Education yang berpengalaman.


Konselor SUN Education akan membantu mem-follow up penerimaan dari institusi yang dituju. Tergantung dari level studi dan institusi yang dituju, biasanya dibutuhkan waktu 1 minggu hingga 2 bulan untuk mendapatkan surat penerimaan ini.


Setelah menerima Offer Letter dan semua persyaratan akademis dipenuhi, maka siswa akan diminta untuk melakukan pembayaran biaya uang sekolah dan/atau biaya lain yang diperlukan.


Konselor SUN Education akan mengurus surat permohonan visa pelajar di negara yang bersangkutan. Untuk mengajukan visa pelajar diperlukan dokumen seperti formulir visa, surat penerimaan (letter offer), bukti keuangan dari orangtua atau pihak sponsor, bukti akademik terakhir, akte lahir, kartu keluarga dan lainnya.


Konselor SUN Education akan membantu dalam hal pengurusan tiket pesawat, akomodasi dan penjemputan di negara tujuan.


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2 September 2021

Jerman menjadi salah satu negara di Eropa yang menjadi tujuan mahasiswa Indonesia saat berkuliah di luar negeri. Dengan biaya […]

1 September 2021

Siapa yang punya cita-cita kuliah hukum? Apalagi kalau jurusan hukumnya di universitas luar negeri seperti Inggris. Inggris sendiri memiliki […]

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Jika ditanya negara Eropa mana yang ingin dijadikan tujuan belajar, pasti banyak yang menjawab Belanda. Memang, karena adanya sejarah […]


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Study in Singapore Week 08-10 September 2021

SUN Education
Senayan STC STC Level 1 No. 55-58 STC Senayan, Jalan Asia Afrika, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10270 Indonesia

Study in Singapore Week 08-10 September 2021

SUN Education
Senayan STC STC Level 1 No. 55-58 STC Senayan, Jalan Asia Afrika, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10270 Indonesia

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Tentunya untuk mencapai semua hal tersebut, semua persiapan harus direncanakan dengan matang.

  • Saya telah mendengar SUN Education sebelumnya dari keluarga dan teman-teman saya dan mereka mengatakan bahwa layanan yang disediakan adalah benar-benar baik dan sangat membantu. SUN Education sangat membantu saya untuk belajar ke Selandia Baru dengan pelayanan dan respon yang cepat dan orang-orang yang benar-benar baik. Terima kasih khususnya kepada para konselor yang membantu saya menyelesaikan persyaratan dan dokumentasi untuk gelar master saya. Mantan Sekolah: Universitas Tarumanegara Jurusan: Magister Akuntansi Institusi: University of Waikato
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Fluffy Instant Xmas Magic Snow Powder Artificial Christmas Decoration Fake UK

Fluffy Instant Xmas Magic Snow Powder Artificial Christmas Decoration Fake UK

Xmas Magic Snow Powder Artificial Christmas Decoration Fake UK Fluffy Instant, The best mix to look like snow is 3 water – 1 snow,This instant Snow is an amazing powder that expands into a white, fluffy substance that looks like real snow, it happens like magic, Just add water and watch the powder erupt into a pile of snow,Shop Now,Absolutely Price to value,Our Featured Products,Discounted price,Discover tens of thousands of new products. Snow Powder Artificial Christmas Decoration Fake UK Fluffy Instant Xmas Magic, Fluffy Instant Xmas Magic Snow Powder Artificial Christmas Decoration Fake UK.

How to Make Fake Snow

All activities should be supervised by an adult. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

This Winter has been surprisingly mild and there hasn’t been a lot of snow outside. Whether you’re in a climate with snow or not – sometimes it’s too cold to venture outside to play with the snow! We’re sharing 3 ways you can make your own fake snow for sensory play and crafts. You only need a few ingredients to make them. Or you can buy instant snow and just add water! We have two recipes that only require 2 ingredients – things you probably already have on hand! Kids will love playing with this fake snow or creating their own puffy painted snowman.

RELATED: Salt Painting Snowflakes

How to Make Fake Snow – 3 Ways

We’re going to show you 3 ways you can make fake snow:

1. Snow that can be used in a sensory bin to create your own small world play scene

2. Snow you can paint with! We call this puffy paint and you can create your own puffy painted snowman

3. Instant snow – you can buy this and re-use it. Kids love it!

Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!

How to Make Snow for a Sensory Bin

The first kind of snow you can make is really simple – you only need 2 ingredients: 

  1. Cornstarch (or cornflour it’s called in the UK)
  2. Conditioner

You can also substitute the conditioner for lotion.

Add 1 bag of cornstarch (ours was 454 grams/ 16 ounces) with 1 cup of conditioner. We used unscented but a lavender or light scented version would also work.

If you find it’s a little too sticky, just add more cornstarch and if you find it’s too dry, add a little more conditioner.

You want the consistency to not be sticky. It should let you form it into little balls to make your own snowman!

Now that your “snow” is made, you can place it into a bin to create your own small world play scene!

We added pine cones and small animals like a polar bear and deer to make our own Winter sensory bin. We added a little bit of glitter in as well.

Store your fake snow so that it does not get exposed to air. This will help it from drying out. You can place some saran wrap on top. If it becomes really dry, add a little bit more conditioner and some extra water into it.

