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Instant Fake Snow & Artificial Snowfall Machine FAQ

These Frequently Asked Questions by our customers should answer some of your own about our fake instant ground snow and snow machines. Please email any additional questions you have to [email protected] and we will get back to you quickly.


SnoWonder can be used on almost any surface but ALWAYS put cloth or plastic under it so it can be picked up after use. The water will not bleed out of the artificial snow so surfaces (even fabric) will not get wet. SnoWonder will not stain, but normal care should be taken on delicate surfaces.


SnoWonder is intended for indoor use but can be used outdoors if it does not get direct sunlight. It will last a much shorter time in strong sunlight, and it will get ruined by rain. WILL CLOTHES GET WET? No, the water is trapped in the snow. Check out more information on How To Use Fake Snow here.


Yes, it looks great on trees, plants and floral arrangements. It may dry out faster in these situations and may need to be misted more often.


SnoWonder will last for many days or weeks, depending on how it is used and how clean it is kept. Snow will need to be refreshed by misting it with water from a spray bottle or by adding a little “wet” snow on top. Often fluffing it up with fingers is all that is necessary. Snow that is spread very thin will need to be refreshed more often than deeper snow.


Snow is as cold as the water you mix it with. Because water at room temperature is cooler than skin it always feels cool. If you want it really cold, mix with ice water or add ice cubes or chips to your mixed snow.


We reuse our snow several times by letting it dry out on a sheet of plastic wrap, then adding water to reconstitute it. Very thin snow will dry out overnight. Dust from the air and minerals in the water eventually prevent reuse. Snow can also be stored wet in a sealed plastic bag or container for up to a week.


To make snowballs, put snow in the freezer for about 45 minutes to an hour.


No, a mixed batch of SnoWonder has the weight of real snow and will not blow around like styrofoam or plastic snow. It will not melt but there is slow surface evaporation. HOW MUCH SNOW DOES IT MAKE? SnoWonder absorbs 50 to 100 times its volume in water, so a small amount of powder makes a lot of snow. Each package is sold according to the amount of snow it makes. One cup of powder makes about 2 gallons of Snow. The actual amount the artificial snow makes will vary with the hardness and purity of the water.


SnoWonder is a patented, safe and non-toxic super- absorbent polymer developed specifically to imitate the properties of snow. In Japan it is used for indoor sports (at very cold temperatures). It can be used around children and pets, though mixing should alway supervised by an adult. No harm will come if eaten but it is not real snow and should not be eaten. Also, like real snow it is slippery, so do not walk on it.

Instant Fake Snow Mix | Instant Snow Powder Recipe

※ Mix a TEST BATCH by adding 2 cups of water to 1/8 measuring cup of fake snow mix. A standard yield is 1 quart of snow. If your yield is much less, it is likely due to water quality. Substitute better quality water (soft water or bottled water). ※ Once you determine the best ratio you can mix larger batches, but for even mixing, we recommend no more than 5 or 10 gallons at a time.

※ Standard bulk mix is 1 gallon of water poured on 1 cup of instant snow mix. Put dry powder in CLEAN container and add water vigorously. This should yield approximately 2 gallons of snow. Yield will be less with hard or low quality water. ※ Snow does NOT like direct sunlight or rain. If you must use it in the sun, test it in advance to see how long it will last. If you add fresh snow hourly it will last longer. Kids playing in the snow will shade and protect it, but when not in use, cover snow with dark plastic. Thick snow will turn to gray slush after too much strong sun. Very thinly scattered snow (like a snow flurry) will just evaporate in 12-24 hours and may not need to be picked up. If small amounts spill on grass pick up or rake very thin. Buy Insta snow & fake snow here!

Important Information

※ You can use snow indoors or in a shaded outdoor play area (kid’s pool, water table, sandbox, grass with tarp underneath).

※ For snowballs put the mixed snow in a freezer for about 45 minutes.

※ If snow starts looking dry, refresh it with a spray of water. To keep it feeling cold, use ice water. You can also sprinkle it with ice chips to keep it cool.

