Instant camera wedding guest book: How to Set Up a Polaroid Guest Book Table at Your Wedding


How to Set Up a Polaroid Guest Book Table at Your Wedding

Weeks, months, years, even decades after your wedding day has gone, you will stop, smile, and recall the day’s events. As the nostalgia hits you hard, you may have the urge to flip through your guest book. So, how can you make it extra special? You simply need the help of a camera and a little imagination.

Consider a Polaroid guest book as a way to remember your wedding day. Typically a hardcover photo album, the guest book contains both Polaroids of your guests and thoughtful messages to the married couple. Ahead, experts Jessie Whitfield, Natasha Miller, and EJ Dilley explain how to set up a Polaroid guest book—including inspiration from real couples!

Meet the Expert

  • Jessie Whitfield is the founder of MISGIF, a Phoenix, Arizona photo booth rental company.
  • Natasha Miller is a photographer and owner of Tashography.
  • EJ Dilley is a Colorado-based elopement photographer.

What You Need for a Polaroid Guest Book 

Setting up a Polaroid guest book is both affordable and easy to do. If you’re ready to DIY this part of your reception, you don’t need to buy a load of expensive gear. Here’s a quick shopping list to get you started:

  • Polaroid camera and film. “The first item you will need is a Polaroid camera with film—two if you have a large wedding,” says Whitfield. You should also get packs of film for your guests. Keep in mind that guests may make two (or three!) attempts at their photo. Buy extra film just in case! 
  • Guest book. Next up, you will need a hardback guest book. Opt for a high-quality bound book as this is a memento you will want to keep for a lifetime. “Don’t forget to stash some extra pages in case you run out of space in your guest book and need to add extra pages,” shares Whitfield.  
  • Marker pens. Don’t expect your guests to bring their own pens. “You will also need a handful of markers for guests to use to write their message in the guest book or on their Polaroid photo, whichever you choose,” she says. “We recommend black permanent ones for a more nostalgic vibe.” 
  • Double-sided tape. Avoid messing around with glue. “You will need a couple of rolls of double-sided tape, which makes putting the Polaroids in your guest book easy.”
  • Hand sanitizer. “We also recommend a hand sanitizer station in case guests want to sanitize their hands after touching the items or if they get marker on their hands,” she offers. You could put a large bottle of sanitizer on the table or decant it into a cute dispenser so you don’t kill the vibe. 

If you’re looking to add some pizazz to the day (and it suits your wedding style), you could also invest in a few photo props for the pictures. Think about how this will fit with your reception before choosing yours. 

Where to Set Up a Polaroid Guest Book 

Once you’ve gathered all your materials, it’s time to think about where to set up your Polaroid guest book. The exact location will depend on your venue, however, there are a couple of pointers to keep in mind. Put simply, your station should be in an area that’s easily accessible to guests, won’t get too busy, and has enough space. 

“The best place to set up a Polaroid guest book is in an area that is well lit and that your guests can see throughout the night as well as in an area that is dry and not windy,” explains Whitfield. “Places not to set up your Polaroid guest book include next to the bar as it’s too congested, next to the band or DJ, or out of sight.” 

Needless to say, your wedding reception is likely to be a busy affair. The last thing you want is for the photo station to be in the way of the soirée. Instead, guests should see it the moment that they walk through the door so they can wish you well, take a quick snap of themselves, and stick it in the guest book. 

“Choose a location where the booth doesn’t get in the way of the party or doorways, but also where guests won’t miss the station,” Miller adds. “This could be next to the seating chart for the reception.” The choice is yours!

Polaroid Guest Book Tips 

Ready to have your guests say cheese? Before you get to work, there are a few extra tips you may need. Let’s take a look at some expert advice to help you make your Polaroid guest book a recipe for success. 

Appoint a guest book monitor.

Is there a specific person you can trust to oversee the photo station? “Guests that are not familiar with Polaroids could ruin entire packs of film, so that is something to keep in mind,” Dilley reveals. “Since the film is rather expensive, I encourage you to have a person or a couple of people take turns overseeing the guestbook.”     

Write instructions for guests.

Don’t leave your guests guessing! While taking a picture and writing a message is hardly rocket science, your loved ones may need a helping hand. “Have a list of instructions for what you want your guests to do,” adds Dilley. “For example:‘Stand 6-10 feet away from the camera, take one picture, glue the image in the guest book and sign a short message under the image!'”  

Set up a couple of photo stations.

Worried that your photo station will get too busy? You may want to consider setting up a couple of tables where guests can do their thing. “If guests are taking their own photos consider having more than one station set up, as there could be a bottleneck,” says Dilley. 

Use natural lighting.

Lighting can make or break a picture. When you’re choosing where to set up your Polaroid guest book, keep this in mind. “Indirect sunlight from a window is great if you are indoors at midday, covered shade if you are outdoors midday ,and constant light if you are indoors at night,” says Dilley. 

Or set up some lights.

No natural light in sight? Don’t panic. “You could set up a simple ring light for the station or face the booth opposite a window with natural light coming in if the reception is during the day,” says Miller. “Some couples set up lights on their backdrop with fairy lights or a string of warm white or colored lights.” 

Consider hiring an expert.

The most affordable option is to have a DIY photo station at your wedding. However, should you have room in your budget, hiring an expert could make this memento look professional. “If you’re able to hire a photo booth company to run your Polaroid guest book experience we highly recommend that because it will streamline things and ensure you have a high-quality guest experience,” says Whitfield.

Looking for some inspiration to help you along the way? We have you covered. Here are some of our favorite Polaroid guest book examples to get your creative juices flowing.  

How to Make a Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

One of the best ways to remember your wedding is through a special guest book. However, couples are coming up with more fresh ways to keep track of all their guests than just a list of signatures.

Polaroid cameras were most popular in the 1970s, but have since experienced a resurgence, with many people purchasing their small cameras and instant photos. Using Polaroid photos and cameras at your wedding are a quick, easy, and fun way to capture candid moments of the event.

In this article, we’ll describe all the steps in how to make a Polaroid wedding guest book.

What is a Wedding Guest Book?

A wedding guest book is traditionally a large book with empty pages in which guests can give their signature, marking that they were at the event, and potentially leave a short message.

Although guest books are sometimes used as important historical artifacts or statistic keeping for websites, a wedding guest book is pretty simply just to remember who was there.

In the age of social media at weddings, remembering who was at your wedding is easier than ever, as there are often hundreds of pictures to prove it. However, it’s normal to want to have a keepsake with a more personal touch. Therefore, couples are coming up with more creative guest book ideas.


Making a Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

Polaroid Cameras

The first thing you’ll have to do is get a Polaroid camera, or a few Polaroid cameras. They come in several types and colors, however most have the same look and shape. They are instant– the pictures come out right away, and the color takes about a minute to come in fully.

You’ll also need Polaroid instant film. These come in specific sizes based on the type of camera you have and also come in color or black and white, so you can decide what kind of aesthetic you want your guest book to be.


Instructions for Guests

The next thing you’ll need is a sign with instructions for guests, so that they take the picture correctly and put it in the book instead of just taking it home. This is best achieved by having a specific table where the camera, sign, and book are.

Polaroid cameras are very easy to use, luckily, so your guests shouldn’t have any trouble taking some great photos. Be sure to set it up in an accessible way and to stock the cameras with enough instant film (which will also need to be periodically changed, so you might want to leave instructions for that as well).


Picking Your Book

Next, you will need to pick out a guest book. It will have to be large, like a scrapbook, and have spaces to contain a lot of Polaroid photos with little notes. You also may want to choose a book that has a similar aesthetic to your wedding, in colors or flowers.

You could buy a book specifically for Polaroids, or a book you could tape the photos to yourself. Stores like Michael’s tend to have a lot of stationery and scrapbooking materials, whereas companies like Papier have pre-made guest books that you can personalize.


