How to make love to a married man: How to seduce a married man: 18 effective tips


How to seduce a married man: 18 effective tips

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Flirtation is both an art and a science. You want to give just enough that your intentions are coming through but you also want to leave something to the imagination.

Flirtation is complicated enough as it is, and even more so when the guy you’re trying to seduce is a married man.

So how do you go about seducing someone who’s already married?

Make sure to focus on making him experience the rush of meeting someone again for the first time.

Be the one person in his life that makes him feel alive again; the person who brings excitement to his life.

Here are 18 tips on how to seduce a married man:

1) Seduce With Your Eyes

The key behind seducing a good married man — one who might find it difficult to jump into an extramarital affair and betray his wife — is seducing him subtly, secretly, through a kind of communication only between you and him.

Unlike a single man, you can’t flaunt your assets and flirt with him so openly, because you have to consider the very real possibility of scaring off the married man before you ever get him to bed.

Because even he wants you, if he thinks that you might be too much of a “loose cannon” and any relationship with you would immediately ruin his life, he’ll push you away with a 20-foot pole.

So start slowly and let your eyes do the talking.

Let your gaze linger on him longer than normal; show him that you’re interested in him as more than just another person in the room.

You want him to feel your stare and get used to it, until he can begin sensing that there’s more to your eyes than just a curious look.

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2) Lean Towards Him Whenever You Get the Chance

The language of extramarital seduction is an unspoken one, because while you may or may not have nothing to lose, a married man can lose everything: his home, his children, and half of everything he owns, if he jumps into an affair with the wrong woman.

The first few steps of this dance involve not only looks, but gestures as well: show him your interest with how you move your body.

Whenever you’re around him, lean towards him so that your arm brushes against his, ever so slightly.

Flick your hair a bit so that the strands swipe across his face or any other part of his body.

Impose yourself upon him without crossing any lines, and let your presence be known to him whenever you’re around.

Give him the opportunity to smell you, to feel you, to understand what he thinks about the reality of being next to you.

Let his thoughts play with the annoyance of not being able to hold you in his arms, even if you’re within reach.

3) Treat him like a hero

Do you know what men really crave from a woman? It’s something more than love and even more than sex…

Above all else, men want to step up to the plate for a woman. Provide for her, protect her, and be appreciated in return.

In other words, men want to be an everyday hero.  

And if his wife isn’t making him feel like one, then this is the perfect opportunity to make your move.

The hero instinct is a new concept in relationship psychology that’s generating a lot of buzz at the moment. If you want to seduce a married man, it’s something you need to know about.

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According to the hero instinct, men have a biological drive to live a life full of meaning and to provide for those he cares about.

And this drive is amplified in their romantic relationships. 

I know it sounds a bit silly. In this day and age, women don’t need someone to be their “hero”.

But here’s the ironic truth. Men do still need to feel like they are a hero. After all, it’s built into their DNA to seek out a relationship with a woman that makes them feel like one.

If a man’s wife isn’t triggering his hero instinct, then you need to do this.  


By finding ways to make him feel like your hero. There’s an art to doing this which can be a lot of fun when you know exactly what to do.

The best way to learn how to trigger the hero instinct in your guy is to watch this free online video. James Bauer, the relationship psychologist who first coined this term, reveals exactly what you need to do.

Here’s a link to the free video again.

4) Make Your Flirtations Slightly More Obvious

A married man usually doesn’t feel like a desirable man.

He may have spent the last 10 or 15 years in a marriage, meaning the only woman who has given him any sign of physical attraction for over a decade has been his wife.

He’s forgotten two things: what it feels like to feel sexy to other people, and how to pick up the signs that someone might actually be attracted to him.

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So you need to make your flirtations slightly more obvious than you would with a single man.

While single men are almost always on the lookout for hints and signs that an attractive woman likes him, married men are tuned out.

This means he needs a little extra help or pushing in the right direction.

Jokes, teasing, touching, laughing, a constant effort to minimize the proximity between you and him — do what you can to make him know that you like him, without doing it in a way that risks his reputation with anyone who might be around.

5) Ask Him For His Opinions

To have any hope at all in seducing a married man, he needs to be stuck in a rocky marriage.

And he might have already confided this in you — his problems with his wife, the small but heavy and persistent fights, and their overall difficulties in their relationship.

And one staple that unhappy spouses share is the feeling that they aren’t being heard.

So give him the opportunity to be heard.

Ask him what he feels about your outfit today, or get his opinion on something he passionately cares about.

Show interest in his interests, and make him realize that his opinion matters; even if it doesn’t matter at home, it matters to you.

The art of seducing a married man revolves around the goal of convincing him that he can’t pass up the opportunity to try being intimate with you, regardless of his previous commitments.

So let him know that you want him for more than just his companionship or good looks, but for his personality and mind as well.

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6) Flirt With Him Even When You’re Apart

Maybe you work with him, maybe you see him on your daily route, maybe you work out at the same gym and at the same time.

And whenever you get the chance, you show him your subtle signs that you’re attracted to him.

While that may be enough for some men, it won’t be enough for others, especially when they’re still feeling slightly committed to their spouse.

Because while your flirting may flatter him, he might not realize that you’re flirting specifically to him.

He might think, “Oh, I’m sure she does that with everyone,” or, “I’m overthinking it, why would she flirt with me?”, or even, “She’s just doing it to pass the time.”

While a single man will make every attempt to believe that there’s attraction from a woman, a committed married man will make every attempt to dissuade themselves from believing it.

How do you get around this? Show him that your flirting isn’t just a game you do when you’re bored around him.

Make your interest known constantly and persistently, and most importantly, show your interest even when you two aren’t together.

Send him flirty texts throughout the day, or just check-in on him from time to time. Those little reminders and displays of affection will be more than enough to win him over.

7) Show Skin, But Keep It Classy

This point might depend on where you and your married man usually see each other.

If he’s someone you work with, someone you work out with, or someone you jump bump into from time to time, this can determine what you’re typically wearing when he sees you.

Regardless, it’s important to show more skin than you might be used to.

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Office attire can be formal and stuffy, so loosen it up: if you know you’re going to be spending long hours with him in a meeting one day, then wear a low top, reveal your arms, and maybe even show some cleavage. Let him see what you look like in a hot pencil skirt.

But of course — don’t make it too obvious.

The sensibilities of a married man may be more conservative than the sensibilities of single men you’ve dated, so keep it sexy but classy at the same time.

8) Give Him What He Isn’t Getting At Home: Respect

While physical attraction, lust, and sex are fun and exciting things you can offer him, there’s nothing that will draw him in more than giving him respect.

In a stressful marriage, he might not be getting the respect from his wife that he feels he deserves, and that’s one way you can easily turn yourself into the more attractive alternative.

Show him that you care about what he has to say. That his opinions not only matter, but deserve to be stated, and you’re willing to listen to what he feels and what he thinks.

Getting respect is a key plank to the hero instinct. I mentioned this concept above.

Simply put, men want to feel like an everyday hero to a woman. If you want to have a chance with a married man, then you have to make sure that woman is you.

The best way to go about it is to watch this simple and genuine video.

You’ll learn the phrases you can say, texts you can send, and little things you can do to bring out this very natural male instinct.

9) Hold Yourself Confidently

No matter how unhappy he may be in his marriage, you have to understand that his first and foremost prerogative will be trying to save it (unless he’s at the point where he’s totally given up).

So if he’s decided that he wants to flirt with the idea of having an extramarital affair, he’s not going to do it unless he’s absolutely smitten by the woman.

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And that means you need to build the kind of energy he can’t refuse.

Confidence, positivity, kindness, and strength — you need to be the kind of woman that makes him think, “Did I marry the wrong person?”

He needs to want to be around you despite his marital commitments because you have energy and power that he simply can’t ignore.

10) Kiss Him “Casually”

Seduction is all about the push and pull. Even if you’ve gone past hand holding and moved on to a more intimate territory, there’s no reason why you should give up on the chase completely.

Part of what makes the idea of an affair so attractive to married men is that they get to experience life as a single man again.

You can expose him to things he hasn’t felt in years: the excitement of the chase, the feeling of will-they-won’t-they.

So instead of going all in every single time you kiss, try lingering. You want to build that desire slowly and make him realize that you’re not an easy chase. Married guys will always be one step behind because they’re inevitably hesitant or regretful due to their circumstances.

By sneaking in an innocent kiss every now and then, or even planting a soft kiss on his lips without letting it erupt into a full make out session, you’re easing him into doing more intimate things with you.

He’s less likely to pull away when things get too intense because he’s already been wading around in the water.

11) Excite Him and Introduce Him To New Things

More often than not, married life puts a damper on the fun things in life.

Bogged down by work and the routine of being in a married household, it’s likely your married man is craving for excitement in his life.

Establishing a good foundation is key to successful seduction.

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Instead of just trying new things in the bedroom, give him exposure to things he may not have experienced in a while.

It’s normal if he’s hesitant at first; after all, he’s used to doing certain things in certain ways.

But if you give him a little nudge and ask him to step out of his comfort zone, he’ll soon realize that there is an entire world to be lived outside of marriage.

Before he even knows it, he’ll start associating seeing you with fun. Instead of eating out at a restaurant, try cooking a complicated dish together.

Introduce him to a new sport. Make him do things he’s uncomfortable with.

The married life can be monotonous; be the one person in his life that makes this exciting and spontaneous for him again.

12) Ask Him What He Really, Really Wants

Compromise is a staple in any marriage.

If your guy has been married for a while, it’s likely he’s used to agreeing to a compromise just to keep his spouse happy.

As great as compromise is for resolving things peacefully, couples do so at the expense of their own personal freedoms.

For the first time in a long time, give him the opportunity to assert what he really wants. Not what he thinks you want him to do, but what he really, really wants to do.

By doing so you’re empowering him to start making decisions purely for himself without any repercussions on the “unit”.

As simple as this may be, just the simple fact that he can unapologetically be himself again will be refreshing, which might just be exactly what he needs to feel like himself again.

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13) Smile and Laugh: Smother Him in Good Vibes

There are many things that can cause a married man to stray far from a commitment and one way to do this is to give him things he’s no longer used to.

Long-term relationships, no matter how strong, can be weighed down by too much history.

You, on the other hand, offer a fresh clean slate where he can express himself without fear of judgment or retaliation.

Simply put, this man probably needs a break from the conflicts he inevitably experiences in his everyday life.

Shower him with love and adoration and he’ll no sooner turn to you for a dose of positivity.

Make him laugh. Make him feel good about himself. Make him feel wanted, loved, and cherished once again.

Show him that you can bring out a good side to him, that you can offer him things beyond sex and lust: that you can be the source of pleasant interactions, whether it’s little surprises or grand gestures of affection.

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14) Never Bring Up His Marriage

If you’re keen on starting a relationship with a married man, one of the most important things to keep in mind is how you handle his marriage.

Be tactful about his circumstance. He already knows he’s indulging in something he shouldn’t; you don’t have to remind him every now and then.

If you really want to pull him in, focus on his individuality instead of the things that are going wrong in his marriage. Using his marriage as a way to relate to him can only backfire.

At the end of the day, he’s still his own person; the marriage is only a part of his identity.

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Focus on his individual strengths and weaknesses instead of luring him away from his spouse by driving a wedge between them.

Seek to foster a real friendship in a way that it can blossom to something else.

Get him to trust you and enjoy your company and attraction should follow if you play your cards right.

15) Make the Most of Your Sexual Tension

Don’t jump the gun and immediately seduce him all the way to the bedroom you.

If you think your married guy is responding positively to your subtly but straightforward advances, prolong the tension.

Keep the intensity high but short. Build off what you currently have and make the sexual tension stronger and more urgent.

Brush up against him when you walk by.

Stare deeply into his eyes when he talks.

