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29 DIY Calendars to Keep Your Days and Months Organized

Do you have a hard time staying organized? Or maybe you have a hard time just keeping track of the days? A calendar is a must on your work desk, in the bedroom, or really anywhere in the house! Instead of buying a new calendar each year, why not make your own?

Here is a wonderful curation of all sorts of DIY calendars that you can make all on your own. Customize it to fit your needs and your environment. So let’s start crafting!

Savvy DIY Calendars

1. Block Calendar

To start us off we have a great block calendar idea that is simple, minimal, and modern. It’s easy to make using your favorite stickers, glitter, and colors! You can really customize this calendar to fit your own space.

2. Desk Photo DIY Calendar

A beautiful calendar to place on your desk at work. You get to have fun personalizing this calendar with your favorite photos. This also makes an amazing gift for someone you share a lot of photos and memories with. There are also instructions on making the beautiful wooden holder.

3. Perpetual Calendar

I love this perpetual calendar idea! No need to buy a new calendar every single year with this never-ending calendar. The project is more challenging, but the instructions are easy to follow. With a little effort, you will have a new and rustic calendar hanging on your wall in no time.

4. Industrial Desk DIY Calendar

Wow! I am in love with all the homemade industrial houseware items; pipe lamps, pipe coat hangers, and now this pipe calendar! It’s has a ton of charm and you will have a lot of fun making it.

5. Chalkboard Magnetic Calendar

This is an awesome DIY project that has an awesome and useful result. The instructions will walk you through every step of framing the chalkboard to making the magnets! In no time you will have a new calendar for organizing your days.

6. Corkboard Calendar

As simple as using removable wall adhesive to attach these cork squares to the wall and then purchasing your favorite push pins. I love this idea because it’s easy to stick on all your coupons, business cards, and pamphlets that you’ve been saving.

7. Framed DIY Calendar

Ohhh super easy and super cute! Grab your favorite colored paint swatches and simply write the dates on each one. You can create an ombre effect, design a rainbow, or stick to one color! Have fun with color design on this DIY Calendar.

8. Chalkboard Wall Calendar

This is a fun project to do with friends and family! It takes some planning and some preparing but you will be so pleased with the result. Make organizing your month fun with this giant wall calendar!

9. Acrylic DIY Calendar

This is a beautiful, modern, and chic design to add some organization and minimalist decor to your work area. The project is a little more advanced but the instructions are easy to follow and you will definitely be proud of yourself when you finish.

10. Modern Desk Calendar

With only a little bit of woodworking, staining, and printing, you can have this beautiful and modern desk calendar. It’s personalized with your favorite photos and is small and simple.

11. Cute DIY Calendar

The instructions for this super cute calendar project are not in English, however, the photos seem to be pretty easy to follow along. With a little imagination and effort, you will soon have a similar calendar for your own personal use.

12. Giant Rustic Wall DIY Calendar

Another giant wall calendar, this time with a rustic feeling. Make organizing fun with a giant wall calendar that you made all by yourself! Step-by-step instructions are here.

13. Printable Desk Calendar

Here’s a DIY Calendar project that anyone can do! It’s incredibly easy-to-make and requires very little time. Print off these super cute calendar cards and add your favorite photos. It looks adorable on this tiny easel.

14. Perpetual Desk DIY Calendar

This project is a little time-consuming and will take effort but the results are totally worth it. The rustic feeling this calendar gives is charming and it can be used year and year again.

15. Ombre Desk Calendar

A modern and chic project to add some organization to your desk. You can customize this project to your own favorite ombre tones. It is a simple-to-make project that you will have fun doing.

16. Learning Wall DIY Calendar

This is such a fun idea for a calendar! When you’re a busy mom, trying to tackle little tasks like changing the date on your calendar are the last things you’re going to worry about. With this learning calendar, your kids will have so much fun searching through the baskets and finding the correct date to hang up for you!

17. Hanger Calendar

This idea uses a wooden clothes hanger as a support for your printed calendar pages. The angled cut at the bottom gives it a modern feel. It is sure to look great anywhere you decide to hang it!

18. Desktop DIY Calendar

This is definitely a fun desktop calendar you can make. You can use all your crafting knick-knacks that are just lying around the house to really customize and decorate.

19. Perpetual Round Calendar

This is a fun craft to do with your kids. Make this spinning calendar and use your favorite paper and colors to make it your own!

20. Thrifted Transformation Calendar

This calendar was made by upcycling an old wooden plaque and adding some personal painted touches. I love the script of the months! This will look great on the wall!

21. Printable Dino Calendar

I’m loving this annual dinosaur calendar! I love how colorful and fun it is, and it is super easy to put together once you print it out! There is a new one each year.

22. Wooden Calendar

This particular idea has been made for an advent calendar but I reckon that you could do a similar version to use as an annual calendar. You could even design the pin to say the month that it is and voila!

23. Flip Photo Calendar

Now here is another idea for a flip desk calendar. This one is simple and chic and will contain all of your favorite photos to enjoy month after month.

24. Button Calendar

An adorable way to use all those extra buttons you have stored away. This project is fun to make and is totally customizable from the color and size of the buttons to the fabric background you choose to use.

25. Chalkboard Window Calendar

A unique way to repurpose an old window. This shabby-chic chalkboard weekly calendar is an awesome way to stay organized and remind yourself of what needs to be done each day.

26. Instagram Calendar

Pick out your favorite Instagram photos and make this super adorable and personalized calendar! This could also make a great gift by picking out pictures of you and the giftee.

27. Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal

Another great calendar journal idea! A nice way to keep your memories safe and have something to look back on at the end of the year! Look how much you’ve done!

28. Wall Calendar

Learn to make this minimalist calendar frame and fill it with your favorite calendar printable of the year! This is sure to look good anywhere in the house or at work!


Colorful Wood Block Calendar

I love the brightness of this calendar! You surely won’t forget to switch the date with these crazy and colorful blocks sitting on your desk! Your kids are sure to love it too!

So there we go! You now have more than enough options to start your calendar creation! You can make a different one of these DIY calendars each year to change up the look of your workspace or home. Minimalist, rustic, vintage, cute, and modern DIY calendars for every type of space and every type of person. Which one is your favorite?

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10 Quick & Creative DIY Calendar Ideas

Idea 01

Words of Wisdom

Pictured: Brass Easel & Calendar

Who says photo calendars are strictly for photos? Leave the rules at the door by bringing your favorite quotes from your favorite people into the mix, creating desktop inspiration that can give you the spark you need for the task at hand. Whether you opt for a series of Mary Oliver classics or quips from your favorite comedian (or maybe a little bit of both!), it’s one of our most-loved ways to truly personalize that DIY desk calendar.

Pro tip: Since your quotes will have to be uploaded as images (.jpg or .png) when you build your calendar, you may need the help of a design tool. Luckily, there are plenty of free options out there that make things easy! Our recommendation is Canva for its sleek and simplified interface.

Idea 02

Months of Mother Nature

Pictured: Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

Let the wild places that fill you up become reminders of the many adventures still to come. Photos from your hikes, camping trips, ocean escapes, and beyond are perfect for a calendar that captures the great outdoors while taking you back to moments in mother nature. Bonus points for sequencing your photos to align with the changing of the seasons.

Pro tip: Weave a silent story of sustainability into your creation by choosing the Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar. This elevated design is crafted from reclaimed walnut wood, rescued from the waste piles of the conventional furniture industry.

Idea 03

Birthday Cheat Sheet

Pictured: Wood Calendar

With so many birthdays to keep in the back of our minds, even those of us with the best memories need a little refresher now and again. Using a calendar to mark the orbits of those closest to us harkens back to a time before Facebook, while offering the chance to create something beautiful and uniquely modern. Simply use a photo of a friend or loved one for the month they were born. It’s a visual reminder and a celebration of connection in one.

Pro tip: The Modern Wall Calendar allows you to mark a handful of custom occasions each month, making it easy to create your birthday cheat sheet.

Idea 04

Year in Review

Pictured: Modern Wall Calendar

In the midst of swiftly changing seasons, we too seldom slow down to reflect on the meaningful moments of yesteryear — and a DIY wall calendar is a simple way to preserve the best of them. Just choose images from the same month of the previous year for a standing reminder of the progress, growth, and challenges that have presented themselves over the past twelve months.

Pro tip: Go to your camera roll in your phone and sort by month for an easy shortcut to last year’s photos.

Idea 05

Off the Fridge.

Into the Future.

Pictured: Wood Calendar

Take the colorful creations of your little Picassos-in-the-making off the fridge… and into the future. Scanning some of the many pictures our littles gift to us is a simple way to display their command (well, sometimes) of the crayon. For those who like this idea but want to keep the art on the fridge, a Calendar Refill Pack is all it takes to skip the stand for something more magnet-friendly.

Pro tip: Simple tips for scanning photos can go a long way when digitizing your images.

Idea 06

The Things They Say

Pictured: Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

Put the personalities of friends and loved ones on the page by printing the little sayings — or “isms” — that embody their character. Pairing these words with photos is an exercise in reflection and intention, bringing the best of our favorite people to life in those times when we need them most. Don’t forget that you’ll need to save your words as an image file, like we showed how to do in Idea 01.

Pro tip: Include a page for everyone in the family and give one to each household for a quick gift they’ll come back to often.

Idea 07

Color Takes the Wheel

Pictured: Brass Easel & Calendar

Flex your creative muscles as you take a page from Pantone. A gradient-based calendar requires a keen eye for color, but can lend itself to an eye-catching final result. The secret is finding photos that showcase the same color family. From there, arrange them in a spectrum and slot them into your calendar following the same order.

Pro tip: If the gradient idea seems a little complex, try to focus on a different color for each month of the year. Try themes such as green for May flowers, a snowy white landscape for December, etc.

Idea 08

Pets on the Page

Pictured: Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

It might seem a little obvious, but no list of DIY calendar ideas would be complete without a nod to our furry friends. And whether you’re the parent of a single fur child or on the verge of starting a small zoo, you’re sure to have no shortage of pet photos sitting in your camera roll.

Pro tip: Our guide to photographing pets can help you capture a couple of cute shots if you’re shy of the 12 you’ll need.

Idea 09

Collaboration Calendar

Pictured: Wood Calendar

Keeping in touch as a group of friends starts with keeping each other in your thoughts, year round. That’s where collaborative photo projects come in handy. Creating a DIY desk calendar with close-knit friends can help remember the good times spent together — even when miles apart. Build it together and order one for everyone in the group. (Don’t forget to mark everybody’s birthdays!)

Pro tip: Create a shared Dropbox or Google Photos folder to easily collect images from everyone in the group. Our editor allows you to upload directly from either source!

Idea 10

Return Ticket to Travels

Pictured: Modern Wall Calendar

Turn that DIY wall calendar into a return ticket to the days and destinations that left their marks. Relive a different trip each month or create a whole calendar of a single vacation that you’d gladly go back to.

Pro tip: Vary your images with group photos, landscapes, cityscapes, and other shots to recreate each aspect of the experience.