Arranging Your Photos

Try to think about how you would like the photos arranged. If you’re asking guests to insert the photos into the book themselves, then they are just going to put them in order of who took them. There are benefits to this, as it may feel more organic.

However, if you would like to put them in a specific order, then you’ll need to have a basket for the polaroids, which you can then put together later. The benefit to this is that you will know where each person’s picture is.


Signatures and Notes

If you want your guests to leave signatures and notes, you’ll need to include that in the instructions and have a pen accessible. This is fun because you can get heartfelt messages from people you care about stored in one place.

However, if you think a picture is worth a thousand words, then just have them add their signature onto the white edge of the Polaroid. This will create a cleaner look in the guest book and will eliminate the possibility of a guest writing something unsavory in the keepsake book.


Cost of a Polaroid Guest Book

The cost of a Polaroid wedding guest book ranges. The guest book itself can be anywhere from $30-100, depending on the level of DIY you’re willing to do and how much personalization you want. It is best to explore different places to buy guest books before committing to one, so that you make sure you’re getting exactly what you want at a reasonable price.

Polaroid cameras run from around $60 into the hundreds. However, a cheaper option should be fine for what you’re trying to do.

The instant film is under $20 for a pack, however a pack only contains 8 photos, so if you’re trying to get one of each guest, you’ll have to do the math based on how many guests you’re having.  


More on Wedding Guest Books

For more Polaroid products, check out their website. If you want to do a wedding guest book but don’t think Polaroids are for you, this is a list of 20 non-traditional guest book ideas. 

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Top 5 Best Instant Cameras For Weddings & Guest Books + Reviews!

“Shake it like a Polaroid picture!” Many people fondly remember the magic of instant photography in their youth.

For some, it was shaking the SX-70 film type photos, for whatever reason that people thought shaking it sped up the process. For others, the smelly goo spread on the peel apart Type 100 film packs, or maybe even the roll films, is what’s remembered. 

In 1947, Polaroid announced the Land camera and film, a revolutionary new product and process. Rumor tells us that a little girl asked Edwin Land the question, “Why can’t I see the picture now?” during a picture taking outing. That spurred on thoughts of instant film developing. In time, Polaroid, Kodak, Fuji, and a few other brands, were all producing instant films and cameras.

For all the advantages of digital photography, there are certain times when holding a print and passing it around is desired. Especially so now for events likes weddings, engagement parties and even guest books. Also after a few drinks, the pictures become even better 😉.

So for all those film buffs out there, I have found some of the best instant cameras for weddings so you can hold onto those memories for years to come!

Instant Cameras Are Huge Hits at Weddings!

What started as a fun new fad has gained traction and is now a regular part of modern weddings and other events. Having instantly available hard copy prints for guests and participants. Besides the event already being joyous, the addition of instant pictures makes it even more so for many.

Some of the things I’ve seen at weddings include photo booths and photographers going from table to table. At a couple of smaller weddings I attended, each table had an instant camera with instructions for the guests to take pics of each other which was a great ice breaker!

One event had a photographer stationed at the guests book table, handing out instant prints to guests signing in. Of course, costs have to be figured in. At a night club, or at some types of events, the instant photographer may sell the pics right away to the attendee. Having Square, Stripe, or PayPal on a smartphone helps.

How I found the Best Instant Cameras for Weddings

This is kind of a specialty niche, but many of the same factors apply to the Polaroid or instant cameras as with other photographic equipment. Plus, a couple of instant camera and film specific points.

  • Film Size. Since the film itself is actually the print, it needs to be big enough to be easily viewed. My personal taste is for the sizes to be similar to what they were in the past. Not exact, but I do think nostalgia is part of the new appeal of instant pictures.
  • Film Price. One of the things that helped kill consumer level instant film in the past was the high cost of the film packs. We’re not expecting magic, but reasonable is the buzzword.
  • Camera Price. We already have a lot invested in our gear. A low enough price opens up the fun part of the equation. At the same time, we don’t necessarily want a toy. Which leads to…
  • Camera Quality. A blurry or poorly exposed instant pic doesn’t sound like much fun. A reasonably high quality should be expected from all of our photo gear.
  • Ease of Use. Convenience, too. Make the loading film, taking the photos, and getting them out into a pair of hands as simple as is reasonable to expect. Told ya it was the buzzword today!
  • Durable, Stable Prints. I have over 50 years old B&W Polaroids in family albums and 30 years old color pics that are still viewable. The image should last longer than a gas/petrol thermal printed receipt.

Top 5 Best Instant Cameras for Weddings

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera Review

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 90 is one of those products that makes everyone smile. The bright and vibrant photographs produced are just the right size to pas around while at an event or to save in your wallet or purse.

Film size is on the small side, but plenty big enough for most users of this type of camera. The pics are similar in size to a credit card or to wallet sized photos. For candid portraits, this is a good size. Use in portrait or landscape orientation for either single person pics or for small group portraits.

There are 10 exposures per pack of film, packaged as single packs or double packs (2 packs of 10). Many retailers offer value bundles. Here’s where pricing comes in: reasonable. The best value comes from a retailer’s value bundles. A single pack will give you per picture prices of under $1. 00, while the value bundles can lower the per picture price to even less.

This Fuji Instax film standard has been around for a few years now, and the stability and durability of the film seems to be pretty good. The picture area of the film is a little soft and prone to damage if handled roughly right out of the camera, but once the pic is set, it is a lot more durable. You can even write on the back of the pic with a light colored marker with no bleed through to the image side.

Writing on the pics, on the front white area or on the black back, will require a soft tip marker, like a Sharpie. A ball point doesn’t seem to work on the white tabs and a ball point or pencil would damage the image if writing on the back. Be sure to let the ink dry completely before handling.

A few wedding photographers I’ve seen are using small peel and stick labels to write names and dates on the pics. Preprinted logo labels might be a good way to spread your brand awareness as an event photographer.

The camera itself is well made and looks good. While not pocket sized, I would consider it compact. A variety of useful features helps justify the cost. Priced at about what many of us have paid for third party flash units, it’s not a throw away toy.

Included features are macro focusing for close up photos, a built in flash, exposure compensation, and a couple of useful exposure modes. A retro styling adds to the ‘fun’ appeal of this quality camera. It actually takes longer to talk about the camera features than to access and use them, making this a great choice as one of the best instant cameras for weddings.


2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera – Smokey White Review

I will admit, this camera felt a bit like a toy to me, but nonetheless very fun to use! It’s about half the price of the 90, though, so I wasn’t expecting much more than basic instant photography anyways. Coming in a variety of colors, the novelty appeal of this camera is strong. Cobalt Blue, Ice Blue, Flamingo Pink, Lime Green, and Smokey White.

This was the kind of camera I saw on tables at those small venue weddings I mentioned earlier. Pretty fun to play around with them, snapping pics of everybody around. It uses the same type of film as the Mini 90, so per picture costs remain reasonable.

Camera function reminded me of years past. The camera meter gives you the suggested exposure type, which you then set on the camera. Indoor, Cloudy, Sunny, and Really Bright Sunny, plus flash were the settings. You can dial in a little bit of compensation also.

Rounding out the features list is a small mirror on the front of the camera, so you can pose yourself for a selfie or for your subject to see their scary hair. Pretty small mirror, but useful for selfie distances. Also included is a snap on close up lens. Be sure to take off the close up lens when taking regular pics.


3. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera Review

“Wide” in the camera name is referring the film, not a lens type. The film itself and the image area is slightly wider than the Mini camera film. While the Mini pics are about business card size, the Wide film is closer to the size of an audio cassette tape.  (A what?)

Whether purchased in twin packs or multi packs, the per picture price will be about a quarter more than Mini film pics. That size increase really makes a difference. The larger pics won’t fit into wallet size photo holders, but it makes picture details much more visible. This is closer to the size of classic instant camera photos.

