How to use bra clips: Racerback clip / bra clips

Racerback clip / bra clips

To make a normal bra into a bra with a racerback use a racerback clip. They’re cheap (usually under $10) and you can get them from most lingerie stores or online from Amazon. They usually come in black, white, tan or clear and come in a variety of different shapes. Mostly they are used to hide the straps for when you wear racerback tops but some people also wear them to stop their straps slipping off their shoulders.

Note: the photos on this page use clips that don’t match the colours of the straps, this is so it’s easier to see what is going on, normally you would try to match the colour to your bra.


Not all clips are created equal

Two differently shaped sets of racer back clips.

  • Beware of flimsy plastic as they will just break. If you are buying it online you won’t be able to tell by looking at it so read the reviews.
  • You should also consider whether you will have someone else to do it up for you or if you are going to be doing it yourself (see below for tips on using one without help). The more it holds the strap in place the better it will be for doing up by yourself.
  • Another thing to be careful of is how good it is at staying done up when you move around, and whether it will slide up or down through the day.
  • The claim is that they can convert any normal bra into a racerback but the type of bra and the shape of the clip will make a difference to how well it works. Try using the clip on the bra before putting it on and test if it stays done up when you pull at the straps. I have found bras with thicker, textured straps grip much better than the ones with thin stretchy straps. With these ones if the clips are ones that don’t hold the straps very securely they just come undone.

How to use a racerback clip

First you will need to loosen the straps a bit from how you would normally have them. They aren’t the easiest thing to use if you don’t have someone to help you, if you do have someone then put the bra on normally and get them to put the clip in.

Putting a racerback clip on by yourself

Putting a racer back clip in once your bra is already on is virtually impossible to do by yourself. I usually put the clip in first (remember to loosen the straps), then put the bra on over my head. Or you can do the bra up around your waist with the back fastening in front of you, put the clip in then turn the bra around the right way and pull the straps over your shoulders.

Whichever way you do it the tricky part is having the clip stay in while you put the bra on. Have a look at the photo below, it compares 2 different shapes of clip. The one on the left is almost impossible to keep on as you put the bra on, the one on the right holds the straps really securely so it stays done up as you put it on. If you are going to have to do it up by yourself then look for ones that hold the straps really well and don’t just stay in place from the tension of the straps (like the one in the photo at the top of the page). That advice isn’t much use if you have already bought one and it isn’t the right sort. The only way I found I could get the one on the left on by myself was to put twist ties around the straps, above and below the clip, then once it was on I could untwist and take off the ties.

The one on the left is small and discreet but very difficult to do up by yourself, the one on the right holds the straps in place very securely so it easy to put on by yourself.

Make your own

How To Clip Bra Straps Together

You can use paper clips to keep those bra straps off from the eyes and making your summer dress light and airy as possible.

How to clip bra straps together is easy if you get to familiarize yourself with it. The key to using a hider bra strap is to tweak the straps so that there is enough space to fit the bra clip comfortably without being too tight for the straps. With a little bit of adaptation, without worrying about any bra strap drifting off or being too rigid. It would be best if you prepare to go out on the town or take a stroll.

The great thing is other designs can fit to keep the straps together and provide a smooth finish on the front or the back of the bra. If you can use a bra strap hider, there’s no reason why you should sacrifice your sheer dress or top.

Some converters allow the back straps to sit on the back far lower, enabling that strapless number to shine again.

Before you clip bra straps together, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Take notice of flimsy plastic as it is just going to break. You probably wouldn’t be able to say by looking at it if you buy it online, so read some of the comments.
  • You should also consider if there’s somebody else to do it for you or if you can do it on your own. The more the straps in place, the better it will be to do it yourself.
  • One other thing about being careful would be how decent it is to keep working when you start moving around and whether it will slide up or down throughout the day.
  • You can covert any normal bra into a racerback, but the type of bra and the clip shape will make much difference. Before placing it on, try using the clip on the bra and evaluate if it stays up when you take on the straps. How to clip bra straps together may take time, but it is important to secure the straps and make sure the clips will hold the whole time you’re wearing it. I found bras with tighter and textured grip straps much stronger than thin, loose-fitting straps. If the clips don’t securely keep the straps, they show up undone.

With a friend’s help, collecting the two straps in the center of your back and fastening them together would be a popular solution. But that’s only a temporary fix that’s undoubtedly not fail-safe. So here’s how to clip bra straps together without hurting your back with the safety pin.

If there is a shoulder seam in the garment, here’s a simple solution to do it.

What you’ll need:

  • Sewing pins
  • Small sew-on snaps
  • Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Double-sided tape


  • Try on your blouse, your shirt, your dress. On both sides of the area, place a pin. It should be on either shoulder with the bra strap. 
  • You can hand-sew one end of a clip onto the shoulder seam. Label your bra straps from the outside edge of each position. 
  • Measure the length from one strap’s exterior edge to the other strap’s external edge. 
  • Cut out two tape strips, 3/4-inch longer than the gap between the straps itself. 
  • Turn 1/4 of an inch into the ends of the double-sided tape. Close the edges of the tape with stitches. 
  • To each end of the tape, hand-sew the other sides of the straps. Enclose the bra strap and hold the bra strap in position.

Bra Hacks – 15 Bra Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Bras are more or less a necessity for most girls, yet they can be so unbelievably annoying. I mean, finding the right size is half the battle, but then there’s the issue of falling straps, poking wires, and tricky necklines. Luckily, women have been wearing bras for centuries, and in that time, we’ve come up with a lot of tips and tricks to get you through the most uncomfortable situations. So, anyone who wears a bra needs to check out these 15 life-changing bra hacks. You won’t know how you survived without them.

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1. Convert an old bra into a backless one. All you have to do is cut where the bottom of the strap meets the back and where the back meets the cup (if you’re confused, check out this video). You’ll be left with the cups of the bra with two loose straps. Then, you’re going to sew the bottoms of the straps to the bottom of the cups so you can wear it almost like a backpack.

