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41+ Ink Brushes | Free & Premium PSD, Vector, EPS, PNG, Ai Formats

Pull off the actual ink paint effect by bringing our exceptional range of Ink Brushes into play.  Ink Brushes Illustrator is nothing but a Photoshop tool that would let you create ink painting effect in your designs on a digital platform. Many of us are mesmerized by the look that an ink painting or an ink sketch offers and this is why Photoshop Ink Brushes Deviantart has become widely used among the other Photoshop Brushes. If you are a Photoshop user then you must already be aware of the features that an Ink Splatter Brush Photoshop has got to offer.

Do you want to get hold of an amazing Photoshop Brush Ink Pen? If your answer to this question is a yes then we seriously think that you need to be thankful to your own self for coming to our website. We on our website have piled up a collection of Ink Splatter Brushes Photoshop CS6 for you to choose from. You could either download the free version or go for the premium version by paying few bucks, the choice is totally yours.

From Large Ink Brushes to Chinese Ink Brushes Photoshop, Watercolor Effect Photoshop Brushes you would find so many such Photoshop Brushes in the collection of Ink Brushes that is being provided to you by us.

Digi Ink Brushes Template

Bring your artistic ideas to life with this undeniably spectacular template which consists of a wide variety of splendidly crafted ink brushes ranging from hard line brushes to easy halftone brushes.

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Procreate Ink Design Brushes

Here we bring to you an amazing set of as many as 36 awesome Ink Brushes. Go through this collection and grab the one that seems to be the best for your design.

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Big Collection of Ink Black Brushes

This is yet another astounding collection of splendidly crafted ink brushes that would help you enhance the look of your design on the whole. Grab this mind-blowing collection and make the most out of it.  

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Free Ink Stroke Photoshop Brushes

If you are looking forward to getting hold of the most excellent ink brushes without disturbing your project’s budget then grab these Photoshop Brushes at once. Try out our Glitch Brushes. 

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Grunge Ink Stroke Brushes Design

Add elegant-looking grunge effects to your pictures with great ease by making use of these Grunge Ink Store Brushes Design. See if our Triangle Photoshop Brushes could also be of use to you.

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Vector Ink Pen Brush

This well-designed ink brush would come in handy to you if you are willing to add a natural-looking hand-crafted ink pen effect to your designs and pictures. Our website also includes a collection of Fog Brushes and Christmas Photoshop Brushes.

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Black Ink Brushes Templates

Here we bring to you an outstanding range of 75 splendid ink brushes that undoubtedly make your designs look a lot more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Also, browse through our Vintage and Retro Style Brushes.

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Free Ink Splatter Photoshop Brushes

This set of Amazing Photoshop Brushes consists of 15 mind-blowing ink brushes that make it exceptionally easy for you to add fine-looking ink splatter effects to your pictures and/or designs.

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Ink Vintage Pen Brushes

With such an astounding series of 50 Ink Vintage Pen Brushes being made available to you, adding vintage-themed ink effect to your pictures is surely going to get an effortless affair.

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Drawing With Ink and Brush

These perfectly crafted ink brushes would make the process of adding hand-drawn ink effects to your pictures a simple and unfussy task for you.  You would also find dazzling Realistic Butterfly Photoshop Brushes on our website.

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Free Ink Drop And Spray Paint Brushes

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Abstract Water Brush Ink

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Ink Design Brushes Pack

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Ink Roller Brushes Pack

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Illustration Ink Vector Brushes

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Free Download Ink Splatter Photoshop Brushes

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Free Ink Brushes for Photoshop

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Hand Drawn Illustrator Ink Brushes

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Thin Ink iPad Lettering Brush

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Blue Abstract Ink Watercolor Brushes

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Free Download Ink PSD Brushes

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Hand Ink Rolled Brushes Template

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Ink Blending Photoshop Brushes

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Free Vector Ink Brush Stroke Collection

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Inked Edges Photoshop Brushes

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Modern Colorful Ink Design Brushes

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Free Procreate Inking Brushes

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Creative Artistic Ink Brush Strokes

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Ink Blossoms Brush

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Free Photoshop Ink Brushes Collection

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Grunge Ink Photoshop Brushes

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Free Wet Ink Photoshop Brushes

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Photoshop Cracked Ink Distress Brushes

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Pen and Sketch Brushes Bundle

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Watercolor Ink PSD Brushes

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Free Ink Shapes Photoshop Brushes

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Ink Scratches Photoshop Brush Set

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Ink Stamp Brushes

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Ink Photoshop Brushes Bundle

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Illustrator Ink Pen Brush

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Premium Ink Procreate Brushes Set

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Brushtown Ink Design Brushes

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Free Photoshop Inking Brushes

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Super Ink Brushes Set

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Superpack Ink PSD Brushes

Download Now You are just required to go through our series of Ink Brushes Photoshop, grab the Grunge Ink Brushes that you think would best suit your choice as well as need and put the same to use at once.

Download Inking Presets – Artrage

Custom Inking Brush Packs for ArtRage 5 and ArtRage Lite

ArtRage 5 Brush Pack

Download Now

This download includes 37 custom inking presets for the Gloop Pen, Airbrush, Watercolor Brush, Felt Pen, and Ink Pen, ranging from traditional inking styles to smooth manga line art brushes. It also includes a toolbox that lets you access all the presets in a single menu.

ArtRage Lite Brush Pack

Download Now

This download includes 20 custom inking presets for ArtRage Lite These are the same as the brushes in the ArtRage 5 Inking Presets download, but with all the incompatible presets removed and no Toolbox.