※ Clean up by removing snow and reusing (see below) or mixing into garden soil, where it will help retain soil moisture. Pick up with broom or vacuum and dispose of as waste. DO NOT put in sink or drain as it may clog, and do not try to water it away as it will turn to slush. Slush can be broken down with ordinary salt.

※ Reuse by letting guests take a bag of snow home. Or, spread very thin on plastic (indoors) and let it dry out for reuse at a later date. You can also store wet snow in bags for a limited time.

Instant Snow Polymer | Buy Polymer Snow for Classroom Projects

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31 reviews


I have been getting this product for years & will continue to do so.
I absolutely love it.
I’ve used it in a champagne flute, under the Xmas tree, on the dining room table, at the doorstep, etc.
I put it in little baggies tied with ribbons and attached it (with directions) to my Xmas cards that read, “Let it snow”. A huge hit!
It’s exactly as described.
I’m in Florida (since living in Ct. most of my life) & it’s snow fun!
A great decorating accessory and a great gift for Southerners-especially kids (of all ages) who have never seen snow. You can’t get any closer than with this.
Love, love, love!

Alison Paris

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Fun for all ages

Performs exactly as described. Engaging experiment for all ages, even adults.


Was this review helpful?

It’s Really Cool (no pun intended)

It was really cool to watch such a small amount of this dry white powder, when added enough water expanded so much-
It was soft to the touch- not exactly like snow, more spongey and squishy than the expected feel. But otherwise similar to snow. The drying and reusing came difficult for the first use, as it didn’t dry that easily or quickly in a bucket, but it evaporated and left the original powder so much more quickly when it was put in a paper bag.
Otherwise it was really fun!

Kevin Grady

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Instant Snow Polymer

Best snow polymer available. It works every time! I use “Instant Snow Polymer” to help my 2nd-graders better understand how to plan and conduct an investigation to describe and classify different kinds of matter by their observable properties.

Jason Lindsey

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Instant Snow Polymer

Wow! This is one of our most engaging chemistry outreach activities yet. As a hands-on activity, each student is given a plastic cup containing 1.2 g of the instant polymer. In a graduated cylinder, they measure 23 mL of DI water. He/she pours the water into the cup; the water/polymer combination grows into “snow” before their very eyes! Since it relatively. harmless, they can explore some of the properties and compare them to real snow, reaching the conclusion it is not snow. We save the cups for future use. For large audiences we use 23 g of the snow polymer and 230 mL of DI water. Recently, I traveled to the BASIS Primary Charter School Phoenix where I was staging a demonstration show for the entire school in two presentations working with the head of the school, one of my former Duke presenters. The day before, we traveled from class to class performing the snow polymer demonstration placing the 23 g of snow polymer into the “magic goblet” (a pewter goblet I purchased on-line) prior to entering the classroom and the 230 mL of the “magic water of Duke” (230 mL of water from the BASIS) in a water bottle from Duke. We used this demonstration to stimulate questions and to prepare them for the next day’s show. The demonstration also stimulated numerous questions about the snow polymer and chemistry in general. The day after the show, we visited the kindergarten classes who had not seen the instant snow prior to the show. Again, numerous questions arose and I had time to discuss the difference between performing a demonstration (the outcome and reasoning is understood) and an experiment (one where the outcome and reasoning is not understood). The kids were thoroughly engaged the entire time. A real success. I highly recommend the use of this demonstration as part of your instructional program, no matter the grade level.

Kenneth Lyle

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Instant snow

Did the demo for 10 years old kids, it turned out to be so good. All loved it. Good way to teach them about the polymer characteristic

Susaritha Chandrabose

Was this review helpful?

Love It

I had a student ask me about this product so I ordered it. Once all of my classes saw it, everyone wanted to try it out. It left them asking questions and wanting to try different experiments with it. A very fun product.


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Best Value

I’ve been purchasing the snow polymer from EI for a few years now. It’s the best value I’ve found online so far. Sometimes you can get free shipping with a $50 minimum order. But even with $7.95 shipping, it’s a better value than what I’ve found on other sites like amazon with free shipping. I purchase 2 1-pound containers and distribute 1 tablespoon to about 60 students each year. That’s more than enough and I’ll have leftover for the next year.


