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Higgins Black Magic Waterproof Ink

Higgins Black Magic Waterproof Ink is professional-grade fast-drying pigment ink which gives a matt finish. It is Higgins’ darkest black. Use with brush and dip pens on paper, board and film.

Not suitable for use with fountain pens.

From our experiments, this can require careful handling, as it dries easily on a dip pen nib – a unique type of ink that you may need to use a bit differently to others; but in return, gives you a unique finish.

Contents: 30ml.

Additional Information
Product Code: HG50977
Ink Colour: Black
Ink Type: Liquid Ink, Waterproof Ink
Refill Type: Bottled Ink

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Higgins Black Magic Pigmented Ink Waterproof 1oz (44011)

Higgins Black Magic Pigmented Ink Waterproof 1oz (44011) | SAA



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Black Magic is a premium quality intense ink which dries to a semi-flat black finish on most surfaces. It is ideal for use with technical pens and airbrushes, dip pens or brushes.

Black Magic is waterproof, permanent, fadeless and acid-free.

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Higgins Drawing Inks





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/Brands/G – L/Higgins/Drawing Inks
/Colour/Ink/Drawing Inks
/Brands/G – L/Higgins/Drawing Inks
Black Magic is a premium quality intense ink which dries to a semi-flat black finish on most surfaces. It is ideal for use with technical pens and airbrushes, dip pens or brushes.

Black Magic is waterproof, permanent, fadeless and acid-free.

Science Activity: Secret Colors in a Black Marker!

How does Black Magic work? Why do some black inks separate into many
colors on a wet coffee filter?

Most nonpermanent markers use inks that are made of colored pigments
and water. On a coffee filter, the water in the ink carries the pigment
onto the paper. When the ink dries, the pigment remains on the paper.

When you dip the paper in water, the dried pigments dissolve. As the
water travels up the paper, it carries the pigments along with it. Different-colored
pigments are carried along at different rates; some travel farther and faster
than others. How fast each pigment travels depends on the size of the pigment
molecule and on how strongly the pigment is attracted to the paper. Since
the water carries the different pigments at different rates, the black ink
separates to reveal the colors that were mixed to make it.

In this experiment, you’re using a technique called chromatography. The
name comes from the Greek words chroma and graph for “color writing.”
The technique was developed in 1910 by Russian botanist Mikhail Tsvet. He
used it for separating the pigments that made up plant dyes.

There are many different types of chromatography. In all of them, a gas
or liquid (like the water in

 your experiment) flows through a stationary substance (like your
coffee filter). Since different ingredients in a mixture are carried along
at different rates, they end up in different places. By examining where
all the ingredients ended up, scientists can figure out what was combined
to make the mixture.

Chromatography is one of the most valuable techniques biochemists have
for separating mixtures. It can be used to determine the ingredients that
make up a particular flavor or scent, to analyze the components of pollutants,
to find traces of drugs in urine, and to separate blood proteins in various
species of animals (a technique that’s used to determine evolutionary relationships).

Why does mixing many colors of ink make black?

Ink and paint get their colors by absorbing some of the colors in white
light and reflecting others. Green ink looks green because it reflects the
green part of white light and absorbs all the other colors. Red ink looks
red because it reflects red light and absorbs all the other colors. When
you mix green, red, blue, and yellow ink, each ink that you add absorbs
more light. That leaves less light to reflect to your eye. Since the mixture
absorbs light of many colors and reflects very little, you end up with black.

INK REVIEW: Private Reserve Black Magic Blue

Private Reserve Black Magic Blue Fountain Pen Ink

First ink review of the new year and I am so glad to say that we have a winner!  Maybe this is an indicator that all inks this year will be winners? Ha!

Other than my usual pet peeve (see below), Black Magic Blue is pretty special.

Black Magic Not Blue

This “blue” ink is definitely purple. Purple in the swab, purple in the bottle, purple in the writing – blue in the name.  I once read a post (probably on FPN) where the writer was complaining that the colors on ink packages didn’t match the color in the bottle – I totally get that it would be very difficult to color-match bottled ink to a printed package – but the name? I totally don’t get it. Why not be be as descriptive in the names as possible?

So . . . I wanted to hate Black Magic Blue on principle, but this ink definitely worked it magic on me.

Check it out . . .