Sumi-e (Ink Wash) Presets

This popular collection of presets was created by forum user screenpainter. Albert passed away in 2015, but his presets remain one of the most popular and practical collection of inking brushes available for ArtRage.

These presets were created using ArtRage 3 Studio Pro and should be compatible with any edition of ArtRage later than ArtRage 2.

The tools used at the Felt Pen, Gloop Pen, Ink Pen, Oil Brush, Palette Knife and Watercolor Brush. Learn more about the presets in the forum, or download the package file here.

About The Tools

There are presets for many different ArtRage tools in these brush packs. Each of these tools have their own unique properties. They interact with the canvas texture and existing paint in unique ways, and offer different customizable settings, so while some presets may make similar looking strokes it helps to know what the properties of that tool are and which one is best for your needs.
  • The Watercolor Brush, Oil Brush and Felt Pen are traditional wet media tools. This means that they will react to canvas texture and blend with existing paint.
  • The Gloop Pen will react to canvas texture, but will only blend with ink from the same stroke and will dry as soon as you lift the stylus.
  • The Airbrush and Ink Pen are digital brushes, and do not react to canvas texture or blend.
  • The Palette Knife will blend and scrape paint. It only reacts to canvas texture for some modes and settings, but will always react to paint thickness.
How To Choose Inking Brushes in ArtRage

A Toolbox lets you collect shortcuts to different tool presets and other resources in a single menu.Installing
Package File (‘Inking Presets.arpack’)

A package file lets you collect various resources into a single file and then install them automatically into ArtRage.

To install these resources:

  1. Extract or copy both the .arpack and the .artbx files to your computer.
  2. Open ArtRage (Lite, 4, 5, or the ArtRage 5 demo).
  3. Go to File > Install Package File and browse to the .arpack file to install the presets.
  4. Or doubleclick the package file. Your computer should automatically open ArtRage.

Once installed, you can browse to the custom resources folders and copy individual presets for use in other editions of ArtRage (e.

g. Android, ArtRage 3 Studio). All presets installed in versions 5.0 onwards (both Lite and the full ArtRage 5), will be available in any other version 5 installation automatically (so you can switch between Lite, the demo, and ArtRage 5, without needing to reinstall any presets).

Toolbox (‘Inking Presets.artbx’)

The Toolbox lets you collect all the presets in one menu, instead of having to search through different tools. You can customize the toolbox to add or remove resources and save your own version.

  1. After installing the package file, go to View > Toolbox Panel.
  2. Open the menu in the Toolbox and choose ‘Load Toolbox’.
  3. Browse to the .artbx file to open it.

Note: Toolboxes are only supported in ArtRage 4 and 5.


The presets in the full brush pack were created in ArtRage 5 and designed to take advantage of ArtRage 5’s features and capabilities. While you can install these presets in ArtRage Lite, and older editions, certain presets may contain unsupported features. You will be able to install and draw with all the presets in this download if you wish (they will not break anything), but some of them may not act as intended. Use the Smooth Weighted Ink Pen preset for line art in both ArtRage Lite and ArtRage 5.

If you are using ArtRage Lite, download ArtRage Lite brush pack, which contains only supported presets. If you are using ArtRage 4, you will be able to use almost all presets in the full ArtRage 5 brush pack without problems. These presets are fully compatible with the free ArtRage 5 demo, so if you are not sure a preset is behaving as intended, you can always download the demo and test it there.

Unsupported Features:
Custom Stylus Properties

Custom stylus settings will not work in ArtRage Lite. They will mostly work in ArtRage 4, but not all options are available for all tools.

Ink Pen Presets. Many of these will not work properly in ArtRage Lite because it does not support Taper Bias or disabling live stylus tilt. For example, the Ink Pen does not support Live Tilt in ArtRage 4, so the rotation angle is always fixed. ArtRage Lite does support live tilt, but does not allow custom stylus properties, so it cannot be disabled. The Airbrush presets also heavily rely on custom stylus properties to use stylus pressure to control size, hardness, and drip spread, so very few of them will work in ArtRage Lite, and the presets will look no different from the default Airbrush.

Tool Settings:

ArtRage Lite fully supports the presets for the Gloop Pen, Watercolor Brush and Felt Pen. They should work exactly the same way as they do in ArtRage 5, with the exception of the ‘Traditional Inking Marker’ Felt Pen Preset, which uses a custom stylus property.

ArtRage Lite does not support the following settings used in the ArtRage 5 presets:

  • Ink Pen: Taper Bias (direction), Square Head.
  • Airbrush: Opacity, Hardness, Drip Spread
37 Inking Presets for ArtRage 5 + Toolbox [Download Now]

20 Inking Presets for ArtRage Lite [Download Now]

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Flexible brush pen with PIGMA ink

  • Flexble nibs for clear line edge.
  • Brilliant color and smooth extension.
  • Available in 3 line brushs.

Available 3 brushes

Very clean line!!

AP Seal

Products bearing this symbol have been evaluated in the US by a medical expert to certify that they do not possess more than the allowable level of materials toxic to humans, and hae received certification from ACMI(Art & Creative Materials Institute) in regard to material safety.



This mark is the ECOfeel mark which indicates aproduct has been designed to be environmentally-friendly.



