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9 Ways To Tell Real Purses

Michael Kors rose to international prominence after the brand’s chief creative officer and founder, Michael David Kors, joined Project Runway as a judge at the height of the reality show’s popularity.

Kors, who was born in 1959, was already established as a sportswear designer when he broke onto the show’s set but leveraged the opportunity to convert his brand to a household name by shifting to a new focus: Handbags.

American fashion designer Michael David Kors is the honorary chairman and chief creative officer of his brand, Michael Kors

Today, Michael Kors-branded leather goods are coveted by men and women all across the globe. The brand namesake’s creations are so popular that counterfeits have started popping up.

While some customers buy fake purses and knock off wallets willingly, many others simply can’t tell the difference when shopping online.

We’ll show you nine easy ways to tell whether a Michael Kors bag is the real deal.

1. Buy from authorized retailers

To avoid the risk of purchasing counterfeit products, it is best to buy directly from the official Michael Kors website, a Michael Kors retail store, a reputable department store, or authorized retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Left: Taylor Swift heads out with the “Casey” satchel. Right: Hilary Swank attends an event with a Spring 2013 buckled clutch.

The American fashion designer works with customs authorities, law enforcement, and legal representatives globally in an effort to prevent the sale of counterfeit Michael Kors products, both online and offline.

In September 2019, New Haven Register reported that the fashion house had filed a lawsuit against vendors and operators of The Boulevard Flea Market in New Haven, Connecticut, alleging counterfeit goods bearing the company’s brand have been sold there for years.

2. Get acquainted with Saffiano leather

Michael Kors bags have become synonymous with Saffiano leather. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand’s trademark material, Saffiano is calf leather with a fine criss-cross pattern pressed on it by a machine. An original will feel structured and rigid, while synthetics tend to be soft and floppy.

Original Saffiano leather will also have a slight gloss to it. Please note that not all genuine bags are made with real leather.

Michael Kors bags have become synonymous with Saffiano leather

3. Familiarize yourself with the two official Michael Kors logos

Michael Kors typically uses two different logos: the expanded one and the circle emblem.

The expanded version should be precisely cut with sharp edges, and the letters should be evenly spaced. Inauthentic versions of this logo tend to stand out from the leather more, while legitimate logs are embedded into the leather, and perfectly centered.

Whitney Large Logo Convertible Shoulder Bag, $234.00

The circle emblem shows the letters M and K at the center. The letters should be distinct and surrounded by a perfect circle. Often, fakes will feature logos that look a little wonky and unsymmetrical.

Logo hardware should feel heavy and substantial, and not like coated plastic.

From time to time, Michael Kors does use a plain MK to embellish some bags as well.

4. Know quality handles

An original Michael Kors bag should use sturdy hardware to fasten the handles to the bag.

Fake bags typically use rounded handles that don’t feature stamping. On genuine bags, the joint hardware is slightly rectangular with rounded edges, and the expanded logo is stamped on one side. The original hardware should also feel hefty.

Left: Miranda Kerr wears a bright “Selma” crossbody bag. Right: Kate Hudson prefers the slouchy “Large Riley” tote

Another subtle telltale sign in an original Michael Kors is four even and perfectly proportionate stitches underneath the handle hardware. Knock off Michael Kors bags do feature the four stitches as well, but they’re often sloppily executed.

Below the stitching is a screw that should feel flat to the touch and shouldn’t protrude from the bag.

The handle of an authentic tote must be made from premium leather and shouldn’t wrinkle around the foam tube. Additionally, leather tabs should neatly conceal the handle edges instead of exposing the edge stitching.

5. Have a feel for quality zippers and zip closures

Authentic Michael Kors zippers have a brass finish and are usually paired with an elongated zipper pull. The expanded Michael Kors logo is engraved cleanly onto the pull.

Counterfeit zipper pulls will typically use the rounded logo and are usually made out of plastic with a metallic finish. This type of pull is noticeably more prone to breaking, flaking, and chipping.

When opening or closing the zip, an original should feel more rigid. Pay close attention to the structure of the bag upon opening the zip: the shape of an original will remain structured, while a fake will gape wide open.

Another tip? The zipper on an authentic Michael Kors bag ends before the leather tab, whereas the zipper on a fake usually tucks into it.

6. The shoulder strap should be sewn on correctly

A nicely sewn loop should hold the strap to the tote body. On classic MK bags, the loop is stitched above the seam. On fakes, the loops tend to be stitched into the seam. The small difference in stitching makes the strapless durable and more prone to snapping.

In an authentic Michael Kors bag, exemptions are made when the straps are sewn into the seam for aesthetic purposes.

Hamilton Large Logo Satchel, $298

In other models, the straps are usually sewn on cleanly on the outside of the tote body. Check for precise stitches and neat leather tabs that conceal the handle ends.

Bags made more recently use clasps, grommets, and buckles instead. Most of the shoulder straps in the newer models are removable.

7. Know your lining

A lot of fake MK totes are lined with logo print material, but they still feature telltale signs that they’re faked.

Original Michael Kors totes will use a light, almost beige shade inlining materials.

Most replicas will use a darker material. Knock-off logo prints tend to be heavily shaded, and the logo acronym faces in different directions instead of the single direction that original logos face.

Both linings are synthetic, but the fake one will likely rustle more, and feel stiffer than an authentic.

Left: Freida Pinto carries a light reptile-print leather tote. Right: Karlie Kloss matches her jacket to a Michael Kors tote.

Michael Kors has recently been using the expanded logo on all its newer bags. This can either come in a standard horizontal pattern or cross-hatched with a chain pattern.

Michael Kors has also started to produce suede and Saffiano leather linings that don’t have a pattern printed on them.

8. Know your inside pockets

On larger totes like the Hamilton, one side of the lining will have a zipper pocket with a piece of leather framing the zip. A counterfeit will have a less-than-graceful leather piece that is more rounded than the original.

Usually — but not always — both sides will feature open pockets. The more classic bags will have one with a cellphone pocket on the left and a flat pocket on the right. The opposite side should have two flat pockets. Fakes tend to duplicate the cellphone pocket on both sides.

Mercer Leather Crossbody, $257

While the pockets may vary from one bag model to another, all open pockets should be should beautifully lined with leather at the edges. The only exception? Handbag models that are lined with suede.

Michael Kors bags often usually feature a lobster clasp made for attaching keys to. This detail is often overlooked in counterfeit totes.

9. Stay updated

Like all designers, Michael Kors changes details constantly, so it’s good to keep yourself updated on new products and releases every season. The Michael Kors website offers a great zoom function that allows prospective buyers to get a close-up look at every product’s finer details.

If you are still unsure as to what an authentic Michael Kors handbag should look and feel like, visit an official retailer near you and get acquainted with the real thing.

Michael Kors Fast Facts

Where are Michael Kors products made?

It’s a well-known fact that most of Michael Kors products are sourced from China. If you see a “Made In” tag that lists a country other than China, however, don’t panic. Michael Kors also produces authentic goods in Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea.

How much do Michael Kors bags and wallets cost?

Michael Kors bags fall within the range of $50 to $18,000, while wallets can range anywhere from $30 to $895. The official Michael Kors website constantly updates the brand’s list of prices and lists the occasional sales price as well.

Are all Michael Kors bags made from genuine leather?

No, many bags are made of synthetic materials or a mixture of leather and PVC.

Who is Michael Kors’s husband?

