Hybrid gel roller: Amazon.com: Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip Rollerball Pen 0.6mm Tip 0.3mm Line Black Ref K116-AE [Pack of 12] : Office Products


Pentel Hybrid Gel Roller Gold

This gold Pentel Hybrid Gel Roller was part of my massive thrift store haul of pens that I posted about a few weeks ago.  I suspect this is an older version of the pen.  A very similar pen called the Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip (looks basically the same as this pen, but with a grip) is still available, and, while the gold Hybrid Gel Roller is shown on Pentel’s website, it is marked as out of stock.  Regardless, I thought this pen would be worth a quick review anyway.
The design of the Hybrid Gel Roller is very basic.  The pen is long and slender, and reminds me of nothing more than the classic Bic Cristal ballpoint – a pen that I do have fond childhood memories of.  It has a faceted clear plastic barrel with a basic cap.  Branding is minimal.  The newer Grip version is essentially identical in appearance except that the colour of the cap is matched to the ink colour and it has, of course, a basic grip.
I wasn’t expecting this pen to write very well, but it ended up being better than I thought it would be.
 It does not write as smoothly as I would expect of a 0.8mm pen, but it does lay down a relatively consistent line of ink.  The consistency of the ink reminds me a bit of that of the Sakura Gelly Roll (although the Gelly Roll is way smoother), but the Hybrid Gel Roller writes with a slightly finer line.  I’m not sure if the “Hybrid” in the title refers to some property of the ink, but the ink is apparently water- and fade-resistant.
My favourite part of this pen is the ink colour.  It’s warm yellowy gold colour with a definite metallic sheen.  A good metallic pen can be almost as difficult to find as a good white pen, but this one is really not too bad.  As you can see in the photo above, the ink also shows up equally well on both white and dark paper, which is an added bonus (the white ink in the photo is that of the Uni-ball Signo Broad, just for comparison).  I expect that I will get a lot of use out of this pen in my art journal and for craft projects.

While I doubt that I would ever specifically recommend this pen, you could give it a try if you ever run across one of these or the Grip version and if it seems like something that you might be interested in.
 It is an okay pen, but there are also better ones out there.

Related review: The Pen Addict.

Overjoyed | Buy PENTEL Hybrid Gel Grip DX Roller Pen Metallic Gold

Overjoyed | Buy PENTEL Hybrid Gel Grip DX Roller Pen Metallic Gold | FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE


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  SHOW MORE PENTEL Hybrid Gel Grip DX Roller Pen Metallic Gold.

– Distinctive chunky barrel
– Ultra smooth flowing pigment gel ink
– Water and fade-resistant
– Delivers smooth and stress-free writing
– Rubber finger grip for comfort and metal pocket clip
– 1.0mm tip gives approx a 0.5mm line width
– Acid Free

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Purple Mattress: Not Just Another Mattress In A Box

Most bed in a box brands sell mattresses of different firmness levels to appeal to a wide market of sleepers. Purple is different in that our mattresses are considered to be “Universal Firmness.” This means that, regardless of sleep position, all sleepers can rest in true comfort that’s soft under your hips and shoulders and with firm support for your back on all our mattresses.
This is made possible thanks to our scientific, patented Purple Grid™. The Purple® Mattress adapts to you, rather than the other way around. No other mattress company out there provides the comfort and support of the Purple Grid™.

When determining the best bed in a box for you, one of the biggest factors to consider is mattress firmness. The firmness of your mattress not only affects how it feels when you lay on it, but it has a direct impact on your long-term sleep quality. Mattress firmness levels are scored on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

It’s highly unusual for a mattress to actually be a 1 or 10 firmness. Uber-soft mattresses have zero spine support, and ultra-firm mattresses can put undue stress on pressure points. The vast majority of Goldilocks-approved bed in a box mattresses are in the 4-8 firmness range.

Your preferred mattress firmness level depends on your usual sleep position. To sum it up:

Back Sleepers: Because firmer mattresses have better spine support, back sleepers who sleep on their spine usually like a mattress with a 6-7 firmness. Back sleepers prefer the purple hybrid.

Stomach Sleepers

: People who sleep on their bellies need spinal alignment support and pressure relief. The weight of each individual stomach sleeper affects their preferred firmness level slightly, but on average, a 5-7 firmness is best. Stomach sleepers prefer the purple hybrid.

Side Sleepers: Those who sleep on their side require a mattress that is softer, malleable, and provides pressure relief. The mattress needs to cushion your hips and shoulders while still being supportive of your neck and spine. Typically, a 4-6 mattress firmness level is recommended for side sleepers. For more information, be sure to read our Side Sleeper’s Guide to Sleeping and learn why Purple is the best bed in a box for all sleeping positions. Side sleepers prefer the Purple Hybrid Premiere 3” or 4”.

Combination Sleepers: The majority of sleepers in the world are combination sleepers – people who change up their sleeping positions during a night’s sleep. Because of this, combination sleepers need a balanced, versatile mattress, making firmness level 6 a great choice. Combinations Sleepers prefer the Purple Hybrid Premiere 3” or 4”.

96 Absolute Best Black Friday Deals (2021): Amazon, Walmart, Target, Etc

Samsung The Frame TV.

Photograph: Samsung

Amazon, Best Buy, Samsung

Most TVs are giant blank, boring screens that do nothing until you turn them on. The Frame is the complete opposite. It doubles as an art piece, adding a white trim and rotating famous artworks (you can choose genres) so your TV isn’t just a black void in your living room. The paper-like screen really does make art look like, well, art on canvas. The deal applies to various screen sizes. 

Walmart, Amazon

Samsung’s QN90A doesn’t have OLED but uses Mini LED backlighting, just like Apple’s newest iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. It produces similar levels of contrast, but it can get brighter (a problem with OLED TVs).

If your TV is in a room that gets very bright, then this is a great option that also has features like a 120-Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync.

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This Roku differs from the 4K Plus version by not including hands-free voice control, so if you don’t care about that, you can save some money and still get the best Roku for most people. It plugs into your TV’s HDMI port, and another cable plugs into a USB port for power. You can then access tons of streaming services for easy binging. 

Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar. 

Photograph: Yamaha

Amazon, Best Buy,


This smart soundbar comes with Amazon’s Alexa built in, so you can ask the voice assistant questions and control your smart home equipment. But more importantly, the soundbar and subwoofer combo delivers great sound. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Spotify Connect support mean it’s easy to stream your favorite tunes when you’re not watching Squid Game.   

Target, Best Buy

Nearly every built-in TV speaker sucks. That’s why a soundbar is a quick and easy upgrade, and at this price, this Vizio is arguably the best and most affordable investment you can make in improving your home theater’s audio.  You get dedicated wireless surround speakers and a wireless subwoofer.

Want Dolby Atmos support for the best audio fidelity when watching the latest movies and shows? This Vizio will do the job for much less than many competitors. There’s a dedicated subwoofer and rear surrounds that will make you feel like you’re in the theater. 

Laptop and Home Office Deals

Check out our Work-From-Home Gear guide, as well as our Best Laptops, Best Chromebooks, and Best Webcams guides for more. 

Del XPS 13.

Photograph: Dell

If you don’t mind the high price, this is the best 13-inch Windows laptop on the market (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It’s lightweight and powerful, especially since this is the model with the Intel Core i7 chip (11th gen), 16 gigs of RAM, and a 512-gigabyte SSD. This model has a 1080p screen, which should satisfy most. There are 4K and OLED screen upgrades available, but those are not on sale. 

Do you mostly work out of a web browser? Then chances are a Chromebook will suffice (if you like using Google Chrome). You can access Android apps, but everything runs around Chrome. The Spin 713 has a speedy Core i5 chip and excellent battery life. It’s one of our favorite Chromebooks. 

This Acer Windows laptop is in our Best Laptops guide. The Core i7 model offers great performance, a battery that lasts a full workday, and you can even play Fortnite on it! That’s not all, the Swift 5 packs several ports, like USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, and a headphone jack. It’s truly a jack-of-all-trades.  

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk.

Photograph: Fully 

The Fully Jarvis is our favorite standing desk. You can smoothly adjust the height, and four height presets mean other folks in the home can quickly move it to their preferred height. The eco-friendly bamboo top is the cherry on top, but there are a ton of customizations you can make to personalize it further. 

This 1080p webcam might need some fine-tuning to get the picture just right using Razer’s Synapse software, but the image quality is crystal clear. It’s in our Best Webcams guide, and this is the lowest price we’ve ever seen on it. 

Amazon, Best Buy

Need the speediest transfer speeds? Of the portable solid-state drives we tested, this one was the fastest. The metal enclosure means it’s very durable, and you get a whole terabyte of storage to house your movies, photos, games, and—well, just about anything. 

Video Game Deals

Logitech G305.

Photograph: Amazon

Target, Amazon

I’ve been using this simple mouse for nearly two years, and it’s still as good as new. It feels wonderful in the hand (though it’s not as ideal for folks with large palms), the wireless connection is flawless, and the battery lasts for months before you need to swap out the single AA battery. Check out our Best Gaming Mice guide for more. 

If you’re confused about all the different gaming subscriptions needed to get the most out of your PlayStation or Xbox, we break down all the differences here. PS Plus lets you play multiplayer games online, but you also get a few free games per month, and you can keep them as long as you’re a subscriber. If you have a PS5, the PS Plus Collection gives you 20 of the best PS4 games so you can play catch-up. 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is one of the best deals in gaming right now. If you have an Xbox or PC, you get access to hundreds of games you can download and install, along with games from the EA Play library. You also get the ability to play online multiplayer, and Microsoft’s new game streaming service, xCloud, so you can play some games on your tablet or smartphone (the service is in beta). Some titles rotate in and out, and most of Microsoft’s first-party Xbox Game Studios titles appear as soon as they launch, like Halo Infinite.  If you have a PC, the standard Game Pass three-month membership is $20 ($10 off).

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless.

Photograph: Steelseries

SteelSeries (PlayStation), SteelSeries (Xbox)

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of the best wireless gaming headsets around if you like chatting with your friends while gaming on your Xbox or PlayStation. They’re comfortable, last 19 hours on a single charge, and the mic outputs crystal-clear voice. The audio is pretty great too. 

The Oculus Quest 2 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is the best VR headset for most people. It’s super simple to use, you get a higher resolution than on its predecessor, and the library of games and apps you can access keeps increasing (Beat Saber remains a favorite). This isn’t a deal, but you can use the free Target gift card on anything at the retailer. 

Amazon, Best Buy ($300)

We have yet to try this router, but it has good reviews around the web, and the purported speeds will be a serious boon for any gamer who loves fast-paced multiplayer games. There’s support for the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard too, and you can access many of the router’s settings through Netgear’s Android or iOS app. 

Ebikes and E-Scooter Deals

Read our Best Ebikes guide for details and other options. 

Apollo Ghost.

Photograph: Apollo

Our guide to the best e-scooters is forthcoming, but the Apollo Ghost is one of our favorites (8/10, WIRED Recommends). The dual-motor design means it’s insanely powerful (maybe too powerful), but you don’t need to hit the throttle. This much power is very helpful for steep terrains. It also has pretty solid range (under 20 miles). The downside is that it weighs 64 pounds. This deal throws in the new Apollo Air for free; it’s not as powerful, and its range is much shorter, but it’s lightweight and rides pretty well—handy for any newcomers joining your rides.

Want an ebike but hate the prices? The Propella (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our pick if your budget is tight, and it’s even better with this deal. It has reputable components, like a Samsung battery and Shimano disc brakes, and it ships directly to you. 

WIRED reviewer Matt Jancer says you’re getting a lot for your money with the Freedom 2, so this deal makes it a sweeter package. It has strong acceleration, doesn’t weigh 64 pounds (just 39), has a built-in headlight and taillight, and an alarm with a key fob.  

Lectric’s folding XP Ebike.

Photograph: Lectric

Ebikes are big. If you don’t have a ton of space, a folding ebike is the way to go. This one from Lectric Ebikes is one of the most affordable around (7/10, WIRED Recommends), and this deal nets you three free accessories. It’s heavy at 63 pounds, so this might not be a good option for anyone with a walkup, but it’s speedy, it comes with a lot of accessories, and it has solid suspension. 