The color of an ink is everything to me.  Other things are negotiable, but if the color and saturation aren’t there, all of those other features don’t matter a bit.  And..if the color is there, I’ll put up with some pretty terrible “features” to get that color.

Fortunately, Black Magic Blue is easy to love. (Yes, it’s making my love list!)

It writes wonderfully – great flow in the Lamy Safari (Broad Nib) I used for this test. Perhaps a little wet – but, again, I was using a broad nib so some smearing is expected and it doesn’t seem terrible even when I was smearing on purpose.

The color is deep.  If you’re looking for bright, check out Private Reserve Purple Mojo – there’s some bright!

The color is clear. If you’re looking for something a little dusky, check out Alexander Hamilton from De Atramentis.

As for me – I used Black Magic Blue for a full week and definitely fell in love.

Have you fallen in love in 2014? With inks, pens, or anything (anyone?) else?

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I knew how highly God values ​​a person and his body, but even that did not stop me. Jennifer, 20 years

Nors žinojau, kad Dievas moko saugoti savo kūną, tai nesulaikė “(Dženifer, 20 metų ) .


When we help others, we ourselves experience some degree of happiness and satisfaction, and our own burden becomes lighter. –Acts 20 : 35.

Darydami gera bendratikiams ne tik jiems pagelbstime, bet ir jaučiame laimę bei pasitenkinimą; dėl to mūsų pačių naštos palengvėja. (Apaštalų darbų 20 : 35)


Speech and discussion with listeners based on The Watchtower, July 15, 2003, p. 20 .

Kalba ir aptarimas su auditorija, remiantis 2003 m. liepos 15 d. Sargybos bokštu, p. 20 .


20 Abandoned by parents, but loved by God

20 Tėvų palikta meilę radau pas Dievą


When the yakuza people saw how easy it was to take out loans and “make” money in 80 , they formed companies and went into real estate transactions and buying and selling stocks.

Kai jakuza devintajame dešimtmetyje pastebėjo, kaip lengva skolintis ir „daryti“ pinigus, jie įsteigė kompanijas ir ėmė spekuliuoti nekilnojamuoju turtu bei akcijomis.


20 Even persecution or imprisonment cannot shut the lips of loyal Jehovah’s Witnesses.

20 Net persekiojimas ir įkalinimas nepajėgia atsidavusiems Jehovos Liudytojams užčiaupti burnos.


Be generous and care for the welfare of others (Acts 20 : 35).

Būk dosnus, stenkis, kad kiti būtų laimingi (Apaštalų darbų 20 : 35).


The researchers conducted an experiment with college students – boys and girls. For 20 minutes, one group played violent video games and the other normal ones.

Mokslininkai iš studentų ir studenčių sudarė dvi grupes. Vieni turėjo dvidešimt minučių žaisti smurtinį, kiti – nesmurtinį vaizdo žaidimą.


20 : 24).Paul was willing to sacrifice everything, including his life, to successfully complete the race.

Svarbu, kad tik baigčiau savo bėgimą ir įvykdyčiau tarnystę, kurią esu gavęs iš Viešpaties Jėzaus “(Apd 20 : 24).


This efficient altruist has calculated that the money he is expected to earn in his career as a research scientist could heal 80.000 blind people in developing countries, while leaving him sufficient funds to maintain a decent standard of living.

Jis tapo veiksmingu altruistu kai suskaičiavo, jog su pinigais, kuriuos jis uždirbs per visą savo karjerą, savo akademinę karjerą, jis galėtų paaukoti pakankamai, kad išgydytų 80,000 žmonių aklumą besivystančiose šalyse ir vis dar turėtų pakankamai likusių pinigų gyventi pagal visiškai pakankamą gyvenimo standartą …


The second idea worth considering is that 20 is the age of big things: big buildings and big sums of money.

Antroji idėja, kurią verta išnagrinėti yra šis 20-ojo amžiaus fenomenas, kad masinė architektūra yra dideli statiniai ir dideli finansai.


Week of 20 September


Today it gushes on average every 80 minutes.

Šiuo metu intervalų vidurkis – maždaug 80 minučių.


We were responsible for the territory that stretched from the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam to Da Nang and another 80 kilometers to the south.

Mes buvome atsakingi už teritoriją nuo DMZ (demilitarizuotos zonos), buvusios tarp Šiaurės Vietnamo ir Pietų Vietnamo, iki vietovės, esančios maždaug 80 kilometrų į pietus nuo Danango.


