Indian mistress stories: My Indian maid became my mistress – part 1

My Indian maid became my mistress – part 1

Hello I am 24 years old unmarried and just completed my graduation.

I was doing a job being away from home. It was the first day of my 1 week holiday in office.

A young maid around 30 years old called Monika worked for me and lived in the servants quarter. Though not educated much she was quite modern thinking and had left her husband 1.5 Years back…. And 1 year before started working for me.

I loved to sniff her panties when she was away and had been doing this for about 6 months.

One day when she had gone to dairy I slipped in her bathroom and was lost when suddenly after 5 minutes I realised she was right their and was filming me.

I got really scared she shouted at me like anything and told me she would make the video viral

I begged her not to do this….. After begging her for 15 minutes she agreed and told me that she is now the boss of my house and that I should refer to as maalkin.

She laughed and said I had been observing you for about 5 months and I knew it then only that you like to lick my panties.

I also had seen your laptop twice in which femdom videos were playing…. I was shocked as I considered her a dumb maid…

She further told that she also had been watching a lot of femdom videos and was waiting for a good opportunity which has come today

Then suddenly her tone changed. She said you are from now on my paltu kutta and that she will call me Tommy….

She then raised her arms and ordered me to lick her armpits which were sweating heavily and were unshaved… After licking for a good 15 minutes…… My mistress then asked me to be naked.. I hesitated but she reminded me about the video… I got naked she then ordered me to remove her saree I obliged after stuffing her panties in my mouth she ordered me to wear it..

She then asked me to lick her ass and feet and then bath her in my bathroom….. I applied soap on her body…..

After bathing I dried her applied moisturizer and then she called her friend….. Our neighbour’s maid Nanda to come to our house and told her everything….

She was first surprised but maalkin told her everything…

I opened the door for Nanda she saw me in my panties…. She also raised her arms and asked me to lick her armpits which I did while my maid was telling her about the video and the incident……

She asked me to call her memsahab…… Then they went to the hall to eat dinner and drank coke….

It was quite late and they decided to watch a film….

I licked their feets while they were watching a desi movie….

The slept while watching and I slept on their feets….

When they wake up it was quite late in the morning.. They went to my room and took my credit card and asked me to wash their panties and other clothes and took a bath while they went for shopping…. I still did not realise how modern my desi maid was…. But out of fear I washed both of their clothes took a bath and wore the same panty

They came back after 2 hours and doing shopping worth around 1 lakh…..

She told me that Memsahab Nanda had to go to her village for an urgent work but she will come back in a few days…….

She ordered me to lick her armpits and feet…..

Then she told me to come to my bathroom which had become hers……

She told me to undress her and then asked me to lick her quite hairy pussy….

After licking she ordered me to shave her pussy and armpits which I did and again licked her clean…… She now did not had a single hair on her body…… And I bathed her……

This time she had brought shirt and shorts and she wore that…..

She then switched on the tv I kept standing beside her with a glass of juice…… She was telling me how she dreamed of such a day….. That my boss becomes my kutta and she took control of all the house……..

This went for a week she started taking English classes from internet watched lots of movies femdom videos while I served her and did all the household chores….

She slept at my bedroom while I slept at ground….. She would sleep naked and would often ask me to sniff her ass….. She would choke me with that big ass she had….


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I would be naked all the time or would just be in my panties…..

She had asked me to wax all my body and facial hair…. And would often put lipstick on me……..

She went to saloons and shopping daily……

I had got quite a good job.. Now that my one week break was over and our online video meeting starting I told her how important my job is for both of us……. My maalkin also realised that she needed money to enjoy….. So she gave me the permission and one coat but below I must be in my panties…….

My beautiful busty maid was transforming a lot…… She started wearing quite revealing and hot clothes…. Learnt quite good English and also started working out…….

I would lick all her sweaty body her armpits her ass after her workouts and then would bath her…….

Till now she did quite mild femdom….. But as I said she was transforming not only in her personality but in choices as well

She had sexual desires and was getting a lot of attention……

She started drinking and going to late night parties……

One day she came back with a tall muscular boy…… I realised he was our neighbour’s day watchman Vinod……

I was shocked that he has seen me in this condition…… I felt quite humiliated but I did not what was next……

She said Tommy this is your new master greet him on all fours…. . I went on all fours and licked his feet…… She continued. Tommy I want you to suck your master Vinod’s cock….. I was speechless……

But he whipped me hard and I went and took out his cock which was MASSIVE……. It was the size of pornstars…… I sucked her cock while they were smooching then Vinod lifted her and went to my maalkin’s bedroom…… My maalkin signed me to come to their bedroom while still smooching…….

He was giving him anal while I was licking my maalkin feet…….. Then I licked Vinod’s cum filled cock and proceeded to lick the cum of my maalkin while they were smooching…… They fucked for a lot of time in different positions while I suck the cock balls pussy armpit feet…….

This continued as my mistress would come up with a different man every night from bar and sometimes my colony different servants and I would follow the same procedure of licking while they were fucking my mistress maid……

I would do my job in morning but the rest of the day I would be her slave…… She had full control of my body and money……. .

Every servant in the colony knew by then….. She would call her friends and I would serve them……

She even got me a tattoo….. I am mistress Monika slave!!

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My Indian maid became my mistress – part 2

Now my mistress started with the extreme femdom.

I had now become her toilet slave.. She regularly used to pee in my mouth also she brought a chasity device for my dick and also started to chain me….

She now had the complete control of my house and money….. Even all the neighbours knew it….. My family and friends were now disconnected and now it was only my job in morning and then being the slave of my maalkin for the entire day……

She then told me one day…

“Heyy you pathetic little slave locked in chasity soaked in my pee and sweat sometimes I do feel how once you were my master but look in 2 years the destiny has changed once you drank coffee from my hand and now my pee and sweat is your everything…… You have no family and friends now……. You are just my ATM machine who can only drink my pee and lick my ass. You can only suck the cock the real cock of your masters who fucks me and then lick me clean…….

Look how I, your desi maid had transformed into a divine goddess.. And she started laughing…..

Now I am thinking of shaving your head….. She got up and shaved my head….. She also had pierced my nose with which she used to chain me……

She brought a ball and took me to the garden…. And started playing fetch ball with me like a proper dog I had to fetch it and then lick her feet…..

One day she brought a new dog and said….. Heyy you pathetic dick come greet your new master bruno……

I was shocked that a dog has now my master….. She went out to play with Bruno when she returned I licked her armpits and feet then she pee on me….. Suddenly she told Bruno to come and told her to pee on my face….. I felt disgusted but could not do anything…….

One thing my mistress liked was to get her body licked by me especially her armpits….

. I liked her armpits daily about 25 times or about 2 hours she bathed twice daily and applied very expensive perfume…. I also loved to lick her armpits….. Truly she had transformed from a dirty sweaty maid to a goddess a goddess which fucked men regularly and I could only be her slave she was superior to me and now all I could taste is her sweat and pee locked in a chasity my goddess who was once my maid is my whole life…..

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One day suddenly the doorbell rang and it mas mistress pata only the 2 person to know about me being a slave…..

My life was now about to change again living with not 1 but 2 cruel bitchy mistresses……..

To be continued……. You can also give suggestions in comments

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Indian%20femdom Stories – SmutMD

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This story is fantasy, not intended to offend at all, no hidden negative messages to any group of people: it’s just a fetish. Saying that, I’d greatly appreciate feedback, suggestions, comments, prefer private messages as I like to directly communicate with people. Everyone involved in the story is of the legal age, 18 years old or older. *** My name is Tr…

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Dominated By Mistress Girlfriend And Neighbour

Hi, I am Harsh back with another domination incident in my life. Please read my first story, “Dominated by Girlfriend And Maid” to get some perspective.

Divya, my mistress girlfriend had gone to her father’s home as he was sick. For people who have forgotten, Divya is 5ft 9in goddess with big boobs and long legs. She has muscular but elegant thighs. Her clean shaved pussy was my watering hole. Her clit was my God.

I was waiting eagerly for her to return. After some days, I got a call from her saying that she was coming the next day. Her father was okay.

I cleaned the house and made all other arrangements for my mistress girlfriend’s arrival. I couldn’t sleep that night because of Divya.

The next day, I was naked waiting for her. She arrived in the afternoon. It was very hot. Divya was wearing a tank top and a short dress showing off her legs and even some part of her shapely ass. She was very happy to see me naked.

Divya grabbed my nipples and twisted it making me scream. She loved to hear my screams. She then slapped my ass and put her finger in my asshole and removed it. Then she put her finger inside my mouth and ordered me to clean it. She then squeezed my penis saying, “Chotu kaisa he?” My penis was erect standing at 4 inches.

Divya then started teasing me by giving me a handjob. But she was not making me cum. When I was going to cum, she squeezed my balls and slapped my penis.

She said that she was tired and dirty. So she made me lick her feet. I started licking her toes. Her toes were sweaty. I was enjoying the smell and taste. I started licking her feet and then her thighs. I also gave her a foot massage.

Then my mistress gf removed her dress. She was not wearing any pantie. She then ordered me to lick her pussy which I did. She was moaning in pleasure and was also squeezing her thighs keeping me in position. I must have made her cum at least 2 times. I licked her pussy clean and was waiting for her next demand.

My sexy girlfriend was tired and wanted to sleep. She then told me to keep my mouth open and close to her pussy. She also held my head tight in that position. She then started to pee. I had no choice but to drink her pee! It was salty and had a foul taste.

I got angry and I shouted at her. I told her that I was not a toilet bowl and she should not have done that.

Divya then calmly told me that she was my mistress and I was her slave. She told me that I was lucky to have her and should worship her and follow her every command. She told me that I will receive my punishment for this disobedience later.

My mistress then ordered me to clean her pee-stained pussy. I did it without any complain, fearing her punishment.

Divya slept for a couple of hours. After her nap, she called me and ordered me to get in doggy position. She changed into a lacy attire and wore an 8-inch strapon. She was looking hot and angry.

Then she fucked my ass like there was no tomorrow. She also hit me with her belt all over my body. She asked me who I was.

I answered that I was her slave, I was her bitch and my place was forever at her feet. She was somewhat satisfied and stopped hitting me and fucked me like we normally do. (I am writing this story on her permit. She wants to tell the world that I am her sissy bitch.)

One day, I was, as usual, worshipping my goddess. The doorbell rang. Divya told me to open the door. I was naked but I had become her complete slave. So I went to open the door. It was our neighbour Rohan. Rohan was 19 and was studying in college He was 5ft 7in in height and towered over me. He was surprised to see me naked.

He saw my small dick and touched it. I exclaimed in pain. Divya said, “Rahul, you have to pay to touch his dick.”

I was shocked and was about to say something. Then I remembered that I was her slave and was fortunate to have her. I kept quiet.

Rohan then asked the cost. Divya said, “It will cost 1000 to fuck him. He will also give you a blowjob and will lick your ass. But you will have to fuck him in front of me.”

Rohan agreed and paid the cash. Rohan then told me to remove his clothes. I removed his shirt and shorts. Rohan started to kiss me and he went down to lick my nipples. He was biting my nipples very hard. I was screaming in pain and told him to stop doing that.

He slapped me and said, “Chal randi mera mu me le.”

I then removed his underwear and started licking his balls. It was the first time I was giving a man a blowjob. I did not want to do it. But I was enslaved by my mistress gf.

She had made me hers both in mind and soul. I was giving Rahul a blowjob. His penis size was 6 inches and was 2 inches in girth. I was used to bigger sizes. He came in 2 minutes.

