Inspiration plan: Inspiration 10 | Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping


Carnival Inspiration deck plan | CruiseMapper

Carnival Inspiration (1996-built, last refurbished in 2018 / Fun Ship 2.0, scrapped in 2020) was the sixth of all eight Fantasy-class Carnival cruise ships – together with Elation, Fantasy, Imagination and Paradise, and also the “balcony ships” Ecstasy, Fascination and Sensation.

Carnival Inspiration cruise ship deck plan shows a total of 1026 staterooms for 2052 passengers (max capacity is 2658) served by 920 crew-staff. The boat has 13 decks (10 passenger-accessible, 5 with cabins), 12 lounges and bars, 3 swimming pools, 6 outdoor Jacuzzis (large whirlpool hot tubs), 14 elevators.

Carnival Inspiration decks with passenger cabins have a total of 54 Suites, 564 Oceanviews, 408 Inside cabins, Self Service Laundromats (passenger use launderettes). Laundry facilities are at extra charge – $3,25 (per washer or dryer load) and $1,5 per box (detergent/water softener, dispensed from the vending machine in the room). Launderettes (open between 6:30 am – 12-midnight) are located on all cabin decks. Each laundry room is equipped with 2-3 washers, 2-3 dryers, 1 ironing board/iron. All laundry machines accept coins only (can’t be operated using S&S cards). While the ship is in port, washing machines are closed (only dryers and irons can be used). Valet laundry service is handled through the cabin steward. Prices are per item – wash-and-press ($2 – $7,50), no dry-cleaning.

Carnival Inspiration deckplan changes 2016 refurbishment review

The list of deck plan changes after the ship’s 2016 drydock refurbishment (January 18 – February 5) done in Freeport Bahamas included:

  • (Lido Deck 10) Guy’s Burger Joint was added (complimentary poolside dining venue serving hand-crafted burgers and fresh-cut fries )
  • (Lido Deck 10) BlueIguana Cantina was added (complimentary poolside Mexican eatery for fresh-made burritos and tacos on homemade tortillas, with salsa bar and a variety of toppings). Also here was added the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar (Mexican-themed outdoor bar for frozens and beers).
  • (Promenade Deck 9) Alchemy Bar was added (Carnival’s “cocktail pharmacy” lounge with professional mixologists and made-to-order drinks). Also here was added the RedFrog Rum Bar (rum bar for frozens and beers, serving Carnival’s private label ThirstyFrog Red /draught beer).
  • (Promenade Deck 9) Cherry On Top was added (bulk candy store, also selling Carnival Cruise Lines logo apparel, gifts, toys)).
  • (Verandah Deck 11) the old Camp Carnival kids complex was redesigned and transformed into Camp Ocean. Also here (aft) was installed Carnival Waterworks (aquapark with Splash Zone, 2 mini racing slides for kids, and the 300 ft / 91 m long “Twister Waterslide”).

Various technical enhancements were also implemented, including shoreside power capabilities. Routine maintenance works included new hull coating. During the 3-week refurbishment in 2016, the crew area was also renovated.

The liner entered drydock for the last time in 2018 (November 2-15).

Carnival Inspiration deck plans are property of Scrapped Cruise Ships. All
deck layouts are for informational purposes only and CruiseMapper is not responsible for their accuracy.

Create Your Life Plan: Inspiration | Notebooks

Create Your Life Plan: Inspiration | Notebooks | kikki.K AU

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Inspire yourself with this gorgeous Create Your Life Plan Book. Explore your passions, find your purpose and set goals to live your dream life. Complete with thought-provoking questions and exercises, creative brainstorming space and inspiring quotes, be empowered to make changes to help you achieve your dream life.

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Length: 251mm x 9.88″

Width: 191mm x 7.52″

Height: 16mm x 0.63″


  • Hardcover
  • Gold foil detailing
  • Ribbon page marker


  • Thought-provoking questions and exercises 
  • Creative brainstorming space
  • Inspiring quotes

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Deep inspiration breath-hold technique for lung tumors: the potential value of target immobilization and reduced lung density in dose escalation


This study evaluates the dosimetric benefits and feasibility of a deep inspiration breath-hold (DIBH) technique in the treatment of lung tumors. The technique has two distinct features–deep inspiration, which reduces lung density, and breath-hold, which immobilizes lung tumors, thereby allowing for reduced margins. Both of these properties can potentially reduce the amount of normal lung tissue in the high-dose region, thus reducing morbidity and improving the possibility of dose escalation.