Item Code Description Product Size Packing Unit Barcode
XFVK-FB#49 Pigma FB (Fine Brush), Black 155mm 12pcs. / 1,200pcs. 084511399244
XFVK-MB#49 Pigma MB (Medium Brush), Black 155mm 12pcs. / 1,200pcs. 084511399236
XFVK-BB#49 Pigma BB (Bold Brush), Black 155mm 12pcs. / 1,200pcs. 084511399228


Barrel, Cap and End plug: PP
Nib: Elastomer (FB), Nylon (MB), PE (BB)


11. Ink 3.11. Ink

Figure 14.87. The “Ink” tool in Toolbox

The Ink tool uses a simulation of an ink pen with a controllable nib to paint solid brush strokes with an antialiased edge. The size, shape and angle of the nib can be set to determine how the strokes will be rendered.

3.11.1. Activating the Tool

You can find the Ink tool in several ways :

  • In the image-menu through: → → .

  • By clicking on the tool icon: in Toolbox,

  • or by using the K keyboard shortcut.

11.2. Key modifiers (Defaults)

Figure 14.88. Ink Tool options

Normally, tool options are displayed in a window attached under the Toolbox as soon as you activate a tool. If they are not, you can access them from the image menu bar through → → which opens the option window of the selected tool.

Mode; Opacity
See the Common Paint Tool Options for a description of tool options that apply to many or all paint tools.

Controls the apparent width of the pen’s nib with values that ranges from 0 (very thin) to 20 (very thick).


This controls the apparent angle of the pen’s nib relative to horizontal.


This controls the size of the nib, from minimum to maximum. Note that a size of 0 does not result in a nib of size zero, but rather a nib of minimum size.


Controls the apparent tilt of the nib relative to horizontal. This control and the Angle control described above are interrelated. Experimentation is the best means of learning how to use them.


This controls the effective size of the nib as a function of drawing speed. That is, as with a physical pen, the faster you draw, the narrower the line.

Type and Shape

There are three nib shapes to choose from: circle, square, and diamond.


The geometry of the nib type can be adjusted by holding button 1 of the mouse on the small square at the center of the Shape icon and moving it around.

10 Ink-tastic Brush Sets to Get Your Hands On

Comic art, inking, calligraphy: regardless of what you’re into, these ink-centric brush packs will have you cheering from your desk.

by Eldar Zakirov

63 Brushes with all settings for realistic digital Inking in Procreate combined into the “INK.” brush set, fine for drawing and calligraphy. The brushes imitate instruments like sharp nib pen and flat nib pen, bristle, round, and flat brushes loaded by ink, ruling pen, and folded pen, some of them make some nice spatter like real instruments do. A number of spray and splash brushes are to give liveness and fine naturalness to your art.

Get it now >


by MiksKS

The set includes a total of 36 brushes and is divided into 3 different categories: regular brushes (for ink sketches and illustrations), ink washes, and ink stains stamps.  All these brushes were created from real China ink samples, that have been scanned and transformed into brushes, for a more realistic result. I’ve also added 5 paper textures as a bonus, that you can add as a background for your artworks.

Get it now >


by Linda Focs

With this wonderful drawing set, you can find 38 exciting brushes and 1 color set! With this set, there are no limits to your creativity. The Asia Ink Set includes many different grunge and texture brushes and gives every illustration a grungy touch.

Get it now >


by Svetlana Tigai

Each brush has its own unique shape and was carefully tuned and calibrated. The strokes look as close as possible to the traditional technique. All the paper (craft, watercolor, graphics) were collected and put the sheets together in one pack. All scans are in high-resolution 5035x7017p (600 dpi). But for your convenience, all textures are duplicated at a lower resolution if you are not working with large canvases.

Get it now >


by Ink Gang Boss

Add an authentic, comic-book style to your work with this go-to vintage inking kit. These brushes mimic the vintage, comic-inspired look Procreate was missing. They deliver a subtle textured look that imitates the ink-bleed on old newsprint comic books. Modern versions are also included without the effect. Same feel but with a sharper edge. Perfect for adding natural touches and a more traditional feel to your linework.

Get it now >


by Zsolt Kosa

Ink 20 Brush set available only in October! 13 unique photo-based hi-res Photoshop brushes based on real ink on paper. Not only Stamp overlays, but you can actually paint with them! Ideal for sketches, good base for illustrations, concept art. Compatible with Photoshop CC+ and Procreate 5.0+.

Get it now >


by giorgio baroni

Here are giorgio baroni’s Inktober brushes mini library. 14 brushes that he used in his latest Inktober challenge. Photoshop CS6+ compatible.

Get it now >


by Hue Teo

You will find this pack useful for making amazing art! The brush pack is compatible with cs 6 and cc. You will also get a psd file with a quick composition done with this pack specifically.

Get it now >


by Mels Mneyan

Ink Brush set inspired by KIM JUNG GI Paintings and overviews of Tools he used in his artworks. Analysis of his work lead to the creation an imitation of tools and brushes he used and match the result of ink brush stroke effects

Get it now >


by Arik Burniston

50 ink splatters for Photoshop, from individual blobs and big, bristly strokes to ink stains gathered between pages. These are great for when you want to spice up an old map or add some quick blood splatters to a crime scene. You can even layer multiple brushes to create new splatter shapes.

Get it now >


See more Brushes for sale on the ArtStation Marketplace >


Simplified Ink Pen & Brush Drawing by Carlson, Charles X.