Rahul then made me lick his ass. I gave him an ass-licking for 20 minutes until he was ready to fuck me. He then fucked me in doggy position. It was a good feeling to be fucked by a real cock than a strap-on. I was enjoying the session.

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Currently, due to Covid, Divya and I are in separate places. I have many other stories where I was fucked by my teacher (male and female), and hotel staff.

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Khabar: Interview: The Mistress of Stories

Home > Magazine > Features > Interview: The Mistress of Stories


By Murali Kamma

November 2018

(Photo: Krishna Giri)

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni needs no introduction to fans of Indian fiction in English. But it would be a mistake to pigeonhole her writing. A compelling storyteller, she will appeal to any curious reader—and indeed, she’s found a broad cross-cultural audience with her diverse, stylistically rich novels. Divakaruni spoke to Khabar when she visited Atlanta to give the 2018 Sheth lecture at Emory University.

Trying to summarize Chitra Divakaruni’s talk at Emory in one short sentence would be tricky, even absurd. But here’s an attempt: “Immigration made me a writer.” If not a summary, it could’ve at least been the title—for Divakaruni, in her remarks and the Q&A that followed, brought out the intimate connection between her life as an immigrant and her journey as a writer. That quote could also be the thread loosely tying her books together. First came the phase in which she stuck to strict realism, as in Arranged Marriage, where the stories were inspired by her experiences as a transplant navigating disparate worlds. Then her role as an activist helping victims of domestic abuse led to a novel like The Mistress of Spices, where magic realism enables female empowerment. This feminist narrative is seen again, albeit in a different style, in The Palace of Illusions, a reimagining of the Mahabharata from Draupadi’s perspective.


Divakaruni’s interest in India’s epics and legends remains deep, inspiring not only her upcoming novel, but also the children’s books she has written and intends to write. However, that doesn’t mean Divakaruni has abandoned immigrant themes. Oleander Girl was the result of a backlash against immigrants in the wake of 9/11—and for all we know, the current distrust of immigrants will prompt a new work of fiction from her prolific pen. It’s bound to find eager readers. Her preoccupation with the themes of migration and families in flux is also evident in Before We Visit the Goddess, her most recent novel, and her other earlier works. And then we have One Amazing Thing, which is in its own amazing category. Although it was published in 2010, the novel is still making news, as we see in the interview.

Divakaruni, who teaches creative writing at the University of Houston, was in Atlanta with her husband, Murthy. On the day of their arrival, they had dinner with some local writers. It turned out to be a joyful, stimulating occasion—and though it got late when the party finally wrapped up, Divakaruni graciously agreed to sit down with Khabar in the lobby of their hotel.


One Amazing Thing was picked as the 2018-19 Common Book by Auburn University. You spoke there recently. Why do you think that novel still resonates with mainstream readers?
I’ve been very thankful and pleased because that book has now been used in over 20 universities as their common book. I think it is partly because the book has a diverse cast of characters. There are people of Indian origin, Pakistani origin, people of Chinese origin, white people, black people, older people, people of different religions. And the reason I put such a diverse cast in that book is because I wanted to examine what happens when a group of people really unlike each other find themselves in a catastrophic situation. Can they come together as a community, and under what circumstances? Because the whole idea of diverse community building is something I’m very interested in.

We’re going through a very difficult period. Diversity is under attack, immigrants are being demonized. It comes as a shock to folks like us who have been here for so long.
Yes, we’re a central part of America. Immigrants make America what it is, and we’ve been contributing to the community, the culture, and the economy.

What do you think we as immigrants and maybe you as a writer can do to counter this narrative that immigrants don’t belong in America?
We have to create our own narrative and make it available to people. It’s more important than ever to show people what the lives of people are like—how do we feel, how do we think. We have to tell our stories of us interacting with the rest of America. It’s become very, very important to do that.

But at the same time, there is this feeling that people are dividing into groups. We’re in our own little group—whether it is ethnicity, race, religion, or gender—and that’s causing more divisions. How do you respond to the argument that we should not be focusing too much on identity politics? Especially on college campuses, if they don’t like you, they don’t want you to speak. Free speech in some places is under attack.
These are all very difficult questions. I don’t think I have any easy answers. I think we have to do everything—first of all, individually—to counter that by creating an example ourselves: going out into other communities, fostering friendships with people unlike us, and being willing to speak and share our culture with people. And to really see if I’m ghettoizing myself. If I wanted to only hang out with Indian people, wouldn’t I have done it better in India? So the great promise of living in a place like America is that we come to know other cultures, we become friends with people from different places, and as a result we grow as human beings. In a strange and paradoxical way, our own culture becomes enriched because of that.

So it’s a two-way street?
It’s a two-way street. So, interpersonally, we need to do it, we need to encourage our children to do it. In a classroom situation I can make that happen by breaking students into different groups and making sure that there are kids of different cultures and giving them projects that they have to work with. So no matter what our field, we can do things. We just have to realize that we have to do these important things to become that mosaic. It’s beautiful.


Going back to your books, you mentioned earlier that The Palace of Illusions was your most popular book in India. That book is about the Mahabharata from Draupadi’s point of view. Isn’t your upcoming book about the Ramayana from Sita’s point of view?
Yes. It’s called The Forest of Enchantment. It’s going to come out in January at the Jaipur Literature Festival. We don’t have the date yet for the American edition.

What attracts you to those narratives? I won’t call them revisionist, but obviously you want to present a different point of view.
First of all, I love our epics—they’re so rich, so powerful, so timeless. And I want to retell those stories by putting women at the center of those tales, because I think for a long time there have only been stories of men. Women have been objectified in these tales. So I wanted to change that; that’s my re-visioning.

And that speaks to the current moment, if you think of the #MeToo movement.
Absolutely. I was giving a talk somewhere else the other day and I said the very first #MeToo moment in literature is when Draupadi’s clothes are taken off of her. That shaming of her, that sexual harassment, is the first in literature anywhere in the world. And she is very aware of it; she is very angered by it. She is not going to take it just lying down. And she wins in that situation. She stands up and fights against it.

Sita was a little different.
Well, I want to show—and I hope I have managed to show in my novel—how she is also a very strong character in her own way. She’s often mischaracterized, misinterpreted.


I saw The Mistress of Spices and, I’ll be honest with you, I was not too impressed with it. Do you think novels that are not genre fiction are harder to adapt?
They are definitely harder to adapt, but not always. Sister of My Heart was wonderfully done [as a Tamil teleserial]; it won five awards. It followed the book very closely. I think The Mistress of Spices became more of a romantic film and therefore it moved away from the text. But you know, each director has their own vision. I don’t get involved. I’m there as an advisor if they want advice. If not, they can do their own thing. But I’m always excited when a book is made into a movie—because if it’s done well, it gives the book a whole other dimension and it reaches a whole lot of other people.



You wrote a book called The Conch Bearer for children. Are you going to continue doing that?
I hope so. I’m particularly interested in our folktales that I hope to retell. I’ve done one picture book for children, called Grandma and the Great Gourd. It’s a retelling of a Bengali folktale. Our folktales are just amazing, and I want to share them with people, children, everyone. And they’re getting lost—these folktales are getting lost because the whole idea of telling tales is going. That generation is dying out and some of these folktales are only available in tellings. So at least the ones that I learnt from my grandfather, I want to pass them on.

Are publishers more receptive to diverse books and diverse authors these days?
Yes, I think they are. But, paradoxically, publishers have also become more concerned about the bottom line. My agent tells me that the industry is facing some problems. So they are open to diversity, but they are also concerned. They want to make money, they need to make money. It’s a push and pull.

How have male readers received your work? Have you heard from them?
Yes! When I give talks, the majority are women, but there are quite a large number of males these days. What is really sweet is that men will buy the books for the women in their families as a gift, and my hope is that eventually everybody will read it. The fact that they’ve come to my talk and they’re buying the book for a woman in their lives is a very good gesture. It’s a good start.

Climate change has been in the news lately, and we’ve seen the U.S. pull back from its commitments. Hurricanes have also been in the news, and in India we’re familiar with cyclones. Khabar interviewed Amitav Ghosh when he published The Great Derangement. In that book, he takes issue with the stance that novels work best only when we focus on individuals and their stories. We’re disconnected from the nonhuman world, he argues, and when we don’t consider the collective or the natural and animal world, we miss the chance of addressing and influencing larger issues like climate change. How do you see it?
Amitav is very good at engaging the natural world and looking at natural disasters, looking at large diasporic movements—as he did in his Ibis trilogy. Every writer does something well. Some writers do better when they focus on individuals. Through the individuals, they give us an insight into society. And we see this from way back. I’ll give you one example: Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. It’s about a family. It’s about a marriage falling apart and one family, but through that he’s giving us a whole vision of Russian society. And there are other families that mirror this family in different ways.


So my hope is, as I focus on the stories of women, I am also focusing on the society out of which these stories, these problems, are emerging, and the changes are beginning to happen. In my book, Before We Visit the Goddess, there is the immediate family story. This young woman will leave Kolkata; she is following her sweetheart who has had to leave Kolkata because he was involved in the Naxal movement. So from the individual story I move into politics and society, I move into the larger picture. I truly believe that through the lives of individuals we see these larger movements in the lives of individuals. I think some important Bengali writers who have influenced me—like Sarat Chandra—wrote very simple family novels. But he touched on so many family ills, especially against women, which then attracted the attention of people who began to change the laws. So one never knows. A simple story might resonate with the world and change things.

Murali Kamma is the managing editor of Khabar. His debut collection of short fiction, Not Native: Immigrant Stories of an In-between World, will be published in 2019 by Atlanta-based Wising Up Press.

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She then said, “Listen, I am your mistress and you are my dog.” I said, “Okay”.

She slapped me and said, “Call me mistress, dog”. I said, “Okay mistress” in an angry tone.

The callgirl got pissed and made me lay on her lap. She then started slapping my butt cheeks hard and yet she was not satisfied. She took out the lotion and applied in and around my asshole and started fingering me.

She increased the number of fingers and soon had 3 fingers inside my ass. I was in pain and I said, “Sorry mistress, it won’t happen again”. She said, “Good, the dog is learning”.

The dominant Indian callgirl then made me lick her feet first and then her boobs. After that, we kissed hard and then the fun part began for me.

She went down and started blowing my cock. It was my first time and I came within a minute. She slapped my dick and started teasing me saying that I have a small dick. She again started blowing me very hard. Omg! I never experienced so much pleasure ever.

After 5-6 minutes of sucking, she pushed me to the bed. She sat over my dick and inserted it inside her pussy. When my dick entered her vagina, it felt so hot and moist. It was very good.

Then, after a good 4-5 minutes fuck, I was again about to cum. She told me to cum inside her. I came in her but she was still riding me hard. My dick started to pain a bit as well as I was experiencing more and more pleasure. After 10 minutes she got off and said, “it’s my turn now”.

She suddenly sat on my face and started forcing her ass towards my face. I could barely breathe. I had to lick her vagina for about 20 minutes till she came.

Then we both laid down for a while and went to the bathroom. There this dominant callgirl made me lie down and she then took a piss on me! I felt awkward. Then she took the soap and bathed me.

Then I did the same to her. I loved cleaning her breasts and vagina with soap. The girl then held my soapy dick and started inserting it into her asshole. I was shocked as well as happy.

We had anal sex and in between the ass fucking, I got tired and took my dick out. She got angry. She first cleaned up my dick with water and then she held my dick hard and pulled me towards the bed.

