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11 Magical Makeup Tricks That Make Your Small Eyes Look BIGGER!

Eyes that are bigger usually appear to make you look younger and awake.

All eye shapes are beautiful, don’t get me wrong! I have small almond shaped eyes myself and I don’t want to toot my own horn, but quite a few people have complimented me for them! Not all of us have big eyes. However, we can always create an illusion by using clever make-up techniques.

Here we will take you through some simple tips and tricks that helps make your eyes look bigger.

How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger?

1. Praise Those Eyebrows

The brows make all the difference. Take a trip to the salon at frequent intervals, and keep the brows in good shape. Follow the natural shape of your eyes.

For those who want to keep their brows bold, bear in mind that you have to maximize the space you have so that it creates an illusion of bigger looking eyes. Bold, thick, and beautiful brows bring attention to the eyes. The difference between natural brows and over-tweezed arches is that the natural makes one look more innocent, while the latter makes you appear older.

Pro Tip: To get those full and expressive brows, brush them up with clear brow mascara.

2. Say Goodbye To Puffiness

The key to gorgeous eyes is by pampering them right, every day. The swollen skin around the eyes can make them look tiny. Here is how you can reduce puffiness around the eyes.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Wash your face with cold water often
  • Place used cold teabags over the eyes as the tannins present in tea tighten the skin
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Exercise

3. Say No To Under Eye Dark Circles

Using a concealer to cover up the dark circles will not make your eyes look bigger, but at least, the dark circles will not draw attention to them when someone is looking at your eyes. So, this step is really important.

Color correct your blemishes and dark circles with an illuminating concealer. Ensure you use a shade slightly lighter than your foundation to lift and enhance your look. We recommend the light and creamy YSL Touche Eclat and smooth MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, which is also a great cover-up for spots.

4. Light Neutral Colored Eye Shadow

Use neutral and light eyeshadows. Follow the rule of contouring. Light colors for the areas that you want the light to reflect and darker shades for the areas you want to push back. Using light colors at the center of the eyelids brings them forward. Pick up some product on a brush, tap the excess off and gently apply at the center of the eyelids.

Pro Tip: The shadow can be shimmery or of matte finish; it doesn’t matter as long as it is light in color.

5. Tightline The Upper Water Line

This is the step that makes a lot of difference. Use a black liner to tightline the upper water line. This gives the appearance of fuller lashes and helps to open up the eyes. I like to use the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil by Urban Decay. The formula is amazing and it gives your eyelashes volume without doing much!

6. Lay Low With The Eyeliner

When using liner on the lower lashline, make sure to only apply it to the outer third. Use a smudger or a brush to soften it out. As for the eyelid, draw a line as close as you can to the lashes. You can create a tiny flick and gradually make it thicker at the end if you want to.

7. Curly, Fluttery Eyelashes

An eyelash curler is to women what a sports car is to men. For those big eyes, ensure that you fully cup the lashes in the curler closer to the roots. Our favorites are E.L.F. Studio Eyelash Curler and Sally Hansen La Cross Double Curl Eyelash Curler.

8. The Nude Effect

Most people think that the way to achieving big eyes is by loading up on black kohls or kajals. However, this is entirely the opposite. The dark black kajal actually makes the eyes appear smaller and boxed in. Considering the Indian skin-tone, a white eye pencil may not be the most flattering one to use. The trick here is to go nude on your lower lash line. Try Bourjois Khol and Contour Eyeliner Pencil- 08 Rose Fantaisiste, or MAC Chromagraphic Pencil.

9. O’ Holy Mascara

The magic wand for makeup, a good mascara can make your eyes look bigger and thicker in no time. We suggest Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara for that oomph factor. For those battable lashes and added glam, try applying three to four coats on the outer corners of the eye to create doe shaped eyes.

10. Contour The Crease

Contouring the crease helps in creating the illusion of deeper set eyes, which in turn, make them appear larger. Use a matte brown shade from the outer corner to the crease and blend well. When you’re going for an intense makeup look, you can contour slightly above your actual crease. Cover from the Naked Basics 2 palette by Urban Decay is a good shade for contouring.

11. Shimmer In The Inner Corner

Use a highlighter or a shimmery light eyeshadow in the inner corner. This adds a little something extra to your makeup look, and also helps you look awake. You can choose two ways of applying this.

  • You can blend it out and give it a very sheen look. This makes you look fresh in a very natural way.
  • Perhaps you’re looking for something more. Then, in that case, don’t blend it out. Doing this makes your eyes sparkle and is an easy way to compensate when you haven’t done much eye makeup.

Some More Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

  • Try and avoid dark colors like blacks and grays.
  • However, you can use soft browns for the crease.
  • Don’t overload on the eyeliner. This only makes the eyes look smaller.
  • Full lashes help to open up the eyes more so use the mascara.
  • You can also choose to apply false lashes.
  • Use eye masks and gently massage the areas around the eyes to get rid of the puffiness and water retention.
  • If you have red eyes or if they are irritated, use eye drops. The redness can actually make them look smaller, and it isn’t healthy to leave them looking so red!

Well, there you have it. 11 ways to make your eyes look brighter and bigger. I certainly know for a fact that this works. If I feel like I look exhausted (which I do on most days now of late), I follow these steps. Try it out and let us know how it turned out for you.

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3 Eyeliner Tricks for Girls With Small Eyes

Our beauty writer once wrote about how, for years, she used eyeliner to cover up her insecurity over her small eyes, while Kristen Bell told us she refers to her eyes as “small and ferret-like.” In many ways, girls with small eyes seem to have gotten the short end of the stick—eye makeup requires a completely different technique, mascara smudges on our top lid, and don’t even get us started on eyeliner. The perfectly flicked cat eye that looks amazing on our round-eyed sisters just doesn’t translate the same way on smaller, hooded lids. Sigh.

But before you throw your liners out at the injustice of it all, hear us out—we have a solution. Three, in fact. We spoke with Gregory Arlt at the opening of the brand’s first-ever fashion-centric store in Beverly Hills (which, by the way, has an 80-square-foot private makeup room) and asked for his tips for those of us with eyes more almond- than grape-shaped.

Meet the Expert

Gregory Arlt is a professional celebrity makeup artist with more than 25 years of experience. He is MAC Cosmetics’ director of makeup artistry and is represented by Forward Artists.

Keep scrolling for three makeup tricks every girl with small eyes should know!

Tip #1: Go for Nude


“Using a nude or pale eye pencil, like MAC Chromagraphic Pencil ($19) in NC15/NW20, on your inner waterline will make your eye appear larger,” Arlt says. Also, try Tarte Fake Awake Eyeliner ($20) or Stila Smudge Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz ($10).

Tip #2: Smudge a Bit


Not all lines have to be precise.

According to Arlt, a little smudging never hurts, especially if you have smaller eyes. “If you line the bottom of your eyes with a pencil right at the lash line, then smudge a little into the outer corners, it will make your eyes appear larger and wider,” he says.

Tip #3: Have a Softer Hand


“I love pencils that have been slightly smudged, or [using shadow] as a liner,” Arlt says. “Liquid liners can look a bit abrupt and tight, making the eyes look even smaller.” For a softer look, try wetting your favorite brown shadow and applying it with an angled eyeliner brush.

Now that you have Arlt’s very best application tips stored away, it’s time to find your destined eyeliner. Keep scrolling for seven of Arlt’s (and Team Byrdie’s!) favorites.

Tarte Cosmetics Fake Awake Eyeliner $20


As one of Arlt’s top recommendations when considering a nude eyeliner, this highlighting formula truly brightens the inner corners of the eyes and applies with a dreamy, gel consistency that never tugs. Plus, because it’s Tarte, it’s infused with aloe vera and other antioxidants.

Stila Smudge Kajal Eyeliner in Nude $20


Another direct suggestion from Arlt, we found out the makeup pros over at Stila spent a whopping three years developing this luxurious eyeliner formula. It’s ultra-pigmented, soft, creamy, and specifically designed for the tear-prone waterline (read: it actually stays put).

NYX Professional Makeup Retractable Eyeliner $6


Available in a slew of colors (which guarantees a flattering match), this retractable eyeliner from NYX Cosmetics is a best seller at Ulta and is the most affordable we could find without skimping on quality.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil $22


These malleable, long-wear liners from Urban Decay are cult favorites for a reason: They impart the most vibrant of color payoff, they’re waterproof yet creamy enough to blend post-application, and they’re formulated with skin- and eye-soothing ingredients like jojoba oil, cottonseed oil, and vitamin E.

Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner $21


This waterproof eyeliner from Smashbox has been my go-to for years, ever since my dance days when I’d have hours of rehearsals and performances I couldn’t afford to sweat my eyeliner off through. The tip is super precise, so you never have to worry about that dreaded blocky finish, and it also self-sharpens every time you twist the cap for no-fuss maintenance.

MAC Fluidline in Dipdown $19


We’ve heard makeup artist after makeup artist praise this little magical pot of (eyeliner) gold for years. It boasts a super-smooth gel formula that delivers a precise finish that’s never too harsh and is easy to customize to your liking. 

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner $33


Ah, another pro pick we somehow never tire of. Not only does Chanel offer some of the richest hues we’ve seen (we especially love this plum version called Cassis), but it’s also one of the best we’ve tried where dependability is concerned.

The formula is strategically waterproof, perfect for light, feathery strokes, and even has a detachable sharpener on the opposite end in case you ever find yourself in a touch-up bind. 

Next, the 10 best brown eyeliners ranked, according to Amazon, Sephora, and Ulta reviews.

10 Benefits Of Having Small Eyes

1) People can’t tell who/what we are looking at

It is almost like a gifted talent that people with small eyes can look at whoever or whatever they want, secretly. And yet people can’t tell what they are looking at.Image Credit: stepfeed.com


2) We can fall asleep and people won’t be able to tell

Since it is hard to differentiate whether we are opening or closing our eyes, we have the privilege to fall asleep in the class without getting caughImage Credit: Quickmeme


3) We have a better poker face

Some say eyes are window to the soul. Small eyes – a smaller window, hence reveals lesser emotions. This makes it harder for people to read us.Image Credit: tumblr.com


4) We look cool

People with small eyes are cool and calm because they just do not know how to look surprise.Image Credit: tumblr.com


5) We look good in glasses

With small eyes, we have the advantage of being able to carry different types of frames and look good – as long as the frames are bigger than our eyes, which they usually are.Image Credit: From Head To Toe


6) Eye tiredness hardly show on us

Unlike the big eyes, eye tiredness or heavy eyes hardly show on us. Eye-bag? what’s that?Image Credit: weheartit.com


7) We have a really cute smile

Just like cartoon, when we smile, we look really cute. Nuff said.Image Credit: fanpop.com


8) It not difficult to draw us

Few lines are all you need.Image Credit: grazia.it


9) We have a deadly weapon – the side-eyeing technic

When we are not in a mood and can’t be bothered, just a simple “side-eye” will do. Image Credit: yahoo.com


10) Small eyes is the trend now!

Look at him.Image Credit: DramaFever

Big eyes, you are outdated. Small eyes rock! Who else’s on our side?


Makeup for Small Eyes: Tips to Make Eyes Look Bigger


One of the most fun things about the makeup world is trying out trending eye makeup looks. But when it comes to doing makeup for small eyes, it can be a challenge to bring those looks to life. If the people who normally sport the looks you want to emulate have bigger eyes, it may even seem like trendy makeup isn’t for you. But that isn’t the case.

Small eyes are absolutely beautiful, and with a little determination, you can rock pretty much any look you want to. It’s all about knowing the right makeup tips and tricks to make your eyes pop. If you’re ready to tackle the topic of eye makeup for small eyes, give the following 16 tips a shot—we promise they’re super easy!


Concealer is a makeup essential for good reason. Not only does this product help to blur imperfections, but it also works wonders to lighten and brighten your under-eye area. And if you’ve been tackling dark circles, that’s just one more reason to make concealer your new BFF, especially since a dark under-eye area can detract from the rest of your eye makeup. We love the L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Multi-Use Concealer thanks to its blendable formula and easy applicator.


Speaking of concealer, you can never go wrong with a round of color correcting. After all, it’s common for your lids to have a slightly different hue than the rest of your face. By balancing things out with a color-correcting concealer, you’ll be able to enhance the shape of your peepers and make your eyeshadow look stand out.


We can all agree that highlighter is a must-have essential for enhancing your features, but it also works wonders to help you achieve a wide, open-eyed effect. Dust a highlighter, like the L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Shimmerista Highlighting Powder onto your brow bone, the inner corners of eyes, and the center of your lids to give you the look of a lifted and bigger gaze.


When it comes to making your small eyes the star of your makeup look, you’ll want to make sure that your peepers can be clearly seen. Using a lash curler is one of the best ways to make your eyes truly pop! Give your lashes the perfect amount of lift with the help of this beauty staple by gently clamping it at the base of your lashes and walking the curler outward for a complete curve.

Editor’s tip: Ready to give your lashes even more lift? Run warm water (but not too hot!) over your lash curler before using it.


