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Only Water | Hutch Harris

Debut solo LP from Portland artist Hutch Harris.

released November 12, 2018

All songs written and performed by Hutch Harris
C + P 2018 Royal We Publishing (BMI)


I’m ready to leave if you are I’m ready to go away and never come back Tomorrow feels like too far I’m ready to go right now and never look back But I’m waiting for you I’m letting you know I don’t wanna leave without you So here we go I’m ready to leave if you are I’m ready to go away and never come home Tomorrow feels like too far I’m ready to go right now and never come home But I’m waiting for you I’m letting you know I don’t wanna leave without you So here we go


I’m sorry I was cold, I was lost in myself I’m sorry for the hope I gave you That I could be somebody else You’re out of my life You’re still in my head I will try to forget I’m sorry I was cold It’s just who I am Where I had a heart there is only a hole That I don’t understand You’re out of my life You’re still in my head I will try to forget I will try to forget I felt this way Try not to even breathe your name Try not to make the mistakes I made with you You’re out of my life You’re still in my head I will try to forget I will try to forget I felt this way Try not to even breathe your name Try not to make the mistakes I made with you

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You’re at the top of the hill You’re at the top and I will follow if I see you still You don’t believe I will You’re at the top of the peak At the bottom I can’t see but I can hear you speak “Come to me”, you repeat But I can’t find you I don’t know why And you know I don’t need a reason to lie But I can’t find you I don’t know how and You can believe me now You’re on the side of the lake I can’t swim and I will sink but I still hear you say “You should try anyway” But I can’t find you I don’t know why And you know I don’t need a reason to lie But I can’t find you I don’t know how and You can believe me now


Some of us trace a path Some of us walk free Some only cross a river when there’s no river left to see Nobody lasts too long and nobody gets too far But some of us know what we want and some of us know who we are One day I’ll wish you would’ve stayed But right now I’ll let you walk away I can’t give you what you’re looking for And you said you couldn’t take it anymore Some of us trace a path Some of us follow a call Some only cross a river when there’s no river left at all Everybody gets to burn and Everybody gets to bleed But some of us know where we go and Some of us know what we need One day I’ll wish you would’ve stayed But right now I’ll let you walk away I can’t give you what you’re looking for And you said you couldn’t take it anymore


I don’t know if I can love you anymore But anything is possible, I have been wrong before I won’t say goodbye, won’t let you out of my head You occupy a space I set aside for someone else instead More than a part of my heart You are inside of my mind And anything is possible But everything takes time I don’t know if you will ever love me again But anything is possible, you will always be my friend I won’t say goodbye, won’t let you out of my head You occupy a space I set aside for someone else instead More than a part of my heart You are inside of my mind And anything is possible But everything takes time


Alone, alone on the open sea Alone, only water as far as I see I lie awake knowing no one waits for me Alone, alone in the open air Alone, I am trying not to care But I fall asleep thinking someone else is there Alive, I can see the sun so bright I can see the sky so clear No one’s gonna find me Alone, alone on the open sea Alone, only water as far as I see I lie awake knowing no one waits for me Alive, I can see the sun so bright I can see the sky so clear No one’s gonna find me


I will live as if I didn’t ever know your name I will live like I couldn’t even recognize your face I’ll be alright without your love It’s the only thing I’m sure of I belong to no one now I will die like I never belonged to you I will die like you were never the only thing I knew Cold but I know I’m worth it I don’t think that you deserve it I belong to no one now I’ll be alright without your love It’s the only thing I’m sure of I belong to no one now


I will be fine, you will be ok We will be alone, we will be the same I’ll see you sometime, I might see you today We will be alone, we will walk away So we are left What is left to say? So we are to blame for the mess we have made You’re already gone, and I’m on my way We will be alone, we will never be the same So we are left What is left to do? What is left to say when you’re already through? I will be fine, you will be ok We will be alone, we will be the same So we are left What is left to say? So we are to blame for the mess we have made


Yesterday you loved me Now today you’re gone Even though you loved me so I know you’re moving on I can find a path and I can find my way But I can’t see the difference between You and yesterday The hours are so long and I don’t know what to do Yesterday you held me Lying on the bed Now I know I’ll lie alone and Hold you in my head The hours are so long and I don’t know what to do Yesterday you loved me Now today you’re gone Even though you loved me so I know you’re moving on I can find a path and I can find my way But I can’t see the difference between You and yesterday The hours are so long and I don’t know what to do