WIRED editor Adrienne So didn’t care much for this Bunch bike, but her family did. It’s a box bike that can carry your kids, ideally in flat terrain, and there are a lot of accessories you can add to personalize it. The brakes are great and there are built-in lights, but the range isn’t as high as we’d like. It’s not the most comfortable ride. 

Photography Deals

Brevite The Jumper Camera Bag. 

Photograph: Brevite

Moment, Brevite

This is our top camera backpack for most people in our Best Camera Bags guide. It’s relatively small, yet can still fit a DSLR or mirrorless camera, additional lenses, and a small tripod in the side pocket (with a loop to secure it). There’s a luggage pass-through strap, a padded laptop storage area, and a compartment up top for everything else. The best part is it comes in a ton of fun colors. 

B&H, Wandrd

I took this backpack on my road trip around Iceland, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. It might be too big to count as a personal item, but as a carry-on you can convert it to a duffel or leave it as a backpack. Pair it with two of Wandrd’s Essential Camera Cubes ($278 total), and you can fit a ton of equipment and have space for clothes and other gear. You can learn more about it in our Best Camera Bags guide.

Moment, Amazon, Adorama

This sling comes in various sizes, but whichever you choose, you get a durable, weather-resistant bag that’s comfortable to carry and roomy. The dividers in the main compartment are customizable to fit your gear, and there are a lot of pockets with organization for your batteries, filters, and chargers. 

B&H, Amazon

If you want to invest in a great camera, look no further than this Sony A7RIII. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen, and sure, it’s not the latest model, but you’re getting a lot for less than $2,000. The 42-megapixel full-frame sensor delivers sharp images and excellent dynamic range, and it’s lightweight enough to carry all day. The image stabilization is pretty great, and you have access to the a dizzyingly large lens collection. Read more about it in our Best Mirrorless Cameras guide.

Amazon, Insta360

The Insta360 One R Twin Edition (8/10, WIRED Recommends) doubles as a 360-degree camera and a standard action cam. That’s thanks to the interchangeable lens system, which lets you attach a 4K camera, a dual-lens 360-degree camera, and a wide-angle Leica lens paired with a 1-inch sensor for 5K video. It’s spendy, but it’s a very versatile system if you want to capture a different types of footage when you’re out adventuring.   

Silvana – hybrid varnish! Brigitte Bottier. Gel varnishes and extensions, Means for manicure and pedicure

About purchase

The French charm of Brigitte Bottier: professional gel varnishes, bright high-quality colored varnishes, remedies help with various problems.

Brigitte Bautier brand products are made from high-quality French raw materials. All brand products are designed to take care of your nails. On the bottle with varnish you will find the inscription “7 Free” – this means that the product has a formula that does not contain harmful components such as formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and others. In addition, many varnishes by Brigitte Botier are water-based – for additional moisturizing of the surface of the nail plate and its protection from delamination.
Haven’t learned how to apply varnish neatly yet? Each Brigitte Bottier product comes with a comfortable, professional Salon Brush to help cover your nails evenly without touching the folds and cuticles.
In the assortment of the brand you will find both professional products for salon manicure and ordinary varnishes with a “gel-formula”, which allow you to achieve a glossy shine without using a lamp.
Professional gel polishes by Brigitte Botier were invented especially for young, gentle and mischievous girls who follow fashion trends.
In the brand’s collections, you can choose varnishes with satin, matte, glossy, shimmery or mirror coatings, gold and silver shades, the effect of silk, sand, etc. d.
And, of course, the never-out-of-fashion Nude collection for creating a natural shade on the nails – something that always goes into the image of a real French lady.
In addition, the brand produces bases and tops for the final stage of applying gel polish with unusual effects.
Bright high-quality varnishes for creating manicure at home without using a lamp. Simple application and a beautiful glossy shade on the nails – what else do you need for a well-groomed girly manicure? The palette includes only the most fashionable and sought-after colors to create a light French look or a playful girlish mood.
A collection of effective products for taking care of your nails. They help with various problems: delamination, poor growth, the appearance of yellow spots, etc. Such funds are needed not only in the presence of health problems, but also for prophylaxis in order to prevent weakening of the nail plate. It is recommended to use them during the period of “rest” from manicure with gel polish.
Country of origin: France.

Hardware manicure for beginners: photo step by step

In this article, we will talk in detail about what a hardware manicure is step by step for beginners, how to use a special machine, about the features of its choice, we will tell you about the types of cutters that will be useful in work.

Any woman tries to keep her hands well-groomed using available methods. Hardware manicure allows you to achieve this. A router with different attachments is used for manipulations. The device allows you to remove the annoying decorative coating, shape the edge of the nail, get rid of the cuticle, make the sinuses on the sides clean, and polish the surface.

Features of hardware manicure

Hardware manicure, which has become a new stage in the development of the nail industry, has certain advantages.With hardware manicure, there is no need to steam hands in a bath, so there is no risk of spreading the fungus. The cutter gently removes dead skin particles, so the cuticle is not injured. There is a higher risk of injury when using tweezers. The nail hole becomes neat, and its edges are even. The cuticle does not become rough after hardware processing.

This is a delicate procedure for problem nails prone to flaking and brittleness. Then gel polish is well fixed on them, and the skin looks attractive.For all procedures, the master will take 30-40 minutes, and with a trimmed manicure, more than an hour. Problems are only with too neglected nails.

You can independently study how to do hardware manicure at home, practice, and then carry out the procedure if necessary. Only in severely advanced cases is it difficult to correct the situation with one procedure.

You should consider what you need for a hardware manicure. You will need a router with a set of nozzles.In addition, some devices are needed:

… …

When choosing a router, you need to focus on power. It ranges from 35 watts and above. The rotation speed for manicure is 20 thousand rpm, and for pedicure – 35-40 thousand rpm. It is better to choose a device with a reverse. The router handle requires a collet clamp. An effective cooling system will not interfere.

Necessary cutters for hardware manicure

Cutters are classified by type. Diamond nails are suitable for working with thinned cuticles, so the most “capricious” nails are treated with them.For domestic use, you can stock up on a pair of cutters in the form of a cone of different diameters. For a beginner, ceramic cutters can be recommended. Marking is important: for manicure, cutters have a blue and red line, that is, medium and minimum abrasiveness.

Types of attachments:

  • Bor. Thinns and removes thickened cuticles
  • Flame. Treats the sinuses on the sides.
  • Cone. Suitable for cleaning pterygium, grinding rollers.
  • Truncated cone. Grinds the skin.
  • Reverse taper. Suitable for forming the free part of the nail.
  • Rounded cylinder. A versatile tool.
  • Needle. Clears sinuses and sinuses.
  • Silicone polisher. For a glossy finish.

Hardware manicure step by step

The hardware manicure technique involves applying a disinfection solution to the hands.

With the help of a file, the free edge of the nail is given the desired shape.

The cuticle is pushed back with a pusher.

Next, the pterygium is removed with a cone with a rounded tip and the cuticle is lifted.

The rollers are ground in parallel.

The hardware manicure technique involves the use of a 1.2 mm bur to thin the cuticle.

The movement of the cutter is carried out at a perpendicular position to the nail.

The ball moves over the skin.

The cuticle is cut with a 3 mm bur of minimum abrasiveness.

The movement is parallel to the nail in the shape of the hole.

The nail plate is processed with a coarse grinder before decorative coating is applied.

Further, it is required to remove sawdust and excess dust from the nails with a napkin.

Any types of hardware manicure give one effect – nails retain their ideal shape and excellent appearance for a long time. It will take longer before the next procedure than with the trimming method.

Now you know how to do hardware manicure from scratch, you can start doing it in practice.

Manicure lamps. Varieties. Work principles.

“Which lamp for drying gel polish to choose?” – this is the question most often asked by masters. Let’s look at the main types of lamps and their characteristics.

A manicure lamp is an irreplaceable device that allows you to quickly and efficiently make a beautiful manicure. Such devices are a must for any manicure and beauty salon master, as they can significantly reduce the time spent on manicure for one client.

But you need to be able to choose the right device, depending on the desired effect. What kind of lamps are there, what is the difference?

Ultraviolet lamps (UV)

UV Nail Dryer uses UV light to dry various types of manicure, incl.hours and gel polish.

Benefits of UV lamps:

  • Gel polishes of all manufacturers are polymerized in conventional (fluorescent) UV lamps;
  • the drying time in them is much higher;
  • what makes them most attractive is their low price.

Disadvantages of UV lamps:

  • the heating temperature of the lamps reaches 50 ° C, when the gel is polymerized in such a lamp, it can burn, and the apparatus itself heats up;
  • by the end of the lamp’s life, a decrease in luminous flux is observed, gels and gel varnishes may not polymerize well, gel varnishes may fold;
  • when the voltage in the network drops by more than 10%, when the temperature drops to 10 ° C, the lamp may go out and not light up;
  • has pulsations of the luminous flux harmful to eyes, you can not look at the lamp;
  • lamps contain substances harmful to health, such as mercury vapors, and therefore broken lamps must be disposed of carefully;
  • has a limited number of starts, which means that the more often you use the timer, turn on and off the UV lamp, the faster the lamps will fail;
  • The fragility of light bulbs, which have to be changed frequently, entails additional costs.

UV gel lamps based on fluorescent technology may differ in the lamp ignition pattern. There is an electronic and induction circuit.

UV lamps with electronic ignition circuit.

The design is light, so an electronic UV lamp usually weighs about 1 kg, the bulbs light up immediately by pressing the power button, and operate at a mains voltage from 180 to 240 volts. These lamps have the lowest price, but this circuit is less reliable than induction, since there are usually no protective assemblies in it, and the electronics are very sensitive to voltage surges in the mains and therefore the electronic UV lamp can break even if a more powerful one is plugged into a nearby outlet. electrical appliance.This does not mean that it will necessarily break, but it is quite possible. These UV lamps require replacement UV-9W bulbs.

Ultraviolet lamps with induction ignition circuit.

More complex construction. For such a device, replaceable bulbs with the UV-9W-L marking are required; a starter is located inside the base of these replaceable bulbs to start the lamp. The bulbs do not light up immediately, as in an electronic circuit, but after blinking several times.But such a device is not afraid of any electrical interference. Induction UV lamps are also distinguished by their heavy weight – up to two kg. These lamps tend to be more expensive than the previous ones.

Light-emitting diode devices (LED)

LED – Light Emitting Diode . In LED-lamps , the source of UV radiation is LEDs – semiconductor devices that convert electricity into light of the desired spectrum. LEDs do not require any special chemical reagents to operate, they are stable, durable and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of LED lamps:

  • speed of polymerization of gel varnishes and ice gels, dry them in 30-60 seconds;
  • when applying gel polish, even with a thick layer, twisting and wrinkling of the gel polish is not observed;
  • electricity consumption has been significantly reduced;
  • long service life (from 50,000 to 100,000 hours), LED devices do not require replacement of lamps and frequent maintenance;
  • UV LED lamps are environmentally friendly and do not require disposal after the end of their service life;
  • no pulsation of the luminous flux, i.e.e. does not have a harmful effect on the visual organ and the human psyche as a whole;
  • UV LED lamps are safe for the skin, gel varnishes are not baked during polymerization;
  • burnout of one or several LEDs has a slight effect on the overall light output of the system and does not require immediate replacement of the LED lamp.

Disadvantages of LED lamps:

  • Failure to polymerize solid gels, except for adapted LED gels;
  • high price, but manufacturers promise to fix this shortcoming in the very near future.

Cold Cathode Gas Lamps (CCFL)

CCFL – Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp – cold cathode fluorescent lamps (LHC). These lamps are powered by a gas that emits light. The emission of this gas occurs thanks to the electrodes. There are devices for gel polymerization with cold cathode lamps in the form of a spiral or a zigzag.