Features include built in close up focusing, a built in flash, and a tripod socket. Focus zone adjustments and exposure compensation round out the features. The tripod socket is nice to have. As one of the best instant cameras for weddings, this gives the photographer options of how to use the camera.

I liked the styling and handling of this camera, the quality is very good, and the price is in between the other two Instax cameras reviewed above. Over all, I really liked the larger picture size and the tripod mounting option.


4. Polaroid Originals 9003 OneStep 2 Instant Film Camera Review

Wow, this is old school! This new Polaroid instant camera is from the rebranded Impossible Project now named Polaroid Originals. So, basically, the brand name continues with an all new company. That’s nothing new in the world of photography. Yashica made Contax RTS cameras and Cosina made Voigtländer Bessa rangefinder cameras.

Polaroid Type 600 made a large, mostly square photo, about 3 x 3 inches. This current camera is the same format, but has two types of film available. The i-Type and the Polaroid Originals 600. The 600 packs can be used in older Polaroid 600 format cameras, since it has the built in battery pack those cameras required.

While the big, squarish prints are sure nice to look at, the film is pricey compared to Instax films. Sold in film packs of 8 pictures each, they cost close to $2.00 a picture. Even buying in bulk doesn’t bring down pricing that much.

The camera is so close to the old One Step in feel, operation, and results that you might feel like you’ve time traveled with someone in a blue police box. Price of the camera is a little high, considering it’s closer to the Mini 9 than the Mini 90, but there is no better way to get that novelty Polaroid nostalgia factor from any other camera.


5. Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera Review

Almost a copy of the Fuji Mini 8, this Polaroid is actually made by Fuji. Carrying the Polaroid brand name can be a big plus in some cases. Everybody knows Polaroid and the name Polaroid is virtually synonymous with instant picture photography.

That alone makes this a great choice for anyone looking to buy one of the best instant cameras for weddings. Point your camera at a wedding guest to capture some candid pics, and you will get a variety of reactions. Point a Polaroid, and it’s smiles and hamming it up all over the place.

So, you will get some fun images to add to the enjoyment of the special day. It is going to be a little less cost effective to use this Polaroid and Polaroid 300 film than the equivalent Fuji products. But not too different, and still very reasonable for instant film.


Wedding guests love this trendy photographic product. Even those with no memory at all of Polaroids, so having no nostalgia at all about instant photos, see this instant picture camera craze as one of the more enjoyable new options. You can also check out my other post on the best Polaroid cameras for under $100 which covers even more instant cameras!

I think the instant camera trend and craze has plenty of traction to last a long time, so spending a little bit to take advantage of this market change is money well spent.

Digital photography changed up the photographic industry in many ways. The death of most instant film and even the majority of regular films was one of the results. Regular film and instant film still existed, but in limited varieties. Large format photographers and artsy types seemed to be the last users of instant film.

As an event photographer, you can decide to operate that way, or include the estimated costs of handing out prints to people in the photography contract. For weddings, I like the contract idea. For other events, I think paying per pic is a fine way to go. You can also just do it for the fun of it. People seem to enjoy it any way it’s handled.


This Instant Photo Guest Book for Weddings Is Too Good

Photo Credit: @emmahopp

You all probably know by now how much our WC team lovessss a good guest book. From autographable wall art to Fujifilm snapshots signed by guests and suspended from bright florals, the options to have your guests leave their stamp on your special day are endless at this point. But when one of our own chicks got married this March, we got a glimpse of one of our favorite guest books to date. She used an instant photo guest book from Liumy, and oh em gee, it was the best. And since she hasn’t stopped talking about how much she loved it (so did we!), we had to share all the deets with you!

We’ve seen photo guest books before, but this one is extra cool

To quote our oh-so-trendy colleague, “I was obsessed with mine. It was very chic and modern.” And those aren’t really the words we associate with the nostalgic, DIY-type, snap a pic and post it in our book kind of Polaroids-at-parties vibe, arewerite? Well, not so much, but the Liumy book is the most amazing blend of vintage fun meets modern, a crisp, clean and simple, yet so personal and homespun souvenir for the couple to bring home at the end of their best day ever.

At the end of the day, what better memoir can you take home once the ‘I Dos’ are done than an album chock full of photos of your favorite people having fun in your honor? Even some photos that they’ve taken of you and your new husband or wife, a different perspective than what your photographer has taken, a more personal, familiar, authentic capture (because they know you and your partner so well). Because you’ll likely have the more formal wedding photo album to look back on, but you’ll love the one your tribe personalized for you just as much.

You’ll dig the design 

So, let’s get into this look, because it’s so pretty. It’s also suuuuuper unique and the antithesis of mass produced – it’s handmade and feels soooo special since it was created precisely for you. The whole process to put one of these albums together is done without any machines. Pockets are hand sewn into each page using a needle and the bows are hand-tied. When all the pockets are done, all the pages are hand sewn together and the album cover is assembled with a standard label or cut lettering.

And that pocket will hold strong forever – that’s what you get when glue isn’t involved! Under each pocket are three lines for message writing, and you can either go with a horizontal orientation (with 1 picture pocket per page) or a vertical orientation (with 2 picture pockets per page), plus the page paper is of exceptional quality (acid-free) with a slightly warm hint of color. You get to choose the pocket size, too, to match whatever camera/film size you’ll be using.

Oh, and if you don’t want the polished pocket look, and would rather have a more collage-y, blank canvas aesthetic, you can do that, too! That’s what our girl did, and the result was 👌👌👌 We can even see this working with colored washi tape, for an artsier, DIY interpretation! Can be much less expensive this was, as well, just inbox Ausra (the owner and chief designer) for custom designs.  

Photo Credit: @emmahopp

An extra 15 for our friends!

Want in on this gorgeous, elegant, and stunningly-crafted guest book? Liumy is offering 15 percent off for our readers, with code “WEDDINGCHICKS” @ checkout. So, shop now!


instagram post

We partnered with Liumy to share a super sweet and trendy guest book idea for your wedding. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

7 of the Best Ways to Use Instax Cameras in Your Wedding

The ‘nostalgia’ trend has been huge at weddings over the past year with creative couples treating guests to crisp sambos (a throwback to their childhood), candy buffets full of Refreshers and other 10p bag faves and photos just about everywhere. Photos are one of the best ways to personalise your Big Day and in keeping with the nostalgia trend, Instax pics are a big hit with couples and guests alike. This little trend is going nowhere and photos are going to be huge again in 2017 with couples working snaps in just about everywhere. There are lots of ways to get creative with Instax photos (Instax cameras are available from the Camera Centre FYI) from table names and place cards to fun photo walls – check out some of our favourite ways to incorporate all things Instax in to your wedding below…

 1. Create a Cool Escort Card Display

Photo by Michelle Lange via Style Me Pretty

Let your guests know where they’re sitting with this cute idea – hang guests’ names on a peg line with a sign instructing everyone to find their name and replace it with an Instax snap of themselves! They’ll have great fun posing away plus you get some brill pics for your unofficial photo album.

2. Use Instax Photos of You & Your Partner as Fun Table Numbers

Photo by Mark Burton Photography

Make sure your tables are extra personal by displaying Instax photos of you and your new hubby or wife – you can do a pre-wedding shoot where you hold a chalkboard with the different table numbers on it OR use snaps of you guys throughout your relationship and write a table name underneath like your favourite restaurant or the place you first met.

3. Or Use Pics as Place Cards

Photo by Freckle Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

This will take a bit of organisation but guests will be blown away if they get to their seat and there’s an Instax snap of themselves sitting there as a place card! Get your maids/groomsmen on the case or be sure to get your Instax camera out at a wedding pre-party so you capture lots of fun pictures of your soon-to-be guests.

4. Have an Awesome Instax Photo Booth with Guest Book

Photo via Kara’s Party Ideas

The photo booth and photo wall trend has been popular for ages and it’s going nowhere! It’s a great way to give guests a little reminder of the day plus it’s great craic and the happy couple don’t miss out on any of the photo fun. One way to make the most out of it is to have an Instax style guest book as well – guests can have a ball taking photos of themselves with some props (they get to keep a photo too) and can pop a pic of themselves in your guest book along with some well wishes or advice.