I was away to see the world I’d seen before I was away and every day I needed you more I was away to do the things I thought I had to do I was away when I should’ve stayed with you So I walked back home Back to the place I hadn’t known in so long And you were gone I was alone when all the memories haunted me I was alone with every ghost I wanted you to see I was alone to do the things I thought I had to do I was alone when I was supposed to be with you So I walked back home Back to the place I hadn’t known in so long And you were gone

Amish Handcrafted Wooden Hutches by DutchCrafters Amish Furniture

Welcome to DutchCrafters Unrivaled Collection of Amish Handcrafted Hutches

These solid wood hutches are available in oak, cherry, maple and a number of other beautiful hardwoods. Our Cherry Hutches are full of inspiring beauty and grace, providing the dining room with an unmatched elegance! Not to be outdone by cherry, our Oak Hutches offer excellent durability along with a traditional flair that is hard to come by these days. Choose a narrow two door hutch if you are conserving space, or a magnificent four-door hutch if you want to really showcase it all. 

At DutchCrafters, we offer a wide variety of authentic Amish Hutches that will handsomely display your favorite china, silver, and dining room accessories!

Customize Your Amish Hutch to Your Home and Needs

Additionally, most of our Amish hutches have impressive options, including touch lighting, full extension drawer slides and beveled glass shelves.  Be sure to check out our hutch features for more information.  Small corner space?  Check out our Amish corner hutches and shaker hutches.

In addition to the optional features available with our solid wood hutches, most of our woodworkers will completely custom build a hutch to your exact design requirements. If you have specific ideas or dimensions, give one of our Amish furniture specialists a call and they will have a custom furniture quote written up from the wood shop.  

Hutches Handcrafted by Amish Woodworkers

Hutches are a wonderful way of combining different elements of storage into one piece of beautiful furniture. When you choose DutchCrafters for your hutch, you’re getting more than just a beautiful piece of furniture. Our solid wood hutches are all handcrafted in America by skilled Amish woodworkers who work in independent wood shops. We have sought out the very best Amish craftsmen to offer you the finest heirloom-quality hutches available.

Whether you’re looking for a corner dining hutch or more traditional oak hutches, you’ll find the perfect hutch to meet your needs from DutchCrafters, all beautifully constructed with care and attention by our talented Amish craftsmen.

Have a look at our Shaker Furniture to find items to go with your Shaker hutch.

Shape your Handcrafted Hutches Around your Style

We offer a range of quality hutches including cherry hutches, handcrafted from solid wood. Many of our hutches can be customized to suit your preferences in terms of the number of drawers, shelving options and your choice from our extensive range of fittings, knobs, and handles. You can also find many of our contemporary hutches and other hutches in a range of different wood types.

Of course, as with all our furniture, our hutches are finished and stained according to your preferences. When you choose hutches from our collection of handcrafted Amish furniture, the result is a beautifully unique piece of furniture that will be treasured by you and future generations of your family. Be sure to view our beautiful Queen Anne Hutches to add elegance to your home.

Do You Need any Help?

If you’re having trouble choosing from our extensive collection of hutches, feel free to get in contact with one of our friendly sales associates. Our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau reflects our commitment to customer service, and we are always happy to discuss our beautiful furniture like our Amish Hutches. If you are conflicted in your choice of finish and stain then don’t worry – when you place your order, we’ll send you a sample of your chosen stain so you can confirm it matches your décor and existing furniture.

No matter how big or small your question, we’ll be delighted to speak to you. We are committed to providing a level of customer service that matches the quality of our handcrafted Amish furniture. We are ready and waiting to take your call.