Sculpted eyebrows are a great way to frame your face and enhance your features, including your small eyes. Grab the L’Oréal Paris Unbelievabrow Longwear Waterproof Gel, which helps to fill in and thicken your brows for a long-lasting look. Lightly apply the product to fill in sparse areas. Then, use the angled brush to outline and define the shape of your brow. Finish up by combing through brows with a spoolie, and your work is done.


To ensure that your makeup for small eyes goes the distance, turn to an eye makeup primer to get the job done. Perfect for tackling creasing and smudging, an eye makeup primer will be a lifesaver. All out of eye makeup primer? No worries! Simply dab a bit of concealer or foundation on your lids to help your makeup look go the distance.


It’s time to bid your dark eyeliner farewell! Dark eyeliner is known to make your eyes look smaller, so ditch your dark liner in favor of something brighter. One of our favorite options? Nude eyeliner! This gorgeous hue is a surefire way to instantly give your eyes a brighter, natural, and more awake look. Not to mention, it’ll also make your small eyes look even bigger. Try this trick with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Nude.


Prefer to take a more dramatic approach with your makeup for small eyes? Consider adding white eyeliner to your must-try list. This neutral shade helps you achieve a fresh and bright look, all with the right amount of edge. With various ways to rock white eyeliner, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression with every makeup look. Here are 9 Ways to Use White Eyeliner.


If there is one makeup trend that can complement your eye makeup for small eyes, tightlining easily takes the top spot. This technique is all about lining your upper lash line, which helps create the appearance of thicker, more defined lashes. We also dig that it makes you look like you’re not wearing any eyeliner at all, so it won’t make your eyes look any smaller. Plus, if you’ve been paying attention, giving your lashes a nice lift is a foolproof way to enhance the shape of your eyes.

Want in? Head on over to our article, What Is Tightlining? Everything You Need to Know About this Invisible Eyeliner Technique, for some pointers.


As the saying goes, you can never go wrong with a classic. Winged eyeliner and small eyes are a match made in heaven. This trend helps to create the illusion of bigger eyes. Of course, there is a particular technique you need to follow to score the look. Use the L’Oréal Paris Matte Signature Liquid Dip Eyeliner, Waterproof, and build your winged eyeliner look with small thin strokes. Once you reach the outer edge of your eyes, create a small flick that extends straight outward.

Not too skilled in the art of creating winged eyeliner? Click through our article, How to Achieve Your Sharpest Winged Eyeliner Look, for a step-by-step tutorial.


Mascara not only gives your eye makeup a flirty look, but it also helps your eyes stand out, which is the number one goal for small eyes. While lengthening mascara may be your go-to option, we recommend a small shift in technique. Try coating your lashes with the L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara, Lasting Volume, but concentrate the formula on the outer two-thirds of your eyelashes to avoid making your eyes look closed off.


Sporting a flirty and lifted fringe is key for making your small eyes the center of attention. If you want to take your look up a notch, false eyelashes will make it happen. Keep in mind, not any set of false eyelashes will do. It’s essential to find the right style that complements your eye shape. If every set you find seems too big, you can always trim the lash strip down to size. Once you have the perfect set of falsies, visit our article, How to Apply False Eyelashes and Other Fake Lash Hacks, for a seamless application process. 


Colorful makeup looks are beautiful and eye-catching, but they also work to give your small eyes extra oomph. It also adds dimension, which works to give your eyes a highlighted finish. Play with color with the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Pocket Palette Eyeshadow in Avant Garde Azure, Haute Hazel or Violet Amour.


It’s common practice to apply eyeshadow on your lids, but you’ll need to show your lower lash line some love to make a big impact. Sweeping a line of eyeshadow right under your bottom lashes provides your eyes with more definition and creates a contouring effect that goes a long way with your makeup for small eyes.


Just as contouring accentuates your cheekbones and sculpts your face, you may want to consider a crease contour. This trick gives the appearance of deeper set eyes, making your peepers look larger than they actually are. To get the look, use a neutral matte shade, like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Café Au Lait, and blend the color onto your crease and the outer corner of your eyes. Voila!


If you love to take makeup cues from A-listers, then you know that contouring is where it’s at. A chic way to define your facial features and add a chiseled touch to your look, this trend also works in your favor to make your eyes look bigger—if you focus your attention on your crease. Use an eyeshadow that’s about three shades darker than your skin tone to deepen your crease and really make your eyes more defined and prominent.

Next: Best Eye Makeup and Eye Shadow Trends for 2020

Makeup for Small Eyes – Make Small Eyes Look Bigger with these Makeup Tricks

Whether we’re ‘growing’ our locks with hair extensions or faking a slimmer face with contouring, using make-up and beauty products to enhance our natural features has been going on for hundreds of years.

And these days it’s all about the transformation.

Of course, many of us know how to put on make-up but true make-up mastery is all about creating an illusion. From simple contouring, to the more outrageous Insta-worthy overhauls, make-up can work wonders.

And eye make-up isn’t any different.

For those of us with mono lids or smaller eyes – mastering eye make-up to make your eyes look bigger has always been on our beauty goals list. But what are the dos and don’ts of makeup for smaller eyes? And how do you keep things looking doe-eyed instead of Drag Race?

Thankfully it’s way easier than you might think – here’s how to create bigger looking eyes using make-up.

Zoe Dubs

1. Contour yourself a crease

      Contouring your face is just the beginning of the rabbit hole. You can use a similar technique to create an eyelid crease, even if your own lid is not very defined.

      Take your contouring colour and use a small brush to buff the colour along the socket, to mimic the crease of your eyelid. Finish with a dusting of highlighter in the centre of the eye, for a really prominent 3D effect.

      Zoe Dubs

      It’s a bit of a beauty myth that small eyes shouldn’t use eyeliner. When used in an entire ring around the eye, black liner can exaggerate the smaller shape, but the trick is to use a contrasting white or pearl-coloured liner in the lower waterline and keep the smoky eyeliner to the lower lashes instead.

      This opens up the lower half of the eye, making it look bigger and brighter.

      Zoe Dubs

      Mono lidded eyes may lack an eyelid crease but this means that you’ve got loads of space to work with between the socket and the brow.

      Applying eyeshadow high onto the brow bone sounds like a massive make-up fail for many but, when applied on mono lids, it serves to create the illusion of a bigger, deeper eye. Just be sure to blend carefully so you don’t have harsh lines under your eyebrows. Not the one.

      Zoe Dubs

      If you’re a single-step kinda gal then false eyelashes can quickly take your eye game to the next level, adding definition and shape to a mono lid. Asian eyes can get away with really long lashes due to the space between the eye and the brow.

      A lot of lashes are designed to create a feline, winged look but Asian eyes are already rocking this shape so instead you could opt for a curly pair that opens the eye upwards, making them look rounder.

      Line only the top waterline to really accentuate the almond shape of the top lid – sooty, gel liners work really well here.

      Zoe Dubs

      To really exaggerate the shape of the eye, try contrasting colours at the inner and outer corners. We’re no stranger to an exaggerated cat eye but don’t forget about the inner corners too.

      A large black wing elevates the eye outwards and a contrasting dusting of pearl eyeshadow in the inner corners will continue to extend the shape inwards, for a super-fierce feline shape and absolutely giant eyes.

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      Eye Makeup For Small Eyes

      Eyes are our most noticeable features. Naturally, many women wish to have big, youthful looking eyes, but unfortunately, nature does not always cooperate. The application of eye makeup for small eyes requires an understanding of unique techniques—did you know that black eyeliner on the lower lash can narrow the eye even further? Unfortunately, a dark, smokey eye is also completely out of the picture.
      From white eyeliner to lash curlers, we reveal the secret makeup tips for small eyes.

      Whether you’ve been blessed by the brow gods or your arches are a on the sparse side, your eyebrows frame your eyes, so keeping them neat and tidy is a must. Any stray hairs at the bottom of the brow will make your eyelid appear smaller, while messy hairs at the top will serve as a distraction—so pluck, brush, and fill your brows in.

      Dark circles make your eyes look smaller, so use a concealer underneath the eye to banish them. Ensure that you use a shade slightly lighter than your foundation to lift and enhance your eyes.

      By tracing the bottom waterline with a fleshy colored eyeliner (think white, nude, or peach), your eyes will instantly look wider and brighter.

      Anything you highlight comes forward visually so try highlighting below the brow and above the highest point of the arch to give yourself a mini brow lift and help open up your eyes. The Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight US $22; AED/SAR 80 is a great option as it’s formulated with light-reflecting optics to illuminate the face.

      Perfectly curled lashes will help widen your eyes because the lashes are being lifted, meaning that more of the eye will be seen. For added oomph, heat your eyelash curler with your hair dryer or warm water before using it.

      Try applying white eyeliner or shadow to the inner corners of the eye (that’s the “V” around the tear duct) to elongate and brighten the eye simultaneously.

      If you have small eyes, avoid using dark eye shadows, as they will make the eyelids appear heavy and closed. Instead, opt for light, shimmery shades like gold and beige that will catch the light and help open the eyes. The Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Sunset At The Beach US $10; AED/SAR 36 provides superior color, coverage, and long-lasting wear thanks to the Color Eye Last complex, which includes an exclusive combination of up to 70 percent pigments, pearls, and shimmer particles.

      Lining your entire lid when you have small eyes can result in eyes that look even smaller. Instead, try only lining the outer two thirds of the lid and wing it out beyond the outer corners of the lid to draw the eye out and pull it upward. Try using a navy eyeliner (as an alternative to black) as it brings out the white of the eye, and instantly makes your eyes look wider and brighter.

      After curling your lashes, you’ll want to coat them with a lengthening and curling mascara like the Burberry Curve Lash Mascara US $29; AED/SAR 106, which creates beautifully curved and volumized lashes for a wide-eyed effect, thanks to a specially designed, precision fiber brush. Focus most of your attention on the center of the upper lash line to draw the eyes upwards and don’t forget to coat your bottom lashes for the ultimate doe-eyed look.

      9 Ways To Make Your Eyes Look SO Much Bigger! | Blog

      Disney Princesses were basically our first-ever #beautygoals, and Princess Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle all had one thing in common, huge doe-eyes! Faking Bambi-like eyes is so achievable when you follow these strategic guidelines. Here’re our ultimate eye makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger.

      1. Brighten your waterline

      Lining your lower waterline with a pale-colored eyeliner is one of the easiest tricks in the beauty bible. You can use a white pencil liner for a dramatic difference, but we prefer a beige liner, which looks more natural and has the same effect.

      Top Tip: Liner doesn’t last long on the lower waterline – probably because you blink about 1500 times a day – so take your liner out with you and reapply whenever you pop to the bathroom.

      2. Highlight like a pro

      Highlighter doesn’t just give life to your cheekbones, it’s one of the best tricks for opening up your eyes too. Use it on your brow bone (which will lift your brow), on the inner corners of your eyes to open them up, and on the very center of the lid to make your eyes pop.

      3. Use concealer strategically

      Use concealer on the inner corner and outer corners, which are areas that tend to look darker. By adding light to these areas, you bring the eyes forward and emphasize their size.

      4. Lift your lashes

      We all know mascara makes a massive difference to our eyes, so imagine how bomb the right pair of false lashes can look. With false lashes, it’s crucial that you find the right style to flatter your eye shape: Depending on whether you have almond, round, hooded or deep-set eyes, each needs a different lash, otherwise, you run the risk of making your eyes look smaller. Check out our guide to choosing the right lashes here.

      If it’s not an occasion for lashes, then a good mascara – we love the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise, $9 – combined with a lash curler will lift and open up your eyes immediately. You can also get a lash-lift at your local salon, which is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that adds an insane curl to your lashes for around six weeks.

      5. Don’t forget your lower lash line

      Adding mascara to your lower lashes will also open up the eyes for a wide, doe-eyed look: For a softer look, you can use brown mascara, or even colored mascara if you like. Adding a little eyeliner to the outer corner of your lower lash line will also help to elongate your eyes. Stick to the outer third of your eye, and use a soft brown eyeshadow to smoke it out, which will make the eye look wider – harsh lines can make the eyes look smaller.

      6. Define your crease

      Whether you’re going for a natural look or a smokey eye, tailor your eyeshadow to the look and define your crease. If you’re doing a no-makeup-makeup look, you can use a light brown shade in the crease, which adds dimension to the eye. Slowly build up the eyeshadow with a soft fluffy brush, for a natural look (dark lids can make the eyes look smaller).

      7. Frame your face

      A well-groomed pair of brows is so essential for creating balance and harmony of the face, but also for accentuating your eyes. Check out our guide to find the right brow shape to suit your face shape here.

      Top Tip: Instead of bringing the tale of your brow downwards at the end, elongate it so that the tip flares out towards your ears, which will help to lift the brow for a more youthful appearance.

      8. Conceal dark circles

      Bright eyes not only make your eyes look more awake, but they also open up your eyes. Choose a shade of concealer a shade or two lighter, or if you have dark circles, use a peach-toned concealer, which will cancel out purple undertones. Baking under your eyes will also add brightness and help to keep your eyeliner from smudging throughout the day. Just apply a thick coat of translucent powder underneath your eye area after concealer, and let it sit for three to five minutes. Afterward, dust it off using a clean, fluffy brush.