: See Description Soft cover (1944)

Published by Melior Books, New York, 1944

Condition: See Description Soft cover

About this Item

Simplified Ink Pen & Brush Drawing, The Materials, Techniques, Methods And How To Use Them Most Effectively by Carlson, Charles X. Published by Melior Books, NY, 1944. 4to up to 12″ tall; 48 pages including contents. Stapled illustrated card covers, Illustrated throughout by Carlson with in text pictures and several full-page drawings including figures, boats, phantasy and grotesque. Lightest of toning and shelf wear and otherwise in fine, collectible condition. Charles X Carlson (1902-1991) was an illustrator, cartoonist, mural painter and teacher. He painted through the Great Depression, making small pictures and selling a lot of them for small amounts of money. He is credited for painting murals for Ford, General Motors and the Historical Museum of New York. Hundreds of his paintings are held around the world in private collections. Seller Inventory # 003216

Ask Seller a Question

Bibliographic Details

Title: Simplified Ink Pen & Brush Drawing

Publisher: Melior Books, New York

Publication Date: 1944

Binding: Soft cover

Book Condition: See Description

Store Description

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Association Member Members of these associations are committed to maintaining the highest standards. They vouch for the authenticity of all items offered for sale. They provide expert and detailed descriptions, disclose all significant defects and/or restorations, provide clear and accurate pricing, and operate with fairness and honesty during the purchase experience. Terms of Sale:

We guarantee the condition of every book as it’s described on the Abebooks web
sites. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase (Incorrect Book/Not as
Described/Damaged) or if the order hasn’t arrived, you’re eligible for a refund
within 30 days of the estimated delivery date. If you’ve changed your mind about a
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us and we’ll respond within 2 business days.

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How to Refill a Water Brush or a Fountain Pen

Here’s a still frame from my upcoming video called “Watercolor in the Wild,” which releases as a DVD and a download on August 11. The whole first section of the video covers materials and methods.

One segment shows how to fill water brushes and fountain pens with the ink colors you want.

Water Brushes 
I’ve tried several brands, but none seem as reliable as Niji Water Brushes. I recommend the ones with round tips, but you can also get them with a 12mm Flat Tip. I normally carry between three and five water brushes. One is filled with water, which fills easily under a normal faucet by unscrewing the handle and squeezing the barrel.

The others are filled with blue, black, brown, and gray. I mix the gray myself, put it in an empty bottle, and mark the bottle. To identify which water brush is which, I paint the back end tips with acrylic (see lower left of photo above).

The ink in a brush pen should be water-soluble so that it doesn’t clog the brush fibers. I use Higgins Eternal Ink(black), and an old bottle of Sheaffer Skrip Ink. The color in my 30-year-old bottle is mellow blue-black, which I believe is no longer available. The Waterman Fountain Pen Blue Bottled Ink is a bolder blue. For a brown color, I use either the Higgins Sepia Fountain Pen Ink or the Waterman Brown Ink, the latter of which has a redder cast. If you mix two colors of ink, you should mix the same brands.

Refill Tool
Several different tools will work for refilling water brushes. My favorite is a Syringe with a Blunt Tip Fill Needle. You can also use a Syringe with a Tapered Plastic Tip (center of photo above). A Glass Eyedropper doesn’t always work as well because the tip isn’t small enough for getting inside the chamber of an empty fountain pen cartridge or water brush.
Fountain Pens
I use a relatively inexpensive Waterman Phileas Fine Point Fountain Pen (top) for written notes. In the USA, you can buy refill cartridges in black and blue, but it’s not easy to find brown or gray or other colors. As with the water brushes, you can refill them with your favorite color. The pen comes with a piston converter insert, but if you don’t have one of those, you can refill empty cartridges with the syringe.

When I need to use waterproof ink for my line work, I like Micron Pens. They come in many colors, and give a constant indelible line, similar to the classic Rapidograph pens. For a brush-style tip, I’ve used the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, a waterproof brush-tip pen with replacement cartridges. A caution about the Pentel: the ink can bleed through some thinner paper.

Pentel Brush Pen M (black pigment ink) XFP5M

Pentel Brush Pen with black ink. The pigment ink is poured directly into the pen body, which is also a replaceable cartridge (the volume of ink inside the cartridge is 5 ml). The handle body is made of gray soft plastic. To ensure the flow of ink to the brush, you need to turn over the protective ring and screw the cartridge until it clicks, then gently but firmly press the soft body of the pen. When the ink in the cartridge runs out, you can replace it with a new one (the new cartridge is also screwed in until it clicks in order to “pierce” the technological hole and allow ink from the cartridge to flow to the writing unit).

Fast drying ink for rich, deep black lines on paper. The ink is resistant to fading, smudging and wasting with water, does not run on wet drawing, so it can be used in mixed media with watercolors.

The writing unit of the pen is made in the form of a synthetic pointed brush, which gives a great variability of lines (from hairy to rich-thick) by changing the pressure and angle of inclination. Flexible and resilient brush – universal, it, on the one hand, allows you to draw small details, and on the other – quickly paint over a large area. Thanks to the versatility of the lines and quick-drying moisture-resistant ink, the pen is perfect for calligraphy, sketching, for various design and decoration work. Brush size – M (medium), medium.

Benefits of the Pentel Brush Pen:
1. High-quality, fast-drying, waterproof, deep black ink.
2. Ability to use with watercolors.
3. A writing knot in the form of an elastic and resilient synthetic brush.
4. Great variety of lines.
5. Replaceable cartridge with 5 ml ink volume.
6. Japanese quality.

Brush is supplied in a blister pack. The weight of the brush is 15 grams. Length – 18.5 cm.

Made in Japan.

Inktober is close! How to imitate ink in digital painting

Here’s how to draw so that your digital work looks like the one drawn on paper. And also – where you can download brushes to simulate traditional materials.