Up to 33% Off Amish Country Hutches

A solid, well-made Amish hutch protects your valuables thanks to the time-honored traditions of Amish craftsmanship. If you’ve never seen a piece of Shaker or Mission furniture up close, you’ll be pleased to learn that behind the beautiful, classic designs are:

  • Only choice pieces of Northern kiln-dried wood, such as oak, cherry, and maple, never composites or laminates that can’t withstand the years of use that your hutch will see
  • Timeless Amish methods to shape, join, and protect the wood, including beveled edges, dovetail corners, and rich, deep stains in a wide range of colors and finishes
  • High-quality door hinges, latches, and pulls, and real metal hardware, instead of the cheap plastic attachments and fasteners that you’ll find on mass-produced furniture
  • Hardworking Amish artisans who are carrying on the woodworking their fathers and grandfathers taught them, and plying their trade right here in America

The result is beautiful, durable solid wood hutches that stand out in any dining room. With over a hundred unique models in a variety of styles, the only problem you’ll have is choosing your favorite! Thanks to your ability to personalize every piece of furniture, there’s no end to the combinations you can create. There isn’t a dining room in America that wouldn’t look great with one of our Shaker or Mission style hutches!

Our country hutches are made from durable Northern kiln-dried hardwoods including Oak, Cherry, Q.S. White Oak, Maple and Rustic Cherry—solid woods that are known for their ability to retain their beauty through many generations of use. Finish the piece in style by choosing from a wide selection of attractive stain colors.

A Style for Every Home

You might think that traditional Amish hutches only have a place in an older, traditional style home. But that’s not the case! With so many unique designs, you can find an Amish hutch that suits any décor. You start by choosing the design that pleases you the most. You can then select the wood and stain, creating your own custom hutch that goes with the style of your dining room and existing furniture.

If you’re looking to completely refurnish your dining room, you’ll be glad to know that our hutches coordinate with many of our other dining room sets. You can purchase a beautiful set of hardwood Amish dining furniture that’s both unique and coordinated. With a ‘Big Box’ store, your choices in styles are limited, and you can’t customize it unless you pay a huge premium. At, every piece comes with many different wood and stain options, so the choice is always yours.

Our collection offers Bread Box Hutches to Corner Hutches, French Hutches to Canted Hutches, Pediment Hutches to Shakers Hutches. Our hutches include a wide range of decorative and functional features such as flat glass doors, wooden knobs, dovetailed drawers, crown molding and adjustable shelves. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the country hutch that’s perfect for your home.

You can also choose your size. If your dining room is small and you’re lacking for space, that’s not a problem. Our hutches range in size, with some more slim and shallow models available. A corner hutch is also a great solution for a small room, where the corner is wasted space. We provide all of the dimensions along with large color photos, so you can easily find the perfect Amish hardwood hutch for your home.

Please take a few minutes to browse our extensive inventory of fabulous Amish hutches below. Discover the difference that inspired designing and unsurpassed Amish craftsmanship can make in your home!

Deadline for income change reporting for Child Tax Credit looming


WASHINGTON — On Monday, November 1, the Internal Revenue Service will launch a new feature allowing any family receiving monthly Child Tax Credit payments to update their income using the Child Tax Credit Update Portal (CTC UP), found exclusively on

To help families plan ahead, the IRS also announced today that in late November it will launch a new Spanish-language version of the CTC UP.

The IRS urges families to enter any significant income changes by midnight on November 1 in order for them to be reflected in their November payment, scheduled for November 15. If a family is unable to make the changes on November 1, enter them by November 29 so they are reflected in the December payment. Once the update is made, the IRS will adjust the remaining payment amounts to ensure people receive the total advance payment for the year. For married couples, if one spouse makes the income update, it will apply to both spouses and could impact both spouses’ future monthly advance payments of the Child Tax Credit.

Income feature right for some 

The new income feature can help families make sure they are getting the right amount of advance Child Tax Credit payments during 2021. For that reason, it will be especially useful to any family who wants to raise or lower their monthly payments because their 2021 income has risen or fallen substantially, compared to 2020.

In many, but not all, cases a big income swing can either raise or lower a family’s monthly payments. Normally, this means that small changes in income will not impact the payment amount and need not be entered into the CTC UP.

Any change to the monthly payment amount will be reflected in both the November 15 and December 15 payments, but only if a person completes their updated income request before midnight Eastern Time on Monday, November 1. Changes made after that date, but before midnight on November 29, will only impact the December 15 payment, which is the last scheduled monthly payment for 2021. The IRS will adjust the payment amount to reflect these changes and ensure people receive their total advance payment for the year of up to $1,800 for each child under age 6 and up to $1,500 for each child ages 6 through 17.