Advantages of CCFL lamps:

  • durability, high-quality LHK can last from 80,000 hours or more;
  • the number of on / off cycles of LHK does not affect its service life;
  • extremely low power consumption does not affect light efficiency;
  • despite its power, for example 12 W, the intensity of the lamp will exceed the classic 36 W UV lamp;
  • LHK has no harmful effects on the skin and eyes;
  • during the polymerization of the gel, the burning sensation is reduced, and gel varnishes fold less, as is the case in a conventional UV lamp when a thicker layer is applied;
  • such a lamp does not require frequent maintenance.

Disadvantages of CCFL lamps:

  • Polymerization of all gels, except LED gels;
  • high price.

Hybrid devices

The hybrid nail lamp can combine the properties of several other types of devices, for example LED + CCFL . At the same time, the device retains all the positive qualities of both one and the other technology.As a rule, these are professional and expensive lamps.

These lamps are the best solution for the master. Currently, there is no more perfect, convenient, fast and universal apparatus for gels and gel polishes! The hybrid nail lamp combines 2 technologies: LED and CCFL, i.e. have both ice light bulbs and a cold cathode lamp that ignite at the same time. This gives the hybrid lamp a number of advantages, as it combines all the best features of 2 state-of-the-art technologies.With the help of a hybrid lamp, all gels and gel varnishes cure 2-4 times faster than in a fluorescent and CCFL lamp.

The only drawback of hybrid CCFL + LED lamps is still their high price due to expensive technology.

Summing up:





Service life

5000 – 1000 hours

50,000 – 100,000 hours

From 80,000 hours

From 80,000 hours

Replacing bulbs

Every 2 – 3 months

Not required

Not required

Not required

Optimum power

36 – 54 watts

9 – 12 watts

12 – 18 watts

24 – 36 watts

Drying speed

2 – 3 minutes

30 – 60 seconds

2 – 3 minutes

30 – 60 seconds

Compatible with gel polish

Everything except LED gels

New generation universal gels and gel varnishes, gel varnishes with LED marking

Everything except LED gels

Absolutely all gel polishes and gels


1 – 2 kg

0.5 – 1 kg

1 – 2 kg

1 – 2 kg

You can always choose and purchase lamps of any of the described types in our ByFashion online store.ru See section Gel polish curing lamps .

F.O.X Gel Polish Diamond

Nail art professionals assure: if you use the products of trusted companies and do everything correctly, the result of using gel polish will cause joy and delight. It is not the gel polish itself that can harm the nails, but non-compliance with the technique of applying and removing it. You can use gel polish as often as you want. Especially such a high-quality product as Gel Polish Diamond is a gel nail polish produced by the famous company F.O.X, which has American roots. In its palette, you will find five different, brightly shining shades with very fine sparkles.

Among them there are the most trendy and popular ones – stunningly delicate pink, beautiful nude and deep blue. Any of them has the following advantageous features:
– durability for 2 weeks, during which the appearance of chips, scratches, detachments and discoloration is excluded;
– specially developed safe formula based on epoxy resin and high concentration of pigments;
– moderately liquid consistency, which self-leveling, does not flow onto the lateral ridges and cuticles, and is also evenly distributed over the surface of the nail plate, which greatly simplifies the application of the coating.

Method of application

1) Prepare the nail plates, which includes cutting the cuticle and filing.
2) Degrease and dehydrate nails with F.O.X Nail Prep.
3) Apply a small amount of acid-free primer and wait until it dries.
4) Apply base in a thin layer and dry for 2 minutes. in a UV lamp or 30 sec. in LED. The base can be selected based on the condition of the nail plates: for healthy and strong ones – a soft base F.O.X Base Soft, for those in need of additional strengthening – the basis of the F.O.X Base Strong. You can also use the versatile F.O.X Base Coat.
5) Apply F.O.X colored gel polish and dry for 2 minutes. in a UV lamp or 30 sec. in LED. In order for the shade of the manicure to acquire a greater saturation, it is recommended to perform a two-layer coating, polymerizing each layer with a UV or LED lamp.
6) Apply F.O.X Top Coat and dry for 2 minutes. in a UV lamp or 30 sec. in LED.
7) Remove residual stickiness with F.O.X Cleanser and apply a nourishing oil to the cuticle area.

How to remove:
Wet wipes or discs with a gel polish remover (for example, FOX Gel Remover), apply to nails, wrap with foil or fix with clothespins-clips. The holding time depends on the number of coats: a single-layer coating will soften in 10 minutes, two or more layers – in 15-18 minutes. After the specified period, clean your nails with an orange stick or a pusher.

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How to apply gel polish at home – “Family and School”

Is it possible to apply gel polish without a base?

The base for gel polish is a universal product that is intended for the initial coating of the nail plate, providing better further adhesion of the material to the surface of the nails.In this article we will figure out what its peculiarity is and why it is so necessary for every master.

What role does the base play?

The base is the key to a good and long-lasting manicure. It is designed to provide the best adhesion of the gel polish to the surface of the nail plate. The base protects the possible negative effect of gel polishes on the natural structure of the nail. As a rule, it has no color, fits well on the nail, leveling and slightly strengthening it. Some manufacturers create rubber bases that have a higher viscosity and replace the procedure for strengthening nails with gel.Rubber bases are denser than conventional bases, but they have the same purpose – to provide the best adhesion of the gel polish to the surface of the nail and to protect against the negative effects of the product components.

Some bases have slight shades of pink and beige. Craftsmen can use the base as an independent coating that does not require additional application over colored varnish.

Can the gel be applied without a base?

If we are talking about a three-phase system of gel polishes, then the answer is obvious – no.Base and gel polish are two inseparable products that, individually, very poorly interact with the surface of the nail plate. Without a base, the coating with gel polish will last about 2-3 days, since the material will not be sufficiently “seized” with the nails. Application of the base will provide a long-lasting and beautiful finish in about 2-4 weeks. The three-phase system ends with the application of a special fixing agent – a top, without which the coating will also “peel off” ahead of time.

However, modern technology has reached a superlative degree.More and more new products appear on the markets, making it possible to significantly facilitate the procedure.

The single phase gel polish system is a system that allows you to perform manicure using only one product. The bottle contains the base, the color, and the final top coat. Although this express option significantly reduces the operating time, it leaves a big drawback – it has less wear resistance than a conventional three-phase coating.

The technique of applying gel polish is very simple.It requires not so much skills and knowledge as neatness and great care and perseverance. The first works may not turn out neat, but this is just a matter of time, technique and experience. Knowing certain rules, the gel polish procedure is within the power of any master who decides to develop in this direction.

Rules for applying gel polish.

  1. First of all, you need to process the surface of the nails, make an edged or classic hardware manicure, walk over the surface of the nails with a special buff that allows you to grind the nail plate.
  2. Next, degrease the nail with a special tool and apply a base under the gel polish.
  3. The next step is to apply color gel polish and create a design on the nails. This stage takes the longest time in the entire procedure, since it requires high-quality application of the material and good drying in a UV lamp.
  4. After applying the color, it is necessary to fix the result with the last coating – a top, which protects the entire material from environmental influences.

Gel polish is a very popular procedure among girls who want to make their nails beautiful and well-groomed. In order for a manicure to delight you for a long time, you must carefully choose a master who uses only the best materials in his work.

How to apply gel varnish step by step: covering nails with gel varnish

Published: July 29, 2017 at 00:00
Updated: April 21, 2021 at 15:42

In the process of learning to apply gel varnish, certain mistakes that upset novice craftsmen.Let’s take a closer look at them so that your home experiments and creativity bring only positive results and impressions!

Preparing nails for manicure with gel polish: what you need to pay attention to.

TOP-10 mistakes of beginners. Careful and high-quality preparation of nails will help the master to quickly and correctly apply a colored coating, as well as ensure good adhesion of the nail with subsequent layers of applied materials. Unfortunately, mistakes happen at this stage in the work of both experienced craftsmen and those who first bought kits for home application of shellac.What are the consequences of the shortcomings made when processing marigolds and applying materials for degreasing, cleansing, dehydrating and improving adhesion?
  • Error # 1: the base for the gel polish has lined up.
Cause: You did not completely remove the old coverage. It is necessary to carefully file off all layers of the previous design with a nail file or fraser so that the layer of the new base for gel polish fits perfectly evenly on the nail and evens out all the grooves and depressions.
  • Error # 2: Microbubbles and mini-voids are visible in the layer of the cured base.
Reason: during the unedged manicure you did not completely remove the cuticle, pterygium and eponychium. In the process of baking in the lamp, micro gaps formed between the layer of the nail and the particles of the skin remaining on the nail. When wearing this design, detachments and cracks may form at the cuticle due to water getting under the base layer.
  • Error # 3: The colored coating has peeled off the nail, starting from the base layer.
Reason: is due to the fact that the master could skip the stage of removing the upper keratin layer with a buff.Buffy the marigold, it is important not to damage it. Do not apply significant force when pressing the tool on the nails and keep the correct direction of travel. Correctly buff from the cuticle to the free edge, with light movements.
The same picture is observed if a nail polisher is used instead of a buff. It will make the nail smooth instead of rough, and the coating on the nail will simply not hold.
  • Error # 4: under the layer of gel polish, cracks have formed in the nail plate, which led to a fracture of the nail.
Cause: Cracked and chipped nails resulted in thinning of the natural nail due to excessive sanding. At the other extreme – insufficiently good processing of the nail with a buff – detachments of the coating can become due to the exfoliating keratin scales not completely removed by the master.
  • Error # 5: The gel polish is peeling off with a whole plate.
Reason: particles of pterygium remained unnoticed on the nail, and delamination on the free edge was not removed.With the subsequent regrowth and exfoliation of the pterygium, the gel coating also leaves the keratin of the natural nail. The continuing delamination of the natural nail inward (under the gel polish) leads to detachments of the manicure already from the side of the end.
  • Error # 6: Shellac nails and gel polish are hard chipping a few days after application.
Reason: this phenomenon can have three reasons at once – the periungual ridges and the surface of the marigold are poorly defatted with a special preparation; skipped the stage of applying the primer; you touched the nail after degreasing and before removing the stickiness from the top.How can this problem be solved?
  • Degrease the nail in stages: disinfect nails and hands with spray or foam. Next – remove the fat from the nails with a lint-free napkin, and finally treat the nails and side rollers with a dehydrator;
  • Do not skip the application of acid-free primer. It is advisable to use a product from the same manufacturer as the base for the gel polish. This way you guarantee maximum adhesion between the base and the natural nail;
  • Avoid touching treated nails with your fingers.If this happens, re-treat the surface with a tackifier and lint-free puff.

  • Error # 7: The coating is cracking and chipping off in small pieces.
Reason: you may not have sufficiently cleaned the nail from dust (sawdust), dirt and sebum (you poorly treated the surface with a degreaser or used a substitute containing oil instead).
  • Error # 8: In natural nails, even without blows, cracks formed up to the flesh.
Cause: nails suffered from drying out. You or the technician may have used inappropriate preparations (alcohol, acetone, solvent) for cleaning and degreasing. Their regular use without subsequent treatment of marigolds with oil or cream leads to weakening, deep dehydration and thinning of natural nails.
  • Error No. 9: when using the base immediately on the dried primer (the quality of both preparations is good and the shelf life has not come out), after a few days your coating will still chip off and peel off.
Reason: if you went through all the other options and excluded, remember: do you remove the remnants of degreaser from the nail with ordinary cotton pads. This cannot be done. The discs leave invisible villi, impairing the application of coatings and leading to a loss of aesthetics of the manicure. Contraindicated with gel polish and not removed residual traces of oil or cream (they also need to be thoroughly “washed off” from the nails with a gentle degreaser). Check also the quality of degreasing.If you have applied the base, dried it and see bald spots, repeat the application of the base and be sure to seal the end of the nail.
  • Error # 10: Your client has long, but thin nails, the length of which you both decided not to remove.
Reason: gel polish certainly shields nails from external negative influences, but cannot 100% exclude the risk of cracks and chips. The coating retains elasticity on the nail. And if the nail plate bends and breaks, the same will happen with the nail.Hence the deep cracks in the nail and shellac itself. The way to eliminate the problem will be the preliminary strengthening of the marigolds with biogel or correction of the length.