2. Make a caged bra with back straps you want to show off. Don’t like the idea of wearing a backless bra? Then DIY a bra with a back so cool you won’t be able to wear it enough. To do so, take a strapless bra and three pieces of elastic. You’re going to cut the original back off the bra, leaving about one inch on each side. Then just sew the three piece of elastic where the back used to be. It makes for such a cool look.

3. Sew a tab into your tank top so the straps won’t poke out. If you hate when bra straps poke out of your tank top, then make a little holder in the underside of your tank to hole the straps in place. Check out this video to see exactly how to get it done.

Every Person With Boobs Should Own These Bras

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4. Bring your sports bras in the shower with you after you work out. You can hand wash it in there while you wash yourself. This will make your sports bra last way longer.

5. Store bras by draping them over a hanger in your closet. It will save space and keep them from getting bent out of shape.

6. Instead of buying a racerback bra, just use a bra clip to pin your straps together temporarily. A paperclip works too, in a pinch.

7. Don’t just throw your bras in the washing machine. Those suckers are pricey and they can get damaged easily. Instead, put your bra in a special plastic ball before washing them to make sure it keeps its form.

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8. For low-back dresses and tops, DIY a bra strap extension. Low-back dresses are super flirty, but when your bra strap shows, it totally messes up the look. If you don’t have one of those special bras with an extra strap that wraps arounds your front and pulls your back strap down for backless tops, you can make your own for cheap. Cut a strip of elastic the same size as your rib cage. Then, take a bra hook extender and cut and separate the hooks from the eyelets. Sew one on each side of the elastic, making sure they are reversed so you can hook them together like a normal bra clasp. Then, just hook the extender to one side of your bra clasp and wrap it around behind your back and around the front of your waist, cross it around and hook it onto your other bra strap. Confused? This video will explain it all.

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9. Sew an old bra into a backless dress for built-in support. Just chop off the straps and hand sew it into any dress. We love Katie’s tutorial from her blog, Skunkboy, for an easy step by step.

10. In pain from your straps digging into your shoulders? Slide silicone bra strap pads under your straps. They relieve the pressure that’s caused by strap tugging, and prevent grooves in your skin. While they’re great for quick relief and for special bras that have super-skinny straps that irritate you, if this is a constant problem, you should get a professional bra fitting. You might have to go down a band size and up a cup size because your straps are working too hard, causing them to dig into your shoulders.

11. After washing them, lay your bras flat to air dry. Don’t hang them or they’ll lose their shape. And never put them in the dryer! The heat will cause the elastic to wear away faster.

12. Turn your regular bra into a strapless bra that actually stays up. Take a regular bra strap (like an extra one from a bra with removable straps), and hook it onto the back of your bra on one side, bring it around your back and hook it onto the back of your bra on the other side. It’s super easy and creates a great strapless bra. Check out the full tutorial here.

13. Store your bras with both cups open. “Never invert one cup into the other,” says bra expert Linda Becker, owner of Linda’s lingerie stores in NYC and NJ. “Doing so destroys the fibers in the molding, makes the cups bumpy, and shortens the life of your bra.”

14. Use moleskin to fix an underwire bra that is poking you. You don’t have to buy a whole new bra if the underwire starts to come out. Grab some moleskin padding from any drug store and super glue it around the small hole in your bra.

15. Protect your bras when you’re traveling with a modeled cup container. It will keep the underwire and the cups from getting bent out of shape.

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Bra Clips and Invisible Bra Straps

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  • Just clip the bra clip to the back of your bra strap and LIFT!
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  • Loosen your bra straps
  • Reach behind your head and lift one bra strap upward
  • While holding a bra clip in the other hand, place the bra strap under the flap, then repeat with the other strap
  • Pull bra strap forward while sliding the bra clip downward one strap at a time
  • Adjust straps on your shoulders
  • By adjusting your bra straps to full length, bra clips will provide greater lift and support, reduce shoulder indentions and discomfort and eliminate falling bra straps.

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  • Easy to attach
  • One size fits all
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 2 Strap widths – 5/16′(8mm) and 3/8′(10mm)
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  • Do You Know How to Hide Your Bra Straps?

    If you’re a female over the age of twelve, chances are you wear a bra. Bras are a necessity that we’re glad to have around to lift and support our chests, but they can be incredibly frustrating when they peek out underneath your new backless dress. If you don’t want to deal with peekaboo bra straps anymore, keep reading to learn how to hide your bra straps effortlessly.

    1. Try a Safety Pin


    If you’re wearing a racerback tank top and don’t want your bra straps showing on your back, use a safety pin or paper clip to clip the back of the straps together.

    The straps will hold together with the pin and will become instantly invisible under your tanktop.

    2. Get Clear Straps


    While most traditional bras come with colored or nude straps, you can buy separate clear straps to attach to the bras you already own so that you still get the support you need without the visible straps.

    3. Sew In Cups


    If you have a backless or strapless dress, there’s really no trick you can use to manipulate your bra straps into invisibility.

    However, if you’re willing to destroy a bra you own, you can easily cut out the cups and sew them into your dress with a needle and thread at home. You’ll get the same shape and support of a bra with no straps to worry about.

    4. Get a Bra Clip


    A bra clip works virtually the same way as the paper clip trick described above. However, bra clips are designed with a more supportive, safer design than a paper clip and eliminate the risk of stabbing yourself in the back during use.

    5. Try a Bralette


    Bralettes are incredible because they are designed to be seen. If your bra straps show while you’re waring a bralette, it’s not tacky or unsightly. It’s actually considered a fashion statement.

    Plus, bralettes comes in many various configurations. Many of them are designed with a halter strap or have a back strap that sits low on your back to allow you to wear a wider variety of shirts and dresses without your straps hanging out.

    6. Buy a Converter


    A bra strap converter is a great investment if you want to wear a dress that has a low back.

    Bra strap converters attach to a bra you already have. They pull down the back strap of your bra and fasten it securely in the front so that the back of your bra is not visible in a dress with a low back.