Methods and materials:

Five patients treated for non-small cell lung carcinoma (Stage IIA-IIIB) received computed tomography (CT) scans under 4 respiration conditions: free-breathing, DIBH, shallow inspiration breath-hold, and shallow expiration breath-hold. The free-breathing and DIBH scans were used to generate 3-dimensional conformal treatment plans for comparison, while the shallow inspiration and expiration scans determined the extent of tumor motion under free-breathing conditions. To acquire the breath-hold scans, the patients are brought to reproducible respiration levels using spirometry, and for DIBH, modified slow vital capacity maneuvers. Planning target volumes (PTVs) for free-breathing plans included a margin for setup error (0.75 cm) plus a margin equal to the extent of tumor motion due to respiration (1-2 cm). Planning target volumes for DIBH plans included the same margin for setup error, with a reduced margin for residual uncertainty in tumor position (0.2-0.5 cm) as determined from repeat fluoroscopic movies. To simulate the effects of respiration-gated treatments and estimate the role of target immobilization alone (i.e., without the benefit of reduced lung density), a third plan is generated from the free-breathing scan using a PTV with the same margins as for DIBH plans.


The treatment plan comparison suggests that, on average, the DIBH technique can reduce the volume of lung receiving more than 25 Gy by 30% compared to free-breathing plans, while respiration gating can reduce the volume by 18%. The DIBH maneuver was found to be highly reproducible, with intra breath-hold reproducibility of 1.0 (+/- 0.9) mm and inter breath-hold reproducibility of 2.5 (+/- 1.6) mm, as determined from diaphragm position. Patients were able to perform 10-13 breath-holds in one session, with a comfortable breath-hold duration of 12-16 s.


Patients tolerate DIBH maneuvers well and can perform them in a highly reproducible fashion. Compared to conventional free-breathing treatment, the DIBH technique benefits from reduced margins, as a result of the suppressed target motion, as well as a decreased lung density; both contribute to moving normal lung tissue out of the high-dose region. Because less normal lung tissue is irradiated to high dose, the possibility for dose escalation is significantly improved.

Biden Administration Cites 1619 Project as Inspiration in History Grant Proposal

The Biden administration wants a grant program for history and civics education to prioritize instruction that accounts for bias, discriminatory policies in America, and the value of diverse student perspectives.

In describing the basis for the new grant priority for American History and Civics Education programs, the administration cites the scholar and anti-racism activist Ibram X. Kendi, as well as the 1619 Project, a New York Times Magazine project that highlights slavery and its legacy as a central element in America’s story.

“It is critical that the teaching of American history and civics creates learning experiences that validate and reflect the diversity, identities, histories, contributions, and experiences of all students,” the April 19 notice in the Federal Register states.

The department is also proposing to make information literacy a priority for the civics and history grant program.

The proposed grant priorities deal with a very small, longstanding program at the U.S. Department of Education that supports innovative teaching approaches and professional development in the field—altogether, American History and Civics grants receive $5.3 million in federal funding this fiscal year, out of a roughly $74 billion budget for the department. And the priorities, if they’re adopted, won’t constitute a sweeping directive of any kind for history and civics teachers. But it’s a high-profile development in a polarized debate over what K-12 students should be taught about the country’s past and present.

In addition, it underscores a huge divide between the Trump and Biden administration on this contentious issue in public schools.

American history classes are at the center of a political feud

Disagreements about how or whether educators should address the concepts of systemic racism, inequities in American society, and related issues grew more prominent last year, when President Donald Trump created the 1776 Commission to promote “patriotic education” and to push back on what Trump and his supporters called radical ideas that subverted core American values.

The former president also declared that public schools in general were indoctrinating students with left-wing propaganda that he equated with child abuse. That allegation provoked a swift and strong backlash from history educators, who said that Trump’s attacks, and not what what students were being taught, were misleading and flawed. However, some historians have criticized important elements of the 1619 Project.

Republicans’ activity on this front in 2020 wasn’t confined to Trump: Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., introduced a bill last year to prohibit federal money from being used to teach a curriculum based on the 1619 Project created by the Pulitzer Center. (Despite the interest Washington has taken in this topic over the past year, states and local school districts control the content of curriculum, and the U.S. Department of Education is barred from dictating or sanctioning curriculum.)

The 1776 Commission produced a report shortly before President Joe Biden took office that challenged identity politics and largely echoed rhetoric on the subject from Trump and others. Biden scrubbed the 1776 Commission and its report from the White House website shortly after his inauguration. In an executive order, Biden said advancing racial equity would be a top priority for his administration across federal government agencies.

But Biden’s rhetoric and actions aside, the evolving argument about what students learn in history classes has continued this year. And there’s evidence that it’s growing more intense.

Lawmakers in eight states are considering legislation that may restrict teachers’ ability to discuss racism, sexism, and bias in their classrooms. Topics such as fundamental racism in America, inherent oppressiveness of individuals because of their race, and other issues would be off-limits under the proposed bills. In general, these bills would cut back on the teaching of “divisive concepts.”

This year, three states have also considered banning the 1619 Project from schools.