Even very wicked people can repent, become submissive, and make the necessary changes to gain God’s favor. (Isaiah 1: 18- 20-; 55: 6, 7; Ezekiel 33: 14-16; Romans 2: 4-8) …

Net ir labai blogi žmonės gali atsiversti, pasidaryti paklusnūs ir pasikeisti, kiek būtina Dievo palankumui įgyti (Izaijo 1: 18- 20 ; 55: 6, 7; Ezechielio 33: 14-16; Romiečiams 2: 4-8).


“Go and make disciples of all nations…. teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you ”(Matthew 28:19, 20 ).

“Tad eikite ir padarykite mano mokiniais visų tautų žmones, […] mokydami laikytis visko, ką tik esu jums įsakęs” (Mato 28:19, 20 ).


19, 20 . a) Who is the promised Descendant?

19, 20 . a) Kas yra žadėtasis Palikuonis?


20 And it came to pass that because of the great multitude of the Lamanites, the Nephites were in great fear that they might be overpowered, and trampled, and killed, and destroyed.

20 Ir buvo taip, jog dėl lamanitų gausumo nefitai didžiai baiminosi, kad tik nebūtų pergalėti ir sutrypti, ir nužudyti, ir sunaikinti.


The Apostle Paul wrote: “His invisible, His eternal power and Godhead, are visible from the creation of the world through the viewing of creatures” (Romans 1: 20 ).

Apaštalas Paulius rašė: “Jo neregimosios ypatybės – jo amžinoji galybė ir dievystė – nuo pat pasaulio sukūrimo aiškiai suvokiamos protu iš jo kūrinių“ (Romiečiams 1: 20 ).


For approximately 20 years, Olive and I have devoted to traveling work, attending a new congregation each week.

Mes su Oliv jau maždaug 20 metų dirbame keliaujamąjį darbą, kas savaitę lankomės įvairiuose susirinkimuose.


Even now, when I am 91 years old, I remember well how much pain these words caused me.

Net dabar, sulaukusi 91 metų, vis dar atsimenu, kaip skaudu buvo klausytis šių žodžių.


Those who live in harmony with their dedication have spiritual protection. –Ps. 91 : 1, 2.

Jeigu laikosi savo pasiaukojimo įžado, jis yra dvasiškai saugus (Ps 91 : 1, 2).


The average monthly wage in this area is only about 80 dollars!

Vidutinis mėnesio atlyginimas šiame regione yra apie 80 dolerių!


And this is in March, after we dropped 20 tons of explosives on it.

O čia Montekasino vienuolynas kovą po to, kai numetėme ten 20 tonų sprogmenų.


In a vision, they were shown the Earth as it would appear in the future in its glorified state (D&C 63: 20 –21).

Jie matė regėjimą apie žemę, kaip ji atrodys savo būsimoje pašlovintoje būsenoje (DS 63: 20 –21).


Gel pen with erasable ink ErichKrause® R-301 Magic Gel

Not a pen, but a schoolchild’s dream.Ink that rubs off. Eh, the assessments would be corrected in the diary! Such pens are for teachers, and the second copies are for students, then they would not have a price. The point is that the ink wears off.

Remember, at least once, but it was when they put a three in your diary, or even a two, but you thought it was undeserved, you wanted to rip out a page, correct a two for a five, otherwise the parents would scold, they won’t give pocket money, they won’t be released walk. TIN! AS I REMEMBER! And in each class there were daredevils who forwarded grades in the class journal, wiped them to the holes.That was a laugh! It was then that everyone dreamed of pens, the ink of which was erased or disappeared without a trace. At the moment, THIS IS NOT A DREAM, BUT A REALITY!

Gel pen with erasable ink ErichKrause® R-301 Magic Gel

The pen is sold in a bag. One piece per package. Ideally, I would like to have a replacement rod in the bargain. The body is disassembled, the rod is changed. There is a protective cap.

Bar thickness – 0.5 mm. Writes easily, if you want a thicker line or paint over a small drawing, then you can push a little, but without fanaticism.The paper does not scratch, it goes easily. There is a cap for protection.

Ink color – black. The site also features blue. The pen is gel, but at the same time it is not easily soiled, does not rub and does not stain clothes, paper, hands.

Body to match the color of the ink – black. However, it has an original performance in the form of sequins. Round shape. In order to prevent the body from slipping in the hands (in particular of children), there are convex stripes.