The process of creating a design with shellac and gel polish. TOP 10 common mistakes and how to fix them.

If you managed to carry out the process of preparing nails for applying shellac, avoiding all the pitfalls, do not lose your vigilance! Creating an image and decorating it with design also has its own subtleties and interesting life hacks.
  • Error # 1 : you carefully painted your nails with a thin layer, but after drying in the lamp, you found cured streaks.
Reason: when you or the client placed your hand in the lamp, you could keep your fingers tilted during the drying time. In this case, capricious or very liquid gel polishes could flow into the side ridges and onto the cuticle. To solve this problem, use a gel polish remover, a lint-free wipe, and a metal pusher with a beveled edge. When you paint a nail, paint over the surface, avoiding lateral ridges and cuticles, but also do not allow gaps.
  • Error # 2 : The new gel polish is chipping and cracking, although the design is covered with a dense top.
Cause: This phenomenon may be due to the use of an expired top, a conflict of coatings (color and top), or the use of an improper quality finish.
  • Error # 3 : Colored shellac is deformed after drying, bubbles and voids are visible in the coating. The shelf life of the gel polish is in order, it was purchased from a reliable seller with a quality guarantee.
Cause: the coating was applied too densely or did not dry for long enough in a UV or LED lamp.Remember: the main rule of manicure with resistant polymer coatings is to apply thin layers, squeeze out the brush with excess on the bottle neck, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the timing of polymerization of materials.
Another common reason is that you vigorously shake the bottle of gel polish before applying, which led to the formation of air bubbles in the thickness of the material. The correct way to lift the color pigment from the bottom is to roll the bubble from the gel polish between your palms.
  • Error # 4: Your manicure is chipping and cracking, although you know for sure that the gel polish is of high quality and is stored in compliance with all the rules and sanitary requirements.
Reason: If shellac is not the culprit, pay attention to your UV or LED lamp. If you have a completely new machine, there may be a manufacturing defect. For a device that has been in use for a long time, it makes sense to check the bulbs and replace them if the service life has been exceeded.
  • Error # 5: When applying layers, you do not brush the free edge of the nail with a brush.
Reason: The secret to the longevity of shellac manicure is the tightness of all layers.If you neglect to seal, any of the layers of base, color, or top you apply may peel off due to exposure to water, housework, or careless manicure.
  • Mistake # 6: You love creating manicures by mixing colors and creating unique shades. However, despite all the tricks, the coating lasts less than 14 days.
Reason: Mixes of colors from different brands, or the use of a base, top, color, primer and dehydrator from different manufacturers may differ in poor wear.It is not in vain that brands recommend a “family” approach to the purchase of materials for manicure with gel polish. The fact is that the formulas of all shellac manicure products are created in such a way that their components complement each other and provide maximum design durability.
  • Error # 7: Your manicure shows record wearing times, but the decor elements quickly chip off, grow cloudy or peel off.
Reason: The secret of high-quality fixing of the decor is fixing the top with the second layer, which is often not done by beginners.For rhinestones, especially large ones, it will be good to smear the gaps between the crystals with a top. And for painting or liquid stones, it is extremely important to adhere to the drying time in the lamp. Thick layered designs should not dry in less than 3 minutes on the final layer of the top. An excellent solution for the master will be such well-proven top coatings as CND Duraforce and Tnl Viscous. Their dense, rich texture is specially designed for extra-strong fixation of decor and reliable protection of manicure.
  • Error # 8: you are using completely new coatings in the same design, as well as materials that have expired and are about to expire.
Reason: it is undesirable to use old gel varnishes in manicure. The texture of the product changes from the time the bottle is opened, shellac can be applied in thick layers. When they dry, air pockets form, leading to inevitable detachments.
  • Mistake # 9: You are applying gel polish and shellac to zero-length nails, and customers soon complain about chips and cracks.
Reason: practicing masters advise not to apply gel polish on too short nails.Either increase the minimum length with gel on the forms, or advise the client to come for a manicure as soon as at least a small free edge grows. The fact is that the contact of the edge of the marigold with the fingertips is fraught with the transfer of subcutaneous fat, traces of household chemicals and sweat from them. If the nails themselves do not wear shellac well, such contact with sweat secretions will inevitably lead to detachments.
  • Error # 10: Your client has little time for design, and you are in a hurry to quickly create a finished image, not observing the required number of layers, their drying time and the density of the applied materials.
Reason: a hasty image will not please you with longevity. The nails need to be painted slowly and carefully, lightly smear the ends on each layer. If you are working with a UV lamp, dry the layers for at least two minutes each. For greater durability (especially with problem nails), the base and color must be applied in two layers each, and with a voluminous and textured decor, re-coat the manicure and top.

How to properly handle gel polish nails immediately after creating a manicure: what you can and cannot.

Like lacquer design, shellac and gel polish manicure requires care, attention and care. A high-quality, creative, complex design can cost a client a considerable amount, depending on the skill level of the nail-master and his place of work. So how can you enjoy the image in its pristine beauty and not be ahead of time with broken nails, a dull coating or an image with cracks and detachments?

After creating the gel polish of the image, you can and should do:
  • Regular massage of the cuticle with liquid or solid oils, cream or lotion.This is especially true for cuticle manicure. A neat and well-groomed periungual skin will help your hands look beautiful, tidy and well-groomed. The slow growth rates of the cuticle and pterygium will also have a good effect on the wearability of the design. Contrary to popular belief, care products will not adversely affect the wear of the coating after they are completely dried in the lamp.
  • Working around the house with gloves, including cooking with foods that have strong color pigments (beets, carrots, etc.)etc.). If you wear light shades of shellac covered with a matte top, then one day you may encounter haze or the fact that the shade is smudged. The situation will be saved by a lint-free napkin and alcohol. Wipe your nails gently and enjoy the rejuvenated beauty.

  • Have you taken off your manicure and are faced with the fact that your square-shaped nails began to curl at the tips? If the problem is persistent and reappears after treatment, you will have to change the shape of the marigolds.However, never do this while wearing the design. Cutting or filing nails with shellac, you risk damaging your nails and then restoring them for a long time.
  • Even owners of strong and rapidly growing nails, many practicing masters advise, after 3-4 designs, to let the nail plate recover. Practice paraffin therapy, hot manicure, European spa treatment or Masura Japanese manicure system for several weeks. Hardened, moisturized and nourished nails will again delight you with high-quality shellac design, without peeling and breakage of nails.

Along with the positive aspects of long-lasting manicure with gel polish, there are several significant prohibitions regarding this coating.

What absolutely must not be done if you decide to clothe your pens in gel polish for 2-3 weeks?

  • Try to limit skin and nail contacts without gloves with aggressive household chemicals, facials with acids in the composition, as well as hair dyes and products containing acetone. The components of these products can adversely affect the wear period of a manicure, as well as cause a dull gloss or significantly change the color of the coating.
  • Treat the coating as carefully as possible. Do not use gel polish nails as an opener or screwdriver, toothpick or scraper. Remember, marigolds under shellac retain their elasticity and increased mechanical stress is harmful to them.
  • Do not sunbathe for too long. The more intense the sun’s rays, the greater the risk of burnout of bright shades of gel polish.
  • Do not try to correct the overgrown design yourself. This type of coating, unlike acrylic, does not imply pinpoint correction.After 2 weeks, it is better to completely renew the manicure than to tint and grind the regrown space of the marigold.

Of course, the recommendations given by us do not exhaust all the nuances of such a complex decorative material as gel polish. You can learn more about all the points that are permissible and not permissible in relation to shellac from our training material “How to take care of your nails after applying gel polish, what not to do”.

How to properly apply gel polish on natural and artificial nails: technology, master classes and video training.

The step-by-step procedure for manicure with gel polish at home is not too difficult and requires only regular practice. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our library of educational articles and master classes that reveal all the subtleties and details of design with gel polishes:

Visual videos will also be no less useful for novice masters in their work:

Starting to master gel polish, amateurs and inexperienced masters ask the question: is the technology for performing manicure on natural and extended nails the same? We answer and share secrets.
What is the difference between performing a manicure with shellac on extended nails (on acrylic, gel, tips).
In practice, the processes of creating an image on natural and artificial nails are quite similar. The main thing that you DO NOT do with extended marigolds is:
  • Do not use a primer. High-quality degreasing and cleaning already guarantee strong adhesion of the base and tips, acrylic or gel. Do not forget to just lightly buff the nail.
  • Apply gel polish on artificial nails only once, as it will not be possible to remove the design from them to the base.And you will inevitably have to make corrections.

As for general recommendations regarding gel polish on artificial nails, the masters advise:

  • Create artificial nails as thin as possible so that the subsequently applied gel polish does not create the appearance of excessively thick and not aesthetic nails.
  • Choose designs in a color range close to the natural color of natural nails. So visually, you can temporarily, but postpone the day of the change of image.
  • Apply the coating in thin layers, pressing the brush against the nail. Unlike natural nails, the correction of blemishes on artificial nails is fraught with violations of their adhesion to the surface of the native nail. If your experience with extended nails is not enough, it is better to entrust such a manicure to the hands of a professional.

We hope that now the bright, beautiful and alluring world of gel polishes and shellacs has become clearer and closer for you. Stylish and durable manicurists!

Manicure with gel polish house step by step, detailed instructions for gel manicure – UNIAN

For a beautiful and neat manicure, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon.

Manicure with gel varnish at home instructions / photo pinterest.com

Gel varnish ranks first in popularity among the varieties of manicure. And it is not surprising, because it looks beautiful and neat, lasts much longer than usual varnish (up to 4 weeks), does not harm the nails so much and allows you to carry out various experiments with decorations and patterns. Painting nails with gel polish is carried out in any beauty salon, but you can do this manicure yourself if you have the necessary tools.

Materials and tools

Before starting work, make sure that you have all the necessary tools.

  • UV lamp – provides fast and uniform curing of the varnish. Choose lamps with a power of at least 36 watts. Convenient to use will be an LED lamp that dries nails many times faster;
  • Base for manicure. Responsible for the strength of the manicure and the protection of the nail plate. Usually it has a transparent or close to natural color.
  • Gel Polish.
  • Top coat – applied to finished manicure.It comes in matte and glossy.
  • Degreaser for the nail surface.
  • Manicure scissors, files, buff, orange stick or pusher.
  • Various rhinestones, bouillons, stickers, stencils, sequins and other decorations on request.
  • Small, lint-free wipes – for cleaning surfaces. Cotton pads will not work as they stick to the gel.
  • Cuticle remover and cuticle oil.

Step-by-step instructions for gel polish manicure

1.File the nails on both hands into the same shape with a file.

Gel polish manicure at home / photo pinterest.com

2. Apply a softening agent to the cuticle area and leave for 2 minutes. If you don’t have oil, you can dip your fingers in warm soapy water for a few minutes.

Home manicure gel polish / photo pinterest. com

3. Push the cuticle off the nail with a pusher or orange stick. Wipe off any remaining oil with a napkin.

How to make a gel polish manicure / photo pinterest.com

4. Remove burrs from the nail with a nail scissors.

Gel manicure instruction / photo pinterest.com

5. Using a buff, remove the natural gloss from the surface of the nails. This will improve the adhesion of the material to the natural nail.

Manicure with gel polish step by step / photo pinterest.com

6. Degrease your nails using a special tool.

Manicure with gel polish instructions with photo / photo pinterest.com

7. Apply the base evenly on the surface of the nail.

Gel manicure at home / photo pinterest.com

8. Dry your nails under the lamp for 30-60 seconds.

Manicure with gel polish how to do / photo pinterest.com

9. Apply the gel polish in one thin layer. If necessary, for a brighter color, gel polish is applied in 2-3 layers. Each layer must be dried under a UV lamp. On top of the gel polish, you can make the desired design or add decor. The free cut of the nail must be varnished – to do this, run the brush along the edge of the nail.