She made me sleep upside down and again applied lotion on her hand and fingered me. This time, the callgirl literally started ramming my ass. She wouldn’t listen to a word I said and just kept doing it.

My asshole became so loose by then. She almost had her fist in my ass! It was very painful.

My dick was hard again somehow and she said, “Continue the fuck, bitch”.

I fucked her ass again and came inside her. We then cuddled a bit and slept for a while.

When I got up after a few hours, I saw her blowing me again. It was the best wake up alarm I ever had! I realized I love blowjobs a lot.

The way she was sitting and her hair made me so horny. I got really hard and now literally pushed her back and fucked her hard. This time, I fucked her for more time and came in her. She enjoyed it a lot.

Then I brought some beer and we drank it. After that, I paid her for her amazing sex services. She gave me a small smooch and left.

For the next few days, I was in pain but later I was missing this kind of sex a lot. I still had her number on my phone and was thinking to give her a call.

Finally, after two weeks, I was very horny and checked Locanto again. I didn’t find anyone as good as this girl. So I decided to give her a call. She picked the call and to my surprise, she said she knew I would call back. I said I wanna have another session. This time, a long session.

She said she would love to have another session and this time, she didn’t even want to charge me. I was so lucky to have her.

Thank you guys for reading this story. If you guys wanna have fun or give me feedback email or hangout me at [email protected]

Please don’t ask her details. She wants it to be private.

………………cruel females: girlfriend turns mistress

Hi mistresses and stupid slaves.Here i come with a brand new story of a boy named Akshat Awasthi[aged-23 from Bangalore] and and her girlfriend Sneha Mishra[aged 22].Akshat is sharing his true experience of her girlfriend..that how she became a mistress and stated living a domina life and making him a obedient slave or servant… lets start enjoying his story,,,,and don’t forget to give your precious comments.

I always fantasize about being a slave for a lady,to act like a dog in front of a lady but my maledom always stopped me to do so. We started dating about three months ago and it was a great beginning to a relationship. I was working in private firm and she was one of our clients.We frequently talked on phone  regarding our schemes and new offers.However, finding women who are willing to be dominate tended to be rather difficult to locate. The sex started out pretty normal but I took note that she seemed to have a dominate side. She would make sly demands and then try to hide them. She was about 5’6 with a busty breast and hip hop butts that only a Indian girl can carry. Her long black hair and brown eyes gave her a face of an godess  but a dominate streak from the dark side also. Her beauty comes naturally and she never wore make up or any nail polish. Which for me is a truly sexy woman.

As the relationship developed we began to grow, but soon we became bored with the regular sex and she made mention to her enjoyment of inflicting pain on me. (small previous amounts of testing pain but nothing to declare anything of value) Like biting my lip and scratching my back till it drew blood. As we discussed in depth about of her desires she finally demanded for me to tell her about my desires. Which for me, my foot fetish goes back to early childhood. Finally we came to an agreement to incorporate my foot fetish with her natural desire to hurt me. That night nothing transpired but I was warned in the near future to be prepared.

About two weeks later she came up to my place after spending it in a training seminar. We rested on my bed and held each other for about ten minutes until she started kissing my neck and licking my ear. As I think its going to be another good evening she looks me in the eyes with a devilish smile and a look that I was about to become a good little pet. She gave me one last kiss of reassurance and grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me off the bed. As she stood she ordered me to undress. I stood before my girl completely naked and she just looked at me and gave a little evil laugh and grabbed my shoulders and demanded me to kneel.

I knelled before her admiring her beautiful stomach and amazing hour glass hips. I gently and eagerly kissed her stomach paying close attention to the belly button. Finally, when she grew tired of that she stood back and ordered me to lay down on the ground. As I assume my position she sat on the edge of the bed and placed her right foot on my throat and her left foot about an inch from my face. My instincts told me to reach up and kiss her foot; but, as I did she slammed my head back to the ground followed by her foot right over my mouth. “Do not get up! Do you understand?” was the only thing I could remember as I was seeing stars. From there she demanded that I lick every inch of her foot until it was covered in my saliva. I eagerly got to work cleaning her foot while she took pleasure in stepping on my throat and slapping my cock when my hips would thrust. As soon as I finished cleaning her one foot she placed that one on my forehead and slammed her other foot on my mouth. I didn’t need to be told what to do and began to lick every inch of her tanned sole. She would occasional force her heel in my mouth and ordered I gently nibble on it. When she felt I cleaned her feet well enough she took her feet and began to roll my head around with her soles. I was in heaven. Finally she stood on my chest and gained her balance. I think it was her first time trampling because it took her a couple of minutes to find a good balance point. She began walking up and down my stomach and chest for a few minutes saying I was nothing more to her than a toy for her amusement. After she grew tired of walking on my body she stood above me with that evil grin again and lifted her right foot up. She slowly descended her foot onto my face applying more and more pressure slowly and painfully until she was completely standing on my face. She turned her body so that she could place both of her feet on my face. She began to march on my face laughing that evil laugh the entire time. After about ten minutes of her crushing my face she undressed on my chest and layed at the foot of the bed.

I climbed to my knees and gazed at her already soaking wet vagina and began to kiss her thighs gently to tease her. She quickly grabbed my head and shoved my face deep inside her. I spent close to an hour and half pleasing her with my tongue until she turned on her side and ordered me to get my tongue in her ass. At this point I was exhausted but so turned on I dove in without hesitation. I serviced her ass for about twenty minutes until she said she had enough. Thinking the night was over I climbed in bed beside her and she gave me a reassuring kiss and a pat on the head saying “Good boy. But my pets do not sleep next to me.” She pointed to her feet. I climbed to the foot of the bed and layed my face beside her feet. She quickly put her feet on my face and began to smother me with those tan soles once more. She played with my face for a short time then ordered me to kiss her feet until she was asleep. I kissed every toe and every inch of her foot. As she was falling asleep she gave me one last order, “I expect to wake up with your face in my feet or my pussy. Have a good night baby.” As she drifted off to sleep I could here her deep breathes I laid there in complete nirvana enjoying the smell of my girlfriends beautiful feet. As I drifted off to sleep with my face deep in her soles I began to wonder how I should wake her up.And till today,,,i am under her shoes. ….

90,000 Why Indian Women Don’t Feminism – Real Time

The role of a mother in India is still valued more than that of a mistress

Photo: Ananta Vrindavan

Often in conversation with friends and in social networks, I heard judgments that in India women are oppressed and exploited. If by oppression we mean that women are given a secondary social role in society, then I agree.In India, the family model is still very strong, which was characteristic of many traditional cultures, when a woman is busy with raising children and housework, and not at all with her career. Read about it in the column “Realnoe Vremya”.

Mother or mistress

I happened to watch, staying with Indian families, how in the morning my son, already an accomplished businessman, went with his wife to his elderly parents to bow to them and receive blessings before going to work. And this is not a solitary phenomenon. Even after emigrating to another country (most often the United States or the United Arab Emirates, where Indians are valued as good IT specialists) and moving their relatives there, they do the same.

The position of a mother in India is considered very honorable. The mother is glorified in shastras (scriptures) and in everyday etiquette. For example, educated Indians do not address all women except their wife, even to little girls, not “woman,” “girl,” or even more so, “comrade,” but “mataji,” this is a respectful form of the word “mother”.And this is not a simple formality, the wisdom of such treatment lies in the fact that, calling a woman a mother, a man’s mind can no longer regard her as an object for enjoying his not the most sublime feelings. This has a positive effect not only on men, I felt on myself that when I call a woman I do not know in the market or in the hospital “mataji”, I involuntarily remember that in front of me is someone’s future or real mother.

(Remark, for which I risk being convicted of discrimination. I’ll save myself by the facts. Men in India are all addressed by “prabhu”, which means “master.”And this is not a simple tribute to politeness, like our worn-out “ladies and gentlemen”. The fact is that a man, according to Indian philosophy, is considered a more intelligent form of life than a woman. It is believed that getting a male body is better than a female one. Therefore, until now, the absence of sons in the family is considered a great failure, because it is the son who is able to save the entire family due to his natural inclination to ascetic deeds, endurance, control of the senses and the rejection of sensual pleasures for the sake of higher benefits. However, what is considered sexism in Western countries today can be found in the scriptures of any traditional religion, including Islam and Christianity.The woman is described there as a weaker and more prone to falling living creature, which therefore should be under the protection and care. In turn, she is required to obey and treat her husband as a master).

The role of a mother in traditional Indian society is valued more than that of a lover. Photo by Indradyumna Swami

The role of a mother in traditional Indian society is valued more than that of a lover. Therefore, if you do not take into account large cities like Delhi or Calcutta, in India most women behave quite restrainedly, wear a sari – a closed and chaste outfit (I wrote about it in the last article) and do not try to seduce everyone who gets in their way. frank outfit.Many women with whom I talked told me that in childhood all the women of their family (mothers, grandmothers and aunts) teach that a woman should never be alone with a man, especially if she is not a husband. son or father. One elderly woman confessed to me that before she got married, she did not communicate with any outside male representative. Strict etiquette applies not only to contacts with external society, but also to relationships within the family. For example, educated women do not even talk to male relatives unless it is their husband, son or father.

Children and lack of social ambition

I remember in West Bengal I was introduced to a group of Indian women who came as pilgrims with their husbands and children to Navadwipa. They themselves are from southern India, from a community where they try to follow the traditional way of life. And their first questions to me were about whether I was married, whether I had children. They wondered how I could leave my mother and father and go so far, to a foreign country, regretted how my relatives must have suffered in separation from me.

Later I observed and communicated with these women a lot. All of them do not work, they only take care of the house and children, but at the same time they cannot be called uneducated. They speak excellent English. In their free time, they work with children, gathering them into groups and teaching them to read and write. Having done all the chores around the house, they meet together in the temple or at someone’s home, sing songs, dance, communicate, and share news. They also read a lot, know the scriptures well and quote verses from there by heart.

I was surprised that these women have no social ambitions at all. Of course, the reason for this is the deep religiosity of the Indians. They rely in everything on the husband and on God, as well as on relatives and neighbors who will support in case of trouble.

There are many children in a traditional Indian family. Photo by Indradyumna Swami

Children for them are not a burden or an obstacle on the way to a career. The girl prepares for motherhood from an early age. There are many children in a traditional Indian family, so the elders do not play with dolls, but babysit their younger brothers and sisters, as well as neighboring children.Every child in this extended family has many mothers, and sisters are treated with as much respect as mothers. For some time I was in close contact with a family who came to stay in Mayapur from another state. This family consisted of an elderly mother and father, two brothers with their wives and their children. I was amazed that women treated all children equally, with the same care and attention as they did to their relatives, without making any distinctions. Children literally bathe in the love of a large number of mothers who do not even think about sending them to kindergartens, but making a career themselves.

Indian women give all their love to children, especially sons. Growing up, children feel deeply indebted to their mother. Is it any wonder they don’t even think about leaving their old father or mother to die alone in a nursing home? By the way, an interesting fact: in India only civil servants receive pensions, everyone else is not entitled to it. This is the rule, since the elderly are usually not abandoned here, and they are sure that when they do not have the strength to work, loved ones will take care of them.

On early marriage and protection of women

The tradition of early marriage is still strong in India. When the girl is still 8-10 years old, her parents begin to look for her husband, who is suitable in terms of social status, character, and also compatible according to the astrological chart. Of course, at such a young age, the bride and groom do not yet live together – at least until puberty, on average, until the girl turns 16 and the guy completes his education in college or gurukul (spiritual educational institution).Then the wedding is played and the newlyweds move in together.