    7. Invest in a Strap Cushion


    Strap cushions are special pads that fit snugly underneath your bra straps. Their primary purpose is to keep your bra straps from digging into your skin and causing painful dents and irritation. However, they are also extremely effective at preventing your bra straps from sliding off of your shoulder and into plain sight.

    Peekaboo bra straps can detract from the look of your best outfit. The next time your bra straps are showing underneath your clothes, use the tips in this post to hide your bra straps instantly.

    4 Ways to Keep Bra Straps in Place

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    Having your bra straps constantly slipping off can be frustrating, but there are a few ways you can help keep them in place. For a quick fix, use a safety pin to attach your bra straps to the shoulder seams of your shirt. If you have time to go to a shop, buy a strap clip, which will hold the straps together at the back to stop them from slipping. Alternatively, buy bra strap cushions, which stick to your shoulders and keep your straps from moving. You can find these products in most department stores and places that sell bras. You should also make sure you’re wearing the right sized bra. If there’s too much room in the cups or the band, the straps won’t be tight enough and they might slip off. For more tips, including how to adjust your bra properly, read on!

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    20+ Bra Hacks that Will Make Your Life Easier

    We all have encountered many bra problems during the years, most probably we are wearing the wrong size bra and between straps digging into our shoulders, boob spillage and unfortunate strap appearances here and there we could use a little guidance towards mastering the perfect art of wearing a bra.

    Below are some tricks and tips to help you better master this very important support staple of your everyday wardrobe, These Bra hacks, tips and tricks will make your life so much easier.

    1. By using a paper clip you can make your own racer back bra.

    Use a paper clip to turn a bra into a racer back, or to hide straps that keep poking out from sleeveless tops.

    Sew in a bra strap clasp to your favorite shirt to avoid visible bra straps. (via Muy Ingenioso)

    3. You can also buy clips if you’re not so into the DIY version.

    These bra strap clips are useful and available via Amazon or Nordstrom.

    4. Sew a little tab into a tank to keep bra straps in place.

    No fancy sewing skills required. (Tutorial:

    Available via Amazon.

    7. The low back hack – 3 Strap Bra for Backless Tops and Dresses

    8. Sew the front half of a cheap strapless bra into a backless dress to make NO-BRA illusion.

    Strapless bras are an amazing product, but aren’t always reliable. If you want to confidently wear a backless dress with a bra, try sewing the front half of a cheap strapless bra into the dress itself. (Tutorial: Skunk boy)

    or Make one yourself. (Tutorial: Youtube)You don’t have to get a new bra right away if you start to feel a poke from your underwire. A maxi pad can provide great underwire protection. Just cut a pad into strips and affix one over the broken underwire. (Tutorial: Mommy Mania)

     11. Fix an underwire that’s poking out

    When the underwire comes out and pokes your skin, stitch them out before throwing them out, it’s easier than what you have thought of. (Tutorial: eHow)

    12. Test the fit of your bra at home with nothing but your hand.

    Getting a bra that is the right size for you is important not only for how you look, but also for your health and well-being. If you can’t fit two fingers under the back strap, it’s too tight; if you can fit your whole fist, it’s too loose.

    13. Six steps to wear bra correctly

    14. Bring your sports bra into the shower with you when you’re done working out and handwash it.

    FitSugar recommends this trick for making bras last way longer.

     15. Handwash you bras to maximize its life.

    No dryers and no dry cleaners! Hand washing will maximize the life expectancy of your delicates.

    16. It sounds crazy, but a (clean) salad spinner will make drying your delicates so much faster.

    17. NEVER fold one molded cup into another

    This became the most popular bra storage method, and it is so wrong! Folding one cup ruins the shape and causes dents.  (Check out how to store bra properly: lindas on line)

    18. Prevent your bras from getting crushed in transit with a CupCase.

    They’re small and unobtrusive but will protect your lingerie (and your totally crappy five-year-old bra that’s sprouting elastic). Buy one here.

    19. Store bras on a single hanger to save space and keep them from getting bent out of shape.

    20. Or attach hangers to store and display a bunch of bras at once.

    21. Strap cushions can keep bras from cutting painfully into your shoulders.

    Buy these from Amazon, they will prevent you from pain and strap slipping.

    22. Who need a purse when you can have a secret bra stash

    This is an easy sew project with the idea, or if you want to get it directly from Amazon

    with around 10 bucks.

    90,000 61% discount on the “Strap Perfect” bra strap clip set. A small, but very necessary thing!

    When wearing a dress with a deep neckline, a tight top or a stretch, girls are often nervous that the straps of the bra will slip off. Indeed, the falling straps look untidy, and correcting them imperceptibly is a whole art.To secure the “peeking” straps, you need a quality bra clip. Once upon a time, women made such devices themselves (from paper clips, fasteners from old dresses), but now, fortunately, there is no need for this! Today we offer you a Strap Perfect bra strap holder specially designed for your convenience.

    Such clips for the straps are absolutely invisible under the fabric of any clothes and will reliably fasten the bra straps.At the same time, the clip not strongly, but very effectively raises the breast, which will immediately visually enlarge it and give you due to this indestructible confidence in your own attractiveness. And the use of the clamp has a beneficial effect on the harmony of your posture, helping to unfold your shoulders, straighten your back and make the “head landing” in a ballet regal way. Do you want to improve your posture without any correctors or exercises? This is a direct reason to buy strap Perfect bra clips, popular in online stores no less than a starry sky projector, the price is good, it allows!

    The price of the holder will also be advantageous because you receive 48 invisible strips as a gift. These modest assistants will relieve you of the awkwardness when you urgently need to tuck your skirt, hide holes on a certain type of blouse in the chest area, fix loose parts. Adhesive strips solve such problems in just a few seconds: just apply the strip to the desired area of ​​the body and press a piece of clothing.

    Now the “link” of your favorite things in a dusty closet is over! Tricky shoulder straps will not spoil your mood, making you feel embarrassed.To cope with them under the power of Strap Perfect. It would seem a trifle – but what a pleasant one! Stop denying yourself beautiful and fashionable clothes – after all, life is so short, and the female age is especially fleeting. Pamper yourself!