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Kid of all ages love it!

Great fun for everyone. When demoing in a cupped hand, all ages are intrigued. I would suggest adding to info that it should not be rinsed down drains as a precaution.

Candy Godbee

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instant snow polimer

amazing, children were excited


Was this review helpful?

retired science teacher

a very fun lab

Lillian Houser

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A great product. Directions are very clear and easy to follow.
A great way to introduce polymers.

Charles Skillings

Was this review helpful?

Process Improvement Manager

Great examples of hydrophilic polymers kids. They LOVED playing with the instant snow and bouncy balls and were mesmerized with how much water the diaper polymer held

Renee Thomas

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snow is a lot of fun for the students

c. davies

Was this review helpful?

Manager, Applied Technology

A definite kid pleaser! I use it for demonstrations on polymers for kindergarten on up. At Christmas, I take it in as a craft. Fill a clear ornament with the powder, add water & shake. Explain some science while the kids are ooing and ahhing!

Carol Bateman

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Buy an extra for the kitchen!

We all know the WOW factor has in the classroom but you can also WOW your family! This morning a new gallon of milk came tumbling out of the refrigerator and burst open on the floor. Remaining calm, I went to my teacher supplies in the basement and got a bottle of Instant Snow. Within seconds we had the whitest snow ever on the kitchen floor! A dustpan and brush cleaned up the milky snow.


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Southernmost Snow

Since my school is located in the Southernmost City of the U.S.A., it is difficult for my elementary students to truly understand what is it like to play in the snow. I have used this product, snow polymer, to experience the thrill of feeling the chill of snow. The first days of the season, which is usually just a few days before winter break, we incorporate learning about snow, snowflake structure and the water cycle. This is not fully appreciated until we have the “suprprise” lesson where we create snow in the classroom. (Usually all students are wishing for snow at this point of our lesson.) We have sudents write snow sensory poems based on their hands-on experiences and snow fantasy adventures, while my advanced students were able to utilize the hands-on for more creative problem solving such as what happens when the polymer is used in various temperature settings – outside in humidity, freeze product before/after, and temperature record keeping. The excitement of using snow where there is no snow created a meaningful experience for the entire class! We can’t wait for the next winter season to arrive!

Katrina Madok

Was this review helpful?

Winter Fun in AZ

We used this product in January this year. Living in AZ where it feels like Spring in January, this product allowed the students to feel snow. We also talked about polymers and states of matter. Many uses for this product.

Renee Ashlock

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Wow Your Crowds!

This is one of the best products that EI sells! I teach a college class of pre service teachers who, when I have them work with the polymer, giggle just like the kiddos do!!!! Everyone wants to immediately order as soon as the experiment is over!

Tanna Nicely

Was this review helpful?


This wonderful polymer amazes the kids!! They love to see how it changes form almost instantly!! Not to mention the uses it has in everyday life they knew nothing about! LOVE this product!!

Miriam Sawyer

Was this review helpful?

Want to be Famous? Make snow in your classroom!

You’ll become famous amongst your students when you make snow inside your classroom! This experiment is so much fun and the kids love it. They never think it is possible to make snow indoors but little do they know with the instant snow polymer it will form before their eyes! I’ve been doing this experiment for four years and it never fails! The kids absolutely love it and they monitor it for a week to see if it changes or melts. Give it a whirl to see just how awesome this product really is!

Laura Herr

Was this review helpful?

Instant Success

Worked great!


Was this review helpful?


All of my students love to watch the snow grow right before their eyes!


Was this review helpful?


My students are always wowed by the expansion lab. The snow is fun and sparks my students attention.

Chris Swafford

Was this review helpful?

Kinda cold too

I saw this at the NSTA conference in Indianapolis, Indiana and thought it was really great. Could be used to answer the question…why do we need to study this? Answer: Because it can be fun and can even help make movies and earn $!