5. Or Create an Amazing Photo Wall

Photo by Mike Larson via Wedding Chicks

Another fun idea is to have a visual guest book so everyone can enjoy the photos from the day. Leave out some props for guests to pose with and snap away – once they’re done, leave out some pegs so they can hang a pic of themselves on a cute peg line so everyone can have a look! Afterwards, you get tons of extra photos for your own personal photo album or scrapbook.

6. Use a Photo as a Cute Cake Topper Alternative

Photo via Kettle Glazed

Get the most out of your Instax camera – take a cute pre-wedding photo of yourself and your partner and use it as a sweet, alternative wedding cake topper, sure to bring an extra personal touch to your cake tiers.

7. Surprise Guests by Popping an Instax Pic from the Big Day in with the Thank You Card

Photo by Xanthe Burkley via Rock My Wedding

And you can have a bit of post-wedding fun as well – use Instax photos from your day and pop one in with your thank you cards as a sweet keepsake for guests!

The Instax Camera Bundle from the Camera Centre

If you are looking to invest in an Instax camera (we say invest ’cause you’ll get loads of fun out of it beyond the Big Day too – honeymoon, holidays, parties – you name it), the Camera Centre have an awesome offer specifically for weddings. You can pick up a fun ‘Fujifilm Instax 300 Wedding Gift Bundle’ which includes an Instax 300 Instant Camera, 60 wide format shots of film, a bespoke wedding guest book for displaying all your photos as well as self-adhesive photo mounts and a pen, so guests can write a wee message beside their photo.

They also have an awesome Instax SHARE SP-3 Smartphone Printer, making dream shots for your wedding day a reality! In true Instax Style, you can now turn your must-keep memories into actual creative prints. Just take the best pictures from your smartphone (or Facebook/Insta account) and the Instax SHARE SP-3 presents them in a stylish colour square format Instax print – all with a single click of a button. Portable and speedy, this classy printer is the perfect match for smartphones on your wedding day!

And if you’re a fan of the retro square pic, you’ll love the Instax SQ10 which has all the best features, combined with a little digital wizardry to help capture lots of special moments on your Big Day. Its amazing LCD screen lets you edit and apply filters BEFORE printing off your memories as awesome, retro square format prints – perfect for couples looking to add a retro touch to their wedding day! The main focus of the Instax SQ10 is getting the best ever memories; forever captured as shiny unique prints to remember your special day forever.

Instax Cameras and Accessories are available from Camera Centre, Grafton Street, Liffey Street, The Square Tallaght and Blanchardstown Shopping Centre or shop online here.

Main photo by Stephanie Hunter Photography

*This post is sponsored by The Camera Centre

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Pamela enjoys writing about all things decor (she loves buying it too) and has a not so secret addiction to stationery.

Polaroid Guest Book: An Instant Classic


Yesterday we showed you these unique guest book prints and why they’re a fun twist to a traditional guest book. A guest book alternative serves as a fun ice-breaker for guests and becomes a charming keepsake for you. Today we’re sharing another guest book idea: the photo guest book. We’ll tell you how easy it is to make a Polaroid guest book in three easy steps. Find out what you need, get inspired with Real Wedding examples, and see how easy it is to do. Enjoy!

For starters, here’s how a photo guest book works: instead of just a signature, guests snap a photo of themselves using an instant photo camera (or photo booth) and then place their photos inside a book. They can even scribble in a message or their signature along with the photo. After the wedding, you’ll have a complete photo guest book with candid photographs and sweet signatures from guests!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. An Instant Camera + Film + Batteries


You’ll need an instant camera, like a Polaroid or Instax, which comes in these insanely cute colors:


Of course, there’s classic black or white, too:

by instax

These cameras print out instant photos in a breeze.

Film + Batteries

You’ll need a ton of film and double-a batteries, too — wouldn’t want to run out before the night is over. You can get an entire kit here.

Photo Mounting Stickers / Squares

To make it easy for guests to put photos right into the book, have these photo mounting squares at the ready. Just peel and stick!

2. A Guest Book Table with Instructions


You’ll want a simple table that’s reserved just for the photo guest book, camera(s), film, markers, and stickers. Make sure it’s in a location that is well lit, offers a backdrop or some scenery (for guests to stand in front of), and is well lit. Don’t forget some fun photo props, like these from RichDesignCo.

by rich design co

Or this one by Bohemiansundaydesign.


One of the biggest problems with guest books is guests either miss the table completely (if it’s not well-positioned in a high traffic area, like the entrance or near the bar) or they don’t understand what to do. Be sure to include a sign that instructs guests to sign the guest book by snapping a photo, signing their names and sticking the photo in the book with their message.

A sign like this will do:

by just for keeps

3. A Photo Guest Book

Finally, you’ll want to use a photo guest book that’s designed for placing photos inside. These photo books from Claire Magnolia are excellent examples. They lay flat, hold photos, and are also perfect for hand-written messages (since it uses highly absorbent artistic paper). It won’t smudge (especially if you use these) and it is designed to hold dimensional items.

Plus, they’re absolutely stunning — and, of course, they’re handmade, too!

by claire magnolia

by claire magnolia

by claire magnolia

by claire magnolia

by claire magnolia

You can see other sizes and styles in the shop, too.

Will you be making a Polaroid guest book for your wedding?


DIY Photo Guest Book Keepsake

Have fun & create memories!

A remarkable way to capture the essence of your special day is to engage your guests with a Polaroid or photo booth guest book.  This fun, guest-centered activity will be a wonderful opportunity to record the spirit of the day from the guests’ perspectives – and you will have a dynamic keepsake of fun photos and messages to relive, rather than a list of names.

(We have other blog posts that drill into more detail… just follow the links!)

How to create a Photo Guest Book?

1. Set up a “photo booth” area for the photographs to be taken

While a photo booth is lots of nostalgic fun, it can be a bit pricey.  Instead, try creating a DIY photo booth by decorating a space for Polaroids/digital photo booths.

  • Create your own “photo booth” by using a backdrop or by “setting the stage” – furniture, open frame, theme-oriented decoration etc.
  • Use fun props to loosen your guests up into showing some personality – such as large sunglasses, funny masks, etc. 
  • Or, ask your guests to leave a message or a “party yell” by having them write a witty message on a chalk board sign.


2. Keeping the Flow

Ensure the creation of your photo guest book is smooth by following these tips.

  • Ask one or more people to be your photo guest book attendant. By having someone responsible for the guest book, you can relax and enjoy your event. And you will be sure to have the treasured wedding keepsake to be created how you like.
  • Leave a sign with instructions on the guest book table or nearby so everyone will know what to do.  Chalkboard signs are lots of fun.  You can also print out a sign in large font and place in a decorative frame.
  • Set an example.  You and your fiancé can create the first entry to provide an example for the guests to follow.   Or, ask a close friend or family member to create the example.  (If you want your guests to be fun & light-hearted, your example should be this way.)


3. Photos in Book – Messages

The finishing touches are to take Polaroid pictures of your guests. Then, have them attach the picture to the pages and write a message next to the photograph.

  • Taking the pictures is easy with a tripod in your “photo booth”.  Or, have the attendant walk around with the camera and book, taking your guests pictures/messages.
  • Attaching the photos is easy – use roller tape, photo corners, or other photo album accessories to get the photos on the pages.  Leave these out on the table for your guests to add to the book with plenty of instruction.
  • Or, to ensure proper use of space for photos and messages, it can help to place photo corners or photo sleeves in the space you want the photos to go before your event.
    • A fun idea is to put a copied photograph in the photo corners/photo sleeve of you and your fiancé holding a sign saying “your photo goes here,”perhaps wearing with silly glasses.
    • Another idea is to place a stamp, art, etc on the space where you want your quests to put their photo.