Puffy Paint Snow Recipe

Now we’ll show you how to make an easy 2 ingredient puffy paint recipe. Use this “snow” paint to create your own snowman. Toddlers and preschoolers can make a melted snowman version by just painting the paper and adding their snowman face features.

To make the puffy paint, add 1 cup of shaving cream and 1 cup of white glue. Mix together.

If you don’t need as much, cut the recipe in half and do 1/2 cup of shaving cream and 1/2 cup of white glue. One cup will give you enough for 2-3 kids to make snowmen with. If you only have 1 child, cut the recipe in half.

Now paint your snowman and add all of your snowman features! We used googly eyes, small buttons and glitter paper (red and black) to make the hat. We also used an orange foam glitter sheet to make the nose.

Instant Snow

Finally, if you’d rather not make your own fake snow you can buy instant snow! Instant snow is great for sensory bins and kids love playing with it and watching it grow. You just need to add water!

You can buy Insta-Snow here.  We recommend the brand Insta-snow since it’s non-toxic and safety tested. The best part about Insta-snow is it’s reusable. Just let it dry out and then you can add water back to it again and again! Always make sure to read the instructions and supervise while using.

The Insta Snow also includes an activity guide that explains the science behind the fake snow. And it’s easy to turn into snow – just add water and watch it erupt in seconds. Kids are always amazed at this!

Have fun playing with all kinds of fake snow this Winter! Let us know which sensory activity your kids loved the best!

More Winter Sensory Activities

These salt painted snowflakes are really fun to make! You just need glue and salt and there is a free snowflake template available.

Make your own fluffy snowman slime!


At least 2 dead as Storm Arwen thrashes the UK ::

By Hannah Ryan, CNN

CNN — At least two people are reported to have died as Britain was battered by severe weather with winds reaching speeds of over 90 mph (144 km/h) in some areas.

The Met Office said Northumberland in northern England, was hit by overnight gusts of wind of 98 mph (157 km/h) and Devon in the southwest also experienced winds of 92 mph. Rare red weather warnings were issued on Friday after the Met Office described conditions as “horrendous.” The red warnings expired on Saturday but amber and yellow warnings remain in place and people in many areas are being advised to travel only if “absolutely necessary.”

PA Media reports that a man in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, died on Friday when his car was struck by a falling tree and also reported that Cumbria Police said a man from Lancaster died in Ambleside after a tree fell on him just before 11 p. m. GMT (6 p.m. EST) on the same day.

The Met Office warned Britons to stay safe along coastlines, especially along the east coast of Scotland and northeast coast of England while the Royal National Lifeboat Institution named Storm Arwen their first winter storm of the year and said the “severe weather could make our seas and coastlines particularly dangerous.”

Train networks across the UK have reported disruptions due to Arwen, as ScotRail services were disrupted between Edinburgh and Glasgow Queen Street, Dunblane and Stirling after a barn was blown on to the line near Falkirk. TransPennine Express services between Newcastle and Edinburgh have also been canceled.

Many were left without power on Friday night, as Northern Powergrid said severe winds had caused cuts for more than 55,000 customers mainly in Northumberland, County Durham and Tyne and Wear.

The Met Office said that the storm will “continue to bring strong winds” across many parts of the nation and “the cold air combined with the strong winds will give a very cold day right across the country.

Snow has been falling and settling on roads across southern England and the Midlands but the Met Office said it should ease and move away to the south, as some areas experience a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow.

The-CNN-Wire™ & © 2021 Cable News Network, Inc., a WarnerMedia Company. All rights reserved.

In Iraq, family mourns daughter who drowned crossing to UK

IRBIL, Iraq (AP) — Snow globes, teddy bears and makeup brushes — these were the trinkets left behind in northern Iraq by Maryam Nouri who perished this week along with at least 26 others in an ill-fated voyage with dreams of reaching the United Kingdom.

A wake for Nouri, called Baran by her friends and family, was held in Soran on Sunday in the Kurdish semi-autonomous northern region. Male relatives sat outside the family home, counting prayer beads in her remembrance, in line with local customs. Her body has not yet reached Iraq, pending legal issues, they said.

Nouri, 24, had boarded an inflatable boat carrying migrants with hopes of being reunited with her fiancé, Karzan in Britain. She had managed to get a Schengen visa to Europe, and traveled to Italy on Nov. 1, and later Germany and France.

She did not tell her fiancé she was planning on making the voyage across the English Channel illicitly on Wednesday until it was too late. The flimsy boat sunk a few miles (kilometers) from the French coast, drowning at least 27 migrants bound for Britain. France’s interior minister called it biggest migration tragedy on the crossing to date. The nationalities of the dead were not immediately known, but many are believed to be Iraqi.

Ever-increasing numbers of people fleeing conflict or poverty in Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Eritrea or elsewhere are risking the perilous journey in small, unseaworthy craft from France, hoping to win asylum or find better opportunities in Britain. The crossings have tripled this year compared to 2020.

Aid groups blamed European governments for increasingly hard-line migration policies they say are driving the recent surge in smuggling.

Nouri had tried many times to get a visa to the U.K. but was unsuccessful.