Unlike the moves by Trump and Cotton, actions by state officials have the potential to be far more consequential for schools, given their statutory authority over curriculum.

The movement extends beyond government leaders. In March, Turning Point USA, a pro-Trump student group with chapters in K-12 and higher education, announced that it will develop a history curriculum that would highlight the benefits of free enterprise and push back on what it called left-wing bias in schools. And separately, critics of the 1619 Project and Kendi have recently formed groups like Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism and Parents Defending Education that in general resist what they say is a harmful agenda in education driven by racial identity and division.

The attention and activity concerning this issue isn’t confined to one side: In February, for example, the Pulitzer Center announced its a grant program for teachers to implement its curriculum that draws on the 1619 Project.

Proposals would support diverse perspectives

The new federal grant priority would be for “Projects That Incorporate Racially, Ethnically, Culturally, and Linguistically Diverse Perspectives into Teaching and Learning.

As background for the proposed grant priority, the department cites the 1619 Project’s connection to the “growing acknowledgement of the importance of including, in the teaching and learning of our country’s history, both the consequences of slavery, and the significant contributions of Black Americans to our society.”

And the proposal also says that “schools across the country are working to incorporate anti-racist practices into teaching and learning.” It goes on to quote Kendi, the founding director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research, as stating that an anti-racist idea “is any idea that suggests the racial groups are equals in all their apparent differences—that there is nothing right or wrong with any racial group.” It also cites Biden’s executive order on advancing racial equity, as well as the idea of “identity-safe” learning environments that stress students’ various identities as assets and not barriers to learning.

Under this grant priority, applicants would describe how their proposed project would incorporate teaching and learning practices that:

  • “take into account systemic marginalization, biases, inequities, and discriminatory policy and practice in American history.
  • “incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives and perspectives on the experience of individuals with disabilities.”
  • “encourage students to critically analyze the diverse perspectives of historical and contemporary media and its impacts.”
  • “support the creation of learning environments that validate and reflect the diversity, identities, and experiences of all students.”
  • “contribute to inclusive, supportive, and identity-safe learning environments.”

This grant priority is one of two proposed on April 19 by the Biden administration for American History and Civics grants. A second proposed priority would focus on “Promoting Information Literacy Skills.”

That proposed priority says such skills are crucial, given where many Americans (especially young people) get their news and the threat of misinformation.

Under this priority, applicants for the grants would describe how their proposal would help students evaluate sources and evidence “using standards of proof” and help them understand “their own biases when reviewing information.

As authorized by federal law, the American History and Civics Education support “academies” for teachers and high school students, as well as “national activities” that focus on civics and government classes for low-income and underserved students.

The public has 30 days to comment on the two grant priorities.

The divine inspiration behind Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’

As much as competitors might want to credit something otherworldly for Drake’s all-out dominance in 2018, it wasn’t so much a higher spirit at work as the well-oiled machine that is Aubrey Graham Inc. “God’s Plan,” the top song of the year with a consumption total of 5.5 million, started with a leaked snippet that instantly garnered a strong reaction.

“It was clear [right away] what we had,” says Drake’s longtime producer Noah “40” Shebib, who is credited on the track alongside Cardo, Yung Exclusive and Boi-1da. “We knew it had to be released.”

The next lightbulb moment came with the concept for the video, during which Drake doled out nearly $1 million, the clip’s allotted budget, to needy recipients in the Miami area and beyond, including a local high school, homeless shelter, grocery store and a student struggling with tuition fees. “Don’t tell the label,” the title screen teased. The video premiered in February, a month after the song’s debut, and so far has racked up more than 875 million views on YouTube alone.

Drake and Noah “40” ShebibGC Images

“The video was a really special moment for all of us,” Shebib says. “And possibly more real than anyone will ever understand.”

“God’s Plan,” with its endlessly quotable lyrics — “I only love my bed and my mama, I’m sorry” — also showed a vulnerable side to the Toronto rapper. To wit, the lines: “I been movin’ calm, don’t start no trouble with me / Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me,” and the refrain, “A lot of bad things … they wishin’ on me.” The song’s accessibility carried it over to Top 40 and Rhythm, where it’s nearing 3 billion radio impressions to date.

Leading the Drake charge at Republic were exec VP and general manager Jim Roppo, exec VP of commerce, streaming and digital strategy Kevin Lipson; and executive VP of international marketing Mike Alexander. The strategy, to create multiple marketing events through advertising, digital initiatives and a video roll-out campaign, included a global takeover of Spotify. The album art to “Scorpion” covered more than 100 playlists, including every Hits playlist around the world and, between “God’s Plan,” “In My Feelings” and “Nice for What,” Drake claimed the top spot on the streamer’s chart for more than 150 days.

“Songs need a reason to exist,” says Shebib. “’God’s Plan’ was exactly that.”