Seek out opportunities where you could be alone with just him — ride the same elevator, linger around when you’re both looking for supplies.

Make your presence palpable and addicting.

16) Let Him Know He Can Lose You If He Doesn’t Go For You

Make your intentions clear but don’t make it seem like you’re desperate.

The power dynamic will always be imbalanced because he’s in a commitment that he can always fall back on.

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Inevitably, you’ll always be the person pouring in more affection and seeking him out.

As the seducer, you’ll likely find yourself giving more affection rather than receiving it.

Even so, you don’t have to stick around if he clearly isn’t reciprocating your advances.

Give him little nudges and encouragement here and there, but let it be known that you’re not going to stick around forever.

So flirt, stick around, but also know when to pull away.

He may be married, but he’s still a guy. Trigger his primal, competitive spirit.

Just knowing that he might lose your interest could be enough to spark him into finally confronting your feelings and making a move back.

17) Capitalize On Your Similarities

Highlighting your similarities with someone is a great way to convince them you’re compatible.

Married men, especially those who might be a little older than you, may find it difficult to see anything in common with a younger woman.

So how do you even let him know that you are a possible prospect for him? Help him out by showing how similar the two of you are.

Show him that circumstances are not the only thing you have in common. Discovering shared hobbies and values are key in finding ways to relate to him.

Ask him about his interests. What does he do outside work? How does he like to spend his free time? What conversation topics does he enjoy talking about?

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Make him know that you’re keen to learn more about him as a person.

And even if you don’t have that much in common, your sheer effort in getting to know him is flattering and already puts you on his radar.

18) Give Him the Perfect Setting and Go For It

The spark is there, the sexual tension is electrifying, and you swear he tried to initiate something once or twice.

End the back and forth and give him the opportunity to do so. If you really want something to happen between the two of you, keep in mind that you’ll be the one who has to set it up.

He could be feeling the same way as you but there’s a chance he’s never going to act on it if left to his own devices.

Instead of leaving it up to chance, take things into your own hands. Plan a setting he just won’t be able to resist.

Give him the opportunity to “slip up” and seal the deal once and for all.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Your journey with this married man will not be straightforward. Some days he’ll be into you and some days he’ll act like you don’t even exist.

It’ll constantly feel like a struggle between convincing him that you’re worth his time, and convincing yourself that he’s worth yours.

But if you do manage to seduce a married man, it can be one of the most exciting and thrilling relationships of your life.

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Dating a Married Man? You Need These 4 Tips!

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Maybe you didn’t intend to fall in love with a married man, but it happened anyway. Maybe you like the lifestyle he can provide you with, the fancy gifts you get and the trips he takes you on. Or maybe you enjoy the intellectual stimulation he provides and the worldview this possibly older man can share. Maybe you like the fact that he isn’t available for you all the time because you aren’t ready to commit or maybe you didn’t even know he was married when you first met.

Disclaimer: At the Bad Girl’s Bible, we recognize the many reasons a woman might choose to date a married man. Dating a man who is married is generally frowned up and may have very real legal, emotional and moral ramifications. And if he has kids, then you need to take their feelings into account as well. Proceed with caution if you decide do it!

Whatever the reason, if dating a married man is what you’ve chosen to do, we have some advice for you.

1. Keep It On the Down Low

When you’ve decided to date a married man, it’s best if you keep it a secret. You may think about telling your best friend, but you can be pretty sure that she is going to tell at least one other person too, who in turn will tell others…and so on. Keep in mind that you really can’t let your family or people you work with know because they likely won’t approve. And things can get messy if that happens.

He will want to keep the relationship a secret as well. He doesn’t want to risk someone he knows (or his wife) seeing him with you. So you won’t be able to just go anywhere you like when you date a married man. You’ll have to sneak around. And that means you won’t be able to meet his friends or attend events with him, either.

This post has some tips on keeping it a secret.

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2. Be Ready in Case His Wife Confronts You

If his wife finds out, she might confront you, so be ready for it. He might have lied to his wife about how the affair really happened, so be prepared to hear some wild stories. For example, you can be sure he told his wife that you initiated the affair, even if he did.

If she wants to meet with you, don’t invite her to your place. She could become violent with you. Instead, if you agree to the meeting, do so in a public place, and tell a friend what you’re doing.

Don’t get emotional. Keep the meeting as businesslike as possible. Hear her out, and then leave. There is no need to be nasty and make his wife feel worse than she already does by telling her, for example, that he’s chosen you. Because really… he hasn’t.

3. Make Sure He Showers Before Returning Home…

This isn’t the only thing he should do to avoid being caught, but it’s pretty major…

If you’re happy having the affair, it benefits you to keep it a secret from his wife for as long as possible. Here are four ways that will surely alert any suspicious wife, which you can clue him in on:

  • Make sure he doesn’t start dressing better or wearing cologne (even if you like it) just because he’s seeing you. His wife will suspect something is amiss.
  • If you’re someone his wife knows about, like someone from the office, counsel him to not bring up your name in casual conversation. The more he mentions your name, the more she will begin to connect the dots.
  • Have him get a cell phone that his wife doesn’t know about (or have him get one of the apps we will discuss next that helps him cheat in secret). It’s very easy for her to browse through his regular phone where she will discover everything.
  • If you change the radio station in his car, make sure he changes it back when you leave. His wife won’t believe that he’s suddenly taken an interest in alternative or country music if he’s never liked either genre before. In fact, it’s best to avoid places where she has access.

4. Apps You Can Use to Keep Things Hot, But Secret

When you date a married man, keeping the relationship secret from his wife is of the upmost in importance if you want smooth sailing. Tell your guy about these apps he might want to use on his phone to hide your sexting. We’ve included apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

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  • Slydial: This app for iOS and Android sends him straight to your voicemail when he calls you. That way there’s no chance of him having to actually speak with you and risk being caught.
  • Fox Private Message: This app for Android lets him simply shake his phone in case he’s texting or sexting with you and his wife walks in the room. Shaking the phone erases all evidence. And if he happens to leave his phone in the room where his wife’s likely to see it, this app lets him send a text message code that deletes all texts to and from you.
  • BlackBook: If he has a BlackBerry, he can use an app called BlackBook. It’s a take on the real black books men, well players, used to have before there were smartphones. This app separates you (and anyone else he chooses to include here) as his contact from the rest of his contact list. He needs to punch in a secret code to get to the app, and BlackBook disguises your name when you call his phone.
  • Vaulty Stocks: This app for Android says it’s for stocks, but it’s really to hide all those sexy photos you send him. This one’s only good as long as his wife doesn’t know about it, and if he knows about it, and you know about it, chances are his wife might too.
  • Spy Pix: This app does the same thing as Vaulty Stocks but for iOS. It’s a better app, however, in that it masks the pictures with an innocent decoy image and requires a code to be typed in to view the real photos.
  • TigerText: This app for iOS and Android deletes messages he sends to your inbox. Now he knows you can’t blackmail him later and vice-versa.

A majority of messaging apps also include password-protected areas to hide evidence of your affair.

Some Considerations

With all this said, dating a married man is not a great thing do, especially if he’s in a happy marriage and/or has kids. No matter what he tells you about his wife, she is the one he married. If they have children, she and he raise them together.

You merely come in for some excitement to liven up his marriage. You will eventually become routine as the newness fades. Even if this guy tells you that his marriage is bad or that he’s separated, the bottom line is that his marriage is his business. You are a threat to his marriage. You’re putting yourself in a place you don’t belong.

And consider this: he’s a liar. You know he is if he’s keeping you a secret from his wife. So, if he lies to her, what makes you think he doesn’t lie to you? He might be “cheating” on you as well. If he is or if he isn’t, he’s using you to meet his own needs more than he cares about your needs.

End the Affair

Do this when you date a married man and the situation becomes too intense, is going further than you want it to go, or isn’t going in the direction you want it to. Remember this: you’re putting your life on hold for a married man who probably won’t change his life for you. If he really believed you were his “soul mate” or whatever other line he fed you, he would not put you in the position of being “the other woman.”

When you get the feeling that you’re wasting your precious time, especially when it becomes obvious there’s little chance of a future for you, cut it off. Let him know that you will no longer see him or answer his calls or texts. In fact, you should block him from being able to contact you. You must be strong and not go back, no matter how persuasive he might be. That will only put you back to where you started when you knew it was time to end it. It will be tough at first, but after a while, the discomfort will pass, and you can move on to a new chapter of your life.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, so avoiding dating a married man in the first place is advisable. If you’re being honest with yourself, you’re probably not proud of what you’re doing. You’re leading a double life, sneaking around as your lover arranges secret meetings with you. Dating a married man means that you need to get used to spending the holidays without the man in your life, and you can’t go to events that are important to him.

Plus, relationships that start out this way usually don’t last. Men rarely leave their wives for the other woman. But even if he does divorce his wife for you, the odds aren’t good that your relationship will last. There’s too much guilt and lies for him to deal with.

You might have heard the line, “If he’ll do it with you, he’ll do it to you.” You can’t trust a man who started life with you through deception. You’ll have a better chance of finding lasting love with someone who’s available instead of the kind of relationship you have when you date a married man.

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  • A man who can’t keep his hands off you.

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How To Get A Man To Leave His Wife In 3 Simple Steps | Mitzi Bockmann

A man and woman fall in love… but then she finds out he has something to hide. The reality: you’re having an affair with a man who’s already “taken” — maybe he’s got a girlfriend or is a married man.

The love that you share is so intense, unlike any other love that either of you has ever experienced, maybe more than anyone else in the whole history of the world has ever experienced. The problem is that he already has another woman in his life. How do you get a man to leave his wife or girlfriend?

Men cheat and have mistresses, and sometimes eventually leave their wives. Men cheat because they don’t feel happy in their relationship, are searching for something new and exciting, or no longer feel that emotional connection to their partner. That’s when men go looking for a physical or emotional affair.

No matter how you spin it, though, being with a married man can be the epitome of complicated.

Will a man leave his wife for another woman?

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Men make a lot of promises to their mistress. He says he will leave his wife, but only after he gets through this tough project at work, or once she gets a raise, or once the school year is through, or when the cows come home. 

The thing is, he says these things over and over during a long period of time, but nothing ever happens. And you’re frustrated, to say the least.

How do you know if a man will leave his wife for you? There are a few ways to tell. 

Good signs are if he spends more time with you than his wife, actively makes plans to see you again, and cares about your feelings. If he does these things, there’s a good chance he will leave his wife; however don’t count your chickens before they hatch, as the saying goes.

The truth is that most married men don’t leave their wives for their mistresses. So, how do you get a guy who is cheating on his wife to follow through on all the promises he’s made and finally leave his wife for you?

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How to Get a Man to Leave His Wife for You:

1. Stop having sex with him.

The sex is amazing. The best you have ever had. Him, too. And the thought of giving it up is just devastating.

Or, maybe you think that if you continue to give him this mind-blowing sex, he will one day realize he can’t live without you, go home, and tell his wife that he’s gone. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

You know the phrase, “Have your cake and eat it, too”? That’s what’s happening here. 

No matter what they say, men are mostly motivated by sex. If he can have great sex with you whenever he wants, and still be safely married and living at home, why wouldn’t he?

Breakups are hard. Divorce is even harder. It’s hard on the finances, hard on the kids, and hard on the lifestyle. If he can have sex outside his marriage and stay with his wife, he will. Period. No matter what he says otherwise.

2. Stop talking to him on the phone.

Your conversations are amazing. He tells you how wonderful it is to finally find someone that he can really talk to. Someone who really understands him. He lives for these phone calls. They make his day.

And, of course, because like all women you want to save him, you love this role you play. The woman who loves and supports him, and who can be his life jacket when he’s drowning.