    In addition to these little things, you can always buy wi fi usb adapters on our website, as well as a lot of other products for every taste.

    How to use Strap Perfect?

    It is recommended to put clips on the loosened straps of the bra;

    Place the Strap Perfect under the strap, hook the strap over one of the hooks of the Strap Perfect clip;

    Hook the second strap of the bra into the second hook of the clip;

    Adjust the length of the straps so that they do not press on your shoulders, and you feel comfortable;

    Raise or lower the Strap Perfect so that the straps of the bra are hidden under the clothes;

    The higher you place the Strap Perfect on your back, the more it will lift your chest and improve your posture.

    Another use case Strap Perfect:

    Lower the straps, place the bra at the waist so that the buckles are above the navel;

    Place both straps behind the clip;

    Flip the bra over and put your hands in the straps;

    Raise or lower the Strap Perfect so that the bra straps are hidden under the clothes.

    Complete set:

    9 clips (3 clips black, three – flesh, three – transparent)

    48 invisible adhesive strips.

    90,000 with straps, underwire, clasps. We use materials at hand. Bra Care Secrets.

    A well-chosen bra can transform your figure. It is important that it not only looks beautiful, but also be practical and comfortable.

    Top life hacks with a bra from women of fashion

    1. To make the dress look perfect without a bra, you can sew an old bra to it from the inside;
    2. if the clothes involve an open shoulder – you need to leave only one strap;
    3. In order to avoid slipping of the straps, you can use small cuts of braid to match the dress and special clips for clothes;
    4. For outfits with an extremely deep neckline, silicone cups or breast-lifting stickers are suitable;
    5. Dresses with straps around the neck look great if the usual bra straps are changed to silicone ones. Another option is to remove one of the bra straps, and throw the other over the neck and hook it over the ear of the removed one.

    Fastening the straps on the back and shoulders

    If you have a beautiful figure, dresses with an open back look great. There is a special converter bra for these dresses, which comes with ribbons made of elastic material with hooks . If such a bra is not available, it is easy to make one yourself.

    For this you need a piece of elastic tape, length around the waist, and hooks from an old bra.Sewing them together, we get a converter from our own bra without interfering with its integrity. The hooks of the tape easily snag on the clasps of the bra, the tape is thrown over the belly and fastens on the other side.

    Fasten the bones

    In the event that they bulge and rub the skin, you can use a piece of a daily pad – cut off a piece from it and stick it to the defect on the bra. If the bone protrudes from the edge, a regular medical patch will help.

    Using special clips

    Bra straps do not allow them to fall off, make them invisible and visually enlarge the breast. They are comfortable under a wrestler, top or dress, come in different colors, more often flesh, black or transparent.

    Protect against chafing

    If the straps cause discomfort to the skin, you can use the special silicone pads. They will not only help to avoid chafing, but will also help to evenly distribute the weight of the chest.

    Hiding the straps

    When clothes taper towards the neckline, the bra straps on the sides do not look aesthetically pleasing, especially if they do not match in color. The detachable straps can then be interlocked crosswise, while the sewn ones are conveniently linked together with a clip or a paper clip . You can also sew the strap holders to a T-shirt, dress, or blouse. The same method is suitable when part of the bra is visible in a dress with a deep armhole – a small piece of elastic tape solves the problem.

    If the outfit involves open shoulders, the straps must be wrapped around you and fastened. In addition, a silicone bra without straps looks great with an open dress. It can be either translucent or covered with flesh or black fabric.

    To hide the bra under a tank top or under a dress with crisscross straps, just cross the bra straps and fasten them.

    Storage secrets

    In order for the bra to retain its shape and serve for a long time, you cannot store it wrinkled or folded, it is best to purchase a special case .In the absence of such a bag, you can store them nested inside each other. To prolong the life, it is recommended to change the bra at least every other day.

    How to wash a bust?

    Wash is required after putting it on three times, as the sweat and grease produced by the skin contribute to the destruction of the fabric. The rules are usually indicated on the tag: some can be washed in a washing machine, others can only be washed by hand .

    • Laundry to be washed by hand must be placed in water with detergent and rinsed there for a few minutes.Then rinse off the detergent with running water.
    • Delicate mode and cold water will help keep the bra elastic when machine washed. The water temperature should be no more than 40 degrees, bras should be washed separately from clothes. It is advisable to use a special gel for delicate fabrics – this will help to gently clean the thing from dirt, retaining its original shape. In the absence of a gel, shampoo perfectly replaces it.
    • The underwired bra must be placed in a special bag before washing.Recently, special spheres have appeared on the market to preserve the shape of the product and metal inserts.
    • The easiest way to clean your sports bra is to shower in it, saving time without compromising on quality.

    Important! Do not wring out linen with cups, it is fraught with their deformation!

    To dry the product, flatten it and place it on a flat surface.

    Important! It is strictly forbidden to dry a white bra on a battery in order to avoid the appearance of yellowness.

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    Bras for open dresses. We hide the straps.

    We live in an era of abundance of outfits – so many beautiful dresses, such a variety of styles and decorative techniques. It seems that the designers create without thinking at all whether it is convenient to wear all this and whether it is easy to choose underwear. What tricks do you have to go to so that the dress is not ruined by a strap sticking out of the way or a bra clasp?

    In general, there is some kind of injustice in this.We put on a dress that is chic in all respects with some kind of functional designer lingerie. What to do, girls? It’s good if this versatile bra has a nice, refined look.

    Deep neckline on the chest

    Look at the shape of the neckline and depth and choose the appropriate model with straps, without or an invisible bra. For an extreme décolleté, nipple covers and separate silicone cups are suitable. For breast volume and support, you can choose between dense separate silicone cups or special stickers that lift the breasts.You can buy stickers here.