How to select a Photo Guest Book?

There is no “one size fits all” when selecting a photo guest book – this allows you creative freedom and control!  The best way to select a photo guest book is to find a paper page album you like.  These can be scrapbooks, photo albums with paper pages, etc.

There are a handful of things to consider when selecting the right paper page album/photo guest book for your wedding/event:

  • Pages need to be thick paper pages firm enough to hold photographs & allow for text without bleeding through
  • The spine needs to be built to accommodate dimensional items such as photographs.  Anything that says “photo album” should work.
  • Determine the number of pages needed in your photo guest book by seeing how many photos/messages can fit on a page.  Most albums will allow for 2 up on a page.   Then, considering families and couples sign together, determine how many pages you will need to cover your headcount.

Determining how to put the photos on the pages with the proper photo album accessories, such as photo corners or photo sleeves, is important and is covered below.


Having a photo guest book can be one of the more fun and unifying activities at an event.  And you end up with a keepsake book of your closest loved ones!

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90,000 Book of wishes for a wedding – 5 unusual ideas on how to design a wedding album in 2018 – Polaroid STORE

Our today’s article will be devoted to the theme of the wedding and such an urgent and important question: how to arrange a wedding album of wishes? What should you look for when preparing this part of the ceremony? What trends prevail in the design of the book of wishes for a wedding in 2018?

Wishes from guests for the wedding are quite an important part of the celebration. It can be difficult to organize and formalize this process correctly, especially if you want everything to be unusual and unforgettable. Wishes from friends and loved ones, kind words and parting words in the form of words and cards received on this day will remain for a long, long memory. Providing guests with all possible tools and means for self-expression is the task that we will try to solve. Here we go?

Summary of article


Idea # 1 – Handmade wedding album with wooden cover (scrapbook)

Striving for simplicity and for a natural beginning has led to the fact that the price of newly made things by hand.Handmade wish books with wood cover, produced in small craft workshops, are more relevant than ever. What are we going to put on the album? That’s right – photos! Where do we get them? That’s right – let’s do it right now! How? That’s right – on an instant photo camera!

Film instant photography, which best captures the essence of the moment, is experiencing a real boom. It is understandable, where, if not at a wedding, this is most in demand. You no longer need to hire a cumbersome instabuda, torment guests in an uncomfortable photo zone.Give your guests an instant camera. It’s convenient and fun. Guests can be photographed with an instant print camera and immediately glue the resulting photo into an album, leaving their wishes next to the photo.

Buying or renting such a camera for a wedding has become quite a popular idea in recent years. It is worth noting that the work of a full-time photographer has not been canceled. But he has a different task at this event. The essence of the “instant print photo zone” is that guests take pictures of themselves.Thus, we kill two birds with one stone, do not distract the photographer, who has the opportunity to live in his own rhythm, focus on work and give the result required of him and the second hare – to occupy the guests. Just writing wishes is boring. And writing wishes and taking pictures is much more fun. As a result, you get a fairly creative scrapbook, overflowing with photos and wishes. Taking this idea into service?


Idea # 2 – Wooden clothespins-hearts for wishes

In what form we can receive wishes, we seem to have already decided – but what to do with them is still a question.Glue it into the book of wishes? Excellent! What else? And you can also stretch linen twine strings and hang photo wishes and notes directly on this string on wooden clothespins in the form of hearts. Looks pretty cute, easy to implement. The effect is amazing!


Idea # 3 – Wooden box-casket (mailbox) for wishes

What if you don’t glue or hang? How else can you arrange the wishes of the guests? After all, not everyone wants other guests to read their wishes.There are certainly those who want to leave personal wishes. How to keep intimacy and secrecy? For such wishes, we can build a beautiful wooden box with a slot. Like a “wedding mailbox” where guests can put their note in an envelope. Or maybe give them an idea to put in this box not only notes, but something more significant in our material world? As the saying goes, “you cannot smear a note on bread”, in such a box for wishes you can also accept banknotes for wishes.


Idea # 4 – Slates / speech clouds in the photo zone

What else can you think of to make this part of the wedding colorful? Slate speech clouds in the photo zone would be a great idea. It doesn’t matter how you have implemented the photo zone itself – whether you have an instabuda, a full-time photographer with a photo printer, or a Polaroid or Instax instant camera, the slate board will fit into any concept. This method will allow you to combine visual and audio-speech messages.

Have each of the guests write their wishes on the blackboard with chalk and take a picture with it. Agree very conveniently and clearly: this is Kolka, the groom’s brother, but what he thinks at the moment and wants to wish you. We already know what to do with these photos – we hang them on a string or glue them into an album for wishes for a wedding. Or maybe you have any other ideas on how to place these photos in a spectacular way?


Idea number 5 – Wishes on a typewriter (typewriter)

And for dessert, we have a typewriter idea.It will not be associated with the photo zone. And it will be quite independent and self-sufficient. It makes sense to come up with and order in advance letterheads with the emblem of your wedding – it can be initials with monograms or some kind of comic, or maybe even a family emblem, if you have one. If not, come up with it right now. So a bundle of family stamp paper, an old but working mechanical typewriter. And the guests tapping out their wishes for the newlyweds. Why not idyll?


To summarize: in this article we tried to solve the question – how to arrange a wish zone at a wedding and how a wedding album should look like.And we looked at a few ideas, from the classic book of wishes to creative options such as the use of clothespins-hearts, wedding mailboxes and even a mechanical typewriter. Surely, while reading, you came up with something else of your own or decided to combine several ideas at your ceremony. We’d be glad if this article awakened your imagination and inspired you to conquer new heights of wedding decorations. Let the chores be pleasant and your wedding unforgettable!

90,000 How to Become a Wedding Photographer

It finally happened: after years of praise from friends and family for your photography, you have decided to take the plunge and become a wedding photographer.

This manual is available for download in PDF format. Download How to become a wedding photographer now . Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family.

Wedding photography can be a rewarding and even lucrative career choice. But this is not easy. While you can pick up an entry-level DSLR for a fairly reasonable price and put together a website, you still have a lot to consider if you want to be on it for a long time.

There is a lot in this thread, and if we looked at each issue in detail, we would be here for a few days.These are important things to consider when you are just starting out. But like any other small business, you also need some long term planning.

1. Choose your gear

Gear is the backbone of your business. Obviously, it goes without saying that you need to buy a good

camera and there’s a whole world of options out there. You may have already invested in a brand and have multiple lenses. Or maybe you mean the mood of a dream. There are a few things to consider before putting on this plastic.

First things first: don’t try to get everything at once. Start with the essentials while you test the water. As your business grows, so does your outfit. Now let’s move on to choosing this gear.

Choosing Your Camera

Most branded cameras are said to perform at roughly the same level, making brand loyalty just a matter of personal preference. To some extent, this is true of the “Shooterbug” on weekends, but it is not so true for a working professional like you.

Image Credit: Thiti Sukapan via Shutterstock

If you are not already logged in, you need to match the camera settings and performance to your needs. Go to your local photography store – if there is one nearby – or borrow equipment from a friend.

You can also rent gear from a site such as BorrowLenses, or use the Best Buy Try-Before-Buy program.


An important point to get your hands on your cameras.Are you more comfortable working with one manufacturer’s operating system than another? The wedding is not going to stop the first glance while you fiddle with buttons and menus. You may have the best gear money can buy, but if you don’t like it or don’t know how to use it, you are heading for disaster.

Once you have determined which camera is right for you, you can choose between a new and a used camera. There are many benefits to using route

– at least until you can reinvest some of your earnings in new gear.If you just can’t afford a new camera, watch out for the red flags

when purchasing enjoyed.

How many lenses do you need?

When it comes to lenses, consider building your kit with a few proven workhorses. What do you think you’re going to use more – the fast 35mm or that crazy 500mm monster you’ve already got your eye on? Develop absolute prowess in your core lineup and consider renting those specialty lenses that you only intend to use once a year.