Meal Plan Inspiration | The Schmidty Wife

I have been wanting to do a series on meal planning for forever, and while I religiously meal plan each week I ironically haven’t had the time to sit down and organize it out to share! So I figured it is time to start. Whether you are a meal planning newbie or a seasoned pro today’s topic can be inspirational for everyone!

Even though I am a food blogger and think about food night and day when I still sit down to make my meal plan my mind suddenly goes blank. I can’t be the only one with this problem, I know how to cook so many dishes but when I have to choose a menu it becomes mission impossible.

So I came up with a simple solution, let’s call it Meal Plan Inspiration. I have a list of 14 different themes to choose from, I choose a theme for everyday of the week and boom no more meal planning block. With themes chosen the meal plan quickly builds itself from there.

Meatless Monday? Easy I will chose my favorite One Pot Southwest Quinoa. Comfort food? Pot Roast it is. Crockpot? Classic Crockpot Chili is now on the menu.

So let’s break it down:

  • Meatless Mondays: This classic alliteration is essentially open to any vegetarian/vegan dishes. You can go as simple as mac & cheese, as fun as falafel!
  • Taco Tuesdays: Another famous alliteration, which also happens to be one of my favorites. Make classic ground beef tacos or spice it up with fish tacos.
  • Crockpot: In this day & age I hope it is okay that I just assume everyone has a crockpot at this point, I honestly couldn’t live without mine. So many different options with this one, from soups, to chicken, to pot roasts. (This theme is a huge plus when you know you have an especially busy evening, get dinner together in the morning and dinner is ready when you get home!)
  • Seafood: Seafood and fish I think are very underrated for busy weeknights, why? Because most fish and seafood takes very little time to cook, for example shrimp can be fully cooked in 5 minutes, talk about a win!
  • Pasta/Pizza: Choose your favorite pastas and pizzas and roll with it!
  • Take out/go out: Yes you can plan to go out or order takeout as part of your meal plan. I love planning to order Chinese on Friday nights, it gives me something to look forward to all week.
  • Comfort Food: What is your ultimate comfort foods? This one is fun because it can be so personal, some people might view this as chicken noodle soup, others mashed potatoes and gravy with chicken, and still others might want chicken pot pie. Choose what you love!
  • Soup, Salad, & Sandwich: This is one of my personal favorites, my advice with this one is to ‘pick two’ (yes like Panera Bread), go with the classic tomato soup & grilled cheese combo, or go big with a large protein filled salad.
  • Asian: Another one of my personal favorite themes, Asian cuisine can be made so fast and heathy, whether it’s a stir fry that can be made up in just minutes, pho will make your whole house smell glorious, or who doesn’t like fried rice.
  • Casserole (or Hotdish where I grew up): This is one of those meals that I feel have kind of gone out of style in recent years, but lets not forget about it. Usually easy to mix up in a baking dish, a lot of bloggers have heathy and lightened-up versions of some of the most classic casseroles.
  • Italian: Lasagna, chopped salads, Stromboli, sure this could also include many of your favorite pizza and pasta dishes but branch out make something new, it could become your new go to!
  • Breakfast For Dinner: Breakfast is generally fast, easy, and healthy or it can be a fun treat. This is one of those dinners I feel like kids think is so much fun, so whip up some eggs, bacon, and pancakes and get your breakfast on.
  • Sheet Pan Meal: Sheet Pan Meals are huge right now, every food blogger has been rolling them out, why? Because they are often super easy and can be made extremely healthy plus there is a bonus that your main dish and side dish are taken care of all on one pan. A lot less work (and dishes) for a delicious healthy dinner.
  • Mexican: Enchiladas, rice, fajitas, so many delicious options that can be made fast and easy. Just don’t forget the chips & salsa 😉

So that is the breakdown, so remember not all of these themes are mutually exclusive. You are allowed to make a crockpot meal one night and then also use your crockpot to make shredded chicken taco meat for Mexican night (there are no rules!). These are just guidelines and theme ideas to help you make decisions faster and more efficient. If you aren’t a fan of some of these don’t use them or make you own, pick any region of the globe and make their dishes, or even a grill night, or break it down it to your types of meats, chicken, pork, beef.

So today’s post I wanted to keep just about inspirations, I plan to do follow ups on more meal planning, and grocery shopping, but if you want to get a head start on becoming a better meal planner, write down the dishes you know how to make for each category, by having a few for each that you already know the process will become even faster. I find it fun to also have a list of new recipes I want to try so that once (or twice) a week I try a new recipe.

So give these themes a go, see if they are your style of meal planning (and if this doesn’t work for you don’t worry I won’t be offended everyone works in different ways). Have fun!

Need more meal plan inspiration? Do a little shopping!