    Invisible bra

    A silicone strapless bra can handle many of the most complex cutouts and very open outfits, so I will not repeat his photo further. It can be the usual translucent, but also its cups can be covered with a fabric with or without a pattern. Usually it is flesh or black fabric. Some models have silicone ears, which are located on the left and right for additional fixation, but they can peek out from under the clothes if you have a deep cut in the back or slots on the sides. We remember that walking in silicone for a long time is unhealthy.

    A very important point when choosing a bra is to always take into account the shape and depth of the cut of the dress. The cups and the bridge between them should not be visible even on the invisible bra.

    Back cut

    It is very important how deep the back cut is. If your back is very open, it is best to wear a silicone invisibility bra or special bodysuit. For a shallow back cut and if there are straps or sleeves on the dress, you can buy a special bra with a strap length or remove an additional strap from another bra.Buckle the strap at one end of the bra in the back, wrap it around your torso and clip it at the other end.

    The transparent shoulder strap on some models, which crosses the back, does not look very good and it is better not to use it. If you want a less sophisticated, but reliable design for a bra with a detachable strap at the back, pick up an elegant replacement. From the side it will look like it is part of the dress.

    Bustier and bandeau dress

    It all depends on which neckline you have in front.Most often it is flat or heart-shaped. Make sure that the edges of the bra do not extend beyond the dress. Bustiers and bras with a silicone band that adjoins the skin are the best fit. This way the laundry holds on better and does not fly off. You can customize your regular bra with removable straps to match the bustier dress. On one of them, release more length and fasten, wrapping around the torso as in the case of a deep cut in the back. Choose a bra that fits your torso snugly.

    Dress with a strap around the neck

    Choose a bra according to the shape of the neckline. It is easy to get by with a regular bra with detachable straps. Release the length at the shoulder strap and fasten it wrapping around the neck. In the case of the third picture, you can use a strapless bra or one with grooves along the edge, allowing you to fasten the straps anywhere.

    Dress with a strap around the neck with a cut on the back and neckline

    Very open version of the dress.It requires either a sophisticated bra with a shoulder strap that wraps around the neck at the top and a waistband that wraps around the bottom of the torso as in the case of a deep cutout on the back, or an invisible bra.

    X-shaped dresses at the front

    In fact, these are the same dresses for the neck or options, narrowed at the front. Here, a bra with removable straps that can be fastened behind the neck and fastened crosswise in front will be more harmonious and comfortable. You can use one strap, spreading it as far as possible.A silicone-based strapless bra is also a great solution.

    One shoulder dress

    There are always ready-made solutions of the same shape, but you can use a regular bra again by simply fastening 1-2 shoulder straps diagonally. You can just put on a strapless bra.

    Wrestling T-shirt

    Hiding the straps here is as easy as shelling pears. Get a strap clip or use a regular paper clip.If your bra has removable straps, put them on a crisscross pattern. There are also many ready-made solutions.

    nude seamless bra with X-straps
    strap clip
    bra with a vertical shoulder strap at the back

    Boat neckline

    As always, a strapless bra will help out, but you can also use a regular bra. Each new item has a loop for attaching it to the hanger. Cut them to a short length and sew on the snap fasteners.Now you can discreetly fasten the straps under your clothes.

    bra with removable straps and silicone strap for strapless use

    Where to buy?

    1. multifunctional bra (6 colors) 2. deep neck bra

    1. invisible bra 2. invisible bra (2 colors) 3. removable straps with lace

    1. beige bra with removable straps 2.seamless under the lace with removable straps
    3. invisible bra with silicone clips

    1. invisible bra under the lace

    How to choose the right bra | BURO.

    What is harmful to an incorrectly selected bra and is it possible not to wear it at all

    An improperly fitted bra causes discomfort, squeezing the breasts and thereby disrupting the flow of lymph.“Wearing an undersized bra does not injure the spine, damage internal organs, or become a risk factor for breast cancer. However, giving up a bra is also not dangerous and does not lead to sagging breasts. It is also safe to sleep in it, ”says Maksim Ignatov, oncologist-mammologist at the Atlas Medical Center, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

    “However, permanent deformation of the clavicles, migraines, numbness of hands and fingers, clamping of cervical nerves and lymph congestion are possible,” warns Alina Gizatullina, an expert in the selection of underwear, a certified bra-fitter. The expert adds that it is possible to walk without a bra, but it is not always convenient, especially if the breasts are large. “Many women start slouching without the support of the right bra because it is designed to take the strain off your back. Also, a properly selected bra dampens the mechanical movements of the breast – without this support, a more intense sagging of the Cooper’s ligaments, on which the breast is held, is possible, and, consequently, an accelerated loss of shape and elasticity of the breast. ”

    Selection rules from doctor and bra-fitter

    “The cup must completely fit the mammary gland, tissue must adhere tightly to it on all sides, so that there is a normal lymphovenous outflow.Nothing should rub, squeeze the chest and the area under the chest. Vertical shoulder straps are desirable, which will not dig into the shoulders, leaving marks, ”says the oncologist-mammologist at the Atlas Medical Center.

    Lingerie selection expert Alina Gizatullina advises to pay attention to several important points:

    1. The volume is chosen so that no more than four fingers fit between the back and the belt. If the straps are constantly falling off, chances are that you have chosen the wrong volume.
    2. The cups should be perfectly filled, there should be no voids, the chest should not fall out of them. Under the clothes, a properly selected bra does not show any lines, if they are noticeable, then, most likely, the size or shape is incorrect.
    3. The bones should go beyond the chest and lie on the body, in the armpit. If you are concerned about “fat rolls” in the armpits, then, most likely, the wrong size or shape is chosen.
    4. Two fingers should fit easily under the straps.Belt loops should not be tightened to the limit, adjustment for normal growth – in the middle of the back.
    5. The strap of the bra must be close to the sternum.

    About the dangers of push-up and bones

    Neither underwire nor push-up is harmful in and of itself, but if the bra is chosen incorrectly, these details can start to bother you.