Image Credit: Pixabay

You’ll also want to consider if you can afford a second camera body. As a professional wedding photographer, you need to think about backing up – for you, your gear, and your photos.

No bride wants to hear “My camera is dead,” and your job is to make sure she doesn’t.

This second body does not have to be a duplicate of your basic setup, but it must be capable of meeting expectations.Cut your potential baggage and learning curve in half by having a second body that accepts the same lens family as the first and has a similar operating system.

And don’t forget to load (and charge) enough batteries to keep you going all day, from shooting the bride to getting ready for the evening.


In real estate, the mantra is “location, location, location”. For a wedding photographer, it can also be “light, light, light”.You will need a reliable lighting setup for the few cases where you can control the lighting. on someone’s special day.

Your lighting equipment can be as simple as one flash and an umbrella, or it can be a stroboscope in every corner of the cathedral. The important thing is that you know how to get the most out of it.

Practice using your lighting equipment in advance. If you can access the wedding venue

in advance.This will give you an invaluable chance to prepare. (But be aware that this request may not always be met.)

When choosing your gear, also remember that you will be wearing it all day. Picking up a pair of DSLRs with lenses that burn out easily may not seem like a big deal in the morning, but you’ll feel it by the time the vows are fulfilled.

2. Choose Editing Software and Style

In addition to investing in a camera, you’ll also want to choose the editing software that’s right for you.Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop are good choices, but they come with a steep learning curve.

With the Creative Cloud Photography plan, you can get a couple of programs for just $ 10 a month. Working with a professional program that gives you reliable editing control and organizational capabilities

is a must.

When it comes to choosing a style, do market research. Look what’s in there. What do you like? What do you want to avoid? What unique items can you bring to the table?

Whether it’s your shooting or editing style, think about how you shoot – angles, lighting, movement, and so on.What makes your picture yours?

You stand out not only for your style, but also for the services you offer. Like a Polaroid guestbook, for example:

You have to figure it all out before moving on to the next step: your portfolio.

3. Build a portfolio

Before the blushing bride is going to hire you, she needs to make sure that you can deliver the goods. While this can be controversial in some photography circles, consider doing a wedding or two for free to build your portfolio.

If you are going to be a wedding photographer, your portfolio should showcase your ability to photograph people. You can take the world’s best vintage car photos, but potential clients want to see if you can meet their needs.

If you prefer not to offer your services for free, look for a concert as an assistant to an already established professional. You will earn money and learn invaluable lessons from a veteran.

Once you’ve received confirmation of your abilities, you need to set up a website.

.If you’re fearless enough, services like Squarespace and WordPress are easy enough to use and can help with that. If not, you may need to hire a designer to help you get your website up and running.

Whatever you do, make sure you only show your own photos. You will not do anyone, especially yourself, any favor by distorting yourself and your abilities.Make the effort to build your own workload – even if it takes a little time, the payoff is worth it.

4. Prepare for your first gig

So you’ve finally got your first paid gig. There are tons to consider and plan ahead of the wedding, from payments, to contracts, to proper planning for the day.

How much does it cost to take a photo for a wedding?

One of the first questions you will ask yourself is how much to charge.According to PetaPixel, a wedding photo costs between $ 1,700 and $ 3,500. They also point out that aspiring photographers can only charge around $ 500. The

FStoppers also has a handy recent video to help you determine how much to charge. They do not even advise to underestimate your work – too low a price for you can lose as many clients as too high your work:

Make a contract

You will need to draw up a clear and concise contract between you and the couple, in which specifies exactly what they will receive and at what price.

There are some horror stories of photographers being sued for everything from missing a couple’s first kiss to being accused of taking low-quality images. Manage expectations and make sure everyone knows what they are getting and what you need from them on the big day.

SLR Lounge has a sample contract available for download, but it is advisable for a lawyer to review your contract.

The contract also gives you a good idea of ​​the piece of information you want to get in writing (and sign) before the big day comes.At least this should include:

  • Date, time and place (s) of wedding
  • Place (s) of preparation of the bride and groom (if you will be photographing one of them)
  • Full details of payments, including the down payment, late fees, retouching fees, payment deadlines and consequences of non-payment
  • How the photos will be delivered: online gallery, disc, etc.
  • How long will you be available for shooting
  • Your processing time for samples and final images

You will also want to determine if you are going to charge a non-refundable balance.This will ensure the couple doesn’t cancel you at the last minute. Think about whether you are going to charge for late payment.

Charging the non-return holder can be inconvenient. But it is a sign to your clients that your time is valuable and demonstrates your commitment that if another job offer comes in, you will not accept it.

You will also want to discuss the list of people the bride and groom want in the official photos.They know what kind of family members they want in their group photos, so it’s best that they appoint someone on the bride’s side and the groom’s side to help.

This person will be responsible for any noisy family members bumping into the group shots. You can also ask them to provide a list of the different family groups they want pictures of.

In the frenzy of the holiday, the bridge and the groom may not realize that they were not shot by all of their cousins.They will appreciate your ability to keep track of all of these configurations using a predefined list.

Image Credit: Tom Pumford via Unsplash

By offering an engagement or pre-wedding photo shoot, you can relax with the bride and groom and take the best photos on their wedding day. It helps build relationships and soothes the nerves of the bride and groom. And when you have a better understanding of their personalities, you can plan to take specific photos that you enjoy.

You will also want to read poses and suggestions for couples who are uncomfortable in front of the camera. SLR Lounge offers several ideas that you can use:

5. You are at your wedding, now what?

There are several other seemingly small but important things to consider for your own comfort on this day. You want to dress comfortably but appropriately.

You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, but you also need to be able to move around easily.Also, always wear comfortable and quiet shoes, as you will be the only one moving around during the ceremony. (If a wedding party or meeting place doesn’t allow it. Be sure to ask!)

Image Credit: Pixabay

Sometimes gear breaks down, but you can take steps to mitigate this horrific scenario. You want to find something that doesn’t add to most of what you already wear.

If you have access to reliable Wi-Fi, you may want to consider shooting using Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards.This allows you to instantly back up your photos to a second Wi-Fi enabled SD card. What’s more, a portable backup system, while not cheap, will be worth it for the peace of mind it brings.

6. Shipping

Back in your studio, you can create a more organized backup — the only question is how you do it. Backups

Legion. Everything from a RAID system in your closet to Dropbox or your own cloud.

Washington-based wedding photographer Sam Hurd posted an article and video a few years ago showing how complex this backup system can be:

Choose the solution that’s right for you and make sure you do it. The only feeling worse than knowing that you’ve permanently lost your client’s special day record is knowing that you could have prevented it. Support everyone. Then do it again.

Now comes the point where you will probably spend the most time on your job: photo editing. Before you get your first paid gig, make sure you have a clear idea of ​​how long your editing will take.

Never transfer photos before you think you can. Underestimation and overexpenditure.

When editing your photos, if you choose to submit multiple sample shots, keep an eye out for real gems, but don’t submit all of them.You want your customers to be delighted with the photos they receive, and you don’t want to be disappointed with the final delivery.

Ryan Brenizer has a few guidelines for your workflow:

You had to determine how you would deliver the photos during the contracting phase. Options include submitting them online using a shared cloud drive or a password-protected page on your site.

You should also ask the couple if they want all the photos on CD / DVD or just online.If you are creating a shared network drive, you also need to determine if access to that network drive expires in a reasonable amount of time. Be sure to inform them of this date in the agreement you signed.

If you can provide printing services, it can be an additional source of income, but as with anything related to this job, test your options thoroughly before offering any service.

Many brides and grooms will often be interested in a photo album of their wedding photos.You will need to set up a system that will allow them to choose which photos will be included in the album. And of course, you should check the options you plan to offer. Compare local and online prices, get print and cover samples, and determine where you intend to print wedding books.