Peace & Love

Lauren, The Schmidty Wife

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Improvements to Inspiration Point Park Underway

Published on July 02, 2021

Today, Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Secretary Ken Salazar, Councilwoman Amanda Sandoval, city officials and community partners celebrated the groundbreaking and improvements to Inspiration Point Park, a community supported Elevate Denver Bond project.

The 25.5-acre park is located at 49th avenue and Sheridan Boulevard in northwest Denver.  The park sits at an elevation of 5,415 feet and affords incredible views of nearly 200 miles of the Rocky Mountain Front Range, as well as the entire city of Denver.  Completed in 1910, Inspiration Point Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

“Our parks are the heart of our neighborhoods, which is why we must invest in preserving their unique beauty and history for generations to come,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said, “Inspiration Point Park is, quite literally, an inspiration to us all for what is possible when we prioritize these assets in our community. I am grateful to Secretary Salazar, Council members and our Denver residents for their commitment to restoring and enhancing this historic gem.”

The long-term vision for Inspiration Point Park is to preserve its historic character and natural qualities while improving existing park amenities and use. The project includes restoration of a portion of the historic wall, improvement to the western park overlook, installation of a new playground set located within the existing native landscape, a new picnic site with shade pavilion, improved ADA parking area, and a new traffic circle. Restoration began in the spring, and the project is scheduled for completion at the end of this year.

Funding sources for the $2.5M project include the Elevate Denver Bond, Park Legacy and Denver Parks and Recreation Capitol Improvement funds.  In 2017, voters approved the Elevate Denver Bond which allocated $2,135,000 for Inspiration Point Park improvements to include a new playground, picnic sites, shade shelter and restoration of the historic masonry wall at the point.  

“I believe this is an important milestone event given all the projects underway in our Inspiration Point Neighborhood including the park, the new paving of neighborhood streets, planned improvements at Harlan and I-70, and plans underway for other high priorities in the neighborhood,” said Ken Salazar. “These advancements have happened because of the Mayor’s support for the neighborhood, the ongoing efforts of Councilwomen Sandoval and Ortega, and includes many Denver agencies such as Denver Parks and Recreation.”

Additional transportation and pedestrian improvements in the community are currently underway that include asphalt paving of 17 streets within 0.5 miles of the park, adding bike lanes to Harlan Street and collaborating with CDOT, Jefferson County, Arvada, and Adams County on pedestrian improvements at Sheridan Boulevard and 52nd Avenue.

In the early 20th century, the national “City Beautiful” movement, inspired by Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair, aimed to elevate the human spirit by making communities aesthetically attractive by building parks, planting greenery, adding sidewalks and paving streets. Denver Mayor Robert Speer, elected in 1904, was an enthusiastic supporter of the City Beautiful movement, and he became the driving force behind the creation of Inspiration Point Park and other areas identified for Denver’s City Beautiful master plan.  A State Historical Society plaque on the bluff commemorates the first panned gold strike in 1850 and the resulting gold rush that led to the eventual Statehood of Colorado in 1876.


90,000 Wait for inspiration or force yourself to work according to plan?

Let’s talk about how to work more efficiently – listen to your inner voice, your feelings and wait for inspiration, or, without waiting for inspiration, draw up a clear plan and fulfill it by all means?

Both approaches have both supporters and ardent opponents. Personally, I like the approach of making flexible plans that can be changed depending on the situation, but without abuse.

I tried both the first and the second method. In the first case, I tried to wait or somehow create inspiration, to do only what I like. Then, I looked at the results and compared them with the results that I get if I just set myself a clear plan and, regardless of any external circumstances, follow this plan.

Let me tell you more about what I got out of all this.

Stupid way

The option, when you sit and wait for the weather by the sea, is definitely very cool.Because in this case you only get down to business when you feel that right now you want to finally do something great. This gives you a huge boost of energy. And oddly enough, but in general it is logical – you get very good results. Because you are ready to work, you feel a surge of energy, and, as you know, almost any business that we do on an emotional upsurge is good.

Therefore, this option is not bad. But on the other hand, if you sit and wait for inspiration, then, as you might guess, a situation arises when the work must be done (there is an agreement with partners, with colleagues, some other external forces), but you have no inspiration and you sit , expect it . .. You scratch your left heel and wait for inspiration to finally come, although all the deadlines have been burning for a long time and it’s time to start doing what you have to do.

Practice shows that, from my point of view, this silly expectation of inspiration is often very stressful, because the work is worth it, the deadlines for its completion are coming to an end, there is still no inspiration. And no matter how you try to artificially cause it, in the end, instead of working, you want to lie on the couch and watch movies or do other useless things.

So I think the option to sit and meditate “while waiting for inspiration” is a strange option.Perhaps I just do not understand the people who work on this principle. Perhaps when they say that they are working on this principle, they are disingenuous. But, nevertheless, I cannot imagine how you can work effectively if the basis of your motivation is waiting for inspiration, when you finally want to work.