You think, “If I can just be there for him, supporting him, and loving him, one day he will realize that we are meant to be together, and he will go home and leave his wife.” Or, he can use you as a life raft to keep from drowning and still go home and watch “Game of Thrones” with his wife. The two of them side by side on the couch. Maybe eating ice cream together. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Don’t kid yourself. All that support you give him isn’t going to make him wake up and appreciate you. He’s a man, and that man feels entitled to have you.

Bonus: Don’t interact over social media, either.

3. Stop gracing him with your presence.

Some women truly believe that if they stop seeing their lover, he will forget them and never leave his wife. This just isn’t true.

You are a life-buoy for your lover. You provide him love, sex, companionship and respite from an unhappy marriage. If you’re suddenly gone, he will be without that safety device and start to miss you.

You know the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? That should be the motto that all women live by. It’s simple — don’t spend time with him.

Men want what they can’t have. That’s the hunter in them. So, if you don’t give your man your physical presence, he will miss you and perhaps even value you more in your absence. And maybe, just maybe, consider leaving his wife to get you back.

Hopefully, by now that you get the gist of what it’s going to take to get the man you love to leave the woman he’s committed to. You removing yourself completely and totally is the only way it will happen.

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Here’s the thing: Your lover is either going to leave his partner, or he isn’t. There’s nothing that you can do or say that will make him do so before he’s ready. If he ever is ready.

So, if you’re frustrated by the life that you’re living, the life of the other woman always waiting for her man to be available, you have to make a choice.

You can stand around long-term and wait for him, be his life raft and his sex partner. Perhaps, someday, he will be yours. But most likely he never will be. Or, you can dig out your pride from the dark closet it has been stored in, get a backbone, and walk out of his life. If you do so, you will show him that you’re a woman worth fighting for, not someone who will sit idly by, making sure that her man is okay.

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What if he doesn’t realize? What if he never leaves his wife?

Then good riddance. If he was ever going to do it, he would have left his wife by now.

Who wants a man who makes promises that he doesn’t keep, who doesn’t value what an amazing woman you are, who takes his life for granted, not realizing that he’s wasting precious time being unhappy.

And you, by walking away, will be given the chance to live your life and find a man who doesn’t use you as a flotation device, who rocks your world sexually and treats you like a queen.

Because you will find the perfect guy. But only if you’re out there available to be found.

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How to Find Inner Strength to Leave a Married Man

David Oldfield/Photodisc/Getty Images

Less than 5 percent of relationships that begin as affairs survive, according to psychologist Phillip “Dr. Phil” McGraw in the article “Dating a Married Man” on This may be partly due to a lack of trust: If he’s cheated on his wife with you, there’s nothing stopping him from cheating on you, too. By making the decision to leave a married man, you’ve already done the hardest part. You may need to dig deep to find the inner strength to go through with it.

Get Real

No matter what the man has told you about the state of his marriage or his wife’s behavior, your presence is threatening their relationship. You are attacking their family unit, McGraw warns. If you think you are his soulmate, you may be deluding yourself. If you were true soulmates, consider whether he would be content to keep you as the “other woman.” Everything the man tells you should be taken with a grain of salt, McGraw advises. He is lying to his wife and children, so you should consider the possibility that he is lying to you, too.

Love Yourself More

Your primary focus should be on yourself and your kids, not the married man. Spend time figuring out what makes you tick. You may have spent several months or even years fitting in with this man’s schedule, making arrangements to suit him and changing your plans on short notice to see him. It’s time to put yourself first. Being in love with a married man typically leads to loneliness, secrecy and anxiety, says Kristen Houghton, author of the self-help book “And Then I’ll Be Happy,” in the “The Huffington Post” article “Affair Survival: Tips for Dating a Married Man.” Your needs will always come last in a relationship with a married man, Houghton warns. Start putting your needs first to give yourself the strength to end the affair.

Turn to Friends and Family

If you feel able to confide in a trusted friend or relative about the affair, talking about it may help you see things more clearly. Even if nobody else knows about the affair, having a strong support network can help you find the inner strength to end it. An unhealthy or frustrating relationship may lead to low self-esteem, says psychiatrist Neel Burton in the article “Building Confidence and Self-Esteem” for “Psychology Today.” Boost your confidence by spending time with positive, encouraging, caring people who make you feel good about yourself. You may have been putting your married lover’s needs before those of your family and friends for a long time. Now is the time to focus on them again.

Prepare Yourself

Leaving the married man may be like ripping off a bandage — extremely painful at first, but in time the pain will subside. Prepare yourself for the breakup by looking after your emotional and physical health. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. Make time in your life for relaxation, and experiment with stress-management techniques until you find the one that works best for you, such as yoga or meditation. It may help to record your feelings about the relationship and the imminent breakup in a journal or to seek professional help. A suitably qualified, experienced counselor may be able to help you learn the skills required to cope with the end of the affair.

9 Ways to Stop Loving a Married Man and Avoid an Affair

Moral Values: Know the Consequences of Getting into an Affair with a Married Man

Whether you know it or not, falling for a married man can have severe consequences. In case you don’t know about him being married then you are not to be blamed for your actions. But if you know that he is married and has a complete family at home and you are still falling for him, you are probably pushing yourself into a ditch. You will probably end up empty-handed or you will have to face millions of consequences to win the man of your dreams. Morally speaking, you are going to hurt so many people on your way to loving a married man. You will hurt his wife, parents, kids and many others.

In the eyes of God, you will be counted as a sinner because you will hurt his creation and they will suffer because of you. Nobody likes to share people they love, so you will hurt yourself as well because you will have no choice left except for sharing the person you love if you fall for an already taken man. Speaking from experience most men never leave their first wives so you’ll be a second woman in his life, and will be treated accordingly your entire life by his relatives. Take the decision wisely, think of other people around and better try not to fall for a married man at all. 

9 Ways to Stop Loving a Married Man

Falling in love with someone is often uncontrollable. It cannot be controlled no matter how much a person tries. Very few people fall for someone at first sight and in most cases, people fall for the other person after knowing them completely. When in the know-how journey you find that your crush is already married or taken that is the point where you are supposed to pull the reins of your heart and mind. Tell yourself to back off because, falling for a married man will make your life extremely complicated, and nobody wishes to have a complex love life. 
If it’s getting tough for you to stop yourself from falling for a married man even after knowing that this love will only give you pain and nothing else; you still need to STOP. We feel how difficult it gets to stop your heart from racing for a person, so we’re here to help you out with some tips and tricks that will work for you, no matter whichever stage of connection you are. 

Attraction Stage: Stop Yourself and Avoid a Connection

1. Limit Interaction

If the person you are falling for is someone you meet and interact daily, then obviously it’s going to be really tough for you to stay away. It gets easier in the case where you don’t have to face the person daily. Keep your interaction level with that person as low as possible so that your heart doesn’t get triggered. You can only do it willingly if you are fully aware of the fact that falling for a married man will have lasting consequences. Limit your interaction in a way that people around you don’t sense it and it seems normal to your crush and others as well.

2. Learn To Say No

If you know somebody who is married and still shows his or her interest, it’s about time you show them their way back and lock all the back doors without any hesitation. If they still don’t stop dropping signals at your door just inform their partner so that they handle their partner themselves. It happens most of the time if someone shows interest in you; you also start getting attracted to them. If this happens to you, just give your heart a red flag and a signal to back off. 

3. Do a Reality Check

When somebody is falling in love their eyes are blindfolded and they cannot see the reality anymore. In that case, a friend or a family member should intervene and make them realize what they are going to do and how it will affect their life. Realistic people don’t fall for anyone without doing a reality check. A reality check opens a person’s eyes wide enough to see what is coming their way and how it will affect them and their life. For example: falling for a married man can bring a lot of problems for a person and cause so much heartbreak in just one go. 

Dating Stage: How to Stop Dating the Married Man

4. Back Off

If you didn’t realize it earlier in the attraction stage and have realized it now that dating a married man will lead you nowhere, it’s better to take a step back now. Just state your choice to them and wait for their reaction or ask them to divorce their former partner if they want to continue their relationship with you. If they agree with you it’s still best for you to back off and move on because a person who can leave their life long partner for a new found love they cannot be trusted and they can leave you as well.

5. Come Out Clear

If you are clear about your decision and choices and you don’t want to linger on with your relationship with a married man than you should state things very clearly without any hesitation. It is the biggest favor that you will do to yourself by pushing yourself out of a relationship you don’t want to stay in. Coming out clear is not so easy, there is a fear of hurting the feelings of another person but once you decide to come out clear never back off as it will make you a cheater which you are not. 

6.  Stop Lying To Yourself

If you have come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t be dating a married man then you should stick to it and stop lying to yourself and your partner. Stop weaving dreams of an unachievable happily ever after when you already know that it won’t be possible for you to achieve it with them. Just be true to them and yourself. That man might be using an affair with you to fill an empty void in his unsuccessful marriage, once you know the truth just confront it without any hesitation. 

Affair Stage: How to Get Yourself out

1. Make Sure It’s Completely Over

State everything clearly and tell them why this relationship won’t work for you in the long run and there is no chance for the two of you to unite. Tell him clearly that you don’t see a happily ever after with him so you can’t waste your time on this relationship anymore. Be true to him about how you feel so that he understands the fact very clearly that everything between the two of you is completely over and it’s not just a temporary breakup. 

2. Get Back To Your Life

Everybody should have a life of their own, a life that doesn’t circle their love life and has an independent worth. Right after getting out of a relationship it’s not easy to carry on with normal life at all, but it can get easier if the life that you have other than your love life excites you enough. Break all your ties with him, so that he cannot get in touch with you anymore otherwise moving on will get tougher. Get on with your life, do what you love, let the past drain out of your head and have faith in the fact that the best is yet to come. 

3. Embrace Your Freedom

Have faith that whatever happens, happens for good. Let yourself grieve enough, and flow all your emotions out once and for all. Have a good friend by your side that acts as a shield and supports you. Once you are out of the grieving phase just get on with how you were before getting into that relationship. Focus on your goals, groom yourself, buy yourself your favorite stuff, treat yourself with fancy dinners, go for spa days, pamper yourself and embrace your freedom to the fullest. 


Every relationship sees ups and downs. Some relationships are smooth and some are complicated. The relationship with a married man can have unpredictable consequences and you can avoid them altogether by not falling in love with a shared man. Nobody deserves to share the love of their life. Just believe in yourself and the fact that God has something better for you in-store and the best is yet to come. Don’t underestimate yourself, life is not over yet. Enjoy every day to the fullest because life is short. Love and pamper yourself enough that you don’t need anybody else to do that for you. Don’t put your weaknesses up for a display; people will take advantage of your vulnerability. Make your choices wisely and never fall for a married man. 

What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity

I’m not sure it’s possible to justify my liaisons with married men, but what I learned from having them warrants discussion. Not between the wives and me, though I would be interested to hear their side. No, this discussion should happen between wives and husbands, annually, the way we inspect the tire tread on the family car to avoid accidents.

A few years ago, while living in London, I dated married men for companionship while I processed the grief of being newly divorced. I hadn’t sought out married men specifically. When I created a profile on Tinder and OkCupid, saying I was looking for no-strings-attached encounters, plenty of single men messaged me and I got together with several of them. But many married men messaged me too.

After being married for 23 years, I wanted sex but not a relationship. This is dicey because you can’t always control emotional attachments when body chemicals mix, but with the married men I guessed that the fact that they had wives, children and mortgages would keep them from going overboard with their affections. And I was right. They didn’t get overly attached, and neither did I. We were safe bets for each other.

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I was careful about the men I met. I wanted to make sure they had no interest in leaving their wives or otherwise threatening all they had built together. In a couple of cases, the men I met were married to women who had become disabled and could no longer be sexual, but the husbands remained devoted to them.