Preventing the outrage of readers who think that early marriages are a relic of the past and total discrimination against children or women, I will tell you about the positive aspects of this phenomenon. The ancient sacred treatise Bhagavad-gita, known all over the world, says that women should always be protected: in childhood they are protected by their father, in their youth by their husband, and in old age by the sons or husbands of their daughters. Above all, the chastity of a woman is protected. Chastity means not just physical purity, but also the purity of the mind of a woman who in her life is attached to only one man and cannot even think about someone else.For example, I heard from an Indian woman that if a woman even in her mind admits that other men are better than her husband, then this is considered treason and unchastity. To maintain such purity, traditional Indian society protects women from a young age from irresponsible men and unnecessary worries.

The world famous ancient sacred treatise Bhagavad-gita says that women should always be protected: in childhood they are protected by their father, in their youth by their husband, and in old age by sons or husbands of daughters.Photo by Ananta Vrindavan

Moreover, as the same scripture says, this is beneficial not only for the family, but also for the whole society. If women are protected and chaste, they are able to conceive godly offspring and raise them in the right mood. This means that society will be made up of people with good character traits, which promises peace and prosperity.

Traditionally, women were not sent to school for the same purpose. Of course, now this is often violated, girls study in colleges, although thirty years ago, as I was told, even girls always went to school on the other side of the street separately from boys and studied in separate classes. But cultured Indians today still find ways to keep their children from the delights of general education and organize gurukuls for girls, invite teachers for a small group. In village families, girls learn only at home – with their mother and other older women. She learns to read, write, take care of children, cook food, and perform her religious duties in the home.

I would like to say more about the latter. The wife in India is called “dharma-patni”, which is translated from Sanskrit as “the keeper of the dharma.”Dharma is the duties prescribed by the scriptures that every person must fulfill in order to live a pious life, not commit sins and get a better birth in the next life, or even break out of the cycle of samsara and return to the spiritual world filled with eternal happiness. And the woman has a very important role: while the husband is engaged in social activities, earning a livelihood, the wife performs all the necessary religious rituals, conducts pujas (services), makes offerings and looks after household deities. In this way, she protects the whole family.

There is another very important concept in Indian philosophy – “stri-dharma” or the duty of a woman. It means that if a soul was born in this life in a female body, then it must fulfill its female duty. The scriptures say that a woman’s primary duty is to be a kind mother and a faithful wife. And there is not a word about the need to make a career, to become a successful director of a company or a famous nuclear physicist.

There is another very important concept in Indian philosophy – “stri-dharma” or the duty of a woman.Photo by Ananta Vrindavan

There is no such thing as a divorce

There is no concept of “divorce” in Indian culture. It came there in the 20th century, first from Islam, and then from the West. In Indian languages, there is not even a word that could be called divorce, it is borrowed.

According to the Vedic scriptures, after the physical union of a man and a woman, they are considered husband and wife. And no papers with seals and signatures can cut this connection until the end of life.To stop fulfilling your duties to your husband or wife is to commit a great sin. Especially if there was a church wedding – vivaha-yajna. An analogy from Christian culture can be cited: “That which God combined, may not be destroyed by man.” And even if a man and a woman diverge, their connection is not interrupted, and their further life with other partners will be clouded by this past connection, not to mention the consequences that they will have to bear in their next life.

The Indians have such an understanding of life in their blood.For example, I was struck by the story of a mataji who is now wearing white widows’ clothes. She said that she grew up in a brahminical family, that is, from childhood she was taught to observe all the rules of religious life, conduct rituals, live clean and be very attentive in her daily habits. She received some education, but at a young age she was married to a young man, also from the brahmana caste. The astrologer calculated their compatibility. However, the husband abused the poor woman all his life.He did not allow her to pray and follow religious principles, forced her, who was a vegetarian, to cook meat, drank wine, cheated and often beat her. But she never even thought about divorcing him, because, according to her, she understood that her duty was to serve such a husband whom fate had sent her. Towards the end of her life, her husband appreciated her loyalty, asked for forgiveness and died, already being a repentant person. She says that she is very peaceful and happy that she has fulfilled her duty as a wife and mother, and can now fully devote herself to a life of renunciation.It is important to emphasize here that this woman does not look like an unfortunate victim of “domestic violence”. Because she made a choice on the basis of an understanding rooted in the minds of any even the most uneducated Indian that this life is just one of many, so there is no point in trying to take everything from it, it is better to endure it, whatever it may be, for the sake of a better future.

Among Indian women striving to return to their origins, the following proverb is widespread: “Do as your grandmother.”Photo by Ananta Vrindavan

“Do like your grandmother”

Today, even Indian actors and politicians are often ashamed that there are still many people in India who follow their traditions. They believe their country is lagging behind the West in terms of women’s emancipation. And in interviews, they urge women to fight for their rights to earn money and go to work, and not give birth to children and cook chapatis. In an attempt to reduce the birth rate, the state is launching programs calling for fewer children.Bollywood succeeds in such propaganda, making hundreds of films with stories in which daughters do not obey the will of their parents, husbands and live independent independent lives.

All this propaganda leads to the fact that the number of divorces and inferior families in the country is growing, and such examples that I give in the article become worth their weight in gold. Women defend their rights, work, leave their children at home with their grandparents, and build their careers. They forget how to do homework: to cook, clean and wash.Since childhood, the idea that they need to get an education and be independent has been implanted in the minds of girls in Indian schools. Even 20 years ago, according to the stories of women, it was a shame if a woman did not get married until 22-25 years old. Two generations ago, girls were married no later than 18 years. And a generation earlier – and at 11-14 years old, having 5-6 children.

Therefore, although the Vedic culture of India is basically as I described it, today it is preserved only in isolated islands or mixed with modern trends.

However, there is reason for optimism. Some Indians, having visited the West, tasted the taste of free life, look at their traditions with different eyes. The chasm that separates the modern, feminist-influenced world from the traditional Indian world is not yet wide enough to be bridged. Therefore, among Indian women striving to return to their origins, the following proverb is widespread: “Do as your grandmother.”

Natalia Fedorova


How to Separate an Unfaithful Husband from a Lover: 33 Chinese Ways

  • Ed Butler
  • BBC

Photo Credit, Alamy

A new industry has emerged in China that helps husbands and wives to share unfaithful spouses with their lovers.Dozens of ways are used, including threats and blackmail. Clients of such establishments are ready to shell out tens of thousands of dollars just to get rid of unwanted rivals.

A middle-aged woman in a black silk funeral dress and oversized, awkward sunglasses is led into a dimly lit office. I will call her Mrs X as she does not want to reveal her name.

At the same time, she is ready to talk about what it is like to be a client of the Weiqing Love Hospital, the most famous service in Shanghai for “brave mistresses”.

After the crisis, the relationship with her husband has become stronger than before, says Mrs. X in a low, trembling voice. “I used to think that this was marriage. Now I have something better. This is real life,” she says enthusiastically, although she looks exclusively at the floor.

She says that she received consultations from a family psychologist for several weeks and understood how to become better and turn into an executive wife.

Co-founder of Love Hospital, Ming Li, consults women like Mrs. X on successful marriages and advises on how to keep her husband from going to the side.Often, however, it is already too late: a man begins to cheat long before that.

“Having discovered his affair, I began to control my husband,” says Mrs. X. “We constantly fought, and I kept asking: Why? Why? I have been with you for so many years,” she continues.

“At first I noticed that he was ashamed. But after all these fights, he just didn’t want to talk to me anymore. Then I started looking for help,” explains Mrs H.

She decided to pay Weiqing to help her get rid of her mistress …In Mrs. X’s case, the facility’s services included the work of operatives: they convinced the 24-year-old secretary that she could find better employment than spending time with a man twice her age.

Although it cost thousands of dollars, Mrs X is convinced that a divorce from an unfaithful spouse would be the worst option.

“We’ve been through so much together,” she says. “I don’t want to just give it up. I never even thought about breaking up. Besides, I’m about 50, there is no place in the market for women like me.”

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

According to the founder of Weiqing Shu Xin, over the 17 years of the love hospital’s existence, a million clients have visited it.

Antidote from his mistress

According to the founders of the love hospital Ming Li and Shu Xin, who have been running it for 17 years, during this time more than a million clients have visited its walls.

Both foaming at the mouth describe the delightful possibilities of their institution to save the marriage, and also talk about the secret weapon – “daring” mistresses.

“We have 33 ways to get rid of a mistress,” explains Shu. “There are various problems in marriage. If one of the spouses has someone on the side, it is very serious, bad for the family and for society.”

He talks about four main tactics, which in varying degrees are associated with persuasion: the mistress is advised to fall in love with someone else, the boss is persuaded to transfer the unfaithful husband to another city.

Finally, relatives and friends are involved in the case, and the mistress herself is intimidated with stories about the spoiled character and disgusting hereditary diseases of her chosen one.

Photo author, Alamy


95% of the officials arrested en masse at the request of Xi Jinping had at least one mistress

The BBC correspondent noted that 29 more methods remain behind the scenes, to which Shu retorted : “This is a secret of the company. We cannot talk about it in the media.”

At the same time, the Chinese media are full of stories of coercion, bribes and even threats to use violence. But the love hospital assures that it never uses illegal methods.

But another “lover of mistresses”, Dai Peng Jun, turned out to be more frank. He provides such a service as part of a regular private detective bureau.

A straightforward man leads a team of undercover operatives who travel the country and help women separate their men from “little thirds,” as mistresses are called in Chinese slang.

Photo caption,

Min Li says that a mistress is a tumor: she must be removed to make the relationship healthy

Country of betrayal

photos or videos and send them to the client, “says Dai. In other words, we are luring her into a trap.

As soon as the husband finds out about the infidelity of his mistress, he most often leaves her and returns to the bosom of the family.

Dai assures that this is a socially important job, since for most wealthy Chinese people “keeping a woman on the side” is natural.

During the reign of Mao Zedong, the old Chinese tradition of keeping a woman, popular among wealthy men, was declared decadent and illegal. The law enshrined equality between men and women.

But after Mao’s death in 1976, powerful moneybags, including party officials, who had enriched themselves on the wave of market reforms, returned to the old practice.

According to a poll published in the official press, 95% of officials detained during Xi Jinping’s latest anti-corruption raid had at least one mistress. Three years ago, the People’s Daily even published a “map of adultery,” which showed where most Don Juans live.

Photo author, The People’s Daily

Photo caption,

Areas in China where, according to People’s Daily, the most cheating occurs

Profession: tempter

Dai Peng Jun introduces a BBC correspondent to one of the his operatives, a professional “mistress tempter”.He is the namesake of his boss, he has a somber look and a soothing deep voice. He talks about his work the way a surgeon might talk about an operation.

Photo caption,

Professional “tempter” Dai and a colleague

“I am the bait, and the rest of the team is on hand, ready to provide expert assistance at any time,” he explains. – “My task is to find different ways to please a woman, to understand what she wants.”

“For example, if she likes luxury, exclusive items and expensive restaurants, we can please her.In my experience, most lovers are interested in financial rewards, “the man explains.

Tossing money is almost a win-win method that works 90% of the time and helps him to involve a woman in a compromising situation. When the mission is completed, he takes the necessary photos and leaves .

The BBC correspondent asks how the “bait” feels, deceiving a woman. “We do what needs to be done,” he is not in the least embarrassed.The client himself asks to do what we do. These are mistresses violating established norms, “the” tempter “assures.