Anyone is programmed to conserve resources. When choosing between lying on the couch and working, almost anyone chooses to lie on the couch. Because, biologically speaking, conserving energy is a purposeful survival activity.And the body does not care deeply for all your lofty aspirations, all your global goals and dreams that you want to fulfill with hard work. The most important thing for the body is survival.

Therefore, if you decide to wait for inspiration, then your body will tell you “Ok, we haven’t rested enough yet, what if tomorrow there is some kind of shock, let’s lie down and rest”. And inspiration often never comes …

Of course, it happens that inspiration comes and you work effectively for some time.But what’s the point? From my point of view, this is an absolutely unstable technique that cannot guarantee you any intelligible results. I see no point in relying on some obscure sources of motivation when there is another more effective way.

Effective way

This way of working consists in the fact that you draw up a plan of action for yourself in advance and then implement it. Here you no longer need to hope that unexpected inspiration will come and motivate you in a miraculous way.You just take it and force yourself to do what you previously planned for yourself.

Determine what you want to be done for the next day, for the next week or month, make a plan and follow it consistently. Despite the fact that there is no inspiration or mood – you should not worry about it. You have tasks that you have outlined for yourself, that you have to do and you do them.

Of course, this approach requires additional training of willpower. If you have questions on how to develop it in yourself – you can write me questions, I will try to answer in the most suitable way for you.

Without proper study, you will not be able to work on willpower for a long time. First, there will be a breakdown, a complete lack of motivation, then depression and inability to do anything at all. Sound familiar?

In favor of an approach with planning and then hard work on these plans, I can give another thesis that will be understandable when considering, say, professional sports.

So, what do you think, when a boxer forces himself to exhaust his body with hard training every day, he is waiting for this inspiration? Of course not.He has a training plan and by all means, this plan must be fulfilled.

He even hires a coach for himself, not just like that, but because it is extremely difficult to achieve good results without a coach in any area of ​​life. Even children are hired a tutor, this is obvious to everyone. But in other fields of activity, such as personal development or starting a business, people still believe they can teach themselves. This is wrong. Without a good coach, only a few are able to achieve at least something.

If you liked the thoughts in this post, it will be great:

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90,000 Our travel plans have been canceled, so here are 7 days of inspiration. ..

Stuck at home? Fear not, because there is still so much we can do from the comfort of our home. Now we have the opportunity to spend time alone and do things that cannot be done with others all the time.

Take this time to completely relax, mark a few things you need to do and have fun.

It’s important to remember that things will get better, so why not use this time to pick up hobbies / skills to have with you on your future travels.

So what do you do when you’re stuck indoors? We’ve come up with a list of 7 different inspirational things you can do to keep your time at home fun and keep you healthy mentally.


When was the last time you got your old travel photos and giggled well at looking back at the memories you made? It’s time to blow off the dust! Get them wherever they are, by phone, in an album, in a box at the bottom of your closet. Let’s remember what we had and the stories that we have created during this time.


During your adventures, there must have been a time when you thought, “I should start my own travel blog.” 💻 Use this time as a precious moment to reflect on these amazing adventures. With microblogging, you can get back on your feet very quickly.Twitter or Instagram or if you’re feeling adventurous try a wordpress template.

And when you’re ready, contact us and we’ll have 5 of the best blog posts on our own [E] xplorer blog!


All this, no travels strain us. Is there one happy place you love to travel to but can’t right now? Yes, we feel the same.
For us, these are the annual meetings of our team in Barcelona. The team always walks along the beach next to our Safestay Barcelona Sea hostel.

Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat and relax. Meditation is bringing the mind home. So sit down, take a deep breath, close your eyes and try to imagine this happy place.


Do you remember that backpacking trip you took and had such an amazing time studying the people you just met! It was so great that you added them to Facebook thinking it would be great to do it again, but life took over and you ended up losing touch.

It’s time to catch up with your friends from the trip. Facebook is great because it allows us to keep in touch without having to talk every day. Why don’t you start today by posting 3 travel friends on Facebook that you lost touch with. Sign up and see how they are doing today, or give them a DM and start a conversation!


Feeling ill-mannered and unmotivated? 10 minutes of any travel documentary by David Attenborough You will feel inspired to visit the whole world! Or follow Gordan Ramsey’s culinary journey to see the most remote places on Earth. Panoramic shots and feats of human bravery, you cannot help yourself – you have to start planning your next adventure.


We all dreamed of speaking another language and always promised that someday you would do it, but in the end we never got to it. Learn a new language with Duolingo for free and get ready for your next adventure. Even learning the basic words will go a long way. Here’s a tip: make your language lessons fun by singing songs in a foreign language!

How many languages ​​can you speak?