Bonus Idea

Monthly Milestones

Pictured: Calendar Refill Pack | Photo by @shopwithkendallyn

In that first year, a newborn babe changes so much with each passing month. Creating a milestone calendar marks this adorable and all-too-meaningful transformation, making it easy to look back at just how little they were not so long ago. To bring this DIY calendar to life, use a photo from each month of their first year and start the calendar on the month they were born.

Pro tip: This idea isn’t just for babies — our littles grow so much every year! Create a calendar annually, keeping the pages of each iteration to create a timelapse of their growth.

Time Will Tell

Which DIY Calendar

Will You Create?

We’d love to see your idea come to life.

Tag us on Instagram with @artifactuprising.

5 Easy DIY Calendars for Home and Office

This time of year is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. One of the best ways to refresh your routine and prepare for 2016 is to start the year off organized! Whether you’re hoping to tie up loose ends from last year, get your finances in order, or improve your fitness routine, laying out your schedule and keeping track of your goals is the best first step you can take.

Staying organized might not sound very exciting, but that’s nothing that a little DIY attitude can’t fix. Check out these five crafty calendar ideas that will have you prepared for your day without boring you each morning!

1. The Chalkboard Calendar


Remember how much fun writing on the chalkboard in grade school was? I Spy DIY came up with a calendar idea that lets you have fun with chalk every day! Cut pieces of thick card into squares or find small square canvasses. Paint each square with chalkboard paint. Be sure to make 31 so that each month fits on your calendar! Next, make titles for your months and days. Print them off, paint them, or spell them out in glittered foam letters; get as creative as you like. Stick your month at the top, your days in a row below, and your squares in columns under each day, just like a regular calendar. On the first of each month, number your days. Keep chalk of all different colors in a cup stuck next to your customizable chalkboard calendar.

2. The Paint Chips and Bulletin Board Calendar


Looking for an easy way to make a cute, colorful calendar without breaking the bank? Do what Say Yes did and grab your old bulletin board, some push pins, and a few paint card samples! Cut out the squares in whichever shades you like and pin them like a calendar on your bulletin board. Each morning, the bright colors will keep you cheerful while the push pins make it easy for you to move the cards around, make notes on them, and rearrange things however you like!

3. The Framed Button Calendar


What better way to use your random collection of spare buttons than for crafting? Keep yourself organized and up-cycling by using them to create this awesome button calendar from Make:! Use spray adhesive to cover a foam board in fun material and fit the board into a picture frame without the glass. Glue a push pin to the back of each button and paint or glue a number on the front. Organize the buttons according to the days of the week each month. On days that you have many things to do, write a list and pin it to the board with your button!

4. The DIY Instagram Calendar


If you’re a craft person who also likes to stroll down memory lane, try making the DIY Instagram Calendar by A Beautiful Mess! Cut out 13 pieces of thick card into the shape you want: 1 piece for the cover of your calendar and 1 for each month of the year. At the top, punch two holes in each card. Pile them so the holes line up and tie them all together with ribbon or string. Print out a temple of each month’s calendar (or draw your own!). Next, choose and print 12 pictures that make you happy. Glue the images and the calendar templates so that each month has a fun picture when you open the calendar!

5. The DIY Dry Erase Calendar


Have you ever seen dry erase poster calendars and thought about how useful they are? Did you know that after a few months they often get harder to clean off? Darling Doodles has the solution! Create your own dry erase calendar by pasting a blank calendar template on a backing and placing it in a picture frame. Customize your frame, template, and backing however you like. Use a dry erase marker to fill the calendar in each month and wipe it off easily when it’s time to change things!

Getting organized doesn’t have to be dull.

Tell us about your DIY calendar designs in the comments!

How to Make a Hand Drawn Calendar for Work

Inside: How to make a quick DIY work calendar by hand? Here’s a step by step, easy to use guide. Enjoy a new DIY calendar in under 10 minutes!

Need a quick 5-day calendar and don’t have time to search for a fancy one or go out and buy a 12 month one? I usually want one but forget to buy it until it’s too late in the year and the calendars at the store are halfway done.

This page may contain affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission when you buy through my links. I truly appreciate your support of this blog.

So, I decided instead of dreaming of getting one that has the layout I’m picturing, I’ll just make one. I hope whoever else has a mind like mine will benefit from these dimensions. Or you can just enjoy seeing me make a new random thing!

To make the calendar you’ll just need paper and pen. To make it prettier, a ruler and letter stickers may be helpful but are not necessary. The first one I made was completely guessed on, its lines were not perfect, and the month was written sloppily, but it worked!

Supplies I recommend and used to make my calendar:

Example of my DIY Work Calendar

I used it to lay out the posts I had scheduled for this blog. The posts’ dates sometimes changed so I tried the method of sticky tabs and was able to pick up one of my posts and stick it to a new day as needed.

Once you have the supplies and feel ready, read on.

The first step is drawing the lines. The framework you’ll be basing these lines off of will look like the first picture of this post.

The section you want to make first is the header where the month title will go.

This part should be done first so the rest of the boxes are all equal. Notice the way my paper is laying when you draw the lines. If you’re using 2 rulers or a tool like mine, line up the paper to the 1-inch mark and draw the line. If you’re using just one ruler, measure 1 inch away from the side, mark, and draw line.

Then, I took the measurement of the paper minus the header section. And divided it by 5. The paper I’m using is 8.5 x11 inches. My header was 1 inch so 8.5 minus 1 is 7.5. Then, 7.5 is divided by 5, which equals 1.5 inches. There are 5 weeks on the calendar so 5 sections are needed (the header serves as one of these lines so only 4 lines are drawn).

With the 1-inch header drawn, draw 4 lines each 1.5 inches apart.

On my first calendar, I didn’t do this perfectly. I just did it quickly. If you’d like perfect measurements, it’ll take more time. If you want the boxes to be bigger consider making the last week half of the 2nd to last week like the picture below or add a second piece of paper to the calendar and attach with tape. Each of these options will result in new measurements but as long as you remember you need 5 lines for the weeks, you should be able to take the new measurement and divide by it 5.

Now, rotate the paper so it looks like it’s laying. It will look like this.

The 5 lines that are drawn for this section are 2.2 inches apart, because 11″ is the length and 11 divided by 5 is 2.2. Draw those (4) lines and don’t draw inside the header. It may help to decorate the header beforehand so it is clear.

Here is what it will look like when you finish drawing the framework of the 5-day work calendar.

Add the fun details to personalize your calendar.

Add the “number” dates (don’t forget this is a 5-day per week calendar so don’t write the weekend dates or it’ll throw the whole calendar off) and the letters for the days of the week to the top.

Fill in with goals, reminders, and appointments. Use sticky notes or tabs if your schedule is bound to change often.

There you have it. Easy peasy! I look forward to teaching and learning with you on another craft, hopefully, today’s craft has simplified the process for you.

Here are a few DIY related posts you may like:

25 DIY Calendars And Planners To Start Off The New Year Organized

The New Year is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start planning for it. One of the best things that you can do for yourself in 2018 is to get organized. I know, that sounds scary, doesn’t it? It takes a lot of work to get yourself organized, and that’s doubly true when you have a family to take care of. If you really want to start getting organized and making better use of your free time, I have a nice list of 25 DIY calendars and planners that will help you to get started.

Organization is one of my passions. To be perfectly honest, I’m not always together and totally organized. I let things fall through the cracks sometimes just like anyone else but I do try to keep things neatly in place. It just makes for a much more productive day if you begin with organization and these DIY planners and calendars are absolutely going to help you to make the most of your day. If you really want to get organized in the New Year, be sure to take a look at these 60 plastic bin and drawer ideas for organization. They are going to save you so much time!

There is just so much joy in having an organized life. I do try to keep things in place as much as I can, which is often difficult when you have kids. School schedules alone can drive you nuts if you don’t keep up with them, which is why I love all of these DIY calendars and planners. You won’t have to worry with missing appointments or forgetting special dates anymore. You can start the New Year off on the right foot and stay organized…and sane…all year long. And, you’re really going to love these 25 organization ideas with file folders and magazine racks for helping you to keep things up and out of the way.

1. Easy 3D Printable Calendar

You make this great 3D calendar from cardstock and it makes the perfect gift. It’s great for keeping on your desk and there is no need to flip pages to turn from one month to the next. It’s all there – you just turn the calendar over to the month that you want to display. Just print the months off for the New Year and then assemble.

Tutorial: apieceofrainbow

2. DIY Calendar Journal

This little calendar journal is great and it is really easy to make. This would be such a wonderful gift or you can use it yourself to make notes of things that you want to do each day. Or give yourself a little motivational quote to look at each morning. The possibilities are endless and the finished product is just gorgeous.

Tutorial: witandwhistle

3. Colorful Paint Sample Calendar

Paint samples are so cheap – many stores may give them to you. Ask your local hardware store about samples of discontinued colors. Anyway, you can use those paint samples to create this gorgeously colored calendar. You just need a cheap frame from the Dollar Store and you can make this a dry erase calendar that is easy to change from month to month – and to keep your notes of important dates.

Tutorial: chicisms

4. DIY Instagram Calendar

This Instagram calendar is perfect for teenagers who love using the app. You just take your favorite Instagram photos and turn them into a desktop calendar. This is such a neat idea and it is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY calendars that you could make. You can use cardstock or construction paper to give your photos a backing and then just put them all together into this great little calendar.

Tutorial: abeautifulmess

5. Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

How adorable is this bicycle wheel turned calendar? I love the vintage look of it and this is a really simple calendar to make. It is also a chalkboard calendar so you can easily change it out from week to week and you have plenty of room for keeping up with all of those appointments and meetings. Kids will especially love this one -and it would make a wonderful gift. There are so many wonderful repurposing projects for old tires and wheels.

Tutorial: thistlewoodfarms

6. DIY Canvas Calendar

This canvas calendar is perfect for keeping appointment notes and other papers handy and organized. You make this from canvas and it runs from month to month so you change it up every month. It is really easy to make and it is perfect for your home office or even the kitchen. You could keep your bills right there on it right by the day that they are due and keep doctor’s appointment notes handy, too.

Tutorial: thriftycraftygirl.

7. DIY Perpetual Chalkboard Calendar

This perpetual chalkboard calendar is great because you can use it again and again. You just change out the month and days each month. Plus, there are little clothespins hanging at the bottom so that you can keep notes, bills and other important papers really close and on hand. And, this one only takes about an hour to make and that includes the time that it takes to dry.

Tutorial: curbly

8. Wooden Cigar Box Calendar

This wooden box calendar is great. Not only is it really easy to make but you can do the days of the months with index cards and they all store beautifully in a wooden box. You could even build the box yourself if you wanted. These types of calendars are great for leaving yourself a little motivational quote every morning or for when you really need to jot things down to keep your busy days organized.