All told I communicated with maybe a dozen men during that time in my life, and had sex with fewer than half. Others I texted or talked with, which sometimes felt nearly as intimate.

Before I met each man I would ask: “Why are you doing this?” I wanted assurance that all he desired was sex.

What surprised me was that these husbands weren’t looking to have more sex. They were looking to have any sex.

I met one man whose wife had implicitly consented to her husband having a lover because she was no longer interested in sex, at all. They both, to some degree, got what they needed without having to give up what they wanted. But the other husbands I met would have preferred to be having sex with their wives. For whatever reason, that wasn’t happening.

I know what it feels like to go off sex, and I know what it’s like to want more than my partner. It’s also a tall order to have sex with the same person for more years than our ancestors ever hoped to live. Then, at menopause, a woman’s hormones suddenly drop and her desire can wane.

At 49, I was just about there myself, and terrified of losing my desire for sex. Men don’t have this drastic change. So we have an imbalance, an elephant-size problem, so burdensome and shameful we can scarcely muster the strength to talk about it.

Maybe the reason some wives aren’t having sex with their husbands is because, as women age, we long for a different kind of sex. I know I did, which is what led me down this path of illicit encounters. After all, nearly as many women are initiating affairs as men.

If you read the work of Esther Perel, the author of the recently published book “State of Affairs,” you’ll learn that, for many wives, sex outside of marriage is their way of breaking free from being the responsible spouses and mothers they have to be at home. Married sex, for them, often feels obligatory. An affair is adventure.

Meanwhile, the husbands I spent time with would have been fine with obligatory sex. For them, adventure wasn’t the main reason for their adultery.

The first time I saw my favorite married man pick up his pint of beer, the sleeve of his well-tailored suit pulled back from his wrist to reveal a geometric kaleidoscope of tattoos. He was cleanshaven and well mannered with a little rebel yell underneath. The night I saw the full canvas of his tattoo masterpiece, we drank prosecco, listened to ’80s music and, yes, had sex. We also talked.

I asked him: “What if you said to your wife, ‘Look, I love you and the kids but I need sex in my life. Can I just have the occasional fling or a casual affair?’”

He sighed. “I don’t want to hurt her,” he said. “She’s been out of the work force for 10 years, raising our kids and trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. If I asked her that kind of question, it would kill her.”

“So you don’t want to hurt her, but you lie to her instead. Personally, I’d rather know.”

Well, maybe I would rather know. My own marriage had not broken up over an affair so I couldn’t easily put myself in her position.

“It’s not necessarily a lie if you don’t confess the truth,” he said. “It’s kinder to stay silent.”

“I’m just saying I couldn’t do that. I don’t want to be afraid of talking honestly about my sex life with the man I’m married to, and that includes being able to at least raise the subject of sex outside of marriage.”

“Good luck with that!” he said.

“We go into marriage assuming we’ll be monogamous,” I said, “but then we get restless. We don’t want to split up, but we need to feel more sexually alive. Why break up the family if we could just accept the occasional affair?”

He laughed. “How about we stop talking about it before this affair stops being fun?”

I never convinced any husband that he could be honest about what he was doing. But they were mostly good-natured about it, like a patient father responding to a child who keeps asking, “Why, why, why?”

Maybe I was being too pragmatic about issues that are loaded with guilt, resentment and fear. After all, it’s far easier to talk theoretically about marriage than to navigate it. But my attitude is that if my spouse were to need something I couldn’t give him, I wouldn’t keep him from getting it elsewhere, as long as he did so in a way that didn’t endanger our family.

I suppose I would hope his needs would involve fishing trips or beers with friends. But sex is basic. Physical intimacy with other human beings is essential to our health and well-being. So how do we deny such a need to the one we care about most? If our primary relationship nourishes and stabilizes us but lacks intimacy, we shouldn’t have to destroy our marriage to get that intimacy somewhere else. Should we?

I didn’t have a full-on affair with the tattooed husband. We slept together maybe four times over a few years. More often we talked on the phone. I never felt possessive, just curious and happy to be in his company.

After our second night together, though, I could tell this was about more than sex for him; he was desperate for affection. He said he wanted to be close to his wife but couldn’t because they were unable to get past their fundamental disconnect: lack of sex, which led to a lack of closeness, which made sex even less likely and then turned into resentment and blame.

We all go through phases of wanting it and not wanting it. I doubt most women avoid having sex with their husbands because they lack physical desire in general; we are simply more complex sexual animals. Which is why men can get an erection from a pill but there’s no way to medically induce arousal and desire in women.

I am not saying the answer is non-monogamy, which can be rife with risks and unintended entanglements. I believe the answer is honesty and dialogue, no matter how frightening. Lack of sex in marriage is common, and it shouldn’t lead to shame and silence. By the same token, an affair doesn’t have to lead to the end of a marriage. What if an affair — or, ideally, simply the urge to have one — can be the beginning of a necessary conversation about sex and intimacy?

What these husbands couldn’t do was have the difficult discussion with their wives that would force them to tackle the issues at the root of their cheating. They tried to convince me they were being kind by keeping their affairs secret. They seemed to have convinced themselves. But deception and lying are ultimately corrosive, not kind.

In the end, I had to wonder if what these men couldn’t face was something else altogether: hearing why their wives no longer wanted to have sex with them. It’s much easier, after all, to set up an account on Tinder.

I’m In Love With A Married Man: How To Get Over Inappropriate Feelings

By: Steven Finkelstein

Updated July 08, 2020

“I’m in love with a married man.” Have you found yourself saying those words? Maybe you haven’t been able to utter them out loud, but it’s something that you’ve admitted to yourself, if only inside your head. For the person who finds themselves in love with a married man, life can quickly become hellish. Unrequited love is one of the most heart-rending things that can occur, and if you’re on the wrong end of it, then it might feel like your entire life has ground to a halt. What can you do about it? In this article, we’ll talk about how to deal with inappropriate feelings toward a married man and how you can get your life back on track.


How Did This Happen?

There are different ways that you might conclude that you’re in love with a married man. Maybe you’re the sibling of an individual in your family, and over time you come to the inescapable conclusion that you have romantic feelings for their husband. Perhaps you work with a married man, and you begin to have feelings for your coworker. Maybe the scenario is that you’ve started reconnecting with an old love who is married, either in person or online. We’ll go over each of these situations in turn, since your actions are probably not going to be identical depending on the details of what is going on.

A Married Man Within Your Family

If the married man to whom you are attracted is within your family, then that’s probably going to be the toughest and most complicated situation that will be discussed. If you see them frequently along with their spouse, then your feelings are going to be very raw because the person who you love is within reaching distance, but you cannot have them.

There are two key factors to go over here, and indeed, they are the same two factors that will need to be dealt with in any of these scenarios. The first one is whether the married man knows how you feel about them, and the second is whether he feels the same way about you in return.

If the married man does not know how you feel about them, then it will make things a bit easier for you. You can conceal what’s happening with you and not act on those feelings. Later on, we will describe how you can get over the heartache that this choice will bring about.

On the other hand, if the married man you’re interested in does know how you feel or suspects it, then you’re likely going to need to have a conversation about it with him at some point. In that conversation, you can make it very clear that you don’t want to wreck their marriage, so you’re not ever going to act on what you feel. Hopefully, that will be sufficient for him, and he will not ever see the need to tell his spouse based on your promise to behave appropriately.

Does He Feel the Same Way About You in Return?


When a married man falls in love with you, and you feel the same way about him, it can be exceedingly difficult. These things do happen, particularly if the love between the married man and his spouse has soured. He might be looking for affection outside the marriage, and that might make him vulnerable to your advances.

You need to decide as to whether you are going to act on your impulses, and it’s probably going to take a supreme act of willpower for you to resist if you believe he feels similarly about you as well. The two of you must both look at things from a moral standpoint. You know the hurt that it would cause if you carried out an affair behind the back of the man’s spouse. It would also likely cause a rift in the family that might never be mended. Think about those things very carefully, and try with all of your willpower to refrain from acting on how you feel.

A Married Man With Whom You Work

Sexual tension and feelings of love can certainly come up between you and a married man with whom you work as well. Maybe you have the sort of job where you work in close quarters with someone. Perhaps your cubicle is right next to theirs, or you take work trips to conferences together. You might know intimate details about their marriage if the two of you are friendly toward one another. The more you discover about him, the more you might feel that he is perfect for you. The one small caveat: he’s married, and to the best of your knowledge that is not going to change anytime soon. What can you do?

The same two questions must be asked as if the married man was a part of your family. Does he know about your feelings, and does he reciprocate? If he doesn’t know, then you must keep how you feel to yourself. There is no other answer here. If you try to act on your feelings or make them known to him, then not only will you make the situation at work untenable, you might even lose your job over it.

If he feels similarly to you as you do about him, that complicates matters even further. The sentence “I am in love with a married man, and he is in love with me” is the fodder for romance novels, but in real life, having an affair with this person can wreck his marriage, and it can jeopardize both of your careers.

You must look at this situation in terms of a cost/benefit analysis. You can’t allow yourself to act on your impulses. Forgetting the moral turpitude for a moment, the cost of moving forward is just too high and could be like playing with fire. You should tamp down your feelings, and if you find that you can’t do it, you need to resign and find a different job.

The Old Love Who Is Married

If you have an old flame with whom you were once involved, but now he is married, it can become problematic if you reconnect and you find that you still have feelings for him. This situation is particularly challenging because, for both of you, the weight of the previous times that you spent together may be weighing heavily on both your minds.

Consider once again those two questions. If he does not know how you feel, then the best thing is to cut off contact with him. To keep in touch will only cause you pain. He might be surprised or hurt that you no longer want to communicate. It may then be necessary to explain to him what is going on. You can do so delicately, though. You needn’t tell him that you are still in love with him. That will accomplish nothing. You can say instead that you retain some feelings and that you’d prefer if the two of you went your separate ways. You can wish him well, and hopefully, that will be the end of it.

If he still loves you as well and there is any consideration on both your parts about him having an affair with you, then once again there is a moral issue about which he must think, and a cost/benefit analysis will be necessary. Maybe you know his spouse, and you’re probably not okay with the idea of hurting them if the two of you were found out. Maybe he has kids now too, and you know that moving forward could wreck their lives. This is not even mentioning that you might be married and have kids yourself. In almost all situations, it would be better if you cut off contact with him, for the sake of everyone involved.

Consider Your Actions Very Carefully


In all of these situations, there are a couple of choices that you need to make, the first being whether you are going to act on your feelings or not and wait for the possibility of him leaving his wife.The second is how you are going to deal with the heartache whatever your decision happens to be.

In almost all circumstances, it is better not to have an affair with this person even should they be willing to do so. The one exception might be if you’re completely sure that their marriage is ending soon and that the divorce papers are on the verge of being signed. If you’re unattached, then this might be appropriate, but even then, you should proceed with extreme caution. What if he abruptly changes his mind and decides that he’s going to stay with his wife so they can give things another try?

If you choose to refrain from acting, then there is no doubt that you’ve made a more responsible and indeed a more adult decision. Getting tangled up with someone married is a complication that you don’t need in your life, and it’s more than likely to lead to hurt feelings, either yours or someone else’s. Even if you don’t feel hurt personally, then you know that if the man’s infidelity is found out, then it could destroy his domestic life, and then you’ll feel like a homewrecker. Is that truly something you want on your conscience?

Even if you’re okay with it, word of what happened is likely to come out even if he’s been lying to his wife. If the two of you run in the same social circles, you can be branded with the scarlet letter of the adulterer. You might be barred from school or work events, or you might even run the risk of your vehicle being vandalized or bricks thrown through your windows at home. If the spouse of the married man with whom you had the affair is the vengeful type, such things might happen, or even worse.