Mr. G

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Instant Snow

Great product–kids just love it!


Was this review helpful?

science educator

Just used this with my chem students as part of a polymer lab.
The students loved it!

Cheryl Ann Park

Was this review helpful?

Instant Snow

I have used this product for 7 years to engage students, have fun, and to stimulate inquiry skills of my students.

David Mangus

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This is a fantastic product to demonstrate physical and chemical changes. Then after the demo, I put some in a baggie and use it as a stress reliever.

Ms. Williams

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Great Endothermic Exothermic teaching

My students love instant snow. I use it along with two other mini labs to teach endothermic and exothermic reactions. Use food dye to add color and students will beg to take with to show all their friends. Yellow snow is the most popular!

Susan Wanzer

Was this review helpful?

Great Product

Educational Innovations offers some of the best products for educators. This is some of the best Instant Snow on the market! Kids, young and old, LOVE this product.

Jason L.

Was this review helpful?

Buy Instant Snow To Go Fake Snow Powder

Instant Snow To Go – 1 Gallon Polypack

Sold Out


Experience the wonder of making artificial snow instantly with the original and best artificial snow powder.
In seconds it looks real, feels cool, and is soft and fluffy to touch like fresh fallen snow. Have a snow frozen party when you bring winter fun indoors with the realistic look and cool feel of Snow To Go!

– Each pack makes over 1 gallon of artificial snow
– Each pack includes 1 pack of snow powder, 1 scoop, one Instruction sheet

How can I make instant snow?
– Just add water! Is that simple!

How do I clean up after use?
– Just brush the surface and throw it in the trash, or use a vacuum to pick up the snow. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally polymer.

How long does the snow last?
– The snow will start to dehydrate after a few days. Just spray the top of snow with water and fluff the snow to give it a fresh, fluffy look. Or you can let it completely dry out and reuse again. That is – it lasts forever!

Is Instant Snow safe?
– Absolutely! Instant snow is safe to use around children and pets. Instant snow is a synthetic polymer with super water absorbing properties. It is the only non-toxic faux snow on the market today that erupts in seconds when water is added. Similar super absorbent polymers have been used in the past to absorb moisture in commercial products. Snow polymer is so realistic that is it now being used in indoor snowboarding parks throughout the world.

View full product details »

Instant Snow DIY Affordable Instant snow for Cloud Slime

****** WATCH THE VIDEO: https://youtu. be/1ceJ_yVsBNs *******

Name: Fake Artificial Fluffy Snow Powder Instant Snow To Go – Makes 1 Gallon- Just Add Water
Brand: Insta Snow to Go

Quantity: 1 x PACK (Approximately 40 grams (1.4 ounces) of snow powder PER packet)

Packet Weight: 1.9 ounces
Packet Size: 5″W x 1/2″W x 7″H
Package: Polybag includes 1 scoop and Instruction Sheet

****** WATCH THE VIDEO: *****

· One entire packet of Insta-Snow makes almost 3 Gallons of artificial snow.
· Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe. Safe for kids!
· Feels Cold to the touch for the perfect winter decoration.
· Reusable Fake Instant Snow
· It’s Not Sticky like other water-absorbent polymers.
· Add food coloring to make different colors for different occasions!
· Will not melt! Just add water when it evaporates and the snow powder will last for weeks!

Makes for a great Christmas decoration for the tree!

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://youtu. be/1ceJ_yVsBNs …. and watch the instant transformation of water and Snow To Go powder into artificial snow that looks and feels like soft fluffy real snow. There is no mixing, just amazement!

A pouch of Instant Snow To Go make almost 1 gallon of fake snow that looks and feels like real snow and feels cold to touch. It’s Long Lasting. It does not melt. It Doesn’t Blow Around like other fake snow. It’s super-absorbent powder It turns into Snow Any Time of the year. In seconds it looks real, feels cool, and is soft and fluffy to touch like freshly fallen snow.