Who qualifies for a bigger payment

In some cases, families who are currently receiving monthly payments that are below the maximum may qualify to have their payments increased. This could happen if, for example, they experienced job loss during 2021, or for some other reason are receiving substantially less income this year. If the reduction in income is large enough, reporting that change now may increase the amount of their advance CTC payments for the rest of this year.

For any family already receiving the maximum payment, a drop in income will not increase the payment amount. Normally, the maximum CTC payment is $300 per month for each qualifying child, under the age of 6, and $250 per month for each child, ages 6 to 17.

Most families are receiving half of the total CTC through monthly payments. This means that any changes entered into the CTC UP will increase or decrease their monthly payments to ensure they receive half of their total expected credit before the end of 2021. They will claim the remaining portion on their 2021 tax return.

Who should have their payments reduced

Any family whose income rose substantially in 2021 should consider having their payments reduced. This is especially true if they are now receiving the maximum monthly payment, and they expect to qualify for less than the full credit when they file their 2021 federal income tax return. For more information on calculating the CTC, see Topic C of the agency’s Frequently Asked Questions. In particular, where a family qualifies to receive less than the full amount, see QC 4 &  QC 5.

Using the portal to report income changes

Only families who are already eligible for and receiving advance CTC payments based on their 2020 tax return can use the CTC UP to update their income. Note that someone who filed a joint return for 2020 can only update their income if they plan to file a joint return for 2021 with the same spouse. IRS representatives cannot process income changes over the phone or at Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

After an income update is completed, the Update Portal will acknowledge a change was made but will not display the change. Likewise, IRS representatives won’t be able to confirm that an update was made.

Low-income families can still sign up

It’s not too late for low-income families to sign up for advance CTC payments.

The IRS urged any family not already receiving payments who normally isn’t required to file a tax return to explore the tools available through These tools can help determine eligibility for the advance CTC or help them file a simplified tax return to sign up for these payments as well as Economic Impact Payments and the Recovery Rebate Credit.

The deadline to sign up is November 15, 2021. People can get these benefits, even if they don’t work and even if they receive no income.

Families who sign up will normally receive half of their total Child Tax Credit on December 15. This means a payment of up to $1,800 for each child, under 6, and up to $1,500 for each child, ages 6 to 17.

Get ready to file next year

Early in 2022, families will receive Letter 6419 documenting any advance payments issued to them during 2021 and the number of qualifying children used to calculate the advance payments. This letter can help them accurately reconcile the advance CTC payments they have received and claim any remaining portion of the CTC when completing their 2021 federal income tax return next year.

The income change feature joins a growing set of services available through CTC UP. Available only on, the portal already allows families to verify their eligibility for the payments and then, if they choose to:

  1. Switch from receiving a paper check to direct deposit;
  2. Change the account where their payment is direct deposited;
  3. Update their address or
  4. Stop monthly payments for the rest of 2021.

Latest information available on

The IRS has created a special Advance Child Tax Credit 2021 page designed to provide the most up-to-date information about the credit and the advance payments. It’s at

The agency encourages partners and community groups to share information and use available online tools and toolkits to help non-filers, low-income families and other underserved groups sign up. People can check their eligibility by using the advance Child Tax Credit Eligibility Assistant.

The webpage features a set of frequently asked questions and a user guide for the Child Tax Credit Update Portal (Publication 5549) PDF. It also provides direct links to the portal, as well as two other online tools – the Non-Filer Sign Up Tool and the Child Tax Credit Eligibility Assistant – and other useful resources.

Gerry Hutch challenging State over plan for murder trial at Special Criminal Court

Dubliner Gerry Hutch has launched a challenge to the State’s decision to put him on trial before the juryless Special Criminal Court for the murder of David Byrne almost six years ago.

The Irish Times has learned he lodged his challenge last Thursday, although news of it only emerged on Tuesday. Informed sources said no court date had been set for the hearing, which may delay the murder trial.

Mr Hutch, who was extradited from Spain last month to face the murder charge, wants to be tried before a judge and jury at the Central Criminal Court. He is set to argue the decision to put him on trial before the juryless Special Criminal Court is not justified.

The judicial review he has now launched, represented by Ferrys Solicitors in Dublin, names the Director of Public Prosecutions, Ireland, the Attorney General, the Minister for Justice as well as the Dáíl and Seanad as defendants.