Legal trap

It is difficult to assess how widespread it is to get rid of mistresses. hopes to soon list its shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Publicist Zhang Lijia is confident that the popularity of such services may be a consequence of the Chinese divorce laws.Since 2011, a man is not obliged to share property and money with his ex-wife that he himself brought to the family – provided that he can prove it.

Courts also often appoint the husband’s family as the sole guardian of the child, especially if the case is in rural areas.

“They say the divorce law was written to make men laugh and women cry,” Zhang says. “In addition, in the villages, divorce is considered a shame for a woman,” she adds.

Photo author, AFP

Photo caption,

Shanghai people in line for a marriage or divorce permit, Shanghai

Mrs. X is absolutely sure that getting rid of her husband’s mistress was the only way out for her – and it was worth every penny out of thousands of dollars spent …When asked by a BBC reporter if she loves her husband and is there a chance that he will have a new mistress, Mrs. X replies:

“Of course, I still love him. I love him for a lot. And, to besides, now I understand what is wrong with our marriage. I know how to handle marriage. ”

Destroying such optimism is not easy, and Weiqing Love Hospital certainly doesn’t see the point.

Co-founder of the institution Li Ming assures that her leadership will help the wards to bring the matter to an end.”A lover is a tumor, so first you need to get rid of the tumor. After that, the relationship becomes healthier for the couple,” says Min.

“It’s like learning to drive: it’s just hard to get a license, but any 18-year-old can get married. We teach spouses how to drive safely along this road.”

Problems with the law and divorce: how the fate of the stars of Indian cinema

Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan

Photo: Still from the movie

The attitude towards Indian films among the modern public is extremely ambiguous.Someone adores touching love stories, in which the heroes have time not only to go through trials, but also to dance. But such films also have critics who believe that the creations of local directors are too naive.

Back in the days of the Soviet Union, Indian cinema had a solid fan base, which is growing every year. But many legendary artists sometimes go into the shadows, giving way to young talents. That is why it is high time to find out how the stars of everyone’s favorite tapes from a distant country look now.

Mithun Chakraborty

Mithun Chakraborty

Photo: Still from the movie

In the 80s, almost every resident of the Soviet Union knew the name of Mithun Chakraborty. The actor drew his “lucky ticket” when he played in the movie “Disco Dancer”. At that time, this musical direction captured the whole world, and therefore the tape had a colossal collection. In the USSR alone, more than 60 million viewers watched the picture.

Mithun, who yesterday was interrupted by supporting roles, became the main star in his homeland.He immediately began to agree to new roles, but was extremely promiscuous. Chakraborty managed to repeat the success only five years later with the film “Dance, Dance”. The role was familiar to the artist, and many viewers perceived this tape as a continuation of “Disco Dancer”.

The actor himself continues to act in films to this day. In numerous interviews, he admitted that he literally works for wear and tear, and it was such dedication that allowed Mithun to achieve success in his career.

“I work 16 hours a day! Not a single take was canceled because I was too tired to work.The most important thing is behavior. Our industry can accept a bad actor, but not a bad person, ”Chakraborty once said.
In recent years, the actor has been ill a lot, but still continues to work

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Back in the 90s, a certain crisis was brewing in the star’s career. With age, he lost the title of sex symbol, but he began to successfully play villains. Now a year there are three or four films with the participation of Chakraborty, but the actor rarely appears on the red carpets.A few weeks ago, rumors about the death of Mithun appeared in the Indian press, which his son denied. The heir confirmed that the idol of millions is indeed in the hospital, but nothing threatens his life.

In personal terms, the artist has long found happiness: together with his wife Yogite Bali, he raised four children.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

Photo: Still from the movie

No other actor can dream of the popularity that Shah Rukh Khan has in India. The Bollywood star is literally idolized at home. Thousands of people are on duty every day near his house in India, and if the artist goes out on the balcony to wave to the fans, real madness begins.

Such a success is not surprising: the actor’s filmography is rich in vivid transformations. And he gets mainly the role of romantic heroes. Success overtook Khan in 1995, when he starred in the movie “The Untrained Bride”. The tape has collected at the box office 12 billion rupees, forever entering the TOP of the highest grossing films in the history of the country.Well, and then there were dozens of transformations in the highest rated films.

The actor spends a lot of time with children

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The actor himself receives multimillion-dollar royalties, and also owns real estate around the world. The heart of Shah Rukh Khan has been occupied for 27 years by one woman – Gauri Chibber. The couple are raising three children, and the youngest Abram was born from a surrogate mother. According to the artist, it was his wife’s support that helped him reach such incredible heights in his career.

Now 53-year-old Khan continues to work in the cinema, retaining the title of the main artist of India.Unlike many colleagues, he is not trying to conquer Hollywood, preferring to play in the usual melodramas.

Hema Malini

Hema Malini

Photo: Still from the movie

The same brunette who played the twins Zita and Gita, separated in infancy. Perhaps it was Hema Malini who for a long time was the personification of Indian cinema for all Soviet citizens. After the success of the melodrama about the adventures of sisters of different characters, the star took part in the filming of several more notable films.So, she appeared in the films “Revenge and the Law”, “Vir and Zara” others.

At the same time, Malini managed to work as a producer, tried herself in directing and even in the political arena. In 2010, she became the general secretary of the Indian People’s Party, but held that post for only a few months.

The actress often attends social events

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Now the favorite of the audience is 70 years old. She has long reduced her creative activity, but at the same time continues to appear on the red carpets with her husband, actor Dharmendra.The couple have been together since the mid-70s. Their daughter Eshu continued the creative dynasty, periodically appearing in Indian films.

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

Photo: Still from the movie

Not every actress from India manages to conquer Hollywood. Aishwarya Rai was able to do this by playing several memorable roles in Western films at once. And her incredible career began in a standard way: with a victory in a beauty contest. The appearance of the star conquered all the members of the jury, opening the way for Aishwarya to Bollywood.

In the cinema, the girl got mainly the role of romantic heroines who need support and protection. After several successful reincarnations, Paradise was named the main sex symbol of the country. Aishwarya herself dreamed of more. That is why she went to Hollywood.

Aishwarya and her husband are raising their daughter

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In the USA, the exotic-looking actress got roles in several blockbusters, after which she became a regular participant at the Cannes Film Festival.It is on the French coast of Aishwarya that secular photographers are most often found. Now the star does not play as often as before. At the same time, Paradise is actively involved in charity work in India.

At home, the actress and her husband Abhishek Bachchan are rightly considered the most popular couple in the country. Aishwarya herself, even at the age of 45 and after the birth of a child, remains an extremely popular artist.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Photo: Still from the movie

In the last 10 years, Hrithik Roshan has become so popular that in some Indian TOPs he even pushed Shah Rukh Khan himself.Of course, such a demand is the result not only of efficiency, but also of the artist’s spectacular appearance.

Hrithik played his first major role in 2001, when he was cast in the film “Both in sorrow and in joy”. However, real success awaited him two years later. The film “You Are Not Alone” became a sensation in the Indian box office and collected all possible awards. Roshan was immediately named the new king of Bollywood.

The actor most often plays brutal heroes

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Unlike many of his colleagues, the actor is extremely selective.He prefers to appear in high-quality tapes, so he only plays in one or two films a year. Moreover, the roles turn out to be as versatile as possible: Roshan can transform into both a scientist and a biker.

But in the actor’s personal life, everything is not going so smoothly. His 13-year marriage to Suzanne Hana cracked in 2013. The couple tried to save the relationship for the sake of two children, but eventually divorced. Then rumors circulated in the Indian press about Roshan’s constant betrayal. Skychas, the sex symbol of Bollywood, prefers not to comment on his personal life.



Photo: Still from the movie

Kajol is a true Bollywood legend. The audience favorite is the fourth generation actress and the record holder for the most cinema awards won. She played her first major role at the age of 18, but became famous three years later, when the film “The Untrained Bride” was released. It was then that the most famous of the currently existing filmmakers in the country was formed: Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

Until 2003, the actress appeared in films with enviable regularity: on average, three or four films a year were released with her.However, after the birth of her daughter, the star took a break for five years to spend time with loved ones.

Now Kajol is back in the profession. The actress is now and then credited with romances with colleagues on the set, but she continues to remain faithful to her husband Ajay Devgan, with whom she periodically works on some projects.

“I have two favorite actors with whom I played: one is Shah Rukh and the other is my husband! And I would like to work with them again and again, “- said the actress in an interview.
The actress is always frank in conversations with fans

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Another important aspect of the actress’s life is charity. Kajol regularly helps women who have lost their husbands and children who have become orphans. In 2005, the star even won a million rupees in the Indian version of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire program, which she donated to several foundations. Perhaps it is because of this sincerity and kindness that the artist is so adored at home.

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan

Photo: Still from the movie

Bachchan is called the “king of cinema” in his homeland.His reputation is impeccable and his filmography is huge. Over the years of work in the cinema, the artist has received 11 Filmfare Awards, which is considered the Indian equivalent of the Oscar.

At the same time, Amitabh managed to work not only in cinema, but also in the field of politics. So, in 1984 he successfully ran for parliament, but later decided to return to acting. Despite his advanced age, 76-year-old Bachchan continues to act to this day. Moreover, he gets both positive and negative roles.

It would seem that with such a level of popularity it is difficult to resist temptations, but Amitabh can boast of a strong marriage. The artist has been married to Jaya Bhaduri for over forty years. The couple raised a daughter and a son. By the way, the heir of Amitabh is married to the very Aishwarya Rai, which we have already mentioned above.

Actor with daughter

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It would seem that with such a level of popularity it is difficult to resist temptations, but Amitabh can boast of a strong marriage. The artist has been married to Jaya Bhaduri for over forty years.The couple raised a daughter and a son. By the way, the heir of Amitabh is married to the very Aishwarya Rai, which we have already mentioned above.

Among the Indians, Bachchan was known as an incredibly powerful man. The artist was repeatedly suspected of having links with the criminal world, but he always denied such speculation. But in the field of cinema, the influence of Amitabh is undeniable: it is he who often produces the most interesting projects and decides who will play in them.

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta

Photo: Still from the movie

A girl from a prosperous military family at first did not even think about an acting career.However, a chance meeting with the manager of commercials predetermined the further fate of Preity.

Already in 1998 she performed the main role in the touching film “Love at First Sight”. At the same time, her acting duet with Shah Rukh Khan was formed. The artists looked so harmoniously together that five years later they were brought together again by the producers. “Will Tomorrow Come or Not?” becomes a box office hit not only in India but also overseas. Zinta herself is turning into one of the most popular Bollywood stars.

The actress’s husband is respectful of her culture and faith

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The actress continued to actively act until the end of the 2000s, but then decided to take a break. Between 2010 and 2013, Preity focused on her sports career with the cricket team and work as a producer. Despite fans’ expectations, the star’s triumphant return never happened. The tape “Love in Paris”, the script for which was written by Zinta herself, did not win positive reviews from critics.

But in 2016, the actress finally found personal happiness. After a series of failed romances and civil marriages, she married financial analyst Gene Goodenough from Los Angeles. Now the 44-year-old artist has to live in two countries, but this does not seem to bother Preity herself.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai

Photo: Still from the movie

The actor has not easily received the nickname “bad guy” in his homeland in India. He now and then becomes a figurant of various scandals, also managing to play negative characters in films.Salman clashed with partners on the set, as well as with representatives of different religions.