As much as we want to sit all day and jump to Netflix. Why not read a travel book that will inspire you to head there after the storm is over. While these books are great and informative, it is these stories that will make you want to travel and relive the pictures they paint in your imagination.

While the above points may not change the state of the game at this time, it may change how we value the experience.For the latest developments and more information, please visit

90,000 plan to create the life of your dreams

Decide how many hours of sleep per night would be ideal for you. May I suggest an interval of seven to nine hours? Depending on what time you want to get up in the morning, choose your new bedtime. Make sure you get up early enough in the morning to do whatever needs to be done and that you have a little time to stay calm.

Tell your significant other that you are going to go to bed earlier than because you think you are not getting enough sleep at the moment. You may even need to reschedule dinner earlier. Usually our dinner is ready at about 7-7: 30 pm.

If for some reason he is delayed, we may not have time to eat until 8 o’clock in the evening. When I want to go to wash at about 9pm, I don’t have enough time to relax and digest my food.It all ends with me going to bed later than I would like.

Get up in the morning as soon as the alarm rings. You may find it tempting to go back to sleep, but when you get up you will feel worse and have less time to get everything done before you leave for work. Or, if on the weekend you wake up an hour or more before the alarm rings, you may feel unwell and not be able to go back to sleep. When this happens to me, it usually ends with a headache.

Make a list of twenty ways you can spend a relaxing day / spa at home. It was quite difficult, but I continued until I was finished. You can take something from my list that is close to you, and then continue with your own options. Keep this list for inspiration to help you enjoy your day at home.

Lesson plan for self-knowledge, grade 5 “Nature is the source of inspiration”

TOPIC: Nature is a source of inspiration.

Value: inner peace Qualities: peace of mind, benevolence, respect for nature.

PURPOSE: to expand students’ ideas about the importance of nature as a universal value,
to create an atmosphere of goodwill, cooperation, co-creation in the classroom.
– disclosure of the value attitude towards nature as a source of inspiration; the formation of skills for expressing your thoughts in a creative form;
– development of the ability to understand the beauty of nature, to develop artistic taste;
– fostering respect for nature, accuracy and perseverance in creative work;


The teacher invites you to listen to the poem to the music.

There is just a temple,
There is a temple of science,
With flowers stretching out their hands
Towards the sun and winds.
He is holy at any time of the day,
Open, for us in the heat and cold,
Come in here,
Be a little bit heart,
Do not desecrate his shrines.


Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and one must learn to see, hear, understand it.When a person realizes himself as a part of nature, she reveals to him all its secrets.

Johann Goethe said: “Nature is the only book that contains high content on all its pages.” It is very important that a person learns to read and understand this book

1. How do you understand the meaning of the expression “man is a part of nature”?
2. Is nature a source of human creative inspiration? Why?

To work in the lesson, we need to divide the class into groups.


C page 106 “Return”

I would like to summarize what I read in a poem

We read “Monologue of Nature” S. Vikulov

I am Nature. I am a great master.
Eternal Master of Life. I can,
Man, give you –
in my all this power! –
mushroom in the forest, chamomile in the meadow, the sky at the hour of
sunrise and sunset, willow above the river … !
As a crown for everything …
Only you, my gift, my teaching
do not take for a tribute: I am not a slave.
Don’t forget: you yourself are my creation!
And you and I have the same destiny!
Yes, you have grown. You said goodbye to childhood.
Wider – every year – your steps …
We are with you on the same road
We rush – not an hour apart, not a day …
And you cannot be above me,
as you cannot be outside of me.

(A person is a part of nature and comprehending its beauty, a person comprehends the beauty of life, it inspires him)

A minute of silence

An artist writes a picture, a photograph of moments of beauty can be captured in a photograph, a poet strings, the composer – the music, and the musician will perform it.

We will also be creators with you.


Nature is our inspiration, it will help us to become creators.

  1. We will make a collage with you on the theme “Seasons”, and each group already knows what time of the year is their guest.
    2. Determination of the required materials according to the topic.
    3. Preparation of the plot and sketch.
    4. Repetition of safety precautions

• With scissors
• With glue

– Socrates said: “Nature has endowed us with two ears, two eyes, but only one language, so that we look and listen more than we speak.” what else has nature endowed us with?
– With two hands, so that we create.Through the work of his hands, a person grows and improves, and the product of his activity is the result, his inspirations and nature …


During the defense, the music of PI Tchaikovsky corresponding to the theme of each group sounds
“The Seasons”


Nature – light …, harmony …, teacher …, etc. (Each student continues, calling a noun – an association with the word nature)

Each of them has blank emoticons in the form of tree leaves on the table, students are invited to draw an emoticon of their mood, and on the other write a wish to their classmate on the left and silently exchange a smile to present.