Mr Hutch is now the second person to launch a challenge in a bid to have their trial for the murder of Mr Byrne moved from the Special Criminal Court to the Central Criminal Court.

Jonathan Dowdall has launched a High Court challenge to the jurisdiction of the non-jury Special Criminal Court to hear his trial. Mr Hutch’s challenge looks set to be based on much the same grounds as Mr Dowdall’s.

Mr Dowdall claims a trial before the juryless Special Criminal Court amounts to a breach of his constitutional rights and his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

He claims while the State is entitled to set up the Special Criminal Court, the Oireachtas has failed to enact legislation to permit the establishment of a permanent Special Criminal Court.

The legislation being used by the DPP to allow Mr Dowdall go before the non-jury court, was introduced in 1972 during the Troubles, it is claimed. That legislation, it is claimed, is temporary in nature, and was brought into being as an emergency provision.


Mr Hutch (58) left Ireland 5½ years ago as a feud erupted in Dublin involving the Kinahan crime gang. The charges he now faces arise from a feud-related attack targeting members of the Kinahan cartel at a boxing tournament weigh-in at the Regency Hotel, north Dublin, in February 2016.

Daniel Kinahan, the man previously named in the High Court as the leader of the Kinahan cartel, was the target of the group of gunmen who burst into the hotel and opened fire. However, he fled to safety on foot.

Kinahan associate David Byrne (34), from Crumlin, was shot dead and a number of other men were wounded but survived.

Mr Hutch was arrested in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, Spain, in August on foot of a European arrest warrant granted by the courts in Dublin earlier this year.

A ruling by the Spanish courts in September effectively rejected his efforts to block his extradition to the Republic, clearing the way for his return to Ireland, which occurred late last month.

Buffet Tables & Optional Hutches – Amish Dining Room

Wilham Amish Buffet with China Cabinet Option

Clean, straight lines and square hardware highlight the contemporary style of this Amish buffet & China Cabinet Option

Starting at: $1,186. 00

Product No.: FFND12131211

Buffet available Without Hutch

Hammond Amish Buffet with Hutch Option

Set this Amish buffet in your dining room for a magnificent centerpiece. Add the optional hutch to complete the look.

Starting at: $1,686. 00

Product No.: FFND12131216

Riverview Amish Buffet with Hutch Option

Entertain your guests in style with three optional wine bottle pull outs in this Amish buffet and optional Amish hutch.

Starting at: $1,491.00

Product No. : FFND12131217

Shenandoah Amish Buffet & Optional Hutch

An Amish hutch with modern panache, featuring fanned mullions in both the glass display cabinet and Amish buffet base.

Starting at: $1,508.00

Product No.: FFND1213121L

Richland Amish Buffet & Optional Hutch

Enrich your modern décor with this Amish hutch, slightly canted in both the Amish buffet base and display cabinet top.

Starting at: $2,202. 00

Product No.: FFND1213121M

Hometown Amish Buffet & Optional Hutch

Customize your Amish hutch with choices in hardware, a solid wood, shiplap or mirrored back and an open or closed deck.

Starting at: $1,756. 00

Product No.: FFND1213121R

Ensenada Amish Buffet with Hutch Option

Select the Ensenada Amish buffet detailed and designed to shine. Elegantly accommodate your china, table linens & more.

Starting at: $2,189.00

Product No. : FFND1213121T

Chandler Buffet with Amish Hutch Option

Display your china and ornaments in beautiful contemporary Amish furniture with the Chandler Buffet with Hutch Option.

Starting at: $1,708.00

Product No.: FFND1213121U

Highland Buffet with Amish Hutch Option

Infuse your Amish dining room furniture with the unmatched beauty of handmade Amish furniture with the Highland Buffet.

Starting at: $1,776.00

Product No.: FFND1213121V

Kimberley Buffet with Amish Hutch Option

Define your dining room decor with the elegance of the Kimberly buffet with Amish hutch option. Get authentic designs.

Starting at: $2,098. 00

Product No.: FFND1213121X

Havenhurst Buffet with Amish Hutch Option

Choose from solid oak, rustic cherry, maple, and more and enjoy an Amish buffet & hutch with clean, contemporary appeal.

Starting at: $1,253. 00

Product No.: FFND1213121Y

Lassiter Amish Buffet with Hutch Option

Update your dining room decor with the Lassiter Amish Buffet with Hutch option and a refreshingly modern motif.