Gel manicure step by step / photo pinterest.com

10. Cover your nails with a nail top – the final coat. It will ensure the longevity of your manicure. At the end, the edge of the nail also needs to be covered with a top. Dry the top under the lamp.

Gel manicure at home / photo pinterest.com

11. At the end, clean each nail from dust with a lint-free cloth.

How to remove gel polish from nails

How to remove gel polish at home / photo pinterest.com

To remove old coating you will need:

  • Gel polish remover.
  • Orange stick or pusher.
  • Cotton pads.
  • File.
  • Foil or special caps.

1. Cut the cotton pads to fit your nails.

2. Run the file over the surface to remove the top layer.

3. Moisten a cotton pad with liquid, apply it to the nail and wrap with foil or clamp with caps.

4. Leave on for 15-21 minutes.

5. Unroll the foil one by one and gently use an orange stick to remove the remaining gel polish from the nail.The varnish should be easily removed from the surface.

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How many years can i make gel polish? Advice from manufacturers of gel polish.

Very often mothers or girls themselves order gel polish starter kits from us for a gift. And many are interested in whether it is possible to make gel polish for school-age girls.In most cases, the mother does not really support such a decision, and the daughter persuades with tears, complaining that all the girls in the class are already making gel polish.

So, we, as a site that sells gel polishes – do not recommend to cover your nails with gel polish and, moreover, to build up gel nails up to 15-16 years.

The reason is very simple – up to 15-16 years old, the nail plate in girls becomes stronger, grows not only in length, but also in volume and width. In adolescence, the nail is very thin, delicate and wearing gel polish or artificial nails will simply hinder healthy growth.Plus, on thin nails, gel polish or gel will break off or flake off faster, and the girl will still not be able to fully wear gel nails.

Gel polish and gel crystallize under the lamp and become much stronger than normal nails. Even adult girls, after wearing gel polish, need to restore and strengthen their nails, and at school age this becomes a much greater problem.

For mothers: If your daughter still decided to make gel polish and you cannot convince her, then there is nothing critical in this.Do not spoil your relationship with your daughter, just buy high-quality gel polishes and materials. There is nothing more important than a good atmosphere in the family, and nails will recover over time and everything will be fine.

For girls: Do not rush to be an adult, risking your health. There is a chance that making gel polish from 12-14 years old, you will make yourself a problem for many years. Nails may not get stronger, constantly break, and the gel polish coating will fall off and break off, even when you grow up.

If you are 15-16 years old, and you want to make gel polish at home, we can choose a set for gel polish or gel for every taste.Only branded gel polishes of the most popular Kodi Professional company. Huge selection of colors and advice from our specialists. Free delivery all over Ukraine. Click on the set:

how many years you can make gel polish

How to apply gel polish. Step-by-step instructions

19 October 2015

Gel polish is a coating that will keep your manicure for two weeks, today you will not surprise anyone with this coating because this procedure is offered in almost every salon and by masters working at home.

But not everyone knows that such a coating can be done at home.

So, to cover gel polish at home, you will need:

  • Grinder (if it is necessary to grind the natural nail a little before coating with gel varnish).
  • Degreaser, not worth buying an expensive one, it can be replaced with ordinary nail polish remover with acetone. Since buying an expensive branded company a degreaser will definitely be unprofitable and expensive.
  • UV lamp, gel polish will not dry out without it, it must be at 36 W, otherwise the gel polish will not dry out.
  • Base Gel (base for gel polish), it is designed for better adhesion of colored gel polish to the nail.
  • Color gel polish.
  • Top (gel polish fixer), protects the colored coating and gives it a glossy shine.
  • Alcohol (available at any pharmacy) or special nail polish remover.Needed to remove the residual sticky layer.

It is said a lot that buying Shellac for home use is unprofitable, expensive and not easy, there are several solution options: well, for example, buy it in half with a friend, or replace Shellac with an inexpensive analogue of gel polish from another manufacturer. Without a UV lamp, a manicure with gel polish simply cannot be done. If you buy a lamp for yourself without changing the bulb, it will serve you for 6-8 months, while you should not buy an expensive branded UV lamp or with different “bells and whistles”, you simply do not need such a lamp for yourself.

So, if everything is at hand – let’s get started!

Step 1. Prepare nails for applying colored gel varnishes. Perform a dry manicure – for this, push the cuticle back with a spatula, and remove the dead skin that could remain on the nail plate with a hatchet. Step 2. Using a 100/180 grit file, lightly sand the surface of the natural nail, removing the shine. If this is not done, the gel polish will flake off. And then with a manicure brush, carefully remove the dust remaining from filing and polishing nails. Step 3. Soak a lint-free tissue or sponge in a little nail degreaser, it not only acts as a disinfectant, but also promotes stronger adhesion to the nail plate.

Step 4. Before applying the elastic color gel polish, you need to cover your nails with a thin layer of Base Gel (base gel)

in the first days after the application procedure.To prevent this from happening, a primer can be applied to the weakened plate. This is necessary for a tight adhesion of the base gel to the natural nail. Modern acid-free primers do not contain methacrylic acid – application is safe for natural nails. They are a primer. In order not to get detachment, it is necessary to treat the end of the nail with a primer. The base gel serves as a base for the gel polish. It is responsible for creating a molecular bond between the natural keratin of the natural nail and the artificial gel material.At the same time, the base gel protects the nail from the penetration of the coloring pigments of the gel polish.

Step 5. Place your nails in a UV lamp
– in a 36 Watt UV apparatus for 30-60 seconds;
– in the LED device for 10 seconds.

Step 6. The technology of applying gel polish is very simple – if you know how to cover your nails with regular varnish (and we are sure that each of you knows how to perform coated manicure), then you can apply elastic gel polish. But here, too, you need to remember about some of the nuances.
1.All layers must be applied very thinly. If we do not follow the technology of applying gel polish, then we may have the following problems: waves and notches on the free edge; air bubbles over the entire surface of the nail.
2. Applying bright, pastel colors, apply 2 coats of gel polish. In this case, each of the layers must be polymerized in a UV lamp for 2 minutes (in an LED lamp for 30 seconds).
3.When working with dark colors, the first layer may be colored unevenly. There is nothing wrong with that.You do not need to apply a large amount of gel polish. This problem will be fixed with a second layer. When working with dark tones, it is better to make 3 thin, but even layers, than 2 dense ones, which will go in waves.

Step 7. Apply TOP gel. The finish gel is applied with a slightly thicker layer than the colored one. Again, don’t forget about the ends of the nail. The finishing gel must dry well. Insufficient polymerization of the gel will result in a loss of shine when the sticky layer is removed. We dry it in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in an LED lamp for 30 seconds.

Step 8. Remove the sticky layer after curing with a lint-free cloth or sponge soaked in Cleanser & Sanitizer.

Apply moisturizing oil to the cuticle area and massage into the skin.

How to apply gel polish video:

How to learn how to quickly do a gel polish manicure? How can I speed it up?

In fact, it is difficult to answer the question “how long does it take to coat nails with gel polish?” without considering a specific case.In the salon, a standard set of varnished manicure procedures takes 3 – 3.5 hours. Time directly depends on the complexity of the design and the state of the client’s hands. It is on these two positions that the most time is spent.

The beginner master will need more time, since the technique has not yet been worked out. Therefore, the masters recommend that beginners write down the time for completing each stage (keep a protocol) and, with the acquisition of skills, try to shorten it.

Main stages of gel polish coating:
  • disinfection of the client’s hands;
  • Removing the old coating;
  • correction of the shape and length of the nail;
  • hardware manicure;
  • Intermediate cleanser and primer;
  • cover and design;
  • cover and design;
  • Cleansing the client’s hands;
  • oil cuticle treatment;

Equipment for accelerating manicure

Equipment parameters also affect the duration of coated manicure: the power of the LED lamp and the number of revolutions of the router (an important parameter is the presence or absence of a reverse in the apparatus).

The duration of the hardware manicure depends on the way it is performed.

Express method – involves the use of only 2 cuticles for processing the cuticle and removing pterygium.

Full cycle, in which 5-6 cutters are involved.

The choice of the method of work does not depend on the mood of the master, but on the state of the client’s hands. Sometimes, in order for to learn how to quickly make a manicure with coating, you need to work with different types of nails, taking into account the time and with a good milling machine for removing gel polish.And in order for the manicure to be neat and durable, you need to choose a full cycle if the client has a complex cuticle or a poor-quality previous coating.

2 cutters are enough for express manicure:

  • corundum or ceramic cone;
  • diamond ball.

If you have certain skills in hardware manicure, such an express method, according to the norms of time, will take about 30 minutes.

It takes a long time to select a tone for a colored coating. Therefore, experienced craftsmen recommend providing a color palette to the client at the stage of removing the coating.This will give him the opportunity to decide on the choice of color and discuss the solution with the master during the preparatory stages, without stopping work. When the time comes for the coating, all the nuances will already be discussed. This will save 15-20 minutes.

Modern materials allow you to reduce the time for applying gel polish, if you use not the traditional 3-phase systems (base, varnish, top), but a combination of a colored camouflage base and top (2-phase option). It is especially beneficial to use this method for nude and light pearlescent designs.

The more pigmented the gel polish is, the fewer layers need to be applied to the nail. There are dense flower beds that are applied in one layer. This greatly reduces the time it takes to create the color layer.

Methods to speed up the work with fingers

You should also decide on the method of work:

  • Conveyor method – one finger at a time.
  • Two fingers at a time: pinky and ring fingers, then middle and index fingers. And the thumbs are done on both hands at the same time.
  • Four fingers on one hand, and thumbs on two hands at the same time.

Experience shows that the best quality coating is obtained with 1 working method. In other cases, material may flow under the cuticles and lateral ridges.

The first (conveyor) method can be accelerated if you take the client’s hands into work alternately. For example, apply a coating on the finger of the left hand, and while it is drying in an ICE lamp, cover the finger on the right hand with color.The quality of this method depends not only on the skills of the master, but also on the attentiveness of the client (how smoothly he will hold his hand in the lamp).

Experienced manicure masters do not recommend reducing the time at the stage of work on creating the finishing layer. The better the finish layer is made, the more practical and durable the manicure will be. At this stage, it is advisable to align the nail plate in order to achieve the perfect highlight. The work is carried out in a conveyor way. You can shorten the time at the finish by choosing a top without a sticky layer.Then the time to remove the dispersion will be reduced.

Each master chooses independently how to speed up manicure and gel polish and reduce the time for performing hardware manicure. In the process of work, everyone has developed their own life hacks. However, the priority should always be the quality of the work, not the speed of its completion.

How I stopped doing manicure: personal experience


Tatyana Dvadtsatova
By newbie

Spoiler: This is not about stopping nail care and turning into a wild pig.I wanted to get rid of the imposed stereotypes – an expensive manicure with a coating of of a super hot shade. And now, in order.

Each story has its own trigger. In the now distant pre-quarantine times, I had a strict schedule: every two weeks I went to the salon on Kutuzovsky, and the amount “for beauty” was regularly debited from the card. Lively discussion with the master of new shades of gel polish, drawings on nails, stamping, excited anticipation of the next visit.Until at some point a visit to the salon suddenly turned into torture: the hardware manicure was painful, and the nails were so thin that they became hypersensitive. The master, on the other hand, continued to do her job: sawing down and covering it with a new varnish at my command – without even trying to hint that I should give the plate a rest. Fortunately, I figured it out myself. And I decided: I am doing the gel for the last time.

I waited two and a half months for the entire base to come down. Then she began to go for a manicure and cover her nails with a pseudo-healing colorless varnish.I have little faith in its magical power, but even less now – in the fact that life is better with shellac.

When my nails were resting, they: a) grew strong and b) looked healthy.

And I realized that I want to see them like this always.

For a while I tried to make friends with the usual old school varnish. But I met several problems at once:

  1. In the salons they are simply not there.No demand, no supply;
  2. If ordinary varnishes are still available, the choice of shades is very limited;
  3. Wait until it dries up for a long time. And the risk of hurting your hand on something is great.