Have a frozen snow party when you bring winter fun indoor. Great for SLIME! A pouch of Insta Snow powder is great for the holiday centerpiece table or any special occasions or magical fun for the kids and guests and makes a great gift. Add food coloring to make different colors for different occasions!

No mixing. Just add water! Immediately you can make Snow in Less than 5 seconds! Refresh it as water evaporates.

1 scoop powder to 1/4″ cup (2 oz) water, OR 4 scoops powder to 1 cup (8 oz) water.
Note: Use the blue colored scoop that is included with the packet.


One Poly Bag of Instant Snow To Go powder will cover an area 1′ by 2′ and 1 inch deep. That’s 2 square feet. We estimate this volume of insta snow powder is almost a Gallon of artificial snow.

One packet makes one Gallon of fluffy snow by pouring 9 cups of water. Do not use hot water!

Snow To Go powder will expand to 100x its size or more. The amount of artificial snow that Snow To Go powder can yield is dependent on the temperature of the water being used, the amount of snow made at one mixing, and the climate where you are making your snow. Don’t use hot water. Very cold water tends to make snow more slowly, water that is slightly warmer than room temperature tends to yield the most snow. If you make snow in small amounts… approximately 2 grams of powder to 2 ounces of water, we expect that you will get the best yield. If you are making a large quantity of snow, we recommend that you add the snow powder to the water, instead of pouring water into the snow powder. You will likely be able to make more snow in a dry climate, and less snow in a humid climate, however, your snow will need to be re-hydrated more often in a dry climate and less often in a humid climate.

The snow will start to dehydrate after a few days due to evaporation. Just spray the top of the snow with water and fluff the snow with a plastic fork, your fingers to give it a fresh fluffy look. You can also mix drying Insta-Snow with a wet mix of Insta-Snow and fluff the mix, or you can let the snow completely dry out to use it again. In cool, dry storage, the dry form of instant-snow powder will last indefinitely!

Insta-Snow is a synthetic polymer with super, water-absorbing properties. It’s the only non-toxic faux snow on the market today that erupts into snow instantly when water is added. Similar super-absorbent polymers have been used in the past to absorb moisture in commercial products… however, these products do not have the incredible expanding property of Snow To Go! You may know that snow polymer is so realistic that it is now being used in indoor snowboarding parks throughout the world.

The insta-snow powder is safe to use around children and pets. Adult supervision is always recommended when using this product. Even though the product is tested to be non-toxic (it’s 99% water), keep Insta-Snow away from the eyes and mouth. If ingested, be sure to flush with water. Contact a physician in the event of accidental misuse or concern. Children under 4 should not be in contact with polymer snow because it is a choking hazard for this age range. Insta-Snow is very slippery when wet. Keep snow off of all walking surfaces, and clean up any spills immediately. Do not use it on finely finished wood use a water-repellent surface on these surfaces, as water does evaporate from the polymer and therefore can harm wood finishes

Frequently Asked Questions – Snow in Seconds

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To complete your return, we require an RMA number be obtained by contacting us at [email protected]

Wholesale orders are final unless otherwise negotiated, no returns. Report damage or defects within 24hrs of receipt.

Refunds (if applicable)

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If you are shipping an item over $75, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item.

Safe Use of Artificial Snow

The Full Story

Winter is coming and, hopefully, so is snow! But if you don’t get snow where you live you’ll have to turn your home into a winter wonderland with artificial snow. There are two main kinds of artificial snow: powders and spray-on aerosols.

The powders that turn into artificial snow flakes when mixed with water are sometimes called instant snow. The mixture is almost entirely water (99%), but a very small amount is made out of a non-toxic polymer. The spray-on artificial snow products are called snow spray, flocking snow, or holiday snow. Once these aerosol products are sprayed, chemicals (solvents and propellants) evaporate, leaving behind a snow-like residue. The residue is made of mostly fat or calcium.

Both types of products are unlikely to cause poisoning when swallowed since they are both poorly absorbed and are made of materials that are rarely harmful. However, because the powder products expand when wet, they could become a choking hazard and cause intestinal blockage if the powder is swallowed before being mixed with water. If swallowed, rinse the mouth and offer sips of water to soothe any mouth irritation and to clear the throat.