Image Credit: Wedding Photo via Shutterstock

It’s probably best to keep it simple and offer two options: one at an affordable price and a more luxurious option at a higher price.

7. Hire an assistant

Assistants are the guardian angels of the wedding photographer. You don’t need to hire one, but if you can afford it, you should seriously consider it. Whether you’re running back to your car to find that forgotten lens, buddies bickering, charging batteries, or just holding an umbrella, a good helper is worth its weight in 85mm f / 1.4 lenses.

To reach your full potential, you need to be behind the lens, which is difficult when you are trying to find an empty memory card.If you can afford to hire an assistant, your sanity will thank you for it.

8. Never Stop Learning

There are many great resources for wedding photography. And with the ever-evolving photography industry (yes, I went there), there is no end to how you can learn and grow.

Follow trends, not only when it comes to gear, but also when it comes to photography styles. See what photographers are doing in other fields and see how you can apply this to the wedding industry.

In 2017, popular wedding photography trends include:

  • Instant Photos: While it would be nice to get a few instant cameras like Fuji Instax cameras, a more affordable way to bring polaroid sensitivity to your clients is to buy a small portable photo printer like Fuji Instax SP2. You can then create an instant display of photos, or invite guests to share their photos using a hashtag.
  • Aerial Drone Photos: This is another trend that comes at a price, but if you already own a drone, consider using it for outdoor weddings.
  • Post-wedding snapshots: Engagement photography is common, but to stand out, you can offer clients a mini photo shoot in the first weeks or months of their marriage to capture this newlywed bliss in a much more relaxed environment than their big day. …

For the latest trends in wedding photography, be sure to keep an eye on the following:

  • Photoblogs like Fstoppers and PetaPixel
  • Wedding Blogs like The Knot and Wedding Wire
  • Your Competitors
  • Find your favorite photographers in their field and follow them on social media or on their websites.
  • Search for wedding photos on sites such as Instagram and 500px
  • Stay up to date with wedding magazines
  • Facebook groups for photographers

And if you want to make a career in photography, but think that the wedding industry is not for you, do not forget that there are other lucrative professions for the aspiring photographer


Have you lost your fingers in the field of wedding photography? Or an experienced professional? What tips do you have for those looking to get started in the field? What advice would you give? Let us know everything about your experience in the comments.



From your wedding photos to the cherished piece of wedding cake, there are only a few ways to hide your wedding cake in the frost for your wedding post. And while many couples traditionally set up a dedicated station at their wedding for friends and family to sign a standard guestbook to commemorate their big day, these guestbooks tend to end up on a shelf or storage box as soon as the celebrations come to a close. …Close. But as more couples move away from traditional guestbooks, unique and functional alternatives to guestbooks are popping up in the most creative ways, and we’re definitely here for that.

75 unique wedding ideas to impress your guests

The alternative guestbook offers the perfect opportunity to capture your wedding day. “It can allow you to capture memories in greater detail and create a keepsake,” says Darcy Greenwood, founder and creative director of Greenwood Events.But since the guestbook alternative can be more interactive, sometimes even including something to do, Greenwood advises couples to remember to set aside time for this in their daily schedules.

Choosing an alternative guestbook also gives you the opportunity to personalize your wedding. “An alternative guestbook can give couples another way to truly personalize their wedding and make their guestbook a little different and original,” said Alea and Nick Valley, founders of Valley and Corporate Events.While there are certainly plenty of great options for traditional guestbooks, the alternative may offer a more dramatic decor element as you officially begin living together as a married couple. “Couples can make an interactive guestbook that allows guests to learn more about the couple and enjoy viewing the guestbook,” they suggest. “It’s all about having fun with the guestbook and using quirky and clever ideas that you’ll really love years later!”

Meet the Expert

  • Darcy Greenwood is the Founder and Creative Director of Greenwood Events, a full-service wedding planning, production and design company in Montana.
  • Alea and Nick Valley are the founders of Valley and Corporate Events, a full-service wedding, event, design and floral company based in Seattle, Washington.

Ready to bring your own alternative guestbook idea to life? Here are 30 unique wedding guestbook ideas to use as inspiration.

01 of 30

Shape Blanket

Photo by Michael Redford

We love the one couple’s approach to creating something truly memorable and homey for their wedding.Consider creating a sewing table with square pieces of fabric and signature pens. Guests will enjoy the interactive fabric signature session. After the wedding, collect all the custom designs so that you can either sew the patchwork yourself or have someone else do it for you.

02 of 30

Make a modern calendar

Scribbled Co.

Set yourself up for success in your first year as a married couple. Plan ahead by adding your names and wedding date to your printed calendar.We love the idea of ​​customizing your calendar so that guests can subscribe on all pages. As you go through your first year as a honeymooner, every month you will discover notes from those closest to you and your loved ones.

BUY NOW: Etsy, $ 49.95

03 of 30

Take a selfie with a Polaroid

Abby Jiu’s photo

Instead, skip the guest notes route altogether, encourage wedding participants to settle in front of the camera and leave their footprints with using a Polaroid selfie.“When we moved away from something more traditional, we included Polaroid photography, posting photos in a book, and a screensaver for people to hand-write personal notes,” says Greenwood. Setting up a selfie station is easy, and get ready for an abundance of fun shots from your guests.

04 of 30

Write It in the Stars

Personalized Co Map

Take “writing in the stars” literally, allowing friends and family to take nice notes on the constellation map from any date and place you choose.Consider specifying the date and time of your wedding, or remember another memory, such as your first date.

BUY NOW: Etsy, price upon request

05 out of 30

Sign the globe

Lettering studio

Worldwide traveling couples, we have your alternative wedding guestbook. Let your guests make their mark on your own little world. Buy your favorite globe and place your favorite pens on it for a fun activity.It will be a great exhibit in your living room or office.

06 of 30

Fill Shadow Box

Photo by Dasha Crawford

We can’t get enough of this shadow box display on an easel with greenery. Ask guests to write a sweet note on wooden objects in the shape of a heart or any other shape that best suits your topic. Ask guests to put their notes in the eyeshadow box for years to see.

07 of 30

In memory of wine corks

Desert Coastal Studio

Obsessed with wine? This unique guestbook alternative is perfect for couples who know all varieties.Ask each guest to write their name on the cork and use this memento as a decorative item in your home. We love the idea of ​​surrounding the piece with greenery or adding a bouquet to make it decorative.

BUY NOW: Etsy, Price On Request

08 of 30

Customize Custom Canvas

Photo by O’Malley. Photographers, Valley Design & Planning & Company Events.

Mark your favorite place or vacation memory with a custom-drawn canvas.“A couple who are getting married in Maui have asked guests to sign a beautiful canvas of the island,” says Valley. Use the ceremony space to create a beautiful canvas to mark the spot where you tie the knot.

09 of 30

Play with a puzzle

Glass handles Stix glue

Do you like board games or solve puzzles? Why not include your favorite hobby in the wedding. Guests will love this interactive option as they select a piece to sign their name.After the wedding, this will be the perfect activity when you settle down at home.

BUY NOW: Etsy, price on request

10 of 30

Give a piece of your heart

Home Deco Art LLC.

Ask the guests at the wedding to borrow a piece of their heart – that is, in a wooden form. Make small wooden hearts using a special box and ask guests to write a note or sign their name. You can even customize the lyric snippets for your first dance song for a cutting edge cut.

BUY NOW: Etsy, price upon request

11 of 30

Build Frame

Ginger Ray

Built-in frame makes it easy to preserve your wedding day memories. Just give your guests the option to add their own decorative spins. We love the idea of ​​setting this up with a Polaroid instant camera along with little tags for notes. Guests can choose one or both options to celebrate your wedding.

BUY NOW: Target, $ 29.99

12 out of 30

Personalize Jenga Kit

In Feta

With alternative guestbook ideas, anything will work, including a personalized Jenga kit. With this option, play evenings with your spouse will become even more sentimental. Use a blank play set and have your guests sign their names and markdowns on each piece.