Getting Over Your Feelings

Assuming that you’ve decided not to act on your feelings, the best thing that you can do is to make a supreme mental effort and move on with your life. If the married man is in your family and you can’t stand to be around him because of the depths of your love, then try to avoid family functions where you know he will be there. If other family members ask why you’re distant, try to make up some plausible excuse. If you work with the person, then getting a new job is probably going to be your best bet if it is that painful to be around them. If it’s an old flame on social media, then don’t communicate with them any longer, and don’t see them in person anymore either.

It’s going to be hard for you, especially if you feel so strongly that this is the right person for you. You might curse the cruel fate that put this man in front of you who seems like your ideal mate, but you cannot have them. In all likelihood, some therapy will be needed so you can get over your feelings of anxiety about the situation. It’s helpful to talk to someone impartial who has nothing to do with the situation, and a mental health professional should be able to give you some good advice.

Of course, the other thing that you can do is to think about dating other men and don’t wait for him to leave his wife. That’s the best way to get over such strong feelings. There are, as the axiom goes, much fish in the sea. You might feel that this married man is the only one in the world with whom you can be happy, but if you stop and look at the situation objectively, then you’ll realize how absurd that viewpoint is. You must rein in your feelings, get them in check, and explore some other possibilities. That’s the most adult thing that you can do.

Moving On


Moving on from loving a married man and not acting on your feelings might seem at the time like it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. The heart does indeed want what it wants, and sometimes, your feelings can be irrational. It doesn’t always feel fair, the twists and turns life takes, and you might find yourself shaking your fist at the heavens because this sort of thing has befallen you.

You’ll get past it, though. You have the strength inside you to do so. Someone might seem perfect for you, but if they’re married already, then the simple reality is that they’re not perfect, and unless they suddenly become single again then you need to forget about them. By doing so, you’ll become a better person because you resisted the temptation, and it’s precisely that sort of thing that builds character. You may end up coming out of this situation, having a more well-rounded and pragmatic view of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Married Man Fall In Love?

It is possible for married men to fall in love with someone else other than their spouse, especially if there is tension within his current situation and he feels vulnerable.

If he finds someone else that suits him and his needs better, he can become drawn in and start cheating on his wife; however, if he acts on these feelings and impulses, it can create many challenges and can cause irreparable damage to his family, especially if he decides that he’s going to leave his wife.

Can You Love Someone Who Is Married?

Although it’s possible for married men to fall in love with someone else and proceed with leaving their wives, it’s not something that you should count on happening, since men don’t always do so.

You can love someone who is married, but you should weigh the costs and benefits of it; in most cases, it will be emotionally exhausting and cause various issues and it is recommended that you don’t drop what you’re doing for them.

There is also the possibility that the man is not looking to have an affair, and your love towards him will most likely be unrequited and you may be wasting emotional energy on hoping for a relationship with a married man.

What Are The Consequences of Dating a Married Man?

If you’re in love or considering seeing a man who is married, you should be aware of some of the complications such as:

  • Feeling like “the other woman”
  • Not being meet his friends, parents, or attend family gatherings
  • Him not being able to fully commit to your relationship
  • Feeling guilty about ruining his marriage or family

Dating a married man might be exciting for you at first, but you’re playing a risky game , and over time you might feel more lonely and depressed because you have to keep the relationship hidden from everyone. You may even develop trust issues; if he is willing to leave his wife, or even at the very least, start lying to his wife, have an affair and break her trust, he could very well do the same to you.

Can A Man Have Feelings For More Than One Woman?

It’s possible for men to have feelings for more than one woman and even married men can love two women at the same time; polygamous relationships have been around since early human history and it’s still seen in many cultures around the world and not a big deal in those societies. 

In fact, in the animal kingdom, including throughout most of human history, monogamy is considered unusual.

However, in the United States, and much of the Western world, monogamy is the norm, and even if they are married to just one person, it’s possible for someone to love more than one person simultaneously. The love may not be equal, and one might be favored more over the other, though and there can be conflicting emotions.

Nonetheless, in places where the majority of the population practices monogamy, having feelings for multiple people would be considered infidelity, and many would call it immoral.

What Does It Mean When A Married Man Says He Misses You?

Even if he’s married, if a man expresses that he misses you, it means that he values your presence and most likely wants your company but has not necessarily fallen in love with you.

It also means that there may be marital problems and things aren’t right and he is looking for affection and possibly, understanding, elsewhere. However, he might not be looking to leave his wife entirely, and chances are, he won’t at all, but you may find that he talks about his wife and problems at home and ponder ways to change his life around.

Why Do People Cheat In A Relationship?

Although cheating is considered morally wrong and unacceptable in most societies, it’s important to know that there are specific reasons why people do so, and it often isn’t out of spite, malice, or boredom, though these can be possibilities too.

Infidelity is not a rare phenomenon, and typically, women and men cheat in their relationships because there are fundamental problems that haven’t been addressed, and a few of them are:

  • Little to no intimacy or other forms of bonding
  • Constant, unresolved conflict
  • Struggling to commit

Many of these problems stem from a lack of communication or an inability to do in a productive way, and this can lead to people feeling neglected and their needs not being met, and therefore, try to seek it elsewhere, like through online dating.

They may find that it improves their mood and self-esteem, but it will come at the cost of the other individual who is being cheated on.

Is Falling In Love With Someone Else Cheating?

Cheating doesn’t always have to solely be physical. For example, flirting with someone else while you are in a relationship with someone else, can be considered emotional cheating, and it doesn’t matter if there was any physical involvement or not.

However, if you are in love with a person who is in a relationship with someone else, you aren’t cheating, but you’re playing a part in it and facilitating it for the other individual if they follow through with seeing you.

Do Affairs Last?

Some affairs do last, and can lead to remarriage; however, if you want to date a married man or woman, it’s important to realize that most affairs do not last very long because they tend to be built on aspects that are destructive to healthy relationships such as lies, deceit, and a lack of commitment.

The bottom line is that the intensity of the relationship may peak very early on, and at the beginning of the affair, two people may be inseparable and happy because you’ve fallen in love, but over time, in the middle of an affair, problems that stem from communication issues, as well as boredom, can arise, just like the previous relationship where infidelity was involved.


If you are having feelings for a married man and you are looking for a way to get rid of them, hopefully, the advice in this article has given you the insight you need to try to move on and not expect him to leave his wife. If you need additional assistance, counseling and therapy is also an option, and a professional can help you sort out your thoughts and get back on track and start looking for a relationship elsewhere.

Sex with a married man: ledagarina – LiveJournal

As recently as the day before yesterday I wrote that what women write exclusively about cooking, children and sex is fucking.
So I’ll write more about sex! (I won’t get to the top, so I can).

But the top blogger oladuh2 recently discussed the issue of “sex on the side”. And actually there it is always discussed. With the main slogan “Do not sleep with your wife, sleep with your mistress.” For example, here it is being discussed whether it is easy for a man who is tired of family life to find a decent girl on the side.For sex. (Although, I think that it is not only for sex, but also for romance. Because sex with a young and decent girl can not help but please, and sooner or later, a man will want from her not only sex, but also feelings).

And dear men in the discussions of this article, as well as in many other resources, which are not available on the Internet, write that it is easy to find her, and most importantly, it is not more than 25 years old to take a girl. Since they are cute, fresh, and other niceties. Desirable, model appearance, but that’s how lucky.

Further men who agree with this can start throwing stones at me, rotten eggs, and everything that comes to hand.
Just recently I looked at the photos of my classmates. Here they are 25, and here – 35. There is no difference. The girls began to dress better. Perhaps, if you look closely, then fine wrinkles around the eyes will become visible, but this is hardly the exact reason why a man does not get up on a woman.
Surely during this time, the girls have learned to have better sex.Moreover, they have become more sensual. Since the early years of sexual activity, many women do not understand at all how to have an orgasm.
They have become more self-sufficient. They, absolutely all, took place in the profession. They are confident in themselves.
And, of course, now they are much smarter than in the first, and even in the fifth year.

This is the real reason why men looking for connections on the side will always look for girls, but not women.
Because no normal, intelligent woman needs a married man for nothing.Moreover, there are enough unmarried people around.

She knows very well that:
1. In this case, she will not get a normal relationship, but only irregular sex.
2. If he falls in love with her and wants to marry (well, suddenly), then after a while he will again have a need for sex on the side. Does she need it?
3. Well, if we talk about “just sex” – it is always better to have an ardent admirer with a bunch of flowers nearby who makes you coffee in the morning than a neurotic man who says “don’t call me after 22” and regularly looks at his watch.
Although, maybe there are girls who enjoy the fact that their man sleeps with someone other than them? Girls! Raise your hands! Are there those who like to wear other people’s panties too?
4. And most importantly, it is impossible for an intelligent woman to show off. “What have you got there? Rolex, BMW? And what’s the use if you’re an asshole?”

That due to which it would be possible to assert itself – due to the gap in age and social status – does not work out in any way.
And you wouldn’t have to assert yourself – you wouldn’t run to do it at the expense of girls who do not yet know what’s what, and it seems to them that any dick that rolls up with flowers is a prince, and any sex is love.

Successful cheating!

How to seduce a married man: tips and techniques

The topic related to how to seduce a married man was probably interested in every woman who unwittingly fell in love with someone else’s spouse. Before deciding on intimacy with a busy guy, you need to determine for yourself what purpose is being pursued. If you are considering exclusively intimacy, then the tactics of winning the chosen one is not at all difficult. But it is worth remembering that a lot depends on a man’s attitude to family traditions and values.

Seduction For Sex

How to seduce a married guy? If from a busy man a girl needs only one-time sex, then a flirtatious look, flirting and transparent hints are enough. If the guy did not react to such receptions, then perhaps he simply did not understand the woman. In this case, you should try to express your desire directly. But if a girl understands that a man belongs to the category of faithful husbands, then it is better to think carefully before spending your time on him.The point is, the effort that can be spent seducing such a guy may not be worth it.

Stubborn seduction techniques

Each man has his own temperament, on which the use of psychological techniques depends. You can seduce a married person, but this can be quite difficult, since for some guys the relationship is always long and serious. Their hallmark is consistency. Therefore, side trips are heroism for them.

In order to seduce such a man, you need to get into his trust. It is advisable to become a friend to him, to whom he will begin to trust his secrets.

But, unfortunately, things can move forward very slowly. And if intimacy happens between you, then he will try to hide the fact of connection in all possible ways. Often men of this type are simply too lazy to leave a comfortable and familiar place next to their wife. Therefore, it is pointless to expect decisive action from him.
Such guys can only agree to a comfortable pastime with you: sex, lunch, heart-to-heart conversations.In order to put such a guy in front of a choice, you will have to attract an opponent. He may not want to share “his woman” with someone, and then actions may follow. But, of course, this is unlikely.

Married by accident

How to seduce a married man? The psychological techniques that are used in relation to Don Juans do not require serious efforts. As a rule, such guys get married by chance, very rarely for love. Therefore, looking to the side is their life credo. A girl who decides to seduce such a man does not have to work too hard, since the same techniques work with them as with free guys.There is enough territory for intimacy, coquetry, flirting and a hint.

Important! Men of this type do not provide for the continuation of a relationship with a mistress. Moreover, they will not value it.

Techniques for seducing a faithful husband

This is perhaps one of the most difficult options. After all, such men love their wives very much and are not inclined to outside connections. If you fall in love with such a guy, then you have a long job ahead of you. For him, it is necessary not only to become a friend, but also to maintain a constant flirtation.Moreover, one should flirt carefully so that he does not mean anything like that. Thus, a man will look at you not only as a friend, but also as a girl.

You need to try to show him your intelligence, intelligence and a good sense of humor as often as possible and establish the most trusting relationship with him so that he is not afraid to complain about his life and speak out when he is very bad at heart.