      9. Wing it

      Winged eyeliner can also help create the illusion of bigger eyes. If you have smaller eyes it’s better to avoid heavy eyeliner on your upper lid, as this can make it look smaller. Instead, you can draw a very thin line above your lashes, tapering the eyeliner outwards from the last third of your lashes to create a subtle flick. Check out our guide to drawing the sexiest wing to suit your eye shape here.

      If you’re thinking about getting eyelash extensions, check out everything you need to know before you book your appointment here.

      90,000 Small eyes. Physiognomy. Makeup. Eyes enlargement without cosmetics and surgeries.

      Physiognomy about small eyes

      Eyes are the first thing that people intuitively or consciously look at in a stranger. The eyes are judged on the internal energy, character and benevolence of a person, it is not for nothing that they are called “the mirror of the soul.”

      Experts in physiognomy believe that small eyes are often found in artistic natures. Such people rarely achieve success in their youth, but in the second half of their lives they perfectly realize themselves through hard work and diligence.

      Those with small eyes are punctual, morally stable, loyal to their friends and loved ones. They are jealous, withdrawn and insecure, some have complexes because of the size of their eyes.

      Small and deep-set eyes are found in people capable of treason and deception. A person with such eyes is envious and petty. A very small eyeball is a sign of irascibility and irritability.

      The canons of beauty and small eyes

      Even in ancient times, small eyes were not considered a sign of beauty, such eyes were extended in every possible way with eyeliners and accentuated with paints.With modern makeup options, small eyes are not difficult to enlarge. With proper makeup, the look will become more expressive and the eyes will appear brighter and larger.

      Of course, not only the eyes are important for beauty, but also the harmony of all facial features, the oval and, most importantly, a positive facial expression and facial expressions. Small eyes in combination with a small nose, correct face shape and beautiful lips look quite harmonious. But if the facial features are irregular, a rough chin, a large nose and at the same time small eyes, then such eyes should be enlarged with makeup.By the way, when the nose is reduced, the eyes appear noticeably larger.

      Makeup for small eyes

      There are a number of make-up mistakes that, on the contrary, have the opposite effect – the eyes get smaller.

      Typical mistakes when making up small eyes:

      • Using dark shadows and shadows of bright shades – small eyes on a dark background are lost and visually decrease.
      • Black eyeliner with liner and pencil accentuates the shape and size of the eyes – with small eyes, this is an extra emphasis and so small.
      • Romantic smoky eye makeup adorns only large eyes, with small eyes the haze will simply swallow small eyes.

      Correct make-up technique for small eyes

      Correct make-up technique for small eyes

      1. It is imperative to watch your eyebrows – they should not be thick or short. A long line of moderately thin eyebrows visually enlarges the eyes. The eyebrow color should not be very dark.
      2. The shadow is applied to the eyelids from the lash line to the brow bone.The lightest shade of the eyeshadow is applied first. It can be light tone that reflects light – beige, white, peach, light pink, light lilac or light purple. It is believed that it is mother-of-pearl that best reflects light and visually enlarges the eyes – light purple shades are suitable for all shades of small eyes.
      3. On the lower eyelid, under the very eyelashes, apply medium-tone shades. The darkest tone is superimposed on the lower and upper outer corners of the eyes.
      4. For liner use pencils only in delicate shades green, blue, gray, purple or brown. The pencil line is drawn from the outer third of the eyelids, expands, and in the corner of the eye rises slightly. This technique perfectly enlarges and opens the eyes.
      5. Mascara is the main tool for enlarging the eyes. It is better to choose mascara that lengthens and does not stick lashes . To maximize the eyes, before coloring, you need to curl the eyelashes up with special tweezers.Another option: silk eyelash extensions.
      6. Consider the light pearlescent pencil as the final touch and a very effective eye magnifier. With its help, eyeliner is made to the inner corners of the eyes after the shadows have already been applied and the eyelashes are colored.

      Women and men with small eyes can be very beautiful!

      There are practically no people with a perfectly beautiful appearance – everyone has their own problems: nature has awarded someone with big ears, sparse hair, short legs, hairiness, bad skin or birthmarks.The list goes on and on, a person can be attractive and happy with any appearance. The main thing is to focus on your strengths, not weaknesses.

      Among Hollywood stars there are many celebrities with small and even very small eyes. They skillfully focus on a smile, a pleasant facial expression, voice and other advantages of their external and internal appearance.

      For example, Rene Zelweger has small slanted eyes that are very harmoniously combined with beautiful skin, beautiful lips and a neat nose.There are rumors (which Rene denies) that the actress recently underwent plastic surgery – the photo shows that the shape of the eyes has changed markedly. The eyes became more wide open, it looks like the upper eyelid was pulled up using cantoplasty.

      Small eyes. Physiognomy. Makeup. Eyes enlargement without cosmetics and surgeries. Renee Zelweger

      Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore also have rather small eyes that do not prevent them from being attractive, famous and pleased with themselves.

      Small eyes.Physiognomy. Makeup. Eyes enlargement without cosmetics and surgeries. Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore.

      Small eyes. Physiognomy. Makeup. Eyes enlargement without cosmetics and surgeries. Demmy Moor.

      Not all male Hollywood stars have big eyes. It is believed that small eyes in men speak of a special sexuality.

      Richard Gere and Patrick Swayze have small, deep-set eyes.

      Small eyes. Physiognomy. Makeup. Eyes enlargement without cosmetics and surgeries.Patrick Swayze.

      Small eyes. Physiognomy. Makeup. Eyes enlargement without cosmetics and surgeries. Richard Gere.

      Eye enlargement without cosmetics and operations

      1. The skin around the eyes must be taken care of. The skin around the eyes ages earlier than the rest of the skin. It needs to be moisturized with creams suitable for your skin type, protected from the sun (sunglasses) and gently washed off makeup with special products.

      Eyes are visually reduced if there are dark circles or bags under the eyes.To avoid them, you need to get enough sleep, drink plenty of clean water and monitor the overall health of the body and mind, which are really reflected in your eyes.

      To keep your eyes shiny, big and rested, it is recommended to do exercises for the eyes and do yoga. After yoga, the eyes, like other organs, receive additional energy nourishment and become more alive, open and joyful.

      If swelling and dark color appear under your eyes, a simple cucumber compress from cucumber slices (applied for 5 minutes) or cold wet tea bags (also for 5 minutes) can help you.There are also a variety of creams available to reduce the visible signs of eye fatigue and puffiness.

      Any, even large eyes become visually smaller if the face (and the body, of course) gets fat. Therefore, to enlarge the eyes, sometimes is enough just to lose weight .

      2. Long, well-groomed, curled dark eyelashes dark visibly enlarge the eyes. You can dye your eyelashes with a dark color in any beauty salon. Such a professional coloring is enough for about 2-3 weeks, after which it begins to slowly wash off.You can curl your eyelashes using a special eyelash curler in beauty salons or on your own using an eyelash curler.

      3. There are effective exercises for enlarging the eyes. To be effective, such exercises must be performed every day.

      Exercise for enlarging the eyes No. 1

      The index fingers fix the outer edges of the eyes, and the middle fingers are placed on the bridge of the nose – this is done in order to avoid wrinkles between the eyebrows.After you fix your fingers, you need to squint the lower eyelid, keep squinting a little and then relax. You need to repeat this exercise 10-20 times.

      Exercise for enlarging eyes No. 2

      Starting position as in exercise No. 1, but now we close our eyes tightly for 20 seconds, then relax for a moment and close our eyes again for 20 seconds.

      4. At home, you can use Eyelid Glue – Asians use it to make a more round European shape out of narrow eyes.

      The eyelid glue kit includes a special stick – a slingshot. By applying eyelid glue to different parts of the eyelid, you can create different eye shapes.

      Small eyes. Physiognomy. Makeup. Eyes enlargement without cosmetics and surgeries. Eyelid glue.

      There are also Adhesive eyelid strips – the upper eyelid is glued just below the eyebrow and thus pulled up, opening the gaze and enlarging the eyes. Such eyelid stickers will greatly help Europeans with sagging or drooping upper eyelids.

      Adhesive eyelid strips.

      5. Various lenses are very popular in Korea, China and Japan to enlarge and accentuate the eyes.

      The magnification effect is achieved when the lens diameter is larger than the natural diameter of the iris. This is why the eyes appear larger.

      There are dozens of lens options for pupil enlargement. They can be completely unimaginable colors, textures and shapes. Lenses with a diameter of 14 mm look as natural as possible.

      Manufacturers guarantee that the use of these lenses is safe and hypoallergenic.

      These spectacular lenses can also be ordered for myopia. They will have the effect of regular lenses + magnification and an interesting color.

      Lenses for eye enlargement.

      Surgical eye enlargement – cantopexy and blepharoplasty

      Cantus – outer corners of the eyes. Cantus have long and thin tendons. With age (especially after 40 years), the canthuses stretch, from this the corners of the eyes drop down while changing the expression of the eyes.The look becomes less expressive and seems tired.

      Cantopexy – plastic surgery, the essence of which is to raise and stretch the corners of the eyelids (outer cantus). If at the same time the surgeon removes part of the canthus, this operation is called cantoplasty. With the help of cantoplasty, you can change the shape of the eye incision and tighten the sagging lower eyelid (it happens in the elderly), as well as eliminate the eversion of the eyelid (ectropion).

      Cantopexy is a complex operation and should only be performed by an experienced surgeon.The operation is performed under general or local anesthesia. In the natural fold above the upper eyelid, the surgeon makes a small horizontal incision through which he lifts the canthus, and (if the operation is combined with blepharoplasty) tightens the tendons and fixes them to the periosteum of the orbit. During cantopexy, special self-absorbable surgical sutures are used. At the end of the operation, the eyelid incision is sutured. If the operation is performed professionally and without complications, then the suture on the eyelid will be practically invisible after two weeks after the surgery.

      If there is excess tissue on the lower eyelid, the doctor may remove a small area of ​​skin near the corner of the eye to tighten the skin at that point. The operation lasts from an hour to two, depending on the complexity of the case. The patient is not required to be in the clinic after the operation.

      Cantopexy of the lower eyelids makes it possible to tighten them and get rid of ectropion, as well as prevent the development of the symptom of “bulging eyes” in people with myopia.

      When performing cantoplasty, an experienced surgeon himself chooses the type and location of the incision.In the course of such an operation, it is also possible to eliminate bags under the eyes if they have arisen from fatty deposits or hernias.

      It should be noted that cantopexy only corrects the shape of the eyes and tightens the eyelids, while all fine wrinkles around the eyes and under the eyes remain in place.

      After cantoplasty, patients may feel pain. Within two weeks after the operation, swelling, bruising, tearing or irritation of the conjunctiva occur. The recovery period usually takes no more than two weeks.In very rare cases, traces of sutures remain (with the inexperience of the surgeon) and wound suppuration occurs. It is also possible that the patient is dissatisfied with the resulting shape of the eyes and repeated surgical intervention.

      The effect of cantoplasty lasts for 5-10 years.

      In addition to the surgical method, there are also seamless laser technologies for reshaping the eyelids and eyes – blepharoplasty.

      Blepharoplasty refers to plastic surgery, with which you can remove age signs – “crow’s feet”, edema and fatty hernias under the eyes, change the shape, cut and size of the eyes.

      Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids – the incision is made along the lash line, and as a result, after healing, it becomes invisible.

      Transconjunctival blepharoplasty – small punctures are made on the inner side of the eyelid, no sutures are applied, as the mucous membrane of the eyes quickly regenerates.

      Circular blepharoplasty – simultaneous correction of the upper and lower eyelids.

      for the impending century and video for brown, green eyes

      Proven make-up tricks of professionals allow you to look at the features of your appearance from a different angle.If we are talking about deep-set eyes, which from the outside seem small, you can visually do more by learning a few simple rules:

      How to act for those who need to make their eyes bigger with the help of makeup? Remember the eight top tips.

      Makeup rules for small eyes


      No fatigue

      Pay attention to some details of the preparation for the make-up. In particular, it is important to properly treat the area under the lower eyelids with concealer – due to dark circles, the eyes may appear smaller than they really are.Look for proven products that won’t roll or collect in folds of skin, such as Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.


      More light!

      For those with small eyes, light shades with a shine effect should be preferred. White or beige shades with shimmer are what you need when you need to create a visual increase in volume. You cannot do without them in the inner corners of the eyes. Use them under the eyebrows – this technique also helps to make the eyes appear larger.

      Kayal white or white eyeliner – these beauty products are not included in the category of the most popular. But girls with small eyes must have them in a cosmetic bag! For the reason that the eyes, summed up in white, become larger and more expressive when viewed from the side. Experiment: supplement your make-up with white graphic arrows, or, for example, draw the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a white pencil. How else you can use white pencil, read here

      Altuzarra © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      In your case, you should be careful with dark shades.Black arrows drawn along the entire lash line on the upper eyelid are guaranteed to shrink the eyes. You will achieve the same result if you make black smoky ice with eyeshadow all over the eyelid. If you use colors like ink, graphite, dark brown, then apply them in the crease of the eyelid, shade them at the outer corners, or use them to display soft arrows that literally scatter on the skin.