In the late 90s, the Indian press actively discussed Khan’s romance with Aishwarya Rai. Despite the fact that he won the Miss World title as a bride, Salman still managed to cheat on her. As a result, the couple broke up, and the actor also acquired the status of a womanizer.

The actor is not at all shy about his scandalous reputation

Photo: Legion-media

Scandalous reputation has never prevented Khan from making a successful career.He starred in the best Indian films, and sometimes three or four films with his participation were released. This continued until 2015, when Salman unexpectedly found himself behind bars. He was accused of running into a homeless man. According to lawyers, the artist was drunk and therefore fled the scene of the crime. Khan himself always denied such accusations against him, and soon his lawyers managed to obtain an appeal and an acquittal.

After his release, Salman began to appear in films much less often.Rumor has it that studios are afraid to collaborate with a troubled artist. Khan himself finds solace in charity: he has been helping children with cancer for many years.

Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee

Photo: Still from the movie

Rani’s career began in the 90s, in an era when romantic melodramas enjoyed particular success. However, the artist reached the peak of her creative form by the mid-2000s. Then Mukherjee played in several successful projects at once, among which Vir and Zara and Last Hope were especially popular.

Rani herself has repeatedly admitted that she became popular largely due to the success of her cousin Kajol. The girls often starred together, but Mukherjee was less popular than her relative.

“Kajol is already a kind of quality mark. She is much smarter and more talented than me. I confess, I never wanted to work in cinema, but I always dreamed of being popular, “the artist confessed.
Rani participated in beauty contests in her youth

Photo: Legion-media

Now Rani plays a lot in films, but mostly appears in the background.Her husband, the popular director Aditya Chopra, also contributes to the development of her career. The spouse often uses Mukherjee in his projects. The couple is raising a three-year-old daughter and rarely talks about their personal life.

“Secret outbreak” – smallpox in Moscow 60 years ago

In December 1959, Moscow found itself on the brink of a smallpox epidemic. A dangerous viral infection, which has not been in the USSR since 1936, was brought to the capital by the poster artist, twice winner of the Stalin Prize, Alexei Kokorekin.As part of a group of creative intelligentsia, the artist visited India, attended the funeral of a local Brahmin who died of smallpox, and even bought a carpet that belonged to the deceased. With the story of a secret smallpox outbreak, RFI kicks off a series on forgotten epidemics of the 20th century.

No official documents – archives are classified; no newspaper reports – the Soviet press was silent. Almost 60 years later, what happened in Moscow that winter can be restored only from the memoirs of contemporaries. And most of the Muscovites with whom we spoke have never heard of an outbreak of a terrible disease, or of quarantine, which involved hundreds of people, or of the artist Kokorekin. Just as they did not see people in anti-plague overalls and do not remember the mass vaccination in the winter of 1960. In the Soviet Union, mass vaccination was the norm.

“In the winter of 1959, we got into history with smallpox. The artist Kokorekin returned to Moscow from a creative trip to India. He returned a day earlier than he informed his wife about his arrival, and from the airport he went to his mistress, with whom he spent the night and to whom, before ascending to the bed of love, he gave gifts brought from a distant country, ”he describes this story in his book “Memories of a life lived” Moscow doctor-surgeon Yuri Viktorovich Shapiro.

“The next day, guessing at the time of arrival of the next flight from Delhi, he went home, where there was a joyful meeting with his wife. Having given her gifts, he, tired of the flight and subsequent positive emotions, went to bed. The mistress and wife, as the competent authorities later found out, did exactly the same thing – they rushed to the thrift store to hand over the brought gifts, ”Shapiro says.

Poster by Alexei Kolesnikov “Every day it is more joyful to live!”, 1952.©

At night, 53-year-old Kokorekin fell ill, his wife called an ambulance and the artist with a high temperature and shortness of breath was taken to the infectious diseases department of the Botkin hospital, where (in the department of surgery) Yuri Shapiro worked then. In the same place, in the hospital. Botkin, a young graduate student named Vladimir Golyakhovsky worked. Golyakhovsky, who later emigrated to the United States, also wrote a book of memoirs: “The Way of a Surgeon. Half a century in the USSR “. He says that since Kokorekin “was an important person, the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Academician Rudnev himself examined the patient and diagnosed him with severe influenza.

Soviet virologist Emma Gurvich worked at that time at the N.V. Mechnikov. In her memoirs, she says that the most prominent clinicians gave the artist a variety of diagnoses: from plague and typhus to medicinal dermatitis.

Kokorekin died three days later, on the night of December 29-30, 1959. Both Gurvich and Golyakhovsky write that it was possible to diagnose smallpox only posthumously. According to Golyakhovsky, a young doctor-graduate student was the first to suggest such a diagnosis, “but all the scientists shouted at her.”In the memoirs of Yuri Shapiro, another version appears: allegedly smallpox was diagnosed by an unnamed old pathologist who came from Leningrad to Moscow on his business and who happened to be in the Botkin hospital.

Two days after the death of Kokorekin, two orderlies of the infectious diseases barracks died (the infectious ward of the hospital, as Golyakhovsky writes, was then in wooden one-story barracks). The orderlies brought in and put the patient on the bed. “This time, no one had any doubts: it was smallpox – an epidemic began in our hospital,” says Golyakhovsky.The hospital was closed and surrounded by a police cordon.

“Extreme precautions were taken in Moscow,” recalls Emma Gurvich. – As in the cinema, we drove with a siren along the Garden Ring, freed from transport, from the laboratory of the institute to the Botkin hospital. There were patients and those who had contact with them. The driver and the epidemiologist accompanying us are in protective anti-plague suits. ”

A still from the film “Trouble Came to the City” (1966), based on real events.©

Gurvich describes an otolaryngologist with smallpox by the name of Terkel. He was 61 years old: “He was very sick, his whole body was covered with a rash. Realizing that I was going to go to him, he raised his hand and gestured me not to do this. Only a few days later, when his condition improved, I saw through the glass wall his inviting gesture, went to him and collected a rich harvest of smallpox crusts – a full test tube. The virus isolated from them (strain “T”) remained active for many years and served as an object of research for many years. ”

From Alexei Kokorekin, according to the virologist, his family members and close friends immediately became infected. As Emma Gurvich and epidemiologist Galina Manenkova note in the article “The smallpox in Moscow, 1960: Facts and Figures” (“Smallpox in Moscow, 1960: Facts and Figures”), by January 18, 75 people had been identified in the capital who had contact with Kokorekin. 19 of them became infected. 9342 people were under the supervision of doctors.Almost 1,500 people, according to Gurvich, were in hospitals in Moscow and the Moscow region. In total, 46 people were infected in the city, three of them died.

In the report of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “How the epidemic of smallpox was defeated in Moscow”, Kokorekin’s friend, then painter Ruben Suryaninov, who had had smallpox, recalls that in January 1960, people in protective suits came to their apartment and took them with his wife Nina for a month and a half. hospital. Before that, they were ill, but, despite feeling unwell, they managed to fly to Riga and back.He says that “the entire airport in Moscow and Riga, the pilots, all those who flew in the plane were taken into quarantine.”

Alexei Kokarekin’s son-in-law Vladimir Petrosyan in an interview with Reuters said that he spent two months in quarantine in the Moscow infectious diseases hospital No. 2 on Sokolinaia Gora. “It was one huge hall, the beds were one close to the other,” says Petrosyan. The hospital on Sokolinaya Gora was also surrounded by a police cordon. Today, patients with coronavirus are treated at ICB # 2.

Daughter of Alexei Kokorekin Valeria with her husband Vladimir Petrosyan.via REUTERS – Archives of Vladimir Petrosyan

The KGB special operation in Moscow was personally controlled by Nikita Khrushchev. “There were no reports in the press or on the radio – as always, the government kept people in the dark,” writes Golyakhovsky. “Therefore, there were rumors in Moscow, one more terrible than the other.” The doctor himself, as well as other medical workers in contact with Kokorekin, were quarantined in the hospital. The quarantine life, according to Golyakhovsky, was difficult: the food was bad, there was nowhere to sleep, so he and the other men spent the night in the X-ray room.Saved only the wine sent by the family, which the doctors drank in secret from the sick.

A smallpox vaccine has been urgently launched in Moscow. According to Shapiro, there was no smallpox vaccine in the capital and at first it was delivered from the Far East. In an article for Acta Naturae titled “40 years without smallpox,” scientists from Novosibirsk Sergei and Galina Shchelkunovs note that it was in 1960 that a laboratory for large-scale production of a vaccine that meets WHO requirements was organized at the Moscow Research Institute of Viral Preparations.

“8,522 vaccination teams vaccinated 1.3-1.5 million people every day, starting with children two months of age,” writes Emma Gurvich. “Ten days after the first diagnosis was made, the spread of smallpox in Moscow was stopped.” “In Moscow, seven million people were mass vaccinated in a week,” an archival note in The New York Times of February 3, 1960, quoted by Reuters, confirms her words.

“After the whole story had ended happily, a banquet was organized at the Grand Hotel, where everyone – both professors and clinical residents – had fun,” Shapiro concludes his story.“The KGB did a tremendous job of tracing possible contacts of Kokorekin – then the story with his mistress and thrift stores came to light.”

In the memoirs of Vladimir Golyakhovsky, the mistress is not mentioned, but at the same time Kokorekin’s recent wedding with a young woman appears. Because of her, the artist allegedly did not begin to make the obligatory vaccination, “to be healthy and strong in love” – ​​he was allergic to vaccines. As Golyakhovsky writes, the artist’s wife handed out the outfits and fabrics brought from India to friends, fearing that after his death they would be taken away: “The police began to look for those fabrics and those people.

The story of an outbreak of smallpox in Moscow formed the basis for Alexander Milchakov’s story “Trouble Came to the City”, based on which the film of the same name was shot in 1966. The main character’s name is Kolesnikov, he is an architect, and he has no mistress.

90,000 Third floor – Spark No. 43 (5201) from 31.10.2011

Eunuchs today? Yes, no wedding or the birth of a child can do without them in India. A closed community reveals its secrets to an Indian American writer *

Zia Jafri

* Zia Jafri’s “History of Indian Eunuchs. Dancing Invisibles” published by Ripol-Classic Publishing House.

This time all the hijras gathered. Rani was, as they say, “at the parade”: in a bright, colorful sari, ankles with bells jingled on his ankles.Kiran looked like a disguised homosexual, wearing a yellow sari. Sayyid, I was told, was going to sing for me. Munni slightly supported a longitudinal drum (dhol) in his lap.

I decided to take advantage of the pause to write down their names, ages, and any information about themselves that they want to tell me. To my surprise, Kamal Baksh expressed a wish that I write to him from abroad. When I asked what address, he just turned off the edge of the red mat on which we were sitting – it was about three by four meters in size, and it turned out that there were hundreds, if not thousands of blue aerograms under it.Kamal Baksh handed me one of them, offering to copy the address written there in English.

– What is this? I asked.

– Letters from my brothers, – Kamal Baksh answered.

– Where from? – I was surprised.

– Yes from everywhere, – answered Kamal Baksh. – From India, Pakistan, Mecca, Medina …

– What does Baksh mean? I asked.

– “Baksh” means that God has blessed or forgiven us, – he said.

I asked Rani how he got into this Hijra family, how old he was then and how old is now.He hesitated, but Kamal Baksh nodded almost imperceptibly, allowing him to speak. He was twenty when he came here, Rani said. Now he is twenty-five. He was born in the village of Hiryagunda. His mother died after he came to the Hijras, and his father even before that. Both mother and father mocked him. Both his father and brother verbally abused him because of the way he was born.