    “In a properly fitted bra, the bones are not even felt, as they go behind the chest and lie on the body.A push-up in an improperly fitted bra pinches the breast tissue, which disrupts blood and lymph flow. If you want to achieve the effect of breast augmentation, then you can resort to push-up, and if you want a more collected and fit shape (especially if you have large breasts), you should choose the option with bones, ”advises Alina Gizatullina.

    How to measure yourself correctly

    The question of how to measure your breast size is still open for many. Confusingly, different standards for designating the size of a woman’s breast are confusing.For example, you can find sizes indicated in centimeters, inches or indicated using Latin letters (S, M, L, etc.).

    “99 out of 100 women wear the wrong bra belt. It’s all about the bra selection method, which is familiar to all mothers and grandmothers: measure the volume under the breast, round up to a whole number, subtract the breast volume from it, and based on the difference in volumes, you will get your size. This method was developed in 1950 when bras were made of silk and satin and did not stretch.And rounding up, usually two or four centimeters, allowed for a margin to be able to breathe and move comfortably. Nowadays, using the same method is simply pointless, because any underwear is made of elastic materials, ”says Julia Gesser, founder of Brashop.

    “The Russian bra size designation standard consists of a numerical and an alphabetic value, for example 75B or 80C. A measuring tape is suitable for measurements. The numerical value is the volume of the chest at the most prominent points.If, for example, the value is 80, then you need to look for a bra with the same value. If the result is not an integer, then you need to round it up and use the table:

    63–67 – 65
    68–72 – 70
    73–77 – 75
    78–82 – 80
    83–87 – 85
    88–92 – 90
    92–97 – 95
    98–102 – 100
    103–107 – 105
    108–112 – 110

    The letter value is the size of the cup. First you need to measure the circumference under the bust. The value should be as accurate as possible, there is no need to add or subtract extra centimeters.The measuring tape should fit the body, but not be taut. The cup size is considered the difference between bust size and underbust girth. For example, if the bust is 80 and the bust is 68, then the difference will be 12 centimeters. It corresponds to the letter marking A. The optimal size for such values ​​is 80A, ”explains Maxim Ignatov.

    10-11 – AA
    12-13 – A
    14-15 – B
    16-17 – C
    18-19 – D
    20-21 – E
    22-23 – F
    24-26 – G
    27-28 – H

    What materials to give preference to

    Give preference to natural, non-synthetic and breathable fabrics, as well as mixed fabrics.“If you like bright, even poisonous colors, then you should take a close look at the composition of the material from which the bra was made. There are dyes that contain carcinogens. These harmful substances, when absorbed into the skin, can cause cancer. Silicone stickers on the breasts or nipples, the so-called invisible bras, are very popular and convenient. But due to the dense material, the breasts are exposed to overheating and sweating. An increased local temperature indicates an increased blood supply.It can cause the activation of metabolic processes in the gland itself, which can lead to the activation of abnormal cells and their transformation into tumor cells, ”says the oncologist-mammologist of the Atlas Medical Center.

    “A bra doesn’t have to be cotton like many women think. Cotton is hygroscopic (retains moisture) and can therefore be irritating. So choose cotton blends or tactile blends. Microfiber and Tencel are very pleasant and hardly felt on the body.Medical grade microfiber bras are recommended for women even after surgeries, ”says Alina Gizatullina.

    5 signs that the bra is right

    1. A new bra is always picked with the looser hooks and must be re-fastened as the fabric stretches.
    2. The waist line on the back should be under the shoulder blades at the narrowest point of the torso.
    3. The waist line on the back should lie parallel to the floor, without forming an arc, and should not bulge during wear.
    4. The straps must be adjusted for the height and asymmetry of the chest. The straps hold no more than 10% of the chest weight, the rest of the load should be distributed to the belt.
    5. The bones do not dig into the chest from the side.

    “If the bone digs into the chest, it means that it is not large enough, so you need to take a cup one size larger, then the bra bone will be located further and completely cover the breast. If the bra belt moves up or down the back, then there is only one reason for this – the belt is large.If the cup of the bra cuts the breast, then it is small. In a word, the bra should not squeeze and generally feel on the body, ”says Yulia Gesser.

    90,000 15 tricks to know about when wearing a bra :: Infoniac

    Helpful Hints

    There are many fashion tricks that are useful for girls and women.

    A bra is a piece of clothing that, as a rule, is hidden from prying eyes, but at the same time plays an important role in a woman’s wardrobe.

    A bra that is uncomfortable to wear or crawls out from under a dress or T-shirt can often cause some trouble for its owner.

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    Here are some tips to help you deal with these problems.

    DIY bra

    1. Use paper clip to hide the straps that come out from under the sleeveless tops.

    2. Sew button to the shirt or top so that the straps do not protrude or fall off the shoulders.

    3. Sew the front of the inexpensive bra to the open back dress. Try to sew so that the seams are not visible on the front of the dress, and use pins to keep the bra straight.

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    4.To prevent the strapless bra from falling or falling down, use the strap to secure it with .

    5. Store bras on one rack to save space and keep them in shape.

    6. You can make the bra organizer yourself using the hangers, hooks and pliers.

    You will need some wooden hangers with a recess for the straps, hook screws or hooks and pliers.

    · Screw the hooks to the center or junction of the wooden hanger.

    · Using pliers, close the hook.

    · Do the same for the rest of the hangers, except for the last one.

    · Hang one hanger on top of another and you’re done!

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    Open back bra

    7.If you wear open-back dresses, you can redesign your bra to hide it.

    You will need:

    Old bra fastener

    Elastic tape

    Thread and needle

    Cut the clasps from the old bra, leaving enough room for the elastic to be sewn on.

    Sew one fastener to one end of the elastic band, fasten it to one end of your bra and wrap it around your waist to measure the desired length.

    Cut the elastic tape or elastic to the desired length and sew another fastener to the end. Button it up to the other end of the bra.

    8. Here’s another way to redesign your bra so that it is not visible when wearing a dress or other open back clothing.

    What to do if the bone comes out of the bra

    9. Panty liner can be a temporary salvation when underwires come out of the bra.A patch is also suitable for this purpose.