Tutorial: relleomein

9. DIY Photo Calendar

Here is another beautiful photo calendar and this one is perfect for grandparents over the holidays or your Mom on Mother’s Day. You just print off your favorite photos in black and white – or you could also do color if you prefer color – and then assemble the gorgeous calendar. You could turn this into a hanging wall calendar or get a clear plastic box at the Dollar Store that is perfect for making your own photo cube calendar.

Tutorial: thepapercurator

10. DIY Hand Stamped Wood Calendar

What a wonderful calendar to add to your desk. This wooden calendar is stamped by hand and it is really pretty easy to DIY. You will need to hit up your local craft or hobby store for a few supplies like a permanent ink stamping kit and an acrylic block. This one is actually much easier than it looks and it creates a gorgeous permanent calendar that makes a wonderful gift.

Tutorial: damasklove

11. DIY Decorative Planner

Take an ordinary planner, that you can get at the Dollar Tree for just a dollar, and turn it into a gorgeously decorative and personalized planner for yourself or someone special. This one is super easy and you actually start with a planner that is already made, so your only task is to personalize it and add the decorative elements. This would be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays or an anytime gift.

Tutorial: homeyohmy

12. DIY Masking Tape Calendar Wall

You can put your calendar right there on your wall – if you own your home, that is. Or, you could do this one on a canvas or a large poster board. You use masking tape to separate the days and weeks and there are so many wonderful colors and designs of tape these days so you can completely customize this one and make it totally unique. You gotta love those duct tape life hacks.

Tutorial: ohhhmhhh

13. Kate Spade Inspired DIY Planner

Kate Spade items are great but they are a little pricey. If you want something that looks like the original Kate Spade but you don’t want to spend that kind of money getting it, check out this Kate Space inspired striped planner. You use an ordinary planner and duct tape to get the look and it really does look like those Kate Spade planners that cost about $30 or more each.

Tutorial: personallyandrea

14. DIY Leather Bound Planner

Here is another great personalized planner that you can easily DIY. You just wrap an ordinary planner in leather. Well, it’s a bit more complex than that, but you get the picture. This one is super easy and it makes a beautiful planner that looks like you spent upwards of $50 or more on it – and it makes a wonderful gift for anyone you know who loves (or needs) to stay organized.

Tutorial: theartofdoingstuff


DIY Vintage Linen Wall Calendar

My mother had a linen wall calendar hanging in the kitchen when I was growing up and I loved it. It had such a great old fashioned look to it. Now, you can make these linen calendars, which are absolutely the best gifts ever! These are so simple and you won’t spend long at all making one, so you have plenty of time to make one for all of your friends and family.

Tutorial: thesweetestoccasion

16. DIY Metallic Pocket Planners

Turn ordinary little notebooks into personalized pocket planners. Everyone needs a tiny calendar to carry with them to remember important dates, right? I have one in my purse right now because you just never know when you need to jot down an important appointment. These use permanent markers in metallic colors to add design to ordinary notebooks, and you can add calendar pages to turn them into pocket planners.

Tutorial: blushandjelly

17. Pencil Holder Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual calendar is great because you can use it month after month or week after week. It’s not one of those permanently labeled calendars that you have to throw out at the end of the year. This perpetual calendar in particular doubles as a cool pencil or pen holder so it’s perfect for your desk – or the desk of your teenagers. If you have students who need to remember important tests and other dates, this would be a wonderful calendar for them.

Tutorial: designsponge

18. Perpetual Wooden Block Calendar

How about a perpetual calendar that you make from wooden blocks? This one is really gorgeous and has a wonderful farmhouse quality to it. If you want something that is going to go well with your DIY farmhouse furniture and décor, then this one is definitely it. Plus, it is really easy to make and you don’t need a lot of supplies to make it. You may even have everything on hand already.

Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

19. DIY Flip Up Perpetual Calendar

This great calendar flips up so you can easily change the dates. It is just the numbers, so for this one you will want to have a pretty good grasp on the month and the day of the week, but this is great for keeping by your desk so that you know what date to write on all of those important papers. Plus, it is super easy to make and you can do it in any number of colors to match your office décor.

Tutorial: tsprettynice

20. Easy Post It Note Calendar

When all else fails, grab the Post It notes. That’s always been my motto and it is certainly true when it comes to making this really great calendar. This one is so easy – you just use Post It notes to create a calendar on your wall. Now, if you wanted to make this a bit sturdier and more permanent, you could downsize it just a bit and add it to a frame. Buy a cheap frame from your local thrift store and put your Post It notes on a piece of cardstock or poster board.

Tutorial: creatinglaura

21. Simple DIY Printable Calendar

If you want something really simple and easy, just print off your calendar. You can print calendar pages onto cardstock to make them sturdy and then use them to keep track of all of your important dates. Printable calendars are great because they are really cheap and there are so many templates available so you can completely customize how your calendar looks. Plus, you can add this great DIY tree stump calendar holder to give it a unique rustic look.

Tutorial: cleanandscentsible

22. DIY Postcard Calendar

Postcards are perfect for adding a bit of style and design to your DIY calendar. Take this one for instance. It uses postcards with the days of the week printed onto the back and you can store them in cardboard cartons that you buy fruits and veggies in. How very original! And, this one is really cheap, especially if you have postcards that you want to use.

Tutorial: designsponge

23. Vintage Wood Hanger Calendar

Create a calendar from an old wooden pants hanger? Yes, you can! This one is really cool and it is super easy to make. If you have kids who need to learn organization, this is a great project for them. You just need a wooden pant hanger for each one that you create and if you don’t have any wooden pant hangers on hand, you can often find them at thrift stores in bundles of five or ten for a dollar or so. It is always good to know a few hanger hacks.

Tutorial: themerrythought

24. Full Wall Chalkboard Calendar

How fun is this full wall calendar? You do this with chalkboard paint and it not only helps you to keep organized, it adds some décor to your hallway, kitchen or any other room you want to put it in. I personally think that this would be perfect for an office – you will never again have to worry about forgetting an important date if you have it right there on the wall. And it is a perpetual calendar so you can use it again and again, year after year.

Tutorial: ourfifthhouse

25. Wood And Leather Tag Calendar

This wood and leather calendar looks like a gift tag and it is really easy to make. The wooden tag holds your calendar pages and the leather strip gives it such a unique gift tag look. This one won’t take you long at all to make. You just have to cut your tag out of a strip of plywood and then you will need to change out your calendar every week or month – or even year, however you want to print it off.

Tutorial: nalleshouse

DIY Photo Desk Calendar – Homemade Ginger

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Photo Desk Calendars make great gifts for parents, grandparents and loved ones. If you want to add some personalization to your desk either at home or the office, this modern wooden desk calendar is the perfect addition to your space!

It’s easy to make a DIY Photo Desk Calendar with just a handful of supplies. This wooden block holds your photo calendar and looks sleek and modern in any space!

How To Make A Desk Calendar

We recently got some family photos taken, so I decided to create a DIY desk calendar to give as Christmas gifts for the grandparents and also for my husband to have at work. I love how they turned out and it’s such a great way to enjoy our photos all year long!

While I had the initial idea behind this little desk calendar, my husband was the one who made it all happen using his saw skills. I still have yet to conquer the circular saw. You could probably do this with a small hand saw as well, but the lines might not be as clean. Also, you will need a free calendar printable to create your photos. I used this one from Alice and Lois. 

Materials Neded For DIY Desk Calendar

Here’s everything you will need:

Directions for How To Make A Photo Desk Calendar

Step One: To create the groove, measure a line down the center of your block of wood.

If you have a table saw, this process will be much easier. But it is possible with a smaller circular saw. In order to ensure that the block would not shift while sawing, you can nail down some boards around it to create a tight fitting clamp effect that doesn’t get in the way of the saw.

Step Two: Set the blade depth to 3/8 of an inch and cut straight along the line.

If your saw blade isn’t very thick, you will have to make a second pass with the saw to create a groove of about 3/16 inch in width.

Step Three: Using fine sandpaper, sand down the groove and the rest of the surface of the wood block. You can give the edges a more rounded look if you want.

Step 4: The stack of all 12 calendar photos should fit perfectly in the groove.

Even though they aren’t 100% perfect, it still works well!

Step Four: Stain the wood if desired. After everything was totally dry, I sanded down the edges to give it a little more of a rustic effect.

For the photo template, I used this one from Alice and Lois. Then, I just created 4X6 sized photos in Photoshop. I did a square photo or photo collage on the top with the calendar at the bottom. You just want to make sure it’s 4X6 and that you have about 1/2 in of white space at the bottom.

I just love how this simple desk calendar turned out and I can’t wait to create them every year from here on out!

You could team up with siblings and create calendar photos of all the grandkids for a great Grandparent gift. Or just make one for yourself of your family.

I hope you will ring in the new year with this little DIY desk calendar!

For another easy way to display photos, check out my copper wire photo holders!

DIY Calendar – 5 Ways to Make Yours

It used to be that people relied on the seasons to measure the passage of time, but once the calendar came into common use—well, it stuck around. In recent years, though, many have chosen to go digital, transferring schedule-keeping to the online realm. But perhaps an equal number of us have chosen to stick with our traditional, tangible calendars. You can always buy a new one at the bookshop or stationery store, but since the appeal of a real calendar is that you can actually hold it in your hands, there’s poetic justice to the idea of making your own. Scroll down to see five DIY calendar projects to mimic or to inspire your very own design.



Photo: modishandmain. com

DIY decorators have made a darling out of washi tape, which is Japanese adhesive paper that not only goes on and peels off easily, but also comes in an endless array of designs. Use the tape to create a border for your DIY calendar, then fill the grid with colored post-it notes, one for each day, as Modish and Main cleverly did here.




Plenty of non-energy-efficient vintage windows are homeless and looking for a second life. House by Hoff figure out that for a weekly calendar, a paned window lends itself extraordinary well to use in a DIY calendar. Simply chalkboard-paint the glazed portions of the window and use vinyl letters to define the different days.




From Photojojo, here’s a DIY calendar perfect for any amateur photographers in the crowd. To get started, head outside and start snapping pictures of letters and numbers in your neighborhood. You’ll need 49 total: the numbers 1 through 31, a set of letters or words to represent the different days of the week, and 11 fillers.



Paint a regular clipboard and hang it from a nail in your entry hall or home office. Swap in patterned paper and simple print-out calendar templates for each passing month. It’s a quick way to see your month at a glance. For details on the (readily available) materials needed to make your own, head on over to Jenna Rose Journal.




Some people use calendars to organize and plan; others use calendars to remember dates and reflect. Designed for the latter, a DIY calendar journal provides space to record your daily activities so that you can revisit them fondly year after year. Wit and WhistleWit and Whistle shows how to create one using only index cards and a recipe box.

, all you need to get started are a stack of index cards (365 of them) and an embellished recipe box for storage.

How to make a calendar with your own hands

We never have to think that such a thing as a calendar can be made by hand. After all, we can buy it in any store or use it from our tablet. But if you try at least once to use a calendar made by hands with love, then every time you take it out, you will feel the warmth of human hands.