Iman Hassan, Nouri’s cousin, said she had a premonition something was terribly wrong before receiving news of her death. Her sister had rushed in with news of a boat that had sunk in the channel and there was no news of Nouri.

“I sensed in my heart, because I couldn’t sleep for two nights before it happened,” she said, seated outside the family home Wednesday.

A disproportionate number of the migrants have been from Iraq’s relatively stable Kurdish region, who chose to sell their homes, cars and other belongings to pay off smugglers with the hope of reaching the European Union. Rising unemployment, endemic corruption and a recent economic crisis that slashed state salaries have undermined faith in a decent future for their autonomous region and kindled the desire in many to leave.

Nouri had called Hassan, also her best friend, on Oct. 1 to tell her she was traveling to Europe. The two met later, their very last.

Hassan had asked her if she intended to make the journey with the help of smugglers, warning her this would be dangerous.

“You see what happens to people smuggled by boat, people fall, break their legs and others die,” she recalled telling her.

But Nouri dismissed her fears. She was going via airplane, she reassured her.

It was her first time flying in a plane.

In Nouri’s untouched bedroom, large red teddy bears cover her neatly made bed. Make-up brushes and snow globes — one of a newly married pair — and photos of her betrothed cover the vanity.

She was one of eight daughters. Hassan said she was the kindest.

“She took care of my grandmother when she was sick in bed. She was a very kind girl,” she said.

Nouri was smart and determined, Hassan said. “In any job she took, she was successful,” she said.

She decided to take up a career in cosmetics when finishing high school with hopes of becoming a makeup artist. She had completed courses on the subject.

As the men gathered to recite verses from the Holy Quran, Nouri Dargalayi, Nouri’s father, greeted guests.

His daughter had her engagement ceremony here, he said, pointing to the area where relatives had gathered to pay respects.

“They (the couple) were trying to build a decent life for themselves, but it ended,” he said. “She sank in the sea and passed away before arriving.”


Kullab contributed reporting from Baghdad.

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90,000 BBC Russian – Country Russia

If I write that Russians are not very politically correct, readers may be offended, says my Russian friend Sasha. But I decided to try it anyway.

It even seems to me that people in Russia like to give the impression of being politically incorrect. For example, my Russian friends usually laugh at the stupid political correctness of Great Britain and America, expressing the hope that Russia will never have it.

I am not saying that the lack of political correctness in Russia is good.On the other hand, I do not want to defend all her examples in the UK.

Last week, one of my students joked about the appearance of the Chinese, and when I didn’t laugh, she said that I offend them with my political correctness. She also thinks I’m a little prim.

I can’t say that this is a compliment for me. The word “prim” gives rise to the image of a boring, uninteresting person. But by Russian standards, I probably am.

The essence of political correctness is not to offend others.But now the expression “PC gone mad” has become popular in our country (political correctness has gone mad).

In my opinion, we are still not talking about madness, although in the UK – and this must be admitted – there are extreme examples.

For example, we call an ordinary school board “blackboard” – “black board” in literal translation. But now some consider the word racist and insist on using alternatives. For example, “chalk board” – which literally means “chalk board”.

Another example – in British universities recently departments of foreign languages ​​have turned into departments of modern languages. These languages ​​are the first for many people in Britain, and no one wants them to feel like strangers because of the word “foreign”.

In Russia, of course, it is unlikely that it will ever come to such an absurdity, and this is good. But due to the absence of any political correctness at all, I run into trouble here.

For example, last spring (this year we won’t have spring in St. Petersburg) several times I saw a black man on Nevsky Prospekt.

The man had a double billboard advertising a tanning studio. It said, “I sunbathed in this studio.”

In the UK, for such a marketing move, a tanning studio would be accused of outrageous racism, but on the main street of St. Petersburg, people just passed by.
My friends saw nothing wrong with the concept either. “This is his choice,” they said, “if he himself is not offended, why should I be offended?” And this is in the cultural capital of the 21st century …..

Almost all politically incorrect fans of the Zenit football club in Russia. The fame of them flew to Great Britain.

I recently watched a football match at the stadium. “Zenith” played with “Terek”, which had an African defender. The man sitting next to me called the defender chocolate – in Scotland he would have been kicked out of the stadium for such a language.

Of course, in St. Petersburg, the guards and other fans around us did not react in any way, and when I mentioned this in a conversation with friends, they laughed and said that it was okay, it could be worse.

I must admit that I have not yet mastered all the nuances of the Russian language, and sometimes I do not catch all the nuances of meaning.

I know that there are many jokes about Ukrainians – and in principle, I understand this, because in Scotland we also have not very polite jokes about the British, but the joke is different.

Earlier I had the impression that when Russians use the word “khokhol” it is politically incorrect. But I asked my student about this, who came to St. Petersburg from Ukraine, and she told me that this was not an offensive word at all.

A completely different story with words like “khachik”. Realizing how rough it is, I am horrified when I hear it.

We also have offensive words in Great Britain that scornfully describe people of different nationalities, but now, fortunately, you hardly hear them. So, if I described an immigrant from Pakistan with the word “paki” – everyone around would think that I am a boor and lack of culture.

At the same time, according to my observations, many young Russians use such words even in public – thinking that it is ridiculous.I think it’s just indecent.