    10. If the bone has come out, try to solve the problem with textile glue and thread with a needle.

    · Pass the bone back through the hole.

    · Seal the hole with fabric glue and let dry for a few minutes.

    · Then sew the area where the hole formed with stitches (about 10 for the small hole and twice as much for the large one).

    Correct bra size

    11. Check if you are wearing the correct bra size .

    If you can’t get two fingers through the back closure, your bra is too tight.

    If you can put a whole fist through, then it is too loose on you.

    How to wash a bra

    12. In order for the bra to retain its shape as long as possible, it is better to wash it by hand.

    · Fill a sink or basin with water and add some detergent for delicate fabrics.

    · Soak the laundry for a few minutes.

    · Then wash the most dirty areas.

    · Drain the soapy water and refill the basin or sink and rinse the laundry.

    · Rinse again under running water.

    · Roll up the bra in a folded towel to wick away excess moisture.

    · Leave the bra to dry on a towel.

    13. To make your sports bra last long, take it to the shower and wash it quickly by hand, then dry it on the bar. Hand washing garments that are absorbent will help maintain the integrity of the fabric and extend the shelf life of your bra.

    14. Here’s how to make a bra storage organizer.

    15.Here are the types of bras there are.

    Pencil Forceps

    The Cunningham Pencil Forceps are an easy-to-use device that applies just the right pressure to the urethra to stop the uncontrolled flow of urine.

    The design and ease of use make the Cunningham Clamp a favorite in men recovering from prostate surgery or for those suffering from persistent urinary incontinence.

    The Cunningham Pencil Forceps are an easy-to-use device that applies just the right pressure to the urethra to stop the uncontrolled flow of urine.

    The design and ease of use make the Cunningham Clamp a favorite in men recovering from prostate surgery or for those suffering from a persistent form of urinary incontinence.

    How does the Cunningham urinary incontinence forceps work and work?

    To use the clamp, the lower part of the penis is placed between two spacers, using five compression levels to determine the minimum pressure required on the urethra to control urine flow.To urinate, you just need to “release” the clamp.

    “V” -shaped reusable clamp with:

    (1) – hinged metal frame made of stainless steel
    (2) – two soft foam pads
    (3) – locking device with five adjustable pressure settings


    Medium: 2 inches (50 mm), diameter 2.5 to 5 cm.

    Large: 3 inches (75 mm), diameter over 5 cm.

    Small: 1.5 inches (35 mm), diameter 2.5 cm or less.

    Clip parameters: length 7.5 cm, width 1.5 cm, height 2.5 cm, weight – 29 g.

    How to choose the right size of the pencil case?

    To determine the size that suits you, you need to measure the width of the shaft of the penis with slight compression.
    To do this, lightly squeeze the area in the projection of the urethra between the thumb and forefinger, applying sufficient pressure to stop the flow of urine, and then measure the width with a ruler or centimeter.

    How to use the Cunningham Clamp correctly?

    1. Thoroughly wash your hands and penis. Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Place the penis between the two clamp pads. The clamp should be located approximately in the middle as shown.

    2. Tighten the urethra compression clamp. The Large and Medium Clamps have five settings to adjust the pressure on the urethra. Use them to find out the minimum level required for control.Release the catch and push down on both hinge wires. Small clamp not adjustable.

    3. You can change the shape of the upper part of the clip with your fingers for the best comfort.

    4. To urinate – open the clip.

    5. After you have finished urinating, return the clamp to working position to prevent urine leakage. It is recommended to move the clamp, changing the place of urethral compression.

    Important Hints:

    1. Loosen the clamp every 1-2 hours and empty the bladder.This must be done to avoid urinary tract infections and restore blood flow.

    2. Move the clamp up or down every 2 hours. Do not hold the clip in one place for more than 2 hours. If the clamp remains in one place too much, then there may be a violation of the blood supply and the formation of cicatricial narrowing of the urethra.

    3. Do not use the clamp at night while you are sleeping, including during daytime sleep.

    4. Make sure the clamp is not too tight on the penis.This will help you maintain normal blood circulation and prevent skin irritation. It is important that you do not feel painful or annoying when using the clamp.

    5. Do not use the clamp unless you have agreed with your healthcare professional. For a number of diseases accompanied by urinary incontinence, the use of a clamp is contraindicated. The clamp should not be used if the genital organs are completely desensitized, for example, after certain spinal injuries. The complete loss of sensitivity does not allow to correctly determine the degree of compression, to exercise control and prevent complications due to improper use.

    6. If you experience any of the following symptoms: swelling, discoloration of the skin, discharge from the penis, skin irritation, changes in sensitivity, pain, irritation or any other unusual sensations, report them to your doctor.

    7. For prolonged use, check the clamp for signs of wear and damage (cracking, discoloration, foam, etc.). Your clip must be replaced if the gaskets wear out. With continued use, it is recommended to replace the clip every 3-6 months.

    8. Clean the clamp in good time.

    How to clean the clamp correctly?

    1. Carefully wash the clamp in a container of warm soapy water (30-40 ° C).
    2. Rinse thoroughly in cool, clean water.
    3. Press gently on the pads to remove excess water.
    4. Dry the clip in a cool dry place, away from excessive heat or direct sunlight.
    5. Do not use bleach, detergent, hot water, dishwasher.
    6. Do not use a hair dryer or other types of drying.
    7. Proper use and care will prolong the life of your clip.

    You can order and buy Pencil clip by calling 8 (351) 223-01-78 and
    8 (919) 123-01-78

    How to make a hands-free breast pump

    Some mothers have to express, although, of course, it is normal, when breastfeeding on demand, expressing is not necessary at all.Some mothers express themselves with their hands, others choose a breast pump for this. When expressing breast milk in the second way, the time to express can be shortened if you use a breast pump that is capable of expressing milk from both breasts at once.

    But this raises a problem – both hands are busy with funnels, and nothing else can be done. Some resourceful mothers came up with the idea of ​​adapting their old sports tops and nursing bodices for this business, so that the funnels themselves hold on to their breasts.