Author: Alexandru Negoita

What is Inktober?

Inktober is the most popular challenge for artists. Launched by illustrator Jake Parker in 2009, it uses ink + october for the title. For a month, artists need to draw one drawing every day on a given topic.

The official list of topics can be viewed on the challenge website or Instagram profile.Participants need to upload their work to social networks and tag them with hashtags #inktober and # inktober2021.

Topics for 2021.

Smirnov School this year also offers its own list of topics for the challenge and prizes, including iPad, Nintendo Switch and the unique Inspiration box. If you want to take part – all the details are here.

The main condition of the challenge is to maintain the style of drawing with ink. But this does not mean that you need to put the tablet aside – you can draw digitally as well.The main thing is to do it in monochrome (mostly b / w) or use at least 1-2 additional colors for bright accents.

Now we will tell you how to make your digital works look like drawn with real ink.

How traditional ink differs from a digital brush

To successfully copy something, you need to know how it works. Therefore, the artist will have to understand the properties of the material, understand what tools are used and what mark they leave on paper.Paper is also important – its type and texture depend on the tools and techniques chosen.


For Inktober, artists use ink or ink. These materials are very similar in properties and differ in composition. Due to their fluidity, the artist can use different techniques. By controlling the amount and concentration of the material, you can paint in dry, wet or combined technique.

Liquid paint allows you to paint in different techniques.Authors: Koda Voyce (left), Grzegorz Przybyś (right).


The pen is the most authentic tool for working with ink or ink. Thick and thin lines can be drawn depending on the width of the nib used and the pressure applied. The peculiarity of the pen is that it must be constantly moistened in mascara, since the material on the instrument dries quickly. At the same time, the line becomes dashed and dull, and the edges become uneven.

When using a pen, there are small nodules and inaccuracies in the line, blots and splashes – it is not always easy to operate the tool and control the feeding of the material onto the paper.

Gel and ballpoint pens compete with pen. They can draw long, straight lines, and the tip does not dry out and does not need to be constantly wetted. The ink in the shaft of the pen is thicker and is applied in a thin layer. This means that the edges of the line will be hard, because the material does not flow. Also, the pens leave almost no blotches.

The disadvantage of pens is that they have the same tip sizes. And in order to paint over a large area, you need to do dense shading or change the tool.For especially fine lines, liners are used – pens with fine tips.

Examples of lines drawn by different grades of handles.

Markers are like pens – they can also draw continuous lines. The difference is that markers come in different tip sizes and can be used to draw fine lines or tint large areas. At the same time, strokes will be noticeable on the shaded area upon close examination.

The work done by the markers has a strong contrast.It is difficult to convey soft transitions in tone with this instrument. Author: Finian MacManus

Brushes are also used for working with ink and ink. It is a flexible tool: you can draw lines and fill with a brush. Line thickness is more difficult to control than with a pen, pens, or markers. The shape of the edges depends on how liquid the material is. The drier the brush, the more dashed the line becomes. A brush that is too wet will leave a lot of material on the paper that will flow sideways.

The brush is inferior to nibs, markers and pens in terms of accuracy, but the lines drawn by it look more picturesque.

Here you can see an overview of the tools that are used when working with ink.

Let us now figure out how to repeat all this using a stylus and a graphic editor.

Simulate ink in numeral

Learning the way of working

In a simplified form, a classic ink pipeline looks like this: sketch, outline, tone set using hatching and / or filling.To make your digital work look more handmade, analyze the process of drawing with traditional materials and think about what you can learn from it.

Don’t hide sketch

Underneath the ink drawing, there is almost always a pencil sketch. The point is that ink and ink are unforgiving. They cannot be erased or painted over with another paint without ruining the entire drawing. Therefore, artists try to first work out the sketch as much as possible, and then paint over it.
Ink lines do not always hide the entire pencil sketch. Erasing it is also not always possible, because the eraser injures the paper and can damage the lines drawn with not very high-quality materials.

How to use it in digital drawing? The artist, having made a sketch, can save it on a separate layer. When the drawing is ready, you can lower the opacity of the sketch layer and go over it a little with an eraser. We don’t need the whole sketch – only a few parts will come in handy.

Remains of a pencil sketch are visible near the clouds. Looking at them, there is no doubt that the artist painted on paper, and not in Photoshop. Author: Rob Turpin

Transferring tone and shape

The peculiarity of graphic drawings is the line style of execution. When working in a dry manner, tone is controlled by the number, density and thickness of the strokes. The darker the tone, the closer the strokes are to each other. Particularly dark areas are filled with a solid color, while highlights remain unpainted.

To render textures, strokes of different thickness and direction are also used – examples can be seen from graphic artists. Here, for example, there is a selection of Rembrandt’s works, made with ink in different techniques.

Experiment with the shape of the hatch for tone and texture. Author: A. Noah Rodriguez-Acosta.

When shading, it is important to take into account the shape of the object – the direction of the strokes usually corresponds to the rendered plane. To do this, you need to represent the cross-section of the object in three-dimensional dimensions.The shading process does not tolerate haste, since the sensation of volume depends on the accuracy of the lines. The messy strokes, in turn, will distort the object’s shape.

With the help of shading, you can convey not only the tone, but also the shape. Author: Alphonso Dunn

You can also use a brush or marker fill to work with tone. There are two options here – subtle tonal gradations with wet edge brushes, or deep black shading for b / w comic-style drawings. In the comic style, fill is often combined with shading.