I guess I look naive and overly sensitive here. Of course, I’m not going to lecture Russians about political correctness, in one form or another it is everywhere. At the same time, political correctness is politeness and respect for the people around them, and any nation, in my opinion, should develop these qualities.

Nissan unveils the new Qashqai – TopGear Russia

Today Nissan is strengthening its position as a leader in the European crossover segment with the introduction of the all-new third generation Qashqai. Since Nissan pioneered this class in 2007, more than three million Nissan Qashqai have been sold in Europe.

In the new generation, the model retains the basic principles that underpinned the concept, design and development of the two previous generations of Qashqai: sleek design, improved construction and efficient powertrain combined with the increased quality and pleasant driving experience inherent in cars from the higher segments … With the new Alliance CMF-C platform showcasing forward-thinking design, innovation and cutting-edge technology, the new Qashqai is once again raising the bar in the crossover segment, and buyers will certainly appreciate these characteristics.

As with its predecessors, the new Qashqai was designed by a team at Nissan’s European Design Center in central London, UK, and overseen by the Nissan Technical Center Europe, located in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK.

“The starting point for the design and development of the all-new Qashqai was an in-depth look at the relationship we have had with all of our customers who have chosen Qashqai over the past 13 years. This allowed us to understand their needs and, in particular, what they value in a crossover that they use and rely on on a daily basis, ”said Marco Fioravanti, vice president of product planning for Nissan Europe.

Eye-catching and sleek design

As with the two previous generations, the design of the new Nissan Qashqai was developed at Nissan’s European Design Center in London, UK.

Despite the unique personality of Qashqai, the third generation is distinguished by a more masculine image, clear lines and a modern look.

Externally, the Qashqai looks more purposeful, with a prominent sill line, an extended wheelbase and impressive 20-inch alloy wheels debuted on the Qashqai.

The vehicle’s wheelbase has become 20 mm longer, and the overall overall length has increased by 35 mm. The same changes took place with its height (+ 25 mm), and with the width, which added 32 mm for better stability on the road.

The front end of the new generation Qashqai features an oversized Nissan V-Motion radiator grille, trimmed with an additional satin chrome stripe to emphasize its neat contours. Flanking it are the latest LED matrix headlights, designed with cutting-edge technology and signature Boomerang Daytime Running Lights. Calibrated gaps between body parts make the car look sharpened.

The car’s front optics have been improved over the previous generation, also based on LED technology, and have a more sophisticated design. From the side, the new Qashqai looks more athletic and dynamic thanks to the expressive line that runs through the entire vehicle and gives it a sporty feel.

The next generation Qashqai will be available for the first time with 20 “Diamond cut alloy wheels (the previous generation offered a maximum size of 19”). These larger wheels fill the arches and further increase the vehicle’s stability on the road.

Customers value personalization, which is why the new Qashqai will be available in 11 body colors with five two-tone combinations for a total of 16 options to choose from.

Improved interior

The interior of the new Nissan Qashqai has new connectivity and appears more solid and comfortable, setting new standards in the segment in terms of premium, design and usability.

The interior lighting in white creates a soothing and peaceful atmosphere, while its uniformity adds an impression of elegance and harmony.

Great attention has been paid to the ergonomics and aesthetics of the gear selector and buttons, which are made with high quality and a pleasant tactile feel, giving users a sense of confidence and sophistication.

New connectivity options

The new Nissan Qashqai features an advanced infotainment system with a wide range of capabilities including easy smartphone integration, Wi-Fi for seven devices simultaneously and NissanConnect Services, a dedicated app that allows you to interact with vehicle and monitor its systems.

The larger, 9-inch, higher-resolution NissanConnect multimedia display is a digital gateway to navigation, entertainment and vehicle settings, and is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Also on the model, the Apple CarPlay wireless interface is introduced for the first time.

The new 12.3-inch high-resolution TFT infotainment screen, available for the richest versions of the vehicle, offers a choice of different desktops for displaying navigation, entertainment, traffic or vehicle status information controlled by a new touch switch on the steering wheel.The background of the digital TFT screen is similar to the traditional Kiriko carved glass texture, a reference to the Japanese philosophy of Nissan.

An innovative 10.8-inch head-up display (HUD) delivers the largest image size in the segment. Navigation, driver assistance and traffic information are projected onto the windshield in the driver’s line of sight.

Home-to-Car is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices. The system supports a wide range of commands, including the ability for drivers to set a destination in the navigation system by speaking voice commands, which significantly saves time.

The NissanConnect Services smartphone app provides vehicle control functions such as remote control of headlights and horn, as well as door unlocking and locking. Alerts can be configured in the car, including alerts for the current speed, time and time zones, while tracking this information.

When using OEM navigation, you can get access to 3D maps and traffic in real time. The new navigation maps have enhanced features such as over-the-air updates, real-time traffic jams, Google Street View and fuel price tracking.The app also offers door-to-door navigation, including Find a Car.

All passengers can benefit from vehicle connectivity: the console unit now offers front and rear USB charging ports with USB-A and USB-C ports.

Impressive comfort

The new Qashqai continues to give drivers a sense of confidence by offering improved all-round visibility. Improvements include a wider viewing angle through the windshield, a narrower A-pillar design and side mirrors mounted on the door rather than the A-pillar for confidence when changing lanes.