    The general principle here is the same – it is necessary to provide sufficient support for the funnels so that they fit well to the body without a gap, are located clearly opposite the nipple, and so that even with a container filled with milk, the entire structure does not slip off the breast.

    1. The simplest version of a breast for expressing “hands free”

    1. Put on the sports top

    2. Mark the location of the nipples with something contrasting (chalk, felt-tip pen, etc.)

    3. Remove the shirt or pinch the fabric in this place and pull it well away from the body (so as not to injure the chest!)

    4. Make a very small incision, about 5 mm. Usually, these busts and T-shirts are made of jersey, so the holes need to be cut very small, as they will stretch when pulled.

    5. Edges, if the knit is frayed, overcast or leave as is if the fabric is not prone to fraying.

    6. Insert into the slots of the breast pump funnel. If the slots are too small, they can be enlarged, but the funnels should fit tightly so that they don’t fly out during pumping.

    2. Bra for pumping “hands free” from a sports top

    An improved version can be made.To start, repeat steps 1 and 2 from the previous paragraph, that is,

    1. Put on your sports top.

    2. Mark the location of the nipples with a dot that will coincide with the center of the nipple.

    3. Take the breast pump funnel, place it with the narrow part, the one that is attached to the unit, on the cardboard and circle it in a circle – you get a stencil.

    4. Cut out this circle to create a hole in the cardboard that is equal to the narrow part of the breast pump funnel.

    5. Draw two stenciled circles on the bust so that the center of the stencil matches the center of the nipple (our mark on the fabric).

    6. Attach a piece of cardboard underneath the fabric with large stitches to make it easy to sew, as most sports tops are made from very stretchy fabric, and it can “go away” during sewing.

    7. Using a typewriter or by hand, sew a zigzag stitch along the outline of the intended circle (Machine Stitch # 8 used in the illustration, stitch length 1.0, stitch width 2.0, thread tension 4). If you are in doubt about whether to make the circle larger or smaller, choose the smaller option, since you will always have time to increase it.

    8. Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully cut the inner circle so that none of the stitches you have made is caught.

    9. Carefully remove the cardboard backing

    10. Insert the breast pump funnels into the bodice so that their wider part is on the inside of the bodice, and the narrow part leading to the breast pump is on the outside.

    The hands-free pumping bodice is ready to use.

    3. Bra for expressing “hands free” from a regular bra

    To transform into a pumping bodice, it is better to take a bra without underwire, although this trick can work with a bust with underwire. It is better to take an old bra that fits comfortably on the chest, but at the same time it should fit well so that the funnels are tightly pressed to the body, and not too tight so that they are not pressed into the chest.

    The only difference from the first option is that it may be necessary to make a little more slit, since ordinary busts are sewn from less stretching fabric. The incision may need about 2-3 cm. It is better to start with a smaller hole, you can always enlarge it, but not reduce it.

    4. Bra for expressing “hands free” made of special underwear for nursing and hair ties

    1. Unfasten the cups of your nursing bra.

    2. Take 4 hair ties. You can take stretched ones, which are no longer suitable for creating hairstyles.

    3. Wrap elastic around the bottom of your bra and secure with a loop as shown in the photo.

    4. Do the same on the shoulder strap above the cup.

    5. Place the breast pump funnel on the nipple, secure with the two elastic loops – upper and lower. You may need to move the rubber bands to one side or the other to ensure that the funnel is positioned exactly.

    6. Repeat on the other breast.

    The elastic bands are so small that they could not even be removed from the bust.

    Additional support may be required when the pump containers, if connected directly to the funnels, are full. Then they will need to be supported a little with your hands, or you can lean forward a little, or lean them on the table.

    If the chest is large and one elastic band is missing, use more elastic bands.Alternatively, you can make funnel holders from two rubber bands connected to each other.

    One end of this design clings to a hook on which the cup from the nursing bra clings, and the breast pump funnel is suspended on the second loop.

    If the funnel is not in place, then from the bottom side it can be pulled up to the desired position with the same structure of one or two elastic bands, fixed from the bottom.

    5. A device for expressing “hands free” of elastic bands and sewing accessories

    An inventive woman constructed such a pumping device using sewing rubber bands and accessories. Those who wish can buy a set from her or repeat the idea from scrap materials, since it is easy to execute and accessible even for those who have at least some minimal skills in handling a needle and thread.

    For this design, neither a top nor a bodice is needed, but 2-3 m of linen elastic will be needed, a pair of plastic stoppers to adjust the size of the product with a cord, 2-4 clips-connectors for elastic and laces to fix its ends ( but you can also sew), 3-4 crocodile clips (you can use plastic clips from curtains).

    This design consists of three rubber bands. One of them wraps around the body under the chest, and the second and third cling to the first and wrap around the neck.

    1. Take about a meter of elastic, fix the crocodile clips at its ends either using the clips or sew on.

    2. Cut the remaining elastic in half.

    3. Attach a crocodile clip to one end of these two pieces of elastic to adjust the tension around your neck.

    4. Loop the other end and secure with a stopper so that you can make this loop smaller or larger.

    5. Slip both elastic loops over the first elastic.

    The structure is ready.

    6. Place the first base elastic under your bust. Use the crocodile clips to adjust the tension to a comfortable level.

    7. Fasten the other two elastic bands around the neck using the same clips.

    8.Insert the breast pump funnels into the loops of the rubber bands, position them at the desired height. Using the stoppers, reduce the loops so that they fit tightly around the funnel.

    9. Tighten the elastic around the neck using the same crocodile clips. You may need to do this again as you fill your breast pump containers.

    10. The width of the funnel can be adjusted by simply sliding the loops of the additional elastic bands to the main one, to the desired position.

    In fact, it takes longer to describe how to make a fixture than to make one, as making is very simple. Having adjusted it on your own, you can unbutton only the main elastic band, and the rest can be put on over your head, like a bust, since the elastic elastic band stretches well.

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