He is married to his former intern, Lance LePere. After dating for almost 20 years, they married in a private ceremony on Southampton’s Dune Beach in New York, in August 2011. The couple attained a marriage license at New York City Hall

Michael Kors and his husband Lance LePere at the Roundabout Theater’s 2020 Gala at The Ziegfeld Ballroom on March 2, 2020, in New York City

“To marry someone as wonderful and special to me as Lance barefoot on a glorious beach is more than I could have dreamed of,” Kors said at the time.

“Lance and I are very excited to finally be able to have the opportunity to marry in our home state after many years together,” added Kors. “We have no plans for a major party, but we will be getting married privately.”

Do Michael Kors bags have serial numbers?

Yes, they do. Handbags, small leather goods, and tech accessories are protected from the original date of purchase by a one-year limited warranty (proof of purchase required).

To obtain service under this warranty, you must provide the serial number of the product and the seller’s name and address.

This video is also a great resource to differentiate between genuine Michael Kors bags and fakes.

Credit: TNYF / Winston Burris / Michael Wright / Ivan Nikolov / WENN / Jeff Grossman / Instar

How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Bags

Distinguishing original MK bags from counterfeit ones is getting harder each day, as the latter ones are striving to be a mirror image of the former ones without improving their low quality. So, while buying an original bag, check out the official website of the brand beforehand to stay updated about the particular bag you are looking for and go to trusted dealers so that no one can swindle you with a fake bag.

How to Tell if a Michael Kors Bag is Fake: 7 Things to Check

1. Logo

Real MK handbags sometimes have their trademark MK sign on a hanging metal ring. Sometimes the logo is written on the bag itself. The writing and engraving of both “Michael Kors” and “MK” are neat and clean with a fine finishing in original bags whereas the fake bags exhibit a poor quality logo.

Inside the original bag, there is also the logo on the lining, either in short or full form, with proper spacing and fonts.

2. Hardware

Authentic bags feature solid and sturdy well-polished silver or gold colored metals, with an engraving of the brand name in full. Fake bags use low-quality hardware or even plastic with the short form of the brand name. These materials are prone to flake and come off in no time.

3. Lining

  • Original MK bags have a soft satin blend material with leather trimming. When you touch it you will feel the smoothness along with a subtle rigidness. This particular feature is likely to be found on the bags available at Michael Kors outlets and not at Michael Kors boutique. But this is not a universal rule to follow, as some of the MK bags come up with no lining at all like the Greenwich Tote collection. Also, bags from the Vintage Michael Kors collection have only simple canvas material but never ever a real bag has been manufactured without the logo on the lining. If you see one, it is definitely a fake bag.
  • Until 2013, some real MK handbags were produced with the iconic circle logo on the lining, but not anymore. So, any bag claiming to be a new MK bag bearing such logo should be considered fake. Also, the unauthentic bags sometimes have slightly oval logos which apparently look like a circle.

  • The logo of the lining is usually made of glossy threads which shine in dimmer lights. In fake bags the lining is glossier than the logo, making it hardly visible.
  • Some originals of 2015 collection have large lettering of MK throughout the lining while the late 2016 and 2017 collections exhibit the writing of Michael Kors. False MK bags are likely to come up with honeycomb lining and improper positioning of the letters of the logo.

4. Stitching

Real bags showcase proper and even stitching which duplicate bags miss most of the time. But presently, this factor alone cannot determine if a bag is real or fake as many replicas are using better stitching that even outdo the real ones.

5. Heat Stamps

Except for the reversible bags, original MK handbags display two tiered heat stamps of the writing “MICHAEL MICAHEL KORS”, well pressed and arranged properly with even spacing of the letters. Counterfeit bags have low quality heat stamps of unclear words, poorly aligned. They also use the logo of MK which is typically used in original MK purses and not in bags.

Since the bags available at Michael Kors retail outlets often showcase lightly pressed heat stamps, this is not the sole feature to detect a bag’s authenticity.

Presently, Greenwich bags and totes are featured with hardware instead of such heat stamps.

6. Zippers

Authentic MK bags have sturdy and well-built zippers along with its logo somewhere on them. False bags certainly don’t have them. For Hamilton collection, original bags use zippers of size 9 for the inner pockets which is not the case with false bags.

7. Manufacturing Tags

  • Authentic MK bags use their colorful manufacturing tags to indicate where the particular bag will be available at. For example, if the tag is white or clear, then be sure that the bag is made for Michael Kors Boutique and if the tag is brown or black, then it is to be accessible from Michel Kors retail outlets.
  • Authentic tags are made of nylon, leather or gel, bearing the name of the country of manufacturing and the style number. If you find a tag mentioning any country other than Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Turkey, Italy, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, then it is definitely a fake bag.
  • The tags also bear an alphanumeric style where the alphabets stand for the manufacturing location and numbers denote the date of manufacturing.
  • Some high-quality false MK bags might be showcasing such tags but with uneven spacing and lettering of the code.
  • Since 2016, many MK handbag products have been featured with a new QR code denoting the color code, style number, manufacturing date, and season.

Buying Tip

If you are having difficulty in deciding who is offering a genuine MK bag, you may consider checking out the seller Flying Fashion on Amazon. Most of the certified buyers commented that they got the original bags, and the bags did look authentic once we ordered from here. Since these are fulfilled by Amazon, you can return the bag if you are not satisfied with the quality.

The safest way would be to directly order yours from the Michael Kors web store. If you are purchasing from other online stores, stay away from the bags that claim to be real MK products but are available at an unbelievably low price, as the original bags are a little pricey and for all the right reasons.

Identify Fake Bags | Michael Kors Purse | Chanel Bags

Counterfeit handbags can most often be found on online stores or small, unbranded kiosks sold for a significant mark-down from the original bag. However, counterfeit bags also trickle into the second-hand market, making it tougher to tell the real pieces from the fakes. That’s where we come in, examining each item with care, looking for signs of copycat manufacturing. Here are things you can do to verify genuine luxury bags for yourself.

6 Ways to Distinguish a Luxury Handbag from a Counterfeit

While specific signs vary by brand and design, there are several things that are true for all luxury handbags, making it easy to spot knock-offs.

1. The lettering is consistent and neat.

The lettering on a luxury bag will always be pristine. They have the right stamps, materials, and tools to make a clean, level imprint every time. Each letter is the same size, and evenly spaced. The imprints are always evenly pressed and easy to read. The precision with which this is done is tough for knock-offs to imitate: the text may be off-center, the spacing may be uneven, or the letters may be varying sizes. 

Even with the most spot-on counterfeit handbags, called “super fakes,” it may still be possible to find the knock-offs by focusing on the font. The exact curve of the letters, the angle of each point, and the precise thickness of each line, is nearly impossible to copy. 

2. The stitching always impeccable.

Luxury handbag brands take great pride in their work, even the fine details. Whether sewn by hand or machine, these bags will always have straight, even lines of stitching, with no loose threads or imperfections. Any deviations in the thread is a sure sign that the bag is not the original make.

3. The materials always match.

While the materials vary from design to design, they will never vary on the luxury bag, itself. For example, the chain links, emblem, buckles, and buttons will all be the same metal with the same level of polish. In some cases, the internal lining will be the give-away. While two pieces of cloth may have the same pattern, one may be noticeably darker than the other due to cheap printing techniques. In other cases, a counterfeiter will pour time and resources into the look of the emblem then use a generic pull tab for the zipper. When one material looks cheap next to the others, this is a sure sign of a knock-off.

4. Genuine luxury bags have shape and symmetry.

One thing that is very difficult to replicate is the overall aesthetic of a genuine luxury item. Maybe the corners aren’t quite as rounded, or the pattern doesn’t start at quite the right place. When examining a bag, look over the finer details to see if they truly match the desired look. Some counterfeits look noticeably sloppy, while others fall short of the original. Only a few “super fakes” are convincing in their overall aesthetic.