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Feather Portrait

Save the Forest

Choose a custom illustration of the happy couple and even include your pets.We love the idea of ​​a pretty portrait drawn with pens or felt-tip pens. Plus, once all of this is signed, it will decorate your home.

BUY NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Let the guests get tricky

Fancy Goods

Get your guests’ help to fly away. Encourage them to play with ink and fingerprints a bit to create a unique masterpiece that can be cropped later.Consider choosing ink in the same shades as your color palette to create a really special memento.

BUY NOW: Fancy Merchandise, $ 98

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Ask for travel recommendations

Photo of Erin McGinn

Another option for duos is to buy a vintage globe. Ask your guests to make recommendations for future trips with their best wishes. You will love the opportunity to look back at this statement, and at the same time get some travel inspiration for your next honeymoon trip.

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Create a song


This is a very special idea for music lovers. Set a custom blank score to create the most unique love song ever. Include ink for guests to fingerprint and a pen to sign their name. If you are into music, you can even try playing your author’s song when the masterpiece is ready.

BUY NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Customize your own sign


Do it simply with a special sign with your new common last name.We love the rustic, chic look of this option. Set your registration on an easel and select one or more shades of pencils to paint to create a gorgeous decor piece that will later be displayed in your home.

BUY NOW: Etsy, Price On Request

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Redesign Coffee Table Book

Photo by Rach Love Troy Tara Skinner Design and Planning Weddings & Events

Still hoping to include the book, but want a unique alternative? One couple decided to use the coffee table they loved, with plenty of space for signatures all over the place.Go to a specific signature page or leave your own sign with instructions for other places in the book that you would like to see in a small note.

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Mark the map

Photos of Dylan and Sarah

Pay homage to the wedding venue or town where you met your partner. The modern map of the specified location is a post-wedding memorable gift that cannot be thrown away, and guests can leave their mark in the fields.

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Sign record

Anastasia Photo

Total music lovers? Keep up with your record with this creative guestbook idea. Pick your favorite scrapbook together and customize it with drawing pens for guests to sign. As soon as your wedding day comes to a close, record a special memento.

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Stay Simple With Acrylic

Z Create Design

Acrylic blends beautifully with any wedding style, so you’re in safe hands with a simple signature board.Show off your sign with floral motifs from your palette or greenery, and be sure to include a set of drawing pencils for these signatures to really stand out.

BUY NOW: Etsy, Price Upon Request

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Show Your Fortune

Z Create Design

Pay homage to your home state with this unique guestbook idea. Pick any condition, choose from a variety of colors, and even add your own cutout message.We love the idea of ​​setting this up with a cute instruction frame and various pens in shades that match your color palette.

BUY NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Ask for Adventure Ideas

Amy and Jordan

Completely replace congratulatory messages and promote ideas for future adventures. We love how one couple encouraged their guests to come up with a list of tasks to complete throughout their marriage.Set up a custom sign with instructions, a jar for collecting notes, and even consider stationery to add personality.

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Fingerprints Features

Flutterbye Prints

Create a keepsake that is truly personalized and displayed for years to come. Use your fingerprints to create a heart with this custom print and ask your guests to sign around it.In several colors and sizes, this option can be as unique an idea as a framed piece of art for your home.

BUY NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Leave notes on postcards

Feathered Bird Photography

Make your wanderlust the center of your alternative guestbook. One couple asked guests to leave notes on postcards indicating three places the couple wanted to add to their travel list.Friends and family were able to write good wishes on a postcard of their choice and place their handwritten feelings in a white letterbox for a fun activity.

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Sourced from sustainable materials, this 3-D guestbook will bring you big rewards. and home decor items after the wedding. Arrange the wooden pieces with colorful markers for guests to draw a heart or note.After everyone subscribes, collect the parts to create a unique rustic piece.

BUY NOW: Etsy, Price Upon Request

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Leave a Message in the Bottle

Photo Sarah Carpenter Photography, Callista Design & Planning & Company

Reinvent the message in the bottle with this unique option. “Over the years, our couples have forced guests to write messages, which they put in bottles for a waterfront wedding,” say Alea and Nick Valley.With this alternative, friends and family can throw notes in pretty containers for the couple to read during their upcoming anniversaries. We love the sleek look of this setup, but you can include any type or number of bottles to suit your style.

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Say it with surfboards

Photo by Yana Williams. Photo. Design and planning: RO & Co. Events.

Planning a beach wedding? One couple decided to use their love of surfing as a statement.Use surfboards as decor and as an interactive guestbook. Ask guests to sign on your boards to receive a special memento to carry with you.

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Turn on your love of nature

Crown and willow

Are you obsessed with hiking or camping, or just love nature? Bring your love of trees to your wedding. Set up a tree printout to be signed and ask guests to sign on each branch.We love the idea of ​​using one color to make the leaves and branches really stand out.

BUY NOW: Etsy, price upon request

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Ask for Advice

Bliss Paper Boutique

Get advice or ask guests for notes when you are married. “Another interactive idea we love is asking guests to write small messages and then drop them in tiny envelopes,” says Alea and Nick Valley. “A couple can open a few envelopes every weekend for a fun date.”Set a box or envelopes according to your preference and let your guests have some fun with helpful tips for the first year of your marriage.

BUY NOW: Etsy, $ 5

90,000 Wedding Wish Book with Polaroid Photos

Wedding is a bright, memorable event, especially for the bride and groom. To capture the pleasant moments of an unforgettable celebration and then, years later, to remember exciting moments, we came up with a wedding book for wishes .It has long become an integral part of a merry holiday, which reflects the memorable moments of the reverent ceremony. However, today an ordinary book for wishes has become a commonplace and newlyweds these days are increasingly resorting to non-standard solutions. One of these solutions is the book of wishes with photographs of guests on the Polaroid , which is not necessary to buy for the wedding day, you can rent a Polaroid in Minsk from a wedding photographer.

One of the most popular ways to leave a wish at a wedding is Polaroid .These instant photographs have captured the hearts of millions of people. It’s so easy to catch the moment. Invite your guests to take a photo and paste it into an album with wishes. This book of wishes with warm words you will keep all your life and, opening, each time remember that happy day.

DIY wedding book of wishes

Despite the development of modern photography technology, Polaroid is still respected by millions of people.After all, it is so convenient to instantly get a ready-made photograph. Use pictures from your Polaroid camera for wedding wishes book . After all, Polaroid pictures perfectly complement the book of wishes, make it brighter and more expressive.

Book of wishes from film instant photographs

The 90,075 film snapshot , which best captures the essence of the moment, is experiencing a real boom.It is understandable, where, if not at a wedding, this is most in demand. You no longer need to hire a cumbersome instabuda, torment guests in an uncomfortable photo zone. Give your guests a Polaroid instant camera. It’s convenient and fun. Guests can be photographed with an instant print camera and immediately glue the resulting photo into an album, leaving wishes next to the photo.

Renting a Polaroid instant camera for a wedding has become quite a popular idea in recent years.It is worth noting that the work of a full-time photographer has not been canceled. But he has a different task at this event. The essence of the instant print photo zone is that 90,075 guests take pictures of themselves . Thus, we kill two birds with one stone, do not distract photographer , who has the opportunity to live in his own rhythm, focus on work and give the required result from him and the second hare – to occupy guests . Just writing wishes is boring. And write wishes and to be photographed is much more fun.The result is a fairly creative album filled with photos and wishes.

Gift for guests at a wedding

Also a great opportunity to make your guests a nice and memorable gift on the same day . Thanks to the wonderful properties of Polaroid, you will receive atmospheric photos , transmitting the magic of the holiday already in 2 minutes .

Personalized rose gold wedding landscape Guestbook, Custom wedding magazines keepsake instant photo albums Gost…

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