The long wheelbase of the new Qashqai, combined with a clever design, provides even more passenger space. The space between the front and rear seats has increased by 28 mm and is now 608 mm, which is made for the comfort of passengers sitting in the back, while the distance between the driver and the passenger in the front seat is also increased. The headroom at the front and rear has been increased by 15 mm thanks to a slight increase in external dimensions.

A new level of practicality

The power boot door with hands-free function makes it easy to access the boot when your hands are busy.The total luggage compartment volume has increased by more than 50 liters compared to the previous generation model, in particular thanks to a 20 mm lower floor level and an improved rear suspension design.

The popular features of its predecessor, such as the side storage compartments behind the wheel arches, have been improved in the new model, as well as a durable nap mat on one side and an easy-care plastic cover on the other.

Improvements in doorway ergonomics make the new Qashqai easier to get on and off than previous generations, especially in confined spaces such as multi-storey car parks. If there is enough room (and parents will appreciate it), the rear doors can now be opened 90 degrees, which greatly simplifies the installation of the child seat and access to the child.

Electric Powertrains

In line with Nissan’s goal of achieving a 50% share of EV sales in Europe by 2024, the new Nissan Qashqai will not only be available with a 1.3 DiG-T petrol engine equipped with a mild hybrid technology, but also for the first time in Europe with the innovative e-POWER powertrain, featuring an award-winning powertrain that uses technology from the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle.

Equipped with front-wheel drive (2WD) and all-wheel drive (4WD), 6-speed manual transmission or the new Xtronic CVT and all-electric e-POWER powertrain, the new Qashqai meets all customer requirements with a pleasure to drive regardless of configuration …

1.3 DiG-T petrol engine with 138 HP and 156 bhp, mild hybrid

The mild hybrid technology introduced on the new Qashqai delivers even torque distribution, longer start-stop times, faster starting and the ability to use coasting braking »(Only for versions with Xtronic CVT). At the same time, the vehicle’s fuel efficiency is improved and CO2 emissions are reduced (4 g / km less).

The system significantly reduces CO2 emissions and the 1.3-liter engine delivers more power and torque than its main competitors, making the petrol option an attractive proposition. This power plant adds only 22 kg to the total vehicle weight.

During deceleration, an energy recovery system is used to recharge the lithium-ion battery in the vehicle.This energy is then used in the start-stop and Torque Assist systems as well as coasting braking.

When coasting at a speed of less than 18 km / h, the engine is turned off, and the stored energy is used to power the vehicle’s electrical equipment. This allows you to extend the operating time of all systems with the engine switched off and, as a result, reduce fuel consumption.

The mild hybrid system uses the improved 1.3 liter DiG-T petrol engine that was unveiled at the Qashqai in Europe in 2018.50 new components were introduced into the design of the renewed unit. The engine fully complies with the Euro 6-d environmental requirements.

The 1.3-liter petrol engine will be offered to customers in two power ratings – 138 hp. and 156 hp. – and equipped with either a 6-speed manual transmission or a new Xtronic CVT (only in conjunction with a 156 hp engine). The maximum engine speed reaches 5500 rpm, and the maximum available torque of 270 Nm already at 1750 rpm for a 156-horsepower engine with both an Xtronic variator and a manual transmission.

In versions with a manual gearbox, the transmission has been improved for faster, more precise and sporty gear changes. The next generation Xtronic CVT delivers greater fuel economy and acceleration feel thanks to enhancements including a dual oil pump system with new electrical components.

Front-wheel drive (2WD) is available for both 138hp and 156hp versions, while all-wheel drive (4WD) will only be available on 156hp models.with., equipped with a variator. The new all-wheel drive control system and driving mode selection are more intuitive and intelligent, adapting to the external conditions, and have five driving modes – Standard, ECO, Sport, Snow and Off-Road. In the event of wheel slip, the all-wheel drive system is reduced by a factor of five to about 0.2 seconds.

E-POWER Technology

The new Qashqai introduces the innovative Nissan e-POWER transmission for the first time.Designed specifically for Nissan, e-POWER is a key component of an Intelligent Mobility strategy that makes daily driving fun.

The e-POWER system of the new Qashqai consists of an oversized battery, transmission, 154 hp variable compression gasoline engine, power generator, inverter and 140 kW electric motor, the same size and power as Nissan electric vehicles. … It is a unique solution that combines the pleasantly smooth linear acceleration found in electric vehicles, but without the need for recharging.

To meet the demands of European consumers in their daily life, the e-POWER unit for the new Qashqai has been significantly redesigned. Running the 1.2-liter petrol engine already used in the Nissan Note, the best-selling vehicle in Japan in recent years, charges the battery and delivers 106 horsepower. For Europe, the engine capacity has been increased to 1.5 liters with 140 kW (187 hp).

A unique feature of e-Power is that the petrol engine is used exclusively to generate electricity, while the wheels are completely driven by the electric motor.This means that the engine can always run in its optimal range, resulting in superior fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions compared to a traditional combustion engine.

This avoids delays as is the case with an internal combustion engine or conventional hybrid. Immediate response delivers a thrilling feel from high torque and optimal acceleration at different speeds, making overtaking or exiting the motorway easier and more confident.