5. Plastic is never used.

The materials used in luxury bags are always precious and high-quality, generally a combination of leather, fabric, and precious metals. Plastic will never be used in a genuine top-brand bag. The most common places where plastic is used for knock-offs is the zipper and the “leather” material. A plastic zipper is usually obvious, but synthetic leather isn’t always easy to identify. When examining the exterior of the bag, see if the external material is unusually smooth or thick. This indicates that a fake leather is being used. 

6. There are no flakes or dents in the metal.

All luxury bags are made of high quality materials. Counterfeiters often plate cheaper metals with gold or silver to save money, which eventually chips or loses its luster. Knock-offs may also show wear and tear from the construction process, particularly in the finer details such as individual chain links. If the purse has a chain link strap, spend extra time searching for chinks and bends in each link. 

Using the right materials and manufacturing techniques, the metals in a genuine luxury bag are of impeccable quality. The signs of counterfeits come through in these details.

7. Polished metals have an unmistakable glow.

While certain luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton sometimes use duller metals for a historical touch, most emblems, buttons, and zippers are polished to the point of absolute radiance. Thin, smooth, and translucent layers of polish coat each little button, causing them to glimmer in the light. The result is breath-taking, and also protects the metal from any tarnish. Counterfeits may also have polished metals, but rarely to the same degree.

Spotting Counterfeits by Brand

With each luxury bag design, certain elements carry through from piece to piece. This doesn’t just act as the aesthetic and design language of the brand, it also works handily for spotting counterfeits.

Note: Some exceptions may exist, especially in older designs and styles that have not yet come out. 

Michael Kors

  • The MK emblem is two bold, conjoined letters in the center of a circle. If metal, the face is flat with unrounded, 90° edges.  
  • A Michael Kors purse never uses double stitching, meaning the stitching is never thicker in one spot than another. Double stitching is most common at the edges of the thread. 
  • For purses, the internal lining has one long piece from the front to back. Counterfeits often use multiple small pieces to save money on materials.
  • Michael Kors metal is always polished to the point of glowing.
  • The zippers have built-in stops for an elegant finish and ease of use.


  • The CC logo has two C’s facing each other. When three-dimensional, the right C crosses over the left on top, then the left crosses over the right on the bottom.
  • If large screws are used for aesthetic, they’re always flathead. Hex screws are also used.
  • Authenticity cards have 6 digits from years ‘84 to ‘86, 7 from ‘86 to ‘04, and 8 from ‘05 onward.
  • The famous caviar skin handbags have a texture of overlapping bubbles.
  • When the Chanel logo appears on metal, it’s always engraved rather than raised.

Louis Vuitton

  • Mirror image is extremely important for the LV image. The pattern starts just how it ends on the other side, from left to right and from front to back.
  • Monogram patterned bags are made with one continuous piece, meaning the monograms will be upside down on one side.
  • The stitching on Speedy bags is very precise: exactly 5 threads on each side of the pentagons.
  • The Speedy cowhide straps start out tan then darken with age, while most knock-offs remain the same.
  • A date code can be found behind the internal pocket of all modern LV bags. From 1882 to 1889, there were 3 to 5 digits. From 1990 onward, there have been 6. 


  • Gucci metals are always highly polished. 
  • If the GG emblem is three-dimensional, the G on the left overlaps the G on the right.
  • A fabric serial tab can be found along the top of the inner lining with a heat-stamped message. 1990’s bags say MADE IN ITALY/GUCCI. All other bags say GG/made in italy.
  • On the reverse side of the serial tab, there is a production code.
  • If a Gucci bag has a monogram on the outside, it never has monogram lining on the inside.
  • While usually in upper case, the Gucci logo may also appear in cursive. A GG emblem is also sometimes used with the second G flipped upside down, overlapping in the same pattern as the Chanel logo.

Kate Spade

  • The logo always reads “kate spade/NEW YORK.”
  • Fabric labels are always stitched on, never glued.
  • Most Kate Spade purses have small leather feet no wider than a dime.
  • The metal hardware is always well polished with noticeable heft. Knock-offs will often use cheaper metals plated in heavier materials.


  • All CC print bags are mirror-image, with two C’s facing each other in the exact top center. 
  • Coach uses only silver and brass hardware, notably heavy metals.
  • New Coach items always come with dust bags. For larger items, the dust bags are brown with red stitching and a drawstring, with a white logo on the bottom right. For accessories, dust bags are white with a red logo on the bottom right.


  • Up close, the famous Prada saffiano leather is made of tiny lines, not squares.
  • If the metal logo is attached to fabric, it makes no indent in the material.


  • If there is a long, thin clasp along the front of the bag, it’s even and connects elegantly.
  • If a key is included, it’s attached with leather rather than a metal key ring.
  • Hermes zippers have an H-shaped stopper.

When determining whether a bag is  luxury or counterfeit, remember one thing: the biggest indicator is quality. If the lettering is neat and correct, if the stitching is elegant, if the materials are of the utmost quality, you are most likely looking at the real deal. Stop into Max Pawn to review or add to our rotating selection of authentic luxury handbags.

How to Easily Spot Fake Michael Kors Bags

Spotting a fake Michael Kors bag means noticing the counterfeit’s lack of craftsmanship and paying attention to details. Other telltale signs are easily recognized once you know what to look for in the many parts that go into the construction of this designer handbag.

An authentic Michael Kors bag is made of saffiano leather that is heavy and sturdy. The handbag side panel structure is firm and neatly tucked in. The side panels are one piece of leather. The thin rubber edging along the panel seam is one snug piece. The weight of the real Michael Kors bag is much heavier than the imitation purse.

What to look for in the bag’s hardware.

Like all good counterfeits, the imitation Michael Kors bag I received has the exact same size handles, but with plastic handles that have been wrapped with black tape. There are other details that give away a fake: The front piece is too flat. The top front flap is too narrow. The top flap is too long. Instead of ivory-colored stitching, the imitation Michael Kors bag has cream stitching. The top has been shaved down. The main clasp is silver instead of brass-colored. It’s hard to spot fake hardware when you first hold the bag but pay attention. Check the folding metal part where the folding top lock goes. Even if the strap seems to be legitimate, it might be made of thinner leather. Also look at the stitching for glue bumps, which are common on cheap knockoffs.

What to look for in the lining.

One of the first thing that you need to pay attention to when purchasing a counterfeit Michael Kors bag is the lining. Every brand uses the same ones, it is the external fabric that makes every bag unique. While every designer will be slightly different, it’s often the brand’s signature lining that we associate with the brand’s identity, and how many unique bags can you find that have the same, identifiable look? Always inspect the inside lining of the bag to make sure that it’s the brand’s signature, not the counterfeiter’s, and check how it is constructed. This usually involves some type of stitching with the brand’s logo in red, pink or gold, and sometimes, the bag itself will have details and design elements that relate to the brand, whether it’s a symbol, lettering or chain details.

What to look for in the bag’s strap.

Michael Kors has created many of their bags with adjustable straps, which is the main factor in their durability and wear. When shopping for the genuine Michael Kors brand, look for a handmade leather strap that will fit snugly around your wrist with a small amount of play, and it will remain like this for years to come. If it feels rigid, thin, has folds or holes, or doesn’t fit snugly, then it may not be genuine leather. What to look for in the liner. The liner of the bag is where the lining is secured, and it will feel tight and stiff, and will not be as forgiving as the strap. Pay attention to the pull, which is how easily the liner can be pulled off. A pull that is easy to open is more likely to be fake.