Starting at: $1,630.00

Product No. : FFND12131220

Richfield Amish Buffet with Hutch Option

Superb craftsmanship combines with sophisticated style, bringing you a handmade Amish buffet with rich overtones.

Starting at: $1,815.00

Product No. : FFND12131226

Kendall Amish Buffet with Hutch Option

Sophisticated and stylish, the Kendall Amish buffet is a magnificent and impressive focal point for your dining room.

Starting at: $1,834.00

Product No.: FFND12131227

Fenton Amish Buffet with Hutch Option

Add an Amish buffet and hutch with a timelessly attractive profile to your Amish dining room furniture set, and enjoy.

Starting at: $1,538.00

Product No.: FFND12131228

Exeter Amish Buffet With Hutch Option

Invite the unique beauty of handcrafted Amish furniture into your home with the Exeter Amish Buffet With Hutch Option.

Starting at: $1,299. 00

Product No.: FFND12131229

Cisco Amish Buffet & Optional Hutch

Strong, clean lines lend a contemporary feel to this Amish hutch, in bold contrast to the charming, rustic strap hinges.

Starting at: $1,972.00

Product No. : FFND1213122F

Why does Pushkin ask the brownie to guard not only the house, but also the world around it?

tvir discussion on the subject of Prometheus’s life

“Patriotic motives in the poetry of T.G. Shevchenko” “Oh, three broad paths”, “I will, however, I will …” Think my thoughts “. URGENTLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 ☆

A rocket for the nobility, persons and common people boules * A. fair turniri V. theatrical performances

why M.Yu. Lermontov became a poet

very urgent it is op

Who is the flower in the last lines compared to? Why do you think? (poem “Flower”)

Write a short talk-over

Tvir-rozdum “Bike yak literary genre”).Have a peace of mind, like a bike,

What is common and different in the poems “In the depths of Siberian ores …” and “October 19, 1825”?

Answer the test questions in writing, choosing the answer in the form of a number. Example: 1.2) 1. In which city is the action taking place? 1) Murom 2) Kiev 3) Novgorod 4) … in all of the 2. What was the name of the prince, in whose guise the evil serpent appeared before the citizens? 1) Oleg 2) Vladimir 3) Paul 4) Peter 3. What was Prince Peter looking for in the altar wall between the ceramides? 1) Bunch of flax 2) loom 3) Shirt, ports and towel 4) Agricultural sword 4.Why did Peter’s body get scabby? 1) from the blood of the enemy 2) from the deeds of his wife 3) from wrong treatment 4) from his arrogance 5. Who did Fevronia’s brother and father work for? 1) Lumberjacks 2) tree frogs 3) carpenters 4) joiners 6. What did Fevronia ask the boyars? 1) Wealth 2) part of the state 3) Agricultural sword 4) Peter’s wife 7. What tame animal lived with Fevronia, the heroine of “The Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom”? 1) squirrel 2) hare 2) fox 4) hedgehog 8. What did the crumbs of bread turn into in the hand of Princess Fevronia, the heroine of “The Tale of Peter and Fevronia”. 1) pearls 2) gold coins 3) frankincense and incense 4) gems 9. On what day did Saints Peter and Fevronia die? 1) May 25 2) June 25 3) July 25 4) August 25 10. What should Fevronia do from a bunch of flax, the heroin of “The Tale of Peter and Fevorinia of Murom”? (Choose 3 options) 1) chemise 2) ports 3) towel 4) raincoat 11. What are the names of Saints Peter and Fevronia in monasticism? (Select 2 answer options) 1) Paul 2) David 3) Elena 4) Efrosinya 12. On what river were Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia, the heroes of “The Tale of Peter Fevronia of Murom”, sailing? 1) Kama 2) Wazuza 3) Volga 4) Oka 2.Give a detailed answer to the question in writing. – What miracle was performed repeatedly after the death of Peter and Fevronia? Help

advices from Mospriroda / City news / Moscow website

Mospriroda invites everyone to join the annual action “Hello, birds!” Its participants will make and install artificial bird nests.

To help the birds, it is important to follow a few rules and know what materials can be used to make a safe nesting site.