The spray-on artificial snow can contain a solvent called methylene chloride that evaporates quickly. Like all aerosols, they should not be sprayed in an area with poor air flow, in a small, closed space, or near flames. Inhalation of methylene chloride can cause toxicity depending on the severity of the exposure. Mild symptoms can include headache, nausea, mild drowsiness, giddiness, and unsteadiness or difficulty walking. If there is severe exposure, it is possible to experience symptoms such as fainting, heart palpitations, seizures, and chest pain.

Artificial snow on the skin can cause irritation, especially for people with sensitive skin. The product should be washed off well with soap and water to minimize irritation.

Getting artificial snow in the eyes might cause mild pain and redness. However, there is the potential for serious eye injuries if the product is sprayed directly into the face. Immediately rinsing the eyes gently with comfortable temperature water will help limit further problems.

If you think someone might be having adverse effects from an artificial snow product, immediately call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or check the webPOISONCONTROL® online tool for help. Whether you call or log on, expert assistance is available 24 hours a day.

Diana N. Pei, PharmD, BS

Certified Specialist in Poison Information





HELP ME online

Prevention Tips

  • Make sure that there is adequate ventilation while using aerosol products; do not use them in a small space.
  • Do not use artificial snow products near open flames.
  • Keep artificial snow products out of reach of children and pets.

This Really Happened

Case 1. An 11-year-old boy was playing with an instant snow product when he unintentionally inhaled some of the powder. His brother called Poison Control because the boy was still coughing 30 minutes later. Poison Control researched the product’s ingredients and found that they might be irritating to the lungs. Poison Control instructed the family to monitor for severe symptoms such as worsening cough, fever, or shortness of breath. The next day the boy’s coughing had improved greatly.

Case 2. A 5-year-old girl touched sprayed-on snow and then touched her eye. Her eye was not swollen or red, but her mother was concerned because the girl had sensitive skin. Poison Control recommended gently irrigating her eyes, washing her hands with soap and water, and giving an antihistamine. The girl felt much better afterward and returned to normal.

Case 3. A 3½-year-old boy sprayed artificial snow directly into his mouth. His mother followed Poison Control’s advice and immediately rinsed out his mouth. When Poison Control followed up the following day, the boy had no symptoms.

Case 4. A 5½-year-old boy ate a pinch of instant snow. He said it tasted horrible. Poison Control told his mother to give him something to drink to help with the taste and then to keep him well hydrated. The boy had no symptoms when Poison Control followed up the next day.
90,000 5 ideas for a cozy New Year’s decor with your own hands

Finally, the snow has started! .. Isn’t it time to start preparing for the New Year? We think it’s time! After all, there is still so much to do: buy gifts for family and friends, decorate a Christmas tree, prepare a dress, choose delicious recipes for a New Year’s dinner … And, of course, create a New Year’s atmosphere in the house – here are some luxurious ideas that will help wake up your imagination !

Idea 1: Snow patterns on windows

Do you want to decorate window panes in an original way? You will need: ordinary paper “snowflakes” (you can cut out other New Year’s patterns – in the form of Christmas trees, snowmen, deer, stars – as your imagination tells you), a can of artificial snow and some ordinary water. Let’s get started?

  • Moisten the “snowflakes” with water and stick to the glass, gently straightening the creases. Excess water can be blotted with a cloth.
  • Use a sprayer to spray water on the part of the window that you want to remain transparent, then paint the window with fake snow over the paper patterns.
  • When everything is dry, peel off the paper.

As a result, you should have transparent areas in the form of snowflakes and other patterns against a background of artificial snow.And when the holidays are over, the artificial snow can be easily wiped off the glass with a damp cloth.

Idea 2: Christmas pillows on the sofa

Did you catch your eye on unnecessary fabric or clothes that are long overdue to throw away? Fine! Let’s start making New Year’s pillows!