Karl Kopinski (left) conveys tone with a brush. Scot Williams (right) uses fill and hatching.

Wet technique resembles working with watercolors. Ink or mascara is diluted with water to create smooth transitions between light and shadow. The lightest areas remain unpainted. Therefore, already at the sketch stage, you need to determine where the light and shadow will be.After that, the artists add tone – from lighter to darkest. This is how illustrator Karl Kopinski draws in this technique:

Getting smooth lines

In ink or ink painting – especially in dry technique – line control is essential. Of course, we do not always need perfectly smooth lines to imitate traditional drawing, but there should be no clutter in our work either.

Some graphic editors have a built-in smoothing function.The computer automatically makes the smear smoother and smoother. We will tell you how to enable this feature using the example of Adobe Photoshop and Procreate.

  • The ability to smooth lines in Adobe Photoshop came later than most of its competitors, with the CC 2018 release in late 2017. The function is enabled by pressing the Smoothing button on the top panel and setting the desired value. Additional anti-aliasing options are available by clicking on the adjacent gear icon.

  • In Procreate you need to go to the brush settings and adjust the Streamline parameter. The higher its value, the smoother the line will be.

Line smoothing is also available in Clip Studio Paint and Paint Tool Sai.

An example of how anti-aliasing works in Photoshop. The line on the left is drawn “by hand”. On the right – using the smoothing function.

Automatic line smoothing is a useful trick, but you shouldn’t use it all the time.For professional growth, you need to fill your hand with exercises – draw straight and curved lines of variable thickness, without lifting the stylus from the tablet. See the video below for examples of these exercises.

In drawing it is important to have a steady hand, but at the same time, you do not need to try to draw all the lines perfectly. The liveliness of strokes and strokes is what distinguishes work done with traditional materials from digital ones. Don’t be afraid to make minor flaws; imagine you don’t have an undo or eraser function.

Expressive lines can be obtained by using the tool differently. When drawing on a graphics tablet, artists typically use their wrist — stylus movements are similar to pen movements when writing.

Using only the wrist, we can draw small lines. Source

In traditional techniques, artists draw sweeping, straight lines using other points of support – the elbow or shoulder. At the same time, the grip of the instrument also changes. Hold the stylus by the top of the stylus. It looks like this:

The fixed point here is the elbow. A source

When drawing “from the shoulder”, the whole hand moves:


This method is also applicable to digital painting – it is used by the illustrator Nicholas Kole. When drawing long lines, he draws “from the elbow” and notes that the movement should be fast. Do not be afraid if it does not work out right away – Nicholas himself says that you can draw a straight line on the sixth attempt.

Ink brushes

Thanks to graphic editors, a digital artist can get by with just a stylus instead of pens, brushes, pens and markers. On the Internet, you can find brush sets that convincingly mimic the behavior of traditional tools. We have selected several options – paid and free – that will come in handy for an inctober.

For Adobe Photoshop

  • A set of 44 free brushes by Igor Vitkovsky can be downloaded here. The kit includes brushes suitable for dry and wet ink and ink techniques. As a bonus, 15 textures are included, including 3 for imitation of paper.
  • Brushes by Kyle Webster – illustrator and member of the Adobe Design team – can be downloaded for free here.
  • A set of brushes that simulate markers and ink can be downloaded from Brittney Murphy’s DeviantArt profile. The brushes are free, but to download them you need to create an account on the site.
  • Wet brushes by Snezhana Schwitzer are available here.

For Procreate

The Procreate Brush Library comes with tools to simulate ink. Here are some options for those who are not satisfied with the standard set:

  • Free brushes by Georg Graf von Westphalen can be downloaded here.
  • Brushes from Marina Pakhomova, author of the course “Drawing in Procreate”, are free and available for download here.
  • This paid set from designer Olga Rom includes 62 brushes and a watercolor paper texture. It’s available here and costs $ 19.

Digital brushes convincingly copy the style of traditional tools. Author of brushes: Igor Vitkovsky.

How to create your own brush

If you can’t find the right brush among the pre-packaged kits for your creative needs, you can create your own. Let’s see how brushes are made by Robert Marzullo, an artist and author of comic book drawing courses.

First, create a 600×600 pixels file with a resolution of 1000 pixels per inch.Using the Lasso tool, the artist traces the path on a separate layer and fills it with black. To smooth the edges, the filter “Gaussian Blur” (Gaussian Blur) is applied.

After we have got a suitable shape of the brush, go to the tab Editing – Define Brush (Edit – Define Brush Preset), so that Photoshop creates a brush based on the specified paths. Then we will create a new working document, select the brush we have created and start setting it up.

First, let’s make it so that the brush can be resized according to the pressure on the pen. Open the brushes panel (the button to the right of the brush selection window) and in the Shape Dynamics menu next to the Control line select Pen Pressure. After that, in the menu “Brush Tip Shape” set the slope of the brush, as in the image below.

If the strokes you leave seem too bold, then you should make the pen less sensitive to pressure in the tablet settings.You can also watch the process of creating a brush in video format:

You can also read our article on how to create a brush and then draw and color a sketch – here. There is also material in general about CG painting brushes.

Material texture (paper, canvas)

When painting in the traditional manner, the brush absorbs a lot of moisture, which saturates thin paper and makes it uneven. Therefore, for wet techniques, watercolor paper is used.It differs from the usual one not only by its higher density, but also by the presence of embossing, which helps to retain the pigment.

Types of embossing. Sometimes watercolor paper is lightly toned.