On the reverse side there is a dummy-eraser that easily erases notes written with ink.To do this, you just need to rub it lightly in the right place. At the same time, the eraser is not erased, outwardly resembles a rubberized base. Soft yet firm when pressed.

This pen can not only write, but also draw. It doesn’t look like a gel pen at all. As for me, it is something between a pencil and a black, ordinary pen. The drawing is drawn as if with a pencil (you can’t even tell).

What can I say, the pen was immediately taken by the 8-year-old son. Of course, he will not take her to school, but he will study at home, draw, write – quite.Moreover, the peculiarity of the pen – erasable ink, amuses children very much. I wrote the text, a little overturned and VOIL – LIKE THERE WAS NOTHING. FUNNY REALLY?

Gel pen with erasable ink ErichKrause® R-301 Magic Gel:
✔ Excellent idea and execution;
✔ Convenient to use, easy to use for drawings;
✔ The ink does not get dirty, does not rub off;
✔ Has an eraser for erasing ink;
✔ A fun version of the game for kids.

Indispensable in case of permissible errors, as they can be easily corrected, without a trace and imperceptibly. I recommend one hundred percent!

Author: Mmaria
Source: IRecommend

Russian translation, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, example sentences, transcription, definition, meaning, phrases

It’s written in magic marker on your rather large bag of potato chips. It’s written in large marker on your huge bag of chips.
This magic marker’s running out of ink. The marker is almost out of ink …
Well, I say for a dollar, I can buy a little magic marker and fix that. I’ll buy a felt-tip pen for a dollar and fix it perfectly.
Although, I do smell the occasional Magic Marker. Although I sniff regular markers.
That is my special magic marker. This is my magic marker.
And look … each bill has a person’s name written on it in magic marker. And look … there is someone’s name written on each bill with a felt-tip pen.
Oh, you say that now, but wait until you wake up in the middle of the night and she’s drawing on your stomach with a magic marker. This is what you say now, wait until you wake up in the middle of the night, and she marks something on your belly with a marker.
It’s written in magic marker on your rather large bag of potato chips. It’s written in large marker on your huge bag of chips.
Are you still angry about the magic marker? Are you still mad about that marker?
Uh, the guy that got his locker next, when he opened it, Mendoza had written, uh, in black magic marker on the inside of it. The guy whose drawer was next to his drawer in the dressing room, once opening his door read Mendoza’s message, which he wrote there in black marker.
I have to go black out his face on some T-shirts with a Magic Marker. I need to cover his face on some T-shirts with the Magic Marker.
Oh, my God, this magic marker smells like cherries. Oh my God, the magic marker smells like cherries.
Do you really think a ghost picked up a Magic Marker and wrote on a wall? Do you really think the ghost picked up a magic marker and wrote this on the wall?
Hand me that green magic marker. Pass me that magical green marker.
Afraid I haven’t seen a Magic Marker either, sir. I’m afraid I haven’t seen the magic marker either, sir.
Had to draw them on in magic marker. I had to draw them with an indelible marker.
You gotta find a Magic Marker. You must find the Magic Marker.
Japanese artist Shohei Otomo has received media attention for his ballpoint pen and magic marker illustrations. Japanese artist Shohei Otomo has received media attention for his illustrations with ballpoint pen and magic marker.
The colors were drawn with magic marker with pairs of red, green, blue, and yellow lines. Colors were drawn with a magic marker with pairs of red, green, blue and yellow lines.
More results
Or decorate your sneakers with a Magic-brand marker. Or decorate your sneakers with the magic felt-tip pen.
I magic-markered over the scuffs on my boot, and we can’t even get past the poor man’s John Cusack over there. I have masterfully painted over the scuffs on the boot with a marker and we can’t even get around this poor John Cusack and go inside.
Just magic markers, xeroxed, you know. Just writing with a felt-tip pen, a lot of reproduced sheets …
We’re going to have to get magic markers and have people sign it. We need to buy a magic marker … and let people sign it.
And, um, be a little concerned about the Magic Markers? And worry a little about the markers?
Okay, so I just need some Magic Markers and a picture of you in a bikini. Great, now all I need is the markers and your bikini photo.
We not allowed to have magic markers in the house. We are not allowed to have magic markers.
But I am the queen of evil, and I must warn you .

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