From scrap materials, you can create a whole work of art that can never be compared to a purchased item.Think about what kind of calendar you would like to have and make it, drawing inspiration from one of the ideas. Before you start making a calendar, you should think about how it will be: wall, flip, etc. Let’s consider how to make a calendar with your own hands.

Desk calendar

This hand-made paper calendar will help brighten up office everyday life and therefore will be an excellent gift for your colleague or you. We will learn how to make a calendar with your own hands out of paper.

You will need to get hold of a few pages of heavyweight paper. Each page is dedicated to one month. The pages will need to be cut with scissors and formed into a rectangle.

Next, draw a calendar grid on each page, this can be done using a template or manually. You can find the template on the Internet and print, or arm yourself with pencils, felt-tip pens and do everything by hand. You can decorate the pages as you like, you will need a color palette, glitter, colored pencils, felt-tip pens, stickers and other things for this.

Arrange each month in order, fold the sheets together and punch a hole in the middle of the sheet with a hole punch. Insert the ring there. You can make your calendar in any shape – round, oval, square, heart-shaped. Your imagination is unlimited.

So that you can always see the calendar in front of you, attach it to the base. To make the base, you will need several sheets, preferably cardboard. Cut three rectangles out of the paper, two of them should be the same length and width.And one needs to be made two times smaller in width – this will be the bottom of the base. Next, you need to glue all of these pieces together to form the base to which you will attach your desk calendar.

Calendar from postcards

This idea is fascinating, it will bring a lot of pleasure to your household. Throughout the year, you can write down events that happened to you and your family on the calendar. In 10 years, such a calendar will become a family heirloom that will be interesting to read.

To make such a calendar, prepare the following things: postcards for each month, a box, scissors, notebook sheets with a wide ruler, string, printing.

Take the notebook in a wide ruler and cut out small rectangles from the notebook sheets. Stamp the date on each rectangle. But if it is not there, then you can do it manually.

Put all the leaflets and postcards with the months in a box. The leaves should be arranged by date, each month is highlighted with a postcard.

Calendar with photos

Choose your photos, prepare leaflets, colored cardboard, fastening elements – glue, tape, colored paper, ribbon (satin ribbon is most suitable). Instead of photographs, you can take any pictures, for example, images from films, landscapes, etc.

Work progress:

  • Photos must be of the same size and should be taken care of at the very beginning.
  • Prepare sheets of paper of a suitable size, on which you can glue the photographs.Do this with glue or tape.
  • Put all the pieces of paper together according to the days and months. At the top, make a hole through which you want to thread the tape.

If you own Photoshop, you can print your own leaflets with a beautiful background and a calendar grid. Print your work on a printer. Although it is sometimes impossible on a printer You need to print the sheets in the format. In this case, you can use the services of photo studios or printing houses. After that, you can paste your photos and you will have a calendar dear to your heart.

Wall calendar – planner

If you want to make a calendar that will remind you of important things or events, then try to make this option. Take a large sheet – Whatman paper, draw 12 sectors, or 31 squares there.

In each of these sectors, you can enter the information you need. Label sectors by month or squares by day. Now you can add there any information related to your life – plans for the coming months, birthdays of your loved ones, vacation days, etc.d.

You can make a universal wall calendar from canvas that will help you for more than one year, but several. To do this, you need to find a canvas of the right size for you. Draw borders on it, you should get 7 columns and 5 rows. This needs to be done with ribbons. Where the lines intersect, attach nice pins. On the back of the ribbons, you can attach them with wire cutters.

You will need colored paper or cardboard, from which you need to make squares with the designations of numbers corresponding to the days of the week.Use double tape to attach them to each cell. Month names can also be made out of colored paper and pasted on. Now you can write about any events and reminders on stickers and stick them on the date you need.

Perpetual calendar

You can make a perpetual calendar from any hard material such as plywood or cardboard, preferably wood. It will serve you faithfully for many years. At the base-box of such a calendar there is a pair of cubes, where the days of the week and a block with months are applied.The minimum set of numbers from 0 to 5.

is applied to one die.

On the second cube, the numbers from 0 to 9 are applied, the number 9 is not applied, since the number 6 may well play its role. The names of the months are applied on the edges of the three long bars.

If you want to make such a calendar from wood, then you need to prepare tools such as a saw, a chisel, a jigsaw to work with them on wood. We cut out cubes and sticks. Sandpaper your wood pieces.

The inscriptions on the cubes of the sticks are applied in various ways. If you are confident in your drawing skills, you can do it by hand using a brush and paint.

If not, make a template that you can trace. You can also apply numbers using a burner, wood chisels, or just stick on buttons with numbers. You can oil your wood pieces to give them a more attractive appearance.

The case for the calendar is made of pieces of plywood.The back wall must fit the full length of the block and block structure. The size of the side wall should correspond to the width of the cube and the width of the back wall, the height of the cube and the thickness of the bar. All cubes and bars should be placed on the bottom.

The structure can be fixed with carpentry nails or glue. The body can be decorated to make it look more attractive by painting it with paint or sticking various images.

Such a calendar will not gather dust somewhere in the back of the closet, it will faithfully serve people, and also decorate the room.

Simple wall calendar

There is the easiest way to make a calendar with your own hands, on which you can practice to get started. Take a simple sheet of paper and cardboard and draw 7 columns, 5 lines on it by hand. The lines must be absolutely even at regular intervals. Sign columns and lines by days of the week, months.

Decorate your calendar with pictures or stickers. A color palette or stickers will help you with this. You can highlight important dates in a special way by sticking a small accessory or picture on them.For example, you can stick a snowflake or a Christmas tree on the New Year’s date, and a flower on your birthday. If it’s your sister’s birthday, stick a small photo of her on that date. Fold the sheets, make a hole, transfer with twine or ribbon and hang on the wall.

If you like to draw and do it well, then just paint a piece of Whatman paper, after drawing it out and making the necessary notes. You can hang a wall calendar on a carnation or hook, which must first be placed on the wall.

Show your imagination and create different versions of calendars yourself. You can present your crafts to your loved ones, especially on such a holiday as the New Year. It will be a great sign of attention and they will be delighted to receive such a wonderful gift from you.

90,000 DIY Advent Calendar: Ideas and Templates

Waiting for the New Year and Christmas is always a magical time of the year, especially for kids.They are looking forward to this fabulous time, filled with magic, the scent of pine needles and tangerines.

To make this expectation interesting and useful for the child, you can make an Advent calendar with your own hands. First of all, he will give the child an understanding of when exactly the holiday will come. And secondly, it will turn the last few weeks before the holiday into an exciting journey with surprises or tasks.

Advent calendar for children can be very diverse. The classic version is a cardboard house with opening windows, in which the child finds a note with an assignment / wish or a surprise (a small toy, sweetness).

You can go beyond the classic version and make an Advent calendar in the form of a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, garlands with bags, etc. Below you can find a variety of options for the appearance of the Advent calendar, as well as download templates for several of them.

It is worth noting that the Advent calendar came to us from the West. It is in the Catholic tradition that it is customary to make an Advent calendar with a countdown to Christmas (from December 1 to 25). In our country, the New Year’s Advent calendar (most often calculated for 31 days) would be more appropriate.However, the choice of the date and number of days is up to you.

Advent Calendar Ideas and Templates

So, what kind of Advent calendar for kids can you make with your own hands?

Advent calendar “Christmas tree”. Such an Advent calendar will create a real New Year mood and can even become an alternative to a real Christmas tree. You can make a Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar out of paper or fabric.

A very interesting version of a wooden Christmas tree with baskets or bags.

If you do not have the time or desire to make your own Advent calendar in the form of a Christmas tree, you can buy one here (I already ordered myself :)). Its advantage is that it is designed for 31 days (and not 24 as in most similar products).

Advent calendar “Santa Claus”. Like the Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar, Santa Claus can also be made of fabric or paper. Mission notes are most often placed on the beard :).

You can also use the template below and print the templates of boxes in the form of Santa Claus / Santa Claus:

Download the template (the archive will open after you click on the button of one of the social networks and share the record):

Or you can buy here such a cute advent calendar on Aliexpress:

Advent calendar in the form of small gifts. You can stock up on small boxes or make them yourself, decorate them beautifully and sign with the appropriate numbers. In each box, you can hide a gift, goodies or a task.

The Advent calendar boxes can be laid out in a variety of ways: in a row, one on top of the other, in the shape of a Christmas tree, etc.

By the way, you can use ready-made templates for boxes for the New Year’s Advent calendar:

Download the template (the archive will open after you click on the button of one of the social networks and share the entry):

Advent Calendar ” Owls “. Funny and cheerful New Year’s calendar in the form of owls. To make it, print out the templates that you can find just below the photo, and also prepare matchboxes, glue and double-sided tape.

Download the template (the archive will open after you click on the button of one of the social networks and share the record):

Garland with envelopes. This Advent calendar is very easy to make, looks smart and takes up very little space.

Multi-colored mittens or socks. Another version of the Christmas or New Year garland calendar. Only instead of envelopes, you can use beautiful mittens or socks.

Advent calendar made of paper bags or pouches. Small sachets and pouches made of paper or fabric can be bought or made by hand. You can arrange them in the form of a garland or arrange them beautifully.

By the way, you can buy a ready-made Advent calendar from bags (there is for 24 days and 31 days):

Advent calendar “Mickey Mouse and his friends.” All you have to do for this calendar is print it out. The instruction and the template are in the file.

Download the template (the archive will open after you click on the button of one of the social networks and share the record):

Advent calendar from houses. Boxes in the form of houses will definitely appeal to any child, and will also decorate your home. With them, the expectation of the New Year and Christmas will be truly fabulous.

Below you can download the templates of box houses for the New Year’s waiting calendar.

Download the template (the archive will open after you click on the button of one of the social networks and share the record):

do-it-yourself calendar for the New Year, you can make in the same direction.

What to put in the Advent calendar for the New Year?

Small chocolates were placed in traditional Christmas calendars. Now parents delight their children with a variety of goodies and gifts.

If you are still quite a toddler, you can limit yourself to various surprises. But for older children, a variety of tasks will be interesting, which, of course, can be alternated with pleasant surprises.

By the way, you can not put a surprise gift directly into the children’s advent calendar, but leave a note there indicating the place where the gift is hidden. Children like these tasks very much :).

Did all these options seem very difficult to you? Then buy a ready-made Advent calendar.An Advent calendar from Lego or Hot Wheels is ideal for boys (you can buy it in Ukraine here).

Also children’s publishing houses offer ready-made advent calendars with stickers and tasks (in Ukraine, look at the Ranok publishing house – this year I ordered 2 different calendars for my boys).

And now a few ideas that can be put into the Advent calendar for the New Year:

  • pencils, paints
  • Christmas tree decorations, beads and other decorations on the Christmas tree (they can be combined with the task “Decorate the Christmas tree”)
  • coloring
  • books
  • balloons
  • soap bubbles
  • parts of a construction set or set (which the child will assemble by the end of the Advent calendar)
  • stickers
  • a figure of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden or a snowman
  • cookie cutters (which, of course, you bake together :)).