“From day to day I got sick of them,” Rani said. “So my heart stopped feeling at home when I lived under their roof.

And this place, this palace, was very famous, many knew it.

“That’s why I came to the Hijras,” Rani said.

He then, in his words, was “thin as a splinter”, but now “very happy with life”, which meant “fat” . .. Did he wear women’s clothes before coming here? No, he began to wear them only after, when he settled with hijras. His parents were of the Muslim faith.

Here the curtain on the door was pulled back by my acquaintance, Detective Reddy, who silently joined the others who were sitting in a circle on the mat.Kiran Baksh spoke: he felt like a hijra when he was ten years old, and came here at twenty. His parents were from the Lambadi tribe, they are peasants, Hindus. When he came here, to the hijras, he cooked food, washed, carried water. He learned to sing and dance, accompanying his senior patrons, silently observing them. I got acquainted with the hijras that somehow passed through his village, and from them I learned about this house.

I turned to Reddy to ask Kieran about the initiation ceremony, but here he was at the same time with the Hijras – he preferred not to ask a direct question in the form in which I asked him.”Initiation”, by which I in one way or another meant castration, he generally called for no reason a “holiday” in this palace. So when did you have a holiday in your house, huh? Kiran Baksh nevertheless answered, no less ambiguously, that, they say, he learned about it from his senior comrades, but he could not name the date when his own “holiday” took place …

Munni was from Kagaz Mandi, or “paper market”, in the Hyderabad area. His parents were servants in a company, in a real firm. He came to the Hijras when he was “sixteen or seventeen”.Why did you come?

“Where can you go,” he said, “if your parents abuse you endlessly? And the brothers and sisters are always angry, shouting?

So this time, as before, the stories of each of them began to resemble one another; and when it came to Sayyid Baksh’s turn, he only said that he was seventy years old and that he would not want to say anything more … Why? Oh, it’s the same, he said. You have already heard everything from others. So he, with his rather mocking, ironic tone, made me understand that my skepticism about what I heard was not unfounded.

His proud, ancient face reminded me of the images of the eunuchs of the past; this is the quality of duality, bifurcation, when any word, any gesture could simultaneously mean exactly the opposite. And Sayyid Baksh also had this amazing irony, in its extreme expression. As if all this time he understood that I would accidentally stumble upon the truth, and at that moment he would only be watching me. Who are you, Sayyid Baksh, I wanted to ask him. Was he kidnapped as a child? Did his parents give him here? Or was it his free choice? He will not explain anything to anyone in any way.Unless from time to time here and there he drops a word, just to put me on the right course …

With the help of a sophisticated information gathering system, the Hijras find out where a wedding is being prepared or are expecting a baby, and they come to dance and sing

Photo: AFP

This cohabitation of kindred natures here is based on a large number of rules, representing something like a monastic order.But where else in India will a man find a place for himself who is not capable of conceiving a child? This is a desperate choice, and it is impossible to call it a choice either. After all, it is proposed suppression, repression from consciousness, and not freedom of action; offered to be what you are. It was clear to me that only a split-minded narrator can feel closer to the Hijras.

I examined the sling and the key that hung on the wall above the head of Kamal Baksh. They were hung on one nail, and this combination stuck in memory for a long time: a sling – to keep strangers at a respectful distance, and also for those with whom this incredible misfortune happened; but this key – what is it from? Perhaps from a new social gender or from their past, which they did not want to disclose?

Rani stood in the center of the hijr circle.He had a pillow under his sari. Munni set the beat on his drum. Kamal Baksh beat out a barely audible, clear pulse on small cymbals – karatals. The others clapped their hands; of those who sang along, some clearly did not succeed in following the melody correctly. Sayyid was in the foreground in this choir, and it was his voice that was the soloist. As soon as they began to sing, the side door opened and two men entered.

– No, no! It is forbidden! – Kamal Baksh shouted here. – Hey, go away!

And they left instantly…

At this point Rani began to shoot his eyes, flirting with us – after all, he is about to play in front of us every month of pregnancy. The first song was in Purabiya, Old Hindi:

In the first month I did not know what to do …

In the second, I stopped understanding at least something.

The whole third was sick, chest and head ached.

On the fourth I fell in love with lemons.

I could not move to the fifth one as before.

On the sixth I wanted to go home to my mother.

The seventh was out of breath.

On the eighth my skin began to stain.

On the ninth she demanded a carriage for herself.

At the end of each line of the Hijras, they shouted “Ha-ji!”, That is, “Yes!”, And Munni froze, waiting for his drum to cease. Rani jumped, turned, played with the loose end of the sari; he also groaned and grabbed his stomach with his hands.Here are the songs of these beggars, a patchwork quilt of need and a sad life, and the theme was the most ironic of all possible – the conception of a new life, when the eunuchs themselves could not conceive it. And it was expressed very freely, detachedly.

Oh, mother, we won’t have our own children forever …

Your child has come to bless,

Yes, I wish you happiness.

At the end of the evening, after much persuasion and bickering, Kamal Baksh nevertheless accepted 101 rupees as payment for this performance, but he refused to accept more than this: after all, we are his guests, he said.

… Chkhoti Haveli, that is, the “small palace” of eunuchs, was lost behind several buildings in the crowded shopping area of ​​Char Minar, about a quarter of a mile from the house where I met Kamal Baksh. We agreed with Detective Reddy to meet him on the spot.

Ramzan, who was accompanying me, signaled with a gesture that I should stay in the car while he would find out inside if I could enter them. Soon Ramzan appeared outside, and behind him was one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen: a tall man, about a meter eighty, a half-man, half-woman, like a ghost, with curls curling to the waist.I literally forgot why I came here – I looked and looked at this creature from an ancient myth. When this hijra just came to the window, he pinned up his hair, making himself a bun. His face was almost the same as that of the ancient Romans, and his sluggishness contrasted with inner beauty and youth.

Hijras wear women’s clothes and say about themselves “she”

Photo: Getty Images / Fotobank

Hijri, excitedly, excitedly, led us both inside.Inside the house, on a takata (low wooden platform), a rather motley group sat in a circle – three old hijras, toothless, in tattered saris, with Mr. Reddy in the middle. Yes, Chkhoti Haveli could not even come close to comparing with the much more regal-looking house of Kamal Baksh: paint fell from the walls here, they turned yellow with age. True, the same calm atmosphere was felt. And the reason for this calmness, as well as the reason for the energy and spirituality of the young hijra, became clear as soon as the fifth hijra entered the hall.

Shamim Baksh was probably forty-five years old, his skin was light, he had a handsome face, a native, apparently, of Kashmir or Lucknow. His silk sari was embellished with patterns and, just like an Indian flight attendant, neatly pulled back at the waist. He behaved and behaved like an upper class hostess. He was clearly distinguished by an outstanding intelligence, clearly used to command, but on the whole his wit told me that in his person I had met a representative of a more “liberal” group of Hijras.

Shamim Baksh sat down on a takat next to us. I was interested in that hijra, I said, who met us on the street and took us inside. With a nod of his head, Shamim Baksh allowed him to speak to me.

“My name is Anita Baksh,” he said. “Age – twenty-five years. Born here, in Hyderabad …” But all the time, while he was answering my questions, his eyes were constantly looking for the gaze of Shamim.

– How long have you been here in this house?

There was no answer.

– Since childhood, – said Shamim Baksh, – he has been in our house since childhood.

– How old was he when he came to you? Asked Reddy.

– Four years, – said Shamim Baksh.

– How did you get here? I asked Anita.

“I don’t remember,” Anita said.

Then Shamim Baksh explained: Anita, he said, is a real hermaphrodite, from birth he had clear signs of organs of both sexes, and therefore for the Hijras he was all the same of divine origin. He, the dancer, was the star of their group. His parents “handed over” him right here, to the Hijri house.Shamim Baksh “adopted” him.

“I only know what others have told me,” Anita said. “He is like a mother to me,” he said, pointing to Shamim Baksh.

– Are you his guru? – I asked Shamim Baksh.

“I’m his guru,” he said.

I asked Reddy if there were any “operations” going on here.

“No, no, what are you,” said Shamim Baksh in English. “What’s your name?

When I answered, Shamim Baksh again changed the direction of the conversation in English, asking:

– Why are you interested in Hijras?

Reddy explained that I am dealing with the history of the Hijras.

“So you ask questions both in Delhi and here,” said Shamim Baksh, “you ask how many of us are there and what kind of business are we doing? Those who are engaged in our professional activities, they are called “zinany”. The Hijras also work, but in a different way. In Bombay, Zinans will not sit with us, and we will not sit at the same table with them. We only go to joyful events, and we don’t go to any more.

– What exactly is the difference? I asked.

“We obey laws, we have principles,” Shamim Baksh said.- We have chaudhry.

– What is chaudhry? I asked.

– Head, – said Shamim Baksh. – Here I have chaudhri – Yusuf Naik.

“So Naik is the same as chaudhri,” I asked, “but higher than the guru?

– Yes, – Shamim Baksh nodded.

– What is zinana?

“The Zinana are in male prostitution,” said Reddy.

But Shamim Baksh did not agree with him.

“They behave like girls since childhood,” he said.“However, they live with their parents or even start a family. We are not doing any other work. They prepare food; some of them who are educated work in large offices; some are trading. They are free to do whatever they want, but we are not. We have our society and we belong to it. We have laws.

– Are they all chells (pupils, students)? I asked.

– It is such a happy occasion, – said Shamim Baksh, – when they call you “chella”.

(At one time this word, by the way, meant “slave”…)

– And who chooses whom? I asked.

– As soon as they enter the house, – answered Shamim Baksh, – they become chellas. The guru chooses his chella himself.

– How do they come to the house? I asked.

“Some are brought by their parents,” Shamim Baksh said. “Sometimes they come by themselves.

– What is the reason for parents to transfer their child to you? I asked.

“When they are convinced that he is not like the rest of the family,” Shamim Baksh said.

– But how is this possible? – I was surprised. – How are they able to decide, for example, that their four-year-old son is actually a hijra ?!

– Already from childhood it is possible to determine, – said Shamim Baksh, – what are the inclinations of the child … If it is a boy, he behaves like a boy. But if he has a female nature, he will play with girls. Parents feel how their son lives, watching the development of his character … Isn’t that so in America?

– At what age is the operation performed here? I asked.

– No, no, – Shamim Baksh shook his head, – we don’t have an operation. This is what I was trying to explain: if a child has a female soul, then they do it or not, it does not matter. Write in your book: if a person has a female soul, he will do it anyway.

– How many people do you have here? I asked.

“Our guru has left,” Shamim Baksh said. “Therefore, there are now three. Actually, there are four. I have one pupil and one more recently came from the village.

The latter explained why there were five in the house. When they went to a wedding or to celebrate the birth of a child, Shamim Baksh said, they made sure to cooperate with the house of Kamal Baksh. If on the same day there were two events at once, then they went separately, each group on its own, he said. I asked him: does he know when the tradition of hijras began in Hyderabad?

Hijras worship many gods, but they especially revere Shiva, who has the characteristics of both sexes and a wonderful dancer

Photo: AFP

“We do not know this,” Shamim Baksh said.- Some say that our house is four hundred years old, others – that only three hundred.

“You see, it all started in Turkestan,” said Reddy. “The Turkestan kings had many wives, and in order to look after them, I had to start such a tradition …

– Exactly, – Shamim Baksh agreed with him.

– What can you say about the tradition of blessing a newborn, – I asked, – or come to weddings to congratulate the newlyweds?