What to look for in the bag’s body.

Michael Kors says that authentic bags “are not wide at the bottom, as they are on the front of the bag,” though he recommends using your finger to feel for a seam on the bottom of the bag. If there’s no seam, look to see if the bag has a zip fastener, which is usually found on the side of the body of the bag. Michael Kors says that authentic bags “are not wide at the bottom, as they are on the front of the bag,” though he recommends using your finger to feel for a seam on the bottom of the bag. If there’s no seam, look to see if the bag has a zip fastener, which is usually found on the side of the body of the bag. The bag has a snap closure. The authentic Michael Kors bag is “beaded at a minimum with 100-percent genuine rhinestones,” recommends Mahoney.

Comment Vérifier L’authenticité D’un Sac Michael Kors ? Guide 2021

Pour une modeuse accomplie, rien n’est pire que de réaliser qu’un de ses sacs Michael Kors est un faux. Heureusement, c’est une situation qui peut être facilement évitée en prêtant attention au prix, au numéro de série, au pendentif emblématique, aux finitions et surtout au lieu de fabrication.

Non, non, vous ne rêvez pas. Identifier un vrai sac Michael Kors tient principalement en cinq points. Qui aurait pu croire qu’il serait si facile de détecter des contrefaçons ? Après avoir lu cet article de bout en bout, vous ne tomberez en principe plus dans les filets d’un faussaire.

1) Le prix de vente est-il réaliste ?

Un sac Michael Kors à 20 € est clairement un faux. Certes, vous n’êtes pas opposé à quelques économies mais il faut faire preuve de bon sens et même de sens commun. Si le tarif affiché est trop attractif, c’est que le sac est une contrefaçon.

Pour fabriquer des sacs haut de gamme, il est indispensable d’investir dans des matériaux de qualité. Qu’il s’agisse du cuir utilisé sur sa partie principale ou des métaux de ces accessoires, Michael Kors se plie en quatre pour offrir de la qualité à ses clientes. Forcément, cela se ressent sur le prix.

Même s’il est vrai qu’acquérir des sacs vintage ou d’occasion permet de limiter les dépenses, la décote sur la marque Michael Kors ne tourne généralement qu’autour de 30 à 40% pour un sac en très bon état, ce qui est déjà une belle affaire.

Michael Kors pochette gamme luxe cuir bleu Cliquez sur l’image pour accéder à sa fiche)

2) Qu’en est-il du numéro de série ?

Comme de nombreuses marques ayant pignon sur rue, Michael Kors a vu son chiffre d’affaires sérieusement entamé par les contrefaçons. Heureusement, il en faut plus pour décourager la jeune marque américaine.

Depuis 2015, Michael Kors a trouvé un moyen imparable pour limiter les achats frauduleux. Sur tous les sacs produits à compter de cette année, se trouve un identifiant unique composé de 10 caractères. Ce dernier peut facilement être vu à l’intérieur des coutures du sac Michael Kors.

Si le sac que vous désirez acquérir est un modèle daté de 2015 au plus et qu’il ne dispose pas de numéro de série, ne cherchez pas midi à quatorze heures : c’est un faux. Présente-t-il un identifiant unique ? Rendez-vous sur le site officiel de Michael Kors afin de vérifier son authenticité.

3) Que serait un sac Michael Kors sans son pendentif ?

Tous les sacs Michael Kors sont agrémentés d’un magnifique pendentif portant fièrement le logo de la marque. Enfermées dans une boucle, les lettres M et K sont la touche finale des sacs Michael Kors. Imaginez un instant si ces derniers étaient dénués de ce médaillon… Étrange…

En plus d’être un régal pour les yeux, les médaillons Michael Kors sont aussi un excellent moyen de distinguer les vrais sacs des contrefaçons.

Est-ce que les lettres sont droites ? Est-ce que leurs calligraphies respectent la charte graphique de l’enseigne ? Et surtout, est-ce que leurs couleurs s’accordent à celles des autres accessoires du sac ?

Tenus par le temps, les faussaires se contentent généralement de coller le même médaillon sur tous leurs sacs. Chez Michael Kors, c’est une toute autre histoire… Le logo à appliquer est choisi en fonction des accessoires de la besace. Pour un même modèle, vous trouverez donc plusieurs teintes en fonction de la couleur du sac.

Michael Kors gamme luxe cuir beige (Cliquez sur l’image pour accéder à sa fiche)

4) Avez-vous prêté attention aux finitions ?

Les fermetures et autres quincailleries décoratives en disent long sur la qualité d’un sac. Afin de minimiser les coûts, les faussaires ont recours à des métaux bon marché à l’instar de l’aluminium ou du zinc. Résultat : les pièces de bijouterie sont aussi légères que des plumes.

À l’inverse, sur les sacs originaux, les attaches, chaînes et autres accessoires sont coulés dans des matières de premier choix. Pourquoi pensez-vous qu’ils résistent aussi bien à l’épreuve du temps ? En plus de peser dans la balance, des finitions soignées donnent une allure raffinée et sont gage de durabilité.

5) Où a été fabriqué ce sac Michael Kors ?

C’est en 1981 que le designer Américain Michael Kors lance son entreprise de prêt-à-porter. Aujourd’hui présente dans une trentaine de pays, la marque a son siège à Manhattan, au cœur du grand ouest américain.

Néanmoins, cela ne signifie pas que les produits soient confectionnés aux États-Unis.

Citoyen du monde, le créateur a choisi la Chine, la Turquie, l’Indonésie et le Vietnam comme centres de production. Si d’aventure, un vendeur vous vante les mérites d’un sac Michael Kors provenant d’Italie, de France ou des États-Unis, déclinez gentiment ses propositions.

Malgré ces astuces faciles à appliquer, vous n’avez ni l’envie ni le temps d’examiner vos sacs sous chaque couture ? Peut-être d’autres pièges plus subtils de cachent ils derrière le sac que vous convoitez? Chez IconPrincess, vous trouverez une pléiade de sacs de luxe preloved. Un premier tri minutieux est effectué sur photos. Ensuite, le sac subira un double contrôle dans les locaux, il sera évalué par des experts en main propre, puis ensuite par d’autres spécialistes indépendants d’IconPrincess, comme Entrupy. Pour votre sécurité, le sac ne vous parviendra qu’après avoir passé positivement toutes ces étapes.

How To Tell if a Designer Handbag is Real or Fake

There are very few women that have not contemplated purchasing a designer bag as a statement piece as they are a status symbol that speaks volumes. As a luxury item, however, investing in a designer bag that is authentic is the conundrum that many have to face when selecting a desired option.

Even to the trained eye, it can be extremely difficult to successfully differentiate between a fake designer handbag and the real deal. With luxury handbags continuing to rise each year, the bar has been raised even that much higher to have the knowledge necessary to select an authentic item. With designer handbags among the most counterfeited luxury items worldwide, there is certain criteria one should possess in order to spot the real thing.

Research Your Interests

Familiarity with the brands you are particularly interested in is one of the best ways to have first-hand knowledge about its products. In addition to viewing pictures online, visit a store and inspect an actual bag from every angle, both inside and out. Know the look and feel of the material, identify any signature elements, and note logo placement as the differences can often be found in the finer details.

Inspecting the Lining and Hardware

Clasps, zippers, and closures are in many cases the most effective way to spot a counterfeit from an authentic handbag. The hardware generally possesses the same finish and color, and all pieces should close and open smoothly.