A trip to Norway prompted me to completely abandon all varnishes – I quickly became infected with their healthy habits. And it’s not even a matter of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Firstly, their nail salons are rather rare than commonplace. I barely found one, went inside, went out and decided to use the services at the hotel.Secondly, having voiced that a manicure was needed, of course, I imagined 10 fingers neatly varnished, but I just got well-processed nails. Then I decided: all varnishes – a firm “no”.

And I’m super. Now I spend much less energy and resources on manicure and pedicure.

While the others paint their fingernails or toenails, I manage to tidy up and then others.

The nails look healthy and tidy, the expense has been reduced.And the colorless varnish goes well with everything.

Learn more by tags:

Tatiana Dvadtsatova
Author newbie

You will be interested

Honestly, I feel weird when I write about anything right now. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, and I think because of this , everything seems strange? Yesterday I put on my nails, took some photos and decided that now is the time to write a post on how to do gel manicure at home on your own.I mean, since we’re told to stay home as long as possible and avoid close contact … I guess it’s timely? Ugh.

Anyway, let’s pretend everything is okay and okay and talk a little about manicure and then get back to worrying again. Yes? OK.

I used to do a gel manicure every month or two in New York City where there are many salons offering $ 30 nail / pedi combinations for walking. Even in Albuquerque, it was pretty easy (though not so cheap) to find a decent salon.But in Santa Fe – a completely different story. I’ve tried many dubious nail salons (none of the best rated nail shops are accepting new clients) and the result is a series of 91,200 actually 91,201 horrible overpriced manicures and damaged natural nails. About a year and a half ago, I decided, that I’ll start making them myself.

Why gel manicure, you ask? Well, I have naturally soft nails. They are not unhealthy, they are just soft – and they have been that way all my life.A regular manicure lasts longer than a day or two before they start chipping, and even so, the care I have to take to protect my manicure is really not worth it. I am very sick for my nails! I always do things with my hands, and it often involves dirt, food or construction, I don’t want to give birth to them. Yes, I need to take precautions or to protect the gel manicure, but they are much more durable and also protect my natural nails and prevent them from ripping or splitting.And I feel better when my nails look beautiful!

I noticed that I seem to get the most consistent gel manicure results when using Gelish products in salons, which is why I was looking for this when I decided to get the starter kit. If you want to shop on their site you must be a licensed nail specialist so I checked with my local Sally Beauty and of course they sell Gelish products I ended up buying the complete Gelish Mini starter kit.It seemed expensive from the start, but it paid off in just three manicures, so … I think it’s worth it.

(Amazon and Overstock also list this set, and there is also someone selling it on eBay. I am a little wary of buying discounted beauty products from resellers I am not familiar with, but I may be overly cautious. .Or maybe not!)

There are tons of videos on YouTube showing how to apply the gel correctly (and I’m not talented enough to make a better one), but I think it would be helpful to see what products you need.do the gel manicure myself and some things to keep in mind along the way. I am basically definitely NOT a professional manicure, but I have have , I have a lot of experience with gel manicure and I have always paid attention to the fact that do the masters, and took mental notes about what gives the best appearance. and the longest lasting results.

The first thing you need to do a gel manicure is TIME. This is not a process that you can stop halfway through and come back to it later.Even to the toilet. So take care of what you need ahead of time, turn on something on Netflix and think of the time as if you are going to the salon and will be unavailable. Now it takes me about an hour from start to finish (not including removing the old gel manicure – , which I will cover in the next post – UPDATE: here is my post on how to safely remove gel polish at home) but the first few times it felt more like two solid hours. On the other hand, once you’re done, you’re done! Drying time is ZERO, which is great.

✚ Gelish Mini Complete Starter Kit
(Or comparable products; as long as you have at least pH binding solution, base polish, colored polish, topcoat, surface cleaner and LED backlight .Do not be afraid to buy a starter kit – you can always replace the components individually when they run out!)
✚ polish cleaning brush
✚ lint-free nail wipes or paper towel cut into small squares

Indeed, of any brand is suitable for things like nail files, cuticle pushers and the like.I’m just referring to the type that I personally like so you know what I’m talking about when I talk about different tools. I, however, from to highly recommend Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover! It has never irritated me and does a great job of loosening any cuticle pieces that might adhere to the nail bed.

How and when you paint a room, preparation is very important when painting your nails.Improper preparation of nails for applying gel polish will lead to the fact that the manicure will look sloppy and will begin to rise or chip.

Start by removing ALL traces of nail polish, then trim your nails as needed. Use a fine-grained file to shape the edges and tip as desired (I’m a rounded or almond-shaped girl myself), making sure there are no roughness or scuffs anywhere.

Apply cuticle remover wherever skin meets nails.Despite its name, cuticle remover doesn’t actually remove cuticles! It simply softens and looses hardened, dead cuticle pieces adhering to the nail bed, making it easy to push the cuticle back. I like using the metal cuticle pusher because it requires very little pressure, but if you are worried about damage, a wooden orange stick will do. Once the cuticles are pushed back, wipe off any excess remover and use cuticle nippers to cut off any burrs, flaky skin or anything that looks … dead. DO NOT CUT IN PIECES. I cannot stress this enough. I don’t know why so many salons insist on this, but in the long run, this is a bad move. You run the risk of leaving your cuticle / matrix area open to infection, and when the cuticle grows back, it is very likely that they will not become smooth or even.

Finally wash your hands actually well with soap and water (feel free to refer to the WHO poster for information on methods) and dry thoroughly.

The last preparatory step is to clean the entire nail bed with a lint-free cloth and nail cleaner (included). This is to remove any traces of dust, lint, and oil from your nails so that your gel products will adhere well. They will look a little dehydrated (like my nails in the picture above), but that’s okay, it’s important to be free of oils!

Apply a quick coat of pH Bond (included) to each nail, including the free edge.You don’t need to be very careful with this – in fact, you just need to bring your nails to the correct pH level for the gel to adhere properly.

Now it’s time to have some fun! Apply a THIN layer of foundation (included) to each nail, remembering to cover the free edge. I like to do the free edge first and then the rest of the nail. Be careful to cover the entire nail to the brim, but don’t apply foundation to the cuticle. It is important. If you apply any nail polish to your skin , your manicure will fail (and it will look bad and dry out your cuticles).Slow down. Remember, gel polish will not dry until you cure it under the LED light, so you have plenty of time to be careful and get it right. If you do get on your skin, simply use a cleaning brush dampened with a little nail polish to remove it – BEFORE you cure it. Once the polish has hardened, you won’t be able to do ANY cleaning.

The most common and easiest way to get a mess-free gel manicure is to do four fingers on one hand; heal; four fingers on the other hand; heal; both thumbs; heal.So, once you’ve made the first four fingers, insert them into the LED light (included)! It will automatically shut down after 45 seconds. Then repeat with the other hand and then with two thumbs.

DO NOT TOUCH your nails. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING WITH NAILS. Before proceeding, inspect them for lint, etc. If you notice a little fluff, gently remove it with cuticle nippers. Gel polish remains sticky until the last step, so it is very easy for a lint to stick to it if you are not very careful.

Apply the colored coating in the same way, curing, rotating 4/4/2 in the direction of travel. Most of the time you will need to apply two coats of color, but from time to time you can apply a third coat of a purer shade to give it a little more opacity. As long as you have 2-3 coats you are good. Keep your coat THIN. Thick gel polish looks bad and hardens badly.

Be sure to cure after each coat. Remember, this is no ordinary nail polish.You can’t just add new layers! You need to cure, and , then apply another coat.

This kit includes a shiny red and pink bubble gum polish that I use from time to time, but I also bought two mini Gelish shades separately to complement my color options. One of them is pure pinkish neutral called Barely Buff “(Not on their website, but available in the store) and the other is just old black (” Black Shadow “). I try to do my home gel manicure in a minimalist style, so four colors are really enough for me to choose from.

Any “design” I make usually consists of dots. If you want to give it a try (I promise it’s not difficult), simply dab a drop of your chosen accent color onto a small piece of foil, then use a toothpick to draw in the minimum amount and apply it to your nail. You will need less than you think! Just a speck. I like to do a double cure (90 seconds) after applying any painting because it is usually a little thicker than a regular coat.

Top It Off:
Once you’ve finished adding color, it’s time for a topcoat! Again, the key to using Top It Off (included) is to cover the entire
nail with , close the free edge and avoid cuticles.Slow down. Keep it thin, but make sure you get coverage. When you are sure everything is in order, do the last treatment. In fact, do the last two treatments with . I feel like a little extra time at the end won’t hurt, and it helps to make sure everything is really well cured.

Finishing Touches:
Gel manicure retains a “sticky” layer that evaporates all the way to the top during the curing process and must be removed when you are 100% complete ALL curing.Just like when you start your manicure, use a lint-free wipe and nail polish to completely remove the sticky layer. (Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to remove the sticky layers between layers! If you do, the next coat won’t stick properly. Wait until you’re done.)

Finally, complete your fresh gel manicure by applying cuticle oil to your cuticles! The Gelish Mini Complete Starter Kit comes with a decent kit, but again, any brand will do.You will want to keep using cuticle oil as often as possible! It keeps your nails healthy and, for reasons I don’t understand, actually prolongs the gel manicure.

That’s it !! You can count on a gel manicure to last at least 10 days if you wear gloves when you wash dishes, use cleaning products, and the like. I can usually stretch it up to two weeks and then I need to remove the gel ( is a separate process that I will have to keep for future post – UPDATE: Here is my post on how to remove gel polish safely at home.) and get a fresh manicure. (Sometimes I cheat and tweak / update, but this is still , another process that will require a separate publication!)

Other notes:
By the way, I should mention the problem of exposure to UVA light which is emitted as UV light and LED light to cure nails (although you are less exposed to LED light because the curing time is much shorter) You can apply sunscreen on your hands before manicure, but it is very important to completely remove it from the nail bed itself (using to clean the nail surface and a lint-free cloth) before applying any gel polish.If you don’t, your manicure will fail. If you want to play a little safer, there are UV-resistant gloves that will protect everything except your fingertips. Keep in mind, however, that one manicure exposes your hands to less UVA radiation than going outside on a sunny day – or driving a car with our hands on the steering wheel, for example. on hands , especially when we wash them 300 times a day.

(Be safe there, everyone. For yourself and everyone’s health!)

Amazon.com: Gel Polish

I have tons of regular nail polishes that I bought before I started using gels. I love gel polish – its shine and how long it lasts – but I was always sad that other polishes were sitting on me looking at me. I made “gel sandwiches” and although they were good, they still did not last as long as regular gel manicure. When I saw this product, I thought, why not? And I’m glad I did! My manis lasted as long as my regular two week gel manis.The photos I uploaded were taken after 8 days of wearing in my last color – and I have very heavy hands! No chips or wear. Here’s how I used it:

Applied my favorite gel base coat – my favorite foundation Gelish, others worked great too. Set the base coat with UV / LED lamp as usual.

On the plastic surface (or I suspect wax paper will work) add a couple of drops of Hydrocol. Then add a few drops of your favorite nail polish.

Using a polishing brush (or small brush), stir the varnishes together and mix well. If you don’t mix well, you won’t get all the benefits.

Using a polishing brush or brush, polish your nails in the same way as any gel polish. I used two thin coats, curing with a UV / LED lamp between coats, remember to cover the ends of the nails. (If you are using a nail polish brush, do not put it back in the nail polish between coats.)

Use your favorite gel top coat.I usually make the top coat a little thicker than my regular thin colored coats and close the ends again. Dry as usual with UV / LED lamp. (I try to dry the last coat twice as long as the colored ones.)

Yes, the nail color will be thinned a little – you basically mix the colored varnish with the clear. Surprisingly, the Orly polish color I used (“Reel Him In”) did not thin too much. I suspect that if I used the third coat it would be exactly the same as what I saw in the bottle.

I didn’t find that my Hydrocol / Polish combo dries quickly in the air – the directions above were enough for one hand and it didn’t dry at all on the plastic by the end of the second coat. … Oh, and don’t forget to clean off your polishing brush or brush when you’re done. Wipe the polishing brush well with a paper towel before putting it back in the bottle. Rubbing alcohol on a paper towel works well for the brush.