Houses are best made of unplaned boards (solid wood) with a thickness of at least two centimeters.If only planed material is available, then in the inner part of the nest at the entrance you need to make serifs with some sharp object. If they are not there, then the chicks’ legs will slide, it will be difficult for them to get out of the house.

For coloring it is better to use acrylic paints – this will increase the life of the nest. Experts recommend choosing natural colors: black, gray, green, beige, brown.

It is necessary to hang houses, observing special rules. The nesting site should be located in a quiet place, on a tree trunk at a height of four meters or more.The entrance should be located towards the east or southeast. There should be no branches at the entrance for predators to climb. To attach a birdhouse, you need to nail a vertical stick to it and tie it firmly to the tree with a rope or cord.

The size and shape of the house differs depending on the type of bird. Construction should be started when it is known which bird will live in it.

The birdhouse is made 35 × 13 × 13 centimeters in size, the entrance is about five centimeters.The main difference between the birdhouse and other houses is the presence of a sufficiently large entrance so that the starling can easily crawl through it.

The titmouse should be 22 × 10 × 10 centimeters in size, the entrance area – 2.6–3.5 centimeters. Titmice are for great tits with a tap hole of 3.5 centimeters and for small species of titmice (muscovy, tit, blue tit) with a tap hole diameter of 2.6 centimeters.

The pika house has a triangular shape with lateral entrances located on both sides at the back wall, closer to the tree trunk.Such an arrangement of the entrances helps the small insectivorous bird to easily climb into the nesting site, as it climbs along the trunk of a tree.

A rectangular wagtail house 30 × 20 × 10 centimeters with a convenient entrance. It is installed on a flat surface of a building or under the roof of an open terrace or veranda.

The nesting area of ​​swifts has a rectangular shape of 40 × 16 × 15 centimeters with a slit-like small entrance. A closing flap can be envisaged for the notch, since swifts arrive only at the beginning of May, and other species of birds can inhabit their houses.Because of this, it is best to keep the front door closed until the first swifts appear.

For gray flycatchers, robins and redstarts make half-dummies. They have a semi-open front wall, which allows birds that use semi-niches in nature to inhabit these houses. The half-bed should be installed in secluded places: in the dense crown of trees and tall bushes.

On the wings of spring. An ornithologist about birds that will soon arrive in MoscowInternational Bird Day: ornithologists veterinarians – how to keep pets healthy

House bed with boxes KUBI house – KUBIMEBEL

Crib – cottage “Kubi”.
Dream in your own house before going to bed, lie and play, having arranged your whole world in it.

The side panel provides safety and comfort for babies at night. The bed is made of very strong, stable birch plywood and can easily support a child if he hangs from the top or climbs on top of it.
Parents can also safely climb up to the baby to read a book before bedtime and kiss at night.

Drawers under the bed are an excellent storage solution and also save space in the room.There is even more storage space and less clutter. Drawers are made of MDF.

* mattress sold separately

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What are and how to choose sun loungers and houses?


Any pet needs a place to sleep and rest. As soon as a dog or cat appears in the house, identify places for feeding (preferably bowl ), litter box or toilet with a diaper and sleeping.And if the owner chooses the location of the toilet and feeding, then it is better to look for the place where bed or a house will be installed, based on the comfort and interests of the animal. Some of them love secluded corners, while others, on the contrary, prefer to watch the owner.

What kind of sun loungers and cabins are there?

The assortment of the Four Paws store has many options:

1. Classic soft bed .

The most popular and familiar look for pets. At the heart of a soft mattress, it can be either without sides or with sides of various heights.

Pros: wide range, there are budget and premium segment models from different materials.

Cons: Difficulties arise in care, since they most often cannot be completely washed in a typewriter.

Recommendations: Choose products with removable covers and removable double-sided cushion.Pay attention to the finish on the bottom (denser, non-slip fabric).

2. Lodge for cats and dogs.

A cozy soft booth is often chosen by owners of small breeds of dogs and cats who love secluded corners, especially in the cold season.

Pros: excellent protection from cold and drafts, a quiet corner in which the animal will feel safe.

Cons: more expensive than classic models, may lose shape due to improper care, difficult to wash.

Recommendations: a removable pillow with a cover will facilitate care, pay attention to the size of the window of the house and the height – the pet should be comfortable in the house.

3. One of the most popular types for cats and dogs have become beds – transformers, which turn either into a bed with bumpers, or into a cozy closed house.