Advent calendar tasks can be found here.

By the way, the Advent calendar can be made not only for children, but also for a beloved boyfriend / husband or girlfriend / wife. This is ideal, with envelopes, where you can put notes or small gifts.

We will be glad if in the comments you share your ideas of what can be put into the Advent calendar in anticipation of the New Year.

All rights to images and templates belong to their authors.

Goods for the holiday:

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Making a desk calendar with our own hands together with

Our regular customers are already well aware of our new product – a photo calendar. With its help, you can make a unique gift with your own hands, spending a minimum of time and money on it. Everything you need to create a loose-leaf calendar is already included in the kit: 13 sheets for printing, a cardboard base and springs for collecting structures.

To create a calendar we need:

Let’s get started!

We download a special program.

We launch it on the computer.

We select the type of object. If you are preparing a calendar in A5 format, choose “Calendar A5”, B6 – “Calendar 4×6”, A5 photo album – “PhotoBook 8: 5”.In our case – “Calendar 4×6”.

We select the type of information display in the calendar. I liked the third option more – the photo above, below the calendar days.

We choose the year for which we make the calendar.

We post photos related to each month on calendar pages. To do this, select the folder in which the photos are stored in the folder tree. And , by simply dragging and dropping , place the desired photo in the desired place. If the photo is larger than the calendar area, it is centered. If necessary, you can change the position of the photo in the designated area. To do this, right-click on the image on the calendar page and hold it while dragging the photo.

We do this with every calendar page.

If necessary, you can add additional text to the calendar page. To do this, on the upper toolbar, press the “Text” button and enter the required text in the lower toolbar.After entering the text, the inscription can be moved around the calendar page in the same way as the picture in the previous paragraph.

After all calendar pages are filled, is better to save project . To do this, press the “Save” button on the top panel and save the file to the desired location on the computer.

It is important to note that the package contains 13 sheets. It is assumed that the thirteenth page is for the cover page of the calendar. But don’t rush to use it. You never know what? Maybe the printer will ask you to reset the cartridges at the most inopportune moment and the page will go to waste? In short, leave the last sheet in reserve.

Before sending the calendar to print – , print one test sheet of . This is necessary in order to:

  • Make sure the printer prints well, is calibrated, and all nozzles are clean.
  • See how correctly put calendar sheets in the printer. In our case, we used an Epson P50 printer with a BlackBox CISS.It prints images from bottom to top, so calendar sheets need to be placed with the holes facing up.

The field for printing all sheets – we collect the calendar. To do this, fold the base along the folds and attach the two springs included in the kit on top.

After – we put the calendar sheets on the spring in the correct order. The calendar is ready!

In our case, it turned out to be an excellent cat calendar for bookkeeping))).

By the way, without the selection of photos, the calendar was made in 15 minutes.

It turns out that after spending 15 minutes of time and $ 5-7, you can make an excellent gift that will delight a person for a whole year! What could be better?

Make soulful gifts with Printchip!

How to make a calendar with your own hands? | Materials from companies

So, how to make a calendar with your own hands? Believe me, it is not at all necessary to sit for several hours or days, making it by hand in the literal sense of the word.All you need to create a creative calendar is a computer, a printer and a few minutes of free time. The Calendar Design program from AMS Software will help you to understand the rest. You can download it from the official website.

Create a stylish calendar in five minutes

Why is this program good? Of course, the first thing that catches your eye at startup is a completely Russian-language interface. With it, you won’t have to guess for a minute what is hidden behind which button.And if difficulties nevertheless arise, you can always refer to the online textbook, where the program’s capabilities are described in detail and in an accessible manner. But this is just the tip of the iceberg! The application harbors many more surprises that will delight you. For example, the second nice moment is the chance to create a calendar of absolutely any type.

Looking for a wall, desk or pocket calendar? Vertical, horizontal, double-sided? Or maybe you want to make separate calendars for each month and in each case accompany them with an original design? Easy peasy! And for comfortable work, the program has a built-in collection of templates that you can take as a basis. And, of course, the application allows you to start from scratch and think over all the little things on your own. You can learn more about how to make a calendar here.

Add your own holidays to the calendar

Traditional holidays are marked in the calendar by default. But there are other days in a person’s life that must not be forgotten. How to deal with them? If earlier you had to spoil the look of the purchased calendar by selecting the numbers manually, now there is no need for this. With the Calendars Design installed on your PC, you no longer need to think about how to create a calendar with memorable dates – just mark them in the appropriate window of the program.By the way, the application can not only highlight the days with color, but also sign, than each of them is remarkable.

If desired, you can configure the display of the moon phases in the calendar. Speaking about the design of dates, it is worth noting that you can freely customize the color, font and background in the blocks at your discretion. Also, the program includes a collection of clip art and a collection of aphorisms and jokes that can be an excellent decoration for your work.All this is a huge plus and expands the possibilities for creativity.

Calendar is the best gift for relatives and colleagues

When creating a calendar, you can use images not only from the Internet, but also your own photos. Not sure which picture to choose for the background? It’s OK! There is a solution here too. The application offers a unique opportunity – you can fit all the photos you want on one calendar, making a creative collage out of them. You only need to mark the files necessary for processing, and the software will do the rest on its own.By the way, such a calendar can be a pleasant gift for loved ones.

Quality calendar printing

So we figured out how to make a calendar at home. You just have to print it on a printer or contact a printing house with a layout. Also, the calendar can be used as wallpaper on a laptop or downloaded as a screensaver on your phone. This will help you not to get lost in numbers and always remember all important dates.

“Calendar Design” is a program for creating original works that can become not only an ideal decoration for the walls of the house, but also an excellent gift for people dear to your heart.

Download trial version …

How to make a calendar with your own hands

Greetings to all visitors!

If earlier you had to use standard calendars, then with the development of computer technology, you can make your own calendar, with your own holidays (for example, mark the birthdays of relatives, anniversaries and celebrations on it), your design, your size, etc.

In general, do everything the way you need it (so as not to forget anything and congratulate everyone on time!). Agree, it would be convenient to know in advance where and what holidays, and plans await you ?!

In general, there are a lot of ways to create your own calendar, and not all of them are suitable for a person who is poorly versed in PCs. In this article I will give several step-by-step instructions (in different programs) for creating your own colorful calendar (I think that everyone who wants it will figure it out).

By the way, if you want to know the exact weather forecast, you may be interested in an article with recommendations and an overview of sites about weather –

Using the program Calendar Design

The most convenient program to “cook up” a calendar for yourself. Judge for yourself:

  • A variety of calendars are available to you: pocket, flip-flop, desktop. The time interval is also configurable: for a month, for a year, a quarter;
  • there are dozens of various templates in the program: each template can be modified to suit your requirements;
  • you can add any of your dates to the calendar: birthdays, vacations, important events in your life.Each such date can be highlighted with a special color, and even a picture;
  • You can print calendars on paper of various sizes (almost all types of printers are supported).

Perhaps the only drawback is that the free version has a problem with saving in some formats. To summarize, in general for solving our problem – the program is irreplaceable, one of the best of its kind. I will consider in detail how to make your calendar in it.

    After installation from the launch of the program, you will see a welcome window with the option to start either a new project, or open an already finished one.In my example, I will choose a new one.

Next, you need to select the type of calendar. In general, here are all the types that you may need: wall calendars (some of the most popular), desktop, pocket, one month, 12 months, calendar from scratch. For example, I chose the option of a wall calendar.

Then dozens of all kinds of templates will appear before you: green, blue, light, dark, with nature, with animals, old, etc.etc., etc. In general, you need to choose one of the proposed options – I do not advise here (as you know: “in taste and color – there are no comrades.”).

Select a template for the calendar

The next step is to choose a photo for the calendar. Here you can put a photo of your pet, family photo, nature, etc.

Then you need to set the year of the calendar (from what date to start the countdown – by the way, it is not at all necessary from the new year) and set the sheet format (by default, it is the usual A4).After installation – click the “done” button.

Selection of year and sheet size

Actually, your calendar is ready! There is little left to do: adjust some more points that were promised at the beginning of the article ☺.

Choice of holidays. To do this, open the “Holidays” section in the top menu of the program, tick the boxes which of the holidays to show on the calendar. For example, you can show not only official holidays, but also Orthodox holidays

Which holidays to show

Tincture of decoration.If the calendar needs improvement, you can always add the inscriptions you need, select any of the dates, configure, for example, the lunar calendar, add a page, etc. To do this, use the “Calendar” settings section.

The “Add” section will help you add an inscription, logo, collage, photo to your calendar. An example is shown in the screenshot below.

What else can be added to the calendar

In general, a good and relatively simple way to create colorful and bright calendars (in my opinion ☻).

In Microsoft Word and Excel

Word and Excel are on every second home computer, which means that this method will be relevant and in demand. In addition, the calendar can be made quickly, without downloading or installing additional software. I will consider all the steps step by step using the example of Word, Excel 2016 (so that there are not so many of them ☻).


    First, open the “File / New” menu, then select the calendar template you like (if you have access to the Internet – click on the “Calendars” link (highlighted in a red rectangle in the screenshot below)) .

There are dozens of various calendar templates on the Internet: annual, monthly, personal, business calendars, etc. (see screen below)

Categories of calendar templates

Having chosen the template you like, you will only have to modify it for yourself. For example, I chose a simple calendar in which you need to insert your logo and indicate your contacts (phone, mail, etc.).

In general, this completes the creation of the calendar.

Simple calendar ready

  • Perhaps the only drawback is the problem with old templates. If you took a template of the wrong year, you will have to delve into the settings (transfer the calendar to Excel and use formulas to correct it). In my opinion, in this case, it will be faster to make the calendar entirely in Excel (a couple of lines about this below in the article).
  • Excel

      Launch Excel and in the first window click on the “Calendars” link (you need an Internet connection).You can also call this screen by pressing Ctrl + O (i.e. open / create).

    Further, among hundreds of calendar templates, we find the one that you like. For example, I stopped my choice on a calendar with the symbols of the eastern horoscope. To upload a template to yourself – click just one button “Create”.

    Well, the last thing left is to indicate the year you need. What’s great about Excel is that it will automatically recalculate your calendar and put the numbers and days as they should go in the year you selected. You just have to mark the dates you need manually for yourself, indicate contacts on the calendar (if necessary) and print it.

    Specify the desired year

    Online way of creating a calendar

    The network now has dozens of different sites for creating a variety of calendars. I will give a few examples, which I stopped myself on.

    Select template (online)

    A simple site for creating a calendar, business card, envelope.It is very convenient to use it: everything is done in steps, everything is in Russian. The service supports JPG and PNG images, there is a collection of ready-made templates, beautiful fonts, etc. In general, it is convenient, fast, beautiful!

    Calendar Template Selection (Canva) | Clickable

    This site is notable for the fact that you can choose a theme and a calendar template (for example, any holiday on February 23, March 8, etc.), then upload your photo to it, and download it to yourself. Note that any of the templates can be changed quite a lot: add text, change the background, change some elements.