Anyway, if that was helpful, we’d appreciate a thumb raise.But anyway … thanks for reading to the end! 🙂

Simple Home Gel Manicure |

In this post, I will share my simple at home gel manicure routine and tips on how to make your DIY manicure last longer!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy from a link, I can get a commission at no extra cost to you.

Officially, this is the year of do-it-yourself beauty treatments (thanks to this global pandemic) But to be honest, I’ve always tried to get my nails done whenever possible, and I can probably count on my fingers how many times I’ve willingly walked to the nail salon.

While I love the at-home manicure process as a fun little relaxing “self-care” exercise, I also see value in longer-lasting nails that don’t start to chip away after a few days.

So I caved in and tried one of those DIY gel manicure kits.

At first the whole process scared me a little – preparation, UV light, removal, AA! But after doing a little research, I decided it wasn’t that far from my skills and bought this complete starter kit from Amazon.

It’s been a few months and I think nailed to my at-home gel manicure routine, plus put together a few tips and tricks to keep them looking professional and lasting as long as possible.

Let’s do it!

My Mani Essentials:

And, of course, you will need the nail gel of the chosen color. I have used the following varnishes from different brands and can honestly say they are all great for the job and have a really good durability (although I do think nail preparation and topcoating are the MOST important factors in the longevity of your manicure. But) we will talk about this a little later) :

Nail preparation

Step 1

Removing old or regrown gel manicure.(Click here to skip directly to the preparation and application step if you don’t have a previous gel manicure)

Start by filing the top of each nail with a 100/180 file. This step is important as it will start to break down the top coat and some of the gel polish, which will greatly speed up the soak / remove process.

Step 2

Fill a bowl with a little extra strong nail polish remover and let your fingertips soak for 5-10 minutes with your nails pointing down.I believe this is the least dangerous method of removing the gel. I’m also not a fan of covering each finger with foil and find it to be more comfortable overall.

Step 3

This is what your nails should look like after soaking for 10 minutes.

You can start checking your nails after a few minutes to avoid getting them wet. Once they start looking like this, you can move on to the next part of the removal.

Step 4

Then use the metal cuticle pusher to gently scrape off the nail polish.

Step 5

When you’ve finished scraping off all of the old gel polish, your nails should look something like this.

Be sure to carefully inspect all edges and scrape off any small areas of gel residue.

Step 6

The cuticle is a personal preference. Some people like to cut them off completely. But personally, I just shoot all the obvious nails.

Step 7

I gently push the cuticles back using the metal cuticle pusher.

Step 8

At this point I would like to take care of any broken nails. I apply a few drops of nail glue directly to the broken area of ​​the nail. Wait for it to dry completely before moving on.

Step 9

Then file the top of each nail gently again. This will create a better surface for adhesion to the gel base.

Step 10

After filing the tips of the nails with a brush, remove any excess dust. Use a softer nail file to give the nails the desired length and shape.I prefer the more oval shape as I find it prevents most tears and jams.

Step 11

Take a paper towel dampened with nail polish remover and wipe each nail to clean your nails completely. Before starting a new manicure, you want to keep your nails free of dust.

Step 12

Nails should be clean and dull (not shiny) and you are now ready to apply the base coat!

Gel application

Ready to use

Apply base coat.This part is very important because you are laying the foundation for the rest of the gel polish coats.

A key part of this step is to keep the base coat varnish from getting on the cuticles or the skin around the nails. This is called “cuticle fill” and you should avoid doing this so that the edges of your manicure don’t start to lift up around these areas as your nails begin to grow.

I like to take my time with this step and get as close to the cuticle as possible, while leaving a small gap and not allowing it to touch.


does not “dry” or set until you cure it under a UV lamp, so you really need to take your time when doing your nails.

Another little trick of mine is to turn my hand upside down after I apply the gel to each nail, before UV curing. This allows gravity to pull the gel polish towards the top of the nail and create a nice round shape, while also helping to avoid thick puddles of polish at the base or at the tips of the nails.

When curing the varnish in a UV lamp, I prefer to first treat 4 fingers …

… and then I treat my thumb myself.

This allows each nail to lie beautifully and evenly on the table during curing so that the varnish does not run off one side of the thumb and create an uneven surface.

I also ALWAYS use a 120 second cure time TWICE for each treatment. I know it sounds a little over the top (and takes longer), but I’m pretty sure this is one of the reasons my manicure always lasts a very long time.

After applying the base coat, repeat the entire process with the color gel polish and top coat.

If I REALLY want my shirt front to last, I sometimes apply 2 coats of top coat (always cure with UV light between each coat). Please note that the more layers you apply, the more difficult it is to remove later.

I don’t use more than 5 coats in total on my nails. This is how I usually do: one base coat, 2 color coats and 2 topcoats.

But if my color varnish is really clean and requires 3 coats, then I do: 1 base coat, 3 color coats and 1 top coat.

Make sure each coat is thin and evenly applied to avoid very thick and bulky nails – this can sometimes happen when using a gel system. Also, the thinner your layers, the better they will cure in the UV lamp.

Once again: each layer must be cured in a UV lamp before applying the next one.

When applying topcoat, take a brush and apply some polish to the tips and edges of each nail. In the world of the nail, this is often referred to as “edge closure,” but in essence you create a small reinforcing barrier at the end of the nail that acts as a seal and helps prevent chipping.

Always apply a good cuticle oil at the end of your mani to moisturize the cuticles AND the skin at your fingertips.


The color I wear here is called Cocoa by NYK1.

This is such a great warm caramel color.

I also wanted to share a common varnish of a similar color tone. This is Essie’s “Cliff Hanger.”

And that’s all about my DIY homemade gel manicure. The whole process usually takes me about an hour and my nails will last 10 to 14 days before they start to look ingrown or chipped at the tips.

here is my money exactly 14 days after submitting the application:

No chips and rises, just regrowth!

Day 14 of my homemade DIY gel manicure.Honestly worth every minute!

I highly recommend giving it a try and if you follow my tried and true method you should get similar results!

To learn more about your favorite beauty-related things, check out this post!

xx Laura

PS – Follow posts and stories on this topic on Instagram!


5 ways to extend the life of your gel polish

Updated October 2, 2020•

In this post, we may use links to products that we find useful or cute.

Gel nail polish is essential for anyone looking for a spectacular and long-lasting manicure. Unfortunately, even with gel, this fresh kit’s lifespan inevitably crumbles and dries up like everyone else. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to help you stretch your 2-week set for a full month! Here’s a list of five of the best ways to make gel polish last, even during the busiest months.

5 Ways to Make Gel Nail Polish Longer

Avoid Hot Water

Of course there is nothing like a hot shower after a long day of hard work, and what a crime it is to look at your hands and notice that this beautiful set of gel polish, the one you adore is already rising and cracking. !

If you notice premature damage to fresh gel nail polish, then you and your shower water could be the hidden culprit.

Prolonged exposure to hot water and steam means bad news when it comes to gel polish.This is because the heat softens your beautiful gel, causing it to rise easily, so the easiest way to remove the gel manicure is in the shower.

So what can you do about it? It’s a simple solution: Either remember to lower the temperature when you actually jump into the shower, or if you feel like you can’t stand anything cooler than firing, then just be sure to limit your time.

Use cuticle oil

The process of preparing delicate nails and cuticles for a gel manicure can be extremely dry, so it is very important to continue adding moisture after the manicure is complete.Without additional hydration, your nails will naturally dry out and flake off, leading to premature chapped polish, which is not what you want in summer.

Fortunately, this is easy to fix: just apply daily cuticle oil to cleanse the cuticle itself and the surrounding skin. For maximum hydration and softness, we recommend applying cuticle oil right before bed, followed by a moisturizing hand lotion.

Most cuticle oils are loaded with nutrients such as vitamin E, jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc.So the oil will not only ensure you have the most long-lasting gel manicure, but your skin and nails will flourish as well, thank you!

OPI ProSpa Collection, Manicure oil for nails and cuticles

Make friends with rubber gloves

Yes, we understand that rubber gloves are not the most beautiful fashion accessory, but if you want to keep gel polish from spilling and left your hands in two weeks, listen.

If you are tired of washing the dishes soon after visiting the salon, we recommend that you go out and grab a pair of sturdy rubber gloves to protect your fresh set.Not only is long-term exposure to warm water and soap bad news for your nails, but so are many of the ingredients found in your favorite cleaning products. The chemicals in cleaning products have been proven to weaken your nails, so we recommend that you remove these plush rubber gloves whenever you clean up your home.

Add an extra coat of top coat

One of the last steps in the gel manicure process is applying a beautiful glossy top coat.This coating tightly covers the colored varnish, preventing premature chipping. We suggest you apply an additional topcoat about a week after your salon visit to ensure that any potential damage is not done.

Whether you are using topcoat or clearcoat is up to you, just make sure you have enough time to dry, then you will want to repeat this process over the next few days to minimize any future chipping. …

File, no cut

If you’re looking for a reliable way to completely ruin your shiny new gel manicure, break out your clipper and cut it off. Seriously, trimming your nails is probably one of the worst things you can do with a fresh set of gel polish.

Do you hate how your nails grow after a perfect and shiny manicure? Neither will we, but let’s ditch the clippers and use a nail file instead! When a gel manicure is trimmed, you are essentially removing that effective seal and inviting water to seep between the gel and the nail, causing the precious gel to rise upward, ruining your manicure.However, filing should only be done if absolutely necessary, and then we recommend re-sealing the edges with a little nail glue to prevent further damage or breakage.

So, here it is! We hope you enjoyed all of our secrets to help you get the most glossy and long-lasting gel nail polish (or better to say, a manicure).

Do you like these tips? Scroll down to find out more!

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Easy Gel Nail Manicure System works well for your nails

Finally, a healthy alternative to hard gel nails! Learn about the benefits of our LONDON DIY Gel Nail Kit with Nail Care Oil.No more scheduling a manicure or worrying about drastic acetone removal, because our wide selection of beautiful, skincare-rich PURECURE Peel-Off Gel Nail Lacquer will help you achieve long-wearing and shiny gel nails in comfort. at home. Perfectly prepare your nail and set your nail color with our 2-in-1 PURECURE Peel-Off Gel Base and Topcoat. Then cover your nails with a vibrant shade of gel polish with PURECURE Peel-Off Nail Lacquer – choose from a variety of nail colors to match your mood and style.Enjoy a full-color nail salon with a 12-ingredient-free formula and great shine for up to 10 days!

With the LONDON DIY Gel Nail Kit, easily save time and money by taking home your nail salon! LONDON BUTTER offers a unique nail gel polish that combines classic nails and trendy gel nails in each of its vibrant vibrant nail polish shades. Easy DIY Gel Manicure Kit is a one-stop shop for the perfect home gel manicure.Simply recreate a salon-level gel manicure using a complete set that includes a quick-drying LED gel polish lamp (quick dry, less harsh than UV light, handy hand sensor, manual on / off button, power cord included) and lowering heads over heels for delicate gel nails Benefits of softer gel nail polish. Our Feel Good Beauty nail polish ingredients infused with skin care will help you achieve a smooth glossy gel manicure that delivers full color coverage and a soft gel-like feel.What’s more, the innovative exfoliating formula means you can change your nail color as often as you want without damaging your nail bed or using a harsh acetone nail polish remover. Our LONDON Oil Nail Scraper… our pure version of nail polish remover, easily removes nail polish from your nails without scrubbing! Start your at-home gel manicure journey today. Our easy step-by-step video will help you achieve a flawless gel manicure infused with skincare ingredients.


Yours Gel manicure does not shine because:

  • The gel top coat is not cured properly
  • Oil residues or dust on the nail
  • Wrong type of cleanser
  • Excessive polish
  • Defective or defective inappropriate UV light source.
  • Nails placed in the wrong place under UV lamp

Quick fix: If only the gel nails look dull and everything else is fine, you can make them shine by applying another coat of gel topcoat and by curing them again under the LED lamp for 1 minute.