4. Plastic loungers .

This is the basis for a soft mattress or bed.Some animals instinctively prefer beds with dense sides, besides, the plastic is durable, non-slip and reliably protects from the cold.

Pros: long service life, many sizes available, easy to clean.

Cons: The need to choose a product taking into account the size of the pet, especially if you are choosing a resting place for a puppy or kitten.

Recommendations: For such sunbeds, suitable pillows or mattresses are sold separately, purchase 2-3 options, for example, for hot and cold seasons.

5. Cat Hammock .

The hammocks are designed specifically for pets and are mounted on a vertical surface, such as a radiator. Ideal for warm-loving pets.

Pros: ease of fastening, convenience for the animal.

Cons: because of the size it is bought only for one pet, which can be a problem if there is more than one cat in the house.

Recommendations: Pay attention to the quality of the base and fastening of the hammock.

6. Model beds .

This group includes all products with an exclusive design. Wicker baskets, wooden boxes, plastic loungers of complex shapes and felt products. Non-standard solutions and combination of a bed and scratching posts, a bed and a closed toilet, and so on.

Pros: unique design, you will find a product that will fit into the apartment.

Cons: high price, complexity of care.

Recommendations: Pay attention to the quality of the material.

7. Mattresses , blankets , pillows.

A must have for every cat or dog, a blanket or pillow can be conveniently folded into carrier , used as bedding in a car or in cage .

Pros: affordable price and easy care (washable), a huge selection of products of any size, density and thickness.

Minus: short life with intensive use.

How to choose a sunbed or a house, what to look for?

1. Product size.

Measure the pet from the tail to the tip of the nose, add 5-10 cm – this will serve as the basis for the selection.

  • 50×40 cm – for miniature breeds of dogs and cats;
  • 70×50 cm – for small and medium-sized dogs, as well as large cats;
  • 90×60 cm or 110×70 cm – for dogs of medium and large breeds;
  • 120×80 cm – for large representatives among giant breeds.

2. The quality of the fabric and the presence of removable elements to facilitate the care of the product.

3.Pet preferences.


Plank bed or house is necessary for your pet, even if a cat or dog sleeps with you, and you are completely satisfied with it. The pet should have “its” place where it will feel calm and comfortable.

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Sliva midi house is suitable for dolls with a height of 10 cm.

The dollhouse is made of natural solid alder. Furniture for the house is made of hardwood (ash, oak, birch, alder, fruit trees).

The color of the alder wood changes from the center of the trunk to the edges. We keep this feature and make our houses striped. We also preserve the structure of the wood, the wood is well sanded, but not polished. This makes the houses and furniture velvety to the touch and very pleasant tactilely.

You can choose a house and furniture covered with linseed oil or uncoated.Oil protects the wood from moisture and slightly changes its color. The tree covered with oil is brighter and more contrasting. The houses in the photographs are covered with oil. Comparison of the natural color and the color after the oil coating can be seen in the penultimate photo.

Draw your attention to! The pattern and shades of wood may differ from those shown in the photo. Also, different monitor settings can affect color rendering.

House weight with furniture – 3. 5 kg

Dimensions: 40 * 25 * 30 cm.

You can buy only a house or a house together with furniture (a patio with a swing is included in the package of the house).

The set of furniture includes:

– fireplace with wood

– table + 4 stools

– three beds (large and two for children)

– sofa + two armchairs

– two small armchairs + coffee table

– stove + sink

– locker

– television

– chest and barrel

Delivery cost in Russia is 400-1500 rubles.Self-pickup in Tula – free of charge.

Delivery by shopping mall SDEK or by Mail.


We try to ensure the availability of products in stock and send orders as quickly as possible. But sometimes the delivery time can be increased due to the large production load. After placing your order, we will call you within one day and tell you about the lead time and payment methods.

To calculate the cost of delivery, indicate the region of delivery when placing an order. Delivery areas in Russia are shown in the last photo. Delivery outside Russia is calculated individually and will depend on the recipient country.

We will deliver your order anywhere in the world.

We work with TC SDEK and Mail. Shipping cost depends on the weight of your order and the remoteness of the region. After placing your order, we will contact you and choose the most convenient and economical way to deliver your order.When ordering from 10 thousand – delivery within Russia is free.

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