    Well, then, having printed such a calendar – it will become an excellent and original gift.

    By the way, your uploaded photo will be automatically processed with the necessary filters and neatly entered into the color scheme of the selected template.

    In general, there are a lot of such sites, and I will not dwell on all of them.

    Making a calendar at home can be very interesting and exciting for you.

    You can safely involve children in the work on the calendar. You can make a simple and practical calendar, or you can make a whole decoration for the interior.

    Also on the Internet you can find ready-made sample calendars that you just need to print and then use to create a beautiful craft.

    On our website you will also find:

    Calendar for the year with your own hands. Option 1.

    – colored cardboard (ordinary white A4 can be used)

    1. Take 12 sheets of colored cardboard and draw 7 columns and 5 lines on each. Use a ruler and pencil.

    When you have drawn everything, you can trace the lines with a marker (also using a ruler).

    2. On each sheet, write the name of the month (preferably at the top). Write large letters in bright marker.

    3. At the top of each column, write the name of the day of the week.

    4. Enter the dates in the remaining cells – in the upper right or left corner.

    * To know from what day to start counting, you can check the calendar on your phone, tablet or computer, or just look at the calendar of last year – for example, December 31, 2015 was Friday, so January 1, 2016 is Saturday.

    * You should also know how many days are in each month, especially for the month of February – in 2016 it has 29 days. September, April, June and November have 30 days, the rest (excluding February) have 31 days.

    5. Each sheet of the calendar can be decorated as you like. You can use, for example, crayons, felt-tip pens, wax crayons, stickers, stickers, glitter, etc.

    6. Do not forget to mark important dates: birthdays, New Years and Christmas, holidays.You can cut pictures or stick stickers for each such day.

    * For example, if mom’s birthday is March 10, then you can draw or glue flowers in the corresponding cell. But the New Year can be glued with a snowflake or Santa Claus.

    7. To hang the calendar you can make holes in each sheet (in the same place), thread a ribbon or string.

    How to make a calendar from postcards with your own hands. Option 2.

    Some of us have kept (or still keep) diaries, and sometimes it is pleasant to remember some fragments of our life.This calendar combines 2 items at once – a calendar and a diary for a year.

    Over the years, you write down all the interesting things that happened to you or your child on that and another day, and after a year you read all these notes.

    If you make a similar diary every year, then in 10 years it will be very interesting for you to remember what happened a decade ago.

    – print with date (if not, you can manually write all dates)

    – notebook in a wide line

    1.Cut the pages of the notebook in a wide line into identical pieces of paper. You can just cut it in half.

    2. Write the date on each piece of paper. You can just write a month in advance so as not to waste a lot of time writing dates a year in advance.

    3. Postcards can be trimmed so that they are slightly larger than the sheets.

    4. Arrange all the pieces of paper and postcards in the box.

    Advent calendar in the shape of a herringbone for children

    This craft was made for December, but you can do it for any month, for example, when you have the most holidays in your family.

    – colored tape (washi tape)

    – acrylic paints (optional).

    Make a symbolic Christmas tree with scotch tape.

    Clothespins can be decorated with paints or the same tape.

    Use double-sided tape to glue the clothespins to the tree.

    Write the date in white marker, and you can attach a small gift to each clothespin (or some clothespins).

    How to make a calendar with photos from Instagram. Option 3.

    – months of the year printed on sheets (can be found on the Internet)

    – glue or double-sided tape

    – twine or satin ribbon

    1.Decide what size your photos will be.

    2. Based on the dimensions of the photographs, crop your prints of the months of the year and the cardboard to which you will then glue the photographs.

    3. Use double-sided tape to glue the photos to the cardboard sheets.

    4. Punch two holes at the bottom of the photographs and at the top of the months.

    5. Bind the sheets together with twine or tape.

    How to make a calendar for the year on canvas.Option 4.

    – canvas (in this example, the size is 40 x 50 cm)

    – satin ribbon or colored tape (washi tape)

    – colored paper and double-sided tape or stickers

    1. Use a satin ribbon or tape to divide the fabric into several cells.

    * In the case of using tape, you can secure it with pins, which should be cut with pliers on the back of the blade and fixed with hot glue.

    * In this example, the canvas is divided into 7 columns and 5 rows.

    2. Cut 31 pieces of colored paper and number each one. You can use stickers, which should also be numbered.

    * This example uses small pieces of paper with numbers, but you can use larger pieces of paper so you can write important reminders on them.

    Glue each piece of paper to its own compartment with double-sided tape. If you use stickers, then no tape is needed.

    3. On another colored paper or cardstock, write or print the name of the month.

    4. Now you can change months and rearrange the days, while you can write important events on pieces of paper.

    How to make an erasable calendar with your own hands. Option 5.

    – color palette or stickers of different colors

    – a frame for a photograph or painting with glass (in this example, its size is 30 x 40 cm)

    – water-based marker (easy erasable whiteboard marker) and sponge

    – double-sided tape (when using a color palette).

    1. Visually divide your frame to fit 31 days.

    In this example, each cell is 5 x 5 cm

    2. Glue stickers or color palette to the frame wall (using double-sided tape).

    3. Cover the frame with glass and you can write on it with an easy-to-erase marker and erase when necessary.

    A similar variation can be made using a cloth against the side of the frame. Draw lines on the fabric and cover with glass.

    How to make a school calendar for the year with your own hands. Option 6.

    – colored cardboard or color palette.

    1. For each month, choose your color scheme and, based on this, cut as many pieces of paper as there are days in the corresponding month. You can cut a color palette or colored cardboard.

    2. Use the buttons to attach the pieces of paper to the board and with a marker, number them in accordance with the days of the month.

    3. Write the name of the month on a separate cardboard rectangle and also attach it to the board with the buttons.

    * On pieces of paper you can write important events or draw something.

    4. It remains to hang the calendar on the wall.

    * Each new month, you can decorate the board as you like, and do not forget to change the dates according to the calendar.

    Simple wall calendar made of colored tape. Option 7.

    Making a Velcro wall calendar. Option 8.

    – plywood or cardboard (size must match the photo frame)

    – a piece of cloth (to wrap the plywood)

    – water-soluble tissue marker

    1.Wrap plywood or cardboard with foam rubber, wrap it with a cloth on top and secure with tape, glue or a stapler.

    2. Cut out small circles out of colored paper and write the numbers from 1 to 31 on them. Glue these circles to the buttons.

    * Check if all buttons (31 pieces) fit into the frame. You may need to choose smaller buttons.

    3. Use a pencil and a ruler to mark the fabric so that the numeric buttons can be fixed evenly in place.

    4.Glue the buttons to the buttons.

    5. Cut rectangles out of the felt. Also cut out rectangles from cardboard, but slightly smaller. Write (or type) the names of the months on cardboard rectangles and stitch the papers to the felt.

    6. Glue Velcro on the back of the month plates. Glue the other half of the Velcro to the fabric.

    7. Connect all the parts to make a calendar. You can glue the envelope to its back and store all the necessary details in it (plates of months and buttons with numbers).

    The calendar is an integral part of our life, because if we did not know what day it is, then the world was engulfed in chaos. Nobody would know how old he is, what kind of holiday it is today, and so on.

    Accordingly, it is simply impossible to imagine your life without a calendar. It is on phones, computers, watches, and also just on the desktop.

    Now it will not be difficult to buy a wall or desk calendar, there are a lot of design options. But it happens when you want a special attribute that no one else has, for example, with your photograph.

    As you might have guessed, today we will talk about how to make a calendar for 2019 with your own hands.

    Plain paper calendar

    It doesn’t take much effort to create such a canvas. There may be several options:

    • Make a printout of the calendar on the printer.
    • Make (draw) a calendar on paper with your own hands.

    In the case of the first option, it is enough just to draw the desired format in a special program or use ready-made templates and send it to the printing house for printing.

    If you have a printer at home, then another solution is to print each month on an A4 sheet separately, and then attach everything to the wall.

    The second option is more suitable for appliqué lovers. All that is needed for this method is simply to buy a Whatman paper, draw it into 12 columns, sign each column at the top with a month and number with days.

    In conclusion, you can start decorating the canvas, highlight significant days in a special way, or simply decorate each month in different colors.

    Desk calendar

    There are many solutions in this case as well. After all, you can build an ordinary desktop version or make a desk calendar with your own hands.

    For the first method, you do not have to bother for a long time, it is enough to take a piece of a small bar, and make an incision 2-3 cm deep along its length.

    In the future, it will be possible to insert months cards into this hole, which are excellently made from ordinary cardboard. Only for heightened effect, it is advisable to treat the wood with paint or varnish.

    To make your own desk calendar, follow these steps:

    • Cut 6 sheets of watercolor cardboard in half, so we have 12 cards.
    • Cut out 2 more blanks of a similar format from scrapbooking paper.
    • On the prepared cards, find the middle and combine it with the mark on the hole punch. We make holes on all pages for future fastening. Just make holes at the edge.
    • From whatman paper we cut out a workpiece measuring 23 * 42 cm. One after another we glue 2 sheets of scrap paper onto it. Then, after drying, we fold the Whatman paper into a triangle so that the beautiful sides are outward. We glue the figure.
    • It remains now to write the months and days on the sheets of cardboard, and then thread the wire or tape into the holes and fasten them to the main figure.

    Perpetual calendar

    Creating such a calendar is a very correct decision, just imagine, it will be suitable for any year, you can simply forget about buying a new attribute.

    Again, you can make a perpetual calendar with your own hands, you can use a variety of materials, but mostly wood or cardboard is used.

    First, you need to create 2 cubes and write numbers on each face in the correct order, see the photo for the diagram in more detail.

    Then you can make some rectangles where you write the names of the months. It remains only to build a stand for the cubes and that’s it, the calendar is ready.

    There is also an option to simply make a wooden plate with a movable section, but this method will take a lot of effort, so it will be easier to just buy a ready-made calendar.

    Children’s calendar

    To make a calendar for a child with your own hands, it is enough to resort to one of the options above.Just the word “childish” means an original, creative design.

    Pink tones of coloring and decoration with various cartoon characters are suitable for the girl. Boys may prefer cars, so the emphasis should be on them.

    You can also purchase a cork board, where you can later attach pieces of paper with numbers and days of the week. Thus, the child at the end of the month will have an additional lesson – to make a calendar for the next month.

    90,000 options for creating a desk calendar diary, universal calendar. 85 photos of inspirational ideas

    Flip Desk Calendar

    Flip Desk Calendar is a versatile gift for your work colleague or you. The gift will brighten up your workplace.