Appearance Seduction

If a girl seduces a married man with ease, she is most likely very beautiful.As you know, each representative of the stronger sex is guided by his first impression. Therefore, you can conquer a guy with a seductive appearance. The sexiest outfits, according to men, are blouses, fitted business suits, pencil skirts, tight jeans, stockings and high-heeled pumps. Guys are not indifferent to shades of red in clothes. But remember that sexuality and vulgarity are completely different concepts.

As for the makeup, it shouldn’t be bright and provocative.Therefore, sequins, rhinestones, eyelash extensions and hair are often off-putting.

Dialogue as a psychological seduction technique

You can seduce a married man into engaging conversation. Despite the fact that guys primarily pay attention to their appearance, some women manage to charm with dialogue. Just do not “fill up” the man with scientific knowledge and terms. It is enough to express your point of view about a particular situation. During a conversation, you must use subtle humor and flirting.When communicating, non-verbal signs come in handy: straighten a lock of hair, shoot with your eyes, cross your legs, or play with a pendant or chain.
During a dialogue with a man, look him directly in the eyes. A sexy voice should be soft and low.

How to seduce a married boss

Not only a young and attractive girl, but also quite an adult woman can decide to conquer the chief. Even if your boss is interested in you, you need to understand that such people rarely do stupid things that lead to unnecessary problems.Therefore, you should not rush to conclusions and draw in your imagination passionate kisses, hugs and declarations of love. Very often, when flirting with a boss, a woman runs the risk of being in the center of gossip and discussions behind her back.

How to seduce a married colleague? If you are sure that your feelings for him are mutual, then behave wisely and try not to show your caring attitude towards him within the walls of the organization. Dating a married man is best in an environment where no one knows you.Connections at work, especially with married men, are never encouraged.


How to seduce a married man at work? The techniques for seducing male representatives are almost the same, regardless of whether they are married or free, work with you in the same office, or you meet with them exclusively in business negotiations.

Often married men lack variety. Over time, feelings for a spouse tend to fade away.Someone finds an outlet in fishing, hunting, diving, etc. Others tend to look for connections on the side.
Most men tend to cheat, because, according to psychologists, they need sex, and intimacy with a new partner gives unknown sensations.
Moreover, the instinct of the conqueror is satisfied. It is important to understand that married men tend to love equally both their wife and their mistress.
How to seduce a married man?

  • If you work in the same office, then try to catch his eye more often.Carry documents for signature, ask for help with work. Always smile at him when you meet. Become an indispensable employee for him, help him. He should feel that it is pleasant and easy to communicate with you.
  • Compliment. But this does not mean that it is necessary to tell him how wonderful, handsome, strong, etc. he is. Just notice the little things and praise – for professional skills, courage, elegance, sports achievements and so on.
  • A well-groomed face, beautiful makeup, neat manicure are essential attributes for seduction.You should not dress like on the catwalk, a feminine image is enough.


“I want to seduce a married man! Advise how to do it? ” – from time to time such topics are discussed among girls. Feelings cannot be ordered. Regardless of whether a guy is married or single, he will always pay attention to a confident girl who will be interested in what he says. The man will notice the fair sex flirting with him.

In order to seduce a married guy, you need to develop a whole tactic. Here are some tips that can help you achieve what you want:

  • A man should be teased regularly. You can send a photo taken in a good angle so that the interlocutor considers your forms. After several years of marriage, it is common for males to gaze at the seductive outlines of someone else’s figure.
  • Attract the chosen one by asking about his food preferences, hobbies and interests.This will help a man to discern an excellent hostess in a girl. This technique works especially well when the spouse does not like to cook.
  • If you seduce a man from a distance, then avoid talking about his family and personal life. Speak exclusively on detached topics.
  • Never criticize the wife of the chosen one, even if he himself complains about her.
  • When you feel like it’s time to strike a decisive blow, send him your photo in an open swimsuit.Then ask if you can post such a photo on your page.

When I fell in love with a married man

And now the mission related to how to seduce a married person has been accomplished. Often a woman falls in love, especially if, before intimacy, she experienced serious feelings for her chosen one. A moment comes when the girl, without noticing it herself, begins to develop a plan aimed at taking the man out of the family.

If someone else’s chosen one causes you a storm of feelings and emotions that you cannot cope with, then you will have to work hard to get it.Here are some tips that can help you become the wife of your beloved:

  • Study his preferences and tastes.
  • Make a portrait of the ideal woman for yourself, as well as the one who will never interest him. Pay attention to how he interacts with different women. Most likely, at the sight of someone, he breaks into a smile, someone friendly slaps on the shoulder, and with someone he tries to avoid talking.
  • Analyze the psychological profile of your chosen one.Thus, you can understand the qualities that he values ​​and does not accept in girls.
  • Analyze his friends, family and friends. Pay attention to what he values ​​and dislikes in his spouse.
  • Meet his friends. Try to make a positive impression on them. Sometimes for men, the opinion of friends about their chosen one is very important.
  • Improve yourself. Read books on the psychology of seduction and relationship building.In them you can find a lot of sensible recommendations that work.

Is the game worth the candle?

The girl seduced a married man, but what next? When entering into a relationship with someone else’s spouse, you must remember that in the future, serious disappointments may await you. A woman after intimacy runs the risk of falling in love with her chosen one even more. After that, constant disappointment and tears can begin. Often, women want to possess their man entirely and spend maximum time with him, including holidays.
It is unusual for guys who have a mistress to leave a family. And the girl consoles herself with the thought that soon they will become a family. In such an expectation, more than one year may pass. During this time, a woman could only find her own happiness. But since the relationship lasts a long time, it is very difficult to part with a man. But who is to blame for this? Only a woman who decided to seduce someone else’s man.
However, it also happens in another way, some girls easily conquer men. A young beautiful body, coupled with a light and eccentric character, are able to keep even a real family man near them.90,000 Who Do All Married Men Want?

It so happens that a man suddenly gets tired. Carried, carried your family life around his neck and at one point was blown away. Outwardly, it is difficult to notice: he still gives you your salary, goes to work, drinks beer with friends on weekends. Unless he stopped answering any questions, nods indistinctly to your claims, does not argue, and even sex has ceased to excite him.

A woman tortured by office work, children, TV shows, and does not immediately understand what happened.Just think, sex has become less common – but who needs it at all? A woman with a cart, it’s easier for a mare. And if you are a hundred thousand times preoccupied with the importance of sexual intercourse, in fact you do not need anything – the less often, the better. And here in your life she will definitely appear – a woman in the very juice.

She is divorced and free. The position is vague, but the salary is enough. The grown-up child constantly spends time with his grandparents, so at first your husband does not even know about his existence.

She does not demand anything, but she is ready to give joy to someone else’s husband.

No, the worst thing is that she is older than you. You were afraid of twenty-year-old busty and long-legged nymphs, fresh as a spring flower. Elizaveta Georgievna is not like that, even her colleagues communicate with her on “you”.

Bright, well-groomed, independent, she does not require anything, does not ask, does not harass someone else’s husband with night calls. But if he suddenly has time, she transfers all the affairs and gladly accepts it.

Accepts, of course, not only with dinner, but also with the flesh.Your bored man is tired of stupid bed acrobatics, read by you in gloss, he wants warmth, closeness of bodies, and not “Kamasutra”. And Elizaveta Georgievna provides it.

After two weeks of meeting, your husband decides to kiss the person who has become close to him. And he is surprised to find that Lisa is not so simple – she has an intimate haircut. She is not only well-groomed above, but also watches over what is below.

The man is a surprisingly primitive creature. With his direct logic, like the gyrus of a mammoth, he begins to think that their sex was unplanned, which means that Elizaveta Georgievna is always well-groomed like that.And then jealousy covers him.

Jealousy is the best cure for boredom. He has not been jealous of you for a long time, you are practically a sister, a mother of children, an office woman and a cook. Why be jealous, in his eyes you are sexless for a long time.

But Elizabeth is a sweet woman. He likes her, and if so – by logic! – Everyone likes Lisa.

Boredom has been out of the question for a long time. Sticking out his tongue, the peasant runs where he is not called, but where he is always welcome. One such almost drowned, having arranged debauchery with his Lisa on the lake.We left to love each other’s nature, and take the car and slide down the hill straight into the water.

Difficulties bring people together. Difficulties in finding a secret place for sex are doubly close. What if the sweet woman’s neighbors turn out to be his wife’s colleagues? What if her cousin sees them at the restaurant? What if a neighbor-friend, who recently received a driver’s license and a car, sees him kissing in a traffic jam? Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly. This “suddenly” brings you closer together.

Sweet woman is in no hurry.And where is she, in fact, in a hurry? She methodically, calmly weaves her network of intrigues, enjoys life, enjoys sex. In general, it is not particularly steamed.

The lightness of her being is attractive. Just think, she has a child – will this stop a man who is good? And he starts to burn.

All these adventures on the side are sooner or later noticed by the wife. But he makes, as always, stupid conclusions. Trying to keep her husband, she spoils everything completely. Scandals, claims, screams – who in today’s world will tolerate all this?

And now closer to thirty you are free.A stamp and a divorce certificate, alimony, and you’re alone. Gatherings with friends turn out to be not as attractive and attractive as it seemed before, the child requires a lot of attention.

But time heals everything. So the child can be shoved to the parents, and lie in the bathroom for two hours, and sleep, and not cook dinner. You begin to take care of yourself, do not make claims, do not strive to twist and equip a nest. You do what you want yourself.

And then you meet him – someone else’s husband, for whom you are the very sweet woman who took yours away.

You do not strain him – he is still not yours, you don’t demand, you don’t ask, and you can quite live alone. You feel good with him, you even learned what an orgasm is, but he is not at all bored with you, and even that very bed acrobatics, which you understood as sex, takes other forms – intimacy, which is necessary and pleasant to both.

Perhaps, if he leaves the family, you will accept him – and why not? After all, the two of you are so comfortable together. Not that he and his wife, but you and your ex-husband.

What you can do with a married man – The Devochki

Married men is a topic on which more than a dozen women’s magazines have traveled. We can even imagine how they are sitting, planning a number in which there is nothing to put, and someone casually “so let’s talk about married women.” True, after all, there are eternal women’s themes that catch most girls – shoes, PMS, married men.
We are certainly not cosmopolitan, but we have a text from a girl named Eve.

The Devochki

Girls are not allowed to walk with married men. This fact is undeniable. After all, none of us would like to be in the place of the woman who believed his oath at the altar, right? But let’s imagine that everything is possible and we won’t get anything for it …
This article is purely hypothetical. We all like to think: “What if …?”
So, let’s say you fell in love with a married man. Damn it, he’s so handsome and he looks at you that way. Who would have resisted? Okay, someone might have resisted … But you are one of those who rush into the pool headlong and remember the consequences when the wounds begin to bleed.
So: any date with a married man is like shooting at a shooting range: the weapon is heavy, you have to hold it in your hands and still hit the targets. There is only one thought in my head: “If only to hit the jackpot!”. And this is quite possible, because beginners are lucky, remember?
What can you do with a married man, besides having quick sex in the back seat of a car … Get used to the fact that your life is now divided into Before sex, TIME for sex and AFTER sex.