      Even more dramatic

      But you should not be afraid of dark mascara – on the contrary, it will only help in a situation with small eyes.Be sure to use mascara that provides volume and maximum length and volume to your lashes. For example, Monsieur Big by Lancôme will do. Visually “opening” the gaze, creating the effect of wide-open eyes, such mascara, accordingly, also enlarges them.

      Honee © fotoimedia / imaxtree


      Attention to the eyebrows

      “Heavy” wide eyebrows can visually make the eyes even smaller.Because of such eyebrows, the eyelid seems to be overhanging, the eyes under it are “lost”. So you need to be careful with the trend for accented eyebrows. Let them look natural, neat, but you shouldn’t make them too wide.


      Draw arrows

      As we have already found out, the arrows should not go along the entire lash line. To make the eyes visually larger, start drawing the arrow from the middle of the eyelid, not from the inner corner of the eye. In this case, the line can be either thin or thick.Choose lighter colors – for example, brown eyeliner.


      Accent on eyelashes

      Delicate, curled lashes will also help you accentuate your eyes. You can also use false eyelashes, but they must be of a natural length.

      Look for makeup options for small brown, green and blue eyes in the photo from the shows

      DAKS © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      DAKS © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      PPQ © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      Bottega Veneta © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      Concept Korea © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      Cushnie et Ochs © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      Narciso Rodriguez © fotoimedia / imaxtree

      Zang Toi © fotoimedia / imaxtree

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      Makeup for small eyes: video tutorial

      For those who make a corrective make-up for small eyes for the first time, we have prepared a step-by-step video tutorial.


      Cover with concealer any redness under the eyes and around the outer corners.


      With a soft light pencil, go over the mucous membrane.


      Blend neutral light brown eyeshadow in the crease of the upper eyelid.


      Brighten the inner corners of the eyes and the area under the brow with lighter, shimmery shadows.


      Make a thin arrow with the eyeshadow, use a beveled brush to apply.


      Paint over the lashes with mascara.

      Do you want to learn how to make not only a light make-up for every day, but also a brighter, evening one?

      Smokey ice make-up is perfect for such a case. We will tell you how to create one for small eyes.

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      Smoky ice for small eyes

      Smokey ice, made in the classical technique, is another way to visually enlarge small eyes.

      To create this makeup, you will need a soft black eyeliner and eyeshadow in several shades – dark, lighter, gray or brown, as well as black mascara.Having these products in your cosmetic bag and following our instructions, creating a smoky ice will be as easy as shelling pears.

      © Makeup.ru


      With black kayal, highlight the line of the upper eyelid along the growth of the eyelashes.

      © Makeup.ru


      Apply a dark shade of eyeshadow on the upper eyelid closer to the lash line, and then on the entire surface of the moving eyelid – a lighter shade, such as brown.

      © Makeup.ru


      Carefully blend the transition from dark shadows to lighter ones – the border between them should be smooth and invisible.

      © Makeup.ru


      Move on to lower eyelid makeup.Draw it with a black pencil and blend the line. On the lower lid, blend a dark shade of eyeshadow along the lash line, then add a lighter shade and repeat the blending.

      © Makeup.ru


      The final touch is the application of mascara: paint over both the upper and lower lashes. Light up the inner corner of the eye and the space under the eyebrow with light satin shadows.

      © Makeup.ru

      What beauty products will help you create the perfect make-up that enlarges your eyes? We have compiled a rating.

      Back to the table of contents 90,000 makeup with drooping eyelids and deep-set eyes

      Small eyes are not a reason to sound the alarm. Little tips and tricks when applying makeup will fix the situation. You will learn how to visually enlarge the eyes, make them almond-shaped, and highlight the beauty of the color.Read on!

    1. Ditch the rich eyeliner – it will make your eyes even smaller. Write down smoky eyes in the stop list: dark dense shadows can play a cruel joke.
    2. Light shadows are what you need. Apply them all over the movable eyelid and blend up to the bone under the eyebrow: this way you will create the illusion of an open gaze.

    3. Light eyeshadow, highlighter or nude pencil, apply to the inner corners of the eyes. And the darker ones (but not black!) – in the crease of the eyelid.

    4. Don’t paint rich retro arrows. Your choice is neat little arrows drawn with a thin pencil. The arrow should not be thick: so it will visually “press” on the eyes, making them even smaller.

    5. Light shadows on the inner corners of the eyes plus neat, slightly shaded arrows to the temples will give the eyes an almond shape, making them appear larger. Add a highlighter to the brow bones for a heightened effect.
    6. Your faithful companion – beige or white eyeliner without mother-of-pearl. Bring them to the lower eyelid along the mucous membrane. A pencil will help not only visually enlarge your eyes, but also return freshness to your eyes if you slept less than the prescribed eight hours a day.

    7. If you have small and deep-set eyes, use this trick: apply shadow just above the crease of the eyelid.

    8. If you have a drooping eyelid, follow this advice: highlight the moving eyelid with light shadows, and blend the dark ones in the crease and above, darkening the drooping eyelid.This will create a natural deepening effect and visually enlarge the eyes.

    9. Place the main emphasis on the eyelashes: this will help make the eyes bigger. Use lengthening mascara, and for an evening look, feel free to glue false eyelashes. But be careful: too lush tufts of eyelashes can divert all attention to yourself and make your eyes heavy. Use small tufts at the corner of your eyes. (Read here how to glue them yourself.)

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      Makeup for small eyes: how to do it right?

      Owners of small eyes always strive to visually enlarge them, in particular, with the help of makeup.Despite the fact that most often small eyes already look quite harmonious on a particular face, we can advise you a few tricks that will really help make small eyes much larger. For the most part, they are simple, and some can be easily used in daytime makeup. Let’s get down to specific tips.

      Makeup for small eyes: tips

      • For dull makeup, do not use the eyeliner of the lower eyelid, especially the lower mucous membrane;
      • On the contrary, in case of intense and especially dark smokey eyes, a pencil eyeliner of the lower mucous membrane will help to make the eyes visually very large;
      • In daytime make-up use a light beige or light pink pencil for the lower mucous membrane: this will help to “open up” the eyes;
      • Be sure to put a highlight with light shimmer shadows or highlighters in the outer corner of the eye;
      • Volumetric mascara will help to significantly “open” the eyes even in daytime makeup;
      • The best tools for visually enlarging eyes are nude shadows and good blending brushes.At the same time, the brushes should be large enough, because the shading itself will be wide. The scheme is as follows: apply a gray-brown shade of medium intensity to the outer corner of the eye and shade it into a fold. We make the shading wide enough, leading it to the temples. Apply a slightly more saturated shade to the fold and blend into the previous color. Apply light shadows to the entire movable eyelid. Draw a not too pronounced shaded arrow with dark brown or black shadows. We paint over the eyelashes well with mascara.We put a small highlight with a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow. You can paint over the lower mucous membrane with a light pencil.
      • For evening make-up, it is best to use false eyelashes – with uniform hair length.
      • For daytime makeup, it is optimal to use light shades, because as you know, it is light shades that visually enlarge the eyes, and dark shades, without proper shading (as in the case of Smokey Eyes), on the contrary, visually reduce.
      • The shading pattern should not be narrowed too much and taken to the temples, as well as various variations on the theme of “cat” eye makeup, can make the eyes smaller.

      Makeup brushes that visually enlarge the eyes

      The most important thing in this business is good, very high quality brushes. We advise you to get large enough torch-shaped natural bristle shading brushes, as well as “kegs” and “hooves”. Feathering is a guarantee of beautiful makeup for small eyes, and good brushes will help to make high-quality shading.

      Quality brushes: where to buy

      In the assortment of the Wobs online store, you can easily find the perfect natural bristle brushes for shading eyeshadows.Reasonable prices, really high quality, a large selection – you can easily find what you need!

      How to apply makeup for small eyes (brown, green or blue)

      All eyes are beautiful, but not all makeup can show this beauty.

      If nature has not rewarded you with large and expressive eyes – do not despair, there are makeup techniques that will help you show all the beauty of your eyes and emphasize your individuality.

      Modern cosmetics and special techniques give you a wide range of different makeup options for small eyes.

      The main thing in makeup for small eyes is to observe the golden mean in the use of cosmetics – too bright colors or, conversely, too light, will not bring the desired result.

      Features of makeup for small eyes

      Small brown eyes are less whimsical in choosing the color of shadows for makeup, which cannot be said about other eye shades. However, there are general principles in makeup for small eyes of any color.

      The right makeup for small eyes starts with the right shade.The base of the color is natural light tones, which create a contrast with the tint of the eyes. Shades of purple are best suited for this purpose. Pearlescent shadows, due to the optical effect, will visually enlarge the eyes. It is necessary to apply mother-of-pearl on the upper fixed eyelid. Makeup for small eyes: before and after. Makeup for small eyes: before and after photos.

      Brown shades are ideal for small blue eyes. However, small blue eyes “dislike” all shades that match eye color.For small green eyes, it is best to do makeup with purple tones.

      The main mistake when applying a make-up for such eyes is to use an eye shadow color that matches the shade of the eyes, and too bright a color of cosmetics will make the eyes deep-set, and they will look even smaller. Makeup option for small eyes. Makeup technology for small eyes.

      To enlarge the eyes, it is important to correct the eyes. Only the outer corner of the eye is brought in, while the line decreases towards the end and goes up a little.Thanks to this eyeliner, the look will become open and expressive.

      Do not use a black pencil for the eyeliner – it is better to choose a blue, gray or brown pencil.

      Long, lush and voluminous eyelashes are what you need for small eyes. The main thing is that the cilia do not stick together. And do not forget about the eyebrows, they should be neat in shape with a slight smooth curve.

      Hollywood smoky makeup

      Day and evening make-up for small eyes

      Daytime makeup for small eyes should look flawless, and it should start, like evening makeup, with the creation of perfect skin around the eyes.Use a concealer to remove redness and minor imperfections on the face and around the eyes.

      To make the eyes appear larger, remove excess hairs from the lower part of the eyebrow, thereby raising the eyebrow, and the distance between the movable eyelid and the eyebrow will increase. The main thing is not to bring your eyebrows to thin threads, they should remain as natural as possible. Daily makeup for small eyes. Daily makeup for small eyes. Evening makeup for small eyes. Evening makeup for small eyes.

      When creating a daytime make-up for small eyes, choose light shadows, which are applied with a brush upwards onto the movable eyelid. A darker shadow color is applied to the crease of the eyelid. Draw out the outer corners of the eyes with a pencil. A gray or blue pencil for light eyes, and for dark ones, choose a brown pencil.

      Apply the lightest shadows under the eyebrow – this will visually enlarge the eyes and refresh the face. Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with a white pencil.

      Evening makeup for small eyes should be based on brighter and more saturated colors (but not too dark).Light shadows are applied to the entire upper eyelid area. Use an eyeshadow brush rather than an applicator to keep your makeup smooth. Golden pearlescent shadows are applied to the fixed part of the eyelid.

      Slightly above the outer corner of the eye, outline the chocolate-colored shadows and shade. Cover the outer part of the mobile eyelid with golden shadows. With a sharp brown pencil, a line is drawn that starts from the middle of the upper eyelid and, extending the line of the eye contour, goes slightly upward.

      Lighten the lower eyelid with a sharp white pencil.

      Make-up for small eyes / make-up for brown eyes Eyelashes for evening make-up should be long, voluminous, but very neat, so as not to overload all the beauty created.

      Makeup for small eyes. Step by step technology.

      Correctly selected colors and make-up technique can turn any flaw into a dignity. This also applies to small eyes.Let’s look at makeup for small eyes step by step:

      Step-by-step makeup for small eyes Step-by-step makeup for small eyes Technique for making makeup for small eyes Technology for applying makeup for small eyes

      • correcting minor skin imperfections and applying foundation, paying special attention to the area around the eyes;
      • the lower eyelid is highlighted with a white or mother-of-pearl pencil;
      • the eyelash line on the lower eyelid is drawn with a dark pencil or liquid eyeliner;
      • light shadows are applied to the center of the upper movable eyelid, and darker shadows are applied to the outer part of the eyelid; now the shadows need to be shaded well so that there are no sharp transitions;
      • along the growth of the upper eyelashes, a line is drawn with a sharp soft pencil, the line becomes thinner towards the end and rises slightly upward;
      • the inner corners of the eyes are highlighted with white shadows;
      • the area under the eyebrows is covered with light (pearlescent) shadows;
      • eyelashes are painted with mascara with a volume effect, and before that they must be curled.

      The eyebrows are given a neat shape, if necessary, they can be painted on with a pencil and treated with eyebrow gel.

      How to properly make makeup for small eyes – step by step photos and videos

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      When looking at any person, attention is primarily focused on the eyes. And women so want to be irresistible! And each tries to emphasize the existing advantages of – the elegance of the cut or the brightness of the color of their eyes.

      Someone just got lucky – nature has endowed with beautiful big eyes.

      But what about those who got small and therefore expressionless eyes? In this case, you just need to get basic knowledge from experienced makeup artists and experiment in front of a mirror – competent makeup works wonders!