Tell-tale signs of fake handbags include discolored rivets and buckles, or missing logo monograms. Counterfeiters typically work from stock photographs to make their versions of designer handbags, so pay close attention to pockets that may have been omitted from fake versions.

Examining the Material

Several fashion houses may use only certain materials to produce their handbags, making it especially important to inspect for authenticity. Hermès is an example of one brand that has alternated between certain types of leathers, and some designers, like Louis Vuitton, create their lines using coated canvas with a leather trim.

Note that leather has a particular texture and feel – it should smell like leather and be soft and dry instead of oily. If the handbag comes with straps or handles made with real leather, over time they will become discolored while fake leather remains unchanged as they are typically made of rubber, glue, or other synthetic materials.

Workmanship and Stitching

Expert craftsmanship is a mainstay of premium fashion brands, with stitching being one of the calling cards of true quality work. Stitching should be even with all seams and logos matching up with precision that is unique to each designer. Glued seams, uneven, frayed, or even slanted stitches are clear indicators of a counterfeit handbag.

Signature Prints

Fendi, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are examples of luxury fashion houses that are well-known for their signature monogram patterns. Not only are these prints used for authentication purposes, they also can vary on placement depending on the style of the bag. Knowing the location of these prints and patterns on the handbags you are interested can ensure that you purchased an authentic item.

Know Thy Brand

There are several luxury labels that employ a number of tactics to curb counterfeit reproductions of their designer handbags. Céline produces some of the most coveted bags on the market and are mass reproduced by counterfeiters as they are simpler in design. Fake handbags typically have straps that feature the wrong width and are constructed using inferior materials.

Some sloppy counterfeiters will even misspell the names of the very labels they are attempting to copy, which is a glaring giveaway. Knowing where the item was manufactured can also clue you in as to its authenticity – Louis Vuitton produces a line in Spain, for example, while Marc Jacobs’ collaboration with artist Takashi Murakami resulted in a special edition demarcation exclusive to the release.

Certifying Authenticity

Since certificates can also be copied, some luxury brands do not provide certificates upon purchase, making it all the more important to check each handbag overall for expert craftsmanship and quality.

Proper Pricing

The price of a bag is not necessarily proof of a handbag’s authenticity as amounts can change at any given time. Buyer beware is the name of the game and even retail prices should be checked if applicable.

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90,000 A resident of Ulan-Ude makes unique ethnic bags from stones and chips found on Lake Baikal

For several days, as if spellbound, I looked at these accessories. And the other day I met with the creator herself, who told our newspaper about her creations and the way to them.

From philologists to designers

Julia was born in the Osinsky district of the Irkutsk region, where she grew up and graduated from eleven classes of secondary school. Then she entered the philological faculty of the Buryat State University, but did not work in the profession she received for an hour – my heart simply did not lie to her.While still a student, she was transferred from one university to another and back. Finally, she learned to be a bartender-waiter and worked in public catering for nearly twenty years (including maternity leave). Anniversaries and weddings, decorated tastelessly or not at all, passed before the girl’s eyes. Any banquet was reduced to a banal meal, and our heroine wanted an entourage.

– Already becoming an administrator, I made buffet skirts for tablecloths, serving trolleys for cakes and the like.Since she lacked knowledge, she took a design course at the educational center “Workshop of Education”. And when the Internet era came, I saw what kind of wedding decoration in the West and went into this sphere here. Since 2009, she founded the studio “Golden Dragonfly” and was the first wedding decorator to work with fabrics.

Four years ago, Ilyina began to professionally decorate trade showcases and various events in such large objects as the IMAX cinema, the Galaxy shopping center, and the ethnographic museum of the peoples of Transbaikalia.And a year and a half ago – the creation of designer bags in ethnic style. Mother Nature herself pushed her to this business.

Inspired by Baikal

In childhood and adolescence, Yulia collected snags in the forest. As he remembers now, on the shelf flaunted a bizarre snake and roe deer. Friends marveled: “Yuumte enesh?” Thirty years later, I saw wooden “fins” polished by flooding on the Sable Lakes of the Khamar-Daban ridge and, by my own admission, was drawn into a whirlwind of their magic – the magic of energy hidden in the texture of knots, twists and fibers.

She carried away from there three pieces of a very impressive size and dragged several tens of kilometers. “Throw away those tree-sticks!” – friends laughed. But the woman delivered them and put them aside. And a couple of years later I noticed similar ones near Lake Baikal. Since then, she has collected (and collects) them along the banks, feeling powerful strength and incredible inspiration, and once launched.

Photo: Photo:

– Together with assistant Alena Epova, they created interior sculptures, made holes there, stretched the Manila rope and attached the bars.This is how plaster bowls are decorated, which are located in the gallery of arts of the peoples of Asia at the Ivolginsky Datsan. And there were bags of similar audacity that I met in the vastness of the world network. As soon as I saw them, I immediately understood what I wanted.

Pancake is not lumpy

So, Yulia Ilyina decided to open an ethnic design workshop, but could not choose a name. She threw a cry on Facebook, describing the direction of her activity and expressing her wishes for the name – capacity and sonority. Many friends and subscribers have responded.One of them – the philosopher Oyuna Dorzhigushaeva – proposed “Shadi”, which means “miracle”, “magic” in translation from Sanskrit. And the owner herself added “Nar” – the first three letters from the name of her native village “Narin”. As the ship was named, so it sailed – on the sea of ​​magic and originality.

In parallel, the first offspring were born. The oldest bag became the most miserable and at the same time the most persistent and valuable. She received a lot of badly punched holes and stitched seams, underwent several rather serious operations, has a bunch of slightly noticeable scars and lives with her creator as a memory of the first pancake, which did not come out lumpy at all.

– In my products I use pieces of wood rolled by the waves of the “glorious sea” and the sand on its shore. Broken by storm and time, warm and velvety to the touch, these wandering chips serve both as a latch-lock for the valve of the bag, and as an amulet for a person as a piece of a great lake. I also use small pieces of glass with pebbles, polished by its waters, and semi-precious stones – jade, charoite, carnelian, donated by my senior fellow sculptor Zandan Dugarov, to whom I address with great respect and gratefully accept help and advice.

Elemental Born

Fragments of trees were specially chosen as “pawns” so that the owners of accessories would touch them more often, mentally transferring to Lake Baikal, feeling heat and coolness, listening to the noise and silence, filling with energy. And chipped stones – as “highlights”, so that from separate strokes there is a whole picture. The strokes are brushes, pseudo fangs made of plaster, boiled tarbagan vertebrae, canvas, woolen and fur details that give comfort and warmth and warm the hand.The top coating, if any, is not cold lacquer, but warm leaf – imitation of gold leaf associated with treasures and treasures. The main material is genuine leather, and its basis is the color, which, in fact, everything begins with. The more complex it is – not pure green and red, but turquoise and terracotta – the richer the effect. The love for mixed shades is not accidental: my interlocutor is also a mestizo herself with four bloods – Buryat, Jewish, Russian and Belarusian. As the spirit admits: she does not tolerate the sleek-refined and prefers the rough-destructive.After all, cracks and scuffs are an indicator of sincerity and temporality, exciting and exciting.

– A piece of wood can “draw” the entire bag, set its mood. I do not accept orders because I don’t know for sure what kind of products will come out “at the end”. All the time they were being created, they were tossing and turning in my head, waddling from side to side, as if alive. Each is done by hand and in a single copy.

Bags with character

The main strong point is individuality and uniqueness.Any bag has its own character, more often it is playful-cocky-windy-defiant, ugly-wayward-kicked. And sometimes – and his own name, which identifies the owner.