    Instructions on how to make a calendar correctly:

    • To get started, you will need a few sheets of thick paper. One page = one month.Cut with scissors and make a rectangle shape out of paper.
    • The next step is to draw the grid onto the paper. Use a standard template or do the job manually.
    • It is recommended to do everything yourself (do not use templates from the Internet), because you can decorate the pages however you want, use your imagination. You may need felt-tip pens, glitter, stickers, and other things to create.
    • Next, fold the finished sheets of paper together and make a hole in the middle with a hole punch.Unleash your imagination – make a calendar in the shape of a heart, circle or oval.
    • You need a base for securing the sheets. To create it, use sheets of cardboard. Cut out 3 rectangles (2 must be the same). The third sheet should be small – half the width of the others. It will be used for the bottom of the base.
    • Now fasten all 3 finished sheets together. That’s it, attach your finished desk calendar.

    Read here: Batik Technique: Basic Technique Steps, Workshop and Tips for Beginners

    Where and When Can I Use the Birthday Calendar?

    This thing is quite convenient, so you can use it not only at home.This calendar is quite suitable for use in teams.

    So, the calendar may come in handy:

    • At home
    • In the kindergarten group
    • In the school class
    • In the circle that the child attends
    • At work, to congratulate employees on time
    • As a gift for those who have a lot friends and relatives

    That is, such calendars are quite convenient for both personal and collective use.

    Simple Wall Calendar

    If you don’t want to jump straight into complex calendars, then a simple wall calendar will help you hone your craft. DIY step-by-step model making:

    Use a sheet of paper (cardboard) to create a calendar. Draw 7 columns and 5 lines on the sheet. The gaps should be the same and the lines straight (use a ruler). Label columns and lines with days of the week and months.

    To complete the work, fold the finished sheets and make a hole.Now you can hang the calendar on the wall (use a string or ribbon).

    You can also decorate your work done. To do this, simply highlight important dates in a special way. Also use beauty stickers. Your imagination will direct to beauty.

    Advent calendar with your own hands with tasks to print

    It turns out that such a calendar was invented in Catholic families, the children eagerly tore off the sheet and, having completed the task, received a pleasant surprise, such as fruits or sweets.Therefore, I propose to meet the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays with a mysterious expectation. Follow all the recommendations and you will definitely succeed.

    After all, nothing is impossible, especially when children are already familiar with such calendars and every year they ask for them again and again.

    We will need:

    • wrapping paper or scrap paper 6 by 10 cm (there will be 2 cm and 3 cm for the envelope on one and the other side)
    • scrapbooking paper, size 30 by 30 cm
    • scissors
    • rhinestones and jewelry
    • stationery knife
    • double-sided glue or tape
    • thread or ribbon
    • felt-tip pen or pen


    1.To begin with, you need to cut the required number of rectangles from wrapping paper, 6 by 10 cm in size (determine their number yourself, prepare as many as you want so that there are envelopes).

    2. Bend the edges on one side, make a 2 cm hem, and on the other 3 cm.

    3. Tie each envelope with a thread or ribbon and glue it to the scrap paper.

    4. Decorate with rhinestones and sign the numbers on the envelopes to indicate dates.

    Inside each paper bag put tasks, here is a sample, or create your own.

    The following product is also incredibly beautiful and the author decided to create a calendar from ordinary bags. Which are also made by hand. Here’s a step-by-step instruction in pictures.

    Such bags will still decorate your home and give a certain mysterious look on the walls (you will see this further). They will need to be made from scrap paper in the amount of 31 pieces.

    Then glue the chips on each copy. They need to be cut, want some samples?

    Then use it to your health.

    The final touch remains, hang everything on tinsel and somehow decorate it in a stylish way.

    And if, for some reason, it was not clear to you how and what is glued together, then please refer to this video.

    Wall calendar planner

    Wall calendar planner is ideal for those people who do not want to forget about important events.You will need a large sheet – Whatman paper. Draw 12 sectors on it. You can draw 31 squares instead. You need the sectors to record the information you want. Designate the sectors (squares) by months (days).

    There is also such a model as a wall calendar for canvas. Take a canvas of a suitable size and draw borders with ribbons (seven columns and five rows). Attach pins where the lines intersect.

    On the back, secure the ribbons with wire cutters.

    You need numbers (days of the week). To do this, use colored paper or cardboard. Secure each cell with double tape. In addition to the days of the week, months are also needed. The names of the months can be made from colored paper and pasted on them.

    That’s all, you have successfully made your own wall calendar-planner. It will help you not to forget about important events and activities, just write the date on a sticker and stick it on the desired date.

    Birthday calendar: beautiful and convenient!

    There are various methods for timely reminders of upcoming events.Special programs, “reminders” in Outlook and other services. And there are visual methods for visual people. Like the calendars we’re going to talk about today. And, as it seems to me, such devices can serve not only as reminders of the holidays, but also become a nice decoration for the interior of the room.

    What is it?

    The calendar immediately shows how many birthdays in a particular month and who has it. See what calendars are available.

    As you can see, they are all different in design, but the same in essence. Although no, there is also such an option, which is also very interesting.

    The main thing is that the date of the next birthday is at your fingertips. Then the holiday will not take you by surprise and you will not have to apologize for the missed congratulation.

    In my opinion, such a calendar can be hung in the corridor. Then every morning, leaving the house and throwing a cursory glance at him, you will be able to assess the situation: is it time to prepare for the next date or is there still enough time ahead?

    Calendar from postcards

    This model is distinguished by its beauty and uniqueness.For a year you will be able to write down the events that happen to you in the calendar, and after a few years you will remember them with a smile on your face. For making, prepare scissors, a box, twine, print and ordinary notebook sheets with a wide ruler.

    Take the sheets and cut out small rectangles. Print the date on each rectangle. Then carefully put all the pieces of paper and postcards with months in a box. But arrange everything by date, each month is highlighted with a postcard.

    You are presented with some types of do-it-yourself calendars.You can come up with your own model for an original gift to your loved ones. It all depends only on your imagination!

    Tasks for the Advent calendar for children

    At the end we offer you a list of possible tasks for the Advent calendar:

    1. write a letter to Santa Claus;
    2. cut out snowflakes;
    3. drawing a picture for Santa Claus;
    4. to make New Year’s cards for loved ones;
    5. getting to know Santa Clauses from different countries;
    6. Make a snowman from cotton wool;
    7. Draw a picture on the window;
    8. compile a list of the best events of the year;
    9. Make a garland and hang it in the room;
    10. make something New Year’s from plasticine;
    11. We sculpt New Year’s figures from salt dough;
    12. Make a bird feeder;
    13. Sing a New Year’s song;
    14. Tell the New Year’s verse;
    15. watch the winter “Sour milk”;
    16. make a snowman;
    17. feed the birds in the park;
    18. to decorate the Christmas tree;
    19. to decorate the apartment;
    20. Make frosty twigs using salty solution;
    21. bake cookies;
    22. Draw a winter picture;
    23. to make small Christmas trees out of paper;
    24. Make a wreath for the door;
    25. Make Christmas candles;
    26. to guess riddles about the New Year;
    27. bake gingerbread and paint them with icing;
    28. go sledding;
    29. go to the forest;
    30. Go to the theater performance;
    31. to clean the room;
    32. show a view of the house.

    Advent calendar from matchboxes

    You have no idea, but it’s really cool! Such a little thing is unlikely to stand on its own, children, as they see it, will immediately begin to question and play. In addition, a plus of such a craft is that it will serve you for more than one year. That’s for sure!

    To begin with, I propose to master the simplest option, click on the view button.

    Now, as for the more complicated work, you can arrange it in the form of a box or a funny house.Use your imagination as well as glue, scissors, and scrap paper.

    And now a master class, the whole description will be immediately in the photo. So what a job, friends!

    By the way, you (if you are a teacher or educator) can involve parents in this business, in order to use such a miracle in kindergarten later.

    How did you like it? I have a very, such a good idea, respect to the author. And here is another picture from the Internet.

    Making a desk calendar in 15 minutes

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    • Making a desk calendar in 15 minutes.

    Our regular customers are already well aware of our new product – a photo calendar. With its help, you can make a unique gift with your own hands, spending a minimum of time and money on it. Everything you need to create a loose-leaf calendar is already included in the kit: 13 sheets for printing, a base made of fruitboard and springs for collecting structures.
    To create a calendar, we need:

    • Basis for creating a calendar
    • 12-13 thematic photos for each month
    • Printer with HPNCH
    • A special program for creating calendars, available for free download here.

    Let’s get started!

    Download a special program.

    Run it on your computer.

    Select the type of object. If you are preparing a calendar in A5 format, choose “Calendar A5”, B6 – “Calendar 4 × 6”, A5 photo album – “PhotoBook 8: 5”. In our case, “Calendar 4 × 6”.

    Select the type of information display in the calendar. I liked the third option more – the photo above, below the calendar days.

    Select the year for which we make the calendar.

    Photos related to each month are placed on calendar pages. To do this, select the folder in which the photos are stored in the folder tree. And , by simply dragging and dropping , place the desired photo in the desired place. If the photo is larger than the calendar area, it is centered. If necessary, you can change the position of the photo in the designated area. To do this, right-click on the image on the calendar page and hold it while dragging the photo.

    We do this with every calendar page.

    If necessary, additional text can be added to the calendar page. To do this, on the upper toolbar, press the “Text” button and enter the required text in the lower toolbar. After entering the text, the inscription can be moved around the calendar page in the same way as the picture in the previous paragraph.

    After all the calendar pages are filled, is better to save the project . To do this, press the “Save” button on the top panel and save the file to the desired location on the computer.

    It is important to note that 13 sheets are included in the package. It is assumed that the thirteenth page is for the cover page of the calendar. But don’t rush to use it. You never know what? Maybe the printer will ask you to reset the cartridges at the most inopportune moment and the page will go to waste? In short, leave the last sheet in reserve.

    Before sending the calendar to print – , print one test sheet . This is necessary in order to:

    • Make sure that the printer prints well, is calibrated, and all nozzles are clean.
    • See how put calendar sheets correctly in printer . In our case, we used an Epson P50 printer with a BlackBox CISS. It prints images from bottom to top, so calendar sheets need to be placed with the holes facing up.

    Field for printing all sheets – collecting the calendar. To do this, fold the base along the folds and attach the two springs included in the kit on top.

    After – we put the calendar sheets on the spring in the correct order. The calendar is ready!

    In our case, it turned out to be an excellent cat calendar for bookkeeping))).

    By the way, without the selection of photos, the calendar was made in 15 minutes.

    It turns out that after spending 15 minutes of time and 5-7 USD, you can make an excellent gift that will delight a person for a whole year! What could be better?

    Make soulful gifts with Printchip!

    Beautiful Advent calendar for a child for the New Year 2020

    The most long-awaited holiday that comes to us in winter and which all children are waiting for. This is, of course, New Year’s or Christmas.So let’s make expectations even brighter.

    For this you need notes, which will contain tasks. You can take absolutely any of this article, or take these.

    Or these cards.

    Someone may be tedious empty to come up with the necessary games.

    So, fold the tasks into a tube and tie it with a ribbon or thread. Place them in a jar and take out one note each day.

    After completing the task, glue cotton wool on Santa Claus or you can use cotton pads or crumpled napkins, right on his beard in the form of a ball.