      How to properly make makeup for small eyes – instructions with step-by-step photos

      When starting makeup for small eyes in order to visually enlarge them, should pay special attention to eyebrows .The lower and the wider the eyebrows are, the smaller the eyes appear.

      Therefore, you need to carefully correct the line of the eyebrows, leaving a natural narrow strip, carefully watching so that a thin, unaesthetic line does not turn out. You can slightly lengthen the eyebrows with a pencil – this will give an additional effect of “wide open” eyes.

      Eyebrow color professionals recommend to make the hair color darker, but no more than one tone.

      We must not forget that the skin around the eyes must be well-groomed.To do this, you need to nourish it daily with a special eye cream, periodically make compresses and masks, thereby getting rid of swelling and dark circles.

      After cleansing the skin around the eyes, apply a foundation that will provide an even and long-lasting make-up. A concealer, shaded under the brows and eyes, will help to hide minor skin imperfections – use it slightly lighter than the used foundation . After that, you can apply powder – ideally, if it is crumbly, to match the skin.

      Algorithm for applying cosmetics in makeup for small eyes

      • First you need to make the underbrow space lighter than the main skin tone – for this you can use light shadows, preferably not very shiny. The inner corners of the eyes should also be lightened – this technique will “open” the eyes.
      • Movable eyelid is covered with darker shadows, applied from mid-century to the outer edge.Shadows need to be carefully shaded, bringing slightly up. When making up for the overhanging eyelid, this is especially important – it will visually reduce the overhanging of the skin.
      • The outer corner of the eye is drawn with even darker shadows – with a stroke leading to the fold of the movable eyelid .
      • Mascara should be used very carefully – a thick layer of paint on the eyelashes visually reduces the eyes and looks clumsy. Therefore, you should carefully separate the eyelashes, not allowing the hairs to stick together.Curled eyelashes look very impressive. To achieve this effect, you need to bend the hairs towards the upper eyelid, holding the brush in this position.
      • When using eyeliner, keep in mind that wide black arrows have a crushing effect , visually making the eye smaller. Better to use a pencil – gray or brown. You need to draw an arrow from the middle of the upper eyelid, gradually thickening it towards the outer corner. The edges of the arrows are neatly shaded.

      Wide black arrows, edging small eyes, will make the look evil, and the eyes will seem even smaller than they really are.

      Types of makeup for small eyes

      It is clear that general advice on make-up techniques can be significantly expanded on the subject. For example, small eye makeup for every day is significantly different from evening makeup . And there are preferred eyeshadow, mascara, pencil colors for each eye color.

      Makeup for dark eyes and dark hair is not at all the same as makeup for light eyes and blonde hair. Makeup for deep-set eyes and eyes with overhanging eyelids has its own characteristics.

      In addition, age also matters – makeup for small eyes for women of Balzac’s age – over 45 – will look completely different than for a 20-year-old girl.

      And makeup for a round face and small eyes is strikingly different from makeup for an elongated face and small eyes.

      Daily makeup for small eyes

      In order for the owners of small eyes to feel confident, in everyday make-up it is preferable to use light shadows , applying them in the direction from the lash line upwards.When using eyeliner or pencil, it does not hurt to make sure that their color is in harmony with the color of the eyes, and it is better to draw the arrow only along the outer corner of the eye.

      Green and lilac shades work well for brown eyes, brown and purple are best for green eyes. Small blue eyes also get brighter with brown tints. You can add a little bit of shimmering eyeshadow in a light shade under the eyebrows . Make-up must be completed by applying mascara.

      Evening makeup for small eyes

      Evening makeup involves the use of bright colors. Naturally, you need to select shades so that they are in harmony with the color of the hair and skin.

      The upper eyelids need to be covered with light matte shadows, then apply white shadows with a golden tint to the brow area, and add a bronze color in the corner of the eye.

      Blend the shadows towards the temple, this will visually lengthen the eye .Extend a thin arrow, drawn dotted from the middle of the upper eyelid, slightly lengthening the eye contour. Use a white pencil on the lower eyelid. Apply mascara.

      Photo collection of types of makeup for small eyes can be viewed in this video:


      A selection of videos with different types of makeup for small eyes

      This makeup is suitable for every day. If you apply the shadows a little brighter, you get an evening version.

      Eye Makeup and Deep Set Eyes

      The common problem of an overhanging eyelid and deep-set eyes is completely removable. You just need to practice applying the eyeshadow a little.

      Asian Eyes Makeup

      The Asian eye section is quite common. A little bit of cosmetics – and oriental beauty becomes irresistible.

      Makeup for small green eyes

      The make-up is called “Swallow”. Significantly enhances the brightness of the iris color.

      Makeup “Mettalik Smoke”

      Very bright makeup – not for everybody. The eyes become very expressive.

      Smoky Ice Makeup for Small Eyes

      An impressive effect that visually changes the shape of the eyes.

      All the tips in this article are only recommendations. After all, the appearance of each woman is strictly individual. Trying the generally accepted technique on yourself, you must definitely experiment in front of the mirror and find your own “flavor” that will make you feel like a queen.

      Making small eyes more expressive

      The problem of small eyes is familiar to many women. Often they are shy about their appearance, especially looking at the beautiful models of glossy magazines. But most of the girls in the photo do not actually have perfect external data and naturally expressive eyes.

      Makeup for small eyes

      All that you can contemplate is competent makeup for small eyes, which helps to significantly enlarge the shape of the eyes and make them more attractive.Fortunately, not only models and show business stars can make up their eyes quickly and beautifully. Simple tricks with which you can enlarge your eyes are available to everyone.


      All dark banned

      You’ve probably heard that bold arrows with black eyeliner will make your eyes big and expressive. Forget about it and never use black in your make-up. If the eyes are also light, it is also forbidden to use dark shadows and the common technique “smoky eyes”.A dark haze will envelop your face and narrow, deep-set eyes will not be seen at all.

      However, the purpose of the make-up is not to drown the eyes in the eye socket, but, on the contrary, to “pull out” them, increase them visually and make them brighter and more expressive.

      Some prohibitions in the make-up of deep-set eyes:

      • Pearlescent shadows.
      • Bright colors.
      • Shadows of the same color as the eyes.

      Smokey ice is not recommended for small eyes

      In some cases, it is possible to apply shadows with a pearlescent texture to the brow zone or the inner part of the eyelid, but you should not overdo it.Makeup should only softly and beautifully emphasize the face, and not be blatant and flashy.


      Small tricks for those with small eyes

      A simple and affordable way to increase the expressiveness of deep-set eyes is to emphasize the brow line. They need to be shaped by removing excess hairs, and, if necessary, additional eyebrow makeup.

      You can also use other techniques that make makeup for small eyes flawless:

      1. The small eye section is often accompanied by a drooping eyelid.This complicates the task of applying cosmetics, because the movable eyelid almost completely sinks inward. Under these conditions, the correct makeup for small eyes should consist of applying shadow to the brow area and lower eyelid.
      2. Eyelashes must be curled with tongs. Making a beautiful curve will help enlarge the eyes.
      3. Arrows on the lower eyelid can be drawn with a soft white contour pencil.
      4. Draw a contour not over the entire area of ​​the eye from corner to corner, but only from the middle of the eyelid.
      5. To paint the eyelid, use light colors.
      6. You can paint an imaginary crease on the upper eyelid with dark shadows.
      7. The best choice of shadows for narrow, deep-set eyes with overhanging eyelids will be light beige, which does not differ in color from the natural skin tone.
      8. A softer eyeshadow effect can be achieved by powdering the eyelids first.
      9. Apply several layers of mascara to lashes.
      10. If the eyes are not just small, but are characterized by lowered corners, you can raise them a little by highlighting the outer corner with dark shadows.

      Using these simple tips, you will be convinced from your own experience that cosmetics can work wonders. The problem of narrow, deep-set eyes will be much less noticeable, the face will be significantly transformed.


      Makeup for small eyes


      What is the difference between day and evening makeup for small eyes

      Daytime make-up for small eyes with a drooping eyelid should be light and relaxed.One of the most successful options would be nude makeup for small eyes. It is suitable for blondes, brown-haired women, brunettes and even redheads.

      Good shading options are:

      • Beige.
      • Vanilla.
      • White and gold.
      • Light brown.
      • Chocolate.

      Day makeup for small eyes

      When performing the daily make-up, it is better not to draw arrows around the entire contour of the eyes. Limit yourself to the outer corner.To increase the size of the eyes, use the retro arrow, which thickens slightly towards the outer corner.

      It is not recommended to use dark shadows, especially if it is makeup for small brown eyes.

      If daytime make-up is within the power of everyone, evening make-up for small eyes is a very important task. The fact is that for an evening make-up, shades should be dark and saturated, and they are able to reduce already small eyes with an overhanging eyelid.

      To achieve a soft look and enlarge the eye shape, you can use careful shading.The main recommendations for evening make-up for deep-set eyes are as follows:

      • Use matte texture shadows.
      • Accentuate the corners at the bridge of the nose with the help of light shadows.
      • Eyelashes should be painted with lengthening black mascara.

      Enlarge small eyes with drooping eyelids by applying mascara from the bridge of the nose to the outer corner of the eyes in diagonal movements.

      Evening make-up for small eyes

      Arrows can be drawn, but they do not have to fill the entire eye contour.It is optimal to select only the outer corner. Darkening the outer corner helps to make the makeup for small, round eyes expressive and beautiful.


      Choosing a color palette for eye color

      In the make-up of deep-set eyes, the choice of colors plays a particularly important role. To make the most successful makeup that hides imperfections and emphasizes femininity, it is worth considering the color of the iris.

      The most suitable eye shadow for those with narrow blue deep-set eyes is brown.It sits on the opposite side of the color spectrum and creates the contrast needed to increase.

      A universal option for all types of appearance – the use of beige shadows.

      Brown tones in makeup for small eyes

      Make-up for small brown eyes can be done with pale lilac or light purple eyeshadow. This iris color is dominant in those with narrow eyes and Asian looks. It’s a little more difficult to make an evening make-up for them, but careful shading will help fix everything.


      Steps to create an unrivaled makeup

      A beautifully executed make-up will not only increase the shape of the eyes, but also help to make the face attractive and feminine. The initial stage of the make-up is no different from the usual scheme: you need to prepare your face, eliminate all flaws, and achieve an even skin tone.

      The following steps can be performed as follows:

      1. Apply a special base on the eyelid.
      2. Paint the upper movable eyelid with pastel shadows, you can take beige, vanilla, milky and any light color looks beautiful.
      3. Draw arrows at the outer corners or emphasize them with dark shadows. Makeup artists recommend drawing a conditional triangle on the outer corner of the eyelid. Makeup option for small eyes
      4. Make a thorough feathering of the borders so that there are no abrupt transitions between shades.
      5. Paint up the brow area with light shadows, white pearlescent will do.
      6. Draw a contour along the growth line of the lower lashes with a soft white pencil. This technique is indispensable in the makeup of narrow eyes and helps to highlight and enlarge them.
      7. Highlight the upper lash line with a black or dark brown arrow. You can draw arrows not just straight, but with tails raised up. This will help to highlight the eyes beautifully and focus the attention of the interlocutor on them.
      8. Apply several layers of lengthening mascara to eyelashes, not forgetting to first curl with tweezers.

      This instruction will help you make light everyday makeup for small eyes. And it doesn’t matter if you are the owner of narrow Asian eyes or small round ones – the face will change, the eyes will open, and the look will become more expressive.Beautifully done makeup will give you confidence and help you feel truly beautiful.


      Day makeup for small eyes

      Makeup for small eyes (50 photos)

      Makeup for small eyes is able to emphasize their depth and make the cut visually larger. After all, not all girls can boast of big eyes and expressive eyes. And it is for such cases that there is a technique for applying makeup for small eyes.

      Videos from our site:

      Makeup Features


      The most important thing in makeup for small eyes is to get the correct shape of the eyebrows. You shouldn’t choose a wide and overhanging shape. Because it will make your eyes even smaller. The best shape for such brows is the arched and upward shape.

      Also, eyebrows that are too thick will not add any advantages to you, so you should choose a medium, not too thin line.


      If you have small eyes, light colors are the best shade options.These colors can visually enlarge the eyes, making your gaze more expressive.

      It is also allowed to darken the outer corners of the eyes in dark or dark blue shades. Such manipulations will help to widen the cut of the eye.


      Another great way to enlarge the shape of the eyes, you can use the arrows. The arrows are drawn in black pencil, along the upper eyelid with a long pointed tail. It is not worth emphasizing the lower eyelid, so you can make your eyes even smaller, but tint the corner a little with arrows, that’s it.

      For blue eyes, the best pencil will be blue, and for brown eyes, you can use brown. To make the make-up brighter, you can use black eyeliner.

      Gentle makeup for small eyes

      Delicate shades of pearlescent and pink eye shadow can visually enlarge your eyes. Be sure to use a highlighter, it will help give your skin a shine, which will distract attention from small eyes.

      Don’t forget for dark shadows, which you can apply in the smoky technique.A small addition of pencil and pink glitter will help you create beautiful and cute makeup.

      Some blue shadows and black arrows will give your eyes a special depth. Pink lipstick will perfectly emphasize this type of eye makeup. You can also use turquoise eyeliner.