For example, the solar “Naran” with an inset of green jade in a Baikal “pellet” on a leather braid despises conventions and recognizes freedom. And the mysterious “Whisper of a Shaman” with an insert made of polished glass, a button made of polymer clay and a fringe that responds to movement brings you closer to your native origins and suits daring natures, free from glamor, in love with forests, sands and rocks.

Such accessories ask for suitable jewelry, such as: earrings, pendants, pendants, bracelets (which, by the way, are in the plans of our heroine) and, of course, require a style – not classic, but urban: shirt, vest, sweater, loose jeans … Only then is the image “tied” and becomes complete.

Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo:

– The color of the bags themselves is not national, but rather shamanic, even pagan. Anyone can wear them, especially if he can feel the roots: who he is and who he could be. Our distant ancestors clung to themselves with flowers and twigs, feathers and pebbles, skins and tails, hoping that they will serve as talismans and protect them before tomorrow.And today people look into the future – they go to shamans and lamas. A couple of times I visited them and found out about my creations. “You are doing well, beautifully, keep up the good work,” they told me.

On screens and podiums

Author’s products in ethnic style have found their application not only in everyday but also in cultural life. They were used for the documentary film “Gazaray Amiskhal – Breath of the Earth” about throat singing, released on YouTube, organically blending into it with all the wildness, primordiality, unevenness and unbridledness.After all, any traveler or warrior on a campaign needs an adaptation for food, water, harness details, a pinch of sagaan-dali … a 25-minute film (where our heroine was invited by producer Erzhen Tumurova) about the phenomenon, viewed from different positions, was preceded by two days of shooting, filled with music, history, emotions and meditations among the Tugnuisky valley, contemplation of its nature, which was so unusual for Yulia, who grew up in the curly taiga. From that day on, her brainchilds were more intensely filled with magic and magic.She herself also starred in the biographical documentary “My Light”, which won the grand prix of the 5th Baikal Regional Film Festival and has a very unusual history.

– The daughter entered the Irkutsk branch of VGIK. While we were learning about the conditions together, I met, and after that I became friends with producer Olga Martynova. She once stated, “You are ripe for the movie.” I waved it off listlessly: “Do you think?” “Of course!”. Soon, a third-year student of the directing department Nikolai Yakovlev arrived in Ulan-Ude, who lived at my house for three days and filmed literally everything – from work to everyday life.A fashion show in Irkutsk was also included in the tape, where my ethnic bags were shown with clothes from the personal wardrobe of my friend Lara Khaletskaya. There were also personal moments – memories of childhood, communication with children. I had to cry, and smile, and be sad, and rejoice. The result was a very intimate and frank story that simply shocked the jury. The everyday path is very difficult, sometimes gloomy, but there is always a light to which one must reach out.

Dance of energies

Today Yulia Ilyina has about 15 bags on her account: six in St. Petersburg, several in the neighboring city (both there and there are put up for sale under the roofs of ethnic galleries), the rest in Ulan-Ude.The creator easily releases them on a further voyage, friends and relatives gladly acquire them for personal use. For example, one was bought by Lara Khaletskaya, one by a manicurist. And, in their own words, they do not just wear these things, but proudly carry them.

Every creator needs not only pleasant words, but also a worthy reward, by which his contribution and energy are measured. The low cost price is coupled with a lot of work – physical, mental, aesthetic plus a constant search for ideas, and even real torments of creativity.Our heroine mentally evaluates the things made more expensive than she sells. And some understand this – as well as the fact that they will not find similar anywhere else. “Why so cheap?” – one guy was surprised when he found out the price of a men’s bag, which is still one of a kind and a “field”. And he paid a much larger sum for it.

– Since her daughter lives in St. Petersburg, she has been actively promoting our workshop. But a hobby must mature before it grows into a business and gets on stream. After all, business is a mutual dance of two energies – creativity and money.You need to do not only well, but also quickly, and a little in cold blood. Perhaps I will come to this. In the meantime, I explore, enjoy, live and love.

MK “Green Peas”, description and necessary

MK Peas

2 days, 8 hours each

Initially – a backpack, but if you slightly change the template for the “carcass”, you get a wonderful shoulder bag (for those who do not wear backpacks). The assembly is the same.

On MK it is carried out in a complete set: 1 bag, 1 branch with a flower and leaves, if we have time, then also a cosmetic bag.In order to save time, it is recommended to dump the handle harnesses in advance, size instructions will be sent after making an advance payment for microns.

In the process of mk we study:

– felting a hollow object on a flat template, giving a complex-volumetric shape

– the secret of stitching a zipper between layers

– shibori basics (different from an eggplant flower)

– giving volume flat shapes

– curls

– felting with a VShM, manually and in a roll

– assembling a backpack bag without using special bag accessories

– length-adjustable handles

– if we fit in time – we also roll a cosmetic bag- a pea with an imitation of glare, felting on a volumetric form.

MK is designed for fellers with little experience in wet felting.

As a result, mk – finished work, dry at home and sew in a zipper. You may have to add (if desired) more decorative elements, the same as we do on microns.

In the evening of the first day, the “body” of the bag will have to be slightly modified at home, so that the next day you can collect it.

Materials and their quantity:

Pea-colored wool can be bought at mk.I specially bought it for everyone, because the color is quite rare. It is advisable to bring shades for flowers, the purchase on the spot is negotiated.

You can bring your own. Ideally – a 23 md merino, you can use a 18 md merino in half with the Troitskaya thin.

By quantity:

Bag body 270-300g green peas

Leaves 25 g green grass

Twig 40 g green grass

Handles are made from 4-5 meters (OK.100 g) Trinity thin green and tinted merino (20-30 g) grass color

Flower (large) 15-20 g of your choice of color (look at the pictures, flowers can be pink, white, blue, purple …)

Tools and necessary devices:

– Ikeevskaya film (put under work)

– food film, stretch

– net for felting

– soap. I kindly ask you not to use Fairey and other aggressive reagents on my MK.Soap: olive, baby, laundry or special felting soap.

– VShM

– underlay for laminate 100 * 100 cm approximately, washable marker, scissors

– threads in the tone of the flower and in the tone of greenery, as well as in a contrasting color, a needle.

– felting needle (1 piece, star # 38) and felting mat, comb – just in case, most likely it will not be needed

– soap bowl

– children’s rubber ball with a diameter of 12-13 cm (not inflatable) served in all children’s departments.Ideally, you need 3 balls, but you can get by with one.

– second-hand air bubble film or other polyethylene, for example, bags for filling a mold for drying

– a device for spraying water

– a hairdryer is desirable.

– Towels! 2 small and 2 large at least.

PRICE MK 6500, materials not included.