    Here’s a lot of templates in the New Year theme (Santa Claus, Santa). Download any picture to your computer, insert it into the Word and print. This one, which is below, is in large size, it will need to be printed on several A4 sheets.

    This activity is very popular with kids and a little older children, I assure you. After all, they know the world!

    If you have more than one child at home, then make two calendars at once so that there are no fights and resentments.

    Here are a couple more ideas, this is a wonderful Elf and a fawn.

    The simplest is Adventic, when you need to fill in the desired date with a felt-tip pen. Catch the Christmas tree.

    Or you like the winter composition better.

    Friends, but that’s not all, I managed to find one cool option that will be of interest to children of preparatory or high school of kindergarten or primary school students. Here are the instructions.

    If you still do not understand who to make such a calendar, now you will figure it out when you see this picture.It turns out that you need to print a grandfather and a tear-off beard, request the text for the beard from me through the comments, I send it to everyone for free by e-mail.

    • The beard will be made up of two parts that need to be glued, I show one part here (as you can see the text is difficult to see, so ask, everything looks clear in the document, here it shows for some reason).

    For the very young, such counting will be difficult, so I suggest shortening the days and waiting a week before the coming day.

    Or you can even make a Christmas tree on which you glue one paper ball every day.

    As the balls run out, so the New Year will come.

    Perpetual wooden calendar

    In order to make such a little thing, you need a special piece of wood. They are often sold in specialized art stores. The blank consists of two wooden cubes for indicating the date, three dies with the names of the months and a stand.The meaning of the calendar is that every day you turn the cube, setting a new date, and after the 30th or 31st, you change the month. Thus, the calendar is suitable for any year.

    But how to make a calendar from a blank? It is necessary, firstly, to paint it, and secondly, to apply all the necessary inscriptions. To do this, you can use decoupage blanks and simply glue drawings and inscriptions printed on the thinnest paper. You can paint and sign the workpiece with your own hand with a thin brush and acrylic paints.

    It is important to do everything in the correct sequence. First you need to write the cubes. We put a number on each of the six faces. On one die: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and on the second: 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7. There is no number 9, since it will be replaced by an inverted number 6.

    On the dice, and there should be three of them (each has 4 faces, in total there are 12 inscriptions on them), we write months. In the end, don’t forget to varnish the calendar so that it really lasts forever.

    DIY Advent Calendar

    Without level

    Time to Read: 9min.

    In this article we will tell you how the advent calendar appeared, what it is for, where to buy classic or unusual options.We will also bring to your attention 10 magical ideas on how to make such a calendar for children and adults on your own!

    Eins, zwei, drei … los! The time before Christmas is the most magical: garlands, balls, choosing a tree, favorite movies and, of course, gifts! An interesting German tradition – the Advent calendar ( Adventskalender ) – will help you tune in to magic and a fairy tale.

    Advent calendar is an important attribute of the Christmas season in Europe, including Germany.As you know, Christmas is considered the main family holiday in Europe.

    Advent Calendar for Children

    It was on Christmas that children always waited for gifts, for Christmas they set up and decorated a Christmas tree, prepared home performances, learned magic songs. Previously, adults used to draw crosses on the wall, pictures that the children would then erase day after day, watching the approach of Christmas.

    Advent Calendar is a calendar that shows how many days are left until Christmas.

    The real Advent calendar as we know it today appeared relatively recently, in the 19th century, in Germany. Little Gerhard could not wait for the bright holiday of Christmas to come and bother his mother with the questions “when, when?”.

    Children find it difficult to understand the relativity of time, so the wise Frau Lang found an ingenious solution to help her son:

    She made a calendar with windows according to the number of days before Christmas out of cardboard. The boy opened only one window every day, behind which was hidden cookies .

    Gerhard liked such a calendar so much that when he grew up and became an entrepreneur, he launched the sale of such calendars. True, instead of cookies, there were already sweets in the windows.

    Tradition stuck! And now the Advent calendar is children’s fun in all corners of Europe (and not only)! Children rejoice in the upcoming holidays, prepare for the New Year and Christmas celebrations, every day there is a new surprise, and the process of buying a calendar or making it yourself is one of the best leisure activities for the whole family!

    BTW : Advent calendar is relevant not only for children, it is also given to adults!

    What a calendar usually looks like

    The external design of the calendar, as well as the internal content, can have many variations – it all depends on imagination.Boxes, parcels, pouches, socks or envelopes: only the number of gift containers remains unchanged – 24 (from December 1 to 24) .

    Traditionally, these boxes are filled with small souvenirs and sweets, stationery. Advent calendars are loved by both children and adults, regardless of gender. Anyone will be pleased to receive such a surprise.

    Why Advent Calendars Are Good

    The closer the New Year, the more fuss: you need to have time to buy gifts and give them before the holiday.What’s so good about Advent calendars is that it’s never too late to give them away. According to the Catholic tradition, Advent calendars are presented at the end of November, and the number of surprises is 24, one for each day. Thus, the calendar ends exactly by Catholic Christmas – December 25, and there are already other, Christmas gifts.

    Due to the difference between the Catholic and Orthodox calendars, in Russia such a surprise can be given later, if you did not have time by the beginning of December, or you can go further and present it for the New Year – to prolong the sweet aftertaste of the holiday in January.

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    Some statistics

    According to the statista portal for 2019, advent calendars:
    47% – of respondents purchased for themselves
    18% – made a calendar for themselves
    15% – lucky people received an Advent calendar as a gift
    20% – of respondents do not use Advent calendars at all

    How to make an Advent calendar with your own hands

    It is always a pleasure to receive a handmade gift.
    You can find a lot of ideas on how to make your own Advent calendar, for example, on Pinterest in step-by-step instructions .

    If the calendar is intended for a child, then you can fill it with tasks . This will keep the child interested in the calendar – a new task every day.

    In doing so, he will develop his creative thinking. Tasks can be completely varied, it all depends on what exactly your child is fond of!

    Examples of tasks : riddle, rebus, “find the differences”, picture “maze”, “circle by dots”, coloring, counting, “decorate the window”, “cut out a snowflake”, “hang a toy on a tree”, “blind from plasticine snowman “, etc.e. To dilute the tasks, you can add surprises-events to the Advent calendar that will color the New Year’s time. For example : a trip to the ice rink or to the cinema, a family evening of board games, a day off skiing with tea in thermos, an overnight stay with a best friend. You can also alternate sweets with gifts such as stickers, key chains, and creative kits.

    Of course, you can make a calendar not only for a child. You can please your soul mate, best friend, parents or someone else from your circle with a hand-made gift.The main thing is to know what a person is fond of and imagine what he might like. Opening a new date is always an exciting process!

    TOP-10 IDEAS for making a calendar:

    1. Fabric calendar with pockets

    This calendar is convenient because it does not take up much space: it can be hung on the wall or on the door. True, it will take more time to prepare a fabric advent calendar than any other calendar.What is the task of sewing 24 pockets and gluing to each number!

    But the more valuable your gift will be. Your friends will definitely appreciate how much time, work and warmth you put into your Advent calendar. Pockets can be of a variety of colors and sizes. Such a calendar is stronger than paper and, having made it once, you can use it for the next year.

    Lifehack : The pockets themselves can be purchased from the utility section of the supermarket.

    2. A simplified version of the

    hanging advent calendar is suitable for those who do not have too much time for cutting and sewing, but at the same time they really want to please their loved ones.We take a stick or a hanger as a basis, we tie 24 ropes to it. Almost ready! Now you need to wrap 24 surprises in craft paper (or bright shiny paper), and sign each package with a number. Such an Advent calendar cannot be used twice, but this is why it is unique.

    Tip : Let your imagination run wild, because the more unusual the bundles are, the more interesting the design!

    3. “Christmas tree, burn!”

    For the New Year we decorate our houses with snowflakes, tinsel, stained glass windows and … garlands.What if you make an Advent calendar out of a garland? We attach the garland to the wall in a zigzag, so that the silhouette of the Christmas tree is obtained. Sign the gifts and attach them to the Christmas tree-calendar with clothespins.

    Tip : To keep the structure strong and not fall, choose something light as a surprise. Small candies packed in paper are best.

    4. Christmas mail

    For this calendar you will need a rope and 24 craft envelopes and clothespins. Such a calendar can be made for both a child and an adult.Put in an envelope a treasure map, a piece of New Year’s puzzles and riddles, a movie ticket for children.

    Life hack : if you are making a calendar for a loved one, then joint photos with a gentle signature will certainly delight your soul mate.

    5. A kind of Advent calendar

    is suitable for couples in love. It is done very simply from available tools and saves a lot of space. So, for the calendar you need one pretty jar, 24 beautiful leaves and your imagination! On the pieces of paper, you can write as reasons why you love your partner, recall any funny incidents from the past, and just write words of gratitude.

    6. “Have you scattered your socks again?”

    If you have 12 pairs of socks that are not needed for the next month, then consider the Advent calendar already done. Joke! Of course, a gift sock is a traditional symbol of Advent and Christmas in Europe. However, for such solemn purposes, it is better to take socks not from your stock, but to buy at the Christmas market or sew it yourself. Red, polka dots, checkered – the choice is huge. We give each sock an honorary number, fill it with a gift and send it to “dry” on a clothesline.

    7. Postcards

    A very minimalistic Advent calendar will help out those who realized late and did not have time to buy gifts. As in the previous versions, the calendar consists of a stick / hanger to which the threads are attached. We hang 24 holiday cards on a thread with warm words for every day, motivational quotes and just declarations of love.

    Tip : Sign postcards so that the reader will remember, from the bottom of your heart!

    8.The cat in the bag

    Everything is the same as in the case of the “sock” calendar, only we replace the socks with bright New Year’s bags with candies, cinnamon cookies and souvenirs.

    By the way : it is not at all necessary to hang the entire calendar in one place, it is quite possible to arrange socks / bags all over the house.

    9. All houses

    As you know, we often remember not the gift itself, but its packaging. It is she who creates the festive mood, makes the waiting period pleasant.Well, the Advent calendar “packed” in this way will be remembered for a long time!

    Just imagine: a whole city of fairytale houses, powdered with snow, inside of which there are fabulous treasures! How do you want to “visit” each house as soon as possible – but everything has its time. Only one gift can be opened each day.

    Lifehack : you can glue the houses yourself from paper or cardboard, you can mold a part from plasticine, you can adapt plastic bottles for houses and decorate them, and wigwams are also very easy to make.

    10. A gift under the tree

    In Russia, preparations for the New Year begin a month or even earlier. In early December, most already have a decorated Christmas tree, and tangerines are on the table. Every day the kids check if someone planted a Christmas tree with a gift? It is quite simple to give children a fairy tale: put an Advent calendar of 24 small colorful boxes tied with ribbons under the tree.

    Tip : if a child (or an adult) is impatient and wants to see everything at once, then you can save a lot on gifts by putting only one box under the tree, in which there will be a new surprise every morning

    Where to buy and how to choose?

    You can go an easier way and buy a ready-made Advent calendar.

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