      For brown-eyed girls, coffee shadows and black arrows are perfect.

      Small arrows and bright lipstick can make your makeup very effective.

      Bright makeup for small eyes

      A bright look is a smoky look in dark tones.Be sure to apply it using long, sharp arrows, and tint your lashes liberally. For brown eyes, you can opt for green eyeliner. It is in perfect harmony with brown eye color.

      Use matte green eyeshadows, glossy blues, and a dual bright palette of light greens and blues. Another interesting solution would be to choose orange and red shades.

      The banana technique will be an excellent solution for the visual enlargement of the eyes. For green eyes, use pearlescent and lilac eyeshadows, and for brown eyes, use pearlescent and dark shades.

      Makeup instructions for small eyes

      In this section you can find eye makeup in light, monochromatic shades.

      And also banana and loop technique.

      Makeup for green eyes: evening, daytime and autumn, how to paint step by step

      The delightful Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley have always had a busy life. Beauties captivated the hearts of many men with their emerald eyes.

      To make makeup for green eyes look advantageous, you need to approach the issue of its application responsibly.

      Whether it’s a brunette or a blonde, women with attractive eyelids can have different shades of iris such as caramel olive and greyish green. The make-up itself will depend on many nuances.

      Features of green eyes

      Green eyes – one of the rarest, blue, light brown and dark brown shades are much more common in nature. It is this feature that is already a remarkable detail of its owner; you can make this accent even brighter.

      When choosing a type of makeup, it is important to know exactly how to make up eyes, lips, apply blush and shadows so as to highlight all the advantages of the image: from the features of the face to the style of the dress. The owners of the emerald age are girls with light, blond, red and dark hair. This detail is also taken into account when creating a make-up.

      Important! The central and most important rule is to prefer warm, delicate shades characteristic of the “autumn” color type. It is not worth painting with cold colors, since the brightness of the eyes will immediately disappear.

      All variations of violet are used for contrast (it is opposite green in the color wheel).

      The innovation will be the red color, which will highlight the greenness of the eyelids very well, so mascara or shadows of brick, scarlet tints can be safely put in a cosmetic bag.

      Description of matching makeup

      Makeup for gray eyes and blond hair

      Summary of 5 basic principles:

      • In addition to purple shades, choose mustard, peach.For greater saturation, add bronze and gold tints – so the look will “light up”.
      • When choosing a red eye shadow or a scarlet liner for drawing the arrows, you can make the image sore due to the wrong application technique. The eyelash contour is always first drawn in with a dark pencil, a red tint is applied slightly from above.
      • Instead of eyeshadow, you can take dry blush, for example, pink. They are applied to the movable eyelid.
      • Must have – black eyeliner (liner). For lighter makeup, it is replaced with a soft brown pencil.By the way, it can easily create smoky ice, shading a clear line into a “haze”.
      • If the choice fell on green mascara, liner or shadows, then they should be either lighter or darker than the shade of the iris. One of these makeup attributes is always used.

      Important! Avoid silvers and blues as they will dull eyes.

      Examples of base or base

      The bases are different in their texture, properties and areas of application.

      The texture is selected strictly according to the type of skin:

      • Liquid – for oily, combination skin;
      • Cream – for dry;
      • Gel – for sensitive and normal.

      You can also choose a primer that will add radiance to the skin. For girls with oily sheen on the face – a matting option.

      Best Views:

      • Correcting and smoothing product from Micro Bloor Skin.
      • Urban Decky base.
      • Touch Eklat base.
      • Moisturizing base from Lankom.
      • Pore Filler primer for reducing pores.
      • Matting primer from Loreal Paris.

      Description and examples of shadows

      There are several types of shadows:

      • Compact,
      • Liquid,
      • Cream,
      • Shadow pencil.

      Options for green-eyed girls range from warm apricot, bronze to deep purple, turquoise, especially plum, lilac shades.

      Types of producers:

      • Maybelin Palette;
      • Smokey Ice Drama Kit – compact and will help you draw an excellent Smokey Ice;
      • Edik Flaid Shadow – liquid, similar to eyeliner in texture.

      Pay attention! It so happens that the eyelids can “hang” over the eyes.As a rule, this is a genetic feature in Asian girls or a consequence of age-related changes. This problem is solved with the help of eye shadow makeup. The eyelid is “made” more voluminous due to the imposition of shadows in a dark tone in certain areas of the eyelid and subsequent shading with a brush.

      Examples and photos of lipstick

      Worth choosing:

      • Matt effect – brick, burgundy, brown and purple. Don’t forget about red.
      • Liquid – like gloss.
      • Pencil shape.


      • Mabelin’s Hydra Extreme;
      • Velvet Lipstick from the Bourgeois;
      • Firm “Vivieno Sabo” – gives a 3D effect.

      How to choose a pencil and eyeliner

      Suitable shades:

      • Brown,
      • Gray,
      • Green,
      • White – to bring the lower eyelid and “open” the eyes.
      • Black for evening make-up.


      • Slim Ice Pencil from NYX;
      • Colossal from Mabelin;
      • L’Oreal Paris pencils and eyeliners.

      Important! The eyeliner is selected according to the girl’s taste. It can be liquid, in the form of a pencil or felt-tip pen, with a brush or gel base.

      Evening makeup

      Makeup for blue eyes and dark hair

      In the evening make-up for green eyes, bright, saturated shades prevail.This type of make-up lays down quite tightly, therefore, subsequently it is necessary to prepare means for make-up remover. The choice of the color of shadows, lipstick depends on what kind and shade of clothes the girl will wear.

      Step by step guide

      Step-by-step festive makeup:

      1. Process only in daylight. A primer is applied, in case of redness – a concealer. After – a suitable tonal basis. The finishing touch is powder to remove oily shine.
      2. It is imperative to choose a blush – they play one of the main roles in evening make-up. Choose pink, peach shades and apply to the cheekbones and slightly below.
      3. The next step is to apply the eyeshadow. First, you should use an eyelid primer, wait until it is absorbed. Then take three shades of shadows: light, medium and darkest. Light – shaded under the eyebrow, middle – throughout the mobile eyelid, the darkest – on the upper fold of the eyelid.
      4. Then eyeliner and mascara are applied.
      5. Finishes makeup by applying lipstick. On top of it there is a transparent shine.

      Evening eye makeup step by step

      Shades of eyeshadow and lipstick

      The shades in evening make-up are brighter, but correspond to the color wheel, ranging from purple to green. The lipstick is also chosen more saturated.

      Worth remembering! If your eyes are bright, do not overemphasize your lips. So, with smokey ice, it is better to take a more neutral lipstick color.

      Day makeup

      Wedding makeup for green eyes

      This type of make-up should not be “flashy”, but rather slightly emphasize certain features of the face, removing flaws. As a rule, its application is also simple.

      Step by step instructions

      Step-by-step application instructions are practically no different from how to apply any type of makeup. It contains:

      • Skin Preparation,
      • Applying primer and concealer, foundation and powder.
      • The most important place is occupied by the eyes, or rather the choice of the color of the shadows. They should be applied to the base under the eyelid. It is permissible to use a pencil, the line of which must be shaded.
      • Blush, as a rule, is not applied, therefore, lipstick completes the make-up.

      Day eye makeup step by step

      Shades of eyeshadow and lipstick

      Shadows should be light, sandy, peach or golden. Lipstick – pastel, pink tints.

      Variants of eyeshadow and lipstick in daytime makeup

      Light everyday makeup

      This is the fastest make-up, in which every stylist will recommend to fill your hand.

      Everyday makeup example

      Helpful Hints:

      • Be sure to cover up the signs of fatigue with concealer.
      • Use a tonal stick that will perfect the skin before applying makeup.
      • With a special brush and the necessary shade, learn the technique of “sculpting blush” or just use delicate cream options.
      • Pick up translucent shadows with a shimmer, they are applied with the index finger along the line of growth of the eyelashes and up to the bone of the eyebrow.Then apply golden hues to add depth to the eyes.
      • The brown pencil must be shaded after application.
      • Soften chapped lips with a balm and apply gloss.

      Examples of shade color combinations

      Since the green iris is a rare occurrence, many girls tend to believe that absolutely all shades of shadows are suitable for them. This opinion is erroneous and fundamentally wrong.

      The peculiarity of such eyes will be that they come in different tints and are able to change color. There are some general guidelines:

      • Chocolate, gold and bronze shades are great in summer or fall;
      • Copper, pink and purple – in early spring and winter.

      To become like the legendary Cleopatra, experts recommend using marine shades and olive colors of the eyeliner.

      Variations in eye shadow and green eye color combinations

      When creating any makeup: natural, nude or daytime, everyday, even evening, it is important not to overdo it, to be able to emphasize the dignity and show the main idea of ​​its creation.

      Anyone can create a beautiful image, even a girl who is just beginning. At the same time, you do not need to go to a stylist at all – everything is real at home.

      Having studied several lessons of the correct make-up and put them into practice, you can quickly and easily create the perfect image in a short time.


      How to make up for small eyes to make them look bigger

      Eyes that look bigger tend to make you look younger.But how do you do makeup for small eyes?

      All eye shapes are beautiful, don’t get me wrong! I have the smallest almond-shaped eyes, and I don’t want to mumble my own horn, but quite a few people have praised me for them! Not all of us have big eyes. However, we can always create the illusion using clever makeup techniques.

      How do I make my small eyes look bigger?

      1. Focus on the eyebrows

      It’s all about the eyebrows. Make frequent trips to the salon and keep your eyebrows in good shape.Follow the natural shape.

      For those looking to keep their eyebrows bold, keep in mind that you should make the most of the space you have to create the illusion of big eyes.

      Bold, thick and beautiful eyebrows draw attention to the eyes.

      The difference between natural brows and overly plucked arches is that natural makes you look more innocent, while the latter makes you look older.

      Pro tip: For fuller, more defined brows, comb through with sheer brow mascara.

      2. Say goodbye to puffiness

      • Get enough sleep
      • Wash your face often with cold water
      • Place used cold tea bags over the eyes as the tannins present in the tea tighten the skin
      • Reduce salt intake
      • Exercises

      You can remove your blemishes and dark circles with an illuminated concealer.Make sure you use a shade slightly lighter than your skin to enhance your appearance. We recommend the light and creamy YSL Touche Eclat and the smooth Mac Pro Longwear concealer, which are also great blemishes.

      Use neutral to light eyeshadow. Follow the rules for contouring. Light colors for areas you want to reflect light, and darker shades for areas you want to push back. Using light tones in the center of the eyelids opens the eyes.Apply eyeshadow to the brush, remove excess and apply gently in the center of the eyelids.

      Tip: Shadows can be shimmery or matte; it doesn’t matter as long as they are light in color.

      This is a significant step. Use a black liner to seal the top line. This gives the appearance of fuller eyelashes and helps open the eyes.

      When using the liner on the lower lash line, make sure to apply it to the outer third only.Use a smear or brush to soften it. For the eyelids, draw a line as close to the lashes as possible. You can create a tiny line and gradually make it thicker at the end if you want.

      Eyelash curler for women is the same as a sports car for men. For larger eyes, make sure you completely curl your lashes closer to the roots.

      Most people think that the way to achieve big eyes is to apply black pencil. However, this is not at all the case.The dark black pencil actually makes the eyes appear smaller and more closed. Given your dark skin tone, a white eyeliner might be the best to use. The trick here is to apply a white pencil to your lower lash line.

      Magic Makeup Stick, good mascara can make your eyes look bigger and thicker in no time. For a wide-eyed effect, try 3 to 4 coats on the outer corners of the eye to create an open look.

      The contour of the crease helps create the illusion of deeper-set eyes, which in turn make them appear larger. Use a matte brown shade from the outer corner to the crease and mix well. When you are going to do bright makeup, you can apply the contour just above your actual crease.

      Use a highlighter or shimmery eyeshadow light in the inner corner. It adds a little something extra to your makeup and also helps you look cheerful

      You can choose two ways to apply this.

      • You can mix it and give it a very shiny look. It makes you look fresh in a very natural way.
      • You may be looking for something else. Then, in that case, don’t mix it up. It makes your eyes sparkle in an easy way and compensates for natural makeup.
      • Try to avoid dark colors such as black and gray.
      • You can use a soft brown for the fold.
      • Don’t go overboard with the eyeliner.It makes the eyes look smaller.
      • Volume lashes help open your eyes more, so use mascara.
      • You can also apply false eyelashes.
      • Use eye masks and massage gently around the eye area to relieve puffiness.
      • If you have red or irritated eyes, use eye drops. The redness can actually make them look smaller and it’s not good to leave them that red!

      Well, here’s your answer.11 ways to make your eyes brighter and bigger. I know for sure it works. If I feel like I am looking haggard (which I have been doing most days lately), I follow these steps. Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you.

      what types are there, how to determine the shape, description

      The appearance of each girl is purely individual. All the charm of uniqueness lies in the shape of the eyes, nose, lips, facial features. Makeup is designed to emphasize the cute features of the look, masking minor imperfections.Knowing the secrets of competent visage will allow you to profitably present the existing advantages.