Soap Bubbles / Bubbles – Evening Gatherings

Just recently I mentioned that this summer the small shoulder bags are a must-have accessory.But, if my last “little bag” with a sailor was still a little too big (I still could not cope with the desire to increase the usable area :)), then this time, pulling myself together, I sewed a really small handbag of size 14 , 5 x 17.5 cm with a really long strap (with carabiners 116 cm). Perhaps it is even more correct to call it a bag – a purse? But, on the other hand, besides money and documents, something else can easily fit in there, at least a phone, a small camera and keys.
The red-haired girl is, of course, the creation of Japanese designers.In childhood, probably, few of us remained indifferent to soap bubbles. The iridescent balls, for the appearance of which only a saucer of shampoo and a rolled-up piece of paper were needed, seemed a real miracle, and letting them out of the balcony, making passers-by rain of rainbow bubbles, was a special pleasure … now they do not leave indifferent, as I think, many, only we hide it all, playing as adults, and do not dare to blow bubbles in public … if only hiding behind children, they say that we are not for ourselves, we entertain them! 🙂
Few details.Pale yellow fabric with a slightly irregular color – cotton from Moda, turquoise in bubbles and multi-colored floral for lining – from Riley Blake. The bag is sealed with a voluminous non-woven fabric (padding polyester), a strap and a flap with an ordinary non-woven fabric. The bag is carried over the shoulder and closes with a magnetic lock.
Inside there is one large pocket and on top of it two small ones. Large pocket with Velcro closure:
A small bag, as it turned out, does not mean light – I fiddled with it for a long time.The strap alone was worth something for this baby. After all, this thing is only two centimeters wide, and more than a meter long, besides, glued with non-woven fabric, it had to be turned out, and then also stitched, and exactly along the entire length! 🙂 But I am very happy with the result. A long thin strap in a company with metal carabiners looks very impressive. I think this is not the last handbag of this kind. 90,000 Stencil for imitation of decoupage wood carving. Jewelry box with imitation wood carving “Ma Voiture”

Knitted fishnet bags are an accessory that will always look spectacular and never go out of fashion.We offer you a small selection of knitted bags with patterns and descriptions. A crocheted bag will help complement your stylish look and create a unique and expressive accent.

This collection contains the most interesting and beautiful models of bags, knitting patterns – everything so that you can realize your thirst for creativity.

Charming knitted yarn clutch knits easily and quickly. The clasp can be made hidden on a magnet.

Knitted zip clutch

The clutch can be used as a cosmetic bag or as a wallet

Crochet clutch of two colors of threads

This beautiful clutch is knitted of yarn of two colors.To knit a clutch, they used yarn of two colors that match well with each other: emerald and beige. The clutch is fastened with one small button-button, which is decorated with tassels. The clutch is knitted with a single fabric. The clutch is knitted with a dense pattern that keeps its shape well. The clutch strap is made of wooden beads that have been strung on a strong thread. You can familiarize yourself with the clutch knitting pattern later in the article.

Large bag with bamboo handles

Bright and beautiful bag for young women of fashion

Crochet lace bag

Such an openwork bag will suit an evening or cocktail dress

Knitted roomy bag for every day

Square bag

Colored bag crocheted from square motifs.To knit this bag, the remains of yarn of different colors were used. For this bag, you only need to knit three large square motifs. The size of each motif is 42 by 42 centimeters. The bag is crocheted # 3. Tie a wide strap for this bag to add comfort when carried over the shoulder. This hippie-style bag is great for summer weather. This bag goes well with denim clothing.

Original summer bag 25×25 cm.crocheted

Crochet bag knitting pattern

UGG Knitted Fashion Braided Bag

If earlier crocheted bags were relatively rare, in recent years the fashion has changed. Nowadays, many catwalks are firmly occupied by hand-knitted items, especially jewelry and bags. Now the trend is a simple beach bag, tote bag, bag, drenched, and so on. Crochet bags made of thick acrylic for every day are very relevant.Knitted bags should not stretch too much – it is better to crochet them from thick yarn and not too thick crochet. Do-it-yourself crochet bag with patterns is a great option for the summer.

How to crochet a bag? The first master class with a description is designed for those who do not crochet very well. A crocheted beach bag for beginners, in which the lace strip is repeated all the time, is not at all difficult. This crocheted bag made of acrylic yarn in a simple cut resembles a bastard in its shape.This crochet summer beach bag can be carried by hand or worn over the shoulder.

For work you will need:

  1. 100% acrylic yarn (100 m / 50 gr.) – 100 gr. blue, yellow and white.
  2. Hook 4.5 mm thick.
  3. Rope 95 cm long. 0.9 – 1 cm thick.

Cotton is also suitable for a summer handbag, but acrylic yarn is much lighter and cheaper. We take the knitting density: 18 p. / 7 p. equal to 10/10 cm. We knit all the time alternately: yellow, white, and blue yarn.

Half Column (PST) : knit 1st p. VP, then we start from the 2nd p. we introduce the hook only behind the back. walls p. 1 r. Each row starts with 2 VP of the rise and ends with one half-column. in the second VP of the rise of the past r.

Main (main) pattern:
The number of loops must be divisible by 5, plus two hem. We look at the diagram: a repeating rapport of 6 p. Start with the VP and end with it. We do it once from the first to the fourth rows, then repeat the 3rd and 4th p.And then just link the pattern to the 3rd and 4th p.

Crocheted bags are usually done like this: first the bottom of the bag, then the top. It is better to knit from strong twine, or nylon thread: this way the bottom will turn out to be firm and will be stronger. You can knit with this pattern:

Or like this:

Or any structural one. We begin to knit the bottom with yellow yarn from a chain of 18 VP and 2 VP lifting. For the beauty of the bottom shape, we add on both sides at a distance of 2 cm from each other 2 times 1 PST.The total should be 22 sts. We knit with a pattern of 33 cm. Further, after 33 cm from the beginning of knitting, subtract 1 PST on both sides in two rows. As a result, 18 sts should remain. We finish the bottom after 38 cm from the beginning of knitting.

You can make such a semicircular bottom in a circular row. from SSN.

Choose any option.

We knit the walls

For the top of the bag we tie the edges of the bottom with the main pattern (see the alternation of colors). The beginning of the river. should be short in the center.sides.

1st row: we perform 33 rapports (198 p.) + P. Beginning and end.


We need the knitted handles for the bag to be non-stretchable – the best option is to insert a thick cord or rope into the fabric of the handles. With yellow yarn, make 1 chain of 9 VP and 1 VP of lifting. We carry out p. RLS, despite the fact that each subsequent p. start with 1 add. chief VP. We finish 1 RLS in the 1st RLS of the previous p. We finish knitting in 47 cm from the beginning. We cut the rope into two parts, insert it into the knitted strips of the handles and sew it along.Sew the base of the handles to the wrong side of the product so that the distance between the handles is 19-20.5 cm.

Knitted bags are now very relevant. I present to you a master class on knitting such a bag from nylon threads, thick acrylic yarn, and even from garbage bags. If you take black bags and, then you get a bag made of crocheted bags, and no one will guess that such a bag is a bag made of garbage bags! Tie yourself a cool thing – diagrams and descriptions are attached.

Nylon, cotton, jute threads of any color are suitable for this bag.The pattern is called curvy columns. See how cool knitted bags look:

In this model we need one, or better 2 thin straps for handles – they are cut, pierced with an awl and sewn with threads to the purse. Each strap has a length of 65-67 cm. We begin our master class.

For work you will need:

  1. Yarn (nylon, bags, threads, jute).
  2. Metal hook, 3.5 mm thick.
  3. Pen strap.
  4. Color pin.
  5. Lining fabric (any).

To tie the bottom, you need to dial 43 VP. The bottom is knitted in a circle, in the diagram, in the end, 9 rows of RLS are obtained (pillar / without n.)

We begin to make the bottom of the product: we tie 43 VP around a circular RLS.

We make additions in the corners (in the diagram in pink). The video below will help you tie the bottom.

As a result, this is the bottom of the product.Who does not understand – below there is a video from the author, everything in it is detailed and understandable.

Knit the bottom in a circle, in the direction of the arrow in the diagram. Knit 12 rows according to the pattern. As a result, you should get 66 p. The bottom will turn out like a round bowl.

And this simple diagram shows how to knit the main part from the RLS. In the video from the author, everything is shown in more detail, and although the language is Japanese, it is not difficult to understand.