As with the LEAF, the new Qashqai with e-POWER uses a completely new single-pedal control technology called e-Pedal. Drivers can start, accelerate and decelerate using only the accelerator pedal.

CMF-C platform

The new Qashqai is the first new model in Europe to use the CMF-C platform, which is a modern design and architecture.

Central to the engineering concept was the Qashqai’s current proportions, which made it so successful.This means that the car must move confidently on city roads and have dimensions sufficient for comfortable placement in parking lots, while having enough space in the cabin.

Lighter materials and advanced stamping and welding techniques were used in the body structure to increase strength and reduce weight. For the first time, the tailgate on the Qashqai is made of composite material, which has reduced the weight of the car by 2.6 kg.

Front and rear doors, front fenders and bonnet are now made of aluminum, resulting in a 21 kg weight reduction over the previous model.

Thanks to advanced production technologies, the car body is 60 kg lighter and 41% stiffer than the previous model. This means refinement, comfort and a driving experience as in a car from the higher segment, as well as exceptional safety in the event of an accident, and furthermore, increased overall functionality.

Redesigned Suspension and Steering

The new Qashqai will continue to be fun to drive, reinforcing its reputation as a vehicle for a more comfortable and enjoyable drive that does not give up on winding roads.

Thanks to the CMF-C platform, the new Qashqai has an updated MacPherson strut at the front and multi-link at the rear. For the front-wheel-drive Qashqai fitted with 19-inch wheels, the rear suspension is a torsion bar. For 20-inch wheels and all-wheel drive versions, the vehicle will be equipped with an improved multi-link suspension.

The electric power steering system has been redesigned for improved response, more near-zero definition and less friction.

Updated ProPILOT Driver Assistance

The new Qashqai is equipped with the next generation ProPILOT Driver Assistance to support the driver in a wider range of situations. This advanced system has been designed to reduce fatigue and stress while driving while being intuitive to use. The improved ProPILOT is only available with the new Xtronic CVT.

The system allows the vehicle to accelerate and brake independently within the same lane.The system can accelerate the vehicle to a predetermined speed and can stop it up to 0 km / h during heavy traffic in traffic jams. The system can resume operation automatically if the vehicle has been stationary for less than three seconds and the vehicles in front start moving.

On the new Nissan Qashqai, the updated ProPILOT system can now adjust the vehicle speed according to the road situation: when the car crosses an area with a lower speed limit on the highway, the system can read road signs and take into account the speed limit data during navigation to slow the Qashqai down to the appropriate speed, which means the driver does not need to manually adjust the cruise control speed.

The system can also use data from the navigation system to adjust speed when approaching tight curves or exits.

In addition, ProPILOT can now communicate with Qashqai Blind Spot Tracking radars to correct vehicle handling to prevent lane change maneuvers if another vehicle is in the danger zone.

Other upgrades include a side collision avoidance system for urban driving situations where the driver is notified of possible contact with an object on the side of his vehicle, usually when turning into a supermarket parking space.In addition, the new Qashqai can also intervene to prevent collisions when reversing thanks to the updated Intelligent Reverse Collision Avoidance (RCTA).

Additional safety is provided by the intelligent stop in front of an obstacle (FEB). Thanks to advanced radar technology, sensors can read the road outside of the vehicle in front to detect if another vehicle suddenly brakes.The system applies the brakes to reduce the likelihood of a collision.

Another innovation on board the new Qashqai is a central airbag that is deployed between the two front seats to prevent the driver from contacting the front row passenger in the event of a side impact. The center airbag complements the driver and passenger airbags, as well as side and curtain airbags as standard on the new Nissan Qashqai.

Smart LED Headlights

For the new Qashqai, Nissan engineers have developed an advanced head light system that adapts the shape of the light beam to suit road conditions and the presence of other road users. The beam is split into 12 separate elements, which are selectively disabled when an oncoming vehicle is detected. Thanks to this innovation, the headlights can shine brighter, farther and wider, but at the same time the beam shape is effectively changed so that oncoming road users will not be dazzled.

“The new Qashqai will change the way consumers think about a family car. Comfort, refinement and technology will be comparable to vehicles from the higher segment, and the driving experience will satisfy both drivers and passengers. With Nissan’s bold e-POWER technology, we are confident that customers will fall in love with the experience of driving with an electric powertrain, as they no longer have to worry about range, ”said Gianluca de Ficci, Head of Nissan Africa, India. Europe, Oceania and the Middle East (AMIEO).

Mb Natur Emulsion-lotion for eyebrows and eyelashes with botox effect O2Farm in Minsk – price, photo and description

Botox O2Farm – a powerful new generation hair concentrate. Designed for complete hair restoration, revitalization and rejuvenation, brightening and strength. The unique formula of the product allows for an instant result, providing moisture, elasticity, hair strength and incredible shine

This product contains only natural ingredients:

acai palm berry extract
provitamin B5
Biotin (Beauty Vitamin)
amino acids
vitamin E
Created at the First Center for Scientific Research and Innovative Technologies in St.Barcelona, ​​Spain

Botox for eyebrows O2Farm is also used in the procedure “Happiness for eyebrows”:

hair regeneration and galvanization procedure!
Natural Bio Pharmaceuticals
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This product works not only on hairs, but also on the skin!