In the following sections, you will learn more why they can dull manicure. You will know how to fix them and you will be able to avoid these problems with your next gel manicure.

Gel topcoat not cured properly

High gloss gel The polish is known to come from the gel coat itself. This last the gel coat must be thoroughly cured to feature. Things that cause the gel coat to become dull can be:

Cure time too short : The gel topcoat needs sufficient time under a UV lamp to fully cure.If the cure time is shortened, the uncured topcoat will be sticky, dull and wiped off the nails with a cleanser.

Solution: Try curing the gel nails a second time within 45 seconds.

Gel Top Coat Too Thick : The top gel coat you are using may be old or thick. A thick gel coat will prevent UV curing of the undercoat. An uncured topcoat will become dull and can be wiped off with a cleanser.

Solution: Cure the nails again within 45 seconds.

If the above step does not resolve Problem, lightly polish the surface of the nail with a fine buffer. Delete dust with a clean, dry, lint-free paper towel or clean brush, and apply another layer of a thin gel top coat and dry nails for 45 seconds.

If your nails are still dull, consider using a new gel top bottle or replacing your UV lamp.

Oil residues or dust on the nail

There may be oil residues on the nails. Do not touch nails prior to applying the gel topcoat. , as your fingers may have oily substances from hand lotion, cuticle oils, etc. These oily substances will prevent gel paints and gel coatings from creating a mirror-like shine.

Dust on the surface of the nail makes the gel coat dull. Therefore, try to reduce the number of any activities that can cause dust formation in the area of ​​the gel manicure by .

Using the wrong detergent

There are two types of gel topcoats. for cleaning after curing:

Gel topcoats that do not require cleaning. : You should see a specular shine immediately after the gel nails have completely hardened.

Gel Topcoats In Need Of Cleanse: This type of gel topcoat creates a dull thin layer of residue after curing.This layer must be removed with a cleanser to expose the hardened high gloss gel coating. Typically, a cleanser for this application contains isopropyl alcohol as the main ingredient. Clean gel nails with this cleanser to remove dull layers.

Do not use acetone-free polish. remover or pure acetone instead of cleanser. They will dissolve gel coat and ruin the shine.

If you do not have the specified cleaning agent, rubbing alcohol with 70% isopropyl alcohol by volume can be used..


One of the reasons gel polishes are so popular is their mirror finish. This quality is achieved by curing the gel topcoat under UV light. No polishing is required to make it shiny. Instead, any polish will ruin this wonderful gel topcoat performance.

So don’t try to polish the gel topcoat to a shine, optional.

Defective or inappropriate UV light source

If you did everything right and the gel nails are still dull, the final culprit could be the UV lamps themselves.

Any mechanical or electrical devices will have a limited lifespan. Likewise, regular UV lamps or newer LED (light emitting) UV lamps that are used to Cure gel polishes age or fail unexpectedly.

If a conventional UV lamp is under question, you should consider changing women. This will restore the emitted UV light source to its original state.

If it is a LED UV lamp, you cannot replace all LEDs as they are part of the electrical scheme.If the UV LED lamp is out of order, it must be discarded.

Additional problems caused by faulty UV lamps
  • Dull spots on the nail
  • Not all nails harden to a mirror finish
  • Gel coating is still sticky

Light source in your UV lamp either faulty or old. Although it seems to be emitting light, but the intensity of the light can be reduced. So the gel topcoat really does does not receive enough light to fully cure.

Understanding UV Lamps

As most home UV lamps are smaller than the full-size, professional lamps used in nail salons. Any reduction in UV radiation from these types of home use will significantly affect the cure of the gel polish than the so-called full-size professional. .

Also some small UV lamps for personal use.lamps are not supplied with a lower reflective plate. With this plate when used, all UV light falling down will be reflected back up side and will be partially reflected on the nails, so the light the intensity will be increased. If your UV lamp has no bottom plate, then place the lamp on a reflective metal tray or light table surface until gel polish has cured. Remember this feature next time you want to buy a UV lamp.

Nails misplaced under UV lamp

This usually happens with big or little fingers.There is a place inside the UV lamp from which optimal light will fall on all nails. If the nails are too far from this optimum location, the gel coat will not receive enough light to cure properly. .

Turn the UV lamp over and take take a good look at the light package. You will be able to determine where to put your fingers to avoid this problem.

Two coats of gel topcoat may be better than one

If your gel manicure is not shiny, consider applying another coat of gel topcoat.If all else is okay, the second top coat should do job .

Apply a second coat after you have had your gel manicure for a week or so to bring back the fresh look of your gel manicure. Regardless of how durable your gel topcoat is, it will scratch, chip, or wear naturally in everyday manual operations. A quick reapplication of the gel top coat will make your gel manicure look fresh and last a little longer.

Happy Geling.

Are you satisfied with your current nail salon? There are five things you need to know to find the best nail salon near you.

Articles on the topic of removing gel polish:

The ability to remove gel polish in various situations is necessary for the well-being of nails. Removing the gel polish from your nails incorrectly will not only damage your nails but also prevent the gel polish from being applied. Find out all the SIX popular ways to remove gel polish at home and choose the best one.

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How To Make Gel Nails At Home: A Guide To Everything You Need To Know

Since nail salons were closed for several months due to the coronavirus, none of us really could keep up with beauty and grooming.

Of course, we had more time for face masks, grooming and developing new hobbies, and many of us even cut our hair (and our loved ones).

But when it comes to smooth manicure or pedicure, our nails suffer.

Many of us have figured out how to get by with a home pedicure, especially because toenail polish seems to work for even the most intense activities (we’re sure even surfers can handle the problem once every two months of pedi).

MORE: How to repair damaged nails (and then keep them in perfect condition)

Home manicure is a different matter entirely. Especially when it comes to long-lasting gel manicure.

A set of gel nails for home.

Anything can be done these days, from reliable gel kits to hybrid varnishes that provide the same glossy look without UV radiation, time consuming removal and an expensive in-salon price tag.

So here, if all you need to know about how to do your own gel manicure at home during blocking …

How to do a gel manicure at home

Prepare your nails for applying gel at home

Of course, As with everything else about beauty, preparation is key. If you want to do a long-distance home manicure, make sure you have a clean and tidy nail plate. Here’s how to prime your nail plate at home …

  1. This may seem obvious, but always start by washing your hands, especially if you’ve recently used a nail polish remover to give your new nail polish lasting durability.
  2. File your nails into the desired shape – square, oval, beveled or pointed – but be careful to only shape the free edge (white field). Resist the temptation to go further as this will weaken the structure of the nail and increase the chances of breaking.
  3. When your nails are clean, apply a small bead of cuticle cream to each cuticle and gently massage the surrounding skin with it. Then, take a wooden manicure stick and rub the beveled edge over the nail plate in a circular motion to remove the dead cuticle and flaking nail. Tip: Apply minimum pressure. If you press too hard, you risk damaging the nail plate or touching the delicate skin around it.
  4. Use a cuticle nipper to gently trim off dead cuticles, skin or raised nails. Be careful not to cut the eponychium (healthy skin above the cuticle).
  5. Finally, wash your hands one last time to remove dust from sawdust and cuticle cream residues.

Your nails are now ready to apply, and we’ve put together the very best gel sets and hybrid gel-like varnishes for long-lasting home manicure …

The best home gel nail kits

Suitable for gel color selection

An easy-to-use set that contains everything you need, even tissues and a cuticle stick.

We love this gorgeous summer coral shade, but Sensationail has a huge selection of colors, including chrome and glitter for those who really want to show their talents.

BUY NOW: SensatioNail Starter Kit, £ 49.99, Boots

Best for Travel

Le Mini Macaron DIY Gel Sets are delicious but also extremely practical – a small macaroon-shaped device takes 30 seconds per nail, plugs into any USB port, and the polish is a one-step base, color and topcoat all in one.

So all you have to do is swipe over it, wait 30 and hello, done! Beautiful, glossy nails that won’t hide when you wash the dishes (although you don’t have to tell your other half about it)

There are nine sets to choose from, each containing one shade of polish to start with and you can also buy polish separately.

BUY NOW: Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit, £ 34.99, Feel Unique

Best for interior trim

Quick and easy to use with a large lamp so you don’t risk bumping and smudging any of your hardening nails, this set comes with a huge selection of colors to choose from and will last you a long time until it starts cracking.

BUY NOW: Mylee Gel Polish Led Manicure Kit, £ 59.99, Feel Unique

The best gel nail polishes

Combine the deliciously plump effect of gel nails with a luxurious shimmering finish with Dior Vernis.

This beautiful purple lacquer is just as chic, but definitely a more interesting alternative to red.

BUY NOW: Dior Vernis in Mirage, £ 22, John Lewis

You can never go wrong with a deep red mani and this puffy polish is as classic as it gets.

A rich shade that smoothes out bumps, enhances shine in just two coats and costs just £ 7.50 – just another reason to stock up on other chic shades.

BUY NOW: # 7 Deep Wine Nail Gel Polish £ 7.50 Shoes

Jessica Phénom Vivid Color System was a hit when it first appeared in 2016 and we can see why people have been passionate about Easy to apply glossy and durable texture.

Our favorite shade, Outfit Of The Day, is an elegant lilac with a slightly pinker tint for ease of play.

BUY NOW: Jessica Phénom Vivid Color, £ 13.50, John Lewis

This soft pastel pink gives your nails a natural, flawless look. More opaque than the shade in the bottle suggests.

What does this mean for your nails? To name a few of the benefits; extra shine, pleasant plumpness and shade that makes all hands look more well-groomed. You will want to wear it every day.

BUY NOW: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Duo, £ 14.99, Boots

How to remove gel nails at home

Let’s open a secret, gel nails at home are really easy to remove.

What you need to remove gels at home

How to remove gel nails

  1. First file on top of the gel, make sure you come close to the edge – this will break the seal and remove the glossy finish. Be careful not to snag on the delicate surrounding skin.
  2. Wash your hands to remove any sawdust dust. Your color should now be completely matte as you removed the glossy topcoat.
  3. Then cut the round cotton pads into halves of the moon or, if you used square pads, into quarters. Soak them in acetone nail polish remover.
  4. Cover each nail with a piece of moistened cotton wool and wrap the tip of your finger in foil. Make sure you cut the pieces of foil large enough to wrap around the top of your finger completely so they stay on it.
  5. Leave it on for 15 minutes so that the acetone can remove the gel from the nail plate without damaging it.
  6. Finally, remove the foil / cotton wool and carefully remove the raised gel with a cuticle stick.

Additional words Coral Ricard


Ueuy: March 2019

Best Chance of SUN4 48W UV Manicure Lamp Led Nails Drum Ice Lamp Hybrid Gel UV Curing For Gel Nails Polish Dryer

Offer Description for SUN4 48W UV Manicure Lamp Led Nails Drum Ice Lamp Hybrid UV Gel – Radiation for Gel Nails Polish Dryer


1: 48W Dual mode painless power supply, even distribution of lamp beads, even distribution of 36 lamp beads, no dead angles of baking glue, fast drying of all glue

2: smart painless baking glue, 99 seconds painless mode, variable frequency power, power from low to high increment, UV / phototherapy / expansion / thickening layer is no longer a pain point.

3: intelligent time memory, set the number of glue baking cycles. After starting the machine, you can cycle the glue by long pressing 10 S / 30 S / 60 S / 99 S settings.

4: Intelligent accelerated baking glue, the power can be adjusted freely and accelerate up to 58W when engaging. After starting, press any 10S / 30S / 60S button and press 2-3 seconds for a long time to accelerate to 58W. Obviously brighter).

If you are looking for Lamp for manicure, then SUN4 48W UV Manicure Lamp Led Nails Drum Ice Lamp Hybrid UV Gel Curing Gel Nails Polish Dryer Can Be Make You Love

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Lamp for manicure and SUN4 48W UV Manicure Lamp Led Nails Drum Ice Lamp Hybrid UV Gel Curing For Gel Nails Polish Dryer

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SUN8 LED Nail Dryer 24W Manicure Lamp Low Temp , does not damage nails, advanced curing …

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