“This is from early times,” Shamim Baksh said.

– What does this mean? I asked.

– You see, – said Shamim Baksh, – in the Hindu religion it is called: “any opportunity”. How can I explain to you the history of an entire religion? We are called “Mangala Mukhi” – “auspicious face”. Let’s say that some happy event happened in your house, but the younger members of the family cannot dance in front of their older generation in order to show them respect, so they specially call us. That is why the work for us, at Mangal Mukhi, is to go to joyful events, sing there, dance and bless everyone.

– Why is this a good omen? – I asked. – Interestingly, someone who can not be called either a man or a woman is considered a good omen, although the very essence of the event – be it a wedding or the birth of a newborn – is so strongly connected with sex.

“A specialist in mythology or a philosopher will tell you about this much better,” said Shamim Baksh.

– But why exactly “favorable”? I asked.

“It started from a very long time ago,” Shamim Baksh said.- From the Shikhandi avatar in the Hindu religion … It started with the Mohini avatar (“Manmatha” literally means “embarrassing the soul,” so they called the god of love Kama. – “O” ), he became a great dancer. Manmatha, disguised as a woman, approached the immortal Bhishma and began to dance in front of him. Bhishma desired him, and Manmatha replied that he would not refuse him anything as long as he danced with him. And he invited Bhishma to repeat all his dance moves after him. But now Manmatha laid his hand on his head.Bhishma did the same – and immediately turned to ash.

– Which Hindu gods do you worship? I asked.

“Hinduism or Islam, everything is mixed with us,” answered Shamim. “We do not make a distinction.

– But still, which of the Indian gods?

– Shiva, Krishna and his incarnations, – said Shamim Baksh.

“You see, Shiva was a wonderful dancer,” said Reddy.

Shiva is also known as a single bisexual being, combining both masculine and feminine principles, he became a symbol of transsexuality, and Shamim Baksh associated himself with this tradition.

– Can you tell us a few words in your secret language? I asked.

– What language? – asked Shamim Baksh.

“Which you speak to each other,” I explained.

Shamim Baksh quickly glanced at the other hijras.

– Well, you know, when you get angry, but you need to talk to children, – he said, – we speak then … in just a few words.

– Which ones, for example? I asked.

– Well, for example, “ezh”, – said Shamim Baksh, – it means “shut up”.This is when I want to scold a child, but I have to do it in the presence of old people.

In his words, perhaps, there was a double meaning. He probably warned the others that way.

– If I want to drink, and you are all sitting here, – said Shamim Baksh, – then I will say “bring the wheel.”

“It’s their own special language,” Reddy said, “and they won’t share it.

“Tell them they have bad habits,” said Reddy.

“They have bad habits,” Shamim Baksh teased him.

– What does this mean? I asked.

– Well, how can I explain this to you? – said Shamim Baksh. – You are still a child. But it’s not good to prostitute at night and sing during the day.

– Who are you talking about?

“About everyone,” said Reddy. “Although some are already so old and ugly that no one calls them.

– No, – said Shamim Baksh, – not only young people, but even old ones are engaged in this. Whoever has a desire becomes a male prostitute: they have men who support them as their mistresses.

– Where are these men? I asked.

– A-ah, back and forth, they come – they leave, – Shamim Baksh waved his hand. – They will come, stay, leave, you wouldn’t understand anything … Did you see all those gentlemen at Kamal Baksh’s house? Its so-called tenants? ..

So, it turns out that even the man who appeared then for the medicine, together with his wife, probably had one of those Hijras as his lover?

I thanked Shamim Baksh for his frankness.Reddy advised me to give them thirty rupees for their time with us.

“That’s why they are called Baksh,” he said.

– Well, yes, – Shamim Baksh nodded, – we live off the bakshish.

Reddy laughed cheerfully. The joke was that they receive baksheesh, that is, pay, for prostitution.

– Have you seen the movie Heat and Dust? – asked Shamim.

“Yes,” I said.

“Anita was filmed for him,” Shamim said. “I myself could not then, because I was summoned to Bombay for Raj Kapoor’s birthday.

While I was writing something in my notebook, he suddenly added in English:

– My name is Shameem Baksh … Forget-me-naat (my name is Shamim Baksh. Don’t forget me).

Without a family, but with a union

Who are the hijras

Hijri – one of the untouchable castes in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, which includes representatives of the “third sex”.This community of men (physically) who dress and act like women call themselves by female names, but do not identify themselves as either gender. The number of Hijras, according to various estimates, ranges from 50 thousand to 5 million. Hijras are traditionally invited to weddings and the birth of children, where they sing and dance. The Hijras have their own public associations and even a trade union. In June 2001, the National Congress of the Hijras was convened, making political claims at the local, regional and pan-Indian level.

90,000 Russian mistress cost Indian officer

+ A –

Loud sex scandal ended with the resignation of the commander

The command of the Indian naval forces dismissed Commodore Sukhjinder Singh, who had a relationship with a Russian woman during a business trip to Russia. Because of his love for the Russian “spy”, the officer lost his job.

The Indian command of the Naval Forces made the final decision to dismiss Commodore (Captain 1st Rank) Sukhjinder Singh, who had a relationship with a Russian woman during a business trip to Russia, writes the Times of India newspaper.

The scandal erupted in April 2010, when photographs of a married commodore with a Russian mistress were published in the Indian press. The pictures were taken in 2005-2008. Then Singh headed a group of Indian observers who monitored the process of modernization commissioned by the Indian armed forces of the aircraft-carrying cruiser Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov) in Severodvinsk.

After returning from Russia, the Commodore continued to work on the cruiser re-equipment project. However, shortly after the publication of photographs of a personal nature, he was charged with an intimate relationship with a foreign woman. In February of this year, Singh’s case was considered by a special commission, which found out how the officer’s adventures affected the cost of re-equipping the cruiser.

The Commission found that due to the indecent behavior of a soldier engaged in extraneous matters during a business trip, the price of the contract for the conversion of the cruiser has increased significantly.Indian authorities suggested that the married Singh could have been blackmailed with photographs. The woman with whom Singh cohabited was called a spy, and the officer himself was decided to be expelled from the armed forces with the wording “for the loss of moral character,” the Indian newspaper writes, citing a source in the Indian Ministry of Defense.

As the newspaper reports, later this information was not confirmed. Suhjinder Singh escaped criminal punishment, but was fired from the Indian Navy without a pension or benefits for defaming an officer.

Let us remind you that the contract for the modernization and delivery of the cruiser Vikramaditya to India was signed by Russia in 2004 and became the largest export contract in the field of bilateral military-technical cooperation. Russia has pledged to repair and modernize the aircraft carrier, as well as supply MiG-29K fighters and Ka-27 and Ka-31 anti-submarine helicopters for it. Initially, the modernization was estimated at less than $ 974 million, and the transfer of the ship to the customer was scheduled for 2008.However, due to the increase in the volume of work, the delivery date of the ship was shifted to 2013, and, according to Indian media, the new contract price was $ 2.33 billion.

90,000 famous film director born from his mistress, who lived a difficult family life –

Today, families such as Bhatta are considered spoiled and licentious, because almost all the men from this dynasty had several wives and mistresses. But if you go back to the 1950s, you can see that at that time almost all film families lived like this.Many are so tightly intertwined with each other that today it is difficult to find people in Bollywood who would not be someone’s relatives. Moreover, life was more difficult. See how spoiled and rich Ranbir Kapoor is . And two generations ago, his 8-year-old grandfather saw his brothers die in a squalid one-room apartment.

Bhatt also passed a difficult path. Grandmother and grandfather Aliyah came together for love, but were rejected by society, since grandfather Nanabhai was already married and did not belong to Muslims.The only place where they could find work was the film industry. Their kids haven’t gotten anything in life, let alone movies. They had to work long and hard to somehow make their way in life.

Mahesh – a child of a Hindu and a Muslim woman, fell in love with an even more unacceptable girl in Indian society, a white woman Lorraine Bright . He met her in college and hid in secluded places so that they would not be noticed. During school holidays, he already had to work, and when he began to earn full money, helping on the set, they fled.Lorraine changed her name to Kiran, and when Mahesh was 23 years old, he had his first child, daughter Puja . And then the son Kiran .

By this time Mahesh and his brothers Mukesh and Robin were struggling to support their families and survive in the world of cinema. Mahesh was the first to break through. At 26, he made his first film, which came out only a year and a half later, because the censorship council refused to show it until the government intervened.Subsequently, Mahesh will face censorship more than once.

He agreed to any job to support his wife and little daughter, but the first few years of active work as a director he was plagued by setbacks. And only “Naya Daur” from by Rishi Kapurm , which came out in 1978, became his first success. A year later, he made a film that really attracted attention, Two Colors of Blood / Lahu Ke Do Rang (1979) with Shabana Azmi and Helen .In 1979 Rishi was a young man who tried to find his way in the film industry outside of the production of a powerful father and avoided marriage for fear of becoming a reveler like his father. Shabana Azmi was an outsider actress desperate for a chance, and Helen was in need of money, as few people took her seriously.

Mahesh was not in the best position either. By the end of the 70s, he began to walk a lot and fell in love with alcohol. It was during this period that his romance with the beautiful aristocrat Parvin Babi broke out.She belonged to an educated Muslim family with royal ties, and she herself graduated in English (in the 1970s it was a great rarity among Indian women). She met Mahesh when he was just a secretary and assistant director, and it was her help that helped Mahesh turn around and start making films. The couple had a passionate romance until poor Parvin was diagnosed with an illness. A beautiful, talented and intelligent girl was at the mercy of schizophrenia, and Mahesh fell into the trap of a difficult situation when he had to choose whom to save: his wife and children, his lover, or himself.

Interesting: Parvin Babi: Lonely and Forgotten

And he chose himself. At that time, he had already turned into an alcoholic and realized that he had sunk to the bottom, but the guilt that he left two women and children who loved him grew into self-loathing, which made him drink even more. Brought up in two religions (Islam and Hinduism), he searched for his faith for a very long time, joining various religious and cultural movements. At first it was the residence of Rajneesh in Pune (OSHO), but unlike his friend Vinod Khanna , Mahesh was saved before Rajneesh could destroy his life.Then there were the teachings of Krishnamurti. Thanks to the mentor, Mahesh managed to overcome alcoholism.

His first autobiographical film Awareness / Arth (1982) Mahesh Bhatt shot as if through the eyes of his wife on a failed marriage. Shabana Azmi plays a young wife who has no one but her husband, but who must learn to build a new life after her husband left her for a young actress (this role was played by Smita Patil ). In the film, the viewer has no sympathy for Mahesh, but at the same time he does not look like an inhuman villain.He is in love, forgets about his wife, and then finds out that his mistress is mentally ill and feels guilty.

His next autobiographical film was TV project Daddy , in which his own 16-year-old daughter Pooja played herself. The image of Mahesh on the screen was embodied by Anupam Kher .

Mahesh found his family again in the mid-80s. This was the time when his sibling Mukesh and half-brother Robin (from his father’s first wife) teamed up and started working together. Mukesh was more stable. In 1986 he founded Vishesh Films, which he named after his young son. It was the joint projects of the brothers that brought money to the family.

In 1990, their first hit was Aashiqui . It was another personal film for Mahesh, but now, finally, he has improved relations with his daughter from his first marriage and he married Sonya Hrazdan , who became his support and support. Aashiqui is the story of his youthful love for a Christian girl whom he kissed under his jacket on a rainy day outside, unaware of the disasters that would occur in the years to come.

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