      Today we will talk about what are the shapes of the eyes, and by examples we will evaluate the recommended makeup for them.

      Basic eye shapes

      • Round – Fairly large and convex. The owners of such eyes seem to be surprised by something.

      • Almond-shaped – medium in size, oblong. The most common type.

      • Rounded almond-shaped – larger than usual almond-shaped, more open and convex.

      • Narrow almond-shaped – seem a little squinted, laughing.

      • With drooping eyelids – creates the impression of a sad look.

      • With drooping corners and eyelids – a rare incision of the eyes, in which the outer corners are lowered and are noticeably lower than the inner ones.

      • Slanting (Asian) – Oriental type with raised outer corners and overhanging eyelids, flirtatious and intriguing.

      • “Baby” – these are rounded Asian eyes, giving the face a childish spontaneity and softness.

      Makeup recommendations for different eyes

      The main task of eye makeup is to bring the shape closer to the ideal, that is, almond-shaped, and also to make the look brighter and more expressive. Based on these goals and natural data, you should choose technology, cosmetics and colors.

      In this case, the key task is to open the gaze, visually raise the heavy upper eyelid.To get rid of the tired, sad expression that is often found in this species, you need to follow certain recommendations:

      • Forget about pearlescent and glittery eyeshadows: such products only exacerbate the problem. Owners of heavy eyelids should use matte shadows, which should be applied not in the crease, but in the area above it.
      • Long arrows are also contraindicated. They need to be drawn from the middle, gradually thickening the line and starting it towards the temple.It is advisable to give preference to a pencil over an eyeliner.

      Make-up should promote visual lengthening of the eyes.

      • Makeup artists recommend using dark and medium-tone shadows, and discard the light ones, as they add unnecessary volume and bulge.
      • Mascara is applied to the upper lashes, increasing the intensity to the outer zone.
      • The arrow is lengthened, bringing both the upper and lower eyelids with it.

      The presence of a heavy upper fold and a narrowed incision require the use of certain secrets, with the help of which you can visually increase the size of the eyes and open them.

      • Makeup artists advise using light shadows in natural shades to brighten the eyelids.
      • Pearl highlighters are applied to the inner corners, thanks to which the look is more expressive and open.
      • Dark eyeshadow for an evening look is applied up to the line above the movable eyelid and covers with them the outer corners, including both the upper and lower eyelids.
      • Arrows draw thin and long using liquid black eyeliner.

      In addition to the shape of the eyes, makeup is also influenced by their location, size and color.Do not forget to take these factors into account when choosing the application technique and color palette of your make-up. Happy experiments!

      What are the shapes of human eyes: examples with photographs

      • When choosing makeup, you need to focus not only on the color type of appearance, but also on the specific shape of the eyes
      • 2 minutes to read
      • Veronika Gnezdilova

      © GettyImages

      Each person has their own characteristics of appearance.This applies to the size, shape and color of the eyes. What are the forms?

      Deep Set Eyes

      This eye shape creates the illusion of an overhanging upper eyelid and a rather large browbone. At the same time, deep-set eyes create the impression of a serious, thoughtful look.

      Keira Knightley © Getty images

      Almond eyes

      Fairly large elongated eyes, resembling a nut, as the name suggests. The owners of almond-shaped eyes are in luck – this is one of the most convenient forms for applying makeup.

      Angelina Jolie © Getty images

      Hanging eyelids

      The hidden movable eyelid causes some inconvenience when applying makeup, but it is easy to fix, you just need to know the appropriate techniques and practice a little.

      Blake Lively © Getty images

      Slanting eyes of the Asian type

      As a rule, in representatives of the Mongoloid race, the frontal bones are not as pronounced as in the rest. Thus, the owners of slanting eyes do not have an upper eyelid fold.

      Lucy Liu © Getty images

      Round eyes

      In this case, the name speaks for itself. The outer and inner corner of the eye are at the same level, the distance between the corners is approximately equal to the distance between the lower and upper eyelids. You can read more about the makeup rules for round eyes here.

      Ashley Olsen © Getty images

      Close-set eyes

      When the distance between the inner corners is less than the size of your eye, it means that you have close-set eyes.With the help of makeup, you can easily achieve the effect of greater distance between the eyes, you just need to always highlight the area of ​​the inner corners of the eyes.

      Jennifer Aniston © Getty images

      Wide-set eyes

      In contrast to close-set eyes, with this type of eyes, they should be visually brought together. To do this, you need to bring the line of arrows as close as possible to the lacrimal canals and not so brightly highlight the inner corners of the eyes with light shadows.

      Kate Moss © Getty images

      Human eye shape: how to define and change – “Healthy eye”

      Each person is unique in their own way.It is easiest to distinguish one from another by facial features, and the shape of the eyes plays an important role in individuality.

      There are about ten known characteristics by which differences can be named, and this is not counting the color.

      However, these are only conditional indicators, in fact, there are much more of them, because each person is beautiful in his own way and has the only zest that only he has.

      Eye types

      Its definition helps girls choose makeup, and some psychologists even vouch that the shape of the eyes can tell a lot about their owner, describe habits and character.Features are usually emphasized relative to the criteria:

      • sizes;
      • forms;
      • 90,025 eyelid position;
      • distance;
      • 90,025 depth; 90,025 angle axes.


      Most girls think that their eyes are not big enough. In confirmation of this, we see an abundance of cosmetics on this part of the face. Often beauties emphasize them, giving depth and expressiveness. Although in fact small eyes against the background of thin facial features look very harmonious and natural, while large ones would give a painful look.

      Sometimes the eyes just seem small, for example, because of the dark color of the iris. Brown and black color attracts light, therefore visually reduces the visual organ.

      In general, large cheekbones or a heavy chin can also give the impression that the eyes are indeed smaller than they should be.

      However, all this can be solved quite simply – with the help of a successful hairstyle or well-chosen makeup.


      It is generally accepted that huge, decorated with long eyelashes, eyes are a gift from nature for any girl.However, facial features do not always harmonize well with the large size of the visual organs.

      If the owner of such eyes is endowed with narrow lips and a sharp chin, it is recommended to take an interest in glosses and lipsticks that allow you to increase the volume.

      Be careful with the dark shadows on the lower lid, they create the effect of bulging eyes.

      In addition, the size of the apple often affects the depressions in which they are located, which is why dark circles appear on the face under the lower eyelid.In this situation, regenerating creams for delicate skin and cosmetics that mask dark spots will help.


      This view is characterized by the fact that the outer corner is raised relative to the rounded inner corner. The eye itself has an oblong shape, exactly the same as that of an almond. According to all the canons of beauty, this type is considered ideal – it is suitable for applying a variety of patterns in makeup, does not visually deform the proportions of the face, and its owners rarely resort to correction.

      Deep Set

      It is easy to determine such a feature – the visual organs are deeply planted in the eye sockets, which is why the upper eyebrow seems to hang over them. Dark circles or even depressions are often visible under the lower eyelid. The situation is exacerbated in people with dark skin, as the difference between complexion and under-eye circles is noticeably significant.

      The first helpers in such a situation are: effective foundation, compact correctors and concealers.But you can also go the other way – wearing fashion glasses when your vision is normal, or choose the right optics if you have health problems. This technique helps to hide problem areas and emphasize the expressiveness of the look.

      Types of human eyes: what types are there, how to determine the shape, description

      Disputes about the ideal shape of the eyes among makeup artists and cosmetologists continue to this day. However, finally, it is worth recognizing that the answer to this question does not exist, because this factor is exclusively individual, and each person has a uniquely inherent shape and size of eyes.

      Many argue that the types of eyes even affect a person’s character. This concept is often used in physiognomy, a method for determining the type of personality. However, all of these categories are only approximate.

      What sizes are there?

      On this basis, the eyes of people are usually divided into large and small. Often, the shape of the eyes does not depend on their size. It is generally accepted that large eyes are ideal for both men and women. However, both forms have their own charm and merit.

      With regard to psychology, experts believe that usually people with big eyes are prone to excessive sensitivity and emotionality. They are distinguished by a subtle mental organization and often have a creative origin.

      But even here there are reservations, for example, the eyes can only seem large due to small facial features, such people are distinguished by their rigidity in character, which can even go beyond and spill over into cruelty.

      But the owners of small eyes are distinguished by purposefulness, self-sufficiency, stubbornness and perseverance, firmness in character.How to determine the type of eyes? To do this, you should pay attention not only to the shape, but also to the distance between the eyes.

      Eye Shapes

      In addition to the size of the eyes, the shape is also important, the varieties of which are slightly more. What are the different eye shapes?


      This type is not recognized as ideal, but it is considered the most common. Psychologists are firmly convinced that most people with round eyes are determined and successful.

      But, despite their firmness in character, such people do not like to take responsibility, and it is difficult for them to make decisions that will entail serious changes.

      That is why often great goals remain unfulfilled due to the fear of acting.


      This form of human eyes is considered a truly rare species, especially in our area.

      Psychologists attribute the following character traits to the owners of such eyes: talent, which is accompanied by excessive talkativeness and a frivolous attitude towards events.

      Such people easily go through any troubles and relate to life simply and calmly, while they have a certain worldly wisdom and creative abilities.It can be drawing, music, and so on.

      Slanted (narrow)

      It is a big mistake to attribute this form only to Asians, the slanting form is also found among many Europeans. And psychologists note that owners of this type are distinguished by tolerance, sentimentality and sensitivity even to the most frivolous events, kindness and love to take care of others.


      The shape, which is considered to be ideal, is almond. Perhaps this happened because this form is quite common among models and Hollywood actors and is considered the most beautiful.

      People who are fortunate enough to have the very correct form are distinguished by the presence of a creative principle, there are often great art lovers among them.

      It is noted that such people are very attached to loved ones, cannot imagine their life without friends and family, and also easily accept someone else’s point of view.

      If this type is found in owners of large and round eyes, then the incision takes on a rounded shape and is distinguished by a wide palpebral fissure. While in those with narrow eyes, the width of the palpebral fissure is several times smaller.It is believed that the ideal almond shape is inherent in the representatives of the East.

      And make-up artists advise when applying makeup to strive to visually create exactly the almond shape, especially for those with round and narrow eyes. The type is corrected due to the competent application of different light and dark shades of shadows, as well as the correct arrow.

      And in the photo this shape looks especially impressive.

      Plastic surgery

      One of the most popular plastic surgery operations is the reshaping of human eyes.This procedure is most popular among Asians. The most famous blepharoplasty procedure. This operation is performed on the eyelids and deep-lying tissues to change their shape.

      • This procedure is recommended for those who have pronounced bags under the eyes, a drooping upper eyelid, and deep wrinkles.
      • Plastic surgery is not cosmetic and refers to a full-fledged operation performed under general anesthesia.
      • Before the operation, it is imperative to undergo an examination and make sure that the body is ready for such a load.

      The procedure is as follows: the surgeon makes two incisions, the first in the fold of skin on the upper eyelid, which separates the movable part from the fixed part of the eyelid. A second incision is made just below the lash line. Scars after surgery are virtually invisible. Often, the operation is performed through the fornix of the conjunctiva, and there are no traces of the procedure at all.

      After the incisions are made in the right places, the surgeon proceeds to the main steps. With an overhanging eyelid, the doctor makes a strip with a width of 3 to 10 mm according to the form previously marked by the surgeon.

      Next, the doctor proceeds to excision of the fibers of the circular muscle of the eye, which is located under the skin of the eyelids. If fatty tissue protrudes under the eyelid, then the surgeon also removes the excess fatty tissue by dissecting the septum. All incisions are sutured with absorbable sutures.

      As a result, you can forget about the impending eyelid, your eyes become larger, and your gaze acquires clarity, freshness and openness.

      What types of eyes are there according to other criteria?

      Another shape characteristic depends on the distance between the inner corners.The eyes are wide and close apart.

      Planting depth:

      • If the eyeball is located in the depth of the orbit, such eyes are called deep-set.
      • If the eyeballs bulge, creating the effect of bulging eyes, we are dealing with bulging eyes.
      • If no abnormalities are found, this is normal.

      On the axis of the eye:

      • Classic cut, the inner and outer corners are exactly opposite each other, thus creating a straight line.
      • European cut, the outer corners point downwards.
      • East section the outer corners look up. According to the location of the axis of the eye (a conditional straight line passing through the outer and inner corners), a Caucasian, Asian (Mongoloid) or classic section is distinguished.

      Based on all the listed characteristics, you can adjust your type and shape through proper make-up and without surgical intervention.

      And such a concept as an ideal form should be abandoned altogether.They simply do not exist, often it is mixed, and harmony is easily achieved through the play of shadow colors.

      The main thing is to take care of health, because beautiful eyes, first of all, are healthy, and not correct.

      Eye Shapes

      Allocate round, triangular, narrow and almond-shaped varieties.

      Round form

      Is the most common. Psychologists are sure that the owners of this variety are purposeful and successful. They should act, take responsibility.Without these qualities, great ideas will not come true.


      One of the rare varieties. Their owners are talented, overly talkative, frivolous in life situations. They have developed creative abilities in singing, drawing, music, and other forms of art. Dignity of character – the ability to relate easily to life’s troubles.