Botox O2Farm is a powerful new generation hair and eyebrow concentrate.

Natural botox to restore instant eyebrows.

Product formula also contains:

This composition strengthens hairs, prevents hair loss, accelerates eyebrow GROWTH, stimulates moisture and nourishes the hair. Restores capillary structure and is a powerful antioxidant.

You can use it once every 2-3 weeks (just when the client comes to staining, for example). If the eyebrows need to be restored (after remote control or unsuccessful lamination) once a week to a result that suits

Who is it for?

Botox is intended to restore eyebrows after:

unsuccessful exposure to chemicals, including after long-term styling of eyebrows
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It is suitable for teenagers from the age of 13.It is possible earlier, but, as a rule, before the age of 13, children have no problems with eyebrows, but from the age of 13, continuous experiments begin.

Botox is designed for all hair types and colors.

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The procedure lasts up to 25 days (depending on the initial condition of the eyebrows).

The service can be used either immediately after dyeing the eyebrows, or separately.

The Botox-a procedure after coloring the eyebrows improves the durability of the pigment, but does not affect the color itself.

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Botox procedure straightens the hairs, makes them manageable, soft, there is a real effect of beautiful thick and well-groomed eyebrows!

When is the procedure necessary?

after a bad experience with lamination or DN (dry, brittle hairs)
after aggressive dyes and henna
if the eyebrows fall out and need additional growth stimulation
ideal in the lamination process as additional moisture
O2FARM bottle lasts 200 applications

0 is enough for one application. 1 ml O2FARM per 1 ml water.


take insulin syringe
We always put the bottle in hot water, even if the composition is completely transparent (prerequisite)
heat the bottle itself in hot water for about
minutes we take botox from the bottle with a syringe without opening the package
dilute 1:10 (0.1 ml O2FARM per 1 ml hot water)
inject O2FARM in a circular motion into hot water – beat well (preferably with a henna / paint mixer)
apply on colored eyebrows or after d / y before the 3rd composition under the film for 15 minutes
wash off with a damp cotton pad
If the botox is frozen, that’s okay.

The formula is created in such a way that a molecule in a hot kind opens up like a flower, and at room temperature it narrows and crystallizes. Therefore, it does not evaporate and does not require special conditions. In winter, it becomes like snow, but even if the room is warm, the molecule is still narrowed. Therefore, even if it seems that it is gel-like, liquid, before doing the procedure, the bottle must be placed in hot water for 1-2 minutes. Only after that, start working.

Share: 90,000 Winter rest

Many people are upset when they find out that their vacation falls in the winter – and this is in vain! After all, in winter you can relax and spend time no worse than in summer, and in some ways even better. And if you do not like snow and frost, then you can go to any part of the planet, where sunny summer reigns at the moment.Managers of the travel agency “Anex Tour” will help you make the right choice and plan an amazing winter vacation.

Winter Holidays in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world according to its area. Its vastness is immense, its landscapes are so different that at any time of the year you can find an amazing place to relax. You can easily find both expensive and budget options, both for families with children and for noisy youth companies.

Among the best winter resorts in Russia, Bolshoi Woodyavr, Elbrus region, Dombay and Sobolinaya Gora deserve special attention.They can boast of the following points:

– Cheapness. Winter holidays in Russia in any case will be very affordable financially;
– Wonderful landscapes of our Motherland;
– No language barrier and no need to apply for visas;
– Excellent service that meets international standards.

Winter holidays abroad

For those who want to discover new countries, the travel agency “Anex Tour” can offer an excellent winter holiday abroad.Many European countries can boast of excellent ski resorts among the Alpine landscapes, and hot tropical states do not get tired of offering a chic vacation on white beaches on the shores of the gentle sea.

If you are attracted by mountain slopes, snow and frost, then pay attention to economic Poland and Bulgaria, available to Andorra and Germany, elite Austria and France, as well as distant and exotic ski resorts in the USA and Canada.

And if you dream of being in a hot summer, then take a look at popular Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, exotic Thailand and Vietnam, expensive and prestigious Seychelles and the Maldives.Planet Earth is big and you can easily plan a winter vacation that suits you.

90,000 Tours to Jordan in January 2018 from Moscow

Holidays in Jordan in January

Travelers looking for healing treatments at a spa hotel prefer Jordan in January. Here you can get not only beach pleasures, but also a wonderful sightseeing vacation. Tourists love to come here in winter because of the comfortable air temperature.When it snows in their homeland, in Jordan, people sunbathe on the beach for an appetizing shade.

Can I sunbathe in January 2018?

Holidays in Jordan in January means comprehending the secrets of the beautiful Red Sea. This is the most ideal time for a tourist vacation in 2018. Tourists wishing to sunbathe in winter should stay in Aqaba. It hardly rains in this area.

The Dead Sea and the Red Sea at the beginning of the year have a water temperature of at least 21 degrees Celsius.This temperature is suitable for swimming. However, there are few people in the resort in winter. Mostly those people come here who are ready to rest even at low air temperatures and with rain. Tourists sometimes just want to retire. January is the best month for such natures.

Jordan open to guests

If you book plane tickets in January, you can get them inexpensively. In Moscow, many companies offer trips to different directions. By contacting the VESN TOUR tourism agency, clients will receive advice on any issue related to the trip.There are last-minute tours to Jordan in January for the company’s clients.