In the video: detailed crocheting of a small summer bag.

Recently, I was busy looking for ways to imitate wood on the basis for decoupage, as a result of which I should have got something like this:

First of all, I took into account a simple and well-known technique of overlaying two contrasting shades in succession and their subsequent processing a bristle flute or just a toothbrush.

For my experiments, I took white acrylic paint – base:

There are special pastes for tinting acrylic paints, but in order to save money and because of the experiment, I just took gouache in two contrasting shades:

The experiment was carried out on these pieces of cardboard:

After it was completely dry, I applied a dark layer on it.It is only necessary to apply paint in one direction.

If the paint of the second layer dries up during this time and will not be removed, it was recommended to moisten the surface a little with water. This was exactly my case.

I realized that there was no need to wait for the second coat of paint to dry. It was necessary to start partial removal of the top coat of paint before it dries. The result would be better. And this is what happened:

In case you do not have two contrasting shades, or you are not sure that they will blend well, then it was recommended to apply the first layer of white paint, as this always helps to create an interesting effect.

Quite unexpectedly, the first layer of whitewash immediately lay down so that, almost without any effort, he created an imitation of wood fibers.

I’m not sure if I’m right, but I think it was due to the fact that the paint was thicker than in the first case, the brush was completely dry, and there was not much paint on the brush.

I regretted not turning this layer brown right away.

After applying a second darker layer of paint, the effect was still not entirely bad:

However, after brushing the second layer of paint, I liked it much less.Perhaps, in order to get a beautiful effect, you need to get your hands on it.

I was not quite satisfied with this dependence on artistic skill and the consistency of paints, and I began to look for a more reliable and simpler option.

In one of the Italian video master classes, I liked the method of incomplete mixing of two paint compositions, which was much easier to perform, and the effect was excellent:

But the problem was that these were two special compositions, which I did not have and I would hardly be able to find and buy them.

Then I tried to do it with two undiluted paints. I mixed them randomly and incompletely and started painting:

This technique made it possible to work with one layer of paint, and this had to be done right away, before the paint had dried.

I think that this method cannot be realized with the help of ordinary paints. The fact is that, thanks to some special components, the compositions of the paints in the Italian master class did not mix steadily, no matter how much the demonstrator dipped the brush into them.

After each dipping of the brush into the paint, the paints mixed more and more, and this is what came of it. Plus inept hand movements.

I continued to search for more reliable ways to simulate wood.

We also have on sale special compositions that must be applied consistently, and which give a good effect of imitating wood with paints.

You can see these trains in the picture:

I don’t think this is a good way out.The compositions are quite expensive. The second component is alkyd based, and this is not always acceptable for decoupage.

Finally I found such a double-sided rubber spatula – a brush, which, with very simple hand movements, gives just an excellent effect:

Soon, for my experiments with the improvement of my apartment, I will need such a spatula, so I will definitely purchase it and write later about the results of working with it.

However, wood can be different, and for decoupage purposes such a pronounced effect of wood fibers with knots is not always needed.Therefore, I decided to continue my exercises to improve the quality of the wood imitation in simpler ways.

Finally I managed to get a result that almost suits me:

I tell you how I achieved this.

First I cut the brush in zigzags:

Then I prepared three colors: white, light brown and dark brown.

Coated three bases of each paint.

This time, on the contrary, I did not move the brush in one direction, as recommended, but in opposite directions, several times brushing the already made stripes.This has resulted in an uneven coating effect (stripes).

After the paint had dried, I put on the brush a paint that was in contrast to the base paint, and did the same.

Moreover, if you are not very pleased with the result, then you can cover the base three or four times in the same way, alternating colors, until you achieve the desired effect.

You can also combine different color shades to achieve your desired wood effect.

It is very simple to do, there are no difficulties here.Any beginner can do it.

In the picture, my samples were colored in the following order (from left to right):

Dark base, light stripes;
– white base, dark stripes;
– light base, dark stripes.

My experiments were carried out in gouache, so the color turned out to be dim. If you do this with acrylic paints and tinting pastes, the effect will be better.

Well that’s all. I wish you success.

Economical woodcarving

Many of us like interior items made of wood and decorated with carvings.However, not everyone can afford such a pleasure due to the high cost of the work. Especially for such purposes, Lesquanta offers an innovative, inexpensive and repeatable woodcarving technique for decorating interior items. It is called the “Method of a volumetric stencil using decorative plaster “or” Imitation of wood carving “.

Principle of wood carving simulation

The secret of the method lies in the fact that when creating a composition, the master does not cut patterns on the wood, as is customary in the usual technique, but applies them to the surface using a stencil, plaster and paints to match the wood.The result is as if the hand of the master has carefully carved an intricate pattern on a wooden surface for several days. Only a professional can distinguish the original from the imitation on close examination.

Thanks to this method, you can not only decorate any surfaces, but also give a second life to old, time-worn interior items. The method allows you to easily and simply eliminate defects that may arise during the transportation or activity of pets.

Lesquant craftsmen will create an amazing imitation of wood carving especially for you!

Employees of the Lesquanta company apply in practice a new economical way of decorating furniture, which includes both relief patterns and painting on wood at the same time.

If you want to carve furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets, office and other interior items, but at the same time have a limited budget, then the carving imitation method is perfect for you.All you need is to contact our specialists and place an order.

Lesquant decorators will offer you a large selection of possible patterns. In addition, you can provide the desired pattern in the picture yourself, our craftsmen will create a stencil and transfer the pattern to the desired surface. In addition, Lesquant specialists perform works in various styles: modern, classical, baroque and others. You can also choose your desired finish color and effects.

Another additional advantage of this technique is the speed of execution.You will not have to wait long for the completion of the work. In a short time, the craftsmen of Lesquant will create a stencil, apply a pattern to the surface, paint it in the desired color and create effects. Just a few days, and a completely unusual piece of furniture will decorate your home, giving a special style and richness to the interior.

Painting. A multicolored pattern is applied to a smooth surface.

Painting. A solid color pattern is applied to a dark, smooth surface.

Wooden door decoration.

Imitation wood carving. The pattern is made of plaster and decorated with wood imitation.

Textured surface.

MK “Woodcarving” (imitation)

The theme of this MK was prompted to me by the need to make my friend a napkin holder in a new modern kitchen, decorated with wood.
The idea was born to create an imitation of wood carving on a conventional ceramic napkin holder

For this I needed:

1.ceramic blank
3.model mass or putty
4.acrylic paints and varnish

I decided to make a “wooden plate” with a “thread” in the center of the napkin holder, then first it was necessary to make a platform-future plate. For this I made a stencil: I drew the outline of the napkin holder on a sheet of paper, in the center I drew a site of the required size and cut out the entire stencil and the central part so that the edges remain intact.

Then I applied the stencil exactly along the edges of the workpiece, fixed it with paper tape and applied the putty with a palette knife.

Then, without removing the stencil, draw a lot of uneven lines with a toothpick or any other stick.

She took off the stencil and waited for the putty to dry.

Next, you need to use a real stencil to apply the putty where the “thread” will be. I applied the drawing with a putty of a different color just for clarity!

This layer of putty will serve as the base for the “thread”.We dry it well and reapply the putty on the same place on the stencil. But this time we do not wait for it to dry, but, without removing the stencil, again draw many lines with a stick that imitate wood fibers. Only after that we remove the stencil and dry everything well.

After that paint over all layers together with ivory acrylic and varnish.

Then we slightly dilute the brown paint with water (it should be fluid) and paint over the entire “wooden” area with it.

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