      Narrow or slanted

      Found not only among the peoples of Asia, but also among the Europeans. Kindness, caring for loved ones, sentimentality and tolerance are characteristic.


      This variety is considered ideal, found in Hollywood actors, actresses. When applying makeup, experts try to achieve exactly the almond shape. People are creative.

      Eye types

      Classification based on embedment depth and axle location. Determining the type will come in handy when choosing your makeup.

      Planting depth:

      • deep-set location of the eyeball deep in the orbit;
      • bulging look bulging, eyeballs bulging;
      • normal without features, deviations.

      The following types are distinguished according to the position of the axis:

      • classic cut between the inner and outer corners, you can draw a straight line;
      • 90,025 European outer corners downward;
      • the eastern outer corners are directed upwards.

      Another classification is based on distance. For this, the length from the outer to the inner corner of the eye is measured, compared with the size of the bridge of the nose. If the bridge of the nose is smaller, then they speak of close-set eyes.If more wide set. There is also a normal variation where the two sizes are approximately equal.

      A special feature is the presence of an impending century. In this case, there is a complete or partial closure of the movable eyelid by the upper one. This can lead to deterioration of vision, worse perception of visual information. It is difficult to fix the feature with makeup, other visual effects. Surgery is required.

      An interesting classification of Aristotle, where the eyes are compared with a certain animal:

      • dragon are found in powerful, domineering people, a large organ of vision and a beautifully shaped half-closed eyelid;
      • 90,025 phoenixes have representatives of large institutions, artists, famous and eminent scientists, they have a double eyelid, which ends with small fish tails directed up and down;
      • tiger among honorable and influential people, round in shape with a yellowish tint of the iris;
      • 90,025 elephant with double or triple eyelids, rarely fully open; 90,025 a triangular-shaped horse with drooping eyelids;
      • snake with a small iris;
      • cat with double eyelids and dark yellow irises;
      • wolf with three-sided squirrel.

      Is it possible to change the shape and type of eyes

      Changing the shape and type of eyes is possible in several ways:

      • visual correction with the correct make-up;
      • plastic surgery;
      • 90,025 injections;
      • eyelid stickers.

      Eye-type correction plastic surgery is most popular with Asians. For this, blepharoplasty is used, which changes the shape of the eyelids and deep-lying tissues. With its help, the corner is corrected, wrinkles are eliminated, the eyelid is lifted and the folds in the upper part of the face are removed.

      Indications for the procedure are:

      • pronounced bags under the eyes;
      • deep wrinkles in the eye area;
      • overhanging upper eyelid.

      The operation is not cosmetic, it is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the work performed, the correction of the upper eyelid, changes in the shape and cut of the eyes, correction of the lower eyelid with or without fat accumulations, circular blepharoplasty are different. In the latter case, both eyelids are corrected simultaneously.

      Botox injections or injections improve skin elasticity, mask and open tired eyelids, straighten folds and wrinkles. The procedure for non-compliance with the rules of antiseptics, a poor-quality drug and a specialist without experience, a certificate is unsafe.

      Special eyelid stickers are produced by Korean companies. When glued, they create a fold, transform the look.

      Safe way to visually change the look of the eyelids using makeup. To do this, you need to define your own characteristics.To emphasize, you can use foundation, powder, highlighter, eyeliner, various types of shadows, pencil and mascara.

      For small eyes, light pearlescent shades of shadows are used in makeup, which are applied to the surface of the eyelid to the corner of the eyebrows. Second color from dark shades. It is applied in a small amount along the fold, then shaded. With this method of visage, the look becomes deeper, and the eyes are visually enlarged.

      For convex make-up, use a dark pencil to draw a line along the inner side of the upper and lower eyelids.Then the shadows of a shade similar to the pencil are taken and shaded from the center to the outside.

      For those with deep-set eyes, you need a foundation of light texture and light shade. A small amount of darkening under the lower eyelid is hidden. On the upper eyelid, the cream is applied only along the eyebrow line. You can also use light shadows, lengthening mascara. Especially for owners of deep-set eyes, extended eyelashes are suitable.

      Two colors are used for drooping eyelids.A dark shade is applied near the eyelashes of the upper eyelid. The light color is the main one. It is distributed all over the eyelid up to the eyebrows. Then mascara is applied to the eyelashes. Additionally, you can give a rounded shape to the eyelashes using special tweezers.

      Almond-type makeup uses dark and light shades of eyeshadow. The former are applied and shaded, if necessary, on the folds, the latter under the eyebrows. A thin shape of the eyebrows, emphasized with a pencil, is preferred.

      With a narrow cut, emphasis should be placed on other parts of the face, diverting attention from the eyelids.

      Also, with the help of makeup, you can highlight the flaws. These techniques are unacceptable for the following cases:

      • arrows for lowered eyelids;
      • for a sad look, underline with shadows or pencil, lower eyeliner;
      • for deep-set smoky ice lids.

      Types and types of human eyes

      Usually talk about two main types depending on the size – large and small. Big eyes are considered more attractive, of course.They make the look charming, distinguish a person from the crowd.

      Psychologists say that people with larger eyes are more prone to emotional experiences and are generally more sensitive. It is believed that such people have good creative potential that is worth developing.

      In fact, the size is determined by other features of the face, and the eye sockets can just look big against their background.

      Those people, whose organs of vision are notable for their small size, should not despair.It is believed that such persons have perseverance, strong character, tenacity and determination. Finally, with the right makeup, you can always hide this feature and highlight your merits.

      Eye Shapes

      It would seem that these organs in all people are approximately the same (the eye socket located in the folds of the eyelids). In fact, they all look very different, which means that form is critical for visual assessment. Size, cut and other characteristics matter here.


      This is one of the main types of forms. Round views differ in that the incision along the outer eyelids is not clearly expressed, which is why the shape resembles a spherical one. Such a face looks a little naive, childish, and sometimes even surprised.

      The undoubted advantage of round eyes is their “openness”. In general, this effect can be used to your advantage if the girl has a goal of creating a certain image. But round-eyed ladies lack femininity a little, and you can fix this with makeup.

      It should be aimed at visually stretching the outer corners of the organs of vision.


      This form is considered to be relatively rare. The “ribs” of such a triangle are the lower eyelid, as well as the left and right parts of the upper eyelid.

      In this case, the outer part of the upper eyelid can slightly overhang the orbit, thus creating a triangular shape. Usually this type is found in people with high powerful cheekbones and a narrow chin.

      Even the face itself looks like a triangle (or “heart”, which sounds much more pleasant).

      Such people are credited with a light disposition, talkativeness, but at the same time, an undoubted possession of some kind of creativity and even talent. These persons survive well any adversity and do not get upset over trifles, but at the same time they quickly acquire the skills of “worldly wisdom”, which makes their spirit even stronger and more inflexible.


      The poetic name itself already suggests how desirable they are. This is the middle ground between small and large, round and narrow species.It is the almond-shaped eyes that emphasize femininity and make men’s hearts beat from just one look. Why are their owners so attractive?

      Almond-shaped eyes are oval, that is, they are open in the center, and on the sides they have the necessary bend. The outer angle, as a rule, is slightly raised relative to the entire organ of vision, which gives an impression of cheerfulness.

      It is believed that this shape does not deform the proportions of the face and looks as natural as possible, natural and at the same time sensual.Women with this shape rarely have to resort to correction with the help of makeup, since the very task of cosmetics usually carries the task of bringing the existing shape to the almond-shaped one.

      In order not to distract from the perfect shape with makeup, it is better not to use more than two shades at once.

      As for the inner qualities of such people, many of them have a creative origin, and therefore a considerable part of such owners among artists.

      Such people can be called good family men, because they value their close environment very much and cannot imagine their life without them.They are not delighted with loneliness.

      They are good interlocutors and are ready to listen to and even accept someone else’s point of view, of course, if it is fundamentally at odds with their own opinion.


      This shape is also sometimes called a brace. They are very common among Asians. It differs in a small width, the upper eyelid often overhangs.

      By the way, eyes may look narrow due to external factors, for example, due to excess fat in the upper and lower eyelids.

      Also, the absence of a specific fold on the upper eyelid also leads to the fact that the eye will look narrow, even if its size and shape as a whole allow it to be characterized as a European type.

      As for the type of the person himself, the owners of the narrow shape of the eyes are sensitive and even sentimental, but at the same time they cannot be called emotional and open. These people love to take care of others and, in general, tend to be attentive to the world around them – nature.

      Other criteria

      Specialists can name many more factors that determine the type of eyes:

      1. Distance (distance of the eyes from each other). To do this, measure the segment between the corners of the inner eyelids. If it is less than the length of the organ of vision, then the eyes are called narrow-set (located close to each other), and vice versa.
      2. Planting depth. People with bulging eyes are sometimes also called pop-eyed. Their eye socket seems to protrude over the eyelids, and therefore the organs of vision are visible literally from afar.With deep-set eyes, the situation is exactly the opposite. The eyeball seems to sink into the socket. Ideally, when the eyeball is positioned at the level of the upper and lower eyelids.
      3. Raised and lowered corners of the outer eyelids. Why is this characteristic so important for the visual assessment of the eyes? The fact is that it is the direction (vector) of the corner that determines exactly how the face will look. With lowered corners, a person always looks gloomy, gloomy, gloomy, even if he is in a good mood.The raised corner of the eye, on the contrary, gives the person a cheerful, mischievous expression. Such people look younger than their age, regardless of age. By the way, many cosmetic plastic surgeries are aimed precisely at the formation of the “correct” (raised) outer corner of the organ of vision.
      4. Loose eyelids. This feature is different from the traditional Asian eye shape. For a number of reasons, the upper eyelid floats over the eye socket, and as a result, it seems to close the eye. By the way, this feature creates problems for some people when they perceive the world around them.In this case, surgical intervention (removal of part of the skin of the upper eyelid) is recommended. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this problem is just a cosmetic flaw that does not require such drastic measures. Often this feature is formed over the years and is present in older people, when the turgor and elasticity of the tissues of the whole body, and the skin in particular, decrease.
      5. color. This is perhaps the most famous characteristic of the eyes. The color of the iris can be of different shades of blue, green, gray, brown.It is believed that each person’s eye color is individual and similar to a fingerprint. Eye color is a constant factor and does not change throughout life, with the exception of a slight lightening of all shades closer to 60 years. The color of the iris is due to genetic factors, but brown eyes are dominant.

      Types of eyes are a huge combination of their characteristics, the knowledge of which helps a person in certain situations. For example, eye makeup and the entire face is determined by the general rules on how to properly paint these areas in people with different eyes, so that the overall effect looks charming and harmonious.

      90,000 7 tricks for those who want to enlarge their eyes

      1. Use colored magnifying lenses

      This trick was invented by Korean women. To make their naturally narrow eyes appear larger, they wear lenses with an enlarged iris.

      Lenses with irises of 14-15 mm (with or without diopters) will make your eyes look like a puppet in anime. For comparison, the iris usually has a diameter of about 11-13 mm.

      The effect of magnifying lenses is instant and very bright.But before using them, it is better to consult an ophthalmologist. For some people, even briefly wearing lenses is irritating.

      2. Highlight the corners of the eyes and the areas under the eyebrows

      According to the laws of color, dark shades visually reduce everything, and light shades increase. To make your eyes look bigger, be sure to highlight the inner corners of the eyelids and the areas under the eyebrows.

      Use for this light matte eyeshadow or highlighter. In the corners of the eyes, you can apply products with a light shimmer.Also, a little nacre will not hurt in the center of the movable eyelid. It will add volume to your makeup and make your eyes more noticeable.

      3. Bring your eyes and draw the arrows correctly.

      One of the unforgivable mistakes in makeup is to put a black frame around your eyes. When the eyeliner moves from the moving eyelid to the fixed one and captures the water line, the eyes turn into small black slits. Looks awful!

      To enlarge the eyes, use the pencil technique. Draw the ciliary edge of the upper eyelid with a pencil: the closer to the inner corner, the thinner the line should be.Then bring the lower eyelid, but only the space between the eyelashes and only to the middle of the eye. Blend the eyeliner thoroughly and apply the eyeshadow.

      If you decide to add arrows, be sure to bring them outside the outer corners of the eyes towards the tips of the eyebrows.

      4. Apply light kayal to the water line

      A soft underwater pencil of pale pink or cream color, applied to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, will not only visually enlarge the eyes, but also hide traces of fatigue.

      5. Try a blue, purple or turquoise liner.

      These cool, intense colors will brighten your makeup and enhance your eyes.

      Try to draw your eyes with a blue or purple pencil instead of black, and you will see how your eyes widen.

      6. Draw the crease of the eyelid just above the natural line.

      If you highlight the fold of the moving eyelid with shadows several shades darker than the main shade in the makeup, the look will become more expressive.And if you move the drawing line 1–2 mm from the natural fold, the eyes will become visually larger.

      7. Add volume to the lashes.

      The thicker and longer the lashes, the larger the eyes. If nature has not rewarded you with luxurious eyelashes, use volumizing mascara.

      Curl the upper lashes with the special tongs, then apply the first layer of mascara. Paint over the eyelashes, not towards the temples, but straight up.

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