The easiest option is to sew plump fabric triangles that will symbolize the Christmas tree. Or a snowman made of round cushions. If you wish, you can decorate the product with sparkles, beads, decorative patches, ribbons. And as a filler, cotton wool, soft fabrics or synthetic filler from a regular pillow are suitable.

However, if you are not too fond of a needle and thread, you are free to take ordinary pillows and draw something fun on them. If you have kids, they will love it for sure!

Idea 3: New Year’s tablecloth

Does the tablecloth of the festive table have to be monochromatic? Of course not! Especially if she’s already old and you don’t feel sorry for her.

Firstly, you can allow your children to show the talent of an artist, which they probably dreamed of for a long time – such a canvas is even better than pillowcases! Secondly, no one forbids sewing a new tablecloth from colorful patches, supplying ribbons, attaching Christmas tree decorations, lace, rain along the edges … In a word, an ordinary piece of fabric can be decorated so that all the guests will gasp!

Idea 4: Christmas balls, garlands, ribbons

For several years, you have probably accumulated a large number of Christmas tree decorations. Do you know what? They don’t have to be hung on the tree! You can just

  • attach to curtains with safety pins (discreet or decorative – whichever you prefer)
  • hang from the cornice on ribbons or in a bunch (looks very festive!)
  • put in a beautiful vase mixed with tangerines (tangerines themselves can also be colored) …

By the way, plastic Christmas balls are easily fastened together. For example, you can glue a New Year’s wreath from them to the front door.And if you want a small fake tree, try building a neat pyramid out of Christmas balls – no need to decorate!

Idea 5: The Christmas tree is not from the Christmas tree

Well, how could you bypass her with your attention? The Christmas tree is a symbol of the holiday, and its unique appearance is a matter of honor for every family!

In general, original Christmas trees can be made with your own hands from a variety of objects: piles of old books, plastic bottles cut in the form of a fringe, spirally twisted wire decorated with rain or toys, paper, cones, styrofoam and much more. Take a closer look – what if some wonderful material is lying idle nearby?

Create the mood!

Of course, all this is just a warm-up. Festive decor is an inexhaustible topic … Now you know where to start, and you will surely be able to create a unique interior design. Agree, the New Year is a great reason to add a little novelty to your life!

90,000 In the elections in Russia, a significant number of voters voted online – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Large – both in scope and duration – the federal campaign for the election of deputies of the State Duma of the eighth convocation has ended.One of the features of these elections is the widespread use of remote electronic voting (DEG) in seven constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which covered more than 2.5 million people.

This year, remote electronic voting has moved to a new, one might say, higher level. It was this method that Russian President Vladimir Putin chose for himself, who a few days before the vote went into self-isolation after contact with an employee infected with the coronavirus. “Such a voting system is used in many countries of the world, and has been repeatedly used in Moscow.This time, citizens in seven constituent entities of the Russian Federation can use this service, “- said the head of state after voting on Friday. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin also voted via the Internet without leaving his workplace.” … There is no need to rush anywhere. You literally make a choice with one click “, – he assessed the DEG procedure. Russian cosmonauts on the ISS Pyotr Dubrov and Oleg Novitsky also did not have problems with expressing their will. They also voted in the elections to the State Duma via the Internet.According to Dubrov, “it turned out very well.” “Thanks to science, it has become possible to choose online voting from the ISS,” he said.

The turnout among online voters already in the afternoon on Sunday in Moscow, Murmansk and Yaroslavl regions exceeded 90%, in Sevastopol, Kursk, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov regions it came close to this indicator. Both CEC members and experts consider such a result to be logical – after all, the most active voters are registered for online voting.Note that last year the turnout at the DEG exceeded 90% during the voting on amendments to the Constitution and in the by-elections to the State Duma in two constituencies in September.

The Russian Ministry of Digital Science is technically ready to scale the DEG system throughout the country, said the head of the Ministry Maksut Shadayev on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel.

According to him, Moscow and other six regions have shown their readiness in these elections. “I think this is a very good result, therefore, of course, yes. Technically, we are ready, then – the issue of political decisions, the readiness of election commissions,” the minister said.

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