High-resolution paper textures can be found on stock photo stocks, including free ones, like here.

For pens (except for extra wide nibs), pens and markers, thick paper is suitable – flat or with a small embossing that will not distort lines, as well as craft paper or cardboard.

An example of the textures of craft paper (left) and cardboard (right).

A paper texture layer can be overlaid on top of a drawing. Experiment with Blending Modes and Opacity in the Layers Menu to get a look that works for you. In Adobe Photoshop, the modes of the darkening group are suitable, and in particular – Darken, Multiply, Linear Burn, Darker Color.

We have overlaid the tinted paper texture in the Multiply mode.Author: Giorgio Baroni

To summarize:

  • To copy traditional painting techniques, you need to understand their features – what materials and tools are used, what traces the material leaves on paper or canvas, how other artists create their works.
  • Digital brush sets are used to simulate real tools in graphics editors. You can download ready-made ones or create your own.
  • You can paint in dry, wet or mixed media with ink.The choice of brushes and the approach to working with tone depends on this.
  • For dry work, brushes that mimic nibs, pens or markers are suitable. In this case, shading and / or deep shadows are used to convey the tone.
  • The wet technique requires brushes with a wet edge or one that leaves a damp streak behind. To do this, take a look at the watercolor brush sets. The volume is created with semi-transparent strokes so as to provide a smooth transition between light and shadow.
  • Both types of brushes are useful in mixed media. Smooth transitions can coexist with hatching and solid fills. Large brush kits have tools that are suitable for both techniques.
  • Use Smoothing to draw straight lines. Most graphic editors have it. You can also use traditional techniques and draw lines with a quick movement “from the elbow” or “from the shoulder.”
  • Remember what you paint on in traditional technique – overlay a layer with a paper texture on top of the picture and select an appropriate blending mode (in Adobe Photoshop, the darkening group modes are better).

Using the pen menu in Windows

The Windows 11 pen menu makes it easy to access your favorite applications.

Show pen menu

If you have a pen, tap it on the screen. The pen menu will appear in the corner of the taskbar.

Add and remove shortcuts

Up to four applications can be added to the pen menu.Here’s how to do it.

  1. Tap the screen with the stylus, or select the stylus menu in the corner of the taskbar.

  2. When the pen menu appears, select Menu Options Change Pen .

  3. Select Add, to add applications to the pen menu.

  4. If you want to remove applications from the pen menu, select Remove .

Board collaboration

Whiteboard is an intelligent, intelligent freeform canvas for ideas, creation and collaboration in real time. To get started, you can draw, enter and add images, just into consideration, with your Microsoft account.

Screenshots from the Snipping Tool

Open the Snipping tool to take screenshots and draw on what you do on your computer.

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Share your ideas or draw on screenshots using the pen in Windows Ink Workspace.

Note: Previous Windows Ink Workspace in Scrapbook and Sketchpad. You still have Sticky Notes to write down reminders or jot down your ideas. To access Sticky Notes see Sticky Notes. Album is only available on older versions of Windows.

Select Windows Ink Workspace from the taskbar to open it. Here you can select Whiteboard or Full Screen Slice .(You can also select More options and More about pen or access pen settings.)

Tip: Press the top button on the handle once to quickly open Microsoft Whiteboard, or double-click it to open & a snippet sketch. If the pen shortcut isn’t working, it might need to be matched in Options. Additional Bluetooth connection on other devices.

Whiteboard collaboration

Whiteboard provides teams with a free and intelligent canvas for ideas, creation, and collaboration in real time when they sign in to their Microsoft account.Draw, enter or add images. Move them up the stack. Choose a writing tool, including a pen or selection. Change the size of the brush strokes as you paint. If the drawing is unsuccessful, use an eraser.

The brainstorming sessions are then automatically saved to the Microsoft Cloud so you can pinpoint where you want to go.

Annotate screenshots using Snip & Sketch

Open Snippet Sketch and draw anywhere on the screen, no matter what you are currently doing on your computer, or open a previous image.In Sketch, all of the album’s tools are available: stencils, line thickness picker, Share, export, and more.

Tip: To determine what happens when you press a button on the pen, go to Settings> Devices> Pen & Windows Ink and scroll down to the Keyboard Shortcuts button to customize its functionality.

Variety of ink pen brush touch ink effect

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Painter X Liquid Ink Brush

7.5 Liquid Ink nib (liquid ink)

The Liquid Ink brush is like a brush dipped in ink: the user can brush it over the canvas as often as possible, leaving brush strokes of different shades. When using this brush, a liquid ink layer 1 is automatically created, and the user can further set variables using the property bar, such as stroke thickness, smoothness, ink flow, etc. , as shown in Figure 7-31. Shown at 7-32, it shows the effect of painting with various variables with the Liquid Ink brush.

Figure 7-31 Various Variable Stroke Effects of the Liquid Ink Brush 1

Figure 7-32 Various effects of variable strokes of liquid ink 2

(1) Choose File → New to create a new document with a width of 780 pixels, a height of 520 pixels and a resolution of 72 pixels.

(2) Select the brush type Liquid Ink in the brush selector, set the variable brush to Velocity Sketcher, then set the foreground color to dark green (R0, G50, B0) and then paint on the canvas Sketch painting effect as shown in the picture 7-33.

Figure 7-33 Sketch

(3) Set the variable brush to Smooth Rake, and then use different brush sizes to paint the top of the pavilion with different colors, as shown in Figure 7-34.

Figure 7-34 Paint the top of the pavilion.