[aesop_content color = ”# 000000 ″ background =” # ffffff ”width =” 70% ”columns =” 1 ″ position = ”none” imgrepeat = ”no-repeat”] Since there is always little time, he is always in a hurry, and you always wait anxiously for a date, then every joke of his seems especially funny.Especially before sex. He, like a true male, is trying to turn you on according to an abbreviated program. And humor is an integral part of the seduction ritual.
[/ aesop_content]

[aesop_content color = ”# 000000 ″ background =” # ffffff ”width =” 70% ”columns =” 1 ″ position = ”none” imgrepeat = ”no-repeat”] While he is taking you to the nearest metro, (since he needs to pick up the child from the music school, and you live on the other side of the city) this is the best time for gossip. You can scold everyone – from your boss to your best friend.He always seems so understanding and will never say, “You are such a bore.” After all, he has just received a dose of orgasm, is open to the world and you always seem beautiful to him in small doses.
[/ aesop_content]

[aesop_content color = ”# 000000 ″ background =” # ffffff ”width =” 70% ”columns =” 1 ″ position = ”none” imgrepeat = ”no-repeat”] He doesn’t have time to shop with you. But he is always happy to help you choose a new bustier. Especially if you send him pictures right at work.By the end of the day, he is so turned on that during a date, the time for small talk is significantly reduced.
[/ aesop_content]

[aesop_content color = ”# 000000 ″ background =” # ffffff ”width =” 70% ”columns =” 1 ″ position = ”none” imgrepeat = ”no-repeat”] This already looks like a full date, and he gives you him, if you too often remind that you see little, communicate little and everything is in a hurry. He nobly leads you to the cinema, holds your hand, kisses your ear and whispers tender vulgarities.Can go further, but it all depends on how much time you have.
[/ aesop_content]

[aesop_content color = ”# 000000 ″ background =” # ffffff ”width =” 70% ”columns =” 1 ″ position = ”none” imgrepeat = ”no-repeat”] You will always know where is the cheapest place to rent an apartment on an hour or two. In what area and with what interior. You will have to deal with this, since he does not have a lot of free time. Deal with it.
[/ aesop_content]

[aesop_content color = ”# 000000 ″ background =” # ffffff ”width =” 70% ”columns =” 1 ″ position = ”none” imgrepeat = ”no-repeat”] Same with hotels.The three-star apartment will become your second home. Do not try to book something expensive, because he may forget to return your money. You remember, he has a family budget.
[/ aesop_content]
As it turns out, the list is small and most things cannot be done: call whenever you want, visit him, give gifts, bring coffee to work, etc.
I know you will say, “all of the above can be done with anyone!”, But I disagree. And I have one BUT: with a married man everything looks different – salt pickles, sugar is sweeter, jokes are more fun, and kisses are hot.Because you know the end is near.

All images © The Gif Connoisseur

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There are two terrible mistakes for a woman’s destiny:

1. Abortion
2. Relationships with a married man (especially if they have children).

If a man is married, then he rightfully belongs to another woman and their children.

No woman has the right to invade, even mentally or mentally, someone else’s space of love and family, of course, if her personal future, happy, family life is important to her.

Loving a married man = putting an end to your normal personal life in the future.

This is the worst karma for a woman. This is dangerous. It is dangerous even for her future children, especially her daughters. From life, we often see how, for example, a mother’s unsuccessful personal life is inherited by her daughters.

Let’s not talk about a man’s guilt, how he is capable of such a betrayal, etc. Everything is clear here. The most important thing is not to get involved in this for a woman, because women themselves suffer most from this.

Now, and so almost all the inhabitants of the world have a heavy family karma. Women cannot get married, give birth, suffer from loneliness, suffer from failed marriage, etc.

And it is insanely dangerous to aggravate all this with critical mistakes, where love turns out to be in fact a poison that poisons fate and devours the last chance to create a prosperous family.

What to do?

Understand that this is not a light love, but a trap. This is disrespect for yourself. This is a dislike for children. This is the destruction of family values. This is an unceremonious invasion of someone else’s personal space.

And for all this you will need to answer, with your pain, tears, suffering, loneliness, infertility, diseases, etc.

Further purify and start a new life.

His. At once, destroy this criminal connection, change the phone, throw away all the gifts, photos, etc.Do not remember him, but think about your future husband and children together. Ask for forgiveness from his wife, in thoughts, just in case. And in children.

Forcing yourself to think about your life, and not about someone else’s. Sober yourself up and feel the strength to change the situation to a profitable and safe one for your future. To build your life not on the bones of others and on the shattered hearts of children, but in harmony with the world. Not in spite of, but by blessing.

– Irina Pryts

90,000 How to behave with a married man ~ Psychology and Sociology

The relationship between a man and a woman is always exciting, intriguing and, one might assume, the most relevant topic today.When choosing a life partner, a girl has to face many questions and difficulties. It takes into account his financial situation, lifestyle, hobbies and hobbies, age and, no matter how sad it may sound, the absence of an active wife.

Alas, schools, courses and boarding schools that teach girls etiquette, good manners and the ability to behave with the opposite sex are not developed today. Now we see independent, independent, decisive women who either do not accept such basics, or master them on their own.Many books have been published, articles written and lectures published that help in seducing men and building relationships with them.

But, as they say, you cannot order your heart, and its choice sometimes goes against all the acquired knowledge and skills. A woman is faced with falling in love with a man who already has a relationship. This situation is already gaining a different turn, about which there is much less information.

How to deal with a married man?

Naturally, when fantasizing about love and creating a marriage, the girl does not even think about the fact that she will have to face a love triangle.Therefore, men who have a wedding ring and a stamp in their passport do not fit in with the beautiful picture created in their dreams. But, sometimes you have to face a man for whom marriage does not play the main role in life, and he can easily flirt with other women, show them signs of attention and start romances in them.

As a rule, such men are more experienced in building relationships, more confident than they can hit on the spot. Few can resist violent courtship, regular compliments and sky-high promises of a happy future.But, even without this bouquet of courtship, a woman can instantly be seized by passion and love, which she will not be able to cope with.

Thus, the question of how to behave with a married man, how to properly build relationships with him and what to do in the current situation becomes relevant.

Everyone knows that a man runs away from a relationship for a reason. And to another woman, he is just trying to get what he lacks in his married life. Very often, a man, having a mistress, is in search of excellent sex, which his wife can no longer provide or does not want. Therefore, the first thing you need to pay attention to in a relationship with a married man is intimate life. Now he is in search of passion, diversity, in search of lost emotions. Give him what he needs.

But, further joint pastime of sex alone is not enough. Relationships are built on communication, on common interests and hobbies. Most likely, at home, a man does not have the opportunity to talk about topics of interest to him, do crazy things and do what gives him pleasure.Therefore, take an unplanned weekend with him, jump with a parachute, complete a quest or go to hockey, actively supporting your favorite team.

At the same time, it is important not to lose your uniqueness. After all, despite the needs, the man paid attention to you. And, if you switch completely to giving him pleasure, forgetting about yourself, he will soon get bored and go in search of other emotions. Therefore, live your life, spend time with friends, relax, go on weekends on mini-trips, have dinner with friends to restaurants and so on.

Basic rules of conduct with a married man

  • Always be at your best, ready to meet him at any time of the day or night and not look all 100.
    No dressing gowns, torn tights, dirty hair and no epilation. The woman who abandoned herself, who no longer attaches importance to her appearance and does not turn on – is at home. The behavior and appearance of such a woman made him go in search of another.
  • Do not saw him, do not throw tantrums out of the blue
    Remember that scandals, “brainwashing”, endless reproaches and accusations, he receives without you.It makes no sense to cheat on his wife, exactly with the same woman. On the contrary, let him feel that it is different. That relationships can be fun.
  • Enjoy your relationship
    A happy woman, with a good mood and a twinkle in her eyes, is much more attractive. Getting high in the relationship yourself, you will help the man to relax and give a lot of positive emotions.
  • Take care of your favorite business, develop yourself
    As soon as a man feels that the relationship with him is not the only thing in your life, he will become more and more interested and, perhaps, he will become jealous.And live, vivid emotions are liked by everyone and always.
  • Make it clear that you are not afraid to lose him
    It will be more interesting for a man to keep you. Yes, and you yourself better clearly fix the fact that it is impossible to lose what is not. Your man is building a family with another woman, which means there is nothing to lose.

Cons of relationships with married guys

First you need to face the truth and realize the whole reality of the situation. When starting out with a guy or man who has a wife, think about the consequences that await you.If both of you have already developed an interest in each other, maintaining friendly relations will not work. First, as you know, there is no friendship between a man and a woman. Secondly, he has a woman friend, or maybe at home. Then what is the point of making close friendships outside the family?

In you, a man can see what he has long lacked in his married life. But, having received what he wants, he will vryatli want to destroy the family. The maximum that a man will agree to is a long-term relationship on two sides, but is this communication format suitable for you?

As sad as it sounds, you can be just a means of entertainment for a man, a way that can raise his self-esteem.

It may well be that you yourself are not in the mood for a long-term relationship with this person, that you, like him, get pleasure, excellent regular sex and do not even think about developing this relationship. And this may be absolutely true.

But, the problem is that nature has already laid in a woman a desire to create a strong family, have children and live next to her beloved man. And spending time with a person who cannot provide you with the above, you lose the opportunity to meet the right man.

Let’s not exclude cases when a man really falls in love with a new woman and sincerely wants to create a strong marriage with her. On such rare occasions, the man files for divorce from his wife and leads you to the altar. But in most cases, children are born in marriage, who, in one way or another, will connect a man with his ex-wife, and to whom he will give a significant part of his time. Are you ready to put up with it? You need to answer this question to yourself in advance.

Having also fallen out of love once, he will be able to fall out of love again.In this case, the divorce will already be with you. Firstly, for a man it will already become acceptable, he has already gone through this once and knows how to behave. Secondly, there are men who are not really looking for happiness in a relationship, but a reason to suffer. This is his victim and martyr psychology, and you cannot influence it, no matter how hard you try. Either you accept it that way, or you end the relationship.

And most importantly, if you have already decided to become a mistress, remember about topics that are forbidden for a man – his wife, children and his immediate entourage.This is his personal, which he will hardly want to discuss with you. Therefore, do not touch the secret without his initiative. Remember that you have taken on the role of mistress consciously and on your own.

Is a mistress always bad?

But, in spite of, but a lot of the indicated disadvantages, do not be alarmed. After all, if you understand that your feelings are mutual, strong and sincere, do not give up. Love is capable of dizzying deeds, it can teach people to live happily. Moreover, if the husband does not live with his wife for love, the situation in the family is tense, scandals are inevitable, and children are the first to suffer from this.

You can be a savior for them all. Having gone to a divorce, a man will cease to conflict with his wife, and will be able to spend time with children in pleasure, bypassing the formation of childhood traumas.

If you get the opportunity to enter into a relationship with a man who was already married, then there is a chance to build a strong adult relationship. Such a man has already seen a lot, is familiar with everyday problems and how to solve them, knows his abilities and desires from the relationship as a whole. Therefore, it will be much easier for you.

Of course, there are pluses, but there are much fewer of them against the background of minuses. Therefore, in dealing with a man whose wife is waiting at home, it is better not to cross the line. It is advisable to immediately set boundaries and indicate the level of acceptable communication. But shouting and swearing that you will never play the role of a mistress is not worth it. Life can firmly turn these attitudes against you.

What to do so that your relationship with a married man is not revealed?

No matter what kind of love you have a conversation with a man, no matter what promises he gives you, it is important to be careful and not advertise your relationship with him.Even if a man is planning a divorce from his current wife, you should not become the source of information.
When going to a meeting with a man, be extremely careful. Try to eliminate makeup that leaves marks. For example, acrid lipstick, glitter, bright perfume. The wife can easily smell the smell of another woman and this can cause suspicion and, as a result, a scandal with her husband. A scandal caused by your fault can alienate a man from you.

Forget about intimate, romantic messages on your mobile phone, try not to call him at a time when he can be with his wife.Firstly, the wife may hear a “non-business” working conversation, which again will raise suspicions, and secondly, the lover will react negatively and harshly to your call, which can seriously offend you.

Today, social networks are developed, and most of their users are actively demonstrating their lives in accounts. But, in your case, the demonstration of the relationship is unacceptable. You should also not actively follow his page, like each photo, comment on them, send gifts, and so on. That is, it is important not to attract the attention of the legal spouse with so much active behavior.