Morphological analysis of the noun “Inspiration”

For the word “ inspiration ” 1 variant of morphological analysis was found

  1. Part of speech. Total meaning
    Part of speech of the word “inspiration” – noun
  2. Morphological signs.
    1. inspiration (nominative singular)
    2. Permanent signs:
      • common noun
      • inanimate
      • neuter
      • 2nd declension

      Irregular singular …

  3. May refer to different members of the proposal.

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Morphological parsing of another word

Plan for parsing a noun

  1. Part of speech. Total value
  2. Morphological characters.
    1. Initial (nominative, singular)
    2. Constant signs:
      • Proper or common
      • Inanimate or inanimate
      • Gender
      • Declination

      Synchronous underline as a member of the proposal)

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    The parsing plan is based on general rules, depending on the class and the teacher’s preferences, the answer may differ. If your parsing plan differs from the one presented, just match it with the data in our answer.

    If the morphological parsing of the noun “inspiration” has several options, then select the most appropriate parsing option based on the context of the sentence.

    The analyzes were carried out on the basis of the embedded software algorithm, the results in rare cases may be unreliable, if you find a discrepancy please let us know.The presented result is used by you at your own peril and risk.

    How to make a good plan for the day and happily execute it!

    Today I want to talk about a very simple but effective method of planning a day (it is below).

    I think many people are interested in this topic, because in most cases, planning a day for people is not effective.

    Two extremes are usually encountered:
    1. A person writes very long to-do lists for day (literally everything that he remembers, and also included in the list is what was carried over from previous days).Such to-do lists are 100% not fulfilled, one of their kind evokes melancholy and hopelessness, there are few deleted cases at the end of the day. And the next day you have to transfer a huge list of tasks, and this endless rewriting is already tiresome.

    2. After failures with the first options, people go to the other extreme: they stop planning altogether. He just does the things he remembers, or writes several things on a piece of paper. The diary does not open or fill in.But this situation also causes dissatisfaction, because you only manage to do “routine”, important goals and dreams are “idle”. The feeling of a day spent aimlessly is created, the feeling of “nothing has been done” (as, indeed, in the first version).

    Most people travel between the two poles without finding a satisfying way to plan their day. But the effectiveness of your day as a whole depends on successful planning! And the efficiency of your life, which is measured not in the amount of what has been done, but in the level of joy and the fullness of self-realization.

    Realize your plans, move forward and develop every day, because this is the life you want ?!

    Planning for the year is even more complicated. At the beginning of the year, we can write different goals, there are a lot of them. In a month we already forget about them. And at the end of the year, it turns out that the goals have not been achieved, but they remain desirable and we rewrite them in the new year. And so many, many years in a row.

    What’s going on? Are we choosing the wrong goals? Are we phrasing them wrong? Do we have little willpower? Are we unable to get the results we want? Is it all the fault of self-sabotage?

    Planning can be incredible and fun!

    It is even more interesting and joyful to complete assigned tasks and be proud of yourself every day! You can do it playfully and without being overwhelmed, but at the same time moving one step towards big goals and dreams every day.


    A simple method of planning a day.

    1. Think about three important things that should have been done for a long time, which are “burning” or will bring you maximum “dividends”, benefit and progress in an important direction. Cases do not have to be voluminous and large. A case duration of 5 to 30 minutes is optimal.
    2. Write these three things in your diary.
    3. Complete them BEFORE DINNER.
    4. Enjoy the feeling of an efficient day: you have already completed your three most important things, and you still have half a day ahead of you, which you can also spend in business, or rest if you feel like it.

    Try it!

    And about how to identify these important matters, how to correctly formulate tasks, how to make your day, your life whole, I tell you more in the free course “How to become a strategist of your life.” From small audio lessons, you will take a lot more effective techniques and a lot of inspiration to achieve your goals.

    90,000 Carnival Inspiration Deck Plan

    Carnival Inspiration

    The cruise ship Carnival Inspiration of the Carnival company was built in 1996, belongs to the Fantasy series of ships, has a length of 261 meters
    and a displacement of 70367 tons.The ship is capable of accommodating up to 2,462 passengers in 1,026 cabins. The number of attendants is 980 people

    Cruise ship Carnival Inspiration has 10 passenger decks and 1,026 cabins on board.

    Click on the icon with the name of the deck you need to see the layout of the cabins –

    Cabin area 20 m²
    , balcony area 2 m²

    Typical size shown for cabins in this class is
    The size of a particular cabin may vary.

    Cabin area 15 m²

    Typical size shown for cabins in this class is
    The size of a particular cabin may vary.

    Cabin area 31 m²
    , balcony area 7 m²

    Typical size shown for cabins in this class is
    The size of a particular cabin may vary.

    Cabin area 17 m²

    Typical size shown for cabins in this class is
    The size of a particular cabin may vary.

    Cabin area 16 m²

    Typical size shown for cabins in this class is
    The size of a particular cabin may vary.

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