(4) Set the variable brush to Fine Point, use different brush sizes in combination with the basic color settings, paint the pavilion columns and railings as shown in Figure 7-35.

Figure 7-35 Columns and railings of Tuhua Pavilion

(5) Set the brush variable to Velocity Airbrush and then spray the ground as shown in Figure 7-36.

Figure 7-36 Spraying the ground

(6) Then combine different variable brushes to paint nearby plants, water surface and small bridges in the distance. The effect is shown in Figure 7-37.

Figure 7-37 Painting plants, water surface and small bridge

(7) Finally, paint the sky and other detailed images, the effect is shown in Figure 8-38. If readers encounter any problems during the production process, they can open the CD \ Chapter-07 \ “liquid ink pen.rif” file that accompanies this book.

Figure 7-38 Other paint details

The above content is from The Complete English Painter X Tutorial (full color print)
Publisher: Tsinghua University Press

Copyright Do not reprint without permission.

90,000 👩🏻‍🎨 How to paint with ink brush and ink?

When working with pens and pencils, you were dealing with sharpened tools. Painting with a brush and ink will give you an unforgettable experience of freedom. It will be expressed in the fact that the brush will give you the opportunity to slide on the paper, dipping the brush in ink. It takes a lot of practice to become proficient at this brush painting. The Japanese and Chinese artists, who perfected this technique and gave it a fairly high place in art, spent decades gaining experience under the guidance of eminent skilled craftsmen before taking their place among the most eminent artists. But the masters of this world themselves are not limited by the strict conditions of this genre, they control oriental art, and enjoy working with a brush as an expressive and exciting technique.
The best tools for painting with a brush may be the best quality watercolor brush that gets very thin when wet, or a Chinese brush. A Chinese brush is specially designed for this kind of work, but surprisingly not as expensive as a watercolor brush. You may find that you can make endless, varied marks with any brush.From sensual subtle lines to various shapes of wide spots and outlines. It all depends on how the pressure or pressure was applied and how much ink was used. For example, if you make a stroke, pressing the base of the brush against the paper, and then gradually raise your hand so that you get a point, then you can get the most ordinary stroke, which will have the shape of a petal or leaf. In case the brush is filled with ink well, with an extended stroke at the end, the paint becomes much paler. Before starting to draw, it is necessary to practice making strokes with ink and a brush, as this method of painting does not make corrections.
Chinese brushes, as well as brushes of various shapes for ink:

The brushing technique is not necessarily monochrome. It is possible to use watercolors to create the most complex effects, as well as use ink.
Ink and Chinese brush strokes and lines:

Brushes and their variety.

Believe it or not, the following drawing was done with a brush for ten seconds. It shows the model in motion. In this case, acrylic paint, a bristly brush was used, and all this allowed for quite effective, surprisingly broken strokes.

Charlotte Stewart. Figure in turn :

Variety of brushes

Using a large brush and a small amount of dissolved ink, the artist begins to paint the hair.Ink should accumulate at the bottom of the stroke.

After drawing the outline of the head and upper body with a large brush, the artist uses the thinnest brush to outline the pants in white. In order to control the brush as best as possible, she tries to keep it closer to the tip.

Let’s move on to the chair and see that its texture is conveyed with a thin, sharp brush and short, linear strokes. This piece of furniture plays a rather important role in this composition, i.e.because its texture is in harmony with the motionless figure.

In order to complete the drawing, a dark, strict vertical was introduced, we gave more shadow to the hair and face, and the shapes of the legs were made with diluted, wide strokes of ink.

Ink brush

Ink brushes (Traditional Chinese: 毛筆; Simplified Chinese: 毛笔; Pinyin: máo bǐ ) are brushes used in Chinese calligraphy and in Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese, which have their roots in Chinese calligraphy.They are also used in Chinese painting and other brush painting styles. The paint brush was invented in China around 300 BC. [1] [2] Together with Inkstone, Chinese Ink and Xuan Paper, these four writing instruments form the Four Treasures of Exploration.

Brushes vary greatly in size, texture, material and cost. The choice of a comb depends on your needs at the moment; some types of brushes are more suited to certain scripting styles and individuals than others.

Synthetic hair is traditionally not used. Prices vary greatly depending on the quality of the brush; cheap brushes cost less than one US dollar, and expensive brushes can cost over a thousand dollars. Currently, the best brushes are made in Shanlian City, in Nanxun District, City-level Prefecture in Huzhou, from Zhejiang Province.

The earliest intact ink brush was found in 1954 in the tomb of a citizen of Chu from the Warring States Period (475-221 BC).BC. ), located at archaeological site Zuo Gong Shan 15 near Changsha (長沙). An early version of the ink brush found had a wooden stem and a bamboo tube that attaches a tuft of hair to the stem. Legend mistakenly attributes the invention of the ink brush to a later general, Qin Meng Tian. [ citation needed ]

However, brush marks were found on the Shang jades and were believed to have formed the basis for the oracle bones. [5]

The writing brush entered a new stage in the Han Dynasty. He first created a decorative craft – engraving and inlaying on a pen holder. Second, there were records of the production of writing brushes. For example, the first monograph on the selection, production, and function of a writing brush was written by Cai Yong during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Thirdly, a special form of “white feather hairpin” appeared. Han Dynasty officials often sharpened the end of the wrist and stuck it into their hair or hat for convenience.Parishioners also often wear a feather over their heads as a sign of respect. [6]

Ink brushes in different sizes and materials are available for sale. Brushes in a variety of sizes and hair types, including one of the chicken feathers at the top. .

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