Be careful not to leave behind you scarves, umbrellas, gloves and other feminine attributes that his wife might notice.

How to deal with a married man?

The relationship of a married man and a free woman can build up and last for a long time. And a man, as a rule, is quite happy with such a combination of circumstances, since he already has a family life, perhaps there are children who please him, plans for life. A woman may be less satisfied with such an environment, since everyone still secretly dreams of a strong shoulder, a cozy nest and children running alongside.For this reason, she may have a need to take her beloved man out of the family and try to create this nest with him. And then the question arises, what needs to be done, that the man left the family and went over to her side.

What is the right way to behave with a married lover?

According to statistics, side affairs attract most men, and they do not consider it true to attach importance to their duration. The main purpose of such a hobby is only the satisfaction of needs, more often just physical ones.That is, it is not already initially tuned in to long-term relationships, and their duration depends on the woman’s ability to stay close. And here, understanding the finale of any relationship, it becomes unclear who is more fortunate – the one who was only for one night, or who has been waiting for him for years.

The favorite female technique in such a relationship is blackmail. A woman can deny a man intimacy, or threaten to break up with him altogether if he does not leave the family. Some men fall for such tricks, and the woman gets what she wants.But there is always a risk that a man will soon switch to another, as he came to you under pressure.

In the background of effective techniques is the creation of maximum convenience for a man, the desired comfort. The mistress begins to cook better than his wife, tries to look many times more attractive, satisfies in sex. And here is the picture of an ideal life. But a man can realize the fact that even in the best marriage there is addiction, and the mistress will soon evoke the same emotions as the wife.So he will not see the point in divorce.

The second effective technique is to organize the most comfortable conditions for a man. A mistress in this case should cook, look, have sex better than her legal wife. But if a man realizes that in marriage, in any case, addiction comes, and in a year or two his mistress will cause the same emotions as his wife at the moment, he is unlikely to divorce.

How to deal with a married man?

  1. Pay attention to facial expressions and gestures

    Our reactions, emotions, gestures, facial expressions can manifest themselves completely unconsciously.And, without realizing it, we can give out secret information, we can behave in an unwanted way. Therefore, it is important to track your own behavior so that you do not demonstrate an active interest in it.

  2. Keep your distance. Here you can talk about both the direct and the figurative sense of this phrase. The direct meaning is quite clear, the figurative one is necessary in order that it would be extremely simple to designate your interaction, without leaving questions and suspicions. Friendly warm communication between a man and a woman has ceased to be something fantastic.And you can of course keep in touch. But, breaking the distance, approaching more and more, it is important to understand the consequences.
    This advice is rather relevant for those girls who do not want to have an affair with a married man.
  3. Choose topics with caution. If you are not close friends, then discussing family moments, relationships with your spouse, or intimate issues with him is extremely unacceptable. Therefore, avoid questions, jokes, remarks that can lead to an embarrassing situation.
  4. Realize Your Role If you and a married man do not spill water in the walls of your office, it is important to understand that this is only a working relationship. At a corporate party, with family members, birthday parties and, in principle, outside of work, be prepared for the man to devote more time to his wife. Trying to draw attention to yourself, arouse jealousy is stupid and futile. Competing with your family is not always the best option.
  5. Don’t get the attention of others. No matter how unimportant gossip and discussion may seem to you, try to avoid it, as it can be a significant factor for his spouse.
    If you work together and stay up late with a married colleague, be prepared for employee fantasies and exaggerations. Take your work home, or come early to finish things by the end of the working day.
    If, having found yourself at a corporate party, you unexpectedly had to be left alone, you will immediately go out on your own or together with a colleague.

How to deal with a married lover

Alas, taking into account the statistics, there are significantly more women on the globe than men.There are not enough free men for everyone, for this reason some girls calmly agree to a man who attracted attention with a wedding ring on his hand.
The role of the second woman, the mistress, is not the best of the best, but you cannot order your heart and you have to follow his lead.
And the question arises, how can one learn to spend that short time alone with pleasure, without thinking about a legitimate wife and the absence of a happy ending?

1. The rules of an ideal mistress.

Men are by nature polygamous creatures, and it is not surprising that their betrayal has already ceased to amaze.Moreover, in high society, having a young mistress is even extremely prestigious. Therefore, not only the wife, but also the mistress, is already beginning to think about how to properly keep a man next to her, since the likelihood of another woman appearing is high.
In this case, some women work on themselves, their own experiences and fears in the psychologist’s office, and some attend a lot of seminars on how to take a man out of the family.

It is extremely difficult to be a woman “for a while”, a woman of the second plan.And, agreeing to the role of a mistress, a woman should already know in advance how to behave with a married man, so that she can firmly tie him to herself:

  1. Complain less, disappoint, cry and get angry with life Less ask him for help and gifts. With you, a man should relax and start enjoying life.
  2. Working on his self-esteem. Men love and appreciate confident women who know their worth and know how to present themselves.
  3. Pay attention to the perfect appearance. Lack of excess weight, well-groomed hair, healthy radiant skin, elegant clothes and an alluring scent – will be strong trump cards for mistresses. From such a woman, you will hardly want to go to your wife, burdened with everyday problems, and who has forgotten about her own attractiveness.
  4. Have a party every time you meet. Boredom, routine, monotony can wait for him at home. Your task is to fill your time together with passion, emotions, new impressions, ease.
  5. Become a close friend. Listen to him, accept, support, be interested in his life and his experiences.

Intimate life

The relationship between a married man and his mistress is built on passion, not intimacy. Therefore, put your sex life first. Forget about the “bad head”, “lack of mood, desire” and other female excuses. A fire should burn between you, so this is the main reason why a man is in a relationship with you.

You must always look attractive, 24 hours a day, you must be ready to meet. Sexy lingerie, well-groomed appearance, playful mood should accompany you. But, despite the basic satisfaction of physiological needs, it is important to be a listener for him, a close friend.

It is better to meet in not crowded places. If you live alone, great. He has the opportunity to come to you and is in a homely atmosphere. Although psychologists still do not recommend inviting someone else’s man to your own territory.The moment of parting, unfortunately, is inevitable, and everything will remind you of your previous relationship and the house will no longer be comfortable.

In such cases, it is more convenient to rent an apartment or a hotel room. It is recommended to choose places that are remote, which will reduce the risk of bumping into mutual acquaintances, family members, friends.

Important tips for mistresses

Almost the most common request in a psychologist’s office is “I want a man, but he is married to someone else.”
Understanding how to behave and whether it is worth fighting with strong feelings, girls turn to a specialist for help, who will either relieve the obsessive desire, or tell them how to behave further.
There are several recommendations for those who want to avoid difficulties in a relationship with a man:

  1. Forget about his divorce. Most men start relationships with mistresses for pleasure. If he really wanted to get away from the woman with whom he lives, he would do it. Your incitements and demands will hardly change the situation. Therefore, clearly establish to yourself that this man is temporary in your life, and you do not and will not have joint plans for the future.
  2. If you have a significant age difference, do not attach importance to it. Having a young lover, try to keep up with the times, getting acquainted with new items in music, cinema, fashionable clothes. Do not under any circumstances become his mother, you are not her. If the lover is older, there is a similar strategy. You are not a daughter, but a gorgeous woman who will have passion, desire in him, and brings back the old emotions. He has children at home.
  3. Do not write him messages, or in the most rare cases. Do not be surprised that your phone number is signed by someone else’s name, for example, “Seryoga shinomontazh” or “Alexander Yegorovich boss”.Do not throw it in emails, social media accounts or instant messengers. Many wives insist on obtaining a password from their personal pages, so you can give out the secret of the relationship with just one SMS.
  4. To reconcile after an argument, start visiting the places where he often appears. Be there “accidentally” and unexpectedly. At that, try to show your maximum indifference to him and your meeting. A man is a hunter, and even in strong resentment, he will react to the behavior of his woman.Men are owners, so it will be important for him to return his own.
  5. Develop. Men do not like sacrificial, stupid, dependent ladies. Much more they like inaccessible ladies who have their own opinion, mystery, the ability to start a conversation or “nicely” to end it.

Remember the main thing, if a man really fell in love with his mistress, he will talk to his wife about the divorce on his own. He does not need to be pushed, directed, or blackmailed.
This phenomenon is extremely rare. When starting a mistress, men are not inclined to destroy the family, they are only in search of the missing component in the relationship.
Having become a mistress, you make this decision on your own, and blaming someone for this is stupid and pointless.
Therefore, think hundreds of times whether it is worth starting a relationship that has no development, or waiting for your half, with whom you will be able to create a strong and happy family.

Dream interpretation of a married man why does a married man dream in a dream?

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A married man can dream for no reason. However, to be sure that such a dream does not promise anything is possible only if in reality you are passionately in love with the “object” from the dream and think about it day and night. Otherwise, it is worth clarifying why such a plot is dreaming, because, according to the dream books, a “married man” seen in a dream may be a harbinger of an ugly story.

Kissing a married man is a sign of trouble

Dream books interpret a kiss in a dream with a married man in different ways.According to some, this is a symbol of the fact that the dreamer, soon after the dream, will start an affair that will not last long and will not leave behind any memories.

Other dream books do not so positively explain why a kiss with an unfree guy is dreaming: be careful in a relationship, it may happen that a fleeting relationship will become a reason for breaking the marriage bond.

Although, of course, in any case, you need to make allowances for real relationships. If you dreamed that you were kissing the man you love, then this is a sign of longing and sadness.But, a married acquaintance with whom you kissed in a dream symbolizes deception and innuendo.

Forbidden communication as a symbol of discontent

The unambiguous interpretation of a dream has a plot in which you see that you have an affair with a familiar married man, and it sounds like this: being a mistress or dating a familiar guy with a family is a signal that you are not satisfied with your own love relationship.

I did not fail to clarify that the whole point is in the dissatisfaction of sexual desires, Freud’s dream book.And according to Tsvetkov, an affair or sex with a “married man” is a sign of the dreamer’s unfulfillment in the family or maternal plane.

Things will be especially bad if you dreamed that sex did not bring pleasure, the interpreter suggests.

A Wedding That Can’t Be, or Protect Your Relationship

Many girls wonder why they dream of their own wedding with a married man, especially with the one they like.

The Eastern dream book gives such an explanation to this vision: if a married dreamer sees in a dream that she is marrying her friend’s husband, then in reality she should be afraid of problems with her friend.And if you dreamed that an unfamiliar person made an offer to her or was led down the aisle, then this means discord in the family due to jealousy.

For an unmarried girl, a wedding in a dream with an unfree man who likes it also promises sadness, because such a dream means an unsuccessful marriage.

Stranger: From Fear to Spouse

Why is a girl dreaming of a completely unfamiliar married man? Pastor Loff’s dream book offers to deal with what exactly he did in a dream.

If you see in a dream that he sticks to you with declarations of love, wanting to achieve reciprocity, then remember how he looked, the dream book advises. A good-natured fat man predicts a noisy company, the male half of which will be generous in compliments and courtship. Thin or ugly promises grief. And here, simpotyaga prophesies fear, oddly enough.

Why does an unknown man with a child constantly dream of watching you from the sidelines? You will soon meet your future spouse.

Other types of communication

Be sure to be interested in what a married man sees in a dream predicts. But first of all, clarify exactly how you communicated. For example:

  • talking about nothing – you are wasting time;
  • argue – you are not sure about something that concerns your own interests;
  • to ask for help – to meet a wise person;
  • hugging or kissing each other in a friendly way – to a pleasant company.

Miller Predictions

Miller’s dream book predictions are not much different from the rest.The professor of psychology also believes that if you dreamed that you were dating, lying in bed or allowing yourself to be kissed by a married man, then you are “threatened” with a not too happy love interest.

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