Jordan is ready to present its interesting sights to tourists. There are a lot of them here, so the excursion program will be varied. It is also possible to relax on the beach, receive treatment and wellness in a resort hotel located next to the Dead Sea.

Fans of a quiet holiday prefer to fly from Moscow to this country, since at this time of the year tourists are not particularly keen here.And for this reason, January prices differ significantly from July ones.

90,000 Russia was preparing a coup in Ukraine: how the world reacts to the hybrid attacks of the Kremlin – News of Russia and Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky said this today. In parallel with this, NATO is considering the possibility of increasing the number of troops on the eastern flank of the Alliance, and the White House is making a last attempt to calm down the wild Putin.

To the topic Russia had no plans to participate, – Moscow’s reaction to Zelensky’s statement about the coup

Let’s discuss together the latest news regarding Russian aggression against Ukraine and find the logic of what is happening.

State coup in Ukraine

Today (November 26 – 24 channel) Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave another press marathon, which was dedicated to the equator of his presidency. Of course, a discussion of the probable Russian attack was not done without discussion.

And now, unexpectedly for many, Zelensky said that Russia was trying to involve one of the Ukrainian oligarchs in a coup in Ukraine.

According to the president, Rinat Akhmetov is trying to drag his entourage into this story, which, among other things, throws mud at the authorities on the oligarch’s channels.

I will not go into the details of the war between Zelensky and Akhmetov, my colleagues will tell you more about this. I will draw your attention to something else.

Trying to drag Akhmetov into a coup, – Zelensky / Collage 24 channel

Can Russia attack Ukraine

Just 5 days ago (November 21 – Channel 24), the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service Kirill Budanov said that Russia could attack Ukraine immediately in several directions, already in January – December.

But before that happens, the Kremlin is trying in every possible way to prepare the ground for the invasion among the Ukrainians, including creating:

  • political chaos;
  • total dissatisfaction with the authorities.

For this, according to Budanov, large-scale protests are possible. He stated this in an interview with the Military Times.

Therefore, I am not even surprised by such a statement by Zelensky. After all, the Kremlin has long been trying to blow up the situation in Ukraine.

The Kremlin is trying to blow up the situation in Ukraine / Photo Getty Images

Ideal moment for an attack

The fact is that the majority of the Ukrainian people will not meet Russians on tanks with bread and salt, rather they will have machine guns in their hands.

But if the Ukrainians quarrel among themselves, then for the Kremlin this is the perfect moment to attack.

But, as they say, the hat is on fire on the thief. Therefore, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, an hour after Zelensky’s words, hastened to declare, I quote: “Russia had no plans to take part in a coup. And Russia never does such things.”

War to contain Russia

While some oligarchs inside Ukraine are probably flirting with the Kremlin in order to preserve their capital and influence, a large-scale war is going on on international platforms to contain Russia.

The day before, Zelensky held talks with the outgoing Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President of the European Council Charles Michel. The main topic, of course, is the Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

Note Merkel assured Zelensky that Russia’s new aggression would not go unanswered.

Merkel, in particular, said that she was disappointed that the Kremlin had completely abandoned the have consequences.

Already in a dialogue with the Prime Minister of Poland, Merkel said that the EU should work out a mechanism for the lightning-fast introduction of sanctions against Russia in the event of a new invasion.

Michel disappointed

Here is the President of the European Council Charles Michel disappointed a little. In a dialogue with Zelensky, he said that the war between Ukraine and Russia can be ended through direct negotiations between Kiev and Moscow, mediated by the EU.

Michel disappointed a little / Photo of the press service of OP

Michel does not see at close range that exactly the same format, namely Norman, failed miserably.This mechanism does not work, alas.

That is why the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal called on NATO to send as many warships to the Black Sea as possible, as well as to dramatically increase the number of overflights of military aircraft along the Russian border so that the Kremlin understands that all their actions are in full view.

But it is one thing when the Alliance calls on Ukraine for this, and quite another when a direct NATO member speaks in unison with us.

Polish President Andrzej Duda called on NATO to increase the number of troops on the eastern flank of the Alliance, and send warplanes to the borders of Russia.

At the same time, although the Alliance itself is increasing the number of troops on the Eastern flank, they still hope for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assures that they are ready to discuss the current situation with Moscow, but it stubbornly keeps silent.

Complete issue of WTF for November 26: watch the video

What are NATO ready for

But do not rush to say that NATO is betraying us. The fact is that it looks like the Kremlin will slow down in the near future.After all, pay attention, the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Sweden for the first time said aloud – they are ready to send troops to Ukraine if Putin goes on the offensive.

That is, they made it clear to Russia that this aggression would cost too much for it.

That is why the White House suddenly announced that there is time, and therefore it is worth trying to dissuade Putin from attacking.

The New York Times writes that the US president’s team is currently negotiating with the Russians and even allows a personal meeting between Biden and Putin if he gives the signal for de-escalation.

US sanctions

At the same time, the Biden administration sent a team of diplomats to Europe to negotiate with the EU an immediate package of US and EU sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine.

The minimum package of sanctions may include restrictions on Russian banks, government debt and an embargo on the purchase of energy resources.

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